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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): A-B
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): C-D
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O [this page]
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): P-R
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): S
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): T-Z


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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

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The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

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Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

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[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections from the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Processing Information

The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, M-O

1484 Exterior of Menger Smart Shop
Monarch Logging Company charts
Military Service Company building
Secretaries at V. H. Monette Company
Margo's Vogue: girls and ladders 1968-04-12
Metallic Building Company: Volkswagen dealership 1969-05-15
Metallic Building Company: interior and exterior of Live Oak Elementary School
Mobil Oil: two drivers in front of truck 1969-03-12
Martin Brick Company: interior of North Star Mall 1964
Mrs. Victor Montoya: painting of L. B. Benson 1969-08-30
J. R. McDonald Ranch: Red Angus bulls 1970-01-27
Fred C. Meyer, Jr.: outdoor scene 1970-01-23
Moran Interiors: interior of house 1969-12-19
C. W. Marvin Company: sales display rack at Handy Andy in Central Park 1969-05-06
Medallion Fixture Company: fixtures 1970-03-12
Monroe and Cox, Inc.: soda display at Food City 1970-02-27
V. H. Monette and Company: three girls in office 1968-10-11
V. H. Monette and Company: three girls in office 1969-10-23
Mosher Steel Company: steel pipes
Marvin Company: vegetables 1966-02-17
McNamara: group of men 1967
McNamara: exterior of Martin Bakery 1966
McNamara: group of men in car with beagle
McNamara: burned man 1960-05-20
George Musselman: power lines 1965-06-24
Jose M. Mascorro: drawing 03-04
Walter McAllister, Jr. 1963-02-25
John Mangum: tuna display 1961-03-04
John Mangum: Moor Services truck 1959-01-28
Main Bank: Christmas tree 1961-12-30
Movie Box: film projector 1962-06-12
Martin Bakery: three men with cakes 1962-11-19
Mayan Ranch: group in costume on stagecoach 1964-04-08
Mission Stadium: billboards 1963-04-24
Mission Stadium: billboards 1962-01-15
Planter Military Service: flowers 1968-06-07
Mr. Miller: three ladies 1959-10-06
Minneapolis: Honeywell computer 10-01
Mammy's Cafeteria: food 1961-05-06
Mission Valley: aerials 10-07
McCullough Medical Center: construction of building interior 1965-01-15
Model Market: Dr. George Mauze 1960-11-03
Model Market: Majestic Theater marquee 1959-04-01
Model Market: tractor 1962
M and S Tower: rendering
Pearl Brewing Company sign 1965-06-02
Mrs. Murchison's daughter 1964-09-01
Maddox, Charles: hot dogs in heater
1485 Freeman Decorating: booth at AAHA Convention 1973-04-10
Mrs. Pat Malroy: badge for All American Pigeon Team 1973-03-22
Industrial laundry machinery 1973
Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc.: display at convention center 1973-01-25
Motor Parts Digest: Napa Parts City exterior 1972-01-15
John McFarlin and trophy 1972-10-06
Maria Montoya: whooping crane 1973-09-27
Jo Myler: Mobile America 1973-02-04
Theodore and McAllister: buildings 1973-11-08
Henry Ortega Martin: rendering of building 1973-10-08
Media Workshop: building and American and Japanese flags 1973-10-26
S. J. Martin: woman 1973-06-20
Mosher Steel Company: people 1973-10-02
Mosher Steel Company: construction of USAA
Martin Bakery: equipment 1973-03-13
V. H. Monette and Company: three ladies 1973-08-17
Cliff Martin: daughter 1971-07-30
Bob Marsh: Genevieve Marsh 1972-04-29
Brody Mueller: unidentified man 1975-06-23
MFA Staub Publications: rear of Ureschal home 1975-07-23
MFASP: Seeligson and rear of Ureschal home 1975-05-13
MFASP: Seeligson and rear of Ureschal home 1975-06-24
Mrs. Mucke: Duffy the dog in yard 1975-04-04
Madeira International: boutique items 1971-10-06
Mathews Electronics: dashboard in Merlin III plane 1971-09-09
Girl wearing sash and cowboy hat
Modular Concepts: rooms and furniture 1971-10-08
A. J. Martin Association: furniture display 1972-10-07
Mini-Storage 1971-06-04
Mini-Storage 1971-05-28
Micro-Generator Corporation: micron generator 1972-06-19
Mathews Electronics: cockpit instrument panel 1972-07-17
Muscular Dystrophy: telephone 1972-09-04
Military Service Company: Military Service Center 1971-04-23
Gayle R. Mercer: Spearman coat of arms 1971-04-13
Mercar Wallace: coat of arms 1971-06-14
John McCanish: infant 1971-07-29
Mobile Libations, Inc.: portable bar in train 1971-09-19
Exterior of McDonald's
Monarch Tile Company: tile 1971-01-13
Methodist Hospital: exterior 1971-06-08
V. H. Monette Company: three ladies 1970-08-26
Mobile Libations, Inc.: portable drink dispenser 1971-09-08
Donny Marshall: Appaloosa 1972-04-16
Mrs. Jack B. Morris: girl 1972-03-13
F. C. Meyer Company: group on raft 1972-04-12
Dr. Minter: astronaut on the moon 1972-03-20
Mobile Libation, Inc.: portable bar 1971-09-18
1486 Displays 1975
Speakers at Horace Mann school including Henry B. Gonzales 1975
Horace Mann Middle School: flag presentation 1975-09-16
Pat Mallory: rug 1975-09-30
Milam Building remodeling 1975-08-29
Mrs. Charles Meadows: Dr. Meadows in coffin 1976-01-07
Joseph Matich: teeth models 1973-08-13
SW Photo and Mueller: niece in Sanken Gardens 1973-07-18
Paul Markey Properties: exterior of building 1973-06-29
Martin Advertising: man by plane 1973-04-03
Henry D. Murphy: girl on horse 1973-06-28
Maria Montoya: whooping crane 1973-09-18
Jim McConoghy: Mobil America trailers 1973-12-17
Mathews Electronics: plane cockpit 1972-08-02
Mrs. Ed Muir and Carol Muir 1974-08-02
Rendering 1973
Mobile America 1972-01-06
Pat Marince: cockpit 1974-11-22
Martin and Associates: machinery 1974-11-27
MTS: canning machinery at Pearl Brewing Company 1974-12-10
Robert E. Markovsky, Archbishop: rendering of church 1975-02-11
Henry S. Miller Company: exterior of apartments complex
Trudy Mallory on float in Day Parade 1979-04-29
Grover L. Miskovsky: explosion victim in Santa Rosa Hospital 1979-05-01
Monterey Iron: Jack Vexler
McCoy's Building Supply: aerials of MBS
Meyer Machine Company: machinery and large group for Telcom 1980-01-04
Mr. M. Food Store: exterior of store 1979-11-13
Morkovsky and Associates: rendering of Jourdanton Independent School District 1979-11-05
Mortellaro's Nursery: nursery and farm aerials 1979-08-30
Golden Manor: rendering 1979-09-11
Mid-Wood Company: aerial of Windsor Place Shopping Center 1979-09-10
Bob Marsh: Wild Texas Tours Van by Alamo 1979-08-31
Fiesta Queen on float 1979
Mutual of Omaha: unidentified man 1978-10-18
Law Offices of Pat Maloney: aerials 1978-07-18
Master Hosts Inn: interior of hotel rooms and buildings 1978-06-28
Henry S. Miller Company: exterior of apartments complex 1978-06-01
Putman MacDaniels: eagle 1978-05-18
Putman MacDaniels: sculpture 1978-05-16
Putman MacDaniels: sculpture 1978-04-13
Mark VII Properties: poodle in pool 1977-10-05
Micro-Generator Corporation: bug fogging equipment 1977-09-14
Morningside Manor: aerials 1977-05-12
Healy-Murphy School: graduates in Carver Center Auditorium 1977-05-23
McCoy Development: exterior of Sunset Center 1977-03-02
Minton and Martin Attorneys: exterior of building 1976-12-16
Mrs. Charles T. Myers: two men 1976-11-10
Monarch Marketing: display of maps 1976-11-03
Henry S. Miller Company: rendering of AAA building 1976-09-23
3M National Advertising Company: billboard 1976-09-01
Xavier Montano: painting 1976-06-22
1487 Mrs. Musselman
Marcelle cosmetics 1984-08-10
Lachine, Inc.: Marcelle composite 1985-05-07
Marcelle Cosmetics: body lotion bottle 1984-09-25
Monier Resources: logo 1983-06-30
Lowry Mays 1984-10-15
Matthesen Ice Merchandisers: brochure 1984-09-25
Margaret Milburn 1984-08-10
Patricia Mahan 1984-07-26
Dr. Muldost: people and house
McManus: Bear Creek 1984-05-07
Morris and Guthrie: Boerne Bank employees 1984-04-24
Morris and Guthrie: prospects and burro 1984-01-27
Morris and Guthrie: Lytle State Bank exterior, interior, customers and employees 1983-10-26
Van Mabrito 1983-10-19
Morris and Guthrie: exterior of Boerne 1983-12-05
MAD Productions: ground breaking at Trinity Plaza 1983-11-18
M and G: employees at 1st National Bank at Boerne 1983-11-14
Pharmaceutical model 1983-11-08
Midway Development, Inc.: Roger Price 1983-10-18
Monier Resources: fly ash 1983-11-10
Medical Equipment Company: medical equipment 1983-12-06
Marc VII Productions: Quik Wok 1983-09-20
Medina Valley Laboratory: cow embryo 1983-07-19
MAD Productions: opening ceremony at Greenway Park 1983-07-14
MUAIL: AI equipment 1983-07-13
Medina Photo Group: interior and exterior of Riverstone and Spring Apartments 1983-06-23
MAD Productions: ground breaking at Trinity Plaza 1983-01-27
Kent Martin: quail in blue bonnets 1983-02-02
Metro Printing: horses 1982-10-12
Medical Gas and Equipment Company: people demonstration hospital equipment 1982-04-19
C. W. Miller: painting of a man 1982-04-27
Old Spanish Museum: stuffed squirrel 1982-02-18
Material Handling Engineering, Inc.: Kelly Air Force Base 1980-07-22
Old Spanish Mission: person 1981-08-05
L. T. Molding: building 1981-09-24
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad: aerials of MKT train and carloads of tractors 1981-06-12
Robert J. McCann and associates: machinery 1981-03-11
Monier Resources: four men in plant at Buda, Texas 1980-12-04
Morris-Aubrey Architects: lot
Meagan: couple 1980-12-01
Mrs. Musselman: carpet 1980-10-08
1488 Methodist Hospital: exterior 1988-08-19
Methodist Hospital: exterior 1987-08-12
Morningside Manor: aerials
J. J. Marty: chart 1987-07-22
Wen Morgan: Omega watch 1987-01-13
Mobile Heat and Air: Jim Smith 01-30
Herb Mosley: Club Management Systems display 1985-06-19
Multi-West: architectural model 1985-09-24
Muzak: check presentation 1985-10-10
Minarik Electric: building exterior 12-06
Martin Linen Supply: exterior of building 1985-05-29
Meyer Machine Company: Gene Teeter and William Teeter 1985-12-20
Meyer Machine Company: machinery and employees 1985-12-12
Marciva-Pac: computer 1986-05-01
Robert McMahan 1986-01-08
Reverend Claude Blane: Mountain Zion Rest Home 1986-04-30
Chef with food
Schrocler Real Estate: aerial of McCreless Mall 1986-07-18
Marcelle Cosmetics: cosmetics 07-01
Medical Economics Communications: doctors and air operator 1985-02-18
Jean Moore: drawing 1985-04-18
Leroy Muchlstein 1985-04-11
Monarch Tile Company: two men 1985-03-01
Don Maines: man on rig 1985-02-05
J. W. Martin: group 1984-12-20
Maltsberger: Serita Maltsberger 1982-06-22
Walter Mathis: oil paintings 1984-09-18
Morris Guthrie, Lockhart, Van Buren: employees at Lytle State Bank 1984-10-16
Austin Meyer: model 1983-10-10
1489 Douglas MacArthur visiting the Alamo and giving a speech in front of it 1951
Douglas MacArthur greeting soldiers
Douglas MacArthur getting off plane and being greeted by committee and mayor
Douglas MacArthur receiving large silver tray with the Alamo on it
Douglas MacArthur arriving at the Alamo
1490 Interior and exterior of Saint Peter's and Saint Paul's Catholic Church in New Braunfels 1963
1491 Mobil Gas Station 1958
Four unidentified men
Group at picnic with Mexican band
Groups of men standign around and talking
Group of men at airport
MAIN BANK 1957-1973
1492 Luncheon
John Peace
Christmas party
Groups of unidentified people
Interior and exterior of bank 1959
Opening ceremony
Fair Share Award and party 1957
Jack G. Lawrence
1493 Roger F. Wara 1967
Board meeting 1966
Exterior of bank 1967
Employees 1966
Copy machine and computer
People in line at tellers 1966
Secretaries 1966
Jerry Patterson 1966
Construction of Main Bank and crane lifting sign 1958
Exterior of bank 1961
Christmas tree 1961-12-30
Exterior of bank
1494 Credit card, telephone, check book 1974-02-05
Sign in front of banks 1972-08-21
Bank officers 1970-09-03
Exterior of bank
Employees 1968
Employees 1969-07-03
Rennert, Davis
Central Processing Center
1495 Officers at Main Bank: Robert S. Brown and others 1970-01-19
Directors and executives of Main Bank 1970-01-15
Exterior of bank
Bill Fagan and Ray Thomas 1970-10-29
1496 Interior of Main Bank: employees and customers 1971-01-21
Bill Fagan and Ray Thomas 1971-01-15
Howard Aria and officers of bank 1971-02-01
1497 Interior of Main Bank: employees and customers 1972-01-22
1498 Men at Main Bank 1973-03-28
[ Inv # 14568 Pic # 97061-63 ]
Roland Stevens 1973-03-28
Interior and exterior of bank, customers and drive-through 1973-02-16
1499 Model of Main Lincoln Mercury, Inc. 1965
Employees 1965
Map of San Antonio 1965
Garage and tools 1963
Lincoln Continental dealership on Main and Poplar Streets 1965
Cars in showroom
Secretaries in office
Parts departments
Car 1963
Group in Mexican costumes 1963
Unidentified people
Auto Body Clinic 1962
Luncheon and meeting 1960
Turbiville Rambler dealership
Cars ready to be serviced 1959
1500 Interior of remodeling and exterior of building and cars 1977-05-24
Employees in parts department 1977
Secretaries 1977
Unidentified man 1977
[ Pic # 19186 ]
Bob Tankersley 1974-02-14
Interior and exterior of building and showroom 1972-06-15
Three Main Lincoln Mercury, Inc. locations 1971-09-13
People looking at cars 1969-09-10
Cars 1966
1501 Three men with check and machine 1965
Employees 1965
Two men working machinery 1964
Employees, bags of linen and linen being loaded onto trucks 1964
1502 People in line at Majestic Theater to see "Sex and the Single Girl" 1964
Police men and two others by theater 1956
World Premiere of "To Hell and Back," Audie Murphy
"Revenge of Frankenstein"
Luncheon 1974
Ushers on stage 1945
"Harvey" 1950
World Premiere "The Fabulous Texan"
"After the Fox" 1967
"Jesse James" 1948
Two men with pigeons by San Antonio Light Building 1963
Group of men
[ Pic # 10511 ]
Concession stand
"Youngblood Hawke"
"Magnificent Obsession"
Man with trophy from Alamo Boat Club
1503 Interior of theater
"My Darling Clementine" 1947
"A Distant Trumpet" 1964
Calendar 1963
Man and three kids with dogs and bikes on stage
"Harvey," Majestic Theater exterior 1950
World premiere of "San Antonio" 1946
Interstate Theater 40th anniversary 1949
"The Comancheros" 1959
Concession stand
Sale of silver dollars for 73 cents during premiere of "Winchester 73"
Audience 1957
Texas Theater
"Gypsy" 1960
"Goliath and the Barbarians"
"Rio Grande" premiere 1950
"El Paso"
"After the Fox"
"Greatest Show on Earth" at Texas Theater 1950
1504 Paul Herder and people 1975-12-19
Mrs. Mallory: Laura's debut party at San Antonio Country Club 1975-12-18
1505 Tree shearing machine
Machine cutting down trees
1506 Jimmy Stewart with unidentified man and woman and Carroll Baker
Jimmy Stewart on stage
Jimmy Stewart trying on boots
Jimmy Stewart and four young women
"Man from Laramie": line
Unidentified man and Gloria Stewart
Jimmy Stewart riding in wagon
Stage set up outside Majestic Theater
People in line
Jimmy Stewart and Gloria Stewart at airport with unidentified men
Parade to Majestic
Jimmy Stewart and unidentified man at microphone
Jimmy Stewart and Gloria Stewart at makeshift stage
1507 Chill Wills with woman
Soldiers and drum majorettes
Julia Adams
Chill Wills and Julia Adams in the Alamo
Hugh O'Brian
Chill Wills and Hugh O'Brian outside Municipal Auditorium and Majestic Theater
People lined up to see the movie
Stars on stage
1508 Tables with tile tops
1509 Dishes on a tray in woman's lap
Woman writing a letter on tray in her lap
Pieces of wood with words burned into them: "Shooting Irons," "Bat Boy"
MARINCE, PAT 1975-1978
1510 Gildemeister's Jewelry 1978-03-09
Unidentified man, woman 1975-03-28
Bride with kitchen items 1978-03-13
Metal trays, benches and decorative things 1978-10-02
1511 Plans of Coons Elementary School 1979-06-25
Construction of drive-in bank
Santa Rosa Medical Center
Armstrong Machinery Manufacturing Plant model 1978-11-07
Rendering 1978-10-17
Rendering of Coon Elementary School 1978-01-04
Interior and exterior of Lutheran General Hospital 1977-08-09
Architectural model 1977-04-19
Interior and exterior of buildings 1976-05-11
Rendering of E. Eugene Holmgren Memorial YMCA 1976-05-04
Model of post office 1975-12-17
Model of East side YMCA 1975-12-04
Rendering 1975-09-05
Architectural model 1974-09-18
Transit System offices near San Pedro Park 1973-11-26
Architectural model 1974-04-25
Marmon and Mock offices and secretaries
Model of UT Theaters 1973-03-23
Architectural model 1972-04-27
Architectural model 1972-03-21
Confluence Theater in what is now the Federal Courthouse
Library 1964
Buildings 1971-10-22
Rendering of Exchange Shopping Center 1970-12-14
Houses 1970-11-25
Construction progress at Air Force Village 1969-11-03
Construction progress at Air Force Village 1969-10-07
Construction progress at Air Force Village 1969-09-02
Rendering of high rise building 1969-06-11
Exterior and interiors of schools on North West side of San Antonio 1968-12-12
Exterior of Villa Trenchese 1968-06-11
Exterior of U. S. Pavilion, High-rise Apartments and High School on Marbach Road 1968-04-11
Rendering of Theodor Roosevelt High School
Model of U.S. Pavilion 1968
1512 Ingram Park Bank of Commerce 1980
Rendering 1983-10-22
Model of building 1980-11-12
Rendering 1980-11-04
Exterior of church 1980-10-09
La Quinta Inn and rendering, Century Building under construction 1980-10-13
Medical Center Tower 1980-07-14
Saint Luke's Lutheran Hospital 1980-07-30
Post Office 1980-07-31
Space frame at National Bank of Commerce 1980-07-18
Models 1981-11-08
1513 Kids with trophies and animals at Stock Show 1976
Painting of ram 1975-03-12
Kids with trophies and animals at Stock Show 1975-01-24
Ag show 1974-01-28
Kids with trophies and animals at Stock Show 1971-01-28
Officers of FFA in Ag Building 1973-11-30
Students 1972-10-05
Band, pep squad, P. S. Officers, Cheer-leaders and band officers 1972-08-31
Football team 1972-08-26
FFA members 1971-11-18
B football team 1970-09-26
Freshman football team
Band, pep squad, football team 1969-09-06
Exterior of High School 1968-12-19
School groups 1968-09-07
Unidentified students 1965
Drum major and majorettes 1965
Basketball team 1966
Cathy Hyatt 1966
Duchesses 1965
1514 Best Equipment Company: pizza oven 1971-06-18
Jim Martin: pizza oven 04-03
Martin Bakery exterior and interior
Birthday cake for 1st Baptist Church
Pizza oven
Bakers making pastries
Bakers making pies
1515 Trucks 1970-11-02
Mr. Spansman 1975-11-20
Building 10-22
Industrial Department 1979-10-05
Exterior of Martin Linen Supply Company 1975-09-26
Trucks 1969
Equipment in laundry plant 1969-04-20
Exterior of building 1968-07-27
Employees 1965-06-02
Groups of people at picnic
Presentation of watch and dinner
Retirement dinner
MARTY J.J. undated
1516 Gas charts
1517 Crates with washing machines outside 1971-01-29
Marvel Manufacturing Company
Employees 1970-05-26
Washing machine
Group at Trinity University 1969-04-25
Shipment of machines 1969-01-25
Employees at Hemis Fair 1968
Machines in warehouse 1961
1518 Chalet Valet 1968
Chalet Valet 1965-07-27
Chalet Valet 1964-12-17
1519 Laundry machines
Fuses and switches
Pipes 1966
Marvel Manufacturing Company building
Hot water heater
Employees working on machines 1965
1520 Washing machines 1972-03-17
Equipment 1971-07-06
Washing machines 1971-03-12
Washing machines
Dryer 1970-01-14
Dryer 1969-12-31
Modifications of machine 1969-11-26
Laundry equipment 1969-01-26
Laundry equipment 1968-12-05
Marvel Manufacturing Company building
Laundry equipment 1968-04-28
1521 Children
Father Deckert
Aerial of seminary 1961
Blessing the library 1964
Man herding sheep
Priest with parishioners
Group of ladies 1962
Group of kids at the Alamo in Bracketville
Grotto Chapel
Reverend Arong, Reverend Gomes, Reverend Tariman
Brother Andres Corral
1522 Sophia Loren with baby and elderly man
Crowd of people, mostly nuns
Father Deckert
Mexican children
Man on horse
Man on mule
Father Deckert: gold religious medal 1973-09-06
Reverend Clifford Blackburn and nine priests 1973-03-09
