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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

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Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

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[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections from the Institute of Texan Cultures.

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The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, E-G

626 East Central High School: football half time activities 1969-12-24
Joe Elicson: movie poster 1969-09-20
Elgin Butler Brick Company: Southwest Junior High School 1968-10-30
Elgin Butler Brick Company: Southwest Junior High School 1968-10-16
Unidentified people
Rendering: El Antonio Club 04-06
Edelman and Associates: Parade of Homes 06-09
Melissa Elicker: students in computer class and electronic equipment 1983-02-21
Emery Worldwide: Tommy Walker and Richard Woznick 1983-05-14
Empirical stars of the Universe 1982-04-27
Emery Air Freight: Tom Walker 1982-03-12
Emery Air Freight: Richard Woznick 1982-03-15
Eyewitness News: skyline 1980-08-25
ESP Industries: pipe 1980-06-07
Engine Power Company: Wilford Hall Energy Plants 1980-04-08
Embry Investments: rendering of apartments 1979-06-18
Jesse Urbin: woman 1978-03-23
Edmundo Machine Company: machine at Scobey Movers 1977-03-11
R. D. Escarzaga: painting 1976-11-30
Kathryn Ellison: woman 1976-12-16
Wanda Ecrette: flower display 1976-11-26
Edward Organization: exterior of condo 1976-05-13
Colonel Jack Hall: conventioneers at tables for luncheon 1976-07-02
Bexar County Easter Seal Society: rendering of New Treatment Center 1975-07-29
Eastern Airlines: airport terminal 1975-05-16
El Ganders International: cattle auction 1974-12-16
ETMF Freight System: warehouse 1974-09-10
Dave Ellis and Associates: interior of plane 1974-08-14
Economics Laboratories: control equipment at Lone Star 1974-06-14
John T. Evens, Jr.: three burial plots in Mission Burial Park 1973-04-16
Eastman Kodak Company: booth at AAHA convention 1973-04-10
EMDE Company: mechanical room at Century Building 04-20
B. L. Eckhart: vending machine 1970-01-21
Eagle Pass High School: students between classes and playing basketball 1970-01-14
Esco Imports of Texas: models with mirrors 1970-09-21
Esco Imports of Texas: girl and mirror 1969-08-14
627 Drella Epley: woman 04-25
Eye Care Centers of America: interior 1986-02-03
Interior of restaurant
Interior and exterior of building
Bridal veil and flowers and shells
Ehrich Moses: silk flower arrangements 1985-07-24
Christmas display
Edward Rotas: man with guitar 1986-03-06
Aerials of San Antonio
Eastoil Advisors Inc.: interior and exterior of One Riverwalk Place 1984-11-23
Eastoil Advisors Inc.: aerials 1984-12-20
E and A Records: Winfred Shepard 1986-03-12
628 Light fixture 1984-11-01
Light fixture 1984-10-24
629 Pitluk: Volkswagen beetle 1972-11-21
630 Ticket counter
Man boarding plane
Group standing by plane
Continental Airline ticket desk
631 Sign: model plane 1976-04-08
People at a dinner 1982-05-24
Airport and terminal 1975-05-16
Men with San Antonio publicity 1977-10-14
Inaugural flight of L-1011 1976-04-10
Contest winners in ticket office, Community Sports Center, Fort Sam Houston 1973-11-21
Large group by plane welcoming Federation Masons and OES to Nassau 1973-08-08
Retirement party for Al Thornhill 1973-07-27
Falstaff Beer being loaded on plane 1971-08-15
Breaking piñata in office 1971-01-08
Construction on runway 1970-06-02
Four women and tow men bound for London 1970-03-06
Al Thornhill 1970-01-12
Travel agent leaving for Easter Island 1970-06-22
91 years old lady's arrival at airport 1969-04-01
Hemis Fair winner's arrival at airport 1968-10-01
Miss Smile being greeted at airport 1968-08-22
Ticket counter at Gunter Hotel 1968-08-30
Air hostesses at Hemis Fair 1968-08-15
Transportation booth at Pecan Valley during PGA 1968-07-17
People arriving at airport 1968-06-06
Interior of offices 1968-05-17
People arriving at airport 1967
Group with model of Hemis Fair Plaza 1967
Professional golfers 1967
H. Wilson O'Hutt III receiving Hemis Fair 68 citation 1967
Ticket counter and posters
Terminal 1966
Employees in front of the Alamo 1966
C. E. Rannelein and S. C. Schemmel posing at airport 1965
Two men with trophy 1965
People coming off plane 1964
26th Anniversary in San Antonio 1964
Air shipment arrival of blueberries 1975-06-03
Office at Saint Mary's Street 1975-06-013
632 Two ladies at meeting 1961
[ Pic # 24778 ]
Group at meeting 1961
[ Pic # 24961 ]
Large group 1961
[ Pic # 24960 ]
Painting of Jesus Christ 1961
EL ANTONIO 1959-1964
633 Ground breaking 1961
Model 1962
Stairs 1964
El Antonio Motor Hotel exterior 1962
El Antonio Motor Hotel exterior 1963
Aerial of El Antonio Motor Hotel
Interior of dining room and people dancing
Swimming pool
Piggly-Wiggly 1959
Two men
Couple on golf course
Unidentified people
634 El Chaparral Apartments interior and exterior 1964
635 Picante sauce 1969-12-01
Taco sauce 1969-08-15
Corn storage
636 Swimming pool 1977-07-22
Exterior of hotel 1974
Exterior of hotel 1976
Child with sheep 1975-0214
Commander of Corregidor with flag 1974-02-27
Jimmy Wallis 1973-10-04
Interior of APHBC Convention 1973-04-09
Deitiker, Delaney and Wysoki 1971-07-19
Model 1968-08-20
Lebanese dancer
Couple (old)
Groups in Gunter Hotel
Rendering of El Tropicano
Construction of hotel 1961
Hotel from river 1968
637 Electric carts at San Antonio Country Club 1970-03-24
Electric carts at San Antonio Country Club 1963
Electric carts at San Antonio Country Club 1962
Electric carts at San Antonio Country Club 1963-10-11
638 Merchandise 1974-08-19
Presentation of SWL Plant 1974-03-27
award winner 1973-09-22
Lamps 1973-09-17
Exterior and interior: appliances 1973-05-04
Lights 1970-09-05
Ground-breaking 1972-11-28
Party 1971-10-18
Rendering of Electrical Distributors of Texas, Inc. 1971-03-15
Lights 1970-07-23
Lights 1969-03-21
Lights 1965
ELLIS, JAMES K. undated
639 James K. Ellis
640 Presentation, dinner and awards at Oak Hills Country Club, Million Dollar Club: Joe Hightower, Floyd Van Meter, Jr., Ray Ellison, John Cunningham, Douglas Davis, Lee Effenberger, Jack Mitchell 1968-04-04
Unidentified people 1967
Aerials of housing developments
[ Pic # 67068-70 ]
Interior and exterior of houses 1962
Building under construction 1962
Family by Christmas tree with toys
Group of men 1961
Priest blessing site of Valley-Hi Shopping Center 1962
Couple looking at house with realtor 1967
Aerial of housing developments 1963
Aerial map of city
Interior and exterior of houses 1963
Valley-Hi Shopping Center construction site
Rendering: Valley-Hi National Bank
House 1958
Young Turks meeting
Parade of Homes: house interior, Lackland City Homes 1965-06-02
641 Construction of Valley-Hi Shopping Center and groups of people 1961
Interior of houses
Exterior of houses 1962
Ray Ellison and two men 1970
Wildwood homes models 1983-07-28
Vista model homes 1983-08-12
Skyharbour model homes 1983-03-03
Exterior of Hillside and Camelot Apartments 1973-05-24
Swimming pool 1974-06-17
Dart board and checkers 1974-02-13
Ray Ellison , Jr. 1973-08-04
Camelot Town Homes 1973-07-31
Camelot Town Homes 1973-07-30
People at pool 1973-08-02
People at pool 1973-07-26
Rendering of New World 1973-06-28
Unidentified men 1971
Rendering: Windcrest Shopping Center 1971
Unidentified men 1972
Ray Ellison and others 1973
2000th home byer at Adams Hill Sales Office 1973-01-19
Houses exterior 1973-04-09
Ellison town houses 1972-11-13
Master planning maps 1972-11-08
Rendering of Ray Ellison offices 1972-07-27
Ray Ellison 1972-03-23
Group of Ray Ellison's employees 1972-02-15
Air Force citation to Ray Ellison 1971-11-23
Couple talking to home economist 1971-11-01
Couples at Ray Ellison Homes 1971-09-11
Exterior of houses at Valley-Hi 1971-08-18
Lee Anderson and B. Gayle Rider 1971-07-28
Interior and exterior of Apartments 1971-04-26
Pat Legon 1971-04-05
Exterior of house, Indian Creek 1971-03-04
642 Old photo of Ray Ellison and family circa 1935 1977-08-23
Stores at Valley-Hi Mall 1970-05-26
Ground-breaking at Camelot addition 1970-05-05
Men planting tree next to new building 1970-04-10
Interior: Camelot Addition home 1970-03-24
Group of people in front of bus at North Star Mall 1970-01-16
Rendering of a Medical and Professional Center for Valley -Hi 1970-01-13
Air Force certificate of appreciation 1969-06-13
Million Dollar Club Awards at Oak Hills Country Club: Ray Ellison, Douglas Davis, John Cunningham, Floyd Van Meter, Jr., Lee Effenberger, Gorden Geisler, E. H. Frederick, Joe Hightower 1969-06-04
Aerial of sewage plant at Valley-Hi 1969-05-28
643 Guests at BBQ at Richmond Larndon: Ray Ellison, Jr., Derb Ellison, Bill Burns, Charles J. Davis, Jack Roth, Ray Ellison, D. Ford Nelson, Charles Halley, Norman Deigas, Mayor McAllister, Jim Francis, Floyd Engue, Tom Peddy, Cy Kavbach, Sam Maddux, Dan Quill, Tom Noonan, Bill Parrisa, Pat Logan, Bob Briggs, Jim Jorman, Ray Van Buren, Bernard Gonzales, Ray Dameon, Latharn N. Greene, Ted Buttler, Gabe, Joe Ferro, Jim Wilesman, W. W. McAllister III, Tommy Garcia, David Jacobson, Jim C. Langdon, Ben Bdino, H. C. Melton, Conway Craig, Frank Manupelle, Joe Bernal, Ellis Willson, Frank Vaughn, Sr. and Jr., Luke Palmer, Ray Shively, Bill Rainey, J. Webbles, Mark Browne, Henry Further, Phyllis Glogau 1970-05-08
Band the Music Masters
Crowd overall
Serving line
644 Interior of Alamo Heights house model 1972-05-16
Interior of Indian Creek house model
Interior of Condo 1971-11-09
Interior of house at Park Village, swimming pool
Valley-Hi Executive Center 1970-10-26
Interior of North Star Mall 1970-06-01
Camelot Elementary School exterior, 1st Presbyterian Church 1970-06-01
Interior of Park Village Apartments 1970-07-09
645 Grand opening of Valley-Hi Mall 1970-12-30
Mae Eady receiving award and check 1970-12-02
Employees at San Francisco Steakhouse 1970-09-09
Ray Ellison with George Preston-Smith 1970-10-08
Ray Ellison and a general in front of Air Force Village 1970-09-30
Ray Ellison's Awards of appreciation 1970-08-27
Ray Ellison, Jollie and Morgan 1976-08-27
Presentation of rendering of North Park Hospital and Professional Building 1970-08-27
Roy Ellison's press conference at La Pasada 1970-07-08
Girls in swimming suits 1970-07-04
646 Gas plant, Cuero, Texas 1986-01-16
Laying pipeline 1985-03-25
Laying pipeline 1984-06-25
Gas refinery 1982-10-01
ENGELKE, LOUIS 1962-1968
647 Princess Grace at the Alamo 1968-09-27
Mrs. Feiler and Mrs. Eglebert
Man with Santa hat 1966
Men on phone 1966
Groups with clergy 1965
Groups 1964
Groups 1962
648 Roy Schlichenmaier
Mildred English
Milder English with maid
Room 1962
Room with decorations 1964-06-02
649 Church 1982
La Villita before restoration
Water fall 1961
Church 1969
People walking
Espada Aqueduct 1965
650 Employee of the month 1987-06-02
Employee of the month 1987-09-03
Adella Herrera 1987-07-14
Martha 1987-08-07
Unidentified woman 1987-05-11
[ Inv # 40173 Pic # 34812 ]
651 Diamond rings 1985-01-29
Diamond rings 1985-02-13
Diamond rings and jewelry 1984-01-22
652 Unidentified people 1966
[ Pic # 57697 ]
Unidentified people 1966
[ Pci # 57696 ]
Rendering: Ewing, W. K., Company
661 Industrial ice machine 1985-01-09
Industrial ice machine 1984-11-13
Interior of Snack Plus 1984-07-11
Exterior of Exon Station 1984-07-17
662 Exon gas stations exterior and interiors
653 Aerial of church and roads
Aerial of expressway
Expressway underneath
Rendering: Expressway 281 North near Alamo Stadium 1966
Highways 1953
Road being constructed 1956
Road in front of Highlands Christian Church 1956
654 Morgan Whitely Sales Company
Blackstone Café, corner of North Saint Mary's and College Street
Maxey Freight Lines truck
Woman in doorway of Church
Woman on bridge over riverwalk
[ missing ]
Brown Express truck
Acme Floor Finishers
The Cleaners Hour: woman with guitar
Jiffy Ice Store
Wayne Bull Auto Parts
Smith's Clothing
Acme Paint and supply store
Blue Bonnet Tire Company, 212 East Pecan Street, San Antonio, Texas
Maverick-Clarke company
Beer truck
Liquor store
Woman by well
Levingston's clothing store: corner of South Alamo and East Commerce
Glo Cleaning System
Gonzales Furniture Company 1952
Catto and Putty moving equipment
Ditch digger
Peaslee-Gaulbert Corporation
Corner of 6th and Broadway Street: Good Year Tires
Lotus Café, corner of North Zarzamora and East Gramercy Street
Swineboard Motors used cars dealership
Corner of East Jones Street and Avenue D
Houses 1947
Walter F. Klein Plumbing
Horn's Prescription Pharmacy
Mortgage Loan Agency
Alan Sparger Cleaner and Dryer 1936
Lakeview Baptist School
Jack Baker's Grill 1945
Unidentified man
Man with fishes
Alan's Bowling lanes
Liberty Mills
Academy Army Surplus
G. A. Miller Curtain Company
Grace-Parrish Company, corner of South Medina and Ferdinand Street 1933
Dry Gulch Inn
Kelly Tires
Alamo automotive Service
Captain Jim's Café
655 Pig Stand Restaurant exterior 1949
Restaurant interior
Tables and chairs
Pete's Snack Bar interior
Place setting with wine glass and flowers
Two men in clock shop
Franklin's clothing
Clothing stores
Women looking at clothes
Stoves and clothes washer
Power pole
Dried up river bed
Man standing in the dry river bed
Boy on bicycle
Man selling pots and pans
Two men and little girl with bike
Salesman with woman
Man with lion
Car in carwash 1956
Car shop uniforms
Three Sister's dress store 1957
Allen's Shoes 1957
Three little boys
Woman in wedding dress
Miss Cleanup at Eastern Airlines
Tile sale
Drawing of a camera
Unidentified man
Crack in curb
Steps, outside
Smith's Chevrolet auto dealership
Melton Provision Company truck 1957
Corner of Oblate and San Pedro Street
Texaco Serving station
Grocery store
Unidentified man at desk
Woman working at Handy Andy
Group of men
Auto garage
Mission Up Coca-Cola
Baseball team
Spotless Car Wash 1957
Birthday party
Cans of pineapple
Mr. Karoly
Little girl in Spanish costume
Men in Spanish costume on horses
Grandfather's clock
Kool Aid
Door jamb
Basketball trophies
De Winne's Belgium Inn
Model for airport
Car engine
Gun cabinet with rifle
El Devino Redemptor Church
Four men with dog
Two women and baby
Map of diocese of West Texas 1957-01
Black and Decker display
Laundry room
Woman in hospital with bruises
Trophy case
Gas valves and tank
Dented car 1957
Part of a car engine
Baseball players from different teams
Man on cot
Mr. Gary
Road being built
Encyclopedia Britannica
Drug store
Little girl on ladder
Living room with painting of Monument Valley
Megg's BBQ Restaurant 1957
Serving line at Megg's BBQ restaurant
Corner of Upland and Saint Hedwig Road under construction
Basketball: Brackenridge and Tech at Alamo Stadium gym 1955
656 Two men inside paint store
Southern Engine and Pump Company: corner of South Flores and Cassiano Street
Lumber yard
Farm road
Wrecked car 1956
Houses: corner of East Harding Street
Walking Pig BBQ
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Yellow Transit Company
Lochman-Rose Company
Fentiman Trunk Company
Silver and crystal
Place setting and plates
Purses, wallets and luggage
San Antonio Barber and Beauty Supply Company
Ledlow-Tindall Auto Dealership
Kelfer Tire Company
Allied Sheet Metal Company
King's Highway
Board Room
Office at Saint Mary's Street
Ann and Tom Browne, Inc.: toys and games
Dorrose Furniture Rebuilders
Huisache Baptist Church after a fire 1956
Interior of gutted church
Youngblood's Fried Chicken
Wah Lee Super Market
Gordan's Clothing Store on Main Street 1956
Deserted Road
Swimming pool
Swing set
Keith Lyons and Company
Construction on a house
Atomic Stores
Guadalupe Community Center on 1800 Durango Boulevard
Toy store
Scrivener's on Loop Road
Living room
Texas Liquor Store
wrecked car
McAllister Fine Arts Center
Tennis courts
B. F. Goodrich
Alamo Automobile
657 Construction of a house on corner of Laurel Hill and Fawnridge
Man spray-painting walls
Beauty shop
Exterior of unidentified building
Lumber company
Wood shop
Tool and hardware store
Enco gas station
Angel Sculpture and flowers
Large cross
Alter in a church
Building under construction: J. W. Mitchell, Contractor
M. C. Engel
Grade School classroom
Bowl Austin Highway
Princes' restaurant
Municipal Auditorium
Mayflowers movers truck
San Pedro Bowl
Goliad bowl
Federal Mogul Service 1963-05-25
TV and a closet
Car run into house
Federal Services Finance Corporation of Texas
Armered Motor Services, Inc.
Solo Serve Coates and Clarke Sales Corporation 1963-07-19
Switch and computer rooms
Dell Village 1962
HEB parking lot at Christmas time
Joske's Las Palmas
National Guard
Furniture display
Swimming pool
Corral Motel
Kiddie City
Texas Commercial Interiors
Communications Engineering 1963-04-23
Paul's Volvo Service Center
Plaza de Las Palmas
Babies in cribs
Allensworth Car Finance Company
Valley-Hi National Bank
AT and T
658 Interior of church: First Presbyterian Church 1966
Exterior of Pan American National Bank 1966
Damage to house
Exterior: Wehring-Goss Equipment Corporation 1966
Interior: Merrill, Lynch, Peirce, Fenner and Smith Inc.
Interior: Family Shoe Store
Exterior of house
Interior: Hobart Manufacturing Company
Interior: offices
Exterior: La Nelle's Beauty Salon
Exterior: Phil's A and W Root Bear and Burgers
Interior: Watson Distributing Company
Interior Royal Drug Company
Interior: Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
Symphony rehearsal in Hemis Fair Arena
Sealco work at Ceviletto's Wonder Mart
Exterior: Delmar Drug
Interior: One Source Jobbers Warehouse
Interior and secretary at Technology, Inc.
659 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company: Truman Tire Building with sign, 6007 West Avenue 1972-08-31
Spartan-Atlantic 1971-03-11
F. M. Properties: Burke Concrete Accessories , Inc., 4911 Whirlwind 1974-10-28
Joe Peacock: building at 2027 Sable Lane 1971-06-03
Monroe and Associates: Gortens Seafood freezer display 1970-12-22
Coating Application and Water Roofing: National Bank of Commerce building downtown 1971-11-04
Lutheran General Hospital 1971-04-06
Mrs. E. Clemens: Ernest W. Clemens house, 505 Mandalay Drive 1970-04-07
Thomas S. Garrett III: South Crown Building 1971-03-19
Metallic Building Company: red structural steel used in New Friedrich building 1970-05-05
Calmbach Place of business on Fredericksburg Road 1972-03-24
Champion Development Company: building at 214 West Rhapsody 1970-03-23
Eli Whitt Company: store interior 1970-03-05
Shop Rite Food, Inc.: Jef-E-Mart at 223 Maryanne Street 1970-01-12
F. M. Properties: interior of Johns- Manville Building 1969-12-01
Richard Carlyon Company: Powhatan Apartments
Richard Carlyon Company: Viewpoint Apartment Pool 1969-05-20
Vega Industries, Inc.: La Arboleda Apartments 1969-07-16
Martin Weise: Corning Fiberglass Building 1969-11-04
Shoe Giant store 1969-09-12
F. M. Properties, Inc.: Johns- Manville Building 1969-11-17
660 Exterior of Womack Machine and Supply Company 1972-01-10
J. Alton Bauerle, La Feria Center: Gore Floors, Record's, Rio Grande Loans, Sebera Plumbing and Electric Company, Merle Norman, doctor's office, Delman Pharmacy, Aetna Finance Company, La Feria, Fox Photo, unidentified store, optometrist, Sherwin-Williams paint store, Signal Carpet, America Finance System, Zale's 1972-01-05
McIver's BBQ: Don McIver 1971-10-19
Interior and exterior: McIver's BBQ 1971-09-30
Bill Zintgraff and Jack Dane: house exterior at 433 Rittman Road 1981-12-29
Carl Nieman: unidentified building on San Pedro Avenue 1971-09-30
Plant in La Costa, Texas
[ Inv # 11073 Pic # 90405-90408 ]
Exterior of Dr. Walter Cook's office and Dr. Boyd, DDS 1971-11-08
Carl Niemeyer: exterior of building at 8269 Dan Pedro Avenue 1971-10-28
Dixie Decorators: near Tower and Convention Center 1971-10-21
Exterior: Los Patios 1971-03-12
Mutual Furr Columns, Inc.: restaurant at airport showing wood carvings 1971-06-28
South West Medical Center: nursing home in New Braunfels 1971-05-13
Realty Improvement Company, Inc.: exterior of Lynhaven Road, Houston Street, Flora Avenue and Melin Road 1971-04-08
Building: Air Craft Equipment Service, Inc. 1971-04-05
Exterior of Aircraft Equipment and Supply Company 1971-04-04
Al Jergen: empty lot 1971-04-02
South West Sound and Electronics, Inc.: exterior of 1010 North Saint Mary's and interior of auditorium 1971-03-24
ABC Truck Rental: maintenance buildings 1971-03-18
Lennox Industries, Inc.: exterior of Executive Center 1971-05-16
Front of Golden Stallion Restaurant and Conestoga Club 1973-12-17
AME Church: old bishop's residence at 908 Dawson Street 1973-11-05
Greyhound Lines West: Package Express Building at 500 North Saint Mary's 1973-10-19
Steve's Industries, Inc.: plants at and industrial park 1973-07-11
Century building under construction 1972-02-22
Priester-Mell Company, Inc.
Ingram Track Engine Service Center
Unidentified building
San Antonio Tent and Awning Company
Temple, Inc.
