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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): S

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): C-D
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): P-R
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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

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The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

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Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections from the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Processing Information

The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, S


2106 Sagewood Apartments interior 1963-09-23
Swan Point Marina 1964-09-30
Southwest Smelting and Refining: office 1965-12-16
Signal Carpet Mills: interior 1965-08-17
State Hospital: exterior 1963-04-11
Seco Apartments: exterior 1962-11-25
San Antonio Saving and Loan: woman holding mirror 03-26
Stay-Fresh Bakery Company: kid on pig-ride
Sharman, Allen, Gay and Tayler Pipeline Company: laying pipe 05-19
San Antonio Lumber Company: home show booth 1963-04-08
George Spencer: truck 09-16
Shoppers City: rendering 1965-10-20
Forrest Smith: couple by poinsettias 02-07
Sunglow Band: band 04-19
Southern Casket Company 1966-03-30
Fred Shields: horses and mohair goats
Saint George Maronite Church: posters 1964-04-22
Sands Motel: interior and exterior and pool 06-07
Southern Pine Association: horse
Seeburg Coin Machine: blender 1959-08-06
Southern Casket Company 1965-11-18
Stevens House: bluebonnets 04-01
K.L. Smith: Arnold Fairbanks Cattle Company truck 1968-07-05
Mrs. Marshall Steves: flower 1968-07-05
Shaw's Barber College: interior of Barber College 1968-07-03
Monkeying cages under thatched huts
Russ Stanley: tapestry
Spanish Design, Inc.: Spanish Furniture 1967-07-06
Saint Joseph's Church: cross paintings
Janet Shook Designs: handmade tapestry 1968-10-06
Samuels Glass: exterior 1965-10-07
SBJ: fishing poles 1961-05-03
Sugarman, Inc.: office 1967
Texas farm and ranch, race track aerials, Sabinal, Texas 01-06
Sunny Climes Ranch: people on horseback 1966-06-01
Sunkist Company: oranges in store
Southwest Motors: truck 05-01
Stafco: chess and checker board 1961-12-06
Sam Houston Motel: exterior 1962-11-29
Signal Carpet Mills: carpet, exterior and trucks 1965-08-24
Spartan Discount Department Store: exterior 1961-09-01
Southwest Tile Company: machinery 1959-03-11
2107 Sanders Top and Body Shop: auto and owner 1971-07-01
Sunglo Oil Company: baking dishes and flatware 1971-08-24
Servomation: stainless steel cabinet and food 1971-11-17
Southwest Land Corporation: charts 1972-03-28
Sprint Print: page 1971-08-04
Mrs. James H. Sever: King Antonio 1971-05-25
Stahlman Sales Company: Airstreams 1971-06-09
Southwest Animal Heath Research Foundation: employees
San Pedro Manor: interior 1971-04-21
Mrs. George Stunberg: man and woman with Irish Setter at dog show 1977-11-17
Sonnier Electric Company: Interior and exterior of Sam Sonnier's ranch house, Lake Charles, LA 1970-06-22
Stewart and Stevenson: exterior branch office 1971-04-03
Zavell Smith: painting of a horse 1970-10-14
Swift and Company: building 1970-05-04
Saint Luke's Episcopal School: kids on float 1970-04-24
Mrs. Ralph Stone: horse 1970-04-10
Swain Trailers: horse trailers 1969-12-22
Zavell Smith: street scene 1970-04-06
San Antonio Roller Works: carnival rides 1969-10-05
San Juan Producers: installation of pool, Selma, Texas 1969-04-11
Southwest Tech Products Corporation: electrical equipment 1969-09-03
Mrs. W. Steves: paintings and Mrs. And Mr. Henry Steves 1969-07-21
Donald L. Smith Company: truck by Zintgraff studio
Mrs. Seeligson: couple 1969-05-05
Two kids
Mrs. A. A. Seeligson: family skiing 1969-04-23
Sunbeam Trucks, Inc.: trucks by Coliseum 1969-03-12
Southwest Office Supply: Wink grapefruit drink
Stanley Smith Detective, Inc.: trucks, cars and police by the Alamo 1969-03-04
Smith Motor Sales: cars 1953
Steel Motor Court building
Smith Guns
Skyline Motel exterior
San Antonio Roller Works: Bunger car amusement 1968-11-15
Smith: people 1978-11-27
Southwest Tile: machinery
Steele Chemical Company: equipment 1966
Fred Smith 1969-01-27
Smith Security Agency: interior and exterior 1973-05-02
Swain Trailer Company: horses 1969-02-17
Interior of plane
2108 Nash Stone: doll house 1974-11-05
San Antonio Police Department 1974-06-28
Cleta Shaun with flowers at her house 1974-10-07
See It and Sew It, Inc.: booklet 1974-08-19
Mrs. Charles W. Sullivan: Mr. Sullivan 1975-11-28
Gary Steelman 1975-10-10
Stewart Mapping: drafting room 1975-08-27
Self-Service Postage: vending machine 1972-07-03
Felix Sterling: 1928 Model A. convertible 04-21
James S. Long: buck 1972-04-03
Pleas Scott: couple 1972-05-30
Saint Dominic's Parish: kids and priest in confirmation class 1972-05-20
Southwest Foundation: girl 1972-08-07
Jim Salter: Little League team 07-01
John Schafer: couple with drugged water buffalo
Southwest Advertising: doors and doorways 1972-11-22
San Antonio Sports Scene: night baseball game San Antonio Bowers 1973-08-09
Father Silverman: man 1973-09-10
Mrs. Schlichenmeyer: flowers 1973-10-12
Zavell Smith: painting of turkey and deer 1973-07-17
Mrs. Seeligson: men doing various activities 1974-02-15
Sunglo Service, Inc.: pots 1972-08-15
W. C. Sprague: couple 1972-10-25
S and M Fine Arts: painting 1973-02-01
House 1973
Saint Dominic's: communion class 1973-05-06
Sesco camp: eclectic sign 1973-05-25
Seeligson Family Photographs: Eisenhower meeting family 1974
Unidentified people
Adolph Scher 1974-01-11
San Jose Cattle Company: bull 1974-12-19
Mrs. A. A. Seeligson: copies with Eisenhower meeting family (old) 1974-05-02
Society of Industrial Realtors: Press of Society 1975-01-28
Couple with antique car at Saint Anthony Hotel 1975-01-29
Saint Mary's Garage: couple 1975-01-02
Cockpit and interior of plane 1974
Doll house
Star Bio Laboratory: triglyceride test set 1976-04-15
Singer Simulation Corporation: cockpits of T-37 and T-38 1974-11-26
Dare R. Stein: recreation building 1975-12-30
Snell Darlene: woman 1976-02-17
Milam Building 1975-11-21
Sullivan: Mr. Sullivan in casket 1975-12-02
People 1975
Stewart Mapping: drafting room 1975-08-29
William Swinney and Kathleen Swinney 1979-06-25
Scottish Rite: group 1974-01-11
Malcolm Steinberg: snow 1974-01-03
A. C. Bodie Sullivan: artwork 1974-01-14
Scottish Rite: group 1973-10-08
San Antonio Sports Scene: football player 1973-08-03
San Antonio Board of Realtors: groups and exterior of building 1973-12-18
Self-Serve Fixture Company: interior of La Feria department store 1973-12-01
House interior, swimming pool 1975-06-27
2109 Jerry Staley: airplanes 1983-03-21
Scottish Rite Temple: groups 1979-12-11
Russell Stanley: interior of house 1979-12-11
Stahl: trucks 1979-11-08
San Antonio Power Squadron: map of Aransas Bay 1979-10-09
Sylvania: light bulb display and exterior of Handy Andy 1979-07-26
Slayton Sales: construction site and damaged wood 1979-04-13
Russ Stanley: interior of house 1979-04-24
Russ Stanley: interior of Ward West house 1979-04-16
James Gambrell: hotel pool 1979-04-26
San Antonio Medical Foundation: doctors operating and seeing patients 1979-04-09
Slaughter Brothers: aerial of lumber yard 1979-03-01
Sky Center, Inc.: interior of Lear 25 1978-12-11
Systems at san Antonio: sand painting 1978-09-13
Shelter Insulation Systems, Inc.: roof installation 1978-05-09
Stout Bilt of Texas, Inc.: rendering of White's 1978-01-24
Carolyn Smith: drawing 1978-02-27
Mrs. Stumberg 1977-12-22
Melissa Sargent: employees at A. J. Lewis 1977-12-02
Bill Stratton: construction 1977-10-20
Rowland Spencer: two boys in uniform 1977-11-23
Mrs. Louis Stumberg: Christmas card 1977-11-19
Strunk Realty: Master Hosts Inn pool 1977-11-07
American Printers, Inc.: Spurs cover 1977-08-25
Fred Starke: UT ring 1977-08-10
San Antonio Dodgers team 1977
Gino Scorzo 1977-03-16
Sterva Properties, Inc.: aerials of manufacturing plan 1977-05-12
Dan Sullivan 1977-03-25
Saint John's Lutheran: stained glass 1977-03-22
San-Tex Lumber Company: exterior of duplex 1977-02-28
Louis Stumberg: Christmas pictures of kids 1976-11-11
Southern Farm Bureaus Life Insurance: people 1976-10-01
Southwest Imports: Sabrosa Mexican candies 09-23
San Antonio City Employees Federal Credit Union: rendering of CECU Building 1976-09-22
Dan Sullivan: family by house 1976-07-01
James M. Siever: Barbie Siever in Cathedral Park 1976-06-22
Neal Speler: motor home and people in pond 1976-06-18
Southwest Carton, Inc.: pecan pralines 1976-04-30
Satur Heights: helicopter 1974-03-29
Seeligson family photographs
Society of Industrial Realtors: executive officer at saint Anthony Hotel 1975-01-28
Marshall Steves: Lady Bird fountain and plaque 1975-05-15
Russ Stanley: interior of house 1975-06-23
2110 Southwest Subaru: group in front of new Subaru building 1982-03-03
San Antonio Academy: couple 1987-03-17
Scottish Rite Temple: group of men 1982-04-06
Sunburst Shutter Company: shutters at Hyatt Regency 1982-01-11
San Antonio Housing Authority: rendering of SAHA 1981-10-29
Southwest Subaru: truck with cars on it 1983-09-02
Ed Sargant 1982-09-22
Screen Arts Process: Pete's Pub Key Magazine 1983-08-20
Chip Salas and Associates 1983-07-12
Chip Salas and Associates: interior of Saint Anthony Hotel 1983-08-10
Sullivan Advertising Specialties, Inc.: caps and T-shirts with jackets 1983-07-25
R. L. Schonhoff Advertising: Conroy Building 1983-07-18
R. L. Schonhoff Advertising: trailer 1983-07-15
Selts and Associates: Pizza House interior 1983-06-01
R. L. Schonhoff: Conroy Boat 1983-07-12
Wendy Stieren: artwork 1983-05-02
Sani-Fresh: soap dispenser 1983-04-25
Southwest Subaru 1983-02-02
Mrs. Louis Stumberg: family near house 1982-12-03
Samuels Glass: old photographs 1983-01-03
Ed Speed and building 1982-12-03
Tina Short: facial injury above eye with stitches 1982-12-01
Symens: mining cart 1982-11-04
Stowers Furniture: exterior and furniture 1982-09-07
Southwest Subaru: group by building 1982-04-19
Stoll Chemical Company: chemical products 1982-09-29
Samuels Glass: exterior 1982-08-18
Bob Scott 1982-07-07
Old Spanish Mission: squirrel 1982-03-19
Southwest Printing Ink Company: cat on file cabinet 1982-12-09
Slingel, Hester and Young, Inc.: lady with compact 1982-12-13
Ed Speed 1982-11-23
Salem Helicopters 1982-03-30
Mr. Smith 1980-12-22
Russell Stanley Interiors: interior of Decorator's Showcase 1981-05-24
Russell Stanley Interiors: model homes 1981-05-18
Mr. Sullivan: painting of train 1981-01-20
Roy Schickenmaier: man with rifle 1981-02-24
Stone Company: building with equipment in front 1980-01-24
Jim Sullivan 1980-12-10
Mr. and Mrs. M. Steves: interior and exterior of Steves house 1980-06-03
Schaffer Homes: lots at Randolph Air Force Base 1980-01-23
2111 Steel Ceilings, Inc.: ceiling in airport terminals 1984-09-20
Smith Bane Equipment at SASA 1987-01-06
Sony: large screen TV in arena for play close-ups 12-30
Bill Stratton: observation badges 1987-04-20
San Antonio Area Foundation: groups 1986-08-27
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church: interior of church 1986-08-06
Systems Control: booth 1986-02-21
Sohio Corborundum: NPRA Booths 1986-02-21
Williams Swift International: Village Oaks Regional Hospital 1985-12-02
S. T. Services: aerials of storage tanks 1985-09-18
San Antonio Housing Authority: Matt Garcia Apartments 1985-05-03
Scott, Hulse, Marshall: proposed hospital site 1985-04-04
Smith Contract, Incl.: various interior of office 1984-08-10
Scott, Hulse, Marshall: aerials and Humana Hospital parking lot 1985-03-27
Semp Oil Company, Inc.: water filter 1984-12-27
Bill Stratton: group and plane 1985-01-04
Southwest Subaru building 1984-01-27
Stinson Aviation: airplane 1983-11-22
Spencer Properties: rendering 1984-04-18
Mary Pat Stumberg 1983-12-28
Angie De Los Santos 1984-04-24
Service Brokerage Company: Royal Oak display 1984-05-04
Pat Smalenberger: military presentation 1984-07-26
San Antonio Direct Manufacturing: Walkman radio 1984-07-05
2112 Men conferring: Ed Swearinger and Lockheed executives 1972-12-05
SAGA and AAC cowling 1974-09-12
Airsearch and SAGA engines 1974-09-12
Inside bulkhead of plane 1974-09-11
Landing gear testing machine 1974-08-16
Engine lifting mechanism, Lockheed Jetstar 1974-08-16
Engine 1974-06-14
Engine lifting hoist for jets 1974-06-17
Airplane rollout 1974-05-31
Airplane in hanger 1974-05-522
Progress on airplane modification 1974-05-20
Progress on airplane modification 1974-05-13
Progress on airplane modification 1974-04-29
Progress on airplane modification 1974-04-22
Progress on Tri-Star modification 1974-04-15
Progress on airplane modification 1974-04-08
Progress on airplane modification 1974-04-01
Progress on airplane modification 1974-03-12
Progress on engine of Jet Star and fuel tanks 1974-01-08
Progress on modification 1974-02-26
Conversion of Lockheed Jetstar to dual turbofan 1973-09-17
Installation of ne motor on Jet Star 1973-07-10
Modification of Jet Star 1973-05-23
Progress of engine modification on Jet 1973-05-21
Structural design in jet engine 1973-05-07
Aircraft parts 1977-05-19
2113 Men building engines 1976-04-20
Men building engines 1976-04-16
Hail damage on plane 1976-03-13
Airplane going through water on runway 1976-01-13
People working on engines in hanger 1975-09-26
Monitoring equipment of 731 Jet-Star 1975-08-12
Crack in engine assembly 1975-07-30
Insulation on underside of plane 1975-06-06
Various assemblies of 737 aircraft 1975-05-30
Plumbing with engine removed 1975-04-02
New connections 1975-03-15
Defective parts 1975-03-21
Wiring changes to boiler room 731 Jet-Star 1975-03-03
Underside of engine nacelle 1975-02-20
Aircraft modification 1975-01-10
Modification of Lockheed Jet Star 1975-01-28
Master door cover mold 731 modification 1974-12-31
Assembly detail on modification of Jet Star 1974-10-24
Marbach 1970-07-21
SAILBOATS 1974-1985
2114 Sailboats at dock
Sailboat on lake
Couple on shore with sailboat on lake in background
Aerials and side views of sailboat 1985
Man and woman on sailboat
Motorboat towing skier
Couple on dock surrounded by sailboats at Canyon Lake 1974
Sailboats on lake 1976
Group on boat
2115 Orchestra
Chefs cooking
Exterior of Saint Anthony Hotel 1937
Unidentified woman 1969
[ Pic # 81083 ]
Dining room
Selma Andretta 1969-12-03
Sam Goldfarb
Tables set for dinner
Cappuccino machine
Three ladies with harp, cello and violin
Saint Anthony Hotel's Garage 1941
Saint Anthony Hotel exterior aerial
Ladies in gowns beside 1912 car 1965
Punch 1963
Snow in park in front of hotel 1966
Party 1964
Group of men
[ Pic # 43779 ]
Saint Anthony de Padua 1964
Men with trophies
Glasses 1961
Painting "The Amazons"
Construction inside 1961
Grand Champion steer in Houston 1941
Employees Christmas party with tree and punch 1962
Guest rooms
Eagle painting
Pool area
Woman with accordion
People relaxing
Painting "Roundup Time on Anachoca"
2116 Poster 1976-03-04
Large "Eagle" painting 1973-10-26
Food and people 1974-02-02
Interior and exterior of hotel 1974-01-23
Guest rooms 1974-01-17
Lobby 1972-04-04
Interior of hotel 1974-01-07
Mr. Ochse and man in front of hotel 1971-05-24
Christmas scene 1973-10-31
Midria Room and Charles V Room 1973-09-18
R. A. Haberman 1972-05-09
Pearaux Room 1971-12-08
Ballroom 1973-02-01
Front of hotel 1977-12-29
2117 Nathan Alterman Electric Company: damage to hotel 1982-07-13
Damage to hotel 1982-06-30
Saint Anthony Hotel exterior and interior 1982-12-02
2118 Students and priests 1963
Graduating students and nun
Baseball team
Basketball team 1962
Boys in ROTC drilling 1962
Boys playing baseball 1962
Boy praying 1962
Children doing jumping jacks and sit ups 1962
Two boys passing baton in track 1962
Kids drinking milk 1961
ROTC boys inspection
Students in front of school 1962-03-27
2119 Priests
Football team
Exterior of school
Students leaving
Students playing Ping-Pong and pool
Priests looking at map
Priests giving communion
Interior of church and students
Students in swimming pool
Basketball team
Priests and students eating
Group of men
Oblate Week 1954
Students in class
2121 Ladies with two priests
Group of children
Group of girls in white with priest and group of boys
Raising flags
Boy scouts
Congregation in church
2122 Bells
Chaplains, military
Glass painting and staining
National Council of Protestant Episcopalian Churches
Interior of church
Rendering of church
Stuff and workers
Plaque of "Bishops"
2123 Congregation and interior of church
Exterior of church 1946
Saint Mary's School exterior
Kids in confirmation clothes with priests
Interior of church
Saint Mary's Parochial School Oblate Fathers and kids
2124 Saint Mary's University administrative building
Dean Dee vest, Dean of Students
Tom Tarrllion 1969-08-20
Building 1962
Library 1963
Marian Hall 1963
Unidentified men
[ Pic # 61906 ]
Unidentified girls 1967
[ Pic # 62049, 39, 38 ]
Jack Holloman 1969
Physics teacher and demonstrations
Faculty 1966
Students 1966
William J. Block, Jr. 1967
Trey Ellison 1967
Rabbi David Jacobson
Dr. Leon J. Tolls
Unidentified men and check presentation 1959
Three men at piano with horn and oboe
Site plan
Cafeteria and banquet
Rendering of chapel lounge
Baseball diamond
Saint Mary's Law School Class: W. McNeil, E. Gonzalez, a. Carrico, E. Zucht, J. Kennedy, J. Schelcher, R. Lozano, R. Santelle, M. L. Villarek, J. Stafford, P. Casseb, J. Mondin, B. Bemardo, D. Jage, E. J. Spiechagen, W. Brown, Jr. 1963
Flavio Gionatti
Priests with builders 1966
Tom McGovern
Old Saint Mary's at Teachuca
Rendering of Moot Court Room
Rendering: Humanities Building
Rendering: Graduate Chemistry Research Laboratory
Rendering: University Center Cafeteria
Rendering: Examining room Student Health Center
Rendering: Counseling
Rendering: School of Pharmacy
Students (old)
Saint Mary's College circa 1910
2125 Students at basketball game 1974-07-05
Edward N. Cole 1973-07-27
Law Building interior and exterior 1972-06-05
Law School interior and exterior 1970-10-15
Caterpillar Tractor Company: machinery 1968-08-21
Saint Mary's College
Father Blume receiving award from Saint Teachers Council 1968-08-06
Father Blume, Mrs. Keefe and ball players at dedication ceremony of U.J. Keefe Field 1968-04-17
James R. Daugherty, Beeville, Texas 1968-06-28
Students in class 1968
Construction of building
Faculty and students
Women's Residence
1908 writing of wall behind blackboard
A/C Plant
James P. Lytton and Martin D. Heirne receiving certificates 1967
ROTC: Schott, Brandon, Strong 1967
Abner Vernon McCall with plaque swearing in ceremony 1967
Play cast getting into costumes and makeup 1967
Long Range Development Plan for Saint Mary's University 1967
Ground-breaking ceremony 1967
Construction of building 1967
Rendering of building 1967
Group getting on plane 1967
Basketball players 1967
Librarians 1967
Library 1970
SAN ANTONIO 1880s-1985
2126 Alamo City Sales, South Saint Mary's and South Alamo Streets: interior and exterior
Alamo Title Company exterior circa 1954
De la Garza home, later Schooner Saloon, circa 1905-1910
Commerce Street circa 1890s, early 1930s
Flood 1921
Houston street circa 1949, 1948, 1950's, 1940's, circa 1900 (street car tracks)
Military Plaza, Citi Hall, 1940, 1880's
Main Plaza circa 1872, 1940's
San Fernando Cathedral, courthouse
Saint Mary's Street, 1940, circa 1960's, 1930's
Fiesta San Jacinto circa 1896
Gross Bank
Navarro Street
Battle of Flowers Parade circa 1896
Calcasieu Building
Crockett Street
Shuetzer Verein
Choral societies
Travis Street
Meyer House
Rand Building
Gunter Hotel
San Pedro Springs
Spanish Governor's Palace
Wagons, fright
Temple and Hamilton's Business College
Rote and West Grocers
White House Saloon
Harrison, John T., Drugstore
Soledad Block
Casino Building
Halff and Company Building
Grand Opera House
Clower Building
Travis Building
Chandler Building
Broadway Street, 195-'s
Post Offices
American Iron and Metal
Hicks Building
Robert E. Lee Hotel
Western Hotel
Hot Wells Hotel
Ursuline Convent
Market House
Dullnig Building
Travis Building
American Iron and Metal
Broadway Street, 4000 block, US 81 sign
Alamo Heights 1950
Travis Plaza Hotel
Hicks Building
Clower Building, later called Stowers
Chandler Building circa 1940's
Frost Building, latter called Houston Building
Washer Building
Casino Building, including construction 1925-1926
Fiesta San Jacinto: floats 1936
Green Tree Restaurant 1965
Halff Brothers Store
Hirschfield, James: dinner at Saint Anthony Hotel 1952-04-05
Lone Star Ice Company, later SAMA, Lone Star Brewery
Grand Opera House
Rainbow Ice Cream circa 1930's
Allan Shiverr in front of capital circa 1956
2127 Aerials of downtown: Tower-Live building
Construction of highway
Tower of the Americas
Hemis Fair Plaza
Institute of Texan Cultures
Hemis Fair Arena
U. S. Federal Court Building
Aerial of old San Antonio 1880
Aerial 1958
Aerial 1960
Trinity University
Lone Star Brewing Company
Pearl Brewing Company
Alamo Stadium
Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum
2128 Sunset
Soldiers standing at attention by pup tents with gear laid out in front of tent being inspected circa 1940
Photographs of downtown San Antonio: Southern Hotel, churches, park square circa 1900
Drawing of a church, auction building, hardware store and restaurant circa 1890
Coin 1741
People and wagons (old)
Drawing of early San Antonio in Main Plaza
Aerial of downtown San Antonio
Public Service Company, Potchernck's, Gunter Hotel, Blue Bonnet Hotel, Hotel Lanier circa 1930
F. W. Woolworth and Company, Houston Building and Majestic Theater circa 1950
People eating at the table outside (old)
Hardware store and cattle puling wagons in street (old)
Copy of old photographs of two men in horse drawn carriage 1972
Wagons and people at mission (old)
San Fernando Cathedral (old)
Municipal Market 1938
Aerial of Tower, Convention Center, Hemis Fair Arena and Hilton Palacio del Rio
Landmark Building
Smith Young Tower
Landmark Building and Alamo Cenotaph
Copy of old photographs of City Hall circa 1935
Majestic Theater, Gunter Hotel, Martha Washington Candies, Frost's, Landmark building
2129 Aerials of San Antonio before 1968
2130 Aerial of ground cleared for North Star Mall
Aerial of downtown: Tower-Life Building
USAA building on Broadway near Seminary
Aerial by Municipal Auditorium
Aerials of neighborhoods
Aerial of San Antonio College
Texas Open Golf tournament
Housing developments
Water treatment plant
Highway under construction
Baseball diamond
Highway 37 leading to downtown
Lone Star Brewing Company
Unidentified shopping center
Freeman Coliseum
Central Freight Lines
George W. Brackenridge High School
Loop 410 and San Pedro Avenue
2131 Couples in Spanish costumes
Man with parakeet in cage
Couple with loons weaving
Artist with sculptures
Spanish dancers
Spanish Governor's Palace
Tower-Life Building
Float of NSISD
Kelly Air Force Base float
Unidentified man with five girls
Dancing in the street
Guitars being played
Lackland Air Force Base float
2132 Aerial photographs of neighborhoods
Clock tower
Hemis Fair Plaza: Tower of the Americas, Arena, Convention Center
Hemis Fair Plaza at night: ITC, Tower of the Americas, Arena, Convention Center, U.S. Federal Court Building, Federal Building
Aerial photographs of Hemis Fair Plaza from ITC Building
Pelican Wharf Restaurant
Japanese Sunken Gardens
Golf course
Tower building at Randolph Air Force Base
Skyline of San Antonio
Aerial photographs close to Tower of the Americas
Aerial of downtown construction of parking garage
Aerial of downtown before 1968
Aerial looking at Texas Theater and Gunter Hotel
Aerial looking at neighborhoods
Night scene looking at Alamo National Bank
Aerial looking at San Antonio River by Municipal Auditorium
Dam and lake
Aerial: Straus-Frank Company
Aerial of Tower of the Americas on very smoggy day
Aerial: construction about to begin for North Star Mall
Freeman Coliseum and area around
2133 Texas Theater 1960
Bexar County National Bank, Gunter Hotel, Aztec Theater, the Alamo, National Bank
Grayson's, Holiday Shoes, Burt's Shoes, Margel's, Franklin's
Texas Theater, David Mill's Men Wear, Jack's Deli Restaurant, Hollywood Style Shop, Luckyburger
Weiss Shoes for Men, Christian Science, Reading Room, Gunter Hotel, Empire Building, Aztec Theater, Tower-Life Building, Bexar County National Bank, Bed and Breakfast Café, House of 9, Merrill Lynch, Roosevelt Buffet, Potchernick's Sports, Thom McAnn, Bache and Company, Western Union, Bell cab
Baker's QualiCraft Shoes, Joseph's, Lee Optical, Hardy Shoes, Christmas decorations
Corner of South Broadway and East Houston Streets
Corner of North Saint Mary's and East Houston Streets: Russell Stover Candies, Gunter Hotel, Texas Theater
Coney Island, Roosevelt Buffet, Empire Theater, Gunter Hotel, National Shirt Shop, Longhorn Restaurant
American Hospital and Life Insurance, White Plaza Hotel, Bluebonnet Hotel
Interior of clothing store
McCrory's Store and Building
2134 Skyline circa 1982
San Antonio skyline 1972-03-16
Zintgraff: city from Robert B. Green Hospital 1976-02-09
Gulf state Advertising: city from Loop 410 1976-01-07
Gulf state Advertising: city from Ingroto Hill 1972-01-18
Aerial photographs
Skyline 1968
Skyline 1960-12
Downtown San Antonio 1973-10-03
Downtown form top of Transit Tower circa 1965-1968
Tower-Life Building, SASA building, Alamo National Bank building, Alameda Theater, Bexar County Election Center and Archives Building, Tower of the Americas, M and S Tower
Skyline of sunrise 1981
Skyline at night
Aerial photo of Gunter Hotel and Empire and Majestic Theaters
Hemis Fair Plaza: Tower of the Americas, Arena, Federal Court 1968
Construction on ITC building
2135 Aerial photograph: Proler Steel Company 1964-02-17
Mounds of scrapped cars
Housing developments
Montgomery Ward and Handy Andy in McCreless Mall
Downtown: Tower-Life Building, Municipal Auditorium
Wonderland Mall, Rhodes Department Store, Handy Andy
410 and IH 10 interchange
Commerce Building, Palace Theater, Landmark Building, the Alamo, Alamo Cenotaph, Joske's
Gunter Hotel, church, Maverick Building
McCreless Mall
Car by the country road
2136 Navy Flag-raising ceremony
Fire Station #4
Station opening ceremonies: Milton Rogers-Fire Chief
Mayor McAllister
Fire trucks
Construction of fire station # 4
Little girl in library
San Antonio Main Library
Mayor McAllister, Lila Cockrell and board members
Man jumping
Water treatment plant
Construction on bridge and road
Flags: U.S and Texas
City Hall
Sewer line installation: Roosevelt and Highland Streets
Police academy
Firing range
Man putting up stop sign on West Southcross and Crittenden
Fire training course
2137 Interior of Governor's Palace
Two men with clothing ant toys
Construction on Tower of the Americas 1967
Tree digging and planting equipment
Crockett Mall
Rendering of San Antonio Main Library
San Antonio Coat of Arms
Fire Station # 20
Man sleeping
Construction of Hemis Fair Arena
New Braunfels Street Bridge
Old bridge
Construction at airport
Woman on phone
Street sweeper
City of San Antonio Public Works car
Downtown street
Boyer Street from Expressway
Hackberry and Presa Interchange
McCreless Library
Tennis Center on Pecan Valley Road
Expressway traffic
Beautify San Antonio awards
2138 Men at City Hall
Al Tripp at Hemis Fair
Door, Spanish Governor's Palace
Mayor Walter McAllister, signing bill and two people
Sign, Mission San Jose
New manager of Tower Restaurant
Construction on Southcross on Mission Road
Law Day Convention at Convention Center
Interior of Theater of Performing Arts
Doug Harlen High School
Telephone switchboard operators and tourist information wagon in front of Spanish Governor's Palace
New bridge construction near East Southcross and drainage construction at South Presa and Rockwood
Miss Marsh, "Miss Fan Share"
Convention Center exterior wit Palacio del Rio Hotel
Civil Defense Supplies and Instructions
Mayor McAllister with military people
Airport manager at airport
Pan American Library
Wedding at old Press Center
"Miss Fan Share" in Studio
New bus
Dick Balmas with another man
Gazebo at Hemis Fair
Sargent Danish with lie detector
2139 Skyline 1980
Aerials 1982
Hemis Fair Plaza
Tower and arena
Highways to town
Medical Center 1980
Canyon Lake 1980
Ingram Park Mall 1980
Hemis Fair 1968
2140 Aerial of downtown
Aerial of Hemis Fair Plaza
Aerials of Methodist Hospital
Freeman Coliseum during rodeo and stock show
Park 10 corner of IH 10 and Loop 410 by Wonderland
IH 37 under construction near downtown
Zintgraff: aerials of downtown 1970-10-12
Downtown in smog
Aerial of downtown 1970-03-02
Fisheye of downtown
Aerial of downtown 1983-06
Zintgraff: UT Medical Center 1973-04-05
Ingram Park Mall
Municipal Auditorium: aerial of Southwest Bell Building
Zintgraff: aerials of downtown 1973-05-03
Transit Tower
Aerials of Medical Center and UTSA 1977-09-15
Zintgraff: expressway being built 1971-03-16
Frost Bank aerials 1973-04-06
Zintgraff: San Antonio form the Tower of Americas 1969-02-25
National Bank of Fort Sam Houston
2141 Aerials of downtown with Tower-Life building in center
Aerials of expressway
Aerial of Wonderland
Aerial of Tower of the Americas and ITC and Hemis Fair
Low level aerial: Alamo National Bank, Tower-Life, Stowers
Aerial: Texas mill and Elevator Company inset
Mexican Cultural Institute
2142 Aerial of highway
Main Library
Map for recommended highway improvement
Water treatment plant
Bexar County and County Courthouse: Seal of Bexar County 1973-07-18
San Antonio Coat of Arms 1982-12-20
San Antonio aerial maps 1973-08-16
San Antonio street scenes
San Antonio and Aviation department aerials 1973-08-28
San Antonio and Aviation department aerials 1973-09-04
San Antonio skyline 1973-08-15
San Antonio and Community Analysis: rendering of Federal Courthouse and Federal Building 1973-07-30
2143 Tower of the Americas
Aerial photographs of downtown
San Antonio skyline circa 1980-1986
Hemis Fair Plaza
Hemis Fair Arena
International First Bank 1983-05
Landmark Building
Tower-Life Building
Municipal Auditorium
2144 Palacio Del Rio Hotel
Trees and hills
Horses being rounded up
Man riding horse on beach at sunset
Rounding up cattle with helicopter
Barrel rider racing
Man on horse by waterfall
Cattle being driven through river
Old brick house
Marline Carter, 1st Aggie Queen of Fiesta 1981
U. S. Post Office and Court house
People dressed in old fashioned costumes
San Antonio skyline at night
Aerial of downtown
Aerial of Hemis Fair Plaza, Tower of the Americas, Arena
Full moon and Tower of Americas
Ingram Park Mall
Monkeys at San Antonio Zoo
Deer, antelope, elephant doing a trick, parrot, giraffe, sea horse, flamingos, zoological gardens and aquarium, hippo, sheep, bison, tiger
2145 Group 1977-05-10
Two men 1977-03-08
Group 1976-05-12
Offices at Old Krakow 1976-06-01
Presentation to Mr. Crumeric 1976-03-30
Installation of new pres 1975-06-20
New officers and pres 1975-05-13
Jack Pitluck award 1975-03-26
Officers 1974-06-13
Ad Club directors 1974-06-14
Presentation of award 1974-03-26
Meeting at Turtle Creek 1973-11-16
New officers 1973-05-08
New officers 1972-05-23
People and award 1972-05-09
2146 Employees 1974-03-18
Georgetown Manor 1974-02-15
Rendering of mobile home 1973-12-13
Interior of Whispering Oaks houses 1973-12-13
Exterior at Northern Hills Bank 1973-10-12
Exterior of houses at Bulverde Hills Estates 1973-09-04
Townhouses 1973-07-06
L. Byron Sherouse 1973-02-14
The Courtyards 1973-01-22
Apartments 1972-12-12
Fairway Apartments 1972-09-26
Bedding department at Honigblum's 1971-08-05
Interior of house 1971-06-22
Warehouse sale at Wonder Wig 1971-06-07
Opening ceremony at Arthur Murray's Dance Studio 1971-05-06
Sierra North 1971-03-10
2147 Consumer Law Institute meeting at Saint Anthony Hotel 1975-01-24
SABA Installation dinner 1974-09-28
Congratulations ceremony in Judge Sears office 1974-05-01
Proclamation at Mayors office 1974-04-25
New AMCI and old J. R. Bar members 1973-05-30
Group and speakers at La Mansion del Rio 1973-04-11
SABA meeting at Hilton Palacio Hotel 1972-12-08
SABA dinner and yearly kick off 1971-09-11
Groups in Mayor's office 1971-08-05
Bar assembly at Palacio del Rio 1971-05-06
Bar assembly at Palacio del Rio 1970-09-12
BBQ and presentation at Pecan Valley 1969-10-01
SABA banquet at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-09-15
Unidentified men 1969-05-23
[ Pic # 78088-78091 Inv # 4179 ]
Party at Canyon Country Club and SABA new officers 1968-08-05
Judges and Mr. and Mrs. Hart 1968-06-19
Judge Munay's retirement dinner
Jimmy Allison
Installation Banquet
SABA meeting at Gunter Hotel 1966
San Antonio Chapter federal Bar Association meeting at La Tropicana 1964
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Spears, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Young, Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Spears and Judge and Mrs. R. E. Thomason
2148 Law Day 1967
Group in front of the Alamo on Law Day 1966
Luncheon and certificates and speakers 1966
Mayor McAllister signing paper 1966
2149 Reunion at USAA 1979-08-25
Law Day 1979-05-01
50 year award 1978-04-26
Lila Cockrell and two men 1979-04-26
State Bar of Texas: law students in courtroom 1972-07-17
Group on river 1970-06-05
General Hudson arriving at airport 1970-04-29
Law Day Mock Court trial 1970-04-30
Cocktail party at Hilton Palacio 1970-05-01
Law Day awards 1970-05-01
La Villita Assembly Hall luncheon 1970-05-01
Annual party 1978-02-19
2150 Bleachers at W. Keefe Field 1972-01-31
2151 Signs on buses about horse races 1966
Advertising for KSAT 12
Advertising for ice-cream
Bus driver 1965
Ads for herring
TV ads for shows 1962
A/C ads
Bank ads
Border Fence Company 1965
2152 Unidentified men
Mayor Jack White
2153 Group of business man and wives 1966
Group of business man and wives 1965
Group of business man and wives 1964
Group of business man and wives 1963
Group of business man and wives 1961
Group of business man and wives 1960
Group of business man and wives 1960
Charles C. Dailey receiving plaque
Group of businessmen and wives 1959
Group of businessmen and wives 1958
2154 American Automobile Association: presentation of award to City from AAA 1976-09-30
City of San Antonio: Council with Lila Cockrell 1975-05-01
City of San Antonio: Council with Lila Cockrell 1976-08-25
Council with Lila Cockrell and Sam Granada 1974-04-25
Sam Granada, City Manager 1974-05-14
Dick Balmos
Francis Vickers 1969-05-13
Charles Becker 1968-06-19
Pete Torres
Assistant City Manager
Bob Fraser
Gerald C. Henchel, Jr.
