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Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector Tyler Sister CitiesCollector Hamm, George F., 1931-2010Collector Loftis, Margaret, 1924-2011
Collection Title Sister Cities Records
Dates 1983-1992
Abstract This collection includes textual records related to the activities of the Tyler Sister Cities Corporation from 1983-1992 and Sister Cities International in Tyler, Texas from 1985-1988. Sister Cities International is a non-profit organization created by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower to promote "citizen diplomacy" through bilateral parternships and exchanges between global cities.
Identification UA/UASC.UA.011
Physical Description 3.75
Alternate Extent Statement 9 boxes
Language of Materials English
Repository The University of Texas at Tyler University Archives and Special Collections Department 3900 University Dr Tyler, TX, URL:

Administrative History:

The Tyler Sister City Corporation (also known as Tyler Sister Cities) was founded in 1982 following an educational exchange tour of French universities by Dr. George Hamm, former president of the University of Texas at Tyler. Dr. Hamm credited the trip with inspiring him to seek a long-term Sister Cities partnership with the city of Metz, France. In 1982, Dr. Hamm and his wife Janie attended a Sister Cities International meeting in Florida with Tyler Mayor Norman Shtofman and Tyler residents Charles and Ann Primer. The small Tyler delegation decided to found a chapter in Tyler, Texas, forming a partnership with the Tyler City Council and Tyler Chamber of Commerce. The newly formed Tyler Sister City Corporation was legally incorporated in 1983. Mayor Norman Shtofman, Dr. George Hamm, local architect and photographer Carroll Sinclair, Tyler philanthropist J.R. Borgerding, and Tyler City Manager Gary Gwyn formed the initial board of directors and incorporators.

     Norman Shtofman served as the first General Chairman from the date of incorporation through July 1984. During his tenure as Chairman, the Tyler Sister Cities board of directors governed nine committees: Business and Industry, chaired by J.R. Borgerding; Medical and Health, chaired by Trinity Mother Frances President and Chief Administration Officer Lindsey Bradley; Public relations, chaired by Tyler Morning Telegraph and Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph publisher Calvin Clyde, Jr.; Fund Raising, chaired by Martha “Rusty” Fletcher; Municipal Affairs, chaired by Gary Gwyn; Education, chaired by Dr. George Hamm; Hospitality, chaired by Ann Primer; Professional and technical, chaired by Carroll Sinclair; and Community Activities, chaired by Gulf State Lumber company owner Sam Wolf. UT Tyler Development Board chairman Ralph Spence served as Executive Committee Member at large and Tyler Chamber of Commerce CEO Jim Hardy served as Chamber of Commerce representative.

      The second TSC board served from July 16, 1984 through October 1985. Tyler Mayor Charles Halstead served as General Chairman with Gary Gwyn as vice-chairman. New committees included Membership, Special Projects, and Community Affairs. The position of “liaison” (otherwise unspecified) was added to the board.  Evelyn Muntz served as the first elected secretary-treasurer. Four inaugural board members transitioned to the newly established Advisory Board, including Calvin Clyde Jr, George Hamm, Ann Primer, and Carol Sinclair. Real estate agent Ben Fitzgerald served as the fifth Advisory Board member.

      The third TSC board served from October 24, 1985 through September 1, 1987 under the leadership of Ann Primer (General Chairman) and Gary Gwyn (vice-chairman). No new committees were added. The new Advisory Board consisted of Calvin Clyde Jr, Jean Marie Fey, Ben Fitzgerald, Charles Halstead, George Hamm, and Carroll Sinclair.

      The fourth TSC board was elected in August 1987, serving September 1, 1987-June 1989. Tyler philanthropist and educator Margaret Loftis was elected President, a title designated by the modified TSC by-laws to replace “General Chairman”. Mrs. Loftis joined the organization as Community Affairs Chairman in 1984.  Gary Gwyn served as vice-president. The Board of Directors eliminated positions of executive committee representative and liaison. A new position, Chairman of the International Executive Board (George Hamm), was added. The fourth Advisory Board included Calvin Clyde, Jr, Charles Halsted, J.R. Montgomery, Ann Primer, and Norman Shtofman.