Father Deckert 1968-08-12
Grotto Shrine procession and pilgrimage 1971-10-03
Dedication of church 1970-12-09
Oblate Fathers: people in front of church 1970-10-07
Oblate Philippines Mission Bureau: cards 1968-11-26
Chinese man in Hong Kong 1969-11-14
Mexican village
Priests 1968-05-20
Rice fields
Father Chris Eschavez
Father Deckert 1965
Molina. Castillo, Brother Victor Bulatno, Brother Peter Chomchinda, Brother Antero Berboso, Hildegardo, Malvar, Sergio Morales, Brother Elisio Mercado, Brother Epitacio, Trumator, Brother Felipe Zurita, Brother Leo Gutierrez, Brother Benjamin De, Jesus, Jequnito, Brother Rodrigo Rolda, Brother Manuel Bersamin, Brother Maximo Bongbonga, Brother Andersito Gonzales, escone, Aristoteles
MASA HARINA 1960-1963
MASA HARINA 1960-1963
1523 Woman making tortillas with Masa Harina mix
Display in grocery store 1963-05-08
Unidentified people 1961-03-20
Food 1960-08-19
Boxes of Masa Harina mix
1524 Gazebo
Exterior of Mason National Bank 1980-01-21
Exterior of Mason National Bank 1979-05-30
Blue bonnets 1981-04-08
Unidentified men 1980
Girl playing tennis 1979
Customers in bank 1980
People at an auction 1980
Old plow
Court house
Autumn scenes 1979-12-19
1525 Alzafar Shrine: group at Shrine 1976-10-09
Scottish Rite: group at Scottish Rite 1972-11-13
Group at Temple 1965-10-19
Kelly Lodge 1963
Unidentified people
Prospect Hill Lodge and groups
Alamo Lodge
1526 Group of men
Members at Pearl Corral with Clown Band
Convention at Gunter Hotel in Alamo Room 1964
Dinner 1964
Group at Arneson River Theater with Mexican Band 1964
Fashion Show 1964
1527 Washing machine
Tile 1972-11-13
1528 Canada Dry Building
Orange drink machine
Canada Dry truck
Canada Dry trucks 1942
Interior of Canada Dry Bottling Company
Display in stores
1529 Ice freezers 1972-08-12
Blocks of ice on conveyor belt
Machinery and ice handling equipment
Ice freezers 1973-10-26
Lawn edger
Matthiesen Manufacturing Company building
Dolly 1962
1531 Desks and chairs 1966
Award dinner 1967
Gull 1966
Office supplies
Maverick Clark building 1966
Dictaphone 1963
Map of the world 1960
Binoculars 1960
Rendering of car
Employees 1959
Aerial of Maverick Clark
Rendering: Citizens Bank and Trust
Unidentified people
1532 Mayor signing Proclamation 1974-04-25
USAA and four people 1972-04-20
Maverick Clark 98th anniversary sale 1972-03-20
Desk 1971-12-03
Opening ceremony at new Maverick Clark 1969-10-29
Exterior of building and interior of office 1969-09-26
Office furniture 1969-09-25
Furniture at Convention Center 1968-05-17
1530 Maury Maverick in office
Maury Maverick at Arneson River Theater
Maury Maverick with family
Maury Maverick at La Vilita
Maury Maverick with Harry Truman
Maury Maverick with Harry Jersig
1533 Hay ride
Man with guitar and kids
People and activities at ranch 1983-08-12
Trail ride
Kids playing tennis and swimming
People 1975-07-24
Cowboys cooking breakfast
1534 Girl on horse having her picture taken
Unidentified man
Man getting on horse in chute
Woman getting on horse
Man on motorcycle
Kallison's Ranch Head Quarters
People swimming and fishing
Unidentified people
McCRELESS MALL 1962-1978
1535 Mayor McAllister at the opening ceremony 1962
Interior of clothing store Michael's
Mayor McAllister and Mr. McCreless
Mayor and Mr. McCrelless putting a time capsule in the floor 1962
1536 Property at 1518 Sullivan Springs Road 1970-05-05
Property site for McCreless Mall 1970-04-21
Aerials of construction of McCreless Center 1970
McCRELESS, BLAKE 1962-1968
1537 McCreless wedding
General Food Equipment and Supply Company exterior
Little boy
Rex Allen with two girls 1968
Two ladies with baby
Construction 1962
Awards and dinner
Southwest Industrial Electric Company
Beautiful Savior Fellowship Hall 1963
Vocational Ag Department
Buildings under construction 1964
Interior and exterior of church
1538 Waiting rooms and nurses station 1965
Construction 1965
Office 1965
1539 Aerials of house
Garden and grounds
Exterior of house
1540 Secretaries
Group around table
Unidentified men
1541 Clamps 1980-04-17
Historical marker at Alamo Iron Works 1979-11-15
Sunset Memorial Funeral Home 1979-06-29
Bender for Alamo Iron Works 1979-04-29
Plate, platter, slicer, coffee maker, coffee grinders and juicer 1979-04-17
Part of large machine at Alamo Iron Works 1977-03-02
People around warehouse 1978-12-12
Large machine 1978-10-16
Temple Band Uniform 1978-10-05
Award presentation at Alamo Iron Works 1977-04-17
100th anniversary celebration 1978-04-26
Ken Burgdorf at plant 1978-04-20
Foundry 1978-03-29
Forklift loading truck 1978-03-27
Items at Alamo Iron Works warehouse 1978-03-24
New Braunfels Smokehouse: food products 1978-05-31
Pictures for Alamo Iron Works brochure: fabrication division 1978-03-23
Alamo Iron Works building 1978-02-14
Publicity for Chamber of Commerce on Free Enterprise. Mr. Holmgreen and two Trinity University students 1977-09-21
Opening ceremony for Wright's Sports 1977-06-03
Alamo Iron Works: group shots 1977-05-04
Carry Castleberry in his office at Alamo Iron Works 1976-10-22
Directors around the table 1976-08-16
Alamo Iron Works: John Holmgreen and stockholders meeting 1976-07-28
Equipment model 874 at Alamo Iron Works 1976-03-26
Sheldon the magician 1976-07-12
Terry Bronwell 1976-07-21
Alamo Iron Works: men at work 1976-06-04
Alamo Iron Works: five foot valves 1976-05-28
KITE Radio: motorcycle racer 1976-05-26
Heimer Industries: branding irons in a heating grill 1976-05-13
Group shots 1976-05-27
Alamo Iron Works: people working in the forge department 1976-05-25
Alamo Iron Works: people and equipment 1976-05-06
Tom East 1976-04-30
Alladdin Carpet: man cleaning carpet and furniture 1976-04-05
Alladdin Carpet: carpet and chair repair 1976-03-02
Alamo Iron Works: equipment outside 1976-03-09
Alamo Iron Works: reconditioned trucks and keys 1976-02-27
Group of men 1976-02-13
Alamo Iron Works: automatic torch cutter 1975-11-14
Board of directors 1975-11-22
Robinson Company: man holding reflexive plastic 1975-12-30
Dawson Corporation: people in and around plant 1975-12-17
Magnolia Sugar Plantation building 1675-12-08
Alamo Iron Works: unidentified man 1975-10-20
Alamo Iron Works: John McGee and management around plant 1975-09-13
Litton office furniture 1975-07-09
Camera cards for Litton office products center 1975-07-08
Two men in office 1975-06-18
Hilton Palacio Del Rio: food and wine set up for a wedding 1975-05-31
Citizens National Bank acquiring new land 1975-05-28
Lyda livestock opening 1975-04-30
Billboard 1975-04-14
Hilton Palacio Del Rio: Imperial suite 1975-04-01
Construction 1975-04-14
Hilton Palacio Del Rio 1975-03-27
John McGee and sign for his ad agency 1975-01-22
Portraits 1974-10-24
Roy Akers Funeral Chapel 1974-04-27
Interior and exterior of Roy Akers funeral home 1974-01-26
Alladdin Carpet sign 1974-05-14
Maverick-Clark: unloading tent for furniture sale 1974-02-23
Gold coffee trailer 1974-03-20
Logo 1974-02-06
Maverick-Clark: chefs hats 1973-10-08
1542 Hospital
John White building under construction 1982-01-08
Ingram Park Bank of Commerce
Unidentified people
Interiors of store and three garments 1980-10-27
Ladies in warm clothes 1984-04-01
Dishes 1981-08-20
Architectural model and renderings of U.S. Army Medical Museum at Fort Sam Houston 1981-09-21
Aerial view of Winn's 1981-10-06
Parking garage downtown
Phillis Wheatley High School
Rendering and photo of Lincoln Center under construction
Aerial view of downtown
Aerial map 1981-12-31
Unidentified people 1982-01-29
Bank interior and exterior 1982-01-29
1st National Bank, Kerrville: President Stewart 1982-04-16
Ceiling fans 1982-10-21
Group shots 1982-11-10
Telephones 1982-11-30
Girl in Pizza Hut uniform 1982-12-16
Resort 1982-12-16
Fans 1982-12-14
Heaters 1983-01-10
Duck 1982-12-30
Pedestal and chair 1982-09-30
Door 1982-10-01
Exterior and interior of La Hacienda 1982-09-28
1st City Bank at Windsor Park 1982-08-16
Joske's employees 1983-01-10
Heaters and doors 1983-01-25
Heaters 1983-02-10
Pizza Hut people and interiors 1983-08-08
Band uniform 1983-10-12
Lake scene 1983-06-06
Pizza 1983-08-10
Locks 1983-08-10
Ingram Kut-mor 1983-07-06
Carpet protectors 1983-08-02
Unidentified man 1982-07-30
[ Inv # 36030 Pic # 31114-16 ]
Chairs and doors 1982-09-17
1543 John McGee 1984-11-01
Alford, Doebler, Jungman 1984-06-06
San Marcos National Bank 1984-07-10
Interiors, exteriors and portraits at 1st National Bank at San Marcos 1984-05-11
Denton model home in Oakwell Farms 1984-09-08
Model home in Hunter's Creek 1984-09-22
Cake and people at Trinity Bank 1984-10-01
Birthday party at Trinity Bank 1984-10-03
Model with band uniform 1984-11-19
Noel Alford 1984-09-19
Old building at Brackenridge Park 1984-08-21
Alford, Doebler, Jungman: man and woman coming out of building 1984-07-19
Check book for First City Bank 1984-12-06
Seguin National Bank and Trust 1984-07-31
Texas pin 1984-07-12
Two priests with man and Zizik Kearns 1984-06-22
Bank of San Marcus 1984-04-17
Seguin National Bank and Trust 1984-07-10
Ceiling fans 1984-01-13
Bathroom towel racks 1984-01-18
Warnecke Estates camp 1983-09-03
Ram Plumbing 1983-11-23
Ceiling fans 1983-11-22
1544 Different shots of Ingram Cement plant on North Military Highway 1985-09-05
Ingram Central Site, Camp Bullis: Ingram Cement Plant shots, south main entrance Redland 1985-07-10
Ingram Central Site, Camp Bullis: different shots of Cement Plant 1985-07-24
1545 Interiors of ED Company 1986-06-25
Component Data computers 1986-03-24
Onderdonk house restored 1985-11-08
Golf course with houses in background 1985-10-02
Kitchen of model home at Hunter's Creek 1985-09-24
Electric alarm parts 1985-07-23
Electric alarm equipment 1985-05-22
Electric alarm sensors 1985-04-30
Safes 1985-04-18
Computer 1985-04-04
Charles Way 1985-01-21
1546 People looking at art
Group of people
Two ladies and little girl
Exhibition of Scalamandre's Textile
McGIMSEY, MARY E. undated
1547 Party
Group of people
Man letting dog drink his beer
Group of men playing poker
Mexican band
1548 Eye tests
1549 Porch and garden wall
Interior of house 1960
Swimming pool
1550 Employees in warehouse for wholesale drugs 1972-05-09
1551 Exterior of McNay Art Museum in Sunset Hills at gate
Fountain 1977-08-17
Painting class in garden
Exterior of building
1552 Bulldozer 1970-04-17
Jess McNeel's grandfather
Raising the flag
Old photograph of group of men on horses
Old photograph of men with guns
Unidentified men
Franklin Delano Roosevelt with other sin 1936 1964
Franklin Delano Roosevelt eating
Unidentified people 1964
Portraits of man and woman 1959-07-16
Family 1964-05-15
J. Orderdonk's painting 1965-08-09
J. Orderdonk's painting 1965-03-09
1553 Pearl Light Beer 1983-01-18
Coca-Cola dispenser 1981-02-25
Woman in recliner 1978-06-07
Man in car 1980-02-04
1554 Graduating class 1974-11-19
Graduating class 1974-05-20
1555 Aerials of Medina Base
1556 Houses on lake 1959
People in restaurant
People in boats
Aerial of lake and Dam
1557 Funeral home 04-26
Coffins 1968-07-15
Rendering: Southside Funeral Home 1968-07-24
1558 Family members posing
MENGER HOTEL 1937-1976
1559 Mr. Abbott 1976-03-11
Exterior of Menger Hotel
Mr. Abbott 1975-03-04
Dining room
Lobby 1959
Menger Hotel 1937
Menger Hotel 1942
In front of the Alamo looking towards Menger Hotel 1966
Menger Hotel 1950
Menger Hotel circa 1900
Swimming pool
Employees circa 1935
Joske's and Menger Hotel 1937
1560 Lobby
Table set for luncheon
Group of people circa 1950
Menger Hotel circa 1900
Menger Hotel circa 1954
Dining room
Group of men
Menger Hotel 1940
Joske's and Menger Hotel 1940
W. T. Grant Company and Lucchese Boot Company 1946
Construction in hotel basement
Chest of drawers
Men outside hotel 1942
Unidentified people
1561 Swimming pool
Coffee shop
Two people being served dinner circa 1945
Santa Claus 1951
Unidentified people
Dining room
Stained glass window
Bar and bartender
Ornate mirror
Christmas party 1951
1562 Glenn, Bozell and Jacobs: exterior of Menger Hotel 1974-12-17
Glenn, Bozell and Jacobs: swimming pool
Glenn, Bozell and Jacobs: statue
Rooms 1967
1563 Harold Bass and Mental Health Association of Bexar County: woman receiving award from Mayor McAllister 1968-03-02
62nd meeting of the MHA and dinner
62 woman receiving award from Mayor McAllister
1564 Family waiting 1961
Drive-thru 1961
Teller's window
Night depository 1961
Ship filled with coins 1961
Two men looking at paintings of ship's steam and sail 1961
Exterior of bank
1565 Washing machine, truck and people 1973
Industrial laundry equipment 1973-02-15
Dry cleaning equipment and employees 1973-11-30
1566 Nurse with baby
Couple with baby in front of altar 1964-02-12
Girl talking with nurses
Girl going to MMH 1962-11-12
Methodist Mission Home
Man at map 1960
Unidentified man 1961
[ Pic # 25418 ]
Group of ladies in front of bus 1962
Reverend Stockwell 1962
Ladies getting ready for cake and punch 1962
Model of new MMH 1958
Woman talking to prospective adopting couple
Dining room
Mrs. Jackson
1567 Nurses checking people 1961
Ladies praying 1963
Lloyd Knowlton receiving service award 1963
Girl going to MMH 1963
E. A. Hunter receiving service award 1963
Dinner and groups of men
1568 Aerial of new Home 1967
Check presentation: Dr. Spencer Stockwell and three others
Opening ceremonies
Board of directors
Three ladies praying 1968
Employees 1968
Christmas tree
1569 C. D. Houston 1969-11-21
Dairy products 1965
Two men eating ice cream
Little boy with glass of milk 1963
Exterior of Metzger's Dairy 1957
Ice cream shop
Metzger's Dairy exterior 1952
1570 Aeronaves De Mexico in San Antonio
Four unidentified men
Sr. Ing Jorge Perez y Bouras: director general De Aeronaves De Mexico and unidentified man
Five men at airport
Group on boat on San Antonio River
Mayor McAllister and Melvin Sisk Chamber of Commerce meeting Sr. Perez y Bouras and another man
Large group of men t a reception
Sr. Perez y Bouras receiving a proclamation from Mayor McAllister making him mayor
Pilots and flight attendants boarding plane
Unidentified man 1971-10-29
1571 Publicity of the visit of Mexican Tourist Council 1979-09-17
1572 Oil rigs and buildings
Mexican landscapes
Mexican landscapes and small village
Three men standing by pile of rocks
Factory circa 1915
Burro on street in village
Men carrying things out of mine
Four men standing in mine entrance
Girl in Mexican costume 1965
People rehearsing play 1965
El Barco Cantina
Men and women in town square
1573 Mexican band at Spanish Governor's Palace
Interior of building
Woman in Mexican costume at Spanish Governor's Palace
People looking on burro
Two men with burro
Mexican man carrying water
Mexican family with burro, hog and chicken
MEZA ALBETO 1976-1978
1574 Paintings 1978-03-21
Paintings 1976-10-22
Paintings of a lion and red bird 1976-10-19
Doves 1976-09-22
Turkeys 1976-09-08
1575 Generator and washers 1984-03-09
"V" belts 1983-08-18
Bronze figures 1983-08-09
Machinery with gear 1983-06-13
Gears 1983-04-19
Chain 1982-12-27
Jim Midcap: interior of trophy room 1973-02-20
Office 1960
Midcap Bearing Service building 1962
Warehouse 1960
Meeting 1960
Employees 1960
Gears and cogs 1960
1576 Machinery 1982-09-13
Machinery 1982-06-18
Warm gear speed reducer 1982-04-14
Buildings 1982-02-24
Bearings 1982-02-24
Hot air balloon with van and trailer 1982-02-03
Plants 1982-01-29
Machines 1982-02-08
Exterior of Midcap Bearing Service 1982-01-26
1577 Rendering of office building 1980-12-18
1578 Landscape 1972-09-12
Floor plans 1972-08-23
Landscape 1972-07-28
1579 Mr. Lee 1976-04-26
Flowers 1964
Recreation room 1963
Snooker and pool tables 1963
Group of men 1962
[ Pic # 33901 ]
Luncheon 1962
Tables and lamps 1960
Magazine rack 1960
Paintings of horses 1961
1580 Bumper table 1968-05-29
Military Service Company building 1966
Four paintings
Eight paintings
Chairs 1964
1581 Curtains 1962
1582 Two men looking at development map of Twin Lakes Estates
People with fish
Property near Palacios, Texas 1971-05-21
1583 Interior of store
1584 Candles and holders 1983-11-10
Candles and holders 01-80
Peppers 1982-03-03
Peppers 1982-02-25
Peppers 1982-03-16
Lemons 1982-06-02
MISCELLANEOUS 1933-1984 and undated
1585 Blacksmiths
Hearse circa 1920
Churches, landscape, cattle and small stores in Mason, Texas
Building of ice plant and warehouse
Group with bull
River and cave
San Antonio Museum of Art: Temp Offices
Fiesta Noche del Rio: Arneson River Theater
Boats on lake
Unidentified woman
Horses at pond
Four girls in gymnastic pose
Ornate dining room
West Texas town
Galveston sea wall possible circa 1920
Gertrude Ederle
Christies Restaurant
Builders Exchange Building
1586 Refrigerator (Coldspot)
Radio (Atwater Kent)
Reliable Batteries
Philco clock
Grandfather clock
Grocery store 1933
Group of people
La Comida: Mexican Meal-by-Mail
Sanchez Candies box
Man by plane
Painting of couple 1876
Man at desk
U.S. Navy plane
Hoffman and Hayman Coffee Company building
Three men
Mrs. Cora E. Wallace and daughter beside grave of husband Robert E. Wallace who died in WWII circa 1945
Woman in chair
Toy soldiers: Nazi and Japanese
Toys: Nazi mouse and Japanese mouse
Group of people in park
Park at corner of Cincinnati and Alexander Streets 1940
Three men loading plane with cases of razor blades
Ad for American Plate and Manufacturing Company
Bud Whaley and fiend watching TV
Methodist Church services board
Angle ball game
Horse racing game
Logo for National Pictures Gulf Coast Studios
Man giving flight attendant ticket
Constructor Advertisers for 1937
Corner of Camden Street and Romana Plaza 1947
People at Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company with Landon for President signs 1936
Cigarette cases
Mobil and Gulf gas stations 1947
Best Wishes for Christmas and New Year's card 1941
Alamo Florist
Romana Plaza Drugs
Standard Electric Company
Elks Café
Alaska Fur Company
La Bonita
Garden Quality Market
Sommers Drugs
Empty auditorium
Corner of Alexander and Cincinnati Streets
1587 Christmas decorations
Jus-A-Minute Car Wash, 1609 Broadway street 1950
Two men by Gibson Refrigerator
Aerial of Stock Yards
Woman sitting in living room
Couple with furniture and TV
Three men with International Harvester freezer and refrigerator
Two men with crates of Philco A/Cs for White Plaza Hotel
Gibson ranges
Sewing kit
Ad for hand made Guatemalan purses
Ad for Carbozite waterproof coating
Inrux Natural Rubber liquid compound
Soothe Antiseptic Healing Oil and Emulsion Cough Reliever
Jack White for Mayor signs
AgriSoil Soil Conditioner
Noxidene dandruff remover
Fab-Spray ad
Morning Glory mattress ad and mattress
Ad for ring and valve job
Dodge car by Municipal Auditorium
Martin-Smith Chemicals Company Truck
Brooklyn Dodgers player
Men unloading broiler from truck with crane
Santa Claus and kids
Band on KEYL TV
Two men shaking hands
Group in meeting
Unidentified man
High School football players and coaches
Group of ladies
Water heater installation
1950 advertising award for John E. McCary
Three people in office
Couple and little boy
Model by pool
Unidentified men
Unidentified woman
Three men looking at report for Seagram's International Business Conference 05-1950
Two girls with belt
Girl making decorations
Man with little girl wearing leg braces
Hot dogs
Pantry Prize imitation maple syrup
Signs for Star Theater
Men and women going over essay contest entry
1588 Drawing of a mask
Chicken with cooked tomatoes
Miniature castle
Yellow Transit Building
Office furniture
Woman with four kids
Painting of unidentified man
22 Yearbooks from 1958
Interior of house
Office supply store
Stained glass window
Doll with cake dress
Oil rigs
Chemical Express truck
Aerial of plant
Webcor Hi Value Fair
Rendering of interior and exterior of Gunter Hotel
Model in Indian beaded costume
Taco fryers
Family circa 1956
Horses tied up outside house
Car show in Coliseum
Wine and cheese
Allercreme Beauty products
Power station
Treaty tree
cheese and crackers
Flowers around Richey tombstone
Collie and man on horse
Exterior of unidentified school circa 1955
Holiday Hotel exterior
Swimming pool
Model in swim suit
Bride with bridesmaids
Trail Ride
Robert Walker, Jr. and horse
Ladies with lawn mower
Flower arrangement
Four Air Force guys with flags at Texas Military Institute
Unidentified man
Wedding party
KONO Alamobile
1589 BankAmericard sign
Building exterior
Interior of bookstore
Christmas books
Audiotape Recording Center sign
