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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): A-B

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): A-B [this page]
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): C-D
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): P-R
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): S
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): T-Z


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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

Usage Restrictions

The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Index Terms

Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

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[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, UTSA Special Collections -- Institute of Texan Cultures.

Processing Information

The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, A-B

1 Armco Steel
Anderson Machinery Company
Adams, Dana and Silverstein: Tower of the Americas at night 1969-03-07
Ace Supply Company: displays, buildings, car 1965
Two men from Alamo Supply Company by Alamo 1964
Interior of Benedictine Convent in Boerne 1964
Alamo Steel Benedictine Convent: interior and exterior 1964
Alamo Title Building 1959
Alco Aviation: electronic unit 1970-09-12
Allied Southwest Food Concession: lunchroom 1960-11-12
Anchor Hocking: Robert W. Bradfield glasses 1968-11-04
Arthritis Foundation Advertising 1971-04-23
Elam Arms at Southwestern Louisiana College 1964-11-06
Avco Financial Services: large group 1974-09-04
Central Park Mall: Santa arriving 1969-11-28
Maurice Acers with 1933 UT Law class reunion
Alamo boys Choir doing various activities in front of Alamo 1970-08-05
Alamo City Jazz Band playing at Pearl Pavilion 1968
Alzafar Shrine Circus: elephants, clowns and horses 1968-10-15
Jack Ammon Turkey Ranch
Ken Anderson: horse jumping hurdles 1970-11-19
Little boy on horse 1971
Girl on horse 1971
Unidentified woman with bruised arm 1961-12-22
2 American Optical Medical Division: medical equipment 1974-12-17
Advertisement Gifts and Awards: St River scenes 1974-10-25
Amtrol Inc.: water pump installed in old tree 1974-09-14
Ancira Winton auto dealership and building 1974-07-15
Ancira Winton dealership and trucks 1974-07-09
Alamo Concessions food 1974-04-03
Access corporation. Empty 1974-09-24
Bill Andrews vegetables 1973-09-11
A. E. Texlights Tire Store 1973-09-12
Armco Steel Corporation 1973-08-29
Alamo Investment Company: houses, churches and other businesses in Gladewater, TX 1973-08-24
Mr. Cuthbertson: interior quarter, deck, restaurant 1973-07-01
Myla Arborer pilot 1973-07-23
Albert Rick Motel: interior and exterior of motel 1976-07-06
Amco Steel Corporation: locks and gates being worked in Saint River 1973-05-25
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art: aerial drawing of San Antonio circa 1886 1973-05-17
Anchor Hocking Corporation: glassware at HEB 1973-09-21
Alamo White Truck Service Inc.: trucks at Metro-Mix Inc. 1972-09-11
Alamo White Truck Service Inc.: trucks 1971-04-24
American Printers: US flag and four jets 1972-02-25
American Printers: soldiers blowing bugle-Tune of Unknown Soldier 1972-02-16
American Printers: sky divers with US flag 1972-01-26
Seel: painting of man 1971
3 Hot water tanks, construction and equipment 1975
American Can Company: canning equipment 1975-01-11
Atlas Van Lines convention: awards ceremony and speakers 1980-10
Pat Austin apartment complex 1980-09-11
Aztec Ceramics Corporation: Mrs. Murray's bathroom 1980-08-26
Arrington Arms Inc: sculptures and Texas Rangers badge 1980-02-07
Avis /Hayes Leasing : Avis Rent a Car 1980-02-15
Allied Air Freight Inc: group at Scobey's Moving and Storage 1979-12-17
HCA Class: Graduating class Fort Sam Houston Academy of Health Sciences 1979-16-18
HCA Class: Medical Logistics Management class 1979-05-09
Allison Alberts: Northern Hills Country Club dinging room 1979-03-08
American Hospital Supply: exterior Of American Hospital Supply 1976-12-16
Auto Convoy Company: Auto Convoy Company depot 1976-11-29
Mr. Ancira. Laurie Ancira 1976-08-11
Ralph Armstrong Company: houses and trees 1976-06-03
Alamo Express truck by San Jose Mission 1976-02-18
Alamo Express truck on highway 1976-03-10
Admiral Investments Company: Hill Country motel 1975-07-18
Alamo Plumbing Supply: lake and mountains 1975-05-29
Calk, E.: LAtascosa Lodge 1975-04-09
Adolph Alvarey: rendering of buildings 1975-04-08
Donald Arends: hot dogs 1975-03-13
American Car Company: pipes and machinery 1975-03-13
Alamo Diaper Service: baby Fair and diaper cleaning machinery 1973-08-29
Amistad furniture 1975-03-24
American Security Life: Bob Sunderland 1975-02-03
Ackermann Inc: Red Carpet for Enid Justin 1975-02-10
Abshier, Hobby Jr.: aerial of home 1976-01-09
Old photo of Texas Ranger Company
4 Arrington Arms, Inc. Empty 1982-11-29
Arrington Arms, Inc.: Texas Rangers badges 1982-11-11
Aubrey Manufacturing Inc.: Patrick Sharpe and three men 1985-01-28
Associated General Contractors of Texas Highway, Heavy, Utilities and Industrial Branch meeting 1985-02-27
Unidentified man
Robert Arburn and Associates: three people with check for $2,750,000 1985-02-25
Aeroserv International: four people in boardroom 1983-04-25
ME Allison and Company: Gloria S. Martinez 1984-05-22
Almon and Associates: Man and Woman 1984-04-26
Wooderd Altgelt 1984-03-31
American Olean Tile: the installation at One Ten Broadway 1984-04-04
Jerry Altgelt 1984-04-13
Mrs. Woonard Altgelt Jr. Three generation of Altgelt men 1984-04-09
Associated General Contractors of Texas: Group at meeting 1984-02-29
Alamo Water Refiners Inc.: water valve equipment 1983-07-08
Associated Advertising Agency: The Alamo at midnight 1983-07-13
Aeroserv International: Earnest Poinor and Warner Abel 1983-04-12
Mrs. Altgelt children 1982-07-26
Associated General Contractors: group 1983-03-08
Almon Association: aerial of San Antonio with outline 1982-12-06
American Trophy: stuffed animals and heads 1983-01-13
AMA: unidentified man 1982-22-12
Arrington Arms Inc.: Texas Rangers badges 1983-01-17
Arrington Arms Inc.: Texas Rangers badges 1982-12-08
Earnest House 1982-10-13
Alamo Limousine Service: limousine 1982-11-09
Brady and Associates: back of truck 1982-10-15
Associated General Contractors: group of men 1982-05-25
Atwell R. L. Jr.: Rolls Royce Owners Club. Historical Rolls Royce 1982-06-23
Scott Appleton 1981-05-14
Audiphone Company of Texas: audiphone 1982-04-21
Billy Atwell: paintings 1981-06-10
Pat Austin: renderings 1981-02-06
Air Force Central Membership Fund: restaurant interior and family 1981-05-04
American Printers: painting 1981-03-05
5 AAA: four diamond awards 1987-07-09
American Marketing: portraits of three men and a woman 1987-03-17
American Society for Testing and Materials: award to T. C. Newman 1986-06-30
Jewelry 1985-09-11
American Society for Testing and Materials: William B. Straus receiving plaque 1986-06-04
American Society for Testing and Materials: award presented to William Bingham 1986-03-21
American Society for Testing and Materials: men shaking hands and receiving awards at luncheon 1985-12-11
Austin Industrial: displays 1986-02-21
Arthur Nasis Company: rendering of house and floor plans 1986-01-10
Affiliated Remodeling: Harold Golding 1985-09-06
Robert Arburn and Associates: rendering of hotels 1985-08-15
Alliance Wall Corporation: Stop 'n' Go Stores 1985-07-17
American Society for Testing and Materials: people with awards 1985-05-07
Aetna Casualty and Safety Company: canning machine 1985-05-07
Allen's Flowers and Gifts: photographs of the damage 1985-06-05
Allen's Flowers and Gifts: street construction and roof damage 1985-03-14
6 Exterior of three houses 1971-16-71
Exterior of houses 1971-11-11
Exterior of houses 1971-11-11
Exterior of houses 1971-11-10
Exterior of houses 1971-10-26
Exterior of houses, 646 Gladstone, 1631 Edison and 708 Winnipeg 1971-10-14
7 Roadway truck sitting at Lone Star 1967
Hot Metal Products truck
Gonzalez Produce Company truck
Indian Transport Company truck
Meisner's Jr. Department Store truck
ABC Truck Rental: truck
ABC Truck Rental: liquid truck
ABC Truck Rental: semi truck
Alamo White Truck Service truck
Roadway trucks 1967
ABC Truck Rental: rental trucks
San Antonio Bag and Burlap Corporation semi
Damaged trucks 1973-04-03
Damaged trucks 1973-04-05
8 Restaurant: exterior
Dining room
Earl Abel's Restaurant: employees 1970-12-28
Earl Abel's Restaurant: Christmas party group 1968-12-19
Stairs and plants
Outdoor patio
Tables and chairs and chairs at counter
Earl Abel's Restaurant: exterior 1949
flowers on all tables
During dinner
Chef with cake
Entrance and waiting room
Dessert cart
Unidentified men eating Kentucky Fried Chicken
Corner of Broadway and Carey
Earl Abel's Restaurant: parking lot 1957
Earl Abel's Restaurant: restaurant and parking lot 1969-11-19
Texas Theater
Earl Abel's receiving award 1963
Earl Abel's group and all employees in front of the restaurant 1969-12-15
Garbage cans
9 Entrance to Earl Abel's Steak House
Exterior of Earl Abel's Coffee Shop
Interior of dining rooms
Place setting and dinner
Food 05-02
Interior of dining rooms 1966-02-17
Interior of dining rooms 07-08
Interior of dining rooms 1965-10-20
10 Unidentified men
National bank of Fort Sam Houston and unidentified men 1973-12-18
Mr. Loos signing papers 1973-11-12
Unidentified men
Accent Advertising and Fort Sam Houston National Bank: candids off bank directors 1974-04-23
Exterior and lobby of old National Bank of Sam Houston 1974-06-27
Employees of Fort Sam Houston National Bank
Fort Sam Houston National Bank officers and directors 1974-11-26
Fort Sam Houston National Bank directors 1974-12-05
Fort Sam Houston National Bank officers 1975-01-02
Fort Sam Houston National Bank: George Olsen 1975-01-10
Fort Sam Houston National Bank employees 1976-11-01
Mabel Davis 1976-11-04
Fort Sam Houston National Bank: interior lobby and board of directors 1977-02-23
Unidentified man 1977-04-19
Fort Sam Houston National Bank: Mr. Kyot 1977-07-05
[ Inv. # 24587 Pic. #112957 ]
Biplane painting 1977-08-12
Faust 1977-09-29
Exterior of bank and FR Kirkpatrick, President
Bankers at North Frio and Ruiz construction site 1977-11-16
Fort Sam Houston National Bank: exterior, board of directors and portrait 1977-11-21
Fort Sam Houston National Bank employees 1977-12-28
Three men in studio from Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1978-01-03
Fort Sam Houston National Bank officers at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1980-12-09
David Powers and Ray Schaffer 1980-12-12
Fort Sam Houston National Bank Board of Directors at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1980-12-08
Robert Nelson and Mr. Hodges 1980-11-18
Executives 1980-08-19
Group of men 1980-08-07
Unidentified man 1980-07-17
Unidentified man 1980-06-11
[ Inv. # 33231 Pic.# 117985 ]
Unidentified man
Doug Smith 1980-09-07
Unidentified man 1980-05-07
Doug Walden and Patricia 1980-04-03
[ Inv.# 32729 Pic # 117622-23 ]
Unidentified men 1980-02-19
[ Inv. #32381 Pic # 117460-461 ]
Opening at Universal City Bank 1980-03-10
Board of Northern Hills State Bank
Annual Report 1980-02-22
Fort Sam Houston National Bank Board 1980-02-05
Unidentified men at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1979-11-28
Group of Fort Sam Houston National Bank bankers 1979-12-18
Universal City Bank 1979-11-28
Unidentified man at Northern Hills State Bank 1979-11-28
[ Inv. # 32039 Pic. # 116900-901 ]
Brenda Pinion 1979-07-18
Mr. Mead 1979-06-26
Hydro-Tron unit 1979-07-06
General from Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1979-04-27
Presentation at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1979-02-28
Henry Guerra and Fort Sam Houston National Bank Board 1978-11-28
Employees at Northern Hills State Bank 1979-01-17
John Grojalva And Gene Somogyi 1978-12-05
Northern Hills State Bank directors at ground breaking 1978-11-13
Mr. White 1978-10-31
Jim James 1978-05-03
$10,000.oo in $2.00 bills and computer equipment for annual report 1978-02-10
Jerry Reava 1978-01-11
Ceramic dog head with glasses 1972-02-24
Ceramic dog head with glasses 1972-03-20
11 National bank of Fort Sam Houston 1983-12-02
National bank of Fort Sam Houston 1984-04-23
Sandy Faust 1982-12-17
Unidentified man
Unidentified man 1982-09-28
Tommy Kane, Gappet Stewart 1983-07-14
Ken Williams and Marilyn Netherton 1983-09-16
John 1983-08-03
Arlene Kreger and Tom Ferguson 1983-06-06
Plaque presentation at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1983-05-10
Leather goods 1983-04-06
Belts 1983-04-25
Scott Mullins 1983-04-06
Malcolm Sparks 1983-03-02
Christmas lights at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1983-01-03
General McGiffert 1982-01-06
Dave Kipp 1982-12-22
Interior and exterior at Bexar Construction Company 1982-11-01
Mickey Clements 1982-12-17
Ground breaking at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1982-09-28
Joyce Comon and Boss
John Joyce 1982-08-18
Unidentified man 1982-07-21
Men at work 1982-10-22
Felix 1982-06-14
Martha Gresley 1982-06-11
Bill Getz 1982-02-11
Unidentified Man 1982-03-08
Marvin Hodges 1982-03-26
Generals receiving awards 1982-01-27
generals accepting awards 1982-01-27
Rich Taylor and Caroline Laskowski 1981-12-23
Unidentified man 1981-10-22
Unidentified people 1981-10-22
Mrs.Yates 1981-10-30
Unidentified woman 1981-09-24
Ms. Brown 1981-09-17
Old Fort Sam Houston 1981-09-02
Unidentified men 1981-07-17
Joyce Hodges 1981-06-29
Michael Smith 1981-06-05
Gattrell Stewart 1981-05-14
Directors of Fort Sam Houston 1981-04-23
General Hyman 1981-03-30
Steve Allen 1981-02-09
Unidentified groups 1981-01-07
Unidentified man 1981-07-01
Four men 1981-07-02
Northern Hills State Bank employees 1981-01-09
12 Mary Wonds 1986-11-04
Mike Smith 1986-10-23
James Fasson 1986-08-12
General Baker 1986-06-26
Fort Sam Houston National Bank lapel pin 1986-06-23
Jim Lehmberg 1976-06-06
Fort Sam Houston National Bank executives with flag 1986-06-17
David Evanson 1986-08-09
Mike Molitas 1986-04-23
Hollis Brown 1985-06-04
Banker in overalls 1986-01-10
Viola Peters 12-30
Commissioner at Fort Sam Houston National Bank 1985-11-11
Faust, F. E. 07-23
Painting of an old airplane by Keith Ferris 1985-07-09
Unidentified woman 06-19
Gary Woods 1985-05-16
John Joyce, Ken Udillian, Mario Lamastro, Ms. Hernandez and W. T. Yrarra 1984-12-12
Ray Schaefer 1984-01-15
Jim and Olive 1985-03-21
Tom Moore 1984-11-07
General Cotton 1984-08-20
Sharon Denton 1984-08-22
Steve Habel 1984-09-14
Doug Walton 1984-10-18
Joan Woods 1981-06-11
Awards presentation at Fort San Houston National Bank 1984-04-09
Mike Smith 1984-02-09
Bond members of banks 1983-01-12
Barbara Deason 1984-01-13
Dave Allen, Rich Taylor and Bob Nelson 1984-06-19
Open house at National Bank of Fort Sam Houston 1983-09-30
Vance 1983-10-18
McGiffert, John 1983-01-17
ACE HAT COMPANY 1967-1978 and undated
13 Hats 1988-12-07
14 Hats
Bing Crosby kind of hat
Baseball cap
Motoring cap
Mountie hat
Hat with bow
Taxace cap
Hat with buttons around it
Pith helmet
Sailor hat
Hat that Says "Arnie's Army" and patches for golf
Ace Manufacturing Company Inc.: Texace Corporation building
Military hat
Ace hats 1967-08-19
Wyatt Advertising and Ace Hat Company: hats 1968-06-03
Hats 1969-03-17
Wyatt Advertising and Ace Hat Company: World Series of Golf hat 1969-05-26
Wyatt Advertising and Ace Hat Company: golf hat 1970-07-21
Wyatt Advertising and Ace Hat Company: Ace golf hat 1970-07-16
Brooks Advertising and Texace hats 1970-03-21
Wyatt Advertising : Ace hats 1971-04-08
Men wearing has while doing activities
15 Wyatt Advertising: ten hats for Texace 1972-11-27
Wyatt Advertising: hat display at Canyon Creek Country Club 1970-08-28
Wyatt Advertising: ace hat at Brackenridge Golf Course 1970-08-22
Wyatt Advertising: hats and patches 1970-11-20
Wyatt Advertising: yellow hat with emblem, Hazeltine National Golf Club: US Open 1970 1970-02-18
Wyatt Advertising: golf course 1969-10-31
Wyatt Advertising: yellow ladies hat 1969-10-23
Wyatt Advertising: hat emblem 1969-09-25
Wyatt Advertising: caps for Spring Catalog 1969-09-23
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1969-08-08
Wyatt Advertising: models with hats 1969-08-21
Wyatt Advertising: two hats 1969-08-22
Wyatt Advertising: golf cap insignia 1969-06-28
Wyatt Advertising: World Series of Golf hat 1969-05-29
Wyatt Advertising: golf hat emblem 1969-06-03
Wyatt Advertising: ladies hat for US Open 1969 1969-04-29
Wyatt Advertising: 1969 Championship cap 1969-01-30
Wyatt Advertising: San Antonio Country Club model with a hat 1968-09-27
Wyatt Advertising: emblem and caddy hat 1968-09-23
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1968-08-27
16 Hats
17 Wyatt Advertising: models 1973-12-05
Wyatt Advertising: ace hats 1974-07-05
Wyatt Advertising: man with golf hat at Brackenridge Golf Course 1974-04-05
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1973-12-20
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1973-12-10
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1973-12-08
Wyatt Advertising: models at Country Club with hats 1973-12-05
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1973-12-04
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1973-11-30
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1973-11-20
Wyatt Advertising: hats 1978
18 Nursing home in Victoria: interior and exterior 1969-09-17
Nursing home in New Braunfels: interior and exterior 1969-09-16
19 Road roller
Machinery 1961
Interior of Acme Iron works 1960
Man Welding
20 Action Advertising and Westwood Village: two men shaking hands 1970-04-28
21 Envelopes and stationary 1968-04-04
22 Exterior of Porsche-Audi on Loop 410 1970-09-04
ABC Truck Rental trucks 1972-05-02
Big Four Foods "Pioneer, Knowlton's, Raegelein and Facs": slides and names 1971-04-08
ABC trucks 1970-04-24
Bexar County National bank ad 1970-08-14
Bexar County National bank: exterior 1970-02-11
Bexar County National bank: exterior 1969-06-03
Big Four Foods: names 1969-11-20
Margo Facs' Company and Pioneer Flour Mills: slides and names 1969-05-22
Big Four Foods 1969-03-31
Big Four Foods: slides from camera cards for Big Four Foods 1968-11-29
Facs's: corn and tortilla chips 1968-11-29
23 Profile of Volkswagen in showroom 1971-01-04
Air Force Village 1971-03-12
Margot 1970-12-16
Bexar county National Bank: auto bank 1970-12-09
Truck and first occupant 1970-11-04
Ed Knowlton shaking hands with mayor 1970-09-25
Chips with $1.00 bill 1970-08-19
Girl's arm holding portable TV 1970-09-16
Exterior of Northwood Porsche-Audi 1970-08-05
Rod East Volkswagen 1970-07-30
Volkswagen winner receiving key from Rod East 1970-08-18
Knowlton Ice Cream Plant and Equipment 1970-06-19
Tractor and trucks 1970-05-19
Halloween party at Maison de Ville apartments 1969-10-31
Plants 1969-12-22
Booths at Sheraton Motor hotel 1969-08-08
Crystal Ball and Volkswagen ad 1969-08-19
TV set 1969-08-29
Volkswagen ads 1969-08-19
RCA clearance sale 1969-08-15
Check presentation to Heart, Lung and Cancer Foundation 1969-07-24
Flower arrangements 1969-07-03
Model with glass of milk 1969-05-05
Display of early rare Texas currency 1969-04-10
Toy Volkswagen and pocket radio
Rio Grande queen being awarded $300 check by Pioneer Flour Mills 1969-02-10
Volkswagen and nutshell ad 1969-02-21
Knowlton French Onion Dip 1969-02-05
Alamo National Bank sign 1969-01-30
Food and model in studio 1969-01-07
Cookie contest winner 1969-12-22
Rendering: Jewel Earlville Building 1968-09-23
Tacos, corn chip bag 1968-09-19
Unidentified men 1968-08-20
Men holding basket at Jewel Foliage 1968-06-26
Cow and Jim Knowlton at Hemisfair with girls: Swiss Pavilion 1968-05-25
Jewel Foliage: flour storage 1968-04-07
Broomstraw cake tester 1968-04-23
Artwork 1968
Drawing 1968-04-30
Easter bunny at Alamo National Bank 1968-04-11
Miss San Antonio 1968-04-11
Unidentified people
24 J. C. Taylor 1976-07-16
Potato chip bags 1976-07-14
Executives 1976-06-10
Toy car and half dollar 1976-05-17
Hammer and nails and coin 1976-04-07
Marcus Grant 0975-03-27
Ribbon cutting at Coots Distributors 1976-03-30
Interior of bank 1976-04-01
Rudy Escobar 1976-03-19
Charles Black 1976-02-09
Safety awards 1976-02-29
Two men in front of building for key presentation 1976-02-23
Casseroles with hot dogs and sausage 1976-02-17
Mr. Spence 1976-01-17
Retirement party 1975-12-31
John Toble 1975-12-19
Awards dinner for Roeglein 1975-12-06
Mr. Duke of Coors Distributors 1975-12-05
Yellow Rose of Texas coin 1975-10-23
Pork display 1975-08-28
Mike Hamilton 1975-05-23
All Renning 1975-08-22
Conroy Square tennis courts 1975-05-23
Peanut butter and peanut shells 1975-05-08
Safety award group at Knowlton's 1975-03-31
Seiko watches 1975-03-26
Seiko watches 1975-03-24
Two men in front of truck 1975-03-13
Men holding check 1975-03-06
Press conference for mew expansion 1974-10-29
Twin pack chips 1974-12-16
Rendering of Bexar County National Bank 1974-10-18
Rendering of Bexar County National Bank 1974-10-03
Quincy Lee and Tom Perking 1974-08-01
Award winner receiving bicycle at Kiddie City 1974-08-14
Conroy Center 1974-06-14
Medallion 1974-06-26
Wilford Hall Hospital 1974-01-22
Roeglein graduates 1973-11-14
Arnold Harbold 1973-10-22
Joe Howell 1973-09-28
Henry Hadler 1973-10-02
Wayne Nance of Royal Crest Homes 1973-05-16
Floyd Van Meter 1973-05-02
Artwork 1973-09-04
People in front of new building 1972-11-15
Publicity and key ceremony 1972-10-14
Plaques 1972-08-17
Cypress Lake 1972-06-15
President's old plaque 1972-06-12
Nick Salerno and A. C. Ballard 1972-04-03
ABC truck rental 1972-04-28
Bill E. Henderson 1972-03-21
Sam Ricklin
25 Management at Quincy Lee 1977-12-09
Food and model in the studio 1977-12-07
Interior of Bexar National Bank 1977-12-02
Whiz machine and cards 1977-11-15
Wayne Wendell 1977-11-11
Joe B. Martinez, R. Craig King and Mr. Johnson 1977-10-24
Leo Jordan 1977-10-20
Unidentified girl 1977-10-19
Semi 1977-10-04
Mrs. Sarvez receiving TV 1977-10-04
Larry Hadwick 1977-10-04
Data processing department at Government Employee Credit Union 1977-09-20
Trust Department employees 1977-06-08
Steve Lee 1977-06-27
Gene Goodson 1977-06-03
Bill Bond and golfing student 1977-05-27
Vince Elizondo 1977-05-03
Trucks 1977-04-23
Dale Smith 1977-04-19
Two men by Stanley, Smith Security Inc. sign 1977-02-14
B. L. Cockrell 1977-02-04
F.N. Villasana, Jim Williams and Steve Jones 1977-02-03
Executive board member at Government Employee Credit Union 1977-01-18
Kelly Field Government Employee Credit Union 1977-02-03
Unidentified people 0977-01-28
Tom Perkins 1977-01-21
Aerials of Roeglein 1976-12-01
Check presentation to a winner of one year free gas 1976-11-19
Unidentified people 1976-11-09
Cattle 1976-11-03
Physical fitness posters at Bexar County National Bank 1976-08-20
Opening of One Hour Golf 1976-04-27
26 Model receiving trophy 1981-10-12