      During Mrs. Loftis’ tenure as president, Tyler Sister Cities moved to a new office in the Olde English Village at 3502 F. South Broadway. Membership fees were $5 for students, $10 for individual members, $15 for families, $100 for patrons, and $1000 for sponsors. During her first year in office, TSC reported 79 paid memberships, 29 board members, and 12 active committees. Tyler Sister Cities partnered with Sister Cities International and the University of Texas at Tyler to establish the Eisenhower International Golf Classic in 1987, a fundraising event which provided scholarships for international students pursuing higher education in U.S. Sister Cities.

     Margaret Loftis chaired the executive board for the inaugural Sister Cities Young Artist Competition, titled “Expressions of Peace”, in 1988-1989. Tyler Sister Cities was responsible for collecting all applications for the showcase, establishing judging criteria, planning and coordinating the local competition and national exhibition, and delivering winning entries to the 1989 Sister Cities International Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon. The event showcased the work of student artists from around the globe in conjunction with the 1989 Eisenhower International Golf Classic. Later renamed the Young Artists Showcase, the competition continued as a hallmark event of the Eisenhower IGC through 1999. Sister Cities International celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Young Artists Showcase in 2013.

Scope and Contents

This collection is comprised of two main series. The first relates to the business of Tyler Sister Cities Corporation (TSC) of Tyler, Texas from 1983 to 1992. The bulk of these documents date between 1984 and 1989. The second series relates to the work of Dr. George F. Hamm, President of the University of Texas at Tyler from 1981 to 1998, during his appointment to the International Executive Committee of Sister Cities International (SCI). Materials in this series date from 1985-1988 with the bulk dated between 1987 and 1988.

    Materials represented in this collection include meeting minutes, financial reports, correspondence, brochures, travel itineraries, budget proposals, membership applications, travel study applications, fundraising forms, newspaper clippings, inventories of supplies, by-laws, posters, bookmarks, bumper stickers, newsletters, and mailing lists. Primary topics of interest include the Sister Cities partnership between Tyler, Texas and Metz, France; the establishment of the Eisenhower International Golf Classic in Tyler, Texas; the Sister Cities Young Artist Competition inaugurated by the Tyler Sister Cities branch at the University of Texas at Tyler; the formation and early organization of Tyler Sister Cities; selection criteria for Sister Cities International; prospective candidates for US Sister Cities partnerships abroad; and Youth Exchange programs.

    The process leading to the creation of these records is unclear. With respect to the dates represented, the consistency of organization, and annotations present throughout the collection, it seems most likely that the records were compiled by Margaret Loftis during her term as President of Tyler Sister Cities (TSC). Mrs. Loftis served as President from September 1, 1987 through June 1989. Mrs. Loftis may have incorporated select legacy documents  from prior administrations into her organizational system in order to facilitate her executive duties. Consequently, these records may not be a complete representation of the work of Tyler Sister Cities from 1983-1992. It is unclear who contributed new materials to the collection after the election of the fifth board of directors. Materials dated beyond summer 1989 represent a minute portion of the collection.

    Records in series two appear to have been compiled during Dr. Hamm's tenure as TSC liaison to the SCI International Executive Committee. These records reflect the same organizational structure imposed by Mrs. Loftis on the general TSC holdings. Dr. Hamm served on the International Executive Committee and SCI board beyond 1987-1988, so the materials collected in these records comprise only a small portion of his work with Sister Cities International. From September 1987 through June 1989, Dr. Hamm serve on the Tyler Sister Cities Board of Directors as Chairman of the International Executive Board. Accordingly, these materials may represent contributions from Dr. Hamm to the Tyler Sister Cities records compiled by Mrs. Loftis.

