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Guide to the James H. Stewart, Jr. Papers

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector James H. Stewart, Jr.Collector Texas Eastern UniversityCollector The University of Texas at TylerCollector Tyler State College
Collection Title James H. Stewart, Jr. Papers
Dates 1972-1981
Identification UA/UASC.UA.007
Physical Description 12.00
Alternate Extent Statement 12 boxes, 1 carton box for oversized items.
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Administrative History:

Dr. James H. Stewart, Jr. was the first President of what is now The University of Texas at Tyler from 1972-1981. Initially Tyler State College, renamed Texas Eastern University, and joining the UT System in 1979, the University expanded greatly under Dr. Stewart's tenure. He developed a fully-accredited institution, participated in locating the campus's permanent location, oversaw construction of the University's first buildings, and rose enrollment from 176 students in spring 1973 to 1,900 by 1981.

Scope and Contents

This collection documents the administrative work of James H. Stewart, Jr., the first President of Tyler State College, Texas Eastern University, and The University of Texas at Tyler. The collection includes correspondence, administrative files, photographs, meeting minutes, building plans, news releases, and photographs. Significant materials in the collection include President Stewart's Inauguration planning, Tyler State College building and permanent campus site information, Board of Regents planning documents, and required University accreditation records.

Arrangement of Materials:

The collection is arranged in four series, with series III further arranged into subseries. Series I, Inaugural Year, Series II, Tyler State College Planning, and Series IV, Publicity, are arranged topically. Series III, Subject Files, has two subseries, Personnel Files and Institution Files, with each subseries arranged alphabetically.
Series I: Inaugural Year
Series II: Tyler State College Planning
Series III: Subject Files
     Subseries A: Personnel Files
     Subseries B: Institution Files
Series IV: Publicity


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Press Releases
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Metz (France)
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Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Ezell, Joe B.
Hamm, George F.
Loftis, Margaret
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Primer, Ann
Shtofman, Norman
Smyrl, Frank H.
Stewart, James H.
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Alumni and alumnae
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University of Texas at Tyler (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets

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[Identification of Item], in the James H. Stewart, Jr. Papers, The University Archives and Special Collections Department, The Robert R. Muntz Library, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX, USA.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id4655
Inaugural Year

Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id4657
The Inauguration of Dr. James H. Stewart, Jr., volume 1
2 ArchonID id4658
The Inauguration of Dr. James H. Stewart, Jr., volume 2
3 ArchonID id4659
The Inauguration of Dr. James H. Stewart, Jr., volume 3
4 ArchonID id4661
Congratulatory notes for James H. Stewart, Jr. Inauguration
Scope and Contents
See carton box for congratulatory diplomas.
5 ArchonID id4662
Correspondence from Inaugural Year
6 ArchonID id4663
Scrapook of Inaugural Year events
Scope and Contents
See carton box for Inaugural Guestbook.
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id4665
Inauguration of James H. Stewart, Jr. photograph booklet
2 ArchonID id4666
Inaugural Ball photograph booklet
3 ArchonID id4667
Inauguration Planning and Committee correspondence
4 ArchonID id4668
Dr. James H. Stewart, Jr. biographical information and interview notes

