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A Guide to the R. D. and Margaret S. Warden Collection, 1835-1990

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Warden, R.D., and Warden, Margaret
Title: R. D. and Margaret S. Warden Collection
Dates: 1835-1990
Creator Abstract: R. D. Warden joined the staff of his father's newspaper, the Great Falls Tribune, in 1925. He rose from cub reporter to executive editor and was part owner of the paper until it was sold in 1965. From that time until his death in 1979, he pursued his interest in Western art and history with his wife, Margaret S. Warden. Margaret S. Warden was involved in libraries and information services on the state and national level, and served as a Montana state senator.
Content Abstract: The collection spans the years 1835 through 1990 and includes brochures and maps for state and national parks of the Western and Northwestern states; art prints, gallery guides, exhibition catalogs, periodicals and prints (some reproductions) of art and artists of Western subjects; maps, government documents, tourist brochures, pamphlets, souvenir books, and articles about Native Americans and the cities and regions of the American West.
Identification: MS 138
Extent: 7 linear feet (about 5,200 items)
Language: Most materials are in English. A few materials are in Latin, Crow, Kalispel, and Tsimshian.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Biographical Note

Robert D. Warden was born January 4, 1904 in Great Falls, Montana. He attended the University of Montana journalism school, graduating in 1927. Warden served in the U.S. Navy in Washington, D.C. for three and a half years during World War II and was in the Navy Reserve for 21 years. He joined the staff of his father's paper, the Great Falls Tribune in 1925. He rose from cub reporter to executive editor and was part owner of the paper until it was sold in 1965. From that time until his death in 1979 he pursued his interest in western art and history with his wife, Margaret S. Warden.

Margaret S. Warden was born Margaret Smith July 18, 1917. She was a library trustee, a Montana state senator, a member of the Montana State Advisory Council for Libraries, a member of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, a member of the Montana Committee for the Humanities, and an Advisory Committee Member of the 1979 White House Conference on Library and Information Services. She died February 25, 2005.

Scope and Content Note

The R. D. and Margaret S. Warden Collection is a collection of materials reflecting the Warden's interest in the art and history of the Western United States. The collection was purchased in 1973 from R.D. Warden and Margaret S. Warden through International Bookfinders of California. Additional items were transferred to UTSA over the years after the initial purchase. The items purchased included approximately 8100 volumes and 7 feet of pamphlets, maps, and brochures now housed in the Library at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Materials are dated from 1835 to 1990 and include brochures and maps for state and national parks of the Western and Northwestern states; art prints, gallery guides, exhibition catalogs, periodicals and prints (some reproduction) of art and artists of Western subjects; maps, government documents, tourist brochures, souvenir books, Native American history, and articles about the cities and regions of the American West. The collection itself is divided into three series: Art, History, and Personal.

The Art series includes artwork with a Western theme, in the form of original prints, print reproductions, photographs, posters, engravings, sketches, and artwork published in newspapers and periodicals. The series is divided into the following subseries: Artists and Art Periodicals. The Artists subseries is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the artist with the folders containing their artwork, exhibitions, and any written information on or especially attributed to them. Many famous Western artists are represented in this subseries, with a large portion of the artwork from Frederic Remington. The Art Periodicals subseries consists of various periodicals that focus primarily on Western art. It includes art magazines, gallery catalogs, conference journals, and a stamp collection.

The History series includes newspaper articles, pamphlets, maps, government documents, tourist brochures, souvenir books, Native American history, and items covering the cities and regions of the American West and Canada. The series is divided into the following subseries: People and Places. The People subseries is organized into five sections containing any written information on or especially attributed to: George A. Custer, J. Frank Dobie, Lyndon B. Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Walter Prescott Webb. The Places subseries is organized by geographical regions and states. It contains histories, pamphlets, newspaper articles, brochures, maps, government documents, periodicals, poems and other ephemera that correspond to geographical areas and states in the American West and Canada. Much of the material covers the American West in general and the state of Montana. Within the materials for the state of Montana, Louis A. Parson's Metallurgy Trip Diary (1909) is an outstanding item. The diary details visits to the Washoe Smelter of the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. at Anaconda, Montana and to the Boston and Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company Smelter at Great Falls, Montana. The diary includes an index, several drawings, and detailed descriptions of the operations of the smelters.