Boat and sport show 1969-01-27
City Council with Mayor McAllister 1966
2155 City of San Antonio: council Walter Martinez, Frank D. Wing, Helen Dutmer, Joe Webb, Maria A. Berrizobal, Henry Cisneros, James C. Hasslocher, Weir Labatt, Nelson W. Wolf, Yolanda Vera and Bob Thompson 1986-05-15
Planning and zoning commissions 1986-06-25
City Council and Lou Fox 1985-07-08
City Council with Lila Cockrell, Mayor 1979-05-10
City Council with Lila Cockrell, Mayor 1977-06-23
William Donahue, publicity for H. E. W. 1977-05-04
William Donahue, Human Resources, officials 1977-07-05
2156 City Council meeting 1981-05-07
City of San Antonio: group of Councilmen and Henry Cisneros 1981-04-16
2158 Rendering of SAC building 1973-07-30
Rendering of Jesse N. Fletcher Administrative Building 1972-09-20
Aerials of SAC and St Philips College 1972-03-28
SAC library 1969-11-17
Rendering: Clyde R. Nail Technical Center 1971-10-05
Rendering: McAllister Fine Arts Center
Science Building
Students in pool
Health Education building
Charles Howard
Student Union Building
Students in classes
Drawing of original SAC 1925-1950
Orchestra 1960
2159 Aerials 1972-10-16
North Star Mall Community Health Booth 1972-11-13
Construction of SACH 1972-10-13
Chart of medical facility locations 1972-10-11
Ladies Auxiliary at SACH 1972-09-22
Meeting of women's group 1972-09-27
Business meeting 1972-09-26
Dedication ceremonies 1972-08-22
2160 Girls in carpool 1974-01-16
Party 1973-10-26
Exterior of SACH 1973-09-18
Nurses and doctors on duty 1973-08-02
Rummage sale 1973-06-23
2161 Old pictures of San Antonio circa 1890-1900 1978-06-09
People in costumes for an event and people at Arneson River Theater
2162 People at fiesta
River Walk shots 1970-09-01
Sunken Gardens 1970
SACB 1970-09-29
SACB: Texas Pavilion and Tower in Hemis Fair Plaza 1970-10-07
SACB: aerials of San Antonio 1970-08-11
People in barges eating 1971-04-17
Deis y Seis 1970-09-16
Sol Del Rio Art Gallery 1970
Girl in swimsuit by pool 1972
River by La Posada 1970-03-30
Tower of the Americas and flags in front of ITC
Carol Hethcoat 1972-02-03
Couple at La Villita 1970-07-30
Cattle and horses at Convention Center 1969
Interior of Theater of Performing Arts 1969-12-04
Spanish Governor's Palace
2163 Map of Hemis Fair area 1976-12-13
Bull fight ring 1972-04-11
Scoreboard in Arena 1972-08-03
Administration 1971-06-01
Dixie Decorators: convention 1972-03-24
36th annual meeting GECU banquet 1971-02-25
Interior of Arena 1970-05-20
2164 San Antonio River during the day and night and the Tower of the Americas 1977-01-18
La Posada Night of River Procession 1974-12-15
Convention Center, River scenes and aerials 1974-07-25
Convention Center during Ben Bames rally 1974-09-09
River scenes 1974-07-25
Interior of Luby's, Romana's, Old San Francisco Steak House, La Louisian and Stockman restaurants 1973-02-26
River by La Posada and river barge 1970-07-23
City Council 1971-05-01
Convention Bureau employees 1971-05-17
River scene at La Mansion Hotel and models at the Alamo 1974-06-21
River scenes by Hilton Hotel 1971-08-10
Aerials of San Antonio, ceremony in front of the Alamo, Mission San Jose, art show, Sunken Gardens and skyride 1973-02-19
Interior of Central Park Mall 1973-03-14
2165 Duplicate color slides 1971-02-15
Discover America Travel Organization, Inc.: tour group sight seeing in San Antonio 1977-01-15
Tour guides 1974-08-24
Picture presentation 1974-06-11
Award recipients 1973-11-27
Girl on river 11-03
Yvonne Atsara on river 1971-11-06
Two women and a man in old time costumes 1977-08-10
2166 Two girls by the Alamo and in shops looking at pottery 1977
Unidentified people 1973
[ Pic # 9242-44 and 9307 ]
Unidentified people at TSAE
[ Inv # 13735 ]
National Association of Association Executives at El Tropicano 1972-12-15
Girl in Visitor Information paddle boat 1976
Two people at Izcalli 1974
A Night in Old San Antonio 04-20
Girls in front of fountain
La Villita 1974-01-07
Little Church of La Villita interior and exterior and stained glass windows 1974-03-19
La Posada Hotel along River Walk 1973-12-21
La Villita 1973-11-21
Singers and band at Arneson River Theater
Alamo Theater 1975-05-15
Tower lit up at night 1973-01-15
Meeting of Association Executives at Sheraton 1972-12-05
Flamenco dancers 1973
Interior of Spanish Governors Palace 1972-01-31
Ben Barnes rally at Convention Center 1972-05-02
2167 Airport Development Project plans 1983-04-28
Fountain in courtyard of Governor's Palace 1978
Two girls by rose window at San Jose Mission
Tour of Lone Star Brewery 1975-09-15
Party at Cos House 1975-09-15
2168 Exterior of building and golf course
Diner and Mexican band
Couple in front of building 1969
Mrs. Henry Sharpe 1969-06-17
Golf course 1975-05-07
Exterior and interior of SACC 1957
Flamenco dancers
2169 Unidentified man
Bottles of Seagram's whiskey, gin
Bottles of wine
Baby food
Band-Aid display, Heyer's powder, Olympian Hair Oil
Toy cooking sets
Coffee in store
Hairbrushes, mirrors
Knick-knacks and ash trays
Toiletries, aspirin, rubbing alcohol, Mild of Magnesia
Dolls, toy guns, and holsters
Large group of unidentified people
Coty perfume display in front window
Interior of Drug store
Coffee shop
Nail polish and cleanser
Hygiene products, hot water bottles, bowls, glasses
Unidentified group of women
Adler's Wines Store
Silver trays
Large crowd in front of the Alamo
Electric blanket, clock, jewelry, picture frames
Teddy bears, red wagons
Disinfectant for animals
Ice cream
Girl painting by the numbers
Perfume sprayer
Two men looking at watches 1949
Footballs, toys and games
Dinner outside in front of the Alamo
Christmas party
2170 Group of unidentified men
Christmas displays
Rubbing alcohol, Kleenex, hot water bottle
Hygiene products
Baby supplies
Diner and Mexican band
Jewelry boxes
Pens and pencils
Dolls, toy guns, and holsters
Drug store interior
Prescription counter
Mario's Drug Store
Retail Druggist Party: Pat Patterson
Mrs. Mathis
Zippo lighters
2171 Interior of drug stores
Exterior of City Drug Store
Diner 1961
Unidentified people in drug store
Interior of drug store 1967
Ree's Drug Store
Interio fo drug store 1966
Prescription counter 1966
Dinner 1961
Laurel Heights Pharmacy on East Mistletoe and North Main Streets
Refugio Pharmacy 1963
Conoly Drugs 1963
Displays of products from drug stores 1963
Chaarles Pharmacy 1958
Soda fountain
2172 Display at De Winnes Drug Store 1960
Drug store interior
Dolls, water bottles, hygiene products, coffee pots, jewelry boxes
Room at Convention Center filled with drug store products 1957
Unidentified woman
Rubbing alcohol
2173 Three men 1963
Luncheon 1964
Plaque presentation and priest 1964
James Calvert receiving Man of the Year award 1962
Unidentified people 1962
Dinnder at Saint Anthony Hotel 1962
14th Annual Golden Deeds Banquet 1960
Group of men 1960
2174 Group of men at SAEC dinner 1986-12-10
Executive club game dinner 1980-12-08
Executive club game dinner 1978-12-11
Executive club game dinner 1976-12-13
Executive club game dinner 1977-12-15
Executive club game dinner 1975-12-08
Executive club game dinner 1974-12-09
Virgil Wilson 1974-08-13
Executive club game dinner 1973-12-10
Gambling party 1976-09-21
H. Gilmer Williams 1973-10-22
21st annual game dinner 1972-12-11
San Antonio executive's wives 1972-05-17
San Antonio executives game dinner 1971-12-14
San Antonio executives game dinner 1970-12-14
Luncheon and presentation 1970-02
Chevis Amick, Charles F. Hobbs, Gilmer Williams and Fred Lentz 1969-09-22
German Club 1969-10-26
Game dinner 1969-12-09
2175 Game dinner 1981-12-08
Game dinner 1983-12-12
Game dinner 1984-12-12
Game dinner 1982-12-13
Publicity shots of executives and wives 1981-12-10
Vince Laroccia 1982-10-19
Hank Kopplow 1981-12-22
Ed Kopplow
2176 Interior of nursing home and James H. Mason, administrator 1976-01-16
Deanie Owens Realtors group 1974-06-26
Two girls on ship 1973-01-06
Two girls on ship 1972-12-29
Three girls holding newspaper 1969-09-19
Ted O'Krent 1969-10-15
Model with newspaper 1969-09-05
People canoeing 1969-10-20
Girlls painting 1969
Rachy La Roca and Bob Miller 1969-12-23
Group at KENS-TV 1964-11-18
Interior of Establishment Apartments club room 1969-10-16
Colonies North Shopping Center: children painting windows for Halloween 1969-10-30
Model 1970
Bill Hart and Phil Moran 1969-10-10
Girl in bikini 1970-02-26
City Imports: models wearing wigs 1970-04-14
Furniture 1970
Living room in Laurel Hills 1970-05-13
Wanda Robertson 1970-08-14
O'Krent's tow ladies and Sample book 1970-05-23
Petty Geophysical forklift loading plane 1971-01-07
Models 1970-03-16
Interior and exterior of building 1972-02-18
Norwood Nursing Home 1972-06-05
Interior of Four Seasons Nursing Home 1969-09-24
Interior of Antonio Apartments 1969-05-13
Enchanted Village Apartments 1969-03-26
Motorbike 1969-03-21
Bill Hart 1969-03-18
Models 1968-12-28
Girl reading newspaper 1968-09-18
Saunders and Trieschmann 1968-08-28
2177 Firemen on fire engine 1941
Firemen band
Firemen relaxing
Firemen outside fire station Truck Company # 2 and # 4 1941
Firemen getting dressed for call
Central Fire Head Quarters
Fire truck in front of Municipal Auditorium for La Noche de Fiesta
Firemen playing ping pong
Firemen sliding down the ladder
Deputy Fire Chief and firemen in dress uniform
Station # 19 exterior
Fireman inspecting building for fire hazard
2178 Exterior of Station $ 19 with firemen and old fire engine
Exterior of house with old fire trucks and firemen
Corner of Richmond Avenue and Camden Streets: Fire Station Truck Company # 2 and # 4 and firemen and engine 1941
Fireman band 1941
Group of firemen and engines outside Municipal Auditorium during La Noche de Fiesta 1941
Central Fire Head Quarters 1941
Deputy Fire Chief
Firemen in locker room
Firemen getting dressed to answer call
District Fire Chief
Firemen sliding down the ladder
Firemen climbing up the truck ladder
Fireman relaxing and reading
Little kid hitting golf ball
2179 Enamelwear dishes 1962
2180 Two men holding tray of glasses 1966
Two men with goblets 1966
Two men with trophy 1966
Woman receiving goblet 1966
Toepperwein Memorial Trophy Skeet Shooting
Four men with trophy bowls 1966
Group of men 1966
Two men with rifles looking at score sheet 1964
Woman shooting skeet 1964
Man shooting skeet 1964
Gun display
Man with large trophy bowl
Dinner at Pearl Coral
Kid shooting rifle
Men loading skeet thrower
Men with trophy 1963
Men with patches for jackets 1962
2181 Hill Country 1981-11-03
Exterior of houses 1981-10-29
2182 Donation of house to KLRN 1973-04-18
Rendering of houses 1973-03-21
Awards presentation and meeting 1973-01-16
2183 Large orchestra of school kids 1962
Kids in class listening with headphones 1961
Meeting 1960
Exterior of school building 1959
Boys in print shop class
Blind kids learning to read and write
Handicapped kids in class
Unidentified man
Kids in science class
Beauty school
Typing class
Exterior of Alamo Stadium
2184 Exterior of plane being put together 1981-03-16
Rendering of interior of plane 1981-03-19
Interior of plane 1981-01-15
Rendering of interior of plane 1980-11-13
Rendering of interior of plane 1980-06-23
2185 Officers 1974-05-29
Group at Petroleum Club 1973-06-14
Presentation at Cloud Room in the Tower of the Americas 1971-09-18
State Junior Bar Convention and Attorney General Mitchell, John 1970-07-02
Group at Kangaroo Court 1969-07-30
Group of SAJBA officers at Hemis Fair 1968-06-28
2186 Automobile parts
Service Stations
Bexar Wheel Aligning Company
De's Truck and Auto Service
McCall, Dock, Armature Works
Marshall, Don Garage
Eagle Radiator Work, 801 North Zarzamora Street
Fox Alignment Service, 1034 North Alamo Street
Alamo Driverless Cars Company, 300 North Alamo Street
Hotel Worth
Alamo Plating Company
Alamo Welding and Boiler Works, 812 North Flores Street
Allen Transfer Company
Storage and moving trade
America Roofing and Metal Company, 830 Wyoming Street
Bell Cab Company
Benham Mortgage Company, 1026 North Alamo Street
Benham Motor Company
Automobile dealers
Benham Lumber Company 1026 North Alamo Street
Burke's Wood Workers
Cabinet work
Caldwell Music Company, 321 Main Street
Cartei's Radio, 730 South Saint Mary's Street
Estell, Charles, Company
Dacbert Piano Company
Delaney Service Company
Durham's Business College, 407 East Travis Street
Economy Boot Company, 509 West Commerce, 113 North Alamo, 311 North Commerce, 2005 Broadway Streets
Gians, Esword, Linoleum
Esquire Tailors, 212 Broadway Street
Express Way Center Sporting Goods
Flores Plumbing Company
Durbon, Fred, Home Appliances, 109 North Gevers Street
Gulledge Flowers, 829 Fredericksburg Road
Herweck, John Art and Supplies, 232 Broadway Street
Little Boot Company
Lovelace Driving School
Miller-Biering Appliance Company
Mission Driverless Car Company
Mias, H. A. , Books
Naegelin's Paint and Wallpaper
Northside Paint and Body Works
Ott Oil Company, 222 Laredo Highway
Ragsdale, Paul, Plumbing and Heating , 419 Roosevelt Street
Phipps Plating Company, 305 East Grayson Street
Quality Laundry Cleaners
Rural Electric and Equipment Company, 3818 South Presa
Dean Samuel Company, 429 Cincinnati Avenue
San Antonio Upholstery and Mattress
Schmidt Electric company
Scudoly's Shoes
Union Feed Company, 400 Blue Star Street
Keefe, V. J., Concrete Company
Concrete products industry
Weirus In-weaving Company, 211 North Alamo Street
Meat Market
Geyer's Ice Cream, 310 East Market
Delivery of goods
Ben, L, M., Food Store
Robert's Fish and Seafood Company
Barber shops
Stores, Liquors
Atomic Liquor Store, 4130 Broadway and 207 East Travis Streets
CCC Liquor Store
Garden Package House, 733 South Presa Street
Bellos, Nick, owner of Garden Package House
Loewe's Atomic Liquor
Rieden's Package Stores, # 1 AT 1801 West Commerce Street, # 2 at 1703 Fredericksburg Road
Golly, John A., Chiropractic Clinic, 412 Texas Theater Street
House of Dismuke, 323 East Carson Street
Lee's Prescription Shop
Stadium Pharmacy
Vaughn Nursing Home
Unidentified women at outdoor table with pool
2187 Kitchens
Hair care and hygiene
Washing machines
Restaurants circa 1930-1950
ALRU Drive-in
Art's Restaurant
Big Tree Coffee Room
Broun's Restaurant
Charlie's café, 308 North Leona Street
Chicken Shack, 4020 Broadway
Leslie's Fried Chicken
Chuck wagon
Damon's Fine Foods
Grand Café
Hung Fong Restaurant, 121 North Zarzamora street
Karam's Mexican Restaurant
Lowe's Drug Store, 408 East Houston
Marga's Café
Mexican Manhattan, 1601 El Paso
Mezzetti's Grill, 714 Fredericksburg Road
Open air BBQ System
El Patio Del Norte
Pig Stand Restaurant, 801 South Presa, 3401 West Commerce, 1426 Broadway, 3325 South Flores, 1940 Fredericksburg Streets
Roxy's Café, 202 1/2 East Huston Street: Bill Puppas and Leon Pappadopoulos
Saddle Sirloin # 3 , # 1 is 1922 South Laredo Street
Schaefer's Tavern, 1002 North New Braunfels
Texan Drive-in
Texan Bar
Thurmond's Café
Townsend's Café
Victor's Restaurant
Western BBQ and Tamales, Jack Western, 323 Convent
Guse Restaurant, 540 Fredericksburg Road
Army Salvage
State Home Builders
South Texas Chamber of Commerce
Service Stations
Antique stores
Paint shops
Houses circa 1940
Grape Bottling Company, 1216 East Euclid 1947-07-15
Bell Taxicab
Whishing Well Manor
Atomic Liquor Store, 4130 Broadway Street 1947-07-21
Blanes Paint and Hardware, Blanco and Hildebrand Streets 1947-07-21
A. J. Monier Company, 1446 North Flores Street 1947-07-26
B and M Mattress Company, 1312 South Hackberry Street 1947-07-26
Union Feed Company, 400 Blue Star Street 1947-07-28
Alamo Piano Company, 336 West Commerce Street 1947-07-28
Ellison's Hollywood Store, Zarzamora and Commerce Street 1947-08-02
Conoly Supply Company, 1115 Hayes 1947-08-02
Shampoo-ette 1947-08-04
Fox Company Plant, 1734 Broadway Street 1947-08-09
Milam Chevrolet 1947-08-09
Manor Tea Room, 1122 North Saint Mary's Street 1947-08-11
Soap Box Derby 1947-07-28
2188 Advertising
Flesher, Gene
Service Stations
Hagan, J. F., Auto Body Parts, 702 San Pedro Street
Kerr Hill Auto Supplies, 2021 El Paso
Miller's Auto Supply
V. K. Garage
Garza, A., Plumbing Company
Academy Army Surplus
Dailey, Charles, Liquors, 2410 Main Street
Rittlingers Hardware
King, Douglass W., Company, 411 Nolan Street
Rogers, G. E.
General Welding Company, 516 Water Street
Graham and Collins Electric Company, 700 Avenue A
Griesenbeck Belt and Pattern Works, 920 South Flores
Harrison's Antiques
McNeill, Jess
Earthmoving machinery
Kardow Plumbing
Lakeview Cleaners, 1612 North Zarzamora
Lamp stores
Lindsey's Laundries, 805 Fredericksburg
Mansfield Lumber Company
Mike Export Hatter, 702 Dolorosa
Mills Brothers Truck and Equipment Company
NWB Foundation Company, 1806 West Olmos Drive
Kappa's Refrigeration and Supply Company
Pure Ice Company, 703 Pleasanton Road
Reliance Cleaners, 2720 Nogalitos Street
Sam's Hardware and Paint Company
Southside Building Materials Company, 201 Regina
Stone Company
Walsh Sheet Metal Works, 1319, West Commerce Street
Klein, Walter F., Plumbing Contractors, 2707 Morales
Whiton Electric and Manufacturing Company
Electric industries
Beauty Shops circa 1930-1950
Baths, Turkish
Dianol Insecticidal Paint
Ochse, William
Cavalier System
Laurelwood Sanatorium
Weiderman, C. N.