Arrangement of Materials:

I. Tyler Sister Cities
  A. Administration
  B. Administrative
  C. Affiliation
  D. Awards
  E. Committees
  F. Development
    1. Fund Raising
    2. Membership
    3. Programs
    4. PR
    5. Sponsors
    6. Youth Travel Study
  G. Eisenhower International Golf Classic
  H. Forms
  I. Franco-American Association of S. C.
  J. French Bicentennial Celebration
  K. Invitation Lists
  L. Leadership
  M. Mailing List
  N. Medical Insurance
  O. Member Services
  P. Membership
  Q. Newsletters
  R. Programs
  S. Projects
  T. Research
  U. Sister Cities
  V. Miscellaneous
II. Sister Cities International
  A. Affiliation
  B. Awards
  C. Budget
  D. Building Fund
  E. By-Laws
  F. Conventions
  G. Criteria
  H. Development  A
  I. Directory
  J. Exchanges
  K. Forms
  L. Leadership
  M. Local Leadership Forum
  N. Member Services
  O. Membership
  P. Mid-Winter Leadership Conference
  Q. Music
  R. Organizational Structure
  S. Programs
  T. Projects
  U. Publications
  V. Public Relations
  W. Scholarships
  X. Sister Cities News
  Y. USA City
  AA. Workshops


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American Association of University Professors
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Eisenhower International Golf Classic
Ladies PGA Tour (Association)
PGA Tour (Association)
Robert R. Muntz Library
Senior PGA Tour (Association)
Sister Cities International
Smith County Medical Society-Auxiliary (Smith County, Tex.)
Texas Association of College Teachers
Texas Eastern University
Texas. University of Texas System. - Budgets
The University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler (Tx.). City Council
Tyler Sister City Corporation
Tyler State College
University Archives
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University of Texas at Tyler
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Eisenhower, David, 1948-
Nunn, Ancel E.
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Press Releases
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Metz (France)
Tyler (Tex.)
Personal Name:
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Hamm, George F.
Loftis, Margaret
Mabry, Rodney H
Primer, Ann
Shtofman, Norman
Topical Term:
Alumni and alumnae
College Students
Copyright and distance education
Distinguished lecture series (University of Texas at Tyler)
International Summer Program
Master of Science in Social Work
Public relations
Social groups
Texas Eastern University (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets
Texas--Congress--House of Representatives
Tyler State College (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets
Universities and Colleges--Faculty
Universities and colleges
University of Texas at Tyler (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets

Administrative Information

Custodial History:

It is unclear how these records came to be in the possession of the University, as Tyler Sister Cities still exists as an independent organization. These records may have been acquired by President George Hamm or donated by Mrs. Loftis to the University sometime during or prior to 1992.

Preferred Citation:

[Identification of item], in the Sister Cities Records, The University Archives and Special Collections Department, Robert R. Muntz Library, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX, USA.

Acquisition Information:

Three storage boxes were delivered to the UASC as part of the general university accessions acquired from the Physical Plant department in 2011. Unlike many boxes delivered, these three represented a clear and cohesive order.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id5282
Tyler Sister Cities