The Warden series is made up of items that are associated with the Wardens themselves. It includes catalogs, correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and sheet music.

Organization of Collection

  • Series 1. Art
  • 1.1. Artists
  • 1.2. Art Periodicals
  • Series 2. History
  • 2.1. People
  • 2.1.1. Custer, George Armstrong
  • 2.1.2. Dobie, J. Frank
  • 2.1.3. Johnson, Lyndon Baines
  • 2.1.4. Roosevelt, Theodore
  • 2.1.5. Webb, Water Prescott
  • 2.2. Places
  • 2.2.1. Canada
  • 2.2.2. Regions of the United States
  • 2.2.3. States
  • 2.2.4. World
  • Series 3. Warden


Access Restrictions

This collection is housed at UTSA's Main Campus and must be accessed via the John Peace Library Special Collections reading room. To request access, please use the Collections Request Form.

Use Restrictions

The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Warden, Margaret, 1917-
Warden, R. D. (Robert D.), 1904-1979.
Custer, George A. (George Armstrong), 1839-1876.
Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1831-1878.
Russell, Charles M. (Charles Marion), 1864-1926.
Webb, Walter Prescott, 1888-1963.
Northwestern States--History.
United States--History--19th century.
United States--History--20th century.
West (U.S.)--History.
West (U.S.)--In art.
Printed ephemera.
Local Subjects

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], R.D. and Margaret S. Warden Collection, MS 138, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Acquisition Information

The Warden Collection was purchased by University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections in 1973 from R. D. and Margaret S. Warden of Great Falls, Montana. R.D. Warden, a former newspaper reporter, editor and publisher and his wife Margaret, a former state senator in Montana, accumulated their collection of Western Americana over a span of 20 years.

Processing Information

Processed by Chris Lehman, Intern, Summer 2005; and Mathew Martin, Collections Assistant, Summer 2006.

Note to Researchers

Warden's obituary, correspondence between Mrs. Warden and UTSA regarding the collection, and newspaper articles about purchase of the collection are contained within the collection's control file. Please contact University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections about accessing these materials.

