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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): T-Z

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): A-B
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): C-D
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): P-R
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): S
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): T-Z [this page]


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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

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The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

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Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

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[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections from the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Processing Information

The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, T-Z

2596 Estate of Julia H. Taylor: casket exhumation at San Fernando cemetery vault and casket 1978-01-20
Tex Wood: house
Joseph Thomas Company: rendering of North Ten Place 1979-09-07
Texas National Products, Inc.: artwork 1979-10-22
Texas National Products, Inc.: satellite view of earth form space 1979-11-21
Shirley Tucker: carnival 1979-04-26
Joseph Tomas Company: two paintings, of nude and woman reclining 1977-04-11
Townsend Industries, Inc.: horse doing tricks 1976-07-16
Building model 1976
Texaco: exterior of Texaco stations 1973-07-19
Warehouse interior 1974
Hugh Tucker: horse Masked Rebel 1973-01-31
Texaco: exterior of Texaco stations 1973-08-28
Texaco: exterior of Texaco stations 1974-08-01
Texas Architectural Woodwork Association: group of men 1975
Jewelry and stand 1979
Carnival midway 1979
M. L. Thornton: Christmas trees and family 1969-02-20
Texas Parade: man fishing
Triax Company: machinery 1974-04-10
International Gun Club aerial 1970-07-11
Exterior of discotheque
Tennico Oil Company: luncheon at Saint Anthony Hotel 1975-03-25
Texas Rehab Center: brochure 1975-10-08
Texas Rehab Center: patients and therapists 1976-02-19
Tousley and Son, Inc.: wrought iron furniture 1975-01-06
Gene J. Takahashi: families of the Kasakas' 1971-12-23
Sylvia Thomas: Santa Claus 1972-12-21
Therma-King Corporation: trailer with Therma-King unit 1971-09-14
Trophy House: plaque 1971-10-22
Teepee Restaurant interior 1967
Technology, Inc.: man being met at plane by Red Carpet Committee 1966
Texas Watercolor Association: ma with paintings 1974-01-17
Curtis Tunnel: paintings 1968-10-24
Texas Wood Cabinets Company: building exterior
Aerials of Texas Military Institute 1969-09-26
3M vehicle at pearl 1973-12-07
Tiffany Place interior 1975-07-15
Stan Treken: man with deer trophy 1977-11-21
Mrs. Howard Stover: family at Bob and Gracie Tate's Golden Wedding Anniversary 1977-08-28
Doug Taylor 1978-10-02
Shirley Tucker: couple 1978-06-08
Travel Lodge on the river: interior 1978-01-17
Tejas Gold, Inc.: jewelry rack 1978-07-08
Texas Rehab Hospital: architectural model of addition to Warm Springs 1976-08-12
U. Theis: dog collars and leashes 1977-02-01
Allan Tucker: geological samples 1976-07-02
Tenneco Oil Company: ladies 1976-04-06
Texas Watercolor Association: paintings at McNay Art Institute 1974-01-16
Town House Motel: interior and exterior 1963-11-05
Tripro tables 1965-11-27
Turbwille Motors: car 14-01
Texas Leather Company: leather 02-23
Thayer Aviation Electronics: cockpit
Trialmobile truck 09-13
Travis Plaza Hotel: interior of dining room
Term Plan Finance Company: exterior of building 1963-07-01
Texas Gold: lamp store interior and hardware store 06-14
Texas Hunter Hotline: game eat 1977-04-21
Texas Acceptance: office 05-14
Trade Fair: displays 1961-11-07
Texas Folklife Festival 1973
TESMEC: ditch-diggers 1985
Monette, L. C. 11-19
Thompson, Cecil 1986-01-16
Tri-State Advertising: Medical Center Hotpack environmental room 1985-12-17
General Motor Acceptance Corporation: lobby
Trans-Com Computers
TRN Associates: Buechler, Keith
Arrow Glass Cafeteria
TMI: night shot 1977
Trammel Crow Industrial Park 1982-04-12
Kirby State Bank 1984-04-04
Summers and Thornton: nudity
Summers and Thornton: seat belts
Tren Doth: computers 1984-03-07
Texaco station at San Pedro and Ramsey Streets 1984-08-17
Tri-Way Network: swimming pool, people
Texian Inn: opening 1983-10-27
Tilton, W. R.
Tateo Brothers Slate Company: Slate floors, Republic Bank 1985-08-15
Tetco: Senor Taco restaurant 1985-05-22
Trimble, Frank: various building 1982-03-30
Thornton and Summers: document 1981-09-14
Texas Cabinet Fronts
Trammell Crow: aerials of San Antonio 1981-02-24
Medical Economics Film
Tribble and Stephens: Kroger shopping mall 1980-11-18
Tom's Snax Sales 1980-08-16
Texaco: Roth, David 1982-11-15
Ramsey Place Architectural Drawing 1982-07-06
Thoren Group: Convention 1982-05-19
Texas Investor Builders: Construction of buildings on Sunset Street 1982-02-25
Thompson, Janet 1983-02-01
Trammell Crow: Nelson, Ron 1981-02-23
Telephonics: Martinez, Patricia 1983-12-14
Texas, Inc.: Anderson, Jerry 1983-12-01
Texas Bankers Association: convention 1983-05-13
Telephonics: Cyper, Teri and Clark, Bea 1983-05-13
Texas Investor Builders: personnel 1982-03-22
Floods: 1921 flood in San Antonio, cars in flooded streets
Sculptures of elephant, eagle
2597 Ice cream
Corn Stalks
1958 nickel
2598 Machinery 1960
Tampo Manufacturing Company building
Tampo Manufacturing Company aerial
Tampo Manufacturing Company road-roller 1964-11-06
2599 Stress tests 1966
Exterior of Tampo Manufacturing 1968
Road-roller 1963
Conveyor belt 1964
Men working on machinery 1965
Garbage trucks 1968-10-01
Garbage truck and road-roller 1968-10-28
Road-roller 1968-05-25
Machinery 1968-09-06
Motor 1969-01-08
Aerials of Steve's Ranch 1968-05-20
Awards presentations 1967
Machinery grading to prepare to build road
2600 Garbage collection truck 1969
Road-roller 1976-04-08
Road-roller 1969-11-25
Road-roller 1976-03-26
Road-roller 1975-12-19
Garbage disposal truck 1971-07-22
Road-roller 1973-12-21
Road-roller 1973-05-31
Road-roller on road 1973-06-20
Road-roller 1971-04-26
Road-roller 1975-03-07
Road-roller with grader 1970-11-05
Road-roller 1970-09-09
Garbage truck 1969-06-16
Road-roller 1969-08-21
2601 Road-roller 1978
Road-roller at Tampo Manufacturing 1980-01-29
Saddle 1980
Road-roller and crunchers 1979-10-22
Road-roller and 1979-08-10
Road-roller and 1979-05-11
Road-roller and 1979-04-12
Road-roller and crunchers 1979-03-28
Road-roller and 1979-03-14
Road-roller and crunchers 1979-03-05
Road-roller and 1979-02-21
Road-roller and 1978-12-27
Road-roller and 1978-12-01
Road-roller and 1978-11-27
Road-roller and 1978-10-14
Spraying equipment 1978-09-25
Plaque presentation 1978-07-27
Trailer roller 1978-06-20
Woman and man adjusting roller 1978-04-11
Road-roller 1977-07-27
Mini compactor 1978-01-06
Road-roller 1976-12-13
Road-roller 1974-11-27
Garbage trailer 1969-10-13
2602 Tractor and road roller 1981-01-09
Steam roller 1980-06-13
Interior of Tampo Manufacturing 1981-03-27
Drone welder 1982-04-02
Interior of warehouse 1982-03-26
2603 Harry Tappan and Sons: biggest chicken shipment in history-- 25 tons 1964-07-20
Institutional Grocers building
2605 Rendering of Ferrigno's
Rendering: shopping Center 1986-10-02
2604 Napkin (quilted) 1963
2606 West, Robert
West, Helen
Phelps, James
Tesoro Corporation
Alaskan Refinery
Petroleum refineries
Tesoro Petroleum Corporation employees
Petroleum industry and trade
2619 Hats
TEX-ART 1965-1974
2607 Airplane 1974-02-20
Golden Corn Cob 1973-07-13
Whiskey pistol 1973-07-12
Baggy bumper stickers 1973-06-28
Stickers and soda 1973-04-25
Bumper stickers 1972-04-03
Playgirl-All Over Your Heart bra 1972-02-11
Novelty toilet paper 1971-09-24
Gilbert Rodriguez, Arnulfo Blanco, Contunto Hermanos Drado 1971-06-24
Martini lamp 1970-08-31
Stationary 1970-06-09
Flag 1970-05-15
Mirrors 1970-05-17
Wallet 1970-02-19
Fur lined corn cob and wife paddle 1970-01-09
Rum flavored tooth picks 1969-05-29
Corn pencil 1969-05-16
Professional brown nose 1969-04-04
Professional gooser 1969-02-17
Joke toys 1968-12-23
Woman on bleachers 1968-12-18
Bank cans 1965
2620 Convention at Saint Anthony Hotel 1965
Unidentified men
Opening ceremony
2621 Plaque presentation
Mr. Goetch receiving people 1970-06-17
Breakfast in river room 1970-06-19
Meeting, luncheon and speakers 1970-06-18
Mariachi bands 1970-06-17
Officers 1970-06-20
Banquet hall luncheon, plaques 1970-06-19
Realtor of the Year 1970-06-19
Justin Nelson 1970-06-20
Tea 1970-06-20
General session 1970-06-19
TAR meeting 1970-06-17
2622 Convention
Groups of people
People dancing
2623 Rio Vista Farms: cow with twin calves 1974-04-18
2624 Candy machines 1971-11-29
Candy and ice cream
Bubble gum machine 1970-08-25
Disinfectant and rat poison 1970
Candy machines 1970-09-29
Pest spray 1970-07-07
Products display stand 1970-03-09
Peanuts 1968-09-05
2625 Intersection of 281 North and Hildebrand Streets 1969-05-02
Intersection of Hildebrand and San Pedro Streets 1969-04-29
Awards at El Tropicana
Interior in Barker's store
2626 Rendering : Life Enrichment Center 1978-04-18
Rendering: TLC 1977-02-22
Rendering: TLC dorm 1976-11-19
Plaque 1975-03-10
Rendering: TLC 1975-03-06
Rendering: Mabee Aquatics Center 1974-09-20
Rendering: P.E. Center 1974-08-23
Rendering: Brucks Hal 1973-04-06
Rendering: campus additions 1971-02-01
Rendering 1971-10-18
"Challenge of the 70s" 1971-04-28
Graphs 1971-04-08
Campus plan, rendering 1971-04-07
2627 Mildred Robertson 1972-05-12
TMA exhibit and luncheon 1972-05-12
Cocktail party and dinner 1975-05-11
Tex-Pac Meeting
2628 Avco sign at 4418 Broadway Street 1970-08-06
G. E. Service Center
National Shirt Shops 1968
San Antonio Savings
HEB 1958
Stein's Clothing
Tom McAn
1st Federal Savings
Pincus Company, Losoya and Houston Streets
Pearl Beer billboard
Fed Mart
Pearl Brewery
Toddle House
Jefferson Village 1953
Bluebonnet Shoe Shop 1953
Sommers Drugs 1953
Armstrong Tires
Captain Jim's
Merchants Cold Storage
Sunset Ridge
Maurice's Beauty Shop
Smart Shop
Winn Stores
Mission Twin Drive-In
Las Palmas Shops
Thom McAn
Western Auto
Las Vegas Sahara Hotel
Wolff and Marx
Kiddie City
Texas Neon Advertising Company
Northwest Center
Mike Persia Chevrolet
Bel Air Center
Charley Dailey Liquors
Byrnes Tire Company
Sommers Drugs 1938
Unidentified man 1981-08-27
2629 Outdoor group shot 1979-06-23
Group at la Louisiane 1979-02-16
Retirement party 1977-07-28
[ Pic # 113112-132 Inv # 24698 ]
Shampoo ad, Persa-Gel 1977-05-02
Cleansers, powders, moisturizers and masques for the face and skin, makeup, creams, hairsprays and sun screens, lotions, oils, acne medication, toothbrushes 1976-11-29
Bubble bath 1976-10-13
Shampoo 1976-09-24
Cologne and after shave display 1976-08-18
TPC products 1976-08-10
Mary Sherman Bubble bath set 1976-08-09
St. John's Cologne 1976-07-29
W. R. Johnson 06-22
Going away party for Mr. Theodore. R. Spurs 1976-03-04
Sun-Dare bottles 1976-01-23
Donald L. Arends, Inc.: packageing machine 1975-02-12
Unidentified couple, three people in swimsuits, Louis W. Sebok, Alfred W. Silverman, Theodore R. Spiers, Theron F. Spigener, Frank Scott, Bernard R. Zachary, Leon Zietz 1975-09-03
Departments in company 1974-06-06
[ Inv # 17725 Pic # 102915-102923 ]
Service awards 1973-12-17
Office, tow couples and two men 1975
Small group 1972-11-21
San Antonio Plant Facilities 1972-08-29
Unidentified man 1972-07-10
Exterior of TPC 1972-07-12
Five men at TPC 1972-06-09
Michael Harrison 1972-03-15
Man at desk 1972-02-28
Group of employees 1971-11-24
Presentation of certificate 1971-06-22
Group in front of building 1971-02-15
TPC service awards 1970-11-25
Shipping department at TPC 1970-05-01
Mrs. Netting, Hal and Chan with award 1970-03-10
Jim Kirk 1970-03-04
Hair spray and model 1970-01-30
TPC at Medical Convention at Convention Center 1970-01-27
Boyd 1969-05-15
Scholarship winner 1969-04-14
Two groups of people with awards 1969-11-26
Party for Arthur W. Mueller 1968-11-02
Spears, Ted 1968-11-06
Groups 1967
Sun Stick
Group in cafeteria 1968-06-11
Bob Clark, Arthur Mueller, other assorted peoples 1968-10-16
TPC 1952
Graphs for presentation 1968-11-18
Awards at Christmas party
Group of people
2630 People loading boxes with products
Man mixing drugs
Group outside TPC building
Group photo outside 1962
Ladies working at their desks
Library of pharmacology manuals 1961
Man using large roller to pound powder
Four people standing under a tree 1962
Loading dock
TPC warehouse
Unidentified man
Woman awarding certificate to three other ladies 1961
Crèmes, gels, lotions, cosmetics, lipsticks
Reception desk 1961
Two men and a woman looking at cosmetics 1960
Cream and liquid deodorant
Verdefam antifungal cream
Nasal spray
2631 Allercreme products in store
Roll-on deodorant
Liquid cleanser
Lubriderm lotion 1964
Hair spray
Chemist mixing chemicals
Three ladies
Matte finish
Group 1965
Two men shaking hands 1963
[ Pic # 37732 ]
Group shot 1966
Car run into house
Barracks 1963
Ladies in a meeting: M. Moses, L. Beurlot, Nash, A. Smith, R. Beakley, L. Hess, P. Powell, J. Lane, Horton, Davis
Two men with plaque shaking hands 1962
2632 Lubriderm Bath Oil ad 1969-10-31
Allercreme display at Gulf Mart 1972-11-20
Models 07-10
Model at fireplace and window 1969-11-26
Sun Swept, Sun Stick and Sun Dare
Display of Polybrade cleanser and Contrablem drying gel 1969-09-24
Lubraderm, Lubrabath, acne preparations and lotions 1968-09-11
Photographs of plant interior and exterior aerial 1968-11-06
Unidentified woman
Makeup oil
Painting of river and farm
Painting of stagecoach and shack
Lotions, gels, etc. 1962-02-20
Drawing on a girl back
2633 SunDare display
Lipstick display
Hair spray
TPC loading dock
Dr. Lyons 1966
[ Pic # 60505 ]
Group 1966
Three people
Four people
Aerials of PC
Creams and lotions
Party for "Prof" 1966-08-04
Unidentified woman 1966
[ Pic # 56960 ]
Two ladies 1966
Unidentifeid man 1966
[ Pic # 56896 ]
Two guys packing boxes 1966
2634 Neo A-Fil prevents sunburn 1969
Sun Swept cream 1969
Bottles of Sun Dare 1969-03-10
Lubriderm skin lotion 1969-03-27
LuBath-ML bath oil 1969
Seba-Nil cleanser 1969
Verdefam antifungal cream 1969
Seba-Nil toilettes 1969
Jars and bottles 1969
Products in tubes, bottles and jars 1969-04-23
Lubriderm lotion 1969-04-17
Hair spray 1969-06-26
Allercreme deodorant and hairspray 1969-08-19
Hard to Hold Hair Spray 1969-06-26
Display of Allercreme eye-lights 1969-08-27
Display of Polybrade cleanser and Contrablem drying gel 1969-09-24
Lubriderm Bath Oil display 1969-11-24
Allercreme hair spray 1969-10-08
Lubriderm, SunDare and Lubath display 1969-12-26
Allercreme makeup 1970-12-28
Allercreme makeup display 1970-11-20
TPC Products display 1970-03-10
Anti-dandruff shampoo 1968-12-27
SunDare display 1970-03-30
Lubriderm lotion 1969-07-19
Allercreme cosmetics display 1970-01-30
Lubriderm Bath Oil 1969-10-16
Ointment 1969-02-18
Tiffany Shades Allercreme Nightsticks 1969-01-29
Lubath display 1968-08-07
Reflecta makeup 1968-05-29
Blush on Illusion makeup 1968-04-09
Rain Forest Mist Sticks makeup
2635 Display of products
2636 Bubble bath, cologne, after shave 1975
Maxi-Dry deodorant 1973-12-31
Bold'n Golden nail polish and lipstick 1973
Persadox HP ad 08-01
Maxi-Dry boxes 1973-06-27
Zap Kit for acne 1973-06-22
Hair spray 1972-11-17
Six bottles of Methulose 1972-10-20
Nail enamel, lipstick, lotions, creams and other makeup 1972-10-17
Lipstick and eye liner display 1972-09-25
Unidentified man 07-19
[ Inv# 12736 Pic # 8082 ]
SunDare, Sun Stick and Maxafil 1972-07-17
Model 1972-01-07
Model 1971-11-30
Model 1971-11-30
Hard to Hold Hair Spray 1972-01-07
TPC Products: crèmes, lotions 1971-12-17
Lipstick display 1971-09-17
Meted shampoo, hair spray and Lubriderm lotion 1971-09-07
Nail polish 1971-06-28
TCP Products: hair spray, deodorant, makeup 1971-04-20
Face Saving Kit and skin cleanser 1971-01-19
2637 Shampoo
Nail polish 1972-05-16
Letterhead 1972-03-15
Merchandise 1972-05-05
Departments in plant 1972-07-18
Displays in drug stores 1972-08-10
Batteries 1972-08-28
Equipment in training room 1972-10-24
Wine glass, ash tray, Manhattan glass 1974-02-08
Maxi Dry 1974-03-06
Slides 1972-10-25
Lotion, crème, etc. 1976-02-10
2638 Chart and Lubriderm lotion 1975-02-20
Advertising and Promotional documents 1976-06-14
Lipstick display 1976-05-19
Bottles 1976-05-10
Cologne display 1976-05-05
Toothbrush display 1976-04-29
Bottle 1976-02-19
Plastic bottle 1976-03-04
Graphs and charts 1976-02-11
Cosmetics 1974-01-18
Lipstick display 1974-01-07
2639 Two men with trophy
Photographer arranging bride
Two men with plaque
Two men with straw hats and tow others
Unidentified people at various functions
2640 Awards luncheon 1972-04-25
Group of people 1971
William Knistle receiving proclamation
Unidentified people
Golfers 197
Booth at Convention Center 1971-06-23
Meetings 1971
Booths at Convention Center 1971-06-25
Tedruth Plastics Corporation: booth 1971-06-25
Nunn Electric Supply Corporation 1971-06-24
2641 George; Cheathem; Dickcy; Dorman; Waddill; Hamilton; Bass; Doshier; Collier; Woodard; Montag
Bill Quinby
Gordon V. George
Charles Zlatkivich
Harold M. Solstad
Walter McAllister
J. R. Nelson
Buford J. Rhodes
Clark W. Breeding
Mexican cookery
Dinners and dining
Fashion show
Mexican music band
2642 Luggage trunks
2643 Brake assembly case 1982-03-26
Portable army desks 1981-08-20
Jet brake case 1980-11-26
Three trunks 1980-02-18
Airline logos 1979-08-20
Christmas card from the Bill Arlitt's 1970
Run down buildings 1975-09-12
Charolaise Fiesta cattle sales 1975-04-26
Charolaise steer 1975-03-19
Warren coat of arms 1975-01-06
Group of U.S. Marshalls for Western District of Texas 1974-12-02
Fiberglass delivery box 1974-09-23
Texas Trunk building 1974-07-20
Man with carrying case for equipment 1976-10-02
Custom containers dry emergency gear 1973-07-26
Arlitt's Christmas card 1969-12-16
Arlitt's Christmas card 1967
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as Christmas card for Arlitt's 1968
Arlitt's wedding at Saint Luke's, reception at Menger Hotel 1971-01-22
[ Pic # 6990, 6997, 6998, 6993, 7004, 6976 ]
Kristine with brake and box 1971-08-15
Arlitt girl 1971-04-09
Charolaise bull with Kristine Arlitt 1970-04-13
Kristine Arlitt, Miss Charolaise USA, in parade 1970-02-13
Kristine Arlitt, Miss Charolaise USA, in parade 1970-01-22
Arlitt girls in swimsuits 1969-12-02
Pan Am logo 1969-01-20
Arlitt, Kristine with carrying case 1969-07-23
Carrying cases and Texas Trunk building at 1024 South Laredo Street 1968-12-04
Two trunks 1968-07-01
Saint Mary's Hall on horseback in parade 1968
Christmas card from Bill Arlitts's with horse Blackburn's Beauty
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 69233 ]
Aerial photos of Texas Trunk Company
Arlitt Ranch
Four unidentified men 1967
[ Pic # 64055 ]
Five people 1967
[ Pic # 64056 ]
Three unidentified people 1967
[ Pic # 64057 ]
Six unidentified people 1967
Woman wearing a cape and tiara
Wreaths around a grave at cemetery 1964
2644 Watches and clocks 1981-09-25
2645 Texian Inn sign 1983-01-26
Rendering of Texian Inn 1981-09-02
Rendering of Texian Inn 1980-08-27
2608 Employees at work on sewing machines 1950
Exterior of Tex-son Manufacturing Company 1948
Two unidentified men fitting kids
TEX-TAN 1973-1983
2609 Watches
Rack 1972-12-08
Belts, wallets and purses 1972-10-25
Wyatt DeLoney 1972-10-05
Tapes 1972-01-26
Employees and interior of Tex-Tan Factory 1972-09-13
Leather goods 1972-09-12
Winner of sports equipment 1972-07-05
2610 Swain belts 1974-12-09
Belts with leather working tools 1974-12-19
Two men raising Minute man flag 1974-05-29
Belt contest judging 1974-12-13
Belts and tools 1974-08-11
Leather products with Christmas trimmings 1974-10-30
Belts 1974-09-04
Uncle Sam with belts 1974-08-08
Trophy 1974-08-08
Billfolds on dartboard and belts on comic books 1974-07-26
Belts and wallets with poker chips 1974-07-03
Belt rack 1974-07-02
Andrew Wyeth paintings 1974-05-24
New Tex-Tan prescient 1974-05-08
Watches: Omega and Mickey Mouse 1974-05-03
Belts 1973-08-24
Belts and sewing machine 1973-12-13
Belts with medicine bottles 1973-05-22
Cattle on Morris Buchanan's ranch 1973-10-09
Wyatt DeLoney 1973-06-13
Aerial and ground shots of Tex-Tan 1973-09-27
Tex-Tan facilities and employees 1973-03-29
Briefcase 1973-02-02
2611 Belts 1973-11-19
Billfolds 1973-07-20
Belts 1973-07-17
Belts, suspenders and ditty bag 1973-12-12
Three people 1975-01-30
[ Pic # 105394-96 Inv # 18963 ]
2612 Bridle and snaffle 1974-10-22
Saddle 1974-10-22
Saddle 1974-10-10
Statue 1974-10-10
Saddle 1974-10-02
Saddles 1974-09-26
Riding equipment, saddle blankets, lassos, bridles, girth straps, cinches, brushes, curry combs, lead halters and ropes, stirrups, snaffle bits and spurs 1974-08-07
Horse wearing blanket 1974-03-18
Leather tool worked brief case 1974-03-13
2613 Clock 1975-03-20
Saddles 1975-03-19
Statue 1975-02-27
Lead 1975-02-18
Breast strap 1975-02-06
Halters on halter rack 1975-02-06
Saddles 1974-12-19
Saddles 1974-11-21
Key rings 1974-11-22
Riding equipment 1974-11-14
Riding equipment 1974-10-23
2614 Belts and aftershave, silver ornaments and barrette 1976-06-18
Leather purse, aftershave bag, wallets and belt 1976-03-25
Purses and belts 1975-07-23
Purses and belts 1975-07-23
Necklaces, belts and wallets 1975-08-08
Annual sales meeting 1975-06-04
2615 Saddles 1976-06-04
Saddles 176-03-11
Mailbox 1976-03-05
Western tie and belt buckle 1976-03-10
Saddles 1975-12-29
Saddles 1975-09-25
Belts with tool work and names 1975-05-29
Saddle and show halter 1975-03-31
2616 Bridles, saddles, harnesses and leads 1977-04-11
saddles 1977-03-17
Silver trimmings
Leather tool worked brief case 1977-01-31
Tack and saddles 1977-01-14
Belts 1977-01-05
Belts 1976-12-26
Saddles 1976-12-10
Belts and billfolds 1976-08-17
Western tie and necklace 1976-08-09
2617 Saddles 1979-12-19
Saddles 1979-03-16
Two cowboys roping calf in arena 1979-01-17
Girl by clock 1978-11-02
Neckties 1979-05-24
Saddles 1978-10-12
Tex-Tan float for 50th Tom Tom Leather Festival
Intricate leather tool working for Tex-Tan Western Leather Company. "Leader in Leather" logo 1978-05-03
Approved British Quarter Horse Association Official demonstrator team saddle
Breast bands
Drawing of cattle
Drawing of cowboy on horse dragging home a Christmas tree 1978-04-06
Saddles 1977-11-23
Cinches by cow skull 1977-11-23
Horses with blankets
2618 Saddles 1983-09-30
Saddles and one with Governor Clements tooled into it 1982-10-20
Riffle by yucca and rocks and saddles 1981-10-27
Saddles 1980-12-23
Saddles 1981-01-26
Saddles 1980-10-28
2646 Hot air balloon
Door (old)
THEATERS 1950-1970
2647 Cagney, James ( 1899-1984)
Aztec theater
Broadway theater
Empire theater
Harlandale theater
Laurel theater
Majestic theater
Olmos theater
Palace theater
Prince theater
Star theater
Plaza theater
Royal theater
State theater
Texas theater
Uptown theater
Woodlawn theater
McAllister, Walter W.
