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A Guide to the Women Faculty and Administrators Organization (WFAO) Records, 1989-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Women Faculty and Adminstrators Organization
Title: Women Faculty and Administrators Organization Records,
Dates: 1989-1997
Abstract The documents from Women Faculty and Administrators Organization (WFAO) have been donated to the RML’s Historical Resources Center and are located within the archive stacks. Some of the documents are Confidential, containing personnel information and social security numbers, which should be restricted from review by others. This is a small collection presently comprising only 9 archival boxes (approximately 6 linear feet of shelf space). The type of file used to organize the documents is not uniform or neatly ordered.
Collection ID: HRC 001
Extent: 6 linear feet, 9 boxes
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Historical Resources Center, Research Medical Library,The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Administrative History

The Women Faculty and Administrators Organization (WFAO) was created in the early 1990’s following the August 15, 1989 release of a study by a committee appointed by Dr. Charles LeMaistre, then President of M. D. Anderson, concerning the status of women and minority faculty members. “That committee soon split into two groups: 1) Minority Faculty and Administrators Committee; and, 2) the Women Faculty and Administrators Organization (WFAO) (Messenger May/June 2004)." The WFAO was a 1991 merger of the Women Faculty Organization (WFO) and the Women Administrators Organization (WAO).

The first Steering Committee Meeting of the WFO was July 19, 1991. Margaret Kripke, Ph.D. was the WFO’s first Chairman. Dr. Kripke later became the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at M. D. Anderson, a post at the highest level of Senior Leadership at M. D. Anderson; she retired a few years ago after 24 years of service to the institution. Among the founding members was Dr. Elizabeth Travis, whose tenure with the group was longer than any other founding member. Dr. Travis is now Associate Vice President of the Department of Women Faculty Programs and was recently awarded the AAMC 2009 Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award. “The award. . . honors Travis’s dedication to and accomplishments in academic leadership and developing women leaders (Employee Notes August 3, 2009)." The descendant of WFAO, OFW (Organization for Women), and other such groups promoting diversity are now guided by the Office of Institutional Diversity at M. D. Anderson.

Scope and Content Note

The files for WFAO are roughly in chronological order and cover the organization’s history from 1989-1997. They begin in 1989 with records from Dr. Margaret Kripke, later include documents from Letericia Smith, Sandra Sims, Jo Ann Ward, Nancy Pittman, Kathy Mason, Sara Jackson, then the remainder and bulk of the records beginning in 1990 are from Dr. ElizabethTravis. Essentially, the chronology starts again with the addition of each record donor’s documents.

The documents within are comprised of the initial committee report: "Final Report, Committee to Evaluate the Status of Minority and Women Faculty and Administrators”; surveys, questionnaires, results; agenda and minutes at all levels: annual meetings and sub-committee meetings; correspondence concerning Special Issues, including invitations and correspondence with the UT Chancellor (Dr. Cunningham) and certain Regents; press clippings and magazine articles; information about issue awareness programs (e.g., “Take your daughter to work” and “Race for the Cure”); fundraising events; public awareness projects; community leader lists; membership lists; event planning correspondence; advisory board lists; election information; committee membership lists; a few financial documents.

The documents reveal the development of the organization’s mission and its efforts to solicit support and credibility; identifies certain concerns for women faculty; details how those concerns might be addressed; documents growing public acceptance of its mission through news clippings and other articles; accumulates statistics to justify its mission; grows in eminence as changes within the organization begin to respond to the societal changes without; seeks senior leadership and community visibility; organizes communication with leadership and organizes fundraising events; formalizes and develops by-laws, has regular meetings, organizes sub-committees, keeps minutes, develops a budget, expends funds, becomes an established organization, changes priorities (from child-care and women’s health issues to increased recruiting efforts and chairmanships.)


Restrictions on Access

Some of the documents are Confidential, containing personnel information and social security numbers which should be restricted from review by others. Please see archivist for details.

Restrictions on Use

All requests for copying of materials must be submitted to the Historical Resources Center in writing for approval. All reproductions will be handled by HRC staff

Authorization to publish, quote, or reproduce must be obtained in writing by the Historical Resources Center

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Subjects (Persons)
William Cunningham, Ph.D.
Charles LeMaistre, M.D.
Margaret L. Kripke, Ph.D.
Elizabeth L. Travis, M.D.
Subjects (Organizations)
The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Women Faculty and Administrators Organization (WFAO)
Women Faculty Organization (WFO)
Child care
Pay equity
Women in medicine

Separated Material

Most of the contents originally donated and identified as Box 4 (Folders 3-54) have been removed from this collection. These materials did not pertain to WFAO, but rather to an organization eventually entitled SEEKS: Supporting Educational Excellence for Kids, which was led by Dr. Elizabeth Travis. These materials were separated and will be processed and shelved separately but will retain the original accession order.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Women Faculty and Administrators Organization Records, 1989-1997, Research Medical Library, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Joyce Ann Fugit, Texas Woman's University Intern, Summer 2009