Detailed Description of the Collection


1 Artists
1 Anderson, Stanley Lenor: Jackson Hole and Tetons, book of drawings, undated
2 Audubon, John James: Calendars,1954-1957, 1965-1968
Drawer Folder
41 OM9 Audubon, John James: Prints (reproductions),1966
Box Folder
1 4 Bierstadt, Albert: Exhibition Booklets,1960, 1964 and undated
5 Bierstadt, Albert: Print (reproduction), "Multnomah Falls",1966
6 Blumenschein, Ernest Leonard: Exhibition Booklet,1959
7 Bodmer, Karl: Newspaper Clippings,1984
8 Bodmer, Karl: Prints (reproduction), undated
9 Bonheur, Rosa: "Col. William F. Cody 'Buffalo Bill'",1889 Print (reproduction), undated
10 Borein, Edward: "Steer Roping" Print (reproduction), undated
11 Bugbee, Harold D.: Christmas Sketches (reproduction), 1969
12 Calhoun: Prints (reproductions), undated
13 Cameron, Stewart: Satirical Cartoons, undated
14 Caples, Robert Cole: Prints (reproductions), 1970
15 Catlin, George: Exhibition Booklets, 1962-1967
16 Catlin, George: Newspaper Article on an exhibition of his paintings in the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, October 14, 1956
17 Catlin, George: Portfolios of Indian Paintings (reproductions), 1967 and undated
18 Cisneros, Jose: Four Original Prints, undated
19 Cisneros, Jose: Newspaper clipping of an Engraving in The Southwesterner, Oct 1966
20 Cisneros, Jose: Print – signed, undated
21 Couse, E. Irving: Exhibition Booklet, 1974
Drawer Folder
41 OM8 Currier and Ives: Prints (reproduction), undated
Box Folder
1 23 Curtis, Edward S.: Photo prints (reproductions), undated
24 Decker, Peter: Christmas Cards, undated
25 Delano, Gerald Curtis: "Navajo" Print (reproduction), undated
26 Dunn, Harvey: Exhibition Catalogs, 1980, undated
27 Dyck, Paul: Newspaper clipping from Art-Talk, August/September 1984
Drawer Folder
41 OM11 Eakins, Thomas: Print (reproduction), 1966
Box Folder
1 29 Eggenhofer, N. (Nick): Photographs of Eggenhoffer's artwork, undated
30 Fechin, Nicolai: Exhibition Catalog, undated
31 Fellows, Fred: Artwork, undated
32 Ferran, Augusto: Satirical Drawings from 1850 (reproductions), undated
33 Gaspard, Leon: Exhibition Catalog, 1981
34 Grande, Joe: Print (autographed) #26/300, 1971
35 Hines, Jack and Jessica Zemsky: Newspaper Clippings and Advertisements, 1984-1985
36 Hulings, Clark: Exhibition Catalog, 1981
37 James, William: Newspaper clipping with artwork and a quote from The Great Falls Tribune, June 25, 1961
38 James, William: Photographs of James' prints and prints (reproductions), undated
39 Keithahn, Edward C.:Photo prints (reproductions) of "Monuments in Cedar" (totem poles), 1963
40 Kihn, W. Langdon: Print (reproduction) on calendar, 1928
41 Kinert, Reed: Artwork from Early American Steam Locomotives – The First Seven Decades, 1962
42 Knight, Daniel Ridgeway: Print (reproduction) of "Rural Courtship", 1968
43 Koerner, W.H.D.: Christmas Cards and Exhibition Catalog, 1971 and undated.
44 Lea, Tom: Bullfight Manual and "Recuerdo de Lagrimas" painting information sheet, 1949, 1967
45 Lea, Tom: Prints (reproduction) and a portfolio of six reproduction prints (autographed), 1939, 1941, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1965, and undated
46 Leigh, William R.: Prints (reproductions), 1966 and undated
47 McCarty, Lea F.: Prints (reproductions) of "Authentic Great Gunfighters", 1958
48 Meineke, W.: Pamphlet, undated
Box Folder
2 1 Miller, Alfred Jacob: Exhibition Catalogs, 1950-1951, 1966
2 Millsap: Print (reproduction) – "San Antonio arrives, saves first Presidio" from The Explorers, undated
3 Moran, Thomas: Prints (reproductions), 1963
4 Onderdonk, Julian: "Out on Blanco Road", Print (reproduction), 1921
5 Pannage, Charles M.: Pamphlet - "Wildlife Sculpture", undated
6 Paxson, Edgar S.: Postcard of "The Buffalo Hunter", undated
7 Paxson, Edgar S.: Prints (reproductions), undated
