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A Guide to the Pan American Round Table of Houston Records, 1940-2015

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Pan American Round Table of Houston
Title: Pan American Round Table of Houston Records
Dates: 1940-2015
Creator Abstract: The Pan American Round Table of Houston was established in 1940 by Hallie Barlow Olcott. The organization is dedicated to furthering knowledge of the cultures, customs, and history of the Americas through regular programming. They also support education through the sponsorship of scholarships for state and local students.
Content Abstract: The collection contains yearbooks, agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence, program and scholarship information, scrapbooks, and photographs.
Identification: MS 460
Extent: 4 linear feet (5 boxes)
Language English (bulk) and Spanish
Repository University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Historical Note

The first Pan American Round Table (PART) was established October 16, 1916, in San Antonio, Texas by Florence Terry Griswold. It is an independent, nonsectarian, nonpolitical, noncommercial and nonfederated women's organization. Griswold founded PART out of concern for women and children who were refugees from the Mexican revolution of 1913, with the intention of facilitating better relations between the United States and Mexico. The premise of PART was that a women's organization would have the unique ability to build relationships that men involved in business and politics were not fostering, and if the women of Mexico and the U.S. could become friends, then such ties would influence men of commerce and government towards greater understanding and cooperation. This premise drew directly from the ideals of Pan Americanism and its principle that through education, rather than legislation, understanding and friendship will grow.

Under the direction of Griswold, the founding round table in San Antonio became the center of a well-organized movement and helped to establish round tables throughout Texas, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Southwestern United States. The second round table was founded in Laredo in 1921, and the first round table outside the United States was established in Mexico City in 1928. In 1921, the state organization, Pan American Round Tables of Texas was founded, and by 1944, international growth demanded that an international body, the Alliance of Pan American Round Tables, be formed.

The Pan American Round Table of Houston was established in 1940 by Hallie Barlow Olcott. Early members included Maude Cashin, Ima Hogg, Mary Fuller, and 16 others. Over the years, PART Houston has included a wide spectrum of professional and accomplished women who are interested in furthering knowledge of the cultures, customs, and history of the Americas. Programs include speakers from the academic, business, and government fields, as well as the arts and sciences. Education continues to be a mission for PART Houston, which sponsors and provides support through college scholarships to state and local students.

For more information, please visit the PART Houston website.

Sources: PART Houston Yearbook, 2010-2011; and the Pan American Round Table of San Antonio Records, MS 3, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Scope and Content Note

The records span from 1940-2015, and contain yearbooks, agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence, program and scholarship information, scrapbooks, and photographs. The bulk of the materials are in English; occasional documents contain Spanish. The paper files (1.5 linear feet, 2 boxes) range from ca. 1960-2015, though the bulk of the materials are from 1994-2011. The 1960's-early 1990's are very sparsely represented. The 1960's are represented by a thank-you letter to Houston Mayor Louie Welch and a Spanish-English Hospital booklet. The 1970's are represented by two handbooks from 1970-1972 and two folders of board minutes, reports, and correspondence from 1978-1979. The 1980's are represented by scholarship information from 1980-1981 and minutes from 1988-1991. The yearbooks range from 1989-2011 and are an excellent source of information, containing the organization's history, lists of officers and members, annual calendar of events, descriptions of committees, and information on scholarship winners. The yearbooks also contain the organization's constitution, bylaws, and standing rules.

The scrapbooks and photographs (2.5 linear feet, 3 boxes) document the early years of the table, ranging from 1940-1978. There are also some later-date photographs in the collection, which are located in two photo albums from 2000-2004 and a scrapbook from 2006-2008.

Organization of Collection

In general, the records are arranged chronologically within series.
Historical Files
Administrative Files
Programs and Scholarships
Scrapbooks and Photographs


Access Restrictions

This collection is housed at UTSA's Main Campus and must be accessed via the John Peace Library Special Collections reading room. To request access, please use the Collections Request Form.

The folder containing information on scholarship applicants (Box 2, Folder 15) requires archivist review prior to researcher use.

Use Restrictions

The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Index Terms

Alliance of Pan American Round Tables
Women--Texas--Houston--Societies and clubs--History.
United States--Relations--Latin America.
Latin America--Relations--United States.
Pan America Day.
Houston (Tex.)
Minutes (administrative records)
Administrative Reports
Local Subjects
Clubs and Organizations
Women's Groups

Related Material

UTSA Special Collections also holds the records of the Pan American Round Table of Texas and the Pan American Round Table of San Antonio.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Pan American Round Table of Houston Records, MS 460, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated by PART of Houston in 2016 (Acc. 2016-005, 2016-066).