Stereo cabinet
Car stereo
Allen D. Burt: painting of a house 1975-01-10
Alamo Refrigeration Company: men and equipment 1974-02-14
Howard Won: floor plans for Texas Cancer Radiation Treatment Center 1974-02-19
Seison Delta: chart 1974-04-02
59th Annual AAPG meeting: artwork 1974-03-28
L. Transon: group studying 1974-02-27
O'Henry House: Buckhorn Hall of Homes exhibits 1974-03-29
Bob Miller: ad and new family photos 1974-11-27
H. P. Lobstein: charts 1974-09-30
Winneh and Associates: lobby of Coca-Cola 1974-12-12
Tobin: painting of black horse 1974-12-11
CGP: Exterior of building and interior of office 1974-04-18
John R. Pitt: Carta Blanca and Bohemia Mexican beers 1972-03-23
Ron Cox 1972-10-19
Woodmore Corporation: road map 1972-11-03
Polly Norman: couple 1972-10-11
San Antonio Trunk Company: charts 1973-03-05
Lighthouse for the Blind: exterior of house 1973-04-06
Stewart Title Company: exterior 1973-01-12
Meldon Agency: Seguin economy furniture ad 1972-01-10
Peggy Bradbury: little girl on elephant 1973-01-17
Manncraft: processor-x-ray 1973-04-11
Robert A. Keahey: Hilton Hotel, San Antonioriver, Convention Center, NIOSA 1973-04-18
Robert Callaway and Associates: layouts 1973-08-28
Holman Vinnie: people in play 1973-11-28
International Systems: construction of building 1973-04-07
Alamo Savings Association rendering 1973-06-27
Feigelson, Giertz and Hall, Inc.: people in different parts of Texas 1973-04-25
Feigelson, Giertz and Hall, Inc.: girl by pool, Mexican Market, Night Club, restaurants and models 1973-05-14
Dix and Eaton, Inc.: transport system of San Antonio V. A. Hospital 1973-07-03
General Electric Cablevision: exterior of GEC building and man watching monitors 1973-01-18
Northeast School District: students in class 1973-01-19
Koger Executive Centers, Inc.: entrances in Koger Center 1973-01-29
CGR: maps 1973-07-11
Zavell Smith: two watercolor paintings 1973-03-23
Zavell Smith: rendering of building 1973-01-17
Zavell Smith: Mr. Hasslocker and rendering of Golden Manor Jewish Home for the Aged 1973-06-15
Zavell Smith: rendering of Golden Manor 1971-06-10
Callaway, Jamnssen and Associates: drawing of site plans 1969-01-29
J. O'Keefe: medical heart rate charts 1969-03-17
Rangaire Corporation: interior and exterior at Regency Place Elementary School 1969-03-25
Marshall Steves: bronze sculpture 1969-02-28
Peter Callin and Associates: floor plan of Regency Elementary School 1969-08-06
Texaco, Inc.: charts and graphs 1969-12-30
Henderson: graphs and sides of beef 1969-05-27
Vince de Santi: maps 1969-06-04
Mr. Crouch: book "As We Are" 1969-05-16
The Designers road runner 1969-12-02
U.S. Postal Department: ad for Easter seals 1968-11-29
Rangaire Corporation: interior of Satel's Central Park showing fluorescent lighting 1968-04-03
Youth Appreciation Committee: ads 1968-10-29
C. N. Sawtelle: re-election campaign ad 1970-03-26
Padre Island Investment Corporation: Padre Island brochure 1970-08-24
Beverly Studio: unidentified man 1970-08-17
Beverly Studio: Jack Reiger 1970-09-03
Winston Company: Cutty Sark signs on buses 1970-10-06
B. W. Palmer: kid with bloody nose 1970-04-03
Stuart McMann: interior of church and priests 1970-04-29
Urban Renewal Agency: San Antonio skyline 1970-05-26
P and M Products, Inc.: rendering of plant 1970-08-04
Paul Kinnison: Oak Hills Country Club floor plan 1970-10-06
Glenn Dobson: custom made 14K jewelry 1970-10-29
San Antonio Garden Center: card for Garden Pilgrimage 1970-11-17
Pat Legan: maps 1970-11-30
Signal Life Insurance Company 1970-12-03
Arthritis Foundation ad 1970-09-02
South Central Texas Chapter: arthritis logo 1973-06-28
Bill Brown and Associates: Gulf Mart 1970-10-01
Mrs. W. B. Woods: painting 1971-03-22
J. A. Medical Foundation: map of urban Highway system 1971-04-07
R. E. Alexander 1971-06-05
Travis, Braun and Associates: charts, drawings, etc. 1971-11-02
General Division Corporation: Port Charlotte land development brochure 1971-01-26
Monarch Logging Company: charts and graphs 1971-02-09
Clifford, Cason and Associates: maps, surveys and planning 1971-02-16
Robert C. Howell: painting 1971-03-24
Caribe Diamond Salon 1971-11-19
Cresthome Presbyterian Church: drawings and site plans 1971-01-25
Army Air force Exchange: graphs and charts 1971-01-21
Salawati Basin aerial map 1974-04-02
1590 Don Young: heavy equipment at Vahlco in Seguin 1974-05-03
Don Young: drilling equipment 1974-05-08
Alamo PR and Advertising: couple by sign for San Felipe del Morro, people doing various things, and a poodle 1974-05-09
Alamo PR: people 1974-05-15
Snyder Architects: exterior of building 1974-05-28
John B. Marler and Company: charts 1974-07-01
John B. Marler and Company: lettering 1974-07-03
AMPI: charts 1974-08-22
John B. Marler and Company: charts for presentation for work area Protection Corporation 1974-09-24
Government Employee Credit Union: computer read out sheets and forms 1976-03-01
L. E. Lamb: medical charts, drawings and cartoons 1976-08-25
Ladislaw Trevino, magician 1976-08-30
Thomas A. Ricks: painting of buildings 1976-09-30
Bell and Stanton, Inc.: steer 1976-10-04
Billy Saathoff: oil painting 1976-10-18
Barkkmann advertising: cocktail party at El Tropicana restaurant 1976-10-31
Billy Saathoff: oil painting 1976-11-05
Texas Granite: granite and marble in Frost Bank 1976-11-10
Len Packham: charts with colored gels 1976-12-16
Essar Properties: painting at McNay art Museum 1976-12-30
Alamo Refrigeration Company: ads for heat pump 1976-12-30
Fuos, A. C.: computer print outs 1977-01-27
Le Francois and Associates: car dealership ads 1977-02-02
William G. Priest: maps 1977-02-04
M.O. Turner: articles from magazines 1977-03-17
AMPI: charts 1977-03-23
Jerry Reiser, Sumner, Reider and Associates: Baldon Roofing 1977-03-28
Dr. Aurelio Diaz: medical photographs 1977-04-12
Governor's office for Handicapped ads 1977-04-19
Dr. Salinas: x-rays and brain scans 1977-07-27
Development Corporation: maps 1977-08-26
Tom Elington: car show 1977-08-30
Eden Photography: airplanes and apartments 1977-12-05
Planned Properties: girl by river with car, TV and cash 1978-04-19
BBA Advertising: displays at Handy Dan 1979-01-12
International Aerial Mapping: aerial map 1979-02-20
Theosophical Society: book "I Send a Voice: by Evelyn Eaton 1979-01-26
1591 Man in car by house (old)
Landscape 1978
V-8 juice, Cranapple juice and Orange juice
Hefty garbage sacks, Windex cleaner and Comet cleaner
Simoniz automobile cleaning and detailing products
1592 Reel to reel tape
Kids playing on playground in Mason, Texas
Kids playing instruments in school band
Mason, Texas circa 1890 with carriages and buggies in the street
Farmer plowing
R. Grosse: carpenter's shop
Names for tombstones
City of Mason sign, flag and windmill
Exterior of Mason Elementary School and High School
Western Auto
Woman cleaning windows of storefront
Man getting haircut
Cattle auction and auctioneer
Mason National Bank
Main Street
City Hall clocks
Grain being dumped into truck
Crops being irrigated
High School basketball game
Track practice
Tennis team
Kids in park
1st Baptist Church
Bridge over river
Odeon Theater 1979
City of Mason Utilities
City of Mason PP
Nu Way Grocery
Farm and Ranch Supply
Cotton bins
Little boy on horse
Interior of house
Portrait of unidentified man
Dallas Lab demonstrations
Reunion Tower and other buildings
Flowers and gazebo
Kids on merry-go-round
Girl with horse
Kids on go cart truck
Little girls
Plane being worked on for energy experiment
Fire engine and firemen
Couple dancing
Kids doing various things
Ship Guárico
Stock show parade
Airplane landing
People playing golf
Dimension II building
Road by Lackland
Sunken Gardens
Horses tied up outside house
Interior of store
Kids playing
Aerial of San Antonio
School buses
1593 Couple (old retouched photograph)
Aerial of San Antonio
Bookcase and furniture 1983
Victoria Tower building entrance
Unidentified woman
Couch 1985
Man in Indian costume
Woman on car
Texas Commerce bank Building exterior and interior
Living room: fireplace and furniture
Apple pie and strawberries
Three models
Unidentified woman
Interior of house 1980
Cattle, birds
Medical Center Tower
Boots, hat, bridle, saddle and lasso
Interior of bank
Building in Park
Interfirst Bank
Unidentified bank interior
Crystal ball
Club Management Systems display 1985
Marcelle hair care products
Unidentified buildings
Flowers along the river
Convention Center, arena and Tower
Hyatt Hotel from River
Aerial by the Alamo and Cenotaph
Leaves in fall
Construction of building
1594 John Beard: man (old) 1984-11-20
Miss V. V. Smith: woman (old) 1984-05-21
Family (old)
Bride and groom (old)
Carroll Meyer: couple 1984-05-08
George W. Cox: man 1984-04-02
Miller Monto: Board of Accountancy group and document , E. J. Archinard, E. F. Hunter, Morris Martin, H.U. Roberton and W. P. Peter (old) 1984-02-10
Laura Kuppers: 1868 Marriage certificate of certificate of Andrew Smith and Laura Hardin 1984-02-08
Kathy Beard: man and family (old) 1983-07-29
Cindy Camp: four kids, man and old woman with two kids (old) 1983-08-05
Mrs. Ernest R. Feille: family 1983-05-23
Luby's: Baylor University administrative Building 1982-10-27
Dalsan Properties: Sunset Plaza, Brazos Square rendering 1982-01-14
Zavell Smith: Aunt Rose 1982-10-20
Edith Kidd: oil painting 1982-11-30
O'Banion Development Company: aerials of Medical center 1982-09-22
Jo Hollingsworth: townspeople in street in small town in mountains (old) 1982-11-02
Hogan Property Company: Woodway Park rendering 1982-09-20
Mrs. Antonio R. Garza, Sr.: old family photos 1982-08-18
Dan Garza: old family photos 1982-08-31
Sister Beatrice: parents 1982-03-14
Unidentified people
Wedding photograph (old) 1985-06-11
Three people by plane
Leo Gonzalez: old wedding photos 1985-06-04
Gustave Heye: Laclede Motel and streets in San Antonio circa 1920 1985-03-10
Two kids on tricycle
Thom Ricks: drawings 1985-05-07
Gustave Heye: Concordia Plaza rendering 1982-04-14
1597 Unidentified woman
Two men holding Keller for County Commissioner sign
Five people at H. C. Martin Company with Vote for Al Keller sign
Unidentified man
Continental Airlines display window
Man and little girl by plane
Little boy in chair with screwdriver in hand
Couple and little girl with newspaper 1954
Two ladies with Custom Craft Draperies
Couple looking at art
W. H. Bruno and Bernice Holland with Otis Elevator Company with another man by elevator
Man in overalls by sink tightening screws
Man reading little girl a story
Woman on cotton on float
Two men adjusting thermostat
Vacuum cleaner salesman 1954
Altmann Knitting Mills: people weaving
Altmann Knitting Mills: ladies folding clothes
Altmann Knitting Mills: ladies sewing clothes
Two little kids
Two men and woman with books " The American House today," "Climate and Architecture," "Churches and Temples," "Art in Modern Architecture"
Mrs. Wiggs by piano
Tuna display and TV in grocery store
Mary Carter cooking on TV show
Hunter with deer
Man with three little girls
Kids playing baseball at Community Center
Woman with little girls and doll house
Three men
Group in Spanish costumes
Woman in poodle skirt with crutches by plane
Mr. McBride
Tiger paining
Duffle bag
File cards
Postage stamp machine
Plant in Gonzales, Texas
Smashed up car
Car smashed into house
Jones Gas Station
Frigidaire Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Company
Boat and will chair
Leather purse
Crocheted wall hanging
Pen and pencil set
Plants and pots
Weeping Willow tree
Two men standing in road
Cigars, cigarettes, candy and magazines
Palmolive display
Glo-Coat display
San Antonio Broom Factory, Inc. and employees
Leg of lamb
Two ladies in kitchen baking
Baby food display
Power station
Lone Star Ice Cream Caps
Office furniture
Meeting room
Lounge chairs
Buyer's Co-Op Service
Interior and exterior of airplane and cockpit
Door knobs
Tools Hammers
1598 Men loading electrical boxes onto truck
Couple at prom
X-rays of Mrs. Milton Wallin 1954-05-15
X-rays of Manual Morales from Brady Hospital, Brady , Texas 1954-06-26
X-rays of Virginia Estado 1954-06-29
X-rays of Virginia Estado 1954-06-11
X-rays of Virginia Estado 1954-05-29
X-rays Mr. Milton Wallin 1954-06-19
X-rays of Josephine Salinas 1954-05-14
X-rays of Manual Morales 1954-05-21
Alamo Grain Company: two men with pig food and wormer
Robert O. Callahan
People looking at car
People lined up at mobile studio of Smith Photographers
Two men with three little leaguers
Boy, working with microscope
Little girl
Man at microphone giving out gifts
Group at Lion's Club meeting
Spanish dancers
Smashed up car
Underground pipe
Couple getting off plane
Unidentified man
Unidentified woman
House at corner of Babcock and Saint Cloud
Two men at desk
Two ladies and boy by the Alamo
Two little kids
Woman in prom dress
Couple at prom
Cookie display in store
Panther Oil and Grease Company display
Two men shaking hands
Model wearing swim suit and dress
Drawing of little boy in cookie jar
Drawing of little boy on phone
Couple in classroom
Three men by equipment
Check presentation
Little girl with bruises on her buttocks
Little girl with crown and cape
Police officer kissing woman
Men tearing out bricks form walkway to get to pipes
Man with grain in field
Model of housing development
Two police officers with Prince Dog and Cat Food
All detergent display
Church interior and exterior and playground
Meat counter
Concrete pipe
Three people with car board of Volunteer Kits
Four people counting money
Pressure gauges
Little boy
Kitchen in a restaurant
Road paver
S and H Green Stamps store on San Pedro
Velasco's Mexican Food Restaurant exterior
Talley Transfer Company truck in front of Coliseum
Cabs 1955
Interior of restaurant
Fishing hooks
Atlas Press Company: man cutting wood
Army cadets male and female
Grandfather clock
Lone Star Leather company: shoes
Old iron store
Man making coffee
Unidentified man
Edgewood High School exterior
Window display
Construction of building
1599 Southern Transfer and Storage Company warehouse 1957
Interior of Toy department
Housewares department
Exterior of Schnabel's Hardware on North Main Street 1957
Exterior of 7th Day Adventist Church 1957
Exterior of Chandler's Shoes
Man baking chicken in Army Go-Go Store 1957
Building on corner of Broadway and Kennedy 1957
Hillcrest Drug Store interior 1957
Aquariums in fish store 1957
Man in luggage store
Exterior of Federal Service Finance Corporation of Texas 1957
L. B. Kelly Contract Supply Company 1957
Terry Industries, Inc. on Lubbock and South Flores Streets 1957
Exterior of Austin Motel 1957
Interior of house
Raoul's Auto Service 1957
W. O. W. Building and Zizik-Kearns Funeral Home 1957
Merchants Press 1957
House and pool of Mr. Tracton 1956
Hobby kits
Dicks Hobby Shop
House 1954
B. F. Goodrich Station 1957
Interior of Triple S. Stamp 1957
West Texas Appliance Company 1957
Merchants Fast Motor Lines Company
DuPont Paint: Gladwin Paint Company 1957
Cooking utensils and pans
Big 3 building 1957
Gulf Station 1957
Lee Sales and Service Appliances 1957
Man in meat locker at Army Go-Go Store 1957
Love Hatchery on corner of Simpson and South Saint Mary's Streets
Shepperd Roofing and Supply Company
Interior of of Brady Drug, Seguin, Texas 1957
Russell's exterior 1657
Group of ladies at Mrs. Wither's home 1956
Girls at tea
Office at Federal Service Finance Corporation 1957
Neices' Hardware exterior 1957
Neices' Toy World interior and exterior
Roads on South side of san Antonio, Vestal Place
Koronado Kourts exterior
Mrs. Eckridges' home interior and exterior: Christmas tree and presents 1957
Mrs. Negley's home interior 1957
1600 People
Ward Construction Company: man at desk, architects at drafting tables, exterior of building and employees 1957-05-23
Lufkin Truck Trailers: employees
Harmon's Café: exterior
Goodyear Spare Tire Company building
Interior of garage
Group of men and Worthington Tractors at Catto and Putty
Dairy Queen on Kokomo and Kampmann Streets
Milner Chevrolet
Gulf gas station
Megg's BBQ: exterior and interior
Empty building
Lee Sales and Service
Beauty Shop interior
Man fixing TV and exterior of Sylvania TV and Radio store
Interior of diner
Nogalito's Paint and Body Shop
Western Motel: interior and exterior
Mike Persia Chevrolet: corner of Agnes and San Pedro
Interior of store
Austin Motel on corner of Kokomo and Kampmann Streets
Southwest Lions Club and Turner-Harper 1958 Plymouth prize in drawing
Capper Company: man making batteries
Man basting roast
two men at Texas Savings
Unidentified man
Unidentified woman
Dr. Eric H. Hansen
Two men putting flowers on Higgins grave
Weir Flower Shop
Three ladies at Casa Rio
Bob Hamilton: groups at party
Kids in Halloween costumes
Kids swimming
Zumberg and Wagner-Zumberg gravestones
Jefferson State Bank employees
Two men with plaque at American Humane Association
Two men with fish
Baseball player
Filter and aerosol motor unit
Sewing machine
Maytag dryer
Interior of Kelly Garage
Kool Aid display
Man by plane
Tea and teapot
Consommé, clam chowder, chicken soup and pickles in cans and jars
Man and woman on bridge
Woman on pontoon float
Stone building
Brass holder
Crunched car
Person waxing car
Stained glass window
Battery fluid
1601 Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City from a magazine
Sailing ships
Steamer ship The Colombia
Air Force hanger
Ladies posing for the camera
Unidentified family
Calmbach Company
Jefferson Hotel and Café
Kay's Fine Linen and gifts
Small group of new officers 1970-06-22
Golden Stallion restaurant
Unidentified factory
Frost Motor Bank
Buckhorn Hall of Horns at Lone Star
Pitluck, Sr. with cake 1969-03-14
Ditmar Company 1969-04-22
Shots of the Missions baseball team 1970-08-31
Boating on the lake
Hotel Riverside
Marshall Steves home
Ebner's Dry Store, Boerne
Federal Credit Union
Unidentified men 1968-09-30
Woman sitting near fireplace
Group of men 1968-02-15
Family band Mora Arriaga
La Posada Hotel
Nix Parking
Unidentified office and staff
1602 People in front of Levy El Precio Fyo and MP Cohn groceries
Mrs. Schussler in front of her house 1970-06-30
Southern Jewelry: bracelet and necklace 1970-06-16
Masters, Gardner and Associates: truck and scene of accident 1970-06-26
Bill Brown and Associates: Gulf Mart grand Prix Motor Oil 1970-06-26
San Antonio Drag Raceway: race car 1970-06-29
Glassmaster Sales and Leasing Corporation equipment 1970-06-15
Jim Danser: hole in wall of building 1970-06-16
Missions Baseball: presentation of awards to kids 1970-06-13
Monroe Calculating Company: Mr. Schwab in boat with sextant 1970-06-05
Consolidated Parcel Service: water leaking on parcels 1970-05-26
De Vito Laboratories, Inc.: Deana Troy 1970-05-29
Esco Imports of Texas: knives 1970-05-19
Stanley Hardware: two men receiving plaque 1970-05-19
Eberwine: chart 1970-05-16
Mrs. McDonald: banners and trophies 1970-05-18
Inca Metal Products Corporation: steel cabinet with mufflers and steel pipes on it 1970-05-08
Roy Akers 1970-05-06
G and C Projection: aerials of housing developments 1970-05-18
Daniel S. Edelman: chocolate display at library 1970-04-22
The Keepsake: wedding invitation and pedestal 1970-04-21
Jay Needham Company, Inc.: meat racks in cold storage at Centeno's # 2 store 1970-04-20
Texas Heritage Tours: group at San Jose 1970-04
Computerized Apartment Locators: two men in front of The Tower of Americas at Convention Center
Simmons Company: mattresses at Karotkin's 1970-04-18
Lee Ray Smith: Lloyd Bentsen being greeted at airport 1970-04-15
Goodyear Spare Tire Company: interior of the store
Dr. Dan Peavey: plaque 1970-02-28
Minores, Inc.: food containers 1970-03-05
Gillis Hood: man receiving safe driving award 1970-03-13
Perfect Photo, Inc.: bookends 1970-03-11
Glass Masters Sales and Leasing: large machine for sealing fiber glass 1970-02-24
Churchill High School 1970-02-06
Ollie Wurzbach: executives meeting at Stock Show 1970-02-06
Judge Fred Klingeman 1970-02-03
Mrs. C. Jeffers 1970-02-03
Mrs. Fairbanks: Luann Fairbanks and horse 1970-01-26
San Antonio Dental Association: group of kids 1970-01-28
Planned Parenthood Center: Ernest Gross and Mrs. Alex Thomas, Jr. 1970-01-27
Phillip J. Montalbo and his secretary 1970-01-14
Mrs. William E. Sheppard: group in mayor's office and Mayor McAllister signing proclamation 1970-01-15
Howell Oil Company: Mr. Sanger and Mr. Howell 1970-01-05