8 Perceval, Don Louis: Bucking Horse Portfolio, reproduction sketches, [1960]
9 Perceval, Don Louis: Print (reproduction), 1966
10 Phippen, Geo: Print (reproduction) – "Welcome Lights", undated
11 Pitman, Theodore B.: Print (reproduction) - "The Great Wagon Box Fight", undated
12 Pogzeba, Wolfgang: Prints – "Exclusively for the Red Man's West", 1966
13 Powell, Ace: "Pete and Repete: National Park Bears" reproduction sketches, undated
14 Reiss, Winold: Exhibition Catalog and reproduction prints, 1978 and undated.
Drawer Folder
41 OM3 Reiss, Winold: Prints (reproductions) - posters and calendar and an exhibition pamphlet, 1928-1932, 1941-1942, 1947-1952 and undated.
2 Remington, Frederic
16 Portfolios of Prints, undated
Drawer Folder
41 OM7 Prints (reproductions), undated
Box Folder
2 18 Publication of Artwork,1910 and undated.
19 Reprints on Gray Matting, undated
20 Souvenir Prints, undated
21 Calendar,1945
22 Exhibitions,1961, 1967 and undated.
23 Baroid News Bulletin, 1963
24 Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, one with Autograph, 1888
25 The Cody Enterprise illustrated by Remington, 1959
26 Collier's Weekly illustrated by Remington, 1899
27 The Cosmopolitan with DeQuille's- "An Indian Story of the Sierra Madre" illustrated by Remington, June 1895
28 Harper's Publications Illustrated by Remington, 1891, 1893-1894
29 Photograph of Frederic Remington, undated
30 Photographs of Artwork, undated
Box Folder
3 1 Postcards, undated
Printed Materials
2 "The Howl of the Weather", undated
3 Materials on Remington, 1970 and undated.
4 Remington Art Memorial Museum Pamphlet, undated
5 Slides,1968
6 Rosa, Joseph G.: Newspaper clipping of "The Gunfighter" artwork, undated
7 Russell, Charles M.: Envelope for Reproduction of Original Russell Sketches, undated
8 Russell, Charles M.: Exhibition booklets, 1970, 1982
9 Schriver, Bob: Newspaper clippings, and Exhibition Catalogs, 1975, 1982, 1985 and undated.
10 Seltzer, O.C.: Newspaper clipping, undated
11 Sharp, Joseph Henry: Exhibition Catalog, undated
12 Shope, Irvin "Shorty": Prints (reproductions), 1952, 1971 and undated
Drawer Folder
41 OM1 Southwestern Portfolio with Manuel Acoste, Peter Hurd, William Kolliker, Tom Lea, Robert Massey, and Russell Waterhouse, undated
Box Folder
3 14 Standing, Wm. (William): Reproduction print, undated
15 United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Exhibition Catalogs for Contemporary Native American Artwork, 1970, 1975 -1976, 1979, 1981-1985
16 Werner Company: Print (reproduction) – "US Army – Custer Massacre at Big Horn, Montana – June 25, 1876", undated
17 Whitaker, W.: Exhibition Catalog, 1985
18 Whitney, Gertrude Vanderbilt: Photograph of Sculpture of Buffalo Bill Cody, undated
19 Williams, J.R.: Out our Way comic strips, 1945-1952
Box Folder
4 1-3 Williams, J.R.: Out our Way comic strips, 1945-1952
4 Wood, Bob and Geri: Pamphlet, undated
5 Wyeth, Andrew: Exhibition Catalogs, 1968, 1972
Drawer Folder
41 OM10 Wyeth, Andrew: Print (reproductions), 1948 and undated
Box Folder
4 7 Wyeth, N.C.: Exhibition Catalog, 1965
Zemsky, Jessica: See: Hines, Jack
8 Zogbaum, R.F.: Engravings (reproductions), undated
9 Unidentified Artists: Print (reproduction), Literary Poster, and List of descriptions of Albumen photo prints, 1929 and undated.
Art Periodicals
American Scene
10 V.1 No.4; V.2 No.1-2; V.4 No.2 (1958-1961)
11 V. 5 No.1-4 (1963-1964)
Box Folder
5 1 V.6 No.1; V.11 No.2-4; V.12 No.1,2,4; V.13 No.2 (1965, 1970-1972)
2 Art of the West, April 1990
3 National Wildlife Federation (stamp collection), 1954-1963
4-5 Rendezvous of Western Art (Annual Conference Journal) , 1974-1990
6 Thomas Gilcrease Institute of History and Art Gift Shop Catalog, undated
Trailside Galleries (gallery catalogs)
7 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980
Box Folder
6 1 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990


