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A Guide to the Angelina Kretzschmar Papers, 1974-1997 (bulk 1989-1996)

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Kretzschmar, Angelina.
Title: Angelina Kretzschmar Papers
Dates: 1974-1997
Dates (Bulk): (bulk 1989-1996)
Creator Abstract: Angelina Kretzschmar, a social activist and feminist, worked for the U.S. Army at Fort Sam Houston from 1974-1996. During her tenure at Fort Sam Houston, Kretzschmar filed serveral discrimination charges against management on behalf of herself and of the National Federation of Federal Employees Union-Local 28.
Content Abstract: The Angelina Kretzschmar Papers document discrimination cases (1989-1996) that Kretzschmar filed against management at Fort Sam Houston. Also included are records Kretzschmar collected as a member of more than fifteen local, regional, and national organizations. Materials that Kretzschmar amassed in the sixteen years as a community activist include correspondence, newsletters and other publications, brochures, pamphlets, campaign materials, government documents and other legislative materials, minutes, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. The papers also include materials related to events and projects she worked on as a social activist in the San Antonio area.
Identification: MS 23
Extent: 11.25 linear feet
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Biographical Note

Angelina Kretzschmar, a social activist and feminist, worked for the U.S. Army at Fort Sam Houston from 1974-1996. After earning a BBA degree in 1974 from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Kretzschmar was hired as a Budget Analyst at Fort Sam Houston where she was active in the National Federation of Federal Employees Union-Local 28. Kretzschmar served as Treasurer of the Union from 1989 to 1991, and also served as Steward for a few months during that time. As a union official, Kretzschmar filed grievances on behalf of herself and other employees, and represented the Union on health and safety issues. In addition, Kretzschmar filed approximately 75 Unfair Labor Practice charges for the Union. Twenty of the charges were complaints in which Kretzschmar was the primary witness.

Kretzschmar's own treatment in her job prompted her to file several charges of discrimination against Fort Sam Houston management officials. A number of the charges were settled out of court, but three times Kretzschmar proved charges of discrimination in court. No single employee had prevailed that many times. Kretzschmar initiated charges of discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, and national origin (German). She also filed several grievances and complaints against Fort Sam Houston Management officials on the basis of reprisal for her previous union activity and for the act of "whistle blowing" information to the Inspector General on misappropriated funds. Cases centered on discrimination in the form of harassment, low performance appraisal ratings, work overload, denied requests for ongoing job training, impediments to her security clearance, improper release of EEO files, and derogatory comments against her.

As part of a settlement to several complaints, Kretzschmar accepted the position of Equal Employment Opportunity specialist in 1992. In her new position, Kretzschmar continued to file against reprisal acts until her retirement in 1996. In 1996, Kretzschmar was awarded payment of medical bills, backpay for lost job advancement opportunities, and removal of all adverse records from her permanent personnel files.

In addition to her personal struggle fighting discrimination in the workplace, Angelina Kretzschmar was and continues to be a feminist and social activist. She has been a member of over fifteen local, regional, and national women's and social action organizations. Kretzschmar has been most closely involved in Federally Employed Women, Inc. and Bexar County Democratic Party. Kretzschmar has also devoted her time to a variety of feminist and social action causes and events, all of which are well documented in her papers.

Kretzschmar earned a paralegal degree in 1991 from the University of Texas-San Antonio. After retiring in September 1996 from civil service, Kretzschmar went to work as a paralegal for Mr. T.A. Guajardo on a class action lawsuit filed under the Equal Pay Act for 321 women educators (excluding teachers), against the San Antonio Independent school district. The lawsuit moved from Mr. Guajardo's office to Mr. Fred Deyeso's law office in 1998.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of Angelina Kretzschmar, 1974-1997 (bulk 1989-1996), document discrimination cases (1989-1996) that Kretzschmar filed against management at Fort Sam Houston. Also included are records Kretzschmar collected as a member of more than fifteen local, regional, and national organizations. Documenting the discrimination cases are transcripts of hearings, reports of investigation, process documents tracking the scheduling and administrative decisions in the legal process, compiled files of documentation, judge decisions, and settlement agreements. Materials that Kretzschmar amassed in the sixteen years as a community activist include correspondence, newsletters and other publications, brochures, pamphlets, campaign materials, government documents and other legislative materials, minutes, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. The papers also include materials related to events and projects she worked on as a social activist in the San Antonio area.

