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A Guide to the Mexican American Democrats of Texas Records, 1962-1987

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mexican American Democrats of Texas.
Title: Mexican American Democrats of Texas Records
Dates: 1962-1987
Creator Abstract: In December 1975 Mexican American Democrats of Texas was formed to provide a formal structure to make gains for Mexican Americans in the Democratic Party.
Content Abstract: The records of the Mexican American Democrats of Texas (MAD) contain correspondence, minutes, clippings and other materials relating to the political and social activism of Eugene and Sylvia Rodriguez, charter members of MAD.
Identification: MS 29
Extent: 9.6 linear feet
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Historical Note

Eugene (Gene) and Sylvia Rodriguez were both charter members of the Mexican American Democrats of Texas (MAD) and prominent political and social activists from San Antonio, Texas. They both served on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hispanic Caucus of the DNC. Mrs. Rodriguez first served on the DNC in 1978 and Mr. Rodriguez was elected in 1984. They also held a variety of positions in local and regional political groups. Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez were active in support of Democratic candidates including Henry B. Gonzalez, Henry Cisneros and Jimmy Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez worked tirelessly to advance the interests of Hispanics, both within the Democratic Party and the community, . Their interests included immigration, housing, employment and education. They also helped to found the TEJANOS Political Action Committee.

In December 1975 MAD was formed to provide a formal structure to make gains for Mexican Americans in the Democratic Party. The group grew out of a conflict over the selection of state delegates to the 1974 Democratic Mini-Convention in Kansas City. Only four of the ninety-six Texas delegates were Hispanic. DNC member Joe Bernal and other Mexican-Americans described this as an act of discrimination and asked for five anglo (caucasian) delegates to be replaced with Mexican-Americans. Starting in 1976, MAD held annual conventions and lobbied for pro-Mexican-American positions to be adopted by the larger Democratic Party.

In addition to their political activities, Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez had connections to a variety of civic and community development groups. Mr. Rodriguez was Executive Director of the Economic Opportunities Development Corporation of Bexar County and the Director of the Department of Economic and Employment Development. In these capacities, he worked to improve the position of Hispanics and other minority groups particularly in the areas of employment and housing. He also worked with United Way and other charity efforts to help the poor of Bexar County. Mrs. Rodriguez was an officer in the YWCA and Parent Child, Inc., a non-profit organization that administered daycare programs in San Antonio.

Mr. Rodriguez received a Bachelors and a Masters degree in political science from St. Mary's University. He also earned another Masters degree in Environmental Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He held several positions at UTSA, including the head of the Center for Studies in Business, Economics and Human Resources.

Scope and Content Note

The Mexican American Democrats of Texas (MAD) collection contains material dating from 1962 to 1987. It contains correspondence, minutes, clippings and other materials relating to the political and social activism of Eugene and Sylvia Rodriguez, charter members of MAD. The collection is divided into seven series documenting the varied areas of this activism.

The official activities of Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez in the Democratic party are found in the Campaigns series, Elections series, and the Democratic National Committee series. These records document the efforts to create the policies of the Democratic Party and the actions of the party in support of candidates. The work of Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez with the Mexican-American Democrats of Texas and other political interest groups is located in the Local Political Groups series. Most of the groups in this series concern the rights of Hispanics, women and other minority groups.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez were also involved with a number of civic and development groups that worked with minorities such as National Urban Coalition and the Alamo Area Council of Governments. The Community and Development Groups series contain reports and other material from these types of groups. Some are based locally and others are national groups. The Equal Opportunity Development Corporation (EODC) series documents Mr. Rodriguez's work as Executive Director of the EODC and this group's work to increase the employment of minorities in the San Antonio area. The status of Hispanics and other minority groups is further documented in Employment Publications. These publications also provide background information on the type of concerns that the EODC and the Community and Development groups dealt with.

A small amount of personal information relating to Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez is located in the Rodriguez series. It contains some correspondence as well notes from Mr. Rodriguez's academic career.


The collection is arranged as follows:
Campaigns and Elections, 1971-1986
Democratic National Committee, 1973-1986
Local Political Groups, 1968-1985
Equal Opportunity Development Corporation, 1962-1981
Community and Development Groups, 1968-1986
Employment Publications, 1965-1985
Rodriguez, 1963-1987


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Rodriguez, Sylvia.
Mexican American Democrats of Texas.
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Mexican Americans--Texas--Political activity.
Mexican Americans--Texas--San Antonio--Political activity.
Texas--Politics and government.
United States--Politics and government.
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Acquisition Information

This collection was donated in 1994.