Albert Café
Bolck's Drive-In, 1702 North Zarzamora Street
Frontier, The
Perker's Restaurant
Guitron Café
Retail Bakery, Coffee and Sandwich Bar
Shamrock Inn
Uncle Ben's
Alamo Beauty College
Burke Cabinet and Woodworking, Del Monte 1948-02-02
Hom-Ond 1948-02-06
Castillo Laundry and Dry Cleaning , 4302 West Commerce Street 1948-02-13
Car on rack at Bear Wheel Aligning 1948-02-21
Evening shot of Gulledge Mar 1948
Sanitary Mattress, 2400 South Flores Street 1948-04-22
Evergreen Nursing Home, 110 West Evergreen Street 1948-04-26
2189 Dentists
Krueger, Walter
La Feria Department Store
Stores, Department 1960-1975
Rowan, Dan
San Antonio circa 1960-1975
Aerial photographs
Oak Creek Apartments
Apartments circa 1960-1975
San Antonio Light circa 1960-1975
Newspaper circa 1960-1975
Martin, Dick
2190 Christmas party and Santa 1966
Check presentation
Beauty contest 1963
Four men shaking hands 1963
Girls in gowns 1963
Speaker at banquet 1963
Girl being crowned 1963
Meeting 1963
Charles A. Baumberger Jr. receiving certificate 1964
Christmas party and Santa 1964
Mayor McAllister meeting Claude M. DeHorss at airport and at the Alamo 1965
George C. Holmgreen 1963-12-12
2191 Aerials of SAMCO and downtown
Five unidentified men and Mayor McAllister
Man working with turbine
Man pouring molten metal
Metal products
Different sized cylinders
SAMCO Marina Building 1963-05-17
Olmos Floors
Machine Shop
SAMCO Machinery building
Motor Parts Depot
Storage tanks
2192 Radios, hood fans and BBQ
SAMCO Suburban 1960
A/C demo
Boat show
Hardware store
Storage tanks
Rendering : show rooms and warehouse at SAMCO 1960-06-18
Huge pipes
Unidentified people
2193 McDermott 1976-06-02
Three men at AMPI 1975-12-16
Mrs. Stump 1975-12-16
Roosevelt Park Milam Park, stature of Benjamin Milam 1975-12-16
Red McCombs, Richard Calvert and W. W. McAllister 1975-12-15
Cenotaph, the Alamo, Mission Espana 1975-12-12
Man working on motorcycle 1975-11-19
Lila Cockrell 1975-11-19
Clyde Johnsin at Alamo Savings 1975-11-18
Mr. Busch 1975-11-14
Colonel McDonald Weraert 1975-11-11
Employees of Sigmor Corporation 1975
Norbert Gausman and Janet Shook 1975-11-11
Diamond rings 1975-11-11
2194 Books 1977-10-12
Models 1977-10-06
Sweaters 1977-10-05
TV ads 1976-09-30
Nurses with babies 1976-06-01
Aerials of USAA 1976-05-26
Mr. Jaffe at piano 1975-12-17
Phillip and Hazel Yochem at Canterbury Cannery 1976-01-13
Jalapeño bin at Handy Andy 1976-01-12
Martini glass 1976-01-12
Luby's 1975-01-09
Mr. Rockwood and student at Alamo Welding Supply 1976-01-08
VOE student training a Frost Bank 1976-01-08
Mrs. Ballard with students at Burbank High School 1976-01-08
2195 Large scoop
Group in meeting 1957
Group at banquet: past presidents
Two men pouring liquor
R. J. Haby receiving certificate from American Can Company
Paul J. Kilday receiving plaque
Group touring SAMCO
Three men
Buffet dinner
Two men shaking hands
Exterior of Grona Mattress Company with SAMSCO billboard circa 1945
Two men with flour, alcohol and insecticide products
Man with battery
Cars 1946
Junk 1946
State Theater and Arthur Tomas Auto Repair Shop 1945
Al Becker, Sr. and Bill Arlitt, Sr. with plaque for Handy Andy
Ben R. Collins 1950
Gerald Dubinski, W. N. Northway and W. N. Roth
Lone Star and Pearl Beer and stuff for picnic
Indoor picnic
Group of men
Alamo Iron Works employees outside of
Public Service Company: employees
H and H Coffee display
Aztec Theater Building, HQ for San Antonio Manufacturing Association 1936
Municipal Auditorium circa 1945
SAMSCO float
Audience in Municipal Auditorium
SAMA meeting
Interior of house
SAMA picnic
Pioneer Flour Mills employees and building
Steves Sash and Door Company employees and building
SAPSCO employees and building
Exterior of Municipal Auditorium circa 1942
SAMA Christmas party
Maverick-Clarke Litho Company: employees and building on corner of Soledad and Navarro
Man with products of different sort
Esso and Humble Oil: window display
Carl Pool Manufacturing Company: display
Window displays
Aztec Theater, Landmark Building, San Antonio Drug Company and Public Service Company and HQ SAMA 1939
Construction of building
Dairyland employees
Universal Bookbindery display
Unidentified man
Corner of Houston and Jefferson, Hotel Jefferson and display windows and Chander's Shoes
SAMSCO employees
2196 Mayor Cisneros and three others 1986-03-27
Groups of people at party 1971
Fashion show 1971
Installation of new officers 1971-01-22
Meeting at factory 1971-10-14
Group playing golf at Tournament 1970-09-22
Exterior of City Drug Store 1970-04-13
chart of Industrial Development Commission of Metropolitan Bexar Company
Model of flags at airport 1971
Group touring SAMA with Mariachi Band
Buffet luncheon and meeting
Hats 1979-01-31
Various products 1979-01-24
Dobbins Metal products 1979-01-30
Lila Cockrell at luncheon at Golden Grove 1981-04-07
Unidentified men 1982-04-16
Ted Lee 1982-04-19
Pat Nix: theft damage to Boysville van 1984-10-03
Fannie Flagg's departure at airport 1970-05-02
Women at SAMA luncheon with Fannie Flagg 1970-05-01
SAMA seal 1970-01-07
Installation of new officers luncheon 1970-01-14
Group of men 1969-01-08
Mayor McAllister signing paper 1967
Bill Rote receiving gavel 1967
Mayor McAllister giving out proclamation
Two men and a woman at a party 1965
Three men at party 1965
2197 Sheraton Inn and aerials 1974-08-23
Glenn Cook 1973-08-29
Bar 1968
Evelyn Cochrane 1973-07-18
Three groups with awards 1973-02-06
Mr. Sharma 1973-01-08
Jim Sweeney 1972-04-18
Jim Sweeney 1972-04-11
Entrance 1971-04-01
John Etchleson 1971-06-03
Golf winners 1971-05-10
New Christy Minstrels 1971-05-05
Cocktail party 1971-02-05
Maid of the Month 1970-12-14
Ron Mullins 1970-11-05
Joe Hurley 1970-11-04
Maid of the Month 1970-11-02
Maid of the Month: Baward Riley 1970-09-09
Golf course and pool
Maid of the Month 1970-06-10
Room set for wedding reception with cake 1970
Maid of the Month 1970-04-03
Maid of the Month 1970-05-04
Maid of the Month 1970-03-06
Reservation Hostess 1969-09-29
Exterior of Sheraton and pool 1969-12-23
Maid of the Month 1969-12-19
Maid of the Month 1970-01-19
Governor Rockefeller at Sheraton 1968-07-03
Harry A. Helmsley
Interior of rooms and dining rooms 1968-05-22
Groups 1968-04-17
Models in various places
Food and band
Little kids
2198 Street cars
2199 Group of people at new museum of art 1979-08-06
Drawing illustrating dinosaur extinction theories 1983-06-21
2200 Interior of music store in Central Park Mall: pianos 1968
Exterior of music store in Central Park Mall 1968
Exterior of SAMC 1957
SAMC circa 1905
SAMC exterior 1956
SAMC exterior 1952
SAMC exterior 19520
Employees of SAMC
Recital 1960
Man playing organ
Unidentified people
Man playing very ornate piano 1960
SAMC truck 1958
Fire damage at SAMC
Contest winners
Akers 1949
Christmas recital students 1961
Interior of SAMC
Display window: Johnny Mathis 1960
Christmas tree
Man playing flute
Unidentified ladies
Group taking electric piano lessons
Dog on couch
Men repairing stereos
Man on WOAI-TV for SAMC
Tony Morin, pianist 1960
2201 Kid with guitar 1963
Piano recital 1962
Store window 1966
Kids in recital 1959
Contest winners 1963
Organs and pianos 1963
Christmas music 1963
2202 Personnel: John A. Roy, Ike Wills, Philip Meerscheidt, Felix R. Solis
Three men by piano 1968
Lowell Simpson by organ
SAMC: interior and front window 1966
Records of "Camelot"
Secretary 1964
Bledsoe Music Company receiving award 1964
Band 1964
2203 Exterior and interior of church showing organ 1974-08-21
Group of men 1974-10-03
[ Inv # 18327 Pic # 104144 ]
TV ads 1971-10-29
SAMC 1971-10-09
Lowell Simpson by organ
Organ in Webb Hall 1st Baptist Church 1971-01-20
# 8 Chapel at Lackland and Colonel at organ 1970-09-29
Display window 1969-01-06
Norman Bade 1969-11-18
Interior of SAMC store in Central Park Mall 1968-04-17
Phil Meerscheidt, manager of Central Park Mall store 1968-04-08
Crowd at SAMC in Central Park Mall 1968-04-22
2204 Opera on stage 1963-01-17
Unidentified people
Alessandro, Victor
2205 Operas on stage
Opera singers in costume
Dinner 1965
Unidentified men 1966
Silver trays
People attending opera 1965
Alessandro, Victor
2206 People at the opera or symphony 1966
2207 Woman playing cello and man playing violin 1967
Victor Alessandro
Unidentified men 1967
[ Pic # 65902 ]
Kids with instruments 1967
Musicians 1967
Operas being performed on stage 1967
Two men and woman by River 1967
Two men with cello and bass at Arneson River theater 1967
Airport arrival of Montserrat Caballe
Large orchestra 1967
Orchestra leader 1967
Sets and costumes for opera 1967
Trinity University Choral Director Roger Malone with Mastersingers 1967
Harvey Garber, Associate Director of San Antonio Symphony 1967
Two ladies with little kid 1967
Dorothy Kirsten, Zino Francescatti
Norman Treigle, Otto Edelmann
Anna Moffs, Evelyn Mandac, Mastersingers
Sedge Le Blang, Ralph Votapek
Lorin Hallander, Julius Rudel
Patricia Brooks, George Izipence
Ingrid Bjoner, Richard Tucker
Marilyn Horne, Raymond Lewenthel
John Fiorito, Beverly Sills
Tito Sobbi, Robert Merrill
Donald Tramm, Leopold La Fosse
2208 Gridiron Show plaque presented to Maurice Levy 1965
Gridiron Show at Jersey Lilly: group shot 1965
Ellis Shapiro receiving certificate 1965
Girls in swimsuits at Jersey Lilly 1965
Groups doing skits 1965
2208 Aerials of Produce Terminal Market
Produce Terminal Market 1951
W. J. Ambrose and Sons
Loading docks
Group of men
People talking on KABC radio
Unidentified people
2209 Four men wearing Mexican woven vests 1966
Otto R. Wenter and two others 1966
People at airport 1966
Banquet 1966
People in line for banquet tickets 1966
Meeting at Granada Hotel 1966
Unidentified men 1966
[ Pic # 58989 and 58991 ]
Louis Glover, Maxine, L. Wirth 1966
Jarrett Woods
Lynn F. Anderson
Steve H. Nelson
G. Lloyd Nunnally
John M. Morris
Steve Mathews
Martin Goland
2210 Debutantes at Villita Assembly Hall 1963-11-09
Group of Ladies at park along River
Basketball players during game
Group of debutantes 1969-01-06
Football players during game
Group of men
Groups at debutantes party
Cake cutting
Christmas party
2211 Banquet at Saint Anthony Hotel
Interior of restaurant and employees
Exterior of Milam Cafeteria
Tip-Top exterior
Group of Ladies at park along River
Kids on merry go round 1956
Three ladies with lamps and glassware for sale
Two people with 26 packs of Pearl Beer
Buffet 1963-10-30
Two people at microphone
Ladies at Hawaiian party
Man receiving present
Party in the Jersey Lilly
2212 "Old"
Canoe and gondola
Development renderings
Boys in canoe
Lowering barge to river
Mexican band at steps
McAllister, Frost, Gaines
River in front of Joske's and church
People walking near fountain
Signs for restaurant along river
People at tables along river 1974
People along river 1974
Couple on pontoon boat 1964
Manmade waterfall in San Antonio River 1982
Miscellaneous 1963
2213 River Project steps
Miscellaneous 1964-1965
Family of five on river
West to Saint Mary's bridge
Musicians at bridge
Family at Espada Dam
Miscellaneous 1967
Miscellaneous 1968
Miscellaneous 1969
Father and sons in boat
Couple on River Walk
Couple on River
Miscellaneous 1970
New barges 1966
Casa Rio
Model of down town San Antonio and Paseo del Rio
Two men with San Antonio Park Ranger
Hilton Palacio del Rio 1965
Mayor McAllister ad two other sin gondola
Art show by River
Arneson River Theater 1958
2214 Miscellaneous 1971
Models on river
Miscellaneous 1972
Lock construction
Models on River walk
Barge, paddle boat
San Antonio River 1977
River from upper level 1980
Brackenridge Park 1956, 1966
Special events: Lady Bird Johnson, Ben Barnes, Mass, dedication of stature
La Mansion, La Posada
Holton Palacio del Rio
Starving Artist Show
River by Capri
River by Hemis Fair Plaza
The Alamo
Citi of San Antonio: Tower flower 1969-09-19
Night scenes
2215 River Walk developments 1960-1967
Business on river 1963-1982
New Hemis Fair lagoon
Christmas 1980
River by Hemis Fair Plaza 1969
2216 River in the King William area 1978-08-07
Old river scenes of building Arneson River Theater and the River Walk 1978-08-21
Floods in 1917 and 1941 1978-08-17
Photograph of map of ditches, bridges, Hot Wells, Bath House, River Walk 1978-08-07
House with water draining ditch under it, restaurant signs, two people walking by water, waterfall, river, scientist in lab 1978-08-02
Meeting of SARA 1966
Maps of projects 1976-12-17
2217 Unidentified men
TV ads
Rendering of SASA
Employees and customers
Old fire engine and fire fighters at SASA drive in
SASA sign
Mayor McAllister with two others
Opening ceremony
Exterior of SASA
Little boy
2218 Unidentified man holding money 1964
Unidentified man holding money 1964
Time clock 1964
Unidentified people 1964
2219 McAllister, Walter W.: wedding 1964-11-10
Board of directors 1965-06-02
Interior of SASA 1965-09-28
Board of directors 1965-07-16
Fountain 1964-04-29
2220 "Ray's anniversary party" with Walter McAllister 1966
Shelby Smith, Peggy Haynes, Pat Kauper 1982-06-10
Michael Borg, Pat Kester, Mike Klein 1982-01-07
Yolanda Cathran, Jean Bryant 1965-06-12
Cathy Ellis, Jamie Boyd, Patricia Roberts 1983-08-09
Roger Gardner, Bill Dial, Maria Hernandez 1983-09-28
Jack Cruishank, Bruce Maxwell 1983-06-16
Antoinette Flores, Katherine Dollins 1983-06-09
Olga Ortega, Teresa Dillarreal 1983-07-08
Eloy Villa Franca, Mickie Soeclting 1983-05-15
Sandra Valonziela, Bill Cunningham 1983-05-05
Carolina Largue, Jack Riley 1983-05-03
Unidentified people 1965
Mayor McAllister receiving plaque 1968-04-04
SASA exterior
Hayseed Tennis club circa 1915: Goodwin Carter, Roland Roth, Chester Crowell, Arthur Dietrich, Louis Maverick, Harold Kayton, George Work, Dr. C. Pessels, Ernest Haenel, Claude Druse, Walter McAllister and Maurice Ayrer
Mel Black
Georgia Polansky, Jeannette Stinson 1983-07-05
Emilla Delgado, Roy Cooper, Bob Culer 1983-02-22
Ricky Clark, Tom Beighley 1980-02-27
Gonzalo Padillo, Gerry Soecher 1979-08-10
SASA building exterior and interior 1981-01-26
Bank officers, Junior officers 1981-09-29
Maria Kuczycky, Cindy Randlolf 1972-03-22
Handy Andy 1971-10-13
SASA employee incentive party, awards and presentations 1971-07-27
House with water draining ditch under it, restaurant signs, two people walking by water, waterfall, river, scientist in lab 1973-01-05
Keith Distaberry, Linda Valys, Joyce Dylla 1982-10-21
Jamie Bayley 1983-03-30
Building Travis Park West 1970
2221 Mary Louise Ahern 1981-12-30
Mrs. Resnick 1981-07-02
Eileen Large 1981-06-09
Jean Rzecik 1981-05-12
Marshal Liven 1981-04-16
David Broshart 1981-04-13
Ray Wilson 1981-01-09
Board of directors in new SASA office 1981-01-15
Gary Setcher 1980-11-05
Christian Frits 1980-11-06
Mike Brown 1980-10-23
Marie Valdez 1980-10-22
Yolanda Avalos 1980-08-21
K. Doling 1980-07-24
2222 Sarah Hans and Joe Gonzalez 1987-09-18
Beth rodman and Pat Sussman 1987-08-26
David Vaneck, Sanya 1987-04-30
Deborah Powell 1987-07-30
Bea Hernandez 1987-05-08
Banaca Adamson 1987-07-07
Norma Pacheco 1987-04-10
Jon Hudson, Betty Gonzales 1987-02-04
Mike Garcia 1987-01-16
Debbie Owens 1987-01-21
Karen Doel, Barbara Campbell, Debbie Benton 1986-12-11
Vicky Subia 1986-12-05
Pam McDonald, Richard Montgomery 1986-10-22
Judy Lopez 1986-09-31
Kim Watkins 1986-06-26
Lloyd Hubbard 1986-06-25
Corrine Vasques 1986-06-23
Bernice Valdez, Deborah Wilson 1986-03-26
Aerials of SASA building 1981-01-29
Ronnie McElroy 1986-04-04
Linda Meyers, Janet Lurker 1986-04-05
Mike Wueste 1985-11-14
Mike McGraw, Robert Delgado 1986-02-07
Jeannette Kanes 1986-10-10
Louis Flores 1986-01-23
Karen Gambol, John Medellin 1986-01-08
2223 Walter W. McAllister 1984
Don Shedbrooks, Candace Garcia 1984-03-01
Mary Ann Gray, Dez Zuismeyer 1984-12-13
Annette Ferguson, Elizabeth Mason 1984-12-19
David Candles, Kathy Keaman 1985-11-12
Maria Cozano, Linda Leighton 1985-10-02
Jean Manuel, Lanita Fremin 1985-09-11
Jean Armmon, Michael Bryant 1985-08-22
Ted Conmerey, Pam Satterfield 1985-07-18
Paula, Brenda Chastain 1985-06-10
Karen Laurence, Troy Tope 1985-04-03
Kathy Hernandez, Charlotte Motts 1985-05-20
Jack Martin, Terry Mendenhal 1985-05-15
Barbara Campbell, Joyce Davis 1985-05-08
Meredith Mertz, May Esbar 1985-04-03
Ray Zapata and Ms. Morrney, Don Woods 1985-03-27
Shirley Maha, Mariann Gomez 1985-03-20
Mike Maugov, Mark Plasters 1985-02-08
Russell Young, Mina Valodie 1984-09-28
Elida Garcia, Pam Craig, Paul Holden 1983-12-29
Bryan Kendesh, Jean Michelt 1983-12-25
Jim Deloach 1983-10-13
People, construction 1984-11-14
Old and new buildings 1983-08-15
Employees 1984-07-11
Building at night
2224 San Antonio Shoes, Inc.: building 1986
SAS Building 1983-06-06
SAS Building 1982-08-02
Shoes 1981-05-25
2225 Spices from Sun Garden on racks 1975
Spices from Sun Garden on racks 1970-12-11
SASC building 1975
Interior and exterior of SASC 1974-12-03
McGee Advertising: spice arrangement 1975-07-14
Men, machinery and equipment 1974-05-31
Warehouse 1974
Men in office 1974
2226 Municipal Auditorium exterior
Municipal Auditorium exterior 1934
Interior of Municipal Auditorium with Symphony on stage and audience
Unidentified woman
Alessando, Alexander
Herbert Bilhartz, Gus Fantilli 1947
Juan Macias, Felipe Rodrigues, Theo Lira, Bea Marin, piano
2227 Ladies working in Symphony office 1972-08-12
Mike Reed 1971-10-25
"La Traviata" set
Opera sets 1960
Orchestra rehearsing 1964
Alessandro and two other 1963
Benjamin Britton 1963-07-29
Max Ritter 1963-07-29
Musical instruments
Audience 1965
Opera group in costume 1964
Opera stars 1964
"Un Ballo un Mascheva" (opera) 1960
Verdi's "Nabucco" (opera) 1960
Opera sets
Municipal Auditorium exterior
Little kids
Unidentified people at opera
2228 Three unidentified people at the Symphony
[ Pic # 65799 ]
Victor Alessandro, San Antonio Symphony musical director
Victor Alessandro with symphony
Intermission photographs at concert Beverly Sills 1968-01-12
Hansel and Gretel, opera 1968-12-08
General contractor arrival at airport 1968-11-06
Performers at Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center, Trinity University 1968-10-29
Student concert groups, Dean White and Karl Leishert 1968-11-07
Symphony rehearsing 1968-10-16
Symphony rehearsing 1968-10-07
Alessandro presenting keys to Mayor McAllister 1968-10-10
Student symphony concerts 1968-10-10
woman in front of the Alamo an Cenotaph and party at San Antonio country Club 1968-10-14
Princess Grace and Prince Ranier of Monaco at French Pavilion 1968-09-26
Ladies in women's committee meeting 1968-08-24
Karlos Surinach and Alessandro at the Alamo 1968-07-03
"Tales of Hoffman" opera with Beverly Sills
Girls at North Star Swim Club 1968-05-08
Groups at Casa Rio 1968-05-01
Airport arrival of Previn, Hollander 1968-05-09
San Antonio symphony Orchestra 1968-04-15
Grand opening of "Don Carlo" opera, groups and Caswell and parents 1968-04-10
Jim Alotson and other symphony members with Philippine instruments 1968-04-04
Civic Center Theater 1968-04-05
Angel Romero solos with San Antonio Symphony
Brass section of Brackenridge High School band
Lawrence Mentzer, Principal Clarinetist
Opera singes arriving at airport 1968
2229 Opera on stage
Orchestra 1969-01-29
Harvey Garber, conductor 1969-12-20
Ralph Kirkpatrick, harpsichordist 1969-12-31
People at airport 1969-11-20
John Smith 1969-12-10
Ballet and couple 1969-12-29
Alessandro with painting 1969-11-24
Norman Treigle as Don Giovanni 1969-12-01
Roger Malone with Trinity's U. Senger 1969-11-23
Children at Saint Mary's Hall with Mr. Garber 1969-11-14
Girls for Symphony "Pops" 1969-11-10
"Madame Butterfly" 1969-10-28
Girls at Trinity with Roger Malone 1969-11-04
Bells of Saint Joseph's and trumpet player at Hemis Fair Plaza 1969-10-16
Audience 1969-10-11
People in VIP Room 1969-10-04
Opening night of symphony 1969-10-03
McNay Art Show 1969-09-25
Lila Cockrell and Mayor McAllister signing proclamation 1969-09-25
Groups at McNay Institute 1969-09-19
Groups at the Argyle 1969-08-27
Mastersingers at Trinity 1969-09-09
Roger Malone 1969-02-04
Roger Miller 1969-05-05
Opera stars: Richard Tucker and Roberta Peters 1969-03-06
Airport arrival of pianist Thelma Took 1969-03-27
Presentation of silver tray 1969-05-12
Miss Blair and Kelly Harrison with records 1969-05-06
Backstage after World Premier concert 1969-01-27
Ballet group rehearsing 1969-02-24
Girl at Villa de Pancho 1969-03-04
2230 Three kids with man with French Horn 1970
Conductor with musician 1971
Viorica Cortez 1971-11-17
Thelma Stone 11
People around piano 1971-11-02
Robert D. Garteno 1971-09-29
Mike Reid 1971-10-11
Awards presentation at Ruth Taylor Theater 1971-10-04
Check presentation at Menger Hotel 1971-04-27
Swimmers at Village North pool 1971-04-26
Kids with Harvey Garber 1971-04-22
Mrs. Rider and Richard Tucker 1971-03-25
Opera singers rehearsing 1971-03-23
Ingrid Bjoneer's airport arrival 1971-03-25
Grand Opera Festival 1971-02-22
Ballet dancers being greeted at airport 1971-01-31
Group at McCollum Highs School and check presentation 1971-01-29
People at concert 1971-01-15
Groups in auditorium at Witte Museum 1971-01-15
Carmen Cavallaro 1970-12-18
Drawings for sets of "Tristen and Isolde" 1970-12-15
Victor Alessandro 1970-11-11
Doyle Carto Singers at airport 1970-10-14
Trinity Choir 1970-10-05
Dancers at Hemis Fair Lake 1970-05-01
Presentation to Louis Hollender 1970-05-07
Dress Rehearsal for "Madame Butterfly" 1970-01-10
Mitch Miller 1970-04-08
Robert Tabor and Donald Grann 1970-05-11
Ballet dancers being greeted at airport 1970-05-09
Intermission of opera "Tristen and Isolde" 1971-03-22
John Corigliano, General Frank A. Rouse 1971-12-15
Spanish dancers at theater of performing arts 1970-01-28
Mrs. Kenneth Anderson 1970-01-08
Claudio Arria at airport 1970-01-14
Robert Hemmick 1970-01-06
2231 Howard Hanson's visit 1972-02-02
Symphony 1976-11-11
Girls by swimming pool 1972
Two members of orchestra 1973-10-12
Mrs. Oppenheimer: Victor Alessandro 1975-08-26
Girls in swimsuits at Village North Swim Club 1973-10-17
Arrival of Opera star and presentation of hat 1973-05-11
Water ballet girls 1973-05-01
Arrival of Roberta Peters 1976-03-20
"Elixir" rehearsal 1973-03-23
Presenting opera clown to Mayor 1973-03-15
Arthur Fiedler with fire truck 1973-03-12
Opera singers on stage 1973-02-27
Groups at McNay Art Institute 1973-02-15
Richard Tucker in "Pagliacchi" 1973-01-31
Arrival of Cesare Siepe at airport 1973-01-25
Darien Camp and Mrs. Ballmer 1972-12-13
Mayor Gatti and Mr. Cassuro at Portugal 1972-11-01
Harvey Garber with dancers 1987-10-28
Musicians 1972-10-13
Luncheon at Southwest Craft Center 192-09-07
Stage sets 1972-06-29
Tray presentation before performance 1972-05-06
Mike Reid arriving at airport 1972-04-30
Opera people 1972-03-08
Opera rehearsal 1972-03-07
Norman Treigle at airport 1972-03-06
Richard Tucker 1972-03-02
Four ballet dancers 1972-02-28
Anita Bryant show 1972-01-25
Mrs. F. Daniel Foley 1972-01-10
Fred Silvery 1972-01-12
Don Jacobs 1972-01-20
2232 Two telephone consoles 1973-02-16
Telephone unit 1972-11-30
Telephone unit 1972-09-12
Telephone unit 1973-01-16
Opening ceremony of SPC 1973-01-16
Phone with cigar and sunglasses 1973-11-17
Phone 1973-10-20
Phones 1972-10-17
Woman at phone console 1972-06-29
Employees at SPC 1972-07-05
Phone console 1972-02-11
2233 Past Presidents of club 1974-05-14
Jefferson state Bank: Aggie Club 1972-05-10
Man from A and M and man from UT 1971-11-12
Chester Shaefer, Bill Beck, Lad Herold 1971-09-09
Group of men 1971-02-12
Group of men: Past Presidents 1970-05-19
2234 Group of people standing behind table
Little girl drawing name from basket
Group in H and H Coffee Company display
Pak-Mor Trailers and Systems display
Trade Show floor
Two men at Pearl Brewing Company
Man with floor plans and rendering of Alamo National Bank
Man stirring kettle
Two men by Ford Fence Company
People posing with their products
Delaware Punch
Coca-Cola display
Pearl display
Charles M. "Chick" Smith
Alamo Express exhibit
San Antonio Light
Girls in hats posing
2235 Man with Fiesta garlic display
Model with clip board and tools
Three men with Trade Fair posters
Two men from sign company
Man with Amigos tortillas
Southwest Bell Telephone Company display
Man with boxes of Master Chef coffee
Man with garbage cans outside John B. Herdy Manufacturing Company
Two men looking at papers
Man with preserves
Man with Azrock Tile products
Two men looking at blueprints
Two me with Metzger milk
Man with Barrett Weather Bars
Two men with Gebhardt's Chili
Man with Freiderich A/C
two women and a man by a plane
H. R. Treadwell with Borden's milk
Man with wedding cake from Martin Bakery, Inc.
Two men with Alamo Express truck
Man with floor plan and rendering for Alamo National Bank
Man making tortillas
People with candles
People at Trade Fair
Man with shirt from White Star Laundry and Cleaner
Man with Brown Express truck 1961
Man with Fleming and Sons truck
Man with A-bomb shelter
Man with hams
Two men at Granada Hotel
Free sample booth
Man with Carnation milk
Man with Knowlton's milk
W. Roegelein, Jr. and two unidentified women
Unidentified people
Man with Sunbeam bread
Man with White Wings flour
Man with Facs chips
Malone's Candy counter
Roegelein Meat Plant
Woman dressed in gown with hoops
NBC display
Kingston Manufacturing Company
R. E. Kingston, Jr.
Lone Star, Coke and Pearl displays
Longhorn Paint Company, Inc.: L. B. Connell
Two men with IBM computer
Man with HEB wedding cake
Alamo Express display
Colonial Cake Company display
Two men with Ford Fence Company
Two men with Browning Manufacturing Company
Man with Pace's pickles
Tommy Tucker and Gerald Dubinski
Man with Coca-Cola
Butter Krust display fro Richter's Bakery
Amigos Food Company display
Frost National Bank display
Man with Lone Star
Four men with Judson's candies
Man with Reliable Batteries
Ed Crabtree, A. J. Range, Paul, Loyd, J. W. Biggs, Jr. and Carl F. Motsch
W. Roegelein, Sr, G. L. Childers, August Roegelein
A. I. Root Company of Texas: Walter Barth
Ryder Truck Rental: E. D. Corbin
Samuels Glass Company: A. L. Matyear
Coca-Cola Bottling Company: A. M. Biedenhorn, Jr.
Irving Wayne
Mrs. Bohnet's Bakery: Gus Bohnet
Bolner's Fiesta Foods: Clifton J. Bolner
Braden wire and Metal Products, Inc.: A. H. Braden
Bridges Sign Company: John Bridges
Don Garrett
Gaylord Container Corporation
Golden Kettle Syrup Company: F. A. Bueche
John Hickman
Bud Bartlett
Charles Kuper
Loyd Electric Company: John Loyd
Surviv-All, Inc.: E. E. Carmen
James N. Martin
John M. Bennet, Jr., Forrest M. Smith, Henry M. Hart
Paxco, Inc.: Ken Chisum
William D. Hasewinkle and Les Ferguson
Bedell Trailer Company: C. R. Caulfield and W. Bedell
John B. Herdy
SAMSCO: J. W. Biggs, Jr. and H. Bergendahl
Jiffy Tool Company: H. A. Thorpe
L. H. Hudson
Frank Goslin
Brown, Smith
American Printers: George W. Stourtts and Les Jones
R. E. Valisco, Jr.
E. D. Corbin
Southwell Company and Swift and Company
Golden Kettle Syrup Company
Hofmann-Hayman Coffee Company: Buddy Menger
Felvey Container Corporation: Thomas F. Felvey
Pace Foods Company: D. Pace
Precious Manufacturing Company: E. E. Anderson
Pearl Brewing Company
Clarke Printing: Chuck Mazzie
American Can Company: N. Don Dietrich
K. O. Steel Castings, Inc.: T. M. Kincaid
Dr. Pepper Bottling Company: Harold Burke
S. G. Bechtel
Herman Richter, Jr.
E. H. "Cotton" Jaroszeweski, Inc.: E. H. "Cotton" Jaroszeweski
City Public Service Board: A. C. Alberti
Patio Foods, Inc.: H. E. Stumberg, Jr.