6 People
Custer, George Armstrong
2 "An act for the relief of Mrs. Elizabeth C. Custer", February 21, 1891
3 "The Battle of Little Big Horn" as told to Stanley Vestal by Chief Joseph WhiteBull, 1933
4 The Black Hills Pioneer, 1876
5 Custer Battlefield National Monument, brochures, undated
6 Custer Battlefield National Monument/Montana, brochures, undated
7 "The Custer Story" as told by The Billings Gazette, 1961
8 Drama of the Comstock Lode, newspaper, 1949
9 General George Armstrong Custer by the Monroe County Library System, 1976
10 The Journal of the Clann Chatain Association, V. 5, No. 2, 1965
11 Memorandum re: Custer's Last Fight by George Mills (painting), 1932-1933
12 Newspaper clippings & battlefield postcard, 1930, 1957, 1962
13 Ralston, J.K., "The Custer Mystery" (poem), undated
14 "Ride with Custer's Seven into the Valley of Death", newspaper clipping, undated
15 "Territory of Treasures" by Bob and Kathryn Wright, newspaper clipping,March 5, 1964
16 "The Third Day of Gettysburg", by Henry S. Hunt, (article), undated
17 "To The Last Man", 1876 (photographic reproduction of a painting), 1956
Dobie, J. Frank
18 Broadside 1 of 9undated
19 "E. Douglas Branch, Singularisimo" by J. Frank Dobie, (signed by Dobie),1962
20 "Christmas…the Southwest…and J. Frank Dobie", by Lawrence Clark Powell, undated
21 "The First bookseller to enrich my life" by J. Frank Dobie, undated
22 James P. Hart honors Dobie, remarks, Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas, April 23, 1955
23 "J. Frank Dobie" by Walter Prescott Webb, April 23, 1955
24 Letter from J. Frank Dobie to Mr. William F. Kelleher, November 7, 1960
25 Letter from J. Frank Dobie to Mr. William F. Kelleher, August 30, 1964
26 The Longhorns by J. Frank Dobie with illustrations by Tom Lea (promotional pamphlet), undated
27 Newspaper Clippings from The Houston Post, 1950s
28 "Ed Nichols Rode a Horse", Range Life Series, by Ruby Nichols, 1943
29 "Sealed with Blood" newsclipping from The Dallas Morning News, by J. Frank Dobie, February 1, 1931
30 Sul Ross State Teachers College Bulletin, December 1, 1930
Box Folder
7 Johnson, Lyndon Baines
1 Newspaper articles, 1973
Roosevelt, Theodore
2 "In Cowboy Land", pamphlet, with illustrations by Frederic Remington, June 1893
3 "Ranchman's Rifle on Crag and Prairie" by Theodore Roosevelt, June 1888
4 "Sheriff's Work on a Ranch" by Theodore Roosevelt, from The Century, May 1888
5 "Theodore Roosevelt: A Character Sketch" by Ray Stannard Baker, 1898
Webb, Walter Prescott
6 Panorama – Supplement to the Daily Texan, – articles about Walter Prescott Webb,May 12, 1963
7 Altamont Historical Center, Coutts, Alberta, Canada, pamphlet, undated
8 "The Badlands of the Red Deer River", Pamphlet No.37, 1958
9 "Canada's Mountain Playgrounds", a booklet by the Department of Mines and Resources, National Parks Bureau, 1941
10 Fort Battleford National Historic Park, Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, pamphlet, 1961
11 "The Northwest Territories: It's Economic Prospects", R. G. Robertson, 1955
12 Photographic reproduction of a portrait of Joseph Brant by William von Moll Berczy (1797), taken by Earle Forrest, 1950
Regions of the United States
American West
13 Ephemera, 1949 and undated.
14-15 History, 1835-1836, 1845, 1848, 1870, 1877, 1889, 1899, 1911, 1914, 1920, 1949, 1953-55, 1962, 1965, 1967, 1972 and undated.
Drawer Folder
41 OM6 Maps, [1814], 1840, 1937, 1947-1948 and undated.
Box Folder
7 17 Newspaper clippings, 1958, 1969
