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Guide to the Distinguished Lecture Series Records

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector The University of Texas at Tyler
Collection Title Distinguished Lecture Series Records
Dates 1983-2010
Identification UA/UASC.UA.012
Physical Description 11.40
Alternate Extent Statement 3 boxes and 124 VHS tapes
Language of Materials English
Repository The University of Texas at Tyler University Archives and Special Collections Department 3900 University Dr Tyler, TX, URL:

Administrative History:

The University of Texas at Tyler partnered with the Smith County Medical Society-Auxiliary to establish the Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) in 1982. The DLS served as both a venue for bringing nationally recognized speakers to a Tyler audience and a source of revenue for UT Tyler endowed scholarships. Major supporters of the Distinguished Lecture Series have included Rosemary and Harold Beaird; Lawrence Anderson , M.D., and Sasha Vukelja, M.D.; Louise and Joseph Z. Ornelas; Sherilyn and Patrick Willis; Margaret and James I. Perkins; and the A.W. Riter Jr. Family Foundation.  DLS has been further supported over the years by the UT Tyler Friends of the Arts and private donors.


Prior to the completion of the R. Don Cowan Fine and Performing Arts Center in 1997, Distinguished Lecture Series events were held in the University Center. Events typically include a public lecture and private fundraising reception.


Featured guests have included:


1982-1983: F. Lee Bailey, William F. Buckley, Jr., and Arthur B. Laffer.

1983-1984: Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Camelia Sadat (replacing Bettina Gregory), and Stansfield Turner.

1984-1985: Malcolm Toon, Jody Powell, and Admiral James Stockdale (replacing  General William C. Westmoreland).

1985-1986: Lewis A. Tambs, Geroge F. Will, and Carlos Fuentes.

1986-1987: David Eisenhower, Edward Teller, Beverly Sills, and Eugene McCarthy.

1987-1988: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Robert S. Strauss, and John Palmer.

1988-1989: Jeane Kirkpatrick, Pierre Salinger, and Richard Valeriani (replacing Tom Wolfe).

1989-1990: Abba Eban, Alexander Haig, and Tom Wolfe.

1990-1991: Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr., Jane Bryant Quinn, and Mark Russel.

1991-1992: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Judy Woodruff, and Ed Koch.

1992-1993: Andrew Rooney, Coretta Scott King, and Dick Cheney (replacing Willy Brandt).

1993-1994: Larry King, Irving R. Levine, Oscar Arias, and J. David Swaim, Jr.

1994-1995: Elie Wiesel, General Brent Scowcroft, and Hugh Downs.

1995-1996: Jack Kemp, Cokie Roberts, and Sam Donaldson (replacing Bill Moyers).

1996-1997: William Kristol , Gerry Spence, and John McClaughlin.

1997-1998: Senator Alan Simpson, Catherine Crier, and F.W. DeKlerk.

1998-1999: David Gergen, Shimon Peres, and George Stephanopoulos (replacing Dr. Gail Wilensky).

1999-2000: Dr. Gail Wilensky, Buzz Aldrin and Greg Gumbel.

2000-2001: Alan Dershowitz, Ambassador Alan Keyes, and Hamilton Jordan.

2001-2002: Bill O’Reilly and James Carville.

2002-2003: Robert Novak/Bill Press and Steve Forbes.

2003-2004: Ann Compton (replacing General Wesley Clark) and Colonel Oliver North.

2004-2005: J.C. Watts (replacing Bob Schieffer) and John Stossel.

2005-2006: Ann Coulter and Martin Luther King III.

2006-2007: President George H.W. Bush.

2007-2008: Ambassador John Bolton and Dr. Sallie Baliunas.

2008-2009: President Vicente Fox.

2009-2010: Dr. Walter Williams and Greg Mortenson.

2010-2011: President Oscar Arias, President George W. Bush, and Jon Landau.

2011-2012: Senator Fred Thompson and P.J. O’Rourke.