Pioneer Mills: A. Beckmann
Azrock Division, Uvalde Rock Asphalt Company: William K. Clark
Ferd Staffel Company: Herb Sultenfuss
Browning Manufacturing Company: L. H. Franke and U. R. Rogrdiquez
Metzyer Dairy of San Antonio
Barrett Division Allied Chemical Corporation: J. D. Lyons
G. W. Adams Manufacturing Company: G. W. Adams
Handy Andy: Dorothy Schmidt
Knowlton's Dairy: Lloyd Knowlton
2236 Groups of people watching demonstrations
Men behind desk
cake decorating displays
Groos National Bank display
Handy Andy bread display
Zintgraff Photo display
Unidentified man with Pearl Beer
Knowlton ice cream factory
Woman with big sacks of pecans
Floor and exhibits
Lone Star beer factory
Reliable batteries
Potato chip factory
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
H and H Coffee plant
Taffy machine
Sunbeam bread
Dr. Pepper factory
2237 Man with bottles of Dr. Pepper
Man with cases of Pearl beer
Man with Roegelein hot dogs
Men looking at papers
People posing with their products
Sneed, Hack, Denherder
Administrative assistant
Woman cutting fish hooks
Model with hammer
Jersey Lilly Room
Jack Thornton and A. C. Alberti
Richard Gill Company
2238 Downtown street scenes, buses prominent
Two unidentified man
San Antonio Transit Company building
Unidentified man
People getting on bus
Dining room
San Antonio Transit System building
Luncheon at Hilton Palacio del Rio
Construction of building
Construction at corner of W. Evergreen and North Flores Streets 1947
San Antonio Transit System: Radio Patrol
San Antonio Transit Company: building
San Antonio Transit Company: buses 1956
Radio Patrol in front of Reid Hall, Trinity University
Interior of bus
Construction workers pouring cement
Bus in front of Broadway Theater
Radio Patrol near Plaza Hotel and Tower-Life Building
World's First Air Conditioned Bus
Unidentified man
Bus parking lot
Mexican band on bus
Group by bus
"Special" bus
2239 Old trolley car circa 1900
Old bus circa 1915
Mistletoe 1970-12-17
Vase of daisies 1970-11-06
Safety program 1970-11-05
Bus and VIPs 1970-10-19
Benny Cantu 1970-08-26
Bus yard of smog control system 1970-08-20
Plaques 1970-08-17
Award winners 1970-07-30
Groups at State Hospital 1970-03-12
Retirement photographs 1970-01-30
Major General Lang 1970-01-20
Mr. Gilford being sworn in as board member on transit system 1970-01-02
Buses 1969-11-10
Air Force trainees getting on buss at airport 1969-04-15
Safety certificate 1969-03-19
New bus washing equipment 1968-11-04
Bus in front of the Alamo 1963
Bus in front of Head Quarter Aerospace Medical Center Brooks Air Force Base 1961
Unidentified men 1967
Buses in bus yard
Girl posing on bus 1966
Bus drivers
2240 People boarding buses 1970-09-09
Bus in front of the Alamo
2241 Runner and bankers in front of El Centro bus 1976-06-15
Two men and sign 1978-05-09
[ Pic # 114532-34 Inv # 25204 ]
AMPI arrival at airport 1977-03-28
Awards and Lila Cockrell 1976-07-08
Lila Cockrell presenting awards 1976-06-17
Bus 1975-02-10
Japanese visitor to HQ 1975-01-10
Park and Ride Promotion an safest driver's award 1974-06-17
Safety award presentation 1974-05-30
Cheri Bedford at WOAI-TV 1974-01-21
New chairman 1973-09-25
Bus garage 1973-09-10
Bus for Cerebral Palsy Center 1973-08-09
500,000 person given transit info 1973-07-18
Mayor Charles Becker 1973-02-02
Bus card presented to Dr. Hardte 1973-04-25
Unidentified man
[ Inv # 9734-D ]
Opening ceremony 1972-11-20
Model 1972-11-09
Opening ceremony 1972-11-06
Tokens for senior citizens 1972-08-25
People at Continental plane 1972-07-19
Lynn H. Spears 1972-03-21
John A. Esquivel, M. B. Killian 1972-03-30
Harold Herndon, Ellis M. Wilson, Sr. 1972-03-24
Dr. Gerald Parker 1972-03-10
Tour of San Antonio Transit Center 1972-01-27
Bus in front of Theater of Performing Arts 1971-09-14
Mr. Martinez at Gerald Elementary 1971-04-27
2242 Don Dailey: 1st San Antonio Wings football game at Alamo Stadium 1975-07-19
2243 Symphony on stage 1971-03-22
Symphony on stage 1970-01-26
Symphony on stage 1969-01-27
Instrumental clinics at Trinity University 1968-05-20
Orchestra at Edison High School 1964-05-15
2244 Miscellaneous zoo views
Sheep, goats
Birds: flamingo
Birds: parrots
Birds: swans
Birds: pigeons
Bears: polar
Performing elephants
Elephant ride
Performing hippopotamus
Baby camels
Whooping Cranes
Bird House Dedication
Albert Steves
2246 Statue of Saint Anthony de Padua
San Fernando Cathedral exterior
Tom of Alamo Heroes
Aerial of San Fernando Cathedral
San Fernando Cathedral 1961
Interior of San Fernando Cathedral
School on City Hall steps
Saint Anthony statue and San Fernando Cathedral 1963
2247 Houses and water tower 1963
SAN JOSE MISSION 1965-1973 and undated
2248 Couple running on san Jose grounds
Couple talking with pries at San Jose
Priest walking around San Jose
Priest and woman by Rose Window
Group of children dressed in white with priest
Large group of kids and priest standing outside San Jose with dome and bell tower behind them
San Jose church
Family under tree by church
Man on horse
Cattle being branded
Three men by creek
Roundup and chuck wagon
Trail drive on Johnson Ranch
[ Pic # 94071 ]
Horses in mid-stream
Case with spike nail and fan in it
Iron for a window or door
Boxes of photos and negatives inside case
Table from different angles
Wooden chair
Iron candle holders
Wooden table with marble top
Pot for water
Two figurines of men
Wall hanging
Candelabra, iron ornament
Tea kettle
Framed song in Latin
Pew with carvings
Wooden door to San Jose Church
Wooden lamp
Close up of door carvings
Pitcher, box and tow other holders
Crystal pitchers and vases
Fireplace with two jugs
Stool with pestle
Figurine with scales
Treasure chest
Pictures of Madonna and child
Man holding wall-hanging
Entrance to Spanish Governor's Palace
2249 Photo of old picture of man sitting by chapel
Bell tower
Wall crumbling by bell tower
Aerial photograph of mission
Aerial photograph of church
Old picture of church
Close up of bell tower 1967
Rose Window
Man feeding peacock by church
San Jose stage and outdoor theater
Ornate entrance fenced off
Flags by building
San Jose Mission cups, painting and document 1973-03-27
Restored entrance
Looking up road toward San Jose
Three people restoring artifacts
Barracks with Alamo type façade
2250 Actors in costume
"Los Indio's de San Jose" production 1965
Play at Arneson River Theater
"Lighting from the East" production 1965
"San Jose Story" production 1963
San Jose Story production 1962
2251 Mission and priest 1976
People in front of church 1967
Family visiting church
Church 1965
Priest behind desk
Archeological digging 1970-08
2252 Officers and directors at bank party 1980-06-26
2253 Bedroom 1976-11-11
Villa in Acapulco 1974-04-05
2254 Peter Sanders by large sculpture of Crist for Church
Christ sculpture on church 1965
Peace sculpture
Christ with three ladies and cross sculpture
2255 Flat art of personnel 1976-08-31
Charts 1976-08-09
Nuns 1976-06-04
People bringing baby in incubator into hospital 1974-07-08
Medical team and helicopter 1971-07-08
Nurses and nuns
Ladies at luncheon
Three ladies packing
William Robinson and Russell Robinson 1960-01-12
Men with rendering of addition to Santa Rosa Hospital
Exterior of hospital
Kids in wheelchairs
Presentation of awards 1973-05-21
2256 Aerial view of Santone Industries 1967
Exterior of Santone Industries 1967
Interior of new plant 1967
Exterior of Juvenile Manufacturing Company
Garment bags
Women sewing shirts
Harold Scherres
Two unidentified men 1967
[ Pic # 65333 ]
Three young boys modeling by river
Ladies in cafeteria 1967
Two men with bolts of cloth 1967
Unidentified men touring plant
Juvenile Manufacturing Company party
Juvenile Manufacturing Company truck 1954
Little boy modeling
Two boys
Truck in alley 1962
Man pressing material with machine 1965
Two little girls modeling 1965
Kid models in library
Three unidentified men 1963
[ Pic # 38542 ]
Group of men 1963
[ Pic # 38544 ]
Employee Christmas party 1959
Herman Byall
Kid mannequins
Unidentified employees
2257 Eugene Salzman and Tom Bell 1969-08-05
2258 Interior of Santone Industries 1970-10-29
Women working on sewing machines
Exterior of Santone Industries 1969-04-14
2259 Group of employees 1979-05-24
Group of employees 1978-05-11
Exterior of Santone Industries plant in San Antonio 1978-04-20
Exterior of building in Gonzales, Texas 1978-04-18
Employees at work 1978-04-17
Employees and management 1975-04-11
Interior of plant at Zarzamora Street 1978-01-31
Employees 1977-03-30
Suit lining pieces 1976-09-09
Groups of employees 1976-03-25
Employees and new executives 1975-04-04
Clothes 1975-02-18
Clothes 1975-01-04
Creative Union models 1974-10-03
Exterior of Santone Industries 1978
Boys clothing 1974-09-09
Models 1974-09-05
Clothing 1974-07-26
Personnel form Sears of Mexico 1974-02-22
Herman Scherr 1974-02-04
Models at airport 1974-01-17
Retirement party 1973-01-18
Group of salesmen 1973-12-16
Herbert Blickment 1973-11-30
Exterior of The Clothes Outlet 1973-09-11
Mexican Governors touring plant 1973-09-11
Interiors of plant 1980-10-23
2260 Women for arts and crafts show 1975-05-05
Aerials of san Antonio 1975-03-07
Andrew Jackson and Donald Thornton 1974-10-25
Exterior of pool and clubhouse at Concord Square Apartments 1974-08-09
Signs and buildings 1974-05-06
Concord Square Clubhouse interior 1973-08-29
Exterior of houses at Springfield Manor 1973-05-16
Interior and exterior of houses at Springfield Manor 1973-07-27
Exterior of Courtyard at the Georgian 1973-08-09
Exterior of Concord Apartments 1973-06-06
Exterior of Rollingridge Square 1968-06-19
SAYRE, BROWN and HAUFLER 1970-1972
2261 Ed Steves and Sons Lumber Building and sign 1972-10-16
Model 1970-11-05
SCHAFFER, N.L. 1979-1981
2262 Equipment at Beaumont Plant 1981-02-19
Rigs in snow 1981
Rigs in snow 1980-03-27
Rigs, machinery and oil workers 1980-03-24
Drill sphere 1980-04-08
Sand casting 1979-12-03
Gauges and machinery 1979-10-17
2263 Jack Schlichmaier
Puppy on typewriter
Woman with baby
Painting 1975-10-27
2264 Cup holders
Ice chests
Beer holder chests
Building incinerator 1964
2265 Awards and plaques 1983-12-29
Sales award 1983-01-27
Plaques 1982-11-30
Plaques and old truck and horse drawn carriage 1981-04-01
Man receiving watch 1980-09-26
Rendering: Scobey Moving and Storage
Award presentations 1980-02-11
Plaques 1978-12-14
Old truck circa 1910 1978-06-07
Roof damage and repair work 1974-12-13
Gillis Good Moving and Storage exterior 1974-05-25
Interior of warehouse 1974-03-22
Interior of building 1973-11-20
Opening ceremony 1973-08-20
Aerials of Scobey Moving and Storage 1973-08-20
Copy of article form San Antonio Express News 1927 1973-08-14
25 years employee with Press 1973-08-17
Truck 1971-09-08
Watch presentation 1971-08-31
Mr. Lambrecht 1971-07-15
Presentation of plaque 1971-05-07
Presentation 1971-03-18
Bowl-A-Roma group with trophy 1970-06-25
Unloading factory equipment at warehouse 1970-03-26
Employees with packing cases and truck 1964-01-19
Employees with packing cases and truck 1963-10-07
Supplies in warehouse 1968-11-21
Unloading art at Hemis Fair 1968-04-03
Interior and exterior of Scobey Moving and Storage
New warehouse
Bill Leimveler, Harry Lambrecht 1981-06-11
2266 High school graduation
Store, Drug
Scott, Chester, Family
Scott Chester
2267 Stores, retail
Stores, hardware
Scrivener's, Inc.
2268 Display for motel
SEAL PRESS 1960-1963
2269 Large storage tanks being welded
Garbage truck 1963
Garbage bin 1962
Unidentified man
U.S. Navy trucks 1960
SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY 1928-1981 and undated
2270 Home Guard standing at attention by Sears building
Seven Home Guardsmen standing at attention
Fourteen Home Guardsmen sitting and standing at attention
2271 Retirement party for J. Aaron Harris
Group of women onstage
Musical instruments
Three men with projector
Evelyn Dill
Erna Gordenbaum
Lilian V. Harmon
Kitchen appliances
Scout Head Quarter department
People in car in Sears store wearing Indian headdresses and makeup 1955
Group by Sears plane
Boy with hog
Kenton Harvey FFA State Press 1956-1957
FFA members
Sears birthday cake
Unidentified people
Dock workers
Sears building
Mayor McAllister with group
Sears building n corner of Soledad and Navarro Streets
Tower-Life Building
Musical instruments
Guitars, fiddle, bass fiddle, steel guitar
Golden Deeds banquet
Man in cap and gown
Sears on 806 Broadway Street 1928
69th Anniversary sale meeting
Aerial photos of Sears
Coronation of King Edwards
Sears Garden Shop 1957
Vegetable Day
Father's Day display window
Fishing equipment
Man with two babies
Man with doll
People wearing costume
Fashion show
Easter baskets
Check presentation
Man wearing Indian headdress and blanket
Taylor Days
The American Peoples Encyclopedia
Kids in formal dress
Inflatable bras
Manuel Lopez, Keith Coater, Steve, Gillman, Mary Peace, Freda Deal, Janell King, Louise Winters, Barb, Fizz, Mary Sneed
Mini train
2272 Aerials of Sears
Ladies dress department
Furniture department
Carpet and curtain department
Bedding and pillow department
Hose department
Living room furniture and painting over fireplace
Appliance Department: Kenmore electric range
Lawn mowers
Sewing machines
Exterior of Sears building, corner of Navarro and Soledad Streets 1938
Perfume department
Refrigerators and freezers
Courtesy Service Program Award
Two men posing with plaque and trophy cup
Sock department
Blinds and shades department
Group of people
Hat department
Auto electrical supplies
Sports clothing departments
Picture frames
Nursery furniture
Shoe department
Place setting
Clocks, jewelry, Epsom salts, brushes, typewriter
2273 Mock trial
Boy with pig with church in background
Group of kids
Three women
Woman in hat
Man Looking at newspaper
Group of people standing around
Unidentified man
Woman in Spanish costume
Sears building
Sales meeting
Man in uniform
People dancing
Pure bred hog show
Man in front of Wallpaper 1948-1949
Man behind desk
Man with saddles, harnesses and bridles
KTSA 1938
Unidentified men
Man with golf clubs
Unidentified women
Reinnger 1941
Baby with man
Baby on desk
Little girl
Man and woman with little girl
Man and woman with two kids
People with pigs 09-1947
Unidentified women and men
Group in front f Sears building
Sears birthday luncheon
Monkey Circus
Woman trying on shoes
Mexican band
Pigs and cattle
Musical instruments
Bass fiddle
Car 1945
San Antonio River and barge
KTSA Radio
Christmas display
Employees party 1950
Groups of people
Musical instruments
Guitar and fiddle
Men playing checkers
Pablo's Grove restaurant
Men pitching horseshoes
Playing baseball
Stock Show 1946
Cattle and pigs
Luncheon 1941
Man on horse
Car with flat
Unidentified people
Unidentified people
Exterior of building 1939-1942
Old car circa 1912
Aerial Shots of downtown 1949
Pure Bred Hog Show
Groups of people
Groups of people
Personnel Booklet 1949
Unidentified Sears personnel
2274 Window displays 1939
Sears exterior, corner of Soledad and Navarro: window display
Toys at Christmas time : Santa, clown with drum, horse, car, bike
Christmas scene display
Furniture, silverware, packages
Clothing and mannequins
Musical instruments
Guitar from 1898
Furniture bought from Sears in 1907
Fishing display: poles, boa, reels, chooks, clothing
Hunting display: guns, tent, clothing
Hats for spring
Men's clothing
Air mail display
Picture restoring display
Shoe display
Photo display
Cradle display
Kitchen display
Sickroom supplies display
Suit display
Wedding display: silver, silverware, wedding dress
Hat display
Coat display
2275 Construction of Sears-Roebuck building by train tracks circa 1940
2276 Unidentified man
Group standing by table with cake and punch
Man with six women
Group of people wearing cowboy hats
Toy band
Santa Claus
Musical instruments: trombone, trumpet, bass, sax
Group in park across from Sears
Ladies cooking
2277 Unidentified house
Sears parking garage on corner of Giraud and Soledad
Sears Garden Shop
Sears building downtown
Sears building 1947-08-28
Roof of Sears building 1947-08-28
Front of Sears building at Christmas time
Cars along the street by Sears building by Romana Plaza
Window display of kitchen
Sears Toy Town
Sears Lawn care department. Saddlery department and roofing department
Rendering of Sears: corner of Soledad and Kenmore Lane
Sears Farm Store
Different angles of sears building
Sears building corner of Soledad and Navarro
Rendering for Sears in El Paso, Texas
Unidentified house
2278 Gas tank
Knitted sweater
Group of men posing
Two cradles
Three purses
Royal Typewriter
Group of men by pen and barns
Man and two boys by wall full of ribbon, banners and trophies
Elgin outboard motor
Unidentified man
Disk and stool
Group of men t Freeman Coliseum
Group of men in front of Sears Airplane
Group of men with Golden Griddle Award 1950
Tennis shoes
Sales class
Phonograph player
Books: Since You Went Away…, Social Security, The Allan Observer's Book on Aircraft Instruments, Shoe the Wild Mare by Fouler, The American by Howard Fast, Daisy Kenyon by Elisabeth Taneway, Rainbow Wish, Drilling and Grinding by E. Holoy, Oral English and Debate by Lymen M. Fort
Christmas lights
Doll with silk dress
Record player
Double broiler
Sno Sud clothing detergent
Knife set
Books: The Gauntlet by James Street, A. Woollcott: His Life and His World by Samuel Hopkins Adams, Those Texans by Edna Farber, The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald, Written on the Wind by Wilder, Arch of Triumph by Erich Marig Remarque, Ever After by Elswyth Thane, Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rauling, Before the Sun Goes Down by Elizabeth Metzger Howard, Innocent Merriment by Franklyn P. Adams
Cowboy boots
Two people sitting by A/C and silver
Plants and trees about to be planted
Small evergreen trees about to be planted
12 hour motor
Sears Farm and Ranch Store exterior
Check presentation
Car presentation
Woman putting up pre-pasted wallpaper
Warehouse workers
sears Chorales singing on WOAI-TV
Billiard table
Unidentified woman
Knitted potholders
Folding chairs
Rendering of Sears building
Bedroom furniture, bed chest of drawers, vanity
Food servers
Santa's house and Santa's helpers
Three unidentified women
Group with Mayor McAllister
Groups of people posing
Man spraying freezer
Remington Rand typewriter
Christmas party
Musical instruments
Certificate to C. W. Miller
Santa Claus
Dispatcher's office
Sears 64 anniversary cake
Furniture department
Hope chest
Couch and chair
WW II documents including Japan's instrument of surrender
Mannequins made to look like MacArthur, Eisenhower, soldiers
Armed Forces Day at Sears
2279 Mannequins and people posing
Man dressed in Indian costumes
HEB parking lot
Sears parking lot
Rosita WOAI-TV: Spanish dress
Two men shaking hands
American Legion train
Man holding tow babies
Group of me around table
Two nurses
Mechanics working on car
Lions Club: Highland Park
Paint department
Five men with trophy
cab drivers
Baseball players and equipment
Unidentified people
Honor Award
Sears Service Station 1950
Decanter and glasses
C. W. Miller
Children's shoe department
Boy scout
Kitchen appliances
Santa Claus
Men with pig
Kids riding ponies
Man holding doll
Two men sleeping in bed in front store window
Perfume department
Coronation of King Edwards
Vegetable Show 1955
Romana Plaza
Taylor Days
Comanche Park
2280 Golden Deeds Banquet
Four men
People standing around talking
2281 Group of people posing with mayor McAllister
Vacuum cleaner
Display window with Jesus as baby and Mary and Joseph
FFA members
Aerial of Sears warehouse
Full Sears Days trophy 1958
Plaque on fountain and pool at Sears dated 1938/10/27
T. C. Evans
Sewing supplies
Display window with Jesus as baby and Mary and Joseph
C. W. Miller 1955
Man of the Year Certificate to C. W. Miller form the Exchange Club 1952
Four-Star Honor Roll: Robert Aubrey, Ruth Morin, W. J. Moore, Ordell Forister, Mary Baty, Chester Mott, James D. Overstreet, Robert McVeigh, C. P. Brantley, C. C. Southern, Hilmer Peterson, Orlist Millican, Edgar Bryant, Fred Arretz, Pearl M. Rau, Florence Souders, Richard Chadick, A. W. Brown, Richard Rushing , W. T. Collins, J. A. Harris, John Krawczynski, Buba Eppright, Vanielle Simcock, Honmo De Kanter, Mike Passur, Conrad J. Lempar, J. J. Feci, Chester Simmang, Dorothy Ellison, Robert J. Reid, H. R. May, Florence Geiner, Helen watts, Anita Gibson, Mary A. Cook, Jack L. Mooty, Raymond Hoffmann, Evelyn Williams, John Hanson, Angel Coronado, Billy M. Stigent, Myrtle S. King, J. B. Williams, Jeannette Hocker, Walter E. Czeck, Johnie W. True, Keene Koetter, G. O. Becckler, Walter Lee, M. M. Hamilton, Hollie P. Wright, Evelyn Lilly, N. W. Powers, Richard A. Mann, Oreal W. Johnston, Sue V. Easton, Elvira Mansfield, Vincent Wallace
Woman in swimsuit
Trophies and plaques
Groups posing
Luncheon at Gunter Hotel
People playing with hula hoops
People playing dominos
Aerial photographs of Sears warehouse
28th anniversary of Romana Plaza Sears Store
2282 Man with baby
T. A. Reaves with bunches of baby chicks, ribbons and a trophy
Ladies getting makeovers
Three men behind a desk
Three women and a man in dress with mop hair and pie on his face
Two women with bedspread
Unidentified people
2283 Exterior of Sears Southside 1954
Rendering of Sears parking garage at Soledad and Giraud Streets
Business office supplies
Sears front door
Sears Garden Shop
Sears Auto Service
Aerial photograph of Sears
2284 Group of kids in front of piano
Pink Ice facial mask display
Group of people posing
Two guys in bed in Sears window
Leah Ann Patten with citation for Meritorious Service to Safety
Men getting off Sears plane 1956
Truck hauling drilling rig to Corpus Christi
Kid with ribbon and hog
Window display for Father's Day
Seven women and a man posing
Group of women dressed all in white
Three men, a burro and an accordion
Three men and two others dressed like donkey
People picketing
Lunch room
Sears Appliance Store
Sears catalog sales desk
TV sets and radios
Four women and a man in swimsuits
Woman in Uncle Sam costume
Woman receiving Citation for Outstanding Service
People getting ready to board bus
Motor oil can Robot
Baby shower
Boy Scout Department
Kitchen appliances
Men touring warehouse
Cardwell M. Shellaby
Unidentified people posing
4-H, FFA, Deraux Room, Stock Show
Fred Arretz
Fred Suldon
2285 People eating lunch
Greeting card and perfume departments
Graduates of Sears Charm School
Miss Texas
Miss SRC Fashion Plate
Miss Baylor, Miss TCU, Miss SMU
Miss 30 Day Charge
Miss Shopping Really Convention
Unidentified man
Candy department
Miss SRC Authorizer
2286 Man and woman with washing machine
Two men shaking hands at bowling alley
Arthur Barnes 1963-08-07
Man and woman with Santa Claus and helicopter
Santa with little girl
Group of women knitting
Four people looking at 4-H pigs
Group of men with certificates
Painting "The Piazza" from the Vincent Price Collection
Painting "Channel at Borano"
Large swimming pool
Two women with phone
Little girl getting keys to car on KWEX-TV
Unidentified men
Man at microphone
Window display dedicated to 153 Anniversary of Mexican Independence
Miss Appliance contest
Two women with coat
Little kids posing
Man at organ and woman at microphone
Tom Benson Chevrolet with Tom Benson and couple in car
Bowling balls and shoes
Ed Lubanski bowling equipment
Group of men onstage
Man in bunny costume smoking a pipe
Opening ceremony
Sears 75th Anniversary cake
Man wearing helmet and aviator glasses
Group of people
Guys skeet shooting
Man with shotguns
Machine shop
Men with trophies
Sunset Ridge
Check presentation
Men with FFA on a stage
Lady with Santa Claus
Publicity and promotion
Retirement awards 1962
Party at Gunter Hotel
People with Braniff miniature airplane
Woman talking on phone
Bullets baseball team
Three men wearing prison clothes
Kids standing in line
Catalog department: "My Fair Lady" display 1963-07-12
2287 People standign around talking
Henry B. Gonzalez
Three unidentified men
Four men shaking hands
Group of womenwith tow men on stage Sears Charm School Graduates
Group of students on stage for Sears Charm School Graduation
Sears Charm School graduate receiving diiploma
Rendering of Sears Automotive Center
Optimist Club giving dishwasher to General Shull
Operators taking catalog orders
Woman trying on four coats
Firve men posing with tires
Furniture department
Sears Warehouse Sales Center
Kitchen appliances and lawnmowers
Air conditioner
Clohtes whaer
Check presentation
Sears Roebuck Foundation Scholarship to Mary Lynn York of Harlendale High School 1964-1965
SRF Scholarship to Felicitas Alfaro
SRF Scholarship to John Galindo Gonzales
Rendering of Centerl Park Mall
Kid with fishing pole
Sally Schoening
Rendering Eatland Shopping Center
Fashion show
Presentation of Certificate of Merit to Women's Club of San Antonio
Charm Scholl
FFA members
Three graduates of Sears Technical Training center: Charles R. Fuller, Peter E. Gonzalez and R. Villarreal
Unidentified people
A. Burton and Neal Michaels
A. T. Cushman
Two men sitting and talking
Two women with wool muffler
Six men outside Sears truck tire sales building
Group of women knitting
McVeigh and Marsha
Sear scholarship recipients
Furniture department
Shoe department
Lamp department
Musical instruments
Organs, pianos and guitars
Perfume department
Lingerie department
Towels by shower
Lawn sprinkler system 1965-06-25
2288 Graduation ceremonies
Unidentified man in cap and gown
Man holding sign C. W. Miller's 15th anniversary as manager of Sears
2289 Sears Automotive Center 1966-07-29
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-06-15
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress 1966-03-15
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-06-16
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-05-18
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-05-03
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-04-18
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-04-05
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-03-16
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-03-02
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-02-16
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-01-28
Construction progress on Sears Automotive Center 1966-01-27
Salesman 1966
2290 F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-03-01
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-08-17
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-07-17
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-07-01
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-06-19
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-06-05
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-05-17
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-05-08
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-04-17
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-04-02
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-03-15
F. A. Nunnally: Contractors construction progress on Sears warehouse 1967-03-01
2291 Interior of Williamsburg home
Santa Claus and girl scouts form troops 606, 116, 827, and 36
Three ladies walking in Hemis Fair Plaza with U. S. Federal Court house behind them
Tower of the Americas
Three ladies looking at sculpture
General Motors Pavilion
Luncheon at La Louisiane Restaurant
Two men with Sears building under construction behind them
Man on phone
Rendering of Military Drive Complex
Rendering of Central Park Store
Buffington and Garder with Sears Roebuck Foundation scholarship for Mack Lloyd Telle, Gabriel Ruiz and Nancy Utz
Sears Charm School Graduates
Sears outboard motor
Model at Governor's Palace
Rural Youth Day Banquet
Sewing machine pictures
Model wearing fur coat
Pooh Bear
The Wild Ones at the airport and auditorium 1966-08-06
Mexican band
Retirement party
Buddha statue
Two men on camels in Egypt in front of pyramid
Letitia Baldridge
New Sears automotive Service Center
Fashion shots at Governor's Palace 1966-06-07
Children's Hospital
Handicapped children
Operator taking catalog orders
Man on tractor lawnmower with chainsaw and rotorooler
2292 F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building at Hackberry and Duval Streets 1968-08-10
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-07-17
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-07-15
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-06-22
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-06-04
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-05-28
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-05-06
F. A. Nannaley: Contractors construction progress at Sears Truck Service Building 1968-04-23
2293 Sears Central Park: interiors of various views in sports department 1970-06-29
Shoe style shoe 1968-07-05
Style show at Central Park 1968-06-24
Models at Central Park 1968-05-16
Models in swimsuits at Central Park 1968-04-25
Winner of TV at Central Park 1968-05-01
Man and woman with catalog at Central Park 1968-04-27
Check presentation
Exterior of Sears Central Park
Nativity scene
China and Gladys Burton
2294 Sears furniture display at La Villita 1970-09-17
Sears carpet samples 1970-01-20
Sears and Brooks Advertising: TV slides advertising sandals and bras 1968-05-30
Sears Decorating Depot 1968-05-24
2295 "36 month battery", "serving machine" ads 1971-12-27
Men's fall Suit Sale ad 1970-08-28
Home furnishings, home appliances ads 1970-05-05
Mini-car, doll house, electric car and mechanical train ads 1969-09-23
Interior and exterior of Sears Tire center 1969-05-22
Save 25% on Super Tread Tires ad 1968-07-31
Ad for refrigerator-freezer 1968-07-17
Ad for Sears Warehouse sale 1968-08-28
Ad for Sears "In the Sun: 1968-07-03
Sears Kenmore 12 Speed Mixer 1968-12-02
Classic Mustang, Road Racie and Walkie Talkie ads 1968-10-04
Ads for sewing machine and drum set 1968-10-29
Ad for table and chair set 1968-11-13
Ad for Jogging 1969-02-05
Ad for Jogging 1969-02-13
Ads for slenderizer 1969-02-27
Ads for Million Dollar Women's Sale 1969-05-30
Ads for Pool tables 1968-11-27
Ads for early bird sale 1968-12-17
Ads for washer, refrigerator, TV 1969-01-30
Ads for TV and condenser unit 1969-06-16
Sears end of month sale ad 1969-09-25