18 Parks, 1957, 1961-64, 1967 and undated.
19 Periodicals, 1847, 1958, 1962, 1969 and undated.
Box Folder
8 1 Poems and creative works, 1870, 1928, 1949, 1957
2 Tourism, 1962-64
Dakota Territory
81 Map of Minnesota and Dakota Territory, undated
Box Folder
8 3 Button from Dakota Centennial, 1861-1961 and undated.
4 A Brief History of the Northern Pacific Railway, Pamphlet, 1951
5 Construction Era of the Northern Pacific Railway: a pictorial history, Northern Pacific Railway, 1964
6 Depredation and Massacre by the Snake River Indians, 1861, a reprint included, 1966
7 Drought of the Falls and Portage of the Missouri River from Clark's Notebook. Reproduction, undated
8 "Historic Adventure Land of the Northwest", 1927
9 Map of Northwest, 1879
10 Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and part of Montana from 1874, reproduction, undated
11 "The Northwestern Indian Expedition", by Ray W. Lingk, reprinted from North Dakota History, 1957
12 Pacific Railroad, Pike's Peak Guidebook of 1859 (reprint), undated
13 Telltale for employees of the Northern Pacific Railway Company, July 1964
14 "According to Mama", (story about Native Americans in Alaska), 1956
15 Pontiac Safari V.9 No.1, 1968
16 The Proposed Western Union Telegraph Extension imposed on the 18th century map of North Pacific (photocopies), .n.d
Drawer Folder
41 OM2 Map of Tucson, AZ from 1862 (reprint), 1968
Box Folder
8 18 The Street Fight of October 26 1881, Tombstone Arizona Territory, informative flyer, undated
19 Tombstone, Arizona - tourism brochure, undated
81 Bird's Eye Map of San Francisco, 1868 (reprint)
Box Folder
8 20 "Collecting California and the West" by Henry H. Clifford, pamphlet, 1958
21 Constitution of the Bunker Hill Trading and Mining Association, Reprint, undated
22 Paladin Press- Important Reprints related to exploration and development of the New World, catalog, undated
23 Denver Art Museum, Western Heritage, Spring Quarterly 1959
24 The First National Bank of Denver, The Formative Years, 1860-1865, undated
25 Western Horsemen Magazine, February 1963
26 With Fur Traders in Colorado, 1839-40, The Journal of E. Willard Smith, undated
27 Idaho, Oficial Highway Map, 1969
28 "Boise, City of the Trees", prepared by the Idaho Historical Society, 1963
29 "Idaho: A Brief History", prepared by the Idaho Historical Society, 1962
30 Idaho Historical Series, Idaho Historical Society, Nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10, 1959-1963
31 "Idaho is What the Rest of the World Would Like to Be", undated
32 Map of the Route Transverse by the Yellowstone Expedition under command of Col. D.S Stanley…(photo duplication), undated
33 National Congress of American Indians, 18th Convention, program, 1961
34 Scenic Idaho, Annual Edition, 1961
35 Vardis Fisher News, undated
36 Traditions of the Crows, Field Columbian Museum, Publication 85, Anthropological Series V.2 No. 6, 1903
37 100 Years on the Road –Studebaker History, 1952
38 County and Township Map of the States of Kansas and Nebraska, 1881
39 Herbert Hammond and Wife to M.A. & W.L. Guffey, Morris County, Kansas, quit-claim deed, 1900
40 Heritage of Kansas, publication of the Department of English, Kansas State Teachers' College of Emporia, edited by Neil Buyer, Vol.2 No.4, 1958
41 "The Rescue of Forsyth's Scouts", Kansas Historical Collections, by E.A. Brininstool, Vol. 17, 1926-1928
42 Wild Bill Hickok: King of the Gun Fighters by Allison Hardy, 1943
43 The Louisiana Purchase 150th Anniversary Official Program, 1953
