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Albert Jose Angel

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It was a tough times. I had never been away from Glenrio more than seventy miles from home when the Army called me. Then they took me to Fort Bliss, Texas. We went to El Paso to Fort Bliss me and these friends of mine and then they separated us everybody went in different branches. They sent me to the air force for some reason I did good on the test. They wanted to make me an airplane mechanic out of me. So they send me to Amarillo for 16 weeks of training, basic training, and when I finished there they sent me to Wichita Falls, Texas to airplane mechanic school and I didn’t really like it. I wanted to go overseas so I told them. I told the captain, I said, 'You are wasting your time and mine too. I want to go overseas.' So they gave me a choice of going to cook and baker school or going to teletype school or going over as a general duty soldier. So I chose teletype school because I’d taken typing in high school. I could type, so they sent me to Camp Kearns, Utah to teletype school and I took some training there. And then from there they sent me to Alamogordo, New Mexico and I joined a unit there and then we went overseas. They send us to Camp Shank, New York and then they put us on Queen Mary and sent us over.

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