McKeeson Chemical Company
Euclid Equipment Company
Superior Canvas Service
L. D. Brinkman and Company
Balcones-Heights and Jackson-Dempsey Architects: exterior and interior of new city hall building and Luby Building 1971-05-05
Department of Housing and Urban Development: exterior of Park North Village 1973-05-17
Texas Type, Inc. building 1973-05-09
Jim Dancer: 4718 South Hackberry: Big Tex Western Wear, Dancer The Hatter, Pink Lady Lounge, San Antonio Beef Company, Vee Lees Coiffures 1973-04-17
Hamilton Form Company, Inc.: Travis Park West Parking, Frost National Bank parking, Bank of San Antonio Villa Grande, Computer Terminal, Shoerama 1972-10-05
North Central Ford building under construction 1972-12-07
Miller Construction Company: Central Moving and Storage 1972-06-02
Koger Properties, Inc.: Brazos Building 1972-04-20
Eva Rosow Realtors: Kaufman Building 1972-04-07
ALENCO: Redman Industries Aluminum Products Warehouse 1972-03-31
Flaming Homes: houses at Live Oak and Park North 1972-03-14
Interior of Womack Machine and Supply Company 1972-02-29
663 Frio Mountain Park Estates 1973, 1975-03-25
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: group at press announcement at Saint Anthony Hotel 1974-04-10
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: groups 1974-04-11
Foster, Lewis, Langley, Gardner and Banack: exterior of house 1974-02-21
Girl with scars on her face
Frost and Frost: brochure for Sandollar Inn at Fulton Beach 1973-08-14
Frost and Frost: Ramada Camp Inn at Fulton Beach 1973-09-29
Foster, Lewis, Langley, Gardner and Banack: roof where Air Conditioner fell in 1975-02-27
Mr. Funsilver and boy at Bear Creek Camp 1975-07-25
Fasson Company: labeling machine at Gebhardt Food Company 1974-12-04
FGH Film Company: mountains and land in West, Texas 1974-09-13
1st Federal Building: new sign 1974-08-13
Federal Sign: signs for Goldilocks Fried Chicken and Three Bear Hamburger 1971-10-13
1st National Bank of Uvalde: opening ceremonies 1970-10-24
Unidentified woman
Fort Sam Houston National Bank: Mr. Anderson 1970-06-18
Farm and Ranch Service Company: lift stations in Falls City and Floresville, Texas 1970-05-11
Fiesta Products 1967
Fort Sam Houston National Bank: Board of Directors 1968-07-26
Ferguson's Country Store and Workshop: wooden tables 1974-08-13
Farm and Ranch Services: exterior of building and cement tank 1964-04-29
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company: Firestone Store 1968-10-08
Flintstone Floors: tile 1964-10-16
Fed-Mart: floor plans
Rendering: 1st Federal Loan and Savings Association at New Braunfels 1963-10-22
Farm and Ranch Services: cement tank 1964-07-28
Fairbanks-Morse Company: plant 02-06
Floresville Queen and Princess 1964-06-01
Figurama: woman with little girl 07-21
664 Tammy Fischer 1983-03-21
C. T. Freeman: map of Sequin 1983-10-18
Old photographs of couples
Woman in cowgirl costume (old)
Painting of Longhorn and roundup
FBB Tide Creations: groups 1982-08-02
Ferguson Map Company: maps of Texas Counties 1982-01-07
Mrs. Kenneth Ford: Ford Arabian Ranch aerials 1981-12-29
W. R. Fox: flowers 1981-12-01
Tom Frost: family 1981-11-20
Family Rehab Educational Effort: Mayor Cisneros giving award to people 1981-10-15
Peery Flume: rendering of condominiums 1981-10-01
Ellis Furr: painting of a rooster 1980-12-15
Fortune Magazine: paintings 1980-03-11
Four Seasons Nursing Home: interior of home 1980-01-04
City of Fredericksburg, Texas: seal of Fredericksburg 1979-03-29
Tom Fortyce: gold medallion 1979-03-19
Alvin Frieden Association: mini storage in old building 1979-01-12
Fig Tree Restaurant: table settings 1978-08-24
Rosie Fatheree: woman 1978-08-29
Saint Luke's Lutheran Hospital
Southwestern Bell Building
Hail Harry Party: Harry Freeman at party 1977-06-21
Featherlight Corporation: Woolco exterior 1977-06-28
Alvin Frieden: Space-Savers mini-warehouse 1976-12-01
Fujiya Frozen Food Inc.: steak kebob 1977-03-25
Federal Reserve Bank: group of directors in board room 1977-04-14
First Federal Savings and Loan Association Building: rendering 1977-01-06
Ford Times: food at Mason Dude Ranch, cowboy breakfast 1973-04-10
Johnny Fairrel: children 1973-01-18
Archbishop Furey: medallions 1974-05-31
Flanning Homes: exterior of houses 1974-05-07
Funk, Hobbs and Hart, Inc.: map of Dallas Fort Worth 1972-02-01
Bullwhip 1972
Finn Advertising: Hertzberg Circus posters 1972-02-08
Fair Printing Company: furniture 1974-07-18
665 Wanda Ford: clay doll house 1986-08-25
Fairmount Hotel: flower arrangement 1986-08-18
Linda Fewell: Longhorn skull with trophies 1983-02-28
Anthony Forest: Laminated wood beams in homes in La Vernia 1986-08-04
Wanda Ford: clay tower in grass 1986-07-22
Fellers: Rolex watch 1986-02-11
Farmer's Insurance: Jerry Carndhan 08-19
Paul Franco: woman 1985-06-17
Paul Foersler 1985-04-29
Exterior: Flowers To Go 1985-02-11
First State Savings: Angelo Atkinson 1984-02-13
666 Air conditioner in car 1972-11-14
Air conditioner in truck 1972-06-06
Air conditioner in car 1972-01-12
Air conditioner in garbage truck
Air conditioner in car 1971-12-07
Air conditioner in truck 1971-10-08
Air conditioner in cars 1970-10-27
Air conditioner in cars 1970-02-20
Air conditioner in cars 1969-12-30
Air conditioner in cars 1969-01-22
Air conditioner in cars 1968-12-18
667 Group standing by Glen Oaks Professional Building
Rendering of house
Interior of houses
People by pool 1960
Interior of hotel lobby
Group of men 1961
[ Pic # 24048 ]
Empty warehouse
Rendering aerial of Canyon Lake Forest
Northside State Bank 1963
Men looking at pool 1965
Houses 1965
Dinner 1965
Ground-breaking for W. W. Bonded Warehouse, Inc. 1966
1966 Buick
Warehouse full of air conditioners 1966
Tony Dramberger 1968-04-18
Living room with model on sofa 1969-02-27
Four cars 1970-09-01
Car in North Star Mall 1969-01-14
Drapery installation at Albert Pick Motel 1969-03-14
Albert Penn 1964-05-29
668 Drapery cleaning group 1969-03-20
People by pool at Albert Pick Motel 1969-02-21
Interior and exterior of house 1969-02-19
FALSTAFF BEER, INCORPORATED 1953-1979 and undated
669 Unidentified people
Group of men with plaques
Beer Garden 6 Band and audience
Groups of men around table
Employees of Falstaff Beer, Inc.
Party and dinner
Opening ceremonies
Food table
Two men in front of plane
670 White Rock displays 1968-11-04
Presentation of citation to golf professionals 1968-07-22
Clock and plates over door 1968
Group of men by Falstaff building 1968
Group of men by plane 1968
Group of men in Hemis Fair Plaza 1968
Group of men with lots of beer 1968
Man and woman with baseball trophy 1966
Two men in warehouse with cases of beer 1964
Group 1964
Four men behind Falstaff Bar 1968
Boys from Boys Clubs of San Antonio at both 1968
Hunter with harvested deer 1966
Group with TV sets 1966
Falstaff truck
Golfers 1962
Falstaff: children's Christmas party 1957
Unidentified man 1961
Frank Micken, Larry Pugh, Frank Monfrey, Phil Branch, J. R. Derder and others at luncheon and lecture party 1960
Beer display 1960
Falstaff: children's Christmas party 1955
Two ladies
Group with awards
Falstaff Building
Falstaff: children's Christmas party 1956
Bowling team
Christmas display
Falstaff employees at Christmas party 1953
Falstaff employees at Christmas party 1955
Falstaff children at Christmas party 1954
Bowling team with trophies
Jimmy Martin and the Texas Plowboys
Falstaff trucks in front of Municipal Auditorium
Missions baseball team
Beer Garden 6 band
Employees on loading dock
Falstaff: children's Christmas party 1957
Falstaff: children's Christmas party 1954
Falstaff float
671 Employees 1979-05-10
John Monfrey campaigning 1978-01-17
Last game contestants at 1st annual Falstaff Beer Citywide Dart Tournament 1975-02-28
Fraser-Wiggins: John Monfrey 1973-06-01
Falstaff: theater for puppets 1973
Mardi Gras wine 1973
Beer in carton 1974-09-30
Karma's Restaurant 1974-02-07
Falstaff Booth at 73 Stock and Rodeo Show 1973-02-12
New Canadian Whisky presentation groups 1974-02-14
Six pack of beer 1973-10-22
Falstaff: Carla Blanca bottle and Bohemia bottle 1973-10-09
Wine display 1973-06-21
Dizzy Dean at V. J. Keefe Field game between San Antonio Brewers 1972-06-14
Falstaff beer displays in stores and Dizzy Dean 1972-06-14
TGA winners at Oak Hills Country Club 1972-06-04
John Monfrey at auction 1972-02-27
John Monfrey at auction 1971-09-03
Man with liquor display 1971-11-08
Falstaff employees 1971-08-25
Ray Creek 1971-08-20
Groups at office and display at Home and Food Show 1971-04-01
Golfing booth at Sport and Boat Show 1971-01-22
John J. Monfrey with Mayor McAllister and two others 1970-10-01
Gair Allie, Phil Baldwin, Glen Feller, Don Clow, Bill Hoessli, Jim Jones, Tim Martinez, Roy Stock, Roy Creek with Master of Knowledge awards 1970-10-12
Exterior of Falstaff Building 1970-11-04
Shield Room at Falstaff 1970-06-03
Check presentation and group 1970-06-19
Booth at Stock and Rodeo Show 1970-02-20
BBQ at Falstaff 1969-10-08
Bowling team with trophies 1969-06-09
Group and award at Holiday In in Delora 1969-06-12
Top salesman award 1969-04-30
Rendering of Falstaff building 1969-04-10
FAMOUS FACES 1941-1946
672 Wallace, Henry A. at dinner meeting with unidentified man
[ Box 1 ]
Unidentified man in chair talking on phone
[ Box 1 ]
Edward R. Murrow and General Omar Bradley
[ Box 2 ]
Unidentified soldier with camera
[ Box 2 ]
William "Bud" Abbott and Lou Costello with two boys
[ Box 2 ]
Red Skelton singing shirt
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton at table with group
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton with military personal
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton with "Buy War Bonds" poster
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton at dinner
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton at podium with guitar
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton at airport
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton at fashion show
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton getting of plane
[ Box 3 ]
Red Skelton at auction
[ Box 3 ]
Wild Bill Elliot, actor
[ Box 3 ]
Unidentified man by poster of honorable discharge emblem
[ Box 3 ]
Advertising Henry Busse and his orchestra
[ Box 3 ]
Plaque for those who died at the Alamo
[ Box 3 ]
John Calvert, magician
[ Box 3 ]
Mayor Gus Morman
[ Box 3 ]
Don De Foe
[ Box 3 ]
Warner Bothers: Two Guys from Texas: Dennis Moran, Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone in front of the Alamo
[ Box 4 ]
Warner Bothers: Two Guys from Texas: Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone with Governor Beauford Jester
[ Box 4 ]
Warner Bothers: Two Guys from Texas: Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone by train
[ Box 4 ]
Warner Bothers: Two Guys from Texas: Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone in car
[ Box 4 ]
Warner Bothers: Two Guys from Texas: Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone in parade towards theater
[ Box 4 ]
General Wainwright, Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy at the Majestic Theater
[ Box 5 ]
John Nance Garner
[ Box 5 ]
Will Rogers, actor
[ Box 5 ]
673 Home builders of San Antonio
[ Box 1 ]
People looking at different houses
[ Box 1 ]
Individual photographs of builders
[ Box 1 ]
Lutz Bud, KTSA
[ Box 2 ]
Woman with infant
[ Box 2 ]
[ Box 2 ]
[ Box 2 ]
Woman with infants
[ Box 2 ]
Man with infants
[ Box 2 ]
[ Box 3 ]
Unidentified people doing publicity shots
[ Box 3 ]
Nativity scene
[ Box 3 ]
Group of men meeting
[ Box 3 ]
Group eating
[ Box 3 ]
[ Box 3 ]
Lebanese dancer
[ Box 3 ]
Clergy with kids
[ Box 3 ]
Kelvinator refrigerator
[ Box 3 ]
[ Box 3 ]
Buffet table
[ Box 3 ]
Life Magazine
[ Box 4 ]
[ Box 4 ]
[ Box 4 ]
People doing everyday things
[ Box 4 ]
Holland McCombs Life Magazine
[ Box 5 ]
Troops with tanks
[ Box 5 ]
Pilots and airplanes
[ Box 5 ]
[ Box 5 ]
Interstate Christmas Party 1946
[ Box 6 ]
Plane interiors
[ Box 7 ]
Tables, chairs and couches
[ Box 7 ]
The New Falcon, (movie), John Calvert
[ Box 8 ]
The Frankie Masters Orchestra
[ Box 8 ]
[ Box 8 ]
Nu Grape Kid Show: Lions Club War Loan ( Broadway)
[ Box 9 ]
Wild Bill Elliot, " Wyoming" (movie)
[ Box 10 ]
Interstate War Years 40's
[ Box 11 ]
Interstate Theater Show Time
[ Box 12 ]
Dr. I. Q. 1946
[ Box 13 ]
San Antonio Zoo, late 1940's
[ Box 14 ]
FARGO'S PIZZA 1986-1987
674 Food
Food 1987-04-06
Pizza 1987-04-08
Menus 1986-07-21
Coca-Colas, sandwiches and pasta
675 Two people working on machinery 1984-02-13
Two people working on machinery 1983-11-30
Exterior of building 1981-09-20
Grand opening 1981-08-07
Construction of building 1981
Sales meeting 1980-05-16
Beginning of construction 1981-03-19
Beginning of construction 1981-01-21
Beginning of construction 1981-01-23
676 Building interior and exterior
Group of unidentified men
Employees 1961
Crowd of people in tank
60th Anniversary seal 1953
677 TV ads
Mr. Dixon
Groups of people
TV ads 1962-12-27
FARMS undated
678 Fields being plowed, sowed, harvested and irrigated
School bus
Mason, Texas: Chamber of Commerce, hardware store, saddle shop, Police Department, grocery store, Utilities, Mason National Bank
Old photographs of Mason, Texas, circa 1890-1910
Fort Mason
Cemetery and headstones
Old barns
Old photographs (mostly Indians)
Buildings in Mason
679 Booklets 1970-09-10
Rifle 1980-10-03
Federal Envelope Company building
Book: The Miracle Power 1965
Bus in front of The Alamo
Canned okra 1965
Canned yams 1965
Drawings of people working 1963
Drawings of Federal Envelope Company 1963
Unidentified men 1963
[ Pic # 39093 ]
Lou Anna cooking out 1969-06-23
FEMFORM 1979-1980
679 Models modeling clothing lines 1980-05-20
Models modeling clothing lines 1979-12-19
Models modeling clothing lines 1979-09-25
680 Exterior of Aztec Building 1973-06-21
Two Charolaise bulls and pipeline property 1972-10-04
Gray Building 1972-06-26
Prince Theater, Burt's Shoes and Mangel's 1969-02-06
Exterior of Guadalupe Theater 1969-03-12
South East corner of Houston and Broadway Street 1969-03-29
1st National Bank exterior 1970-05-25
Bledsoe's Furniture 1967
Drawings 1967
South Texas Building, Houston and Navarro Street 1964
681 Les Ferguson 1971-03-04
Luncheon 1965
People touring building 1965
Machinery 1965
GPM Life Building 1970
682 Kitty Ferguson 1986-12-09
Rugeley Ferguson: Family Christmas card with daughter in Coronation outfit 1986-12-02
683 Rosita 1961
Rosita Fernandez: Diane Fernandez 1969-04-06
Portrait 1961
684 Fitness Center Ad 1976-04-13
People working out at Nautilus Center with weights 1976-01-07
685 Pat Searcy campaign 1974-10-24
Equipment for physical therapy in use 1975-10-31
Massage machines 1975-11-26
Exterior of Brookhollow Apartments 1971-01-18
Model of Chateau Dijon apartments 1968-04-19
La Paloma del Rio Restaurant 1971-11-19
La Paloma del Rio Restaurant 1971-11-12
FIESTA 1949-1982
686 Float with Queen
Group of little girls in car
Sommers Drug Store float (horse drawn)
Crowds downtown
Float on river 1949
Conquistadores band: Cavalier's River Pageant 1949
Trinity University: Jack and the Beanstalk float on river
Brown Express truck 1949
King Antonio with lots of medals on float with two kids also in uniform with hats and capes
Pearl Brewery float
Eyes of Texas river float
Queen of the Kitchen with GE dishwasher and disposal on truck
Down by the Old Mill Stream float on river
Candy float on river
Three ladies and two in formal dress
Four ladies in formal dress
Men and women in uniform
687 Children of the American Revolution Garden Party at Mount Vernon float 1951
King Antonio on river 1951
Hollywood float on river 1951
Boysville float 1951
Columbus float 1951
688 Fiesta Queen on stage 1952
Joske's float: Circus Thrills with band 1952
Lone Star wagon 1952
Jaycees in car 1952
King Antonio lined up at Arneson River Theater 1952
King Antonio on river float 1952
Kids on hood of car 1952
Parade 1952
Fiesta Queen float 1952
689 Peter Pan float 1953
Fiesta Queen float 1953
King Antonio with medals on river float 1953
Texas Citrus float from Mission, Texas 1953
Brackenridge High School Allied Youth float 1953
Gillespie County Fair float 1953
Kelly Air Force Base float 1953
USS Frost float 1953
690 King Antonio on river float and in car 1954
Roegelein's float with girls in swimsuits 1954
San Jacinto float 1954
Arneson River theater with King Antonio on stage watching float go by 1954
Fiesta Queens 1954
Incarnate Word College float 1954
William Boyd on river float 1954
Bozo the clown on Paddle boat 1954
Lone Star float 1954
Frost Brothers float 1954
Crowd at Arneson River Theater 1954
Evelyn Elbel 1954
Kendall County Fair float 1954
Jaycees float on river 1954
Pearl Brewery float 1954
Lone Star float 1954
Carnival Sports float 1954
691 Karnes City Snow White float 1955
Friedrich wagon with girls 1955
River Pageant Chairman 1955
16 Straight Tiger Victories float 1955
Pearl Brewery float 1955
Group of kids 1955
Trinity University float 1955
Contestant in Miss Fiesta 1955
King Antonio on river float 1955
Kendall County Fair float 1955
Cinderella float 1955
Honolulu Jaycees River float 1955
Miss Fiesta contest 1955
Miss Fiesta 1955
692 Float with nurses 1956
Stockdale Watermelon Jubilee float 1956
Girl in swimsuit on diving board 1956
Man and woman on paddle boat on river 1956
Girl, man and woman boarding plane 1956
King Antonio and Fiesta Queen with two men 1956
Tulip Festival float 1956
Desk and Derrick Club float on river 1956
Bandera Stampede float 1956
Man and woman on Appaloosas 1956
Fiesta contestants 1956
Fiesta contestants and escorts by the Alamo 1956
Fiesta Queen 1956
Queen of the Minneapolis Aquatennial 1956
People eating 1956
Kansas City float 1956
Two couples 1956
U. S. Navy and Marine Corpse float and Princess 1956
HEB float 1956
King Antonio's court at Arneson River Theater 1956
Gillespie County Fair float 1956
U. S. Army float from Fort Bliss 1956
San Antonio Conservation Society float 1956
Floats 1956
Unidentified people 1956
Girl with horse 1956
Mayor in car and city councilmen in car 1956
Cosmopolitan Club float 1956
Ruth Marie Pinehurst 1956
Wells J. Wright Vice Commodore, Minneapolis Aquatennial 1956
Group standing at Arneson River Theater entrance 1956
693 Kid with lamb at Stock and Rodeo Show 1957
Riverwalk 1957
Kid with calf at Stock and Rodeo Show 1957
Float 1957
Tournament of Roses car and float 1957
Parade of Nations float, Mrs. Succhese chairman 1957
Gillespie County Fair float 1957
Costume contest 1957
Group in front of Alamo with wreath 1957
People on horses in parade 1957
Texas Cavaliers 1957
Miss Fiesta contestants 1957
Marching bands on football field 1957
Ceremonies at Fort Sam Houston 1957
Cherry Blossom float 1957
Queen for a Day 1957
King Antonio 1957
Dinner at Gunter Hotel 1957
Trinity University float 1957
Floats on river 1957
Jack Beretta 1957
Military floats 1957
Saint Paul Queen of Snow 1957
Mary Simmang 1957
Lone Star Brewery float 1957
Mrs. Trial 1957
Ice Show 1957
694 Officers of Fiesta Association on river float 1957
Officers at airport 1957
Officers with Fiesta Queen 1957
Chinese Community float 1957
Soldiers at the Alamo with lots of flowers 1957
King Antonio 1957
President of Minneapolis Aquatennial 1957
Fiesta Queens 1957
Floats passing Arneson River Theater 1957
Goat drawn little wagon 1957
Floats passing the Alamo 1957
Max Colwell and Ann Mossberg receiving proclamations 1957
President of Fiesta San Jacinto Association 1957
Queen for a Day 1957
Circus Boy: Micky Braddock signing autographs 1957
Banquet 1957
Bands on football field 1957
Commander Lackland Air Force Base 1957
Queen of the Orange Bowl 1957
Micky Braddock in Circus Boy costume by plane 1957
Dan J. Quill 1957
Pirate Queen and Miss Buccaneer 1957
Four girls in the Alamo 1957
Micky Braddock on elephant 1957
King Antonio in horse drawn carriage 1957
Square dancers 1957
Director of the Fiesta Flambeau 1957
Marching bands 1957
Unidentified people 1957
Queens of all sorts 1957
695 Group holding proclamations 1958
Floats 1958
Miss Fiesta contestants 1958
Floats in front of Alamo 1958
Fiesta Queen 1958
Floats on river 1958
Mermaids 1958
King Antonio 1958
Groups of unidentified people 1958
People in front of the Alamo with wreaths 1958
Girls in swimsuits 1958
Floats in front of Arneson River Theater 1958
696 Princesses dancing 1959
People receiving certificates 1959
Group in front of the Alamo 1959
Miss Fiesta contestants 1959
Governor Price Daniel in parade 1959
Miss Alaska on river float 1959
Group at La Villita 1959
Miss Fiesta 1959
Trinity University float 1959
Miss Mohair on float 1959
Larry Herman band 1959
Armed forces float 1959
Dinner 1959
Grand Ball honoring Miss Fiesta at Saint Anthony Hotel 1959
697 Miss Fiesta and three princesses 1960
Three guys on paddle boat 1960
Pearl Brewery float 1960
Mardi Gras float on river 1960
Mermaid on float 1960
King Antonio at Sunset Hills School 1960
KONO TV camera in sky crane 1960
Drum majorettes 1960
698 Floats on river 1961
Unidentified men and women 1961
Fiesta queens 1961
South San Antonio drum majorettes 1961
Flowers and wreaths in front of the Alamo 1961
King Antonio 1961
William Tabbert receiving proclamation 1961
Group by plane 1961
Aerials of carnival downtown 1961
699 Floats on river 1962
Girl in swimsuit 1962
Duke Johnson, Mayor McAllister and a girl from Minneapolis Aquatennial 1962
Queens riding mini train 1962
Queens with flowers 1962
Queens on river in paddle boats 1962
King Antonio at Arneson River Theate 1962
Three girls with crowns and flowers 1962
700 Parade from above 1964
Floats on river 1964
Fiesta contestants 1964
King Antonio at Arneson River Theater 1964
Miss Fiestas 1964
701 Floats on river passing Arneson River Theater 1965
Banquet 1965
Unidentified men 1965
King Antonio 1965
Floats 1965
Queens 1965
KONO TV camera 1965
Miss Fort Sam Houston, Miss Kelly Air Force Base, Miss Lackland Air Force Base, Miss Brooks Army Medical Center, Miss Randolph Air Force Base, Miss Aerospace 1965
Band on river barge 1965
702 Floats on river
Hilton Palacio del Rio
King Antonio on river
Dancers at Arneson River Theater
Floats going by the Alamo
703 Kendall County Fair float 1966
Two girls in Oriental costumes 1966
Band 1966
Miss Fort Sam Houston, Miss Kelly Air Force Base, Miss Lackland Air Force Base, Miss Brooks Army Medical Center, Miss Randolph Air Force Base, Miss Aerospace 1966
Floats on river 1966
Lamar High School marching band, Houston 1966
Parade 1966
Floats going by the Alamo 1966
704 U. S. Army float: Fort Sam Houston, Brooke Army Medical Center, Aerospace, Medical Division floats 1966
Elephant ( papier-mâché) in front of the Alamo 1966
Miss Aerospace and princess 1966
Mardi Gras float on river 1966
Floats going by the Alamo 1966
King Antonio on river 1966
Emily Bryant Browning, Duchess of the Blue Mosque 1966
Grand Marshal on Palomino 1966
Edgewood High School marching band 1966
705 Contestants 1967
Miss Fiesta on float 1967
Floats on river 1967
Texas Under Spain float on river 1967
Miss Fort Sam Houston, Miss Lackland, Miss 50th Anniversary, Miss Brooks Army Medical Center, Miss Randolph Air Force Base 1967
King Antonio on river 1967
Kendall County Fair float 1967
Kids with King Antonio 1967
Miss School of Aerospace Medicine 1967
Cheerleaders and drum majors and majorettes in front of Alamo Stadium 1967
706 Fiesta San Jacinto 1967-1982
Parades 1967-1982
Coronation 1973
King Antonio
Fiesta Flambeau
Night in Old San Antonio
707 Crowning Fiesta Queen 1968
Mrs. Virginia Sinclair on float 1968-05-06
Eleanor Matthews on float 1968-05-08
Ann Riley Tobin on float 1968
Don Dailey, King Antonio and carriage 1968-04-16
Don Dailey, coin collection 1968-04-11
Don Dailey, King Antonio at WOAI 1968-04-06
Miss Fort Sam Houston, Miss Kelly Air Force Base, Miss Lackland Air Force Base, Miss Brooks Army Medical Center, Miss Randolph Air Force Base, Miss Brooks Air Force Base 1968
Fiesta Queens 1968-04-15
708 Ellis Shapman: Fiesta Association at Mrs. Bennetto house, Miss Fort Sam Houston, Miss Kelly Air Force Base, Miss Lackland Air Force Base, Miss Brooks Army Medical Center, Miss Randolph Air Force Base, Miss Brooks Air Force Base 1969-04-07
Kendall County Fair float 1969-04-28
Past presidents luncheon 1975-04-24
Children carrying huge vegetables, fruits in parade 1975
709 Mexican dancers and band 1968
Couple at entrance to Arneson River Theater
710 Cigars 1968-10-25
Cigars 1964
711 The Webbs 1937-1959
Unidentified man (old) 1970-12-17
[ Inv # 8839 ]
Group of children in Sunday School 1970-11-30
Dr. Jimmy R. Allen
Plaster peeling off wall and ceiling 1969-03-05
In Memory and Honor board 1967
Chair 1967
Chair 1965
Church secretary and unidentified man
[ Pic # 60146 ]
Bible on table with pictures of Reverend John Alexander Hackett, Pastor 1884-1887 and Reverend Elbert Columbus Gates, Pastor 1888-1889 1966
Couple 1966
[ Pic # 60595 ]
First Baptist Church, corner of 10th Street and Avenue B. 1965
Church's men at breakfast
Couples 1965
[ Pic # 449835 ]
Reverend Thurmond (old), First Baptist Minister
People boarding bus 1964
Ladies playing harpsichord 1964
Four people at piano 1964
Gym 1963
Nursery 1963
Meeting of men studying the bible 1963
Kids roller-skating 1963
Little girl with bruises getting picture taken
Girl stacking hymnals
Blueprints of church
Pastor surrounded by children 1961
Group of ladies 1961
Rendering of West Hall 1st Baptist Church
Church at corner of 4th Street and Avenue B.
