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Narratives Newspaper - Vol 3 Issue 2

Editor's Note

We hope you enjoy the sixth issue of Narratives, the stories of U.S. Latinos and Latinas and their experiences during WWII. Our first issue had 20 pages; last semester’s had 44 pages. This issue, a component of the U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project, has a whopping XX pages – a monumental increase that has only been possible because we’ve got a great crew of folks throughout the country working on this.

(If you’re new to our project, please turn to the back page to read about what we’re doing, and an update.)

As usual, journalism students at UT have conducted the bulk of our interviews, and have written most of our stories. This issue includes the participation of students in two intermediate reporting classes, taught in the spring by colleagues on the faculty: Griff Singer and Dave Garlock. Griff and Dave both allowed their students to write stories for Narratives, based on interviews conducted by others. Their students performed admirably.

We had two professional guest editors this issue: Antonio Cantu, a free-lancer out of San Antonio, and Cheryl Smith, a UT grad who was the first teaching assistant for this class three years ago. We have found that as the project has grown, the editing of Narratives has become a full-time proposition, and we thank Tony and Cheryl for filling in.

Guillermo Torres, on loan from the San Antonio Express-News, copy-edited the stories. He has a stake in Narratives and the overall project – his father is a WW II disabled veteran who saw combat in Normandy and Brittany. As always, he’s a pleasure to work with and we are most fortunate to have him on board.

A heartfelt thanks to our volunteer interviewers who find ways to get equipment, follow our interview guidelines and send us their tapes, signed permission slips and pre-interview forms. We are most appreciative that they take their volunteerism so seriously.

Other most-valuable volunteers: our superb and dedicated fact checkers, Richard Brito of Austin and Bill Davies of the California History Museum in Sacramento, Calif. Richard and Bill even came to speak to our Narrative Journalism class (dedicated to this project) about military organization and good WWII fact-checking. They then went home and meticulously fact-checked all our stories – thoroughly, promptly and cheerfully.

A special thanks to our wonderful partners. This semester, we’ve worked closely with the Vet Centers in El Paso, Houston, East Los Angeles and McAllen, holding intense interview sessions in each location and yielding as many as 13 interviews in one day (see back page). The California Chicano News Media Association (CCNMA), and especially the members of the Los Angeles Chapter, provided all our interviewers in East L.A. Look for more of the multiple individual interview sessions in future issues of Narratives.

And lastly, we leave our deepest appreciation to the men and women whom we’ve interviewed on these pages. They have again demonstrated extraordinary patience with us as we repeatedly ask them to send more information, or photos, or photo caption information, or to read the completed story. We here with the project continue to be inspired by the men and women who have been interviewed since 1999. We have done everything in our power to do justice to their stories.


Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
Assistant Professor of Journalism and Director, U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project

Browse all stories, including those that appeared in this issue.

Contributors to this Issue

UT Narrative Journalism/ Independent Studies Class

Celina Moreno – Senior, Journalism
Nicole Munoz – Senior, Journalism
Unity Peterson – Senior, Journalism
Andrea Shearer – Senior, Anthropology
Myers Vasquez – Senior, Journalism
Lillian Velasquez – Senior, Journalism
Andrea Williams – Senior, Journalism

UT J320D – Spring 2002 (Griff Singer, Professor)

Joe Araiza – Junior, Journalism
Lindsey Blau – Senior, Journalism
Debrah Bonn – Junior, Journalism
Adam Buck – Junior, Journalism
D.J. Carlisle – Journalism
Alicia Dietrich – Junior, Journalism
Claudia Farias – Junior, Journalism
Ellie Fehd – Journalism
Jen Gallo – Junior, Journalism
Elizabeth Glickman – Junior, Journalism
Yasemin Hadley – Senior, Journalism
Cari Hammerstrom – Sophomore, Journalism
Matt Harlan – Junior, Journalism
Sarah Jackson – Journalism
Erin Keck – Junior, Journalism
Sara Kunz – Junior, Journalism
Mark L – Journalism
Robin Larson – Journalism
Patrick Lynch – Junior, Journalism
Kendra Mayer – Junior, Journalism
Leslie McLain – Junior, Journalism
Veronica Olvera – sophomore, Journalism
Lindsey Peyton – Junior, Journalism
Kristina Radke – Junior, Journalism
Gina Ross – Junior, Journalism
Melissa Sellars – Junior, Journalism
Jon Ussery – Journalism
Anna Zukowski – Junior, Journalism