Interior of meat company 1981-09-19
Commercial recorder 1981-17-14
Flowers 1980-10-16
Tom Turner and San Antonio Dodgers Baseball Team manager with guests at stadium 1980-06-16
Unidentified people 1980-04-07
Unidentified people 1980-04-04
Executives 1980-03-13
Unidentified man at a gas station 1980-02-04
Raul Jimenez celebration 1979-10-01
Lee Jurzee 1979-08-24
B.L. Cockrell 1979-07-12
Pioneer Flour Mill: chocolate cake 1979-07-10
Mark Sutton 1979-06-21
Cakes for Pioneer Flour Mill 1979-06-27
Meat, casserole and sandwiches 1977-03-27
Government Employee Credit Union credit cards 1979-01-24
Unidentified people 1979-01-30
Roeglein produce: meat 1979-01-22
Pioneer Flour Mill products 1979-01-22
Downtown Government Employee Credit Union and computer 1979-01-12
Executive portraits for Government Employee Credit Union 1979-01-02
Government Employee Credit Union: interiors 1978-12-27
Executives portraits for annual report 1978-12-17
Meat packing plant 1978-11-03
Mr. Atwell 1978-10-18
Pat Savage 1978-03-17
Government Employee Credit Union employees 1978-02-08
Department managers 1978-02-03
IBM computers 1978-01-24
Ron Sloan 1978-01-12
27 Tom Dickerson 1983-10-18
Ground breaking for Holiday Inn 1983-09-15
Point of Purchase Retailer's Network 1983-08-23
The Farmer's Daughter 1983-08-24
Red and white sports cars 1983-09-15
Unidentified people
Randy Erskins 1983-08-08
Homer Hollar, Tom Garrett and Ron Banks 1983-07-12
Joe Bradberry 1981-06-23
Joe Bradberry 1983-06-28
Presentation of golf clubs at Roegelein Meat Plant 1982-10-29
Chuck Reed 1982-07-26
Personnel at Tex-Chron 1982-07-06
Roegelein ribbon cutting 1982-06-04
Unidentified man 1982-04-20
Personnel at Tex-Chron 1982-06-04
Truck and man 1982-04-23
Eagle Construction Company 1982-04-20
Mr. Roegelein 1982-04-06
Interior of a meat plant 1982-04-03
Pork chops 1982-03-24
Men receiving a check 1982-01-25
28 Unidentified man
Candids of Air Force Village 1977-03-09
Air Force Village: Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer 1974-12-11
Advertising and Marketing Services Inc. 1973-11-06
Unidentified people
Advertising and Marketing Services Inc: groups at Air Force Village 1973-08-30
Advertising and Marketing Services Inc: interior with people at Air Force Village 1972-09-14
People in Air Force Village 1971-09-23
Lobby, cafeteria and building exterior 1971-04-03
M. Bernard and Son Inc.: Air Force Village 1971-03-30
Advertising and Marketing Services Inc: opening of Air Force Village 1970-11-10
Air Force Village 1970-10-15
Poinsettias and fountain 1976
AIR FRANCE 1964-1965
29 Large group by Air France plane 1965
Large group by Air France plane 1964
30 Airplane in the air 1967
Roland King 1967
Unidentified men 1967
[ Pic. # 663394 and 66365 ]
31 Air compressors 1971-10-22
Air compressors 1971-09-20
Four by four machine for catalog 1971-09-16
Air compressors 1971-08-09
Air compressors 1971-07-28
Air compressors
AIRPLANES 1980-1981 and undated
32 Naked woman at the bar
[ Photo # 11423, Tail # N5021, Aircraft type: BAC 111 ]
Interior of a plane couches, tables and chairs
[ Photo # 12514, Tail # N 111 NA, Aircraft type: BAC 111 (Tiger Leasing Group) ]
Woman in pink robe lying on a couch
[ Photo # 10359, Tail # N 5017, Aircraft type: BAC111 ]
Woman at the bar
[ Photo # 4810 and 4811, Tail # 111 FL, Aircraft type: BAC 111 ]
Plane interior couches, tables. Lamps, chairs
[ Photo # 5822A, Tail # 77AP, Aircraft type: Rockwell Sabreliner 40 ]
Exterior of a plane
[ Photo # 10636, Tail # N277CT, Aircraft type: Rockwell Sabreliner 60 ]
Woman with fur coat on a couch
[ Photo# 8549, Tail # N102ML, Aircraft type: Gulfstream II ]
Stewardess serving passengers
[ Photo # 10673, Tail # not visible, Aircraft type: Gulfstream II ]
Exterior of a plane
[ Photo # 8524, Tail is not visible, Aircraft type: Gulfstream II ]
Bar and coffee pots
[ Photo # no number, Tail# N856W, Aircraft type: Gulfstream II ]
Cockpit instrument panel
[ Photo # 10996, Tail # N535M?, Aircraft type: Fairchild SA-AT Merlin ]
Airplane interior: couches, chairs and tables
[ Photo # 7828, Tail # N31LT, Aircraft type: Dassault/Suo Fan Jet Falcon ]
Kitchen area
Airplane in the air: Tiger Leasing Group
Helicopter flying over cattle
Helicopter herding cattle
Fisheye of a cockpit
Cajun liner airplane
Airplane outside Dee Howard Company hanger
Mechanics working on the engine
Fisheye of a plane cabin
33 Western: Boeing 707 at night 1981-04-09
[ Photo # 27388 and 27389, Tail# N18MB, Aircraft type: Beech 90 King Air ]
Interior of a plane couches and a big table
[ Photo # 26603-26609, Tail # N1039, Aircraft type: Gulfstream II ]
Interior of a plane leather chairs, couches and a small table
[ Photo # 11834-32668 [not inclusive], Tail # N138TA, Aircraft type: Boing 707 ]
Interior and exterior of jet getting ready to take off 1980-11-07
[ Photo # 27447--27466 [not inclusive], unidentified ]
Midap Bearing: King Jet at night 1980-10-29
[ Photo # 27043-27058 [not inclusive], unidentified ]
Von Nay and Company: airway at rear exit of Boing 707 1980-09-24
Von Nay and Company: Boing 707 for Tiger Air brochure 1980-09-09
Studio: Boing 727 Airesearch Aviation 1980-08-27
Skycenter Motorlock Airplane 1980-07-15
Cox Industries: Universal Jet G II 1981-01-26
Airesearch Aviation 1980-11-10
Dane Ellen Industries Bec III 1980-11-07
34 Two men in the office
Exterior of the funeral home
Yates Laundry 1954
Application for embalmer's license
Unidentified men
35 John McGee Advertising: buildings and trucks 1975-03-20
Yancy and McGee: two people cleaning offices at IBM 1971-06-07
Yancy and McGee: men working on the ceiling 1971-05-31
Yancy and McGee: Aladdin Carpet and Drapery Cleaners sign 1968-05-20
38 Orah Wall Keys 1986-12-28
Room addition in the house 1983-12-27
Offices in Milam building 1983-11-30
Mints 1983-05-23
Usher candy 1983-09-12
Photo of President Reagan 1983-06-05
President Reagan 1983-05-05
Usher soccer ball candy 1983-05-04
Usher candy for Budget Rent-a-Car 0983-04-25
Usher candy for Best Western motels 1983-04-18
Usher candy for Budget Rent-a-Car 1983-04-13
Usher candy for Best Western motels 1983-04-01
Usher candy for Best Western motels 1983-03-29
Spearmint and wintergreen Usher mints 1983-03-25
Usher mints for Red Carpet 1983-03-25
Usher mints for Best Western motels 1983-03-24
Usher mint candy bags 1983-03-21
Usher candy and mints for Budget Rent-a-Car 1983-03-21
Exterior of a house 1983-03-16
Usher Candy for Best Western 1983-03-14
Usher Candy for Best Western 1983-01-04
Spearmint and wintergreen Usher mints 1982-12-21
Jewelry and diamonds 1976-01-07
Aceco System 80 EC computerized batching system 1975-12-30
Copy of Centeno photo # 15802 1975-12-16
.380 automatic pistol 1974-11-18
Cabinet and drawer doors 1974-06-05
Two cabinets and three door drawers 1974-05-31
Mark VII Industries 1974-04-02
Unidentified man 1974-03-05
Centeno Supermarkets 1974-01-15
Concrete Batch controller 1973-11-29
Aceco computer equipment 1973-04-11
Sani-Fresh 1973-02-22
Nude model with Sani-Fresh 1973-02-13
Two men in studio for publicity 1972-07-06
Copy of client's artwork and slides 1975-03-06
39 Jackets 1987-12-05
Ad shots 1978-06-01
Intimate Times game 1984-09-27
Photos for Genie 1984-03-07
House, buildings, man at machine 1985-03-24
Jungle fish food 1986-04-18
Usher mints 1985-07-26
Usher mints and candy 1985-11-13
Usher mints 1985-09-20
Dewied International, Inc. 1984-01-16
Prestige Home at Oakwell Farms 1984-03-02
Century Buildings 1984-03-15
Century Buildings 1984-03-23
40 Airplanes in the hangar
Airplanes being worked on by mechanics
Mechanics working on parts
Radio men by the radio
Alamo Aviation building
Airplane in front of hangar
Airplane's cargo bays 1963
Airplane's wheel gear and engine 1963
Alamo Aviation hangar 1958
Man paying parts department cashier
Two women with a stewardess at the airplane
ALAMO CENOTAPH 1935-1965 and undated
41 Cenotaph close up showing Bohham and Bowie and names
Cenotaph close up showing Travis and Crockett
Cenotaph with Alamo behind it
42 Soldiers in front of Alamo
People eating hot dogs by the cenotaph
Cenotaph circa 1935-1940
Cenotaph with Landmark building behind it
Cenotaph with Landmark building behind it circa 1958-1965
43 Kevin Passimore 1980-08-31
Exterior of a store, interior and unidentified man 1980-07-31
Unidentified people 1980-07-28
West Avenue location 1978-06-02
Exterior, interior of building 1979-12-27
Offices, exterior, trucks 1980-04-24
44 Casket damage 1980-06-05
Caskets 1979-07-25
Drawing of exterior of Alamo Funeral Home 1969-04-09
Interior and exterior
Exterior 1971-12-03
Building, chapel, playground 1957-08-23
47 Unidentified houses
Girls at the Barn Door
Unidentified people
Church dinner
Group of young people in the church
Little kids in the church nursery
Secretary behind the desk
Congregation during services
Alamo Heights Methodist Church
Floor plans for the church
Little children in front of church
Scouts Troop 1959
45 Sunday School classes and pastor of the church 1957-10-01
People outside the church
People inside the church
Children on the steps of the church
Congregation 1960-04-11
Sunday School classes and pastor of the church
Exterior of the church
46 Exterior of the building
School's sunburst pattern 1970-10-02
Exterior of the school 1950
Students in the library and outside 1966
Students using abacus 1965
Students in costumes looking at books about character they are dressed as 1965
Football team 1965
Teacher 1965
Girls golf team 1965
Girls at Barn Door
Choir 1962
Students dressed for the play 1965
Orchestra on stage 1961
Play cast being made up
Cafeteria serving line
Yearbook cover 1986
48 Exterior of the church
Kids in front of the church
49 Awards banquet 1970-05-28
Freckled girl holding certificates 1971-05-18
Two women with awards 1970-10-09
ALAMO IRON WORKS circa 1905-1984
50 Church under construction downtown next to Frost Brothers and catty corner to Maverick-Clarke
House with people by a car circa 1959
Unidentified man
Crane on the corner of Santa Clara
House with people sitting on the porch
Wire twister Machine
Sherwin Williams Paint Store
Kem-Glo Paints
Audience of people
Matt Cvetic, author of "I was a Communist for the FBI"
Products at Stock Show
Freeman Coliseum
Birthday cake for Julius Holmgreen's 83rd birthday 1937
Julius Holmgreen
Wire rods
House with people standing on the porch
Men pouring molten metal
Unidentified man
Man reading newspaper circa 1960
Garden behind a house
Rock hauler
Laying pipe
Unidentified people in front of flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Holmgreen's 60th wedding anniversary 1937-09-19
Unidentified men 1934-02-27
Man Welding a pipe
Aerial photo
Schulze Brothers Manufacturing Company building
Dining room
Office on Houston Street circa 1905
51 Pipe shop
Unidentified men
Men pouring molten iron
Men cutting iron pipes
Office building
Office circa 1959
Loading dock
Unidentified group of executives
Schulze Brothers Manufacturing Company in the background
Shipping department and order desk
Electric crane
Loading truck
Loading airplane
Sherwin Williams Paint Store
J. C. McKinnon
52 Men with machine
Unidentified men
Employees circa 1965
Man and woman by holding tank
Unidentified men signing papers
Unidentified group
Truck Loaded with iron rods
Iron pipes
Meter covers
Unidentified man with flowers
Men dancing
Little girl
Bench around a tree
Building, chapel, playground
Head capacity chart
Meeting and luncheon at Plaza Hotel
Grand Champion steer at San Antonio Livestock Show
Aerial photo of Alamo Iron Works
Unidentified people
Iron lamb and dish
Pouring molten iron
Alamo Iron tent at Stock Show
Map of Texas
Unidentified women
Baby eating
Men by the truck
Sherwin Williams Paint Store
Iron frame 1959-06-22
Men beside truck
Water Operator's license for Allison Holmgreen
Machine shop
53 Wire coiler
Heavy metal cutter
Unidentified people
Truck beside train tracks
Large tank
Caps and rings
Trench liner
Wire and wood
Alamo Iron Works building
Transmitter towers
54 Unidentified man
Warren Wilkerson 1984-03-13
Albert Tietze 1982-03-17
Mr. Hornbuckle and Pat Cowler 1982-03-04
Control panel 1980-12-13
Group shot in the parking lot 1978-05-01
Melrose Holmgreen 1975-02-28
Gene Holmgreen 1973-11-14
Mr. Holmgreen (Melrose) 1972-09-25
Johnson Advertising: binding machine 1971-01-23
Johnson Advertising: entrance to Alamo Iron Works 1970-10-29
Supper honoring employees 1970-10-12
Machine made by Alamo Iron Works 1969-12-31
Truck on the expressway 1969-06-06
Molten iron
Johnson Advertising: nuts, bolts etc. 1968-06-17
Johnson Advertising: storage area and catwalk 1968-06-12
Large groups 1968-05-06
air clutch shear
John Holmgreen
Model of rotary bender 1971-04-21
New furnace
Alamo Iron Works building
Machinery 1976-03-02
57 Cast shots for Kiwanis program 1975-03-16
Man looking at cowboy sculpture 1975
Man and woman in Mexican costumes by the Rose Window 1977
Mexican band in Maury Mariachi 1975
Fiesta Noche singer with guitar by the Alamo 1975-03-18
Fiesta Noche in HemisFair Plaza
Mexican band and group of ladies and men at Mission 1975
Alamo Kiwanis and Fiesta Noche del Rio Rosita 1975-02-23
Group in La Villita
Man by the tree 1975
58 Forres Wood 1967
James B. Howard 1974-14-07
Power line tree 1964
Unidentified men
[ pic. # 44085-86 and 44106-44110 ]
Employees 1964
59 Man with a bull
Longhorn head on a wall
San Antonio Produce Terminal Market 1951-08-25
60 Group of officers 1973-10-24
61 Equipment 1972-07-14
Machinery 1972-01-12
Exterior of building 1971-10-06
Chris Winslow: winner Miss FairShare contest 1971-06-26
Insecticide pumps and hoses 1968-12-11
Spray pumps parts 1969-01-17
Spray pump setup 1969-01-16
Unidentified men
62 Exterior of the church 1961
Interior of the church
ALAMO NATIONAL BANK circa 1900-1984 and undated
63 Drive through window
Looking down over 1st floor
Unidentified men
Exterior: looking up the building
Tellers windows
J. Ken Black helping a customer
Kids depositing money
Man depositing money
Woman depositing money
Rendering of Alamo National Bank
Mr. Houston
Clyde F. Shannon behind the desk
Night deposit
Man mailing letter
Waiting area
Alamo Bank Building at night
Safety deposit boxes
Roads looking downtown
Board room
File room
Empty lot looking downtown
Christmas tree in the lobby
64 Publicity: presentation of certificate from UTSA , 14 people 1976-06-04
Exterior of Alamo National Bank building
Interior of the bank, new lobby and old building 1976-01-24
Publicity of three people 1975-10-20
Three people planting tree in front of the bank 1976-01-19
Progress of construction of bank lobby 1975-08-27
Fisheye shot of the exterior of the bank 1975-06-06
Construction progress on the bank
Construction of old building 1975-05-28
Construction progress of a new lobby 1975-03-31
Kids with sheep or steer at Stock Show 1975-02-14
Rendering of bank lobby 0974-12-11
Toys and Christmas gifts for tots and Martin Chevgle 1973-12-14
David Hoppens 1972-12-18
Tom Bates 1972-12-18
Presentation of check by Odetta McAllister and bank to United Way Fund 1972-11-20
Girls baseball team at Continental Bus Station 1972-08-28
Check presentation 1972-07-19
Atkins silver dollar 1972-01-19
John K. Meyer 1971-12-20
Atkins Association and Alamo National Bank employees at the bank 1971-10-12
Two men and Miss United Fund or Miss Fair Share 1971-08-27
Presentation of check and Mission Road Foundation 1971-06-18
People using the computer, looking at files, working with readers, using adding machines, talking on the phone and interior of the bank
Kent Hansen, Ted Garner, Gary Curran and Harry R. Straup 1970-01-13
Master Charge ads for Alamo National Bank 1970-04-13
Roy Castano 1970-04-07
Lionel Losa: photos of bank for annual report 1970-12-30
Group at Saint Anthony Navarro Room: C. C. Cheever, John K. Meyer, Perron and Winston 1970-03-14
Wyatt Advertising: man in the car at drive-in teller window at Alamo National Bank 1970-01-30
Wyatt Advertising: saving department at Alamo National Bank 1970-01-07
People working for bank paper 1969-12-29
Wyatt Advertising: S and L ad 1969-12-26
Wyatt Advertising: coffee and cookie table at Christmas party 1969-12-26
Employees at Christmas party 1969-12-16
Interior of bank decorate for Christmas 1969-12-18
Photos for annual report: Mr. Rieche, Mr. Bailey, Miles Chubb and Mr. Flannery 1969-12-15
Mission Road Foundation group in front of Christmas tree 1969-12-12
Employees in new uniform 1969-11-28
Wyatt Advertising: master charge sign 1969-10-27
People working 1969-10-20
People working and girls on the river 1969-10-21
Girls on the river and employees 1969-09-22
Wyatt Advertising: color transparencies 1969-02-14
Advertising and Marketing: gate 2 at Hemis Fair; large group of people 1968-06-03
Chris Winslow
Rendering of Alamo National Bank
Boy's Club with men and steer at Stock Show
Stained glass window at the Alamo
Bank vault, guard and money
Two men by sign for 1966 grand champion steer of show "Lemon" bought by Alamo National Bank for $8,500 and donated to the Boy's Club of San Antonio
Bringing "Lemon" into Alamo National Bank
Man trying to jump off Alamo National Building
Group of men: executives of Alamo National Bank
Check book
Herb Peters 1964-01-14
Steak and potatoes
Check presentation
Drive through window
Car in the parking garage
Woman by stop light by the garage
Men in bank vault Mr. Houston
Bank, Commerce Street entrance 1961
65 Alamo National Bank doors 1984-05-14
Portraits 1982-12-21
Portraits 1982-12-01
Tenth birthday party 1981-04-03
Press conference at San Antonio River Authority 1980-05-01
The Alamo, Alamo Building and Hugo and Schmeltzer Store circa 1900 1979-08-29
Ground breaking ceremony for new bank building 1980-02-12
Brown bag day at Main Plaza 1975-05-31
Presentation of Christmas gifts 1977-12-16
Publicity for news release 1977-10-02
Publicity 1977-08-26
Alamo National Bank building 1977-07-18
Group of six men at Alamo National Bank 1977-03-16
Japanese banker and group of Japanese bankers 1976-09-15
Presenting videotape to Daughters of Republic of Texas for Alamo Shrine 1976-08-10
Three men shaking hands 1976-06-21
Frank Savleda and Daniel (?) of International Department 1976-06-15
Two men at Bank with old doors inside and outside 1976-03-15
Two men with gold 1976-03-08
Bank executives drawing winners for gold bar give away 1976-03-05
Girls on stairs, speakers and overall of crowd 0976-03-01
66 Grand opening
Teller's windows
Building exterior
Group of men: Bill Ochse and others
Rendering of Alamo Saving and Loan Association
Brooks Advertising: wreath and passport book 1971-11-17
Brooks Advertising: exterior of Alamo Saving and Loan Association for Pam Katz 1975-08-29
Bloom Agency: Alamo Saving and Loan Association Tower 1975-08-27
Bloom Agency: Alamo Saving and Loan Association building 1975-08-29
Ground breaking for new Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1979-09-21
Brooks Advertising: seasons greetings from Alamo Saving and Loan Association 1979-12-17
Rendering of Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1979-09-18
Front of the tower with yellow blooms in foreground 1977-05-19
Men with computer
Interior of bank
Negatives with stock exchange rebate machine 1978-08-31
Men at E. F. Hutton Company 1978-11-17
Alamo savings and Loan Association on San Pedro 8100 block 1972-03-07
Milam Savings saving book 1971-11-15
Brooks Advertising: Miss America 1971 (Phyllis George) arrival at airport 1971-09-30
Brooks Advertising: opening of Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1971-10-01
Brooks Advertising: rendering of Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1971-09-22
Brooks Advertising: ground breaking on 8100 San Pedro 1971-03-16
Brooks Advertising: ribbon cutting at Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1969-10-01
Tenth anniversary of Alamo Savings and Loan Association
Unidentified people
Bank filled with flowers
Rendering for Alamo Savings and Loan Association
Rendering 1973-06-27
67 Westbrook Place Apartments 1985-05-06
The Colonies Landing 1985-04-20
Associate Advertising Agency: executives 1983-02-07
Unidentified people at Grand Opening and Willard Scott 1984-02-15
Annual Keynote Founders dinner 1984-01-18
Executive portrats 1983-08-15
Executive portrats 1983-07-13
68 Alamo Stadium Gymnasium
Alamo Stadium
Grand stands
Interior of gymnasium, basketball court and bleachers
Entrance to Alamo Stadium 1961
Crowd at stadium
Aerial of Alamo Stadium and Gymnasium
Rendering of Alamo Stadium and Gymnasium
ALAMO, THE circa 1900-1970
36 Alamo post card
Fiesta San Jacinto
Military ceremony in front of the Alamo
Parade with floats
Unidentified people
Stills from The Alamo, the movie
37 Alamo through the gates
Painting by Warren Hunter" Davy Crockett and others at the Alamo"
Alamo at night
Painting by Harry Anthony Devaumo "Man taking message by horse" 1939
Painting by Harry Anthony Devaumo "Crockett defending the Alamo"
Painting "Crockett and others fighting
The front of Alamo from across the street
Alamo from the front
Looking at Alamo doors
Alamo drawing in ink
Alamo circa 1959-1963
Alamo at night 1978
Alamo circa 1969-1972
Tower of the Americas
Alamo interior
Alamo from the street
Stock File: Alamo Plaza 1836 and circa 1900 02-13
Alamo with Landmark Building
Interior of Alamo
Alamo, Alamo Cenotaph and Hemisphere Fair Plaza
Alamo with Crockett Hotel behind it
Man in carriage in front of the Alamo
69 Premier of "The Alamo" with the Chords man and band 1960
John Wayne, Patrick Wayne and Chill Wills at airport and Linda Cristal and Laurence Harvey
John Wayne being presented with parakeet
John Wayne eating
Chill Wills signing autographs
Large crowd at airport 1960
Exterior of Handy Andy and Alamo Cake 1960
John Wayne cutting Battle of the Alamo cake
Square dancers
John Wayne signing autographs
Frankie Avalon getting off plane
John Wayne and Patrick Wayne eating and being served
John Wayne being presented with award for Meritous Service
Richard Boone eating
Trailriders Association wagon train
John Wayne receiving trophy
Frankie Avalon receiving proclamation
Unidentified people
Two men with Bowie Knife
Carey Deckard interviewing Richard Boone
John Wayne with blanket with Alamo on it
John Wayne laying wreath at Alamo
Symphony in Municipal Auditorium
Chill Wills meeting people
Wagon Train by Shahan Angus Ranch gate
Crowd by Alamo Cenotaph
Woodlawn Theater
John Wayne receiving cowboy hat
People in front of Alamo
Registering for date with John Wayne
John Wayne with priest
Premier of "Winchester'73"
World premier of "The Lusty Men"
Group on Casa Rio barge
Lucchese Boot Company display window
70 Refrigerator, stove and washer and dryer
Interior water heaters with flowers
Boxes with appliances in them by truck
71 Unidentified man
Interior of warehouse and plant 1965
Exterior of warehouse and plant 1965
Employees at work
72 Unidentified people
Group of men
Svelte-Veldt shopping bag 1979-12-27