Little kids handing out Christmas presents 1959
Stained glass window of Jesus with sheep
Children's choir
Unidentified ladies
Little kids with Christmas trees
Birthday party
Church supper
Choir singing for WOAI-TV cameras
712 Reverend Jimmy R. Allen 1978-09-25
Coir in front of manger nativity 1960-12-23
Coir in front of manger nativity 1961-12-18
Coir in front of manger nativity 1962-03-07
713 Steve Halloway 1985-06-07
Shirley Clutter 1985-02-20
Karen Gallager 1984-01-07
Elaine Finch and Pam Karney 1985-01-02
FIRST MATE 1970-1976
714 Exterior of First Mate Seafood Cafe in Dallas, Texas 1973-08-20
Exterior of First Mate Seafood Café on Austin Highway, San Antonio, Texas 1972-01-23
Exterior of First Mate Seafood Café on Military Drive, San Antonio, Texas 1970-12-17
715 First Mate Seafood Café and employees
Joe Alston (Captain Jack) 1976-12-10
Rendering of interior and exterior of First Mate Seafood Café 1975-10-06
Opening ceremonies 1974-03-07
J. Honigblum at First Mate Seafood Café 1976-03-01
Three men outside First Mate Seafood Café 1973-12-28
New store in Dallas, Texas 1973-06-27
Skippers Galley, Del Rio 1973-06-16
First Mate Seafood Café sign 1972-11-13
Billboard 1973-01-02
Store # 8 and employees 1972-04-11
Opening of store # 8 on Vance Jackson Road, San Antonio, Texas 1972-02-10
J. Honigblum with two others 1971-11-03
Model with food 1971-08-27
Opening of stores in Pecan Valley and Golidad 1971-08-03
Opening of store # 4 1971-04-22
Opening ceremonies 1970-12-17
Three men around J. Honigblum's plant 1970-10-23
Store opening at 601 North New Braunfels Avenue 1971-02-25
Fish and shrimp 1970-02-27
Store opening 1970-04-10
716 Beer 1976-05-17
New menu board
Food 1976-01-26
Food 1975-10-07
Food 1975-11-05
Wall and food 1975-05-21
Food 1975-03-11
Wine and beer 1974-04-04
Food 1975-05-15
Food 1974-05-29
Food 1974-05-28
Food 1974-07-03
Food 1974-03-14
Food 1974-05-27
Food 1974-03-14
Taffy and fruit 1973-08-10
Menus 1973-11-23
Food 1973-06-08
Salt water taffy 1973-08-09
Food 1973-12-06
Food 1973-08-29
Drink 1972-08-01
Food 1973-01-15
Food 1971-11-23
Menu board 1973-01-12
Food 1972-12-12
Food 1970-07-22
717 Two men shaking hands
[ Pic # 35655 ]
Group of men
[ Pic # 35639 ]
Two couples
[ Pic # 35637 ]
[ Pic # 35638 ]
Mayor McAllister
Statements window
Drive-in window 1950
Bank teller at drive in window
Adding machines
People at library 1963
B. E. Scholl, Vice President 1965
B. E. Scholl meeting with another man 1963
Group of men around table
B. E. Scholl in library
First National Bank exterior and interior
Silver tray presented to Robert Ten Broeck Stevens 1955
Rendering of hanger for Airnews, Inc.
Exterior of First National Bank 1950
718 Check presentation to Salvation Army 1978-09-13
Jack Griggs 1978-03-17
William Scoggin 1977-11-07
First National Bank 1976-07-29
Azaleas 1977-03-28
First National Bank interior and exterior 1976-03-15
Glenn Biggs 1975-09-17
Man at podium giving a speech and tow men outside the bank 1976
Old photograph of bank interior and exterior circa 1900 1975-06-03
Construction of new bank building 1974-10-31
S. L. Brown and Associates, Inc.: Mr. Chaffin presenting Jim Uptmore a check 1974-07-15
H. B. Zachary 1974-05-08
Johnson Advertising: building site 1974-01-31
Johnson Advertising: training session 1973-07-24
Travis Park 1973-01-22
Drive-thru 1973-03-15
Mr. Corngold 1973-01-16
Group leaving bank 1972-10-12
Officers of bank 1972-07-08
Presentation 1972-01-25
Three men behind desk 1972-01-06
Mr. Conozas at construction site 1971-12-30
Contest winners and Mr. Hopgood 1971-12-21
Bank officers 1971-12-21
Exterior or First National Bank 1970-05-27
Paintings by Vivenno Lopez 1970-02-09
Rendering of Navarro-Travis Garage 1970-03-05
Ground-breaking of garage 1970-03-13
Bob Johnson: model of First National Bank 1968-11-19
People at a banquet 1963
Unidentified man 1980-10-10
719 Christmas 1985
Stained glass window of Jesus with sheep
FISER, M.L., and COMPANY 1962
720 Herbert Guest
Dee Brown
M. L. Fiser and Company: The Life Insurance Company of Virginia building
Jack Taylor
Office staff 1962
721 Two people in waders fishing
Two people in boat fishing
People in dune buggy 1974
722 Buildings: Medical center Tower, Hilton Palacio del Rio, CNB Center, San Antonio Saving Association, TI, Lutheran General Hospital, Motorola Building, American Bank, La Mansion Hotel, McAllen State Bank Tower
IBM sign and Northcross Moll in Austin, Valero Energy Corporation
Frost National Bank 1973-04-10
Stores 1974-04-15
723 Interior at Kerrville Bank 1984-09-28
FLAGS 1976
724 Flag of United State 1976-02-26
Texas and United States Flag
725 Rendering of building 1975-10-22
Interior of building 1975-04-24
Employees in office 1975-05-05
Exterior of building and warehouse 1975-04-12
Interior of warehouse 1975-03-15
FLOODS 1946-1964
726 Trailers smashed together surrounded by water
Little girls by shack
Mangled trailer
People sitting in room
Man looking at wrecked trailer
Gas station surrounded by a foot of water
Hill Drug Store and people in one foot of water
Woman on porch looking at water in street
Two ladies, one with Red Cross and other needing help
Movie theater interior with seats under water and men in boat by screen
Mangled housed
Man with possessions
People drying out clothes and bedding
Family looking at damage
727 Trash left by flood
Water flowing over dam
Cars in four inches of water on road
Cars in six inches of water on road
728 Acme Cover Company, Inc. 1953
Man by sign
729 People dancing and country band
People in living room of ranch house
Exterior of ranch house 1950
Dining room
Bungalow interior and exterior
People on horses by plane and hangar
Group playing cards
Group around campfire singing and roasting marshmallows
Group by lake
Group by swimming pool
Group on trail ride
Group at serving line for dinner
730 Model with computers 1973-04-12
Computer equipment 1973-03-08
Ground-breaking 1973-01-17
Equipment tables 1972-11-22
FOOD undated
731 Drinks
732 Customers at meat counter 1972
Food City winner in cash giveaway 1976-08-02
Head Quarters 1972-10-21
Interior of new Food City 1972-09-24
Interior of new Food City 1972-08-13
People 1972-09-25
[ Inv # 13195 Pic # 94276-79 ]
Award presentation 1972-08-14
Interior of new Food City 1971-06-28
Interior of new Food City 1970-10-18
733 Exterior of Foodway Store 1968-09-26
734 Four men 1964
[ Pic # 43562 ]
Men with awards 1964
Contest signing at Sigmor Corporation 1973-30
Ford exhibit 1973-01-25
Salesmen 1971-09-07
FORD, O'NEIL and ASSOCIATES 1963-1968 and undated
735 Two unidentified men
736 Sculpture
Second Baptist Church interior and exterior of church and stained glass window 1968-05-15
Building 1963
[ Pic # 36702 ]
Two unidentified men 1964
[ Pic # 43950 ]
Site plan for Skidmore College
Site plan for Saint Mark's Lower School
Unidentified man
Rendering of building
FORD, POWELL and CARSON 1974-1985
737 1926 pencil drawing 1982-10-07
Bridge being built 1985-09-26
Chris Carson and cowboy artists 1985-09-26
AIA Building 1983-09-08
Exterior of house 1983-01-27
Heritage Hall master plan
Bridge and fountain
Swimming pool 1982-12-10
Rendering: Midland Building 1981-04-17
Alamo National Bank East 1980-08-05
Art out of books 1980-04-09
Rendering of historic hotel in Galveston, Texas 1980-06-13
Tangelwood on Texoma 1972-11-15
Building 1975-07-10
Outdoor café
Three old buildings 1980-02-11
Proposed library 1974-02-01
738 Group of kids
Little League baseball team
Group of men in meetings
Foremost Diary building
Trucks 1949
Trucks at Mission Drive-In Theater
Dairyland Products Building 1941
Dairyland Products Building 1935
Two men on WOAI Radio
Truck 1941
Interior: machinery, vats and employees
Ad department
Group at airport and on plane
739 People on horses 1972-04-08
Aerials of Fort Clark Springs
Map of Fort Clark Springs 1972-02-24
People fishing, riding bikes and playing 1972-01-31
Bracketville 1972-02-23
Ground-breaking for Fort Clark Springs Condominiums
Village at Fort Clark Springs 1973-02-16
Aerials, people riding horses and swimming 1973-04-25
740 FORT SAM HOUSTON 1962-1974
FOSTER H. DELL and COMPANY 1968-1977
741 Computers 1977-03-14
Buildings and machine 1977-04-20
Platter and keyboards 1976-10-18
Drafting table 1976-07-06
Equipment 1975-09-18
Products 1975-11-18
Equipment 1975-08-11
Drafting board 1974-08-21
Digital display 1971-02-23
Computers 1970-01-08
Computers 1970-12-08
Electronic systems 1969-12-09
Computers 1968-10-13
FOUNTAINS 1962-1963
742 Fountain in front of San Antonio Saving Association
Fountain in front of Church 1962
Fountain 1963
Fountain in front of Frost National Bank
Fountain n Fort Sam Houston Quadrangle
743 Apartment exterior: Waterford Apartments 1983-08-03
Couple 1982-10-13
Sugar Hill Apartment exterior 1982-09-21
Interior and exterior: Greatview Office Building 1982-08-20
Model: Exposition Plaza
Renderings 1982-06-11
Ceiling heater 1982-05-20
Model of Exposition Plaza 1981-12-07
Renderings of Plazas 1981-12-30
Martin Weis 1981-01-05
Men standing by truck 1981-12-21
Burrell-Ford building 1969-12-03
FOX PHOTO 1961-1983
744 Fox Photo Building exterior
Unidentified man
Photographs of unknown people and frames
Highway map of Texas
Film display
Photo albums 1970-04-13
Charts 1968-12-05
Employees at El Tropicana 1968-11-04
Camera lenses 1971-04-06
Fox Photo booth 1971
Chi Beta Epsilon Sorority Trinity University: Eric Girvin, Linda Kramer, Marcia Miles, Jana Price, Janice Moore, Mary Etnyre, Carol Tagge, Nancy Frazier, Alaxine Frazer, Jeanne Farnell, Hazel Rosenbaum, Connie Fernandez, Maureen Boccella, Kathy Schuster, Sandy Ragar, Donna Stevenson, Mary Rohde, Karen Kluthe, Vicky Smith, Mary Chester, Debbie Legros, Leslie Forsberg, Sharon Lenime, Pam Messimer, Betsy Taylor, Anita Cave, Suzy Harrington, Patty Morris, Beth Ward, Susan Manning, Nancy Weaver, Cassie Mabel, Ann Law, Gail Holt, Gay Young, Betsy Bland, Judy Bryans, Teri Fuller, Prissy Graham, Donna Lettieri, Kerry Sexton, Dawn Simmons, Missy Morgan, Joanne Williams, Mary Gilly, Laura Moore, Teri Baird, Gail Simpson, Laura Fatter, Susan McCray, Vicky Ashby, Connie Morris, Betty Butler, Joni Drendul, Christy Shaw, Barbara Kidd, Gretchen Schneider, Ann Aycock, Sally Addison, Marsha Hobin, Carol McGill, Jan Cunningham, Brenda Wright, Rita Randall, Jenna Carey, Carolyn Russum, Mary Ramsey, Becky Ryan, Nima Grissom, Barbara Yancy, Jodi Bowman 1971-05-18
Bride and groom
Camera 1971-06-02
Photographs for annual report 1971-05-22
Camera, watches film, jewelry 07-06
Girls softball league, South Bend, Indiana 1977
Christmas cards
central Catholic High School graduates 1973-01-05
Picture frame ad bride 1978-05-17
Greeting cards 1978-07-24
Man on horse near Medina, Texas 1978-08-10
Little league with parents and trophy 1979-03-20
Football player and cheerleader
Marching band at Alamo Stadium Band Festival
Group of men 1968
Christmas cards 1961
Building exterior 1964-10-12
745 Unidentified man
Fox Photo Booth
Picture boxes 1981-07-07
Photo album 1981-06-22
Film 1981-06-30
Two men in front of Fox Photo booth 1981-06-10
Carl Newton III and C. Newton, Jr. 1981-04-30
Two kids with lambs from Stock and Rodeo Show, other people with cattle and horses, American Horse Queen and Grand Champion Steer outside Coliseum, Miss Carrizo Srings 1981-03-02
Family 1981-03-02
Camera 1981-03-06
Photo albums 1981-02-03
The Alamo 1981-01-22
Camera and film 1980-09-25
Two photographers looking at picture 1980-08-14
Fox Photo employees and products 1980-04-08
Antique frames and pictures 1980-03-12
Food from Church's Fried Chicken 1980-01-28
Albertson's Photo Center 1979-12-21
People posing 1979-09-26
Christmas card with picture inset 1979-07-09
746 Mike Kelly 1983-07-06
Store interior 1982-08-24
747 Unidentified men 1968-09-04
[ Inv # 1664 Pic # 73021-22 ]
748 Oak Hills Country Club: plaque presentation to the champion golfer of the PGA tournament 1958
Oak Hills Country Club: amateur golfers with small trophy
Oak Hills Country Club: people standing in front of the bus from Hemphill Ford Center
Oak Hills Country Club: food
Oak Hills Country Club: unidentified woman
Oak Hills Country Club: unidentified couple
Oak Hills Country Club: plaque presentation
Oak Hills Country Club: man posing in front of Norge refrigerator
Oak Hills Country Club: man posing in front of Norge dryer
Oak Hills Country Club: opening ceremonies at Turner-Harper Plymouth
Oak Hills Country Club: unidentified man and Betty Fox dancing
Oak Hills Country Club: kids at Easter egg hunt
Oak Hills Country Club: golfer posing
Automobiles: people standing during a Ford Motor Company car show
Automobiles: group at a banquet
Automobiles: group standing in Austin-Hemphill Ford showroom
Automobiles: Charles Orsinger Buick
Falstaff Beer: skin diving exhibition sponsored by Falstaff Beer
Turner-Harper Plymouth 1960
Plymouth showroom
Group of SAGA Directors
John A. Albert Home Appliances
Unidentified building
Fore men standing by a Norge Refrigerator
Group in froth of The Alamo
Westair air-conditioner
Grand Opening of Turner-Harper Plymouth
James Arness dressed as Matt Dillon and woman standing on a football field of Alamo Stadium
Ladies playing bridge
Homecoming queen at football game half-time
Maytag Sales and Service 1957
Martin Bauml Plumbing Company
Atlanta Life Insurance Company
RCA Victor Televisions
Squirrel on a tree stump hiding from a cat
Unidentified kids in swimsuits
Zoller Electric Company
Fred W. Flores Plumbing Company
New Years Eve Ball
Hawaiian party 1958
Warehouse of Thor's portable power tools
Home Improvement Company, 606 West Hildebrand, San Antonio, Texas
McDougal's General Electric Company 1957
Reiner's Conoco Service, 402 Austin Highway, San Antonio, Texas
Westinghouse freezers
James Arness crowning Homecoming Queen 1957
Corner of 1400 South Presca Street, San Antonio, Texas
The Childers Continental Carport 1957
Tarrillion Brothers Appliances
Marshall Plumbing Company
Charles Toudouze
Lights and bells for the home
Thanksgiving dinner
Little girl with cat sitting on bale of hay
Ranger Pontiac Company
Two kids and a pony at Hemphill Ford
A boy and a horse in a stall
Ruck's Town Exchange, 1023 Basse Road, San Antonio, Texas
Costume party
Four girls standing by a fence and sitting on a hay bale
Kids meeting Santa Claus
The Barn Door BBQ
749 Unidentified couple being served wine
Exterior of Oak Hills Country Club building
Dining room
Group of men
Four unidentified men by microphone
Three men
Group of children at Easter Hunt: prize winners
Easter egg hunt
Man with microphone dancing
Two couples playing bridge
People playing bingo
Two couples at table
People at table
People wearing goofy hats
Three unidentified men
People eating dinner
Three women around sign for the Billy Williams Quartette
Kids in swimsuits
Kids eating watermelon
Kids swimming
Golf course
Kids diving into pool for race
People socializing
Buffet table
Men with golf clubs
Woman speaking with band behind her
Kids with cotton candy
Kids with hamburgers
Man holding 15th Annual Texas State Golf Association Sportsmaster Award 1959
Larry Herman's orchestra
Kid diving
Two men playing cards
People watching swimming race
750 Unidentified man
Unidentified family
Woodlawn Theater: Spartacus (movie) 1960
Tindall Pontiac
Rudy Esquinel
Billboard: Elect Franklin Spears State Senator
Unidentified people
Car lot 1961
Bulldozer pushing mud
Continental sedan 1961
Man and 1959 car in front of the Alamo
Hemphill Ford
Ballroom dancing
People on a golf course putting
Two guys and a car covered with Top Value Stamps in front of Handy Andy
Man standing in front of Hotel San Antonio
General Tire Store
People posing with Ford car 1959
AAA Insurance Agency
Little girl posing with 1960 Ford automobile
Two women with floral arrangement
Two policemen with Ford Falcon automobile
KONO-TV Channel 12
New Year's Eve Ball
Band playing at a dance
Easter egg hunt and winners
Presentation at Oak Hill Country Club
Crane assembling a giant Santa on Joske's
Two guys buying seats for the Cowboy-Cardinals game at Alamo Stadium 1960-08-13
Norge Refrigerator
Boy on a horse
Medina Electric Co-op, Inc.
Delphine Theater: A Touch of Larceny (movie) starring James Mason, Vera Miles and George Sanders
William Castle, King of the Horror makers during the premiere of "The Tingler"
Professional Golfers Association board of entrants
Show for 1961 Ford Sunbeam automobile
10th Annual Oak Hills Pro-Am Invitational
Muir Investments Corporation
Ads for power
Teller's window
10 dimes and 1 nickel 1959
Terrill Hills Baptist Church ground-breaking ceremony 12-20
Betty Fox jumping rope
Batting cages
Three men in front of a re-elect Will Wilson Attorney General sign
Building construction for Fraser Wiggins, Collins and Steckley Advertising Agency
San Antonio Baseball Club
The Barn Door BBQ
Bottle of Falstaff Beer
Nativity scene figurines
Jewelry store
Woman looking through microscope at a ring
Woman picking out a ring
Unidentified house
General Tire Store open house
Jefferson Hardware 1959
Bass Appliances
Hemphill-Turbwille, corner of 400 Mcilvaine Street and 4300 San Pedro Avenue
Clothes washer
A-1 Used Cars, corner of 100 San Angelo Street and 5700 San Pedro Avenue
New golf clubs and bags
Halloween party
Will Wilson at Press Club 1960-05-06
751 Unidentified house on East Mistletoe Street, San Antonio, Texas
Unidentified family
Unidentified men
Unidentified houses
Father and son
Mr. Hemphill
Mr. Perlerns
Girls with flowers
Rex Allen at Hemphill Ford
Chuck Connors being made honorable member of USAF rifle team
Douglas MacArthur High School
Mexico City Convention at Saint Anthony Hotel: State Bar of Texas
Mitchell Chrysler Center
Ladies at a tea
Woman posing in kitchen
Girl holding doll wearing a hair dryer
Ford dealership showroom
Hamburger buns
Voter Booth
Sweet rolls
Group of people
752 Interior and exterior of La Ronda Apartments 1970-03-05
Interior of La Ronda Apartments 1970-07-23
Hesson, May and Associates: architectural model 1970-09-28
Frist Federal Bank billboards 1969-02-23
Exterior of John Falstaff House 1968-06-14
Falstaff House 1968-06-17
Halff house
Grand opening of Thrift Tex Discount Foods 1968-06-06
Sue Cassel dinner
Frost National Bank
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Unidentified man
Small girl 1964-05-19
Church interior 1963-12-07
Small girl model 1964-05-25
Rainbo bread billboard
Unidentified men at KBER radio
[ Pic # 216-219 ]
753 Sounders-Trieschmann: Rolling Ridge addition exteriors
Rolling Ridge model homes with models
Model at Rolling Ridge Swimming Pool
Swimming pool model
Unidentified man
W. O. Murray
Skyride over Japanese gardens
3942 Star Hill Mayfield
Television store
Two men with plaque
Judges in a courtroom posing
Courtroom trial (mock)
Man on horse at 1st National Bank drive-through
Mayor McAllister being proclaimed honorary Mayor of Universal City Studios 1966
Unidentified people
Patio by pool
Law Day
Justice Hugo, Black
KBER radio
Rendering: West Side State Bank
Little kids reading
Kitchen appliances
Ford Mustang in a row
Three men with Certificate of Service: Grady Barrett, J. R. Loche and R. N. Gresham
754 Unidentified men
Meeting at Saint Anthony hotel
Woman with bagful of corn
Unidentified building
Group in a field
Signal Carpet Mills 1967
Ground-breaking ceremony
Jim Batersby
Unidentified house
Man cutting 100th birthday cake
Corner of North General McMullen and West Commerce Street: Hemphill-McCombs Ford
Four men with Salesman of the Year awards 1966
Premier of Sand Pebbles (movie)
Father and kids fishing
Radio Shack 1967
Choir singing in a field
Men in a meeting
Mr. Harper
Tony Be
Father and daughter at zoo
Man getting Lions Club pin
Men in front of Ford Semi automobile
Opening ceremonies at Ford
Mr. Rains
Unidentified mother and daughter
Rendering: House of Sir John Falstaff
Hemis Fair Press Club membership
Drawing: bucking bronco
Dizzy Dean
Rainbo Bread Baking Company Awards
Joe Smith, Texas Gold
Harry Stokes
Control room
Olmos Decorating Service
Recording machine and record players
Shepherd Roofing
John Fraser
Ford Center
Unidentified family
People in front of Preston Smith for Mayor Head Quarters
Colonel Cheever's daughter
Five people and Mexican band 1968-04-30
Fabian and priest with Tower model 1968-04-11
Crestview Baptist Church exterior 1968-04-29
Car and Texas Gold Savings Books and two men at Central Park
Signal Carpet Mills 1968-06-17
Money tree
1st Federal Savings in North Star Mall, money tree 1968-07-14
Winner of money tree
Faith for "Me Pick a Chicken" 1968-08-10
Unidentified man 1968-09-06
Two men looking at U. S. map 1968-08-10
All American Futurity horses entries, Ruidoso Downs, Mexico 1968-09-09
Vegetable counter 1968-11-04
Saathoff's furniture store 1968-11-14
Instamatic camera 1968-11-25
Mr. John Monfrey 1968-12-11
Two little boys fishing
Chrysler Imperial 1969-03-04
Clissold Publishing Company: hunting products 1969-01-29
Loftin Kline 1969-03-26
Carpet 1969-04-03
Candle holder with candles 1969-03-27
Family on a patio 1969-04-18
Four people at table with TV camera 1969-04-21
Law Day interview, KENS-TV 1969-04-22
Cargo service , Guadalupe Valley 1968-07-03
Mayor's office presentation 1968-04-24
755 Ads for Zenith TV 1970-12-18
La Ronda Apartments, 2530 Harry Wurzbach Street near Rittiman Road 1970-11-03
HEB ad: "Join the Inflation Fighters" 1970-11-02
Ads: Texans fighting pollution and keep productive 1970-10-23
"HEB # 1 in Austin" ad 1970-10-15
"HEB the valley's favorite" ad 1970-10-15
"HEB Waco's favorite" ad 1970-10-15
Saathoff's furniture store sign 1970-09-18
KITE Radio 930 and Travis Savings Bank 1970-09-21
Harold's TV 1970-09-02
Kentucky Fried Chicken ad 1970-08-28
Maps of counties, ads for water heaters, ads for power, billboards, town with populations numbers 1970-08-19
Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1264 Austin Highway 1970-08-08
Dillard's Department Store: San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi 1970-08-05
HEB Inflation Fighter (in Española) 1970-07-17
Texas Farm Bureau 1970-07-14
KITE Radio 930 ad 1970-05-26
Watchmaker fixing watch 1970-04-07
KBER Radio ad: Country music 1970-04-22
Triple Feature : "Evil of Frankenstein" (movie), Dracula" (movie), " Castle of Blood" (movie) and "Elect Wayland A. Simmons State Representative" ads 1970-04-21
Ads: "Vote for Sidney Callender" and "Elect Wayland Simmons" 1970-04-17
Signal Carpet Midnight Madness Sale, 7107 San Pedro Avenue 1970-04-14
San Antonio Bar Association 1970-04-16
Ad: "Re-elect Klingeman" 1970-04-07
Front of Gildenmeister's Jewelry downtown 1970-03-09
Pamphlets and diamonds 1970-03-03
Jewelry 1970-03-02
Couples looking at jewelry 1970-02-27
Advertising ads 1970-02-17
La Ronda Apartments 1970-02-11
See HEB's ad 1970-01-20
Ad: "Win $10,000 KITE radio" 1970-01-08
"Viva Max" (movie): Texas Theater, Century South, Fox Twin 1969-11-19
KBER-TV slides 1969-12-17
Thom McAn Shoes slides 1969-12-16
TV slides for John A. Allbert Company 1969-11-14
Interior of Gildemeister's Jewelry 1969-11-20
Gildemeister's Jewelry North Star Mall Salon 1969-11-21
HEB Inflation Fighter (in Español) 1969-11-19
Jewelry 1969-11-21
Ad: " Join the Inflation Fighters HEB" 1969-11-20
Montfrey's Piano and Organ Studio 1969-11-20
Gildemeister's Jewelry North Star Mall Salon 1969-11-20
See Captain Gus at Woolco 1969-11-12
Woolco sale 1969-11-07
KBER Radio stars of the Grand Ole Opry 1969-10-29
KBER Radio: 1150 Country music 1969-10-22