Ads for A/C 1968-06-06
2296 Fashion Show and the Tower of the Americas 1973-12-01
Peggy Vincent and Jackie for publicity 1976-11-30
Group at Saint Anthony Hotel 1973-09-18
Group shot and two men with his head through tire: Clayton Lorenz and L. D. Large 1973-08-15
Nunley, Fitzermon, Pohler and Heton looking through tire 1973-08-13
Church's Fried Chicken and people with new uniforms, 4305 New Braunfels Street 1973-06-29
430 South New Braunfels Street Store with models and new uniforms 1973-05-24
Women's Budget Shop at Sears 1973-03-12
Women's Budget Shop at Sears Central Park Mall 1973-03-10
Women's Budget Shop at Sears downtown 1973-03-10
Women's Budget Shop 1973-03-06
Two men in Women's Budget Shop 1973-02-28
Group of ladies and group of repairmen 1973-02-02
Customer Service Department in Sears 1973-01-17
Mr. Spear: check presentation to Erler and Blum and Erler and Weinrress 1972-11-10
Sears, Central Park Mall 5th birthday: Mr. and Mrs. Sears Central Park 1972-10-23
Family in office 1972-09-28
Olympic people for Sears at Lone Star Brewery: Anne Whiting and Dian McCaleb, U.S. Modern Pentathlon 1972-08-11
Mr. Erler 1972-02-07
Float with Indian maidens, kids and Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore 1972-04-21
Fred D. Patterson receiving Leadership award 1972-04-18
Lemon Frog Shop at Romana Plaza and presentation of Pooh Bear at State Hospital 1972-03-21
Furniture 1972-02-24
Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez greeting Sears crowd 1971-09-07
Clay Mangold showing kid a lawnmower 1971-08-02
Bedroom suite 1971-04-21
Woman at cash register, inventorying shelves and helping two customers 1971-04-14
Self Help Program class 1971-03-29
Five man and two ladies holding checks 1971-01-20
Group handing over car keys 1970-12-02
Winnie the Pooh and Santa on float 1970-11-12
Winnie the Pooh and Santa at Burke County Hospital 1970-11-14
Display shelves 1970-03-11
Mr. Erler and Mrs. Peterson at Sears Central Park 1969-11-19
Saint Mary's University: father Blum receiving check from Mr. Erler 1969-11-10
Trinity University: Dr. Laurie receiving check from Mr. Erler 1969-11-10
Man with trophies
Girl Scouts at opening ceremonies at Sears Central Park 1969-03-14
Trucks in front of Sears Truck and Tire Service 1968-11-04
Trucks in front of Sears Truck and Tire Service
Vincent Price at art Collection at Central Park and Casa Rio barge and San Antonio River 1968-09-23
Christmas party and Santa Claus at Saint Anthony Hotel's Navarro Room 1968-09-13
Woman with new Washing machine 1968-08-16
Style show at Sheraton Motor Inn 1968-08-19
Scholarship dinner and awards 1968-08-15
30 year old washing machine, 1514 West Kings Highway 1968-08-07
Erler presenting scholarship certificate to Oscar Miller 1968-05-22
Models in sports clothes 1968-04-08
Archery shots 1968-05-02
Color TV winner at Sears 1968-04-30
TV and kid at Sears Romana Plaza 1968-05-01
Mr. Hamilton: man testing outboard motors 1968-04-17
Models at Hemis Fair Plaza and aerial photographs of San Antonio 1968
Sears Miss Mexico at Mayor's office and Sears Central Park
People at airport
2297 Mr. Woltram 1981-04-06
President of Our Lady of the Lake and J. W. Erler 1970-01-24
Sears advertising slides of Sears Customer Service department 1978-04-22
Sears manager presenting tickets to children with parents 1978-09-11
F. T. Lewis and another man looking at notebook and other employees posing: C. Mathews, J. Tapia, B. McCreless, F. Castillo, R. Carners, S. Secula, Ray Valdez, O. Flores, B. Charqueon, Morin, Chandler, Vance Hardy 1978-07-11
Mr. Erler's hunting slides 1976-10-11
Mr. Erler and another man 1976-09-27
Child drawing ticket from box 1976-08-30
Awards presentations 1976-04-27
Two men with award 1976-04-30
Award presentation at Plaza Club 1975-06-04
Miss Queen of Sears 1975-03-18
Cham School class at Sears Romana Plaza 1974-11-23
Students before pictures 1974-10-11
Classes in sewing, craft and decoration 1974-11-05
Officer installing shocks on is own car 1974-09-18
Tricia Merrll 1974-07-11
Optical Department 1974-06-27
Burns-Erler presentation 1978-01-11
2300 Chester B. Allen
Dinner with employees
Man standing by the art on the wall 1966
Man standing behind desk 1966
Unidentified man 1963
[ Pic # 38668 ]
Man next to painting 1966
Exterior of bank 1962
Christmas party with tree and Santa 1965
People dancing at party 1966
Santa with two kids 1965
Unidentified employees
Rendering of bank
Two men by vault 1963
Ground-breaking 1963
Man with portrait "Delinquent Accounts Manager" 1966-01-07
2301 Security Finance building 1963
Security Finance building 1963-10-10
2302 Employees
Ladies cutting cake
2305 Drummer in old costume on the steps of City Hall with flags
2303 Gwen Karcher 1969-07-10
Charlotte Zucker 1969-03-26
2304 Vending machine installation 1970-04-16
Vending machine and plant 1970-04-22
2306 Four men with prize winning sheep 1961
Aerial of ranch
Wool 1963
Wool with trophy 1961
Trophies 1961
Swimming pool
Interior and exterior of ranch house
Aerials of sheep barns
Scenes around the ranch
2307 Christmas trees
Soft drink industry
Crosley Automobile
Auto dealers
Seven-Up Bottling plant 1949
2308 7-Up model at KENS-TV 1971-07-30
Carton of 7-Up bottles
Man receiving keys for 67 Chevy Camaro
Winners of Wet and Wild Sweepstakes
7-Up display with Santa
Ad for Howdy Cola "The Adult Cola"
Introducing Howdy Cola at El Tropicano
7-Up employees
2309 Construction of building 1941
Plumbing pipes
SHANKLE, PERRY 1957-1968
2310 Two men with swordfish
Deer bounding away
cattle bird
Brochure picture from Central Coaling Plant 1968-10-15
Cheerleaders outside Perry Shankle Company 1966
Rendering of Tower 1965
Two unidentified men
Group watching film
Man beside forklift 1965
Interior of Perry Shankle Company
Exterior of Perry Shankle Company Building
RCA Victor and Four roses display 1957
SHAPIRO, ELLIS 1957-1966
2311 Walter McAllsister and two others
Robert P. Hemmick with award at United Fund
W. W. McAllister and two others with secretary 1966
W. W. McAllister and another man at the opening ceremony 1966
Ellis Shapiro Day billboard 1967
Booths in street and carnival for United Fund
Fiesta Order of the Alamo Queens 1965
Fiesta Romantic City of the Missions Queen 1965
Fiesta 1963
Bond issue election
Building under construction 1957
Man and car in flood waters
River and trees
2312 Annette Davenport 1966
four models 1966
Models for O. J. Beauty Lotion
2313 Interior and exterior of building 1970-03-24
Models 1966
Interior of office with Carl and girl 1970-03-25
Annette Davenport 1966
Bonnie Black 1966
2314 Interior of makeup room and office 1970-03-30
Models 1970
2315 Exterior of house
Frances Shaw at organ
Christmas card
2316 Aerial of San Antonio 1969-02-28
Group of men 1969-07-31
Awards presentations 1971-05-10
2317 Plane in flight 1981-01-08
Tom Turner, Jr. 1980-07-24
Models with old popcorn machine and clothing 1979-03-02
People and machinery for annual report 1975-08-01
People and machinery for annual report 1975-11-18
Mrs. Fred Turner 1975-07-29
Shamrock Gas Station 1974-07-26
Tanks of gas 1974-07-29
Tom Turner 1973-08-24
Aerial of San Antonio
Tom Turner, Jr.'s son 1973-03-20
2318 John Peveto 1984-02-10
Columbia bowling ball 1986-03-10
Black Knight bowling ball 1986-02-24
Girl in bikini by cars and vans
People bowling at Ponderosa Bowling Lanes 1984-02-03
Columbia Project 1984-05-24
Interfirst Bank employees 1984-02-08
Bowling balls 1984-02-14
Main Lincoln Mercury cars 1986-05-10
Exterior of Inter First Bank 1983-08-30
Bowling balls 1983-09-29
Two men with world globe 1983-01-07
Interfirst Building 1983-06-07
Interfirst Building 1983-08-04
2319 Radios in display window
Unidentified people
2320 Band
Band members
Dude Skiles
Xylophone and other instruments
2321 Tom Steubben, Halsey Dester and other employees
2322 Man smoking pipe
Men working on interior of plane
Man with model plane
Unidentified men
Plane on tarmac
Truck and plane
Two men lugging canoe
Men boarding plane
2323 Trucks 1977-01-12
Vacant lot 1973-10-03
Young woman 1979-06-14
Race cars 1980-09-09
Award to Val Connell 1979-10-05
2324 Employees and building 1976-10-08
Two men looking at car 1963
Exterior of Smith Motor Imports 1963
Three men by truck 1959
People looking at Jaguar
2325 Little girl
Construction of building
Man and truck 1972-02-24
Trucks 1969-03-12
Exterior of Smith Motor Imports
Trucks and four men in front of the Alamo 1961
Group of men 1975-02-07
Truck lot 1976-04-23
Truck lot 1976-06-01
Truck warehouse 1979-02-13
2325 Portrait of man 1973-07-20
Portrait of woman 1973-07-31
Portrait of man 1964
Portrait of little boy 1964
2326 Model by movie projector 1971-12-03
Three men with priest
Donald L. Smith Company truck 1960
Donald L. Smith Company truck 1964
Three men with plaque at Hilton 1969-12-20
Slide projector 1965
2327 Interior of building
Man by adobe houses in under cliff overhang circa 1935
Exterior of building
Coat of arms
Lunch rooms
Brick tower
Woodridge Elementary School interior and exterior and students
San Marcos Junior Highs School interior and exterior and library and students
Interior of houses and exterior
Buildings at Lackland Air Force Base
Buildings at Fort Sam Houston
Vaught housing division
Southwest Texas State Teachers College building
Sul Ross University dorms and buildings
1st State Bank, Kerrville
Exterior of Gunn Oldsmobile
Olmos Park City Hall
Hallway at SNJ High School 1960
Interior of chapel
Alamo Heights Junior Highs School exterior
Espada Mission
Exterior of Howard School
2328 Exterior and construction of building
Model of Southwest Texas State College 1963
Interior of building 1962
Exterior of church
Circular staircase
Kids in class room being read to by teacher
Interior and exterior Woodridge Elementary School 1964
2329 Unidentified man in portrait
Rendering of classroom building at Texas Chiropractic College
Rendering aerial of Flying L. Dude Ranch in Bandera
Rendering of Field Office at Bandera Airport on Flying L. Ranch
Robert Burns portrait
Rendering of proposed office building in Midland
Rendering of bridge
Rendering of building on Flying L. Ranch
2330 Shaking hands with Tom Vickers and another man 1970
Luncheon at Navy Club 1970-10-09
Group and Preston Smith at fund raiser at Gunter Hotel 1970-11-22
Party 1970-10-08
Government Smith Reception at Pecan Valley 1970-10-09
Preston Smith at Home Builders Association and Kit-Kat Club 1970-10-08
SMITH, ZENO 1955-1963
2331 Zeno Smith
Rex Allen with 13 men 1961
Zeno Smith with another man 1957
Pony Express party 1955
Pre-show bus trip 1960
Zeno Smith with lasso twirling around him and another man 1963
Goodwill Trip 1961
Trail ride 1957
2332 Pipe being put into ground
Pipe laying 1963
2333 Baby, baby with sunglasses and woman
Glasses 1967
Glasses 1968
2334 Sunglases 1977
Eyeglass frames 1969-09-18
Eyeglass frames 1969-06-27
Eyeglass frames 1973-10-22
Eyeglass frames 1974-10-22
Eyeglass frames 1974-12-11
Eyeglass frames 1972-08-31
Eyeglass frames 1971-07-09
Eyeglass frames 1968-08-29
Eyeglass frames 1970-09-30
2335 Eyeglasses 1981-09-25
Sunglasses 1982-12-21
Glasses 1982-09-06
Sport glasses 1982-02-01
Sunglasses 1981-05-25
Eyeglasses 1978-01-06
Eyeglasses frame 1978-02-28
Sunglass rack 1978-01-12
Eyeglass ads 1977-12-20
Eyeglasses 1978-09-03
Eyeglasses frames 1976-01-08
2336 Exterior of Sommers 1957
Sommers Drug Store truck 1962
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1936
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1937
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1959
Sommers Drug Store in Sunset Ridge
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1943
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1939
Interior of Sommers Drug Store
2337 Interior of Sommers Drug Store
Sommers Frontier Fun Club 1938
Robert S. Reynods, pharmacist receiving plaques
Display window
Western Days 1950
Bird sculpture, horse and deer sculptures
Lamps, vases
Radio and glasses and decanters
Clock, figurines
Man with little boy
Kids on horses
Hartman and Taylor Barbers
Travis Book House
Sub Post Office # 4
Silvey Music Company
George Davis
2338 Displays
Two unidentified people
Man with three girls
People at Sommers Fountain Luncheonette
Del Dunbar and the Texas Tophands music band
Bottles of pills and medicine
Sommers Drug Store Bunkhouse
Santa Clouse
Man with baby
Construction inside Sommers Drug Store
Dance at Jefferson Village Sommers Drug Store
Check presentation
Sommers Drug Store float
Western Days 1950
Interior of Drug Store
Offices and secretaries
Travis Book House interior
Sub Post Office # 4
Sommers Drug Store trucks
Sommers Drug Store warehouse
Silvey Music Company
Holiday House
Hartman and Taylor Barbers
Four policemen eating ice cream sundaes
BBQ picnic for employees
Playing baseball
Barn dance
Group of Blacks outside Barn
Man on horse
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1949
Little girl on horse and little boy on horse
Phil Harris posing with people
Alice Faye posing with people
Christmas card
Sommers Ice Cream trucks by Municipal Auditorium
Getting ribbon from calf's tail
2339 Man and two kids with bikes
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store warehouse
Two men watching man stir pot
Three people by car
Construction of Sommers Drug Store
Vegetable Show and Miss Eggplant
Delivery team
Unidentified people
Girl on bike
Woman receiving award
Grand champion steer at Stock Show 1955
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1953
Santa's Toy Shop
Sommers Drug Store warehouse 1951
Truck by Majestic Theater with tiger in cage selling Trinity Football tickets
2340 Interior of Sommers Drug Store 1961
Interior of Sommers Drug Store 1962
Jack C. Pritchett and two others
Employees at Sommers 50th anniversary
Employees at Sommers 50th anniversary
Man at cash register 1960
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1959
Award champions
Sommers Drug Store home delivery team
Display window
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store
Three people on steps of plane 1961
[ Pic # 24281 ]
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store 1955
2341 Wheelchairs, walkers and hospital bed
Girdles 1963
Hose and girdles for men and women 1963
Interior of Sommers Drug Store and diner 1961
Interior of Sommers Drug Store and diner 1960
Interior of Sommers Drug Store and diner
Exterior of Sommers Drug Store
Aerial view of Sommers Drug Store
Unidentified people
Two men 1964
[ Pic # 43862 and 43860 ]
Trucks 1965
Bottle of medicine
Rey Feo at Sommers Drug Store 1965
Sommers Drug Store displays 1968-04-22
68 offices and secretaries 1968
Sommers Drug Store group of people 1972-12-01
2342 Executives 1974-01-25
Exterior and interior 1973-03-09
Exterior and interior 1972-08-28
Central Park, Wonderland, Walzem and Nix Building Sommers Drug Store 1972-02-02
Walter Carjigan 1972-02-01
Bottle of pills 1971-02-08
Displays 1969-04-17
Interior and exterior of Sommers Drug Store at Central Park 1968-11-18
Sommers Drug Store at Medical Complex 1968-11-01
Pharmacist with pill bottle 1968-11-06
SOSART 1968-1971
2343 Nature and landscape scenes 1971-05-21
Girl with flowers 1971-10-21
Antonio Barbosa 1971-08-16
Food 1971-11-04
Dance team 1971-06-28
Books and boy 1971-02-05
Jalapeno peppers 1970-08-18
Art 12-16
UT memorabilia 1970-08-14
Grocery store 1969-07-21
Wedding cake 1969-05-09
Mother and girl 1968-12-23
"Income dollar" 1968-10-10
United Presbyterian Church sign 1968-08-22
2345 Five men with award 1984-10-02
Six men with award 1984-07-03
Award winner at HEB # 27 1984-05-14
Award presentation 1982-09-01
Men receiving awards 1982-05-19
Interior of office building and exterior 1982-05-07
2346 Girl holding check 1961
2347 Northwood and Cherry Chase Apartments 1971-03-25
Presentation 1971-10-07
Fire damage 1971-02-23
Exterior of building 1970
Exterior of South Texas Corporation building 1969-09-02
Northwest Center 1969-09-15
2348 Dog with puppies
Man with horse doing tricks
Spring ball table
Texas Machine Manufacturing Company building exterior
Employees and machine shop
Man burning cactus
Big 3Drive In restaurant 1963
Men receiving awards
Magazines on rack at library
Man on horse
Man with colt
2351 Odd barn with people on horseback 1971-02-06
Moving truck
Unidentified man
Loading dock
Packages wrapped and stored
Southern Moving and Storage Head Quarters
Old truck 1980-06-10
Plant or warehouse 1974-04-02
2349 North Loop 410 and Broadway intersection 1963
Stop light 1963
Man painting pipe 1963
Two men putting pipe together
Riding Lawn mowers
2350 William P. McGuire and presentations 1973-11-13
Convention 1973-11-14
Breakfast 1973-11-13
SNA booth 1973-11-11
Panel of 6 doctors answering questions 1973-11-11
Groups at convention
Medical students at ITC 1973-11-12
General Session SMA Council 1973-11-14
Breakfast 1973-11-13
SMA Presidents Dinner and Reception 1973-11-11
Meeting at Hilton Hotel 1973-11-10
2352 Employees standing by and sitting on railroad car
Group of men and women
Group of men with a boy scout
Man on Dias
Unidentified man and soldier
Soldiers raising flag
Marching band from Harlandale High School
Musical instruments
Trombones, saxes, flutes, trumpets, drums
2353 Three unidentified men
Group of men
Group of men and woman
People at train station
Two men with conductor
Group of men in front of truck
Painting of a Rail Road yard
Group of kids and a nun
Group of women with coffee
A. W. Curlee and four others
Group standing in front of train engine
Two men with large present
Three men with special citation 1959
Two men shaking hands at bowling alley
Picnic at Comanche Park
Large group of people by tree
People dancing at party
Train engine
Southern Pacific Giants Baseball team
People buying tickets
Employees training program at Plaza Hotel 1953
Groups posing at luncheon
Unidentified men
Looking down Rail Road tracks
2354 Mr. Hoy: Chevrolet automobile 1964-03-21
Cattle being loaded into box car
Group of men posing
T. L. Studly
Two girls tap dancing
Group of men t luncheon
Field by train tracks
Perishable Commodities Carriers Association display
U. S. Mail Van 1958
Five people looking up at tall man
Group sitting behind table with bell
Unidentified man
Group of people at Christmas dinner
Cattle car on train
Man working on engine
Half truck 1956
Southern Pacific Company warehouse and trucks 1957
CPC garage
Mr. McCarty
Railroad car
Tank car
Flat car
Check presentation for United Way at El Tropicano
Mr. Appleby 1965
Guy Hinton
Unidentified couple 1965
[ Pic # 53046-A ]
Spring s on train 1961
Three man shaking hands 1962
Unidentified man 1963
[ Pic # 34485 ]
Four men
[ Pic # 46553 ]
Group of men
[ Pic #35079 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 34575 ]
People sitting around table drinking Master Chef Coffee
[ Pic # 34575 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 34485 ]
Unidentified man
Man on hand car
Check presentation
[ Pic # 33836 and 33837 ]
Presentation of a watch 1961
Two men with bunch of fish
Railroad track
American Waste Paper Company, Inc.
Firemen putting out a fire along tracks and on bridge
Unidentified man
Group at Christmas party and Christmas tree
Group of kids standing by Sunset Limited trains
Henry Christopher 1963
Mr. Wade
Mr. Hoy: Chevrolet automobile
Mr. Monroe
Paul A. Wilmoth
Mr. Brigham
Mr. Jones
Al Monita, Sr.
Man with sailor and soldier 1962
[ Pic # 31151 ]
Santa Clause
Flat car with railroad ties
Train engine
SPRR Prince and Princes Court
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 35602 ]
Foy Black
Man with mini airplane
T. J. Hummel 1960-07-14
Mr. C. Jaxseman retiring
H. L. Hutchinson
Claude M. Gehlert
Ernest Guerra
Schiller 1961-07
Trucks in front of the Alamo 1965-11-02
2355 People at dinner, receiving awards, speaking and groups at Sheraton Motor Inn 1976-02-14
Group shot 1976-02-24
Shots of train derailment 1975-07-01
Lucille Kilgore at desk 1974-07-08
Train and crew climbing on and off 1971-05-25
Control box at San Antonio train yard 1971-05-27
C. L. Broussard, C. F. Grose, A. R. Wallen, J. J. Guidry, R. G. Briggs and T. E. Littlepage 1971-05-28
Tanner 1971-10-01
B. M. Flohr 1971-11-20
Banquet and speakers at Saint Anthony A room 1971-11-19
Stoever 1971-11-19
Train and crew climbing on and off 1971-06-02
Students and instructors in class 1970-04-30
Display at Quincy Lee cocktail party of proposed rail extension, Master Development Plan Exchange Plaza, floor plans and proposed street extensions 1970-06-19
Newell equipment on flat car 1970-08-27
Newell equipment on flat car 1970-09-10
Exterior of Southern Pacific Building 1970-10-30
Group of men at Holiday Inn 1971-01-16
Groups and individuals at banquet at Saint Anthony "A" Room 1971-04-08
Two Southern Pacific Truck Service guys with trophies 1966
Two women with trophies
Unidentified couple
Buffet table
Henry O. Payne
Group of men in classroom getting ready to watch film
Sam Kendrick 1967
Annette Parham 1967
Claude Duncan, Floyd Duncan and Al Krueger
Unloading large crane for Zachry's
A. O. Stewart 1968-04-16
Man with family 1968-05-31
Presentation of presents to retirees 1969-02-28
Damaged engine 1968-08-23
George M. Batty 1969-02-27
Grounds, truck, Loading dock and officer at South Pacific Freight 1969-01-09
Floyd Duncan 1969-06-06
Four men with plaques 1964
United Fund dinner at El Tropicano
Christmas time: people waiting at railroad station
Norman Renken
Two men with trophies 1966
2356 Cliff Milton 1977-07-21
Curtis A. Dotson 1973-04-09
Ernest Klemcke 1972-09-21
R. L. Crafton 1973-01-03
Leroy Bourcher 1972-11-28
B. F. Day 1972-10-10
Julian Carver 1972-03-15
Henry, G. Wied 1972-05-15
R. L. Hunt 1972-02-14
B. Z. Norwood 1972-02-15
Watt 1972-01-29
Jennings 1972-01-12
Ysidro Juarez 1972-01-08
T. F. Sams 1971-12-15
George g. Piper 1971-11-16
J. E. Patton 1970-01-12
Ricondo 1971-03-09
Rodriguez 1971-03-15
Clyde Lewis and Robert Fields 1971-03-02
R. L. Lanier 1971-02-08
Payne 1971-02-02
Benke, Earl 1971-02-01
Stubbs 1971-01-25
Earl Bende at roundhouse 1970-12-31
A. I. Glaze 1970-12-31
Guerro 1970-12-16
C. R. Reed 1970-12-10
George Hansen 1970-10-01
Raney 1970-06-03
Two unidentified men 1970-05-28
Schrader 1969-02-03
Arreola 1968-09-11
Eutiquio Ortiz 1968-08-22
Andrew Jones 1968-07-02
Alfonso McMhirter 1970-02-06
J. C. Estrada 1969-12-16
E. E. Kocian 08-01
L. J. Potoker 1969-09-08
Frank Gonzales 1969-08-06
Skonetski 1969-06-30
Bob Cottingham 1968-04-09
L. A. Ludwig
T. G. Riggs
F. W. Ginther
S. C. Meyers
C. B. Weimers
E. R. Williamson
Eddie Cannon
Henry O. Payne
Norman Renken
R. J. Hill
J. C. Day
J. A. Flores
Tucker, M
Neurrbarger, Herbert
C. H. Schumaker
E. M. Baird
Miguel Riojas
C. G. Cook
John St. John
L. O. Fucher
Oscar Schenk
E. E. De Arment
M. Rainey 1969-03-06
2357 George Dean 1980-04-14
McWhirter 1980-01-21
A. M. Henson 1983-03-31
Aerial photograph of train derailment near Caldwell 1981-04-08
Unidentified man 1981-01-16
[ Inv # 33693 ]
Unidentified men 1981-01-07
[ Inv # 33795 Pic # 27685 and 27686 ]
Chidzey 1979-07-23
SOUTHERN STEEL COMPANY 1935-1982 and undated
2358 Interior of jails: City and County Jail, Denver Colorado, Tennessee County Jail, Flint , MI, Jackson County Jail, Pascagoula MI, Police Station and City Jail, El Centro California, Walker County Jail, Huntsville Texas, Wayne County Jail, Detroit MI, Federal Correctional Institute, Texarkana, TX, Brazos County Courthouse, Bryan Texas, Tulsa County Courthouse, Tulsa OK, Kittitas County Courthouse, Ellensburg WA, Flint Municipal Center, Flint MI
Rendering of buildings
Saw master
Aerial renderings
Architects working at drafting tables
2359 Fences around prison
Aerial of Ryker's Island Penitentiary, NY,NY
Unidentified building
Columbus City Jail, Columbus Ohio circa 1935
Police Station and City Jail, El Centro, California
Wayne County Jail, Detroit, Michigan circa 1937
Tarrant County Jail, Fort Worth Texas circa 1940
Montgomery County Jail, Conroe Texas
Polk County Jail, Huntsville Texas
Tennessee County Jail, Pascagoula Michigan
Racine County Jail, Racine WI
Courthouse City-County Jail, Phoenix AZ
Jefferson County Courthouse and Jail, Birmingham AL
City and County Jail, Denver CO
Fresno County Jail, Fresno CA
Rickerts Prison 1962
McLennan county Courthouse Annex and Jail, Waco TX circa 1955
Duval County Courthouse and Jail, Jacksonville FL
Federal Correctional Institution, Lompoc CA 1963
Victoria County Jail, Victoria TX
Santa Barbara County Jail, Santa Barbara CA
Travis County Courthouse and Jail, Austin TX
Tulsa County Courthouse, Tulsa OK
Brazos County Courthouse, Brazos TX
Fulton County Jail
Kittitas County Courthouse, Ellensburg WA
Criminal Courts and Jail, New Orleans, LA
Sedgwick County Courthouse and Jail, Wichita KS
Jail Building for City and County of Honolulu
Federal Correctional Institution, Texarkana TX
Galveston County Jail
Courthouse and Jail, Ventura CA
Police Head Quarters, Dearborn MI
Public Safety Head Quarters, Corpus Christi TX
2360 Machinery
Fence around prison
Annual awards dinner 1957
Annual awards dinner 1956
Cell doors
[ Pic # 3772 ]
Aerial of Southern Steel Company
Neal Talley, Albert E. Munk, Esteban Jimenez, Sidney Guilbet, Juan Munselle
Annual awards dinner 1955
Unidentified men
Harris County Courthouse and Jail, Houston TX
Jose F. Gonzales, Tom Schalli, W. G. Girkelbach, Manuel P. Tovar, Fred A. Lopez, John Ben Bill, Antonio M. Aquirre
Harold E. Dreeke, George P. Asbell, T. E. Rowell, Ben Sanchez, W. E. Eirholtz
Duval County Courthouse and Jail, Jacksonville FL
Six men in front of the Alamo
Two men
[ Pic # 12677 ]
City Prison Farm, Wichita KS
Lloyd T. White, E. F. Wilberger, Enrique Cardenas
Cell doors
Rikers Island Penitentiary, NY, NY
Fence around prison
2361 Cell doors 1967
Cell doors 1968
Control switches and buttons 1967
Traffic accident 1967
Annual Awards Banquet 1967
Annual Awards Banquet 1966
Steel frames 1966
Men 1965
[ Pic # 54240-41, 54236-38, 53375-76 ]
Cell doors 1965
Annual awards Banquet 1964
Bernalillo County Hall of Justice Albuquerque, NM
Unidentified men
[ Pic # 40423-26 ]
Adam's County Sheriff's Office
Yellow Transit Freight Lines truck 1963
Model: Public Safety and Jail Building, Salt Lake City, UT 1962
Unidentified men 1962
[ Pic # 33316-20 ]
Unidentified building 1962
[ Pic # 31566 ]
Community Guidance Center
Buttons and gauges
Unidentified building
[ Pic # 27429-36 ]
Construction of building 1961
[ Pic # 26146-150 ]
Dade County Jail an Public Safety Department , Miami FL 1959
Fences around prison 1960
Rendering: Jail Building for City and County of Honolulu
Southern Steel Company exterior and trucks 1959
Rendering: Val Verde County Jail, Del Rio, TX
Rendering: Bossier Parish Jail Building, Benton LA
Rendering: City Jail-Police Head Quarters, Amarillo TX
Rendering: Calcasieu Parish Jail, lake Charles LA
Rendering: Duval County Courthouse and Jail, Jacksonville FL
Rendering: Bell County Jail, Belton TX
Rendering: Fulton County Jail
Rendering: Sedgwick County Courthouse and Jail, Wichita KS
Rendering: Victoria County Jail
Eastham Farm, Huntsville, TX
2362 Engine
Valves switches
Rods 1960
Cell doors 1960
Rendering of a prison
City Prison Farm, Wichita KS
Jail cells
Rendering: Jackson County Jail, Pascagoula, MI
2363 Interior and exterior of New County Jail for San Antonio 1962
Men inspecting outer fence 1962
County Jail building 1962
Switches and gauges 1962
Doors and cells 1962
Lunch room 1962
Visiting area 1962
Kitchen 1962
Construction of County Jail 1962
2364 Interior of prison cell 1962
Steel closet 1962
Harris County Prison Center: 20 years master plan
Interior of prison
Visitor booths
Control switches 1962
Ironing board closet
Southern Steel employees making steel products
Rendering: Jefferson County Jail, Pascagoula, MI
Benches and tables
Aerial of prison
Rikers Island Penitentiary, NY
Dade County Jail an Public Safety Department , Miami FL
Exterior of Southern Steel Company circa 1900
Rendering: Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola LA
Group of unidentified men 1964
Switches and buttons
Galveston County Jail
State Prison, Florence AZ 1968
2365 Padded cell
Holding cell
Cell doors and tables and benches
Visiting area
Control boxes
2366 Man welding 1964
Man dipping steel into water 1964
Man cutting steel 1964
Architects working at drafting tables 1964
Two men turning bars in cell doors 1964
Man painting steel frame 1964
Cell doors 1964
Steel being processed 1964
Southern Steel plant interior and employees 1964
Lunchroom 1964
Locker-room 1964
Entrance to plant 1964
Offices 1964
Aerial of Southern Steel Company Plant 1964
2367 Jail cell doors 1972
Jail cell doors 1967
Employees 1981-12-24
Locks 1979-07-31
Locks 1979-10-11
Rendering: Shelby County Justice Center 1977-08-13
Jail doors 1979-02-14
Awards presentation 1978-12-14
2368 Annual dinner at assembly building
[ Pic # 74611, 74613A ]
Yellow blocks
Two models of prison
2369 Control cabinet 1970-08-28
Maricopa County Jail, Phoenix AZ
Gears 1970
Metal window and screen 1970-08-18
Piles of steel in plant yard 1970-06-26
Items in a shipment 1970-06-17
Jail gate motor 1970-12-16
Annual awards banquet and employees 1970-12-10
President Nixon and Hull Youngblood at White House 1970-03-19
Consoles 1969-12-18
Annual awards banquet and employees 1969-12-11
Door locking equipment 1969-11-13
Equipment 1969-06-18
Jail equipment at Bexar County jail 1969-08-27
Jail equipment 1969-04-01
2370 Pro-Motivation: detention equipment at Southern Steel 1976-11-11
Stainless steel chairs 1978-11-10
Door locking unit 1978-02-24
Table, shelf and wall unit 1976-05-27
Doors and sleeping berth 1977-12-14
Miscellanies Jail pieces 1976-05-27
Awards presentation 1982-12-22
Groups 1980-12-22
Groups 1979-12-13
Christmas awards dinner 1974-12-12
Christmas awards dinner 1976-12-13
Annual Christmas dinner 1975-12-11
Jail equipment 1973-09-22
Jail doors 1976-02-11
Two men 1976-06-23
Executives 1976-06-08
Stainless steel chairs and table 1977-05-19
Awards banquet 1976-12-09
Safety equipment 1976-09-14
Awards luncheon 1977-12-08
Hull Youngblood 1975-06-04
Control cabinet 1973-06-07
Building 1972-12-27
Christmas dinner and awards 1972-12-14
Electric door controls 1972-09-12
Christmas awards dinner 1971-12-16
Aerial of plant 1971-07-30
Hull Youngblood 1970-02-03