Watson, George
"Union Pacific"
"Babes in Toyland"
"Airport" 1970
"Doctor Doolittle" 1967
"My Fair Lady" 1964
"Barbarella" 1968
"The True Glory"
"Pancho Villa Returns"
"Unsinkable Molly Brown" 1964
"Tarzan and the Leopard Woman"
"Samson and Delilah" 1949
"San Antonio" 1946
Ritter, Tex
McEnery, David "Red River Dave"
"Calamity Jane and Sam Bass" 1949
2648 Rendering of North Ten Place 1980-03-26
2649 Teenage party 1974-09-16
Wine tasting party 1974-09-17
Luau party 1974-06-21
Tennis champion at cocktail party 1975-02-22
Groups of people at Vegas nightclub 1974-09-18
Family receiving plaque and kid with Judo championship platter 1974-07-19
Birthday party 1974-10-07
Luncheon 1974-07-09
2650 Display windows
Store interior
2651 Tables 1985-11-11
Desks 1983-03-11
Furniture 1984-03-16
Table and desk 1977-03-22
Tables with chrome legs 1976-09-20
File cabinets and desk 1978-06-27
Furniture 1971-04-26
Table 1970-02-06
Table and bookcases 1969-01-18
Furniture 1975-03-27
Credenza 1970-11-05
Clerical console 1968-11-15
Furniture 1973-12-21
2652 Audie Murphy meeting with other military men
Parade to the theater
Handbill for movie in lobby of Majestic Theater
People in line
Sign for frontier Festival celebration and welcome to Audie Murphy outside of Saint Anthony Hotel
Audie Murphy reviewing troops
Audie Murphy being met at airport
Two men at Alamo
Man looking at bust of Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy with rifle
Audie Murphy in front of the Alamo with a wreath
Newstucks with billboard signs of movie
Young men lined up on stage
Audie Murphy recruiting poster outside recruiting station on Main Street
Audie Murphy signing book
Audie Murphy signing register at hotel
Audie Murphy with group
Ladies on Palominos in parade
Audie Murphy being greeted on stage at theater
Fans and reporters outside the Alamo
Unidentified women
Men from the Old Trail Drivers of Texas on horsebacks
Audie Murphy with couple
Stage set up in front of theater
Audie Murphy with groups of men
Audie Murphy drinking milk shake with girl
Audie Murphy backstage with two guys
Audie Murphy signing autographs
Audie Murphy giving handprint in concrete to Mayor
Ladies sitting in front of the Alamo
Man on horse
2653 Chart 1982-09-15
Drawing 1982-10-07
Aerial map 1982-05-13
Furniture 1981-10-05
Painting and drawing 1983-04-21
Dress sketches 1982-11-01
Paintings 1981-06-23
Oil patches 1986-05-23
Mrs. Tobin 1982-04-27
Paintings 1980-11-12
M. W. Keel 1983-11-10
Model with flowers 1983-12-05
World Affairs Council sign 1981-11-13
Oriental screens 1978-08-18
Painting: Wyeth's "Kuerners Hill" 1972-11-14
Painting 1975-07-08
Arabian map 1978-07-26
Painting 1977-10-19
Painting 1976-06-28
Charts 1970-05-22
Employees and operations at Tobin Surveys 1970-03-25
Globes 1973-10-12
Airplane in the air over lake and over San Antonio 1970-01-19
IBM equipment 1970-01-08
Unidentified people, dog and cat 1969-04-23
2654 Book "I Want to be a Cowboy" by Emile and Fritz A. Toepperwein
2655 Award dinner at Hilton Hotel 1976-07-31
Company picnic 1976-05-30
Racks 1972-02-21
Groups and awards 1971-07-28
People arriving at airport 1971-07-30
Awards 1980-08-10
2656 Man standing under Brewmaster's Office sign
Man standing by beer fermenting tank at Pearl Brewery
Speaker at El Tropicano
Chemist working with beer
Pearl Beer barrel
Girl with man and woman 1964
[ Pic # 44583 ]
Woman basting roast
Bob Marsh's wife
Unidentified woman
[ Pic # 45832 ]
Bob Marsh
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 35700 ]
Bob Jornayvaz shaking hands with another man
[ Pic # 45230 ]
Two men standing by football field
[ Pic # 45230 ]
Country Club Malt Liquor
Man on golf course
Morris Millkiff
Three unidentified men 1962
Bill James
Schematic map of Edwards Underground Water District
Waterfall and lake
Woman serving dinner
[ Pic # 39821 ]
Pearl billboard
Man measuring ricks of house
Four people outside Thomas Jefferson High School 1962
[ Pic # 32570 ]
Three men 1965
Someone in hat and blanket
Houston Stock Show 1962
Four people
[ Pic # 32182 ]
Faron Young
Two men with guitar singing
Buddy Bray
Two men with map
[ Pic # 34000, 34001 ]
Two men and a woman with a baby by broken Volkswagen 1960
Elderly couple
Boy in football uniform
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 35700 ]
Raymond Albert
Ned Albert
C. T. Burden
2657 People playing in a stream
Pearl beer in a stream
Pearl Beer billboards 1963-08-02
Unidentified woman 1
Mr. Zintgraff and his mother and father with camera equipment
Packaging Corp of America and truck 1970-07
2658 Model in kitchen slicing cheese 1969-12-17
Aerial photograph of Thiokol 1970-04-30
Briablu and McCloud with awards
Doors by Thiokol cabinets 1971-04-22
Cabinet handles for Thiokol 1971-03-05
Cabinet set-up at Thiokol 1970-09-30
Living rooms and furniture display area and models of house 1970-01-05
Room set up featuring Tile Floor 1970-11-03
Room set up featuring Thiokol tile floor 1970-11-06
Thiokol tile box 1970-10-27
Thiokol: Bill Brickley 1970-10-30
Three unidentified men
[ Pic # 84623 ]
Thiokol tile box 1970-09-28
Group shot at Holiday Inn: G. W. Floyd 1970-10-22
Harvey (Happy Jazz Band on Golf Course) 1970-06-11
Thiokol: Opera House 1970-07-07
Thiokol cabinets 1970-05-18
Floor tile 1970-04-07
Interior of Thiokol plant 1970-03-19
Tile 1970-09-28
Line drawing 1970-09-28
Charts 1970-09-28
Cabinets in kitchen and model 1969-09-25
Tile set ups 1970-02-25
Thiokol warehouse and plant 1969-12-03
Ceramic Tile, Inc. 1969-12-01
Tile 1969-12-03
Graphs and charts 1969-03-19
Cabinets and graphs 1969-12-04
Cabinet handles for Thiokol 1969-12-09
Two sinks 1969-11-25
Cabinets 1969-11-25
Kitchen 1968-12-09
Thiokol plant with managers 1968-12-20
Cabinets in studio 1969-11-20
Opening ceremony 1968-11-22
2659 Alamo Council Camp Fire Girls
Employees of Tracy-Locke 1971-06-24
Goetz and Country Tavern beer 1971-12-10
Slides of cards with colored background 1971-11-17
Bob Brown
David L. Wood's grave 1971-07-20
Jess Price and John Boudreaux in Galveston 1971-06-15
Side view of Volkswagen, Trinity Hill 1970-02-09
Various beer manufacturers delivery trucks: Miller, Budweiser, JAX, Lone Star, Falstaff 1970-12-21
Bob Marsh and his family
Volkswagen of America 1970-10-25
Volkswagen presentation 1970-10-27
San Antonio Little Theater: man with artwork 1970-10-14
Volkswagen "Glitter Bugs" 1970-04-15
Bob Marsh 1970-05-21
site survey folder 1970-04-08
Young boy 1970-03-30
Empress Brick Company 1970-03-20
G. Brewer, action shots on golf course 1970-02-17
Mike Cronan and James Higdez with TV at Bill Lyons 1969-09-15
Straps on Leonard's shoulder 1969-05-30
Brake-O 1969-02-03
Drina Rekersol at Villita Assembly Hall 1969-02-18
Sings 1969-01-10
Calf roping 1968-11-14
People in studio 1968-08-09
Peliculas Clasicas Mexicanas 1968-07-09
Poker chips
Unidentified people
Brown children
Bob Brown "for free" ? 1968-05-27
Mr. Standley NBC executive
Elks Lodge baseball team
Bob Schneider NBC
William Priest Cabinet Makers
4H Club Horseshow 1966-09
Women baking
Texas Consumer Finance Corporation
2660 Sink and mirror 1970-12-07
Cabinets 1970-12-11
Kitchen 1971-07-21
Room set up 1970-09-25
Room set up 1970-12
Kitchen 1970-12-09
Bar with cabinets 1971-01-10
Bathroom vanity and tub
Bar 1970-12-03
White lattice doors 1970-11-30
Cabinets in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and den 1970-12-17
Individual cabinets 1970-11-19
Den 1970-11-23
cabinet doors 1970-12-11
Doors 1970-12-04
Cabinet doors 1970-12
Cabinet doors 1970-12-11
Boy's room 1970-11-18
Bathroom 1970-11-12
2661 Harte-Hanks Newspapers: charts 1972-12-05
Gene Falk at desk 1973-02-02
Don Miller 1972-01-08
Hunting trip at Davis Ranch with Volkswagen GM 1972-12-20
Bob McMichael at Harte-Hanks 1972-12-08
Floyd at Harte-Hanks 1972-06-22
Chemical Express: trucks at chemical express 1972-05-21
Unidentified men
[ Pic # 92260, 92767, 90883, 92261 ]
Mr. Landreth 1972-06-09
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 11691 ]
Bob Gillman 1971-12-15
Larry ant Harte-Hanks 1972-04-25
[ Pic # 92767 Inv # 12104 ]
2662 Luigi's Restaurant 1976-05-21
Food City 1976-03-18
Mr. M Food Store 1976-04-02
Los Patios 1976-03-24
Girls by the Tower of Americas 1976-02-03
2663 Alcolytes
Groups of people 1960
Drawing "Crucified" 1973-02-26
Interior of church 1973-03-14
Congregation in front of church (1893-11-14) 1973-02-21
Church exterior 1972-08-25
Sue Garza, Mike Nesmith 1973-07-31
Patricia Van Deldan, Margaret Terry 1963-07-29
John Hickman, Elizabeth Peabody 1963-07-29
Children choir
Aerials of Travis Park and United Methodist Church
Unidentified people
Gene Legett and Roy Horn, Jr. 1962
Linda Loftis, Miss Texas
Rendering of church exterior and different rooms
Construction of steeple
2664 William Coker
Men with longhorn
Two men in chute
Two men holding picture of Rose Window 1965
Poker chips
Unidentified people
2665 Waiting area of bank 1967
Rendering: Travis Savings and Loan 1974
Gerald Wiley 1974-11-25
Louis Michael and award 1974-11-18
Rendering: Travis Savings and Loan 1974-08-01
Alan Menger 1969
John Gary at Hemis Fair Theater 1968-06-04
"Death of Travis" painting 1968-05-27
Unidentified people 1967
[ Pic # 63820 ]
Party at bank 1967
[ Pic # 63821-22 ]
Interior of bank 1967
Interior of bank 1960
Aerials of bank and area around it: Sears building, San Antonio River, National Bank of Commerce, Hotel Alpha, Alamo Title Company, Texas Theater building
Travis Savings and Loan Association next to Mammy's Cafeteria
2666 Opening ceremony at Travis Savings and Loan on Walzem Road 1975-05-16
Exterior 1975-04-30
Trip contest winners 1975-06-03
Ronald Reagan at Travis Savings and Loan Association 1975-01-15
Bank president with bus tickets 1974-06-24
Man holding cake 1974-02-26
Texas History paintings 1973-06-13
Travis Savings and Loan on Babcock and Callaghan Streets 1972-11-06
Louis Michael with cannon 1971-04-06
Dan Crutchfield 1971-02-25
Girl with silver at Travis Savings and Loan 1971-04-04
Winners at Travis Savings and Loan 1970-10-21
Mr. and Mrs. Michael drawing winning tickets 1970-10-20
Opening ceremony at Travis Savings and Loan 1970-10-01
Crane lifting sign up at new bank 1970-08-11
Louis Michael with small replica of Liberty Bell 1970-05-26
Louis Michael 1970-03-13
2667 Mobil sub-station 1966
2668 Model in leotard 1970-10-14
Girls at Trim and Swim spa 1977-06-05
Girls in swimsuits 1976-08-27
Man with beer belly
Girls at Trim and Swim spa 1978-04-09
Paula Wolfe 1975-09-10
Model 1975-05-16
Joe Gonzales 1975-02-25
Ned Morris 1974-11-14
Model in shorts and swimsuit 1971-05-12
2669 Exterior of Trinity Baptist Church 1961
Stained glass window of Jesus 1962
Four unidentified men 1965
[ Pic # 50623 ]
Sound system booth in back of chapel 1960
Recording equipment 1960
Buckner Fanning and another man with a record and an award in front of picture of the Alamo 1959
Buckner Fanning at pulpit
Distinguished Salesman's Award 1959
Exterior of Trinity Baptist Church 1959
Ground-breaking and crowd watching
Woman playing xylophone
Trinity Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Buckner Fanning with bible in front of bookcase
Crowd at outdoor nighttime prayer meeting
Buckner Fanning, his wife and son
Buckner Fanning, his wife and son in front of Fellowship Hall
Group of children who attended Vacation Bible School
Man playing organ
Tractor clearing land
2670 Buckner Fanning at church 1970-03-10
2671 Group of students
Unidentified building
Two girls watching two guys shave
Crowd watching football game
Indian dancing at the gym
Football team on sidelines
Football team on field
Two girls singing
Pep rally
Basketball players on court
Trinity Forum on KMAC Radio
Girl buying cap
People in stands at basketball game
People dancing
Football player with helmet and ball
Three girls by piano
Three girls singing
Check presentation to Dr. Laurie
Play on stage
Actors and sets 1949-10-06
Relief of two graduating students
Group of men with homecoming queen
Girls singing and playing piano
Unidentified couple
Marching band
Men checking sound
Homecoming dance
Students at registration
People going through receiving line
2672 Students in auditorium
Students at dance
Students on steps of building
Two unidentified couples
Man sculpting bust with woman posing
Graduation ceremonies
Three ladies drinking tea
Graduating class in caps and gowns
Three men
Group of ladies looking at bust
Pictures of animals and fish
Students playing a piano
Four girls playing cards
Four students studying
Students at café with juke box
Girls dressed up for a dance
Unidentified couple
Students studying in library
Large groups of students
Man and a girl digging up cactus 1949
Four people digging up cactus
Large group digging up cactus
Students in cafeteria
Students praying before eating
2673 Football players # 25, 12, 45, 33 1956
[ Pic # 12 ]
Football player # 62 in tackling position 1956
[ Pic # 21 ]
Football player #11 jumping in air and throwing ball 1956
Football player # 12 in throwing pose 1956
Football player #35 running with football 1956
Football players defensive line 1956
Football player #78 tackling position 1956
Football players #36 and #37 running with ball and guarding 1956
Football players #74 and #78 tackling position 1956
Football player # 25 running with ball 1956
Football players in various stances 1956
Coaches 1956
Players individually in front of wall without helmets 1956
2674 Football players in various stances 1956
Players individually in front of wall 1956
Trinity football field and marching band and cheerleaders 1956
2675 Large group o twirlers sitting in bleachers
Student band in front of pond
Dr. Hughes at piano
Trinity University Tigerettes twirlers
Two professors looking at play in Behind This Mask
Four students
Rendering of Trinity University pool
Five students inside
Student holding book outside
Unidentified man
Trinity University band giving concert
Dr. Laurie
Group of men at luncheon
Aerials of Trinity University
Students standing in line
Four people eating lunch
Man at podium
Students in auditorium
Students at registration
Group sitting on couch
Students in class
Students at outdoor gathering
Three girls
Students by dorm
Students in lunchroom
Unidentified man
Four men
Group of people by tree
Three ladies with Trinity University banners and drum
Play on stage
Man receiving award 1956
Dr. Laurie with two other men
Dedication ceremonies for George Storch Memorial Library
Trinity basketball team
Football players
Man playing instrument on stage accompanied by woman on piano
Man at microphone
Dr. Laurie with two other men
Students receiving cups
Tennis teams
Three girls
Homecoming king and queen and court
Man with golf bag and clubs
Two men in cap and gown
Golf team
Two men with Trinity University football tickets
Three girls baking
Two men looking at blueprints
Unidentified men
Two men with model of campus
Man and woman at piano
Students at picnic
Basketball team on court
Rendering of Trinity University pool
Homecoming queen
Graduation ceremonies
Old photo of six people sitting on steps circa 1900
Group at airport by plane
Science professors
Reverend Jasper Manton and two other men
Man with phonograph
Basketball team on court
Homecoming queen being crowned
Maude Bennett Davis receiving award 1958
Plot plan for women's dorm 1958-06-19
Traffic accident
Woman sipping drink
Woman in journalism department
Dr. Laurie shaking hands with two other men
Trinity University Bengal Band
Three girls with bulldog
Hat rack of mounted head and horns
2676 Two coaches with four football players 1957
Players in tackling position on defensive line 1957
Six cheerleaders: three men, three women 1957
Coaches 1957
Stadium at Trinity during homecoming at half-time with marching band and homecoming king and queen 1957
