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Narratives Newspaper - Vol 3 Issue 1

Editor's Note

Welcome to the fifth issue of Narratives, stories of U.S. Latinos & Latinas and World War II.

Narratives, as part of the larger oral history project, is meant to represent a journalistic interpretation of the social history of U.S. Hispanics before, during and after the war. (Please see back page for a project update.)We continue to strive to represent a broad picture of Latinos, including women. In this issue, we bring stories of two women who were nurses in WWII, serving the country in their way, as well as other women who were on the homefront and men who served on the battle fields and back home.

This has been, in many ways, an unusual semester, particularly as the events of Sept. 11 have lent a new currency to the subjects of war, of history, of alliances, of military action, of the cost of dissent. We couldn’t help but draw parallels between events of our day, and, for instance, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. History has come alive in a new way for us all here; our project seems that much more crucial, as part of the nation’s historical record.

We have been fortunate again, this semester, to have counted on the dedication of a small cadre of students signed up for Narrative Journalism, a class that is cross-listed in journalism, Mexican American Studies and Latin American Studies. Our students usually concentrate on men and women in the Austin area. But this semester, we tried something new: what we called an MIIS, or “multiple individual interview session.” On Oct. 13, we chartered a bus and took students and all their videotaping gear, a laptop computer and scanner for scanning photos, and some donuts for two sessions of individual interviews. We did five in the morning, and six in the afternoon, all in separate rooms. Our good friends at the VA Center in San Antonio – the VA’s Readjustment Counseling Service is one of the project’s national partners -- helped bring in several of the interview subjects. We hope to repeat the process next semester, as funding allows.

And this semester, we have again used the fabulous volunteer interviewers, some old hands, like Paul Zepeda, a retired postal worker in Houston, and several new people, including representatives of our national partners.

A deep bow to the good people of the Austin American-Statesman who have worked hard on producing this issue, particularly G.W. Babb, a layout designer who guided our student layout editor Leila Armush handle the 40-odd stories in this issue, and Emily Quigley, a patient copy editor who made us consistent! Our hard-charging fact-checkers Richard Brito and Bill Davies continue to give us their all. (When we wrote to Bill and asked if he would continue working with us this semester, he responded in an email: “Lock and Load” – which, in military jargon means “give me your best shot.”

On that note, we give you, readers, the best we have been able to do this past semester. We love hearing, in writing, any and all comments, which we are glad to share with the others who have worked so hard on this issue.

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
Assistant Professor of Journalism and Director, U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project

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Contributors to this Issue

Narrative Journalism/Independent Studies Class

Denise Chavarri – Junior, Communications (Exchange student from Mexico)
Veronica Franco
Antonio Gilb – Senior, Journalism
Tammi Grais –
Raquel Garza – Junior, Journalism
Sandra Ibarra – (spring 2001 student)
Tiska Kelley
Robert Mayer– Senior, Journalism
Stephen Stetson – Senior, Journalism
Michael Taylor – Senior, Journalism
David Zavala – Senior, Journalism

J320D-- Information Gathering/Writing/Editing

Amy Bauer – Senior, Journalism
Ashley Clary
Katie Gibson
Mayella Gonzalez
Anita Rice
Allison Kelley
Nicole Muñoz -- Sophomore
Donetta Nagle
Sonia Mary Nezamzadeh – Junior, Journalism
Beth Nottingham
Darcie Stevens – Senior, Journalism
Rachel Stone --

Contributing Writers

Guillermo X. Garcia -- Austin
Erika Martinez -- Austin
Frank Trejo – Dallas

Volunteer Interviewers

Mario Barrera – Berkeley
Kathleen Boggio-Montgomery – Albuquerque
Tony Cantu – San Antonio
Cindy Carcamo – San Luis Obispo, Ca.
Brian Lucero – Albuquerque (University of New Mexico)
William Todd Mancillas – UC, Chico
Arlene Rivera – Corpus Christi (Univisión)
Rea Ann Trotter – Windsor, Co.
Marcelo Salcido – XXX, Ca.
Vanesa Salinas –Brownsville
Jennifer Sanchez – Albuquerque
Martha Treviño – San Antonio (NAHJ)
Francisco Venegas – Austin
Rene Zambrano – San Diego
Paul Zepeda -- Houston

Tape Dubbing

College of Communication Instructional Media Center

Teaching Assistant:

Maria Flores – Doctoral Candidate, UT Journalism


J. Richard Stevens, Doctoral candidate, UT Journalism

Production Assistants:

Erika L. Martinez, Lily Velasquez


Col. Richard Brito, Ret. Army; William Davies, California Military Museum

Design and Layout Editor:

Leila Armush, UT Journalism

Guest editors:

Frank Trejo, Dallas Morning News


Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

Production provided by the Austin American-Statesman. Design and layout by Robert Quigley.

Narratives is a publication of the U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project, at the UT Department of Journalism.