Box Folder
9 Missouri
1 "By God By Spike", undated
2 "'Bud' Turner of Missouri" by Harry Vernon, ca.1890
3 Advertising, undated
4 Archaeology and Nature, 1950, 1961, 1963.
5 Artifacts, undated
6 Battle of Big Hole, 1877, 1919, 1958, 1962, 1965 and undated.
7 Cookbooks, 1911.
8 Creative Works (music and writing), 1940, 1957, 1961-1963 and undated.
9 Diary, Louis A. Parsons Metallurgy Trip, Summer of 1909 Washoe Smelter of the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. at Anaconda, Montana and to the Boston and Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company Smelter at Great Falls, Montana, 1909
10 Ephemera, 1887, 1909, 1910, 1933, 1960
11 Government Issues and Documents, 1891, 1899, 1901, 1927.
12 History, 1942, 1961
Box Folder
10 1-3 History, 1876-1877, 1891, 1885, 1900, 1902, 1905, 1907, 1909, 1918, 1931, 1936-1937, 1957, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1969.
4 Industry and Business, 1916, 1926, 1955-1960 and undated.
5 Jocko Mission Church (near Arlee) Flathead Indian Reservation materials, 1960.
6 Maps, 1874, [1891], 1925, 1954, 1964-1965, 1967 and undated.
7 Medical Association of Montana, 22nd Annual Meeting, 1901
Montana Cities
8 Billings, 1968.
9 Butte, 1890, 1899, 1909, 1967 and undated.
Box Folder
11 1 Chinook, 1962
2 Fort Benton, 1909, 1937, 1946, 1965, 1967.
3 Great Falls, 1959, 1964.
4 Helena, 1941, 1969 and undated.
5 Neihart, 1895
6 Plentywood, 1938
7 Red Lodge, 1916
8 Virginia City, 1938, 1945.
9 Other, 1914, 1963-1964 and undated.
10 Museums, 1962
National Parks
11-13 Glacier, 1908, 1957, 1959-1969.
14 Yellowstone, undated
Box Folder
12 1 Other, 1958, 1961, 1963-1964.
2 Native American History, 1880, [1891-1892], 1952 and undated.
3 Newspaper clippings, 1962 and undated
4-5 Periodicals, 1875, 1956-1972
6 Photographs, 1897.
7 Poster: Field Stripping and Farmstead Windbreaks – Cascade Co. Soil and Water Conservation District, 1965
8-11 Tax Study, 1966
Box Folder
13 1 Tourism, undated
2 University of Montana scrapbook pages, football newspaper clippings, 1915-1916, 1969
3 Audubon Wildlife Films, 1969-1970
4 Bellevue: 1827-1833, Reprints, undated
5 County and Township Map of the States of Kansas and Nebraska, 1881
6 Fort Kearny- Nebraska State Historical Society, Educational Leaflet No. 7, undated
7 Missouri River Steamboatin', Reprinted, 1946
8 The Teton Dakota (Sioux) Indians, Nebraska State Historical Society, Educational Leaflet No. 6, undated
9 Nevada's #1 Basic Industry, 1969
10 Various State Brochures, undated
11 You'll Like Nevada, [1967-1971]
New Mexico
12 The Kit Carson Camp, undated
13 El Palacio, V.13 No. 4, 1922
14 The Southwesterner, V.2 No.10, 1963
New York
15 Christmas Present for your Home- Kennedy Galleries, undated
16 Harpers Monthly, No. 483, 1890
17 Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation, 1918
18 Tiger Tom, Dewitt's Ten-cent Romances, 1873
North Dakota
19 Chateau de Mores guide, undated
Drawer Folder
41 OM12 Map of North Dakota with artwork and history, 1947
Box Folder
13 21 "Mark Kellogg Telegraphed for Custer's Rescue" by Oliver Knight (1960), Reprinted from North Dakota Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. 27, No. 2, Spring 1960
22 North Dakota- A State of Restful Awe-Inspiring Beauty and Thrilling History, undated
23 Pyramid Park- Where Roosevelt Came to Hunt by Olaf Hagenand, 1952
24 "Sitting Bull- Hero or Monster" by Roy Johnson, North Dakota History, V.29 No. 1 & 2, 1962