The collection is divided into four series. The bulk of the collection documents Discrimination Cases in the Workplace covering charges initiated by Kretzschmar in the form of Unfair Labor Practice charges, grievances, complaints, and violations of negotiated settlements. This series documents: litigation on ongoing discrimination and reprisal acts against a federal employee active in the Union, resulting repercussions for her health and career, legal actions she took to end the harassment, and the response of management and federal entities consulted during litigation. The series offers a sense of the procedures involved in filing and litigating discrimination complaints within a federal work place, particularly within the Equal Employment Opportunity Office itself. Cases are tracked by their designated docket numbers. Since one case may be assigned various docket numbers under several agencies, an index listing file date, complaint issues, and assigned docket numbers is included in this finding aid.

The Agencies/Organizations series includes materials Kretzschmar collected as an active member of over fifteen different women's and social action organizations. The bulk of the materials in this series are records from Federally Employed Women, Inc., and span the years 1986-1996. Three other organizations, Bexar County Democratic Party, Mission City Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., and San Antonio Chapter of the National Organization for Women, are also significantly represented in this series.

The Events/Projects series illustrates causes and events of special interest to Kretzschmar along with a wide range of community activities in which she was involved and political candidates she supported. Subseries include Announcements and Invitations; Brochures; Campaign Materials; Fliers and Programs; Major Causes; and Special Events. Finally, the Ephemera series includes newspaper clippings and religious materials.


The collection is arrangement as follows:
Discrimination Cases in the Workplace, 1988-1996
Agencies/Organization, 1984-1996, undated
Events/Causes, 1986-1997, undated
Ephemera, 1982-1986, undated


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Kretzschmar, Angelina.
Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.
Federally Employed Women, Inc.
National Federation of Federal Employees. Local 28.
National Organization for Women.
San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce (Texas)
United States--Armed Forces--Civilian employees.
United States. Army. Office of the Inspector General.
United States. Dept. of the Army.
United States. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Women's Political Caucus (U.S.)
World Conference on Women (4th: 1995: Beijing, China)
Civil service--United States.
Discrimination in employment--United States.
Discrimination in the workplace--Texas--San Antonio.
Employee-management relations in government--United States.
Equal Rights amendments--United States.
Feminism--Societies and clubs.
Grievance procedures.
Feminism--Texas--San Antonio.
Legislation--United States.
Pay equity--Law and legislation--United States.
Pro-choice movement.
Texas Women's Legislative Days.
Whistle blowing--United States.
Women--Employment--Law and legislation--United States.
Women--Employment--United States.
Women--Societies and clubs.
Women--Texas--San Antonio--Societies and clubs--History.
Women in business--Texas--San Antonio.
Women in politics--Texas--San Antonio.
Women political activists--Texas--San Antonio.
Women's rights--Texas--San Antonio.
Fort Sam Houston (Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)--Politics and government.
Texas--Officials and employees--Discipline.
Legal documents.
Legal files.
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[Identification of item], Angelina Kretzschmar Papers, 1974-1997 (bulk 1989-1996), MS 23, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Acquisition Information

All the materials in this collection were donated by Angelina Kretzschmar in 1996-1998 (Acc. 1996-014 and 1998-003).

Processing Information

First accession processed by Laura Micham, Processing Archivist, July 1997.

Second accession Processed by Toni Jeske, Processing Archivist, November 1998; finding aid by Gerrianne Schaad.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Discrimination Cases in the Workplace