ArchonID id5254
Administration - Policy Documents
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id5335
Budget Estimates/Proposals
2 ArchonID id5336
3 ArchonID id5337
Tax Exemption Status
4 ArchonID id5338
US Immigration Reform Act 1986
ArchonID id5255
Box Folder
1 5 ArchonID id5340
Office Furniture, Space, Supplies
6 ArchonID id5341
Printed Materials Samples - Past letterheads, etc.
7 ArchonID id5342
Procedures - Financial Matters
8 ArchonID id5343
Procedures - US Mail Rules and Regulations
9 ArchonID id5344
ArchonID id5256
Box Folder
1 10 ArchonID id5346
Committee Correspondence "pending membership"
11 ArchonID id5347
Correspondence re: potential affiliate cities
12 ArchonID id5348
Criteria for Tyler - Sister City/SCI
ArchonID id5257
Box Folder
1 13 ArchonID id5349
Certificate of Service
14 ArchonID id5350
Reader's Digest Manual
ArchonID id5258
Box Folder
1 15 ArchonID id5351
Education - Public School, Parochial
16 ArchonID id5352
Eisenhower Golf Classic Assignments to TSC Members
17 ArchonID id5353
18 ArchonID id5354
Public Relations
19 ArchonID id5355
Special Events
20 ArchonID id5356
Tyler Metz
ArchonID id5259
ArchonID id5367
Cultural Exchanges
Box Folder
1 21 ArchonID id5376
Cultural Exchanges
ArchonID id5368
Box Folder
1 22 ArchonID id5378
College Roles
ArchonID id5369
Fund Raising
Box Folder
1 23 ArchonID id5380
"Re-runs" from Tyler projects
24 ArchonID id5381
Untried in Tyler community
ArchonID id5370
Box Folder
1 25 ArchonID id5383
Activity Profile on each member
26 ArchonID id5384
Board of Directors potentials
27 ArchonID id5385
Committee member potentials
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id5387
Human Resource potentials
2 ArchonID id5388
New Member Solicitation/Drives
ArchonID id5371
Box Folder
2 3 ArchonID id5389
"Adopt a Business"
4 ArchonID id5390
Cultural Arts Projects
5 ArchonID id5391
International Center
6 ArchonID id5392
Education potential projects
7 ArchonID id5393
Geographical Literacy Projects
8 ArchonID id5394
Golf tours
9 ArchonID id5395
Resource Persons Speakers, Seminar
10 ArchonID id5396
SC "Depot" as City Organization
11 ArchonID id5397
Social Activities/Entertainment
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id5400
Youth Leadership Seminar
ArchonID id5372
Box Folder
3 2 ArchonID id5402
Committee Projects Job Descriptions
3 ArchonID id5403
Invitation ideas
4 ArchonID id5404
Multi-media video on programs
5 ArchonID id5405
Presidential Efforts
6 ArchonID id5406
Street Banners, Signs, Markers
7 ArchonID id5407
Supplement to Tyler Newspaper
ArchonID id5373
Box Folder
3 8 ArchonID id5409
Local Project
ArchonID id5374
Box Folder
3 9 ArchonID id5411
Travel/Study Projects from non-SC groups
ArchonID id5260
Eisenhower International Golf Classic
Box Folder
3 10-11 ArchonID id5413
Eisenhower International Golf Classic
Scope and Contents
Removed large poster
12 ArchonID id5415
Adv/Grounds Tickets, Hole in One Tickets
13 ArchonID id5416
Bronze Patron
