University of Texas Medical Branch

Whittaker, Alfred H., M.D.,

Occupational Health Papers, (1915-1961)

Title: Alfred H. Whittaker, M.D., Occupational Health Papers, (1915-1961)
Identification: MS 34
Repository: Truman G. Blocker, Jr. History of Medicine Collections, Moody Medical Library,  University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas 77555-1035, phone (409) 772-2397


The Alfred H. Whittaker, M.D., Occupational Health Collection, (1915-1961), is comprised of correspondence, reports, pamphlets and medical organizations records. These materials were collected by Dr. Whittaker while he served as chairman of the History Committee of the Industrial Medical Association. Much of this information was used in preparing Occupational Health in America (Wayne State University Press, 1962) by Henry B. Selleck and Dr. Whittaker. The collection is contained in six archival boxes and occupies 2.5 linear feet of shelf space.



Series 1 Organizations: Files pertaining to various organizations in industrial and occupational medicine, but mostly to various committees and correspondence of the American Association of Industrial Physicians and Surgeons (AAIPS).
Series 2 Industries, Trades and Occupations: These files contain information on specific types of work including aviation, construction, and mining.
Series 3 Occupational Hazards and Diseases: Files containing brochures and pamphlets concerning various hazards and problems in the work place such as absenteeism, cancer, and metals poisoning.
Series 4 Occupational Health Subjects: Information on a number of related subjects: conferences, committees, medical programs. Also included are files pertaining specifically to Dr. Whittaker.

Detailed Description

Box Folder
1 4 AAIPS-Address of Loyal A. Shoudy, M.D. 1947
16 AAIPS-Bulletin 1926-32
5 AAIPS-Committee on Personnel, Records, and Medical Procedure 1942
6 AAIPS-Committee on Policy and Plan 1944
1 AAIPS-Constitution and Articles of Incorporation n.d.
2 AAIPS-Correspondence 1915-29
3 AAIPS-Correspondence 1930-46
7 AAIPS-Financial Statements 1920-22, 1949
8 AAIPS-History Committee Correspondence 1942-47, 1953
9 AAIPS-History Committee Miscellaneous
10 AAIPS-Membership Lists
11 AAIPS-Miscellaneous
19 AAIPS-Miscellaneous Photographs
13 AAIPS-National Institute of Health 1940
17 AAIPS-Photographs of Officers
18 AAIPS-Photographs of the Medical Department of the Crane Company, Chicago, IL
14 AAIPS-President's Conference on Industrial Safety Coordinating Committee 1949
20 AAIPS-Programs 1916-50
12 AAIPS-Richard D. Mudd, M.D. Correspondence 1929-40
15 AAIPS-Workman's Compensation Committee
Box Folder
2 23 IMA-History Committee Correspondence 1955-61
24 IMA-History Committee Notes
22 Industrial Medical Association
21 Industrial Medical Organizations-Association of American Railroads, Medical and Surgical Section
25 Industrial Medical Organizations-Miscellaneous

Box Folder
2 26 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Aviation
27 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Cement, Clay and Pottery Industry
28 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Construction Industry
29 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Fiberglass Mfg.
30 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Iron, Steel, Brass Industry
31 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Mine Industry
32 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Miscelaneous
33 Industries, Trades and Occupations-Textile and Needle Trades

Box Folder
3 34 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Absenteeism
35 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Accidents and Safety
36 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Air Pollution
37 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Alcoholism
38 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Cancer
39 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
40 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Chemical Poisoning
41 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Chromium Poisoning
42 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Communicable Diseases
43 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Dermatitis
44 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Disasters
45 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Dust and Ventilation
46 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Eyesight and Vision
48 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Fatigue and Mental Health
47 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Fire and Burns
Box Folder
4 49 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Food Poisoning
50 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Lead Poisoning
51 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Metals Poisoning
52 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Miscellaneous
53 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Noise and Hearing Loss
54 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Pneumoconioses
55 Occupational Hazards and Diseases-Silicosis

Box Folder
4 56 Bibliography
57 Conferences and Courses
58 Dennison Manufacturing Company Medical Department
59 Ford Motor Company Medical Program
60 Geriatrics and Retirement
61 Governor's Industrial Safety Conference
Box Folder
5 62 History of Occupational and Industrial Medicine
64 Industrial and Occupational Medicine Practice
65 Legal Medicine
66 Legislation
67 Mexico and South America
68 National Research Council-Committee on Industrial Medicine 1940-44
69 National Research Council-Committee on Nutrition in Industry
63 Occupational and Industrial Medicine Practice
70 Physical Examinations
71 President's Conference on Industrial Safety 1949
Box Folder
6 72 President's Conference on Industrial Safety 1950
73 President's Conference on Industrial Safety 1954
74 President's Conference on Industrial Safety 1956
75 President's Conference on Industrial Safety 1958
76 Publications of Alfred H. Whittaker
77 Re-employment
78 Sanitation
79 Socialized Medicine
80 War Industry
81 Women in Industry