Train with equipment for overseas 1971-03-26
2371 Cabinet 1973-06-26
Compartment with bed 1973-04-18
Rendering of a building 1973
Rendering of #2 Toll building 1973
Southern Steel Company plaque 1972-01-05
Prison doors and control panels 1972-12-27
Employees 1973-01-08
Locks 1972-12-19
Equipment 1972-12-28
2372 Nameplate wall of contributors to Children's Hospital Building fund
Nameplates of contributors to Heith Memorial Hospital
Honor roll of contributors to Highland Terrace Methodist Church
Booth at Bexar Architects Convention 1969-10-30
Plaques from Southwell 1969-06-19
Plaques from Southwell 1969-06-12
Texas Historical Signs
Game Conservation Award to Ian Player 1969-05-28
Plaque: Lady Bird Johnson award 1970-09-02
White Hunter knife
Puma knife and scabbard
Oil lamp
Southwestern Bell telephone Company sign
Seals of the State of Texas: a professional engineer, a notary public and Gateway Dairy Products, Inc. in Laredo
Thomas D. White National Defense Award
Unidentified man in polo gear
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company building
Men at Southwell Company Booth at BAC
Citizens National Bank exterior
Jefferson State Bank sign
The Southbell Company sign
Steen Building 1967
Government Employees Credit Union building
Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church sign
Providence High School sign
Jaycee Law Enforcement Award 1966
Joe Freeman Award
Great Western sign
Fire Station # 4 sign
USAF Kelly AFB sign
Plaque to JFK
Messy office 1967
De Rossetti with mounted animal's head and fish on wall behind him
WW I and II remembrance plaques
Bexar County Jail sign
U. S. Post Office sign: Highland Hills Station
Smithville Community Hospital plaque
Anglers Club Award
Name plates
Rams head
Stanton ISD sign
Stonewall Jackson Elementary School sign 1961
Oscar Henry Cooper High School sign
Louise G. Wallace Hospital sign
Liberal Arts Building sign
Pan American College sign
List of contributors to Falcon Stadium
McFarlin Pavilion sign at Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital
First Protestant church plaque
S. Garland High School plaque, Garland TX
Barstop County Courthouse and Pioneer church plaque
Southwell exhibit at 1962 Trade Fair
Greeneville Jr. High School sign
George Washington Carver Elementary School plaque
Robert E. Lee Highs School plaque 1961
Historical markers
Mid-High School, Carlsbad NM
Stanton ISD Auditorium and Band hall sign
William A. Wood Memorial School plaque
Highlands Elementary School Board of Trustees plaque
Pauling Nelson Elementary School plaque
Valley Baptist Hospital plaque
2373 Classroom Building plaque 1973-11-14
Southwell booth at TSA Convention 1973-11-01
Hunter Plaza Apartments plaque 1973-07-10
Colonel G. M. Palmer 1973-08-27
Fair Avenue Apartments plaque 1973-07-19
Lawn signs 1973-08-01
Holliday and Bonner sign 1973-06-13
Directional cabinets and plaques 1973-06-06
Exterior: Hope Lutheran Church 1973-06-06
Plaque for new Jr. High and Elementary School Building 1973-05-31
Plaque: Table Rock City Park, Table Rock NE 1973-05-23
Plaque at airport 1973-04-18
Plaque: directory, Civic Center, Jackson TN and Martin County Community Center, Midland TX 1973-04-06
Plaque for Burns Park 1973-04-02
Plaque: Benavides Elementary School 1973-03-09
Plaque: YMCA 1973-02-23
Plaque: Memorial Hospital 1973-01-22
Information box: Central Christian Church 1973-01-17
Medical Center Plaza and Palm Beach County Public Library System plaques 1972-09-26
Plaque: Thunderbird High School, Glendale Union Highs School 1972-09-28
Entrance to Bexar County Court House 1973-06-23
Rotary meeting 1972-03-02
Donation plaque at Hope Lutheran Church 1971-11-24
Crosses at Hope Lutheran church 1971-06-30
Memory plaques 1971-06
Student Memorial Union Building plaque 1971-05-26
Nix Medical Building plaque 1971-05-14
Athlete of the Year Award plaque and appreciation plaque, First Baptist Church 1971-05-11
Plaque of Library of the Presidents, a memorial to John Ben Sheppard, Jr. 1971-06-10
Preacher in front of Hope Lutheran Church 1971-05-27
Fiesta Apartments information case 1971-04-13
Schreiner Institute plaque 1971-02-23
Nameplate 1970-06-16
Directory at Oak Hill Medical Center 1970-06-02
Texas Memorial Stadium entrance and UT seal 1970-05-27
Plaque for Cooley School 1970-03-10
First Baptist Church sanctuary plaque
Camera Tienda sign 1969-09-24
The Heard Museum plaque 1969-12-06
Plaques: Shawnee Elementary School, Marshall County Jail 1969-07-24
Plaque: Civic Center in Abilene, TX 1969-12-16
Plaque: Riverdale Elementary School, Maywood Jr. Highs School and Ashley County Courthouse 1969-12-11
Fire engine and plaque for station # 1 fire department, City of Wharton 1969-06-19
Mitchell Municipal Airport Terminal plaque 1969-07-14
Plaque Killeen Stadium 1969-08-21
Great Western sign
Hoquiam High School plaque 1968-05-13
Junction High School
Estella Steward Elementary School plaque 1966
First Christian Church plaque
Nameplates 1963-09-30
Three ladies under a tree 1961-03-17
Nameplates 1963-09-02
The Southwell Company Building
2374 Plaques on walls: King Arthur, Chiles Toolpusher, Mercedes TX, Addison Fire Station # 2 1983-02-22
Plaques: Morton Elementary School and Kino Community Hospital
Signs 1974-05-14
Donation and gift plaque at Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1983-02-28
Texas Historical markers for cemeteries, people, churches and camps 1982-07-16
Two swords 1981-11-11
Signs 1980-11-10
Billy Southwell and J. A. Mac DeDevitt 1980-02-14
Plaque for San Antonio Gun Club 1977-10-13
Arkansas American Revolution Bicentennial Fountain plaque 1977-06-28
Albert Seideman House plaque 1977-06-23
Signs in Tower-Life Building and NBC building 1977-05-03
Teller signs 1977-04-28
Plaque: Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center 1977-03-01
Directional signs at UTSA 1977-02-24
Plaque: Ronald and Elena Sanchez Activity Center 1977-02-02
Wilson Southwell 1977-02-07
Plaque: Astoria Police and Fire Head Quarters building 1977-01-07
LBJ Memorial Student Center plaque 1977-01-06
Southwell Company Building 1976-10-16
Plaque for time capsule and time capsule 1975-12-15
Bicentennial plaques 1976-08-05
Man at computer type-setter 1975-06-26
Sign 1975-06-24
Old photographs of Southwell Company and employees circa 1915 1975-05-30
Three unidentified men 1975-05-28
[ Pic # 14826 Inv # 19639 ]
Signs and name plates 1975-05-29
UT plaque 1975-04-14
Comanche County Memorial Hospital plaque 1975-03-12
Metropolitan General Hospital sign 1972-02-21
Great Seal of the Navajo Tribe 1975-01-30
Sign 1974-05-20
Directories boards 1974-07-11
Plaque for Bellevue Scholl 1974-10-30
Directory board at Tower-Life Building 1974-02-01
2375 Southwell Stamp Company: identity stamps 1986-12-08
2376 Unidentified man 1981-03-05
[ Inv # 34437 Pic # 119022-24 ]
Willie Nelson 1980-02-04
Cowboy hats 1980-06-04
Unidentified people 1979-09-20
[ Inv # 31969 Pic # 116586-87 ]
Model and egg 1978-01-04
2377 Man looking through storeroom
Man behind counter
Southwest Photo Supply building 1949
Interior of Southwest Photo Supply
2378 Plaza Hotel: events
Texas Calaviers
Convention: Southwest Photographer
Dancers, Hawaii
Bands, Mexican
2379 Charts 1977-09-23
Filers 1977-07-27
Explosion 1977-07-18
Charts and graphs 1977-06-15
Viewgraphs 1977-04-25
Viewgraphs 1976-12-14
Bulldozer 1976-11-26
Men with audio equipment 1976-09-16
2380 SwTI building 1963
Plaque on Tom Slick Memorial Building
Aerial of SwTI
Mayor McAllister and another man
Montage of SwTI buildings 1968
Buildings 1968-07-19
Rendering of SwTI 1968-11-08
Booth at Convention Center 1970-01-24
A. C. Halen 1970-03-03
Gerald Oster 1970-03-31
Picnic in La Villita
Baboon with baby
Aerial of SwTI 1973-01-12
Color wheel 1974-06-20
Group of people
Rendering of SwTI
General Atomic at SwTI 1967
Buildings 1960
Construction progress on Chemistry Laboratory Building 1963-03-04
Construction progress on Chemistry Laboratory Building 1963-01-11
Construction progress on Chemistry Laboratory Building 1963-04-14
Construction progress on Chemistry Laboratory Building 1963-05-09
Scientists doing experiments
Models of buildings
2381 Medical Complex, Methodist Hospital 1974-07-23
Medical Complex, Methodist Hospital 1976-06-28
2382 Unidentified man
[ Pic # 54204 ]
Ceremony 1963
[ Pic # 39010 ]
Ceremony 1961
[ Pic # 24691 ]
Two men with plaque 1964
Presentation of roses to Mr. Nowlin by Bruce D. Sorenson and Mrs. D. Duffy, RN 1971-09-27
Mr. Sorenson at desk 1971-05-27
Exterior of Methodist Hospital
Gibson M. Du Tenoil and two girls check presentation 1966
Architectural tracing 1969-03-18
Three men by plane
[ Pic # 37237 ]
Group of men
[ Pic # 38195 ]
Group of women
[ Pic # 60484 ]
Document signing and architectural model of hospital 1969-03-18
Construction of hospital 1967
Rendering of Hospital 1959
Man with three kittens 1962
Man and woman outside hospital chapel 1966
Exterior of hospital 1963
Opening ceremonies 1966
Blue Bird Auxiliary receiving plaque 1968
Two people cutting cake at 5th anniversary of Methodist Hospital 1968-09-25
Ohio Chemical Company surgical equipment
Group of ladies 1966
Architectural model
Ground breaking of Methodist Hospital 1959
Christmas decorations at nurses station 1965
Hospital beds and gurneys 1965
Conwell chapel 1965
Nurses at microscope 1966
Orderly with wreaths
Doctors X-raying patient
Rendering: proposed Shrine Handicapped Children's Hospital 1962
Elizabeth A. Bruchmiller receiving plaque from Bruce Sorenson 1966
Waiting room 1964
Nursery with baby 1963
Dedication of building 1961
Group of kids standing by Sunset Limited trains
Kid with bandage of foot
Baby crying
Nurse in kitchen getting patients food ready
Putting man on stretcher
2383 Aerials of Methodist Hospital 1975-11-12
Exterior of Methodist Hospital
Exterior of Methodist Hospital 1976-03-11
Rendering of Methodist Hospital 1976-09-03
Rendering of Methodist Hospital 1976-07-27
Exterior of Methodist Hospital 1976-03-25
Ground breaking at Methodist Hospital 1976
Aerial photograph of Methodist Hospital 1975-12-11
Rendering 1973-09-18
Indoor garden
Unidentified man 1973
[ Pic # 10848 and 49 ]
Sorenson 1973-08-28
Unidentified group
Moody Maternity Suite plaque
People in chapel
Room 1963
Conwell chapel 1963
Doctor looking at X-rays
Rendering: Harry and Joe Freeman Radiation Therapy Center 1969-05-18
Exterior of Methodist Hospital 1971-06-15
Machinery 1967
Interior of lobby 1964-04-15
Sketches and floor plans 1964-02-24
Interior of Methodist Hospital 1964-08-07
Interior, plaques, aerial views and exterior of Methodist Hospital 1963-07-19
Kitchen equipment 1963-03-24
Interior of Methodist Hospital 1961-12-26
McFarlin plaque 1963-01-26
Premature babies' nursery and equipment 1961-08-16
Dick Musgrove 1961-10-19
2385 House
Operators ans switchboard circa 1900
Three people outside of huse 1962
Construction 1949-08-01
Construction 1949-07-20
Group of men
Man at microphone
Man wearing sombrero and Mexican blanket
Group of ladies in front of christmas tree with baskets of toys
Chart of earth's curvature at sea level
Christmas party
Jersey Lilly Room
E M. Clark, Robert J. Hoffman, Bill M. Brock at luncheon
Ladies presenting unidentifie dman with check
Two men and woman
Pauline McCurd, Marjorie Binz and two others
Clarence R. Styles
Betty Jennings, Ben F. Givens, Myrtle Montgomery
Two men with cake
Woman behind desk with presents
Soldiers and two women outside Bell Telephone Builidng
Six unidentified men
5 women with snowballs
Walter R. Wray
Electrical switchbox
Group of unidentified men
Group of men and women
Operators ans switchboard
Phone booth
Group in ballroom
Construction 1949-05-02
Construction 1949-03-01
Construction 1948-12-03
Construction 1949-04-01
Construction 1949-04-16
Construction 1949-06-16
Construction 1948-12-31
Construction 1949-10-21
Construction 1948-09-17
Construction 1949-05-02
Construction 1949-04-11
Christmas tree
Large group of ladies
Map of building developments in San Antonio
People decorating Christmas tree
1912 J. M. Peyton 2 cyliner Maxwell
Man in candy store
Two wrecked cars 1958
2386 Aerial photograph of downtown San Antonio: Municipal Auditorium, Tower-Life Building, Texas Theater, San Antonio River, churches, Alamo National Bank, parks
Telephone General Store
Woman talking on car phone circa 1958
Telephone repair crew 1959
Northeast Work Center under construction 1957-03-11
Southeast Work Center under construction 1957-04-12
People by bus for United Fund Tour
Large antenna
Cable wires
Randolph Air Force Base gate
Automobiles and building 1954
Telephone operators and switchboard
Southwest Bell Building
Railroad tracks
Unidentified building
Gas station
Group of men
Telephone Center
Out buildings
[ Pic # 172 ]
Man working on fuses
Woman using pay phone
Construction of out building 1948-10-01
Building 1950-01-31
Construction of building 1948-08-30
Telephone collection
Corner of W. Ashby Place and Againer Avenue, Tozel and Cotter Air Conditioning Company
Building 1949-07-06
Building 1949-12-05
Building 1950-01-21
Building 1949-06-01
Building 1949-03-16
Telephone display
Truck circa 1912
Operators and switchboard circa 1900
Man by car
Telephone on cart
Out building at Mayfield and Commercial Streets
2387 Four men at Buckhorn Hall of Horns
Two men with Edison Televoices
Man talking on phone
Unidentified building
Warning sign
Two women with Singer sewing machines
Group of women with trophies
Emblem in recognition of 15 years of service J. H. Helmooth 1955-05-15
Man working at switchboard
Woman with present
Women at BPOE meeting
Paul Snoundin's party
Cars along a road
Manhole cover
Three people with cake
Two women with bowling trophies
People in park
Man with briefcases
Unidentified people
Three men and donkey at San Jose Mission
Two men with model planes and trophies
Three men at a Mission
Woman with silver service and other presents
Man with little boy
Man feeding birds
Man and woman with stuffed birds
Telephone poles
Tex Bressler
Receiving line
Man with two children
Display case
Men stringing wire
2388 Telephone pole
Two ladies in a meeting
Four ladies and a man
[ Pic # 8226 ]
Man at Mission Road School for Exceptional Children
Man at baseball diamond
Six ladies
[ Pic # 7897 ]
Group of ladies
[ Pic # 7898 ]
Two ladies
[ Pic # 7896 ]
Football team
[ Pic # 8112 ]
Unidentified man
Ladies around Christmas tree and toys, Monopoly, Chinese checkers
Girl scout leader
United Fund banner
Man by Optimist Club banner
Man by police car
Man at Alamo Heights Fire station on fire truck
Boy Scout leader holding 1st Aid Kit and handbook
Air surveillance supervisor
Lions Club meeting
Woman with lunch
Man with flags in front of him
Fred Oliver, Bertie Oliver, Doris Timberlake
Group of ladies
[ Pic # 6986 ]
Woman looking at 1956 San Antonio Phone Directory
Group of women with trophies
PBX meeting
Charles A. Carpenter, Johnnie Pugh, Blanche Ettle and others
Operators at switchboard
Dancers, Hawaii
Surveys of farmers in 1956 1956
Ladies by cannons
Mary Sullivan at St. Joseph
Telephone wires
2389 Three ladies with boy in wheelchair
Six lades looking at baby in crib
Ladies at a tea
Group in front of United Fund Tour bus in front of Southwest Bell Telephone Company building
Group of men standing around talking
Two men shaking hands
Five ladies and little boy looking at two babies in their cribs
Woman at desk
Operator at switchboard
Six ladies outside gate of United Fund Member Agency
Group of men at luncheon
Group of ladies touring SW Bell
Unidentified woman
Woman shaking hands at a luncheon
Six women
Two men holding something
Group of ladies with presents
Eight people with trophies
Telephone workers working on phone lines 1958
Telephone workers working on phone lines
Three men with some round object
Man and woman with trophies
Group of men and women with eight kids on bike and swings
SW Bell window display
SW Bell truck 1958
Exposed wire and cable
Two men shaking hands
Three operators at switchboard
Two men with little girl
Telephone pole by cars
Group of ladies with group of kids in wheelchairs
Seven ladies
Three ladies
Railroad tracks
Two women and a man
Wrecked cars
Direct Distance Dialing display
Woman talking on pay phone from her car
Woman with parakeets
Woman with little girl on switchboard
Telephone worker getting ready to go up pole
Woman getting on escalator
Group of women with large cake
Man and woman with presents
Lola W. Janell
Operator at switchboard
Woman at desk
Man with wall of wiring
Man at Woodlawn Optimist Club
Woman in front of map of Palestine holding bible
Man and woman with pamphlets
Six ladies
Buddy Wolfe
Group of ladies
Ladies and a man
Woman at desk
Boy Scout troop leader with scout books
Woman talking on pay phone
Man with model of phone poles and lines
Man with scouting books and badges
Man with basket ball and trophies
Group of ladies in classroom
Two couples
Two men holding Special Award
Woman in swimsuit
Three women
Willie Berger, Alice Cleveland, Gertrude Reed
Bowling team
Man getting ready to throw bowling ball
Group of SW Bell employees
Drive up phone by Wyatt's Cafeteria, Thom McAn, Silvet Music and Duane's Shoes
Group of ladies
Four men helping man on ground
Group of ladies
Two men with little girl
Unidentified woman
Woman with bible by candles
Scouts touring SW Bell
Box of wiring and tools
Carl Siebenthall, Charles Northrop, Carl Rose, Ken Robertson, Claud Burney, Allen Burton, Connie Lundgreen, Lon McLaughlin
Woman with presents
Unidentified man
SW Bell building
SW Bell display
Two men with gavel
Truck at Clavaros turned over by RR tracks
Group of ladies
Telephone worker on pole
Ladies with baby
Man by Diamond Camera Corporation
Two men holding phone
Two women behind counter
Unidentified man
man with five ladies
House under construction
Woman on phone
Group of bowlers with trophies
Woman by NBC sign
Group of ladies
Woman painting ceramics
Group of men
Telephone Pioneers of America lone Star Chapter # 22
Building on corner of Avondale and Clark
Driveway lane
John M. Diracles and others with the Fiesta San Jacinto Association
2390 Telephone directory for San Antonio cover 1962
SW Bell: San Jose Mission and Conception Mission 1970-06-17
The Alamo
Parade, floats, marching band, Lee Optical, Landmark Building, Carl's, Frosts', Penney's, Three Sister, Hutchins Brothers, Woolworth, Webster's, Pincus Company, Manhattan Café, Walgreens, Franklin's, Burt's Shoes, Grayson's, Zales, Florsheim Shoes, Payless drugs, Neisner's, Majestic Theater, Josephine Vance, Lucille Clayton, Duchess of Winged Grace, duchess of the Gondola, soldiers, twirlers, Duchess of Gala Regattas, Lackland AFB float, Kelly AFB float, Brooke Army Medical Center Float, Hemisfairettes, Aerospace Medical Division float, U.S. Navy float, East Central High School float Queens, drum majorettes, Oliver Wendell Holmes High School marching Band, Lamar High School band, San Marcos High School float, Blessed Sacrament Academy marching band, Brackenridge Highs School float 1965-07-26
Fort Sam Houston quadrangle: clock tower, cannon, deer and peacock
Giraffes at San Antonio Zoo
Tower-Life Building, Hemis Fair Plaza
Tower of the Americas
Skyline of San Antonio
Mission San Jose
La Villita
2391 Hallway
Electronic equipment
Public phones
Telephone booths
SW Bell Management Conference: D. F. Stewart, P. G. Wilbanks, M. J. Williams, H. H. Mudd, H. J. Miller, W. L. Lindholm, Sam Holcomb, H. C. Mitschrich, Curtis Mallory, Whitney Harris, Ford Hall, Joe Hunt, T. I. Powrie, E. W. Will, Curtis Wilcox, C. C. Perviex, A. V. Edmondson, E. L. Crossland, O'Coner Gates, G. R. Alston, E. Richards, L. H. Hudson, R. L. Blanton, Jr., Marshall Kemp, Stan Bell, B. O. Timberlake, Jim Sellers, P. F. Bressler, Joe Gangney, R. F. Calhoun, C. C. Bradshaw, Kester Denman, Claude Mathews, Clyde Walker, W. A. Barton, Ed Chronister, W. L. Barbara, Jim Monk, Rush Haywood, Ed Eickman, Jim Farrimond, C. W. Young, R. E. Kelly, Joe Graham, Joe Ridgeway, George Hughes, A. R. Mueller, L. R. Landers 1963-02-08
Unidentified man receiving plaque
Torero's Lounge, railroad tracks, corner of Arbor and North Saint Mary's Streets 1963
Man with 1st place winner photograph at 1963 State Fair
Man with award for outstanding safety performance in the Victoria district
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 35275 ]
House and truck
Couple with baby
[ Pic # 39845 ]
People standing beside a bus
Two ladies and baby in crib
Three people in front of bear enclosure at San Antonio Zoo
Jo Beth Dowell receiving trophy
Group touring SW Bell including priest
Two unidentified men
[ Pic # 40371 ]
Luncheon at Saint Anthony Hotel
Man looking at pamphlet
Houses and telephone poles
Woman with angel figurine for Christmas tree
Truck and car
Humble gas station
Mobil station
Group posing
Schedules 1964-01-04
Charts 1964-01-08
Secretaries using adding machines
Group of people touring SW Bell including nuns
Unidentified men
Men pushing cream pies in each other faces
Girl on phone and girl studying
Three people in front of the Alamo
Man with baseball player SWPI Inkers
Telephone repair man
SW Bell Phone Building
Two phone workers picketing
Group of people
SW Bell open house
SW Bell Phone display
Group of people with trophies
Telephone towers 1963-02-01
Unidentified man with toy stagecoaches
[ Pic # 33712 ]
Man wearing wig and sunglasses holding a guitar and man wearing Indian Creek Scout Camp shirt and scout hat with backpack
Traffic cone and flag
Group posing
Two men with trophies
Group on river barge
Man with plaque
Ben Smith, Charlie Carpenter and Bob McNamara with telephones
Bell B. Fenton
Home show Bell phone display
Window display for Bell telephone
Girl on bicycle
2392 Unidentified men 1964
SW Bell: Jerry Blathewick 1968-08-30
SW Bell: Rita McGirk 1970-07-28
Unidentified woman and man
Unidentified woman 1966
[ Pic # 55048 ]
Two unidentified women
Unidentified woman
[ Pic # 33072 ]
Unidentified woman
[ Pic # 32178 ]
Unidentified woman 1962
[ Pic # 31939 ]
Unidentified woman
[ 1-7, 9-22, 24, 26, 27 ]
Unidentified woman
Unidentified man
Dan Banks
Mirna Shaner
Jody Corner
Unidentified women
[ Pic # 58678-28689 ]
J. T. Wiggins
Linda Reed
L. E. Ward
Dora Sabinas
Unidentified women
[ Pic # 60854-60855 ]
Unidentified man 1967
[ Pic # 66721 ]
Unidentified women 1966
[ Pic # 50123, 54915-54917 ]
Unidentified women 1965
[ Pic # 48623-48626 ]
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 48968 ]
Unidentified man
Unidentified women 1965
[ Pic # 48668 ]
Unidentified women 1966
[ Pic # 54915-54917 ]
Unidentified women
Unidentified women 1966
[ Pic # 56863-56866 ]
2393 SW Bell Congress 5 Dial Building, Austin TX 1963-10-16
SW Bell: construction on SW Bell Congress 5 Dial Building 1963-09-04
SW Bell: construction on SW Bell Congress 5 Dial Building 1963-09-25
2394 Telephone display
Waiting room
SW Bell building
Electronic equipment
Hank Hudson: Hank Hudson with woman and girl in convertible 1964-04-29
2395 Woman and a girl jumping on a trampoline
Wires and men around telephone poles in front of Matthew's Florist Shop, Car Parts Company, and North Park Funeral Home
Broken telephone pole
Group of young people in nursing home
Group of young people in a factory 1965
[ Pic # 53042 ]
People in kindergarten classroom with kids 1965
Group of kids touring SW Bell Maintenance Center
Group of kids touring SW Bell Direct Distance dialing
United Fund drive luncheon
Group of people standing by table with cake and punch
People in front of bus getting set to go on telephone employees United Fund Tour in front of SW Bell building
Trailer with tanks on it 1966
Four men hanging " Vicious Vernon" dummy
Walter. W. McAllister presenting citation to L. G. Guborn 1966
Kids playing with tick tack toe machine for telephone relays
Kids listening to Telstar
Two men on roof of house
H. L. Glotzert
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 55123 ]
Unidentified man in cowboy hat 1966
[ Pic # 55124 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 55125 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 55122 ]
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 55121 ]
Two men with stick horses
[ Pic # 55120 ]
Group of men 1966
[ Pic # 54942-A ]
Man with stick horse 1966
[ Pic # 54920 ]
Two ladies with life membership certificate to Telephone Pioneers of America 1966
Two ladies and a man with a large easel and paper 1966
[ Pic # 58297 ]
Telephone cable
Ditch digger
Group of people posing 1966
[ Pic # 58296 ]
Retirement party at Wolfe's Inn 1966-06-20
Road 1966
[ Pic # 57821 ]
SW Bell building
Manhole cover
Line damage
Man writing on paper
Cable damage on South Presa and Lotus Streets 1966-08-05
David L. Lynch, Sr.
Two men with plaque
Three men in building under construction
Pay phones
Books: Fundamentals of Direct Current and Magnetism, Electricity for the Telephone Man, The Bookshelf, Basic Electricity, Tuition Plan for Telephone People, Basic Electronics, A Programmed Learning Course on Basic Electricity
United Fund Kick Off Breakfast at El Tropicano 1966-10
Group posed 1966
[ Pic # 56958 ]
Miss Touchstone and Miss Trimline at Arden Grove 1967
Kids on swingset
Group with babies
Group standing by paper shredding machine
Group with kids 1965
Two men showing machinery on WOAI-TV
Unidentified couple
[ Pic # 51108 ]
Broken cable
Wire protector building
Gas canisters
Corner of Hicks and Mission Road: construction for phone cable
Truck 1968
Book: Principles of Electricity applied to Telephone and Telegraph Work
Two men holding 1965 telephone book 1965
Luncheon and a speaker at Saint Anthony Hotel 1965
Group of ladies and a man with plaque
Traffic Management Meeting: H. C. Mitschrick 1965-12
Three men and a woman holding citation: O. J. Morris
Telephone operators
Opening ceremonies 1965
Waiting room
Red Carpet Committee. H. Streeter, Les Lande, Morie Mathew, Ken Hardy, Lonnie Crisp, Henry Presmeyer and others standing by plane
Three men standing by United Fund charts
Charm bracelet and charms of telephone dials and phone book
Group of men holding trophies and plaques
Two couples
Four men 1965
[ Pic # 51105 ]
Men climbing telephone poles
San Antonio Fire Department display
SW Bell construction progress on Lincoln 3 Building Addition, El Campo,TX 1964-12-29
Hank Hudson, Roland Landers and another man with a Bowie knife
Meritorious Award to R.B. Reeves for saving someone form drowning
ATandT Vice President arriving at airport 1965-10-28
2396 Telephone operators at switchboard, building, map of San Antonio phone exchange area 1972-01-24
Phone line charts 1970-11-03
San Antonio skyline 1970-10-07
Jada Davis 1970-03-31
Slides of cartoon: people for TV ads of SW Bell, front pages of the Telephone Times for 1970-02-09 and 1970-01-26 pamphlet called Managing Tomorrow Today, articles from Action Line, cover of Signal magazine and Pearl Beer 1970-03-14
Graphs and charts 1970-01-19
Graphs and charts 1970-01-18
Chart: disabling injury, jobs 1970-01-13
Employment summary chart 1970-01-13
Graphs and charts 1970-01-12
Jim Sellers and Max Holman 1970-01-08
Graphs and charts 1970-01-09
Graphs and charts 1970-01-09
Charts: exchange maintenance service results 1970-01-07
Charts 1970-01-02
Drawings, people and charts 1969-12-12
Drawings and charts for presentation 1969-02-26
Charts for presentation 1968-08-13
Slides for presentation 1968-08-12
Key activities of Traffic Management poster and charts 1965
Telephones, U.S. map and charts
SW Bell Uvalde 1964-11-12
Railroad tracks, ditches, ditch digger, telephone cable 1964-10-12
Charts 1964-07-28
Home and Hobby show booth 1966-03
Training room 1966-12-23
Trailer with equipment 1966-04-04
2397 Telephone buildings
Colonel Cheevers and H. D. Schodde at USAA 1968-12-13
Electrical outlet on office floor 1968-11-22
Party with SW Bell employees 1968-12-09
Dan Garrett and two other men on phones 1968-11-08
Large crane loading equipment on building under construction 1968-11-07
El Tropicano Ballroom 3rd floor: United Fund Drive 1968-10-04
Charles Davenport 1968-10-14
Mobile Early Cancer Diagnosis Unit at McCreless Mall with phone people 1968-10-09
James W. Laurie and two others holding phone book and picture of tower at Trinity University. Men standing by fountain 1968-08-26
Two men holding Scene Magazine with Tower of America in background on front page 1968-08-20
Meeting in Peraux Room at Saint Anthony Hotel 1968-07-11
Retirement dinner at Arden Grove
SW Bell truck barn 1967
Two men loading table into van
Storage room
Storage cubby holes
Storage shelves
Man repairing phone
Enriqueta's Beauty Salon and Little Mexico Café 1967
Little boy on crutches holding football at United Fund Drive at El Tropicano
Group of ladies
Journalists typing stories
People using phones in cubicles
Phone operators: Barbara Samford, Irene Casias, Pamela May
Two men shaking hands while boarding jet
SW Bell display
Group of ladies by Greyhound bus
Presentation of plaque to R. A. Goodman from Conservation Society and Hemis Fair scroll from Jim Gaines
SW Bell Building on Quintana Road
Crane lifting transformer to top of telephone building
Hold dug in sidewalk to work on underground phone lines
Telephone truck and road roller traffic accident
Cable damage on Austin Highway and Rail Road tracks
Pot holes
2398 Work shop: James Kelly, Henry Christopher, Joe Ridgeway 1969-09-08
Rendering of SW Bell Telephone building in Harlington, TX 1969-09-12
Man at desk 1969-09-01
Publicity for telephone directory delivery 1969-08-24
Demonstration of phone to East side kids 1969-08-19
Needle eye and two men working 1969-08-13
Telephone tower and people working with machine 1969-08-13
Scene of accidental fall from telephone pole 1969-07-10
Chosobar Building 1969-07-08
Telephone poles 1969-07-07
Dallas 1887 Main Street and Central Bell Office 1969-06-27
100 people at Hilton Palacio del Rio Telephone Pioneers of America 1969-04-21
Bell President speaking at La Villita Assembly Hall for new chapter members 1969-06-21
Interior of SW Bell offices at 303 South Alamo: Kappelmann, Lopez, Troutman 1969-06-12
Mr. Reeves 1969-05-20
Girl with telephones 1969-06-05
Mr. Goodson with students in caps and gowns at Divine High School 1969-05-26
Margaret A. Elledge retirement party: money tree, Illene, Reynolds, Alice Cleveland, Joan Church 1969-05-05