Football players in various stances 1957
Entire team posing for group photo 1957
2677 Trinity band by pond
[ Pic # 19465 ]
Three unidentified men
Four men and a student by American Airplane at airport 1960
[ Pic # 20127-128 ]
Four men 1961
Slick Airlines crew unloading Bengal Tiger from plane
Football player in uniform with ball
Group of men standing on site of Trinity Home Builders Research Cottage
George Storch Memorial Library
Model of swimming center
[ Pic # 5685 ]
Skylines Music and Twirling Club with instruments 1960
Choir in gowns
Students dancing at prom
Dr. Laurie and two other men
[ Pic # 18684 ]
Buildings on campus 1961
[ Pic# 26596 ]
Group of people by plane to see tiger off loaded
Dr. Laurie and three other men 1960
[ Pic # 18712-18719 ]
Rendering of proposed Music Building
Three students in dorm room
Marrs McLean Science Center
Woman with trunkful of costumes for plays 1961
[ Pic # 22990 ]
Three choir members
Six Trinity Alumni around model of football field with football that says Trinity 13, Austin College O
Four students
C. W. Miller receiving certificate
[ Pic # 18685 ]
Group of students on bleachers
Group of students sitting at steps of building
Group of students standing on steps of building
Girl with tennis racket
Two men with rifle with bayonet
[ Pic # 24595 ]
Four men
Someone typing
[ Pic # 22067 ]
Two students by the banner "Class of 64"
Students in class
[ Pic # 26411 ]
Girl with Mirage Yearbook
[ Pic # 26434 ]
Speaker at luncheon
Three men near downtown
Little boy sitting on rock
Five students sitting by tree
Drawing of tiger with tennis racket
[ Pic # 24462-3 ]
Work crew with bulldozer 1961
[ Pic # 25696-7 ]
Student and Dr. Russell 1961
[ Pic # 26360 ]
Students exhibits of art 1960
[ Pic # 18740 ]
Floor plans for proposed Fine Art building 1959
Man playing organ 1960
[ Pic # 18714 ]
Student choir and band on stage
Students 1961
[ Pic # 26159 ]
[ Pic # 25949 ]
Coach letting tiger smell football
Looking at downtown San Antonio from Trinity University
Swimming pool 1961
Three African students at campus radio station 1961
Three African students looking at tiger 1961
Williams and another man with books 1961
[ Pic # 26664 ]
Students in class 1961
Two girls wearing swimsuits at the pool
Six girls sitting on floor studying 1961
Four girls in dorm 1961
Dance with orchestra
Students eating lunch in dining room 1961
[ Pic # 26593 ]
Three girls reading U.S. News and World Report 1961
Men's basketball team and coach 1961
Group of unidentified men at luncheon
Dr. Laurie with tiger
Group of people looking at blueprints
[ Pic # 25207 ]
Little boy sucking his thumb
Two men standing outside Marrs McLean Science Center
Two girls in dorm room
Group of men sitting by pond 1960
[ Pic # 19463 ]
Men laying pipeline
Woman being sworn in 1960
[ Pic # 18929 ]
Group of guys being sworn in 1960
[ Pic # 18927 ]
Three guys looking through microphones 1961
[ Pic # 24080 ]
Three students receiving ribbons for science fair 1961
[ Pic # 23634 ]
Group of people and Dr. Laurie on WOAI-TV
Marching band on football field
ROTC on football field
Swimming pool
Harry J. Krusz and Dr. Laurie with five other men
Girls in exercise class
Rendering of proposed Music Building
Banquet, people in tuxedos and evening dresses, man with violin, flamenco dancer
Two women looking at painting
[ Pic # 20843 ]
Rendering of campus
Six girls in swimsuits
Dr. Laurie and group of men 1960
[ Pic # 21491 ]
2678 Unidentified man
Unidentified man 1975-09-12
[ Pic # 15686 ]
Dr. John Moore 1971-10-18
Unidentified man 1972
[ Pic # 94037 ]
Unidentified man 1971
[ Pic # 84858 ]
Three unidentified teachers 1971-04-20
[ Pic # 88148-88150 ]
Ernest T. Corvo 1970-12-08
Dr. Frank Schmidt 1970-10-16
Couple on bench on campus 1970-10-02
[ Pic # 85999-08 Inv # 8282 ]
Dr. Graham 1972-09-05
Dr. Wimpress 1970-03-07
Dr. Earl Lewis 1970-07-31
Unidentified man 1970
[ Pic # 82398 ]
Unidentified man 1970
[ Pic # 82399 ]
Dr. Garcia 1970-08-14
Delbert Roland 1970-06-02
Leon Taylor 1970-03-09
Warren Woodson, Athletic Director 1968-11-06
Four football coaches 1968-04-27
[ Pic # 76343-46 Inv # 539 ]
Hugo Alfred Bordeau
Robert Flynn
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 50619 ]
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 33174 ]
Unidentified man with basketball
Unidentified man 1964
[ Pic # 45507 ]
Unidentified woman 1962
Dr. White
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 50619 ]
Dr. James M. Mondy, Chancellor
Dr. Gossett
Walter Judd
Robert Swain
Unidentified man 1964
[ Pic # 45148 ]
Unidentified man 1964
[ Pic # 46591 ]
Harold A. Bosley 1964-10-12
Dr. Wendell Phillips
Bill Bristow
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 45074 ]
Albert De Coursey
Bob Straus
Mrs. Harrison
Dr. Ralph Sockman
Mark Van Doren
Dr. Richard W. Firth
Two unidentified men
[ Pic # 41771 ]
Dr. Radslav Andrea Tsanoff (Rice University, Houston) 1964-01-06
Dr. Durwood Flemming
Dr. Esmond E. Snell 1964-02-26
Joe Musgrave
Claude Petty
Unidentified man
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 30615 ]
Dr. William Libby 1964-01-31
Professor McLay
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 30615 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 19657 ]
Mrs. Willson, Mr. Willson
Three men and woman sitting at a desk
Woman with papers in her hand
Unidentified man 1960
Mr. Erretes 1960
Dr. Laurie and unidentified man
[ Pic # 41771 ]
Unidentified man
Unidentified man 1960
[ Pic # 19651 ]
Ed Hatchert
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 20414 ]
Dr. Donald E. Everett
Dr. Henneke
Dr. Leonard Duce
Dr. Leland Koewing
Keiht Funsten
Dr. Bruce Thomas
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 27617 ]
Mr. Rice
James H. Robinson
2679 Rendering of building on campus 1962
Stairs going up a rocky hill
Steep hill
Students in formal dresses and tuxedoes 1961
[ Pic # 27611 ]
Dr. Laurie at podium speaking
[ Pic # 29872 ]
Unidentified man in tuxedo
Ground-breaking for Earl C. Sams Memorial Center
Group of people sitting around looking at newspapers
[ Pic # 28488 ]
Three unidentified people at luncheon
[ Pic # 27379 ]
Unidentified man 1961
[ Pic # 27319 ]
Unidentified man with Dr. Laurie 1961
[ Pic # 27381 ]
People at luncheon 1961
[ Pic # 27380 ]
Students with unidentified men 1962
[ Pic # 29498 ]
Unidentified man 1962
[ Pic # 29497 ]
Students with unidentified men 1962
[ Pic # 29499-29501 ]
Building under construction
Joseph G. Jerry receiving Distinguished Alumnae Award 1962-05-26
Ground-breaking for Earl C. Sams Memorial Center 1962
[ Pic # 29876 ]
Two students and another man 1962
[ Pic # 29967 ]
Graduation in Ruth Taylor Auditorium 1961
[ Pic # 27424 ]
Woman in bathing suit sitting on diving board holding a clock
Construction of building
[ Pic # 28175 ]
Group of people 1962
[ Pic # 28753 ]
Man shaking girl's hand by trophies on table 1962
[ Pic # 28760, 28759, 28754, 28751, 28761, 28757 ]
People with trophies for speech contest 1962
Man sitting at his desk 1962
[ Pic # 28842 ]
People at luncheon
[ Pic # 29910 ]
Woman in formal dress
[ Pic # 27612 ]
Underwood Typewriter circa 1924
Entrance to Trinity University
Three African students in library studying
[ Pic # 27060 ]
Christ on the cross in tissue paper 1962
[ Pic # 29350 ]
Dr. Laurie on the phone
[ Pic # 28688 ]
Four people holding books: The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, Mathematic Tables Handbook, Handbook of Standard Mathematical Tables by Turner
[ Pic # 28627 ]
Two students with microscope
McDonald and another man in house under construction
Student Union Building
Three African Students looking at tiger in cage on truck
[ Pic # 27067 ]
Two girls in formal dress 1961
[ Pic # 27613 ]
Group of students posing
Dinner for Dr. Laurie
[ Pic # 27489-27496 ]
San Antonio Twirling Club 1962
Students standing by Greyhound bus 1961
[ Pic # 25390 ]
Two students at swimming pool
Students putting on a production of some sort
Three unidentified people 1962
[ Pic # 28750 ]
Conductor and orchestra 1961
[ Pic # 27321 ]
Rendering of apartments 1963
[ Pic # 30689 ]
Tiger, llama and exotic pic at zoo
African students listening to records
2680 Man sitting in front of painting of large hand
Nan playing church organ
Miss. Ridenhower with painting of vase and flowers
People receiving trophies
George Storch Memorial Library
Construction of Tower
Art class
Group of men in gym
Membership paper to Sigma Delta Chi Fraternity
Chapman Graduate Center
Man with painting
Play rehearsal
Art gallery
Rendering: Trinity University Tehuacana, TX 1874-1902
University of Denver recruiting board 1965
Guys getting ready to shoot hoops
Unidentified people
Ground breaking ceremonies
Unidentified man with life size portrait of LBJ
Grand Champion hogs: San Antonio Livestock Show 1962
Tennis players
Football ticket Drive
Trinity float
Tiger, llama and exotic pic at zoo
Old building
2681 Student in dorm room
Student receiving trophy
Little kids in classroom
Tennis player receiving plaque
Couple looking out over campus
Model of buidlign
Check presentation 1963
Group of men
George Storch Memorial Library
Five unidentified men
Football players
Drawing of tennis player
De Golyer
Basketball players shooting hoops
Rendering of engineering science building
Dr. Laurie at podium
Tower in fornt of chapel
Unidentified man Pic # 38207
Conference room
Four students
Unidentified men Pic # 36822, 36817, 39138
Dean Thomas
Dr. Laurie and wife with student at graduation
Check presentation
Southland Conference: Abilene Christian College, Arlington State College, Trinity University, Lamar State College of Technology and Arkansas State College
Bust of unidentified man
Tennis players
Football players
Dr. Laurie with three men
Bengal Tiger
Man with football
Unidentified man and woman
[ Pic # 35105, 35104, 35106, 38210, 36818, 35107 ]
Four men with football
Cast of play
T. R. Havins from Howard Payne College
Man playing piano
Construction of dorm
Tennis matches
Floyd G. Arpan
[ Pic # 410524 ]
[ 1963 ]
Two students with electronic equipment
Bowling team
Four unidentified men
[ Pic # 39090 ]
Man in library
People dancing
Man standing in field
Mrs. Sams
Play cast
Check presentation in front of Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital
2682 Bureau with bible and flower picture on it with U. S. flag beside it and painting of Jesus over it
Offices, library interior, Mrs. Lipps 06-04
George Storch Memorial Library 1964-07-13
Students by Trinity entrance
2683 Orchestra
Unidentified man
Robert Witt Reception Center
Unidentified building
Entrance to Trinity University
Unidentified men
Dr. Roe H. Johnston
Ruth Taylor Theater
Chapman Graduate Center
Model of proposed auditorium
"Journey to Jefferson" play
National Society of Program Instruction
Drawing of cat's head
Students by tower
Two men shaking hands over books
Man with painting
Mayor McAllister and two students with proclamation for Trinity University Homecoming Week 1965-10-19
Baseball players team
Racquetball court
Theater floor plans
Past Presidents and their wives beside their portraits
Mr. Mikaso
Drawing ship
Drawing: E. M. Stevens
Larry Jerome Jeffries
Dan O'Bryant
George Dupree II
2684 Trinity seal 1971-06-11
Silver medallion: University seal 1969-03-26
Trinity University Centennial Seal 1869-1969 1966
United Presbyterian General Assembly: seal for the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church of the U. S. 1969-04-27
2685 Drama Department and lady at loom 1969-04-23
Science fair awards and top winners 1969-03-29
[ Pic # 76876, 77025, 77017 Inv # 1516 ]
Interior of the Chapel and chaplain
Brackenridge High School: Ball player signing to play at Trinity 1969-03-26
Play cast on stage 1969-03-24
Group at meeting at Trinity 1969-03-10
[ Pic # 76748 Inv # 3451 ]
Tennis players on court at Trinity 1969-03-14
Dr. Laurie receiving check 1969-03-05
Meeting for award of grant at Trinity 1969-04-29
Unidentified man 1969-02-04
[ Pic # 76434 Inv # 339 ]
Team basketball at Sam's Center 1969-03-04
Children at Trinity 1969-04-01
Dr. Laurie making presentation 1969-04-25
Dr. Laurie and another man with Trinity baseball coach at baseball field
Dr. Laurie with two people at Trinity Centennial Associates plaque
Two young ladies at Trinity publicity office 1969-02-21
Centennial Association plague for Mr. and Mrs. John B. Chadwick 1969-02-25
Plaques at Trinity 1969-02-27
Groups of students 1969-02-22
On campus baseball coach and donors 1969-01-11
Doctor at Trinity and woman 1969-02-08
[ Pic # 75936 Inv # 3048 ]
Sunshine Cottage and children 1969-02-05
Unidentified man 1969-01-30
Bob McKinley on Trinity tennis court 1968-01-20
Mesas and temple 1969-01-06
Two men at desk 1968-12-31
Graphs and charts 1968-12-02
Two men presenting Dr. Laurie with check 1968-11-27
Records building on campus 1968-11-25
Campus scene circa 1913
Construction on campus
Trinity University 1899
Trinity University, Tehuacana, Texas 1869-1873
Trinity cheerleader circa 1920
Trinity students and professors circa 1900
[ Pic # 74482 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 74479 ]
Building at Trinity
[ Pic # 74476 ]
Homecoming queen and king 1968-10-29
Scenes from plays 1968-10-01
Cindy Broyles from "Mirage 66" 1968-09-12
Gardener in Dr. Laurie's garden 1968-09-20
Three men at library 1968-10-01
[ Pic # 73655-56 Inv # 1950 ]
Milton Ryan and Ford Hill 1968-10-14
Scarcity in chapel 1968-09-30
Graphs and charts 1968-09-05
Piece of art for invitation 1967-09-16
Football and baseball fields 1968-09-12
Dr. Charles Burmeister 1968-06-04
Two unidentified men
[ Pic # 72887, 72886 ]
Buildings at Trinity 1968-07-23
People in computer room
Student studying 1968-08-08
[ Pic # 72326 ]
Paul Baker and Frank Jarrett 1968-08-27
Exteriors around Trinity 1968-06-28
Slide of cross and flags 1969-05-05
Graphs and charts 1968-08-13
Swimming pool, Ewing Halsell Administrative studies Center
Interior of new reception building 1968-08-01
Toastmaster International presentation to Dr. Laurie 1968-05-11
New tennis courts 1968-06-12
Chart 1968-05-10
Three girls 1968-05-03
Centennial ceremonies and picnic
Presentation of plaques 1967-04-19
2686 Four men with picture of airplane hanger 1967
[ Pic # 63094 ]
Trinity University 1899
Four college students at Trinity, two shaking hands 1967
[ Pic # 63095 ]
Two men, Walters, with trophy for Most Improved Regiment from the National Society of Pershing Rifles 1967
Two unidentified people and Dr. Laurie 1968
[ Pic # 68918 ]
Dr. Laurie addressing people 1968
Dr. Laurie and two other men 1968
[ Pic # 69898 ]
[ Inv # 7245 ]
Dr. Laurie and couple in front of Trinity Centennial Associates Board 1969
Dr. Laurie with two men 1967
[ Pic # 61870 ]
Four men 1967
[ Pic # 61869 ]
Trinity University presentation of awards at Science Fair 1968-04-03
Decoration Ceremonies at the start of Trinity's Centennial year and picnic 04-20
Vetry and Camp, Mrs. 1968-04-18
Graphs and charts 1968-04-18
National Society of Program Instruction 1968-04-21
Three men shaking hands in front of basketball trophies 1968
[ Pic # 69955 ]
Inspection of new Trinity Tennis Courts 1968-04-21
Mr. Buckley, authority on documents, visiting and Robert A. Houze 1968-04-03
Unidentified girl 1968
[ Pic # 68993 ]
Two ladies shaking hands 1968
[ Pic # 68919 ]
Forrest Smith 1968
Three people talking 1968
[ Pic # 68913 ]
Five people talking 1968
Pic # 68917 ]
Five people sitting 1968
R. A. Bartes
Dr. Burmister
Buildings 1968
Officer shaking ROTC's hand, Lane
Student 1967
Officer shaking ROTC's hand and presenting certificate, Masinter 1967
Woman playing organ
Dr. Laurie giving trophy to Marvin Upshaw for football 1967
Trinity University Band
E. B. Carter Physics Department
Tennis players 1968
[ Pic # 67602-67609 ]
Basketball players
Louis B. Evans, Jr.