Saathoff's add: "Generous trade … 36 months to pay." 1969-10-22
Saathoff's furniture store 1969-10-15
Fireplace mantle 1969-10-13
Ad: "Prices are down for Good HEB" 1969-10-09
Woolco hours open 1969-10-08
Ads: Woolco and "Join the Inflation fighter HEB" 1969-10-08
Paneling at Allen and Allen Company for TV 1969-10-03
KBER Radio: Grand Ole Opry 1969-09-24
Woolco 1969-09-16
HEB's ad: "One picture free" 1969-09-15
Salesmen and cars 1969-09-11
Kentucky Fried chicken 1969-09-05
O. R. Mitchell Motors 1969-09-10
HEB 1969-09-04
KBER Radio: Grand Ole Opry 1969-08-28
Woolco, 100 Gill Road and 2214 South West Military Highway 1969-08-22
Stock yards 1969-08-05
Free prizes, sodas, map, deli at HEB 1969-07-10
Exterior of new HEB, store # 24 1969-07-10
YMCA swimming classes 1969-06-03
New Signal Carpet Mills polyester carpet in 15 colors 1969-04-23
Charlie Pride, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, seven names on yellow card 1969-04-23
Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus 1969-04-01
Woolco: Easter egg hunt 1969-03-26
Thom McAn Shoes 1969-03-17
Grand Ole Opry: Ray Price, Hand Snow, Bill Anderson 1969-03-13
1st Federal Savings and Loans Bank 1969-02-17
Ad: "New quarterly dividends, higher rates" 1969-02-14
La Ronda apartments exterior 1969-01-25
Expansion sale: "$ 100 a day, low everyday prices" 1969-01-27
1st Federal Savings and Loans Bank 1969-01-09
KBER Radio: Grand Ole Opry 1969-01-22
Bud, Jimmy 1968-11-18
Bexar County Savings Bank 1968-12-30
KBER Radio: Grand Ole Opry 1968-12-17
O. R. Mitchell Motors: salesman 1968-12-12
Exterior of O. R. Mitchell Motors 1968-12-13
Saathoff's Appliances 1968-12-10
HEB food store interior 1968-11-16
Kentucky Fried Chicken 1968-12-02
Woolco's ad: "For a Wonderful Christmas" 1968-12-02
Signal Carpet Mills slides, express news and San Antonio light 1968-11-25
Signal Carpet Mills warehouse sale 1969-01-27
Zenith circle of sound color TV 1968-11-13
Woolco 1968-11-06
Guildemeister Jewelry and Grand Ole Opry: Ray Price 1968-10-28
Grand Ole Opry 1968-11-04
Ad: "Win with the Stars" 1968-10-17
HEB: interior and exterior 1968-10-11
Saathoff-Zenith 1968-10-10
KBER Radio Grand Ole Opry: Merle Haggard, Don Gibson, Hank Williams 1968-10-02
Signal Carpet Mills: North and South side stores 1968-09-12
Arcadia Insurance Company 1968-09-06
Sign: at the auditorium 2 and 8 pm 1968-06-04
Grand Ole Opry 1968-08-29
Woolco, 100 Gill Road 1968-08-20
Ringling Brothers Circus
Grand Ole Opry
756 Law Day reception at Labodiga Club 1969-05-01
Jefferson High School La Day visitor and speaker 1969-04-20
Law Day luncheon at Assembly Hall with Senator John Tower 1969-05-03
Senators John Tower and Patrick Moynihan at WOAI Radio 1969-05-01
Sign at Fort Sam Houston Library 1969-05-01
Senators John Tower's arrival at airport 1969-04-30
Three car with Law Day stickers 1969-04-29
Law Day Ceremonies in front of the Alamo 1969-05-02
Two men on TV set 1969-04-30
KENS-TV 1969-04-24
Law Day poster in office window of First Federal Savings and Loan Associantion 1969-04-28
Billboard 1969-04-29
Man on trial at Federal Court 1969-04-28
Students on steps of courthouse 1969-04-28
757 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association at night 1970-10-07
1st Federal Savings and Loan Association on Pecan Street with little boy and piggy bank across street 1970-07-24
First house financed by 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association at 316 Compton Street 1971-08-11
Winning tag at 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association drawing and Woodie D. Goodspeed 1971-08-09
1st Federal Savings and Loan Association: interior and exterior 1971-08-04
Opening ceremonies 1971-07-14
Opening ceremonies at 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association in Universal City 1971-07-02
Lady at 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association 1971-05-19
Calvin Classen 1971-09-14
Lyle Gunderson 1969-10-02
Charles Schreiner 1969-12-18
Glegg 1969-11-14
People at 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association: Cathy Wurzbach, Hodge, Bill Render, George Johnson 1971-02-06
Mr. Harwood 1969-11-10
Freddy Ward 1971-05-03
Ray Erlandson 1969-11-07
George Campman 1969-11-10
Bill Cavender 1969-11-10
James S. Calvert 1969-11-13
Charles Parish 1970-06-17
Exterior of 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association on Fredericksburg Road 1971-01-23
Opening ceremonies at 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association 1970-09-29
Model at 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association 1970-09-25
1st Federal Savings and Loan Association sign 1970-01-07
King's visit to 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association 1970-04-22
Man and two girls in front of the door 1970-02-23
Buster Hockley 1969-11-25
1st Federal Savings and Loan Association and series 1969-08-22
758 Zenith Chromacolor sign 1972-09-19
Jim Wiggins and Burton at Houston office 1972-08-25
Jim Wiggins and his daughter 1972-08-02
Smoke Stacks and metal shredder 1972-07-28
Ladies at Oak Hills Country Club Golf Course 1972-04-18
Press conference for Danny Thomas 1972-03-14
Blueprints for Baptist Church 1972-02-02
Hunter products 1972-01-28
Kitchen utensils: photograph of Acu-rite thermometer kit 1971-11-08
Painting by McDougal 1971-11-09
Gildemeister's Jewelry downtown with parking garage 1971-09-28
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wiggins 1971-09-09
Wilson, Le Monk 1971-09-02
King's Mark Scotch 1971-08-31
John Handy Scotch 1971-08-17
Award presentation at Hemphill-McCombs Ford 1971-07-09
Gun and baggage, Northside State Bank 1971-06-30
Saathoff's furniture store 1971-05-20
Sears Catalog Fall 1900 1971-04-27
First Ladies Cookbook 1971-04-01
Suzanne in Texas Gold Center 1971-03-23
Houses in Rolling Ridge 1971-03-08
La Ronda Apartments Complex 1969-01-14, 1969-04-30
John Cunningham at Rolling Ridge 1971-02-02
Tom Saunders and Bill Treischmann 1971-02-05
Northside State Bank 1971-02-16
Rolling Ridge Lawn Club: housing development 1971-02-22
Lewis Nelson 1971-01
Manager of 1st Federal Savings and Loan Association and his daughters 1970-12-30
Women's clothing and dress 1970-12-29
Kentucky Fried Chicken on Austin Highway 1970-11-02
Texas Gold meeting at Sheraton 1970-10-05
Shepard Roofing 1970-07-23
Coins: six pennies 1970-07-21
Herbert Wilcox 1970-06-24
Mr. Medlock 1970-06-01
Fraser-Wiggins 13th anniversary 1970-05-29
Falstaff House Showroom Party for publicity in National magazine, music bands 1970-05-12
Cans, dispensers, bug spray and air freshener 1970-05-07
Presentation of a plaque 1970-05-05
Law Day Poster 1970-04-27
Houses by a lake at Key Allegro, Rockport, Texas 1970-03-31
Rendering: Norhtside State Bank 1970-01-07, 1970-03-24
Ike Kampmann, Sr. 1970-03-02
Fashion model wearing a boat 1970-01-24
Mission City Bank: Richard Pickard 1969-11-21
Raphael at Hemis Fair Arena 1969-12-17
Raphael singing 1969-11-17
Northern Hills Country Club 1969-11-07
Bill Braley at Alamo National Building 1969-10-27
Meeting at Texas Gold Stamp 1969-10-13
Pre-publicity for Texas Open at Falstaff 1969-10-17
Larry Keller at Mission City Bank 1969-09-30
Alzafar Shrine: two men signing papers 1969-06-30
1970 Thunderbird automobile and LTD in front of San Pedro Playhouse 1969-09-30
1st Federal Savings and Loan Association: hero medal 1969-08-27
Otter in Main Plaza Fountain 1969-08-06
Epworth Methodist Church and other buildings around Pecan Valley area 1969-07-23
Hugh Johnson 1969-10-14
Unidentified man 1969-06-30
Honeywell thermometer 1969-06-18
Kentucky Fried Chicken at 123 Bandera Road 1969-06-21
759 Jewelry in studio 1980-11-13
Award recipients for Rd Carpet Realtors 1980-10-28
Opening of new office 1980-05-01
Award of real estate group 1980-04-29
Groups of men holding world's largest Christmas stocking 1979-11-21
Red Carpet Realtors in studio 1979-08-17
Texas map of animals 1979-04-10
Unidentified man 1979-01-25
[ Inv # 30853 Pic # 115490 ]
Display on Central Park sign 1978-08-22
Trim 1978-02-28
Judge Franklin Spears, 57th District Court 1978-01-11
Ads for Gallo Winery 1976-03-17
Kentucky Fried Chicken 1975-05-03
Corn 1975-07-18
Unidentified man 1975-05-19
[ Inv # 19567 Pic # 106524 ]
Hemphill-McCombs: presentation of flowers to group and meeting 1975-05-02
J. Monfrey for Mayor: council chambers 1975-04-07
John Monfrey touring city 1975-03-06
Opening ceremony for John Monfrey political office 1975-03-04
John Monfrey campaign sign 1975-02-27
Hemphill-McCombs: presentation of check to Pinto owner 1975-11-27
Hillside and telephone pole 1974-06-05
Crestview Baptist Church 1974-03-27
John Wiggins: ceremony in a field 1974-03-21
Four beer bottles and four beer cans 1974-03-13
John Chiaferdo 1974-03-13
McGuiness Whiskey bottle 1974-02-27
Arrival of Kentucky Fried Chicken executive 1973-11-07
Opening ceremony at Kentucky Fried Chicken warehouse 1973-11-07
Cord of wood 1973-07-12
Kentucky Fried Chicken Warehouse at 9706 Interstate Highway 35 North 1973-10-31
Monfrey for Mayor: John Monfrey with campaign workers 1975-03-10
People with awards 1979-10-30
760 Salesman at Woodland in front of house 1979-04-09
Painting "House on Plain" 1977-12-16
Mr. Lamb 1977-02-15
Golf putter tester and operator 1977-07-26
Golf putter machine and golf ball in glass 1976-07-19
Jehovah's Witness church 1976-07-13
Filter tanks at Perl Brewery 1976-06-24
Large control panel 1976-06-04
John Monfrey behind table with products 1976-03-23
Ads for Kentucky Fried Chicken sale 1976-03-17
Scott Young 1975-11-24
Bicentennial beer can from Falstaff 1976-01-05
Golf clubs 1975-11-26
John Monfrey behind bottles on table 1975-11-07
751.001 Exterior of Fraser-Wiggins-Collins and Steckly Advertising Agency, 147 E. Mistletoe Avenue , 1962-03-27
[ 29139 ]
People posed with Rainbo bread , 1963-03-11
[ 35294-35308 ]
People next to Rainbo Bread truck , 1963-04-01
[ 35705 ]
Studio portraits of James F. Hibbard, Vice President of T.J. Bettes Company , 1963-04-29
[ 36360-36363 ]
Model holding meat on plate that she is about to put in a Westinghouse refrigerator , 1963-07-19
[ 37714-37716 ]
Sunbean electric mixer in Mexican mixing bowl , 1963-07-19
[ 37711 ]
Model holding food above a Coldspot freezer , 1963-07-19
[ 37715 ]
Electric meter box at Temple, Inc. , 1963-08-06
[ 38032 ]
Unidentified girl with chocolate in mixing bowl , 1963-08-06
[ 38023 ]
Two unidentified men blowing out candles on birthday cake , 1963-08-07
[ 38124 ]
Manager of Rainbo Bakery putting U.S. flag on Rainbo delivery truck , 1963-08-30
[ 38538-38539 ]
Meeting of church groups at Wilshire School , 1964-01-24
[ 41333-41336 ]
Bust portrait of Peter M. Curry, attorney, in his office in Majestic Building , 1964-01-28
[ 41470-41471 ]
Peter M. Curry being sworn in as judge , 1964-02-03
[ 41575 ]
Franklin S. Spears receiving resolution of appreciation from Texas Job Training and Safety Committee , 1964-02-07
[ 41659 ]
County Commissioner Albert Pena , 1964-03-04
[ 42190 ]
Group of attorneys at Alamo Heights High School , 1964-03-21
[ 42441 ]
Chrysler Newport automobile in Brackenridge Park , 1964-04-07
[ 42691 ]
Charlene and Red McCombs welcoming Ford Motor Company executives at airport , 1964-04-08
[ 42846 ]
San Antonio Bar Association Awards presentation at Granada Hotel Ballroom , 1964-05-04
[ 43305-43307 ]
Bust portrait of Jim Hellbane , 1964-05-26
[ 43823 ]
Unidentified man at drafting board , 1964-07-15
[ 44658 ]
Man talking into two-way radio as men, in background, work on utility pole, Seguin , 1964-07-15
[ 44653 ]
“Doc’s Dude Ranch” stagecoach in driveway of a house in Carriage Square , 1964-07-15
[ 44664 ]
Model beside Frigidaire oven , 1964-07-22
[ 44768-44770 ]
City Public Service Ford truck at 4919 E. Houston Street , 1964-07-24
[ 44787 ]
Jim Helland at his desk , 1964-09-01
[ 45443-45444; 45473-45475 ]
Jim Helland and family at their home , 1964-09-04
[ 41333-41336 ]
Family looking at new house under construction , 1964-09-13
[ 52694 ]
Jim Helland’s torn campaign sign beside chain-link fence , 1964-10-05
[ 45924 ]
Men painting exterior of Tom Moore’s house , 1964-10-06
[ 45938-45939 ]
Organ at Mexican Baptist Bible Institute , 1964-10-06
[ 45944 ]
WOAI-TV cameraman recording man handing over car keys to a Chrysler “300” from Rieger Motors , 1964-10-14
[ 46201 ]
Studio portrait of John Fraser , 1964-10-31
[ 46593 ]
Composite with portrait of Jim Helland and billboard “Elect Jim Helland, Commissioner Precinct 3) , 1964-11-02
[ 46680 ]
Swearing in of Judge Br--- , 1964-11-13
[ 46800-46802 ]
Woman with turkey on rack of Frigidaire oven at City Public Service Company kitchen , 1964-11-13
[ 46803-46806 ]
Man and woman holding H.E.B. grade A medium eggs , 1964-12-29
[ 48413-48414 ]
Drives Award Banquet, St. Anthony Hotel , 1965-01-25
[ 48823-48825 ]
Exterior of Hemphill-McCombs Ford, San Pedro Avenue , 1965-02-02
[ 49438-49439 ]
Hunter Products Company “Magic Mist” on door at Earl Abel’s Restaurant , 1965-02-02
[ 48997-48998 ]
Mayor Walter W. McAllister presenting a proclamation , 1965-02-02
[ 49025-49026 ]
School Board banquet at cafeteria , 1965-02-02
[ 49414-49420 ]
Woman selling 1965 automobile license plates at H.E.B. food store , 1965-02-09
[ 49096 ]
Presentation of steer to a representative from Boysville , 1965-02-23
[ 49326 ]
Automobiles from O.R. Mitchell Motor Company in rural setting. , 1965-02-25
[ 49365 ]
School Board Banquet with Dr. W.W. Jackson, chairman of Texas State Board of Education, holding award. , 1965-03-02
[ 49418 ]
School Board Banquet. (L. to r.) Rev. James Brunner, Paul Belzung, and Bishop Earl Dicus (Episcopal Diocese of West Texas) , 1965-03-02
[ 49420 ]
County Commissioners Anderson, Wasbach, and Ploch , 1964-03-04
[ 42190-42192 ]
Banquet honoring Tommy Nobis, Jr., who received San Antonio’s All-American Award , 1965-03-04
[ 49454-49460 ]
Tommy Nobis, Jr. holding his San Antonio’s All-American Award , 1965-03-04
[ 49458 ]
Frank Erwin speaking at banquet honoring Tommy Nobis, Jr. , 1965-03-04
[ 49456 ]
Group at banquet honoring Tommy Nobis, Jr.. Red McCombs on far left , 1965-03-04
[ 49457 ]
Frank Erwin speaking at banquet honoring Tommy Nobis, Jr. , 1965-03-04
[ 49456 ]
Terrell Hills Baptist Church choir , 1965-03-17
[ 49829 ]
Terrell Hills Baptist Church nursery , 1965-03-17
[ 49830-49832 ]
Official Plymouth Pace Car at O.R. Mitchell Chrysler Company , 1965-04-05
[ 50121 ]
O.R. Mitchell Chrysler Company new car convoy on Broadway led by official Plymouth Pace Car. , 1965-04-05
[ 50202-50204 ]
Red McCombs with gold car award , 1965-04-22
[ 50414 ]
Arrival of Mrs. Dean at airport , 1965-04-22
[ 50460-50463 ]
Presentation of award at Milam Building , 1965-04-26
[ 50532-50533 ]
Mayor Walter W. McAllister presenting award , 1965-04-26
[ 50515-50516 ]
Man from Cudahy Bar S presenting check , 1965-04-26
[ 50551-50552 ]
Swearing in of Judge Carlos Cadena , 1965-04-26
[ 50541 ]
Arrival of Justice W.O. Douglas at airport , 1965-05-01
[ 50574-50576 ]
Justice W.O. Douglas giving speech in front of the Alamo and dinner at Gunter Hotel , 1965-05-03
[ 50585-50594 ]
D.J. Rheiner (left) presenting Boys’ Club of America award of appreciation to John Monfrey , 1965-05-03
[ 50618 ]
Man and woman with wig for beauty contest for movie “Harlow” , 1965-05-08
[ 50682 ]
Officials and contestants at beauty contest for movie “Harlow” , 1965-05-08
[ 50682 ]
Sanders and (Truckman?)showing model home to a family. , 1965-05-09
[ 51301 ]
Billboard with wording “Law Day U.S.A. / Uphold the Law – A Citizen’s First Duty / May 1” , 1965-05-12
[ 50701 ]
House in Fairfield subdivision , 1965-05-14
[ 50822-50823 ]
Red McCombs holding certificate as he stands in front of poster advertising the “Jimmy Dean / Molly Bee show” sponsored by Hemphill McCombs Ford , 1965-05-27
[ 51000 ]
Exterior of house at 8407 Starcrest Drive in Fairfield Subdivision , 1965-05-29
[ 51852 ]
Men beside Shasta display in an H.E.B. store , 1965-05-31
[ 51084 ]
Arrival of Jimmy Dean at airport , 1965-06-14
[ 51373-51375 ]
Jimmy Dean and two women , 1965-06-14
[ 51376 ]
Jimmy Dean kissing a woman , 1965-06-14
[ 51381 ]
Louie___ in Falstaff uniform , 1965-06-14
[ 51385 ]
Exterior of house at 3730 Starhill, in Fairfield Subdivision , 1965-06-29
[ 51691 ]
Tommy Powers family party at Menger Hotel Patio Club , 1965-06-29
[ 51692-51693 ]
Exterior of house at 3760 Starhill in Fairfield Subdivision , 1965-07-13
[ 51691 ]
Exterior of house at 8407 Starcrest, in Fairfield Subdivision , 1965-07-13
[ 51852 ]
Fess Parker on sky ride in Brackenridge Park , 1965-08-20
[ 52387-52390 ]
Studio portrait of Franklin Spears , 1965-09-04
[ 52602 ]
Copy of rendering for Rural Electric Coop, “Helping Texas Grow.” , 1965-09-07
[ 52637 ]
Two unidentified men at Falstaff gathering , 1965-09-17
[ Log No 52827 ]
People seated at tables at Falstaff gathering , 1965-09-17
[ 52826 ]
Two houses in Fairfield Subdivision, including 8411 Starcrest Drive , 1965-09-21
[ 52879 ]
Scenes of family life , 1965-10-19
[ 53559-53563 ]
Jim Rose, KTSA, at sky-ride in Brackenridge Park , 1965-11-06
[ 53839 ]
Details of rug from Signal Carpet , 1965-12-03
[ 54264-54267 ]
Christmas pageant at St. David’s Church , 1965-12-13
[ 54427-54430 ]
R.L. “Bob” Steele, H.E.B. store manager , undated
[ ]
762 Bill Wech: airplane 1974-07-03
FREE-LOADERS 1964-1966
761 Band on back of train 1966
Band in studio 1964
763 Changing sign on old Dixie Decorators building 1974-11-04
SMA Convention Learning center 1973-11-13
Unidentified man 1972-12-06
Freeman Decorating Company truck 1968-04-12
Interior of Convention Center and booths 1968-04-05
Fiesta San Jacinto Parade floats 1972
Company meeting 1972-07-14
764 Capitol Cement Plant 1973-04-16
Auction at KLRN-TV 1971-05-04
Fiesta Party 1976-04-21
Nurses 1976-05-19
Felipe Espinoza 1976-05-20
People and machines 1976-06-17
Carlos Freymann 1976-07-10
Donna Freymann 1976-04-07
765 Refrigeration units in grocery stores
766 Refrigeration units
767 Refrigeration units
768 Air conditioning units
Refrigeration units
769 Harrison family crest
Refrigeration units
Aerial of Friedrich plant
Exterior of Friedrich plant
770 Refrigeration units
771 Refrigeration units
772 Refrigeration units
773 Models with air conditioning units
774 Employees putting air conditioning units together
Air conditioning units
Interior of Friedrich plant 1962
Loading dock 1954
Refrigeration units in grocery stores
Interior of Friedrich plant 1959
McBee's Fine Meats exterior
Rendering of Friedrich plant
Exterior of old Friedrich plant 1964
Friedrich plant circa 1890
775 Parts for air conditioning units
Refrigeration units
Group of people with coonskin caps outside E. D. Friedrich, Inc. building
Group of men with coonskin caps in front of the Alamo
776 People at party
Employees at picnic
Friedrich International Sales meeting 1955
Unidentified people
Air conditioning units
Bill Blacack
Friedrich family
777 Trucks 1959
778 Refrigeration units
Air conditioning units
Air conditioning units 1960
779 Air conditioning units 1960
Air conditioning parts 1960
780 Refrigeration units in grocery stores 1960
781 Models with air conditioning units 1960
Models with air conditioning units 1961
782 Refrigeration units 1960
Refrigeration units 1961
783 Refrigeration units being loaded into truck 1960
Air conditioning units
Unidentified man
Refrigeration units in grocery stores 1961
Green Stamps Food Bank
Chairs made with antlers and horns
Unidentified people
Group in park
784 Models with air conditioning units
Machinery 1961
Employees working on air conditioning units
Air conditioning units 1960
785 Air conditioning units
Models with air conditioning units
Air conditioning units 1961
786 Models with air conditioning units
Refrigeration units
Models with air conditioning units 1964
Models with air conditioning units 1965
Models with air conditioning units 1961
787 Furnace
Air conditioning unit
788 Models with air conditioning units
Man by table 1963
Models with air conditioning units 1962
789 Models with air conditioning units
Refrigeration units
Air conditioning units being built 1963
Air conditioning units being built 1962
790 Group of employees
Two men with plaque
Man with machinery
Planning board
Unidentified people 1964
Pay Less Beverage Stores 1963, 1965
Friederich plant
Groups of people at the Alamo and other places
McBee's Fine Meats exterior
791 Aerials of Friedrich plant 1977
Aerials of Friedrich plant 1962
792 Charles A. Meinscher 1976-03-16
Mr. Berg, Samuel Campbello 1976-02-16
Tom Picket, W. E. Lamm, George Friedrich 1970-10-26
Mrs. Richard H. Friedrich 1970-04-27
John Lamson, Mr. McElveen 1970-04-27
R. L. Bockart, Ray Foster
Charles Rose, Bob Jones
J. P. Fulford, Robert Bryant
Unidentified woman 1964
[ Pic # 39356 ]
Group of men 1966
Ed Friedrich 1964
Mr. Friedrich (old)
Cleo Atha
Unidentified men 1964
Unidentified men 1962
Bud Crick
793 Group of men
Group touring plant
Employees 1963
794 Interior and exterior of plant 1963
Employees at work 1963
795 Equipment 1962
Air conditioning units 1963
Air conditioning parts
796 Old man and young boy playing chess with air conditioning unit above them
Models with air conditioning units 1963
Refrigeration units
Models with air conditioning units 1963
797 Air conditioning units 1963
Air conditioning units 1964
Electronic comfort controls 1963
Electronic comfort controls 1964
Parts of air conditioning units
798 Air conditioning units 1963
Air conditioning units 1964
799 Models with air conditioning units
800 Air conditioning units 1964
Refrigeration units
801 Air conditioning units 1964
Refrigeration units
802 Fruits and nuts 1964
Meats 1964
Frozen food 1964
Biscuits and dairy products 1964
Vegetables 1964
Bob Jones 1964
803 Refrigeration units 1964
804 Models with air conditioning units
805 Air conditioning units 1964
Air conditioning units 1965
Air conditioning parts 1964
806 Refrigeration units in grocery stores 1965
Refrigeration units in grocery stores 1966
Refrigeration units in grocery stores 1964
807 Air conditioning parts
Thermostats 1965
Heat conductors 1966
Air conditioning units 1967
Air volume indicator 1968
808 Air conditioning units 1965
Air conditioning units 1968
809 Models with air conditioning units 1966
810 Air conditioning units 1966
Air conditioning units 1967
811 Model in swimsuit
Friedrich sign
Models with shopping carts
812 Models by refrigeration units 1966
Models by refrigeration units 1968
813 Air conditioning units 1967
Unidentified men 1967
Unidentified men with air conditioning units
814 Model in fur coat
Men on a phone 1968
J. M. Brookover
Models with air conditioning units
Models with air conditioning units 1967
Man outside house
Woman outside house
815 Man in library with air conditioning unit behind him
Models with air conditioning units for air conditioning promotion
816 Wyatt Advertising: living room 1968-09-29
Wyatt Advertising: thermostat 1968-05-13
817 Air conditioning equipment 1968-11-29
Air conditioning thermostat 1968-08-17
818 Ads 1968
819 Graphs and charts 1970-08-31
Equipment 1969-06-20
Anita Bryant 1969-05-05
Dehumidifier 1969-03-14
J. H. Frey 1968-12-03
820 Board of Directors 1969-09-23
Ken McFarland 1970-12-07
Thomas Berg 1968-09-17
John D. Wilson III 1970-02-02
Ed George
821 Refrigeration units 1969
Refrigeration units 1968
822 Furnaces 1972-02-17
Air conditioning units 1972-04-13
Air conditioning units 1971-03-24
Equipment 1968-09-09
Furnaces 1972-02-10
