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Guide to the Tim Anthony Jackson Collection

Overview of the Collection

Collection Title Tim Anthony Jackson Collection
Dates 1884-2013
Abstract The Tim Anthony Jackson Collection includes more than 12,000 political and historical artifact, spanning from 1884 to present day. Political campaign memorabilia has been used to promote, support, and challenge presidential candidates throughout the history of presidential elections. Artifacts include campaign pins, posters, statues, pennants, masks, campaign literature, political novelties, and many other items related to presidential campaignes.
Identification MS/UASC.MS.006
Physical Description 12000.00
Repository The University of Texas at Tyler University Archives and Special Collections Department 3900 University Dr Tyler, TX, URL:

Scope and Contents

The Tim Anthony Jackson collection is comprised of artifacts from the presidential campaign of Grover Cleveland in 1884 to the 2012 presidential campaign between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

This collection is currently unprocessed--the following inventory includes just a small portion of the items within the collection.

Access Terms

This Collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Corporate Name:
American News Women's Club
Association for Women in Communications
National Federation of Press Women
National Press Club (U.S.)
National Woman's Party
Republican Party. Texas
Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi
The University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler Junior College
United States. Army. Women's Army Corps.
United States. Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
United States. District Court (Texas : Eastern District)
University of Missouri--Columbia. School of Journalism
Geographic Name:
Texas--Politics and government--1951
Tyler (Tex.)
Journalists -- Texas -- Biography
Journalists--Washington (D.C.)--Biography.
Judges--United States
Presidents -- United States
Women journalists -- United States – Biography
Personal Name:
McClendon, Sarah
Steger, Ann Hollandsworth, Mrs.
Topical Term:
Campaign paraphernalia--Texas
Democratic Party. Texas
Justice, Administration of--Texas
United States -- Politics and government -- 1945-1996 -- Anecdotes
Women -- Texas -- Biography
Women Veterans

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id6828
Grover Cleveland 1884-1892

ArchonID id6829
Democratic Wild Cat Money 1892
ArchonID id6830
Grover Cleveland and Thomas A. Hendricks notebook
ArchonID id6831
Grover Cleveland paper
ArchonID id6832
Print of Grover Cleveland
ArchonID id6833
Playing Card
ArchonID id6834
Stereoview card, inauguration of President Cleveland
ArchonID id6835
Tariff Reform token
ArchonID id6836
Brass campaign token, 1884

ArchonID id6837
William Jennings Bryan 1896

ArchonID id6841
ArchonID id6842
"In McKinley we trust, in Bryan we bust" pin-back
ArchonID id6843
Bryan Money, "free silver, one dime" token 1896
ArchonID id6855
ArchonID id6844
16 to 1 Bryan and Sewall jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6845
Free Silver Bryan and Sewall jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6846
Silver, Prosperity jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6847
Bryan pin-back
ArchonID id6848
"Free Silver", W.J. Bryan pin-back
ArchonID id6849
"Victory 1896", W.J. Bryan pin-back
ArchonID id6850
"I am for Bryan, are you?" pin-back
ArchonID id6851
"WM.J. Bryan 16 to 1" pin-back
ArchonID id6852
American flag and Bryan pin-back
ArchonID id6854
Blue and red stars Bryan pin-back
ArchonID id6856
W.J. Bryan pin
ArchonID id6857
16 to 1 "No Compromise" pin-back
ArchonID id6858
Bryan Nomination: Democratic Opinion, Chicago Convention program
ArchonID id6859
Soap Doll: "My Papa will Vote for Bryan. Free Silver Coinage 16 to 1. Tariff for Revenue Only. Income Tax and Victory"
ArchonID id6860
Bryan Stereoview card 1898
ArchonID id6861
"I'm a Bryan Hustler--Are You?" sticker
ArchonID id6862
W.J. Bryan tray
ArchonID id6863
Residence of William Jennings Bryan, Lincoln, Nebraska postcard