Newton ROTC
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 68039 ]
Masinter, Walters, ROTC most improved regiment
Unidentified man 1968
[ Pic # 68512 ]
Trinity University centennial dinner 1968
Three students with trophies 1968
[ Pic # 68626 ]
Three unidentified men 1967
[ Pic # 63861 ]
Group of five students 1967
[ Pic # 65257 ]
Location for new tennis court
Two unidentified men
[ Pic # 65544 ]
Unidentified building
[ Pic # 65594, 65595 ]
Unidentified people
[ Pic # 65900-A ]
Dr. Lohite
Three unidentified men
[ Pic # 65916 ]
Group of students
[ Pic # 65969 ]
Two students in dorm room 1967
[ Pic # 65593 ]
Band on field
Dr. Russell, G. Dressler
Students in golf cart riding around track
Crane putting up stadium lights
Frank Conner, member of Trinity Tennis Team 1967
Paul S. Minton
Dr. Trueblood
William Race
Charts of infrasonic generator
Seminars and unidentified people
[ Pic # 64069-76 ]
Tuesday Musical Club
Woman and Bishop Everett Jones with chalice 1967
Students rehearsing play
Priest giving tour
Tennis court rendering
Group of ladies with man 1967
[ Pic # 63676 ]
Site plan
[ Pic # 63536 ]
First level floor plan
[ Pic # 63537 ]
Second level floor plan
[ Pic # 63538 ]
Third level floor plan
[ Pic # 63539 ]
Fourth level floor plan
[ Pic # 63540 ]
Life Science Building
[ Pic # 63535 ]
Rendering of Trinity Auditorium
[ Pic # 63348-63352 ]
Side cutaways of Trinity Auditorium
James W. Laurie, Dr. Hal Ramsey and Charles W. Burmeister
2700 Harry Truman walking up to the Alamo
F. D. Roosevelt at the Alamo
Harry Truman at dinner
Harry Truman touring city and at Gunter Hotel
Banquet room
TWIN FORKS 1973-1978
2701 People canoeing down river, walking in woods, biking, swimming, fishing, petting horse 1973-08-15
People swimming and canoeing 1978
People swimming and canoeing 1976
2702 Helicopter in the air 1972
2703 Union National Bank: two men (old) 1986-05-05
Clyde Ussery: old machine shop 1986-02-28
Union National Bank: exterior 1983-07-20
Union National Bank: exterior 1983-07-01
U. S. Homes: interior and exterior 1983-04-12
U-Haul: employees and trailers 1983-03-28
Unique Homes: interior and exterior of stone house in country 1982-04-05
Universal Weather Service: people by plane 1977-08-23
Union State Bank: exterior 1977-03-28
Charles Umlanf: inlaid statue of Christ at Episcopal Church 1976-12-07
Universal Glass Company: glass furniture 1976-03-16
Charles Ulchek: reconfirmation vows 1975-07-19
Unlimited Pencil: string art 1975-08-25
Unlimited Pencil: string art 1975-08-07
Charles Umlanf: stature of Christ on church 1975-06-23
Unigard Insurance: photographs at accident 1975-04-11
Unlimited Pencil: young lady 1974-07-11
Unigard Insurance: traffic accident 1974-09-03
United Negro College Fund: award banquet 1974-03-28
Union Texas Petroleum: fuel tanks 1973-02-13
Unicolor: exterior of Concordia Lutheran Church 04-24
Unicolor: interior of Harlandale Baptist Church 1972-01-21
Unicolor: interior of Castle Hills Church 1972-01-11
U.S. Industries, Inc.: aerial of property around Canyon Lake 1970-06-02
Universal-Runole Corporation: aerials of plant 1969-05-09
Universal Truck: truck 1964-10-23
U. S. Building Materials: house 06-21
Universal Match Company: exterior of building
United Amusement: kid on pig ride 1960-10-13
U. S. Royal Tires: card ad 10-10
2705 King Antonio at ball
Ladies dressing in old clothes
Groups of ladies
Couple (old)
Mildred Uldrich
2706 Unidentified building circa 1930
Aerials 1975-06-20
2707 Pens 1977-03-30
Sheep being herded into arena for auction 1962
Three men herding pigs into arena 1962
Cow being branded in chute 1979
Man with Longhorn 1959
Man with Longhorn 1962
Man in cart herding cattle into pens
Cattle pens and two building 1979-05-30
Crowd in auction barn 1960
Auctioneers stand 1960
Three men looking at cattle 1962
Group of cattle leaving arena 1961
Man with birthday cake for Stock yard
Men looking at cattle in pens 1962
Rope cutting ceremonies for modern Livestock Auction Building
Men in golf cart 1960
Check presentation 1962
Mr. Hagelstein
Aerials 1946
Loading dock 1946
Handwritten contract for cattle 1949
Marweld Epoxy Industries 1979
Cow being dehorned 1979
Group of men 1965
[ Pic # 52011 ]
Men with trophy
Empty auction arena
Longhorns in a pasture
Pens 1974-11-04
Buildings 1973-09-26
Pens 1955
Main building 1961
Unidentified building 1930
Unidentified men
2708 Men looking at cattle in pens 1963
Cattle in pens 1975
Two men in control booth 1974
V. A. Snell and Company Warehouse 1973
Jif-E Mart 1973
Car wash 1972
Diamond Reo parts store
Two men and five hogs 1973-06-28
Carlton Hagelstein 1973-02-05
Old picture circa 1910 of people standing around building , possible a hotel
[ Inv # 9787-D ]
Old photographs circa 1935 1972-08-10
Annual judging and three men eating cake
Frats Seigelson at mike and stockmen during auction 1968-11-07
Cattlemen during auction 1965
Cattle 1966
Boysville auction 1970-10-29
Truck service station 1970-06-30
Auction building and auctioneer 1970-03-26
Men around pens looking at horses 1963
Horses in auction arena 1963
UNITED FUND 1968-1971
2709 Larry McBride 1971-06-18
Child feeding 1971-06-15
Richard Goldsmith 1971-02-02
Operation Success ad 1970-11-20
Truck and people at Northside YMCA 1970-04-03
KBER D. J. and children 1969-11-11
Bowling match: Terrell Hills vs. Alamo Heights 1969-10-26
Switchboard at City Water Board 1969-10-07
Mr. Erler's office at Sears 1969-10-14
Bob Shule, Bob Jutson and another man in fake fights 1969-10-13
Mr. Schodde and two others 1969-10-10
James Gamble 1969-10-10
Group of girls 1969-09-30
Group of girls in Roy Clark's NBC office 1969-09-29
Miss Fair Share and children, some handicapped 1969-09-11
Group of ladies 1969-09-08
Presentations and Mr. Syndon at Robert Tobin home
Meeting 1969-07-09
Gerald Henckel, Jr., Earl Behnsch 1969-05-14
Hailey Cook, George Wroten 1969-05-16
David Dillon, Doug Boyden 1969-05-07
T. Swander 1968-12-10
Meeting at Menger Hotel 1969-01-16
Group on front of Kallison Tower 1968-01-08
City Water Board award in front of Plaza Fountain 1969-01-07
Christmas Clearing Bureau workers 1968-12-12
Luncheon 1968-11-08
SAC donation 1968-11-01
Mair Fire house 1968-10-07
Miss Fair Share 1968-09-10
Goodyear Blimp 1968-09-04
W. F Keller 1968-09-04
Miss Fair Share candidates 1968-08-01
Meeting at Jewish Community Center 1968-08-02
Kids at United Presbyterian Church
2710 Construction of building 1968
Huge pipes
Construction of building 1969
Steel construction in Kyle, Texas 1968-01-07
Employees at work 1969-02-28
UNIVERSAL BOOKBINDERY 1959-1981 and undated
2710 Manuals for classes, albums and yearbooks
Notebook binders
Business handbooks
Magazine binders, Reader's Digest, Newsweek
2711 Large group of people 1975-12-19
[ Inc# 20783 Pic # 108437 ]
Bridal Memories book 1965
Pictures in book of brides and grooms
Certificate of retirement from USAF 1966
Wedding books
Baby scrapbook 1963
Book covers made of leather 1965
Byrd High School Shreveport, LA scrapbook 1965
Annuals 1965
UBI factory and employees working 1961
Materials for binding books 1959
Unidentified little boy
2712 Book covers 1968-08-09
School yearbook covers 1968-06-28
Wedding albums and scrapbooks 1968
School yearbook covers 1966
School yearbook covers 1964-08-20
Wedding albums 1965-11-19
SW Resources Handbook, Engineering Department Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Process Manual, Protective Coatings, Boing Supervisors Album, Steck Company Catalog 1961-08-23
2713 Couple by fireplace with album 1969-05-08
School annual covers 1969-05-19
certificate holders 1969-05-09
Diploma covers 1969-04-28
Wedding albums 1968
Bridal memory albums 1968
2714 Employees 1969-04-30
Book binders 1970-06-03
Couple in front of fireplace with scrapbook 1970-02-11
Employees 1969-06-30
Interior of plant 1969-06-23
Interior of plant and employees 1969-06-28
2715 Pass books 1981-12-10
Wedding books 1980-12-14
Two albums and tow plaques 1980-03-19
Albums for catalog 1976-11-26
Old trucks in 1936 1980-06-11
Photo albums 1977-01-04
Wedding albums 1976-08-18
Proof albums 1975-06-27
Album covers 1974-07-12
Catalog 1974-06-25
Stuffed quail 1977-09-22
2716 Man burning cactus thorns while longhorn cattle eat it 1964
Truck 1964
Truck in front of the Alamo 1964
2717 Display window at Frank Brothers with clothing and pictures of Rock Hudson 1965
People by swimming pool, office and diner 1962-02-25
Luncheon 1964
Men with dog 1964
Celia Kaye signing autographs in book "Island of the Blue Dolphins" 1964
Mrs. Schultz
2721 Board of Regents: nine people in group 1972-12-08
2718 Construction progress 1968-05-05
Construction progress 1968-05-15
Construction progress 1968-03-19
Construction progress 1967-11-15
Construction progress 1967-09-18
Construction progress 1967-08-14
Construction progress 1967-07-17
Construction progress 1967-06-12
Construction progress 1967-05-12
Construction progress 1967-04-14
Construction progress 1967-03-20
Construction progress 1967-02-15
Construction progress 1967-01-22
Construction progress 1966-12-16
Construction progress 1966-11-18
Construction progress 1966-10-31
Construction progress 1966-09-19
Construction progress 1966-08-19
Construction progress 1966-07-18
Construction progress 1966-06-21
Construction progress 1966-05-18
Construction progress 1966-04-19
Construction progress 1966-03-18
Land not yet cleared for building 1966-02-18
2719 Interior of labs 1968-08-02
Rendering 1967
Two unidentified people
Food 1968
Seal 1967
Charts of infrasonic generator
Douglas Mitchell Administrator of Bexar County Hospital District
Old photographs of little boy and man with group of nurses circa 1910
Curriculum plan
2720 Wall hangings and paintings 1972-10-25
2722 Office building 1974-09-16
2723 Exterior of Ursuline Academy
Aerials 1961
Skyline 1961
USAA 1954-1983
2724 Construction of building
Beginning of construction of USAA 1954-07-12
Construction on USAA 1954-08-11
2725 Group of people
Exterior of USAA
Party 1960
Mexican band
Aerials, exterior and interior of USAA 1966
Two unidentified men 1962
[ Pic # 80026 ]
Interiors of various departments 1966
Jack G. Reiner receiving Silver Spur Award 1965
Employees 1963
Parties 1963
Wade Gring and Edward Caster 1968-09-25
Group of girls at USAA 1968-04-22
Awards 1968-10-31
Model of USAA
Unidentified people
San Antonio Academy
Group breaking
Dance and picnic indoors 1960
Various departments
Mrs. Bates
Christmas tree and party
Check presentations 1959
Opening ceremonies
2726 Exterior of USAA
Christmas tree and decorations 1963-12-27
People working in Bookkeeping Department
USAA cafeteria
Two men in office surrounded by flowers
Opening ceremonies
Party at USAA 04-04
2727 Annual party 1967
People in auditorium 1967
People receiving gifts 1967
People eating 1967
Fashion show and models 1967
2728 Retirement party for Colonel Cheever 1968-01-04
Retirement party for McDermott, Robert F. at La Louisiane 1969-01-08
2729 Group eating dinner 1969
Ground-breaking 1971-06-28
Office and work areas and employees 1971-04-30
warren Reed and Friends: General McDermott 1972-05-02
Slide presentation 1972-10-17
General McDermott 1970-05-06
Employees 1970-07-30
Fashion model 1970-08-11
Fashion model 1969-08-11
Car stereo 1970-07-14
Photographs for new members: magazine of employees and San Antonio 1970-07-30
Damaged house and USAA Mobile Claims Unit
Group at USAA 1970-05-21
Presentation and groups 1969-11-17
Night shot of USAA building 1970-05-27
Mr. Gring 1970-03-26
General McDermott and Frank Eager 1969-11-12
Al Slikis 1970-05-11
Crowning Miss Fair Share 1970-07-11
General McDermott signing papers 1969-10-09
General McDermott and United Fund Groups 1969-10-10
2730 Four people standing by cliff 1973-03-05
Ceramic cover of USAA annual report 1973-03-30
Building 1973-03-10
Group of men 1973-02-22
Naval officer buying boat 1973-02-22
Military family 1973-02-19
Groups at USAA (board members) 1973-02-17
USAA Annual Report 1973-02-15
Construction 1973-01-18
Exterior of building 1973-01-31
Board of Directors 1973-01-29
2731 Man with TV 1981-08-31
USAA Building exterior 1983-05-03
Tire and hub cap 1982-09-17
Allen Ludden 1980-08-26
USAA 1980-08-07
Employees 1974-05-14
Exterior of building 1974-03-19
Interior of building under construction 1974-03-18
Exterior of building 1974-03-19
Work area 1974-03-18
Lady at desk 1974-03-18
Board of Directors 1974-03-16
General McDermott 1974-02-05
2732 Table 1975-04-28
Aerials of USAA 1973-08-10
Old USAA building 1973-06-04
2733 Unidentified man 1982-03-11
Exterior of USAA 1975-03-03
Rendering of USAA 1974-10-18
Buildings 1973-09-20
Opening ceremonies 1973-06-26
Soldier with bazooka, interior and exterior of plane in the air and sailors near aircraft carrier 1973-06-20
2734 Candy 1984-10-29
Candy dispensing jars 1982-11-02
Candy displays 1982-02-08
Candy displays 1981-05-12
U-TOT-EM 1962
2704 Woman in grocery store 1962
Exterior and interior of U-Tot-Em Food Store
2735 Man holding piece of rubber tile 1961
2736 Aerials of Uvalde 1961
2737 Viroma Corporation: man 1985-11-06
John Verstegan 1984-10-02
Virginia Von Steinberg: Project 90 party 1984-07-02
John N. Vallianos, Jr.: building model 1982-08-26
James Vlasar: La Quinita Inn 1982-05-25
VIA puppets 1982-01-29
Southwest Volkswagen: interior and exterior 1981-07-28
Vasquez: man wearing scout uniform 1981-05-23
Renee Vinas: baby 1980-12-09
Venus Oil Company: map of Texas 1980-02-22
Viking Drilling Company: aerials of river 1976-04-06
Charles Vanderburg: man 1975-01-03
Virginia Vetrano: diamond ring 1975-09-08
Buster De Vellis: mariachis in front of waterfalls 1974-08-26
Edgar Von Scheele: Metropolitan area map 05-17
Venus Oil: chart 1971-10-07
Vantage Company: Stanley Home Products Building 1971-06-08
Villa de Pancho and people 1970-03-20
Venus Oil Company: map and charts 1969-04-09
Vi Warehouse Company: rendering of Community Center 09-10
2738 Aerial of gas plant 1983-06-21
Oil rig 1983-04-27
Aerial of gas plant 1982-07-21
Stan McLelland 1981-12-18
Night shot of San Antonio skyline 1981-12-10
Machinery 1981-06-04
Mr. Grehe 1981-04-01
Fire fighters 1981-02-05
Woman 1980-11-13
[ Inv # 133565 Pic # 118605 ]
Jack Spinlas 1980-02-21
Bill Greeley 1980-04-16
Steve Fry 1980-01-29
2739 Group of men 1961
Exterior of bank
Man making night deposit 1961
W. E. Eagle and secretary 1961
Chester B. Allen and Customers 1961
Drive-thru window
B. O'Neal Hillin and secretary 1961
Jud Watson 1961
Interior of bank 1961
2740 Rendering of Emerald Oaks
Renderings of Northwestern Plaza of Borderbrook
Rendering : Stoney Brook Apartment 1984-11-12
Rendering: Ingram Medical Center 1984-11-07
Rendering: North Park Pylon 1980-03-19
Rendering: Ingram Pyramids 1983-03-25
Rendering: North Park, Austin 1980-08-21
2741 Jewelry 1967
China cabinet
displays 1964
Aerial rendering
Loading dock
Window planes
Cabinets in kitchen 1962
Clock radio and transistor 1961
Exterior 1961
Wood doors 1960
Employees at work
VAUGHN, GEORGE C., and SONS 1960-1967
2742 Book shelves 1976-01-22
Book shelves 1975-12-12
Aerial rendering of Vaughn Building 1973-08-20
Wood door Panel 1973-05-08
Sink unit 1972-11-14
Kitchen 1972-08-02
Cabinets with antique props 1975-04-25
Electrical equipment 1971-05-02
2743 Vegetable queen and Court
People with vegetables
Miss Pepper
Vegetable Day 1955
Vegetable Day 1957
2744 People posing with vegetables 1961
Vegetable Queen 1961
Overall of Vegetable Show 1961
2745 Vegetable Queen and prize winners 1963
Men in garden 1963
Vegetable Queen 1964
Overall of Vegetable Show 1963
Unidentified men 1963
[ Pic # 39325 ]
People posing with vegetables 1963
2746 Men in garden: Johnson, L. B. 1964
Trophy winners 1964
Vegetable Queen and court 1964
Cooking contest 1964
Judges 1964
Overall of show 1964
Girls in their garden 1964
2747 Judges looking at vegetables 1965
Vegetable queen and court 1965
Winners and vegetables 1965
Overall of Vegetable Show 1965
People in gardens 1965
2748 15th Annual Vegetable Show 1966
Vegetable Queen and Court 1966
Two boys and their beets 1966
three men and their broccoli 1966
People posing with vegetables 1966
2749 Prize winners with their vegetables 1967
People in their vegetable gardens 1967
Vegetable Queen and court 1967
2750 Vegetable Queen and court 1968-11-12
Vegetable Show at Coliseum 1968-11-16
Valley-Hi National Bank: people posing with vegetables 1968-11-17
V.C.Jaycee: luncheon and Vegetable Queen finalists 1968-11-01
People in their gardens 1968-10-21
2751 Queen being crowned at El Tropicana 1969-11-14
Queen contestants at Produce Terminal on Al Vast Farm 1969-11-01
Lone Star Brewery Party 1969-11-18
Groups 1969-11-24
Basket of food 1969-10-30
Vegetable Queen at Holiday Inn 1969-11-07
Vegetable winners 1969-11-24
Flower and vegetable day 1969-10-07
2752 Vegetable winners and Queen 1970
Vegetable queen and Court 1970
Vegetable auction 1970-11-07
Crowning Vegetable Queen 1970-11-02
Bill Shomette 1970-10-27
People at Pioneer Flour Mills 1970-10-13
2753 20th Annual South Texas Vegetable Day and Queen 1971
South Texas Vegetable Day Expo: people receiving prizes 1971-11-06
South Texas Vegetable Day Show 1971-11-06
New Vegetable Queen and her Court and Judges 1971-11-06
Check presentations 1971-10-19
2754 Vegetable Queen and other people with vegetables 1972
C. L. Patillo: peppers 1972-11-11
Vegetable Queen 1972-11-06
2755 Crowning of Vegetable Queen 1973-11-12
Queen and her court 1973-11-15
Auction 1973-11-12
2756 Girls with vegetables 1977-11-05
Vegetable Queen and Court 1977-11-05
Vegetable Day Show 1977-11-06
People with vegetables 1977-11-06
Baking contest 1977-11-06
Catholic Life Insurance: Vegetable Day 1974-11-09
Group of ladies 1976-10-19
Vegetable Queen Being crowned 1976-10-19
Vegetable Day Show 1974-11-09
Vegetable Queen and court 1974-11-09
2757 Plant 1968-11-13
Unidentified man 1970-03-26
Mr. Craig 1969-11-17
Central Processing area 1968-11-14
Group in front of building 1968-08-21
Dedication of Ventura Company 1968-08-12
Interior of building 1968-08-15
2758 Men welding a cart 1971
Interior of plane 1975-05-30
Interior of plane 1973-11-27
Slide in modules for C-130 at Kelly 1972-09-25
Interior of plane 1971-12-22
Equipment 1971-04-06
Exterior of Ventura Company 1968-08-21
Employees working 1971-01-21
Mayor McAllister presenting proclamation 1970-04-16
2759 Exterior of plane 1981-07-14
Exterior of port potty 1981-03-20
Interior of plane 1979-09-05
Interior of module for C-130 1980-07-28
Interior pf planes 1978-06-05
Interior of C-150 module 1978-04-06
Interior and exterior of C-130 at New Braunfels airport 1977-01-11
Equipment and trucks 1976-03-09
Engine dolly assembly 1975-06-05
2760 Board of Directors 1973-01-31
Board of Directors 1972-10-24
VIDEO undated
2761 Man working with audioboard
Two men fixing visual picture on the television
Man with video camera outside near airport
Man shooting tape of woman standing on the steps of a plane
Man with four slide projectors and other audio/video equipment
Two men working with TV monitors
Three men mixing the sound and putting with picture for ad for airplane/ airline
[ Inv # 23141, 23142, 23140 ]
2762 Man behind counter at Barn Door 1968
Group of men 1967
Logo and pledge
VIVES-ATSARA, JOSE 1976-1987 and undated
2763 Painting of Mission Conception and San Jose
2764 Mission Conception painting 09-28
Mission San Jose 1987-09-08
Party and demonstration by artist 1969
Painting 1972-03-20
Art presentation at McAllister Auditorium 1975-10-10
Mayor McAllister and Jose Vives-Atsara
Reception at Vives-Atsara house 1970-06-01
Landscape painting 1975
Artist demonstration and party 1967
Lecture by Jose Vives-Atsara at Incarnate Word University with Spanish dancers during intermission 1968-04-10
Paintings of landscapes, Mexican children, Mexican towns and flowers 1975-08-01
Artist at Incarnate Word College 1969-04-15
Paintings of Mexican man, and flowers sketch of San Antonio circa 1890 Frost Brothers and church 1966
Sketch of San Jose Mission
Sketch of San Antonio River Walk
Art Show 1969-03-21
Paintings in Mission Room at Convention Center 1969-04-10
Espada Mission
San Juan Capistrano Mission
2765 Landscape painting 1987-04-03