Jack Hellmuth: worms in pills in sealed envelope 1970-01-12
Planned Parenthood Center: Mayor's office, proclamation 1970-01-15
Richard Sanchez: Handy Way Do It Yourself Pest Control Bottle 1970-01-09
1603 House, Mercer, House and Beck: small sections of larger pictures of accident site 1970-11-18
Wayne Stahan with broken leg 1970-08-04
Mr. Badder of Hicks Company with sample of floor covering 1970-07-24
Putnam and Putnam: streets
Cystic Fibrosis: Susanne Nutt poster child 1970-06-29
Bob A. Annon: sites of accidents 1970-07-09
Amigos Heli: helicopter parts 1970-07-06
Tri-Way Direct Mailing Service: picture frames 1970-10-09
Sayre-Carr Advertising: pillows 1970-09-24
Herder Truck Lines: unloading white rhino at zoo 1970-10-06
National Council of Jewish Women: booth at Decorators Showcase 1970-09-18
Art Guild: two ladies looking at stuff in trunk
Cash Stephens: two men 1970-09-02
Cleo Shelton: car's side and window smashed in 1970-08-25
Globe Finance: Lucerne watches 1970-09-03
Mrs. J. C. Nelson and plaque 1970-10-09
San Antonio Association of Life Underwriters: Mayor McAllister presenting proclamation 1970-10-08
Stockman Waterhole: mayor cutting ribbon for kid's party 1970-10-07
Quadratics Corporation: model with combination chair and walker 1970-02-05
Quadratics Corporation: model with combination chair and walker 1970-10-07
James M. Baumont: display and group of men 1970-10-12
Monroe Calculating Company: man and trailer 1970-10-17
Ken Isaacs: Santa Claus 1970-10-16
Black and Decker: display at Gulf Mart 1970-10-20
Baumgold Brothers: window display of jewelry at McNeel's 1970-10-20
Swaps Hitachi: electric razor 1970-10-23
Mrs. Brown: key ring 1970-10-22
Feasibility: carpet cleaning machine 1970-11-06
Reeves: cast metal castings 1970
Duryea and Michaels: model for Belk Hudson Carousel Craft 1970-11-21
Muscular Dystrophy: out patient clinic at Baptist Memorial Hospital 1970-11-24
Rollage Corporation: model with makeup roller 1970-04-14
Rollage Corporation: rollers in box 1970-11-23
Morris Apartments: water on floors in offices 1970-11-25
Parish-Draughon's Technical Institute: interior and exterior and people working 1970-12-03
Mrs. Holey in western habit and sash South Texas Trail Riders Queen with horse 1970-12-01
Muscular Dystrophy: Heldegarde with boy in wheelchair 1970-12-29
Dutch Farms milk cartons 1970-08-05
Feasibility: man with carpet cleaning machine 1970-12-31
Flo-Line Filters, Inc.: filters in studio 1970-10-20
1604 Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company: barricades on Oblate Drive near GPM Building 1971-12-25
The Morton Company: alarm 1971-06-02
Envirco: big equipment 1971-08-16
Arden Grove: food table at Arden Grove 1971-08-03
Kettrell Realtors: John Kettrell and chart and various building exterior 1971-08-08
Canyon Lake Shores: Charles Selecman of US Industries, Inc. at airport 1971-07-16
Canyon Lake Shores: luncheon at Saint Anthony 1971-07-16
Addressograph: David Brooks and Robert Read at Nix Hospital 1971-06-22
TYRA: two groups from Texas Youth Rodeo Association 1971-06-09
Colonel and Mrs. M. E. Jones: cavalry pin 1971-05-31
Mrs. Avis: needlepoint pictures 1971-05-21
Timbes and Yeager: interior and exterior of Dorsey Trailer and Tractor and Continental Wholesale Florist 1971-05-20
Rothe Development Company: pH recorder 1971-05-12
Beautify San Antonio Association: Mr. Bell Nash at airport 1971-05-18
Muscular Dystrophy: check presentation at Old San Francisco Steak House 1971-05-17
Gillis-Hood Moving and Storage: interior of warehouse 1971-05-13
Morton Company: alarm 1971-05-07
Davis, O'Connor and Pullen: burnt trailer house 1971-04-26
FTV Corporation flowers 1971-04-29
Smith's Better Built Homes: plaque
Bunk's Brangus: Brangus bulls 1971-04-14
Crownover Company: water dispenser 1971-04-16
Temple, Inc.: equipment 1971-04-15
John Zink: Gibson store aerial 1971-04-14
1605 Guy Musselman: name of Robert Musselman on Cenotaph 1971-12-21
Alamo Neon Sign: Dutch Farms Milk Carton 1971-12-27
Moran Enterprises: equipment, TV set and monitor 1971-12-15
Mogen David Wine: wine display 1971-12-16
Family Affair: sign and interior of Family Affair gameroom 1971-12-08
Saint Joseph Retreat: aerial of Saint Joseph Retreat 1971-12-07
Rothe Development Company: digital D.O. meter 1971-11-19
Miss E. Koch: damaged automobile 1971-11-16
Bud Shannon: gear grinders 1971-11-22
Martin Battery Company: battery 1971-11-12
Prestige Homes: property 1971-08-26
Texas Automobile Dealer Association: Ted Manone with battery 1971-09-03
Peter Collins and Associates: architectural model of Telephone Building 1971-08-23
Canterbury Cannery, Inc.: Jalapeno Jelly 1971-08-24
Peter Collins and Associates: skyline with proposed Southwest Bell Building 1971-08-24
Texas Society for Prevention of Blindness: Mayor McAllister and Gretchen, the poster child 1971-09-08
Prestige Homes: looking down the road 1971-09-29
Kristall Haus: crystal goblets 1971-09-24
Bill Brown and Associates: cash award to employees at Handy Dan 1971-10-07
Consolidated Finance: radio 1971-10-06
Hudson, Clark and Thornton: blackboard at 150th District Court 1971-10-14
Texas Thoroughbred Breeders Association: auction at Coliseum 1971-10-16
Shirley Brown Saddlery: saddles 1971-10-07
Shirley Brown Saddlery: saddles 1971-11-01
Russ and Company: UTSA architectural model 1971-10-25
Peter Collins and Associates: architectural models of several buildings 1971-06-23
1606 William Blythe Advertising: construction of shopping center 1972-04-19
Mrs. Roy Martin: girl with horse 1972-04-13
Womach Machine Supply Company: man getting into car with satchel 1972-04-12
Vernon Company: peace sign hand 1972-04-12
Jack McGinnis: political rally for Ligarde running for State Senator 1972-04-11
Don Barner: man receiving check for Crime Stopper 1972-04-04
Chester Klein: damaged automobile 1972-03-31
Stan Levenson and Associates: interior and exterior of Broadway Theater 1972-03-30
United Negro College Fund: group in Mayor's office 1972-03-30
K.O. Steel: close ups of steel 1972-03-23
Carl Thomas: bull 1972-03-20
Alfazar Shrine: horse show committee 1972-03-16
O'Neil, Price, Anderson, Touchard, Inc.: Mr. Dillard's in trees with rifle 1972-03-15
L. W. Ramsey Advertising Agency: hallway partition doors at San Jose Youth Center 1972-03-13
Total Energy Publishing Company: machinery and pipes 1972-03-10
Dairy Council, Inc.: children at Gaines Middle School feeding milk to mice 1972-03-13
Spillyard Machinery Company: overhead crane in Public Service Building 1973-02-29
Robert Arburn and Associated: rendering of Norman Ruskin home 1972-02-23
Louis Baume, Jr.: rendering of Saint Peter's church 1972-02-18
Purse and Company: five tables and chairs 1972-02-16
American Dairy Association of Wisconsin: cheese fondue party in Central Park Mall 1972-01-20
Esco Imports of Texas: bird dunk, ship and lantern 1972-02-15
Bill Brown and Associates: plaque presentation 1972-02-16
Chemagro: cattle and machine used for dipping cattle 1972-02-10
Cessna Finance Corporation: exterior of Howard 350 plane 1972-02-03
United McGill Corporation: floor grating 1972-02-04
D. D. Alley: water damage from plumbing work 1972-02-04
Custom Trailer Manufacturing Company: boat trailers 1972-01-25
Custom Trailer Manufacturing Company: boat trailers 1972-01-25
Sylvan Lang: painting 1972-01-26
Patent Scaffolding Company: new scaffolding in use at Brooks Aerospace 1972-01-24
American Dairy Association of Wisconsin: displays in Handy Andy Stores 1972-01-19
Bill Brown and Associates: men receiving award and interior of Handy Dan 1972-01-21
Chaparral Printing: radio 1972-01-25
Joe Carnihan: trailers to carry mail, details of an accident South Pecos Street 1972-01-14
Employers Casualty Company: accident with car and cement truck 1972-01-07
1607 Jiffy Mart: magazine rack 1972-07-26
Ladies in entrance of Spanish Governor's Palace 1972
Opening ceremony at Normandy Terrace Nursing Home 1972
Ladies at Pizzini's Produce Row: Maria Morena, store employee at work and produce 1972
Mrs.Krausel and Art Trig band 1972-07-28
National Inquire magazine on rack at Jif-E-Marat 1972-08-02
R. G. Jordan: 25th anniversary party at 1st Baptist Church 1972-07-22
Western Filter Company: filtering equipment at Big Red and Huntress Bottling Company 1972-07-27
North Loop Volkswagen: check presentation 1972-07-31
Trophy House: plaque 12th Flying Training Wing 1972-07-24
General Service Administration: Legacy of Parks dedication, Herbert Klein, and Mayor Gatti 1972-07-19
J. Walter Thompson: interior of Stockman Restaurant 1972-06-15
Aetna Life Insurance: salesman of the month 1972-07-13
Board of Christian Education: Leadership Training School 1972-06-29
Patent Seafood Company: personnel 1972-06-26
Ben Marroquin: stamp 1972-05-15
Read-Poland, Inc.: flight attendant of the month at Southwest Airlines at Stockman Restaurant 1972-06-26
Turner Ice cream company; family 1972-06-24
Dennis Reil: constriction around pool and on house 1972-06-26
Edmundo Machine Company: machinery 1972-06-14
Monroe Calculator: Stanley Perry repairing clock 1972-06-09
Crumrine, Inc.: physician's sample kit 1972-06-21
Ed Vera, Jr.: jalapenos 1972-06-22
Innovation Art and Design: ceramic figures 1972-06-21
American Printers: Dairy Barn in full bloom 1972-06-12
Morton Tadder and Associates: roller machine and road repair crew 1972-06-12
Normandy Terrace Nursing Home: opening ceremony 1972-06-11
American Printers: plant 1972-06-06
Bob Garcia: constable shield 1972-06-05
Bob Jornayvaz: San Antonio Academy commencement exercises 1972-05-24
Sandi Head 1972-05-22
INA girl welcoming man to INA convention 1972-05-17
Walter Clark Advertising, Inc.: group and man by sign 1972-05-15
Spillyard Machinery Company, Inc.: storage rack and bin installation at Kelly Field 1972-05-02
Don Daily: grand opening of Stanly Home Products 1972-03-06
Temple Beth El: people next to large tapestry 1972-04-25
International Harvester Company: burned tractor 1972-04-24
Bob Jornayvaz and King Antonio 1972-04-19
Louver Drape: louver drapes installed in City Water Board Building 1972-04-20
1608 Chevrolet Motor Division: 25 year awards to Benson executives 1972-12-20
Bexar Company Hospital: presentation by Mayor 1972-12-21
Mrs. Reeves Smith: Frontier Enterprise ad 1972-12-20
Frank Milivac: BBQ in Convention Center 1972-09-19
Mrs. Maurice Cohn: wrecked automobile 1972-12-06
Exhibit group, Chicago: Ethicon booth at Military Surgeons Convention 1972-12-11
Luther R. Parker: people in meeting 1972-11-30
C. M. Baetz: proclamation reading 1972-11-01
CGR: setting of modular operating room 1972-11-30
Dairy Council, Inc.: teacher and students at Northview Elementary 1972-11-14
Ocie Hunt: group at Crockett Hotel 1972-11-13
J. B. Love: Mr. Halsell and Mr. Fitzsimmons at Stockman's Restaurant 1972-11-10
Tiner Ice Cream Company: Tiner's Dairies 1972-11-08
Sam L. Ives Mobil Homes, Inc.: damaged and undamaged trailers 1972-11-06
C.M. Baetz: Naylor's Trophy House 1972-11-02
E. R. Squibb and Sons, Inc.: presentation 1972-10-31
Park North General Hospital: man cutting cake and 3rd birthday sign on hospital 1972-10-27
R. C. Evers: canning equipment 1972-12-26
National Jewish Hospital: presentation to W. W. McAllister, Jr. at Saint Anthony Hotel 1972-10-12
Kiddie City: bicycle 1972-10-17
Dairy Council: Mrs. Goodwin with fondue pot 1972-10-13
Mogen David Wine Corporation: presentation 1972-10-16
Pitney-Bowes: girl on phone 1972-10-11
Matera Paper Company: three men in office 1972-10-06
Dinah Doe, Inc.: plexyglass with dinosaur 1972-10-09
McCrary-Powell Advertising, Inc.: ground-breaking 1972-10-05
Texas Association for Education: young children 1972-10-05
J. W. Stark: group at Universal Bookbindery 1972-09-26
Insurance, Inc.: a check 1972-10-02
Cleo Living Aids: booth exhibit 1972-09-29
Mosher Steel construction progress on parking garage at Baptist Memorial 1972-09-27
Aztec Equipment company: employees 1972-09-27
Mr. Russell: oil paintings 1972-09-27
Kenny Manufacturing Company: exterior of Globe Store 1972-09-25
Mack Trucks, Inc.: plaque presentation to Mr. Wiley 1972-09-25
Culver Transfer and Storage: President Airplane and Red Ball truck 1972-09-22
Clopay Corporation: Clopay booth at Convention Center 1972-09-19
Ralph Whitener and Company: NAHKO Convention, overall, booths and people 1972-09-19
Jacob E. Decker and Sons: Decker Treats 1972-09-14
Boeing Computer Services, Inc.: Boing Computer Exhibitor's Booth 1972-09-22
Canterbury Cannery: Jalapeno Jelly package 1972-09-11
Sabor Gourmet food: candy 1972-09-11
Southwest Sound: meeting room and lecture hall 1972-09-05
AAA: auto safety plaque 1972-08-24
National Jewish Hospital: people at Banquet at Saint Anthony Hotel 1972-08-29
AETNA: Bill Bryan 1972-08-19
Lakeway Division: 2 men in Century Building 1972-08-22
General Accident: courthouse 1972-08-22
Southwest Sound : equipment at VA Hospital 1972-08-10
College Employment Office: Rey Salinas at Southwest Bell 1972-08-04
National Distillers Products Company: salesmen next to Crow liquor display 1972-08-17
1609 Charles Tenneson: property 1973-04-26
Martin Advertising: airplane model 1973-04-24
Ruth Matlock: dancers on stage at Municipal Auditorium 1973-04-24
Industrial Heating and Finishing: door panel skin line at Steve's Sash and Door 1973-04-17
Allen D. Burt: artist with paintings 1973-04-23
Yellow Freight System, Inc.: van load of damaged glass 1973-04-16
Meldorn and Terramith: plant operations 1973-04-11
Mancraft: booth at convention 1973-04-11
National Association Credit Managers: plaque presentation 1973-04-10
Sid Bowdler 1973-03-14
Big Red Bottling Company: Big Red 1973-04-19
Jim Martin and Associates: APHBC Convention 1973-04-09
San Antonio Municipal, Federal, State and County Union: strike signs 1973-04-09
Sizzler Steak House: Mr. Tinkle and sons 1973-04-05
Insurance, Inc.: a check 1973-03-22
Bill Waelgram Enterprises: John Monfrey with man from Over-the-Hell Olympics 1973-04-05
Sons of Republic of Texas: people 1973-03-28
River Roost: defaults in carpentry of home 1973-03-21
Howell Design Corporation: furniture for USAA 1973-03-19
Lampron Building Specialties: crane lowering partitions at Convention Center 1973-03-12
Ralph Jones Advertising, Inc.: Eddie Bauman with Valvoline oil at Bull Parts loading 1973-03-22
Black and Decker: displays 1973-03-16
Internal Good Neighbor Council: group from Mexico at Blue Bonnet Hotel 1973-03-16
Roy McGinnis and Company: stuck windows and structural damage 1973-03-14
Longhorn Specialty Company: Pearl Can 1973-03-08
E. R. Squibb and Sons, Inc.: 10 year award presentation 1973-02-26
Mrs. James Cazamois: Mary Denman 1973-02-23
D. B. Hammond: vehicles 1973-02-16
Prince Pet Foods: booth at Stock Show 1973-02-16
J. W. Atkinson: 1st school at New Bear Equipment 1973-02-07
American Family Life Insurance: group at Holiday Inn 1973-02-07
Bob Olson: vacant lot and adjacent property 1973-02-05
Ralph Jones Advertising, Inc.: Eddie Baumann with Valvoline Oil at Wayne Bull 1973-01-22
Stewart Title: exterior with Tower of Carol McNamara 1973-02-01
Rodson, Duke and Branch: Medical Building 1973-01-29
San Antonio Epilepsy Association: little girl 1973-01-26
Cessna Aircraft Company: Cessna display at Convention Center 1973-01-25
United Runner: URUSA Newsletter Auction 1973-01-26
Albott Labs: Albott Exhibit "Gallimycin" 1973-01-25
IUE: farm workers at La Mansion Hotel 1973-01-20
Game Conservation International: bronze elephant sculpture 1973-01-23
Printing Industry Association: PIA award ceremony 1973-01-22
Prentice Hall, Inc.: lecture on health 1973-01-19
IUE: group 1973-01-18
San Antonio Auto Dealers Association: two men at La Mansion Hotel 1973-01-09
AAA: three men 1976-01-16
Rucker Construction Company: construction of buildings 1973-01-03
1610 L and H Packing Company: striking workers 1973-05-28
Camtex Sales: interior and employees at Garment plant in Lytle, Texas 1973-06-06
Unidentified man
Jack Judd in golf outfit with golf bag and clubs 1973-04-26
Mr. and Mrs. Anders: tree planting for Vietnam Prisoners of War at Alamo 1973-05-01
Koelwit-Trane: employees and exterior of USAA, Santel, Professional Business Forms, Santa Rosa, El Tropicano, Main Library and houses 1973-05-04
General Accident: reenactment of ladder accident 1973-05-08
Carta Blanca: Carta Blanca sign 1973-05-11
Violet Sigoloff: painting of bull and matador 1973-05-18
L and H Packing Company: striking workers 1973-05-25
Bank of San Antonio: hanging tapestries in bank 1973-05-24
Camtex Sales Corporation: interior of plant 1973-05-29
L and H Packing Company: exterior tent with striking workers 1973-05-29
Sales Follow Up Company: three men looking at follow-up computer cards 1973-06-04
Red Connell-Boysville: three men at Stock Yard office 1973-06-14
North Park Lincoln Mercury-showroom, parts department 1973-06-15
Lloyd Utley group of people 1973-06-18
Praxis Corporation: electronic equipment 1973-06-14
Central Park bank: exterior of proposed bank sites 1973-06-15
Mosher Steel: construction of building 1973-06-15
Texas Monthly: Venus de Milo statue 1973-06-11
Landsman Realty Company: three views of old Alamo Drive-In theater now Christian Mobile Homes 1973-06-19
Austin Communication Systems, Inc.: three men 1973-06-14
Milton Guess: presentation of SBA award to Milton Guess 1973-05-14
Mars Group, Inc.: Dan Baker singing at Plaza Dinner Theater 1973-05-21
Bert and Ruben Reyes: Chianina calves and Limousines 1973-04-20
Fred Brauchle: Beefmaster Bulls in Brackettville 1973-04-04
La Paloma Apartments: Ken Lockwood 1973-10-31
1611 Motorola Communications: people at party and band 1973-09-26
Motorola Communications: exhibit booth at Convention Center 1973-09-24
Olivia Garza 1973-09-07
Masters Insurance Corporation: the Alamo 1973-09-05
Bill Hutson: metal 1973-08-17
Charles O. Black: 20years pin presentation 1973-08-20
Institute of Texan Cultures: Crosby County Pioneer Memorial 1973-07-12
Mark VII Productions: rendering 1973-08-03
Quarter deck Restaurant: exterior and interior and managers 1973-07-03
Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance: Mr. Bott 1973-07-27
Castle Hills Church: New Experience Choir 1973-07-26
Radiation, Therapy and Research Foundation: check presentation to Dr. Ford 1973-07-26
Ronald W. Kean: accident photographs 1973-07-13
Darlene M. Ziskowsky: interview on KSAT-TV 1973-07-11
Windsor Publications: interior of La Paloma apartments 1973-07-06
Windsor Publications: interior of Grey Moss Inn 1973-07-06
Chevrolet Motor Division: new truck sold by Tom Benson and award presentation 1973-07-03
Big Red Bottling Company: Big Red Bottle 1973-07-02
Rosa Verde Division Corporation: construction of Rosa Verde 1973-06-26
F. Battle: baby twins in casket at Zizek-Kearns 1973-08-17
Gas station 1973
Schenly Affiliated Brands: men shaking hands, band, helicopter leaving barrels 1973-10-11
Aerials of buildings
W. M. Clancy: inspector's lite 1973-10-19
Automatic Control Electronics, Inc.: moisture meter and panel mount model 1973-10-18
O. D. Schnabel: garage cans 1973-10-25
Enrique and Guillen: lot at Castroville Road 1973-10-22
Leon's at North Star Mall: model in mink coat 1973-10-24
Gary Aircraft: airplane in hangar 1973-11-08
David Orozco 1973-11-27
Mark VII Productions: sign 1973-11-26
NCR: sales meeting at La Mansion 1973-11-20
Clampitt Paper Company: group for Christmas Card 1973-11-29
Westinghouse Credit group 1973-11-27
Tom Kale: Alamo Boys Choir at University Presbyterian Church 1973-12-03
Western Electric Company: installation of equipment 1973-11-15
Mission Pacific Railroad: people at airport and Pearl 1973-12-10
State Bar of Texas: mock divorce trial at Gunter 1973-12-05
L. E. Sterling: travel slides 1973-12-17
Jell Service Company: equipment 1973-12-19
Harold A. Roney: painting "Cibolo Creek" 1973-12-19
Davis Construction Company: before remodeling of Leffner's house 1973-11-09
Vernon Shade anniversary party at El Pollo Loco 1973-12-21
Black Bwana Arts: black family 1973-12-28
Commercial Union Insurance Company: office of ration 1973-07-20
George S. Gaadt: drawing 1973-10-05
Jim Hartford: rendering of building 1973-10-05
Vanesa Day 1973-10-03
Bexar County Court of Commissioners: commissioners 1973-10-09
American Express Company: presentation and speakers 1973-09-24
Project Free Draughon Business College publicity 1973-09-24
Groves, Fernandez, Ludwig and Barry 1973-10-01