Girl in swimsuit ad shot 1979-12-11
Casablanca set up for Priscilla's' fans 1979-09-06
Denton-McManus builders meeting at NHCC 1980-02-06
Interior of Charley's office 1979-06-27
Interior and exterior at Eden and Tanglewood 1979-06-07
Interior and exterior at Regal Homes 1979-06-06
Bluffview, exterior and interior 1979-05-17
San Antonio Music Company 1979-05-03
Shots 1979-04-06
Shots 1979-03-23
ALLEN and ALLEN COMPANY 1970-1985 and undated
74 Mirrors
Wood work
Chain link fences
Candle holders
Cutting board
Wood work 1971-04-06
Molding samples 1971-03-08
Sink fixtures 1970-02-11
Wood molding 1970-02-19
Moldings 1971-03-23
La Elegancia Imports: lamps 1970-02-16
Door lock 1970-01-14
Carved wood ornaments 1970-01-14
Wyatt Advertising: Woodwork and trim 1972-09-27
Wyatt Advertising: products at Allen and Allen and Pat Knight's home 1972-10-03
Door knobs 1970-01-07
75 Nude in bath tub
Light switch covers 1984-11-06
Door handles 1984-11-06
Wooden railings
Woman in bathtub with swan spout 1976-05-27
Items for catalog 1984-11-06
Photos for catalog: handles 1984-02-09
Photos for catalog: handles 1984-03-13
Photos for catalog: handles 1984-04-16
Photos for catalog: handles and doorbells 1984-01-31
Handles at an angle 1982-02-02
Molding for cabinets 1980-12-08
Door knocker 1979-02-22
Butcher block 1979-03-20
Door knocker 1979-03-15
Glass door knobs 1978-05-11
Bathroom accessories 1978-04-25
Brass hooks 1982-04-31
Molding samples 1982-09-14
Brass fixtures 1982-01-22
Cabinet handles 1984-01-24
Faucet set 1978-04-03
Lavatory sets 1978-03-17
Butcher block 1978-03-03
Wood moldings and switch plates 1978-02-21
Wood enamel sink 1978-01-19
Bathroom accessories 1977-11-15
Bathroom accessories 1977-10-17
Bathroom fixtures 1977-09-16
Hinges 1982-03-10
Brass hardware 1982-01-27
Brass handles 1977-03-24
Wet bars 1977-03-04
Faucets 1977-02-22
Brass plates 1977-02-22
Door knobs 1977-02-02
Glass, wood and brass door knockers, knobs, locks 1976-06-07
Hardware mounts 1976-05-27
Faucets 1976-04-09
Faucets 1976-04-12
Faucets 1976-04-16
Faucets 1976-04-14
Swan faucet set 1976-03-23
Molding 1974-06-18
Chopping block 1974-06-12
Displays 1973-03-16
Wyatt Advertising: wood molding 1972-12-02
Allan and Allan building 1972-11-29
Molding 1972-04-29
Wooden letters 1972-11-03
76 Door knobs 1985-03-05
77 Park Oaks Center 1984-04-13
B. R. Willeford 1981-11-28
B. R. Willeford 1981-11-07
Anderson Park rendering 1982-12-02
Five Point Shopping Center, Corpus Christi 1982-03-30
North Gate Office Park 1982-01-26
Rendering of apartment complex 1982-10-01
Rendering of Great Northwest 1980-12-01
Century South Shopping Center 1979-12-13
Towne Square 1979-10-08
Grand Central Station, Austin 1978-12-08
Round Rock Shopping center, Round Rock 1978-11-14
Springdale Shopping Center, Austin 1978-10-27
Century South Shopping Center 1980-01-21
The Market Place and The West Woods Shopping Centers 1980-02-12
Century South pylon/ The West Woods 1980-03-19
Cannon West Shopping Center, Austin
Grandview Place 1978-04-18
Palm Plaza, Aransas Pass 1978-03-23
Anderson Mill, Austin 1978-03-07
78 Allstate Furniture 1975-06-05
Mill Pond Apartments 1974-06-07
Exterior of Allstate building in San Antonio 1972-08-16
warehouse 1972-06-26
Allstate Rental Furniture 1972-06-26
Allstate Rental Furniture 1972-06-12
Suite of furniture in showroom 1972-06-07
79 American Airlines 30 year president 1976-02-10
Four salesmen 1974-08-23
Pan American cultural reception at Barn Door Restaurant 1974-05-14
Cessna with vertical stabilizer damage 1974-01-02
Award winner 1973-03-01
Lady in front of American Airlines with flags 1972-11-18
Retirement party at San Francisco Steak House 1972-07-24
Presentation 1972-05-24
People showing bags for rapid mailing 1971-12-03
Jack Morris 1971-12-22
Four people at Jefferson HS 1971-05-06
Group on boat in San Antonio river 1971-03-31
Presentation 1971-03-18
Tommy Norris and Al Range leaving for Golf Tournament 1971-02-03
Unidentified men with silver service 1970-05-14
Miss Abbott visiting KSAT Radio, KENS TV, WOAI Express News, etc. 1970-02-19
Presentation at San Antonio Youth Symphony Concert 1970-01-26
Awards with Mr. Halk 1970-01-12
Jack Morris with plague 1970-01-09
Mayor and girl with violin and man 1970-01-08
Car in front of plane 1969-09-29
Large group in front of plane 1969-09-25
Ribbon cutting at 25th anniversary of 1st Mexico City flight 1969-08-01
Groups leaving for Special Holiday Belgium tour 1169-07-22
Group leaving airport 1969-07-16
Boysville Boys and airplane ticket
Stewardesses at airport 1969-04-28
Mr. Corrigan at Sammie's Drug Store 1969-02-08
J. Morris, girl playing violin 1969-01-21
Unidentified people 1969-01-18
Group at airport with American Airlines plane in background 1968-11-16
Jack Morris
Tracks beside runway
Unidentified people
80 Formal portraits of unidentified people 1973-04-07
Speakers and awards 1973-04-10
Luncheon 1973-04-10
Freeman Decorating booth 401 at American Animal Hospital Association convention 1973-04-10
Freeman Decorating booth 729-731 at American Animal Hospital Association convention 1973-04-10
Freeman Decorating booth 711 at American Animal Hospital Association convention 1973-04-10
American Animal Hospital Association Journal banquet hall party for American Animal Hospital Association 1973-04-12
Fiesta and dance 1973-04-12
81 Group of men 1964
Luncheon and meeting 1964
Group of women 1964
Group looking at TV 1964
Group on Casa Rio barge 1964
Banquet 1964
Mexican band 1964
82 Three men holding golf balls and tees 1978-03-14
People stuffing envelopes 1978-02-27
E. M. Stevenson 1975-02-10
Ambulance with American Heart Association sign 1974-08-16
Dr. Le Pere 1971-06-25
Two unidentified women 1971-01-09
Lung of smoker and non-smoker 1970-06-18
Exterior of Freeman Memorial Heart Center 1970-06-05
Heart Fund ribbon cutting at Heart Fund new building 1970-04-28
Four people at Heart Fund 1969-11-12
Ground breaking for new Hart Fund building 1969-06-19
Rendering of new building 1969-06-03
Presentation to Queen of Hearts 1969-05-24
D. Cooly's arrival at airport and interview at Braniff VIP Room 1969-01-31
Heart Association office 1968-04-26
83 AIEA awards banquet 1971-05-28
Mr. McCreless 1971-01-07
American Hospital and Life Building 1970-12-18
Group of men 1970-10-09
Mr. McCreless at desk 1970-05-06
Mr. McCreless at desk 1970-04-29
Brooks employees at American Hospital and Life 1970-04-13
American Hospital and Life billboard 1969-03-14
American Hospital and Life Convention
84 Kids sitting on a curb
Kids sitting in a classroom
Activity sheets and books
Posters about not following the crowd 1986-03-03
85 Conveyor belt moving rocks
Storage tanks
Office and silo
86 American Gas Stations 1963
Car up on rack being oiled 1962
Check presentation 1962
AMERICAN RED CROSS 1972 and undated
87 Mrs. Tobin
Red Cross uniforms during WWI
88 Publicity photos: man and woman looking at paper, two ladies looking at 1st aid book, secretaries, Mr. Blackburn on dispatch, two women, man with can, two women practicing how to give a baby a bath and how to diaper 1972-02-29
Red Cross nun ( old) 1972-03-04
89 Guy Floyd 1974-03-21
Guy Floyd with family on bikes and CF with dog 1972-04-13
Alamo Janitor Supply Company
Ribbon cutting ceremony
Group posing
Webb, Berry and Floyd 1986-07-31
90 A. J. Lewis: food 1986-10-30
Dip rack 03-23
Arrow Shows Center 1987-05-25
Ralph Velesco 1986-11-18
Layout of Amigos food 1980-01-07
Unidentified man
Eggs 1976-05-03
Jalapeño pepper display 1976-04-30
Jalapeño pepper display 1975-08-26
Can of mild Taco Sauce 1974-07-16
Anderson and Lewis: potato chips 1974-05-24
Anderson and Lewis: taco dip 1973-11-21
Enchilada sauce 1973-10-03
Handy Andy chip display 1972-07-07
Three unidentified men 1971-01-17
Bean dip and chips display at Piggly Wiggly 1971-02-15
Interior of cooking vat 1978-05-06
ANCHOR LODGE 1968-1981
91 Freemasons 1981-06-23
Anchor Lodge # 424 officers 1978-07-06
Anchor Lodge # 424 officers 1977-07-01
Installation of new members 1975-06-26
Centennial picnic 1975-09-14
Myron Weare 1975-02-21
Joe Harmon 1973-07-30
Anniversary cake
New council members 1968-06-26
Installation of new officers 1969-07-09
Installation of new officers 1970-06-30
E. R. Williams 1972-04-10
Larry Hull 1972-08-22
Officers 1971-06-25
Officers 1972-07-12
Officers 1973-07-10
92 Unidentified man
Del Rio National Bank
HEB downtown 1972-11-30
Two men in front of Gaylord Boxes building 1972-05-03
Society for Prevention of Blindness 1972-04-18
Model holding check 1972-03-08
Grace Bailey 1972-03-01
Golden Indian Bread Company 1972-03-01
Mr. Garner 1972-02-01
Officials of National State Bank 1972-01-20
HEB warehouse 1971-11-11
Unidentified people
Contest winners at Olmos Park 1971-07-30
Award honoring National Bank of Commerce
Plaque 1970-03-31
93 Northside Bank employees 1974-01-29
Exterior of Northside Bank 1974-10-08
Picking winning tickets from drum 1974-10-01
Westside State Bank $500 winner 1974-10-02
HEB employee 1974-10-02
Westside State Bank grand opening 1974-09-07
Exterior of Westside State Bank 1974-08-31
Interior of new Westside State Bank 1974-08-22
Exterior of Westside State Bank 1974-08-22
Frowning woman 1974-08-13
Northside State Bank : Mrs. Onadarza 1974-12-06
Deanie Owens Realtor: realtor conference award breakfast 1974-08-28
Northside State Bank employees 1974-07-11
Girl at desk 1974-06-27
Film of realtors standing around 1974-05-31
Westside State Bank 1974-05-06
Rock sample 1974-05-09
Judge Davis in court 1974-04-11
Woolco mower 1974-04-09
Rendering : Bank and Trust building, Corpus Christi 1974-04-08
Jim Howerton 1974-02-28
NBC fisheye shot of stretcher being loaded into ambulance 1974-02-14
Sheraton San Antonio Motor Inn: John Ult, director of sales 1974-01-17
Construction at Westside State Bank 1974-01-16
Professional Business Forms 1974-12-18
Below the Belt clothing store 1973-12-12
La Feria del Norte 1973-12-12
Woolco billboard 1973-12-03
La Feria wedding dress job 1973-11-28
La Feria department store 1973-11-21
Scriveners 1973-11-19
American Bank: check, tag, statement 1973-11-16
Exterior of Westside State Bank 1973-11-02
Henry Gehl 1973-10-18
Westside State Bank employees 1973-10-04
Man holding small calculator 1973-09-12
Woolco gun display 1973-08-31
Westside State Bank ground breaking 1973-08-25
Rendering: Westside State Bank 1973-07-27
Design Carpet Interiors 1973-07-06
A. J. Lewis: food 1973-04-13
Beery Insurance Agency 1973-03-15
Westside State Bank: Mr. Valz 1973-03-05
Wedding dresses at La Feria 1973-02-08
Jim Anderson 1971-04-06
103 Interior and exterior of Paul Anderson Office Supply Company
Paul Anderson 1975-07-17
Boy hanging from tree by rope 1977-12-15
O. G. Back center at T.L.C. in Seguin 1976-05-19
Bexar County National Bank 1976-05-11
Office interior 1975-11-18
Jankins and Ogilvie: Paul Anderson for annual report 1974-03-13
Paul Anderson 1974-03-13
Renderings 1973-01-15
Interior of Alamo S and L Association on San Pedro 1971-11-11
Cars and trucks 1971-11-10
Office 1971-11-09
Cafeteria at Lutheran General Hospital 1971-03-05
Church's Chicken 1971-02-24
Painting 1970-12-01
GPM interior 09-15
Paul Anderson 's office at Credit Union 1970-09-01
Sales meeting 1970-06-03
Jankins and Ogilvie: Open house at Paul Anderson 05-1970
Furniture Display 1970-05-20
Grass seed production farm
BANC float 1968-11-01
Office at USAA 1968-05-28
Office 1968-05-03
Interior of USAA office 1968-03-03
94 Briefcase 1977-03-30
Three dimensional wooden map of United States 1977-02-03
Executives of Beery Insurance 1976-10-09
Jim Anderson: models with magazine and necklaces 1976-09-29
Interior and exterior of American Bank 1976-09-03
Bank employees 1976-08-31
Shoppers and store personnel 1976-04-26
Group for HEB 1976-04-22
Engravings and roller in rough wood 1976-44-07
Notebook from Professional Business Forms 1976-03-24
Professional Business Forms buildings and plant 1976-03-12
City National Bank 1976-02-24
Victoria Hotel 1976-02-20
Clapping hands 1976-02-20
NBC knick-knack shelf 1976-02-10
A. J. Lewis: unidentified couple 1976-01-22
Deanie Owens Realtors: breakfast, presentation and groups 1976-01-21
Professional Business Forms: man and paper vacuum 1975-12-23
People swimming and playing golf 1975-11-04
Unidentified man
HEB: group of people 1975-09-13
La Feria: brides 1975-09-10
Shepherd Roofing and Supply 1975-07-24
American Bank sign 1975-09-09
Dinner Setting with Professional Business Forms logo on napkins 1975-07-22
Sheraton Motor Inn: couple in tennis outfits and people playing golf 1975-07-07
Group at HEB party at Pearl Brewery 1975-06-17
Beery Insurance Agency: groups 1975-06-04
HEB: Jim Kruger, Louis Swatek and Jessie Breno 1975-06-02
Unidentified people 1975-06-02
Jim Wright and building 1975-04-29
Deanie Owens Realtors: Deanie Owens breakfast at Brittany Buffet 1975-04-23
Texas Bank: rotating dollar bill 1975-03-04
Barney Villa 1975-02-27
Northside State Bank: Paul Weppner 1975-02-21
Interior of remodeled HEB No. 9 1975-01-04
Northside State Bank: Mrs. Bailey and Mr. Nelson, Jr 1975-01-24
Coins 1975-01-17
95 Via Bus Transit 1978-10-05
National Bank of Commerce coins 1978-09-26
Rolltop desk, clock, $20 gold piece, Tiffany lamps 1978-09-15
Exterior of National Bank of Commerce 1978-08-14
Ribbon cutting at Bluffview 1978-08-11
Printing press at National Bank of Commerce Bank 1978-08-09
Large group of realtors 1978-07-18
Best Products in Houston 1978-07-20
Best Products 1978-07-18
Publicity of Bluffview Apartments 1978-07-11
John Coates message 1978-06-28
Nuts and bolts 1978-05-31
New building at Wurzbach and Bandera 1978-04-24
Vitamin display at Handy Andy #3 1978-05-01
Vista Del Ray Apartments 1978-04-20
Rich Melb and goal posts 1978-04-13
Men inside plane cockpit 1978-04-13
Rendering: building on a key chain 1978-03-28
Key chain 1978-02-21
Tom Louis 1978-03-08
National Bank: Randolph Field National Bank 1978-02-20
National Bank of Commerce: Randolph Commerce North and Eagle Pass 1978-02-17
John Coates 1978-02-15
Sewing machine at Miller Curtain Company 1978-02-09
National Bank of Commerce: group of men at Bank 1978-01-23
Anderson personnel on MTA bus 1978-01-05
Bob Medina Realty 1978-01-16
Groups of bankers 1977-12-09
Jack Walker 1977-12-12
Chevy leaders at Tom Benson 1977-11-30
Cameraman 1977-11-15
Group of developers 1977-10-31
Unidentified man 1977-10-21
Group in front of old building 1977-10-07
VISA and Master Charge cards 1977-09-23
People 1977-08-17
Aerials of San Antonio 1977-06-24
Posters about not following the crowd 1977-06-24
The Alamo 1977-06-22
River and restaurant 1977-06-22
Little boy for Eye Foundation Ad 1977-06-14
National Bank of Commerce: bank slides 1977-06-07
National Bank of Commerce 1977-03-30
96 Fisherman and man in nightshirt for newspaper ad 1978-11-07
Anderson Advertising with green machine card
VIA monthly pass, Happy New Year, cowboy 1978-11-09
Professional Business Forms 1978-11-09
Happy Beaver Bar 1978-11-28
Check book 1978-11-29
Dancers 1979-01-09
UT belt buckle and San Antonio belt buckle 1979-01-12
Flamenco dancers 1979-01-10
Presidents of National Bank of Commerce for annual report 1979-01-17
Texas, Spurs and San Antonio belt buckles and National Bank of Commerce pin 1978-01-19
National Bank of Commerce Chairman of the Board 1978-01-19
Unidentified Restaurant 1979-01-26
Unidentified hotel rooms and restaurant 1979-01-27
Traffic 1979-02-06
Hilton Palacio del Rio
Credit cards 1979-03-07
National Bank of Commerce ad: loan approved 1979-02-21
Bishop Furey's birthday at Hilton ballroom 1979-02-17
Exterior of Hilton forum Nix Office Building 1979-02-06
Idlewood Apartments 1979-03-15
Corte Real 1979-03-13
Vista Del Ray Apartments 1978-08-21
Tom McMorris 1978-03-30
Happy Burrow restaurant 1978-11-04
Hilton employees 1978-10-31
New homes at Bluffcreek 1978-09-29
Santa Claus getting on VIA bus 1978-10-26
Hotel interior
97 Interior an exterior and employees of International Bank of Commerce 1979-09-27
Hilton girl with phone 1979-04-11
Interior decorator at Idlewood Apartments 1979-04-04
Fireworks 1979-04-16
Bluffview at Camino Real 1979-04-13
Camino Real Apartments exterior and interior 1979-04-18
Apple and books 1979-04-20
Gold coin 1979-03-30
Bill Zintgraff: Larry Alexander 1979-04-02
Kid in swimming pool 1979-04-18
Appointment book for ad 1979-04-20
VIA pass: picnic scene 1980-03-04
Coins 1980-02-05
Party pictures of Grand Opening of International Bank of Commerce 1979-11-10
KSAT-TV crime reenactment: burglary-rape 1980-01-24
Luby's 1980-01-22
Luby's Cafeteria : food at Luby's 0981-03-31
Nelson Fitch 1980-01-16
El Ranquito
Bank vault
Unidentified people
National Bank of Commerce Corporate Presidents 1980-01-16
Unidentified people 1980-01-10
Unidentified people and Mr. Calvert 1980-01-08
National Bank of Commerce Annual Report 1979-12-19
National Bank of Commerce "Ask me" group 1979-12-19
Display 1979-12-07
Diane Rowan 1979-12-05
Switchplate 1979-11-20
Knick-knack store 1979-11-16
Briefcase 1979-11-20
Vista Del Ray Apartments 1979-11-14
Interior of Consumer's wholesale commissary 1979-11-19
Camino Real Realtors group 1979-10-09
VIA bus passes January, February and March 1979-09-07
Shopper's World for KWEX-TV 1979-08-22
Coke, Mr. Pibb and Sprite 1979-08-24
Spurs tickets with checkbook and buckle 1979-08-01
Windsor Park KWEX-TV: Montgomery Ward Company manager 1979-08-03
Symphony tickets and checkbook 1979-08-01
Mayor Cockrell on bus 1979-07-09
National Bank of Commerce Car Card 1979-07-02
Woman on couch in Idlewood Apartments 1979-06-26
National Bank of Commerce calculator, checks and money bag 1979-06-22
Turkey piñata 1979-06-21
Unidentified man 1979-05-29
National Bank of Commerce presentation of apothecary jars 1979-05-25
Appliances and products 1979-05-09
One hundreds products from Harry Tappan Commissary 1979-05-07
Unidentified people
Man on tractor
Little kids
Man and woman on porch
Man with two dogs
Horses in barn
98 National Bank of Commerce employees 1980-12-23
Polo grounds and horses 1981-04-02
Bowling ball 1981-03-20
International Bank of Commerce pin 1981-03-03
Bowling ball 1981-03-03
Bowling ball 1981-02-09
International Bank of Commerce sign 1981-02-13
Building under construction for International Bank of Commerce 1981-02-10
Night shots of the city with International Bank of Commerce building 1980-12-30
Feet 1981-02-07
Bowling balls 1980-12-30
Hilton Hotel room 1981-01-23
International Bank of Commerce Annual Report 1980-01-21
Unidentified people
Lady bowling: Betty Morris 1982-04-06
Don Johnson bowling 1982-02-10
Doctors operating 1982-04-22
Couple loading golf clubs and posing 1981-08-03
Camino Real 1981-06-02
River shot and Mission with moon
Dancing girls and hotel on the river 1981-04-22
Yellow Rose 1981-04-13
Interior and Exterior of Hilton Hotel 1981-03-30
Group of salesman 1981-01-14
Polo grounds and horses 1981-01-01
99 Hilton Hotel 1980-11-11
Home interior 1981-04-22
International Bank of Commerce 1981-04-27
Unidentified people
Homes at Vista del Norte 1980-12-15
Checkbook 1980-11-17
Briefcase with fruit 1980-11-20
Luby's 1980-11-11
McNay Art 1980-10-17
Homes of the Great Northwest 1980-10-23
YMCA 1980-11-05
Bank manager 1980-09-30
Large group 1980-10-09
Rendering 1980-09-02
Computer paper 1980-08-19
Christmas shot for VIA 1980-08-28
Groups 1980-08-11
Cowboy boots, hat, saddle and lariat
Money mate machine 1980-07-09
Jim Anderson 1980-06-19
Model house at Bluffview 1980-05-13
Open house at Bluffview 1980-05-11
VIA shopping bag 1980-04-22
School desk 1980-04-22
Bluffview: bicyclists, little girl, flowers 1980-04-07
Children at zoo 1980-03-14
Diane Brown 1980-03-10
Amanda Nelson at fashion show 1980-03-05
100 National Bank of Commerce 1982-09-30
Hilton Palacio del Rio 1983-12-16
Unidentified man 1983-10-24
Blueberry muffins 1983-09-22
KSAT-12 News Team 1983-08-18
Bowling ball 1983-08-15
Lutheran General Hospital 1983-08-12
Pioneer Flour Mill 1983-08-05
Horse "Texas Blade" 1983-04-07
Men working on railroad 1983-03-18
National Bank of Commerce logo 1983-02-01
Rendering: KBUC bektbuckle 1983-03-18
Unidentified man
Man who bowled a 900 series 1982-07-14
People at work 1982-09-20
People and computers 1982-08-26
Man with bowling ball 1982-07-13
Columbia Industrial bowler at Oak Hills bowling lanes 1982-08-11
Windmill with horses 1982-07-07
Luby's 1982-07-27
Medicare Personnel 1982-07-06
Downtown San Antonio 1982-06-24
Moneymate machine at Ingram Park Bank 1982-02-26
Stower's Furniture 1982-02-17
Food at Luby's 1982-02-11
Bowling ball 1982-01-21
People holding bowling balls 1982-01-22
Bryan Sagor 1981-12-18
People on telephone 1981-12-18
Night shot with pool and dining room at USAA 1981-07-21
Cowboy boots
Clarke Check folders 1981-12-17
Hilton exterior 1981-11-17
Great Northwest 1981-10-29
Ashtray and NPACT cards 1981-10-02
Swimming pool 1981-09-08
Fence 1981-08-14
Models wearing windbreakers 1981-08-19
UIA bus puppets 1981-08-19
KWEX-TV: J. C. Penney's Company Inc. 1981-08-21
Jim Cavender 1981-08-07
San Antonio sign 1981-07-30
National Bank of Commerce sign 1981-08-03
National Bank of Commerce symphony tickets and National Bank of Commerce plaque 1981-07-20
Dancer 1981-04-21
101 Luby's Cafeteria 1987-04-28
Handy Andy 1986-11-21
Biscuits 1986-10-16
Groups of people 1986-04-24
People, cans and trophy 1986-04-15
Unidentified people 1986-03-27
Handy Andy Grand Opening 1986-01-28
Handy Andy Grand Opening 1985-11-12
Cadillac presented to tennis team 1985-07-01
Gas station 1985-06-25
Gas station 1985-07-10
Unidentified man 1985-06-05
Professional Business Forms 1985-03-27
Rose 1985-04-02
Unidentified group of men
Pioneer Flour Mill 1985-01-04
Cavender Oldsmobile 1984-11-16
National Bank of Commerce MasterCard 1984-11-16
Street sign E. Guenther 1984-09-14
Food from Pioneer Flour Mills 1984-09-04
Skyline 1983-06-07
New owners at Professional Business Forms 1984-08-03
Two men 1984-06-25
Luby's ribbon cutting 1984-06-06
Roegelain Provision Company ad 1984-04-11
102 Norm Anderson 1980-12-20
Norm Anderson 1980-11-04
Three men at Santone Industries 1980-11-10
Marshall Clegg Seminar 1980-11-06
Fruit juice machine 1976-08-23
Kip Lowe and airplane 1974-03-19
Norm Anderson at his desk 1973-11-27
Models in front of Alamo 1973-11-21
Models with Eastern Airlines Inc. flight 1973-11-21
Ribbon cutting ceremony for San Antonio Independent School District(616 West Mayfield) 1973-10-11
ANGLERS CLUB 1964-1971
104 Perry Samuels at Samuels Glass 1971-08-17
Installation of officers and a presentation 1970-01-05
Christmas party at Pearl Brewery 1969-12-01
Lone Star Pavilion at Hemis Fair 1969-09-19
Awards, presentation 1969-09-10
Mammy's Cafeteria honoring Charlie Schreiner 1968-11-05
Group 1968-10-23
Fishermen by pond
Fred Huntress, sportsmen of the year 1964
Lloyd Mans, Mrs. John Patton
Christmas tree
Unidentified people
Alamo Boat Club float
Fishing club
Girl in swimsuit
ANIMALS undated
105 Cattle
Cattle being sold at auction
Mason Auction Company Inc.