People at party 1981-03-06
Party at Zachary 1979-12-19
Painting of river and buildings downtown with Tower, Hilton and Tower-Life building in background 1980
Party 1977-08-31
Paintings of landscapes, Mexican children, Mexican towns and flowers 1977-08-16
Art show at ITC 1977-01-16
Artist in action 1976-03-07
2766 Presentation of car and engine display unit 1974-09-16
Blood donors 1974-08-30
Cars 1974-07-02
William Jolly receiving award 1974-06-11
Group of parts managers departing to Mexico City 1974-05-07
Group around computer in service bay area 1974-04-23
Groups on picnic 1974-04-17
Soccer team around Volkswagen bus at Road East Volkswagen 1974-04-12
Presentation of keys to Volkswagen at Auto Haus Volkswagen 1974-04-04
Award presentation at Canyon Creek Country Club and groups 1973-12-14
Presentations 1973-07-16
Presentations at Turtle Creek Country Club 1973-07-06
Exterior view of Volkswagen South Central dealership 1973-01-26
Men shaking hands and with their wives 1972-12-08
Volkswagen being donated to ME-driver Education 1972-05-31
Volkswagen building 1972-03-24
Cunningham with new Porsche and group 1971-12-21
Awards presentation 1971-10-07
Opening of new Volkswagen building 1971-06-73
Aerial of Rod East Volkswagen and Audi 1971-03-16
Aerial of burned plant 1971-03-04
Men at Roosevelt High School 1971-02-13
Group of Volkswagen products 1971-02-01
Parts, supply, shelving 1970-10-28
Warrantee Department
Toy Volkswagen and TV 1970-09-25
New Volkswagen and aerials of Volkswagen dealership 1970-09-08
Tree planting and ground opening of Rod East Volkswagen 1970-08-07
Arrival of exchange student from Germany 1970-06-25
Tree party for new Volkswagen and tow men on roof with tree 1970-06-12
Group at La Fonda restaurant 1970-04-09
Exterior of Volkswagen plant 1970-03-27
Ground breaking and new dealer 1970-02-23
Aerials of auto plant 1969-12-23
2767 Racing bike on rear of Volkswagen 1975-05-03
Racing bike on rear of Volkswagen 1972-04-18
Volkswagen 1972-04-10
Upside down Volkswagen 1972-02-08
Body shop and mechanics 1970-06-10
contract signing and exterior of Volkswagen 1970-04-20
Winner of Volkswagen and TV 1970-02-05
Grand opening 1970-05-04
2768 Interior of airplane 1981-07-07
Volpar Design logo 1982-07-19
Interior of plane 1980-10-07
Components of airplane interior: cabinets, etc. 1980-06-19
2769 Wall of metal circles 1961-12-13
Hand 1965-01-26
Metal candelabra and chandelier 1966
Metal lamps
Northeast baseball team Little League 1974
Man by house
Deer bounding away 1974
Man and motorcycle circa 1920 1973-08-10
Ralph Voss and deer 1970-01-05
Ralph Voss and deer 1966
Church steeple and interior
Metal gate and fence 1961
Metal stair rail 1964
Metal fountain 1962
2770 Peter Wolf Association, Inc.: Coronation 1972-06-23
Mrs. Henry Walther: coat of arms 1975-07-03
Westwood Mobile Homes
Mrs. W. C. Winter: man with two kids 05-26
Woods Sales Company; fondue display 1972-01-17
Jimmy Walker: oil paintings 1971-07-15
Roger Williams Music center: two people and piano 1971-10-04
Westinghouse: Jack Grieder Showcase exterior
Wallace Supplies Manufacturing Company: factory
Don White: rendering of Dee Howard hangar
Bob Worth: girl with flowers
Westinghouse: appliances 1968-12-06
Westinghouse: exterior of building 1968-12-09
Wortz Cookie: display 1969-06-29
Mark Watson Insurance Company: airport arrival at General Aero with Mexican band 1969-09-11
Edward Watts: man with boy 1969-12-01
Wortz Cookie: cookie display at Food City 1970-01-20
Mr. William Winter: family 1970-06-05
Weir Flower Shop: flowers at Porter Loring 1971-05-11
White Star Laundry: interior 1961-09-15
Wilson County Peanuts 1964-02-24
Wilson County Peanuts: red peanuts 1963-11-29
Walco man 1963-12-18
Wichs Organ: huge organ in church 1965-09-20
Westinghouse: car
Mrs. Winter: two boys in front of church 10-21
Willow View Motel: interior of room 1964-03-02
Wolf and Marx: berries and cream 1964-07-08
Webcor Stereophonic display at Majestic Theater 08-21
Westerner Motel: interior and exterior
2771 Richard Welch: empty 1973-11-16
Windsor Publications, Inc.: Casa Rio 1977-11-14
J. D. Wysong 1977-03-03
Walton Signs: signs at Whataburger 1977-04-22
Tony Weissgarber: aerial of property 1976-03-22
George L. Williams Company: exterior of Mr. M and Diane Flack Interiors 1977-03-17
Wurzbach Whisper Valley: empty 1977-02-18
Family diner 1976
Gene White: paintings 1976-12-15
Gene White: ancient Japanese furniture 1976-12-15
Herbert S. Warmflash and Associates, Inc.: conveyor system at HEB Distribution Center 1976-11-18
Interior and exterior of Ward's
George Watts: 50th wedding anniversary 10-23
John Weber: Earl Scheib Building 1975-07-12
Western Frame Company: molding frames 1975-06-10
Wesco: exterior 1975-02-26
Wittings: exterior of Wittings 1974-07-15
SMA booth 1973
Marilyn Wacker, old man with guitar 1975-04-18
Kids with horse
C. B. Weiser: mother and daughter 1974-11-20
Colonel Ralph Walls: people on tandem bike 1974-11-15
John White: kids with horse 1974-10-29
Mark Watson, Jr.: man and boy on sailboat 1974-09-16
Ward International Aircraft: interior of Liberian Jet and exterior 1974-01-28
World Service Life Insurance: display booth 1973-11-12
Gene White: ancient Japanese furniture 1978-02-07
Western Electric: booths at Saint Anthony 1973-10-17
Webb: exterior of house 1973-10-08
Farmers Daughter: interior and exterior 1973-07-12
Wolco Pre-stress Concrete Corporation: 1st Bank parking garage 1973-06-27
Bob Worth: girl and flowers 1973-04-26
De Vincent Walker: flowers in church 1973-02-06
F. P. Williamson: paintings 1973-02-18
Ann Wilson: tapestry 1972-11-28
Western Art of America: painting and artist 1972-10-19
Welco Corporation: construction of 1st Bank 1972-08-16
2772 Wagner's Printers 01-28
Aerial of Blanco Junction 1981
House 1980
Jo Ann Winters: woman 07-31
Charles Martin Wender: aerila map of San Antonio 1986-07-02
Charles Wetherell: stairway at Hyatt 03-17
Weyerhauser Company: Frank Powers 1986-09-11
Wholly Cow: hamburger 1985-05-20
Bill Williams: little girls 1984-12-12
Charles D. Winter, Jr. 1984-10-16
Chester Wine 1984-08-08
Thomas Wright Oriental Rugs: two men 1984-05-01
Thomas Wright Oriental Rugs: John Nichols 1984-03-26
Mary Wenger: candy 1983-08-02
Mrs. Wittiker: flower bush 1982-07-13
Don S. Wenger: Paula Wenger 1983-02-09
Walton Advertising: neon horses 1984-11-06
F. P. Williamson: paintings 1983-01-07
Bob Worth: lady with orchid 1982-12-21
Wagner's Printers: interior of house and Blanco Junction Shopping Center 1982-12-15
Bob Worth: lady in blue bonnets 1982-10-08
Mary Ann West: painting of a horse 1982-10-08
R. K. Wurzback: giraffes and cheetah and mountain 1982-07-20
Walton Sign Company: signs 1981-05-15
Tery L. Westfield: X-rays 1982-07-01
Al Wolverton: Palomino 1982-03-15
Harry Grove and Western Oaks Motor Inn 1981-12-24
Western Oaks Motor Inn: arch model 1981-10-27
W. H. Watts: lady (old) 1981-08-31
Winners Circle Publications, Inc.: acrylic displays 1981-09-03
Gail Walston: old fire engine 1981-04-28
Barbara Wenger: band festival 1981-04-23
Wide-Lite Corporation: party 1981-06-11
Wagner's Printers, Inc.: Chevy Chase. La Paloma houses and apartmetns 1981-02-11
Wilson Food Corporation: award winners 1981-01-06
Hobrie Walsh: painting of lions 1980-11-15
Wehring-Goss Equipment Corporation: large crane 1980-06-18
Wiliams Group: interior and exterior of houses 1980-09-11
Bill Woma and employees 1979-04-26
Williamson -Dickie Apparel Manufacturing Company: clothing display in Dickie's at Windsor Park Mall 1978-10-27
2773 Barry Goldwater giving political campaign speeches 1964
2774 Camelot swimming pool 1964-07-01
Camelot sign 1967
Theodor Roosevelt High School 1966
Interior and exterior of houses 1966
Interior and exterior of houses 1964
Four unidentified men 1964
[ Pic # 43819 ]
2775 Key presentation at Smith's Chevrolet 1965
Key presentation to black family for house 1965
Car boat in water
Winners of TV set 1965
Group on steps of plane 1965
Honda City and Honda motorbikes interior and exterior 1965
Cattle: Charolaise
Ground breaking 1965
Bedroom furniture
Living room and dining room furniture
Rendering of office buildings
Winn's Store exterior 1965
2776 Students in lab looking through microscope at samples 1966
Students in shop welding class 1966
Band students on French Horns and drums 1966
Little kids jumping rope on playground 1966
Students in home 1966
Students with calf 1966
Kids in line with lunchboxes 1966
Students in class and library studying 1966
Two students using surveyor's tools 1966
Houses interior and exterior 1965
Four men with awards and three with trophy 1967
People at swimming pool 1967
South San Antonio High School 1967
Southside ISD 1967
Palo Alto Elementary School 1967
2777 Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate
Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate 1966
Two men holding certificate 1966
2778 Beer
Beer and money (play) 1967
Baby bottles 1967
Flowers 10-17
2779 Park Village sign 1967
Interior and exterior of houses
Swimming pool
2780 Vending booths at Stock Show 1971-02-18
Architectural rendering of houses 1970-12-30
Cooks in kitchen at Sheridan Catering 11-20
Retired Officers Association: serving table with people 1970-11-18
Retired Officers Association: serving line and model on stage 1970-11-17
Retired Officers Association: interior of banquet hall set up at convention center 1970-11-19
Billboard on North Saint Mary's 1970-08-27
Billboards 1970-08-25
Glen Campbell and Joe Namath on TV slide ad 1970-05-22
Pat Young 1970-05-15
Tear gas gun 1970-02-10
Southern Sales: "Paralyzer" 02
TV ads 1969-03-24
Employees at Texas Savings and Loan Association 1968-12-26
Texas Savings and Loan Association 22nd anniversary 1968-12-18
Oldsmobile distributors luncheon 1968-05-28
Mayor McAllister with group at opening ceremonies 1967
Check presentations 1967
2781 Mosher Steel: interior and exterior of Mosher Steel and employees cutting and shaping steel 1968-04-23
Mosher Steel: employees in offices and machinery 1968-04-23
Interior of Mosher Steel 1968-04-08
2782 Lubricants 1976-03-29
Artwork 1976-03-18
Men unloading Aladdin carpet truck 1975-12-10
Exterior of Travis Savings and Loan 1975-10-07
Two men at Gildemeister Jewelry 1975-09-18
Plastic gift pack of pecans 1975-08-20
Hands holding grease pump on bearings 1975-08-13
Mr. Riley in front of Cadillac 1975-08-12
Plastic sack of pecans 1975-08-12
Smith Motor Sales: interior and exterior 1975-07-16
Interior of Mercantile Bank 1973-12-27
Custom Trailer Manufacturing Company: boat trailers 1973-08-07
Trailer and boat 1972-03-13
Unidentified man
[ Inv # 8114-D ]
2783 Group of people at Sevan Point Marina
[ Inv # 21493 ]
Unidentified man 1963-11-06
William P. Stevens
2784 Exterior of church and interior
Sewing classroom and sewing machines
Exterior of school
Interior of auditorium
Home Economics Room
Exterior of houses 1952
2785 Singers in church in front of large stain-glass window 1974
Singers 1973
Singers at Trinity Baptist Church 1974-02-16
2786 1st Regional Inter-American Conference
W. J. De Prada
Nun in classroom with students
Conference in Municipal Auditorium
Couple in gift shop
Meeting at Plaza Hotel
Priests learning to type
Alcolytes carrying flags
Priests at airport
2787 George Burns and Gracie Allen on WOAI Radio
Pat O'Brian
Soldiers with unidentified woman
Parade of jeeps for War Bond Drive with James Cagney in lead followed by Judy Garland
Rosemary La Planche in jeep
Fred Astaire in jeep
Ruth Brady in jeep
Jose Iturbi in jeep
Lucille Ball in jeep
Kathryn Grayson in jeep[
Mickey Rooney in jeep
James Cagney in jeep
Muriel Goodspeed in jeep
George Burns and Gracie Allen with soldiers
2788 World Premiere of "Pete Kelly's Blues" at Majestic Theater with Jack Webb on bandstand
Jack Webb and tow others signing autographs
Jack Webb with four others signing autographs
Jack Webb with four others and trumpet 1955
Jack Webb being interviewed by WOAI Radio at airport
Jack Webb at party
Jack Webb meeting fans
Jack Webb and co-star at Lucchese
Jack Webb and group in front of the Alamo
Pete Kelly's Big 7 Dixieband Jazz Band
WAYNE IRVING 1963-1973
2789 Family 1973-02-17
Three men at San Antonio Music Company 1972-10-05
Three men at San Antonio Music Company 1971-11-01
Wayne Irving and another man with Braslow Brodozzi signing contracts 1970-09-11
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Wayne 1970-09-02
Children and woman lighting candles 1969-03-21
Roller Derby
Publicity for Rummage sale for Little Church of La Villita 1969-01-17
Family group 1965-04-27
Family at Christmas 1962-02-20
WEBB, JOHN B. JR. 1959-1974
2791 Light Publishing Company: airplane 1974-07-25
Trhee men
1st Baptist Church choirs
Dr. and Mrs. Webb's 22nd wedding anniversary 1959
Man playing organ
Watch beside tiny grand piano
Christmas party and tree
WEDDINGS 1959-1974
2792 Weddings 1959
Brides and grooms 1959
Kline 1959
Goodman 1959
2793 Brides and grooms with parents 1959
Brides 1959
Logan wedding 1959
Dent wedding 1959
Hagy wedding 1959
Owens wedding 1959
Wilkeson wedding 1959
2794 Stockwell Wedding 1959
Hennesey wedding 1959
Bride and groom cutting cake 1959
Bride with bridesmaids and attendants 1959
Bride and groom with parents 1959
Bride 1959
Bride and groom 1959
Bride with father walking down isle 1959
Bride and groom at altar 1959
Bride throwing bouquet 1959
Receiving line 1959
Families 1959
Bride and groom opening presents 1959
Outside church 1959
Peggy Langmeyer wedding 1959
December wedding 1959
Higgens wedding 1959
Perch bowls 1959
Priests 1959
2795 Wedding 1962
[ Pic # 30542-30545 ]
John Muller wedding
Billie Peters
Jewell Schoetze and Alfred C. Uhl wedding 1961
Foster-May 1961
Bert Sayers 1959
Jack O'Neal 1961
Howard 1959
Rainer 1959
Trour Andrews
Harold S 1959
2796 Friedrich 1963
Johnny Dennis 1964
Sandy Belalzer
Wesley Gish
Sharon Hill
Unidentified wedding 1961
Wedding 1962
[ Pic # 33259-33273 ]
Sweatl wedding at Robert Driscoll Hotel Corpus Christi
Johnny Kysenburger
2797 Friedrich, Peggy 1963
Lindy Cannon wedding 1962
2798 Susie Huber's wedding to Lt. Col. Lewis H. Williams
Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Lewis H. Williams wedding picture of bride
Shaw wedding 1963-08-19
Champagne wedding
Brindler wedding
Earl Tracey 50th wedding anniversary
Culver wedding: Mrs. Mosley 1963-08-26
Herndon wedding 1964-09-05
Bob Reed wedding 1964-03-04
Hannon wedding 1963-08-12
Curtis Blackwell wedding 1963-12-23
Colonel Dana Wright wedding: Regency House Apartments 1964-07-07
Mrs. J. L. Padget wedding 1964-10-05
McAllister wedding 1964-10-30
Archie Blackmore wedding 1964-02-17
Comotoski wedding
Artis and Doty Kline wedding
Jay Copeland wedding
Unidentified formal wedding
Hearndor wedding 1963-09-03
Unidentified couple at wedding (informal)
2799 Wedding party 1966
[ Pic # 60800 ]
Bride and groom at altar exchanging rings 1966
[ Pic # 60803 ]
Bride and groom cutting cake 1966
[ Pic# 60805 ]
Receiving line 1966
[ Pic # 60804 ]
Bride and groom and parents 1966
[ Pic # 60808 ]
Bride and groom with priest 1966
[ Pic # 60807 ]
Atkins wedding
Bride with bridesmaids
Bride with mothers
Bride and groom with parents
Bride and groom eating cake
Receiving line
Bride and groom at altar: overview of wedding and front of church
Bride and groom
Champayne Wedding
Foster Wedding
Bobby Zintgraff wedding
Steve Dunkin wedding 1969-07-14
Vernon Shea wedding 1968-12-23
Warren Walker wedding
Kent Comontofaki wedding 1968-06-01
Mongold-Allen wedding
Finnegan Wedding
Bynum Wedding
Schwartz wedding 1965
Bill Henderson wedding
Sandy wedding
2800 Ethel Thompson's wedding 1969-11-25
Dorothy Schmidt's wedding 1976-04-12
Kathaleen's wedding: Russell Fricsh 01-14
Finch wedding 1969-06-08
Kryser wedding 1969-08-25
Smith wedding 1969-05-11
Erler wedding: Mr. Earley 1969-02-16
Frank Gillespie wedding 1969-06-30
Lee Reynolds wedding 1969--05-11
Maris Grant wedding at Trinity Baptist Church 1968-12-25
Todd Kuper wedding
Unidentified weddings
Unidentified ladies at wedding
2801 Bibba Thompson's wedding at White Ranch 1971-08-28
Gordon Stark wedding
Darath Smith-Seubert wedding, Leon Springs Presbyterian Church 1973-11-05
Smith, wedding 1973-06-01
Sprigg's wedding 1973-10-01
Ronnie and Pat McNeill wedding 1974-06-15
Chris and Pam Sprigg wedding 1974-06-10
Kim Ogilvie-Weigand wedding 1974-08-10
Bob Marsh's daughter wedding 1974-08-31
Judy Lewis wedding 1973-12-27
Kirkwood-Graham wedding 1973-06-04
Unidentified wedding 1971-07-22
Staniforth-Hasslocher Wedding 1971-08-15
Unidentified wedding 10-20
Henry Howell wedding 1970-12-05
Elliot-Sandefer wedding 1970-08-28
Mike Guss wedding 1970-06-13
Wally Fields wedding
Finch wedding 1970-03-14
Unidentified wedding
2802 Little baby with family
Little girl
2803 Cattle on the range 1972
Landscape 1972
Mesas 1972
Abandoned buildings 1972
Broken windmill 1972
Cactus 1972
Big Country 1972
Man leading horse in hills 1972
Cowboy by jeep 1972
Old house 1972
Guadalupe Mountains 1972
2804 Guadalupe Mountains 1979
Old shack 1979
Old photograph of Roy Bean's Saloon at Langtry 1979
2805 Reception at Wendell for Pat Boone 1970-05-23
Exchange Plaza Building 1970-05-19
2806 TV ads
Travis Savings and Loan ads
Gunn-Betts Oldsmobile ads and cars
TV ads 1962
Auge's Smokey Ridge ads
Community Property, Inc. ads
Gillespie Ford ads
Car going down street 1963
Interior and exterior of house
Valley North ads
Foot Hills ads
Grace Lutheran Hospital
2806 Men working with heavy equipment
Western Oil job in Dilly, Texas
2807 Interior of houses
Shuffle board courts
dining room
People in pool circa 1955
Aerial of Westerner Courts
2808 George Cassboch and Mr. Toudouze 1970-09-09
Mr. Trejo and Mr. Zanbrandt 1969-08-14
Ruben Melchor 1968-09-27
Exterior of Westside State Bank
Winner of TV 1964
Interior of bank
Unidentified man 1964
[ Pic # 43593 ]
George Casseb
2809 Bedroom furniture 1964
Easy chair
Living room furniture 1959
dining room
Little girl
2810 Furniture for bedroom 1964-02-05
Furniture for living room
TV ads 1965-06-17
2811 Exterior of school 1962
2812 Alamo White Truck Service Building 1966
DOT Metal Product truck 1966
Alamo Iron Works truck 1965
WHITE, DON 1963-1968
2815 Rendering of dorm at Incarnate Word 1968-09-05
Rendering: Protestant Orphans Home
Rendering: Jourdanton State Bank
Rendering: Community Guidance Center
Rendering: Quirk and Company Office Building
Rendering: Himble Oil Office
Rendering: church
Model of priest and altar
Rendering: dorm at St. Edwards's University 1963
WHITE, JOHN 1966-1967
2816 Two paintings 1977-12-05
Anne and Dela Wright 1971-07-01
Myfie White in bridal gown 1968-07-05
Myfie White's wedding 1968-07-15
Myfie White's debut 1968-04-16
Myfie White on float in Fiesta Parade 1968-05-08
Tuleta White's debut 1967-03-03
WHITE'S MINES 1958-1967
2813 Man with Patch n' pave for pothole
Uvalde mine 1958
Aerials of mine
Looking down road by Wonder Center
Looking down road near bluebonnet Hotel
Looking toward Tower-Life Building
Operation at the mine 1964-04-28
Looking up roads
Houses by lake and dam
Men fixing potholes in their drives
2814 Aerials of mines in Brownwood and Abilene
Machinery 1974
Old photograph of giant scoop crane loading rocks onto train 1974
Whites Mines : injured man 1972-08-07
Mining operations 1968
Aerials of mine 1968
John White: kids with horse
Aerials of mine in Uvalde
Aerials 1967
2817 Filtering device 1970-10-12
Glasses on a carrier
Hotel Rochester
Drawings of girls faces
Bottle of Beeson valve lubricant
Casa Linda Motel
Renderings of Redeemer Lutheran Church
Electronic amplifiers
Alamo guitar
Ad for Beeson lubriclean valve and slide lubricant for horns and trombones
Guitar case
Alamo amplifier
Unidentified building
Federal Envelope Company
Frontline accordion
Kid playing accordion
2818 Check presentation at Oak Hills Country Club 27-02
Drawing 1986-10-10
San Antonio Golf Association: groups 1986-09-29
Girl by car on golf course 03-17
Two men working on computer at First Federal 1986-07-03
First Federal employees 02-02
Frank Manupeli and others at Ellison Industries 1985-02-04
People with awards 1980-07-10
Red McCombs Ford new facilities 1980-06-24