Air conditioning units 1971-12-17
Blower coils unit 1971-09-20
Air conditioning parts 1971-04-28
Air conditioning units 1970-11-10
Air conditioning units 1970-08-12
Air conditioning equipment 1970-05-06
Anita Bryant and children 1970-04-06
Anita Bryant and air conditioning units 1970-04-01
Forced Air Heater Furnace 1969-12-30
Spanish Oak Apartment 1969-11-08
823 Mr. Rose 1969-12-24
Board of Directors 1969-01-30
Mr. Berg at Plant 1969-07-14
Man working on machinery 1968-10-01
Aerial of Friedrich plant 1974-09-16
Japanese visitors touring plant 1975-06-24
Model with air conditioning units
Couple outside Friedrich Building 1971-07-21
Air conditioning units 1971-06-03
Mr. Berg and Mr. Junar 1971-05-05
Group of engineers and Mr. Berg at drawing table
824 Wyatt Advertising: refrigeration units in grocery store with models 1969-10-09
825 Anita Bryant with air conditioning units 1969-10-01
826 Air conditioning units with model
Air conditioning units 1969-12-11
Friedrich sign 1970-01-15
Air conditioning units 1970-01-09
Air conditioning units 1970-01-06
Art work 1970-01-08
Air conditioning units 1970-01-09
Air conditioning units 1969-10-16
Air conditioning units 1969-10-09
Electric meter 1969-05-05
Banana 1969-05-02
827 Air conditioning units
Refrigeration equipment 1970-01-22
Large condensing unit 1970-05-25
828 Air conditioning units 1970-06-18
Ad with Anita Bryant 1970-05-12
Anita Bryant 1970-05-01
829 Models with air conditioning units 1970-08-19
Models with air conditioning units 1970-08-13
Models with air conditioning units 1970-10-13
830 Air conditioning units 1971-05-28
Tracy Locke with air conditioning units 1970-08-16
831 Aerial of Friedrich plant 1972-10-16
Interior of plant 1972-05-04
Mr. Berg
Group taking tour of plant 1971-05-27
Exterior of Friedrich building and plant office interiors 04-05
Electro plating vat 1971-04-23
Aerial of plant 1971-03-30
New building 1971-01-05
Exterior of new plant
Employees at work in new plant 1970-12-25
Helicopter putting fans on new building roof 1970-09-03
Construction of new building 1970-07-28
Rendering of new building 1970-02-04
832 Refrigeration units 1971
Parts and equipment 1971
833 Air conditioning units 1971-03-20
834 Groups at old plant 1971-03-22
835 Anita Bryant with air conditioning units
836 Air conditioning units 1972-09-05
Refrigeration units
837 Refrigeration units 1972
Meat cooler with model 1973-05-16
838 Men with air conditioning units 04-15
Men with air conditioning units 1972-03-06
Ads 1973-04-10
Refrigeration in stores 1974
839 Men in plant 1976-02-13
Compressor unit 1979-12-12
Refrigeration unit 1978-10-09
Compressors 1978-10-19
Condenser units 1978-10-17
Air conditioning units 1978-08-16
Water heaters 1978-03-03
Visitors from Venezuela with president 1978-02-27
Friedrich plant 1978-02-27
Storage freezers 1978-01-17
Flat art 1977-12-27
Freezer case 1977-11-22
Charts 1977-11-21
Group of men by air conditioning display 1977-09-09
Oil rig in the ocean 1977-06-06
Aerial of Friedrich plant 1977-04-11
Peter Graves
Refrigeration units in grocery store in Hurst, Texas 1977-03-30
Control panels 1976-07-27
Air conditioning units 1976-05-26
Air conditioning units 1976-05-25
840 Charts 1979-06-14
Grocery store department 1979-04-16
Refrigeration unit 1979-03-27
Charts 1979-02-13
Commercial box 1979-03-08
Air conditioning units 1979-01-27
Control panel 1979-01-30
841 Interior of warehouse 1981-04-23
Furnaces 1981-01-05
Air conditioning units 1980-12-23
Exterior of plant 1981-07-22
Machinery 1979-12-20
842 Friedrich, Mr. and Mrs.: Party with dancing at 50th wedding anniversary 1960
Friedrich, Mr. and Mrs. By fountain
Friedrich family
Plate Collection
Christmas party with Santa Claus
Exterior of house with Christmas decorations
843 Exterior and interior of Frigidaire 1934
844 Man with corn 1969-01-30
Man with medal 1969-01-24
Frito-Lay plant exterior and interior 1957
Unidentified men cutting cake
[ Pic # 10541 ]
Woman bowling
Frito-Lay Employees
845 Awards 1980-02-05
Lester Lindop and another man in cornfield 1973-08-22
Exterior of new Frito-Lay plant 1973-08-13
Owen Allison by Frito-Lay truck 1973-08-07
Quincy Lee and Frito-Lay dinner at Saint Anthony Hotel 1973-09-08
Four unidentified men 1972-09-21
[ Pic # 94268-70 Inv # 13178 ]
Sabritones bags 1981-10-20
846 Frontier Enterprises chefs 1968-04-03
Mayor McAllister 1968
Party at opening of Jim's Coffee Shop
John Burkholder 1966
Exterior of Jim's Coffee Shop 1963
Jim's Fin and Feather 1964
Frontier Drive Inn
847 Food 1968
Food 1962-09-20
848 Charles Cosell: couple eating at Tower of the Americas Restaurant 1968-09-21
849 Broggi Advertising: wedding in Tower of the Americas restaurant 1968-05-27
Tower Enterprises: lades from Seattle giving Mayor McAllister photograph of Space Needle 1968-05-27
Employees of Tower of the Americas at bottom of Tower 1968-08-01
Meat and vegetable inspectors 1968-08-06
850 William Schiller: close up photograph of chef at grill and people eating at Beef Baron at Central Park 1968-12-17
Denham-Bush, Inc.: Beef Baron exterior and interior and Jim's Frontier (commissary) 1968-10-05
851 Ice cream 1969-11-06
Food 1969-10-21
852 Steak Island, Austin, Texas 1974-07-10
Glenn Advertising: Jim Hasslocker outstanding restaurateur 1974-06-10
Drawing of ticket for Stock Show Grand Champion steer 1970-05-11
Jim Hasslocker and grand champion steer 1970-02-24
Food 1970-01-15
Grand Champion steer of show 1970-02-20
853 Rose Morningstar: man in Hemis Fair Plaza with Tower of the Americas behind him 1976-04-26
Auction 1975-02-14
Rendering of interior of new restaurant 1973-03-07
Jim's Coffee Shop: old board with Jim's on it 1977-05-23
Food 1977-05-11
854 Food: hamburger and fries 1974-02-14
FROST BROS. 1967-1987 and undated
855 Models and merchandise for Christmas catalog
The Continental Flavor by Nika Stanton Hazelton
Crystal and silver
856 Style show at Frost Fashion square 1970-09-09
Pots and pans 1971-04-01
Interior of Walter Mathis home, 401 King William 1969-09-15
Jewelry 1969-07-01
Nativity 1961-12-08
Dolls 1965-03-15
Rendering of Frost Brothers Department Store 1963-01-29
857 Silver and crystal
Bolts of cloth
Pilots by plane
Unidentified people
Mayor McAllister and others looking in space capsule 1962
Man in front of Frost Brothers Department Store 1962
Fashion show 1962
John Glenn and other astronauts
Rendering of NASA in Houston
Luncheon 1962
858 Jewelry
Dolls 1962
Bowls 1962
China, silver and crystal
Glass flowers
Watches 1963
859 North Star and Central Park Malls from the air 1970
Frost Brothers Department Store exterior 1965
Models 1967
Horse drawn carriage with Dalmatians 1963
Little kids 1963
Departments in Frost Brothers
Construction in New Frost Brothers Department Store at North Star Mall
860 Frost Brothers Department Store building exterior 1963
Departments in Frost Brothers Department Store 1969
Jewelry department 1968-10-29
Interior of jewelry store
861 Perfume
Jewelry 1965
Crystal and silver
Exterior on Frost Brothers Department Store 1967
862 Frost Brothers Del Rio Party 1968-09-06
Airport arrival of Malcolm Starr 1968-09-06
Style show at Saint Anthony Hotel 1968-09-06
Janis Paige's airport arrival 1968-09-10
Janis Paige at Hemis Fair 1968-09-09
Style show 1968-09-05
Fashion show at San Antonio Country Club 1968-09-10
863 Models at Frost Brothers Department Store at Hilton Palacio del Rio 1968-04-30
Mrs. Irving Mathews and group 1968-04-08
Fashion show at Hilton Palacio del Rio 1968-04-08
Frost Brothers models at Hilton Palacio del Rio and exterior of Hilton Palacio del Rio 1968-04-04
Debra Dene Barnes
Executives at Hilton Palacio del Rio construction
864 Press party at Saint Anthony Hotel for Polly Bergan 1968-01-06
Polly Bergan on TV on 4, 9, 12 1968-01-07
Brooks General Hospital with Polly Bergan and fashion show 1968-01-07
Polly Bergan's airport arrival and at Saint Anthony Hotel 1968-01-05
Polly Bergan at Frost Brothers Department Store downtown 1968-01-06
865 Valentino 1971-09-14
Richard Frontman 1971-08-31
Unidentified woman
Bill Blass 1971-08-18
Betsey Johnson of Alley Cat 1971-08-02
Paul Caffrey 1971-07-19
Estevez 1971-06-14
Eda C. Stewart 1971-05-18
JoJo Marengo 1971-03-04
Models and Chill Will 1971-02-17
Randy Randazzo 1971-02-12
Wedding dress and veil 1971-02-02
Doris Reig 1971-01-09
Irving Mathews 1970-19-09
Three girls in kilts playing bagpipes 1970-11-21
Michael Hennessey, Vice President of Maximillian Furs 1970-09-28
Wig Boutique for Men 1970-09-24
Horse owned by Dodd Hawley 1970-09-17
Evelyn Rose, Leslie Toll and Richard Frontman 1970-09-02
Jerry Garey 1970-08-28
Joan Howard Bittenbender 1970-07-29
A. B. Templeton 1970-07-24
Mr. Troy and Mr. Vincent 1970-07-05
Frank Falkstein 1970-05-13
Ultima II representative 1970-05-11
Warren Hunter 1970-04-01
Model at beach 1970-03-24
Adele Simpson 1970-03-06
Helen Rose and Priscilla 1970-01-13
Sam Cohen and Jo Copeland 1969-12-29
Betty Parker 1969-12-01
Vincent Mignon 1969-11-06
Mr. Toner of Cardin 1969-11-04
G. Stangl 1969-10-17
Mildred Gillbert, Jerry Silverman and Teal Traina 1969-08-26
Jo McLeod and Dominic Rompollo 1969-08-26
Smoky Smokey 1969-08-09
Sherrill Reagan 1969-08-04
Musical group "Homer" 1969-09-28
Randazzo 1969-06-04
Geoffrey Beene 1969-03-04
Mr. Mort 1969-03-21
Baby girl 1969-02-07
Evelyn Rose 1969-01-27
Mr. Ricardo 1969-01-22
Models 1968-11-15
Bob Bride 1968-09-09
Mary Jane Pool 1968-09-06
Malcolm Starr 1968-08-23
Janis Paige 1968-08-03
Elaine Rogers 1968-08-19
Mrs. Albarosa Villa and Mrs. Villa and daughter Aurora 1968-05-10
Saul Villa and Sam Perez 1968-05-14
Wandita Ford 1968-05-14
Leslie Ford 1968-04-19
Charles Crockett 1969-04-15
866 Malcolm Starr Fashions and models at Anacocka Room 1969-01-23
Fashion show at North Star Mall 1969-08-25
Frost Brothers Fashion dress rehearsal 1969-09-06
S. I. Newhouse's arrival at airport 1969-09-07
Airport arrival of Jerry Silverman, Teal Traina and press party Bernie Rose, Fred Lehr, Jr., Jim Dockery 1969-09-06
Frost Brothers party merger with Manhattan of New York at Mathew's home, Mayor McAllister, Robert E. Leeds, Jr. 1969-09-11
Miss Wool at North Star Mall 1969-08-14
Fashion show at Saint Anthony Hotel
Hellen Rose fashion show 1969-08-11
Fortune teller Shara with crystal ball 1969-07-24
Frost Fashion Square Miss Pat Show 1969-07-26
Models at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-07-21
"Herman" music band singing at Hemis Fair Arena 1969-07-17
Mr. Hawley 1969-07-02
Groups at Saint Anthony Club 1969-05-05
Jewelry stores 1969-04-21
Governor Connally at Witte Museum at Hemis Fair Plaza 1969-03-11
Prewer at Witte Museum 1969-03-29
Witte conference models 1969-03-28
Airport arrival of Mathews, Howe, Geoffrey Beene 1969-03-27
Ladies at Frost Brothers fashion show 1969-03-15
Models at Witte Transportation Museum 1969-03-10
Miss Watermelon at North Star Mall 1969-02-27
Leslie James Millinery 1969-02-06
Frost Brothers Style Show at "A" room in Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-01-28
Stock certificate 1969-03-13
867 Keel Trania: informal showing and models 1969-09-03
Vogue Fashion Show at San Antonio College 1969-09-07
Henry R. Brilliant fashion show at North Star Mall 1969-09-20
Guys dressed in women dresses
People at the Craft Center 1969-10-08
People on the river at Hilton Palacio del Rio Frost Brothers store 1969-09-30
Dress rehearsal at Saint Anthony 1969-12-10
Bill Blass at Mr. Mathews home 1969-12-10
Vincent Mignon show at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-11-20
Models 1969-12-06
Models at Saint Anthony Hotel for "All Men's" Show 1969-12-08
Models at Saint Anthony Hotel for "All Men's" Show 1969-11-26
Models at Saint Anthony Hotel for "All Men's" Show 1969-12-02
Vincent Mignon show at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-11-20
Press breakfast at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-11-19
Vincent Mignon arrival 1969-11-18
Symphony Show at Bargain Boutique 1969-11-19
Press party for opening of jewelry store at North Star Mall 1969-11-03
Mr. Mort style show 1969-10-23
Mr. Mort press party at Craft Center in La Villita 1969-10-22
Mr. Mort arrival at airport 1969-10-22
868 Billy Walker 1970-11-17
Unidentified man 1977-03-15
[ Pic # 112363 Inv # 23309 ]
Unidentified woman 1977-01-28
[ Pic # 112093-096 Inv # 21981 ]
Presentation of award 1976-02-19
Posters 1976-02-05
People in Hawaiian costume and Hawaiian Air 1976-02-09
Brides 1976-01-15
Unidentified man 1975-11-26
[ Inv # 20653 Pic # 108242 ]
Unidentified man 1975-11-27
[ Inv # 20658 Pic # 108240-41 ]
Unidentified people 1975-08-28
[ Inv # 20193 Pic # 107316-317 ]
Model in evening gown 1975-07-24
Unidentified man 1975-05-08
[ Inv # 19513 Pic # 106350 ]
Yoko Rimura with jade objects of art 1974-05-14
Rodriguez 1973-11-26
Christine Peoria 1973-11-08
Eugene Church 1973-10-29
David Evins 1973-09-28
Two models 1973-09-04
John Young 1973-08-30
Model wearing Adele Simpson creation 1973-08-20
John Yellow Horse 1973-04-06
Halston and his Resort and Spring Collection 1973-03-13
Dr. Joyce Brothers 1973-02-06
Priscilla 1973-01-26
Dominic Rompollo and Adele Simpson 1972-11-29
Glen Thomas 1972-10-26
Paul Victor 1972-10-19
Jane Evans, Richard Frontman, Mildred Whitaker 1972-09-25
Nicole Larson, Bill Tice and Mildred Gilbert 1972-09-13
Anne Klein and models 1972-08-24
Mr. Ray, W. C. Frost, J. M. Frost, Gilbert Long and Sidney Berkowitz 1972-07-13
Larry Kaye of Dior Furs and Eugene Lacrutz 1972-09-26
Luis Echivarria 1972-06-02
Stavropoulos 1972-03-11
869 Fashion party at Witte Museum 1970-03-14
Fashion drawings 1970-04-28
Irma Shorrell press party 1970-04-18
Silhouette artist at Frost Brothers North Star Mall 1970-04-10
Winner of Hawaii trip 1970-04-15
Fashion mirror 1970-04-03
Polo champions at Brackenridge Park 1970-04-05
Groups at Menger Hotel 1971-05-11
Ladies at Saint Anthony Hotel preparing menu 1970-11-20
Rock band
Presentation of watch 1970-06-11
Jewelry style show 1970-06-10
Swimsuit fashion show
Little girl at Continental Air counter 1970-04-01
Hawaiian dance at Frost Brothers North Star Mall 1970-03-26
Ban-Lon display 1970-03-19
Models wearing wigs 1970-03-11
Adele Simpson arriving at airport 1970-03-12
Party at Witte Museum with Japanese Art 1970-02-28
KTSA-TV bridal fair 1970-02-21
Leslie Ellen Culmer with award from Ad Club 1970-02-26
Mrs. Tobin and man in front of screen 1970-02-12
Wedding style show 1970-01-29
Arrival of Helen Rose with model 1970-01-17
Helen Rose Style Show 1970-01-19
Parcellia style Show at Bright Shawl for Junior JC's 1970-01-28
870 Calculator 1974-03-25
China and table setting 1973-07-23
Whicker and tortoise shell purse 1973-02-22
Silver and crystal sewing accessories 1973-02-12
Material 1973-01-10
Red purse 1973-01-02
Silver 1972-10-31
Crystal 1972-10-25
Glasses 1972-09-12
Knives and forks 1972-07-13
Silverware 1971-10-21
Saucers 1971-09-15
Jeweled pin 1971-09-03
Wine bottle 1971-08-27
Crystal and silver salt and pepper shakers 1971-08-24
Coasters 1971-03-18
Necklace, earrings and bracelet 1971-02-09
Watches 1970-05-09
871 Unidentified woman 1975-10-21
Patt Tutt 1975-02-03
Jerry Axton 1974-05-03
Richard Frontman 1973-01-16
Melvin Wille and Clyde Freese 1972-10-17
Gerald Korn 1972-10-18
Irving Mathews 1972-01-17
872 Bath linens 1973-05-15
Bed linens 1973-05-10
Bath, bed and table linens 1973-05-24
Bath, bed and table linens 1973-05-16
Bath, bed and table linens 1973-05-15
873 Bath, bed and table linens and model 1974-05-27
Bath, bed and table linens 1974-05-22
Beds at Colin Hunter's house 1974-05-20
874 Model wearing towels 1975
Flowers 1975
Candles and bowls 1975
Plates and placemats 1975
Glasses 1975
Silverware 1975
Drapes and rugs 1975
Beds and bed linens 1975
Light switches 1975
875 Models and party 1978-07-06
Guests at dinner party 1978-05-19
Unidentified man 1978-06-28
Fashion show at North Star Mall 1976-08-30
Tableware 1978-11-09
Managers and models looking at new store plans 1978-05-04
Party 1977-05-02
Mr. Berkowitz 1977-03-21
Mr. Mathews 1976-12-28
Interior of Frost Brothers Department Store 1976-11-06
Style show at San Antonio Country Club 1976-09-26
Frost Brothers Department Store employees 1976-09-08
Dr. Aldo: Gucci arriving at airport; luncheon and cocktail party 1976-09-18
Opening of Gucci shop in Frost Brothers at North Star Mall 1976-09-20
FROST NATIONAL BANK circa 1910-1985
877 Scholarship awards
Interiors for annual report
Exterior of Frost National report
Unidentified people
Award to bank for outstanding community service
Bank vault
Check and bancard check card
Application for bancard
Award winners
Portrait unveiling
Bank and San Fernando Cathedral 1962
Early photograph, wagons and early automobile in front
878 Bank interior
Rubble of building 1962
Check to Boysville for $5,000 1964-09-15
Check order desk: Mrs. Billie Ferrell
Frost National Bank circa 1900 in downtown area next to a cathedral and across from Main Plaza or Alamo Plaza near Southern Hotel
Group of unidentified people
Unidentified man
Three unidentified men
Frost National Bank billboard
Two men holding check for $18,300,229.74 for Frost National Bank Texas Credit Association 1961-08-02
Woman writing check 1973-05-11
Presentation of a plaque plate
Two men signing a document
IBM 1401 series 1200 computer
Young man 1963-04-15
Man and woman with computer
Edward Gildemeister 1963-04-22
McCoy 1963-05-01
Three unidentified men at table
Frost executives 1960-04-15
Car in garage 1960
Weldon Carter Associates Vice President with other man
Check for Trinity University for $4,000
Check for Our Lady of the Lake University for $3,500
Frost National Bank carnival with crowd
Model of Frost National Bank
Mr. Frost and three unidentified men signing document
Tom Frost, Sr. and Tom Frost, Jr. looking at 1963 Annual Report
Tom Frost Jr. and three others exchanging gifts
Four people in vacant lot
Louis Hudson, 1st National Bank Fort Worth and John Barry Hubbard, Fort Worth National Bank with two unidentified men with small gavel
Annual report 1958 and Merit Award
Two unidentified men looking at bank statement
Nun receiving check for Our Lady of the Lake University
Three men shaking hands
Gracie Boyd holding 1958 Outstanding Regional Manager Award
Couple endorsing check
Woman looking at brochure
Mr. Frost Sr. and other man holding Federal Reserve note
Clock time 3:00 PM
Frost Savings Account Book
Clock at Frost National Bank: 10:44 AM
Bekins unloading IBM 1401 computer
Hector Ortiz
Vacant lot
Three men looking at deposit chart
Teller window
Mess of wires
Telephone/switchboard operator
Group of men
Carl H. Moore and unidentified man
Woman writing check 1963-05-01
Little girl with Christmas Club check of $50.00
Frost National Bank ad
Man receiving award
Buildings around Frost National Bank
Man doing his taxes
Father and kids working on kite
Kids with savings books
Little boy putting money in bank
Check to San Antonio Medical Foundation for $4,500.00
Man building treehouse
Girl mailing a deposit
Little girl and woman getting mail from bank
Brackenridge Eagle mini train
Family playing a game and looking at magazines
T. C. Frost at his desk
Unidentified boys
Woman with toy computers
Carnival in front of City Hall 1960
Carnival near corner of Soledad and Commerce
Carnival across from Kaufman's
Couple with plant
Woman using night deposit
Woman receiving Citation of Merit
Woman using drive-through window
Overhead of carnival along Main Plaza by Sommer's Drugs
Corner of City Hall
Bank receiving U.S. Treasury Award 1958-06-01
Man and woman with trophies
Girl scouts taking tour
Man and woman in safety deposit box room
879 Giant check for Boysville for $5,000.00
People being inoculated
People in waiting area at bank
Model of Hemis Fair Plaza
Display of Map of U.S. and state flags
People in receiving line
Robert William Lau with certificate making him a Chartered Financial Analyst
Dining room
Man receiving check for Ella Austin Children's Home
Couple at bond department window
J. G. Alvarez, Assistant Vice President talking with customer
Unidentified woman (old)
Bank services department
Women's baseball team
Unidentified woman from baseball team
Commander's Room
Family group: Frost family
Bankers from other cities
Exhibit of silver dollars of the world
Presentation in Commander's Room
Mr. and Mrs. Frost unveiling painting of Thomas C. Frost
Unidentified man and two U. S. Military men Crouch and Coira
Four unidentified women and Susan M. Perez, Zelme Amen and Bebe Peacock
Party by a pool
People standing by vault
Unidentified couple
Man receiving award
Woman paying bills
Man with trophy
Construction downtown for new bank
Woman with San Antonio City map from Frost National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Simpson, Jr., 1st National Bank, Hallettsville and Mrs. C. B. Ellwood, Commercial National Bank, Beeville
Unidentified woman
Unveiling of a portrait
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McDonald, Lytle State Bank, Lytle and Miss Terry Walsdorf
Four men in front of National Bank
Group : Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long, 1st Security National Bank, Beaumont, W. H. Irons, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and five unidentified people
Harrell Banks, KBER; Dayle Kearl, KENSE-TV; Denton Walden, Southwestern Engraving Company; Jordan Sawyer, KITE-Radio; Bob Tisdale, KBAT and other unidentified people
Group receiving Progress Award 1965: Claud B. Jacobs, J. Lamar Burges, Gene Weber, Herbert Stier, Robert M. White, D. Ronald Mullen, Gerald W. Tatsch, Clara M. Trowbridge, Mathew I. Wallence, John Windrow
Portrait of Thomas C. Frost
Mr. Schuman
Tom Frost, Jr. and Marcella Hughes with flower arrangement
Paul C. Cook
Unidentified people signing a document
Building under construction
Model of Frost National Bank
Unidentified man in a field
Check written on piece of wood
Ewald T. Kneupper
Unidentified woman in fur (old) circa 1920
Robert Smith with trophy
Tom Frost, Sr. and Tom Frost, Jr. with Frost National Bank Annual Report 1963
Woman with treasury notes
Patrick J. James
Walter Novelly
Ed Edens
Miniature car
Speaker at banquet
Construction of parking garage
Key in a case
880 Three bank experts at Colonial Bank 1980-12-18
J. G. Alvarez
Jerry M. Allen
Jerry Austin
Louis C. Baker
Frank Blamey
John Norman and T. E. Bramblett 1968-12-19
Leighton Brown
Fred Bull
Sterling Burke, Jr. 1969-02-10
Weldon Carter
Lon Carpenter
Chastain 1969-01-08
Gloria Coker
Earl Chumney
Clyde C. Crews
Fred Davis
Steve Dufilho
R. E. Fawcett
Billie Ferrell
Marvin D. Fertsch
Finger 1969-03-25
Jerry Follis
Alicia de la Fosse 1969-04-21
Norman Fritze
Tom Frost , Sr.
Gilbert Gatsinger
Harmon Gibbs
Dan Gomez
Gene Gustafson
Clifford T. Heady
H. T. Hebdon
Heberer 1968-10-23
Pierce Hoggett 1969-01-10
Jack E. Hudkins
Marcelle Hughes
Bob Jefferson
E. Lin Jolly
Leonard Josephson
Larry Keough
Jim Keyes
Johnnie A. Kraft
Robert W. Law
C. J. Krause
Stanley Lobbey
Robert S. McClain
Leonard Magruder 1968-12-31
Robert Mellard
Richard Menger
Ronald Morgan
John Norman
Hector Ortiz
J. W. Pieper
Bob Peterson
Patrick H. Reagan
Richard Rodriguez 1969-02-20
Frank E. Rohm, Jr.
Norman Saathoff
J. F. Sample
Walter F. Serold
Bob Shirey
Frank Sievers
Turner McGeke, Jr.
Robert C. Smith
Donald G. Sorrell
C. Linden Sledge
John Taylor
Ken Trapp
Bob Trevino 1969-02-25
Ann Tyman
Ray Van Beveren
James Shatters
Joseph M. White, Jr.
L. Smiley White
Charles A. Wright
L. A. Pittmann
Robert Howell
Joe White, Jr.