Bickhoff 1969-05-02
Operators wearing sweatshirts 1969-05-02
Presentation of check to city manager 1969-03-01
Mayor McAllister, W. R. Wall, T. M. Fleming with certificates of Appreciation 1969-04-24
Awards and presentation 1969-04-22
Pioneer meeting at Hilton Palacio del Rio 1969-04-14
Bell employees 1969-04-14
Dr. Kimmel at Trinity Grad Center 1969-03-20
Edgewood High School auditorium 1969-03-07
Meeting at Convention Center 1969-03-04
Presentation of award: T. J. Connolly, C. D. George, R. B. Knight, J. O. Lochridge, B. M. Copeland, J. W. Ward, Bradley, Max A. McKinney 1969-03-04
Group of award recipients: L. B. Griffin, W. W. Canford, H. D. Schodde, and others 1969-03-07
Sales meeting and salesman of the year: Barney Barnhill, Madeline Copeland, Cope Copeland, Laura Willoz, Bill Ward, Max McKinney, Kay McKinney, Don English, Jimmy Null, B. J. Wilson, B. R. Hubbard, K. A. Lanford, Ken A. Jacob 1969-03-02
President of SW Bell in front of building and presentation of road runner 1969-03-03
Cub cable at El Dorado development 1969-01-21
Three unidentified men 1969-01-07
[ Inv # 2820 ]
2399 Man by telephone pole with # 765 1969-12-22
Group from Accounting Department 1969-01-13
Group of women: Sydney Storament, Aminta, Robalin 1969-12-12
Presentation to H. D. Schodde and another man 1969-12-18
Students with telephones 1969-12-16
Group and John Steak at Chapman Grad Center, Trinity University 1969-12-02
Party Room, Barn Door, Awards to Earl Bernsch and Bill Griep 1969-11-24
Group and speakers at Pioneer luncheon 1969-11-20
New number installations 1969-11-06
Booth at TX Teachers Association a Convention Center 1969-10-24
Man on phone 1969-11-07
Groups in Brackenridge High School auditorium 1969-11-05
Pioneer Banquet at Hilton Palacio del Rio: Ginny Davis, Dick Goodson, Kay and Milt Wachab, Ernestine Smidt, Margaret Hansen, Jim Crump, Buddy Reinhold, Jeannette Smith, George Smith, Minnie Moore, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ken Mitchell, Jane Zumwalt, J. H. Zumwalt, Dick Wegner, Ella Kleypas, George Menke, John Ostner, Clara Schwartz 1969-11-02
Visiting executives from Saint Louis 1969-10-23
Mr. Scoddes presenting check to Mr. Davis, County Tax Assessor 1969-10-30
Meeting of Scout groups with SW Bell people 1969-10-29
Man at desk with small book chart 1969-10-27
The Exchange: Trinity Map 1969-10-31
[ Inv# 5446 ]
Alamo Chapter Pioneer meeting
Two pictures made in Beeville, tower and man with machinery 1969-10-20
Rendering of Osage 622 Dial Building, Amarillo 1969-10-17
Two way picture phone 1969-10-16
Kick off breakfast at El Tropicana for United Fund 1969-10-06
Four men with plaque 1969-10-06
Tour group at main office
Meeting and supper at Lackland AFB Officers Club
Kids working on telephone 1969-09-25
Retired personnel and two men with photographs of coins 1969-09-25
Presentation of bond 1969-09-24
Farmers in field 1969-09-16
Benjamin Oliver 1969-09-17
2400 Two soldiers after tornado in town
W. J. Garrison home after tornado
United Fund campaign
Miss 1924, Miss 1984, Miss Expectations, Miss Production, Miss Determination, Miss Comprehension, Miss Enthusiasm
Telephone worker
Woman wearing cardboard telephone
La Posada Motor Hotel
Aerial Photograph of San Antonio after tornado
Telephone Company Show and talk at Alagem Apache County 1970-05-30
Groups and presentation of pins 1970-06-30
Group of kids
People in line to go into SW Bell TeleTheater trailer
Cancer Society Center, 218 W. Cypress 1970-04-12
Hazel Burnhard receiving Mental Health Association award 1970-05-04
Views along Riverwalk, Tower, Community College Building 1969-04-08
Graphs and charts 1970-11-18
LBJ Lake, Helotes, McAllen 1970-02-02
Beauty contest at Auditorium Circle: Miss Amiable, Miss Composed, Miss Versatility, Miss Animated 1970-07-28
Phone and tools
Power lines all tangled up, man fixing phone lines, destroyed buildings after tornado
Groups in training classroom 1970-08-06
Tools 1970-08-06
Check presentation to Davis at courthouse 1970-11-02
Aerial photographs of downtown 1970-10-08
United Fund Luncheon and check presentation 1970-10-06
Men and awards 1970-09-15
United Fund Campaign at El Tropicano: man playing guitar and singing, speakers, George Gropp and Harold Nemsky receiving awards 1970-09-14
Empty room and a pipe 1970-08-26
Graphs and charts 1970-04-15
SW Bell Telephone gift items 1970-03-31
Construction at old building. Party at central office and San Pedro office 1970-04-04
Retirement reception for George Hughes 1970-05-15
Group of leaders 1970-05-26
Retirement party 1970-03-24
Mr. and Mrs. Shoddie at La Louisiane wearing Mexican sombreros 1970-08-17
Roland Landas presenting check to Dr. Laurie at Trinity 1970-03-17
Meeting at Saint Anthony
Beeville, men working on new numbers 1970-02-02
Earl R. Gill 1970-02-17
Group with Mayor McAllister signing proclamation 1970-02-19
Unidentified man 1970-02-13
[ Inv # 6486 ]
Emergency phones 1970-02-03
Meeting at Auditorium Circle Building 1970-02-04
2401 Presentation to Mr. Topo by Mayor Charles L. Becker 1974-04-17
Group proclamation presented to Pioneers 1974-04-17
Unidentified men
Two men looking in phone book
Unidentified men
Man by car at dealership
Man by drafting table
Woman sitting by desk
Two ladies at Buckhorn Hall of Horns
Man standing by pizza oven
Cars by a building 1969
L. B. Palmer and Sons Painting and Decorating
L. B. Palmer
2402 Two pilots and a jet
Reconstructed accident site 1973-03-01
Painting: Smithy by Windberg 1972-09-25
Telephone directory cover for San Antonio 1972-09-29
Painting by Gittorvey: Cowboys by bunkhouse with horses 07-12
Group at Argyle Club posing and eating dinner 1970-10-17
Damaged pole 1970-09-10
Groups at Argyle Club 1970-03-16
Office furniture and toy train
Man with silver tray and candelabras
Reception for Mr. Schodde with sombreros 1970-03-30
2403 Interior at Toll # 3 1972-09-26
Exterior of Helotes 695 Dial Building 1972-08-28
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1972-05-03
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1971-12-21
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1971-10-22
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1971-10-08
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1971-09-21
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1971-09-07
Construction progress: Toll # 3 building 1971-08-09
Construction progress: Palo Alto # 628 Dial Building 1973-05-22
Construction progress: Southton # 633 1974-04-10
Pipe Creek and Bandera building
Construction progress: Southton # 633 Dial Building 1974-02-18
Finals on: Lackland 674 Dial Building 1972-04-24
Construction progress: Lackland 674 Dial Building 1973-03-02
Construction progress: Lackland 674 Dial Building 1972-03-27
Construction progress: Lackland 674 Dial Building 1972-03-02
Construction progress: Lackland 674 Dial Building 1972-02-03
Construction progress: Helotes 695 Dial Building 1970-02-11
Construction progress: Lackland 674 Dial Building 1970-01-22
2404 Proclamation signing 1973-04-05
Home and Food Show: Telequiz booth 1973-04-06
Piece of wire 1973-03-15
Damaged boiler 1973-03-05
Negro College Banquet and awards: Hilliard, Mayor John Gatti, Walls, Nancy Bohman 1973-03-30
Groups at dinner, band, man with trumpet 1973-03-31
Artwork 1973-03-13
Charts of employee benefits
Presentation of checks to Kidney Fund 1973-03-09
Accident shot of wire on floor 1973-02-13
Rendering of SW Bell building 1973-01-30
Artwork 1973-01-30
Hilton Palacio del Rio: Air Force party, A. W. Stewart, groups 1972-12-11
Group of ladies 1972-12-20
Group of supervisors with Mrs. Johnson 1972-12-14
Four views of wrecked trailer at 1735 Commercial Boulevard 1972-11-02
Comptrollers Measurements Committee meeting at saint Anthony, Navarro Room 1972-10-19
Kenneth "Tennessee" Robertson 1972-10-12
Bell Touch tone console 1972-09-21
Telephone switchboard 1972-09-19
Desk top PBX phone installation 1972-09-12
Group at Barn Door Restaurant 1972-08-30
SW Bell entry of Miss United Fund contest and Miss United Fund 1972-08-04
People touring building 1972-07-24
Check to Mary Kathrin Schwaninger for $1,500 and two old coins 1972-05-25
Copy of painting 1972-04-17
Gordon West painting
Unidentified man conducting 1972-03-13
Ten women behind desk 1972-03-13
Group of ladies 1972-03-08
Mayor Gatti 1972-02-25
Joe McNamara: Longview phone book cover 1972-02-08
Bell System meeting with Telephonos de Mexico: Phyllis Green, Edith Garcia, Betty Garland, Juan del Moral, Jim Cahalan, Fred Voege, Norman Brown, Ed Will 1972-01-27
Flood in Corpus Christi 1971-08-12
Rendering of Bell Telephone building in Harlingen 1971-06-03
Accounting department San Antonio area at General Accounting Managers Convention 1971-05-20
Site where man fell from pole at West Avenue and Pilgrim 1971-05-19
Crop ladder 1971-05-12
Group of ladies 1971-03-26
Tailor Exchange cracks in ground and house 1971-03-17
SW Bell building on Boerne Stage Road 1971-02-13
2405 Construction completion: Southton 2633 building 1975-03-05
Construction completion: Southton 2633 building 1972-03-20
Construction completion: McQuenny 1973-03-20
Construction completion: Medina 1973-03-20
Construction completion: Southside 1973-03-20
2406 Construction Progress on # 1 Toll building Addition 1976-05-07
Exterior of YMCA, pre-demolition interior and exterior of # 1 Toll building 1972-03-08
Construction: Diamond 342 building Addition 1976-03-01
Progress shots of new building at West Avenue and Adobe 1976-03-01
Diamond 342 building addition construction progress 1976-05-06
Diamond 342 building addition construction progress 1976-04-09
2407 Joanne Dozero: slides of Texas, reports and the San Antonio area engineering department: L. W. Hageman, Tom C. Davis, D. W. May, B. E. Oney, Jay M. DeWitt, J. R. McKinney, P. W. Biehler
Slides showing corporate goals, operations, industry, projected monthly savings for hotels/ motels 1975-10-13
Accident with telephone lines 1975-07-09
Completed work center at Housman Road 1972-10-09
Telephone terminal boxes 1975-09-02
Accident site 1975-09-02
Bell system meeting with Telefonos De Mexico: G. A. Davidson, Fernando Torres Acosta, Armando Rivas, Fred Groceman, Paul Davis, Marla Jones, Betty Garland, Leon Zickrick, H. R. Clark, Norman S. Brown, Roberto H. Orellana, Eslie Werburg, Juan M. Del Moral and J. R. Dameron 1975-08-20
Miss United Way contest 1975-08-07
Group of visiting executives 1975-07-25
Terminal wiring assembly 1975-04-28
Graduating class 1975-03-24
Group at SW Bell 1974-10-17
Car and SW Bell truck after a collision 1974-09-10
Rendering of the Alamo 1974-09-11
SW Bell linesperson 1974-09-18
N. Hudson area telephone book cover 1974-08-28
Painting: Trial Dirt and Godd Winer 1974-08-08
Trainee management class: Craig Gonzales, Dalton Jones, Arthur Lerma, Jose Segura, Jr., Rachel Seledon, Gorge Guitierez and Kathleen Schmidt 1974-06-02
Boiler explosion 1974-06-10
Woman in graduation gown 1974-05-10
People at airport going to Hawaii 1974-04-01
Booths at Credit Union Convention 1974-03-25
Chester L. Todd receiving certificate 1974-03-11
Mr. Garvitt on the phone 1974-02-28
Young girl 1974-03-04
Two men in conference at Travis Park West Building 1974-02-16
Award presentation at Conference 1974-02-15
Group leaving airport 1974-02-14
Group at Stockman's Restaurant 1974-02-13
Boy Scout awards dinner at Convention Center 1974-02-05
Group of three generals in Hilton Palacio lobby 1974-01-21
Sidewalk accident 1974-01-09
Tom Davis talking with two High School engineering students 1973-12-17
Employees 1973-12-07
Phone exhibit at Convention Center 1973-11-01
Mayor General Theodore R. Milton 1973-10-31
Texas State Teachers Convention: SW Bell exhibit 1973-10-11
Management trainee class 1973-10-15
Booth at Texas Managers League Convention 1973-10-29
Three men at Frost Bank with computer phone 1973-10-30
Booth at Convention Center 1973-10-01
Man in Down Towner Motel 1973-10-05
Bell System meeting with Telephonos de Mexico: A. Rivas, F. Torres, M. Jones, J. Caudill, B. Garland, L. Zickrick, K. Crouch, N. Brown, E. Verburg, C. Kowachi, G. Davidson, J. del Moral 1973-11-07
Group 1973-10-26
Scenes of accidents at Anderson Loop and San Pedro 1973-10-02
Accounting department San Antonio area: Clark, Smith, Larson, Davidson, Lance, Coleman, Macha, Gammon, Hurst, King, Caughman, Crouch, Tasset, McCormack, Steppe 1973-08-08
Group 1973-07-31
Pioneers: new board members 1973-06-26
Training group 1973-06-28
2408 Construction progress # 1 Toll building addition 1976-03-09
Construction progress # 1 Toll building addition 1975-09-09
Construction progress # 1 Toll building addition 1975-03-18
Site accident 1974-12-17
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle 1974-12-02
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1974-10-07
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1974-07-05
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1974-04-11
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1974-02-20
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1974-02-01
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-11-14
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-10-26
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-09-21
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-08-08
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-05-11
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-06-27
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1974-01-21
# 1 Toll Building Addition Auditorium Circle construction progress 1973-03-28
2409 Four men loading truck 1987-03-05
Progress shots of construction 1974-12-02
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-05-07
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-07-05
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-08-12
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-10-07
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-12-02
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-05-07
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-04-11
Construction progress: Frat 655 building addition 1974-01-21
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1974-12-06
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1973-11-21
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1973-10-02
Construction progress: Wetmore 694 building addition 1973-07-11
Group of operators, ATandT 1983-10-07
2410 Exterior of SW Bell building 1981-04-27
People and equipment 1981-04-10
Exterior of SW Bell building 1980-08-17
Aerial photographs of flood damage 1980-08-12
Exterior of SW Bell building 1980-06-15
Construction progress on SW Bell building 1980-24-22
Graphs 1980-03-05
Corner of Green Meadow and Jackson-Keller 1980-03-15
Construction progress 1980-03-14
Construction progress at Ackerman Road Building 1980-02-13
Construction progress at Ackerman Road Building 1979-12-20
Worker center SW bell 1980-01-11
SW Bell building on Thousand Oaks Street 1979-12-26
SW Bell building on Thousand Oaks Street 1979-12-26
SW Bell building on Thousand Oaks Street 1979-11-12
SW Bell building on Thousand Oaks Street 1979-11-07
Construction progress of SW Bell building 1979-11-07
Unidentified man 1979-10-31
Accident site inside 103 Adobe 1979-09-07
Telephone pole damage 1979-08-09
Exterior of SW Bell building 1979-07-10
Accident site inside building on 2387 Austin Hwy 1979-04-11
Accident site 1979-03-01
SW Bell downtown 1979-02-05
SW Bell building 1979-02-05
Switch gear board 1978-07-28
Groups 1978-12-15
Accident site in Cypress Tower 1978-09-14
SW Bell Telephone Company Building 1978-06-16
Work center on Nakoma 1978-05-12
SW Bell building downtown 1978-06-16
Pole where accident happen 1978-04-27
Display for telephone ad 1978-04-14
Van at Sunken Gardens 1978-04-06
Two people looking at blueprints 1978-03-31
Wiring and engineers 1978-03-30
Subdivision of installation 1978-03-30
Digging for a cable 1978-03-20
SW Bell building 1977-06-03
SW Bell building at 103 Grove 1977-06-02
Exterior of SW Bell building on Broadway 1976
Construction progress at Walnut "922" Dial building 1976-01-04
E. W. "Slim" Everitt receiving Short-Pot Award 1977-02-16
Telephone Store 1977-02-01
Charts 1977-01-25
Telephone set 1976-12-13
Charts 1976-12-03
Bell System Meeting with Telephonos de Mexico: Fred Groceman, David Miller, Armando Rivas, Leon Groceman, David Miller, Armando Rivas Leon Zickrick, George Harvey, David Burford, John Turnipseed, Ray Clark, Fernando Torres, G. A. Davidson, Juan Del Moral, Judy Norwood, Lou Larrea, Betty Garland, Roberto Orellana and Marla Jones 1976-12-01
Bob Jones, Clyde Toscano, Jim Peques, J. R. Martin, Raymond Robison, Steve, Sepko, Jimmy Null, Bob Watson, Jim Connally, Roger Bokchers, Vince Adamo, Jack Crowder, W. W. Lanford, F. G. Martin, Jack Karam, Ed Reed, Jose Cue, Richard Limon, Don English, Dale Tyler and unidentified others 1976-12-01
Kaufman and Green, Inc. and Alamo National Building: exterior phone installation a t1110 Whisper Ridge 1976-11-22
Kaufman and Green interior phone installation and intercom 1976-11-22
SW Bell interior phone installation and intercom 1976-11-16
Rendering of SW Bell building 1976-11-01
Sign: construction 1976-10-18
Group of people 1976-09-23
Taylor 822 Toll building 1976-09-17
United Way Poster 1976-08-23
Warning sign 1976-08-04
Construction progress on Diamond 302 building 1976-06-23
Accident photographs: corner of Wilson and Texas Streets 1976-06-18
Richard Calvert 1976-04-14
Five rings, a pendant and a dime 1976-03-17
Accident site at 400 G. Street 1976-03-12
Accident site 1976-02-20
Groups 1975-11-26
Buildings 1975-11-14
L. w. Hageman, Tom C. Davis, D. W. May, B. E. Oney, Jay M. Dew, J. , R. McKinney and P. W. Biehler 1975-11-11
2411 Cliff Wade 1963
T. A. Lambert, President
Walter Ferguson
Unidentified men (old an new)
2412 Interior of Exhibition Booth and Display at Convention 1980-02-02
Profit Marketing, interiors of convention and people 1979-08-12
Exhibits at Convention Center 1979-08-10
People 1979-03-29
[ Inv # 31149 Pic # 115837 ]
Displays at drug show 1979-02-17
Displays at drug show 1978-08-04
Displays at drug show 1977-08-07
Employees 1977-07-05
[ Inv # 24586 Pic # 112953-56, Inv # 24585 Pic # 112950-52 ]
Exhibits at Convention Center 1977-03-19
Exhibits at Convention Center 1976-08-16
Exhibits at Convention Center 1975-08-10
"It's a Spring Thing" Sales Convention 1975-03-24
Christmas merchandise at Convention Center 1974-08-09
Overall at Convention Center 1974-03-16
Men and awards at Convention Center 1974-03-16
Convention photographs 1973-08-19
Convention photographs 1971-08-17
People, awards and exhibits at Convention 1973-03-25
Exhibits 1973-03-24
Interior of Armstrong Pharmacy 1973-02-19
Interior and exterior of Armstrong Pharmacy 1973-02-06
Interior at SWD display 1972-08-03
Interior at SWD display and overall 1971-08-05
Shelves 1970-08-17
Drug show at Convention Center 1970-03-23
Groups of pharmacists 1970-08-09
Drug show at Convention Center 1968-08-10
Drug show at Convention Center 1968-08-08
Luncheon at La Villita Assembly Hall 1969-08-11
Drug show at Convention Center 1962-07-31
Drug show at Convention Center 1960-08-02
Drug show at Convention Center 1963-08-06
Drug show at Convention Center and candles 1965-08-04
2413 Party at Hilton Palacio del Rio 1973-07-08
Displays at convention and groups 1983-07-09
Overalls of Drug Convention 1983-07-10
SW Drug Building 1982-10-29
SW Drug display 1982-08-06
Overalls at Drug Convention 1981-02-07
Interior of Products Show at convention 1980-08-08
Group of people 1980-03-28
[ Pic # 117561 Inv # 32717 ]
Photo at SW Drug Convention 1984-08-06
Party at Convention Center 1983-07-09
SW Drug Convention 1984-02-18
2414 Man with large fish, two people on lake, man fishing 1984-06-22
Apartment complex rendering 1983-07-28
Painting 1983-06-02
Rendering of men on horseback and fire in the distance 1972-09-05
Biblical scene on large oil painting 1972-08-28
Orange drink 1970-07-27
Bottle of oil and sack of flour and peaches 1969-05-28
Black pepper, bread, canned fruit and vegetables and detergent 1969-03-06
Virgin Mary 1974-03-18
2415 Arneson River Theater circa 1955
Dancers at Arneson 1977
Fiesta Noche del Rio float 1965
Sailors with very large bottles of whiskey
Mexican band at Arneson 1977
Sailor and girl friend
Couple and man
Party 1965
Palace Theater across form the Alamo circa 1937
Aerial of gas plant
Edward R. Murrow with two officers
Arneson River Theater 1962
Aerial of Alamo Stadium
Dancers at Arneson 1965
Aerial looking towards Alamo National Bank above river 1983
Coffins 1977
Flowers, mow and landscape
People having dinner and shopping in grocery store
Secretary at typewriter
Rendering of buildings
Unidentified people
Our Lady of the Lake University
2416 Four men on couch
Unidentified ladies 1956
Luncheon and groups of men
Pharmaceutical Convention and meeting
2417 Courtyard 1961
Exterior of Spanish Governor Palace with plaster falling
Courtyard 1963
Close-up of ornate carvings on door 1963
Rosita and mariachi band in courtyard
Rosita and band in Spanish Governor Palace 1969
Exterior of Spanish Governor Palace 41970
Ornate invitation to Spanish Ambassador to come to Spanish Governor Palace dedication 1971
2418 Franklin Spears family
Franklin Spears
Party 1965
Franklin Spears getting in and out of plane 1966
2419 Exterior of One Riverwalk Place 1982-05-25
Exterior of Frost Bank Tower at night 1983-02-08
Exterior of First Federal 1978
Exterior of Texas Bank North
Alamo Stadium
Mercantile Bank: art at bank 1986-09-18
Exterior of Texas Commerce Bank 1985
Interfirst Bank and aerials of San Antonio 1983-08-08
Night shots of Marriot and Tower 1981-01-11
Aerial of Texas Commerce Bank 1983-04-26
Gill Plaza Building 1983-01-04
Gill Plaza Building 1983-04-15
Fireworks 1987-01-13
Airport Center
Pacific Plaza
2420 Computer chip on man's chest
Wine in bottle and glasses
Joske's Alamo Plaza 1987-06-02
Young woman and older ladies at Manor care Nursing Center
Models in water modeling jewelry 06-23
Fiesta River Parade 1984-04-23
Girl on bike in tennis outfit with racket 1983-01-21
Installation of pipeline, Nacogdoches, TX 1984-05-08
Exterior of Zintgraff Studio installation of billboards
La Villita, Alamo and Riverwalk with snow 1985-01-14
Photo studio, interior
2421 Building under construction 1985-01-20
San Antonio skyline with moon 1983-02-16
Kodalith moons 1984-03-06
Aerials of downtown: InterFirst
City scape and moon 1982-01-09
Skylines 1983-06-16
Aerials and skylines 1985
Lost Maples 1984-10-23
Skyline 1987-03-17
Aerial of Fiesta Plaza
NBC Tower
2422 Atlas Floors building 1984-09-12
Storage Warehouse 1984-08-23
Showboat Marine and boats in Selma 1974-08-14
Airplane and hangar 1984
Speedway 1985-05-08
Construction of building 1984-08-17
Discount Package Store 1984
Thomas Equipment Company 1984-08-16
Speedway logo 1984-10-05
Buildings in Converse 1984-09-26
Kerrville Airport 1984-09-05
NS School District warehouse 1984-08-25
Exterior of pre-fab building 1984-08-29
Polar Bear Building 1984-08-31
2423 Spires-Douglas: men in front of cars 1977-03-04
TV ad 1972-01-19
Group with certificate and trophies 1971-02-03
Group with trophies and Mr. Spires 1969-06-13
C. B. Stinson, A. J. Stowe and E. Stowe 1969-01-13
Exterior of Spires Buick 1965
Showroom and cars 1966
2424 Golfer at Riverside
Girl barrel-racing her horse 1974
2425 Rats and mice bait 1974-11-13
Garden sprays 1974-07-05
Garden sprays 1973-05-01
Garden sprays 1972-06-22
Weed killer 05-17
Vegetable food 1972-04-03
Bug bait 1969-10-01
Horse 1971-02-04
Emulsion 1971-01-21
Insect spray 1970-11-11
Bug spray 1969-04-30
Lawn growth treatment 1968-08-27
Peanuts and money 1968-07-23
2426 Ice cabinet 1970-09-02
Ice cabinets with drink dispenser 1969-11-19
Bar, ice cart, ice machine 1968-06-07
Ice chest 1969-04-24
Coke machines and cabinets 1968-05-27
Ice container and drink dispenser 1968-08-13
Ice container and drink dispenser 1969-03-04
Ice container and drink dispenser 1968-09-06
Ice container and drink dispenser 1968-12-20
Cardboard box with ice and Pepsi 1969-06-24
Portable hutches 1968-10-26
Drink dispenser 1965-09-08
2427 Soda dispensers and ice cabinets 1974-08-01
Booth at Convention Center 1974-07-24
Drink dispenser 1974-12-03
Drink dispenser and ice cabinet 1974-12-16
Interior of factory showing equipment 1974-05-06
Equipment 1973-12-31
Carbonation machine 1973-09-24
Soft drink dispensers 1973-05-07
Ice cabinet 1973-02-28
Portable bar 1972-11-21
Mixed drink dispenser 1972-09-15
Ice and coke dispenser 1971-11-23
Booths 1971-06-25
Ice and coke dispenser 1970-09-25
Ice and coke dispenser at Ramada Inn 1970-11-04
Ice and coke dispenser at Ramada Inn 1969-12-01
Dispenser head 1970-03-06
Men visiting plant from Japan 1969-02-02
2428 Ice and drink dispensers 1985-10-05
Gauges and hoses 1985-08-19
Drink dispenser head 1985-06-14
Products 1984-11-07
Soda machines 1985-02-27
Soda machines 1984-09-18
Soda machines 1984-07-10
Soda machines 1984-0-11
Soda machines 1981-06-05
Soda machines 1981-01-13
Soda machines and ice dispenser 1981-07-31
Soda machines and ice dispenser 1982-07-08
Soda machines and ice dispenser 1982-04-22
Soda machines and ice dispenser 1981-11-05
Soda machines and ice dispenser 1981-10-20
Soda machines and ice dispenser 1980-10-13
Cardboard box with ice and 7-Up 1980-09-05
Ice container 1980-01-25
2429 Drink dispenser head 1979-08-10
Connie with Big Gulp at 7-11 1979-08-28
Automated pop dispenser 1978-06-14
Carbonator, soda dispenser and ice container 1978-06-08
Cardboard box with ice and Shasta in it 1978-04-28
Ice maker and drink dispenser 1979-08-01
Coke, dispenser 1978-02-22
Wendy's Custom drink system 1978-02-14
Ice tank 1977-07-19
Tea and Cola dispenser 1977-10-14
Food 1977-03-03
Models around portable bar 1977-02-07
Ice dispenser 1979-10-02
Paper cups 1979-06-08
Coke dispensing units 1979-04-17
Coke and ice dispenser 1978-11-14
7-11 and manager 1979-07-02
Drink an ice dispenser 1976-07-09
Control panel 1975-11-11
Bar units 1975-10-20
Bar units 1975-08-27
Swire Bottles, Ltd. exterior 1975-05-12
Units at plant 1975-08-06
Soda and ice dispenser at Kentucky Fried Chicken 1975-02-20
2450 Ice and drink dispensers 1987-07-05
2431 Whitt Printing Company: bottle of Bio-Clean 1971-11-08
Dr. Miles and Dr. Smith 1971-08-08
Girl in lab with Bio-Clean 1968-04-22
Uric Acid and Cephalin Flocculation Antigen 1964
2432 Batteries
Mayor Alfred Callaghan signing document
Old photo of group of Standard Electric
Construction of building
Rendering of Reliable Battery Factory
Trickle Charger
Group of employees for Reliable Battery Company
2433 Reliable Battery
Picnic at McArthur Park and presentations
Microscopic enlargement of battery separators
Man sorting tubes
Man putting battery in car
Two men with trophy
Group of men at Reliable Battery Sales Meeting 1958
Reliable Battery Building 1958
Sales meeting banquet
Battery acid
Reliable Battery Awards
Installation of battery 1960
2434 Voltmeter
Rendering: Reliable Battery Factory
Battery acid
Unidentified people 1963
[ Pic # 35585 ]
Men with battery and filter 1963
[ Pic # 36814 and 16 ]
Employees sorting cards 1961
L. V. Jefferson with safety award 1961
Group of men with silver trays 1962
Two men shaking hands 1961
Reliable Battery Company
44th annual sales meeting and salesmen 1962
Picnic 1961
R. D. Glenchenhals receiving trophy for outstanding salesmanship 1958
43rd annual sales meeting and salesmen 1961
Battery components
Batteries 1961
Men mixing molten metal 1961
Mechanic putting battery in car 1962
Mayor McAllister with two other men 1962
Reliable Battery softball team 1963
Copy of catalog 1963-03-27
Equipment 1963-12-22
2435 Machinery and heating units 1968-05-09
Permalife Plant at Grandview
Art 1964-11-06
Watches 1972-02-21
Boy Scout at St. Luke's 1970-12-15
Battery separators 1968-04-23
Machinery at plant 1968-07-10
Battery plats 1965-10-16
Glass Fiber Plant 1960-10-24
2436 Aerial photographs of Reliable Battery Company 1964
Aerial photographs of Reliable Battery Company 1963
Constructions at Reliable Battery Company 1964
Aerials of Reliable Battery Company 1962
2437 Batteries 1963
Picnic 1963
Men raising flags 1963
Ceremony 1963
Barn dance 1963
Serving line at picnic 1963
Three men at Reliable Battery Company
Ernesto Vega and another man with banner 1963
Groups of employees
J. C. Stamps and A. Schubert
Two men in lab 1963
2438 Two men working on batteries 1968
Men in lunchroom 1964
Men with certificates 1965
Man with broken glasses 1967
Aerial of Reliable Battery Company 1965
Battery 1964
Separator plates 1968-10-15
Battery assembly line 1968
Factory interior 1968-09-06
BB mockup 1968-05-30
Dinner 1968
49th annual sales meeting 1967
Man filling battery with acid 1966
50th annual sales meeting 1968
Dinner serving line 1968
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 53993 ]
Two men with certificate 1964
Banquet 1964
Luther Hodges Secretary of Commerce and Leo Dubisnski 1964
Reliable Battery Company
Materials for making batteries 1965
Company picnic 1965
Angel hair
47th annual sales meeting 1965
Charles Echert 1964
People with plaques at Saint Anthony Hotel 1959
Robert Glekennaus and Mitch Anderson
Jerry King, Ruben Guerrero, Robert Garwood, Gus Benfer, Johnny Rowe, Pete Romanuik, Vernon Elkins, Link Stark
46th annual sales meeting 1964
2439 Unidentified men 1968
[ Pic # 67447, 67418, 67584, 67431 ]
Batteries 1968
Reliable Batteries Water Tower 1968
Employees 1968
Flags being raised 1968
Board meeting 1968
Three unidentified men 1968
[ Pic # 67421 ]
Workers putting batteries together 1968
2440 1st battery off new line 1978-04-19
Interior of new plant 1978-03-23
Machinery 1976-09-21
Blueprints 1977-10-03
Lead melting pots 1977-08-02
Interior and exterior of plant 1977
Three men with safety awards 1976-03-05
Reliable Battery Companies in Dallas, Houston and New Orleans 1972-01-13
Aerials 1972-01-10
Gerald Dubinski 1972-01-13
Reliable Battery store 1972-01-13
Equipment with operators 1973-02-06
Interior of Standard Electric Company and Reliable Battery Company in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans 1972-01-05
Aerials of Reliable Battery Company in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and New Orleans 1972-05-15
