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Pamphlet Collection.

University of Texas Medical Branch

Mason, John A.,

Space Medicine Pamphlet Collection, (1969-1986)

Title: John A. Mason, Space Medicine Pamphlet Collection, (1969-1986)
Identification: S-MS 1
Repository: Truman G. Blocker, Jr. History of Medicine Collections, Moody Medical Library,  University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas 77555-1035, phone (409) 772-2397


John A. Mason donated this small collection consisting of primarily pamphlets, reprints and reports to Moody Medical Library in August 2003. Mr. Mason worked for the Lunar Receiving Laboratory and NASA-HQs.

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Detailed Description

1 Pamphlet Collection.
Approximately15 items.
STS-1 Medical Report, NASA Technical Memorandum 58240. December, 1981
Shuttle OFT Medical Report, Summary of the Medical Results from STS 1-4. NASA Technical Memorandum 58252, July, 1983
Space Environments Workshop for Life Scientists Anaheim, California: Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology April 13-18, 1980
Aerospace Medical Association, May 12-15, 1980
NASA Research and Technology Annual Report, 1986
NASA Technical Memorandum 58277
Space: A Challenge for Life Sciences. A conference biomedical/life sciences research applications in space, May 24, 1978Johnson Space Center,
Panel: An Approach to Medical Operations/Life Sciences Activities on a Space Station, NASA-S-83-02009A, May 25, 1983 Aerospace Medical Association Meeting
Space Station Medical Sciences Concepts SAE Technical Paper 840928, July 16-19, 1984
Opportunities for Biological Research in Space During the 80’s. Reprinted from BioScience, May, 1976
Pamphlet Johnson Space Center Medical Research and Operations, 1983. Used in conjunction with AsMA in Houston, 1983
Journal Copy: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Activities at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. BioScience Volume 19, No 8, August, 1969
Journal Copy: The Space Shuttle Program and its Support for Space Bioresearch. BioScience Volume 23, No 5, May, 1973
16 mm movie: Lunar Receiving Laboratory Press Day CL-69-484
16 mm movie: Unknown Content

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