Scope and Contents
The Blind Place, Wright Way Cleaning, Country Coffee Co Inc, Squyres, Johnson, Squyres +6. McDonald's Rest.
14 ArchonID id5417
Gold Patron
Scope and Contents
Tyler Beverages, Inc. Cameron Iron Works, USA.
15 ArchonID id5418
Hole Sponsors
Scope and Contents
"Tyler Beverages, Underwriters Indemnity Company, Jecca Towers (PQ), R.J. Donaldson M.D.(RJ), Advance Temporaries (Hole #2), Advance Personnel (Hole #17), UT Tyler Alumni Assoc, Jack King Chevrolet (PQ), Cameron Iron Works (PQ)"
16 ArchonID id5419
Independent Contestant Sponsor
17 ArchonID id5420
Other Sponsors
18 ArchonID id5421
Silver Patron
Scope and Contents
State Farm Insurance, Norma's Cars, Trucks and Ducks; Liberty Mutual Ins Coo; TPI Air Conditioning and Appliances; Mallory Propane, INc. Hibbs, Hallmark and Co. Acme Oil Co (Ken Walken). Caldwell Banker, Campbell, Realtors. Willingham Auto World. Don Hill Const. Co. Skiller's Business Equipment. Harry and Rosemary Holcomb. Robert H Patterson. Printmaster Printing.
19 ArchonID id5422
Sister Cities Art Show - 1989
20 ArchonID id5423
Sister Cities Art Show - Development
Scope and Contents
Removed large item, newsletter
Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id5425
Sister Cities Art Show - Submissions
2 ArchonID id5426
Team Sponsors
Scope and Contents
Roosth & Genecov, Lake Ronel, Nelson Clyde, M.P. Industries, Jewell Concrete Products, Advanced Temporaries, Bob Williams. Paul Sadler. Bob Heed, Ralph Spence, Southwestern Surplus (John Gordon), Lone Star General Contractosr (Tommy Hayes), Foam products (John Grigsby), Reagan Hunter, Kelley Oil Co (Michael A Geffert), S&S Office World.
ArchonID id5261
Box Folder
4 3 ArchonID id5428
Acknowledgements, Contributions, Form Letters
4 ArchonID id5429
Host Family Applications
5 ArchonID id5430
Membership Activity Profiles
6 ArchonID id5431
Membership, Tyler/ Metz
7 ArchonID id5432
Youth Exchange Application
ArchonID id5262
Franco-American Association of Sister Cities
Box Folder
4 8 ArchonID id5434
Franco-American Association of S.C.
ArchonID id5263
French Bicentennial Celebration
Box Folder
4 9 ArchonID id5436
French Bicentennial Celebration
ArchonID id5265
Invitation Lists
Box Folder
4 10 ArchonID id5440
Invitation Lists
ArchonID id5266
Box Folder
4 11 ArchonID id5442
Board of Directors
Scope and Contents
Includes copy of articles of incorporation, Mar 21 1983.
12 ArchonID id5443
Clubs & Organizations
Scope and Contents
Removed oversized newspaper.
13 ArchonID id5444
Tyler Chamber of Commerce Economic Profile and Membership Guide
14 ArchonID id5445
Tyler Chamber of Commerce Manufacturers and Processors
ArchonID id5267
Mailing List
Box Folder
4 15 ArchonID id5447
Sister City News - Update each year when paying dues
ArchonID id5268
Medical Insurance
Box Folder
4 16 ArchonID id5449
Foreign Visitor
ArchonID id5269
Member Services
Box Folder
4 17 ArchonID id5451
Member Services
ArchonID id5270
Box Folder
4 18 ArchonID id5453