Heldon, H. T.
Garrett 1963-11-21
William Brett
Rosnick 1963-11-21
Edwin P. Horner
Bob Briggs
John Bakke
Glenn Landy
Tom Frost, Jr.
John A. Haag 198-11-14
Walter F. Serold
Officers 1968-11-14
Directors of the Board and 44 others 1968-10-22
881 Painting of Main Plaza circa 1860 in bank lobby 1968-04-10
Safety deposit boxes
Keys to Colonel T. C. Frost's wool warehouse construction in 1882 at the site of the present Frost Motor Bank
Awards from Advertising Awards Competition 1967
Man and woman with fanned dollar bills
Man with silver and crystal awards
Two men with ticket stacks for Stock Show and Rodeo
Silver tray from Banco de Londres y Mexico for Frost's centennial 1968-02-17
Coin tree
Women at account services
Two men in office looking through law books
Lois M. Scott Assistant Vice President
Employees posing for camera
Frost National bank: money received in 1929
Frost National Bank Notes 1863-1929
Moneys of the Republic of Texas 1836-1845
1876 Harper's Weekly 1968-11-27
Pin: 100 years of service
Unidentified men
Tom Frost, Sr.
Tom Frost, Sr. and Tom Frost, Jr. and other man in front of portrait of Thomas C. Frost
Exterior of Frost National Bank 1968-04-25
Ribbons 1968-05-07
Four unidentified men
Frost National Bank checks 1968-02-21
Colonel Frost circa 1900 1968-11-11
Anniversary at Kelly Frost Bank 1968-11-14
Interior of computer room at Frost Bank 1968-04-10
Two men at Saint Anthony Hotel 1968-04-08
Front 6 F's and hand 1968-08-10
People with dolls
Frost baseball team
Frost National Bank's night depository
Tom Frost, Sr. lighting 100 years anniversary cake
Tom Frost, Sr. and Tom Frost, Jr. with 1966 Annual Report and Merit Award
Building being torn down
Paintings in the hall of bank
Two men looking at painting in office
Empty lot
Opening ceremony
1168 Kelly Air Force Base Facility
Old coins: 1821, 1804, 1803, 1818
Different kinds of pistols
A Century on Main Plaza: A History of the Frost National Bank (book)
Framed coin collection: coins of Spanish America, Mexico and Texas 1536-1836
Moneys of Texas 1845-1865
Spanish Cob Coins 1556-1732
Portrait coins 1800-1815
State of Texas, Reconstruction and Expansion period money 1865-190
National Currency 1900-1930
Photograph of Altsara family in lobby 1968-04-10
Edward E. Chastain
Tom Frost, Jr. and two others with coins of Israel 20th anniversary
Series 1929 $100 bills U.S.
Old Texas bill $10
Series 1882 $10 bill U.S.
Three coins in case 1968-06-21
People on stage 1968-07-03
Frost Bank Ladies Softball team 1968-05-30
Checks 1968-06-10
Telephone/switchboard operator 1968-06-20
Frost and Brothers wagons, harnesses and furniture
Tom Frost and American Airline flight attendant with Bank Americard at airport 1968-11-07
Opening ceremony
Money hall and presentation 1968-10-23
Portrait unveiling 1968-10-19
Bank check with Rana holding pen 1968-10-09
Mexican Coin Collection 1968-09-18
Presentation: Len Crist and Tom Frost 1968-09-27
Father and Son at Trinity Elementary 1968-08-20
1968 scholarship winners Alan Budd, Louis B. Rodriguez and Edward Pena 1968-07-26
Saint Anthony Hotel party 1968-08-28
Key 1968-08-29
Opening ceremony 1968-11-05
Unveiling of coins 1968-11-12
882 Frost National Bank at Kelly Field 1970-12-17
Baton on sheet music 1971-07-01
Stacked pennies 1971-01-11
Group with dolls
Tom Frost, Jr. and General with portrait, Corkey and General with portrait 1970-11-10
Rendering of proposed Frost National Bank building 1970-11-06
Wildlife 1970-10-12
Pen money 1970-08-27
General Samuel, Tom Frost, Jr. and Corky 1970-09-24
Two men with golf clubs for Yancy Sendon Clarke 1970-08-06
Bust of Beethoven 1970-08-10
Tom Frost, Sr. , General Ari with portrait 1970-06-29
Little girl and dogs 1970-06-23
Tom Frost, Jr. and Harvey E. Lander and award of IBA 1970-05-20
Tom Frost, Jr. and Mr. Gravitt of the Phone Company 1970-04-28
Presentation and graphs 1970-03-30
Tom Frost, Jr. and trophy winners
Commanding General of Fort Sam Houston and Tom Frost, Jr. 1970-02-24
Doll contest winners 1969-12-16
Awards at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-12-29
Presentations in Tom Frost, Jr. office 1970-02-18
Tom Frost, Jr. with girl and shrine members with plaques 1970-02-23
Dollar bill 1969-12-08
Parking lot on corner of North Flores and West Houston Street
Morris Adelman's on North Flores Street, San Antonio, Texas
Second day of second birthday with airplanes 1969-11-13
Demolition progress on old Houston Building 1969-05-22
Tom Frost and General Ursin with portrait 1969-10-31
Press party at Kelly second birthday 1969-12-12
Two checks 1969-04-30
Annual report 1968-12-31
Photographs of bank vault for annual report 1968-01-20
Employees for report 1968-01-20
Bank exteriors for annual report 1969-10-19
Bank interiors for annual report 1968-12-31
Unveiling of portrait of Major General Carl W. Stapleton in Commander Room 1969-09-12
Apollo 11 medallion 1969-08-05
Presentation of Silver service 1969-08-05
General Rudell and Tom Frost in Commander's Room 1967-07-22
Mayor McAllister's office and proclamation 1969-05-29
Progress of destruction of Houston Building 1969-05-07
Rudy Wildenstein, Mark A. De Harde, Michael J. Parven and Albert T. Gros 1969-04-17
Houston Building demolition 1969-04-14
Signing of contract at Courthouse: Charles Davis 1969-04-16
Coin display 1969-03-28
Frost National Bank "Statement of Condition" 1969-04-10
Group and presentation at Clark Hills Country Club 1969-03-17
100 years of service buttons and silver certificates of # 1 from Abe Lincoln presidency 1968-12-27
Book A Century on Main Plaza. A History of Frost National Bank
883 Report 1969 and 1968
Clifford T. Heady, Vice President
People in line
Interiors and exteriors
Texas Bank Americard
Charts and graphs
884 Gravitt Farewell Party at Saint Anthony Hotel 1973-04-16
Groups and presentations at Oak Hills Country Club: Tommy Hunter Hatsfield, Peggy Fudger, Albert Ramirez, Paul Crassman, Richard Mason, Don Spicer, Hanal Bakah, Sam C. Bennet III, Albert M. Kewlett, George C. Magnon, Leroy Laughrey, George Newell and others 1973-03-02
Kelly Field Bank: Commander Room: General Jack and Don Garrett 1973-01-19
Old coins 1972-12-13
Rendering of Frost National Bank 1972-12-01
Publicity in Commander Room 1972-11-17
Kelly Field Branch: five year birthday 1972-10-13
Glenn Advertising: Tom Frost and man on 19th floor of new building 1972-10-31
Two men looking at telephone book cover 1972-10-17
Sign 1972-10-05
Downtown area map 1972-10-04
Glenn Advertising: young couple 1972-05-01
Awards winners at GAMA banquet 1972-03-03
Rendering 1972-02-22
Tamalada at Jersey Lilly (Young Leaders Club) 1972-02-03
Unveiling of General Cassidy's portrait in Commander Room's with Tom Frost, Jr. 1972-01-06
Unveiling of General Carson's portrait 1971-12-14
Winners of doll dressing contest 1971-12-10
Bill Mochie: model of bank 1971-11-20
Glenn Advertising: construction of Frost National Bank 1971-11-15
New Frost National Bank model in Cary Dechard's office 1971-09-30
Renderings 1971-09-17
Glenn Advertising: construction of Frost National Bank 1971-10-12
At football stadium 1971-09-14
Tom Frost, Jr. and Mr. Steves 1971-07-27
Glenn Advertising: family and little boy in Young Leaders Club 1971-07-14
Glenn Advertising: construction of Frost National Bank 1971-07-13
Tom Frost, Jr. and General Underwood at unveiling 1971-06-29
Glenn Advertising: opening ceremony for new Frost National Bank 1971-05-26
Large group in front of Frost National Bank 1971-06-04
Unveiling of Schafer's portrait 1971-05-07
Glenn Advertising: man and numbers 1971-04-22
C. Sledge, D. Garrett, Tom Frost, Jr. with Frost National Bank Model 1971-04-12
Fashion show for Young Leaders Club 1971-03-25
Award winners at Oak Hills Country Club: Larry J. Trader, William W. Pankin, Thomas. W. Mathews, George K. Wilcox, Jr., Joseph T. Sedina, Larry Goodman, James N. Osborne, Jim W. Herridge, W. B. Orsowitz 1971-03-26
Announcement of new building plans 1971-03-12
Awards at Saint Anthony Hotel 1971-01-11
Plaque winners 1971-01-26
885 Tom Frost Jr. and unidentified man
Frost Bank Building from different angle
Nature scene tapestry 1973-07-12
Nature scene tapestry 1972-11-08
Rendering of tapestry 07-06
Bank interiors including vault
Bank exteriors
Various views of new Frost Tower Building 1973-07-26
New Bank building 1973-08-28
Tapestry at Frost Bank 1973-08-31
Sunburst tapestry 1974-10-17
886 Mr. Monroe 1974-05-22
Presentation of a check for $ 1,000.00 1974-05-20
Cecil Burney 1974-05-20
Opening ceremony at Peoples National Bank 1974-04-29
Young Leaders Club ads 1974-04-25
Glenn Advertising: couple at desk, girl with AFE deposit box at bank 1974-04-25
Ground breaking ceremony 1974-04-15
Glenn Advertising: painting 1974-03-29
Scobey Moving and Storage 1974-02-08
Unidentified group 1974-02-15
Exterior of Scobey's 1974-02-04
Bank statement 1974-01-29
Life magazine in cylinder 1974-01-25
Scobey's Tree House Apartments, Citizen's Bank and Oak Hills Federal Building 1974-01-15
President's Club Banquet at Saint Anthony's Hotel Anacocha Room 1974-01-18
Glenn Advertising: pens 1974-01-16
D. W. Fawcett 1974-01-15
Glenn Advertising: ad for Frost National Bank 1973-12-18
Frost National Bank Tower 1973-12-17
Glenn Advertising: billboard 1973-12-20
Award presentations 1973-12-12
Quarter Century Club 1973-11-28
Glenn Advertising: award winner with bank's Vice President 1973-10-03
Awards from opening and United Way 1973-10-02
Unidentified man 1973-09-18
[ Inv # 15905 Pic # 99226 ]
Man signing lease 1973-08-31
Glenn Advertising: Frost National Bank sign 1973-08-30
Grand opening of Frost National Bank 1973-09-07
Clyde Crews 1973-09-12
Unidentified man 1973-09-13
[ Inv # 15880 Pic # 99111 ]
Corkey Sledge 1973-09-11
Transfer of old Frost Bank to Luby's 1973-08-22
Rendering of tapestry 1973-06-19
Painting: Thomas C. Frost 1973-07-11
Portraits in oil of the Frosts by Daria Garrett 1973-06-12
Glenn Advertising: newspaper layouts 1973-08-14
Glenn Advertising: keychains and balloons 1973-08-17
887 Painting of Thomas C. Frost 1975-09-09
Unidentified man 1979-11-07
[ Incv # 31646 Pic # 1166796-116800 ]
An ordinance 1979-03-26
Parkdale State Bank sign 1978-08-23
Unveiling of general's portrait 1978-05-17
San Antonio Dodgers baseball team 1978-04-09
Two Air Force generals receiving portraits for commendation 1977-08-12
Bank rates chart 1977-06-20
Net profits charts 1977-05-16
San Antonio Dodgers 1977-04-11
Exterior of building 1976-08-06
Baseball clinic for little leaguers by San Antonio Dodgers 1976-06-12
Main Plaza Building 1976-03-05
Unveiling ceremony 1975-10-24
Interiors of old Frost Bank Building 1975-11-20
Unveiling of new portraits 1975-05-22
Close up of lapel pin for matchbook cover 1975-02-27
Exterior of old Frost National Bank building 1975-11-21
Award dinner and small groups 1975-01-27
Unidentified men 1975-09-25
Award presentation to Corey Deckard 1974-10-07
Repairing clock and remodeling old bank 1974-11-11
Flat art 1974-11-06
Quarter Century Club dinner 1971-10-30
Donation to United way from bank and employees 1974-10-29
Frost Bank sign 1974-10-04
Presentation on new portraits 1974-09-24
Charts 1974-09-20
Articles of Co-Partnership 1974-09-03
Charts 1974-09-18
Mr. Frost and Steve Allen 1974-09-09
Citizen's Bank and Frost National Bank: Steve Allen 1974-09-09
Phillip Norman, Bond Portfolio Representative: Frost Bank archive paper 1974-08-23
Frost Bank Tower: last tenant 1974-08-29
Boys Club packing up donated phone books 1974-08-27
Steve Allen 1974-08-27
Phillip Norman, Bond Portfolio Representative: bank documents for wall display 1974-08-16
Beverly Russ, Bob McLain and Cory Deckard with the annual report 1974-08-13
Bond Portfolio Representative: documents for lobby display 1974-08-12
Men in new lobby of Old Frost National Bank 1974-08-16
Executives working at desk and in office 1974-07-30
Corkey Sledge with two U. S. Military men at art display 1974-07-29
Clyde Crews with annual report 1975-07-24
Ken Trout and Busby Fawcett for Frost National Bank annual report 1974-07-22
Publicity for company newspaper 1974-07-17
Corey Deckard 1974-07-15
Colonial Bank: Interstate Highway 10 and Wurzbach Street 1974-06-17
Old coins 1974-06-11
Three men on stage with accolade 1974-06-14
888 Publicity of art opening 1985-09-18
Painting of Thomas C. Frost, Texas Ranger 1981-12-15
Officers at bank 1981-01-08
Venice, Italy 1981-05-14
Coupons 1981-09-10
Ready Bank in lobby of Frost National Bank 1981-01-06
889 Unidentified people 1960-07-14
SMT Lines truck
Handy Andy truck 1961-02-23
890 Man beside pickup
1963 semi trailer exterior and interior
Four unidentified people at Alamo Express
[ Pic # 18312 ]
Group of men
[ Pic # 14219 ]
Alamo Express trucks
Flatbed trailer
Corrosion on trailer
Gravel quarry
Aerial photo of Fruehauf Trailer Company
Truck by Municipal Auditorium
Fruehauf Trailer Operations employees
Trailer wheel gear
FUNERALS 1960-1976
891 Mr. Van Der Walle: deceased Mrs. Van Der Walle's 1976-04-15
Porter Loring Funeral Home: baby Peland
Porter Loring Funeral Home: unknown deceased 1976-02-11
W. J. Fetzer: unidentified deceased 1976-06-05
Mr. Schussler: casket with flowers, unknown deceased
Mr. Sid Curlers: Porter Loring Funeral Home and Muria North cemetery 1971-06-09
Mr. Schunleus: deceased Mrs. Schunleus 1971-01-20
Mission Burial Park: deceased unknown 1970-12-08
Basil's Pharmacy: deceased and casket at Porter Loring Funeral Home 1973-09-27
Flower arrangement at Mrs. Usskell's funeral 1970-06-04
Zizek, Kearns, Downing and McClaugherty Funeral Home: casket and flowers 1970-05-08
Clayton Ottmers: Mission Funeral Home, flowers, casket, graveyard 1970-03-01
J. R. Clark: woman and flowers at Mission Funeral Home 1969-12-10
Lee R. Dauvil: military funeral 1968-12-12
Mrs. Lucille Urban: Mrs. Urban at Saint Cecelia's 1968-10-30
Alamo Funeral Home: Mills family, casket, flowers 1968-09-16
Homer McClaregherty Mortuary: casket and flowers 1968-06-26
Deceased Rohrich, casket, flowers, church
Tom Maulder: Mrs. Pffeifer 01-13
Bill Arlett: flowers 1965-11-09
Porter Loring Funeral Home: deceased Bill Arlett 1964-11-02
Flowers in church 01-17
Newman funeral
Mr. Holden: deceased baby in a casket 1963-08-29
Deceased baby Harris 11-25
Mrs. Reiley: flowers and woman 04-29
Flowers, casket and deceased man
Ramsey funeral 10-13
Deceased woman in casket with flowers 1960-09-13
Deceased Mrs. Walipka in casket 01-29
Nixan funeral 1961-01-23
Bryan funeral
Dunn funeral
Assorted graves with flowers
Casket for sale
Assorted unidentified funerals
892 Models posing for Ralph Garza Shirts, Inc.
Margaret Gab: interior of house 04-09
General Credit Corporation: exterior
Mrs. Gieseche: Christmas tree with dolls 1963-12-23
General Hotel interior 1962-06-08
General Hotel interior 1962-05-25
Garden Club: Christmas decorations 1962-04-16
Gold Crown Pump: products 1962-09-24
Granada Hotel: swimming pool 07-26
Gilbert family Coats of arms
Granada Hotel: swimming pool 1963-03-07
Game Dinner: San Antonio Executive Club 12-14
Greenwood Towers rendering 04-24
Rendering of buildings and floor plans 1971
L. R. Gonzalez: school crossing warning 1970-10-03
Paul Grothues: fire truck in corn field 1969-06-02
Gulf Publishing Company: meeting
General Arts and Process Service: interior of a church and exterior with people nearby 1969-04-04
Greenlight Company: man spraying insecticides and interior and exterior of Green Light Company building 1968-06-27
Glendale High School: band, flags and tower 1968-07-01
Alfred. E. George: map of Texas Garden 1968-04-26
Frank Graves: drawing of oil map 1968-04-24
Allied Van Lines: truck 1967
Gordon Juliette: honor guard raising flags
General Arts and Process Service: standard battery separators 1971-08-19
Stanley Glasscock: deer 1971-03-30
Arthur Giullen 1973-04-23
Interior of grocery store 1973
Glass Hughes, Inc.: construction at USAA 1973-05-08
Wet bar 1976
General Foods: food 1973-06-08
Guess Career apparel: model in Lone Star uniform 1974-04-10
Groves, Fernandez, Ludwig: aerial of housing developments
Garcia Furniture 1973-07-02
Law Offices of Green: bulldozer 1975-06-02
Gulf Coast Advertising: Beldon Showroom 1974-08-12
Exterior and interior of Hilton Steak House
Mrs. Gizirie: Christmas tree 1963
Exterior of Grande Courts apartments
893 Mrs. Gossett: Liz Gossett 1980-05-80
General Portland Cement: cement plant interior 1980-05-22
Dehrig and Darden: exterior and interior of plane at Van Nuys airport in San Angelo, Texas 1980-10-07
Control International Corporation, John J. Gallagher: interior of plane 1980-06-02
W. W. Grainger: exterior of new building 1980-04-06
Game Dinner: San Antonio Executives Association dinner, tables and group of men 1979-12-10
Harry Grove: man in an office, interior of laboratory and man in a laboratory 1979-09-13
Graphics: exterior of building 1979-08-05
Great America: interior and exterior at River Oak Apartments 1978-08-16
Greyhound Food Management: vending machines at bus station 1978-09-21
WCS: tables and display at Sheriff Garza dinner in La Villita 1978-10-27
Geomet: hanging tables in apartments 1978-12-14
Great America: rendering of Apartments 1979-01-09
Great America: rendering of and shopping center 1979-03-06
George Hays: party 1977-11-22
Fred Grainger: Army Medical Group course information sheet 1978-03-13
Unidentified man
One Hour Golf course 1977-12-20
Ernest G. Garcia: badge and ID for retiring postal inspector 1978-03-06
GSW Vending: candy machines 1978-01-16
Goeringer: group of Army students and instructors 1977-11-14
One Hour Golf: brochure of franchise 1977-09-22
Party 1977
Interior of house 1977
Dunsman American Aviation: interior of plane and exterior 1977-08-05
Two men with trophy 1977
Green Valley Corporation group 1977
Government Employees Credit Union: logo 1977-02-04
John Giles: plaque 1976-10-27
General Foods: people at La Mansion 1976-11-12
Government Employees Credit Union: ATM machine 1976-03-23
Green Houses, Inc.: greenhouses and accessories 1975-10-16
R. Gonzalez: truck 1976-05-04
894 Great America: interior and exterior of Woodridge Apartments 1979-08-01
Mike Gonzaba 1981-04-13
Mary Green: old drawing 1981-06-18
T. A. Glasgow: two people sitting by lake 1981-07-06
Susie Green: building blocks 1981-10-07
Green and Koffman: ladder 1981-09-29
Richard Garcia: jalapenos 1981-12-01
Thom Gritzer: model of building 1981-12-08
Jim Glasberg: painting of cowboy and horse on prairie 1981-12-10
Goerner and Urba Advertising: rendering of Park Terrace Office Building 1982-03-25
Tina Gorman: mother and daughter 1982-09-01
Mrs. Carl Gildemeister: Christmas pictures of family 1981-12-24
James w. Gorman Jr.: Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gorman Jr. 1983-05-26
Green and Kaufman: ladder 1982-02-15
Unidentified man
Goerner and Urba Advertising: award presentation at Kirby State Bank 1983-08-15
Unidentified woman
Goerner and Urba Advertising: employees at Alamo Refrigerator 1983-07-05
James V. Gillette 1983-10-21
Fred Gallagher Company: interior of Day Care 1983-12-14
Goerner and Urba Advertising: ticket presentation at UA Columbia Cable 1983-07-01
GSAA: aerials of property 1983-10-07
Gromet: wood table 1981-03-25
C and W: band
895 Guarantee Federal Savings and Loan: unidentified people 1987-08-25
Jack Grewer: Anchor Lodge 09-02
Guarantee Federal Savings and Loan: unidentified people 08-14
GEICO Insurance: interior of office 1987-01-09
Greyhound Food Management: toys 1987-01-22
San Antonio Gates Elementary School: Major Bias 1986-05-14
Gunn and Company: Robert Gunn, Jr. 1985-06-28
Alvin Golding Precious Jewelry and Gems: pearl and ruby 1984-10-30
Gesco International Inc.: catheter 1984-08-09
Geodyne Resources, Inc.: employees for annual report 1984-06-20
Goetting and Associates: exterior of building 1983-12-07
Goerner and Urba Advertising: Alamo Bank North employees 1983-04-29
Gathings Oil Company: rendering of building 1984-03-02
Goerner and Urba Advertising: Walt Disney winner at Rogers Cable Systems 1984-02-02
Gulf Advertising: interior and exterior of Guest House 1984-01-27
Mr. and Mrs. Gildemeister: Mrs. Gildemeister birthday 1984-01-29
Green and Koffman: photographs and other objects in bedroom 1984-02-06
Celvin Gocking: jewelry 1984
896 Furniture 1978-09-13
Furniture 1978-06-02
Furniture 1978-05-04
Furniture 1978-03-28
Furniture 1977-10-11
Furniture 1977-07-29
Furniture 1977-03-29
Baskets 1977-03-14
Wicker and rattan furniture 1977-03-11
Furniture 1977-02-04
897 Bedroom furniture 02-05
White rattan furniture 1986-12-31
Tropic Image: couch and tables 1986-10-22
Furniture, sculpture and TV 1985-12-31
Couches 1985-06-21
Gazley Graphics: painting of man selling candy 1982-11-09
Couches 1982-06-08
Tables and chairs 1986-02-11
Tables and chairs 06-17
Tables and chairs 1986-06-18
Tables and chairs 1980-11-25
Tables and chairs 1979-09-19
Couches, tables and chairs 1980-04-14
Chairs 1979-07-26
898 Swimming pool 1964
Swimming pool 1965
Model by pool 1966
Gary Pools trucks 1964
Apartments 1964
People swimming
Apartment pool 1963
Pool supply store 1967
Pool furniture 1967
Pool excavating and cement work 1961
Pool cleaner 1961
899 Model in spa 1983-06-24
Pool at Keith Zars home 1982-08-17
Model by pool 1966
Swimming pool 1964
Swimming pool 1965
Interior of pool supply store
900 Tamales and chili
Cans of refried beans, hot dog sauce and hamburger sauce
Hamburger covered in hot sauce
Chili products
Hot sauce, enchiladas, tortillas, bean dip, refried beans, bean dip, taco filling and taco sauce 1964-11-19
Gebhardt's cans of produce 1964-11-02
Food display 1961-11-14
Fixed plates of food
901 Frank Runzler with German helmet at Alamo 1973-03-30
Jalapeno pepper, chili, garbanzo beans, picante sauce and other foods 1970-04-30
Exterior of Gebhardt's Mexican foods 1973-02-04
BBQ sauce buttered 1969-01-12
Tamales 1969-03-13
Chili con Carne-no beans, tamales in chili gravy 1969-03-19
Gebhardt's Products 1969-06-19
Taco, tamale and hot sauces and hamburger 1969-02-05
902 Old photographs 1978-05-31
Chili powder display 1976-08-17
Chili products
Canned foods and sauces
903 Exterior of Gem State airplane 1975-11-13
904 Airplanes
Group in General Dynamics plant 1970-03-19
People in uniforms 1969-04-02
Interiors with men working at General Dynamics 1968-09-17
Edwin F. Furth Company: interiors showing lighting 1968-08-16
Exteriors of General Dynamics plant
Workers in a meeting
905 Jim Wilton at American TV and appliances 1987-09-25
Students learning to spray and two unidentified men signing papers 1973-03-20
Warehouse 1971-02-05
Presentation and group 1970-12-05
Circuit boards 1970-03-30
Presentation of plaque 1969-08-19
Junction box on new box and tow people 1969-05-26
Presentation at La Posada Hotel 1968-12-19
Group behind desk at Temple, Inc. with green stamps 1968-11-16
Groups at Palacio del Rio Cavalier Room 1968-07-23
General Electric Pavilion at Hemis Fair 1968-04-08
Car presentation: Mercedes-Benz 1987-02-23
Mildred Reidel 1978-05-20
906 Unidentified man behind desk
Kitchen and serving line
Dinning room
Wooden high chair
Unidentified man behind bar
Beer nozzles
Unidentified men
Corner booth
Bed and Breakfast Restaurant, Steak and Seafood
Unidentified man and woman
907 Awards at meeting at El Tropicana 1969-04-16
Goodyear truck 1967
People by bus 1966
Parade of General Motors cars and buses
Marching music band
Three men
Group of men
Four men with model of downtown San Antonio
General Motors show
Dented truck 1965
Pick-up center, men 03-18
908 Corner of Broadway and East Houston Street
Gordon's Jewelers
Todd's Men's wear
Dr. Montgomery, optometrist
Jo-Ed Shops
Palace Theater
Stauffer Photo Service
Heath Foods
Sommers Corset Shop
Mexican Restaurant
Milner Hotel
Sam Speir Company
Weller's Grill
Downtown street scene
Gunter Hotel
Uniton Cigars
Loan Service Company
Aztec 3 Theater
Old South Café
San Antonio Drug Company
City Public Service
Potchernick's Sporting Goods
Roosevelt Buffet
National Shirt Shop
Hertzberg's Jewelry Shop
Grande Courts
Humble sign
Majestic Theater sign
Corner of Jefferson and Houston Street and Houston and Losoya Street
Landmark building
Pincus Company
Florist shop
Jo-Ed Shops
Todd's Men's wear
Corner of Main and Houston Street
Stower's Furniture Company
Elite Hotel
Gunter Hotel
Richard Gill Loans
White Star Laundry
Landmark building
Emblem pins
Cohen's Army store
Los Apaches
Alamo Paint and Wallpaper Company
Maureaux Department Store
Mexico Hotel
Rainbow Grill
National Bank of Commerce
Longhorn Cafeteria
Empire Theater
Harvey Patterson Photographer
Rainbow Grill
Majestic Man's Shop
Corona Portraits
H and R credit
Houston Building
Menter Hotel
South Western Novelty Company
Alameda Theater
Buckhorn Bar
National Shirt Shops
McElroy's Drugs
Corner of Broadway Street 1948
Broadway Equipment Company, 907 Broadway Street
US Royal tires
Alamo Battery Company
Lincoln Mercury Dealer
Carl Trueson Motors
Wilson Motor Company
Heath Motor Company
Pleasant Valley Trailer Park
Laurel Theatre
Dining room
Riverside Sea Food and Steak House
Elite Hotel
Prince Theater
Barbera Sports Shop
Texas Sandwich Shop
Alamo Church Goods
Earl Abel's Restaurant
Christie's Steak and Seafood
Rendering: General Neon Advertising Company
General Neon Advertising Company, 101 Lexington
Drugless Clinic
Oak Tourist Lodges
Carmen Courts
Hotel Azteca
Continental Credit Corporation 1948
Ellis Green Motor Company
B. F. Goodrich
Humble Aviation Products
O. P. Mitchell Motors: Dodge, Plymouth 1953
ABC Rug Works
Pedroza Grill
Sciaraffa's Ice Store
Paveller's Café
Shell-Hocker Hardware Company
Saint Paul Catholic Books and Film Center
Firestone Company
Texaco Station
Cinema 2
Montgomery Wards: Truck and Tire Center
General Neon Sign Company 1969-10-07
Downtowner Motel 10-29
909 Unidentified men
New cars 1964,1965
910 New cars 1957
911 Basketball team in Alamo Heights gym 1973-11-14
Turner Welding and Erection Company 1972-07-07
Executives at Scobey's Moving Company 1971-08-10
Building behind Patio Foods 1970-03-23
Large meat processing plant and freezer at Lackland Air Force Base 1969-10-23
Ceiling of Church's Fried Chicken National Head Quarters 1969-12-19
Construction work at Villa Rosa Hospital 1970-06-30
912 Exterior of General Tire Service stores 1971-07-23
Three men
Group of men outside General Tire Service store 1965
Two men shaking hands 1964
Cement truck for U. T. Keefe, Inc. 1959
Max Martinez Funeral Home and cars 1960
Store: Joske's Tire store 1964-03-13
Store: Joske's Tire store 1965-06-18
GEORGE, GORDON V. 1964-1974
913 Argyle Hotel
Ernst and Ernst
Parade floats
San Antonio Country Club
George, Janice Jean
Country clubs
Bright Shawl
Restaurants 1972
914 Offices and Board of Directors 1970-04-27
Northwood Apartments
San Antonio Saving Association at a mall
Three kids and unidentified man
Carousel Apartments, 7134 Blanco Road, San Antonio, Texas
Family in yard
Apartment complex
Frost Brothers
Living room
Apartment pool
Corner of Rector and Wakefield Street Apartment Complex
Rendering: Northcrest Shopping Center
Rendering: mall interior
Rendering: building complexes
Unidentified men
Oak Hills Business Center
Richard Gill Real Estate Company
Unidentified house
Rancho Blanco Shopping Center 1981-10-23
Richard Gill sign 1981-11-03
Old San Antonio street scenes 1971-02-16
Rendering: building and layouts 1960-09-01
Gill Building 1964-03-05
Carousel Apartments, 7134 Blanco Road, San Antonio, Texas 09-06
Gill Building 1964-03-18
One Eleven Apartments 1964-03-31
One Eleven, Carousel Apartments
915 Unidentified people
New cars
Damaged car 1952
New police cars
Car parts store
Ford automobile 1939
Plaque presentation
Four awards as an Outstanding Ford dealership 1954
HEB supermarket
Corner of Vance Jackson Street and Eland Model Market
Corner of Vance Jackson Street and Mink Humble Dealer
Gillespie dealership
Car wash 1958
Herpel-Gillespie, Broadway at 4th
Looking at new site
Roller coaster
Employee group shot
New cars coming in
Plaque to Mr. Gillespie, Sr.
