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Narratives Insider - Newsletter

After the project ceased publication of its newspaper, Narratives, continued publishing new interviews and updating supporters and well-wishers through a semi-annual newsletter.

The newsletter seeks to include important information about how this oral history project carries out its work. The newsletter, called Narratives Insider, includes summaries of new interviews, or of Tributes, articles written by family members of a deceased WWII-generation Latino or Latina. It usually includes a "spotlight" on some aspect of the project's work: transcribing, indexing, preserving family records, conducting an interview. And it generally has a short question and answer section for a valued volunteer, one of the dozens of men and women who have made a tremendous difference.

Issue No. 20, Fall 2016

Issue No. 19, Fall 2015

Issue No. 17 and 18, Fall 2014

Issue No. 15 and 16, Summer 2013

Issue No. 13 and 14, Summer 2012

Issue No. 12, May 2010

Issue No. 11, October 2009

Issue No. 10, June 2009

Issue No. 9, September 2008

Issue No. 8, May 2008

Issue No. 7, May 2007

Issue No. 6, May 2006

Issue No. 5, January 2006

Issue No. 4, November 2005

Issue No. 3, August 2005

Issue No. 2, April 2005

Issue No. 1, January 2005

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