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Inventory of the University of Texas at San Antonio: Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Records, 1974-1996

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Creator: University of Texas at San Antonio. Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Records.
Title: University of Texas at San Antonio: Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Records
Dates: 1974-1996
Content Abstract: The records of the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Office, 1974-1996.
Identification: UA 04.02.01
Extent: 4 linear feet
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

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Inventory of the University of Texas at San Antonio: Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Records, 1974-1996


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University of Texas at San Antonio. Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management.
University of Texas at San Antonio--Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program.
University of Texas at San Antonio--Radiation--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
University of Texas at San Antonio--History.
Universities and colleges--History--20th century.
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San Antonio (Tex.)--History--20th century.
Bylaws (administrative records).
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[Identification of item], University of Texas at San Antonio: Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Records, UA 04.02.01, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

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Transferred to the University Archives from the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management office in October, 2010 (Acc. 2010-051).

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Encoded by Sean Heyliger, University Archivist. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Inventory of the University of Texas at San Antonio: Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Records

1 Radiation safety manuals, 1977-1986
Radiation safety office travel information,1990-1991
Texas low-level waste disposal authority,1990-1992
Requests for occupational exposition [restricted],1992
Texas Regulations for the Control of Radiation (TRCR) recordkeeping requirements, 1986
Laboratory inspection reports/worksheets,1983
Transportation of radioactive materials,1960-1983
Survey of radioactive contamination,1985-1988
Annual safety inspection report forms, 1984
General correspondence, 1983-1988
Radioactive waste disposal-isotex, 1975-1988
Radioactive waste disposal-nuclear sources and services [restricted],1974-1984
Report of change in radionuclide inventory,1984-1987
Disposal of radioactive waste [transportation of radioactive materials],1975-1991
Applications for radioactive material license,1984
Radiation experience/training of personnel handling isotopes,1974-1983
Purchase order receipts,1981-1983
TLD badges [restricted],1979-1988
Current occupational external radiation exposure (TRC form 21-3) [restricted], 1986-1988
Teledyne dosimeter, 1986
Leak tests on sealed sources, 1984-1990
Bioassay (urine) procedures for tritium,undated
Calibration of survey instruments, 1984-1988
Receipt of radioactive materials, 1975-1983
Purchase request orders, 1983-1988
Certificates of registration, 1988-1991
Radioactive material licenses, 1974-1991
Radiation inspection reports, 1980-1984
Radioactive license fee, 1985-1986
Correspondence-Texas Department of Health,1974-1989
Requests for license copy, 1983-1984
Requests for occupational exposure [restricted],1977-1983
Conference on low-level radiation wastes,1985-1986
Reports of theft of radioactive material,1980
Radiation safety office assistant [restricted],1977-1980
University of Texas System radiation safety meetings,1977-1984
2 Radioactive waste pending, 1987-1992
Radioactive materials inventory forms,1975-1989
Radioactive material inventory-By Isotope
Isotope H-3 (unsealed),1982-1989
Isotope C-14 (unsealed), 1982-1989
Isotope I-125 (unsealed), 1982-1989
Isotope Ni-63 (sealed), 1982-1989
Isotope P-32 (unsealed), 1988-1989
Isotope S-35 (unsealed), 1982-1989
Isotope Cr-51 (unsealed), 1985-1988
Isotope Ca-45 (unsealed), 1982-1988
Isotope Zn-65 (unsealed), 1982-1988
Isotope I-131 (unsealed), 1982-1988
S-35 (unsealed), 1989
Ni-63 (sealed), 1989
I-125 (unsealed), 1989
P-32 (unsealed), 1989
C-14, 1989
H-3 (unsealed), 1989
Radioactive material inventory-By Person1987-1990
D.L. Armstrong (H-3),1987-1990
J. Chambers (H-3), 1987-1990