UT J320D – Summer 2002 (Dave Garlock, Professor)

Juan De La Cruz—Senior, Journalism
Monica Flores—Senior, Journalism
Ashley Hitson—Senior, Journalism
Brooke Meharl—Senior, Journalism
Whitney Mizer-- Senior, Journalism
Chris Shulz-- Senior, Journalism
Jane Slater-- Senior, Journalism
Kristin Stanford-- Senior, Journalism
Stephanie Threiren-- Senior, Journalism
Anna Wong-- Senior, Journalism

Contributing Writers

Tony Cantú – San Antonio
Erika L. Martinez – Austin (University of Texas)
Ismael Martinez – Austin (University of Texas)
Henry Mendoza – Marina del Rey, California
Cheryl Smith -- Dallas

Volunteer Interviewers

(CCNMA is the California Chicano News Media Association, a state-wide organization that is a regional partner; UTHJ is the University of Texas Hispanic Journalists, a student organization)
Mario Barrera – UC, Berkeley
Cheryl Brownstein-Santiago – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Anica Butler – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Mary A. Carnes – Austin (Lone Wolf Productions)
Kevin Klauber – Spicewood, T.X.
Juan De La Cruz, Jr. – McAllen (UTHJ)
Veronica Franco – Austin (University of Texas)
Veronica Garcia – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Mariel Garza – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Oscar Garza – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Veronica Garza – UT-Austin
Antonio Gilb – Austin (University of Texas)
Evelyn Jasso Garcia – San Antonio
Eduardo Juarez – San Antonio
Laura Loh – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Brian Lucero -- Albuquerque, N.M.
Erika L. Martinez – Austin (University of Texas)
Liza J. Moreno – McAllen (UTHJ)
Sandra Murillo – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Christopher Nay – Austin (University of Texas)
James R. Pacheco – Santa Fe, N.M.
Ron Pacheco – Santa Fe, N.M.
Minerva Perez – Houston (KTRK-TV)
Christina Perkins – El Paso
Joseph Ramirez – El Paso
Robert Rivas – El Paso
Jennifer Sinco Kelleher – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Frank O. Sotomayor – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Rea Ann Trotter – Ft. Garland, CO
Luis Torres – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Yudith Vargas – McAllen (UTHJ)
Carlos Velez Ibañez – UC, Riverside
Gary Villereal – McAllen (UTHJ)
Luz Villarreal – Los Angeles (CCNMA)
Paul R. Zepeda – Houston

Special Videography

Daniel Cedillos – El Paso
Jerry Gonzalez – Austin (Lone Wolf Productions)
Journalism Students – USC, Paul Damour, supervisor
University of Texas at El Paso


College of Communications Instructional Media Center

Teaching Assistant/Editor:

Chris Nay – master’s candidate, UT Journalism


J. Richard Stevens – doctoral candidate, UT Journalism

Production Assistants:

Antonio Gilb – senior, UT Journalism; Myers Vasquez – senior, UT Journalism, Lily Velasquez – senior, UT Journalism

Envelope Stuffing:

University of Texas Hispanic Journalists

Page Layout and design:

Lucy Quintanilla, senior, UT Journalism

Copy editing:

Guillermo Torres, San Antonio Express-News


San Antonio Express-News
Fact checkers: Col. Richard Brito, Ret. Army; William Davies, California Military Museum
Guest editors: Tony Cantú, San Antonio, Cheryl Smith, Dallas


Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez – Asst. Professor, UT Journalism

National project partners

include the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Counseling Readjustment Service, Univision, Entravision, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Regional project partners include the UT Center for Mexican American Studies; California Chicano News Media Association; Michigan State University’s School of Journalism; Museum of Mexican-American Culture and History, Chicago; University of California, Riverside’s Ernesto Galarza’s Center for Applied Research; University of California, San Diego’s Ethnic Studies Department; the University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Regional Studies and the Center for Hispanic Studies; University of South Florida, Department of History; University of Texas at El Paso Institute for Oral History, Chicano Studies Department and the Center for Communications Studies; San Diego State University’s Office of Educational Opportunities/Ethnic Affairs