1612 Jim Dancer: exterior of Dancer the Hatter, Inc. 1974-01-09
Halsell Foundation: Black Family at Brackenridge Park 1974-03-27
Bledsoe Furniture: signs front and back 1974-05-21
William Mirecek: man 1974-05-24
Linear Forces: equipment for brochure 1974-05-14
Charles D. Barsum: diploma 1974-05-13
E. R. Squibb and Sons, Inc.: men at Charles Pharmacy 1974-05-14
The Council on found: 25th annual Convention 1974-05-13
Cudahy Foods Company: Cudahy Connor Park Shoulder Picnic 1974-05-08
House, Mercer, House, Broch and Wilson: interior and exterior of AEH Company 1974-05-09
McNeil Labs: chart 1974-05-02
L. A. Douglas: chart 1974-05-03
Past Presidents Order of the Alamo: group of Past Presidents 1974-04-25
Kimball Food, Inc.: meeting at La Quinta 1974-04-24
James Branton: damaged valve 1974-04-18
Purse an Company: furniture 1974-04-17
Robert B. Thornton: broken metal part 1974-04-16
East Asia Manufacturing Investment Group: dominos 1974-04-09
Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance: Tom Mock 1974-04-05
Unlimited Pencil: group on float in river parade and woman dancing 1974-04-04
Hal Copland Company: Rosa Verde parking garage 1974-04-01
Lydia L. Flores: boy 1974-04-01
Halsell Foundation: statue in Brackenridge Park 1974-03-29
Stationary District: exterior of warehouse 1974-03-29
Sizzler Steak House: group and interior of restaurant 1974-03-22
Kiddie city: bicycles in store 1974-03-21
Fred Walker: box opener 1974-03-15
Cameron Elementary School: kids 1974-03-14
Ewing Halsell Foundation: Tower at Our Lady of the Lake 1974-03-13
Ewing Halsell Foundation: priest with nurses and trees being planted 1974-03-12
Brackenridge Foundation: statue 1974-03-06
Ewing Halsell Foundation: furniture at Witte Museum 1974-03-06
Ewing Halsell Foundation: checks 1974-03-11
Charles Super Market: Charles De Leon with Henry B. Gonzales 1974-03-10
E. R. Hatch: x-ray 1974-03-28
Shop Right Foods: store manager at Piggly Wiggly 1974-03-28
Cudahy Foods Company: Cudahy Corned beef 1974-03-07
Carta Blanca: three winners and Mr. Monterey with banner at warehouse 1974-03-06
Knights of Columbus: award recipients at Knights of Columbus banquet 1974-03-02
Christian and Jew Foundation: unidentified man 1974-02-27
Biery, Biery, Davis and Myer: broken catheter 1974-02-21
Ed Seabough: men at Convention Center 1974-02-21
Tulane University: group of three Tulane alumni 1974-02-22
Sales and Manufacturing Executives: City Hall Mayor's Office proclamation 1974-02-14
Judge Blair Reeves 1974-02-12
Alpha Kappa Alpha: presentation to school 1974-02-12
Association General Contractors: group at Turtle Creek 1974-02-05
Davis Construction Center, Inc.: house 1971-04-03
Texas Watercolor Association: judge at watercolor show 1974-01-14
Jim Dancer by store 1974-01-04
1613 Theo Weiss: Mosher Steel strike 1974-07-25
La Guarta, Gavrel and Kirk, Inc.: aerials of land 1974-10-08
John Westberry and Connor Forest Industries 1974-10-08
Texas Longhorn Association of America: man riding a longhorn 1971-09-06
Roller Size: model in T-shirt 1974-09-03
Selz, Seabolt and Associates, Inc.: Marlite Paneling in Foodway store 1974-12-30
Jim Dunworth: billboards 1974-12-27
Al Pancoast and turkey he shot 1974-12-23
Northwest National Life Insurance: group of people 1974-12-19
Cameron Elementary School: School Christmas play 1974-12-19
L. E. Sterling: people 1974-12-16
Debbie Garcia: model portfolio 1974-11-14
Bill Mackie: coin and passbook 1974-12-16
Harold Roney: painting of mountain scene 1974-12-10
Alamo Fire Equipment: model with Fire equipment and Milton Guess 1974-12-10
Dennis Hagen: report 1974-12-04
Nabisco, Inc.: group in a meeting 1974-12-10
Maxine Stantzenberger 1974-11-20
D. E. Zarco: group 1974-11-11
March of Dimes: cans with Teen Board 1974-11-04
First American Title Company: meeting at La Mansion to discuss tax ruling 1974-10-25
Alamo Biochemical: bottle of chemicals 1974-10-23
Robert B. O'Connor: damaged grain drying equipment 1974-10-18
Mel Weinberger: award presentation 1974-10-14
Eli Hobbs 1974-10-16
Preston Corporation: group at Hilton 1974-10-14
Devoe Paint: painters eating breakfast 1974-10-16
American Hospital Supply: employees 1974-10-08
Mark VII Productions: artwork 1974-10-07
Southwest Texas National Bank: bank expansion plans 1974-10-08
Ray Electronics: battery 1974-09-24
Dave Rogers: Patsy Givens 1974-09-26
Laquarta, Gavrel and Kirk, Inc.: exterior of Southern Moving and Storage 1974-09-17
Texas A and M: groups and awards 1974-09-13
Canterbury Cannery: Jalapeno Jelly 1974-09-04
Davis Car Center: house 1974-09-19
Lakeside Equipment Company: Sewage Treatment plant 1974-08-23
Eastman Chemical Products, Inc.: meeting at O'Krents 1974-08-14
Louis Specialty: tennis teaching aid 1974-08-12
B. L. Limmer: x-ray 1974-08-06
Ray Broussard: two men receiving an award 1974-07-23
Red Connell: group at Stock Yards 1974-07-16
Theo Weiss: Mosher Steel strike 1974-07-24
Mosher Steel: strikers 1974-07-26
ETMF: Freight System: interior at Columbia Industries 1974-07-10
Bob Welch: new officers and exterior of Business Professional Services Building 1974-07-02
Roy Broussard: award winners and judge 1974-07-05
Tom's Toasted Nuts: groups and award presentations 1974-07-02
George Neal: match cover 1974-07-05
Meyers Machinery: tennis ball machine 1974-06-26
Mass Mutual Life Insurance: presentation of Wildcatter Award 1974-06-21
1614 Esco Imports: small toys 1975-04-16
Esco Imports: autograph books 1975-04-07
John Hancock: retirement presentation 1975-03-27
Qui Fashion: Meloney Ashton 1975-04-02
Sanyo: Ray Gomez 1975-03-27
J. Herbert May: marriage certificate 1975-03-26
Ed Swearingen: auto club crests 1975-03-21
Joe Arnold: rifle 1975-03-21
10-Ring: hand guns 1975-03-21
Oppenheimer, Rosenberg and Kelleher: Senator Lloyd Bentsen with groups 1975-03-24
Antiques, Ltd.: zebra head wall mount and coffee cups 1975-03-19
Labatt Company: interior of Labatt Company 1975-03-13
Francis B. Roser 1975-03-17
Robert O'Connor: railroad underpass in Selma 1975-03-10
Gloria Shoaf: family portrait 1975-03-07
Donald Carson: in military uniform 1975-03-10
Mrs. Herbert Oppenheimer: Betsy Oppenheimer 1975-03-04
Fair Painting Company: exterior of building 1975-02-27
Jill Collins: rendering of 1st National Bank, Falfurrias, Texas 1975-02-27
R.J.R. Food and Patio: warehouse employees with new frozen food line 1975-02-26
Donald L. Arends: packaging machine at Turbine Support 1975-02-12
Cameron Elementary: Home Economics teacher and students 1975-02-20
Wilbur Fite: Ed Fite 1975-02-26
Bill McCoy: exterior and interior of Jim's Coffee Shop 1975-02-26
Vantage Advertising: KWEX publicity 1975-02-03
Valley Originals: three figurines 1975-02-19
Alpha Tau Omega Chapter AKA Society: three women in front of City Hall 1975-02-20
Tom's Toasted Nuts: award presentations and speakers at Hilton La Reina Room 1975-01-14
Steel Corporation: bridge construction 1975-02-06
Sam Bennett II: grandfather, father, and son 1975-02-05
NACM: President and past Presidents 1975-01-13
Western Art Show: Kiwanis with paintings 1975-01-24
Floyd McGowan: vacant lots, home exterior and improvements 1975-01-16
Alamo Kiwanis: opening in Frost Building 1975-01-09
Frank Kiel: family tree 1975-12-20
1615 Pioneer Memorial Museum: old photos for Texas pioneer Museum 1975-06-26
Martin Electric Company: old building 1975-05-28
Martin Electric Company: old building 1975-05-27
Martin Wright Electric Company: Martin wright Electrical Company Building circa 1937 1975-05-27
Antiques, Ltd.: cat photo in frame 1975-06-10
Bernard Lee Lifschutz bottles 1975-06-12
Bexar Kiwanis: George Chambers with guitar 1975-06-20
Western Finance and Holding Company: painting 1975-07-03
J. W. Beretta: old 10 dollar bill 1902 series 1975-06-24
Robert Rusting and Associates: interior and exterior of Tower-Life Building 1975-06-11
R. J. Reynolds Foods: two men in water and filming of packaging process 1975-06-30
Alhambra Order of Bexar: Saint Anthony de Padua celebration 1975-06-16
McGowan and McClanahan: run down houses 1975-06-12
John Pitt: bottles of beer and cans of beer 1975-05-23
Whitmore Enterprises: treadmill 1975-04-30
The Squirt Company: men around table and exterior of RC Building 1975-05-26
Grace Whitney 1975-04-30
Loretta Voss: artist and work 1975-09-20
Debbie Fuslier: modeling 1975-05-29
Voss, Ralph: aerial of lakeside Rifle Range 1975-05-22
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1975-05-19
Liston Zander: Packard Touring car 1975-05-19
San Antonio A and M Club: group of Past Presidents 1975-05-14
W. C. Rude: wedding photo and little girl and boy 1975-05-08
Air Force Recruiting Office: window display at McCreless Center 1975-05-11
Associated General Contractors: group of men 1975-05-15
Field Enterprises Educational Corporation: San Jose Mission 1975-05-07
Condon Company: Carl E. Sulhoff 1975-05-07
Los Patios: vases 1975-05-06
Selz, Seabolt and Associates, Inc.: Marlite doors in Spanish Oaks Nursing Home 1975-04-29
Westinghouse Credit Association: five year presentation party 1975-05-01
State Bar of Texas: chart and three men 1975-04-18
Gilbert Duran: gold coin 1975-04-28
Bank Administration Institute: convention 1975-04-21
Pat Hiuzar: artist and board 1975-04-18
La Arboleda: grand opening of apartments 1975-04-18
Nettie Fell: African American women (old) 1975-04-23
YMA Convention and luncheon and display 1975-05-01
Jacob G. Decker and Sons: sausage 1975-04-15
Patterson Dental Company: Jene Lave with phone and equipment 1975-04-10
1616 Machinery
Sally Draw 1975-07-29
Mountain Zion Baptist Church: front of church 1975-12-08
Georgette Nelson: Dr. Wimpress 1975-12-19
James E. Sullivan: coffee mugs 1975-12-17
Easter Seal Development Office: aerials of land in front of Medical Center 1975-12-09
Deluxe Check: offices exterior 1975-12-12
Robert O'Connor: rail yards 1975-11-12
Robert Yturri: old house 1975-11-20
Gulf State Advertising: Smuggler's Inn Restaurant 1975-11-18
Southwest Oil Company: group with vegetables at 24th annual Vegetable Day 1975-11-08
State Bar of Texas: group and speakers 1975-11-14
Ludwig Dott: coins 1975-10-28
Market Forge: equipment 1975-10-20
J. R. Simplot Company: plaque presentation 1975-10-20
Grandville C. Coggs 1975-10-23
Mrs. P. D. Baker: plaque 1975-10-28
Decker Packing Company: ham 1975-10-29
Robert Rusting and Associates: interior of Alamo Title Company 1975-07-16
Dr. Erickson: girl 1975-09-17
Glen Westrom: proclamation in Mayor's office 1975-10-16
Laclinpelle: large white truck 1975-10-02
Bob O'Connor: accident site near Canyon Lake 1975-07-29
Kiddie city: dolls and girl with doll 1975-10-04
The Squirt Company: group of employees at dinner 1975-07-02
Jacob G. Decker and Sons: sausage 1975-07-22
Carl Wideman: exterior of Vokstoy Parts and Repair 1975-08-04
Bob Mitchell and wife 1975-07-31
Leonard's Colonial: bicentennial furniture display 1975-08-14
Monroe Company: Thomas Covell 1975-08-12
J. Cricket: fashion shots around McNay art Institute 1975-08-03
McGaughy: artwork 1975-08-18
Tony Aleman: Mr. Corbett 1975-09-24
Chelsea Advertising, Inc.: document conveyor at SAPD 1975-09-04
Wayne Felhofer: mobile station 1975-09-08
Jim Dancer: interior and exterior of building 1975-07-17
Lackmore, Rose: bicycle 1975-09-22
NEISD: five different High School rings 1975-07-08
Gaynor and Ducas: enlarger 1975-07-01
1617 Turbine Support: Kirk Menczer 1976-01-06
William Moister, Jr.: Mrs. Moister's body 1976-01-02
Pro-Motivation: door locks 1976-04-20
Koenig Design: Fred Turner 1976-04-01
American Printers: The Velvet Covered Brick (book) and A Study Guide for a Velvet Covered Brick (book) by Howard Butt 1976-03-19
Gallo Winery: people 1976-03-18
Lloyd Bentsen: Lloyd Bentsen with delegates in 1976 campaign 1976-03-19
John W. Weber, Jr.: road 1976-03-02
Tom Moulder: John Pfeiffer funeral 1976-02-29
KEDA Radio: Freddy Fender 1976-03-11
Pete Heilbronn and Company: old house and beer bottles 1976-03-09
Arthur F. Schoenig 1976-02-16
House, Mercer, House and Beck: lawn mower 1976-02-19
L. C. Boone: wrecked Toyota automobile 1976-02-06
Big Red Bottling Company: Big Red 1976-02-05
Southside Refrigerator: vehicles in front of building, people and Thermo King building 1976-01-29
Rolex: liquid separator 1976-01-22
Kaliff, Morris H. and Sons: carnival 1976-01-19
Kaliff, Morris H. and Sons: front end of Corvette 1976-01-15
American Society of Interior Designers: people in meeting 1976-01-10
American Society of Interior Designers: cocktail party 1976-01-10
ASID: delegates around table and executive board 1976-01-11
1618 Gallo Wines: people giving testimonials of new Brandy 1976-06-11
General Accident: aluminum ladder outside 1976-06-14
Dr. and Mrs. Potthast: group of 35 at 60th wedding anniversary 1976-06-21
Dr. Potthast: 60th wedding anniversary photos 1976-06-03
Pamex Foods, Inc.: interior and exterior of Spanish Galleon Restaurant 1976-06-10
Order of Alhambra: four men by statue of Saint Anthony de Padua by river 1976-06-10
Gallo Wines: people giving testimonials of new Brandy 1976-06-08
Order of Alhambra: two men receiving Proclamation from Reverend Burke and three men placing wreath by statue 1976-06-08
John R. Pitt: two six packs of Pearl Light Beer 1976-06-04
Pro-Motivation: electric door lock for Southern Steel 1976-06-03
The Bentley Group, Inc.: contract signing and employees 1976-05-28
E. Monroe Bibb: group of men by new expressway 1976-05-28
Meat Purveyors: exterior of building and trucks 1976-06-02
MDR, Inc.: ARA Test Track- D'Hanis, Texas, Shell Oil testing facilities 1976-05-11
Gallo Wines: Sam Riklin 1976-05-20
San Antonio Flea Market: aerials of flea market 1976-05-16
G. and E. Sales: receptacle panel in Nix Hospital 1976-05-06
Pro-Motivation: door locks, pieces and keys 1976-04-19
Ogilvy-Mather, Inc.: trucks at D'Hanis, Texas, Test Facilities 1976-03-11
John Fransmith and Associates: machine 1976-04-26
John Kuntz, Jr.: Past Presidents Order of the Alamo 1976-04-22
Packard International Motor Car Club: Packard with Jean Harlow cardboard figure 1976-04-15
San Antonio Board of Realtors: men and awards 1976-04-12
San Antonio Auctions: stamp collection 1976-04-06
Andy Hull: honorable discharge medal 1976-04-01
Easter Seals: five men at desk 1976-03-31
Norlen Music Company: The Four Freshman with instruments 1976-03-16
GSD and M: two cars 1976-03-22
1619 Damaged paint on Corvette automobile 1976
Houses in Thunderbird Hills Estates 1976
Accident scene 1976
Lanark Children's Center for brochure 1976-08-10
Harold Raney: painting of trees 1976-12-10
Chapman crates 1976-11-15
State Board of Texas: State Bar meeting 1976-10-22
Tommy Hammel 1976-12-29
Mann Middle School: group by memorial plaque 1976-12-13
Fran Crane 1976-12-02
Image Productions: publicity of premier of Festival Latino 1976-11-25
Leslie Beasley 1976-11-23
Foltz Wessinger, Inc.: kitchen in Paul Hesson's home 1976-11-22
Jim White 1976-11-22
Patrick Carpenter: drawing burglar in window 1976-11-16
Dinah, Dee, Inc.: bird books 1976-11-09
Patrick Carpenter: stereo speaker and flat art work 1976-11-05
Stationers Distributing Company: exterior of warehouse facility 1976-10-31
Southwest Life Insurance Company: presentation and new conference room 1976-10-19
William A. Solemene and Associates: couples at Ford dealership 1976-10-02
Davis Construction Company: exterior of building under construction 1976-10-07
Alderman Industries, Inc.: group at meeting in Ramada Inn 1976-10-08
Jeffrey Wentworth 1976-09-27
Elmer Ware Stahl: curve in road on Hillcrest 1976-09-30
Truehart, McMillan, Westbrook and Hoffman: speed bump at McDonald's near Lackland AFB 1976-09-26
Mental Health and Mental Retardation: Mrs. Vexler 1976-09-15
Thurman Barrett: plaques 1976-09-16
Thurman Barrett: Thurman Barrett 1976-09-22
Carl Brior and Associates: people in TV studio 1976-09-15
CB and A: people in WOAI radio station 1976-09-15
Cartwright and Pletz: manure breeding kit 1976-09-10
Endicott Johnson Shoes: interior and exterior of the store, employees and managers 1976-09-08
Texas Longhorn Breeders Association: Mr. Gustamente 1976-06-14
Magnavox Corporation: Magnavox Convention at Hilton 1976-08-16
Bob O'Connor: truck with A-frame in Devine, Texas 1976-08-18
Bexar City: Myra Lappin 1976-08-13
H. P. Orts 1976-07-28
U. P. Cine Cinco: interior of Cine Cinco in Windsor Park Mall 1976-08-01
Chasehill Apartments: exterior of Chasehill Apartments 1976-08-17
Jim Deutsch: bronze statue of men on horse 1976-08-13
Walter Buckhorn: skid marks on road 1976-08-07
Ella McDermott 1976-08-06
Diversified Industries: exterior of Chasehill Apartments 1976-08-09
Edwards Organization: skyline 1976-08-06
Lois Holland Callaway, Inc.: group and speakers with Inner House Scotch Whiskey at Frost Bank Plaza Club 1976-07-30
E. Monroe Bibb: presentation at Northern Hills Country Club 1976-07-21
Viking Pump: large stainless steel cooker 1976-07-30
Ashcraft: tax receipt calendar 1976-07-27
H. P. Orts: house in Thunderbird Estates 1976-07-26
Diversified Industries: exterior of Woodhill Apartments 1976-07-22
Raul Guiterrez: painting of Indian 1976-07-23
Northwestern Life Insurance Company: Colonel Rogerson 1976-07-16
Maurine Ferriman 1976-07-15
George Altgelt: circles with lines 1976-07-08
BeBe Fenstermaker: old portrait 1976-07-09
John Mangum: award presentation and groups 1976-07-02
A. R. Rowe: portrait of man 1976-07-06
Edward Organization: exterior of high rise apartment 1976-07-07
Jack and Jill of America: large group at Convention Center 1976-06-26
Gloria Garcia and her mother 1976-06-25
Ruth Lopez 1976-06-24
I.E. McIntosh: two hands 1976-06-17
Turbine Support: Fred Spgnoletti, Larry McDougal, Roy Cannon 1976-06-17
Northwestern National Life Insurance: Kenneth Harrell 1976-06-15
1620 Crown Tower Building exterior 1977-04-12
Rehler, Vaughn, Beaty: interior and exterior of Hays County National Bank and First Nation Bank and employees 1977-04-06
Albert Steves IV: past presidents Order of the Alamo 1977-04-21
Project Free: nutrition exhibit 1977-04-21
F. A. Nunnelly: construction progress at Federal Envelope 1977-05-10
Prassel Construction Company: three men with blueprints 1977-03-28
National 3M: dedication of "Discover Texas" exhibit at Windsor Park Mall 1977-03-08
Steve Stone: hydraulic motor 1977-03-21
Housing and Urban Development: house and family 1977-03-12
Rose, Peters and Johnson: Louis, Robert and Elmer Heimer at Heimer Camper Sales 1977-03-02
Esco Imports of Texas, Inc.: calendars and dart game 1977-04-01
Brown and Coby: A. Z. Punnels at drilling site near Dilley, Texas 1977-02-17
Sweeney and Company: bakery products 1977-02-18
M & F Advertising: four farmers in Pleasanton 1977-02-15
Susan Ernst 1977-02-08
Alice Dykeman Associates: Dan Johnson at McDaniel Company 1977-02-14
Joe Webb 1977-02-14
Pitney- Bowes: presentation of "Auggester of the Year Award" and group 1977-02-10
Thelma Ledger 1977-02-08
AAA: interior and exterior of AAA Building 1977-02-03
Washington National Insurance: Bill Opourtz 1977-01-31
Calavo Growers of California: Joe Ernst 1977-01-28
Prompt Printers: music folders 1977-01-27
Micro-Gen Equipment Supplies: six men at table with sprayer 1977-01-26
Micro-Gen Equipment Supplies: five men with contract at lawyer's office 1977-01-17
Prompt Printers: wallets 1977-01-24
Morley Media Services: Frankie Morley 1977-01-14
Tim Collins 1977-01-12
Mrs. Cooke's Luv-n-Care Day Care Center: views of property 1977-01-05
Sylvester Johnson 1977-04-19
1621 Charles Curione: mailbox 1977-05-25
Comtek: data equipment 1977-08-29
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: construction progress at Medical Office Building 1977-09-21
Robert Blankenship's parents 1977-07-22
dr. O. J. Potthast: slides of doctor giving shots 1977-07-28
Pete Cantu and his sons 1977-07-12
Chart Hurrica Corporation: charts and maps 1977-08-01
Bob Miller: three men in tuxedos 1977-08-02
Myers Industries: Myers Tier Supply Building 1977-08-03
Gordon Sales, Inc.: ceiling at UTSA 1977-08-02
Methodist Hospital: doctors, nurses and equipment 1977-08-05
F. A. Nunnelly: construction progress at Federal Envelope 1977-08-09
Aquarius 1977-08-11
Billy Saathoff: painting of Cowboys and Indians 1977-08-17
Bobbie Koch 1977-08-09
Mathews, Nowlin, MacFarlen and Barreta: graph of analysis of sales and supply 1977-02-08
E. L. Smith Plumbing: E. L. Smith at San Antonio River 1977-08-23