2012-2013: Ambassador Karen Hughes and Dr. John Carlos

Scope and Contents

The Distinguished Lecture Series collection covers fundraising, administrative, advertising, and logistical details of the Distinguished Lecture series at the University of Texas at Tyler between 1983 and 2010. The collection contains textual materials (including correspondence, newsletter, mailing lists, meeting minutes, brochures and mailers, application forms, invoices, guest lists, notes, news clippings, press releases, and speaker dossiers), audiovisual materials (VHS tapes of select lectures), and photographs. A small amount of autographed memorabilia is present.

Arrangement of Materials:

The collection is arranged in three series: Series I, Administrative Documents; Series II, Photographs; and Series III, Audiovisual Materials.


Conditions Governing Access:

Some restrictions may apply. Please contact the repository for more details.

Physical Characteristics or Technical Requirements:

Audiovisual materials may require special equipment to view.

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Smith County Medical Society-Auxiliary (Smith County, Tex.)
Texas Eastern University
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University of Texas at Tyler
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Distinguished lecture series (University of Texas at Tyler)
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University of Texas at Tyler (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

Preferred citation is: [Identification of item], in the Distinguished Lecture Series Records, The University Archives and Special Collections Department, Robert R. Muntz Library, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX, USA.

Acquisition Information:

Materials which had previously been stored at the physical plant were transferred to the archives as part of a general University Archives accession. Distinguished Lecture Series records were separated from this general accession to create a new record group.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id5960
Administrative Documents

Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id5965
1983-1984 Season
Scope and Contents
Correspondence from Dr. Hamm. "The Forum" newsletter, Public Information Office, April 1984.
2 ArchonID id5966
1983-1984 Season
Scope and Contents
1983. Correspondence to past patrons. Letters to accompany complimentary tickets. Draft form letters. Mailing lists.
3 ArchonID id5967
1984-1985 Season
Scope and Contents
D.L.S. III campaign planning documents, draft form letters (complimentary tickets, volunteer thanks, general ticket delivery, late patron letter). Mailing lists. Correspondence to patrons, volunteers, and special guests. Invoices. Ticket requests. Ticket application forms. Draft press releases. Brochures and mailers.
4 ArchonID id5968
1984-1985 Season
5 ArchonID id5969
1985-1986 Season
Scope and Contents
1985-1986 correspondence (George Hamm/Development Office patrons). Complimentary tickets. Mailing lists, purchased/paid lists. List of executive committe, 1986, Smith Co Medical Society, newspaper clippings, list of patron ticket holders, draft form letters, guest list for Ambassador Tambs reception. Hand written notes. Brochures.
6 ArchonID id5970
1985-1986 Season
Scope and Contents
"2-Star List (Patriots/Friends of Arts Exec./Alumn Assn Officers/Others)", "4-star list (Major Donors/Special Friends), photo printsheets.
7 ArchonID id5971
1986-1987 Season
Scope and Contents
Contains correspondence for 87-88 season, 86-87 season. Draft press release. Room reservation request. Brochures. Envelopes. News clippings. Phone messages, transcribed. Will call lists. Ticket distribution worksheets. Reservation invitations. Letterheads.
8 ArchonID id5972
1986-1987 Season
9 ArchonID id5973
1986-1987 Season
Scope and Contents
Washington Speakers Bureau calendar, correspondence to patrons and potential speakers, draft speaker dossiers, season planning documents, handwritten meeting notes, draft form letters, newsclippings, correspondence on lecture fees, list of university speakers 1982-1986 (including distinguished lectures and others), research on potential speakers, draft press releases,mailing lists, will call lists, RSVP records, invitations and brochures from the 1987 Eisenhower IGC.
10 ArchonID id5974
1987-1988 Season
Scope and Contents
Spreadsheet of ticket purchases and complimentary season tickets. Correspondence from Dr. Hamm sent with complimentary tickets, general correspondence by Dr. Hamm, corresopndence frmo Smith Cuonty Medical ScoietyAuxiliary about season events. List of duties assigned for DSL special events. Development board contact list. Sample brochures. Inquiries from community members. Correspondence from, about potential lecturers. Invoices. Membership roster.
11 ArchonID id5975
1988-1989 Season
Scope and Contents
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id5976
1990-1991 Season
Scope and Contents
2 ArchonID id5977
1991-1992 Season
Scope and Contents
3 ArchonID id5978
1992-1993 Season
Scope and Contents
4 ArchonID id5979
1993-1994 Season
Scope and Contents
5 ArchonID id5980
2010-2011 Season
Scope and Contents
George W. Bush lecture items "for signatures", given to Dr. Mabry by Dr. Lawrence Anderson on August 8, 2011- ticket stubs, bumper sticker, $2000 fake bill.