Discrimination Cases in the Workplace is divided into four subseries: Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Petitions Initiated by Kretzschmar; Grievances filed on behalf of Kretzschmar; Discrimination Complaints filed by Kretzschmar; and Negotiated Settlement Agreements and Violation Charges.
Arranged by type and thereunder chronologically.
Box Folder
10 Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Petitions Initiated by Kretzschmar
This subseries contains correspondence, court documents, and compiled documentation supporting claims of Unfair Labor Practices by management.
Charge of improper performance appraisal rating
1 Documents, 1989
28 Unfair Labor Practice charges
2 Documents, 1990-1991
Charge of denied documents from Inspector General (Case No. 6-CA-01202)
3 Documentation, 1989-1991
4 General Counsel exhibits, 1990-1991
Charge of denied counseling by Supervisor Markiewicz (Case No. 6-CA-11063)
5 Documents, 1991
Charge of harassment and denied breaks (Case No. 6-CA-10893 and 6-CA-10894)
6 General Counsel exhibits 1-8, 1991
7 Inspector General's Exhibits, 1991
8 FLRA hearing transcript and decision, 1991-1992
9 Court documents and correspondence, 1992
Charge of harassment and coercion to withdraw pending cases, (Case No. DA-CA-20568 and DA-CA-20569), 1992
10 Documents, 1992
Box Folder
11 Resulting actions in ULP charges
1 Documents, 1990-1993
Petition to remain on bargaining unit (DA CU-40031), 1994
2 Petition, 1994
3 Court documents, 1995
4 Requests for records from Inspector General, 1994
5 Reference materials, 1993
Grievances Filed on Behalf of Kretzschmar
This subseries documents grievances and includes performance appraisals, job descriptions, office memos, and appeals. Kretzshmar filed grievances regarding improper performance appraisal ratings and unattainable performance standards. Kretzschmar also compiled several indexed files of supporting documentation to specific grievances and complaints, thoroughly documenting a chronology of discrimination incidents from Kretzschmar's perspective. Documents within these files may or may not have been mentioned or exhibited during formal proceedings.
Grievance on 1987-1989 Improper Performance Appraisal Rating (Agency # 90-06-0004)
Indexed supporting documentation file, 1986-1991
8 Second step grievance appeal (Docket # 02910031), 1991
9 Third step grievance appeal (Docket # 02910035), 1991
Box Folder
12 Whistle blowing charge
1 Information on whistle blowing, 1989-1990
2 Freedom of Information requests for Inspector General records, 1990
3 Compiled documents of wrongdoing at FSH, 1983-1990
4 Case of fraud and waste at Fort Sam Houston, 1989-1990
5 Inspector General action request to assist Ms. Bronson, 1989
6 Inspector General action request on disparate treatment, 1989
7 Information on the Office of Special Counsel, 1979-1990
Documents sent to Office of Special Counsel
8 Formal complaint on Whistle blowing, 1990-1991
9 Inspector General Correspondence, 1989-1990
10-13 Packages of supporting documentation, 1989-1990
14 Whistleblower protection survey, 1993
Box Folder
13 Grievance on Improper 1990 Performance Appraisal Rating and Working Conditions
1 Compiled documentation, 1990-1991
2 Job reassignment from Budget to Management Divisions, 1990-1991
3 Job descriptions of Management Analyst, 1983-1991
4 Job performance standards of Management Analyst, 1989-1991
5 Performance rating schedule, 1990-1991
6 Second and third step grievance appeals (OFO Docket # 02910039), Sept. 1991
7 Third step grievance appeal, 1991
Grievance on Unattainable Performance Standards, 1991
8 Grievance package, 1991
Supporting documentation
9 Reassignment to Supervisory Budget Analyst, 1991
10 Reassignment to temporary GS-12 supervisor, 1990-1991
11 Budget Division job standards, 1990-1991
12 Budget Assistant job standards, 1990
13 Budget Analyst job descriptions, 1983-1991
14 Ms. Kretzschmar's Budget Analyst Performance plan, 1990-1991.
Box Folder
14 1 Ms. Kretzschmar's Budget Division personnel file, 1974-1987
Grievance on Ignored Recommendations in Developing Job Performance Standards, 1991
2 Compiled documentation, 1991
3 Ms. Kretzschmar's recommendations for changes to performance plan standards, 1991
Grievance on Denied Official Time Request, 1991
4 Documentation, 1991
Discrimination Complaints Filed by Kretzschmar
This subseries documents discrimination complaints and primarily consists of hearing transcripts of fact finding conferences, investigative files, reports of investigation, and decisions. These official documents provide reliable and clear information on the history of the case, context and issues involved in the charges, and the responses of management and the Union to the proceedings. Also included are process documents involving scheduling and administrative issues concerning cases. Supporting documentation includes correspondence, Freedom of Information requests, work memos, and reference materials.