Detailed Description of the Records



Box Folder
1 1 Reports - W & M Status Comm. [Women & Minority Status Committee: Final Report, Committee to Evaluate the Status of Minority and Women Faculty and Administrators], 1989
2 WFO Steering Committee Mtg. 7/19/90 [Women Faculty Organization: Correspondence: notes re WFO Steering Committtee: agenda for 7/19/90 meeting; note from Judy Watson to Dr. Kripke; 3 articles re women in business], 1990-1991
3 WFO - Meeting Notes - Minutes [Women Faculty Organization - Meeting Notes - Minutes: Minutes, Representation of Women Task Force (9/11/90);notes; Steering Committee Meeting Minutes-7/19/90: Report on first meeting of the Women's Faculty Organization (5/31/90)], 1990
4 Faculty Meeting - Promotion and Tenure [Notes, memos re "Criteria for Promotion and Tenure" seminar held on 10/9/90; President's Executive Board wording for approval of same], 1990
5 Correspondence - Steering Cmte [Correspondence - Steering Committee], 1990-1991
6 Women Faculty - Survey and Surveys results, 1990
7 WFO Seminar Series Correspondence [Women Faculty Organization Seminar Series Correspondence], 1990-1991
8 CVs Submitted* [Contains Confidential documents], 1990-1991
*Restriction: Contains Personnel Information
9 Mentoring Committee WFAO [Mentoring Committee Women Faculty and Administrators Organization: Correspondence and minutes re mentoring program and meetings; preliminary statistics and questionnaire to non-tenure track faculty., 1992-1993
10 Town Hall Meeting 5/31/90 Misc.[Correspondence re Town Hall Meeting; Women Faculty Survey results; video proofs of slides (survey results).], 1990
11 Testimony [Article from Science re gender; correspondence re written testimony to be presented at ORWH Planning Task Force on Women, WHI study design, Opportunity for Research on Women's Health: American Cancer Center - Cancer Facts & Figures 1991], 1990-1991
12 Correspondence - Members WFO [Correspondence - Members Women Faculty Organization: Women's Information Network newletters; correspondence, 1990-1993
13 Salaries (Task Force) [Salary information - facts, figures, memos], 1991-1992
14 1992 Activities [Notes, memos re promotion, tenure, grants; memo re women's collection in Research Medical Library; Women Faculty Organization Statement of Purpose], 1991-1992
15 WFO Purpose [Women Faculty Organization Purpose: Women Faculty and Administrators Organization By-laws; Women Faculty and Administrators Organization Statement of Purpose], 1992-1993
16 Child Care (Task Force) [Memos, articles re child care], 1990
17 Representation of Women (Task Force) [Memos and notes re women's participation on committees], 1990-1991
18 Annual Business Meeting 6/13/91 [Minutes of Women Faculty and Administrators Organization meetings; Testimony at Task Force on Opportunities for Research on Women's Health], 1991-1992
Box Folder
2 1 Women's Information Network Newsleters, 1991-1992
2 Untitled Folder [Folder containing completed surveys], 1989
3 Untitled Folder [Folder containing completed surveys], 1989
4 [2] Untitled Folder [Folder containing completed surveys], 1989
Box Folder
3 1 [WFAO Minutes]: Women Faculty and Administrators Organization Minutes, 1994-1997
2 Untitled Folder [Binder containing Jo Ann Ward's archives from 1992-93; minutes, photos, articles], 1992-1993
3 Untitled Folder [Articles, cartoons, newsletters], 1994-2000
4 WFAO [Women Faculty and Administrators Organization: Articles, cartoons, newsletters, minutes], 1991-1995
5[2] Untitled Folder [Correspondence. Meeting notices, articles, minutes, "Race for the Cure" "Take Our Daughters to Work"; Roster 1992.], 1992-1995
Box Folder
4 1 Untitled Folder [Correspondence. Meeting notices, articles, minutes, "Race for the Cure," "Take Our Daughters to Work"; Roster 1992.], 1992-1995
2 Survey: Women Faculty, 1990
3 WFAO [Correspondence, agenda, visibility subcommittee report], 1995
4 Report: Minority and Women (1989) [Report, correspondence, minutes, newsletters, articles], 1992-1993
5 Women Faculty [Correspondence, memos, budget report], 1991-1992
6 1995 [Correspondence, memos, agenda, minutes, petty cash vouchers,], 1995
7 WFAO Women's History Negatives [Women Faculty and Administrators Organization], 1995
8 WFAO 93/94 Archives [Women Faculty and Administrators Organization 93/94 Archives: Memos, agenda, Report of Mentoring Committee meeting. Eligibility Criteria for Administrative Staff Benefit-Eligible Positions. Expanding Opportunities for Women and Minorities in the University of Texas System. Financial statement] , 1992-1994
9 Policy [The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center FY92-93 Administrative Staff Merit Guidechart; Endowed Positions Policy], 1990-1993