Group of men and a horse by helicopter on the ground
Single cow standing by fence with lots of egrets on it
Horses in a field
Cattle being branded
sheep being sheared
Alligator Petunia 428 years old from Arkansas
Alligator Little Jerry 30 years old
Alligator Toothless Wonder 30 years old
Cattle at feed through
Horses being rounded up
Polo match
Helicopter herding cattle
Cattle and sheep in pens
Feed lot
Heard of cattle
Mesas and high hills
Sheep herd
Alligator Farm ant Brackenridge Park
Cows ready to be milked
Tennessee Walker
106 Deer
Wild turkey
Domestic turkey
APARTMENTS 1970-1977 and undated
107 Brookhollow
Housing Project on 36th Street and Fortuna
La Ronda
Apartments on Perrin Beatle
Chevy chase, Northwood
The Establishment
La Fiesta
Villa Navarone
Spanish Keys
Royal George
La Arboleda
Billy Mitchell Village
Spanish Main
Sutton Place
108 Round Tree
Chateau Dijon
Deerwood Apartments, construction damage
French Place
La Rica
Spanish Keys
Quail Creek employees
Les Châteaux
The Heather
Village III
Kings Row
Fox Run
The Fountains
Hallmark Apartments pool
La Paloma pool
Viewpoint, Colonies North
Bryn Mawr Apartments
Garraty House Condo
Edelweiss Apartments, New Braunfels
Turtle Creek, Country Club
Woodberry Square Townhomes
Taylor House Apartments
Villa del Sol
Westwood Plaza
Maison Blanche
Terrace House
Terrace Hills
Terrace North
109 Mermaid
Girl swimming underwater
Girl with piglet
Girl swimming with pig
Girl in pool with piglet and bottle
Piglet swimming
Aquarena Springs: Skyride 1972-09-11
Postcard 1972-05-18
Family by cannon 1972-05-08
Santa Claus in water 1971-12-16
Sights around Aquarena Springs 11-14
Divers 1971-10-29
Ralph the pig and girl in water 1969-01-22
Pitluk Group: people on island, skyride, girl swimming 1970-03-13
Guys feeding geese 1969-03-10
Girl in sarong 1969-02-26
ARGYLE, THE undated
110 Interior of rooms for guests
Pantry and storage room
Exterior of hotel
Table and chairs
Bed and dresser
Dinning room
Man in living room smoking pipe
Trunks and boxes in a room
Room with bed, bathroom, and small kitchen
111 Airplane cockpit and cabin DH 125 Little Kick 1980-08-07
Building with sign in front 1979-12-21
Rutherford Oil HS 125 1980-01-29
4 HS/125 700 1979-10-08
DH 125 Dallas plane interior and exterior, cockpit, in the hanger 1980-08-07
112 Rosita Fernandez in costume
River theater
Man with guitar and little girl dancing
Flamenco dancers: man and woman
Dancer: man
Dancer: woman
Dancers and orchestra
Flamenco dancers: one man and four woman
Dancers: five women
People along river
River barges
Happy Jazz band and chorus 1967
113 San Antonio River
114 House at the Arsenal
Armory Building
Unidentified building 1946
Cannons and buildings at the Arsenal with downtown in the background
Arnold street and buildings
Building 12
Receiving dock # 1
115 Back of the buildings
Loading bay
Loading ramp
116 Armory Building from all angles circa 1974
Dilapidated building
US Naval Marine Corps Reserve
Loading dock
117 Hollywood sign
Man with pizza
Couple sitting on moon
Old picture on trunk
Lewis Thompson: Alamo above Hollywood sign 1982-03-29
Sparks Welding
Texas Construction Company: La Paloma Brochure 1981-12-31
Simval life saver breath analyzer 1982-03-18
City Public Service Cool Plant
Art Department sunglasses 1980-12-02
ART HOUSE 1981-1984
118 The Art House cattle 1983-06-03
Girls with luggage, luggage, plane 1983-06-03
Kool cigarettes 1983-06-01
Universal Joint Kit 191-06-12
Pace Picante 1983
Windsor Executive Plaza 07-84
119 Fox painting 1978-07-10
Painting of door and cactus 1980-02-25
Front page of catalogue 1975-07-15
Art work 1975-06-09
Two bird paintings and one of cowboys 1975-01-15
Paintings by Clay McGaughy 1975-01-14
Paintings 1973-03-02
Paintings of a Leopard
Painting of elephants 1972-07-18
Marsh bird painting: heron 1972-04-11
Painting "Leopard" 1972-03-01
Painting "Blue Quail" 1972-02-18
Painting "Wood Ducks" 1971-07-26
Glenn Advertising: animal paintings and one sculptor 1971-04-21
Copies of photos 1971-02-08
The Doves 1971-01-13
Presentation of painting 1970-11-06
121 Banquet 1968-09-03
Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird
Group 1971-10-21
122 Aerials of Associated Milk Producers, Inc. 1974-09-06
Secretary in the office
Unidentified man 1973-08-28
Bookkeeping records 1973-08-20
123 Renderings of plane interiors 1973-01-26
Renderings of plane interiors 1972-12-18
Renderings of plane interiors 1972-09-05
Carpet samples
Renderings of plane interiors 1972-02-25
Exterior of Gulfstream jet
AT and T 1979-1985
124 Operator Awareness Weeks 1985-02-13
Joe Hammond 1977-05-25
Computers in the office 1979-05-14
125 Demolition area: Gross Bank, West Commerce and Coran; Community Finance; Nick Jengg( bookseller, stationary , Commercial Printing); National Furniture company, 216 West Commerce
Unidentified people
Bonanza Steak House
McNamara Van and Storage
Whirpool Appliances in boxes in a warehouse
Unidentified men: one wearing a Support Joe J. Bernal ribbon
Pencil box and pencils
Lamoine Holland: candidate state Republican Place 6 with two unidentified men
KTSA Safety Bird helicopter and radio station
Contest at Tom Benson Chevrolet
Inspiration Village
Petrified wood
Unidentified house
Mr. Landsman and family 1964-07-06
Capitol Senate Chamber
Cylinder from the Automatic Control Electronics Company
Mayor Walter McAllister Sr.
Bottles full of medicine: pills and liquid
Kitchen /laboratory
Operating room
Judge Wayne Thompson
Reel of tape
Junior High School
Majestic Theater exterior marquee shows "Savage Sam" playing by Disney starring Brian Keith, Tommy Kuk and Kevin Corcoran
Tom Benson Chevrolet
H/S of Main Savings Association Board of Directors 1969-06-13
Joy Box Store 1969-11-07
Five coins: borons discovered in Death Valley 1882, San Francisco earthquake 1906, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo 1542 1969-12-15
Headshots of seven unidentified people 1969-12-16
Mercury car 1969-09-12
Mr. Segner (Joske's) with Chip Atkins and Jim Collins 1969-08-06
Diet Delaware Punch 1969-07-22
rendering of building with a car in front 1969-06-03
Presentation at Main Lincoln Mercury 1969-05-28
New car care center: Tom Benson Chevrolet 1969-04-03
RCA televisions
Bank of Commerce 1969-03-14
Presentation at Oak Hills Country Club 1968-11-27
Texas Medallion embossed seal
Lucky Strike cigarettes
Livestock Exposition 1967
Gross Bank 1968-04-11
Montgomery Ward meeting
Western Art Show at Coliseum
Southwest Texas Teaching Hospital Groups
House interior
Oak Hills Medical Center
126 Slide of a room set up and furniture 1970-06-18
Sunglasses 1970-05-12
Joske's Texas ad 1970-05-11
Joske's men's department at downtown location 1970-04-28
Joske's ads for Special Sunday lunch at Joske's 1969-10-30
Joske's Days ad 1969-10-14
Joske's ads for Special Sunday lunch at Joske's 1969-09-12
Master Charge card 1969-08-26
Clown for Delaware Punch 1969-05-29
Rendering of Wolff and Marx store 1969-05-09
Wards truck load sale ad 1969-04-24
Astro Hills ad 1969-04-16
Exterior of Dillard's Central Park and Southside 1969-02-17
Main Lincoln Mercury ad 1969-01-16
Discover Dillard's Austin ad 1969-01-16
Service finance ad 1969-01-13
Wolff and Marx TV slides 1968-12-11
Mammy's Party house ad 1968-11-13
Oak Farms and Tom Thunb ads 1968-11-07
The Chism Company ad 1968-08-30
Montgomery Wards ad 1958-08-28
Farmer Jones Ice Cream 1968-07-17
Farmer Jones ice cream boxes and ice cream freezer 1968-06-28
Model holding Spray-Tex hair spray 1968-04-20
Employees outside Gross National Bank
Woman standing with cart with beer; candles and a birdcage with bird
Artes Imperales
127 Renderings of apartment complexes and Bexar Savings 1985-06-05
NPRA gas cans 1985-04-22
NPRA gas cans 1985-04-15
Del Rio 1984-11-23
Del Rio tourist ad 1983-03-02
Del Rio tourist ad 1983-03-14
Hand crank cash register 1984-05-19
Ad for Texas Sweet Ruby Red grapefruit 1983-12-01
Del Rio parade float 1983-09-21
Water scene 1983-06-09
Restaurant 1983-06-20
Meat wrapped with ribbon 1983-05-03
KTSA DJs 1983-03-16
Golf course at Woodlake 1982-01-10
Turner family cousin Sigmor 1971-12-20
Exterior of 1800 Plaza Building 1971-11-26
Chairs in Joske's furniture department 1971-11-08
1800 building 1971-10-30
Winners of TV and a trip from Main Savings 1971-10-23
Groups at Boy Scout Head Quarter and groups at Pepsi Sign on East Loop 410 1971-05-11
Tesoro: Indian Rug 1971-05-11
Mattresses, room set up, reclining chairs 1971-05-19
Glassware 1971-04-16
River scene near La Posada 1971-03-23
Dishes 1971-03-04
Presentation by Mr. Pendergast and Mr. Gold 1970-12-05
Sid Campo 1970-11-11
Pantsuits on employees at Gross Bank 1970-10-22
Rendering: 1800 Plaza 1970-10-14
Unidentified people at a party 1973-10-26
Unidentified men in a machine shop 1973-09-19
People dancing at Oak Hills Country Club 1973-10-26
Gross Bank: presentation of cowboy boots 1970-01-07
Abraham Kagen Jr. 1970-01-08
Graphs and charts 1970-01-29
Graph showing typical illustrating TV-Radio coverage 1970-01-13
Nelson Wolfe at Democratic rally 1970-01-14
Girl with wigs at Tom Benson 1970-02-19
Silver dollar 1902 1970-06-19
Glasses for Shamrock ads 1970-01-29
Ron Chip and award 1970-07-17
Groups at Tom Benson Chevrolet 1970-08-28
Turning over key to Wolff and Marx to Rhodes 1970-09-01
Picante sauce 1970-09-02
Tom Benson trucks at Benson Chevrolet 1970-09-03
Tom Benson: 25th Jubilee 1970-10-04
Tom Benson: views of building to show it was designed for cars 1971-11-12
Tom Benson men accepting awards 1972-01-13
Glasses 04-24
Marvin Watson at Main Savings 1972-10-03
Benson fisheye from Benson exterior 1972-10-18
Two men shaking hands on balcony 1972-08-14
Clark Presley 1972-11-03
Benson salesmen around Vega for Sales Publication 1972-12-01
Benson Charles J. Mums 1972-12-20
Two unidentified men 1973-01-04
Benson group of mechanics 1973-08-27
Benson HS publicity 1973-08-29
Chrysler-Plymouth city: group at Chrysler-Plymouth city 1973-08-28
Crown Ridge Promotion 1971-08-24
Washer, dryer and refrigerator at Joske's 1971-08-17
Leroy Muehlstein 1971-08-24
Alamo Music 1971-08-11
Drawing: Main Savings 1971-08-17
Furniture at Joske's 1971-07-27
Sports coats with models at Joske's 1971-06-01
Crown Ridge Promotion 1971-08-30
Group at Jim's Coffee Shop 1971-09-13
Exterior of Trend House before going out of business 1971-09-17
Jim and Mike Dement 1971-10-15
128 Swatch Watch 1983-07-27
Mr. Comer from Gross Bank 1978-12-05
Tom Benson Chevrolet employees 1974-09-10
Political Candidate 1977-08-26
PR of Mayor Cockrell at City Hall 1977-03-23
Pepsi Taste test and luncheon 1976-05-17
Girl receiving keys 1976-04-29
Alamo National Bank interiors 1976-04-15
Alamo National Bank interiors 1976-02-23
Model 1974-09-25
ABA basketball 1974-09-09
Power plant 1974-08-16
Swen Nater with girl 1974-05-09
Pierce Arrow 1978-02-15
Tellers cage 1974-02-14
Sculptures 1974-02-14
Dee Howard terminal at airport: public shots 1973-10-26
129 Joske's ads for TV 1969-11-19
KBUC Radio TV ads 1969-10-08
TV ads for Tom Benson Chevrolet 1969-08-09
Wolff and Marx and Southwestern Bell TV ads 1969-04-02
Montgomery Ward TV ads 1969-02-24
Deluxe Supermarket TV ads 1968-05-10
Centeno Supermarket TV ads 1968-06-24
Gross Bank TV ads
Hospital Referendum TV ads
Bidarama TV ads
TV ads for Zenith
TV ads for Gulf Mart
TV ads for Piggly Wiggly
TV ads for RCA
TV ads for American Mode
TV ads for Friedrich
TV ads for Jancty's
TV ads for Mammy's Cafeteria
TV ads for Marion Meats
Exterior of Gulf Mart, Austin, Texas
130 Airplane interiors 1980-07-29
Airplane interior and exteriors 1979-10-08
131 Exterior of hotel 1962
Dinning room 1962
Lobby 1962
Exterior of hotel 1962
Elgin-Butler Brick Company 1962
Sitting room
Guest room with kitchen
132 Pencil
Austin Savings Home Loans building 1964
133 Jack Alexander 1968-10-31
Chrome plated cylinders 1964-05-09
KITE Radio disc jockeys 1965-08-23
134 Ayres, Atlee Barnard, 1873-1969
Ayres, Robert M.
Carroll, Charlie
Cox, Bascom.
Brown, Lutcher.
Christ Episcopal Church, San Antonio, Texas
Cypress Tower, San Antonio , Texas
Friedrich Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, San Antonio, Texas
Burbank Vocational High School, San Antonio, Texas
Gross Bank, San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio International Airport
Kallison Tower, San Antonio, Texas
National Bank of Commerce, San Antonio, Texas
Randolph Air Force Base, Texas 1974
Rosa Verde Motel, San Antonio, Texas
Saint Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Saint Phillips College
San Antonio State Hospital
Southwest Research Institute, 1950-1970
Texas Lutheran College
Airports, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Architects, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Banks, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Houses , 1950-1970
Churches, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Convents, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Electric power-plants, San Antonio, Texas
Hotels, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Merchants, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Parking garages, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Psychiatric hospitals, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Schools, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Stores, retail, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Universities and colleges, San Antonio, Texas 1950-1970
Travis Park West, San Antonio, Texas
135 Flex State 1980-09-15
Pub of a party 1980-09-08
Groups with award 1980-08-22
Cortina L800 Series tile 1980-07-29
Man receiving awards 1980-06-23
Tile floor 1980-06-11
Azrock layouts 1980-02-01
Floor tile and office furniture 1978-01-24
Groups at Azrock sales meeting at Hilton 1974-12-12
Groups at Azrock sales meeting 1972-12-01
Model laying tile floor 1972-11-06
Kitchen 07-21
Floor tile 1972-01-21
The display at Freeman Decorating Company 1972-01-20
Tile 1972-01-18
Tile 1971-12-07
Tile 1971-12-04
Couple and "pirate" 1971-07-09
Dallas skyline at night 1971-03-31
Tile with Times Square background 1971-02-05
"Alvarado" 1971-01-29
Tile and New York City night skyline 1971-01-23
Floor, table and tile 1970-12-30
Floor, table and tile 1970-12-30
Group and presentation 1970-12-11
Box of tile 1970-10-20
Tile 1970-10-16
Couple putting in tile floor 1970-10-10
Models and floor tile 1970-09-30
Tile 1970-04-08
Azrock Tile Products 1970-03-12
Tile and skyline 1970-01-11
Shru Onyx 1969-12-30
Artwork "Palacio del Sol" and tile 1969-01-04
Tile 1969-10-08
Tile with Parthenon in background 11-25
Tile 1969-11-13
Tile 1969-02-26
Tile 1969-06-12
Unidentified men
People with awards 1976-12-01
Display box 1979-05-21
136 Group of executives 1983-11-01
Tile 1982-12-23
Bozell and Jacobs: 1981 Azrock National Distribution Gala 1981-05-30
Two men holding sign 1981-04-08
Yuma Clay and Vynalcraft tile 1981-03-20
Unidentified people 1981-02-09
Tile covers 1981-02-12
Atrium at Century Building 1980-11-20
Tile books 1980-10-15
137 Groups at Azrock Tile convention 1984-10-29
Azrock boxes 1983-05-05
Tile 1983-04-25
Vanguard group tile 1982-07-08
Tile 1982-07-01
Azrock displays
People at convention
138 Exterior of theater and crowd for premiere of "It’s a joke, Son"
People on podium and stage
Interior of theater
Exterior of theater 1959
Small stage coach outside Aztec Theater
Tank in front of theater for "Armored Command" premiere
Concession stand
Toby Tyler 1960-03-10
John Wayne at airport
George Watson 1960-03-31
People in deli
King Antonio with Connie Stevens 1967
Old photo of Stutz Roadster with four ladies for premier of "Spanish Love"
Publicity for "Island of Desire" and "Johnny Concho"
Bathrooms, lounge 1974-04-09
Exterior 1974-04-02
Ticket counter, marquee 1974-04-01
Aztec 3 sign 1974-04-11
139 Brown's Famous Foods exterior
Mrs. Alfred Beckman coronation 1971-07-27
Chas Beckendorf painting : horses by tree 1972-03-21
Miguel Beato: woman by painting 1972-01-20
Del Baker Association: interior and exterior of ranch house in Salrnal 1972-04-19
Del Baker Association: bison and other animals grazing and land on ranch 1972-04-19
Del Baker Association: aerials of ranch house 1972-04-07
Paracle Magazine: food and Mr. Beckman 1971-10-04
Bexar Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors 1971
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: water tower 1971-07-15
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: ship's officers and complaint officers 1971-07-13
Brink Brangus: Brangus cattle
WH Brady Company: display board at Graybar Electronics 1974-03-23
Doyle Brown painting 1971-03-12
Barnaby Estate: offices at night 1969-03-26
Builders Mart cabinet 1970-01-16
Builders Mart cabinet display 1969-12-16
William D. Balthorpe: man with two kids 1969-12-16
Barwen Construction company: exterior of buildings 1969-08-14
Atkins and Associates and Benson Chevrolet: Benson coat of arms 1969-09-12
Rocky Gill and the Bishops singing 1969-04-14
Harold Burke: orchid 1969-01-27
Harold Burke at Dr. Pepper Company 1969-01-27
Harold Burke: wedding, wedding party and guests
Gilbert Barrera: exterior of building
Gilbert Barrera: street scene and men in convertible
Mrs. Bonnet's Bread truck 1954
Man with eye swollen shut and very red inside
Interior of grocery store 1962
Lutcher Brown home 11-18
Rendering: Bassett Shopping Center, El Paso
Blue-White Dental Equipment Company 02-24
Braden Iron Works: wire and Metal Products: duck blinds 1961-02-23
Mrs. McFarlen
Betty and Glenn Health Studio: woman working out 04-24
Brock Candy: candy display 1962-10-16
Bledsae Furniture: furniture 08-23
Bavarian Inn restaurant
Colonies North display 1965-08-21
Hamms Beer Truck and SMT Lines truck
Burned man, Oscar R. Garcia 1965-11-08
Browning Manufacturing: roller equipment 1963-10-30
Bollman Industries display 1963-02-11
140 Cattle for Beefmaster Breeders 1982-06-25
Unidentified men
Beefmaster Breeders Universal: cattle 1982-06-23
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: water tank 1980-07-02
B and B Insulation, Inc.: machinery and bins for storage 1980-05-05
Colonel Alex Bennet: flag of the cadet band 1980-03-14
Becker -Jan: machinery at Pearl Brewery 1979-12-13
Bakerline: canisters of sealant 1979-08-03
Aerials of Briggs Ranch 1979-05-17
Bakerline products 1978-09-22
Ewing A. Buchanan jewelry 1978-11-28
Bill Bechtel: unidentified men 1978-08-01
Reverend George Reese: wall mural of Christ feeding the masses at Sermon on the mount 1978-10-06
Marian B. Burke: airplane painting
Browning -Ferris Industries: dump truck by Alamo 1979-01-31
Browning -Ferris Industries: aerials 1978-08-05
Browning -Ferris Industries: lake 1979
Browning -Ferris Industries: new dump truck by Alamo 1978-06-16
Black and Decker Manufacturing Company: booth at AIW 1978-04-26
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: board members 1978-05-01
Reverend Byrd choir 1978-03-26
TTC, RC and FY rings 1977
Benson Chevrolet: exterior of Tom Benson Chevrolet and Tom Benson 1977-07-07
Thomas L. Brundage: rendering of mini storage units 1977-01-05
Gary Bellamy Manufacturing: painting "Harvest Time" set up on billboard 1976-12-30
Mrs. Ballinger: copy of painting 1972-06-21
B. H. M. : atrium of Century Building 1972-07-21
Frank Vaughn: coat of arm painting 1972-06-12
BKM: controls and switches in cockpit 1976-11-10
Albert Bustamante: young Albert Bustamante 1976-10-07
Ralph Bender and Associates: land use plan map 1976-09-16
Browning-Ferris Industries: men around truck 1976-03-09
Bethesda Christian Institute: students and teacher 1975-05-29
Jack Beretta: plaques 1975-06-19
Arthur B. Bennett: jewelry 1975-01-29
Louis Bauml, Jr.: architectural model 1975-01-27
Steve Blount: three men with painting 1974-07-29
Allen D. Burt: painting of a house 1975-01-03
Jim Brauchman: young girl in choir robes 1974-12-03
Jim Brauchman: architectural model 1974-10-22
Jim Brauchman: large fish
Brightwood apartments 1974-07-09
Brightwood apartments complex 1974-06-13
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: water board members 1974-05-06
Boysville Riders boys on horseback at stock show 1974-02-08
Banair: air conditioner in car 1974-01-17
Boyd Howell: painting 1974-01-24
Broken Spur 1973-12-19
Ray Boyer 1973-08-17
Bobbitt: Judge Bobbitt 1973-03-06
Sid Bowdler: painting, man in boat 1973-06-28
Larry Brehmer: Larry Brehmer 1973-05-09
Mrs. Roy Barrera: ice carving 1973-04-03
Dr. Ballinger: drawings 1973-01-30
F. M. Britain: Britain family coat of arms 1972-09-18
Baskin-Robbins: owner with winners of TV set 1972-05-02
141 Garnet Buster: painting 1985-05-15
Briggs Weaver: building 1985-05-02
Francis Ball: children 1985-01-25
Bob Breedlove: outdoor family portrait 1984-12-03
Barry Bellers: dark green convertible Bentley 1985-01-22
Charles P. Butts 1984-06-19
Roger Beery: planes 1984-03-12
Barker Graphics: bank vaults and exteriors 1984-01-19