Membership Lists - Tyler/Metz
ArchonID id5271
Box Folder
4 19 ArchonID id5455
ArchonID id5272
Box Folder
4 20 ArchonID id5457
National Youth Assembly
ArchonID id5273
Scope and Contents
This subseries was originally arranged in an approximate reverse chronological order. This original order has been largely maintained, although a few folders were moved according to their labels in order  to maintain chronological consistency.
Box Folder
4 21 ArchonID id5459
Travel/Study - Requests for information - 1989
22 ArchonID id5460
Young Artist Competition Local Entry/Contest May 89
Scope and Contents
"Expressions of Peace", local entries. Also contains list of officials on letterhead.
23 ArchonID id5461
Oct 1988 Scholarship Tracy McCoy on job training/language
24 ArchonID id5462
Travel/Study, June 1988 UTT U of Metz
25 ArchonID id5463
Student Exchanges Tyler/Metz Summer 1988
Box Folder
5 1 ArchonID id5466
August 20 1988 "All Aboard", Social
2 ArchonID id5467
July 1988 ESSAY Contest Non rec'd
3 ArchonID id5468
June 21, 1988 Seminar "Cracking Export Market"
4 ArchonID id5469
June 1988 Young Artist Tyler/Metz work exchange
5 ArchonID id5470
Ties that Bind 11/1/87 Membership Promotion
6 ArchonID id5471
Oct. 20 1987 Social Dutch Treat Lunch Travel/Study Group
7 ArchonID id5472
October 17, 1987, Canterbury Fair Merchant Promo
8 ArchonID id5473
French Officials Visit Tyler July 6-7, 1987
9 ArchonID id5475
Trade Show, Tyler French Visitors Merchants
10 ArchonID id5476
Summer 1987 Home Stay 3 Week reciprocal Home visits HS
11 ArchonID id5477
February 7 1987 4th Annual Benefit Dinner
12 ArchonID id5478
Building Fund Donation
13 ArchonID id5479
Wine and Cheese 8/21/87 Membership Enhancement
14 ArchonID id5480
May 1986 Photo Contest
15 ArchonID id5481
Travel/Study Cancelled May 86 Travel Banquet
16 ArchonID id5482
February 4, 1986 Benefit Broadway a la francoise Bridal Show
17 ArchonID id5483
February 10, 1986 3rd Annual Benefit Dinner
18 ArchonID id5484
August 85 Internships French students at Trane
19 ArchonID id5485
May 4, 1985 DAY in PARK funding high school twinning
20 ArchonID id5486
Travel/Study June 1985 UTT U. Metz
21 ArchonID id5487
Youth Exchange 85 Tyler/Metz Challenge Grant
22 ArchonID id5489
February 11, 1985 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner
23 ArchonID id5490
Travel/Study June 1984 UTT/U. Metz
24 ArchonID id5488
March 17, 1984 French Market Garage Sale
25 ArchonID id5474
Twinning May 1983 Tyler to Metz
26 ArchonID id5491
Travel/Study - History Tyler/Metz
ArchonID id5274
Box Folder
5 27 ArchonID id5493
ArchonID id5275
Sister Cities
Box Folder
5 28 ArchonID id5495
Scope and Contents
Seven issues, dated 1988-1991
29 ArchonID id5496
Board Meeting Minutes
Box Folder
6 1 ArchonID id5498
Financial Reports 1992
ArchonID id5276
Box Folder
6 2 ArchonID id5500
Untitled Folder "notes"
3 ArchonID id5501
United Nations
4 ArchonID id5502
Youth Science Exchange People to People:Chris Comeaux