ArchonID id5961

Box Folder
2 6-7 ArchonID id5983
Aldrin, Buzz (10/26/1999)
8 ArchonID id5984
Arias, Oscar (2/22/1994)
9 ArchonID id5985
Brandt, Willy (3/3/1993)
10 ArchonID id5986
Brzezinski, Zbigniew (10/3/1991)
11 ArchonID id5987
Buckley, William F. Jr (1982-83)
12 ArchonID id5988
Crier, Catherine (2/3/1998)
13 ArchonID id5989
Donaldson, Sam (4/2/1996)
14 ArchonID id5990
Downs, Hugh (3/8/1995)
15 ArchonID id5991
Eban, Abba (10/3/1989)
16 ArchonID id5992
Eisenhower. David (10/9/1986)
17 ArchonID id5993
Fuentes, Carlos (3/27/1986)
18 ArchonID id5994
Gergen, David (11/19/1998)
19-20 ArchonID id5995
Gumbel, Greg (2/3/2000)
21 ArchonID id5996
Haig, Alexander (1989-1990)
22 ArchonID id5997
Kemp, Jack (10/31/1995)
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id6000
Keyes, Alan - Fundraiser dinner (3/1/2001)
2 ArchonID id6001
Keyes, Alan (3/1/2001)
3 ArchonID id6002
King, Coretta Scott (11/10/1992)
4 ArchonID id6003
King, Larry (9/9/1993)
5 ArchonID id6004
Kissinger, Henry (9/22/1987)
6 ArchonID id6005
Koch, Ed (2/27/1992)
7 ArchonID id6006
Laffer, Arthur (03/10/1983)
8 ArchonID id6007
Levine, Irving R (11/11/1993)
9 ArchonID id6022
Moyers, Bill (3/7/1996)
Scope and Contents
Cancelled. Replaced by Sam Donaldson.
10 ArchonID id6008
O'Neill, Thomas "Tip" Jr. (9/18/1990)
11 ArchonID id6009
Peres, Shimon (2/24/1999)
12 ArchonID id6010
Powell, Judy (11/1/1984)
13 ArchonID id6011
Roberts, Cokie (1/31/1996)
14 ArchonID id6012
Rooney, Andrew (10/1/1992)
15 ArchonID id6013
Sadat, Camelia (2/23/1984)
16 ArchonID id6014
Schlesinger, Arthur Jr. (11/10/1983)
17 ArchonID id6015
Scowcroft, Gen. Brent (11/1/1994)
18 ArchonID id6016
Spence, Gerry (1/16/1997)
19 ArchonID id6017
Stephanopoulus, George (04/01/1999)
20 ArchonID id6018
Teller, Ed (10/9/1986)
21 ArchonID id6019
Toon, Malcolm (9/27/1984)
22 ArchonID id6020
Turner, Stansfield (4/5/1984)
23 ArchonID id6021
Wiesel, Eli (10/6/1994)
24 ArchonID id6023