Complaint on 1987-1989 Improper Performance Appraisal Rating (USACARA # 04-90-194-E) May 1990
5 Requests for congressional assistance, 1990
6 Management's supporting documentation, 1990
7 Report of investigation (USACARA-SW), June, 1990
8 Fact finding conference transcript (USACARA-SW), Oct. 4, 1990
9 Report of withdrawal in complaint (USACARA-SW), Oct 17, 1990
Complaint on Supervisor's Derogatory Comment and Denied Compensatory Time, (USACARA 04-91-046-E), Oct. 1990
10 Requests for congressional assistance, 1990-1991
11 Indexed supporting documentation, 1990-1991
12 AWOL charge, 1990
13 Preparation for fact finding conference, 1991
Box Folder
15 1 Fact finding conference transcript (USACARA), Jan. 1991
2 Report of investigation (USACARA-SW), July 1991
3 Memos on report of investigation, 1991
4 Freedom of Information requests, 1991
Complaint on Ergonomic Chair Request, Oct. 1990
5 Documentation, 1990
Complaint on Incidents of Reprisal for Prior EEO Activity, (EEO 06-91-176-E), 1991
6 EEO Counselor's report, 1991
7-8 Indexed supporting documentation, 1991
9 Letter of continued reprisal, Sept. 1991
Complaint on Harassment and Improper Performance Appraisal Rating (Docket #04-92-189-E) Aug. 1992
10 Fact finding conference transcript (USACARA-SW), 1992
11 Report of Investigation (USACARA-SW), 1992
12 Complaint on Alex Smith, (04-92-043-E) April, 1992
Box Folder
16 Complaint on Distribution of James Byrd's Retaliatory Statement during EEO Hearing (EEO #360-93-8268x), Feb. 1993
1 Court documents and correspondence, 1993
2 Report of Investigation (USACARA-SW), 1993
Complaints on Improper Disclosures of Kretzschmar's EEO Complaint Files
Consolidated complaints on Vernon Bargainer's improper release of EEO records (360-94-8062x), improper request and release of EEO files by management (360-94-8094x), and distribution of derogatory comment by James Byrd (360-94-8112x)
3 Documentation, 1993-1994
4 Information on agency decisions to release EEO records, 1994
Consolidated complaints on improper request and release of EEO files by management (360-94-8094x) and distribution of derogatory comment by James Byrd (360-94-8112x)
5 Process documents consolidating cases, 1994
6 EEO hearing preparation documents, 1994
7-9 EEO Hearing Transcripts, Vols. I-III, 1994
Box Folder
17 1-2 EEO Hearing Exhibits, 1994
3 Freedom of information requests for Scanlon records, 1993
4 Judge's decision, 1994
5 OFO Appeal, 1994
Reference for appeals
6 GAO report on privacy act, 1992-1993
7 McLaughlin v. O'Keefe, 1992
8 EEOC v. Dry Goods Corp.
Complaint on Vernon Bargainer's Improper Release of EEO records (360-94-8062x)
9 Process documents, 1993-1994
10 Investigative Complaint File (Office of Complaint Investigation), 1993
11 Freedom of Information requests, 1991-1993
12 OFO Appeal, 1994
13 Notes and reference materials, 1993
Box Folder
18 Complaint on Improper Request and Release of EEO Files by Management (360-94-8094x)
1 Process documents, 1993-1994
2 Indexed supporting documentation, 1993
3 Report of Investigation, Dec. 1993
4 Discovery investigation, 1993
5 Freedom of Information Requests, 1993-1994
6 Proposed disciplinary action for Jerome Markiewicz, 1992-1993
7 Reference on improper disclosure of records, 1993
8 Agency's prehearing brief, 1994
9 OFO Appeal, 1994
Complaint on Distribution of James Byrd's Derogatory Comment (360-94-8112x)
10 Documentation, 1993-1994
11 OFO appeal, 1991
Complaint on Improper Appraisal Rating for Nov. 1990-July 1991 (EFO #360-93-8117x)
12 Process documents, 1993
13 EEO Counselor's report, Aug. 5, 1992
14 Discovery order on 2nd EEOC, 1993
15 USACARA investigator correspondence, 1992
16 Indexed supporting documentation, 1991-1992
17 Fact finding conference, 1992
18 Transcript correction of tape recordings, 1993
Box Folder
19 1 Witness preparation for EEOC hearing, 1993
2-3 EEOC hearing transcript, 1993
4 Judge's decision, 1993
5 OFO Appeal (01940455), 1993-1994
Complaints on Security Clearance
6 Reference on security clearance, 1992
Complaint on Defense Investigative Services (DIS) Report (Docket #06-92-178-E) April, 1992
7 Indexed supporting documentation, 1992
8 Freedom of Information requests, 1992-1995
9 DIS memos, 1992-1994
10 Investigation of complaint, 1992
Box Folder
20 1 Report of Investigation, 1992
2 Agency's exhibits, 1992
3 Case Analysis and decision, 1993-1994