Kids picnic
916 Herpel-Gillespie Ford: 28,000,000th Ford automobile with employees standing around car 1940
Jordan-Iwers Ford with employees around car
Police officers on motorcycles by car
Kinsel-Robinson Company: Ford Mercury with employees around car
George Jones, Inc.: Ford with employees around car
28,000,000th Ford automobile at City Hall
28,000,000th Ford automobile at Saint Anthony Hotel
917 Two group of people
Group shot of 12 at service center
Man receiving 50 year ring
Mr. Maverick and Mr. Gillespie in front of car
Gillespie's family
Pitluck Advertising: group of men and two men with trophy
Sales lot with salesmen
Group of six men
Row of jeeps
large group in front of Ford Pavilion at Hemis Fair
Mr. Gillespie and unidentified men with car
New cars on train
Five men with junked car
Four men with Ford Times Collection of American Art
Press car jeep 1965
Dashboard and steering wheel
Back end of the truck 1965
Gillespie Ford lot
Group on horseback
Two men holding Western Union telegram
Empty lot
Gillespie Ford sign and people by a car
Group of men
Trucks pulling cattle trailers
Group of eights unidentified men
Group with Indianapolis 500 Pace Car
Man with picture of Indianapolis 500 Pace Car
Two men with Distinguished Achievement award
People looking at car
Two men with ribbons and sign from Vance View Stables, 1503 Vance Jackson Road
Girl jumping a horse
Miniature horses
Pony cart with pony hitched to it
Man jumping two horses
People sitting on Jumpers
Jimmy Stewart shaking Mr. Gillespie's hand and receiving courtesy car
Mr. Gillespie and Ford PP and K winner
Elizabeth Gillespie 09-11
Store 1964-02-12
Store 1962-11-13
GIRL SCOUTS 1948-1971 and undated
918 Girl Scouts at Camp Utopia canoeing, swimming, putting up the flags, hiking, sitting in a tree 06-06
919 House
Woman with little girl
House under construction
Little girl ringing bell
Water around a tree in river
House being built
Three women in kitchen cooking
Three girls in front of house
Wooden water tower
Girl blowing trumpet outside of tent
Girl scouts raising flag
Camp La Jita
Trees along river
Girl scouts eating lunch
Girl scouts eating lunch
Girl Scouts by fireplace
Girls swimming in river
Girls reading
Unidentified man
Girls putting up tent
Girls fishing
Girls with sheep
Girls cooking
Girls hiking
Girls with horse
Girls putting up bricks
Girls on rafts and canoes
920 Girls at Villa Tronchise 1971-08-19
Girl Scouts at Camp Cookie 1968-10-19
Girls beside in a canoe
Girls hiking by a house
Older woman and girl scouts
Girls putting up flags
Girls swimming
Older ladies and girls on a stage
Girls tying sticks together
Girl scouts by a cabin
Girls lighting a fire
Girls standing in a stream by small waterfall
Camp La Jita
Girl scouts at Olmos Park getting water and wood, putting up tents 1964-07-02
Girls at Camp Utopia
GISH circa 1936-1946
921 Group of children in Bear Creek School (old) circa 1900
Men in a factory
Cactus circa 1936
Wedding group
Drawing of a horse with racing saddle on
Drawing of a Standardbred 1936
Woman in a swimsuit
Horse racing game
Woman with Pearl Beer
Drawing of finish of a horse race
Two kids with Christmas stockings
Painting: The Centennial of Annexation of Texas 1946
922 Rendering
Shopping center 1980-04-14
Vespero Plaza Retail Center 1980-04-16
Rendering of Ingram Square 1980-03-19
Warehouse Grocery 1980-04-16
Rendering 1979-07-16
923 Sculpture of an eland
African busts
Sculpture of an eland, llama and man killing a deer
Sculpture of a African-American family
Sculpture of a water buffalo
Sculpture of an elephant
Sculpture of a gnu
Sculpture of a deer
Wood Trails apartments 1981-01-14
924 Two nuns and two men with painting of harbor plaque
Painting of Main Plaza circa 1868
Painting of a woman
Painting of a boy on a horse hitched to a wagon and father filling up water barrel
People in restaurant
William Glasser, Sr.
Painting "Buffalo Hunt in the Staked Plain" by Byron B. Wolfe 1966
Group of people in hallway
Painting "Crossing Limpia Creek to Fort Davis" by Byron B. Wolfe 1966
Painting "Lead Scout" by Byron B. Wolfe 1966
Sculptures of cattle, horse, rider and mustang
Painting of a man, woman and child by F. Le Fregger 1884
Painting of a street scene circa 1880-1900 by Edouard Cortes
Unidentified man
Painting of a bird on a broken shutter by E. Gordon West
Painting of a woodpecker on a post by E. Gordon West
Painting of a field and an old barn by Clay McGaughy
Painting of a deer herd and part of fence by Clay McGaughy
Painting of a bobwhite on a stump with house by Clay McGaughy
Glasser's Art Gallery
Painting of a boat on shore by a house by Clay McGaughy
Painting: hill of grass by Clay McGaughy
Painting "Eavesdropping" by T. B. Kennington
Painting: ships in a harbor by H. Baley
Painting: birds on a pier with boats by McDougal
Painting: boy by a house with trees and grass by G. Inness
Picture of George Inness, famous painter of Hudson River School
Painting: woman walking past a farm by G. Inness
Two unidentified men
Three men with painting of a village
Painting of a house on a river by Jose Vives-Atsara
Groups in front of paintings
Painting of the Connally Ranch by Jose Vives-Atsara
Presenting Governor Gonnally with painting
Groups of people in office
Four people by painting of man with three burros
Painting "Ofrenda" by Jose Vives-Atsara
Sketch of San Jose Mission by Jose Vives-Atsara
Painting of sailing ships by Jose Vives-Atsara
Waiting area
Man at microphone
Two men with painting "Shrine of the little Flower" by Jose Vives-Atsara
Painting: village on a hillside
Painting by Jose Vives-Atsara: ocean and shore
Three people with painting "Otomi Woman Toluca, Mexico" by Jose Vives-Atsara
Man explaining how he paints
Man painting
Glasser's Art Gallery, 13 paintings: Neighborhood, a ship in the rolling sea, people picking cotton, couple and a donkey going up a mountain, ocean side by Thomas L. Lewis, mountain pond, distant castle, people painting by a waterfall, cowboy watching his cattle by James Doren 1968, cowboy watching herd by Porofino Salinas 1967, horse roundup by James Doren 1968 and also by James Doren Black Diablo of the Brazos 1967 and Black Cattle, the Longhorns Predecessor by Byron B. Wolfe 1966
Glasser's Picture Framing
Girl on a ladder holding a picture
Painting of a town by the sea by Michel Carcella 1959
Painting of people skiing in the mountains
Framed letter written by Sitting Bull 1890
Painting of Sitting Bull signed by him
Painting of an Indian on horseback about to kill a buffalo by E. S. Paxson 03-1901
Painting of Indian brave by E. S. Paxson 1902
Painting of Indian family and village by E. S. Paxson 1902
Painting of Indian chief on horseback in mountains by E. S. Paxson 1920
Painting "Watching of the Signal" by E. S. Paxson 1903
Painting of a battle between Indians and whites by E. S. Paxson 1906
Painting: boats on a canal
Painting of turkey in trees and flying by Clay McGaughy
Three men with painting of mountains rising out of the desert
Drawing of The San Antonio River by Jose Vives-Atsara
Three people standing by sign for the Thomas L. Lewis collection
Apartments at 300 West Courtland
Corner of Lewis and West Dewey Street 1965
Different rooms of the Glasser's Art Gallery
Painting of an Indian boy fishing
Painting of nature
Painting of cattle at a pond by P. Vernon
Decorator showcase at La Villita
Painting "Old place West of Frelsburg, Texas" by Zaner 1970
Home builders looking at art for Home Show 1970-07-20
Painting of men pushing a boat ashore
Painting of fruit and flowers
Painting of sand dunes and the sea by Zaner 1969
Painting of the Battle of the Alamo
Painting of a man writing in a book
People looking at pictures of deer, birds and scenery
Painting: cattle at a river by G. Inness
Sculpture in bronze of a boar by H. Vinter 1969-11-20
Painting: Meisser pitcher with peaches 1969-11-18
Artist and painting 1969-11-25
Painting of barnyard chickens and peacock, fruit, cattle drinking, oceanside and small town on the sea, ships near shore, In the Catskills, boy with sheep
Painting of nature by Wygant 1968-05-22
Painting of trees in winter by Zaner 1968-05-13
Painting by Clay McGaughy and Zaner 1968-11-23
Horse roundup by James Boren
Man with painting including Frost Brothers store 1965-08-21
925 Painter and interior of gallery 1970-04-28
Van Dyble, a painter 1970-05-21
Mr. Polson 1971-03-10
Paintings by Clay McGaughy and E. Gordon West 1970-11-19
Mr. Polson 1971-01-29
Photos of E. Gordon West, Clay McGaughy and Perry Shankle, Jr. 1970-11-17
Paintings by different artists: flowers, a nude, a still life, nature, river, ocean, peaches 1970-01-27
Paintings by different artists: battle, men with a boat and man writing a book 1972-05-05
Clay McGaughy paintings 1969-09-22
Employees group photograph 1972-05-08
Unidentified man 1971-10-18
926 Commercial stainless steel cooking kitchen at La Mansion del Rio Hotel 1979-09-20
Mr. Glasstov
Glasstov employees in front of store 1982-12-15
Mr. Glasstov at Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with slot machine
Group of 20 men
Photographs of groups 1968-07-24
Group at San Antonio Inn 1969-03-10
Clara's dog
Group at University Inn 1969-03-10
Phyllis Schutze 01-1974
New kitchen ovens, fryers, stoves and grilles and shelves, sinks, counters, tables at La Mansion del Rio Hotel 1977-08-20
Unidentified restaurant interior
Colonies Kitchen restaurant exterior
927 Boats 1962
Two men in boat on the water
Start of race 1963-07-24
Three people in boat
Group in boat 1964-10-08
Boat by house
Boat in store 1960
Ad for Glastron Boats
Glastron Boats buildings
Drawing for boat 1961
Queen of Southwest Sports at Boat Show 1961
Boats 1961-08-21
928 Corner of West Houston and Main Street 1946
Texas Jewelry
Theatre Obrero
Boothe Café
Wolff and Max Company\
Houston Building
Sommers Drug Store
S. M. Wells, M. D.
Dr. B. E. Galloway, surgeon and physician
Edward Dwyer, Attorney\
Law Offices of Grover C. Morris
Sign about wrestling Wednesday, June 12: Roddy Rogers vs. Louis Theoz, George vs. Carlson, Ernie Dusex vs. Lou Plummer and Ferry Valinna vs. Jimy Lott
Corner of North Presa and East Houston Street 1946
Bell Jewelry Company
Todd's Men's wear
Dorf's Dresses, 412 East Houston Street
Zale Jewelry Company
Pincus Company
Medical Arts Drug Company
Maverick Building
Bulova Watches clock, 10:55 AM
Corner of East Houston and Losoya Street 1946
Todd's Men's wear
Jo-Ed Shops, 500 East Houston Street
Stein Bloch clothes
Pincus Company
Florence Linens
Maverick Building
Zale Jewelry Company
Martin's Shoes
Alamo Beauty College
Navarro Club
Majestic Theater sign
Empire Theater
Pay-Less Drugs
Baker's Shoes
Jack and Jill
Corner of Rusk Street
M. Halff and Brothers, 336 Rusk Street
Praeger Hardware Company
Hotel Spahn
San Antonio Trust Company
Noel Furniture
Paul Berend Radios and Typewriters
Kellog-Switzerland Supply Company
Residential area, unidentified sign points to Expressway 281 and San Jose Mission
Corner of Perez Street
Mendez Drug Store
Other unidentified buildings
East Houston Street 1946
Houston Building
Sommers Drug Store
H and R credit
Hotel Savoy
National Bank of Commerce
Guy's food and music
Silver King Hardware
Majestic Theater
Empire Theater
Main Avenue street sign
Corner of Travis Street
Milam Drugs
Dude Ranch Bar and Restaurant
Milam Finance Corporation
Milam Building
Corner of East Flores and Houston Street
Central Fire Head Quarters
wall of one side of the Alamo
Southern Music Company
Tire Recapping
Commercial Music Company
Texas Café
Industrial Engineering Company
Corner of East Euclid Avenue and Lexington Street
Unidentified buildings
Standard Supply Company, Inc. , 125 Lamar Street
Central Moving and Storage
Central Forwarding , Inc.
The American News Company Truck
Bexar County National Bank Parking Lot 1952
Blue Bonnet Hotel 1952
Southwest Engraving Company 1952
Milam Building: Texas Savings and Loan Association 1952
Corner of East Houston and Losoya Street
Jo-Ed Shops, 500 East Houston Street
Todd's Men's wear
The Palace Theater: Our Hearts Were Young and Gay with Gail Russell and Deana Lynn (movie)
Hutchcraft Studio
Cactus Grill
Parking Lot of Bexar County National Bank
Southwest Engraving Company
Milam Building
Blue Bonnet Hotel
Franklin Life Building
Texas Savings and Loan Association
Milam Building
Milam Finance Corporation
Dude Ranch Bar and Restaurant
Lucchese Boot Company
Milam Cafeteria
Beauty Shop
Ciro's French Cuisine
Aerial view of downtown
Farbis Oriental Rugs
Parking lot
Wolff and Max Company\
State family Theater
Broadway and East Travis Street 1956
United Finance and Thrift Corporation
Clary Easton Hatters
Winerich M. R. Sales Company
Hardware Company
Winerich Building
Dott's Oyster Bar
Montgomery Wards
Kallison Calcasien Building
Franklin Beauty Salon
Beneficial Finance and Loan Company
Gene's Tavern
The Golden Egg
Movie Theater
Galran Grocery and Market
Unidentified houses
Alamo Express Company: trucks and buildings
Great Western Insurance, 505 North Presa 1957
Luby's Cafeteria
Hotel Palms
College Garage
Nix Garage
corner of College and North Presa Street
Corner of Houston and North Presa Street
Pincus Company
Stein's America's Greatest Clothiers
Florence Linens
Dorf's Dresses, 412 East Houston Street
Zale Jewelry Company
Maverick Building
Martin's Shoes
Alamo Beauty College
Pay-Less Drugs
Navarro Club
Baker's Shoes
Jack and Jill
Majestic Theater
Empire Theater
Ogilvie Building
San Antonio Community College
San Antonio Planting Mill
Lautersteins Uniforms
Tentiman's Luggage, established 1888
Milam Building
Milam Drugs
Milam Finance Corporation
Milam Cafeteria
Milam Beauty Shop
La Japatia Mexican Restaurant
Rio Vista Apartments
United Finance and Thrift Corporation
Clary Easton Hatters
Corner of Broadway and East Travis Street
Liberty Café
Saint Paul Catholic Books and Film Center
Snell-Hocker Hardware Company
Paddock Bar
Mueller's Cutlery
Consolidated General Products, Inc. 1957
Corner of Travis and North Soledad Street 1948
White Star Laundry Company
Dude Ranch Bar and Restaurant
Gunter Hotel
Texas Theater
La Japatia Mexican Restaurant
Corner of East Houston and Jefferson Street
Alamo College
Majestic Theater
Empire Theater
Jack and Jill
Richard Gill Loans and Insurance
Gunter Hotel
Allen's Smart Shoes
Conrad's Smart Shoes
Hotel Jefferson
H. C. Rees Optical Company
Houston Building
Sommers Drug Store
Wilson and Alfred Cranford, watch repairing
Dr. J. H. Cranford, optometrist
McDavid Insurance
San Antonio Hearing Center
Commercial Music Company
Industrial Engineering Company
Corner of Elmendorf Street
Maffett Studios
Glasser's Art Shop
Corner of East Houston and Losoya Street
Medical Arts Drug Company
Bell Jewelry Company
Fentiman Luggage
Lautersteins Military Apparel
Linen Shop
Tru-Value Shop
Carlette's Shoes
Todd's Men's wear
Jo-Ed Shops
East Houston and North Presa Street
Pincus Company
Dorf's Dresses
Zale Jewelry Company
Martin's Shoes
Pay-Less Drugs
Lord's Ladies Wear
Navarro Club
Baker's Shoes
Franklin's Apparel
Walgreen Drugs
Maverick Building
Domino and Billards parlor
Woman shopping for hot dogs
Woman feeding little girl
San Antonio College campus
Rendering of International Bridge between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo 1955
Zoo depot: Brackenridge Eagle is being boarded
John Coleman Insurance 1957
Continental Trailways Bus Center
Gillespie Ford Motor Company
Corner of 3rd Street
Animal trophy: bird flying
Animal trophy: eagle
Animal trophy: fox
Animal trophy: lynx
Animal trophy: bear
Animal trophy: nesting bird
Animal trophy: owl
Animal trophy: squirrel
Animal trophy: rattlesnake
Animal trophy: deer buck
Animal trophy: water buffalo head
Animal trophy: assorted deer, boars and a bird
Furniture with wild animal motif
Mr. Quincy Lee 1970-05-25
German Café at the Buckhorn Hall of Horns
Steve Lee
Tommy Perkins
Assorted photographs of the Eagle train, Sunken Garden and other sport around the town
Animal trophy: nesting bird
929 Man taking notes
Historical marker for the William Frobese Home
William Frobese Home
Historical marker for Cuero
Unidentified man
Aerial photograph of MK and T Railroad Auto Distribution Center 1975-09-23
Glenn, Bozell and Jacobs: paintings of Texas history, San Jose Mission, people, Indians by Bruce Marshall and Gentilz
San Jose Mission
Japanese Sunken Gardens
U. S. Pavilion, Assembly Hall, Coliseum 1969-01-06
Two men looking at art
Tower-Life Building
Hemis Fair
Institute of Texan Culture: Scottish exhibit
Airplanes and cars
Kids riding elephants
Western Art Show: paintings 1972-09-11
Golden Kettle preserve 1965-02-04
930 Trees 1972-06-13
Lake and man fishing 1973-07-03
Lake and trees 1972-06-05
Forest and mountain 1972-09-28
Lake, trees and mountain 1971-08-16
President of Global Land Corporation 1972-07-27
Opening of new building 1972-07-18
Opening ceremony 1972-10-31
931 Exterior of Newt Godfree Chevrolet and building 1972-03-06
Johnson Advertising: exterior of dealership 1969-12-16
Judy Lynn and Charlie Walker at Stock Show 1969-02-13
Rendering of Codfree Motors 1963
Automobils 1963
Store 1964-03-19
932 Golden Derrick Restaurant exterior
Rooms in restaurant and bar 1971-10-28
Employees 1960-04-07
Dining room 1967
933 Golden Derrick Restaurant exterior
Interior of dining rooms and wine bar 1961
GOLEMAN and ROLFE 1979-1980
934 Exterior of Suburban Medical Center in Kansas City 1980-06-02
Southwest Hilton Hotel, Houston, Texas and new project for the elderly 1980-04-28
Exterior of Marriott 1980-03-31
Doctors Building 1980
LBJ Hilton Hotel in Dallas, Texas 1979-11-13
Exterior of Marriot 1979-11-08
GOLF 1955-1965
935 Golf course
Group on fairway 1965
Professional golfers teeing off 1955
Professional golfers on green surrounded by spectators
936 Goodwill Rehabilitation Center 1971-03-05
Annual meeting at Goodwill presentation and speakers 1971-02-12
Groups and unidentified people: Roselio Ybarra, L. Clayborn, Gordon Sanford 1971-01-29
[ Inv # 9095 Pic # 86958 ]
Presentation 1971-01-13
Organization of cub pack 1970-12-17
Goodwill Industries giving suit to Lou Hamilton 1970-12-03
Presentation 1970-10-23
Opening ceremony at Goodwill outlet 1970-10-15
Unveiling, presentation and opening ceremony 1970-10-08
Mr. Glen and Mr. Lawson with groups at Goodwill Industries 1970-10-28
Interior of office and lobby 1970-09-08
Bob Blasé 1970-03-12
Worker of the Year 1970-03-03
Rendering of new building 1970-02-16
Ground-breaking at new Goodwill Industries offices 1969-12-04
Two people and Mr. Hetherington at office 1969-08-15
Groups, award winners and construction of buildings 1968-12-11
KITE-Radio presenting records to Goodwill Industries 1960-08-16
937 People at Goodwill Halloween Party 1974-10-31
Bob Lee feeding baby with tow prosthetic arms 1976
Willie G. Williams receiving Goodwill Award 1973-11-06
Blind designer for National Publication in Cafeteria 1973-03-19
Birthday cake for party at Goodwill 1973-07-11
Bob Blasé 1973-07-18
Graduation class and groups 1973-05-31
Presentation at Carpenter's Hall 1973-05-24
Goodwill Worker of the Year presentation 1973-05-03
Nominees for Goodwill Industries Award of the Year 1973-03-20
Annual meeting and banquet 1973-02-22
Annual report pictures 1973-02-07
Representatives of Goodwill Industries
Goodwill Bag 1973-02-10
Boy Scout delivering groceries 1973-02-06
People working 1972-11-28
Presentation of plaque 1972-09-05
Two groups at graduation 1972-06-01
Unidentified people 1973-05-17
Annual report for District of Columbia office 1972-05-04
Reger and presentation group 1972-03-21
Annual awards dinner 1972-02-25
Aerial photographs of Goodwill Industries complex 1972-02-10
Lois M. Scott and a man from Frost National Bank on board of directors 1972-02-10
Goodwill Industries Thanksgiving dinner 1971-11-18
Awards presentation at luncheon 1971-09-20
Bob Lee and Harold 1971-09-30
Two men shaking hands 1971-09-30
Bob Lee with daughter 1971-06-08
Opening of new Goodwill store 1971-06-28
People in cafeteria 1971-06-07
Henry B. Gonzalez breaking Piñata to open store 1971-06-28
Aerial of Bob Lee at airport 1971-05-06
Girl scouts receiving uniforms from Millie Williams 1971-04-27
Supper at Mission Concepcion and Mayor McAllister presenting dr. L. Conwell Snoke with proclamation 1971-03-17
Mr. Snoke arriving at airport 1971-03-15
938 Typing class
Page from Nathaniel Hawthorne Thunderbook
Two letters to Mrs. Goodwin from former students
Account ledger 1947
Document from 1798
Typed artwork
Photos of typing classes, 1924-1934
Work sheet on blackboard
939 Employees of Carrier Corporation, helicopter, warehouse 1980-09-16
Aerial of downtown San Antonio 1980-02-19
Model of building 1978-01-18
Air conditioner units on roof 1977-12-31
Helicopter lowering air conditioner units to the roof 1977-12-27
Electrician 1977-10-03
Exterior of Western Air Conditioner, Inc. 1977-09-20
Carrier Corporation employees 1977-08-29
Air conditioner units on roof 1977-07-13
Unidentified man 1977-06-15
[ Inv # 24469 Pic # 19314 ]
Employees and exterior of Carrier Corporation building 1977-06-08
Chism's Shoes sign 1976-12-22
Chism's Shoes sign 1976-11-17
940 Students 1963
Northside Independent School District
Clocks and watches
Metal equipment 1972-03-20
942 Exterior of church
Woman at organ
Interior of church
943 Saint Anthony Hotel: events 1964
George Wallace
John Connally
Political campaigns
Hotels 1964
Texas Governors
Nellie Connally
944 Choir