Processing Information

Processed by Eric Hartmann, Processing Archivist, December 1998.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Campaigns and Elections

This series contains information about Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez's support for Democratic candidates. The majority of this material concerns the 1980 presidential election. Unless otherwise noted, the material is dated the same year as the election.
Organized by year of election and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
1 1 1971
2 Briscoe, Dolph
3 Citizens for McGovern
4 Clippings
5 State
6 National
7 State Senatorial District 26
8 1974
9-10 Clippings, 1975-1976
Convention, state
11 1974
12 1976
Box Folder
2 Precincts
1 100-150
2 151-300
3 301-400
4 401-450
5 451-500
6 Briscoe, Dolph
7 Clements, Bill
8 Clippings, 1977-1978
9 Convention, state
10 Democratic Mid Year Conference
Box Folder
3 1 Precincts
2 Undated
3 1979-June 1980
4 July-August 1980
5 September 1980
6 October-November 1980
7 Convention
8 House Statistics
9 General
10 19th Senate District
11 21st Senate District
12 26th Senate District
13 Supreme Court
14 Administrative
Box Folder
4 1 Anderson, John
2 Bexar County Democratic Executive Committee
3 Carter, Rosaline
4 Convention
5 Correspondence
6 Hispanic Campaign Committee
7 Invitations
8 Kennedy, Edward
9 Key Contacts
10 Larouche, Lyndon
Box Folder
5 Media
1 Campaign Literature
Press Releases
2 General
3 Local
4 Radio
5 Television
6 Phone Bank
7 Platform
8 Reagan, Ronald
9 Re-election Committee
10 Staff
11 State Headquarters
12 Voter Registration
13 Voting History
14 White House on Women
Box Folder
6 1982
1 Clippings, 1981-1982
2 White, Mark
3 Cisneros, Henry, 1982-1984
4 Undated
5 January-October 1984
6 November 1984
7 Convention, State
8 Ferraro, Gearldine
9 Glenn, John, 1982-1984
10 Hart, Gary, 1982-1984
11 Miscellaneous Candidates, 1982-1984
12 Mondale, Walter 1982-1984
Box Folder
7 1 Platform
2 US Senate
3 1985/1986
4 Paraphernalia, 1972-1984

Democratic National Committee

This series contains correspondence and other material regarding the operation of the Democratic National Committee during the tenures of Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez.
Organized by topic and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
7 Conferences
5 1982
6 1982
7 1973-1980
8 1985
9 Fairness Commission, 1985
10 Hispanic Caucus, 1985
11 Meetings, 1984-1986
Box Folder
8 1 Miscellaneous, 1985
2 Rodriguez, Eugene, undated
3 Rodriguez, Sylvia 1978-1985
4 Tape of Gonzalez, undated

Local Political Groups

This series contains material about political groups such as the Mexican American Democrats of Texas and Democratic Women of Bexar County in which Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez were active.
Organized by name of group and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
8 5 Alliance for Women's Appointments, 1982-1985
6 Amistad Civic Organization, 1979
7 Coalition of National Hispanic Women, 1980
8 Democratic Women of Bexar County, 1968-1980
9 Democratic Party of Bexar County, 1972
10 Hispanic American Democrats, 1976-1981
11 Democratic Women of Bexar County, clippings, 1972-1975
Box Folder
9 Mexican American Democrats
1 Carter, Jimmy, 1980
2 Challenge Delegates, 1974
3 1974-1982
4 1984
5 Conventions, 1977-1984
6 Executive Committee, 1980-1985
7 Hispanic Issues, 1983-1984
8 Photographs, undated
9 Miscellaneous, 1971-1976 and undated
10 One City, Many Cultures, 1981-1982
11 Rosters, undated
12 San Antonio Independent School District, 1973-1975
13 Southwest Voter Registration Project, 1980-1985
Box Folder
10 1 Tejano, 1975-1976
2 Tejanos for Texas, 1980
3 Texas Democratic Party, undated
4 US Commission on Civil Rights, 1974-1977