Civil Action complaint against DIS for failing to expunge DIS file of retaliatory remarks (SA-94-CA-0154, DIS -95-026-42-P), July 5, 1995
4 Process documents, 1994-1995
5 Defense Investigative Service correspondence, 1995
6 Appeal (Docket # 01955885, DIS9502642P), 1995-1996
Complaint on Harmful Statements by Markiewicz in DIS Report for Security Clearance (EEOC #360-93-8100x) April 1993
7 Process documents, 1993
Box Folder
21 1 EEOC Hearing Transcript, June 28, 1993
Complaints on Three Day Suspension, 1994
Consolidated Complaints on Three Day Suspension, Denied Annual Leave with Suspension, and Embarrassment Caused by Supervisor (EEOC # 36O-95-8060x and 360-95-8061x)
2 Process documents, 1995
3-6 Investigative Complaint file (Office of Complaint Investigation), 1994
Box Folder
22 1-2 Investigative Complaint file (Office of Complaint Investigation), 1994
Prepared questions for witnesses in OCI investigation, 1994
3 General preparation, 1994
4 Powell, Myrna
5 Skeel and Merchasa
6 Tate, Billy
Supporting documentation
7 Budget of EEO office, 1995
8 Captain McDonald's EEO complaint, 1991-1994
9 Commander Meeting Notes, Mar 25, 1994
10 Freedom of Information requests, 1994
11 Inspector General correspondence, March 1994
12 Log book, 1994
13 Official leave
14 Sick leave, 1991
15 Sick leave, 1993-1994
16 Black History Month, 1994
17 Black Employment Program management and minutes, 1994
18 Women's History Month, 1994
Box Folder
23 1 Minutes of Fort Sam Houston Federal Women's Program Committee, 1994
2 Work related memos to Ms. Kretzschmar's, 1994-1995
EEOC Hearing
3 Angelina's preparation June 14, 1995
4 Hearing transcript, June 14, 1995
5-7 Hearing transcript, June 15, 1995
Box Folder
24 1 Closing arguments, 1995
2 Proposed settlement, 1995
Consolidated Complaint Cases on Military Police Report (360-96-8513x), Improper Performance Appraisal (360-96-8649x), and Several Reprisal Acts (360-96-8572x)
3 Request to consolidate cases, 1995
4 Documentation of complaint, 1996
Complaint on Several Reprisal Acts (360-96-8572x)
5 Documentation used in EEO counseling, 1994
6 Investigative Complaint file (OCI), 1994
7 Agency documents, Feb 1995
8 Freedom of Information requests, 1994-1995
Complaint on Military Police Report (360-96-8513x), Feb. 1995
9 Complaint and counseling, 1994-1995
10 Report of Investigation (OCI), Sept. 1995
11 Freedom of Information requests, 1995
Complaint on Improper Performance Appraisal Rating(EEO #360-96-8649x), 1995
12 Receipt of complaint, 1995
13 Affidavit of Angelina Kretzschmar, Sept. 1995
Box Folder
25 1-2 Investigative complaint file (OCI) file, Nov. 1995
3 Freedom of Information requests, 1995
Supporting documentation
4 AR690-600 Manual
5 Employee reports, 1994
6 Job descriptions and disciplinary actions, 1994
7 Nasty notes, 1994
8 Performance Evaluation, 1994
9 Personnel file on Ms. Kretzschmar, 1995
10 Table of penalties
11 Total Army Reference Evaluation Systems (TAPES) regulations
12 Training requests, 1993-1995
13 Appeal (Docket 01954506)
Box Folder
26 Participation in Kenneth Roberts' Appeal of Termination (DA0752-96-0197-I-1), 1995-1996
1 Audit report AR 15-6 showing misappropriation of funds, 1993
2 Affidavit of Ms. Kretzschmar's in 15-6 investigation, 1995
3 Freedom of information requests on AR 15-6 investigation, 1993-1994
4 Disciplinary action for Mr. Robert's, 1995-1996
5 Mr. Robert's appeal, 1995-1996
6 Commander's new policy on EEO, 1995
7 Anonymous letters regarding Roberts, 1995, undated
8 Bankruptcy file on Mr. Roberts, 1992
9 False records of military service by Mr Roberts, 1995
Box Folder
27 Negotiated Settlement Agreements/Violation Charges
This subseries contains negotiated settlement agreements, charges of noncompliance, and documents to show non-compliance. Included are Freedom of Information requests, training records, reference materials, and a final compliance report.
1 Settlement agreement to withdraw all EEO complaints, grievance appeals on 1989 and 1990 performance appraisals, and ULPs 6-CA-10087, 10088, 10890, 10893, 10894, 11063, and 11177, 1991
2 Settlement with Vernon Bargainer, 1992
3 Settlement with James Byrd, 1993
4 Settlement agreement violation charges, 1991-1993
5 Settlement agreement violation charges, 1991-1994
6 Freedom of information requests on negotiated settlement agreements, 1993
7 Long term training applications, 1993-1994
8 Rejected training course applications, 1993-1994
9 Employee Fairness reference materials, 1992-1995
10 Freedom of Information requests on federal release of adverse documents, 1994
11 Settlement agreement to withdraw EEO cases 360-93-8268x, 360-94-8094x, 360-95-8060x, 8061x, 8572x, 360-96-8513x, 360-96-8649x, and OFO appeal 01954506
12 Final compliance report, 1996