25 Indian Battles of the Lower Rogue, 1970
South Dakota
26 Chief Bigfoot's Last Trail, undated
27 History of the Badlands, Brochure, undated
28 The Niobrara Catechism, undated
29 Sioux Indians May Have Decided the Election of 1876, undated
30 Soldiering in Dakota Among the Indians in 1863-4-5, Reprint, 1936
31 South Dakota History, Vol. 14, index, 1984
32 ""Wild Bill" Hickok- "Prince of Pistoleers"", undated
33 Art Gravure Section of The Houston Chronicle, April 19, 1936
34 A Cattle-Log of the Southwest Collection- A Repository of Ranch Research at Texas Technical College, 1968
35 The Cowboy Christmas Ball by Larry Chittendenundated
36 Geologic Map, McLennan County, 1924
37 History Of Old Glory by M.P. Carr, undated
38 Jones County Quarterly by M.P. Carr, undated
39 Jessie H. Jones Theatre for Texas Studies, San Jacinto Museum of History, Dedication Program, 1990
40 Larry Chittenden Returns For Visit to Cow Country Which Inspired His Poetry by M.P. Carr, undated
41 Old Southwest Days and Life of Will Rogers Pageant Program, 1938
42 Posters of renowned Texans, undated
43 Report of the Secretary of State of Texas for December 21, 1855 to October 29, 1857
44 Report on the state of the Treasury of Texas from October, 1857 to August 31, 1859
45 Spanish Missions of San Antonio, prints(reproductions), undated
46 Stonewall County Map, undated
47 Survey of Stonewall Couch, G.R. & Martin Duvall County, 1909
48 Texas Folklore Society, 1961-1965, 1967,1969
49 "Text of Address Delivered by Hon. Harbert Davenport at Dedication of Goliad Monument Erected to Memory of Col. J.W. Fannin and His Men", June 4, 1939
50 First Annual Message from Governor Brigham Young, Reprint, 1963
Box Folder
14 1 Message from the President, 1860
2 Crosby Library- Gonzaga University's Unique Crosby Memorial, 1963
3 Gingko Petrified Forest State Park, undated
4 Lewis and Clark Diary from Washington State Advertising (reproduction), undated
5 Lewis and Clark in Washington State, Brochures, undated
6 The Redmen in America, 1970
7 Washington State- Heart of America's Evergreen Playground, 1939
8 Whitman National Monument, 1960
9 An American Epic, undated
10 Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming, Brochure, undated
11 The Cattle Baron's Rebellion, 1955
12 Fort Fetterman State Historic Site and Museum, undated
13 H.F. Bar and Paradise Ranches, undated
14 Map, 1972
15 National Park Brochures, undated
16 Sheridan… The West Yesterday and Today, Brochure, undated
17 Sixty Years- A Brief Review of Wyoming Cattle Days by Dan W. Greenburg, 1932
18 Tom Horn- Wyoming's Death Rider by Arthur Capman, (ca. 1890s)
19 United States Department of the Interior Brochures, 1959-1964
20 The Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Postcard, undated
21 Yellowstone National Park, Artwork, undated
22 Yellowstone National Park, Brochures, 1972 and undated.
23 Yellowstone National Park, General Information, undated
24 Yellowstone National Park, Information and Photographs, 1957
25 Yellowstone National Park, Postcards, 1907-1911
26 Map of "The World" from National Geographic Magazine, December, 1970


Box Folder
14 27 Correspondence, 1944, 1959, 1973-1976, 1979-1981, 1986 and undated.
Box Folder
15 1 Photograph- James' Saddle, undated
2 Printed Materials, 1965-1966, 1969, 1971-1972, 1982, 1986 and undated.
3 R.D. Warden Library of Charles M. Russell "The Cowboy Artist" catalog, undated
4 R.D. Warden Collection – Western Americana catalog, undated
5 Sheet Music, undated