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: construction progress at Medical Office Building 1977-08-25
Surgical Association: copy of Texas State Board of Medical Examiners diploma 1977-08-31
Rineer Hydraulics: hydraulic motor and men's wedding rings 1977-08-23
Paul Cook: construction 1977-06-08
F. A. Nunnelly: construction progress at Federal Envelope 1977-09-08
J. M. Knight: two diplomas 1977-06-08
Fair Printing Company: Alderson Magee with Mooney Ranger (airplane) in Hartford, Connecticut 1977-06-08
Harry Grove: aerials of catholic school 1977-06-09
Alamo Refinery: ad slides 1977-06-10
Blake Metzger: soldiers by plane WWII 1977-06-14
Fair Printing Company: people in canoe 1977-06-07
Royal Typewriter: typewriter 1977-06-23
Surgical Association: exterior of Knight's office and Mr. Knight 1977-06-17
Fair Printing: girl by Marvel Washing machine 1977-07-05
Frank Andrews: Mrs. Andrews 1977-07-01
Mrs. Sprues III: queen 1977-07-01
Mr. and Mrs. Sholund: man sitting by table (old) 1977-07-07
G. Robert Taylor: copies of diploma 1977-07-11
Goodyear Truck Tire Center exterior and wheel alignment machine 1977-07-08
Beacon Circle Wood Products: cabinet doors 1977-05-16
Aaron Reed: couple 1977-07-07
San Antonio Property Investments: destruction of Aurora Apartments 1977-07-19
Tom Brundage: mini-storage 1977-06-07
Prompt Printers: scented pens 1977-07-18
ETMF: terminal area of ETMF 1977-07-16
Comprehensive Nutrition Project: opening ceremonies 1977-07-18
Linda Anchooshian: kadolith 1977-07-15
Dowell: Mark Vaughn 1977-07-20
Outdoor Entertainment Company: people looking at model of outdoor theater 1977-07-27
H. R. Fritz: bachelor's degree 1977-07-25
F. A. Nunnally: construction progress at Federal Envelope 1977-06-06
Associated General Contractors: banquet at Turtle Creek 1977-06-03
Jose N. Rascorro: floor plan renderings 1977-05-04
Commercial Union Assurance Company: Mason Wise 1977-05-23
Tootie Jackel 1977-05-13
Earl Cureton: bracelets 1977-04-29
N. E. Montgomery: jewelry 1977-04-26
1622 Comtek: data processor 1977-09-30
Hallmark Aero Task: aircraft being assembled 1977-09-30
Beautify San Antonio Association: publicity 1977-10-13
Promt Printers: checkbooks 1977-10-14
Morris Camp: book on table Hughes Aviation Services, Aircraft Products Division 1977-10-17
Joe Alston 1977-10-20
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: construction progress on Medical Office Building 1977-10-21
Medical Laboratory Profiles, Inc.: interior and exterior of building and machine 1977-10-25
Walter Geiger: clogged water drain pipes 1977-10-26
Morler Media: ground-breaking , 10531 Gulfdale Drive, San Antonio, Texas 1977-11-02
Comtek: data processor 1977-11-03
Nabisco Company, Inc.: group by pool 1977-11-09
Major Glasscock and Glen Reed on ranch 1977-11-08
J. S. D. and M.: Tower of the Americas 1977-11-18
Copper Development Association, Inc.: North Side Independent School District Olympic pool 1977-11-09
William Honey: vacant lots by Hemis Fair area 1977-11-14
Mrs. Paul Puckett: rodeo queen 1977-11-21
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: Medical Office Building construction 1977-11-23
San Antonio Livestock Exposition: John Bitters 1977-11-29
San Antonio Livestock Exposition: Junior Humble 1977-12-02
Delco Electronics Division: Tom Benson receiving Delco radio award 1977-12-02
John Stacy 1977-12-07
Nabisco Company, Inc.: group at Old San Francisco Steak House 1977-12-10
Audiphone Company: artificial larynx 1977-12-05
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: construction on Medical Office Building 1977-12-19
San Antonio Livestock Exposition: Michelle McKenzie 1977-12-22
Gene Reed 1977-12-28
Alamo Gaff Company: cock fight bayonets 1977-02-06
1623 Chaparral Services, Inc.: Sam and Pat 1978-01-17
Morley Advertising: Mark Morley 1978-01-26
KCBN: Beverly Barnum 1978-01-30
Simpson: two-way radio 1978-02-09
Encyclopedia Britannica: award presentations and group 1978-02-13
Carlton Arms Apartments: exterior of water leaks in ground 1978-02-24
Sears: Burns-Erler check presentation 1978-01-11
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: Medical Office Building construction 1978-01-17
Copper Development Association, Inc.: interior and exterior of Northside Stadium 1978-01-27
Texas Bankers Association: Steve Neal 1978-02-03
Truck Equipment and Body Distributors Association: speakers and convention activities 1978-02-22
W. H. Schweins: trees and fence line 1972-02-22
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: construction progress on Medical Office Building 1978-02-24
A. O. Safety Product: awards presentation 1978-03-02
Space Techniques Systems, Inc.: glass cube 1978-03-02
Skermetta, Inc.: Catch-a-doo 1978-03-02
Dewird International: sausage casings and barrels 1978-03-10
Copper Development: thside Stadium exterior 1978-03-10
Oliver Chamberlain 1978-03-10
Kiefer Pool Equipment Company: pool cover at Northside Stadium 1978-03-13
One Hour Golf: new One Hour Golf building 1978-03-14
Communication Channel, Inc.: award presentations and work meeting 1978-03-17
Goodwyn-Danelbaum: Luckenbach press, conference at Diry Nellie's 1978-03-17
Jim Deutsch: plaque with sculptured heads of bulls from aound the world 1978-03-21
J. W. Chandler Construction Company: construction of Medical Office Building 1978-03-21
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: groups and KQ100 Buzzard 1978-03-30
Commercial Equipment Leasing Company: Wayne Marcy 1978-04-18
J. W. Chandler: construction of Medical Office building 1978-04-18
Painter Bus Lines: Greyhound Bas Station 1978-04-20
Wilson Davis Company: staff at work 1978-04-24
E. R. Squibb, Inc.: award presentation 1978-04-25
Campbell Chain Company: award presentation 1978-04-27
Normandy Tenace, Inc.: interior of nursing home 1978-05-04
Century Marketing Corporation: girl and fruit juice vending machine 1978-05-17
D. and D. Management: construction in warehouse 1978-09-26
Healey Murphy Learning Center: graduating class 1978-05-22
Stockham Valves and Fitting: men with plaques 1978-08-10
1624 Golden Beverage: Thomas Martinez 1978-05-23
Corporate Communications Department: four unidentified men 1978-05-25
H. K. Dunning: case of pecan picker-upers 1978-05-25
Humane Society: check presentation 1978-06-02
Helen Mathews: unidentified man 1978-06-02
Mrs. Pryor: man in black jacket 1978-06-08
Texas Leasing Company: old photographs of property 1978-06-08
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1978-06-13
Missionary Servants of Saint Anthony: two religious medals 1978-06-20
Jack Gann: Jack Gann in Civil War uniform 1978-06-22
Republican National Finance Committee: party at John Connally Ranch and John Connally 1978-06-07
Jack W. Beretta: silver bowl with inscription 1978-07-11
Kleinguenther Distinctive Firearms: Kleinguenther rifles 1978-07-03
Lynn Bobbitt: men in front of Wilson County courthouse in Floresville 1978-07-14
Simpson: group of men (old) 1978-07-14
Wayfarer Motel: Johnny Ferrell 1978-07-18
Screen Arts Process: man with Roman meal bread 1978-07-18
H. T. E. Hertzberg: furniture 1978-09-01
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1978-07-20
Giuldemaster's Jewelry 1978-08-22
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1978-08-23
M. C. Specialties: sheet metal punch machine 1978-08-24
M. C. Specialties: sheet metal punch machine with and without workers 1978-08-29
Manloy Media: Pat Bamick 1978-08-25
Muscular Dystrophy: telethon at Wonderland Mall, behind the scenes, man on top of Tom Benson Chevrolet sign, people on phones 1978-09-03
Belle Foster: oil painting 1978-09-11
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1978-09-19
Anita Ginerva 1978-09-26
Robert A. McNeil Corporation: The Brook Apartments 1978-10-02
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1978-10-26
Dale Hopkins 1978-10-19
1625 Dale Henderson, Inc.: Diez y Seis celebration with the Mexican National tour Council 1978-09-14
Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple Sclerosis Mother of the Year at Bazan Branch Library 1978-11-04
Mrs. Francis Nipper 1978-11-09
American Diabetes Association: children and posters at Central Park Mall 1978-11-10
Mid State Constructors: construction progress at Forth Sam Houston 1978-11-17
Lone Star Chapter Cystic Fibrosis: Spurs Alan Bristow and child with cystic fibrosis 1978-12-07
Gene Tek: computers 1978-12-01
Mid State Constructors: construction progress at Forth Sam Houston 1978-12-21
Norman B. Wakexman 1978-11-03
Alvin Frieden: rendering of the Rand Building on West Houston Street 1978-12-06
1626 Arthur Young Company: new accounting facilities and employees 1979-01-18
Mid State Constructors: construction progress at Forth Sam Houston 1979-01-24
A. G. Vasquez: story of my life album 1979-07-01
Webb Advertising: speakers at convention 1979-02-01
Kidney Foundation: poster children 1979-02-01
Royal Crown Bottling: W. A. Barth 1979-02-06
Chisenhill Auto and Truck: Model-T radiator 1979-12-13
Jenny Tolak 1979-07-15
S. S. Products: billfolds 1979-02-19
Screen Arts Process: Nectar Tropical Fruit drink 1979-02-19
Guy Chipman: water damaged walls in apartments 1979-02-19
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-02-23
D. and D. Management: construction progress, interior and exterior of warehouse 1979-02-26
Crown Zellerbach: strikers in front of plant 1979-02-27
Humane Society: veterinarian and dog during examination 1979-03-02
Barkerline: salesmen at Broadway Plaza Motel 1979-03-05
Chisenhill Auto and Truck: silver radiator grill 1979-03-12
Charles F. Brown: family 1979-03-13
Lachman-Rose: dolls 1979-03-14
American National Insurance Company: Norman Smitbart 1979-03-14
Broadcaster Promotion Association: typewriter 1979-03-20
Kevin Rush: models 1979-03-22
Pete Weakley: large map of ranch 1979-03-23
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-03-26
Maria Clara Delgado 1979-03-27
Bexar County Mental Health Center: group on capital steps 1979-03-30
Tex Mex Cold Storage, Inc.: Tom De Brooke 1979-04-05
Arthur Young Company: unidentified man 1979-04-05
Jacob E. Decker and Sons: building 1979-04-10
Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance: Tom Mock 1979-04-24
Denson: boy and pig of Guadalupe Company Youth Show 1979-04-24
John Kountze: Order of the Alamo group 1979-04-26
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-04-25
Alton Reidan: man and woman 1979-05-01
Mexican Government Tourism Office: arrival of Anna Kani 1979-05-09
Richard S. Aijian: house on 114 East Kings Highway 1979-05-14
Bakertime: group of twelve men 1979-05-14
Betty Taylor 1979-05-15
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-05-25
Alhambra Bejar: men at Knights of Columbus 1979-05-25
The Burns Company: interior of house 1979-05-30
John R. Westbury 1979-06-04
Alhambra Bejar: Knights of Columbus group at Mayor Cockrell's office and outside the courthouse 1979-05-31
Alhambra Bejar: San Fernando Cathedral publicity and Saint Anthony Day ceremonies 1979-06-14
1627 Knights of Columbus at San Fernando Cathedral for mass, interior of church, bishop and priests 1979
American National Insurance Company: group of thirty at Woodlake Golf Club 1979-06-01
Barbara Westwood 1979-05-30
Today's Catholic: Bishop Pena receiving tapes from Channel 4 1979-06-22
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-06-22
Mosher Doors: truck with crane 1979-07-02
Shelter Insulation, Inc.: roof insulation samples 1979-07-23
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-07-19
Bob Marsh/NS Boys Club: sports action at NSBC 1979-07-23
Mrs. Fibre: jewelry, rings and earrings 1979-08-03
Marco Company: ice maker 1979-08-15
Alamo Cement Company: unidentified men (old) 1979-08-15
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-08-27
Marvin Chasen: x-rays 1979-08-07
San Antonio Bar Association: USAA San Antonio Bar Association dinner 1979-08-25
Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant: Ninfa and Mayor Cockrell at opening ceremony 1979-08-27
Marvin Chasen: x-rays 1979-09-12
Bill Wiseman: aerial of land 1979-09-18
Mid State Constructors: construction progress on Fort Sam Houston 1979-09-21
Bill Zintgraff: Pearl clock 1979-09-26
Bob Marsh: Albert Bustamante at menudo cook-off 1979-09-26
Gunn Mission Leasing: Johnny Johnson and Keith Ogden 1979-09-25
Gunn Mission Leasing: Luis De Los Sartos 1979-09-28
Bob Marsh: Menudo queen at boys Club (publicity) 1979-09-30
Walker Insurance Company: W. H. Walker 1979-10-03
1628 Hank Harrison with people in band 1980, 1979
Lowther, Ham, Jackson and Jornayvaz: publicity of management at McNay Art Museum
EnerPac: IPA-1220 Press and RC-1010 Cylinder at Stewart and Stevenson Company 1979-09-21
Burns Company: exterior of new house in Ripple Creek Great Northwest 1979-10-02
Avric United Corporation: gold coin, jewelry 1979-10-12
Drake McGenly: two men at TAB meeting 1979-10-24
Joe Felon: man and woman 1979-10-22
Marvin Chasen: positives from x-rays 1979-11-06
Fox Tech: exterior of school 1979-11-16
Associated General Contractors: group of men 1979-11-19
Livestock Exposition: Pat Martin 1979-11-20
Bill Wiseman: aerial of San Antonio 1979-11-20
Ed Stewart: aerials of Joske's parking lot 1979-11-30
Jimmy: Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald 1979-12-03
Barbye Westberry 1980-01-07
San Antonio Right to Life Committee: men 1980-01-14
Dr. Rowland: operation 1980-02-01
Frito-Lay Band Wagon Magazine: 40th Anniversary Award and employees 1980-02-05
Carl's in North Star Mall 1980-02-06
Hughes Microwave Communications: circuit panel and microwave antenna 1980-02-22
Samid Biery-Atty: interior of Skillern's drug store 1980-02-25
County Commissioners Court: Rodriguez Park Showing areas needing work 1980-02-26
Stephen Sinkin with and without dogs 1980-02-27
Carol Dougherty: models 1980-02-28
EGC Association: Ed Cole 1980-02-29
Reynolds Metal Company: nun if front of Our Lady of the Lake University with aluminum cans 1980-03-12
Ken Mietchhoffer 1980-03-13
Libby Glass: Glass Cocks interior with people 1980-03-14
PakMar: truck 1980-03-20
Bruce M. Miller: plaintiff's exhibit 1980-03-28
San Antonio Dodgers: individuals on team 1980-04-09
Parkdale Bank: Gene Koch 1980-04-14
Associated General Contractors: group 1980-04-18
Texas Bankers Association: Elgin Schofield and group 1980-04-21
Roland Anthony: sculpture 1980-05-06
Robert Yturri: interior of house that is falling apart 1980-05-06
International Consumers Credit: speakers 1980-12-05
1629 George A. Huddleston: old photographs of African-American couple 1980-04-16
W. Pat Camp 1980-05-16
Mrs. A. R. McCombs: family in front of house (old) 1980-05-19
David Bennett: war photograph (old) 1980-05-22
Harris Termite Pest Control: award received by McAlvarez from Mayor 1980-05-22
Texas Clock Company: clocks with state seals 1980-05-23
Healy Murphy: graduates 1980-05-27
Mrs. Clemmons: Mr. Clemmons 1980-06-11
Sister Brimingham 1980-06-11
Women's Auxiliary of San Antonio District Dental Society: Cissy Teietz 1980-06-16
Nova Engineering Service: pipe 1980-06-16
Dr. Franklin 1980-06-20
K-Mart Corporation: K-Mart Building 1980-07-01
Hap Veltman 1980-07-05
Robert L. Smith: aerials of Valero Energy Parking lot 1980-07-07
Jim Smith 1980-07-17
Albertson's: exterior of grocery store 1980-07-24
Concept Therapy Institute: group 1980-07-28
Doug Saunders Realty: R. R. tracks 1980-07-31
Rosemary Duke 1980-08-05
Christian Jew Foundation: secretaries 1980-08-15
Sanborn, Ltd: luggage 1980-09-03
Love in Bloom: flowers and candle basket 1980-09-04
Sun Chemical Company: machinery and plant manager 1980-09-09
Mr. and Mrs.: Musselman: copies of four Norman Rockwell paintings 1980-09-10
Dick Watson Auctions: interior of auction house 1980-10-02
Harrell Associates: two buildings 1980-10-16
Shelter Insulation, Inc.: insulation 1980-10-06
Dick Watson Auctions: exterior of Grothues Cashway 1980-10-09
Leonard and Harral: trash bag 1980-10-17
Yellow Freight: first J. R. beer being loaded and shipped 1980-10-24
Gerri Spears and warehouse 1980-10-27
McCall, Don: man in uniform 1980-10-28
Fastape: Fastape products 1980-10-30
Comper Statistics: men by desk and people at computer terminals 1980-11-10
Kengon and Eckhardt Advertising: three men by gas pump 1980-11-10
Samuel F. Biery: interior of Skillern's Drug Store 1980-11-26
Susanna Shields: old photographs of Star Film Ranch and actors in scenes, and movie poster 1980-12-09
Harris Corporation: construction progress of Farinon Electric Building 1980-12-02
John Kendro 1980-12-12
KSH: men at Old San Francisco Steak House 1980-12-13
Albert Frank: Princeton Gama Tech Geophysical Services mobile unit 1980-12-17
1630 Plates
Cardan and Company: three belt buckles 1981-01-09
Unidentified man
Andrea Hickman 1981-01-13
GammaTech: two employees setting up drill to take a geophysical sample 1981-01-19
Diane Cheslyn 1981-01-15
T. W. Williams: Rick James with guitar 1981-02-05
Marcus Durbin: tennis metrics 1981-01-20
Melma Investments: rendering 1981-04-27
Full Gospel Bus Businessmen's Fellowship: group at dinner 1981-01-31
McCabe Petroleum Corporation: executives 1981-02-13
Marcus Durbin: tennis metrics 1981-02-02
KECOR Terminal Group: exterior of apartment buildings, Realty World Center, HEB 1981-02-23
Morton-Southwest: unidentified man 1981-02-25
Jim Bailey: water condenser at Jimenez Food 1981-02-27
Centrio, Inc.: cotton being processed in plant and interior of plant 1981-03-10
Oldsmobile: Elite award winners 1981-05-01
Arthur Young Company: Ed Polansky 1981-03-05
Arthur Young Company: James Peoples 1981-03-05
San Antonio Public Library: man and woman (old) 1981-03-09
Ray Slickenmeyer: family photograph (old) 1981-03-13
Olin/Winchester Western Division: cartridge extraction 1981-04-08
S. W. Raling: Jody Smart 1981-04-10
Association of General Contractors: group 1981-04-14
Mrs. Guerra: Lila Cockrell with Mr. Richter 1981-04-14
Order of the Alamo: past presidents at luncheon 1981-04-23
Reynolds Metal Company: people serving dinners 1981-04-30
Me and Mac Investments: ink drawings 1981-05-13
New York Life Insurance: employees 1981-05-20
David Rogers: three men 1981-05-21
Rex Turner: drawing of property sites 1981-05-25
Healy Murphy Center: graduates 1981-05-27
Bill Johnston: pistol 1981-06-01
Monsanto Company: two men with trophy 1981-06-03
Tennis Metrics: computer analysis sheets 1981-06-12
Doyle, Dane, Beinbach, Inc.: Fox Photo Hut 1981-06-19
Mannings, Salvage and Lee: unidentified man 1981-06-29
Kim Jarrell/UTEX, Inc.: Kim Jarrell 1981-07-01
Jack Campbell: men 1981-07-07
Scientific Systems: graphs 1981-07-13
Mrs. Xavier Vasquez 1981-08-03
Loval Thomas 1981-08-17
Waldsachs: hospital 1981-08-19
Bright Shawl: front entrance, exterior and interior 1981-08-27
Matera Paper Company: exterior of building 1981-09-18
Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance: Don Borak and Judd Eaton 1981-09-23
George Calhoun: houses 1981-10-08
Gene Pilgrim: bad construction 1981-10-08
1631 Acrylic Displays: tables and such made of acrylic
Old Spanish Mission: different logos 1981-10-08
Old Spanish Mission: different logos 1981-10-13
Champion International Corporation: interior and exterior of Champion International Corporation 1981-10-15
U-Haul Company: presentation of watches 1981-10-19
D. C. Electronics Industries: furniture 1981-10-28
Mutual of New York: awards presentation 1981-10-30
Texas Highway Department: publicity for Texas Highway Department 1981-11-03
Old Spanish Mission: Nick Brown 1981-10-30
Beery Agency: groups and individuals 1981-11-02
Mr. Sterling: couple on vacation 1981-12-07
Chemcentral: Phil Salado 1981-12-08
Billy Carroll: certificate 1981-01-21
John Hurd 1982-03-31
1632 Tom Landry
Northern Hills Country Village: models of house 1982-01-20
National Restaurant Association: speakers at Hilton Hotel and luncheon 1982-01-13
Henry S. Miller Company: Kit Corbin, Chris Evans, Mike Gribble and Gab Clark 1982-01-29
Louie Martinez: Tear gas sprayer 1982-02-15
Bob Olson and 2N Corporation: plants hanging on acrylic hanger 1982-02-15
Gesco International: blood filter 1982-09-23
1633 Three girls with man with fishing pole
Girls standing in the street 1955
Girls in swimsuits
Girls at Army Head Quarters with short man
Girls at Fort Sam Houston with army guys
Girls posing for different shots
Girls with man
Girls in formal gowns
1634 View of Baseball field from stands 1963
Sponsor signs 1963
Score board 1963
Stands 1962