ArchonID id4670
Tyler State College Planning

Box Folder
2 5 ArchonID id4672
Supplement text of Senate Bill No. 1, 3rd called Session, 62nd Legislature 1972
6 ArchonID id4673
Tyler State College Hearing before House of Representatives Appropriations Committee 21 February 1973
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id4675
Supplement to House Journal 63rd Legislature, Regular Session 24 May 1973
2 ArchonID id4676
Tyler State College, House Bill 1048 1973
3 ArchonID id4677
Request for Legislative Appropriations 31 August 1976 and 1977
4 ArchonID id4678
Documents supporting the need for two-year upper level university in Tyler, Texas 1969
5 ArchonID id4679
Tyler University--The Need is Now booklet
6 ArchonID id4680
Documentation supporting need for college 1970
7 ArchonID id4681
Newsclippings and information about Legislator Billy Williamson
8 ArchonID id4682
Two-year university planning, 1968
9 ArchonID id4683
H.J. McKenzie oral history--creating Tyler State College
10 ArchonID id4684
Histories of Tyler State College creation
11 ArchonID id4685
Plans for creating Tyler State College 1972-1973
12 ArchonID id4686
Correspondence on planning for Tyler State College 1972-1973
Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id4688
Projected Long-Range (5 year) planning 1974
2 ArchonID id4689
Construction plans and specifications, 1972
3 ArchonID id4690
Academic and Personnel Committee 1972-1975
4 ArchonID id4691
Board of Regents, Campus and Building Committee 1973-1975
5 ArchonID id4692
Correspondence, Board of RegentsPrivate 1972-1973
6 ArchonID id4693
Administrative Council 1973-1974
7 ArchonID id4694
Administrative Council 1976-1979
8 ArchonID id4695
Curriculum Information 1975-1977
9 ArchonID id4696
University Police 1975-1981
10 ArchonID id4697
Naming of science labs 1979
11 ArchonID id4698
Academic Freedom, Academic Responsibility, and Tenure
12 ArchonID id4699
Insurance 1973-1980
Box Folder
5 1 ArchonID id4701
Dean of Student Life
2 ArchonID id4702
Memos from the Office of the President 1974-1975
3 ArchonID id4703
Memos from the Office of the President 1975-1979
4 ArchonID id4704
Dr. Stewart interview and local newspaper correspondence 1979
5 ArchonID id4705
Tyler State College name change 1974-1975
6 ArchonID id4706
State and Local Revenue Potential 1973-1974
7 ArchonID id4707
State and Local Revenue Potential 1975-1976
8 ArchonID id4708
Taxes and Higher Education: a look at actual and potential revenues 1961-1974
9 ArchonID id4709
Higher Education General Information Survey Requirements and Specificiations 1973-1974
10 ArchonID id4710
Higher Education General Information Survey Requirements and Specifications 1974-1975
Box Folder
6 1 ArchonID id4712
Higher Education General Information Survey Requirements and Specifications 1974-1975
2 ArchonID id4713
Factbook on Higher Education in the South 1975 and 1976
3 ArchonID id4714
Report on the 11th Annual Conference on the Higher Education General Information Survey 1975
4 ArchonID id4715
National Center for Education Statistics: Earned Degrees Conferred 1972-1973 and 1973-1974
5 ArchonID id4716
Coordinating Board, Allied Health Project, Study Papers 15-19 1974
6 ArchonID id4717
Coordinating Board, Allied Health Project, Study Papers 20-22 1974
7 ArchonID id4718
Coordinating Board, Study Papers 8-12 1969-1971