Blinn College: Colonel Orbello's dueling pistol, collection for Star of the Republic Museum 1984-01-11
Booth, Inc.: stainless dispensers 1984-01-13
Business Computer Network: mock up computer 1983-11-21
Herbert Brach: paintings 1983-07-21
Bill Bonds: Pat Nicks 1983-07-06
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: Marvin Sultenfuss 1982-07-29
Bob Bowman 1982-09-07
John Brooks and Partners: people, aerials, houses 1982-12-15
Rendering: Ridgeview Place, McAllen
Rodger Beery 1982-11-09
Robert V. Buck and Associates: rendering, St James Project 1982-10-26
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: water board members 1982-07-19
Blackman Marketing: computerized gas pumps 1982-08-11
Tony Bolner: old wedding photo 1982-11-07
Emerson Banack, Jr.: housing project 1981-09-04
Mal Burklow Brokerage Company: open refrigerator, banquet 1981-10-02
Mrs. A. Berler: little girl with books 1981-06-25
Ralph Butchers: man in uniform (old) 1981-06-09
Jack Bernal: rendering, produce row market square 1981-01-20
Mary Black: unidentified woman 1980-11-24
Busby Brokerage: model by display 1980-01-16
Budget Finance Company: people on trip 1980-11-11
Bordco, Inc.: nursery in San Antonio 1980-06-24
Donald H. Byrom: building 1980-09-06
Bade Enterprises: storage building 1980-09-10
142 Creative Resources Group, Inc.: Victoria Tower 1986-03-21
Aerials of San Antonio 1986
Brock and Kelfer: accident site aerials 1986-03-12
Shirley Butts 1986-11-17
Kodak Film: Eddie Bierswale 01-23
Carrot Gold: Zales counter at Mercade Mall 1985-10-16
George Baker: crystal rose with gold trim 1985-10-10
Barinelle, Inc: jewelry 1985-08-07
Eddie Bierswale 10-09
Allan Baribeau: medical slides 1987-03-24
BACHE and COMPANY 1963-1964
143 Unidentified men 1964
Man signing check
Men looking at stock board 1964
People outside 1963
People looking at tickertape machine
Ribbon cutting ceremony
Construction on building
Brokers on the phone
BAINES, JOHN D. 1978-1980
144 Baines with architectural models 1980-05-15
Office building, 8100 Broadway 1980-01-12
Rendering of Citadel Plaza 1980-07-11
Karem's restaurant 1978-10-06
HEB: Walzem and Montgomery 1979-04-20
Government Employee Credit Union
145 Houses for sale: interior and exterior
Two men 1962
[ Pic # 30967 ]
Photo listings
146 Tire making machinery
Baker Tire Company: exterior and interior
Trucks 1656
Employees making tires
Car 1956
Group of people
BAKER, ED. 1957
147 Buildings 1957
Picnic tables
Manger Electric Appliances Service
House 1957
Modern Motel
148 Macramé and tapestry 1973-05-24
Aerial road map 1973
Party at San Antonio Texas for a school 1982-04-26
Giant macramé wall hanging 07-27
Bulldozers tearing down buildings on Soledad 1976-02-04
Opening of Bank of San Antonio 1974-06-08
Four people with old cash register 1973-07-09
149 Operating room
Nurses getting operating rom ready
Patient room
Supply room
Nurse looking through microscope
Nurse with two doctors
Group of nurses
Nurse and doctor with painting of Christ saving a sheep
Nurses around piano singing
Nurses preparing clamps
Nurses preparing a shot
Nurses taking a woman's pulse
Student nurses taking a test
Nurses having uniform measured and fit
Nurses cleaning operating room
Nurses looking at anatomical charts
Banquet at Gunter Hotel with speaker
On barge going along the river
Group with Texas Association of Hospital Accountants
Newborn infant
Maternity ward
Little kid with both legs in traction
Waiting area
Oxygen tanks
Student nurses graduating
Nurses doing paper work
Student nurses looking at muscle structure model
Student nurses learning CPR
150 Exterior of building
Nurses and doctor with microscope
Nurse monitoring patient
Nurses with baby
Baby being delivered
Corner of Richmond and Garden Streets
Operating room
Corner of Dallas and Romana Plaza
Hospital room
M and S Tower
Woman's Auxiliary Courtesy Cart
Waiting room
151 Rendering and building of Baptist Memorial Hospital 1974-07-03
Student nurse 1977-06-20
152 Recliner, couch and a chair 1967
153 Customers looking though clothing and other items 1966
Sporting goods department, hardware department, shoes
Barker's Grille
Exterior of Barker's during Grand Opening 1966
154 Man in front of Barq's Bottling Company building
Barq's truck, delivery man and cola at Handy Andy 1955
Unidentified people
155 Damaged wall 1973-06-13
Dance 1973-05-30
Exterior of building 1972-03-01
Exterior of building at 203 Nakoma Street 1973-02-15
Construction progress on Cupples road 1972-08-25
Construction progress on Cupples road 1972-08-16
Construction progress on Cupples road 1972-08-09
156 Cars 1967
Building 1965
Plant 1965
Construction of building 1968
Gravel pit 1966
Man protesting non-union workers 1967
Rendering of apartment building , EMCO 1975-06-19
Cement block wall, pool material, St Vincent de Paul Church 1971-06-02
Cement mixer truck 1972-03-11
Man and woman in front of fall out shelter sign 1960
157 Pitlak and La Quinta: three La Quinta executives 1974-07-25
Pitlak and La Quinta: rendering of La Quinta Colonial Motel
Pitluk: Mr. Barshop 1973-10-04
Pitlak and La Quinta: La Quinta Motor Inn sign (rendering) 1973-06-18
Pitlak and La Quinta: exterior of La Quinta 1973-02-01
La Quinta Motor Inn 1972-10-25
Pitlak and La Quinta: La Quinta Motor Inn exterior 1972-06-02
Men at Barshop Enterprises 1972-04-04
Pitlak: rendering of La Quinta Motor Inn 1971-10-08
Pitlak and La Quinta: contract signing at Barshop Motel billboard 1971-05-18
La Quinta Motor Inn 1970-03-27
Pitlak and La Quinta: swimming pool with model and sign 1970-04-20
Pitluk: rooms and lobby at La Quinta 1970-03-20
Rendering of La Quinta 1968-09-20
Pitluk: La Quinta Motor Hotel 1968-07-29
Rodeway Inns of Texas
Barshop 1980-05-01
158 Hi-Ho Crackers display
Interior of grocery store (old)
Food display
159 Plot plan for Trinity University
Unidentified people
Buses in front of Municipal Auditorium
160 Unidentified people
H and K Company: pecan picker uper 1969-08-29
Frost Brothers: Esther Watkins 1968-05-17
Bowa, Kronzer, Abraham, Watkins and Stalz: expressway near Wonderland Mall 1969-05-20
Unidentified people
Henry B. Gonzalez voting
John Connally running for governor
J. F. Kennedy, Linden Baines Johnson, John Connally exiting building 1960
BAYLY, MARTIN, FAY 1981-1982
161 Car races 1982-07-30
Renderings: World Championship Stock 1982-03-23
Car racing
Model wearing T-shirt 1981-12-21
Racing photos 1981-06-19
Model wearing T-shirt 1981-02-03
Ronald McDonald 1981-09-29
BEAR, MISS undated
162 Dogs
Two ladies with dogs
BECK, HENRY C. , COMPANY 1971-1984
163 Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building interior and exterior 1973-07-30
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building interior and exterior 1973-06-27
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building interior and exterior 1973-05-31
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building interior and exterior 1973-04-25
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1973-04-03
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1973-01-29
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-12-26
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-11-28
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-10-27
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-09-28
Frost Bank Construction progress 1972-08-31
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-07-26
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-06-27
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-06-01
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-05-01
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-04-04
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-03-08
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-02-03
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1972-01-06
Construction progress: Frost Bank, Tower Building parking garage 1971-12-06
164 Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-10-09
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-10-04
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-08-27
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-08-01
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1976-06-27
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-05-29
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-04-26
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-03-30
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-02-28
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1973-01-29
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-12-26
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-10-27
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-09-27
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-08-29
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-07-28
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-06-01
Rosa Verde: construction progress 1972-05-01
Rosa Verde: pre-construction 1972-04-06
165 Interior of La Mansion del Rio and del Norte hotels
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-08-28
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-07-30
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-06-21
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-04-25
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-03-26
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-02-23
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1978-12-21
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1978-11-17
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1978-10-12
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1978-09-17
Construction progress: La Mansion del Rio 1979-01-24
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1978-06-14
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1978-05-15
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1978-04-18
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1978-03-21
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1978-01-17
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1977-11-08
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1977-10-12
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1977-09-15
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1977-08-16
Construction Progress: La Mansion del Norte 1977-07-19
Construction Progress: pre-construction 1976-07-05
166 Aerial of downtown
Frost National Bank building
Joske's 1984-05-29
Frost Brothers: H. C. Beck 1984-05-29
USAA aerial 1983-03-26
Exterior of San Antonio Saving Association 1981-01-16
Interior and exterior of San Antonio Saving Association 1981-01-08
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-08-04
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-09-04
Exterior of San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-12-16
Exterior of San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-11-05
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-10-20
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-07-03
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-05-09
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-06-03
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-04-08
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-03-04
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-02-05
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1980-01-02
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-12-03
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-11-05
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-10-02
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-08-31
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-08-02
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-07-02
Construction progress: San Antonio Saving Association building 1979-06-11
Southwest Bell Company: new building site: old YMCA 1972-05-01
Southwest Bell Company: new building: demolition of YMCA 1972-04-17
167 Construction interior of Interfirst Bank building 1983-09-16
Construction progress 1982-12-30
Construction progress 1983-04-29
Construction progress 1983-05-27
Milam Conference Center 1983-01-26
Interfirst Bank 1983-08-03
First International Plaza building and parking garage form different angles
Construction progress 1982-10-27
Construction progress 1983-03-31
Construction progress 1983-03-02
Construction progress 1983-01-31
Construction progress 1982-10-22
Construction progress 1982-07-27
Construction progress 1982-08-30
Construction progress 1982-05-26
Construction progress 1982-04-26
Construction progress 1982-06-29
Construction progress 1982-03-23
Construction progress 1981-11-20
Construction progress 1981-10-27
Construction progress: First International Bank 1981-09-24
Construction progress: First International Bank 1981-08-21
First International Plaza building 1982-03-30
First International Plaza building 1982-04-23
168 Construction progress on Madison Retirement House 1984-02-20
La Mansion del Norte lobby 1979
169 House shoes
170 Truck 1962
Building 1963-09-23
Building 1962-02-20
171 Dog (Boxer)
Curtains (matchstick draperies)
172 Exterior of building 1965-09-02
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-05-21
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-06-02
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-08-03
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-06-16
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-07-01
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-07-15
Construction progress: Chrysler Dealership 1965-08-03
173 Rendering of USAA and unidentified building 1971-12-16
Rendering of Lackland commissary 1972-09-22
Rendering of unidentified buildings and USAA 1972-12-02
Pitluk and Swearingen: interior and exterior of Merlin 4A plane at Swearingen Aircraft 1974-09-09
Floor plans and renderings of Personnel Research Laboratory at Brooks AFB 1971-04-01
Model of proposed USAA complex 1971-02-25
174 Tom Benson showroom 1979-12-03
People standing outside of Benson Chevrolet
Dealership in Kerrville and San Antonio 07-12
Christmas showroom 1979-12-03
People in front of San Pedro Bank 1979-10-02
Man with new cars 1979-10-30
Salesmen 1976-10-01
BERRY, RED undated
175 Red Berry's house on a lake
Interior of house
Aerials of house on a lake
Woman at dressing table
176 Al Erler 1980-01-29
Richard Pruitt 1981-05-08
Department members 1981-03-19
Unidentified women 1981-02-11
Ken Cartwright 1980-08-13
David Hamilton 1980-08-04
Unidentified man 1980-07-30
Bexar Company executives 1980-04-24
Bill Gotl 1980-01-29
Unidentified man 1980-02-12
Mr. Carlson 1980-05-29
Jonathon Gould 1979-05-23
Richard Mencer 1980-01-21
Six people 1979-07-17
John Stower 1979-06-22
Group of people 1979-06-14
John Granditsch 1979-06-08
Don Gutierrez 1979-04-10
Richard Bradford 1978-12-27
Richard Bradford 1975-01-29
Linda Hardy 1978-12-22
Hubert C. Harris 1978-07-03
Mary Withoff 1978-06-22
Ed Perez 1977-12-15
Unidentified men 1978-04-03
John Maddox 1977-07-25
Byran L. Leflore 1977-07-20
Byran L. Leflore 1975-07-09
Roy Horn 1977-06-29
John F. Leflore 1977-02-14
Clarence Sobeczek, C. F. Bimler and two men 1977-01-28
Al Erler and Dave Harlan 1977-01-19
Alving C. Hope 1976-11-05
D. Ansley 1976-10-20
William J. Goetz 1976-10-05
Roberta Pearis and Charles D. Lutz 1976-09-09
Glen Hick and Robert Althoff 1976-08-26
Gene Koch 1972-02-01
Richard Mensfi 1975-10-01
George Watz 1975-10-31
Mr. Carter and Mr. Hawell 1976-01-21
Joan Singleman 1974-02-11
Mr. Rowtan 1974-08-01
Roy Craig 1985-07-03
F. Peacock 1975-06-02
Richard Fuhrmann 1974-11-15
John Johnson 1974-10-31
Charles J. Weber
James C. Templin
John Steen
Harry J. Runge
Clarence Neuse
Travis Mourseund
Carl F. Kreger
Ronald M. Argo
A. B. Crowther
Hilmer Fahrenthold
H. J. Furtner
Jim Gorman
Hannibal U. Guerra
Gerald Nassar 1974-01-29
Barbara Petman 1973-12-26
John F. Leflore 1973-04-16
John F. Leflore 1970-02-02
Hightower 1973-05-24
Vance Graham 1975-02-05
Mr. Mortimer 1968-01-05
C. C. Gunn 1969-01-08
W. P. Rainey 1971-01-26
Two unidentified women 1969-01-12
James C. Templin, Dan Rheiner and Al Eckert 1968-08-15
Leland Ramsey 1972-01-20
Wiliam R. Campbell 1972-01-20
Bill Southwell 1972-01-20
Louis Parma 1973-03-30
177 Unidentified family
City map 1980-06-23
Groups 1979-05-02
Group of men 1976-06-28
Joe Ainsley 1976-04-14
Bank logo 1976-04-22
Corner of North St Mary's and East Travis
Night depository
Congress 1914: group of boys posing 1970-09-04
Bexar County National Bank 1955
Mr. Ernest Baetz receiving silver bowl 1971-05-13
Banquet: 20th anniversary 1954-10-23
Bun 'N' Barrel restaurant
Ribbon cutting
Men shaking hands
Mr. Baetz and two women 1972-10-11
Presentations 1972-09-13
Window display
Jesse Jones: home and family 1971-05-01
Employees making tires 1970-03-19
20 year cup awards 1973-06-21
20 year present 1974-08-27
Couple 1975-01-14
Boysville Truck presentation 1974-11-19
Exterior 1970-05-01
Jesse Jones: corner stone of Bexar County National Bank 1971-09-20
Check presentation 1971-05-10
Police officer retiring 1972-03-30
178 Hospital exterior
Air cooling units
Raleigh W. Johnson and Company: kitchen, appliances and Servolift equipment
Caterpillar Company: exterior 1968-07-05
179 Thousand Oaks Elementary School
Weiner's, Bexar Electric, San Antonio Saving Association, gloves, unidentified man
Offices 1981-06-24
Unidentified buildings and apartment complexes, Red McCombs, hospitals, Texas Commerce Bank of San Antonio 1981-06-14
180 Unidentified people
Energy Plaza buildings
Inventory shelves
Holiday Inn
New scoreboard for arena 12-18
Buildings in Laredo 1985-04-05
Church's Fried Chicken
People at Bexar HQ 1985-04-10
Unidentified people
San Antonio residential area 1985-04-25
Le Mansion, San Antonio College and University of Texas in San Antonio Health Science Center 1985-04-16
Kerrville 1985-04-10
New Braunfels 1985-04-17
Meatballs, Santa Fe Apartments 1985-06-12
181 Tools, wires and hardhat 06-01
Secretaries at their desks
Bexar Electric sign
Man with blueprints
Employees of Bexar Electric
Man by car
182 Exterior of library 1962
BILLY R'S 1975-1976
183 Bill Rogan 1976-03-24
Food menu 1975-03-11
Food menu 1975-03-02
Food menu 1976-04-03
184 Three pieces of experiment 1972-12-08
Technicians working with laboratory equipment 1972-11-22
People and equipment 1972-11-27
BLACKWELL BURNER COMPANY 1935-1972 and undated
185 Machinery
Men laying tar on a road
Holding tanks
Pressure gauge
Tar cookers
Little girl with tar sprayer
Men putting rocks and tar on a roof
Unidentified men
Man spraying for bugs outdoors
186 Secretary
Gauges, bolts
Tar cookers
Men spraying cactus
Cattle eating cactus
187 Planter
Tar cookers
Two men on old fashioned field sprayer 1935
Man with John Deere tractor 1935
Machine shop
Woodlawn Hill Baptist Church
Tar truck 1957
188 Machinery
Tar cookers
Scoop on a crane
Scrapers and bolts
Truck from Central Building Materials Company with asphalt
189 Tar cookers
Men tarring roof
Certificate: The President's "E" Flag
Truck from Local Roofing Company, Inc.: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Group of people with "E" banner
Group of unidentified men and Bill Hennessey 1963
190 Kettle with people 1970-04-17
Equipment 1969-06-07
Portable insulator 1969-02-03
Tar kettle 1969-02-17
Wood burners 1970-07-28
Space heater 1969-08-12
Space heater 1969-08-12
Incinerator on job site 1969-03-19
Tar kettle with people 1969-09-25
Strainer plug, burner nozzle 1969-06-25
Large tar kettle 1969-05-19
Kettle at plant 1970-03-30
Welding equipment 1969-05-27
Truck and assault carriers 1970-08-12
Men with cement mixer 1970-12-30
Incinerator 1969-03-10
Tar kettle 1968-10-23
Pump equipment 1968-04-16
Gravel scoop 1968-05-17
Large tank and cutter 1968-12-23
Plastic covered tar pot 1969-01-07
Asphalt kettle 1969-02-13
Artwork by Ivan 1968-05-01
Small tar patan 1968-04-09
Tar kettle 1968-04-03
191 Equipment 1976-01-07
Client artwork 1975-08-22
Truck for carrying hot tar 1974-10-24
Tar kettle 1972-07-14
Portable mixer 1972-05-15
Kettle 1972-05-23
Tractor and trailer with heavy weights ready for shipment; concrete mixer 1972-04-06
Tar kettle 1972-05-30
Dolly 1971-10-28
Tar kettle 1971-09-24
Portable cement mixer 1972-01-27
Tractor and trailer 1971-12-20
Tar kettle 1971-08-24
Large trailer ant tar kettles 1971-09-17
Tar storage tank 1971-08-17
Black kettle 1973-02-28
Equipment 1972-05-26
Kettle 1972-05-29
Buckets of tar 1974-02-11
Portable mixer 1971-11-04
Dolly 1971-12-08
Equipment 1973-03-14
Small cement mixer 1971-05-20
Smokeless kettle 1971-06-21
Kettles 1971-05-04
Gravel conveyer 1971-01-25
Proclamation at Mayor's office 1971-04-22
Man besides huge tar-storage vat 1971-04-08
Tar-kettle trailer 1971-03-11
Truck 1970-12-14
Graph/chart 1971-03-18
BLOCK WINE 1953-1972
192 Liquor store window
Wine displays
Beer displays
Block Distributing Company Inc. building 1953
Unidentified employees
Rendering of Block Distributing Company Inc.