Exterior of Mission Stadium 1962
San Antonio Mission Baseball team with crowd behind them
Corner of West Evergreen and North Flores and Mission Ball Park
Player catching ball
Player with glove
Two players posing
Other players posing
Player with bat
Playground and shelter 1964
1635 Cemetery
Office in funeral home
Three unidentified people with blueprints
[ Pic # 50809 ]
Hearers circa 1958
Mission Burial Park
Rendering of Mission Burial Park
Aerial view of site for Mission Burial Park South
Entrance to Mission Burial Park
Wills and life insurance
Stained glass windows
P. K. Dixon
1636 Rendering of North Chapel 1976-09-28
Mission Burial Park North 1973-09-18
Mission Burial Park South 1973-09-12
North American Motor Imports and cars 1984-12-03
Mission Burial Park South, Park North, North Chapel and Lockhill 1984-12-03
Interior of North Chapel 1973
Mission Park Funeral Chapels North
North Chapel exterior 1982
North Park Chapel interior 1973-10-24
North Cemetery with hero stone 1984-04-19
Headstones in cemetery
Mission Park 1973-09-25
Mission Burial Park 1965-12-22
Coffins 1963-11-11
Grave and flowers 1968-12-17
1637 Exterior of Mission Chevrolet 1978
Exterior of Mission Chevrolet 1967
Cars 1967
Opening ceremony 1967
C. C. Gunn and two others 1967
Groups and overall of Mission Chevrolet 1969-11-21
Parts department
Part department and cars 1968-06-21
Used car lot 1973-06-26
1638 Large pipes 1967
Large pipes 1963
Mission Concrete Pipe Company building 1963
1644 Billy Mitchell Village 1983-07-28
Roof damage
Exterior of Winston Elementary School 1974-10-01
Aerial of Billy Mitchell Village
Shopping Center 1969-07-10
1639 Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-12-04
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-11-02
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-10-03
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-09-05
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-08-03
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-07-03
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-06-06
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-05-03
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-04-09
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-03-14
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-02-12
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1973-01-03
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1972-11-09
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1972-10-10
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1972-09-06
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1972-08-01
Construction progress on Brazos Plant addition for Roegelein Provision Company 1972-06-05
MITCHELL, O. R. MOTORS 1938-1976 and undated
1640 Aerial photograph of O. R. Mitchell Motors
1641 Jack Mitchell Nash dealership 1958
Couple with car 1958
O. R. Mitchell Parts Depot 1939
Mitchell Chrysler Center and wards 1965
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 50857 ]
Group of men with cars 1941
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 11984 ]
Lawrence Welk at Mitchell Dodge
Dodge Truck Service Center
Toy car Desoto
Christmas party and Santa Claus
O. R. Mitchell Chrysler Company
Cars 1964
F. F. A. at O. R. Mitchell Motors 1964
Trucks in front of Municipal Auditorium 1947
Crane dumping dirt into truck from McKenzie Construction Company 1947
Couple in front of the Alamo in 1929 automobile 1959
Crunched up car
Chrysler Show 1966
Three men with trophy 1967
Managers: R. B. McCurry, Jr., J.W. James, W. C. Childs, A. G. Kirchner, H. J. Johnson, B. H. Bouwkamp, J. E. Campeau, A. C. Thomson, F. W. Wylie, R. H. Lhyle, R. H. Kline, J. S. Alwein, J. A. Doherty, K. L. Heatherly, R. S. Nilsson, J. A. Pikulas, H. G. Yardley, E. B. Knauss, C. C. Conway, G. E. Muske, E. J. Newton, N. K. Harris, G. A. Bilque, R. L. Goodwin, H. A. Niersal, P. D. Calvin, R. J. Goodyear, F. K. Leinfest
North Star Mall 1966
Band 1966
Miss Universe 1955
Construction of Mitchell Motors Dodge trucks
Employees 1966
Dodge-Plymouth automobiles 1938
Group of people in formal wear
Adolph Hofner and All the Boys Band
O. R. Mitchell Used Cars 1938
O. R. Mitchell and others 1963
Man washing car 1963
Mechanic working on car 1964
Car being painted
1642 Charlie Huffington 1976-12-16
Al Huffington 1976-04-21
Ralph Thompson 1972-07-17
Alex Kinsell 1972-09-19
Ray Marshall 07-18
Salesman 1972-09-29
Ples Donnell 1974-11-04
Orrval Holbrook, Bob Brown, Bill Byers, Jack Samples, R. J. Bates, Bob Stevens and Henry Gross 1972-10-02
Joe Faulkner 1974-12-23
O. R. Mitchell 1971-07-29
Howard Thompson 1970-03-05
R. M. Dunning, Jack Hoemke 1975-07-31
Tom Gary 1969-06-04
Miss Universe 1955 with group at O. R. Mitchell Motors 1955
1643 TV ad and exterior of O. R. Mitchell Motors 1972-05-18
People with cars at Hemis Fair Plaza 1968
New body and paint shop 1974-03-13
Car in front of Convention Center 04-30
D.H. Wildenstein: 500 Sweepstakes 1969-06-26
Sales floor O. R. Mitchell Dodge 1970-03-20
Cars in front of Convention Center with city council and O. R. Mitchell 04-25
Spare parts 1968
Hugh Johnson 1970-10-29
Mr. Huffington presenting plaque 1970-10-06
1644 Interior of plane 1979-05-08
MODEL MARKET 1960-1963
1645 Cracker display 1963
Exterior of Model Market 1960
Fruits, vegetables, meats 1960
Displays 1961-11-03
1646 Interior of Tower of the Americas and US Pavilion 1968-07-31
Carpeting in US Pavilion 1968-04-05
Interior of US Pavilion 1974
1647 Winners of pool tournament at boat show 1981-01-24
Children's Christmas party 1980-12-15
John Monfrey 1980-09-03
Wine tasting party at Falstaff Warehouse 1974-05-03
McGuiness Canadian Whiskey 1974-02-19
Roy R. Stock 1973-09-17
Wine display 1971-02-02
Wine display 1970-02-19
Frank and Tony Monfrey, George Glassick and Harvey Fletcher 1969-12-10
Awards at Falstaff
1648 Structural damage to building in McCreless Mall 1976-10-12
Interior and exterior of new store 1975-12-12
New store at Windsor Park 1976-10-08
Exterior of Lone Star Brewery, Coca-Cola, Gulf Mart and Finesilver Manufacturing Company 1966-07-28
Interior of refrigerator department 1969-08-02
McCreless Shopping Center 1976-05-30
MOON LANDING 1970-1986
1649 Slides of Challenger astronauts and President Reagan with widows of Challenger astronauts
Apollo spacecraft on the moon and astronauts
US flag
Astronaut in capsule 1970
MOON, MRS. 1948
1650 Infant
Swimming pool
Kids in front of Christmas tree
Group of people by pool
Unidentified man
1651 Model of airplane seats and cockpit 1965
Exterior of plane on runway 1965
1652 Bridges
1653 Candy store
Empty store
Fomby's, Douglas Shoes, TSO, Gordon's Jewelers 1950
Sid Robbins, Inc. 1930
1654 Exterior 1961
Interior of rooms and residents 1962
Residents eating lunch
Two people listening to woman play small piano
Aerial photo 1977-05-11
Man portrait 1977-07-12
1655 Painting : Old Violin" 1974-09-18
Offices 1973-08-23
Employees 1971-08-23
Officers 1972-01-22
Party at Argyle House 1969-10-01
Building 1968-10-09
1656 Creative Union: Ralph Bender 1974-05-20
Gerhard Busch 1973-12-04
Jim Elrod 1973-12-04
New homes in Olympia 1973-11-16
Interior of model homes at Valley Forge 1973-08-15
Exterior of Morton Southwest houses and apartments 1973-06-07
Exterior of Morton Southwest houses and Old Farm II 1973-05-16
Shenandoah Town Homes 1973-11-13
People by sign in El Dorado 1973-11-06
Boy Scout 1973-10-26
The Barrington Apartments interior and exterior 1973-10-15
Dedication of school bus at Coronado Elementary School 1973-10-15
El Dorado Design Center: Russ 1971-01-22
Houses 1971-03-24
Interior of houses 1971-10-04
Old Farm Homes exterior 1971-09-17
All American Realty: billboards and interior of house 1971-04-06
Cliff Morton 1971-07-22
Interior and exterior of Marymont Town houses 1972-10-20
Entrance to club house 1972-12-12
Jim Elrod and Nelson Miller 1973-01-30
Houses at Valencia 1973-07-02
Custom Services 1970-12-02
Ray Highsmith 1970-08-25
1657 Live Oak Village, Valencia, Fox Run, Olympia, The Crest housing development signs 1974
Two men with certificate 1974
Swimming pool 1974
Creative Union: wood being sawed 1974-05-21
Presentation of proclamation to airman 1974-11-11
Sign at Morton 500 Sales Center 1974-09-03
Morton and Lakeside Party 1974-08-21
Brentwood Common 1974-08-14
Model home at Lakeside 1974-07-11
Brentwood Common and Bent Oaks 1974-11-26
Interior of model condos in Bent Oaks 1974-11-25
Interior and exterior at Lakeside 1974-07-31
Marymont 1974-07-30
Interior at Lakeside 1974-07-17
Two men at sales office 1974-07-18
[ Inv # 17910 Pic # 103280-81 ]
The Crest at Live Oak 1974-05-23
Homes interior and exterior 1974-06-14
Employees 1974
Shenandoah entrance 1974-05-15
Cliff Morton 1974
Interior and exterior of houses at Fox Run 1974-04-30
Paintings and artist 1974-04-11
Cliff Morton presenting Eagle Scout award 1974-03-21
People cleaning up lake and picnic area 1974-02-02
1658 Kitchens 1987
Bedrooms 1987
Living rooms 1987
Dining rooms 1987
Exterior of houses, bedrooms 1987-03-04
Exterior of house 1987-01-26
Den and fireplace, living rooms, bedrooms 1987-01-30
Bill Cakenbacher 1985-11-12
Jim Frank 1985-07-26
Luann Butler and Sheila Dick 1985-07-02
Model home in Fox Run 1984-10-17
Interior of model homes at Fox Run and Lakeside 1984-10-04
Interior of Brentwood Common 1975-10-29
Party at Lakeside 1975-07-29
Brentwood Common Townhomes 1975-06-02
Houses in Valley Forge 1975-04-24
Joe Campbell 1975-01-15
MOVIE ACTORS 1943-1967
1659 20th Century Fox: Raquel Welch in Bracketville, Texas posing during filming of "Bandolero" 1967-11
James Cagney and unidentified man at microphone
Audie Murphy in uniform
James Arness at football stadium with homecoming queen
Greer Garson, Dana Andrews, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Mervyn Le Roy and unidentified man
Greer Garson, Dana Andrews, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Mervyn Le Roy by car from Jordan Motors to promote "Strange Lady in Town"
James Cagney and four unidentified men by car promoting "Run for Cover"
Lucille ball in jeep
Unidentified man with radio
Unidentified man in jeep with two soldiers
Audie Murphy at premiere of "To Hell and Back"
Unidentified man and woman for United Cerebral Palsy
Unidentified women and men form armed forces
Unidentified man and woman talking into microphone
Unidentified man
Unidentified woman
Flooded theater with people in boats watching movie
Harpo Marx in jeep
Flooded theater
Painting of Will Rogers
James Cagney in Jeep
Parade of stars in jeeps through downtown by Majestic
Marjorie Stewart in Jeep
Ruth Brady in jeep
Jose Iturbi in jeep
1660 Exterior of Municipal Auditorium 1937
Aimee Semple McPherson revival meeting
Interior of Municipal Auditorium
Close up of ornate stone work
Crowd shots
Basketball hops
Little room
Interior with orchestra on stage
1661 People in garden of house 1959-07-21
Interior of houses
Interior of church with lots of flowers for wedding
People in garden of house 1959-06-01
1662 Three men outside building
Interior of Handy Andy at meat counter with signs for Murrell bacon and ham
1663 Winston Network, Inc.: Via Bus at San Pedro Park 1978-07-25
National Car Rental: billboards 1978-02-13
North Park Lincoln Mercury: green Lincoln Continental 1977-07-20
Normandy Terrace: room, utilities and exterior 1976-07-07
Normandy Manor: exterior 1976-09-22
Normandy Manor: interior of rooms 1976-06-22
NCOA: board of directors and individuals 1976-02-27
National Car Rental: billboards 1975-12-29
National Car Rental: billboards 1975-12-17
National Car Rental: billboards 1975-07-07
National Oats Company: popcorn display 1975-02-27
Neptune Meter Company: employees, Bexar Company Water District building 1963-04-24
New Horizon: cleaning display 06-22
Loaf of bread and Jack Lantern 1962-10-23
NCOA: Robert Stafford 1969-05-12
William Negley: painting of unidentified man 1969-08-08
William Negley: couple 1970-06-04
William Negley: painting of rhino 1970-06-29
William Negley: boy with dogs and water skiing 1970-09-22
National Casket Company: caskets 1971-05-21
Pat Nix: couple 1972-01-17
Naylor Book Company: painting 1971-06-14
National Resort Community: radarange display booth 1972-11-03
William Negley: woman 1973-03-05
Polly Norman: woman 1973-03-07
NCOA: people, magazine and rank designation 1973-08-23
NSISD: construction of building, students and teacher with globe, exterior of John Jay High School, exterior of round church, exterior of Gregorio Esparza Elementary school, exterior of buildings, exterior of J. B. Passmore Elementary School and chart 09-19
National Car Rental: sign 1975
NCOA logo
William Negley: family with rifles and pheasants 1969-02-11
William Negley: group with fishing poles 1968-10-26
William Negley: mural on wall 1968
William Negley hunting 1968-04-25
Pat Neff Junior High School band and tile mural 1968
Exterior of Northside Baptist Church 01-27
Leslie Neal and Sons: gas stations 1968-10-12
Northeast Development Corporation: aerials
Night Hawk: food 02-12
Interior of North Hill National Bank
Northwest Swimming Pool: indoor pool 1964-01-28
Norge Centers: Laundromats 1962-04-12
Motor Equipment Company: truck 08-23
National Association of Insurance Companies convention 1973-05-22
National Association of Insurance Companies convention 1973-05-21
1664 Schriener Nelson: building model 1987-01-07
New Height Group: Greatview Building 1975-12-05
Mrs. L. E. Bruni: family A. M. and Consolation Bruni with children (old) 1986-09-02
National Theme Party Company: decoration 1985-11-14
Entrance to Victoria Tower, interior of Victoria Tower and aerials and exterior
Nooter Corporation: exhibit booth 1986-02-21
IEEE Convention: conference 1983-12-14
Northside Independent School District: apple 1983-12-20
Davila Guerra Exports: ice cream 1982-12-14
Neller and Kane: opening of Murray Savings with Henry Cisneros 1983-02-23
Red Carpet: breakfast and award to Annette Main 1982-10-25
Nabisco, Inc.: products display 1982-10-03
Negley Paint: interior of building 1983-01-31
Negley Paint: exterior of building 1982-10-04
Negley Paint: exterior of Pearl and The Menger Hotel 1979-11-15
Normandy Terrace 1979-04-16
Interior of Normandy North 1979-05-12
Leroy Neal: unidentified ladies 1978-09-18
Mrs. Negley at her home 1981-08-19
Rendering of USA Network truck 1980
National Supply Company: party and oil rig 1981-12-22
Leroy Neal: man 1982-02-24
1665 Spiral staircase
Interior and exterior of house
Homes in Bluffview Estates 1984-10-29
House interior and exterior 1984-10-10
Exterior of house 1984-10-18
1666 Plane in air 1974-07-02
Plane in air 1977-07-27
Bill Darnbock 1974-03-22
1667 National Bank of Commerce under construction
Interior of NBC
Two unidentified men
Man and boy
People on escalator
People waiting
NBC entrance
NBC cafeteria
Employees at work
NBC Building
Skyline of NBC Building and downtown
Unidentified men
Boy with bags of money
Couple with Christmas Club coupons
Installment loan department
Western art
Ad 1960
Tables and chairs
Tellers: Roy Gill, Hoyle Wear, Otho Beal and Mary Herb
Sam C. Montgomery
Forrest M. Smith
Drive-through 1957
Melrose Holmgreen
Dennis Stroebel, George Triplett, Scott Millen
Construction 1956
Night deposit
Press party, food and dancing
Leland S. Austin
Bank executives
Board of directors meeting
1668 Bank interior
Bank doors
NBC Building
Crowd in street
WOAI Radio
Women with flowers
Jersey Lilly room
Opening ceremonies
Girl with colt
Couple with horse
Don French: KTSA Radio
1669 Mural on wall
Edward L. Bell and three others
Opening ceremonies
NBC building under construction
Rosemary Lurie
Opening ceremonies
Unidentified woman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jones
Women on escalators
NBC doors
Forrest M. Smith
Arthur A. Seeligson
Bank interior
John M. Bennett, Jr.
Scott Schreiner
Armored car with money
Alamo National Bank from top floor of unfinished NBC building
Unidentified people
Lytle State Bank
Aerial photograph
Pat Kocurek
Juana Maria: KIWW Radio
Greeting Cards
Melrose Holmgreen
KTSA Radio: Don French
Receiving line
Donald J. Bales
W. L. Moody IV
Thad Barrington speaking at Gunter Hotel
Forrest M. Smith
FFA members
Maxine Dwyer
San Antonio Police Officers
Sam C. Montgomery
Ralph W. Fabacher
Bill Doty
Bank vault
KITE Radio: Harry Van Slyckle
1670 Unidentified people
Mr. Forrest Smith's family
Bank interior
Aerial downtown
Money display
1671 Unidentified people 1968-10-04
Unidentified men
[ Pic # 52711, 40773, 40775, 42094, 432094 ]
Unidentified man 1963-09-10
[ Inv # 20713 ]
R. C. Jones
G. C. Holmgreen
Osceola Archer
Mr. Suxaewi
Unidentified people
C. W. Fichtner
S. W. Blount
Man holding Christmas Club checks
Photographs of people for annual report 1962-12-15
Mr. Rutledge
Mr. Brown
Frank W. Hammett
Mr. Schutz
Roy Clark
Andros Riveras
Winnie L.
H. M. Hart
Aleris K. Waldrep
Gene D. Kellett
Jack Sargent
Herbert Nicholson
1672 Bank interior
Bank teller
NBC door
NBC building
NBC building circa 1918
NBC on Soledad Street 1964-07-20
Aerial photo near Municipal Auditorium
1673 Models 1968-07-15
Model with rifle and bicycle 1969-10-28
Man dressed in drag on motorcycle, little boy and couple and tandem bikes
Banking school banquet 1968-04-13
Lee Wilborn
Mexico Olympic coin and case 1968-06-05
1674 San Antonio Skyline 1978-09-12
Saint Anthony statue and church
Map of Kerrville 1977-01-07
Alamo through side gates
NBC building 1976-02-03
Annual report cover for NBC 1976-02-03
Alpine Vacation
NBC building under construction 1975-10-31
Map 1975-08-18
Unidentified man 1975-08-05
Policeman giving certificate to Mr. Nicholson 1975-08-05
Trustees 1975-04-14
Cattle and sheep at Stock Show 1975-02-14
Chamber of Commerce annual meeting 1975-01-27
Three men with plaque about Winston Churchill 1975-01-27
Parade 1975-01-08
Pat Knight 1974-08-28
NBC construction 1974-08-23
Map 1974-05-17
International Deposit 1974-02-07
Unidentified man with cattle 1974-02-08
Unidentified man by construction 1974-01-03
Lobby 1975-11-24
Three people on porch 1975-11-16
Three children in masks 1975-09-19
Contract signing at Woodlawn Golf Course 1973-08-28
SME Leadership Conference: press pictures 1973-06-25
Territorial maps of banks in North San Antonio 1973-06-15
Charts 1973-06-11
Maps 1973-06-08
People, construction 1973-05-10
Lamar Ealy 1972-09-29
Unidentified man 1971-06-29
Unidentified man 1971-04-26
Hap Brooks receiving money for Jaycees 1970-12-15
Linda Davis 1970-10-06
Frank A. Witt 1970-06-10
Painting illustrations 1970-03-30
Annual Report 1970-01-09
Lobby and computer of Annual Report 1970-01-12
Boy and equipment 1970-01-16
Linda Davis 1969-01-07
Award at SMA Garden Grove 1969-06-02
Unidentified man 1969-04-16
Check-ritary 1969-01-30
Checkbook and briefcase 1969-01-03
Richard Calvert 1969-01-07
Hands at work
1675 NBC cube 1980-12-05
Christmas decorations, wreath, tree 1980-12-19
Rendering of NBC 1976-11-15
NBC building
Interior at NBC for background of Chrysanthemums Ball 1970-07-10
San Antonio history mural at NBC
Painting 1969-03-27
Bank interior
1676 Presentation of award, wedding cake, unidentified people
Unidentified woman
Unidentified men
Birthday cakes
Bridal shower
Two men standing by Anderson and Lewis Advertising, Inc. door
Miss Fair Share
NBC picnic
Check presentation
Little boy in baseball outfit with bat
Painting (old)
Kids making posters
NBC picnic: playing baseball
Man playing golf
Seguin Water Plant
Two kids with basketball
People drinking Lone Star Beer
Greg and Judy Bloxom
Susan Balboa
Lillie Amos
Larry and Jean McCoy
Girl riding pony
Boy riding pony
Jim Barr
Ethel Mulligan
Carol Wynn
Eldrine Lockhart
Raymond Lange
Franklin and Eleanor Witt
Albert Pennze
People swimming in pool
Starcrest Park
Donna Shimek
Robert Robinson
Donna Booth and Al Booth
Mildred Booth
Jo Steele
Willis Terry and Gloria Terry
Helen, Mike and Diane Pickard
Lloyd Hobrecht
Gary Zennecker
1677 Unidentified man 1972-07-11
Roy Clark: shotgun rack for bird hunting 1972-05-23
Façade of NBC building 1972-06-15
Unidentified men 1971-12-16
Monroe Trophy House and Dinning Cole 1971-08-18
Models for NBC ads 1971-08-09
1678 Silver Spur Award
Unidentified man
Aerial photographs of houses and a lake
Construction of USAA
Methodist Hospital and the Medical Center
Trailer park
House with swimming pool
Gilbert C. Hine
Unidentified woman
Ad for Cowboys/ Giants game
Central Moving and Storage, Inc.