ArchonID id5962
Audiovisual Materials

ArchonID id6024
Adams, Roy (no date)
ArchonID id6025
Aldrin, Buzz (10/26/1999)
ArchonID id6026
Arias, Oscar (2/22/1994)
ArchonID id6027
Brzezinski, Zbigniew (10/03/1991)
ArchonID id6028
Carville, James (2/28/2002)
ArchonID id6029
Cheney, Richard (4/15/1993)
ArchonID id6030
Coulter, Ann (11/17/2005)
ArchonID id6031
Crier, Catherine (2/3/1998)
ArchonID id6032
DeKlerk, F. W. (4/2/1998)
ArchonID id6033
Dershowitz, Alan (11/9/2000)
ArchonID id6034
Donaldson, Sam (4/2/1996)
ArchonID id6035
Downs, Hugh (3/8/1995)
ArchonID id6036
Eben, Abba (10/3/1989)
ArchonID id6037
Eisenhower, David (10/9/1986)
ArchonID id6038
Forbes, Steve (3/20/2003)
ArchonID id6039
Fuentes, Carlos (3/27/1986)
ArchonID id6040
Gergen, David (11/19/1998)
ArchonID id6041
Gumbel, Greg (2/3/2000)
ArchonID id6042
Haig, Alexander (11/13/1989)
ArchonID id6043
Jordan, Hamilton (4/26/2001)
ArchonID id6044
Kemp, Jack (10/31/1995)
ArchonID id6045
Keyes, Alan (3/1/2001)
ArchonID id6046
Kirkpatrick, Jeane (9/26/1988)
ArchonID id6047
Kissinger, Henry (9/22/1987)
ArchonID id6048
Koch, Ed (2/27/1992)
ArchonID id6049
Kristol, William (11/21/1996)
ArchonID id6050
Laffer, Arthur (2/15/1983)
ArchonID id6051
McCarthy, Eugene (3/5/1987)
Scope and Contents
"Looking Ahead to Election '88"
ArchonID id6052
Novak, Robert and Bill Press (1/30/2003)
Scope and Contents
Part of a compilation tape containing "Convocation-8/19/02, Ring Ceremony-12/5/02".
ArchonID id6053
O'Neill, Tip (9/18/1990)
ArchonID id6054
O'Reilly, Bill (10/5/2001)
ArchonID id6146
Bill O'Reilly, Crowd Shoot, 10-25-01 (on 184)
ArchonID id6147
Bill O'Reilly, Podium Shot, 10-25-01 (on 184)
ArchonID id6055
Palmer, John (3/3/1988)
ArchonID id6056
Peres, Shimon (2/24/1999)
ArchonID id6057
Powell, Jody (11/1/1984)
ArchonID id6058
Quinn, Jane Bryant (11/13/1990)
ArchonID id6059
Roberts, Cokie (1/31/1996)
ArchonID id6060
Salinger, Pierre (10/11/1988)
ArchonID id6061
Scowcroft, General (11/1/1994)
ArchonID id6062
Sills, Beverly (12/2/1986)
ArchonID id6063
Simpson, Alan (10/21/1997)
ArchonID id6064
Spence, Gerry (1/16/1997)
ArchonID id6065
Stockdale, Admiral James B (4/23/1985)
ArchonID id6066
Strauss, Robert (11/12/1987)
ArchonID id6067
Swaim, J. David Jr. (3/24/1994)
Scope and Contents
"Immigration and Nationality Law". Possibly a University series lecturer, not distinguished.
ArchonID id6068
Tambs, Lewis (10/29/1985)
ArchonID id6070
Toon, Malcolm (9/27/1984)
ArchonID id6069
Teller, Edward (11/6/1986)
ArchonID id6071
Valeriani, Richard (3/9/1989)
ArchonID id6072
Wiesel, Elie (10/6/1994)
ArchonID id6074
Wolfe, Tom (4/16/1990)
ArchonID id6073
Wilensky, Dr. Gail (9/26/1999)
ArchonID id6075
Woodruff, Judy (11/7/1991)