Processing Information

Processed by Katie Rojas, Manuscripts Archivist, in 2016. Materials from the original acquisition (Acc. 2016-005) related to PART of Texas and the international PART Alliance were separated and incorporated into UTSA's PART of Texas Collection (MS 3).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Historical Files

Box Folder
1 1 PART History, undated
2 Mrs. Griswold's Rules, undated
3 Brochures, flyers, and ephemera, undated
4 Spanish-English hospital booklet, 1969
5 Certificate of Affiliation, 1994
OM 2 Working copy, 1989-1990
Box Folder
1 6 1990-1992
7 1992-1994
8 1994-1996
9 1996-1998
10 1998-1999
11 2001-2003
12 2003-2005
13 2005-2007
14 2007-2009
15 2009-2011
16 Yearbook work file, 1996

Administrative Files

3 Handbook, 1970-1971
Handbook, 1972
Box Folder
1 17 Board meeting minutes and reports, 1978-1979
18 Minutes, 1988-1991
19 Treasurer's reports, 1992-1999
20 Alice Pratt files, arrangement chair, 1994
21 Double board meeting agenda, 1994
22 Alice Pratt files, board meeting minutes, 1994-1996
23 Installation of Officers, 1996
24 Board meeting, February 1996
25 Installation of Officers, 1997
26 Member surveys, 1997
27 General membership meeting, February 1997
28 General membership meeting, September 1997
Reference File of Organizations
Box Folder
1 29 Fiber Artists of Houston, 1997
30 Federation of Houston Professional Women, 1997
31 Hispanic Women in Leadership, 1997-1998
32 Houston International Protocol Alliance, 1998
33 Institute of Hispanic Culture, 1997
34 Board Meeting Minutes, 1997-1999
35 Double board meeting, 1998
36 Special Projects Committee, 1998-1999
37 Slate of Officers, 2000-2001
38 Board meeting minutes, 2000-2002
39 Memberships, 2001-2002
40 Board meeting minutes and agendas, 2002-2004
41 Meeting minutes, agendas, and reports, 2003-2005
42 Treasurer's Reports, 2004-2005
43 Announcements, minutes, and agendas, 2004-2006
44 Various brochures, correspondence, and programs, 2004-2006
45 Potential members, 2008 and undated
46 Constitution, bylaws, and standing rules; list of officers, 2009-2010
47 Board meeting minutes and agendas, 2009-2010
48 Assessment report, 2009-2010
49 Operating Structure, 2010-2011
50 Installation of Officers Program Booklets, 2010-2012
51 Scholarship Report, 2010-2011
52 Table Report, 2010-2011
53 Letterhead, undated


Box Folder
1 54 Thank you letter to Mayor Louie Welch, ca.1960's
55 Correspondence, 1979
56 Correspondence, 1994
57 Alice Pratt files, member notices, 1994-1996
58 Correspondence, 1995-1996
59 Meeting notices, 1995-1996
60 Correspondence, 1996-1997
61 Meeting notices, 1996-1997
62 Correspondence, 1997-2000
63 Correspondence, 2002-2008
64 Correspondence, 2004
65 Meeting notices, 2004-2006
66 Newsletters, 2007-2008

Programs and Scholarships

Box Folder
1 67 Graduation program and thank you note from scholarship recipient Felix Fraga, 1954
68 Scholarships, 1979-1981
69 Alice Pratt files, scholarship information, 1990, 1996, and undated
70 Certificates for speakers, 1995, 1997, 1998
71 Alice Pratt files, projects, 1996
72 Christmas Posads, 1996
73 Meetings, 1996-1997
74 Speaker: Dr. Fergus Pope of CASA, October 1997
75 Second Life Sale, 1997
76 Pan American Day, 1997
77 Christmas program, 1997
78 Costume review, 1997
79 Program ideas, 1997-1998
80 Pan American Day, 1998
Box Folder
2 1 Pan American Day, 1999
2 Programs and speakers, 1999-2000
3 Scholarships, 1999-2000
4 Programs, 2000
5 Pan American Day, 2000
6 The Meaning of Pan-Americanism, 2000
7 Programs, 2001
8 Pan American Day, 2001
9 Pan American Day Program Booklets, 2001-2004
10 Scholarships, 2001-2002
11 Programs, 2002-2004
12 Programs, 2002
13 Pan American Day, 2002
14 Scholarship Donations, 2002-2004
15 Scholarship Applicants, 2003-2006
16 Meeting reservations and sign-in sheets, 2003-2004
17 Pan American Day Program Booklets, 2005-2008
OM 2 The Universality of the Quixotic, James Augustin Castaneda, 2006
Box Folder
2 18 Programs, 2006-2008
19 Scholarships, 2007, 2009
20 Annual calendar of events, 2010-2011
21 Programs, 2013-2015

Scrapbooks and Photographs

OM 2 Scrapbook, 1940-1959
Box Folder
2 22 PART member photographs, 1954, 1960
OM 1 Scrapbook, 1950-ca. 1975
OM 2 Photo album, undated
Box Folder
2 23 Scholarship recipient and PART member photographs, 1976-1977
OM 2 Scrapbook, 1977-1978
Photo album, 2000-2001
Photo album, 2002-2004
3 Scrapbook, 2006-2008