Board of directors
Presentations 1972-10-07
193 Rendering of buildings
Model: Ancilla Domini Hall
Rendering: interior of Saint Pius X Parish
Ancilla Domini Hall
Guadalupe Church Rectory
Saint Mary Magdalen Parish Convent
194 Guest rooms 1963
Dinning room
Guest rooms 1965
Exterior of hotel 1965
Exterior of hotel 1963
Group in Mexican dress
Group of people at luncheon 1963
[ Pic # 36531 ]
195 Bluebonnets 1987
Indian Paintbrush
Purple and red flowers
Cactus and cactus flowers
Yellow rose
Purple flowers
Bluebonnets 1984
Wister trees
196 Deer blind and other hunter equipment 1961
BOATING 1974-1984
197 Sail boats on the water
Speed boats
Sail boats 1974
Water falls 1984
198 Broggi Advertising: packages of Fiesta flavorings 1970-08-25
Broggi Advertising: oven at Pizza Inn in Universal City 1970-08-20
Broggi Advertising: Fiesta products 1963-04-24
BONA, ALLEN 1978-1980
199 Saddle I808 1980-04-18
Saddles I213 and I806 1979-05-04
Saddles I620, I 621, I218 and I128 1979-09-20
Saddles I251 and I217 1979-04-25
Saddle 1979-05-29
Saddle 1979-01-31
Saddle 1978-08-23
200 Conventions 1970-10-19
Cocktail party at La Villita 1970-10-15
Croups at convention 1970-10-16
Party at river room and convention center 1970-10-16
Candids, speakers 1970-10-15
Convention coverage 1970-10-14
201 Houses 1973-06-13
U-Stor-It exterior 1973-06-06
Olmos Equipment Company 1973-06-05
Nursing home, Cupples Road and church 1973-06-01
Building exterior 1973-06-01
BORDEN, INCORPORATED 1935-1947, 1961-1974
202 Milk man delivering to houses
Three unidentified men
Soda shop
Hom-Ond Food Stores
Rancho Grande Farms
Four men looking at a list
Borden display
Five men at luncheon
Borden circa 1935
Group of men at luncheon
Borden truck
Group of men with 16 slaughtered deer
Milk vats
Kids with Elsie
Ice cream case in store
Borden's loading dock
Borden's picnic
Borden's employees
Group with horses at train station
Cowgirls on Palominos
Elsie's Good Food Line Train
Smashed up Borden's trucks
Dairy department in store
1947 truck
Two men shaking hands
Employees of Rancho Grande Farms
Kids taking a tour of Borden
People lined up to see Elsie the cow at Borden's Open House
Break room
Group of people outside Borden 1942
Group of men
Elsie week
H and H Coffee and Imperial Pure Cane Sugar displays
203 Sales chart 1974-10-16
Borden newspaper ad 1974-10-08
Borden employees
Borden circa 1935
Tracy-Locke and Borden Company: man at desk 1972-02-15
Exterior of Borden Plant 1972-02-01
Elsie's Good Food Line Train in front of Borden
Borden at corner of East Ashby Place and River Road
Group of employees at El Tropicano hotel with Elsie banners 1970-10-19
Charts 1970-10-12
Graphs and charts 1969-09-23
Group of men at Hilton Palacio del Rio 1968-10-29
Group at airport by airplane Braniff
Borden's Milk Products trucks
Borden's office staff at Christmas time with Christmas tree 1964
Secretaries at their desks
Framed pictures of executives 1967
[ Pic # 66112 ]
Borden's employees 1964
Unidentified men 1964
[ Pic # 48302-48313 ]
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 48534 ]
Austin Ellsworth Henderson with certificate for 25 years of service to the company as of 1958 1963-11-05
William W. Herv, Jr. receiving certificate 1958
Borden Company display
Trucks being filled with milk 1958
7-Up building for sale
Borden's' Centennial display 1957
Clayton Palmer and Max Pippit with plaque
Man watching filled milk cartons go by 1964
Tuffy Medal of Merit Plaque
Lewis and Mrs.Torrance, Mr. and Mrs. Elias, Mr. Dankers at luncheon
Harry and Mrs. Treadwell, L. K. and Mrs. Fisher, W. C. and Mrs. Burke, C. H. and Mrs. Pfeister, Joe and Mrs. Navarro, G. M. and Mrs. Flores, Frank and Mrs. Thompson, Earl W. and Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. Maury, Erline Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Bruff at luncheon 1964
Grand Champion of Retail Sales John W. Goode and Region Champion Vincent R. Flores 1961
Gail Borden case of Borden museum
Refrigeration in truck
Mils vats
Man with dairy cows
Man with big bull
Man on tractor
Dairy section in grocery store
Man by cattle with dog
Group touring Borden
Cattle at food trough
Man with two calves
Dairy farmer
Borden's Plant with Christmas decoration
Kids with small cow Elsie and calf Beauregard
Rancho Grande Farms
Group in front of Missouri Pacific train at station
BOWERS STEEL 1974-1975
204 Mr. Gary Bowers 1974-01-08
Charlotte Stakes 1974-11-25
T. V. De Brooke 1974-06-05
James LeLand 1975-04-01
Armando Swarez 1975-01-31
Frank Runzler 1975-12-02
Robert Bowers 1975-08-19
205 Unidentified people
Cracker display
BOY SCOUTS 1954-1984
206 McGimsey Boy Scout Park
Outdoor recreation
Boy Scouts
Canoes and canoeing
207 McGimsey Boy Scout Park
U.S. Air Force
Outdoor cookery
Good Turn Day
Seek children
Christmas parties
Water sports
Boy Scouts
Indians of N. A. dress
210 Boy Scouts lodge at McGimsey Park
Group of Boy Scouts with a den mother next to tepee
Map of Boy Scouts areas
Cubs scouts saluting flag at Hemis Fair
Scouts with leader on hillside
Pictures from Boy Scout book
Scouts folding flag
Slides of scouts dressed as Indians
Scouts at camp
Pins for Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary and Optimist Internationals
Outstanding member card 1959 for Boy Scouts
211 Unidentified man 1984-03-26
Earnest Diderstadt and camp fire scene 1983-02-23
Boy Scouts 1982-09-27
Bob Shoemaker 1982-05-26
Boy Scouts 1981-09-14
Unidentified men 1981-01-28
Picnic with handicapped people 1978-11-20
Drawing of new lake 1978-02-08
Bear Creek Scout Reservation 1975-07-21
Alamo Council 1973-07-27
Artwork showing area around Bear Creek Boy Scouts Reservation 1973-07-19
Long range development maps 1973-07-13
Cub country 1973-07-10
Order of the Arrow Flame Spring Fellowship 1973 1973-06-27
Cartoon 1973-06-29
Zintgraff signs 1973-02-28
Boy Scouts canoe race 1972-08-27
Jerry Rogers, Architect: Boy Scouts lodge and Pavilions 1972-10-11
212 Three people 1981-01-06
Mr. Wilhens 1980-12-05
Groups of scouts 1980-10-31
Boys in classes 1974-02-11
Hot air balloon and kids 1974-12-11
Charles Duke 1976-10-11
Kids 03-21
Charts 1974-01-11
Boy Power banquet 1973-12-26
Scouts by the river 1973-11-10
Boy Scout Park 1973-10-29
Pitluk Advertising: boy at old house drinking and playing dice 1973-11-23
Boy Scouts 1973-11-01
Scouts in front of Alamo 1973-11-03
Emblem 1973-08-08
Football stadium 1973-07-27
Football stadium 1973-08-08
Plaque and paper 1973-01-02
213 Boy scouts at McGimsey Boy Scout Park 1976-08-10
Credit Narration: Gene Lively, KMOL-TV News 1976-10-25
Boy Scouts outdoor activities 1976-10-02
Pete Hennesey at GPM 1976-09-28
214 Boys Club under construction 1969-08-08
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-07-31
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-07-18
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-07-15
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-07-03
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-06-24
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-06-16
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-06-09
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-05-31
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-05-21
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-05-16
Construction progress: Boys Club 1969-05-16
Boys and building 1954
Boxer 1955
215 Check presentation 1983-01-14
Boysville Union Stock yards 1975-06-26
Exterior of Boys Club: Apache Creek and 19th 1975-04-19
Opening of Manuel Calderon Boys Club 1975-05-10
Rendering of M. H. Calderon Branch 1973-05-31
Rendering of M. H. Calderon Branch 1974-03-06
Citi manager with boys club officers 1973-04-10
San Antonio Boys Club councilman and proclamation signing 1973-04-05
great Western Finance: new boys club officers 1973-03-21
San Antonio Boys Club group with plaque at North Side Boys Club 1971-01-08
Brooks Advertising: Boys Club awards at Gunter Hotel 1971-10-04
Brooks Advertising: Boys Club awards banquet 1971-07-21
Brooks Advertising: Captain Eddie and boys 1971-05-06
Jose Contreras 1982-11-10
Boys with Lila Cockrell 1980-04-10
Awards: South Side Branch 1980-01-14
216 M. H. Calderon Branch Boy's Club of San Antonio building 1980-12-11
Coaches 1976-02-14
Golden Gloves Boxing 1977-03-05
Golden Gloves Boxing 1976-03-01
Golden Gloves Boxing 1976-02-09
Golden Gloves Boxing 1976-02-23
Golden Gloves Boxing 1976-02-20
Three boys standing in and alley
Planning group 1978-08-25
217 Parade float 1974-04-26
Group of boys and man with calf 1963
Group of boys and man on tractor ride 1963
Group of boys and man watching TV
Two boys scrubbing floor
Boy grocery shopping
BOZO THE CLOWN 1958-1963
218 Bozo with little boy and cake 1958
Santa Claus
Bozo with little clown 1963
Bozo with little kids 1962
Bozo on Merry Go Round
Western sheriff with chaps, six guns, earring and phony mustache
219 Queens riding train 1965
Train in depot
Kids in carriage 1963
Queens in front of train
People by train
Train tracks
220 Students in classroom
Cheerleaders with flags
Students on stage in Indian costumes for play
Students on stage in play about Jesus Nativity scene
Two students, one at chalkboard figuring algebra, other standing at attention
Four students dressed in Spanish and Mexican clothing
Four students in wood shop
Reserve Officers Training Corps at attention on tennis courts
Students in class
Marching band
Students in auditorium watching play
Students in the halls
Little girl with La Retama sash and box with bow
Tennis team
Girls on roller skate
Girl in German costume
Brackenridge High School exterior from across San Antonio River where renovations are going on
Five students
Group of girls outside school wearing matching clothes
Girls dressed as belly dancers
Student looking at sculpture
Students picking roses
Student in various costumes: hula dancers, murse, Huck Finn type
Man in Reserve Officers Training Corps uniform and girl in Reserve Officers Training Corps uniform
Renovation of San Antonio River and Brackenridge High School
Marching band with instruments in auditorium
Students studying
Students with model airplanes
Students playing the piano
Stage crew
Students with stuffed animals
Older ladies at luncheon
Girls gym class
Girls playing paddle tennis
Girls making a pyramid
Football players
Printing press
221 Marching band in auditorium
Students on steps
Secretaries surrounded with flowers
Girls tennis team
Boys tennis team
Group building sets
Track team
Football team
Students by piano
Drum and bugle corps
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Basketball team
Play cast: king and queen and court
La Retama Salesman's Banquet
Drum majorettes
222 Drum and bugle corps
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Crowd at football game
La Retama Salesman's Banquet
Students boarding bus
Pep rally
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Football team
Group of students on front steps
Play cast on stage
Girls dressed the same
223 Students at Christmas party with Christmas tree
Reserve Officers Training Corps and commander
Cheerleaders circa 1940
Two guys in blackface
Member of Brackenridge Glee Club at piano
Brackenridge Glee Club
Drum majorettes
Two students doing Russian dance
Unidentified man (Principal?)
Group of girls outside
Group of girls around piano
Little girl
Students walking to school
Students giving blood
Man by trophy case
Pep rally
Students on stage for a play in cowboy outfits, Indian dress, cloaks, and other costumes
Marching band
Senior spring Swing
Basketball team
Track team
Guys in drag on stage
Choir director
Brackenridge High School
Students at Borden taking a tour
Groups of students and Reserve Officers Training Corps
224 Four girls giving massages
Group of girls
Group of students at desk
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Drum and bugle corps
225 Girls on roller skates 1944
Students working on school newspaper 1944
Reserve Officers Training Corps 1944
Marching band 1944
Football team 1944
Reserve Officers Training Corps 1944
Club 1944
Orchestra 1944
Group of students 1944
Principal 1944
Reserve Officers Training Corps raising the flag 1944
226 Sunken Garden
Lions Field
Theaters circa 1960-1970
Gardens circa 1960-1970
Brackenridge Eagle
Railroads, miniature
Brackenridge park
Paddle boats
228 Rack
Braden Wire and Metal Products, Inc. building 1310 West Laurel Street
Animal Carriers
Carport 1945
Gram dispenser can with mistletoe attached to it
Man sitting in a deer lookout chair
Man climbing into a Texas Hunter Deer Blind 1960-03-10
Deer feeder grain dispenser
Dog runs
Giraffes behind bars
Window bars
Man climbing into deer blind 1961-02-23
229 Folding stand for hunters 1976-02-04
Deer blind 1968-09-17
Folding stand for hunters 1976-05-13
Texas Hunter chair
Grain dispenser
Deer blind 1968-09-24
Catfish food 1970-07-20
Catfish feeder 1973-07-31
Catfish feeder 1975-03-03
Tire and battery store
230 Plane in front of airport building
Guys playing bumper fool 1968
Group in front of plane 1961
Planes being towed 1960
Presentation at McNay Art Institute 1976-06-29
Luncheon 1973
Swimming pool 1973
Employees 1973
Braniff Jet Set Convention at El Tropicano 1973-09-27
Braniff Club 1973-03-21
Braniff float 1972-04-21
Retirement party 1970-01-11
Braniff Council Club 1970-11-10
People boarding plane 1969-12-15
Computer terminals 1969-04-30
Tow men and girl with yellow Rose 1968-09-23
Picnic 1968-08-08
Red Carpet Committee 1968-08-26
Group in front of Columbia bar
Group at airport and Lost Valley Dude Ranch 1968-04-22
Window display
Meeting 1963
People boarding airplanes
Bicentennial plane 1975-11-21
231 Houses 1954
Southside Funeral Home on Wiggins and South Flores Street
Scale model home
232 Houses 1972-01-25
Old house and snow 1971-05-28
House 1971-05-18
House 1970-06-17
Northwood Executive Building 1970-07-18
Exterior of Lutheran Church in Poth, Texas 1971-05-17
Houses 1971-09-28
Interior of houses 1965
Bill Pace
Exterior of houses 1965
Exterior of houses 1964-09-08
233 Broadway National Bank Randolph Air Force Base 1984-06-07
Opening ceremonies at Convention Center 1984-06-01
Three mayors at opening ceremonies 1982-01-08
Broadway National Bank with pink blooming tree 1980-06-23
Rendering of Broadway National Bank 1979-12-07
Broadway National Bank Randolph Air Force Base 1979-11-29
Colonel Charles E. Cheever 1979-11-14
P. D. Straw at Madison High School classroom 1979-11-06
Motor bank 1979-03-01
Charles E. Cheevers 1978-11-07
P. D. Straw and Broadway National Bank: airplanes in flight 1978-06-26
Motor bank destruction 1978-08-04
Three ladies for Texas Bankers Association 1978-05-08
Bank building 1978-04-13
Colonel Charles E. Cheever with Beautification award 1977-12-29
Unidentified man 1977-03-11
Building at corner of Cheever and Broadway Street 1976-12-07
Door prizes, West Avenue branch 1985-04-01
Early photo, converted house, first employee
234 Room with birds and plants
Unidentified people
Woman getting her hair combed
Painting of a woman
Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County information picture board
Painting of a satellite
Western Gold trading stamps
Tea cups, plant and candles on a table
Cafeteria serving line
Ads for Calavo Foods
Doctor treating a parrot
Men building a house for Lackland Homes
Whirlpool Appliances
Small arms ammunition
Horse being given a shot
Culligan Soft Water Service
Empty room
University Drug Store
Westinghouse Company
General Electric Company
Clothes hooks
Mammy's Catering
Boliner Distributing Company
ABC Linen Service 1960
Premiere of movie "The Alamo," the Chordsmen singing
Brackenridge Eagle
Nacolito Inn
Mountain Dew (soft drinks)
Crowning Miss San Antonio 1967 1967
Mr. Broggi at Frost National Bank 1968-12-31
Collies 1969-01-19
Paul Morgan and two other men at presentation 1969-03-17
Award presented at automobile research association 1969-05-16
H and S of Roy Fey 1969-11-12
Group standing with statue of Saint Anthony 1970-05-16
People at Admiral Appliances 1971-07-01
Procession, mass and social at Saint Anthony de Padua 1970-06-15
235 Radiant Lady Beauty Salon
Grand Opening ad 1971-02-09
Ducks Unlimited ad 1970-10-27
Diet Rite Cola and pecans 1970-02-04
Royal Crown ads 1970-02-09
Wig Bank ads 1970-02-09
Wig Bank, The Jeffersonian ads 1970-02-05
KITE Radio: Think Mink ads 1969-09-16
Paul Allen Shelton and three others 1969-02-13
[ Inv # 3176 ]
KITE Radio: KITE Radio 930 ad 1969-01-20
Sears: after inventory sale ad 1968-06-17
Little girl 1971-03-26
Rahmberg Mobile Homes ad 1971-01-19
Woman in law library 1973-05-24
236 Best Equipment: oven 1970-10-05
Roto-Flex Ovens: oven at One-Stop Service 1970-09-11
York Ice Makers: interior of Tower of the Americas and food cluster with York Ice Machine 1968-06-15
Interior of Coke and Charcoal Hamburger restaurant 1968-07-08
Fiesta Spices
BROOKS ADVERTISING 1932-1979 and undated
237 Unknown people
Unknown house
Cuisenaire Crème de Cacao
Boy's clothing and dress
Girl's clothing and dress
Bendix Company
American airlines
Comfort Products Corporation
Air Conditioning
Hammond Organs
Sunset Ridge Apartments
Graham, Callan
San Antonio Music Company
Strickland, R. L. (Bob)
Flower arrangement
Playland Park
Tex-Son Company
Juvenile Manufacturing Company
San Antonio Loan and Trust Company
First National Bank
Grocery Stores
Jet-Tower dishwasher
Basila Frocks Company
Quong Sheu Company
Pozos Café
Record player
Erskay Manufacturing Company
Maps: United States
Admiral Television
Men clothes
Latimer, Ozzie E.
Potchernick's Sporting Goods Store, Saint Mary's Street
Dean, Tom T.
Echols, Glenn L. Real Estate Company
Jam and preserves
Youngstown Kitchens
Railroad Cars
Dinning rooms
BT Products
Alpine, Texas
Hom-Ond Food Stores
Sommers Drug Store
Carr Manufacturing Company
Romana Café
Crosley Refrigerators
Infant nurseries
Graham, Callan
Four Roses Whiskey
1948 dime and 1953 dime
Groucho Marx
Levens Manufacturing Company, 331 W. Josephine
E. A. Moeller
Block's Best Muscatel Wine
Opera (Advertising)
Bright Shawl
Gillespie Motor Company factory outlet
Bird, Mr.
Bathing suits
238 Dime and 1921 silver dollar
Santone fashion ad: Parent's March 1951 and Good Housekeeping 03-1951
Unidentified people
Unidentified buildings
Esso Oil 1932
Store: knick-knacks, dishes, lamps
Spokeswoman for All-Gold Coffee
Bendix Company washers and dryers
Grocery Store
Hoover iron
Unidentified machine
Motorola TV
Plaza Hotel Ball Room
Reliable Battery ads
Costume bags
James F. Woodburn leaving for Bloomington, Indiana to go to college
Giuseppe Di Stefano, tenor in the opera
Record player
Corner of South Hackberry and East Whittier: Nevelow's Auto Supply Store 1935
Brochures for San Antonio's Nueces Hotel and Saint Anthony Hotel
Voting place 1952
Tables and chairs
Bull and cows in a corral
Gun: Winchester rifle with telescopic sight
Ketchup bottle (novelty)
Binoculars and case
Kentucky whisky and California wine
Comfort Products Corporation
Air Conditioning
Jet-Tower dishwasher
Groucho Marx and Betty Fields
239 Bulls
The San Antonio Loan and Trust Company
Lee Brothers Sinclair Service station, South Hackberry at Nims Avenue
First National Bank
Karolin's Furniture Company
Woodlawn Furniture Company 1947
Woodlawn Bowling Center, 1906 Woodlawn
Woodlawn Avenue
Commerce Street
Meetings: Air Force?
Meetings: Bendix Company
Meetings: unidentified group at Plaza Hotel
Weeding portrait
Playland Park
Great American Life Insurance Company
Burke and Simms Fire Equipment Company
Fire engine
Belt buckles
Women (in business?)
Unidentified bust portraits (Brooks Advertising employees?)
Voting machine 1956
American association and Advertising Agencies
Moore, Dickie
Boys clothing and dress
Levans Manufacturing Company, 331 West Josephine 1949
Green Pastures Restaurant
San Antonio Symphony
Reiter, Max
Bright Shawl
Junior League of San Antonio
Stores, Grocery
Carr Manufacturing Company 1949
Romana Café 1949
Frigidaire Products Store
Youngstown Kitchens
Basila Frocks Company
Cuong Sheu Grocery Store
Jay Ann Company, 3021 West Martin
Basila Novelty Company
Pozos Bar
Martin Street
Spencer Linen Service
Yale Thrifty Hardware
All Gold Coffee
Reliable Battery
Signs, Neon
Boxer-Grip Company
H. F. Huehne, Architect
Bendix washer and dryer, bronzed baby shoe and cash tray
Books: Logic: The Theory of Inquiry by Dewey
House # 120, car plates: California 1950
House # 606
Handy Andy air conditioning units
Bendix store front
Isaac receiving award for distinguished service
for making the 500,000 Kimball piano
Construction caterpillar
Plaza Hotel
Santone Clothing
Miniature furniture
Flower arrangement
Vacuum Cleaners
Women clothing and dress
Place mats
Military Plaza 1949
Texas Finance Company
Ideal Awning Company
Cruz Florist
National Loan Company
240 Unidentified people
J. E. repairman
Meeting of Republicans
Downtown park
Drive through window at a bank
Department store window
Fashion show
Brooks 1960-08-16
Two kids posing
Bexar County Republican HQ
NCO Association of America
Frontier drive-in restaurant
Carpet stored in a warehouse
People around a cake of Broadway National Bank
Wolf and Marx
Two men holding a copy of the Express News
Woman and a man holding a copy of the Light
Dummies in a window in front of Wolf and Marx
Broadway National Bank parking lot, Broadway Gift Center, Texas State Optical, Alamo Heights Cemetery, Patt's Drug Store, R. L. Stewart Company, Investments Securities, Mutual Funds 1960, L. Fred Hoey and Company, Insurance and Real Estate
Ronald Regan in front of the Alamo with three unidentified men holding a calendar that reads March 1962
Playland entrance
Playland Park ride
Mall with cars and boats in it
Advertising agency Media Party
Bank interior
Warehouse with boxes of furnaces
Model Market
Bond Issue Election 1961-01-10
Unidentified house
Tom L. Powell receiving Outstanding Citizenship Award 1959
Highland Park Lions Club receiving award for most Outstanding Organization of Year 1958-1959
Rambler dealership
Royal Crown cola at a Party
San Antonio Board of Presidents at a Banquet
Sign saying North Star Mall will be open till 9 PM
Campbell Inc Distributing: air conditioning
Machine shop
Record player
Will Wilson, U. S. Senate
San Antonio Loan and Trust Company
First Baptist Church ground breaking ceremony 1960-03-15
Playland Park ad for Easter and ride
Snow White Cleaners
Ground breaking ceremony for Wolff and Marx new location 1960-01
241 Storage tanks
Superior Dairies: cartons of sour cream 1974-09-10
Cartons 1973-11-13
Superior Dairies: vanilla ice cream carton 1973-03-21
Cottage cheese cartons 1972-05-02
Milk carton 1969-08-27
Superior Dairies: ice cram tops 1969-07-29
Superior Dairies: buttermilk and ice cream cartons 1969-06-06
Superior Dairies: truck in front of Superior Dairies
Superior Dairies building
Duchess Ice Cream
Cottage cheese
Baked potato topping
Carrots, celery, tomatoes, radishes and crackers with milk shakes
Glass of milk
Unidentified people in office circa 1958
Unidentified man behind desk
Unidentified men
242 Kids paddling a paddle boat on San Antonio River circa 1959
243 Drawing of pants
Unidentified men
Montage of stars
Unidentified women
Unidentified buildings
Boys modeling clothes
Football player bank, Broadway National Bank, Alamo Heights
Cups: Fun with Uncle Jay and Packer Jack, KTBC-TV
Banquet room
U. S. Coast Guard Recruiter and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Navy Marine Corps and Air Force Non-Commissioned Officers Association of the USA
Turbiville Rambler Deluxe 1961
Playland Park
Medicine capsules
Man standing in front of First Baptist Church
Building being put up by Alamo Steel Builders: 3930 East Commerce
Broadway National Bank
Nun standing beside painting
Man standing in front of city hall
Man sitting in front of KONO-TV camera
Dummy standing in store window. 85th anniversary sale, Wolff and Marx Company
Unidentified golfer
People standing in front of Wolff and Marx Company
Unidentified house # 206
Unidentified houses # 214, # 222
River walk
Glendale Apartments 1962
Two men with package in front of Braniff airplane
Curio shop
Two men surveying car plates Minnesota 1962
Five men breaking ground for a Broadway National bank
Man and two Holsteins in a pasture
House on 7414 Bridgewater
House, 203 Fawn Drive
House, 147 East Mistletoe
Structural Metals Inc., 8221 Broadway and Ernest Reed, Architect
House, 9502 Nona Kay
House, 4546 Cambray
House 206 Goodhue
Apartments, 225 Westover Road
House, 1325 West Magnolia
Lovera offices, 731 Lovera
North Hill Shopping Center
Broadway Air Conditioning Company
House, 162 Dryden Drive
House, 4118 Silver Lake Drive
House, 111 Corina Drive
House, 219 Sonata
House, 601 Arcadia
Broadway National bank, 5201 Broadway
Alamo Heights Methodist Church, 5100 Broadway
Robert L. Scott, general contractor
House, 331 Linda Drive
House 1702 Arroya Vista
Music store
Voting station 1962-11-06
Bob Johnson
Kelty Optical Company, 1325 West Magnolia
Rambler dealership
Two little girls (twins) and Santa Claus
Backyard swimming pool
244 New Buttercrust Bread package 1973-05-23
Johnson and Zausmer: old employees and Herman Richter 1972-12-14
Buttercrust truck driver 1972-05-26
Rendering of Richter's Buttercrust HQ 1972-02-18
Bread display and bread wrapper purse 1971-11-09
Bread display 1968-12-05
Secretary of the year at Sheraton Inn 1969-02-14
Buttercrust packages and products 1968-11-12
Herman Richter 1964-07-30
Unidentified family eating Buttercrust 1962-12-10
Duchess tangerine sherbet
245 Unidentified boy posing
Withoff Advertising Inc.: Richard Withoff; Valley National Bank, Phoenix; Benton and Bowles Inc., New York; Wert Reade; Victor S. Bloede; Chester L. Fosey; McCann-Erickson Inc., New York
Bernard W. Brooks, Bernard W. Brooks Advertising, San Antonio and three unidentified men
Jack Schlichenmajor, A. A. A. A. and three unidentified men
Unidentified men
Fred E. Rome, Tracy-Locke Company Inc., Dallas and Rex Webster, Webster-Harris-Weisburg, Lubbock
William E. Clark, Mal Miller and six unidentified men
Unidentified woman in lamp store
Unidentified group of people
Unidentified girls
Wrecked car
NCO Association Insurance Academy
Humphrey, Williamson and Gitson Inc., Oklahoma City: Mitchell Williamson; Tracy-Locke Company Inc., Dallas: Fred E. Rome; McCann-Erickson Inc., Houston: Don O'Brien
San Antonio Advertising Club: Robert Berry and two unidentified people
Mac Kaplan receiving Proclamation on appointment to the Mayors' office
Broadway National Bank of Alamo Heights: Mrs. John A. Cestomer writing a check for auto repair, balance $ 564.27 1962-04-01
Drainage ditch
Parade float passing by Sommers Drugs, F. W. Woolworth's and Askins Credit Clothing and Rexall Drugs
San Antonio Gun Club: two men at a shooting contest in front of the score sheets. Names on sheets are: Tom Hanzel, P. L. Koufman, Bill Rau, Leo Dubinsky, Pete Kaurson, J. Frost III, Steve Hanzel, Kathy McGinn, P.Loring, F. Laudano, Mellard, J. Killian, G. McBride, P. Glasscock, P. Mohbers, James Clark, JoAnn Carr, M. Clark, R. B. Ross, Earl Herring, Neal Johnson, John Oliphant, James Eaton, Marriott, Johnson, Reay, Heffson, Bywatter 1964-04-18
Tex-Son Company models
Aerial view of San Antonio
Pig piggy bank
Watches: Rolex
Shirt: Parkerville of Troy, 100% cotton
Montage of things to do in San Antonio
Randolph Air Force Base float
Larry Miller and Bill Borellis: Prep All-American Basketball and two unidentified men
Broadway National bank at 780 Hibbard Street. 10:45 AM and 5:59 PM
Bull-riding and bull at rodeo
Aerial view of downtown San Antonio
The Alamo: flag flying at half-mast
Painting of a mission by Donald M. Yena
Office building
NE National Bank
Associated Architects and Engineers, San Antonio, Texas: Convention Center drawing: Noonan, Krocker, Phelps, Simmons and Associates
Woman standing in front of Lady Byrd's Coiffures
Bob Johnson's children
San Antonio magazine, June 1, 1965, Volume 1, Issue 1: special feature on Hemis Fair 68
City magazines: Buffalo, New York; Oklahoma Citi, Oklahoma; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota 1965
246 Chamberlain: unidentified family 10-22
[ Inv. # 2165, Pic # 2146 ]
Broadway Bank Drive-In
Certificate presented to Edward H. White II, astronaut 1965-07-02
Milk from Superior Dairies
Whipping Cream from Superior Dairies
Knowlton's Dairy
ButterKrust Bread 06-08
Girl with glass of milk
247 Dryer
City Public Service Annual Report
Two men with Plaque for Hemis Fair 1968
Woman with garden hose
Mortgage Investment Company Banquet 1966-10-04
Mortgage Investment Company
Drawing of Chaffee and Son Laboratories
Bob Johnson's children pose for Christmas cards
Unidentified building
Billy Black and Steve Niles receiving a Certificate of Recognition of Outstanding Performance in Basketball from two unidentified men
Natividad Salazar receiving a Certificate of Recognition of Outstanding Performance in Basketball from two unidentified men
Coin set: 1964 penny, nickel, dime, quarter and half-dollar
Little girl weanling foal
Paint can
Unidentified people
Grand Opening Bexar County Savings and Loan: Miss San Antonio; August Z. Proll Jr, Director; G. S. McCreless, Treasurer; Dr. E. R. Crews, Director; Bob Roth; Richard El Travis, Vice President and other unidentified people
Letter from Governor Connally to Commissioner Dupey of Montreal, Canada
City Public Service Board ad
Sheraton Hotel: Glenn Corbett and Slim Pickens standing with two unidentified men
Better Homes and Garden Cookbook
Sheraton Inn: John Russell
Fashion show at Sheraton
Mortgage Investment Company: interior and exterior
Boy scout, troop leader (troop 358) and old lady in front of the Alamo
Unidentified kids
Parade of Homes Ribbon Cutting 1966
Playland Park 25th anniversary
North East Bank
Oak Grove Store and Market: corner of Nacogdoches and North East Loop 410 being towed