Exterior of Red Carpet building 1980-02-20
Red Carpet awards dinner and recipients 1980-02-23
Karen W. with utilities bills 1979-07-18
Service personnel with machinery at Dalton Service Company 1978-08-28
Unidentified men 1978
Man teaching power squadron 1981-01-21
Group at Trinity University 1977-04-05
Election poster 1976-04-15
Red McCombs: 25th anniversary party 1975-11-09
Judge Charles Barrow 1975-11-26
2819 Briefcases advertising First Federal Savings branch office
Unidentified woman 1984
[ Pic # 35581 ]
Scrabble tiles
First Federal Savings: IRA ad 1984-10-04
Publicity for First Federal Savings 1983-08-22
Group at san Antonio Development Agency 1984-07-28
First Federal Savings: Virginia Dayton 1984-0113
Couple and young girls at First Federal Savings 1983-09-17
Mrs. Davis 1984-01-18
People getting off plane
Unidentified people
Two men at J.C. Penney's Corporate office 1984-08-03
Unidentified man 1984-
[ Pic # 122735 ]
Lee Trevino with car
Cars on truck car carrier 1984
Little girl putting piggy bank in bank
Group with awards 1982-07-29
Exterior of oak Hills Country Club and golf course 1983-10-03
Woman at desk 1983-09-07
Shots at First Federal Savings 1983-08-18
Man with plaque 1983-05-13
Dave Statham
Red Carpet Awards breakfast 1982-10-25
Richard Perez 1982-10-15
People at First Federal Savings 1982-09-21
People signing documents 1982-08-27
Red Carpet employees 1982-02-01
people receiving awards 1981-10-20
Red Carpet party 1981-07-15
Jim Nearcold 1981-02-02
Red Carpet awards banquet 1981-01-19
2820 Table and lamps with quail and nature scenes in them
Tables and lamps with quail in them 1987-05-23
Tables and lamps with quail in them 1985-07-16
Tables and lamps with quail in them 1984-09-21
Bird sculptures
Screens with birds
2821 Exterior of Mr. M. Food Store 1976-02-22
Stop and Go Market 1974-04-05
Firestone Car Service Center and other buildings 1974-01-19
Exterior dental clinic, Universal City 1973-08-13
Building 1973-06-07
Exterior of Gulfdale building 1973-05-18
Exterior of Trinity Stadium 1972-12-26
Brake-O 1972-12-29
Lone Star Supply Company 1972-01-12
Interior of church 1971-06-05
WINDMILLS 1964-1974
2822 Windmills 1974
Cattle being herded 1964
Windmill at sunset
People and cactus
2823 Nature scenes in Hill Country 1976
Promotional items 1976-08-09
VIP party and grand opening of mall with Miss Texas 1976-07-29
Billboards 1976-08-04
Aerial of Windsor Park Mal opening day 1976-07-29
Organizational meeting at Hilton 1976-06-08
Interior and exterior of Windsor Park Mall 1976-06-30
Men, woman: Dan Williams, Harreld Schiff, Lynn Crosby 1976-05-04
2824 Customer looking at hose 1968
Receptionist 1969
Interior and exterior of Winn's offices and stores 1969-08-25
Roy Shears
Warehouse interior and exterior 1966
2825 Unidentified men and Lynn Spears
[ Inv # 6371 Pic # 82212-15 ]
Board meeting 1970-02-24
Woman looking through fabric 1970
2826 Customers at Winn's 1971-02-18
Bolens, Inc.: unidentified man 1972-08-03
Mr. Bolen and Winn's Facilities 1971-02-18
Winn's store interior and exterior and manager 1971-05-17
Winn's 1st store and Mr. Winn, Sr. in 1926 1971-05-11
Mr. Thompson 1971-04-14
Unidentified man 1971-02-23
Building under construction 1971-02-19
2827 Unidentified man 1973
[ Pic # 9587 ]
Customers at Winn's 1971-12-02
Unidentified man 1973
[ Pic # 9615 ]
2828 Roof damage at Winn's 1975-05-09
Winn's at Round Rock 1974-10-09
Santa Claus and toys 1973-07-18
Winn's in Windcrest Shopping Center 1972-07-07
Winners of cars 1972-05-09
2829 Lynn Spears 1973-03-04
Interior and exterior of Winn's 1973-03-12
Interior of Winn's 1973-03-08
2830 Products 1974-02-28
Lynn Spears 1974-02-21
Exterior of Winn's 1974-02-25
WITTE MUSEUM 1969-1970
2831 Room with chair, lounge, fireplace and painting
Paintings in room
Fiesta Coronation gowns
Exterior of museum
Unidentified man
Stamp collection
Painting 1916
Two little girls cutting ribbon
Vases and plates and tea pots
Two men with sculpture
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians
Painting at ITC 1970-03-19
Pierce Arrow 1969-09-10
Log cabin
WOAI RADIO 1938-1949
2832 Henry Guerra
Greek band
Funeral at the Alamo
Man talking on phone: Ken McClure
Two men and woman leaving airplane
Groups of people
Doctors and nurses
Two men on horseback
Man putting on his pants
Woman singing
Four unidentified men
Man with clown makeup and guitar
Blind people reading script
Dr. I. Q. show
Girls with guitars
Red River Dave window display
Man playing fiddle
Woman cooking
Woman in bridal gown and another in bridesmaid dress
Sun and Sea Shop
Woman standing by stove with all kinds of food in it and on it and a fake cow beside it
Fire chief and woman looking at fire damaged building
Group around piano
Unidentified man 1938
WOAI building and transmitter tower in Selma
Flight Tex Fabric and Bruck's Uniform
Dogs painting
Municipal Auditorium: American Nurses Association Membership Campaign Award and Saunders Medal Municipal Auditorium 1932
Mrs. Tucker's Food Products
Group of people in formal attire
Office furniture
Household appliances
Pain store
Play cast on stage
Audience of people along river
Winchester and Remington Shotguns and Rifles
Restaurant and bar
Piggly Wiggly
Sporting gods store
Man on wagon drawn by two mules
Drug store
2833 7-Up ad
Orkin ad
Female singers: Rosita Fernandez
Unidentified people
Unidentified woman
Living room
June Lockhart and others
Cakes and pastries
Miller Zephyr
Kids on the radio
WOAI building, Selma, TX
Three guys with shirts saying Comet Nylons
Dodge-Plymouth Motors: parts and accessories
WOAI Radio
Living room with TV set
Newswire teletype
O. R. Mitchell Motors 1945
Philco refrigerators
Deason Radio Company
Praeger Hardware Company
Living room
Rendering of WOAI Radio
San Jose Mission: Rose window
Austin Williams 1947-01
2834 Radios
Group around microphone
Man on microphone
Group of kids
Man with pipe
TV Dude Ranch and WOAI camera
Philco refrigerators, Ranges and Freezers
WOAI-TV van 1949
Three ladies, one with fox fur
Man signing parchment
Horse with saddle standing in doorway of WOAI building
Woman playing organ
Transmitter ans WOAI building
WOAI Radio transmitter an building in Selma, Texas
Girl with guitar
Group of people
Rexall Store
Deason Radio Company
Greek group
Car outside WOAI 1945
WOAI T.V. 1956-1974
2835 Unidentified man
Ad for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus
Movie poster
Gladwin Paint Company: 522 Broadway
"Tires inspected free" sign
Harper General Tire Company
JAX Sports, News and Weather
Women in living room watching TV
Oblate Associates
Group of women
Unidentified man
WOAI schedule of Broadcasting
Unidentified men
Handy Andy: Nogalitos and Theo Streets
WOAI building
Texas Baseball League logo
Turbiville Mercury Supermarket, 4317 San Pedro Street
Poster for San Antonio River Art Show
First Baptist Church
Bruners, Inc. ad
S and H Green Stamps ad
Phillips 66 gas pump
Harper General tire Company: nameplate
Farmer plowing
Publicity still from a movie
Cows in a pasture
Bowers Association of America gold Award
2836 Unidentified people by KENS-TV
Weather girl
Electronic equipment
Swim meet
2837 Lighting hitting a power line
Unidentified people
Unidentified office staff
Five guys in a cemetery: "The Souls" singing group
Allen Dale, Jr. in cowboy garb
Unidentified women
Unidentified men 1964-07-02
Unidentified people
WOAI's 10th Anniversary: burying time capsule 1959-09-11
James Stewart
Award to James M. Gaines form General Federation of Women's Clubs 1963-05-16
WOAI's 40th Birthday cake
woman with swordfish
San Antonio Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building
Movie poster "The Caine Mutiny"
Map with pins in it
C and W band
WOAI radio chopper
Man about to jump of the building
Golf tournament Texas Open
Baseball game
Texas Open caravan of cars going through downtown
Football player
Discus thrower
Man mowing grass
The Alamo and the Landmark building
Mission San Jose
Basketball players
2838 Unidentified man
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 16619 ]
Al Anderson
Bill McReynolds
Unidentified man
Bill Redell
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 12057 ]
Unidentified woman
Bill Baker
Charlie Stewart
Unidentified man 1962
Man with film projector
John Chamberlain
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 50054 ]
Weather man
Unidentified men
Henry Howell
Phil Harlow
2839 John Pedraza 1969-11-10
Boy and girl, George Lester, Bill Stanley, Bill Traphagen, Larry Kent, WOAI logo 1969-10-22
Optimist Club of San Antonio and Gunter Hotel: Youth Appreciation Week ad 1969-10-15
Bill McReynolds 1969-10-03
Fernando Perez Del Rio TV 4 News ad 1969-10-02
Nameplates: Jim Dawson, Mike Henry, Gene Lively, Frank Mathews, Bill Denton 1969-10-01
Ruperto Gonzalez: Do not run crossing streets" sign 1969-09-10
WOAI TV: children's pictures 1969-08-26
Martha Buchanan 1969-08-20
Joske's 1969-07-25
"Community Services" ad 1969-06-02
WOAI logo 1969-05-09
Traphagen and Harris 1969-04-14
Troy Kost 1969-04-01
" Southwest Bell" logo 1969-03-07
Christmas slides 1968-12-04
19th Anniversary Christmas slides 1968-12-10
Tony Rash and Ed Ling Christmas slides 1968-12-06
Death Driver ID ad 1968-12-09
Appliance store ad 1968-12-02
2840 Terry Desmond and Maclovio Perez 1974-07-30
Yolanda Rangel, Deborah Craqford and Ray Laube 1973-09-04
Edward V. Cheviot 1973-01-31
Xavier Vasquez 1973-12-12
News people at WOAI 1972-08-11
Fred Lozano 1972-09-11
News people at WOAI 1972-08-07
News people at WOAI 1972-02-15
Zavier Vasques 1971-10-18
Zavier Vasques 1969-05-08
Mike Henry
Martha Buchanan
Chris Marrou, Martha Buchanan 1968-12-04
Gene Graham, George Wood and Charles Jeffers 1969-06-09
Richard Santos 1970-08-22
Yolanda Rios 1970-08-04
Bob Guthrie
Jim Wiggens, Lescoulie 1970-02-16
Earl Ling and Jack Carroll 1969-04-04
Faye Kemper 1969-04-30
Margaret 1969-10-23
[ Inv # 5495 Pic # 3680, 80742-43 ]
George Lester 1969-09-21
Earl Ling 1969-09-12
Dave Karbach and Charles Estlick 1969-04-02
Roy Laube 1969-04-08
Eugene Hanslauer
Ruth Granz
Larry Kent 1969-03-21
Bill Traphagen 1969-03-20
Bill Stanley 1969-03-19
Alan Dale and Art Gliner 1969-03-21
Mort Barrett 1968-12-26
Frank Matthews
Jan Brown and Bill McReynolds, Bill Houston, Mike Henry, Jim Dawson 1969-01-27
Gene Lively
Bill Denton 1968-01-16
Hemis Fair flags half-staff in memory of Robert Kennedy with tower in background and skyride 1968-06-07
Football players 1968-09-18
Mike Henry, Bob Guthrie, Jim Dawson, Martha Buchanan, Frank Matthews 1968-10-03
Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Tina Louise, Bob Denver, Alan Hall, Jr., Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells on " Gilligans Island" 1968-04-24
Bill Houston, Harold Baker, Gene Burke 1970-08-18
2841 Emory Turner: girl and boy
Jim Lawrence
"Campus Revolt-Piloting" 1969-07-15
Bob Linquist
Posters 1969-06-26
Edward Outland 1969-06-05
Boy and girl 1969-02-24
Rotary Club
Rotary Club 1969-02-26
Girl on officer 1969-04-01
Raymond Burr 1969-03-28
2842 Women: Today and tomorrow
Task Force 1974-02-27
Donna Tish with James D. Shouse Award, people in classrooms, SAGA President with Lee Trevino, people on a talk show, Ray Laube and others on a panel, Western Parade, Primary 72 coverage, David N. Sternlicht with James D. Shouse Award 1974-02-11
Donna Douglas, Irene Ryan, Max Baer, Jr., and Buddy Ebsen in a still from " The Beverly Hillbillies" 1974-01-17
Big 4 News City skyline for opening of show 1973-10-31
People at an open forum discussion program
Sunset 1973-10-22
Radio WOAI party at Saint Anthony Hotel 1972-09-25
2843 Interior and exterior of plane 197708-05
Interior and exterior of plane 1978-01-27
Interior and exterior of plane 1978-02-27
Three people getting out of plane 1978-03-21
Interior of plane 1978-10-02
206 B Environmental Control System unit and schematic 1979-01-04
Jim Kleypas 1979-02-12
Employees in hangar working on plane 1979
Aerials of airport building 1979-08-15
Gauges 1979-08-30
Two unidentified men 1979
[ Pic # 24873 ]
Machinery 1979-09-17
Executive board 1979-11-21
Debbie Kane 1977-10-06
Interior and exterior of plane 1977-04-01
Interior and exterior of MU-2 1977-10-04
Plane in air
Plane in flight
Woman in bathroom by large tub in kitchen
2844 Interior of planes and exterior 1982-10-14
Interior of hangar 1982-08-27
Aircraft 1982-08-09
Tracor Navigation Processor Unit 1982-08-04
Bull rider 1981-04-14
Instrument gauges 1981-03-10
Plane on runway 1981-02-17
Machine 1981-02-11
Plane in sky 1980-12-17
Helicopter flying past Statue of liberty 1980-11-14
Merlin 1980-08-07
Oil rig in ocean 1980-08-06
Interior of church with congregation 1980-04-15
Carbon dioxide condensing system 1980-04-09
Environmental control system installation 1980-01-29
Executives 1980-05-13
2845 Tracor Aviation: choppers 1983-01-17
Ads 1983-09-27
Tracor Aviation Helicopters 1981-12-26
UPS planes 1984-09-13
Airline upgrade procedure on plane 1984-06-04
Aviation instrument groups 1983-12-27
Texas Industrial Services truck 1983-12-15
Texas Industrial Services truck sitting on Texas map 1983-10-21
Buildings in Austin, including Frost Brothers 1983-11-04
Glasses 1983-09-13
727 plane 1983-08-24
Tracor Navigation Processor Unit 1983-09-05
E-2 Loader 1983-02-07
2846 Interior of Mall 1962
Guards and others outside Lifeguard shelter 1961
Interior of Mall 1981
Brooks Store 1981
Menger Smart Shop 1981
Wonderland Optical 1981
Through Children's Eyes 1981
Wickham's Furniture 1981
Cinderella Cake Shoppe 1962
Bond Clothes 1963
Wonderland store map 1963
Old cars circa 1910 to 1950 1963
Mayor McAllister with others by plane 1963
Models 1963
Unidentified man 1963
[ Pic # 35493 ]
Banquet at Saint Anthony Hotel 1963
Miss San Antonio Rose Contest 1963
Miss Harlandale Rose, Miss Southside Rose, Miss Lee Rose, Miss MacArthur Rose, Miss Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose, Miss Sacrament Rose, Miss PHS Rose, Miss Heights Rose 1963
Aerials of Wonderland Mall 1959
Robert Taylor and William Castle outside Wonderland Mall 1965
Frost Brothers 1981
Interior or mall and fountain 1980
Exterior of mall 1980
Man being fitted for shoes 1961
Construction of mall 1961
Unidentified people 1961
Exterior of mall and Wonder Theater 1980
Three men raising flag 1962
Ted Cassidy made up as Lurch on the Addams Family 1965
Ribbon cutting ceremony 1962
Exterior of Singer Store
Exterior of Shaw's Jewelers
Ad for Rhodes Department Store
Old cars 1961
Santa Claus and Alice of Wonderland by sign for Wonderland Drive and Balcones Heights 1961
Group of men by Woolworths 1961
Montgomery Ward
Wonderland Bolton, Atnip and Maurer 1970-06-10
Little kids 1960
2847 Cinderella Cake Shoppe 1962
Interior of Mall 1981-12-03
Rendering of interior of mall 1980-05-19
Aerial of mall 1965-07-30
Aerial of mall 1964-08-24
Wickham's Furniture 1981
Interior of Mall 1982
The Finale 1981
Menger Smart Shop 198
Rendering of exterior of mall 1979-12-04
Rendering: interior of mall 1979-09-20
Rendering: interior of mall 1979-07-30
Rendering: exterior of mall 1979-07-11
Aerials of mall 1959
Exterior of shops in mall 1981-09-24
Interior of Mall 1981-01-12
2848 Water damage to Rhodes Department Store 1966
Roof of Rhodes 1966
Damage departments and products 1966
WOOD, undated
2849 Girl on float
Girl posing in different outfits
Girls on float in river parade
2850 Sailboat on lake
Parade of soldiers in downtown
Boy on sailboat
Building next to lake
WOOLCO 1966-1971
2851 New Southside store 1968-11-12
Woolco exterior and interior 1971-10-29
Aerial of Woolco 1967
Interior of Woolco 1966
Opening day 1968-01-03
2852 Grey Seay 1977-10-11
Three people at World Savings 1975-01-28
Winner of trip 1974-08-22
Grand opening of World Savings 1974-05-10
Employees 1974-06-07
Athletes from Sports Illustrated: Willie Mosconi 1974-05-23
Press conference 1980-02-04
WU, P.C. 1942
2853 Chisese detachment MAAF (San Marcos) circa 1942
Captain P. C. Wu
Groups of Chinese and American soldiers and ladies eating Chinese dinner
WYATT ADVERTISING 1961-1983 and undated
2854 Family playing ping pong and drinking water
Family looking at art
Family sitting in living room talking
Family playing piano and singing
Family eating out
Father and son building tree house
Father building fire in fireplace
Family going to church
Family roasting marshmallows
Family gardening
Family playing with dog
Family getting on plane for trip
2855 Negatives of ads run on TV
Cartoon faces
Names of Savings and Loan and car dealership
2856 Brownsville Savings and Loan Association
Western Comercial Savings building
San Antonio Savings
Mutual Savings and Loan Association in the Insurance Building
Guaranty Federal Savings and Loan Association: drawing
Government Personnel Mutual Life
First Federal Savings and Loan Association: drawing, Gainesville
Government Personnel Mutual Life: drawing
Railway Building and Loan association
Pulaski Federal Savings and Loan Association: drawing
Cheyenne Federal: drawing
Lubbock Saving and Loan Association
Pioneer Savings
South Texas Savings
First Savings and Loan: Lake Charles
Architectural model
Lamar Savings: West Austin Branch
Home Federal Savings and Loan Association
Lamar Savings Association
El Paso Federal Savings and Loan
Tallahassee Federal Savings and Loan
Mutual Savings and Loan: Fort Worth
Provident Federal Savings and Loan
First Federal Savings and Loan: Beaumont
First Federal Savings and Loan: Corpus Christi
First Federal Savings and Loan: Midland
First Federal Savings and Loan: San Angelo
Security Savings and Loan: Pampa
Security Savings and Loan: Amarillo
Wichita Savings and Loan
2857 Postman and woman with three kids
Model putting on hat 1962
Deserted road
[ Pic # 33410 ]
SASA Investment Account Book
Unidentified man on the phone
[ Pic # 41095 ]
Man laying out fake money in a row 1962
W. W. McAllister 1963
1st Federal Savings, YMCA and Southwest Bell Building, Marion Building, Draughon's School of Electronics, Municipal Auditorium
Man sitting behind rail with family and desk
Two men walking down the street talking
Woman and boy by TV set
Model holding baby and phone
Barber giving haircut to Harvey P. Smith
Taxicab and groom with another man
Man holding Economics II Savings Plan (book)
Mayor McAllister with dog fishing
Man and woman shopping
Man laying out money
Three kids
Man on phone with woman and man beside him
Man pointing
Man building house and four people standing in doorway
Man painting sign on window
Three men at pay window
2858 Reel tape with film for reader from Control Data Corporation
Rendering of the Wichita Federal Savings and Loan Association
Unidentified man
Beef in a grocery store
Golf course at Pecan Valley Golf Club
Frozen foods
Green stamps
Unidentified apartment comlex
Unidentified watch repariman
Drawing of crowd of people in grocery checkout lines
Man sawing a board and getting his cigarette lit before climbing a ladder
Unidentified man with sigarette and cowboy hat
Unidentified husband and wife
Houses at Pecan Valley
Little girl putting money into the bank
Ad for Carrollton Refrigeration in New Orleans
Woman setting thermostat
Unidentifieid house
A bowl and salt and pepper shaker
Woma at switchboard
Diamond ad
Two men and two women sitting around a table having breakfast
Texas glass
Friedrich freezer in grocery store
Woman cracking eggs for a recipe
Baby in a play pen
Rendering of South Central Savings
Checker cab sitting on a street
Unidentified building
Construction of a building
Model of San Antonio Savings building
Drawing of dollar bills going into Railway Savings
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation ad
Feather and an ink well
girl talking on the phone
Emergency flares
New houses
Gift basket of meats
Ekco Eterna knife
Billboard for the College Loyalty Alumni Support Program
Model open house
People looking at blueprints
Half a watermelon
Rendering of bath house at Pecan Valley Golf Club
Statue of a golfer with club swinging
Man with Christmas tee
Loan application
Statue of a tennis player swinging a racquet
Little boy with Western Commercial Junior Savings T-Shirt
Knife set
Baseball player statue
Statue of Lamar, Mirabeau B.