Consists of correspondence, fliers, pamphlets, brochures, government documents and other legislative materials, newsletters and other publications, and minutes. This series is divided into fifteen subseries, each representing an agency or organization arranged in alphabetical order by name. Those agencies for which exist the most voluminous information are Bexar County Democratic Party, Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., Federally Employed Women, Inc., National Organization for Women, and Women's Political Caucus. The last subseries contains newsletters of organizations other than those in the first fourteen series. The records of these organizations consist of the newsletter only.
Arranged alphabetically by name.
Box Folder
1 Agency for International Development
1 Records, 1994
Alamo Area Professional Legal Assistants
2 Records, 1992-1993
3 Records, 1994
4 Records, 1995
American Association of Retired Persons
5 Records, 1991-1994
American Association of University Women
6 Fliers and Pamphlets, 1992-1996
7 Public Policy, 1992-1996
8 "San Antonio Branch News,"1994-1996
Bexar County Democratic Party
9 Campaign and Voter materials, 1996
27 Political Buttons, 1996, undated
Box Folder
2 1 Campaign Materials and Correspondence, 1997
Business and Professional Women/USA
2 Publications, 1996-1997
Business and Professional Women's Club's (Mission City branch)
3 Legislative Information, 1991-1992
4 Legislative Information, 1993
5 Administrative Records, 1994
6 Individual Development Courses, 1994-1995
7 "Texas Woman Magazine", 1994 and "BPW Orientation Handbook", 1996
8 Administrative Records, 1995
9 Leadership Development Program (BPW/Texas), 1995
Box Folder
3 1 Women's Vote Project (BPW/Texas), 1995-1996
2 Legislative and Administrative Information, 1996
3 Fliers, 1997
Can We Talk
4 Records, 1993-1996
Emily's List
5 Records, 1995-1997
Federally Employed Women, Inc.
6 "Few's News and Views,"November/December 1986-1987
7 "Few's News and Views,"1988-1989
8 "Few's News and Views,"1990-1991
9 "Few's News and Views,"1992-1993
10 "Few's Legislative Agendas,"1994-1995
11 "Few's News and Views,"1994-1995
Box Folder
4 1 Federal Women's Program, 1984-1985
2 Federal Women's Week, 1985, 1986, 1987
3 Administrative Records, 1986
4 Awards Programs for Women, 1986-1987
5 Administrative Records, 1987
6 Administrative Records, 1988
7 Political Activity and the Federal Employee, 1988,
8 "20 Years of Excellence" anniversary booklet, 1988
9 Administrative Records, 1989
10 National Training Program, 1989
11 Administrative Records, 1990
12 Administrative Records, 1991
13 National Training Program, 1991
14 Administrative Records, 1992
15 Glass Ceiling publications, 1992
Box Folder
5 1 Handouts, 1992
2 Legislative Guides, 1992
3 Legislative Summaries, 102nd and 103rd, 1992
4 National Training Program, 1992
5 Program Initiatives, 1992
6 Administrative Records, 1993
7 Legislative Handbook, 1993
8 National Training Program, 1993
9 Reports on Issues Affecting Women, 1993
10 Administrative Records, 1994
Box Folder
6 1 National Training Program, 1994
2 Administrative Records, 1995
3 Equal Employment Opportunity Directory, 1995
4 Administrative Records, 1996
National Association for Female Executives
5 Mailings, 1996
National Organization for Women
6 Administrative Records (San Antonio Chapter), 1993-1996
7 Handouts from Annual Meeting in San Antonio, 1994
8 SA NOW Times, 1994-1996
9 Texas Now Times, 1993-1997
10 National Times, 1994-1997
National Women's History Project
11 Catalogs, 1993-1997
Box Folder
7 Network Power Texas
1 Records, 1988, 1994, 1995, and undated
San Antonio College Women's Center
2 Publications, 1993-1994
San Antonio Women's Celebration and Hall of Fame
3 Records 1986, 1993-1997
San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce
4 Records, 1992-1993
5 Records, 1994-1996
San Antonio Women's Coalition
6 Records, 1994-1996
Women in Business
7 Records, 1981-1983
Women's Political Caucus
8 Bexar County chapter, Records, 1981-1983
9 Bexar County chapter, Records, 1994-1997
Box Folder
8 1 Texas chapter, Records, 1993-1997
2 National, Records, 1990-1997
Assorted Newsletters
3 1991-1997