Equal Opportunity Development Corporation

This series contains information concerning the activities of the Equal Opportunity Development Corporation. Minority employment issues such as affirmative action were the main concern of the corporation.
Organized by topic and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
10 Affirmative Action
5 Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action of the City of San Antonio, 1974
6 Preparing for Affirmative Action, 1978
7 City of San Antonio, 1973-1974
8 Undated
9 1973-1974
10 1975
11 1976
12 1977-1980
13 1981-1985
Box Folder
11 Concentrated Employment Program
1 General, 1969-1971
2 Director's Files, 1970-1971
3 Conferences, 1974
4 GED, undated
5 Grants, undated
6 Guidelines, 1978-1979
7 Miscellaneous, 1962-1981
Box Folder
12 Reports
1 General, 1972-1977
2 Mexican Americans and Manpower Training, undated
3 Poverty in Texas, 1972
4 Regional Environment for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 1979
Box Folder
13 1 SMSA, 1977
2 A Systemized Approach to Using Job Seeker Information as a Means of maintaining A Localized Job Search Database, 1974
3 Year in Review, 1971
4 Taft Rehabilitation Assistance Program, 1975
5 Budget, 1981
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
6 General, 1975
7 Bomar, Thomas, 1975
Committee on Small Business
8 US House, 1975
Box Folder
14 1 US House, 1978
2 US Senate, 1979
3 Labor Law Reports, 1975

Community and Development Groups

This series contains information about national and local development groups with which Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez worked. These development groups were largely concerned with issues such as minority education, employment and housing.
Organized by type of group and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
14 National
4 Joint Center for Political Studies, 1973-1975
Box Folder
15 National Urban Coalition
1 1971-1973
2 1974-1977
3 Small Business Administration, 1977
4 Task Force on Southern Rural Development, 1975
5 Urban Institute, 1977-1978
6 Wendell and Reed, undated
7 Wolfpac Corporation, undated
Box Folder
16 Local
Alamo Area Council of Governments
1 General, 1972-1974
2 Public Personnel Systems, 1975
Regional Development Studies
3 Economic Social and Institutional Factors Affecting the Development of the San Antonio Economic Area, 1972
4 The Economy of the Redevelopment Area, 1972
5 Forecasting the Population in thee Alamo Region, 1973
6 A Handbook on Land Use Classification and Base Mapping in the AACOG Region, 1972
7 Major Market Centers and Market Areas of Portions of Central, South and West Texas
Box Folder
17 1 Bexar County Historical Commission, 1976
2 Community Food and Nutrition Project, 1975
3 Dewey Master Plan, undated
4 Fourth of July Celebration, 1981
5 Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, 1973-1975
6 HemisFair 1968, 1968
7 Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner, 1981-1986
8 Child Abuse Council, 1975
Box Folder
18 1 Miscellaneous, 1973-1981
2 North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, 1975
3 San Antonio Economic Foundation, undated
4 Texas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1974
Texas Observer
5 1974-1975
6 1976-1980

Employment Publications

This series contains commercial, non-profit and government publications concerning business and employment. Most concern Hispanic or minority employment issues.
Organized by type of publication and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
18 7 Articles, 1978-1983
Box Folder
19 Commercial
1 1971-1975
2 1976-1981
3 American Sociological Review, 1976
4 Business Information Service, 1975
Non Profit
5 1971-1975
Box Folder
20 1 1976-1979
Texas Employment Commission
2 1977-1979
3 1985
4 1985
United States
Department of Commerce
5 General, 1972-1976
Box Folder
21 1 Bureau of the Census, 1972-1978
2 Department of Commerce, 1977
3 Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1973-1975
Department of Labor
4 General, 1974-1979
5 Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1974-1977
6 Manpower Administration, 1965-1973
Box Folder
22 1 Miscellaneous, 1973-1979 and undated


This series contains notes from Eugene Rodriguez's graduate studies and correspondence of Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez. There is also a selection of clippings concerning Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez.
Organized by person and arranged alphabetically.
Box Folder
22 2 Clippings, 1975-1980 and undated
Eugene Rodriguez
3 BA Political Science Notes, 1963-1965
MA Political Science
4 Notes, 1965-1967
5 Thesis, Henry B. Gonzalez: A Political Profile, 1965
MA Environmental Management Notes
6 1975
Box Folder
23 1 1975
2 Miscellaneous, 1966 and undated
Sylvia Rodriguez
3 Correspondence, 1979-1987
4 Miscellaneous, 1983-1984