Miniature replica of Mirabeau B. Lamar's home
Bust statue of Mirabeau B. Lamar
Money clip
Unidentified building
1921 silver dollar pie (fake)
Two men outside a Lone Star Food Store
Thad Ziegler Glass Company
House: 3310 Bob Billa
Alarm clock
Punch bowl and cups and ladle
2859 Model putting hat on her head 1963
Unidentified man
Two people standing by Yum-Yum Tree with free gifts from SASA for Judy Lee Jewels and tickets to "Under the Yum-Yum Tree" starring Jack Lemmon
Man sitting in rocker talking to little boy
Man and woman kissing with check between their lips
Postman and woman with three kids
Woman with check
Man holding up insurance policy
Man holding newspaper
Man with two women holding insurance policy Western Commercial Savings
Man walking calf around corral
Two men talking
2860 Hugh Ratcliff
Dukes sitting
Man with hammer 1963
Man with too small hat on his head
Man courting woman with fur coats
Woman at chalkboard 1963
Play money
Man with pipe
Small box
Jewelry stick pins
Woman at register
Coins and coin purse
Man and woman
Little boy with bank passbook
Man with stethoscope
Officer and woman next to Yum-Yum tree
Two women by Yum -Yum tree looking at jewelry
Woman and little boy in grocery store 1963
Two men
Woman with pass loop
Man in chair being waited on by three people
Man with pipe
[ Pic # 40296 ]
Little boy with cat Shannon
Officer at corner of North Saint Mary's and Quincy Streets
Little boy with grandfather
Mayor McAllister and little girl
2861 Two men looking at chart
W. W. McAllister with girl
Money stacked
Man with newspaper
People with passbooks
Man at teller window
Man with lawnmower
Kids in a classroom
Kids giving teacher and apple
Woman in kitchen putting up dishes
Little girl
Man mailing letter
Old lady pointing
Man with hammer
Little boy and grandfather
Woman at register
Group of kids
Trash barrel
Man falling onto pillow 1964
2862 Couple with bank passbooks
Man with tennis racket and with ice-skates
Man with back toward camera 1965
Girl with hand to ear listening
Two men standing by fence
Baseball pitcher for the Bullets
Woman in chauffeured car and woman in sports car
Billboards for SASA
Man cleaning wall
Man holding passbook
Tim Shannon and cat
Boyce with Jewelers eye glass
Tree house
Man in hospital bed
Model with Western hat
Old lady pointing finger
Man with door on his back
2863 Old lady behind desk 1965
Boy with piggy bank
Girl and boy playing dress up
Man with Christmas tree
Man with two kids and a dog
Man standing in unfinished house
Man in recliner reading paper
Man and women at savings accounts desk
Man with hammer
Little girl
2864 Stowers Furniture sign
Furniture 1965
Fountain outside Stowers 1965
Two unidentified men 1965
[ Pic #53696 ]
Three unidentified men 1965
[ Pic # 53697 ]
2865 Food
Two kids and their mother eating lunch
Unidentified people
Man changing a tire 1967
Swimming pool full of people
[ Pic # 64842 ]
Grand opening of Foodway grocery store: interior and exterior
Model wearing fur coat
Model of John Jay High School
Coins and coin purse
Norman Strunk, executive Vice President of U. S. Savings and Loan League
People marching in a parade
Jack Durkee
Soldiers marching in a parade by the Alamo wall
San Antonio Ad Club giving Mayor Walter W. McAllister a plaque proclaiming him Master Publicist of the year
Rendering of a building
Little boy with a sheet of Green Stamps
Man posed with two umbrellas
Woman posed with casserole dish
Woman posed with skillet
Interior of plane and Howard Hangan 1968-06-18
Drawing of couple near a beach
Dock workers near a large bay
Ground-breaking ceremony for GPM Building at Central Park 1966-04-03
Model holding stamp book 1968-06-19
Lamp and penny bank 1968-06-11
Man's hand holding Green Stamps
GE clock
[ Pic # 67260 ]
Planning calendar for June 1968
Girl with blanket
Man with large bowling trophy for 1st sanctioned 300 game Columbia bowling 300 series bowler
[ Pic # 67198 ]
Truck from Lawns of Beauty unloading capling in Westwood Village on Arbor Day
Helbrothers watch 1969-10-29
Cloth measuring tape
Foodway grocery store: jelly and syrup aisle
Girl graduating
Knives: three piece cutlery set 1969-06-18
Houston First savings Association Pasadena Division 08-18
Donna Daily with electric casserole of beef stew 1969-11-10
Corningware: casserole and two refrigerator containers 1968-12-14
Glass set-up 1969-06-03
Girl with pots 1969-06-19
Ice cream cartons 1969-07-11
Newspaper ad: mother and daughter with Christmas gift 1969-12-16
Girl at desk in studio 1969-12-18
Retirees with gifts 1969-12-30
Wedding for Alamo Bank Commissioner, Saint Mary's Church 1969-11-19
Girl and mother with present
Ray-O-Vac Floating Lantern with battery 1969-12-12
Clarence W. Pittman, 1st Manager of Houston Operations TRW Systems Group
People with Bowling Ball at Columbia 300 on West Avenue 1969-07-15
Frying pan with lid 1969-09-22
Warming tray 1969-09-24
Girl holding card 1969-09-30
Wine glasses 1969-10-01
House at 2002 Kenilworth 1969-09-02
Family with Indians 1969-09-17
Riata Cadillac: 317 Lexington at Dallas 1969-09-19
Corningware for Commerce savings 1969-12-14
GE Transistor radio 1969-10-06
Stained glass window in Alamo National Bank 1969-09-08
Girl model and dishes 1969-08-28
Model of clothing sack and pen set 1968-12-09
Oak Farms ice cream 1968-10-17
Tenson lamp 1968-10-23
Air duct inside office, air conditioner on roof 1968-10-10
Interior and exterior of Wyatt Advertising Agency
Drawing: couple hand in hand 1968-07-30
A garage
Man and woman getting into a car 1967
champagne in ice in a chiller
Foodway: collie puppies eating
[ Pic # 64841 Inv # 39228 ]
Couple with projector
Delivery men delivering a refrigerator
Couple washing car
Nude woman holding someone's legs 1968-11-08
Model with casserole 1969-10-30
2866 Battery cables, mugs, blanket and camera 1973-11-30
Unidentified employees of bank 1967
Corner of W. Travis and Soledad Guaranty Federal Savings and Loan Association
Products for ad for Guarantee Federal Savings and Loan Association 1973-09-20
2867 Ads for Foodway 1968-05-08
Ads 1968-09-06
Ads for Superior Pontiac
Ads for different businesses
2868 TV ads 1970-03-27
Woman and little girl sewing together 1968-05-17
McAllister. Jr. in front of U.S. Pavilion at Hems Fair 68 with tickets in hand and Tower behind him 1968-06-07
Cat on roof 1968-05-17
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Drove and daughter for SASA ad 1968-05-30
Boy studying 05
Father and son making kite 1968-05-22
Winner of TV set at SASA Central Park Mal 1968-05-14
Little League baseball players 1968-05-10
Mother and daughter with collie pups 1968-04-02
Tim and Faith for SASA ad 1968-04-06
Two men on phone
Man and woman in Hemis Fair Plaza by the Tower, Ferris Wheel, U. S. Pavilion
2869 Officer and two kids 1968-11-13
Model and refrigerator 1968-10-17
Model and dishwasher 1968-09-24
Models in studio, standing around, wearing wedding gown, with Volkswagen 1968-11-13
Carol Lee and family with new car
Martha and daughter packing for college 1968-09-12
Antique Cottage
Father and son camping 1968-09-15
Family with house in background 1968-09-11
Travel agency 1968-09-12
Dad and children opening box of educational materials 1968-09-11
Pool shooting 1968-12-68
Father and children for encyclopedia ad 1968-09-24
Couple looking at engagement ring
2870 Model on sofa 1968
Houses at Pecan Valley 1968
Apartments 1968
Model adjusting temperature 1968
Westwood Plaza Apartments, swimming pool and various rooms of apartments 1968
Westwood Plaza Apartments 1968-09-03
Westwood Village: DC-3 at Tex-Sun Beechcraft 1969-07-16
Westwood Village: two kids playing ball 1968-10-23
Westwood Village: mother and baby 1968-10-22
Westwood Village: swim Club house 1968-09-10
Westwood Village: men in office at map 1968-08-30
Westwood Village: men in office at map 1968-08-19
Exterior of airplane at Westwood village 1968-06-28
Express News: exterior of Westwood Plaza Apartments 1968-04-29
BBQ scene and swimming pool at Westwood Village 1968-04-24
Exterior of school and Boy Scout troop building 1968-04-26
Aerial view of Westwood Village Apartments
Villa Mobile Homes
Model in kitchen
2871 McAllister, Jr. giving check to Florence H. Pankey 1970-08-21
Exterior of SASA 1969-01-20
SASA: top value stamp catalog, green blanket, camera card, trading stamps 1969-10-08
San Antonio Savings and Loan: Board of Directors 1968
SASA exteriors
San Antonio Savings and Loan: exterior and managers of SASL Alamo Heights, Central Park and Wonderland 1969-05-30
2872 Bryan Building and Loan Association 1970-01-08
Couple having lunch in Tower 1970-01-30
Silverware 1970-02-24
Model holding check 1970-03-17
Rendering of GPM Life Insurance Company Building by Central Park Mal 1970-03-27
Boy holding a tiny safe for Junior savers at Bryan Building and Loan Association 1970-05-14
Arrival of the Nigerian ambassador at General Aero 1970-05-20
Photos of wigs, glasses and hose 1970-06-05
Model with wig for SASA 1970-06-19
Interior of Alamo National Bank 1970-06-25
Photograph of promotional keys to Brackenridge High School 1970-09-17
Coins and coin sets 1970-111-18
Lone Star ice cream 1971-01-19
Motor boat 1970-12-11
Oak Farms cottage cheese for TV 1971-03-10
Lone Star logos 1971-03-16
Mould grille ornaments 1971-04-16
Glass of orange drink and props in studio 1971-07-05
1900 Silver dollar
House on golf course
Rendering of GPM building 1972-01-21
Exterior of Houston First savings Bank 1972-08-11
Peter H. and another man around GPM building 1972-08-23
Construction 1972-08-24
camping tent and boat 1972-09-12
Watches 1972-09-19
Camper 1972-09-26
Savings and Loan ads 1972-09-28
Rendering of GPM building 1972-10-24
Copy map of deer lease 1972-11-16
Crew with equipment 1972-11-21
Young chemist 1972-12-12
Opal ring 1972-11-21
Giraffes at the zoo: two adult and one baby 1973-02-06
Crew digging a ditch 1973-02-22
San Antonio Savings Association 1973-03-02
Dairy farm scene 1973-03-07
Watches 1973-03-16
City Seal 1973-03-27
Security Federal Savings 1973-05-31
Pioneer Savings Association name card 1973-05-31
Girl holding blanket in studio 1973-11-14
Roosevelt Federal Savings name card 1973-12-18
Lightweight iron and automatic broiler 1973-11-02
Girl and toastmaster gifts 1973-11-16
Copy of GPM 1973-12-27
Rendering of a plant 1974-04-04
Roosevelt Federal Savings name card 1974-04-01
Coin collection 1974-03-27
Small items for newspaper ad 1974-05-21
Ice bucket, fishing pole and glasses 1974-05-23
Thermometer 1974-05-27
Map showing Texas triangle 1974-06-28
Man standing on map pointing to San Antonio 1974-07-22
Lawn chair 1974-08-02
Hand holding 1/4" stick 1974-08-02
Candles 1973-11-16
2873 San Antonio Savings and Loan sign
Drawing: map of San Antonio 1974-09-12
People and cup winner at bowling tournament 1974-08-21
Presentation of TV to contest winner 1974-06-18
W. W. McAllister, Jr. and three female employees 1974-04-19
W. W. McAllister, Sr. 1974-04-12
7.5 % $5,000/4 years ad 1974-03-28
W. W. McAllister, Jr. at desk 1974-03-19
San Antonio Savings and Loan sign 1974-03-14
Girl and toastmaster products 1973-11-16
Calculator 1973-10-24
Merchandise for SASA 1973-09-11
Sign 1973-09-08
Skydivers 1973-09-11
Socket set 1973-09-12
Alarm clock 1973-09-10
Burglar alarm 1973-09-05
2874 McAllister Freeway and sign 1978-03-28
NCR executives and W. W. McAllister 1978-03-17
Newspaper ads for SASA personnel in downtown office 1978-03-16
Red, white and blue ribbon with medallion 1978-03-26
Schreiner Bank: man in Trust Department 1978-02-22
SASA logo 1978-01-23
Schreiner Bank checkbook 1978-01-29
Doors 1977-12-28
Columbia Industries: unidentified man 1977-12-07
SASA: Beark in front of San Antonio Savings and Loan building 1977-12-12
SASA: little girl on grandfathers shoulders 1977-11-29
Family and dog 1977-11-30
Denman 1977-09-22
Telephone 1977-09-29
Board members 1977-09-21
River and house 1977-09-12
Conroy board of directors 1977-09-09
Conroy Constructions 1977-09-07
Bicycle and silhouette of cast 1977-09-08
Two people in silhouette, girl with giant schnauzer in silhouette 1977-08-18
People in silhouette 1977-06-01
Hospital 1977-06-06
People in boat on lake 1977-06-03
Motor boat 1977-05-25
Girl by pool 1977-05-25
Interior sketch of Schreiner Bank 1977-05-20
People in silhouette 1977-04-29
Scobey Moving and Storage Company 1977-04-27
Binyon, O'Keefe, Scobey 1977-04-15
Scobey Warehouse 1977-04-11
Kid jumping on trampoline 1977-03-03
Flat art 1977-03-01
Rendering of bank building 1977-02-28
SASA Office at Nacodoches and New Braunfels Avenue 1977-01-09
W. W. McAllister, III 1977-01-04
Drawing of women and four kids 1976-11-24
Girl posing with various things 1976-11-19
Golf caps 1976-11-10
Model with pass book 1976-11-09
Exterior of SASA Drive up 1976-10-20
New SASA office at Wonderland 1976-10-12
Drive through window 1976-07-27
Unidentified woman 1976-06-02
Columbian Industries: two men 1976-03-01
Columbia Industries: bowling balls 1976-02-16
Butter Scotch balls 1976-02-24
Columbia Industries: bowling balls 1976-01-26
Hats on model 1976-11-24
Hats on model 1975-11-18
Hats 1975-11-24
Bicentennial coins and folder 1975-12-10
Allen and Allen: wood products 1975-08-13
2875 Columbia Bowling Ball: Betty Morris bowling at Sports Palace 1975-06-27
Columbia Bowling Ball: Betty Morris with Columbia bowling ball 1976-08-11
Red bowling ball 1976-11-05
Pepper Martin and other man with bowling ball shipment 1976-12-17
Martin Bowling Balls 1977-09-02
Columbia Industries: Donna Adamak bowling and signing contract 1977-07-15
Betty Morris bowing in Sports Palace 1977-11-03
People with bowling balls 1978-06-12
Small groups in warehouse 1979-02-07
Logos and bowling balls for Columbia Industries 1979-02-10
Woman in Wonder Woman costume with bowling ball, woman in cowgirl outfit, woman in swimsuit with pin and bowling ball 1979-02-01
Man bowling 1978-07-26
Mother measuring daughters growth 1978-12-08
Employees of Columbia Bowling 1979-08-08
2876 Rendering: Crockett Hotel 1982-11-01
Shots at Columbia Industries 199-08-01
Head and shoulder shots of people at Columbia Industries 1979-08-21
SASA sign and San Antonio skyline 1979-09-11
Shopping center 1979-09-04
Ray Wilson 1979-08-30
Shots of SASA sign 1979-08-20
New SASA building model 1979-08-03
People behind desks 1979-06-08
SASA sign 1979-01-08
SASA's TV blurb 1979-03-29
Horses 1978-11-09
SASA Locations 1978-11-03
Exterior shots around town 1978-10-19
Building under construction
Houses at Pecan Valley
Broadway Plaza Building
Park North General Hospital
Handy Dan
Apartment complex
E. F. Hutton and Company
Interns at Scobey for brochures 1978-09-20
SASA employees 1978-09-01
Ring binder in notebook 1978-08-07
Three men at desk 1978-04-20
Couple at breakfast looking at want ads 1978-04-25
SASA office at Woodlawn and Bandera 1978-03-22
SASA at Hildebrand and San Pedro 1978-03-28
SASA locations, personnel and interiors 1978-03-08
SASA offices at General McMullen, Evers Road and Woodlawn Streets 1978-03-20
Mayor McAllister and Dan Martinez 1978-04-13
Construction at medical center 1978-03-28
Two people with SASA sign 1978-03-31
SASA locations, personnel and interiors 1978-03-07
Columbia Industries: unidentified man 1977-08-13
Annual Report 1979-01-22
2877 SASA building on 410 and 281 1981-01-23
People at Klondike Café in Lytle 1983-05-19
Group 1981-02-19
Rosalyn by door 1980-12-17
Women 1980-12-12
Man by plane in hanger 1980-12-18
Couple at table by wine and two men by plane 1980-12-11
Model for San Antonio Savings riding a bike, trying on shoes and doing other activities 1980-12-04
Scobey's Moving and Storage: moving SASA into new building 1980-11-10
SASA building 1980-12-03
Scobey's moving men moving piano 1980-02-19
Unidentified man 1980-03-03
SASA employees and customers at SASA counter for ad 1980-05-16
Model for Columbia Bowling Ball 1980-01-21
Construction of new SASA building 1980-01-11
First Federal Savings in Hondo 1980-01-11
Fran Herman holding up brochure 1980-01-09
New SASA office in New Braunfels and Larry Brumbalo 1979-12-02
SASA computer room 1979-12-28
New building for Sage Western Realty Company 1979-11-02
Model of SASA building
Donna Adamek with bowling bowls
2878 SASA Board of Directors 1981-05-18
People around sign saying Future Home of South Texas Telecom 1983-06-17
Rendering of Crockett Hotel 1983-04-28
Lytle State Bank 1983-03-30
Crockett Hotel 1982-12-27
Buses 1982-11-22
Rendering of Crockett Hotel 1982-11-10
Different SASA buildings 1982-02-17
Seleiner Nelson at Scobey Moving and Storage 1981-05-08
Interior shots at Wyatt Advertising 1981-05-13
Board of directors of SASA individually 1981-05-06
Emilio Nichols at KWEX 1981-05-11
Klondike Café
2879 People going through food line in Wyatt Cafeteria 1960
People eating 1960
Exterior of cafeteria 1959
People in line outside
Dining room
Interior of cafeteria
Interior and eaters 1962-10-26
Interior and eaters 1960-08-04
2880 Two men holding Pearl Beer 1965
Four people 1965
Christmas party 1963
2881 Bobby Zintgraff family 1974-12-10
Ben Zurita: little girl 1973-12-13
Ben Zurita: baby 1976-02-28
Young Americans of Christ garden 1973-02-14
D. K. Young Company: shrimp 1972-03-21
Yellow Transfer Company: building 1968-10-25
Clay Zoeller: baby 1971-08-30
Clay Zoeller: kids
Dave K. Young: frozen shrimps 1968-12-18
Xerox: group in Tower 1968-11-19
Xerox: dinner party at Petroleum Club 1968-04-17
Zander: old car 1982-01-09
Zero Refrigeration, Inc.: trailer truck 1961-02-08
2882 Karen Zucker 12-12
Carolyn T. Young: Christmas cards and gifts 1984-06-15
Yarbrough Company: three men with trophy 1984-04-17
C. T. Young: stationary 1984-03-12
Cheri Zintgraff: wedding 1984-02-07
C. T. Young: place setting and hearts 1983-10-01
Yarbrough Company: exterior of building 1983-06-05
C. T. Young: cards and displays, napkin rings, gift sacks and Valentine cards 1985-06-03
2883 Exterior of Yancy-McGee Advertising 1960
Exterior of Mexican Restaurant 1962
Man on Saddlebred
Bill Voltz 1963
Group of men
Rendering of houses in Key Allegro Village 1963
Group of people at party