P. J. McNeel receiving Retail Merchandising Award from Lenox Inc.
Miss San Antonio 1966, Mr. W. B. Johnson, Secy, Hayden Grona, Manager and others pulling a string of money ($ 10,000 bills) out of an armored car for the grand opening of the Bexar County Savings and Loan
Paceco Paint and Stain Company
Unidentified man in Hawaiian costume
Certificate for Bexar County Saving Association showing them as a business
248 Governor Election: Dolph Bricscoe and family 1968-04-16
Unidentified group of men around table
Two men holding small plane with Broadway National Bank behind them 1968-04-24
Pool party 1968-06-17
People at Lester Brown's home, of Hemis Fair Chinese Pavilion and group around 1968-05-15
Breakfast at Saint Anthony hotel for Dolph Briscoe 1968-05-02
David Niven receiving Proclamation for City Public Service at Joske's Book Department 1968-06-24
Convention in Tower of the Americas 1968-06-22
Ads 1968-09-16
Mother and daughter making pies at City Public Service Board 1968-09-14
Man removing bee hive from tree
Light Fights crime ads 1969-04-15
Expressway at night 1969-04-17
Council members on freeway and at city hall 1969-04-04
Little boy with giant stuffed dog
Unidentified people
Voting machine ballot 1969-03-17
City Public Service Annual Report 1969-02-07
Man and woman with seven dwarves heads 1969-11-30
High school Ray Holliday 1969-01-28
Broadway Bank Captain and man at desk 1969-01-16
People around pool 1968-11-14
Man sitting in chair
Mouse and dog 1968-11-25
Plaque of appreciation given to Sergeant V. S. Lambreth for valor on duty at North East National Bank in Alamo Heights 1968-10-15
Party 1968-10-07
Chief of Police and Sheriff 1968-09-23
Three men won trip to Hawaii from Allen Bull TV 1968-12-15
Ernie De Minse signing for candidacy for Precinct # 2 1969-03-15
Maid of the Month 1969-10-31
Models in kitchen and City Public Service Board 1969-10-23
TV winner in Alamo Savings 1969-10-15
Lebanese dancer at Arden Grove Party House 1969-10-15
Four people at Brooks Advertising Hawaii trip
Family with washer and dryer 1969-09-11
Exterior of Housing Center of San Antonio on IH 10 1969-09-15
People at airport and San Antonio HBA dedication of new building 1969-08-07
H and S of Bob Johnson 1969-07-31
Award for lady retiring at Arden Grove Party House 1969-07-16
Mayor signing proclamation 1969-06-12
Southern Steel 1969-06-05
Artwork of San Antonio River scene 1969-05-29
B. T. Mulhern 1969-04-30
249 Colonel Cheevers Bank Building: woman at vault, Colonel Cheevers at desk, Linda stocks behind teller window 1969-03-08
Phone 1968-04-05
Ads for Lentz, Newton and Company: Bob Ross Homes
Ads for Wolf and Marx: Electrical Distribution Company
Ads for City Public Service Board
Ads for Parade of Homes Ribbon Cutting
Ads for Nelson Puett and Associates: Playland Park
Ads for Castle Park
Ads for Texas Gold Stamps
Ads for Sears
Ads for Fiesta Top
Ads for Rambler Center
Ads for McNeel Jewelers
Ads for Maverick Clarke
Ads for Rainbo Gas
Ads for Chas Orsinger Buick Company
Ads for San Antonio Music Company
Ads for Hilton Hotel
Ads for Travis Bank
Criminal Courts Building floor plan
250 Ad for Nowlin for state Senate Committee 1970-09-17
Butter Krust Bread: Butter Krust Bread sign 1968-12-17
Broadway Bank ad for Monthly Income Certificate 1969-12-30
Credit cards 1970-03-06
Altar boys 1968-04-11
Ad from Anders Rambler 1968-06-26
Dan Smoot
Painting: cabin in the mountains
Wolf and Marx ads
Colonial Cakes Company ads
Bernard Altman
Drawing: caw
Playland Park
Wolff and Marx building with giant flag
Rendering of Rambler Center sign
San Antonio Court house
Superior Dairies food and cartons
251 Ad: Free! and ad: Great Western Furniture 1969-02-28
Ad: $ 199 down cash or trade 1969-02-26
Ad: Great Western Furniture 1968-12-11
Broadway National Bank: rendering of the bank 1968-10-03
Ad: Labor day Playland Park 1968-08-27
Ad: self- cleaning range and DuPont Nylon Tile 1968-07-06
Ad: Louis Armstrong, Dale Robertson 1968-08-14
Ad: Handy Andy Playland Party 1968-08-14
Ad: Playland Park opening Friday, March 14th 1969-03-10
Ad: Playland Park-Every day is Play day 1969-03-13
Alamo Savings and Loan Association home improvement loans 1969-04-24
Motor Bank: Saturdays, 8 AM to 1 PM 1969-04-24
Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1969-04-22
Roberta the Robot 1969-04-02
Broadway Bank and daily interest on your savings 1969-03-28
Home and Hobby Show and Villita Assembly Hall 1969-03-14
Playland Park, KONO-TV 1969-06-13
Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1969-07-02
Hy Marcus Boys and Men's wear 1969-07-24
Labor Day at Playland Park 1969-08-21
Chamberlain State Representative PI-5 and his family posing 1968-10-25
Handy Andy Day at Playland 1971-08-03
Golden Jersey banana ice cream 1971-07-12
Aztec 3 theater 1971-05-25
McDonald's ads 1971-05-19
Golden Jersey ice cream 1971-04-06
Rendering of Electrical Distributor Company Building 1971-04-13
Playland Park 1972-03-21
McDonald's: tables at McDonald's 1973-05-01
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer, KONO-TV and Playland Park: KONO, Playland Ride-a-rama Day 1973-06-06
Golden Jersey lemon ice cream 1973-06-20
Colden Jersey chocolate marshmallow ice cream 1973-08-17
Golden Jersey Dutch Apple ice cream 1973-10-25
Golden Jersey table top ice cream 1974-02-20
Golden Jersey ice cream 1974-06-27
Golden Jersey ice cream 1974-06-20
San Antonio Music Company in Central Park 1973-02-23
Richter Bakery: loaves of bread 1973-02-14
Golden Jersey ice cream 1973-02-14
Hy Marcus Boys and Men's wear: male models 1972-11-22
Golden Jersey ice cream 1972-04-20
Golden Jersey chocolate chip ice cream and cottage cheese 1972-02-11
Lauderstein's custom suite department 1971-12-08
Studers by kids 1971-11-08
Billboard 1971-10-06
Golden Jersey Black Walnut ice cream 1971-08-15
Aztec, Aztec 2, Aztec 3 theaters 1971-06-10
Artwork and Butter Krust buns 1971-01-28
Golden Jersey ice cream 1971-02-22
South Western Gem and Mineral Show 1971-03-15
Golden Jersey peppermint ice cream and eggnog 1970-10-23
Board of trustees, news clippings, former trustees 1970-10-06
Camera card 1970-06-30
City Public Service Board 1970-06-30
Wonder Wig Salon 1970-08-12
Handy Andy's Playland party 1970-08-17
Labor Day at Playland Park 1970-08-17
"Now is the time for Nowlin" 1970-09-18
Golden Jersey lemon custard 1970-08-24
Sales volume chart 1970-06-23
Wonder Wig salons 1970-05-06
"See Roller Derby in person" 1970-04-08
Record albums 1970-05-20
Archer 1970-04-23
Nelson Wolff, Guy Floyd and D. L. (Tony) Dramberger 1970-04-22
Honda mini-trail bike, Maverick Markets 1970-04-22
Playland and fiesta 1970-04-15
Roller Derby and Irving Wayne 1970-01-29
American Broadway Bank 1970-03-19
L and M Western Stores, Willie Nelson, Jim Nowlin 1970-02-20
American flag 1970-02-22
McNeel's Jewelry sale 1970-02-25
Handy Andy 1970-02-05
Saathoffs 1970-02-06
Handy Andy 1970-02-09
Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1970-01-20
"See Roller Derby tonight" 1970-01-08
Home and Hobby Show 1970-01-28
Roller Derby: Hemis Fair Arena 1970-01-07
"In Person- Roller Derby" 1970-01-02
Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1969-12-29
Hy Marcus and Broadway Bank 1969-12-05
Exterior of Broadway Bank 1969-12-05
McNeel's Jewelry 61st anniversary 1969-12-01
Alamo Funeral Home 1969-11-15
Billboard and girl saluting American flag 1969-11-12
Knowlton's Dip 1969-11-12
NFL electric football game, translator and doll house 1969-10-06
Bank Americard 1969-11-05
Alamo Savings and Loan Association 1969-10-06
NFL electronic football game 1969-09-23
Grand Opening 1969-09-17
Handy Andy at Playland Party 1969-08-15
Guardian Transmission 1969-09-12
Alamo Savings and Loan Association Grand Opening 1969-09-19
Free 4th of July fireworks display at Playland Park 1969-06-25
Austin Savings Association 1968-12-28
252 Publication for new dress code for Broadway National Bank 1975-06-06
Exterior of Broadway National Bank 1978-07-14
Broadway National Bank: 35th year birthday cake 1976-02-10
Broadway National Bank: aerials of property adjacent to Petroleum Center 1975-06-03
Broadway National Bank: dinner party to announce new business partnership 1975-05-06
Broadway National Bank: P. D. Straw, President of Loop 410 Association 1975-01-30
Broadway National Bank: manager in customer department 1974-12-20
Eisenhower National Bank ground breaking 1974-10-22
Broadway National Bank: Handy Andy Supermarket , Loop 410 and Perrin-Betel 1974-03-19
Eisenhower National Bank: rendering of the bank 1974-10-18
Broadway National Bank: Randolph Air Force Base facility 1974-02-27
Colonel Cheevers receiving award 1970-12-31
Broadway National Bank and Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: drawing of ticket winner 1974-01-09
Personnel at desk or talking to customers 1974-02-08
Broadway National Bank and Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: winner of super bowl tickets 1974-01-10
Broadway National Bank and Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: Randolph Air Force Base facility personnel 1973-10-09
Broadway National Bank: signing, cocktail and luncheon 1973-10-04
Broadway National Bank: computer party 1973-10-04
Broadway National Bank: men with earth science teaching aid 1973-02-02
Broadway National Bank: employees at Randolph Bank 1973-05-25
Broadway National Bank: champagne party 1972-12-21
Broadway National Bank: astronauts 1972-12-08
Broadway National Bank and Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: Broadway National Bank Randolph Air Force Base 1973-01-05
Broadway National Bank: General Cheevers with portrait of General Patton 1970-08-27
Eisenhower National Bank: Bank Americard card 1970-10-02
Drive-in bank at Broadway National Bank 1970-10-28
Broadway National Bank: Randolph Air Force Base Broadway National Bank employees 1969-11-11
Broadway National Bank: Colonel Cheevers presenting book 12-29
Broadway National Bank: Aerial
Man coming out of door at Broadway National Bank
Broadway National Bank: men and sign of new hours 1971-08-26
Broadway National Bank: cashier with Saint Mary college student 1971-07-08
Broadway National Bank: student and General Cheevers at bank 1972-03-14
Broadway National Bank: Colonel Straw and Colonel Cheevers signing Prisoners Of War petition 1970-11-11
Broadway National Bank: unveiling of painting at the bank 1971-02-15
Broadway National Bank: bank interior 1970-08-28
Ribbon cutting at Broadway National Bank 1968-04-29
Charley Chin presenting ticket to Hawaii 1968-04-07
Groups at Broadway National Bank 1968-02-05
Broadway National Bank painting: White family
Colonel Cheevers in front of Broadway National Bank 1969-02-12
Broadway National Bank: graphs, charts of buildings 1969-03-27
Broadway National Bank exterior 1969-07-24
Broadway National Bank exterior 1969-07-29
New Broadway National Bank at Randolph Air Force Base 1969-11-10
Christmas tree
Lee High School and 84 sign at Broadway National Bank 1968-12-19
North East National Bank 1969-12-11
Bankamericard cards 1969-12-07
Rendering of Broadway National Bank Randolph Air Force Base 1969-10-29
Broadway National Bank: aerials of Fort Sam Houston 1972-02-16
Broadway National Bank: military department
Broadway National Bank: unidentified people
253 Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: girl in Saint Anthony Hotel lobby 1974-08-19
Recipients of award from Better Business Bureau: Marshall Clegg, Robert E. Sefeik, Starling Smith, Halsey Hester, Jesus Villarreal, Ray Laube and Bernard M. Brooks, Jr. 1972-12-14
Unidentified woman 1972-12-08
Golden Jersey Dairy: cherry nut ice cream 1972-12-05
Tom Hendrix and Mel Lathrop 1972-11-17
Better Business Bureau: Better Business Bureau 49th annual meeting at Saint Anthony Hotel 1972-10-19
Mr. Brooks, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Zausmer 1972-10-05
Chocolate almond ice cream 1972-08-15
Home-arama at Wonderland Mall 1972-08-05
San Antonio Loan and Trust Company: family group buying house 1972-08-01
Wonderland Mall: promotion for Home-arama 1972-07-31
San Antonio Loan and Trust Company: people at desk 1972-07-26
Irving Wayne: Home-arama publicity 1972-07-10
KO Still Casting: two men at KO Still Casting
Playland Park ad for million dollar midway at Playland 1972-04-15
Presentation at Culligan Water Conditioning Company meeting at Sheraton Hotel 1971-12-02
Christmas Post Office at Broadway Bank 1971-12-06
Housing Authority opening of new apartment building 1971-11-15
Nyah Aviation: man after solo flight 1971-11-10
Better Business Bureau: dinner meeting at Saint Anthony Hotel for Better Business Bureau 1971-10-27
McDonalds: photos at McDonalds and hot balloons "America" 1971-10-22
Child models 1971-10-22
Cottage cheese carton 1971-10-21
JNZ at print washer by Culligan apparatus 1971-10-18
North West Expressway: people looking damage over 1971-10-13
McDonalds: ribbon cutting at McDonalds on Fredericksburg Road 1971-10-12
Three generals with chef hats 1971-10-07
Women counting expressway petitions 1971-10-01
GI Supply: people standing next to Battle of the Alamo painting, 1836 to be hung in bank 1971-09-24
Fashion model 1971-09-23
Field of wheat, farm house and combine 1971-09-15
Milk carton 1971-09-17
Elderly woman in rocking chair 1971-08-09
Judge Reeves, Mayor Gatti, Frank Benneck judging a contest 1971-07-09
Boy scouts and clown 1971-07-02
Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Ochse 1971-06-07
Letter from President Nixon to Captain Bruce Eytinge 1971-05-06
Couple and a child 1973-02-08
Floor plans and elevation for a camp 1971-02-12
Plant 1971-01-13
San Antonio clothing 1970-11-08
Cherry pecan ice cream 1970-12-30
Playland Park new roller coaster railing 1970-12-29
Dress material 1970-11-17
Close up of dress material 1970-11
Tex-Sun: interior of Tex-Sun Clothing Manufacture 1970-11-03
47th Better Business Bureau meeting 1970-10-21
Two men 1970-10-21
McNeil: ribbon cutting 1970-10-14
Tex-Sun: interior and exterior of building at 449 Saint Mary's 1970-10-16
Jim Nowlin and conference 1970-10-19
Kothmann's desks 1970-10-13
Kids riding elephant at San Antonio zoo 1970-10-03
Sales meeting on river barge 1970-07-20
Ad for medical and research center 1970-08-28
Girl at airport 1970-07-13
Highway construction roller 1970-06-19
ID type of man and woman 1970-06-17
Travis Park West building and artwork 1970-06-11
Exterior of 1st National Bank building 1970-06-02
Winners at North West National Bank 1970-05-18
Chamber of Commerce: photos for medical brochure 1970-05-04
Chamber of Commerce: medical facilities 1970-05-04
De Winne family 1970-04-26
Exterior of San Antonio Loan and Trust Company 1970-04-07
Ernie De Winne: Mr. De Winne running for office 1970-03-18
Alamo Heights National Bank 1971
254 Exterior of Alamo Heights National Bank 1971-11-04
Unveiling of new bank sign and ribbon cutting 1971-01-05
Opening of redecorated Alamo Heights National Bank 1971-09-13
Drawing of Alamo Heights National Bank 1971-01-07
Alamo Heights National Bank 1971-09-07
Alamo Heights National Bank 1971-12-21
Rendering of Alamo Heights National Bank
Alamo Heights National Bank: unidentified people
Alamo Heights National Bank: party
Alamo Heights National Bank: cake cutting
256 Glenn Advertising: Butter Krust Bakery ads 1968-04-19
Richter's Bakery: loaf of bread 1965-12-27
257 Richter's bakery 1977-03-01
Horse drawn Butter-Krust cart 1977-03-03
Loaf of bread 1976-11-19
Ad for Butter-Krust Bread 1976-11-12
Otto Richter Jr. at Butter Krust Bakery 1976-10-29
Superior Dairies: egg and butter cartons 1974-09-10
Butter Krust: Butter Krust sandwich lamp 1973-09-07
Butter Krust Bakery Poster: Welcome to Butter Krust Country 1972-11-09
Richter's Bread: logo brand 1972-05-04
Butter Krust Bakery: Butter Krust Bakery sign 1972-11-16
Richter's Bakery : food and children eating 1968-06-12
Richter's Bakery: drawing of loaf of bread 1970-06-11
Richter's Bakery: drawing of loaf of bread 1968-08-09
Richter's Bakery: drawing of loaf of bread 1971-06-18
Butter Krust Products 1968-09-20
Richter's Butter Krust plant 1968-10-18
Interior of Butter Krust plant 1968-11-12
Butter Krust Bread 1965-09-23
Display of Richter bakery products 1968-06-24
258 Broadway National Bank: drive-in at the Eisenhower National Bank 1975-07-10
Exterior of Eisenhower National Bank at Fort Sam Houston 1975-06-25
Grand opening of Eisenhower National Bank 1975-06-12
Frost National Bank for awards 1975-05-16
Eisenhower National Bank: book "Eisenhower, American Hero' 1974-02-13
President with sign and bank employees at Eisenhower National Bank, Fort Sam Houston 1974-01-22
Eisenhower National Bank employees 1973-07-18
Opening ceremonies at Eisenhower National Bank at Fort Sam Houston 1973-06-18
259 Community Development Center: Roy M. Montez 1977-01-10
Leroy G. Denman 1972-04-26
Award presentation of prize wardrobe 1972-12-20
Butter Crust models 1974-12-14
Publication 1974-12-09
Milk carton 1974-12-05
Golden Jersey eggnog 1974-11-19
Colden Jersey ice cream 1974-10-22
McDonald's: child in wheelchair with Ronald McDonald 1974-09-18
"The Texas Flyer" magazine 1974-08-15
Four men with map 1974-08-12
San Antonio Bank and Trust: water color painting 1974-07-25
Group of men 1974-07-08
Milk 1974-07-02
Mc Donald characters on cups 1974-05-20
Portraits 1974-05-15
Saint Anthony Hotel 1974-04-26
McDonald bus in front of the Alamo 1974-04-22
1st State Bank of Uvalde: furniture 1974-03-21
Stanley Smith Security: Tom McNeel 1974-03-25
Playland Park with Saint Mary's Rattlers visiting 1974-03-22
1st State Bank of Uvalde: people 1974-02-19
Rendering of Austin Saving association 1974-02-14
Johnny Rodriguez with mother and representative 1974-02-12
Bill Heil: John Poerner 1974-02-04
Two men in stock pen with cattle 1974-01-25
Bank at Uvalde 1973-12-11
Boy at entrance of airport 1973-11-18
Men with trophy 10-25
People working in bank 1973-10-02
Bank interior 1973-08-30
Canada Dry dealer: Canada Dry bottles 1973-06-20
People at Community Savings in Fredericksburg 1973-06-11
Lobby of Milam Building 1973-05-21
Gilda Lining: Miss R. C. Cola 1973-03-26
Mr. Oppenheimer at San Antonio Bank and Trust 1973-04-04
Irving Wayne and Reverend Edmundo 1973-03-12
Presentations and group at Saint Anthony Hotel for Tex-Sun convention 1973-02-14
Hap Brooks and Jim Hiney 1973-01-17
260 Randy Cadwallader 1983-08-08
Snake bite freeze kit and Stingray freeze kit 1976-06-29
San Antonio Music Company sign 1976-05-12
Ice cream 1976-04-24
KKYX -radio belt buckle 1976-02-03
Old building 1976-03-17
Packaging machinery, heat- proof insulation, other insulators 1976-03-09
Couple at table, James Beard being presented with chef's hat 1976-03-12
Couple in front of display 1976-02-24
Snake, snake with box, box on peg board, plastic bag 1976-02-17
Milk and cookies 1976-01-22
"Freedom" Buick 1976-01-09
Lee Butler and Richard Frank 1975-10-29
Employees at Great Western Furniture 1975-08-28
Alamo Title Building 1975-09-18
Unidentified people
Hanging the flag at McDonald's
Menger Smart Shops 1975-09-29
Ronald McDonald and McDonald child 1975-09-02
Fashion shots at Menger Smart Shops 1975-08-20
People at Air Force Village 1975-08-07
1st State Bank, Uvalde: lobby interior 1975-07-21
Snakebite Freeze 1972-07-09
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kocurek at La Louisiana 1975-06-06
Playland Park publication for Salvation Army day at Playland Park 1975-05-12
Blueberry ice cream 1976-02-18
Miss Fiesta with Ronald McDonald 1975-04-23
Air Force Village 1975-04-08
Town Square 1975-03-17
Playland Park Mayor's day 1975-03-14
Exterior of town houses 1975-01-10
261 Richter Bakery 1978-04-06
Award presentation
Hospital and Health Science Center 1978-03-21
Brooks Army Base and Brooks Army Medical Center
Lackland 1978-03-27
Randolph Air Force Base 1978-03-22
Randolph Air Force Base 1978-03-17
Chamber of Commerce building and San Fernando Cathedral 1978-03-15
Playland Park 1978-03-07
University of Texas, Methodist and VA hospitals 1978-03-07
San Antonio Bank and Trust: interior of a lobby 1978-02-28
C-5 transport plane and hanger 1978-03-24
Two unidentified men 1978-04-24
Hap Brooks 1978-05-10
San Antonio Loan and Trust Company 1978-05-02
Old Elks Club on Pecan street being imploded 1978-06-18
Unidentified people
Aerial of San Antonio Bank and Trust 1978-05-25
Hap Brooks 1978-11-15
KFTZ-radio 1977-02-09
Aerials of San Antonio, Trinity University, the Tower of the Americas 1978-03-07
Bakery and Richter family 1678-02-10
Eldon D. White 1978-02-02