ArchonID id4721
Subject Files

ArchonID id4722
Personnel Files
Box Folder
7 1 ArchonID id4724
Abernathy, C. Quentin
2 ArchonID id4725
Anthony, Donald M.
3 ArchonID id4726
Austin, Jeff Jr.
4 ArchonID id4727
Bryant, Rita S.
5 ArchonID id4728
Dunagan, Otis T.
6 ArchonID id4729
Folley, Vern L.
7 ArchonID id4730
Freeman, Judy Beth
8 ArchonID id4731
Ford, Neil Bowman
9 ArchonID id4732
Harvey, M.J.
10 ArchonID id4733
Hightower, Gene W.
11 ArchonID id4734
Keeling, Linda G.
12 ArchonID id4735
McKie, David K.
13 ArchonID id4736
McLaughtery, Donald Lee
14 ArchonID id4737
McVicker, B.H.
15 ArchonID id4738
Roddy, W. Carl
16 ArchonID id4739
Sawyer, John R.
17 ArchonID id4740
Schleier, Robert G.
18 ArchonID id4741
Smith, Lannon
19 ArchonID id4742
Stewart, James H. Jr.
ArchonID id4743
Institution Files
Box Folder
7 20 ArchonID id4745
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
21 ArchonID id4746
Board of Regents Bylaws, Tyler State College
Box Folder
8 1 ArchonID id4748
Cabinet Meetings 1980-1981
2 ArchonID id4749
Campus Construction
3 ArchonID id4750
Charter #310741 and Name Change Bill
4 ArchonID id4751
Catalog 1981-1982
5 ArchonID id4752
Coordinating Board, Action to Approve Programs 1973
6 ArchonID id4753
Coordinating Board, Allied Health Education in Texas April 1980
7 ArchonID id4754
Coordinating Board, Allied Health Project April 1975
8 ArchonID id4755
Coordinating Board, Fall Headcount Enrollment Forecasts 1978-1987 and 1980-1990
9 ArchonID id4756
Coordinating Board, Health of Texas 18 October 1974
10 ArchonID id4757
Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations, Volume 1-2 19 October 1979
11 ArchonID id4758
Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations, Volume 3-5 19 October 1979
12 ArchonID id4759
Coordinating Board, Toward Quality Healthcare January 1975
13 ArchonID id4760
Coordinating Board, Upper-Level Institutions and Off-Campus Educational Units of Texas Public  Universities
Box Folder
9 1 ArchonID id4762
Equal Education Opportunity Plan 1981
2 ArchonID id4763
Equal Opportunity Employment Plan 1981
3 ArchonID id4764
Faculty Administrative Units, correspondence 1978-1979
4 ArchonID id4765
Faculty and Staff List 1973-1974
5 ArchonID id4766
Faculty Teaching Requirements 1980
6 ArchonID id4767
Federal Grant Applications Review Procedures 1977
7 ArchonID id4768
Foundations, Grants, Fellowships Information 1979-1980
8 ArchonID id4769
Free enterprise teaching 1977-1980
9 ArchonID id4770
Handicapped Association Constitution 1979
10 ArchonID id4771
Higher Education General Information Survey Records 1979-1980
11 ArchonID id4772
Library, newsclippings and facts
12 ArchonID id4773
National Center for Education Statistics
13 ArchonID id4774
Nursing Education Planning Committee 1979-1980
14 ArchonID id4775
Oil and Gas Institute
15 ArchonID id4776
Placement Office
16 ArchonID id4777
Policies and Procedures for Travel Requests 1978
17 ArchonID id4778
Policies and Procedures for Use of Property, Equipment, Supplies, and Materials 1976
18 ArchonID id4779
Professional Development Program 1976-1979
19 ArchonID id4780
Promotion Policy 1976
20 ArchonID id4781
Public Information Office
21 ArchonID id4782
Reaffirmation Visit 4-7 March 1979
22 ArchonID id4783
Recreation: Athletics, Sports Study Committee 1977
23 ArchonID id4784
Registration, Spring 1973
24 ArchonID id4785
Residency Requirements 1980
Box Folder
10 1 ArchonID id4787
SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) Progress Report 1975
2 ArchonID id4788
Salary Schedule 1974-1977
3 ArchonID id4789
Schedule of Classes 1976-1980
4 ArchonID id4790
Scholarship, Bruce McMillan, Jr. Foundation
5 ArchonID id4791
Scholarship, Harvey, M.J.
6 ArchonID id4792
Scholarship, H.J. McKenzie
7 ArchonID id4793
Scholarship, Phil Stacey Jackson History Award
8 ArchonID id4794
Scholarship, Pilot Club of Tyler
9 ArchonID id4795
Scholarship, Rhodes Trust
10 ArchonID id4796
School of Education and Psychology Teacher Education, Self-Study Report 1976-1977
11 ArchonID id4797
Sigma Tau Epsilon
12 ArchonID id4798
Small Business Administration 1975-1981
13 ArchonID id4799
Smith County
Box Folder
11 1 ArchonID id4802
Texas Plan for Equal Higher Education Opportunity 1981
2 ArchonID id4803
Texas Two Thousand Project 1980
3 ArchonID id4804
Travel/Study Programs 1971-1980
4 ArchonID id4805
Tuition and Fees 1976-1977
5 ArchonID id4806
Tyler Clearinghouse Association
6 ArchonID id4807
University of Texas at Austin
7 ArchonID id4808
University of Texas Health Sciences Center
8 ArchonID id4809
University of Texas of the Permian Basin
9 ArchonID id4810
Utilities 1976
10 ArchonID id4811
Who's Who Nominees 1975-1979
11 ArchonID id4812
Women's Association 1975-1981
12 ArchonID id4813
Workmen's Compensation 1978-1979

ArchonID id4815

Box Folder
11 13 ArchonID id4817
Texas Eastern University, Facts and Figures 1976
14 ArchonID id4818
News releases about Dr. James H. Stewart, Jr. 1976-1981
15 ArchonID id4819
Newsclippings about Tyler State College 1971-1973
16 ArchonID id4820
Newsclippings, Tyler State College registration and recruitment 1973
Box Folder
12 1 ArchonID id4822
Groundbreaking and Construction photographs
2 ArchonID id4823
Tyler State College Graduation photographs and Guestbook May 1974
Scope and Contents
See carton box for Guestbook.
3 ArchonID id4824
Photographs of Dr. Stewart, with students, faculty, and administrators
4 ArchonID id4825
Tyler State College, student and faculty photographs
5 ArchonID id4826
Tyler State College history scrapbook, 1 of 2
6 ArchonID id4827
Tyler State College history scrapbook, 2 of 2