ArchonID id5217
Sister Cities International

ArchonID id5306
Box Folder
6 5 ArchonID id5504
School Program Guide
6 ArchonID id5505
7 ArchonID id5506
8 ArchonID id5507
9 ArchonID id5508
10 ArchonID id5509
11 ArchonID id5510
12 ArchonID id5511
Scope and Contents
Removed oversized bumper sticker.
13 ArchonID id5512
14 ArchonID id5513
Pacific Ocean Basin
15 ArchonID id5514
16 ArchonID id5515
Soviet Union USSR
17 ArchonID id5516
Third World
18 ArchonID id5517
19 ArchonID id5518
ArchonID id5307
Box Folder
6 20 ArchonID id5520
Reader's Digest Annual "Profiles"
ArchonID id5308
Box Folder
6 21 ArchonID id5522
Sample for Youth/Education
ArchonID id5309
Building Fund
Box Folder
6 22 ArchonID id5523
National Offices
Scope and Contents
Removed large poster item.
ArchonID id5310
Box Folder
6 23 ArchonID id5527
Town Affiliation Association of US inc
ArchonID id5311
Box Folder
6 24 ArchonID id5529
Past conferences
Scope and Contents
Removed large newsletter for 1988 Sister Cities International Conference, Brochure for Spindletop Hall, A 30th Anniversary Salute to Sister Cities newsletter.
ArchonID id5312
Box Folder
7 1 ArchonID id5531
Sister City Selection
ArchonID id5313
Box Folder
7 2 ArchonID id5533
International Trade
3 ArchonID id5535
Youth Participation
ArchonID id5314
Box Folder
7 4 ArchonID id5536
Countries and State
ArchonID id5315
Box Folder
7 5 ArchonID id5538
6 ArchonID id5539
A Guide for Practical Trainee Exchanges
7 ArchonID id5540
Guide for Technical Assistance
8 ArchonID id5541
Guide for Youth Exchange
ArchonID id5316
Box Folder
7 9 ArchonID id5543
Ambassador Association Application
10 ArchonID id5544
Annual Convention
11 ArchonID id5545
Challenge Grants
12 ArchonID id5546
Eisenhower Golf Classic Scholarship Application
13 ArchonID id5547
Readers' Digest Award Applications/Acceptance
14 ArchonID id5548
Sister City News Story Format on Layout
15 ArchonID id5549
State Rep System (no longer in effect)
16 ArchonID id5550
US City profile
17 ArchonID id5551
Youth Exchange Sample - General Forms, Applications, Medical, Legal
ArchonID id5317
Box Folder
7 18 ArchonID id5553
Board of Directors, International Executive Committee
19 ArchonID id5554
Delegates to Annual Conference
20 ArchonID id5555
Statewide Leaders, Co-ordinators, Management Team, Governor's Offices
ArchonID id5318
Local Leadership Forum
Box Folder
7 21 ArchonID id5557
Volunteer Leadership Training
ArchonID id5319
Member Services
Box Folder
7 22 ArchonID id5559
National Sector and Responsibility
ArchonID id5320
Box Folder
7 23 ArchonID id5561
Application/Data Member Services
ArchonID id5321
Mid-Winter Leadership Conference
Box Folder
7 24 ArchonID id5563
ArchonID id5322
Box Folder
7 25 ArchonID id5565
Score "We are One" John Denver
Scope and Contents
Removed audio cassette tape.
ArchonID id5566
Audio cassette tape: "We are One" John Denver
ArchonID id5323
Organizational Structure
26 ArchonID id5567
ArchonID id5324
27 ArchonID id5568
Ambassador Association
28 ArchonID id5569
Concept of S.C. International
29 ArchonID id5570
Development - Local
30 ArchonID id5571
Youth and Education Sector
31 ArchonID id5572
Youth Summer Internship
ArchonID id5325
Box Folder
7 32 ArchonID id5574
Challenge Grant Models
33 ArchonID id5575
Practical Trainee Exchange Models
Box Folder
8 1 ArchonID id5577
Ship for World Youth
2 ArchonID id5578
Technical Assistance Exc
ArchonID id5326
Box Folder
8 3 ArchonID id5580
List available
4 ArchonID id5581
Resource Lists
ArchonID id5327
Public Relations
Box Folder
8 5 ArchonID id5583
Guide and evaluations form/criteria
6 ArchonID id5584
Program Quotes
ArchonID id5328
Box Folder
8 7 ArchonID id5586
Maruko For New Business Development
ArchonID id5329
Sister Cities News
Box Folder
8 8 ArchonID id5588
Sister Cities News
ArchonID id5330
USA City
Box Folder
8 9 ArchonID id5590
Albuquerque, N. Mexico
10 ArchonID id5591
Aspen, Colorado
11 ArchonID id5592
Baltimore, Maryland
12 ArchonID id5593
Corpus Christi, Texas
13 ArchonID id5594
Gainesville, Florida
14 ArchonID id5595
Holland, Michigan
15 ArchonID id5596
Jacksonville, Florida
16 ArchonID id5597
Lexington, Kentucky
17 ArchonID id5598
Los Angeles, California
18 ArchonID id5599
Orange, California
19 ArchonID id5600
Portland, Oregon
20 ArchonID id5601
Rochester, New York
21 ArchonID id5602
Shaumburg, Illinois
22 ArchonID id5603
Seattle, Washington
23 ArchonID id5604
Tempe, Arizona
24 ArchonID id5605
Torrance, California
25 ArchonID id5606
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Box Folder
9 1 ArchonID id5608
Wilmington, Delaware
ArchonID id5331
Box Folder
9 2 ArchonID id5610
Youth Exchange Homestay Study
3 ArchonID id5611
Appraisal - Volunteer System
ArchonID id5333
Box Folder
9 4 ArchonID id5613
Northern Texas 5/14/88 Tyler, Texas