U. S. Courthouse at Hemis Fair 1978-01-25
Leighton E. Brown 1978-01-26
Parking garage and bank 1978-01-19
Pete Devries 1978-01-10
Travis Park West building and artwork 1978-01-03
Mrs. Brooks 1977-12-28
San Antonio Bank and Trust 1977-12-15
Mc Donald's 1976-07-16
Peeled banana 1977-07-06
Dedication of museum at Alamo Cement 1977-05-17
Watch fob 1977-05-10
Publication for energy show 1977-03-04
Alamo Concrete 1976-09-01
Northern Hills Bank: group photo 1976-11-16
262 San Antonio City water Board including Henry Cisneros 1982-01-10
Debbie Escobar 1983-07-07
Mike Brown 1983-08-03
Unidentified men
Butter Krust Truck
Unidentified woman in rocking chair
Butter Krust truck in front of Municipal Auditorium
Unidentified men 1982-02-01
San Antonio Water Board: group shot of 5 members 1982-02-17
Mr. Birney 1982-06-02
Butter Krust 1982-06-15
Hap Brooks: proclamation award 1982-10-10
Towne Comeis 1982-12-28
Unidentified man
Larry Benerie 1983-05-10
David V. Tajtas 1983-05-02
Buddy Cadwallder 1983-06-02
Aerials of city 1983-08-01
Rosie Klar 1983-07-22
Jack Bales and Bill Downs 1983-08-18
Unidentified woman
Presentation of plaque to John M. Schaeffer
People 1981-04-28
Butter Krust's 100th Anniversary 1982-01-11
Butter Krust's 100th Anniversary 1981-12-16
People in bank 1981-09-04
People in front of San Antonio Bank and Trust Company
San Antonio City Water Board 1981-09-10
San Antonio College, Incarnate Word College, Witte Museum, Institute of Texan Cultures, University of Mexico 1979-11-20
Saint Philips College, Our Lady of the Lake University, Laurie Auditorium, and San Antonio Little Theater 1979-11-28
KFTZ-radio personalities: Glenn Miller, Perry Como 1980-10-20
San Antonio Bank and Trust: exterior 1979-10-11
San Antonio Bank and Trust: building exterior on the corner of Navarro Street 1980-07-18
San Antonio Bank and Trust 1980-06-23
Documents 1980-05-09
Symphony and conductor 1979-11-08
KKYX-radio baseball team 1980-03-19
Unidentified people
Board of Realtors seminar 1980-01-17
Group in old western clothes 1980-03-17
Men at luncheon 1979-08-08
Wood and bronze plaque 1979-08-02
2-97 FM Radio station 1979-03-20
Lumber truck 1979-02-28
Couple 1979-02-12
263 Brown Express: truck in front of Mission Stadium
Group of men
Brown Express
264 Road roller
Saint Joseph's church exterior 1951-06-22
Pneumatic tired roller
265 Equipment: tractors of a sort
Road roller
Flat trailer
Rock buster
Stationary machinery
Compactor tire pressure guide
Construction on a road
266 G. C. Murphy
Morgan-Lindsay Company: Bruner's Inc. 1969-01-17
Morgan-Lindsay Company: display windows 1967-09-10
Morgan-Lindsay Company: girdles
267 Two elderly men
Two men with huge catfish
Little boy with string of fish
Children sitting in Pickup bed
Man with prize winning bull at Comal County Youth Fair
Wedding couple outside Queen of the Holy Rosary Church
Wedding couple with mother
Two men with Beechcraft plane
Man riding horse in the hills
Man with deer he shot
Christmas card from the bill Buchannan
Girl with prize winning fat steer at the Blanco county 4-H and FFA Livestock Show
Unidentified man
Group of people
Group of women with string of fish and an horse
Bride with parents
Marriage ceremony
Bride and father walking down the aisle
Reception after ceremony
Bride throwing bouquet
Girl with prize winning steer
Baby and bloodhound
Morris Buchannan's grandmother in a rocking chair
Two men by plane with Al Buchannan Drilling Company sign
Two little girls
Morris Buchannan wedding pictures
Morris Buchannan: bull fight in Laredo
Ranch house with cattle and horses around
Couple in horse cart to show pioneer courtship
Jefferson High School reunion 1935-1936
Cow with nursing calf
Unidentified man with car 1960
Man with two swordfish
Dressed up woman
Unidentified woman
Man with turkey
Ruth, female, age 24
Three men standing on 9th green
Portrait of unidentified man
Butcher cutting meat
Christmas card from Morris Buchannan
Interior of ranch house
Etching of cowboy on horse with steer
Kids with bull
Christmas cards from the Buchannan's
Girl sitting on fence by windmill
Girl sitting in grass
Branding cattle
Kid with two puppies
Transmission tower lying on its side partially in water
268 Renderings and floor plans of Gunter Hotel 1981-06-05
Saint James Community Hospital 1982-10-26
Saint James Community Hospital 1982-11-03
269 Horns
People in bar
Animal hides and horns
Chair made from horns
Sahillo's Bar
BUILDINGS 1890-1986
271 Methodist Hospital
Hospitals 1974
Chrome Plate
West Texas Military Academy
Navarro, Jose, House
Lone Star Radiator Works
Texas Pharmacol Company
La Quinta Motor Inn
Motels 1968
San Antonio Public Library
Military hospital
Oak Hills Medical Building
san Antonio Independent School District
German-English School
Medical Arts Building
Photographers: Patteson, Harvey
Smith-Young Tower 1963
Municipal Market
Brooke General Hospital
Saint John's Lutheran Church
272 Buildings
Market Street
Bavarian Inn
Aztec Tile
Tuesday Musical Club
Tindall Pontiac
Texas Continental Life Insurance
San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
General Supply
Straus-Frank Company
GPM Life
Bledsoe Mission Home
City Hall
El Mercado
Central Park Mall
Goodyear Auto Service
Preiss, Adolph
Stores, drug
Hugo, Schmeltzer and Company
GPM Building
Fire departments
Bands (music)
Carnegie Library
Fenstermaker, Clarence W. (Residence)
Steves, Edward (Residence)
San Pedro Playhouse
Menger Hotel
Federal Building
McGinty-Clifton Sales
Military Service Company
Casino-Gilcrease Building
KLN Steel Products
Ice Manufacture
Post offices
Hotel Palms
Rodeway Inn
La Quinta Motor Inn
Main Plaza
M and S Tower
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Lieberman Company
Majestic Building
Main Plaza circa 1940s
San Fernando Cathedral
Milam Building
Municipal Auditorium
Navarro Street
Nix Hospital
Our Lady of the Lake University
Hotel Plaza
Saint Mary's University
San Antonio Saving Association
Incarnate Word College
Roba studio
Circle S Manufacturing Company
Rusk Street
New York Dress Company
273 Plant by a river
Downtown street scene
Bluebonnet Hotel
Mexican Airlines
Falstaff Beer truck
Busch Bavarian beer truck
Burlesque shows: The Green Gate
Modern Finance Company
Shafer Plumbing Electric Company
Oyster Bar
Travis Plaza Hotel
Car advertising a rodeo
Gunter Hotel
American Health Studios
Steeplechase Bar
Olympia Café
American Plan Corporation
Bexar County National Bank
Aztec 3 Theater
San Antonio Drug Company
Lone Star Beer truck
Tower building
Pearl Beer truck
Downtown street scene
Daniel's Linen Store
Thom, McAn shoes
Burt's Shoes
Palace Theater
Landmark Building
National Shirt Shops
Aerial view of downtown
Special plumbing, electric, hardware: corner of North Laredo
Checker Finance Company
Nova. Laboratories Manufacturing Chemists
Pete's Café
Purse and Company Wholesale Furniture
KUBO Radio
Alameda Theatre
Goodwill Store
Plaza Furniture
Stowers Furniture
San Antonio Savings
Alamo National Bank
Tower building
Charlie's Place
Hotel Palms
Navarro Shoe Shop
San Antonio Building and Loan
Sommers Drugs
Palace Theater
Nix Garage
Crockett Hotel
Corner of North Soledad and West Commerce Street
National Bank of Commerce
Zenith Radio
Alamo Piano Company
Beyer Company 1944
Schilo's Deli
Schultze Stove and Hardware Company
Special Pipe Mixtures
Corner of Rodriguez and Soledad Street 1935
Unidentified buildings: 500 Soledad Street
McNeel Jewelry Company
Manhattan Jewelry
Thom McAn Shoes
Canadian Fur Company
Gunter Hotel
Majestic Theatre
Texas Theatre
Wolff and Marx Company
McLellan Stores Company
Smith's Studio
Clark's Dollar Store
French Oriental Rugs
Municipal Auditorium
Downtown at night 1962
Greyhound Bus Station
Bluebonnet Hotel
Larry Novy Drugs
Modern Finance Company
Travis Plaza Hotel
La Nelle's Beauty Shop
Aztec 3 Theatre
American Heath studios
Tower building
Southside Food Store
Downtown Service Center, 300 Avenue E
Reinhardt Photographing Company, 304 Avenue E
Service Stereotyping Company 1933
Marcus H. Clark Pontiac Motor Company 1935
Joe Dengel Used Cars
Paul's Shoes
Corner of North Main and West Houston
Wolff -Marx Company
Houston Building
Stowers Furniture
Community Loans
Miguel Angel The Bridal Center
Zipp's Men's Shop
Corner of Jefferson at night 1937
Lee Optical
Pincus Company
Chayet's Fashions
Payless Drugs
Florsheim Shoes
Medical arts Pharmacy
Landmark Building
Texas State Optical
Sol Frank Company
Piggly Wiggly
Downtown scene 1976
w. T. Grant Company
F. E. Mueller Clothing
Frank Brothers
O. K. Mayo
Guarantee Shoe Company
Palace Theater 1946
Economy Shoes
Cotton Club
All Gold Coffee San Antonio Coffee Company
Downtown scene
Menger Hotel
Palace Theater
La Mode Ladies wear
Hollywood Club
Diana's Dress Shop
Mayo Brother Dentists
Frank Brothers
Nisley Shoes
J. C. Penney's
Thom McAn
Alamo Heights National Bank
Downtown scene: Saint Mary's Street corner 1950
Williams Diamond Brokers
Thom McAn
Lee Optical
Empire Theatre
Majestic Theatre
National Shirt Shops
Pincus Company
Hollywood Style Shop
Texas Theatre
David Mills men's wear
Gunter Hotel
Kosher meats
Manhattan shirts
Landmark Building
Norman's Gift Shops
Corner of Navarro and Houston street
South Texas National Bank
Siegal's Canadian Women's Wear
Gunter Hotel
Texas Theatre
McNeel Jewelry Company
Clark's Dollar Store
Stein's Clothes
Majestic Theatre (Mae West in person)
Empire Theatre
Dundee Clothiers
Houston Building
Buckhorn Bar
Navarro Shoe Shop 1947
Herff and Wilding Prescriptions 1947
Crockett Garage 1947
Municipal Market 1938
Downtown scene
Dr. J. H. Cranford, optometrist
Wilson and Alfred Cranford, watch repair
H. C. Rees Optical Company
Sommers Drugs
Texas Bar
Waldorf Grill
Paul Anderson Company
Physicians and Surgeons Supply Company
Sherwin-Williams Paint Company
Corner of East Houston Street
Gunter Hotel
F and W Grand Silver Stores
Ann Lewis, South Texas Building
Rexall Drugs Sommer's
Travis Park Methodist Church
Corner of North Saint Mary's and Houston 1948
Martha Washington Candies
Fine Food
Gunter Hotel
Landmark Building
Majestic Man's Shoes
Rainbow Grill
Loan Service Company
Stanley's Clothes
Jack and Jill's
Payless Drugs
Maverick Building
Majestic Theatre
Todd's Men's Wear
Uniton Cigars
Hertzberg Jewelry Company
San Antonio Express
Hicks Building
Alamo Plaza
Gunter Hotel
Thom McAn
Russell-Stover Candies
Brady Building
People Finance Guaranteed Loans
Paramount Studio Building
Main Plaza
Nix Professional Building
Unidentified men in unidentified building
Downtown scene 1961
Lee Optical
Flagg Brothers Men's Shoes
Charles Men's Wear
Farmer's Grill
Empire Theatre
Thom McAn
National Shirt Shops
Military Supplies
Junior Miss
Kodak Greeting Cards
Maverick Building
Downtown scene 1961
National Shirt Shops
Empire Theatre
Thom McAn
Farmer's Grill
Lee Optical
Majestic Theatre
Charles Men's Wear
Flagg Brothers Men's Shoes
Beauty shop
Downtown scene
Gunter Hotel
Majestic Theatre
Loan Service Company
Wormser Hats
Charles Men's Wear
Thom McAn
Stanley's Clothes
Manhattan Café
Burt's Shoes
Alamo Beauty College
Payless Drugs
Brady Building
Pincus Company
Maverick Building
Corner of College Street and North Saint Mary's 1941
Thom McAn
Wormser Hats
Travis Club Cigars
Empire Theatre
Finance Service Company
Dr. C. W. Sherman, Dentist
Saint Mary's Catholic Church
Carl C. Wurzback, lawyer
Gunter Hotel
Travis Plaza Hotel
Broadway Theatre
Downtown scene 1938
Stowers Furniture
O'Connell Jewelry Company
One-O-One Café
H and R Credit
Hotel Savoy
The Nite Spot
Bolton Shoe Store
National Credit Clothing
Unidentified house
Tuesday Musical Club
Car driving down road out of city
North Alamo Street and Houston Street
Alamo Beauty College
Maverick Building
Jack and Jill's
Majestic Theatre
Empire Theatre
Buckhorn Bar
Sommers Drugs
Richard Gill Loans Insurance
Gunter Hotel
Hotel Jefferson
Corner of Navarro and West Commerce street
Commerce Bank Building
Acme Furniture Company
Noel Furniture Company
Walker Furniture
Bledsoe Furniture
Sherwin-Williams Paint Company
Gross National Bank
Downtown scene
Empire Theatre
Majestic Theatre
Dr. Zucht, dentist
Dundee Clothiers
Landmark Building
Wheeler Gill Loans
Canadian Women's wear
Paul's Shoes
Gunter Hotel
United Sigars
McNeel Jewelry Company
Pincus Company
Bell Jewelry Company
Corner of Main Street and Houston Street 1939
Sommers Drugs
Alamo Beauty College
Discount Company
Houston Building
Wolff-Marx Company
Hotel Savoy and Gunter Hotel
H and R Credit
Empire and Majestic Theatres
Roy Bartlett jewelry 1947
W. F. Scults Real Estate
Navarro Bar
Turkish Village
Planto's Pharmacy
Auto Loans
Trinity Testing Laboratories
Etchtone Studios
Quality Printing
Nix Building
Nix Parking Garage
Navarro Shoe Shop
Triangle Club
Chico's Barber Shop
Broadway Grove 1937
Houston Building 1969
Humble Gas Station
Liqueur Store
Houses on 400 West Agarita and2400 San Pedro
O'Henry House
Stith Mounts building
Dr. Pepper Bottling Company
Sinclair Gas Station
National Gas Station
Butler's Southern Charm Shoes 1958
Malone's 1958
Irving's 1958
Siegal's 1958
Corner of Commerce and South Alamo Street 1946
Bowman's Meng
Clyde A. Burns watch shop
Thompson's Liquor
Texan Hotel
Sinclair Gas Station
Beauty Salon
Corner of North Soledad and West Commerce Street
Saint Mary's Catholic Church
Piano Company
Municipal Auditorium
Houston Building
Sommers Drugs
Toepperwein Hardware Company
A. C. Toudouz Furniture Company
Edward Dwyer, lawyer
Cameo Photo Studio
Dr. Wells, MD
Dr. Combs, dentist
Eastwood Village 1958
Model Market
National Department Store
Village Beauty Salon
Threadgill Hardware
Threadgill's Toyband
Village Cleaners
Eastwood Drug Store
Eastwood TV
Corner of Jack White Way and Villita
The Hilton Grand Ballroom
M and S Tower
Downtown scene
Croydon Drugs
Sommers Drugs
Chandler's Shoes
Pincus Company
Majestic Theatre
Cotton Shop
Holsum Clothier
Empire Theatre
Dr. Jacobs, Dentist
Schooner Saloon
Barber shop
Outside vegetable stand
Cook's Paints
Ozzie Brown Printing
Unidentified houses
Stop'n'go Store
Corner of Locust Street
Jo-Ed Shops
Todd's Men's Wear
Stein Block Clothes
Pincus Company
Victory Wilson Guaranteed Clothes
Florence Linen Service
Maverick Building
Hollywood Dance Studio
Mermann's Shoes
Palace Theater
Majestic Theatre
Empire Theatre
Buckhorn Bar
Houston Building
Sommers Drugs
Kress Shoes
H. C. Rees Optical Company
Plaza Hotel and Tower Building from Park
Unidentified buildings
National Bank of Commerce
Combs Restaurant
Corner of North Soledad
Spector Bargain Center
Bell Furniture Company
Unidentified building
Alamo Gun Club
Blackstone Café
D. Heye Inc. saddlery and Luggage
Potcherick's Sporting goods
Jaccard 1932
Black alley of unidentified building
Hotel Jefferson
Allen's shoes
S. H. Kress and Company
Three Sisters
Frost's 1935
Paul's Shoes
McNeel Jewelry Company
Canadian Women's wear
Plumbing and Hardware Supply
Stone Machinery and Electrical Company
Corner of Losoya 1956
Livingston's Credit
Lucchese Boot Company
Casa Rio Mexican Food
Noel Furniture Company
Alamo National Bank
Grand Rapids Furniture
Spaghetti House
Texaco gas station
Alamo Farm Machinery Company
Upham and Adams Cars 1939
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Federal Reserve Bank
Florence Linen Service
Bingo Palace
Alamo Paint and Wallpaper Company
Corner of Soledad Street
Alamo School of Music
Banner Furniture Company
Great Western
United Finance and Thrift Corporation
Household Furniture Company
KMAC Radio
Music Studio
W. T. Grant Company 1945
Walker Furniture
The Bargain Spot
King Furniture
San Antonio Loan and Trust Company
W. D. Sickel Cleaners
South Park Food store
Mission Beauty Shop
Martin Bauml Plumbing Company, 926 East Commerce
Corner of 3rd and Broadway 1957
Continental Trailways Bus Center
Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company
City Hall
Yucca Cottages Trailer Park
Rest Haven Courts
Avion Inn 1933
Culligan Water Service
Petroleum Machine and Foundry Company
Rainbow ice cream
Plaza Theater
C and L Cycle Company
San Pedro Playhouse
Alamo Title Company Building
Western Union
Miltone Bledsoe Furniture Company
Millers Poultry and Eggs 1942
E. F. Hutton and Company, Inc.
Reliance Metal Center
Gaylord Container Corporation
Peers and Hall Wholesale Furniture
Cantwell Sleep Store 1966
Morgan Cleaners 1966
Bankers Investment Company, Ltd
National Car Rental
Travis Plaza Hotel
Bexar County National Bank
Athletic Repair and Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Ramada Inn
Spanish Village
BAMC 1962
San Antonio Armature Works, 451 North Flores
Frenchy's Black Cat Restaurant
Reliable Loan Company
Navarro house
San Antonio Police Station
Roth black Hawk Meats
Fraley and Davis Manufacturing
Tai Shan restaurant
Martin Wright Electrical Company
National Bank of Fort Sam Houston
Corner of Losoya and Crockett
Lyle W. Gosling and Company, Insurance
San Antonio Public Library, 1959 Saint Mary's Street
Kraft Foods Company
Old Market House
Rainbow Tourist Annex
Johnson's Confectionary
274 Smith-Young Tower 1970
Wolff-Marx Company 1976
Aerial photographs
San Antonio 1971
San Antonio Bank and Trust
Travis Park West Building Crossroads Building
Milam Park
Georgia Pacific Building
Tower of the Americas
Convention Center
Medical Arts Building
Southwest Texas National bank
san Antonio River Walk
Motels 1968
Motel Berliner Hof
Red Arrow Freight Lines Building
Southwest Craft Center
U. S. Courthouse
One Alamo Building
Office buildings
BULL, WAYNE 1971-1976
275 Exterior of Bull Parts Warehouse Auto Systems in other towns 1971-11-29
Wayne Bull Auto Parts: fourteen new delivery trucks 1976-12-07
John McGee: working portrait 1975-08-15
Odessa Stan 1974-10-14
Waco, Texas, warehouse 1974-10-09
Warehouse in Wichita Falls, Texas 1974-09-05
Exterior of Bull Parts Warehouse Auto Systems in Dallas, Texas 1974-07-23
Exterior of Bull Parts Warehouse Auto Systems in Abilene, Texas 1973-06-20
Exterior of Amarillo, Texas, warehouse 1972-03-03
Exterior of Houston, Texas, warehouse 1973-01-10
Building in Houston, Texas 1972-10-02
Exterior of Wayne Bull Company Building 1971-10-30
BURKE, E.J. COMPANY 1936-1960
276 Houses
Lone Star Food Store
Hom-Ond Store 1936
Model Market
Interior of house
277 Rose window 1936
Portrait of unidentified men (old)
Painting: log cabin
Capitol: Austin, Texas
Captain Ben McCulloch of Texas Rangers
Colonel John Coffee Hays
Captain Samuel H. Walker
Drawing: 2nd Capitol in Austin, 1856-1881
Drawing: Antonio Margil De Jesus, priest (old)
Drawing: Capital Buildings stockade, 1839-1856
Drawing: Stephen F. Austin 1836-12-18
Sam Houston (old)
Anson Jones (old)
Edward Burleson
Colonel William B. Travis
Mirabeau B. Lamar
Colonel James Walker Fannin
Erastus Smith (Deaf)
Painting: Surrender of Santa Anna to General Houston at San Jacinto 1836-04-22
Colonel David Crockett
Ben Milam
James Bowie
278 Report on how Burroughs Corporation helps National Defense
279 Three people in living room
Three people outside the house
Buck Jones
Unidentified man
Exterior of a house
Two boys in living room
Living room
280 Four men with wood samples and books
Kitchen 1965
Exterior of house 1960
Exterior of house 1961
Living room and dinning room 1963
Construction of houses: exterior
Living room decorated in Oriental style 1961
Two unidentified men
[ Pic# 26166 ]
Open house
Dining room
House under construction: interior
Parade of Homes 1961
Group of people looking at blueprints
Women putting dishes into ovens
Group sitting at table
Women in Spanish, Mexican, Dutch, Oriental, Colonial and regular outfits
Woman icing a cake
Three men with U. S. flag
Man on rearing horse 1961
Two unidentified men
[ Pic # 26050 ]
Man standing in saddle while horse stands with one leg on a stool and one in the air and girl on horse
Horse balancing on board with man
BUSY BEE undated
281 Woman posing with gardening tools
Gardening tools
282 Corner of Brooklyn and Camden Street: Dunning Rents
Room full of boards, plywood, boxes
Instant Shopping Store
Interior of grocery store
Warehouse with machinery
Waiting room
Colony Pharmacy
Swimming pool
North East Club
283 Downtown San Antonio
Harper Motors 1973-05-08
Randol brothers 1973-04-11
Reagan and Company Leasing of Conquistador Parking 1973-03-29
San Antonio Brake and Clutch 1973-03-28
City skyline from Robert B. Green Corporation 1973-03-28
Maylor Realty of shadow boxes 1973-03-26
Exterior of Saint Mary's Hall for Parker Roofing 1973-03-26
Exterior of Laurel Wood Nursing home 1973-03-26
Exterior of Allen Electric Company 1973-03-14
Interior of Forrest Ben Interiors 1972-03-13