Standard Electric Company in New Orleans 1972-01-31
Ecological device around plant 1971-09-28
Man with award and lead melting pot 1971
Group of people at 53rd Annual Sales Meeting 1971-03-20
[ Inv # 9436 Pic # 87810 ]
Batteries 1970-07-01
Battery 1969-02-13
Marine battery 1969-01-28
Group at 51 sales meeting 1969-02-22
2441 Batteries 1984-09-14
Standard Electric Company 1984-02-10
Standard Industries: battery 1983-01-31
Reliable battery 1982-02-09
Old photograph of Reliable Batteries Company 1978-10-27
Plant 1978-11-07
Two men at battery line 1978-04-16
Battery 1977-06-20
Interior of new plant 1978-04-05
Battery 1977-03-09
Battery 1974-05-23
Logo 1976-08-05
Battery 1976-07-20
Fiberglass machinery 1975-02-11
Presentations at Standard Electric Company 1975-05-12
Gerald Dubinski 1975-03-12
Dinner for Rabbi Jacobson 1975-03-05
Men testing bottle at Pearl Brewery 1975-01-28
Glass melting equipment 1974-05-06
Batteries 1973-01-15
Standard Electric Company 1972-12-26
Batteries 1971-02-24
Batteries 1980
Plant and workers 1980-02-05
Aerial of plant 1972
2442 Batteries 1986-01-27
Boat battery 1986-01-15
Golf cart battery 1985-12-23
Batteries 1985-12-15
2443 Lone Star 1975-07-16
Lone Star 1975-07-10
Lone Star products 1980-03-31
Lone Star products 1980-03-21
Ice chests, paper products 1978-02-07
2444 Swimming pool at hotel 1978
La Mansion del Norte 1978-08-01
Construction of building 1981-06-30
Post Office, USAA and building 1979-11-09
Joe Munoz at Stanley Structures plant 1981-04-28
Stanley Structures employees 1981-04-27
Exterior of building in Austin 1980-08-12
Exterior of parking garage 1980-08-07
Datapoint buildings 1980-08-06
SW General Hospital, Plaza Nacional poolside and Wilford Hall, Lackland AFB 1979-11-14
Plaza Nacional 1978-08-01
Construction in Houston 1978-07-21
Meeting room set-up 1979-07-23
2445 Old revolvers and pistols: single shot
Power horn
Pistol cases and cleaning equipment
Portrait of people
2446 Looking up the street to the capitol
Aerial of the capitol
Rotunda of the capitol
Capitol from park side
2447 Rendering: Advanced Micro Devices Building
STEVENS, THELMA R. 1962-1980
2448 Float in river parade 1977-04-23
Party 1976-02-20
Ladies at party 1976-03-27
Mrs. Stevens birthday at Saint Anthony with Mexican band 1975-04-14
Ladies in cowgirl outfits at Saint Anthony Hotel 1975-02-28
Mrs. Stevens running fashion show 1975-12-19
Presentations for service 1975-03-13
Birthday party for Ramona 1975-03-31
Mr. Stevens birthday party 1976-04-14
Garden Party at Saint Anthony 1975-05-30
Christmas party and Santa 1975-12-16
Luncheon 1976-01-14
Birthday party 1975-06-05
Mrs. Stevens' granddaughter 1975-06-27
Birthday party 1975-10-03
Birthday party 1976-02-09
Bridal party 1975-11-13
2449 Mr. Stevens 1980-06-18
Garden Club Float: Madame Butterfly cast 1980-04-22
Arrowhead display 1979-07-11
Girls in white dresses being crowned 1979-06-08
People in western wear 1979-01-26
Gardenia Club dinner 1978-06-02
Party at Saint Anthony with Mexican band 1977-02-02
River Parade 1978-07-17
Groups of people at Christmas party 1977-12-19
Party at Saint Anthony Club 1977-10-05
Luncheon 1977-08-23
Birthday party at San Antonio Club 1977-07-12
Queens and Court 1977-06-03
Floats 1977-04-18
Mr. Stevens birthday party 1977-04-14
Party at Saint Anthony Club 1977-03-31
Fiesta party 1977-03-25
Annual Western Fashion Show 1977-02-25
Mrs. Stevens annual Gardenia Club Christmas party with Santa 1976-12-17
Presentations 1976-06-30
Mexican party 1976-03-26
2450 Group looking at a door
Employees of Steves Sash and Door Company
Mayor McAllister with present 1964
Construction of Marshall Steves house 1964-06-11
Group around 3 millionth door
Ceremony for 3 millionth door 1964
Large silver serving tray
Two guys with 2 millionth door 1962
Group around 2 millionth door
Employee by buses
Workers making 2 millionth door
Wood and doors
Three men in a kitchen with wooden cabinet doors
Loading dock
2451 Three doors with room settings 1974-10-17
Different doors 1977-07-05
Doors with room settings 1978-11-06
Door outside
Marshal Steves 1971-03-18
Marshall Steves 1982-06-15
Model with door
Door in sand
Charts and measuring tapes 1977-01-28
Equipment 1976-04-12
Door display at Holiday Inn 1975-11-13
Pat Ellis 1975-06-27
Jay H. Maish Company: plastic machine 1975-04-16
Tom Harrod 1975-01-14
Mrs. Marshall Steves: dining room set for banquet 1975-01-23
Ed Steves 1974-12-30
Display kit 1974-12-17
Unidentified man 1974-11-26
[ Inv # 48657 Pic # 104851-54 ]
Michael Cox 1974-11-22
Monroe Voight 1974-11-19
Hector L. Lopez, Dick Brown, Keith Hunt, Ernest Acosta, Gordon E. Osborn, Bill Harris 1974-11-18
Jim Lynch, Wendell Stoneham, Doug Bisbing 1974-11-13
Marshall Steves: fountain behind Alamo 1974-09-29
Crockett Hotel 1974-11-05
Jessie Garcia 1974-03-20
Doors 1973-10-15
Door in Olmos Park 1973-06-22
Keith Hunt and Ron Thompson 1973-08-08
Mrs. Steves: silverware 1973-06-19
Wrapping machine 1973-05-30
Marshall Steves: anniversary party 1973-05-25
Bill Harris 1973-04-20
John's Bell house at 120 King Williams Street 1971-04-27
Group at Steves Ranch 1972-12-02
Groups at party 07-10
Sales meeting 1972
1st Mayor of San Antonio 1971-03-18
Table setting by pool 1972
Mrs. Marshall Steves 06-01
Group at Hilton Palacio del Rio La Princess Room 1971-06-25
Groups with Mayor McAllister 1971-02-11
Sons of the Republic of Texas luncheon at the Alamo 1971-04-10
Joe West 1969-11-21
Marshall Steves, Dick Brown, Monroe Voight, Ross Billings, Tracy Smith and Arnold Sivek, Jr. 1969-06-10
Stewart Fleetwood 1969-08-29
Gene Maure 1969-06-19
Courtenay McAlpin 1969-06-16
STEVES, ED and SONS LUMBER COMPANY circa 1940-1982
2452 Warehouse
Baseball game
Unidentified building
Building of and completion of "Fabricon" home
Three houses
JM 2 Building
Family shot
Company group shot
Shot of Steves Company
Past Presidents: two men with Coronation cup
Lumber yards
Fiesta San Jacinto 1982
Texas Military Institute
2453 Stewart Company building
Young men on tractor
Aerial of Stewart Company
Longhorns hitched to plow
Unidentified people
2454 Pollution
Refuse and refuse disposal
Stinson Field
2455 Rifles with scopes
STOCK SHOW 1950-1981 and undated
2456 Two men holding fence
Man piling hay bales on truck
Boy with lamb
Men with pigs
Two men getting ready to brand cattle
2457 Unidentified people 1950
Unidentified people on KEYL TV 1950
Unidentified people on KABC radio 1950
2458 People on KABC radio 1950
Dinner 1950
Three men 1950
People with domestic animals 1950
2459 Grand champion 1966
Group of unidentified people
Grand champion steer 1953
Grand champion steer 1960
Grand champion steer 1954
Grand champion steer 1951
Grand champion steer 1952
Grand champion steer 1965
Grand champion steer 1964
Grand champion steer 1958
Grand champion steer 1963
Grand champion steer 1961
Grand champion steer 1959
Grand champion steer 1951
Grand champion steer 1955
Grand champion steer 1957
Grand champion steer 1950
2460 Aerials of Coliseum 1969
Aerials of Coliseum 1968
Aerials of Coliseum 1967
Aerials of Coliseum 1966
Aerials of Coliseum 1965
Aerials of Coliseum 1964
Aerials of Coliseum 1962
Aerials of Coliseum 1963
Aerials of Coliseum 1961
Aerials of Coliseum 1960
Aerials of Coliseum 1959
Aerials of Coliseum 1958
Aerials of Coliseum 1957
Aerials of Coliseum 1956
Aerials of Coliseum 1955
Aerials of Coliseum 1954
Aerials of Coliseum 1953
Aerials of Coliseum 1952
Aerials of Coliseum 1951
Aerials of Coliseum 1972
Aerials of Coliseum 1950
2461 Champion steers 1955
Champion steers 1957
Champion steers 1959
Champion steers 196
Champion steers 1964
Champion steers 1961
Champion steers 1956
Champion steers 1962
Champion steers 1958
Champion steers 1963
Champion steers 1952
Champion steers 1958
Champion steers 1968
Champion steers 1967
Champion steers 1970
Champion steers 1951
Champion steers 1975
2462 Tractors 1950
Tents 1960
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Smiley Whitley Show
Trail Drivers
Girl on Merry Go Round
People with animals
Motorcycle cops doing turns
Exterior of Coliseum
Sheep outside sheep barn
Jersey Lilly in rodeo arena and reenactment
People with animals 1980
Johnny Rodrigues 1980
Group of girls
Rodeo Queen
Aerials of Coliseum
2463 People outside Coliseum 1951
Trial Riders 1951
Holsteins 1951
Rodeo 1951
Old fire engine pulled by ponies in arena 1951
Little boy in cowboy outfit 1951
Ladies 1951
Two men working on saddle 1951
Men working on equipment 1951
Palomino Club 1951
People with animals 1951
2464 To men fixing Ferris wheel 1951
People with animals 1951
Two ladies with programs 1951
Man cutting cows hooves 1951
Booths 1951
Judging cattle 1951
Group drinking Pearl Beer 1951
Dairy cattle 1951
Ike Ekinkroht receiving cowboy hat 1951
Shearing sheep's horns 1951
Band 1951
Auctioneer 1951
Displays 1951
2465 Ladies in Palomino 1952
Auction 1952
People with animals 1952
Displays 1952
Woman adjusting strap on horses' bridle 1952
2466 Two men mending fence 1952
People with animals 1952
Unidentified people 1952
People at 4-H HQ 1952
Displays 1952
People eating cotton candy 1952
People on rides 1952
Little girls 1952
Judging 1952
Branding cattle 1952
Trial Riders 1952
Aerial of Coliseum 1952
Ads 1952
Arena 1952
Parade 1952
Kids in a classroom 1952
Group of men 1952
Shearing sheep 1952
Horses 1952
False Indians 1952
2467 4-H kids learning to shear a sheep 1953
Group of men 1953
Calf scramble 1953
People with animals 1953
Parade 1953
Unidentified people 1953
Two men by haystack 1953
Army vehicles 1953
Man fixing fence 1953
Tents outside Coliseum 1953
Meeting 1953
Judging 1953
Rex Allen 1953
Grand entry parade 1953
2468 Palomino Club 1954
People with animals 1954
Cattle 1954
Two little boys in seat of old fire truck 1954
Carnival and rides 1954
Judging 1954
Woman in hospital 1954
Dinner 1954
Man on Palomino with fancy tack 1954
Stagecoach in parade 1954
Man being fitted for boots 1954
Groups 1954
Calf scramble 1954
Stagecoach and team fording creek 1954
2469 Aerials of Coliseum 1954
Unidentified people 1954
Rides 1954
Old cars 1954
People with animals 1954
Band 1954
Trial Riders Parade 1954
2470 Colburn Ranch in Dublin, TX 1954
People rounding up horses 1954
Parade 1954
People with animals 1954
Rabbits 1954
Kids doing various activities at school and home 1954
Tractors 1954
Exterior of Coliseum 1954
Groups 1954
Old cars 1954
Army vehicles 1954
People on rides 1954
2471 Two men working on saddle 1954
People with animals 1954
Girl hemming dress 1954
Little girl with toy pistol 1954
Baby crying 1954
Man with little girl 1954
Trail Riders 1954
Group of people at dinner 1954
Students in classroom 1954
Kids building chicken coop 1954
Person welding 1954
Aerial of Coliseum 1954
Dinner 1954
Parade 1954
Palomino Club 1954
Cattle 1954
Grand entry parade 1954
FFA groups 1954
Men by plane 1954
Unidentified people 1954
Rides 1954
Old stage 1954
Check presentation 1954
2472 Unidentified people 1954
People with animals 1954
Sheep 1954
Stagecoach trips 1954
Cattle 1954
Clowns 1954
Aerials of Coliseum 1954
Horses 1954
2473 People with animals 1955
Carnival 1955
Little boy on elephant 1955
Boy painted up like Indian on Appaloosa 1955
Rex Allen 1955
Store window 1955
Rex Allen letting blind boy touch his face 1955
Trail Riders 1955
Audience 1955
Auction 1955
2474 People with animals 1955
Horses 1955
Rex Allen with band 1955
Little girl on horse 1955
Dinner 1955
Group of men 1955
Military helicopters 1955
2475 Judging 1955
Dinner 1955
Aerials of Coliseum 1955
Unidentified people 1955
Trail Riders parade 1955
Exterior of Lone Star Brewing Company 1955
Tom Camp 1955
People with animals 1955
Cattle 1955
Meeting 1955
2476 Rex Allen standing with gun
Rex Allen's arrival at airport 1961-01-27
Rex Allen standing with grand Champion Steer of San Antonio Livestock Exposition 1955
Rex Allen with little boy
Rex Allen with tow men and a woman
Rex Allen standing with 77A members at airport
Rex Allen shaking hands with 4H members at airport
Rex Allen standing with Gene Autry
Rex Allen on Coco
Rex Allen holding little boy
Rex Allen singing with boy with guitar
2477 Gene Autry 1956
People with animals 1956
Auction 1956
Parade 1956
Luncheon 1956
Rodeo 1956
2478 Unidentified people 1956
People with animals 1956
Trail Riders 1956
Dinner 1956
Rex Allen 1956
Parade 1956
Trail ride and wagons 1956
2479 Unidentified people 1956
People with animals 1956
Auction 1956
Dinner 1956
Indians 1956
Audience 1956
Grand entry parade 1956
Exterior of AIW tent 1956
Trail Riders Parade 1956
2480 Group in arena 1957
Trail ride 1957
People with animals 1957
Dinner 1957
Sheep and hogs 1957
Horses and cattle 1957
Auction 1957
Goats 1957
Booths 1957
Calf scramble 1957
Parade 1957
2481 People with animals 1957
Meeting 1957
Aerials of Coliseum 1957
Group behind bars 1957
Unidentified people 1957
Two men in chicken house 1957
Parade 1957
2482 People with animals 1957
Cattle 1957
Unidentified woman 1957
2483 Fair grounds 1957
Parade 1957
Cattle judging 1957
People with animals 1957
Audience at auction 1957
Girl with crown and little lamb 1957
Unidentified people 1957
Mid-way show 1957
Gene Autry at Pearl Corral 1957
2484 Trail ride 1958
People with animals 1958
Gene Autry with people 1958
Dinner 1958
Aerials of Coliseum 1958
Parade 1958
Judging 1958
People at Pearl Corral 1958
2485 People with animals 1958
Trail Riders 1958
Gene Autry 1958
Falstaff band 1958
Calf roping 1958
Dinner 1958
Hogs 1958
Parade 1958
Wrecked plane 1958
Float 1958
Horse judging 1958
Boy Scouts with Gene Autry 1958
Aerials of Coliseum 1958
Western Art Show 1958
Exterior of Coliseum 1958
Gene Autry getting new boots 1958
2486 Cattle 1958
Miss Mohair on float 1958
Aerials of Coliseum 1958
People getting off plane 1958
Trial Riders 1958
Unidentified people 1958
Military helicopters 1958
Dinner 1958
Gene Autry 1958
2487 Man on horse 1959
Luncheon 1959
People with animals 1959
Army tank and man dressed as Indian on horseback in front 1959
Parade 1959
Pearl Hotel and band 1959
Exterior of Coliseum 1959
Rodeo arena 1959
Horses 1959
Displays 1959
Rodeo 1959
Dale Robertson 1959
Auction 1959
2488 Horse judging 1959
Woman on Palomino 1959
Aerials of Coliseum 1959
Cattle auction 1959
U. S. Army 1959
People on audience 1959
Champion steers 1959
Trail ride 1959
Horses 1959
Interior and exterior of Coliseum 1959
Animal judging 1959
Auction 1959
People with animals 1959
2489 People with animals 1959
Judging 1959
Unidentified people 1959
Mohair and wool exhibit 1959
People on grounds 1959
Gene Autry 1959
Food and serving people 1959
Dinner 1959
Rodeo arena 1959
Pearl Band at Pearl Hotel 1959
Luncheon 1959
Exterior of Coliseum and fair grounds 1959
Army vehicles outside Coliseum 1959
Man carrying Texas flag before grand entry 1959
Float 1959
Girl on horse 1959
Three kids laying in the hay 1959
Cover Girl 1959 with man 1959
Group on horseback 1959
Boy with rabbits 1959
Man sleeping in hay 1959
Parade 1959
Winger Garden Day 1959
2490 Interior of Coliseum 1960
People outside Pearl Hotel 1960
Booths 1960
Unidentified people 1960
Judging animals 1960
People at Pearl Corral 1960
Rodeo 1960
Champion animals 1960
Dale Robertson 1960
Beer displays 1960
2491 Judging animals 1960
Rodeo 1960
People with champion animals 1960
Auction 1960
Unidentified people 1960
Lone Star stage 1960
Group at Pearl Hotel 1960
Exterior of Coliseum and missiles 1960
Trail Riders 1960
Band in gym 1960
Displays 1960
Band in Pearl Corral 1960
2492 Rodeo 1961
Horse judging 1961
People with animals 1961
Trail ride 1961
Tractors 1961
Rex Allen 1961
Horse auction 1961
Kids 1961
Unidentified people 1961
Roy Rogers and Trigger with people 1961
Dinner 1961
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans being greeted at airport 1961
Dale Robertson with people 1961
Rodeo arena 1961
Exterior of Coliseum 1961
Parade 1961
2493 Unidentified people 1961
Wool display 1961
People with animals 1961
Trail ride 1961
Trail Riders Parade 1961
Horses 1961
Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger 1961
Dale Robertson 1961
Rex Allen 1961
Rodeo 1961
Exterior around Coliseum 1961
2494 TV ads 1964
TV ads 1963
TV ads 1961
2495 Indians at Stock Show 1962
Girl shooting with bow and arrow 1962
Anita Bryant standing with man in Indian costume 1962
Anita Bryant with horse and Indian 1962
Anita Bryant singing 1962
Anita Bryant with Indian on Appaloosa 1962
Anita Bryant singing with band 1962
2496 People with animals 1962
Two men with large cup and wool 1962
Unidentified people 1962
Couple playing in the hay 1962
Blacksmith fixing shoe on trail ride 1962
Auction 1962
2497 Parade 1962
People with animals 1962
Indians 1962
Vegetable Queen 1962
Play gunfight 1962
Group at Jersey Lilly 1962
Group with Rex Allen 1962
Fair grounds 1962
Trail ride 1962
Anita Bryant with group 1962
Rodeo queens 1962
Parade 1962
Rider with flag at rodeo opening 1962
2498 Group of men by empty pens 1962
Exterior of barns 1962
Rex Allen and horse 1962
Rex Allen with lady 1962
Rex Allen in parade 1962
Parade 1962
Auction 1962
Horses in ring 1962
Group of cowboys 1962
Showing sheep 1962
Man with trophies 1962
Man on motorcycle 1962
Aerials of Coliseum 1962
Man dogging bull 1962
Rex Allen with two little girls 1962
Champion steer 1962
Rex Allen, Anne Marsden and Anita Bryant 1962
Trail ride 1962
2499 Gold champion sheep 1963
Rodeo queens
Gold champion steer 1963
Trail ride
Coliseum grounds
Champions of show, horses, cattle, pigs and sheep
Booths and displays
Judging of animals
2500 Portrait: Strauss, Joe 1963
Rodeo 1963
Unidentified people 1963
Sky King and Penny 1963
Judging animals 1963
Trail riders 1963
Coliseum grounds 1963
Three men on beach digging sand 1963
Meeting people at airport 1963
Three kids with Lassie 1963
2501 John McKay, Henry Pluenneke, Cal Johnson 1963
Ard Richardson, Bill Pitnecky, Blake McCreless 1963
H. R. Murray, Elmer Crumrine, Cornell 1963
Joe Morris, Guera, Alton Rieden 1963
Edwin Jackson, E. W. Bickett, A. B. Johnson 1963
Larry Wells, J. L. Tiner, Fred Shields 1963
Joe Freeman, Mark Brown, Harry Freeman 1963
Harold Vagtborg, Lambrecht 1963
Leon Kahanek, Stanley Campbell, O. F. Jackson 1963
Gay Copeland, Reneau, Stampp, Adams 1963
Mark Browne, Ed Friedrich, Gene Becker 1963
Lucian Jones, Jack Conger, Dudley Storey 1963
George Lyles, W. L. Jones, Jake Kinner 1963
Alex Thomas, Sr. 1963
Lymn Griffin 1974
Carl Merten 1977
J. H. Savage, Jr. 1968
David Rusmisel, Hannibal Guerra 1969
Floyd Schneider 1971
Ernest Groos, Clyde Johnson 1969
Dolph Briscoe 1967
Fred Shields 1972
Bill McReynolds 1970
Ed Laurence 1978
Perry Kallison, Bob Tate, Red Cornell
2502 Rex Allen with girl and two boys and Molly Bee 1964
Rex Allen getting keys to a car from Hemphill-McCombs 1964
Rex Allen with kids 1964
Rex Allen with little boy 1964
Rex Allen with two men 1964
Rex Allen with Molly Bee and little girl 1964
Rex Allen with Molly Bee and two girls 1964
Rex Allen with Molly Bee with group of women from Bexar County Sheriff's Posse Auxiliary 1964
Rex Allen with band 1964
Rex Allen with Molly Bee and two boys 1964
Three women 1964
Rex Allen with group of Trailblazers 1964
Three men on horses under arch getting set for trail ride 1964
Molly Bee getting made honorable member of the Bexar County Sheriff's Posse Auxiliary 1964
Six women and saddle 1964
Rex Allen with Molly Bee and Wallagy County Queen 1964 and FFA Sweetheart-Harlingen 1964
Rex Allen with two men in hotel checking in 1964
Three unidentified men 1964
Rex Allen with woman 1964
Rex Allen with family 1964
Rex Allen being met at airport 1964
Rex Allen with unidentified man 1964
Three men wearing badges for the West TX and Wool and Mohair Day 1964
Rex Allen with 1964
Rex Allen with 1964
Rex Allen with 1964
Rex Allen with 1964
2503 Champion steer 1964
Miss Edinburg with fruit 1964
Rex Allen and Molly Bee groups 1964
Opening parade 1964
Grounds around Coliseum 1964
Judging of animals 1964
Booths and displays 1964
Horses 1964
Trial ride 1964
Parade and float 1964
2504 Girls with prize winning turkeys 1964
Horse judging 1964
Kid by wagon 1964
Rex Allen and Molly Bee with family 1964
Two rodeo queens 1964
Couple with horse 1964
Cattle judging 1964
Exterior of Coliseum 1964
Trail riders 1964
Parade 1964
Unidentified man 1964
U.S. Army tent 1964
Rex Allen with group 1964
People with animals 1964
Little boy with calf 1964
Queens 1964
Rex Allen and Molly Bee with Free-loaders 1964
Rex Allen singing at Pearl Corral 1964
Pig judging 1964
Groups with Rex Allen 1964
2505 Mr. Russell, Frank Sepulveda 1975
Two unidentified men 1979
Tom Bell, Marvin Beam 1975
Ralph Winton, Walter McKay 1979
Harry Freeman, Thurman Barrett 1979
Grand entry parade 1975
Man on Palomino carrying U.S. flag 1975
Grand entry parade 1972
Grand entry parade 1962
Man on Palomino carrying U.S. flag
Blue Jean Lamb Queen 1978
Grand entry parade 1964
Parade 1976
People with animals
Parade in front of the Alamo 1976
Two queens 1975
Trail ride 1976
Calf scramble
Woman getting foot vibrated with Niagra massager 1976
Rex Allen 1977
R. B. Tale 1977
A. T. Ploch, Melroy Powell, H. B. Zachry 1969
Frank Stamp 1964
Dinner 1976
Trail boss meeting at Jersey Lilly 1976
Jess McNeel, Mr. Cummingham, Floyd Schneider, Steve Bloom, Jack Stewart, Ray Erlandson, Joe Strauss, Mr. Norden, Ralph Fair, J. Frank Stampp, Lafayette Ward, Mr. Baetz, Owen Kilday, Mr. Laurance, Mr. Adams, Perry Kallison, Mr. Coleman
2506 Trial ride 1965
2507 Men with saddles 1965
People with livestock 1965
Man and two boys on wagon 1965
Auction 1965
Western art show 1965
Men with horses 1965
Band 1965
Unidentified people 1965
Leather 1965
Parade 1965
Horses 1965
Joe Freeman 1965
Hofner, Adolph 1965
Pearl Wranglers 1965
2508 Groups 1965
People on horseback 1965
Prize winning animals 1965
Horses 1965
Texas Appaloosa Horse Club 1965
Shots around grounds at Coliseum 1965
Parade 1965
People at Pearl Corral 1965
Rodeo 1965
Trail ride 1965
Judging animals 1965
2509 Aerials of Coliseum 1966
Trail ride 1966
Trail Riders Parade 1966
Auction 1966
Rex Allen and groups 1966
Champion animals 1966
2510 Rodeo queens 1966
People with animals 1966
Grand entry parade 1966
Baking contest 1966
Trail Riders 1966
Parade 1966
Auction 1966
Rex Allen 1966
Vegetable Queen 1966
Aerials of Coliseum 1966
Band at Pearl Corral 1966
2511 Display 1967
Man by cattle pens 1967
Cattle 1967
Auction 1967
West Texas Day 1967
Unidentified people 1967
Judging 1967
Trail Riders 1967
Kid with trophy 1967
Parade 1967
Couple in snow 1967
People with animals 1967
Man checking sheep's wool 1967
Parade 1967
Judging 1967
Rodeo queens 1967
Carnival rides 1967
2512 Aerials of Coliseum 1967
People with animals 1967
Judy Lynn, Charlie Walker 1967
Displays 1967
Auction 1967
Trail Ride 1967
2513 Trail Riders Parade 1968
Auction 1968
Rex Allen, Jr. 1968
Preston Smith in parade 1968
Rex Allen 1968
Floats 1968
Two kids on saddle 1968
Woman with saddle and dog 1968
Man shoeing horse 1968
Rex Allen, Jr. getting new pair of boots 1968
Rex Allen and Rex Allen, Jr. with others 1968
Little boy with cow 1968
Horse judging 1968
Four men wearing badges 1968
Picnic 1968
Wood carving 1968
Army supplies vehicles 1968
Dairy cattle being mechanically milked 1968
Aerials of San Antonio 1968
Auction 1968
Western Art Show 1968
Trail Riders 1968
Rodeo queens 1968
Aerials of Coliseum 1968
People with animals 1968
Cooking displays 1968
Rex Allen being met at airport 1968
Rex Allen, Jr. with group of students 1968
2514 People with animals 1968
Aerials of Coliseum 1968
Lamb carcasses 1968
Auction 1968
2515 Aerials of Coliseum 1968
People with animals 1968
Auction 1968
Rodeo queens 1968
Coliseum grounds 1968
Rex Allen and Rex Allen, Jr. 1968
Trail Ride 1968
Rural Youth banquet 1968
Rides 1968
Displays 1968
Judging 1968
Parade 1968
2516 Two men holding Montgomery Award Board
Joe Freeman at Gunter Hotel 1969-02-06
Judy Lynn, Charlie Walker 1969-02-06
Becky Rodriguez, Debbie Ludwig, Norma Leal, Karen J. Sanders, Connie Sue Garfield, Debbie Johnson, Gilma Longoria, Mary Lou Pawlik, Dee Ann Moore, Tommie Lynn Reichart 1969-02-03
Stock show dinner 1968-01-10
Sheriff's Mounted Posse 1969-02-17
Brittany Buffet 1969-01-28
2517 Auction 1969
Swine and lambs 1969
Steers 1969
2518 Young Trail Riders dance 1969
Unidentified people 1969
Aerial of Coliseum grounds 1969
Groups 1969
People with animals 1969
Judging 1969
Band 1969
Parade 1969
Auction 1969
Rex Allen 1969
Trail Riders 1969
2519 Grand entry parade 1969
People with animals 1969
Queens 1969
Trail Riders arriving at Coliseum 1969
Crowds at Stock Show 1969
Western Art Show 1969
Aerials of Coliseum 1969
Carnival, midway and rides 1969
2520 People with animals 1969
Auction 1969
2521 Rodeo 1970
Crowd 1970
People looking in display windows 1970
Group at Saint Anthony Hotel: Lefty Austin, Governor Smith and Sonny James 1970
Meeting 1970
Carnival and rides 1970
Sonny James with people 1970
Cattle judging 1970
Porter Waggoner and Dolly Parton being greeted 1970
Cougar 1970
Crowd watching dairy cows being milked 1970
Dolly Parton and Porter Waggoner at hospital visiting patients 1970
Calf scramble 1970
Farm equipment 1970
Sonny James, a rodeo queen and others judging contest 1970
People with animals 1970
Auction 1970
Horses 1970
Group of young people 1970
Kids on ponies 1970
Trail Riders 1970
Crowning of Queen of the Rio Grande Valley Days 1970
Queen and Princess of Rio Grande Valley Days with Sonny James 1970
Aerials of Coliseum 1970
Horse judging 1970
Grand entry parade 1970
2522 Auction 1970
Irving Wayne 1970
2523 A. B. Johnson with trail bosses 1970
Two western artists with Kiwanis and Mr. Wright and Mr. Halff 1970
Express pony at Coliseum with A. B. Johnson 1970
Girl looking at Sonny James picture 1970
Trail Riders dinner at Little Red Barn 1970
Little girl at Kallison's 1970
Joe Freeman and Mr. Birkett 1970
Sonny James signing contract with Stock Show officials 1970
2524 Man with horse 1970
2525 Unidentified woman 1970
People with animals 1970
Displays around barns 1970
Auction 1970
2526 People with animals 1971
2527 People with animals 1971
Auction 1971
Displays 1971
Irving Wayne 1971
Mr. Groos giving boats to buyer of Golden Champion 1971
2528 People with animals 1971
Horses 1971
Man on Palomino with fancy tack 1971
2529 People with animals 1971
2530 List of Champions 1971
People with animals 1971
2531 Judging 1971
Man washing steer 1971
Calf scramble 1971
People watching milking 1971
Trail Riders and Queens 1971
Lynn Anderson 1971
2532 People with animals 1972
2533 Auction 1972
People with animals 1972
Turkey sale 1972
Swine sale 1972
Rabbit sale 1972
Lamb sale 1972
Steer sale 1972
Broiler sale 1972
2534 Golden Girl and Oak Park Drugstore manager cutting tickets 1972
Trail Riders getting ready to ride 1972
Golden Girls at Champion Court 1972
Trail Ride Queen 1972
Preston Smith 1972
Roy Clark 1972
Rodeo parade opening 1972
Mayors with Golden Girls 1972
Golden Girls with Governor 1972
Girls having their hair done 1972
Contest to pick stock show hostesses 1972
Pearl Queen 1972
Aubrey Kline and Bill McReynolds 1972
Men playing dominoes 1972
2535 People with animals 1972
Golden Girls 1972
Girl with trophies and ribbons 1972
Grapefruit display 1972
A and M cadets 1972
Judging 1972
Rodeo Queens 1972
Boy with ribbon 1972
2536 FFA banquet at Gunter Hotel 1972
People going into Coliseum 1972
Sheep judging 1972
Cattle judging
Mexico reception at Saint Anthony Hotel
Queen of the Texas Trail
Roy Clark with group of girls
Men receiving plaques
Little boy with rabbit
Mexican dancers at banquet
Carnival and midway
Trail Riders
Unidentified people
People with animals
Rodeo Queens
Aerials of Coliseum
Swine carcasses
Mexican band
Man sleeping in hay with cow resting her head on his chest, The cow is wearing a cap on her head
Grand entry parade
Rex Allen with queens 1976
People with animals
2537 Aubrey Kline and Jack Pitluck with Stock Show program 1977-01-14
4 H and FFA groups at Saint Anthony Hotel 1977-02-11
Lone star: kids showing steers 1977-02-18
Pearl: kids showing steers 1977-02-19
Miss Rebel Days and Miss San Juan and others 1977
Lone Star: Reserve grand champion barrow 1977
Pearl: kids with hogs 1977
San Antonio Hill Country queen 1976-10-20
Rodeo Grand Entry parade
Unidentified girl 1976
Group at breakfast 1976
Speakers 1976
Accordion player and band 1977
Alamo National Bank: kids with prize wining animals 1977
Stock show auction
Auction committee meeting 1976-11-06
Frontier Club Board 1976-12-16
Publicity with singers, crowning of queens, parade, groups of people, showing animals, auction 1977
Sides of meat with ribbons, dinner, groups, Spanish dancers, animals being shown 1972
2538 People with animals 1973
Auction 1973
2539 Stock show invoice only, no photograpsh 1973
2540 Mayor with Golden Girls 1973
Everett Colborn 1973
Girl presenting proclamation at Commissioner's 1973
Dolph Briscoe and family 1973
Mexican reception at Gunter Hotel 1973
FFA and FHA at Coliseum 1973
Queens 1973
Judges of Queen's contest 1973
Dinner 1973
Grapefruit 1973
Jerry Reed 1973
Judging 1973
Ken Curtis dressed as Festus 1973
Mexican dancers 1973
Western Art Show 1973
Band 1973
Meat 1973
People with animals 1973
Auction 1973
Golden Girls and make-up artist 1973
Golden Girls at Trim and Swim 1973
2541 Man with sheep 1973
2542 Animals 1973
People doing various things 1973
2543 People with animals
Proclamation at Commissioners Court
Mission Road Foundation group
girl and horse at Jack Sutter's
Johnny Rodrigues at Dinner party
Rodeo queen
Aerials of Coliseum
Mexican party at Saint Anthony Hotel
Rural Youth banquet
FFA groups
1st meeting of SALE
Queens on hay stack
Queens at Jersey Lilly
Stock Show Queen at western store
Stock Show Queen judging at Central Park
Mayor's dinner
Elsie Harmon 1973
Two men at Coliseum 1973
Construction at Coliseum 1973
Bill McReynolds and Aubrey Kline 1973
2544 People with animals 1974
Dinner 1974
Judging 1974
Calf scramble 1974
Aerials of Coliseum 1974
Parade 1974
2545 People with animals 1974
Queens 1974
Sides of meat 1974
Farm equipment 1974
Judging 1974
Carnival and rides 1974
Unidentified people 1974
Calf scramble 1974
Auction 1974
2546 Calf scramble 1974
Queens 1974
People with animals 1974
John Davidson 1974
Band on stage 1974
Rodeo queens 1974