Choir box and stained glass windows
945 Gas refining machinery and plant
946 Opening ceremony at Grant W. T. Department Store
Unidentified man
Window display
Group of people
[ Pic # 11582 ]
Watch presentation
Large group of employees
Christmas decorations
Exterior of Grants
Christmas party
947 Laredo: shipping malls
Ray Ellison
Soft drinks
Weighting instruments
Laredo, Texas 1980
Rendering: apartments 1980
"Professional Builder" Journal
Rendering: El Paseo mall in Laredo
948 Old photographs of group of men in uniforms and out circa 1900 1963-07-02
Old photographs of large group circa 1900 1963-07-02
Frank Gravis with hunting trophies of wild animals: impala, rhino, other deer like animals, giraffe, zebra and water buffalo 1963-07-02
Unidentified man circa 1914
Construction of building
Rendering of plane
949 Luncheon 1963
Le Roy Smith, Man of the Year 1963
Paul E. Willmanna, Man of the Year 1961
Exterior of Great Southern Life Insurance Company
950 Dinner
Meeting at El Antonio
J. W. Cunstream, D. A. Childre, J. M. Granstaff, W. M. Ethridge, J. W. Gruetzner, L. E. Pace, David S. Blossom, H. Coen Alford, E. K. Yamin, R. S. Mitchell, Chester Kendall, O. L. Welborne, Virgil Baker, C. R. Jameson, John Cole, B. A. Grimes, Lloyd Dowleam, C. C. Banett
951 Boys Club banquet and awards presentation 1974-03-26
Diane Asher 02-18
Hugh Halff, Jr. receiving plaque
Check presentation 1974-02-15
Norman Rockwell "Freedom from Want" poster 1974-12-17
Brook Advertising: dinner and speaker at Saint Anthony Hotel 1973-11-13
Party 1973-08-16
Mrs. Margaret Cox Sullivan 1973-08-08
Women's Club Musical Roundtable Luncheon 1973-01-09
E. M. Stevens 1972-12-19
Christmas dinner and speakers 1972-12-18
Groups at Ramada Inn 1972-01-19
Mrs. E. M. Stevens: river float during Fiesta parade 1972-04-17
Groups at luncheon 1972-07-18
Birthday luncheon and presentation 1972-08-14
Party and people 1972-10-16
Employees and Christmas party with Christmas tree and presents
Bull auction 1971-05-01
People at party 1971-08-02
Groups and exterior of Great Western Loan and Trust Company in Las Palmas 1972-01-11
Christmas party 1971-12-23
Preston Smith party day at Hemis Fair 1968-08-26
Man behind desk 1970-09-20
Bull and E. M. Stevens and foreman 1970-07-15
Drawing of two men in car 1970-03-19
Party at Stevens ranch Breakfast Club 1969-06-06
Executive 1971-02-09
[ Inv # 9175 Pic # 87134 ]
Group at meeting 1970-10-03
Preston Smith arriving at airport 1968-08-24
BBQ at Stevens Ranch 1968-08-14
Awards and trophies 1968-08-06
Dishes 1968-04-11
952 Tables with people and speaker groups 1978-10-19
E. M. Stevens receiving plaque 1978-10-17
Party at Great Western Insurance 1977-01-21
E. M. Stevens signing papers with men selling Great Western Insurance 1977-01-05
E. M. Stevens 1977-01-11
Christmas party, awards and groups of employees 1976-12-22
Cocktail dinner party 1977-01-05
Meeting at Great Western Insurance with Control Data specialists 1976-12-07
Anniversary party and Mr. and Mrs. Stevens 1976-11-02
Two ladies receiving 5 years pins 1974-10-22
E. M. Stevens receiving two plaques 1974-08-14
953 Exterior of hospital 1967
Luncheon 1965
Exterior and entrance
Interior and patients in beds
Nurses with patients
Exterior of hospital 1942
Waiting room
Operating room
Patient room
Patient using pulleys for exercise
Therapy room and patents going through therapy
954 Vending machines 1984-04-09
Vending machines 1984-02-22
Interior of bus station 1982-09-08
Buses and people getting on and off buses 1969-02-11
Driver and four kids at depot 1968-11-19
Watch presentation to driver 1968-06-26
Bus in front of the Alamo 1967
Group of men 1968
People at bus terminal and Little Rhein Steakhouse
People receiving checks and trophies at dinner 1966
Interior of bus depot 1965
GROOS BANK 1910-1978
955 Exterior of Groos Bank 1963
Exterior of Groos Bank 1967
Three men looking at new clock 1963
Interior of Groos Bank
People around model of Groos Bank 1962
Unidentified man
956 Don Viney 1978-07-19
Employees 1975-01-14
Employees 1974-11-19
Barbara Washburn and Sam Bennett 1974-06-24
GROUPS 1955-1985
957 Sam Martin and group of men a table
Group of boys at Circus Museum
Four women
Two men with 1955 Valuable Association Plaque
Group of people at party
Group of women at luncheon
Men from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana
Roy Pennycick shaking hands
Christmas meeting at Veterans of Foreign Wars
20th dinner of Communication Workers of America
Presentation in Jersey Lilly Room
Jack B. Yardley
James J. Kelly
People leaving a school building
Group of women at luncheon
Communication workers of America
Ground-breaking ceremonies
Kids in cap and gown
Students from NHS
Future Farmers of America Southwest Chapter
Check presentation
United States Air Force missile
Man in bathroom sitting on toilet
Group of unidentified people
N. D. Henderson with 50 years Award
Daniel Price
958 A. J. Lewis, Jr.: Publicity for the Boy Scouts 1970-10-20
25 students for Minnie Steves Piper Foundation 1970-03-06
Texas Bar Association: group in 615 National Bank of Commerce 1970-03-13
Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants: group at Barn Door BBQ 1970-05-11
Luncheon for Phelps Dodge Industries, Inc. 03-03
Photographs of Bill Ochse, S. Allen Jacobs and Lila Cockrell at Saint Anthony Hotel 1970-03-03
Liczt Jones: Thomas Jones and Company (singers) on river 1970-03-03
Gillis Hood: man on go-cart inside warehouse 1970-02-06
Group with Mayor McAllister 1970-02-20
3M Business products: cocktails, presentations and awards for the Century Club 1970-02-19
National Conference of Christians and Jews: group with Mayor McAllister 1970-02-12
Texas Heritage Tours: archbishop Furey with Mr. Stewart 1970-02-11
Texas Heritage Tours and Kelly Soherra, Florist: unidentified men at courthouse, Mission Concepcion and San Jacinto Mission 1970-02-03
Action Advertising: ground breaking at Wood Lake 1970-02-06
Charles O. Black and E. R. Squibb and Sons: award presented for 2,000,000 prescriptions filled 1970-02-05
Texas Manufacturers Association: groups and individuals of Groos bank Board 1970-02-03
Board of Directors and two groups of men at Southwest Hardware and Implement Convention at Hilton Hotel 1970-02-02
Testimonial dinner for Southwest Hardware and Implement Convention at Mission Room in Convention Center 1970-02-02
Southwest Hardware and Implement Association: speakers at Saint Anthony Hotel for State Bar of Texas 1970-01-31
Cake cutting at opening of Sterling Electronics on Austin Highway, San Antonio, Texas 1970-01-30
Mock trial for State Bar of Texas get together 1970-01-30
State Bar of Texas: speakers at law seminars 1970-01-29
Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo 1969-12-03
Russ and Company: check presentation 1970-01-22
Delta Advertising: opening ceremony at Pecan Valley Four Seasons Nursing Home 1970-01-23
Eclectic Supplies Company: award winners at Southwestern regional Westinghouse meeting 1970-01-26
Dr. Lindell and Dr. Robert Lewis: Dental Health Week 1970-01-19
959 Concordia Lutheran Church: confirmation group
Group photograph and individuals at Mei-Mecca Enterprises, Inc.
Bill Brown and Associates: Christmas party at Beach Pavilion
Harry Foiles: plaque presentation
Basketball team and cheerleaders at Saint Philips College
Red Cross Bexar County Chapter group: presentation, Christmas presents
Texas Association for Mental Health: groups and presentations at Galaxy Ball
Pedro Gonzalez being name Ambassador-at-large for Beautify San Antonio Association
General Tire Service: presentation of rings
J. R. Blackford: groups at Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Electrolux: check winners
Bill Brown and Associates: Acapulco trip winners
Ground-breaking for new Insurance Company of North America Building
Rothe Development, Inc.: anemometer recorder
Children at Arnold School decoration trash cans
Groups at Salinas College for luncheon
Pontiac Motor Division: presentation of car to Driver's Education class at Lamar High School
Texas Manufacturers Association
CPI: check presentation
San Antonio Literary Council: proclamations presentation in Major's office
Jerry Aguirra: singing group
Banker's Life and Casualty Awards Banquet and Auction
Banker's Life and Casualty: group at Hilton Hotel
General Tire Services: presentation
Kelley Masonic Lodge
San Antonio Kiwanis Club: dancing girls
Pontiac Motor Division: presentation
Tom's Toasted Peanuts: group at Saint Anthony Hotel
Bill Brown and Associates: group at offices of Gulf-Mart
Bill Brown and Associates: group at Gulf-Mart Luncheon at University Club
Bill Brown and Associates: meeting at Hilton Hotel
Hermann and Sons
Saint Peter's Claver Academy: group
Brunch for graduates of Saint Peter's Claver Academy at Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Associated General Contractors and Texas Highway Hearing Board at Hilton Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Party Tyme Products, Inc.: group at Falstaff meeting
Church Training Development: groups at First Baptist Church
Travelrama Travel Services: group traveling
Presentation of check to San Antonio State Tuberculosis Hospital
Candid photographs, groups and presentations for Doolittles group at Karam's Restaurant
Groups at San Antonio Inn from Gulf Oil Corporation
Group from Insurance Counselors Association of Texas
Mrs. Harry M. Ranenns: group of women at city hall with Mayor
Joseph Jacobs, Jr.: group
[ Inv # 9590 Pic # 87873 ]
Mrs. Posehyun Williams: young boys with Mayor
Instruction group from the Dairy Council Inc.
San Antonio Conservation Society: A Night in Old San Antonio
Joe Nigra Wrecker Service: auto wrecker
Marketing Specialists Corporation: people being presented tickets
Opening ceremony and crowd at Fiesta Fabrics
Bob Sanders: meeting
Bob Sanders: Camella Room, Joske's
Great American Reserve: people on bus in front of Hilton
Great American Reserve: award recipients at Hilton Palacio Hotel
San Antonio Women's Federation: group of ladies of home of Mrs. G. Summers
Bob Jomaynaz: group of tennis champions at San Antonio Academy
Carlos Freyman: five men at North West Rotary Club
Southwest Union Conference of 7th Day Adventists in Gunter Hotel Ballroom
Keystone Agency: group at La Posada Hotel
Speaker and presentation for Central Texas Iron Works at Hilton
Insurance Counselor's Association at Saint Anthony Hotel
Concordia Lutheran Church: group of 125 kids
National Federation of Settlements at Gunter Hotel
960 Connecticut General Life Insurance Company: five men in front of booth 1972-05-18
Texas Association of Insurance Agents: regents banquet 1972-05-22
Texas Association of Insurance Agents: group 1972-05-17
Ed Laud: group shot 1972-05-09
Benny Cantu: Sembradores De Amista 1972-05-01
Benny Cantu: party at Lone Star Brewery 1972-05-01
Jones Advertising: photograph of group 1972-04-25
Bexar County Medical Society: Judge Curry and group 1972-04-24
Connally Campaign Head Quarters: photograph of Chill Wills and Connaly-ettes 1972-04-25
Texas Driving School: group in front of trailer and cars 1972-04-12
J. R. Carver: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers 1972-04-11
Associated General Contractors: group of men at head table 1972-03-24
Dr. J. J. Manjatis: dental publicity presentation 1972-02-14
Former Texas Ranger Association: photograph of Gene Brickett and other men 1972-01-05
Texas A and M University: singing cadets 1972-02-20
San Antonio Dental Society: smiling contest 1972-02-05
Cascade Industries: press meeting with Buster Crabbe and his swimming organization 1972-01-28
Concordia Lutheran Church: photograph of large group of kids in gym 1972-01-16
Morgan David Wine: presentation at Handy Andy # 5 1972-01
San Antonio A and M club: group shot 1976-05-11
Rockwell International: cocktail party, dinner and speakers 1976-01-26
Annie Webb: graduation class 1976-01-13, 1975-11-25
American Dietetic Association: publicity speakers 1975-09-12
Flake Thurman: group shots 1975-07-12
Louis Engelke: gourp shot 1973-06-11
Academy Health Services: group shot of graduation class 1973-10-26
Martin Advertising: parts for a camera 1973-05-01
Saint Margaret Mary's School: school singing group 1973-03-29
Associated General Contractors: at convention 1973-02-27
Mrs. Gordon Haun: group shot at reunion 1972-12-07
Knights of Columbia: group shot 1972-12-01
Moe Hedrick: group shot 1972-11-30
Texas Gold Stamp Gift Center: group at Sheraton Inn 1972-10-03
Carl Meimeyer: group photograph 1972-08-27
Kelly Lodge # 1131: photograph of officers 1972-07-08
Public Theater: publicity for theater at Central Christian Church 1972-06-19
Associated Management Services: various photographs of dignitary area at Hilton hotel 1972-05-25
Allenco Corporation: presentation and group 1972-06-05
National Appliance Parts Suppliers Association: group photograph at Hilton Hotel 1972-05-27
Hermann and Sons Lodge: photograph of lodge directors 1972-05-22
San Antonio Community Hospital: photographs of Board inspecting hospital 1972-05-19
961 Aerials of farm
Cups, hats, beer 1985-07-01
Man with dog, grass, roses 1985-06-18
Drawing of hotel 1985-06-11
Rendering of house 04-11
Lakeside display 1985-02-07
Aerial of buildings in Hawaii 1985-01-23
Model of buildings 1984-05-22
Panorama of Fort Sam Houston 1984-03-29
Aerial at Raintree Apartments 1983-06-27
Photographs at Cimarron City Apartments 1983-12-16
Cosmetic displays 1983-12-14
New Territories 1983-12-09
Aerial of Hill Country 1983-09-28
Woodworking tools 1983-09-22
Hollywood Park 1982-02-16
Skylines 1983-07-06
Hawke 1981-06-26
Table setting 1980-11-10
Truck towing semi 1978-10-18
962 Guadalupe Industrial Supply Company tables 1973-08-20
963 Band members with instruments 1965
964 Aerials of Guido Lumber Company 1963
Group of ladies and group of men 1962
Opening ceremony 1962
Interior and exterior of Guido Lumber Company and lumber 1962
965 Charlie Travis 1980-05-28
Pipeline 1980-02-04
Drilling rig and workers 1977-01-10
Drilling rig and workers 1979-09-05
Gas well, plant and compressor 1977-03-02
Workers at rig site 1979-03-14
Gas well blow out in Mineral Wells, Texas 1978-10-31
Aerial of gas plant in Runge, Texas 1974-10-08
Construction at plant in Runge, Texas 1975-04-04
Laying pipeline 1975-03-21
Plant in Runge, Texas 1974-04-05
Gerald Haag 1973-03-28
Gas refinery in Port Isabel, Texas 1970-03-09
Employees picnic and cabin 1970
Officers and employees at office 1970-02-77
Mr. Beard and board of directors 1968-04-09
Mr. Beard 1970-03-19
966 Midland, Texas, oil pumps 1981-04-01
Unidentified man 1983-04-19
[ Inv # 36758 Pic # 32087-89 ]
Chart 1981-05-21
Cattle, gas well blowout 1981-02-10
Pipeline 1981-02-09
Drilling rig 1981-01-19
Trophy and annual report 1981-04-20
Robert Beard and employees 1981-04-14
Robert Beard and 20th anniversary party 1980-12-16
People with award and annual report 1980-10-13
967 "Your choice of one chef knife" 1971-03-17
Award dinner 1981-04-04
Group of employees 1980-05-17
Driver awards banquet 1978-04-01
Driver awards banquet at Oak Hills Motor Inn 1977-04-23
Group at Holiday Inn 1976-05-01
Driver's dinner 1975-05-24
Engine 1974-12-02
Employees 1974-11-05
Driver dinner 1974-05-04
Driver dinner 1973-05-12
Reports and charts 1972-11-01
Presentation and group at Holiday Inn 1972-04-29
Presentation of Ford 1971-12-15
Employees 1971-12-16
Miss Texas 1971-08-15
Groups 1970-04-13
Tractor trailer and groups 1968-04-26
Gulf Oil Corporation building
Airport aerials 1963
Party at Saint Anthony 1962
Gulf Oil Stations interior and exterior 1955
Employees, trucks 1981-03-10
968 Texas Commerce Bank Building 1985-04-15
City Park East Distribution Center 1987-01-31
Unidentified woman
Texian Inn 1982-09-09
Broadway bank 1981-01-28
Maggie's Restaurant 1984-04-01
Osman's Sporting Goods 1973-03-01
GULF-MART 1960-1970
969 Mattresses
Woman with furs
Stoves 1960
Tires 1960
Little girl with stuffed dog 1960
Exterior of Gulf-Mart 1965
People looking at carpet samples 1960
Two boys with jackets 1960
Two men with riffles 1963
Man with fishing pole 1960
Exterior, parking lot 1969-10-11
Interior 1970-10-12
970 Airplane interior: couches, seats, tables and bathroom 1982-03-29
Airplane interior: couches, seats, tables and bathroom 1980-09-24
971 Automobiles 1965
Gunn Oldsmobile Dealership
Traffic accident 1957
Unidentified men
Three men by car 1960
Automobiles 1964
Three men 1963
[ Pic # 39060 ]
cars in showroom
Gunn Oldsmobile under construction 1967
972 Exterior of Gunn Oldsmobile 1986-08-26
Don Varney, Alex Kinsel, Lew Gaines, R. K. Cobberly, Bruce Rial, Draggs, Vranga 1980-10-06
Frank Bernard 1979-02-27
Gene Fenn 1979-04-18
Victor Bates 1979-04-10
Al Whipple, salesman 1979-03-06
A. C. Pock, Jeff Walkers, Karl Well, Gary Raybion 1979-03-05
Four salesmen 1978-09-26
Chuck Lehman
Jim Maiden and Ellis Huizar 1977-01-12
Used car salesmen 1976-10-21
Six unidentified men 1975-04-22
[ Inv # 19457 Pic # 106161-106166 ]
Jim Matheny and Dave Looney 1975-03-31
Hugh Smith 1975-01-11
Brooks, McCalpin, Bales, Ledford and Melonoz 1974-11-19
Jim Duncan, John Digges, Richard Tehayer, Ernie Huron, Nelson, Jolet, Steve Poirrir, Eric Harper, Robert Sayer, Paul Cockerham, Al Soo, Charles Bland, Sam Lebo, Harold Wright 1974-09-12
Bernie Weinstein 1974-04-05
Don Stiles and Ken Hooks 1972-02-21
Jim Snow and Gary Buell 1971-10-20
Charles Casper, Tipton, Jim Lowrey, Dick Gothard, George Olivera 1971-09-09
Bob Hardy 1971-05-18
Mike Schwiff 1971-02-04
Norman Corliss 1970-12-10
Benny Reando 1969-10-16
Rudy Martinez, Hugh Rattiff 1970-09-08
Ken Johnson, Charles Arnold, B. Sayger 1970-09-03
Chuck Blair, Ira Guilliams, Bob Andrews 1969-10-20
Leroy Andrews, Gary Barnes, Charles Glasscock, Hugh Johnson 1969-09-11
G. W. Wiley, Richard Bynum 1969-07-25
Roger Robbes, Blask, Keith Schewning, Al Fry 1968-12-09
Brian Peters, M. P. Burke, James M. Bailey, Roy Gothard 1965
Allan Harris, Randall H. Courtney 1966
John Palosi, James F. Moore, Cunningham, Jim Dawson 1967
Edgar Von Schiele, Jr., Buttafusco, Herman Lee 1964
Joe L. Teterman, Don Kennedy, Laurence Ruckdeschel
Montgomery, Mike Jackson, H. G. Jordan, Calvin Hitt
Richard Betts, Jr., W. K. Fugitt, T. A. Andrews, Jr.
973 Hugh Smith: three men 1980-05-14
[ Pic # 117850-52 Inv # 32963 ]
Automobiles and helicopter 1969-06-23
Unidentified man 1969-07-07
[ Pic # 78299 Inv # 4532 ]
GUNTER HOTEL 1913-1982
974 Evacuation from Gunter hotel during flood 1913
Wing and Sabre Room
Chef with food
Employees 1961
Two men looking a menu
Gunter parking garage
Beauty contest
Banquet room
Banquet on roof
Bedroom, buffet 04-25
975 Lobby
Exterior of hotel circa 1935
Chefs by buffet
Unidentified people
People dancing
Steer in lobby
Painting of women weaving by E. R. von Szepessy
Lady at buffet 1960
Wedding cake
Wedding receptions
976 Exterior of Gunter Hotel and interior of rooms
Oriental Room
Dinner outside in street
Banquet room
Charles Saint Clair Orchestra
Kitchen, dishes, dishwasher, and employees
People at luncheon
Bellboys and secretaries
Game room with pool table
Group of girls in jeans and cowboy hats
Norge refrigerator display
Group of ladies
Mrs. Robins and Mrs. Crickette
Ballroom and people dancing
Glenn Advertising: opening of Bull and Bear Saloon
Edward Dickhaut receiving Proclamation
Check-in desk 1969
Unidentified people
Hotel Lanier
Grand Champion Steer in lobby
Employees and kitchen staff 1966
Gunter Hotel 1949
Display 1937
Beauty contest
Sears, Roeback and Company Birthday banquet
977 Charles Saint Clair Orchestra
People drinking Pearl Beer
Dining room
Banquet on roof
Gunter Hotel exterior
Edward Dickhaut receiving Proclamation
Four men 1960
[ Pic # 18136 ]
Unidentified people
Bull in lobby
Bull and Bear Club
Charlie Walker with guitar and his suite 1970
Military Ball
Group at airport
Bert Sayers
Wedding cakes
Larry Herman Orchestra
Wedding receptions
978 Banquet outside on roof
Charlie Walker with guitar 1970
Exterior of Gunter Hotel
Exterior of hotel 1981-03-24
Construction on hotel 1961
Banquet room
Rooms 1966
Barber shop
Cakes and chef
Bar 1966
Oriental Room circa 1948
People with certificates 1966
Charlie Walker Suite 1970
Employees 1966
Rendering of lobby
Dining room 1961-12-09
979 Gunter Hotel
Banquet room
Chef and buffet
Lobby 1982
Front desk
Ballroom 1973-03-06
People at buffet during Fiesta Day Parade 1973-04-28
Hotel parking 1973-03-20
Gunter Hotel Bar 1973-03-14
Rooms 1969
Exterior of hotel
Interior of hotel 1969-01-17
Registration desk 1969-04-23
Lobby 1973-03-07
Wall Street Buffet 1969
Banquet circa 1949
Rendering of Motor Motel 1967
Buffet, restaurant 1962-09-20
980 Johnny Farcell 1973-12-19
Ballroom 1968-08-12
Exterior of hotel 1979-05-07
Silver 1968-12-16
Al McGee, Gonzales Engle 1968
Employees 1965
Unidentified people 1963
Charlie Walker and Suite 1970
Dining rooms 1966
Rendering of Gunter Hotel 1981-10-06
Exterior of hotel 1982
Maps of San Antonio 1968-04-03
Bedroom 1963-02-21
981 Damage after flood 1920's
Padre Maldoona 1982-12-16
Rendering of Gunter Hotel and Athletic Center 1982-03-02
Photographs of San Antonio during flood of 1920's 1982-03-03
Yellow rose 1982-03-03
Old book with pictures of Gunter Hotel interiors 1982-01-21
Postcard of hotel 1982-01-21
982 Façade of hotel 1984-10-09
Rendering of hotel 1982-11-16
Café Suisse 1985-10-28
Exterior photograph of Muldoon's 1985-09-10
Lobby 1985-01-31
Interior of hotel 1986-10-22
Display 09-26