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lorraine j haricombe
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March, 2016

Hello, friends, supporters, fellow Longhorns.

As I look back on my first full year as Vice Provost of the University of Texas Libraries, I’m amazed at how much we’ve accomplished. There has been much transformation in these Libraries — both materially and strategically — as it should be in any institution that hopes to remain vibrant in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of its constituents. We’ve seen the reimagining of spaces, long in the planning, come to fruition for the benefit of our users. We’ve watched dynamic projects emerge from the seeds of ideas to become beneficial realities for our patrons and ourselves. We’ve contemplated our practices, and begun to adapt them to the change that constantly surrounds us.

What has been presented to me as an opportunity to take a fully-formed institution and reconceive it to meet critical new priorities and demands has been a humbling experience. I’m setting a course for a new destination, and I hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Great libraries make great universities, and we will continually strive to make ourselves and our university greater, because all that starts here, changes the world — one student, one faculty member, one researcher, one mind at a time.


lorraine j haricombe
Vice Provost and Director
University of Texas Libraries