P.F. Dehn,1987-1988
M.N. Guentzel (H-3),1982-1990
D.R. Lewis, 1984-1988
D.A. McDavid, 1984-1987
H. Oujesky (H-3), 1982-1988
R.D. Renthal (H-3), 1982-1990
A. Tsin (H-3), 1982-1990
O.W. Van Auken (C-14), 1982-1990
M. J. Wayner, 1987-1988
R.F. Williams (H-3), 1982-1988
D. Roberts (I-125), 1985-1988
J. Chambers (H-3), 1988-1992
J. Denny (S-35), 1990-1992
M.N. Guentzel (H-3), 1988-1992
J. Lewis (S-35), 1989-1992
R. D. Renthal (C-14), 1988-1992
A. Tsin (C-14), 1988-1992
O.W. Van Auken (Ni-63), 1989-1992
Hing-Sing Yu, 1992
Radiation safety notice/procedures, undated
Disposal of radioactive waste logs, 1989-1992
UTSA radioactive materials inventory(master)-By Investigator,1988-1992
UTSA radioactive materials inventory-By Person,1990-1992
Request for user inventory (annual),1989-1992
UTSA radioactive materials inventory-By Type of Radionuclide,1988-1992
Radioactive material inventory (user's estimation),1985-1988
Drug recall of metofane, 1993
UTHSCSA radioisotope user course, 1985-1989
UTHSCSA radiation safety training course registration [restricted],1988-1991
UTHSCSA radiation safety training course notes,1989
Texas regulations for the control of radiation,1990
Leak tests on sealed sources, 1988-1992
Current occupational external radiation exposure (TRC form 21-3) [restricted], 1989
Calibration of survey instruments, 1988-1991
Radioactive license fee, 1988-1992
Texas Department of Health radioactive material license.1988-1991
Grant application reviews, 1989
Requests for license changes, 1989-1991
UTSA radiation safety inspection results [restricted],1988-1991
Survey of radioactive contamination request memorandum,1988-1992
UTSA laboratory layouts for use in survey of radioactive materials [restricted], 1991
UTSA radiation dosimetry report-quarterly reports of exposure [restricted],1988-1992
3 Radionuclide inventory- M. Kamen, 1976
Correspondence-M. Kamen, 1977
Investigator qualifications/lab layout, 1978
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-M.A. Luduena,1977-1978
Radionuclide purchase requests-M.A. Luduena,1977-1978
Radionuclide inventory-M.A. Luduena,1977-1978
Radiation safety report forms-M.A. Luduena,1977-1978
Correspondence-M.A. Luduena, 1977
Investigator qualifications/Lab layout- J.H. Cronenberger,1979
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-J.H. Cronenberger,1978-1980
Radionuclide inventory-J.H. Cronenberger,1976-1978
Radiation safety report forms-J. H. Cronenberger,1977-1980
Correspondence-J.H. Cronenberger, 1978
Radionuclide purchase requests-J.H. Cronenberger,1978-1980
Radionuclide purchase requests-C.J. McLerran,1980
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-C.J. McLerran,undated
Report in change in radionuclide inventory-C.J. McLerran,1980
Radionuclide inventory-C.J. McLerran, 1980
Radiation safety reports-C.J. McLerran,1980-1981
Correspondence-C.J. McLerran, 1980
Radiation safety reports-J.L. Phillips,1978-1982
Radionuclide purchase requests-J.L. Phillips,1979-1983
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-J.L. Phillips,1977-1981
Radionuclide inventory-J.L. Phillips,1976-1980
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-J.L. Phillips,undated
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-J. Ayling,1977
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-J. Ayling,1978-1981
Radionuclide inventory-J. Ayling, 1978-1981
Radiation safety reports-J. Ayling,1977-1980
Correspondence-J. Ayling, 1977-1980
Radionuclide purchase requests-W. Scott Chamney,1980-1982
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-W. Scott Chamney,1981
Radionuclide inventory-W. Scott Champney,1979-1980
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-W. Scott Champney,undated
Radiation safety report forms-W. Scott Champney,1980-1981
Correspondence-W. Scott Champney, 1979
Radionuclide purchase requests-J.A. DeBoer,1980
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-J.A. DeBoer,1980
Radionuclide inventory-J.A. DeBoer, 1980
4 Radiation safety reports-J.A. DeBoer, 1980
Correspondence-J.A. DeBoer, 1979
3 Correspondence-W.E. Magee, 1977
Radiation safety reports-W.E. Magee,1977-1981
Radionuclide inventory-W.E. Magee, 1978-1980
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-W.E. Magee,undated
Radionuclide purchase requests-W.E. Magee,1977-1981
Report of change in radionuclide inventory-W.E. Magee,1978-1981
TLD radiation badges [restricted], 1975-1978
Safety budget-maintenance and operation,1977-1982
Radiation safety-memoranda and correspondence,1974-1982
Radiation safety reports, 1980-1984
Institutional animal care and utilization committee (IACUC)
Laser training course brochures, 1991