Materials in this series relate to Kretzschmar's activism on behalf of causes such as the Equal Rights Amendment, pay equity, and abortion rights; and special events such as the United Nations 4th Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, Public Service Recognition Week, Texas Women's Legislative Days, Women's Equality Day, and Women's History Month. Also included are campaign materials related to political candidates, primarily local and regional, that Kretzschmar supported and for whom she campaigned. Divided into six subseries including: Announcements and Invitations; Brochures; Campaign Materials; Fliers and Programs; Major Causes; and Special Events.
Arranged by type and alphabetically or chronologically.
Box Folder
8 Announcements/Invitations
4 1992-1997, undated
5 1987-1997, undated
Campaign Materials
6 Aarron-Zaffirini
Fliers and Programs
7 1992-1996, undated
Research Papers
8 Decade of the Executive Woman, 1993
Box Folder
9 1 Psychotechniques of Solicitation for Nonprofit Organizations, undated
Major Causes
2 Abortion Rights, 1991-1996
3 Equal Rights Amendments, 1995
3 Pay Equity,undated
Special Events
4 Public Service Recognition Week, 1995 and 1996
5 Texas Women's Legislative Days, 1995
6 U.N. 4th Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 1995
7 Women's Equality Day, 1989, 1993-1995
8 Women's History Month, 1992, 1994, 1995


This series consists of newspaper clippings and religious materials. The clippings span the years 1986-1996 (and undated) and provide insight into the various topics and issues that were of particular interest to Kretzschmar. The religious materials span the years 1982-1991 (and undated) and include prayers, poetry, and bible quotations.
Arranged by type and chronologically.
Box Folder
9 Newspaper Clippings
9 1986-1996, undated
Religious Materials
10 Prayers, Poetry, and Biblical Quotes, 1982-1991, undated
Box Folder
27 Photographs
13 Portrait, undated
13 Women's History Month, Fort Sam Houston,March 1992
13 Women's History Month, undated