Central Park Mall
Old San Francisco Steak House
W. K. Kyle Company
GPM Building
James and Mura Whitlock
Linda Engbrook
Emily Scott
Sonia Cantu
Jean Knight
Herbert Nicholson
Mark and David Shedrock
Millie and John Garner
Jim Blair
Gisela Ladd
1679 Group of ladies
Cattle at Stock Show
Aerial photographs
NBC building
Baby shower
People with trophies
Slide presentation
Unidentified people
Security guard
Awards presentation
Aerial photographs
Juanita Flores
Kay Madux
Norma Cavazos
Kenneth Williams
Alice Mendez
Roxann Bonannan
Deborah Sedon
Agustin Arismendez
Deborah Connor
Sherron DeLuna
Karen Weber
Miss Liberty Belle 1st Runner Up
Toni Hendrix
Josephine Ramirez
Cynthia Haines
NBC aerial map 1975-10-03
Peggy Vaugn
Lavonne Thompson
Valerie Powers
Alice Garza
Robert Everett
Sheldon Wheeler
Michael Collett
Karen Clark
Arnold Corbin
Joe Ernst
Lila Cockrelle
Beverly Sebastian
Penny Hinchey
Alana Stocker
Louise Brown
Peter Meza
Sandra Vallery
Donna McDougall
Julie Walz
Maria Martinez
Juanita Lucas
Merrilyn Stinton
Reynaldo Rodriguez
Martin Tarin
Cynthia Brown
Robert Warner
Helen Peifer
Susan Williams
Becky Duffins
Myrtle Garrison
Kathy Stevens
Robert Ramos
Angela Sanchez
Yolanda Aguilar
Cash Manager
Building model
Oil derrick
Unidentified people
1680 Men standing in bank lobby
Bank drive-through
Bank vault
Exterior of NBC North
Vault door
Interior of bank
NBC picnic
Unidentified people
Plaque presentation to General Barden
Construction of NBC Building
Birthday cakes
The Inn of the Hills
Check presentation
Commerce Room
Man and Saint Bernard dog in car at drive-though being filmed
Cattle at Stock Show
Man painting
People sitting behind desks
Unidentified people
Man with trophy
Aerial photographs of san Antonio 1975
Santa Claus at Tellers window
Christmas tree
Christmas party
Lions Club meeting
Boy Scout
Seeing eye dog
Lila Cockrell
NBC of Texas: aerial map of proposed service area 1976-10-13
Two men looking at 1975 Annual Report
Luncheon in the Commerce Room
People boarding bus
People being fingerprinted
Miss Texas Teen 1976
Churchill National Bank
Unidentified people
Award of merit winners
Deserted road
People giving blood
Couple cutting cake
People standing around eating cake
People playing baseball
Opening ceremonies
Exterior of NBC downtown
NBC of San Antonio: house (old) 1976-04-28
Mark M. Johnson
Loop 410 Leon Valley
Cooks in kitchen
USAF Randolph Field
NBC construction 1975-11-27
NBC malls 1975-12-30
1681 Opening ceremonies
Unidentified people
woman with trophies
Man and woman in front of aerial photograph of downtown San Antonio
Fashion show
Christmas tree
Christmas party
Birthday cakes
Awards presentation
Mexican band
Fred Boisvert
Certificate of Appreciation
Two men with painting
Four in formal attire
NBC Kerrville opening ceremonies
Brooks Field National Bank
Ingram Park Bank of Commerce
Opening ceremonies
Cattle at Stock Show
NBC: three men with certificate 1979-02-21
Bank interior
Lions Field Club of San Antonio
NBC: two men 1979-05-31
Group with trophies
Lila Cockrell
Christmas decorations
Santa Claus
1682 Red Boerne State Park 1985-02-05
Christmas tree 1983-12-16
Christmas tree 1982-12-07
Unidentified man 1982-09-09
[ Pic # 120698 Inv # 35788 ]
Interior and exterior of Hotel Nueces on East Martin Street 1981-07-23
Christmas tree 1981-12-15
NBC cube 1982-01-08
Chart 1982-01-04
Cube 1981-12-15
Unidentified man and woman
Aerial map 1981-03-09
Check presentation
Police officer
Group of ladies
Aerial map 1981-06-19
Moneymate machine
Ingram Park Bank of Commerce
1683 People working at machines at Shaw's Jewelers 1976-12-29
Baptist Hospital 1974-02-04
Group of people 1974-02-19
Banker at seminar 1973-03-28
NCR Building 1971-02-10
Portrait of thirty men 1971-02-01
Secretaries 1971
1684 NCCJ: Hilton awards 1960-03-09
Mrs. Edgar Tobin, Francis C. Sullivan receiving certificate 1960
1685 Austria Expo 1971: backdrop 1971-03-10
Desk 1965
International Medical Assembly Conference 1965
Aerials of canyon and dam
Power stations
Booth 1961-01-26
Department of the Interior seal
1686 Dinner 1966
Dinner 1958
Joseph Schlumbrecht
Couple in front of the Alamo
Groups sightseeing
People dancing and eating
1687 Poster child Linda Brown 1949
Band and singer
Children playing
Girl in cowgirl outfit
March of Dimes program Club 7 Oakes 1949
Wanda Wiley: poster child 1950
1688 Unidentified actors
Montage of posters
Man on horse
Poem about Galveston
Group of people
Filming of "Saga of the Sea"
Fire Department circa 1920
1689 Large tree with house in background
Unidentified man sitting on a box under a tree
Army band and marchers
Edward R. Murrow recording action for Paramount News
Unidentified woman doing test for Associated Pictures
Mr. Cure siting at a desk writing
Passion play of Christ on Broadway
Unidentified men and woman under a tree
Unidentified men and woman and camera shooting
Passion play of Christ
Letters from Church's, Diocese and Women's Club
Endorsing the movie "Tubal-Cain" in 1935
Will Rogers doing a test for Associated Pictures
Mr. Cure sitting at his desk talking on a phone
Bartender standing behind bar mixing a drink
Living room
Mr. Cure sitting at his desk in office
Little girl taking test for Associated Pictures
Man getting set to photograph/film some soldiers
Cameraman shooting woman on couch
Unidentified woman sitting on a bench under a tree
Unidentified man under the tree
Woman in office with movie poster and montage of movie stars by the door in the waiting room
Mr. Cure sitting in his office
Soldiers in and around the tent
Cameraman shooting soldiers
Old house and yard
Two women doing a screen test
two unidentified men standing by tree
One man laboratory
Unidentified man with beard
Unidentified woman doing test for Associated Pictures
Two soldiers on cots
Cameraman set to shoot at Woodlake Country Club
Unidentified man and woman
Shooting soldier lying on cot
Gulf Coast Studios shooting army
1690 International Petrochemical Conference 1985-04-01
Fairmount Hotel being moved
NPRA Safety Awards and IPC Safety Awards 1985-03-26
1691 Bob McCowan handing out awards for safety 02-19
International Petrochemical Councilmen 1986-04-08
1692 Conference and safety awards presentation 1987
Safety awards 1987-04-06
Safety awards 1987-03-30
Alix Haynes and Pat Wrigley
1693 Interior of caverns and formations 1983-05-03
People by signs 1973
Entrance to caverns 1972-05-16
Dedication of caverns as natural site 1973-04-08
Interior of caverns 1972-05-26
1694 Party
NEUMANN, RAY 1968-1981
1695 Presentation and people 1974-05-04
Eyes 1970-05-01
Banquet for Bexar County Veterinarians Association 1968-06-10
Two women with floral greens and bandannas "For Boysville" 1979-08-24
Dog pound operating room 1980-03-27
Ewords 1981-05-09
1696 Sausages
Meats being wrapped
Family with turkey
Smoked ham
1697 Sauerkraut sausage
Beef jerky 1977
Smoked ham 1981
Pecans 1981-07-28
Smoked turkey 1972-09-13
Food 1971-07-13
Meat 1981-07-09
Beef jerky 1977-05-05
Brochure 1982-05-17
Food 1961
Food 1979-07-12
Turkey 1981-07-29
Turkey 1965
Sausage 1971
Meat 1971-07-23
1698 Dinner with dancer
Aerial of New Braunfels Textile Mill
Aerial of New Braunfels Hospital
Aron Qiunmann
Group in bar
Aerial of Mission Valley Mills
Mexican band
Group on plane
People dancing
Fabric store
1699 Sailboat
Rendering 1975-10-14
NMandS building 1974-09-27
Machinery 1974-02-25
Equipment 1974-10-02
World map 1975-04-08
Sy Bonri 1974-08-02
Newell Salvage City Dump 1973-12-19
Rendering 1973-09-10
Alton S. Newell 1973-03-08
NEWMAN, FLORENCE B. 1971-1980 and undated
1700 Norman Rockwell greeting cards "The Reading Lesson"
Painting: girl with three sheep and burro
Painting: girl with mother and father taking father's boots off
1701 Painting at her house 1974-09-26
Paintings at her house: Norman Rockwell's and others 1980-09-26
Painting at her house 1971-10-01
Birthday party 1974-04-13
Art print: "The Beggars 1970-11-25
1702 Aerial photographs of Wonderland Mall, Handy Andy Grocery Store, Central Park Mall, Express Highways, roads, Fredericksburg Road, Callaghan Road
NICHOLSON, undated
1703 Two ladies cutting cake
Employee picnic
1704 Architectural rendering of restaurant 1964-10-27
Exterior and interior of Night Hawk 1964-07-21
Top Chop't Steak House interior and exterior
Top Chop't Steak House interior and exterior 1962-11-30
Platters of food
1705 Interior of Night Hawk restaurant 1964
Interior of Night Hawk restaurant and employees 1963
Kitchen and wine 1962
NIX HOSPITAL 1941-1982
1706 Woman in bed with baby
Nurses inventorying drugs
Operation room
Exterior of hospital 1960
Exterior of hospital 1982
Birth certificate 1941
1707 Richard Nixon meeting people with Patricia Nixon 1956
Richard Nixon in front of the Alamo campaigning for him and Eisenhower to be reelected
Richard Nixon in the Alamo
Richard Nixon meeting people as he campaigns 1968
NOONAN and KROCKER 1968-1980
1709 Randolph Air Force Base: interior and exterior of building 1980-10-03
Architectural model of building
Presentation to Government Employee Credit Union 1968-08-27
Rendering 1968-09-11
Rendering for quarduplex for the elderly 02-05
Interior and exterior of Lackland Shopping Exchange 1971-03-26
Certificate 1971-10-22
Interior and exterior of building for elderly 1971-11-29
Rendering: Fort Hood Commissary 1982-08-07
Model of Professional Building and Lackland Recruit Training 1972-10-11
Rendering: Peterson Memorial Hospital 1972-12-06
Rendering: Precision Measurement Equipment Lab at Kelly Air Force Base 1973-03-27
Rendering: Aircraft Engine Accessories Overhaul Facility Building 1974-10-02
Rendering: Medical Professional Building 1976-03-12
Raising roof on Convention Center Arena 1977-06-29
Randolph Air Force Base: Flight Sim building 1979-06-13
1710 City of San Antonio Service Center
Rendering of East Terrace Homes Addition
Model of building
Unidentified men
Party for DRT at Saint Anthony Hotel
Interior of Valley Gold Dairy
Interior of hoses
1708 Convention Center 1965-07-26
Construction progress and VA Hospital 1968-06-29
East Terrace Homes
1711 Mr. Pearce 1973-03-15
Emil Menard 1972-02-23
Ray Worthington 1971-09-21
Tom Kaiser 1971-07-12
Harold Davis 1971-07-09
Harold Kelfer 1971-06-22
Chester Blank 1971-03-05
Unidentified man 1970-05 -12
[ Inv # 7237 Pic # 83817 ]
Bob Redmon 1970-03-12
J. M. Curl 1969-12-17
Ivan Bell 1969-12-05
Brown 1969-10-09
J. B. "Moon" Mullins 1969-09-18
Bob Clayton 1969-14-11
Barnes 1969-03-09
Henry Tigerina 1968-09-23
Bill Heil 1968-09-03
Unidentified man 1968-04-09
[ Pic # 69864-65 Inv # 226 ]
C. J. Bodoin 1967
Daly Andricks 1967
Coy Newberry 1967
Bill Caton 1967
Grey Pickett 1967
Dale Walker 1967
Cliff White 1967
1712 Exterior of North Star Dodge 1970-01-29
Howard Johnson 1969-09-22
Aylin Advertising: North Star Dodge and automobiles 1968-09-18
1713 12 days of Christmas at night display 1974-11-25
Christmas poinsettia tree 1975-01-06
Aerial of North Star Mall under construction
North Star Mall under construction 1960-08-31
North Star Mall under construction: interior and exterior 1960-06-01
North Star Mall under construction: interior and exterior 1960-07-01
North Star Mall under construction: interior and exterior 1960-04-30
Empty lot 1960-02-05
Looking at HEB and Wolf and Marx and North Star Mall from across the road 1960-08-31
Samuels Glass Company truck 1960-07-01
Aerial of empty lot 1959-10-16
Construction 1960-03-03
Construction: interior and exterior 1960-08-01
Construction of HEB 1960-07-01
Karotkins 1960-08-31
Raising steel beams at Hemis Fair U.S. Pavilion Building
Crumbling building
Building across from San Antonio Loan and Trust
Harvest Festival display in grocery store
Men cutting support beams
D. J. Rheiner
Machinery at Lone Star Brewery
Bodymaker elevator and accumulator
Coca-Cola Bottling Company 1966
Dan Rheiner and wife at home 1969-08-08
D. J. Rheiner Construction Company: equipment installed in canning facility at Lone Star Brewery 1970-09-02
Unidentified building
1714 Easter display and children 1968-04-08
People in mall
Opening ceremonies
Christmas trees
Christmas decorations
Wildlife exhibit 1964-07-06
Shoe store and mall interior 11-14
Interior of North Star Mall 1970-08-18
Store fronts: Siegel's, E. H. Biehl, Western Auto, Wolff and Marx, Texas stores, S. S. Kresge Company, Mode O'Day, Holiday Shoes, The Children's Shop, Kay's Maternity Fashions, Cox's Bake Shop, Walgreens, San Antonio Trunk, Casual Manor, Lerner's, Hutchins
Store fronts: Thom McAn, Toy Box, Elliott's and TSO 1969-04-02
People on podium 1965-10-14
Displays 1968-04-09
Charismas tree 1973-12-20
Unidentified woman
12 days of Christmas daylight version display 1974-11-25
North Star Mall: different shots 1985-08-28
Store interior 1973-04-23
Mexican dancers
Aerial photographs
Aerial of lot 1959-10-16
Interior of mall 1969-10-23
Model at Carl's downtown 1973-04-02
Hot Wheels Derby 1971-02-27
North Star Mall office 1971-09-21
1715 North Star Mall under construction: interior 1960-08-31
Mall exterior
Aerial photographs of construction starting 1960-02-01
Aerial photographs of North Star Mall
Aerial photographs of North Star Mall and surrounding area
Frost Brothers at North Star Mall
Zale's Jewelers
Mexican Restaurant
Wallace's' Beauty Salon
Western Auto exterior
Western Auto interior
Construction starting on building 1960-03-03
Construction starting on foundation 1960-02-05
Construction almost finished on exterior 1960-07-01
Construction 1960-04-30
Aerial photographs of mall and surrounding area 1963-06-26
People in mall
1716 Guarantee Shoes
Andes Candies
Rouse and Company/Rick Evens: Rouse and Company on River and Hemis Fair 1968
Rouse and Company/Rick Evens: Ramada Inn
Rouse and Company/Rick Evens: Rouse group at Ramada Inn party in tent 04-23
Interior of mall by Frost Brothers
Exterior of mall looking across Loop 410
Food court
Allyson's Restaurant
Exterior of Frost Brothers
Man Shop
Store interiors
HEB Parking lot 1960
Mode O'Day, Casual Manor, Thom McAn, the Children's Shop
Wolff and Marx
Closing ceremonies for time capsule
Toy store
Holiday Shoes, TSO, Opal Hall, Lerner's, Siegel's
Military band
The Woman's Shop
Shoe store
Karotkins Furniture
Two men holding plaque cover of time capsule 1960-09-23
Mall under construction
Dunderbak's Bavarian Pantry, Halpern's Fabrics
Elliot's, Guarantee Shoes
Five women wearing leis
Musical instruments
Tubas, trombones, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, drums
Aerial photograph of North Star Mall
Pet Pantry
Fox Photo
Mercantile Bank behind North Star Mall sign
Zale's Jewelers
Stride Rite Shoes
Fashion show
Walgreen's employees
Christmas buffet
Little girl on Santa's lap
People watching a man play an organ
Red Cross Shoes
Construction steelwork
Frost Brothers exterior 1953
Carl's, Western Auto
Christmas decorations
Man standing by car 1962
Christmas tree
Meeting of men
Five men standing
Exterior of Cinema 1 and 2
Person dressed as a rabbit standing in front of giant Easter Basket and small mail box
Man and woman shaking hands
1717 Opening ceremonies
Christmas tree
Fashion show in front of Joske's and National Shirt Shops
S. S. Kress Company from outside of mall
Unidentified man
Clown directing orchestra
Musical instruments
Whitehouse General Store set up
Barnyard display with toy chickens, pigs, crows and cows
Jungle display with toy elephants, tigers, lions and hippos
North Star exterior and sign
Couple dressed as George and Martha Washington
Spanish dancers: Ballet Folkloric de Jalisco
Easter Bunny displays
Holiday Shoes
Thom McAn
HFC Loans
Casual Manor
Toy Box
Western Auto
Texas Stores (liquor)
Pet Pantry
Fox Photo
Luby's Cafeteria
Margo's Vogue
M. C. Dunderbak
Karotkins Furniture
Cinema II
New shops at north Star, Phase III
Interior of new parts of mall
Plymouth Trouble shooting contest at North Star Mall
Danny Kaye visit for UNICEF
Christmas decorations
Wildlife exhibit
Roof equipment
S. S. Kresge Company
Christmas tree 12-21
Aerial photograph
Cheeses at HEB
San Antonio Trunk
1718 Construction of Marshall Fields 08-07
Construction 1986-05-28
Saks Fifth Avenue Court construction
Saks Fifth Avenue and boots 04-07
Kids on parade and string quartet 1986-03-29
Construction of Marshall Fields 1986-01-21
Christmas tree
1719 Handy Andy
Lone Star Food Stores, Texaco, San Antonio Laundry Cleaners
1720 Aerials of North View Towers
Interior and exterior of North View Towers
1721 Welcome to church group 1975-07-13
Exterior of church
Children in kindergarten class 1961
Children in Sunday School
Groups in Sunday School
People drinking coffee
Church service 1961
Christmas tree and altar 1983-12-20
Interior with Christmas tree 1983-12-20
1722 Osborn Heirs Company: rock samples 1983-06-06
Ellen Oliver: little girl 1983-01-05
Old Spanish Missions: two men with painting 1982-07-07
Owens Corning Mechanical Contracting: building 1981-12-22
OSM logos 1981-11-19
Barbara Ousset: man 1981-10-21
Oppenheimer, Rosenburg: man in hospital with broken bones after surgery 1980-08-15
W. Ochse: man at charity Ball 1974-08-12
W. Ochse: building plans 1979-06-07
Mrs. George A. Olson: different properties 1978-07-20
Mrs. David Owens: casket at Zizek Kearns 1978-07-11
Omni Aircraft: Lear 36 interior and BAC III exterior 1978-04-14
Paula Olme: bedroom interior 1977-05-24
Albert Owens Company: furniture 1975-11-14
Ron Ortman: man running 1975-05-30
O'Krent Carpets: display 1975-06-17
Oppenheimer, Rosenburg: lot and surrounding area 1972-08-25
Bill Ochse at Fort Sam Houston 1969-07-29
Oppenheimer, Rosenburg: property and house 1974-03-21
Orbis Publication Company: paintings 1973-11-15
Oppenheimer, Rosenburg: girl who was beaten up 1971-07-15
W. Ochse: Red Skelton and Mrs. Ochse in China 1971-04-17
ONC Freight: ONC truck by the Alamo 1971-10-14
OSM: bull and cows painting 1972-08-24
Tom Oliphant Ranch in Sabinal, Texas 04-01
O'Connor: Railroad tracks and cars 1961-06-08
Orco: stained glass windows and paintings 1962-12-20
Ortiz Homes: exterior of houses 1963-03-22
Orange Julius: exterior 02-07
Olmos Building Materials and Supply: mall interior 1964-04-15
1723 Paula Olme: kitchen 1987-04-22
Dr. Jim O'Keefe: sculptures 1986-05-05
Dr. Jim O'Keefe: sculptures 12-30
Ohmstede of Los Angeles, Inc.: displays 1986-02-21
Oatman Imports: Christmas trees 1985-05-10
Order of the Sons of Herman: group 1985-07-25
Swan flower holders and flowers 1986
Owens Corning: insulation products 1985-05-07
German Orozco: garlic 1985-04-29
Don O'Connor: daughters 1985-04-01
Old San Francisco, Inc.: painting 1985-02-18
Oatman Imports: wooden swans and flowers 1985-01-04
Oppenheimer, Rosenburg: exterior of parking lot 1984-03-01
Omni Interests: damage at Ninfas' Restaurant 1984-02-28
Oppenheimer, Rosenburg: exterior of building and construction 1983-06-07
1724 Laurence 1969-06-30
Cook and golf course caretaker 1969-06-19
Mrs. D. Masters 1969-06-06
Various views of club 1969-04-29
Women golfers 1969-07-18
Mrs. John Keene
Ladies on green and woman in locker room 1969-07-21
Mrs. Newman 1969-07-21
Chef 1969
Club members 1969
People out on the golf course 1969
Christmas party 1969
Club members 1969
Two young people with golf trophies 1969
Golf shop and main building 1968-01-20
1725 Exterior of Oak Hills Motor Inn 1987
A. J. Lewis: exterior and interior of Oak Hills Motor Inn 1986-10-10
1726 Unidentified men
Three ladies 1967-09-23
[ Pic # 45688 ]
Karam's Mexican Restaurant
Unidentified men
Unidentified men
J. Taverty
Unidentified man 1963
[ Pic # 37005 ]
R. Pierce
T. C. Davis
Jim Zintgraff
Bristow, Jr.
Jim Rutledge
A. Vince
W. S. McLeod
1727 Exterior of church
Aerials of church and surrounding area
Group with cake
Group by crane putting steeple on church
Interior of chapel
Two people with cake
Elderly couple
Christmas party 1967
Picnic 1967
Organist at organ
Vacation Church School 1970
Christmas party 196
Easter 1967
Easter 1968
Picnic 1968
Church 1972-06-12
Randy Nichols 1975-01-17
Picnic 1969-06-08
Kids on playground
Richard Williams and Bill Williams 1966-05-29
Ground breaking
Construction of church
Woman mimeographing papers
Unidentified people
Men pitching horseshoes
Kids on playground
People playing softball
Chapel decorated for wedding
Interior of chapel 1965-01-14
Man with two babies
Jimmie Draper, Martin Reonhard and Ken Chalmers with plaques
New Year's party
Christmas chapel decorated with poinsettias 1969
Roland Taylor receiving plaque 1965
Christmas decorations in the chapel
Kids in sacks for race
Exterior of children's enrichment center
1728 Aerial
People at party 1973-12-20
Groups at church 1972-09-25
Preacher 1975-03-08
Church party picnic 1972-09-12
Choir 1972-03-01
Kids at church youth choir and adult 1976-03-31
Pipe organ 1971-10-18
Chapel and preacher 1974-12-23
Aerials of church 1971-09-20
Chapel decorated for Easter 1974-04-12
Group of ladies 1973-04-05
Pastor and family
Groups by cross
Groups of people
Pastors going away party
Children's Christian Enrichment Center
Chapel decorated for Christmas 1975
Ladies at the organ
Young Banquet 1970
Bible by poinsettias
1729 Playground at Children's Christian Enrichment Center
Chapel decorated for Christmas
Exterior of church and parking lot
Two ladies talking
Couple by table
Christmas decorations at church 1983-12-22
Cross 973-09-05
Interior of church during service, luncheon 1973-10-09
Easter lilies 1984-04-20
Choir practicing, aerial photographs, children's group, four men with lawn mowers, Christmas decorations 1977-10-18
Interior of Church with Christmas flowers 1968-12-30
Easter Sunday 1973-04-24
Poinsettias 1976-12-16
Two stained glass windows in memory of James Zintgraff, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Williams
Pastor with collection plates
J. W. and Dorothy Zintgraff
Church personnel 1973-01
Christmas tree
Chapel 1981-02-06
Tool shed
Rooms in and around the church
Christmas 1973
1729 Saint Mary's Church: Reverend Denis Hurley and Archbishop of Durban, South Africa 1956-10
Saint Anthony Seminary, McCullough Avenue, San Antonio, Texas: The Sacred Heart Chapel circa 1950
Oblate School of Theology De Mazenod School Graduation Class of 1950: Father Jerome Meagher, Father John Ward, Father Nicholas Tanaskovic, Father Joseph W. McDermott, Father G. Homerhogan, Father Cyril Foppe, Father Aloysius Svobodny
Saint Mary's Church: Reverend Denis Hurley, Archbishop of Durban, South Africa signing guest book 1956-10
De Mazenod School: Father Paul Decker, Father Nicholas Tanaskovic, Very Reverend Father J. Boekenfoehr, Assistant General, Father Fred Sackett, Father Albert Kippes, Father Daniel Lynch, Father John Walsh, Father Henry Simoneaux 1949-12
Father Peter Tonson: profession of vows
Saint Joseph's Retreat House, 127 Oblate Drive, San Antonio, Texas: James Norman, Edward Kuhn, Joseph O'Brien, W. Luyten, Ray Schoenstein, Stanley Gocron, Francis Kilday, Ken Hennessy, William O'Connor, Xavier Francisco, Francis Arbet 1956-11
Hurley's visit to Oblate School of Theology: Father Joseph McCartin, Secretary to Archbishop Hurley, Mast Reverend Denis Hurley, Archbishop of Durban, South Africa 1956-10
Arrival to San Antonio Airport to visit Oblate School of Theology: Father Bernard Clancy, Father Henry Simoneaux, Father Paul Decker, Archbishop Denis Hurley, Father John Hakey, Father Nicholas Tanaskovic 1956-10
Father W. Watson and Father Henry Simoneaux before leaving for Rome to study for degrees 1950
Most Reverend John Markovsky, Alexander Nangler
Visit of Superior General Father Leo Deschatelets banquet 1951-12
Saint Mary's Church: John Hakey, Nicholas Tanaskovic, Most Reverend Denis Hurley, Bishop of Durban, South Africa 1956-10
Saint Mary's Chapel: Superior General Leo Ceschatelets 1951-12
Bishop Denis Hurley arrival to visit Oblate School of Theology: Father Joseph McCartin, Secretary to Archbishop Hurley, Father Bernard Clancy, Father Nicolas Tanaskovic, Father Reuter, Archbishop Hurley, Father Henry Simoneaux, Father John Hakey, Father Frank Montalbano, Father Albert Kippes, Father Paul Decker 1956-10
OIL WELLS undated
1730 Oil rigs on land and in water
1730 Portrait of dance hall girl
Old San Francisco Steak House sign 1970-08-06
Ground breaking for Old San Francisco Steakhouse 1967
1731 Damaged cars
Interior of clothing store
Bricks and tile
OLMOS DAM undated
1732 Picture taken form top of dam
Early work 1925-12-11
1733 Real Estate office exterior 1972-06-10
Motor tune up kit 1971-12-14
Pellet 1971-05-25
Tar Guard: drawing of filter tip 1970-06-12
Men with equipment 1968
Model with tire 1968
Voltage controller oscillator 1968
1734 Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-11-15
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-11-05
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-10-20
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-09-29
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-08-09
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-06-13
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-05-26
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-04-29
Orchard "4" Dial Building under construction 1960-04-06
1735 Woman at architect board 1967
Drawing of stained glass windows and the real windows 1964
Drawing of stained glass windows and the real windows 1962
1736 Ormsby Dyno-Test 1951
Exterior of Ormsby Chevrolet Company
Car going through washmobile
Cars in showroom
Car being inspected
Vehicle analyzer
People looking at cars 1953
Unidentified people
Car being analyzed 1953
Ormsby Used Cars and Trucks
Models by cars
New car service department
Pepsi-Cola trucks 1954
Used cars 1954
Car by plane
Car being painted
Ormsby Garage 1946
Ormsby Dealership 1948
Cars up on lifts 1952
Metzger's Ice Cream
Dinner Meeting
1738 Lady on car 1974-04-09
Body shop 1970-12-18
Charles Orsinger 1969-05-09
Group at GM Pavilion 1968-05-07
Exterior of COB and people 1971-02-11
Parts departments 1970-12-22
1737 Car in front of Municipal Auditorium circa 1948
People by plane
Pearl Corral
Orsinger Motor Company Building 1949
Hudson courtesy car
River parade float
Dance at Jersey Lilly
Girl and boy in carriage
King Antonio XVI passing Amerson River Theater 1950
Rey Feo with two kids in carriage 1950
Unidentified people
People by house
Group dressed like hillbillies
Hudson Parts and Service
Cars 1947
Trucks 1946
Car in front of the Alamo 1941
Car in front of Alamo Stadium 1941
Gebhardt Chili Powder Company truck
Hudson 1941
1739 Woman (old) 1964-11-10
Pony of the Americas horses 1963
Appaloosas 1963
1740 Our Lady of The Lake University building 1955
New President of OLLU 1973-01-12
Aerials of OLLU
Nuns and four girls in confirmation dresses
Social Service School
Typing class
Group receiving proclamation 1972-09-28
1741 Overland "4" Dial Building
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-08-25
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-08-11
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-08-04
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-07-06
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-06-15
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-04-13
Overland "4" Dial Building under construction 1961-03-28
1742 Four men outside OCS building 1963
1743 Deannie Owens breakfast 1980-01-17
People 1980-01-09
Breakfast and awards 1979-08-16
Realtor showing people house 1979-05-30
Awards breakfast 1979-01-26
Christmas party 1978-12-21
Meeting 1978-12-14
Office shots 1976-02-19
1744 Candles 1976-01-30
Candles 1975-08-09
Candles 1974-08-23
Candles 1973-05-25
Girl holding candle 1976-05-16
Candles 1975-08-14