10 1994 Stats/Lists [1989-94 Tenure Statistics; Administrative Staff by Sex and Race; memos, Minority Faculty Salary Report], 1994
11 Lists/Reports '93 [Memo re Staff Announcements; 92-92 Faculty Salary % Increase Analysis], 1993
Box Folder
5 1 Lists/Reports 90-91 [Computer printout - staff/faculty?; report on salary equity; report of first meeting of WFO; 1990-91 HSC Biennial Faculty Salary Analysis; Projected Tenured Basic Science Professors; Females Report], 1990-1991
2 Lists/Reports '89 [Final Report, Committee to Evaluate the Status of Minority and Women Faculty and Administrators], 1989
3 Salary/Promotion, 1994
4 Visibility [Mailing address for mayor and councilmen; job vacancy memos, visibility] 1994
5 Mentoring [Empty],
6 Meetings [Meeting memos, reports, agenda, new appointments/separations report, memo re establishing a Sub-committee on Minority Faculty and Administrative Staff], 1993-1994
7 Women [Article re Women in Academic Medicine; WFAO meeting announcements, agenda; exceMailing address for mayor and councilmen; job vacancy memos, visibility rpts from American College of Physicians Diversity Handbook; Associaton of American Medical Colleges newsletter], 1994
8 Minority [Minority committee memos, minutes; HSC Biennial Faculty Salary Analysis], 1991-1994
9[3] WFAO Bus. Meeting [Women Faculty Administrators Organization: Update Report, Committee to Evaluate the Status of Minority and Women Faculty, Faculty Administrators and Administrative Staff; Survey results for Women and Minority Faculty and Administrators - Questions 19A, 19B and 20; Judith Watson's speech transcript from October 1991 WFAO; Clarification of UT System Nondiscrimination Policies; Executive Summary-CESMWFAAS: Report of UTMDACC Faculty Tenure Status; 1994 Affirmative Action Plan; correspondence re WFAO; Questionnaire responses], 1991-1994
Box Folder
6 1 Untitled Folder [Expandable file correspondence, notes, committee meeting minutes, Program Announcement from National Science Foundation; Administrative Staff Benefit -Eligibility Criteria, newsletter, job vacancy announcements; YMCA Outstanding Women's Luncheon; meeting RSVPs; Junior Women's Seminar], 1991-1994
Box Folder
7 1 Minutes [Women Faculty and Administrators Organization Minutes], 1993-1994
2 Budget 93-94 [Check requests, account balances, budget request], 1993-1994
3 1993-94 Mentoring [Correspondence re meetings, receptions, mentoring, mentoring committee], 1993-1994
4 Visibility [Memos re visibility, job vacancies and resumes], 1993
5 Untitled Folder [Newspaper article, magazine articles], 1992-1993
6 Steering Committee [Agenda for Take Our Daughter to Work; announcements, agenda, minutes re Women Faculty and Administrators Organization meetings], 1993-1994
7 Greater Houston Women's Foundation Excellence Awards [Correspondence, report, Luncheon agenda; newsletter and newspaper article re Greater Houston Women's Foundation], 1993-1994
8 Lists, Labels, Stats [Retiree's List; Women Faculty Members List;], 1993-1994
9 Press, 1993-1994
10 1992-93 [Correspondence, agenda, Search Guidelines to Enhance Diversity; minutes; Rice University Houston Area Survey Summary Tables], 1992-1993
11[2] 1991-92 [Financial data for WFAO; agenda, minutes, overhead transparencies; correspondence], 1991-1992
Box Folder
8 1[2] 1991* [Contains Confidential Documents. Meeting announcements; correspondence; newspaper articles; open forum report; minutes; newsletters. Restricted: Contains Personnel Information.], 1990-1991
2 1990 [Notes, correspondence, memos, minutes, agenda, child care providers list; journal article], 1990-1992
3 Child Care [E-mail, childcare survey, correspondence], 1990
4 Speakers [Correspondence, memos re speakers], 1991
5 Newsclippings, 1989-1990
6 News to put in newsletters [Ballot for steering committee; press release; professional staff appointments; meeting notices], 1990-1991
7 Minnie Maffett Fund [News articles; ballot; meeting notices], 1991-1992
Box Folder
9 1[2] Loose material; Now in Folder [Promotion and Tenure Review Process; correspondence; CV; survey information; minutes; financial info; 1994 Project Proposal; Newsweek article; Association of American Medical Colleges papers; Wellesley Report], 1990-1994
2 Loose materials; Now in Folder [Journal - Radiation Research (Elizabeth Travis Guest Editor); 5 computer diskettes], undated
3 WFAO Annual Meeting [Women Faculty and Administrators Organization: Slides; Correspondence, agenda, minutes, WFAO Expenses; list of Female Managers and Faculty], 1995-1996
4 Untitled Folder [Correspondence], 1996