Laser safety, 1985-1987
Certificate of laser safety, 1991-1996
Laser manuals, 1974-1986
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-M.N. Guentzel,1984
Radioactive materials inventory-D.L. Armstrong,1984-1990
Radiation safety reports-D.L. Armstrong,1987-1991
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-D.R. Lewis,1989-1993
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-D.R. Lewis,undated
Investigator qualifications/ lab layout-A.T.C. Tsin,1993
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-W.W. Hammon,undated
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-J.B. Denny,undated
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-R.D. Renthal, 1978 and undated
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-H. Oujesky,undated
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-A.O. Martinez,undated
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-O.W. VanAuken,1977-1993
Investigator qualifications/ lab layout-M.J. Wayner,
Change of radionuclide inventory-R.F. Williams,1982-1984
Correspondence-R.F. Williams, 1982-1983
Purchase requests, 1975-1981
Change of radionuclide inventory-B.P. Sagk,1978-1979
Radionuclide inventory-B.P. Sagk, 1976-1980
Radiation safety report forms-B.P. Sagk,1977-1980
Correspondence-B.P. Sagk, 1977-1978
Radionuclide purchase requests-R.F. Williams,1982
Radiation safety report forms-R.F. Williams,1983-1984
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-R.F. Williams,undated
Radioactive materials inventory-R.F. Williams,1982-1984
4 Correspondence,
UTSA Radiation Safety Office, 1988-1991
Texas Department of Health, 1990-1991
Radiation safety notice, undated
Texas Department of Health notice to employees,undated
Texas Hazard Communication Act, 1981-1986
Radioactive waste survey-University of Texas Health Science Center,1992
Report of change in radionuclide inventory forms,undated
ADCO disposal of radiation waste, 1988-1989
State of Washington dangerous waste regulations,1990-1992
ISOTEX Radioactive waste disposal,1989-1990
Transportation of radioactive materials,1986
Radiation waste- U.S. Ecology Disposal Permit,1989-1991
Report of change in radionuclide inventory,1988-1992
Radiation safety report form, undated
Purchase requests and receiving, 1989-1992
Radionuclide purchase requests-R.D. Renthal,1980-1984
Radiation safety report forms-R.D. Renthal,1980-1991
Change of radionuclide inventory-R.D. Renthal,1980-1984
Radionuclide inventory-R.D. Renthal,1979-1980
Radioactive materials inventory-R.D. Renthal,1982-1990
Radionuclide inventory-D.R. Lewis, 1984
Radionuclide inventory-A.T.C. Tsin,1984-1990
Radiation safety report forms-A.T.C. Tsin,1984-1991
Change of radionuclide inventory-A.T.C. Tsin,1984
Radioactive materials inventory-M.J. Wayner,1984
Radiation safety report form-H.S. Yu, 1991
Change of radionuclide inventory-H.S. Yu,1991
Correspondence-H.S. Yu, 1991
Radioactive materials inventory-W.W. Hammond,1984
Radionuclide purchase requests-D.A. McDavid,1982
Investigator qualifications/lab layout,-D.A. McDavid,undated
Radionuclide inventory-D. A. McDavid, 1983
Change of radionuclide inventory-D.A. McDavid,1981
Radiation safety report forms-O.W. VanAuken,1978-1991
Change of radionuclide inventory-O.W. VanAuken,1983
Radioactive materials inventory-O.W. VanAuken,1982-1990
Radionuclide inventory-O.W. VanAuken,1977-1980
Correspondence-O.W. VanAuken, 1976-1983
Radionuclide purchase requests-H.Oujesky,1979-1983
Radiation safety report forms-H. Oujesky,1981-1987
Change of radionuclide inventory-H. Oujesky,1977-1987
Correspondence-H. Oujesky, 1978-1987
Radionuclide inventory-H. Oujesky,
Radiation safety report forms-M.N. Guentzel,1980-1991
Change of radionuclide inventory-M. N. Guentzel,1977-1980
Radionuclide inventory-M.N. Guentzel,1977-1983
Correspondence-M.N. Guentzel, 1977
Radiation safety report form-J.A. Lewis,1990-1991
Change of radionuclide inventory-J.A. Lewis,1988
Radioactive materials inventory-J.A. Lewis,1990
Correspondence-J.A. Lewis, 1989
Radiation safety report form-A.O. Martinez,1991
Correspondence-A.O. Martinez, 1991
Radioactive materials inventory-J.B. Denny,1990
Radiation safety report form-J.B. Denny,1990-1991
Correspondence-J.B. Denny, 1990
Change of radionuclide inventory-P.F. Dehn,undated
Radiation safety report forms-P.F. Dehn,1982
Radioactive materials inventory-P.F. Dehn,1984
Correspondence-P.F. Dehn, 1982
Radiation safety report form-J.P. Chambers,1990-1991
Radioactive materials inventory-J.P. Chambers,1990
Investigator qualifications/lab layout-Biochemistry,1977-1979
Change of radionuclide inventory-Biochemistry,1979
Radiation safety report forms-Biochemistry,1982-1983