ArchonID id6865
William McKinley 1896

ArchonID id6866
ArchonID id6867
"The Gold Bug is a Hum Bug", American Oval Crimped Seam Cigarette pin-back
ArchonID id6868
ArchonID id6869
"Protection. Sound Money" William McKinley and Garret Hobart jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6870
William McKinley and Garret Hobart with American flag jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6871
William McKinley and Garret Hobart jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6872
"Protection. Sound Money" Wiliam McKinley and Garret Hobart jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6873
"The McKinley League. State of New York" pin-back
ArchonID id6874
"The McKinley League. State of New York" McKinley and Hobart jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6875
Goldbug pin with William McKinley and Garret Hobart
ArchonID id6876
"Gold Standard. Protection" William McKinley and Garret Hobart jugate pin-back
ArchonID id6877
William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6878
"Protection. Home Rule" William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6879
William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6880
William McKinley and American flag pin-back
ArchonID id6881
"Protection 96" William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6882
"McKinley and Protection" ribbon
ArchonID id6883
"I am for McKinley, are you?" pin-back
ArchonID id6884
"Protection and Prosperity" WM. McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6885
William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6886
McKinley medal pin
ArchonID id6887
Stars and Stripes William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6888
WM McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6889
"Patriotism, Protection, Prosperity" WM McKinley, The Nations Choice ribbon
ArchonID id6890
"Member, McKinley Club, Canton, Ohio" brooch
ArchonID id6891
WM McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6892
William McKinley pin-back
ArchonID id6893
"Vote for McKinley & Protection" pin-back
ArchonID id6894
"Patriotism--Protection--Prosperity" pin-back
ArchonID id6895
"Republican Club" pin-back
ArchonID id6896
McKinley pin-backs
ArchonID id6897
McKinley shield pin
ArchonID id6898
"McKinley & Hobart Business Men's National Campaign Committee" pin-back
ArchonID id6899
M--C Kin--Ley Sis-Boom-Ah Hobart" High Admiral Cigarette pin-back
ArchonID id6900
"I am for McKinley, Are You?" American Oval Crimped Seam Cigarette pin-back
ArchonID id6901
"Too Much Politics" pin-back
ArchonID id6902
Two Soap Dolls: "My Papa Will Vote for McKinley. Gold Standard, Protection, Reciprocity and Good Times."
ArchonID id6903
Sheet music: "McKinley and Hobart Grand March"
ArchonID id6904
William McKinley and Garret Hobart paper hat
ArchonID id6905
William McKinley tray
ArchonID id6906
Vice President
ArchonID id6907
"Our Choice for Vice President" Garret A. Hobart pin-back
ArchonID id6908
ArchonID id6909
Civil War
ArchonID id6910
William McKinley and Garret Hobart ribbon and pin
ArchonID id6911
Maj. WM McKinley pin
ArchonID id6912
"F.C. & L McKinley G.A.R." pin-back
ArchonID id6913
Home Rule
ArchonID id6914
"Personal Liberty. Home Rule" pin-back
ArchonID id6915
"Home Rule. Prohibition." pin-back
ArchonID id6916
ArchonID id6917
"Gold '96" pin-back
ArchonID id6918
"Honest Money" pin-back
ArchonID id6919
"Sound Money" pin-back
ArchonID id6920
"The Money We Want" pin-back
ArchonID id6921
"Sound Money" and American flag pin-back
ArchonID id6922
"Sound Money. No Repudiation." pin-back
ArchonID id6923
"Erie Railroad Employees Sound Money Club" pin-back
ArchonID id6924
"Honest Money. Reciprocity. Protection. Honest Ballot" four-leaf clover pin
ArchonID id6925
"I will March for Sound Money, October 27, 1896" ribbon
ArchonID id6926
"CH&D Sound Money Club" pin-back
ArchonID id6927
"Gold Standard Means a Dollar worth 100 Cents. Mack, Teddy and Prosperity" token
ArchonID id6928
Spanish American War
ArchonID id6929
"The Red White and Blue Will Free Cuba Too" pin-back
ArchonID id6930
"Our Leaders, In War, In Peace. Geo Dewey, WM McKinley" pin-back
ArchonID id6931
Torchlight Parade
ArchonID id6932
Paper political hat
ArchonID id6933
Horn used in McKinley parade
ArchonID id6934