Texas coastline by Padre Island
Exterior of North Hill Shopping Center and North Hill National Bank
Man signing document while three others watch 1960
Man cooking 1960
Man pouring wine 1960
People eating
Wine Festival
Unidentified man
Map of Intercoastal Waterway from Aransas Bay to Aransas Pass
Man receiving Texas Bass Club Challenge Trophy
Three men at North Star Mall near construction 1963
Key Allegro Village
Helicopter landing in shopping center parking lot 1962
House 1961
Aerial of shopping center 1961
Aerial of helicopter at North Star Mall
Interior of bank 1962
Interior of house 1961
Exterior of Piggly Wiggly 1962
Exterior of Winn's 1962
Al Mouldin
2884 Aerial of Terrell Plaza 1962
2885 Check presentation 1968
Royal Crest Homes
Certificate of Service 1966
Vecto Geronimo Conversions airplane 1965
Mr. Clark 1968-02-10
Little Theater: J. Cabout receiving check 1968-10-15
Little Theater: Kay Fliehr 1969-02-28
New barn oat Coliseum 1966
Ground breaking 1965
Party 1963
Poodles 1965
Two men looking at fountain 1965
House 1965
Santa's house at North Star Mall 1965
Group of people 1966
Easter bunny's hutch at North Star Mall 1965
Interior of factory with women at sewing machines
Man raising flag 1966
Opening of Pan American National Bank: exterior and interior 1966
Vault 1966
Unidentified people 1966
Swimming pool 1965
Holiday Inn 1963
Three Army officers
Aerial of Key Allegro before construction 1963
Bill Childress
Exterior of Chapel
Interior of house 1965
Mobile library
Cement mixer
Interior of house 1964
George Jessel 1963-09-25
Jeni Le Gon 1963-09-21
Boat 1963-08-06
Organ grinder with monkey 1964-11-19
2886 Exterior and interior of house on Robin Resh 1967
Groups at San Pedro Playhouse for opening 1967
Ground-breaking at Mission Chevrolet, Inc. 1967
Interior and exterior of Lenny's Fashion Shops 1967
Airplane in hangar (Piper Cubs) 1967
Old car parade 1967
Ceremonies of some sort at a mall 1967
2887 Men with bass and cat 1969-12-04
Ann and Raymond Rance with fish 1969-11-13
St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church: men lighting torch 1969-10-12
Carpet inn club at Rolling Ridge Square 1969-10-22
Carpet ads 1969-10-20
Carpet Center: map of Texas 1969-10-09
TV slides for Carpet Center 1969-10-03
Greek Festival: girl carrying tiara 1969-10-07
Shriner Beer bottle 1969-12-30
Navarro Apartments 1968-12-22
Carpet Center: two stores 1969-10-03
Exterior of Sequoyah Carpet and Ten-Ten Sales, Inc. 1969-08-08
Ten-Ten Sales: location map of Ten-Ten sales 1969-08-12
Sol Frank, interior of store and Lt. being fitted for uniform by Mr. Rosenburg 1969-06-25
Exterior of Viewpoint Apartments 1969-05-16
Interior at Tamarisk Apartment 1969-06-06
Art show at Viewpoint 1969-05-12
Ditchdigger 1969
J. A. Barr, President of Dallas Furniture 1968-09-06
People at airport greeting Israeli Prime Minister 1968-01-10
Julia Meade 1968-04-17
Groups at El Morocco 1969-05-05
Exterior on new Yancy-McGee building 1969-04-22
Krueger Chevrolet: keys 1969-04-08
A. Cole and Norman Nadel 1969-04-08
Furniture 1969-03-12
Atex Equipment, Seguin: ditchdigger at work 1969-02-28
Sole El Rio Gallery: TV slides 1969-05-06
Betsey Welsh: Viewpoint Apartments 1969-05-06
Interior of Mario's Restaurant 1968-04-12
Model wearing blazers for Sol Frank 1968-04-06
2888 Rendering of building 1970-12-23
House 1970-12-16
Dubose Carpets: toys and TV slides 1970-11-24
Floor of McNay Art Institute 1970-10-23
Plaques 1970-10-23
Interior of Trinity Homes 1970-10-12
Water color painting of San Antonio River 1970-10-12
O. C. Fisher 1970-09-18
Floor tile 1970-09-11
Homes in Garden Ridge: exterior 1970-09-11
W. R. Dallas Furniture exterior 1970-07-03
Presentation at North Star Mall office to Jim Garrett 1970-06-26
Pan American Bank: new drive in 1970-06-15
Doorknob and key and switch box 1970-05-20
Face treatment 1970-04-13
Girl with six pack of beer 1970-08-05
Alamo Bedding Manufactures: bedding 1970-05-20
Alamo Bedding Manufactures: interior and employees 1970-10-02
Garden Ridge addition in Brochom, Texas 1970-07-23
Maria's Restaurant banquet, presentations and speaker 1970-02-21
Pan American Bank: ground-breaking of drive in 1970-02-02
Aerials of Dubose's Carpet 1970-01-12
2889 Carpet laying and shampooing 1971-05-11
Interior of carpet warehouse 1971-05-27
Dubose Carpets: interior of Bexar County National Bank 1971-05-26
Dubose's Carpets: interior of Malay's office at Frontier Enterprises to show carpeting 1971-05-10
Interior of Trinity Baptist Church 1971-05-15
Interior of First Baptist Church 1971-05-13
First Bank interior 1971-05-14
6th floor Methodist Hospital 1971-05-12
Carpet display 1971-05-13
Floor in Jewel Room in Witte 1971-05-12
Night Hawk interior 1971-05-10
Interior of Milam Baptist church 1971-05-05
Carpet displays 1971-02-26
Aerials of Dubose Carpets 1970-01-12
Exterior 1971-03-08
Group 1971-02-04
Carpet at McLaughlin Business College 1971-01-13
2890 Nomad Hotel and Lodge in New Braunfels 1971-07-21
The Other Place 1977-05-25
Letter opener and electric pencil sharpener 1971-12-13
Three unidentified men 1971-12-10
[ Inc # 11268 Pic # 90777-78 ]
Cabin 1971-07-21
Three men of Security Federal Credit Union 1971-07-22
Interior of New Jim's 1971-03-18
Exterior of Dubose Acme 1971-05-31
Exterior of Methodist Hospital 1971-06-01
Stairway in lobby of Saint Anthony showing carpet 05-26
Barn Door 1971-05-23
Installation of carpet 1971-05-07
2891 Flower arrangement 1972-10-23
Tousley and Sons: lumber yard 1972-09-15
Willa Grande Trailer Park 1972-07-25
Unidentified woman 1972-07-18
[ Pic # 93457 Inv # 12713 ]
Bulldog 1972-07-13
Knapp Realty: group and individuals 1972-05-30
Mariachis on river at Hilton Palacio 1972-05-13
Building and parking area of Allstate Insurance 1972-04-17
2892 The Other Place Night Club 1983-05-25
Sol Frank Company: model in Air Force uniform 1973-05-24
Old photograph of San Antonio houses, high school, post office on north side of Alamo Plaza and others circa 1900
Tousley and Sons Lumber: employees with fire proof wood filter 1973-03-09
Adding machine 1973-05-05
Pan American bank and employees, aerials 1973-01-08
2893 Horse 1977
Cattle 1977-03-08
Women at the Argyle Club 1977-01-23
Couple on river by La Mansion hotel 1976-12-16
Billboard 1976-12-02
Golf course 1976-11-17
Riverwalk 1976-11-04
Interior of North Star Mall 1976-10-13
Aerial of Medical Complex
Toilet and sink 1976-10-07
Man in store 1976-09-20
Cow chewing her cud 1976-09-03
Interior and exterior of El Tropicano 1976-08-03
Couple by river near El Tropicano 1976-07-14
Nix Hospital Building 1976-07-14
Specimen container 1976-06-30
Petri dishes 1976-06-02
Fiesta activities 1976-05-24
Bull 1976-05-14
Specimen container 1976-04-15
Couple in restaurant 1976-02-11
Two bulls 1976-02-11
Specimen container 1976-01-06
Picante sauce 1975-10-02
Two men by Money Machine 1975-10-02
Photographs of Our Lady of the Lake circa 1900 1975-09-24
Photographs of Our Lady of the Lake circa 1901 1976-09-24
DuBois: interior of house showing carpets 1975-05-27
Carpet and tile samples 1975-05-01
Carpet and tile samples 1975-05-12
Polo match 1975-05-12
Piñatas 1975-04-28
Palm trees 1974-12-02
Nix Hospital Building 1974-05-14
Cattle 1974-05-02
2894 Yardang at opening ceremony
Gill Savings 1983-12-09
Two people at hotel swimming pool 1983-11-21
San Antonio Festival paintings 1983-01-24
Exterior of Southwest General Hospital 1982-05-17
Interior of dairy 1982-04-20
Birthday celebration at Southwest General Hospital 1982-03-23
Interior, exterior, patients and staff at Southwest General Hospital 1982-02-28
River scene 1980-12-04
Plaques for Senator John Tower 1978-08-22
John Tower at various places in San Antonio 1978-08-12
Picante sauce 1977-01-26
El Tropicano by river 1977-12-28
Horse from King Ranch 1977-12-22
Billboard 1977-12-01
Man on horseback in pen with cattle 1977-12-01
Two men with basket of hot peppers 1977-11-07
Men with bull 1977-10-05
Aerials of San Antonio Hemis Fair Plaza 1977-08-11
Designers ant Marshall Clegg 1977-07-01
King Ranch 1977-06-28
Bull at King Ranch 1977-06-14
Horse at King Ranch 1977-03-16
Pearl and McNay exteriors 1983-06-10
2895 Activities at YMCA
Building 1965
Boy on horse 1965
Man exercising
Group of boys 1965
Rendering of gym
Rendering of YMCA building and rooms 1964
Indian Guides
Swimming pool
Volleyball, wrestling, basketball 1964
Dinner 1965
Unidentified men
Mayor McAllister signing proclamation 1964
2896 Indian Guides 1977-09-13
Jim Wright 1972-05-17
Bill James 1971-12-10
Three men in YMCA gym 1971-10
Rendering of YMCA building and rooms 1971-08-13
Mayor signing proclamation 1971-08-19
Activities at YMCA 1972-08-23
Rendering of new YMCA 1970-03-17
Mayor McAllister signing proclamation 1971-04-22
Activities of Health Club 1970-12-23
Awards presentations 1970-10-27
Girls a Tri-Hi-Y meeting 1969-11-20
Scuba diving class 1969-01-30
Physical fitness presentations 1968-10-31
Men turning on lights in baseball stadium 1967
Little league baseball team 1967
YMCA building 1966
Coker Comanche Indian Guides 1966
ZACHRY, H.B., COMPANY 1944-1986 and undated
2897 Dumpster
Aerials of HB Zachry
2898 Construction of houses 1973
Lukes Bakovia receiving proclamation 1966
Two men in house 1973
Dinner 1971
Christmas party 1975
Unidentified man
Construction workers
Building under construction
Aerials of construction
Irrigation ditches 1959
People in office
Swimming pool
Aerial of housing developments
Aerial of W. K. Holt Machinery Company
People making tractors
Boxing ring and ping pong table
USO building exterior and interior 1944
Men around H. B. Zachry truck
Mechanic in warehouse of car parts 1961
Two men in pit
Aerials of San Antonio and Travis Park 1953
Gravel pit
Bexar Equipment Company
Group of people circa 1910
Group of ladies circa 1950
Train engine
Unidentified man
Employees of Holt Machinery
Employees of H. B. Zachry
Houses 1946
2899 Parades of Homes Colonies North 1965
Interior of houses 1965
Group of men 1965
Exterior of homes 1965
2900 Rendering of hotel 1976-04-27
Exterior of houses 1968
Interior of houses 1969
Heavy building equipment 1970-09-08
Interior of Colonies North kitchen 1968-11-13
Interior and exterior of Chartwell Apartments 1968-08-05
Colonies North Shopping Center
Exterior of Fredericksburg Apartments
Interior of house 1965-08-19
2901 Dick Watt: Reverend M. H. Applewhite 1969-05-22
Company picnic
Awards and groups 1966
Kitchen, lining room and other rooms
Colonial North Parade of Homes 1966
People at swimming pool
Interior of house and exterior 1968-04-27
Houses in Village North 1967
Parade of Homes 1967
Woman playing pool and ping pong
A and M Club at Top Chapter Past Presidents 1968-05-16
Buddy Burns 1969-06-26
Charts 1969-05-27
Larry Mahan and Raul B. Fernandez 1969-06-10
Aggie Alumni 1969-04-08
Model of El Marco Apartments 1968-07-01
Man at chess board 1968-10-15
Girl driving
Exterior of H. B. Zachry Company and interior of manufacturing plant 1966
Interior of Wards in Wonderland Mall
Exterior and interior of Chartwell Apartments 1968-07-05
Zachry personnel working
2902 Construction of Hilton 1967
Four unidentified men 1968
[ Pic # 68324 ]
Old shack
Hilton PDR: groups at Hemis Fair Farewell Party 1968-10-05
HPDR: buffet table with people at Carte Real Room 1968-10-23
Mr. Hilton arriving at airport 1968-03-29
Miss America with Tom Powell 1968-04-04
[ Pic # 28324 ]
Dinner party at Hilton dining room 1968-09-11
Mr. Kane of the Auditing Department 1968-07-02
Hilton's chef in kitchen 1971-07-28
HPDR: dinner in Quetzel Room 1974-04-19
Will Brily at piano at Dirty Nelly's 1974-10-07
Mr. Stanfield
Raising equipment by crane
2903 Hilton PDR employees 1987-06-08
Dedication of bibles at Hilton PDR 1968-03-23
Gift shop in Hilton Palacio Del Rio 1968
Opening and dedication of Hilton PDR 1968
2904 Exterior of Colonies North, Chartwell and Powhatan Apartments 1968
2905 Interior of Viewpoint Apartments 1968-11-14
Exterior of Viewpoint Apartments 1969-05-22
Exterior of El Morocco Apartments
2906 Interior of kitchen and exterior of house at Royal Oak
Zachry plant 1970-01-06
Mrs. Zachry: Mr. Zachry and grandchildren 1970-11-25
Mrs. Zachry: Christmas card 1970-12-17
Mr. Zachry 1970-11-16
Employees working 1970-08-04
Concrete work at Calamery Power Plant 1970-07-29
Aerials of Zachry Plant
H. B. Zachry and Bartel Zachry 1970-09-17
Braunig Power Plant 1970-06-18
Large pumps 1970-09-09
Exterior of club at Fairways Apartments 1970-08-24
Interior of IBM 1970-06-24
El Morocco Apartments 1970-06-10
2907 Graphs and charts 1971-05-03
Construction and loading train 1971
Carlos Freymann: interior and exterior of house in Alameda Park 1971-10-08
Interior and exterior of houses in Potter Park 1971-12-06
Interior and exterior of houses in Corte de Sol 1971-11-06
Employees of H. B. Zachry 1971
Exterior of Fairway Apartments and houses 1971-16-11
Cement being loaded onto train 1971-11-02
Volkswagen dealership, Turtle Creek Country Club, J. R. Dowdell Company 1971-04-08
Alamo Aquarium Supply 1979
Offices 1971
Houses at Corte de Sol 1971-06-19
Computer Terminal Corporation 1971
Hilton Palacio del Rio 1971-08-26
Aerials of Colonies North and Fairway 1971-04-14
Ribbons for poultry 1971-01-26
Model house 1971-01-21
Press luncheon 1971-08-24
2908 Fairway Apartments 1971-05-12
People eating, playing pool, walking, playing golf, playing tennis 1971
Turtle Creek Swim Club 1971
2909 H.B. Zachry with children and grandchildren 1973
Interior of Condo apartment 1973-02-28
Fairways IV Apartments 1973-02-01
Lake LBJ 1972-10-13
Unidentified couple 1972
[ Pic # 91874 ]
Holiday Inn Hotel proposal 1972-10-11
Interior of houses 1972-10-16
Carl Straling 1972-03-06
Metro General Hospital sign 1972-09-26
Clowns 1972
Homes 1972-09-28
Rendering: Lake Reams Apartments 1972-08-09
Rendering: Motor Hotel 1972-07-27
Pony ride 1972-07-30
Renderings and models 1972-09-13
Two people and exterior of house 1972-09-16
Exhibit at La Villita basement 1972-09-22
Group of men 1972-09-26
House exteriors 1972-07-21
Sun Fourt Houses interior 1972-05-29
Lake and dam and construction of power plant 1972-03-06
Paintings 1972-03-13
Aerials of construction 1972-03-27
Model of San Antonio Hospital 1972-05-25
Dallas Cowboys at Zachy Carter's Home 1972-12-10
Auction at KLRN 1972-05-09
2910 Ben Zachry 1983-08-10
Powell Zachry 1983-08-24
Aerial of airport 1976-02-26
Construction 04-06
Interior and exterior of houses 1983-09-23
Saint Mary's Dorm and Milam Tower 1983-07-27
Aerial of H. B. Zachry's house 1975-09-22
Gas plant
Building 1982
Construction on Kaliganga Bridge in Bangladesh 1976
H. B. Zachry 1977-01-27
Aerial of H. B. Zachry's Company 1979
Machinery and employees
Tower Life Building 1979
Construction of power plant
Four men 1978
Zachry Company hangar 1978
Airplane 1974
Aerials of gravel quarry 1979
Stadium at College Station 1980-08-02
St. Mary's University Administrative building interior and exterior 1982-04-12
Aerials of building near downtown 1977-11-29
Medical Professional Building 1977-08-24
H. B. Zachry 1976-11-12
Exterior of Lear Jet 11-23
Equipment 1976-07-20
Rendering 1975-01-14
Interior of Metro General Hospital 1975-06-09
Aircraft 1975-03-03
Train going down tracks 1974-08-14
Floor plan 1974-07-23
Interior and exterior of modular houses 1976-09-06
Rendering of modular houses 1974
New model homes 1973-10-04
Cowboys at Sun Forrest with Mr. Zachry 1972-12-10
2911 Interior and exterior at Fairway Apartments, swimming pool, tennis courts, and golf course 1973-06-07
2912 Interior of hotel and hospital 1974-12-13
Drawing of Hilton 1974-12-18
Renderings of Hilton 1974-12-13
Blueprints 1974-12-13
Buildings 1973-11-23
2913 Unidentified man 1980-07-23
[ Pic # 26746 Inv # 33095 ]
Travel bag 1980-02-13
Concorde taking off and on tarmac 1979-02-05
Model of Zachry plant 1983-10-07
2914 Cattle by oil rig
Ranch in Laredo 1985-12-01
Ranch house
2915 Hilton Palacio del Rio 11-08
Capital Cement plant
Zachry Company Headquarters 1986-01-27
Aerials of Zachry Headquarters 1986-07-17
Old photographs of man and woman circa 1910
Water tower at Zachry Headquarters 1986-02-26
ZARZOS, undated
2916 Couple in back yard
Exterior of Greek Orthodox Church St. Sophia
2917 Rendering of Northside Bank 1985-07-02
Shelby Smith, 1st State Savings 1984-04-05
Bert Zausmer 1984-07-26
Gina Wissman 1984-04-26
Ken Braeswell 1984-03-23
Laurence Reid 1983-11-17
Carl Weil 1983-10-12
2918 Employees
Thad Ziegler Glass Company building, corner of Lexington and Euclid Avenues
Boysville Fiesta float 1975-04-29
Old photographs: George and Lola Cooper
Easter 1972
2919 Zintgraff, Lola and Bill
Christmas tree with three kids
Zintgraff family at dinner
Dr. Vincent Walker on horse
Bill and Lola Zintgraff
Old photographs of couple
Little girl
Hawaiian party
Stella and Sam Zintgraff 1972-05-04
Man with deer trophy
Harold Schutze 1973-08-01
Couple 1970
Group at St. Phillip's 1972-11-20
Interior of church
Girl with Appaloosa
Pearl clock 1979-09-26
Mr. William C. Zintgraff 1976-01-05
Old photograph: wagon of hay 1969-12-22
Old photographs of people
Mr. an Mrs. Garza 1970-11-25
Family group photographs
People paintings
Three kids with lambs at Stock Show 1974
Boysville Fiesta float 1975-04-29
Old photograph of George and Lola Cooper
Easter 1970
Jewelry 1970-09-09
2918 Display of photos at Coronation
Man with deer and turkety trophies
Girls in line up
Captain Jack and girl on KENS-TV with Alamo cake
Aerial of highway
Woman feding fawin
Dead deer hanging from tree
Group of men
2920 Interior of funeral home, chapel and exterior 1970-07-07
Interior of funeral home, chapel and exterior 1963
Ground-breaking 1961
House 1961
2921 Larry Bell, Mike Bloom and Bernice Berbit 1975-10-10
James O. Burgrard 1974-11-05
Mr. Kessler 1972-12-04
Ormond Panish 1975-08-02
Gene Greprath 1972-11-28
John Young 1971-07-11
Window of funeral home 1970-08-25
Interior of chapel with flowers 1970-06-17
Exterior of funeral home
Two men 1969-06-28
[ Inv # 1068 ]
Exterior of funeral home 1968-06-27
Interior of funeral home 1965
Krakow in coffin 1978-12-18