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Descriptive Summary

Creator: The University of Texas at Austin Athletics Media Relations Office, 1974-2011
Title: UT Athletics Media Relations Women’s Track and Field Collection
Dates: 1974-2011
Abstract: The UT Athletics Media Relations Women’s Track and Field Collection documents the development of and the publicity surrounding the University of Texas at Austin’s women’s track and field and cross country programs between 1974 and 2011. UT Athletics Media Relations is the liaison between athletics personal, coaches, student athletes, and media outlets. The collection includes newspaper articles, meet programs, athlete performance statistics, promotional materials, and media publications about the UT women’s track and field and cross country programs.
Extent: 10 Boxes, 282 Folders
Language: English

Administrative History

The UT Athletics Media Relations Women’s Track and Field Collection was created and maintained by the Media Relations office of The University of Texas at Austin’s Athletics Department. The office is located within the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium complex, and reports to the Deputy Director of Athletics.

The Media Relations office serves as the principal media liaison for all sports at the University of Texas at Austin, and is the main contact between outside entities (media, authors, and researchers) and internal groups (student-athletes, athletic directors, and coaches) seeking information about UT Athletics. The purpose of the Media Relations office is to manage the media demands of the University of Texas intercollegiate athletics programs and to actively publicize and promote these programs; to provide information to the public and the media by creating and distributing media guides, news releases, graphics, photos, and social media posts; to generate content for; to respond to media requests; and to arrange and prepare coaches, student athletes, and staff for all media interview requests. The functions of the office include collecting newspaper and magazine articles, preserving internal and external correspondence of athletics staff, and preparing information packages for the media. In addition, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires universities to keep files and statistics related to each athletic event, and Media Relations is the source for this data.

The UT women’s track and field and cross country programs were founded in 1974 with the launch of the women’s athletics department. UT was one of the first public universities to comply with the Title IX law, which was passed in 1972. This law prohibits any education program or activity that receives federal funding from excluding persons from those activities or programs on the basis of sex. By establishing track and field and cross country programs for women in 1974, UT created a more inclusive, equitable athletics program, and provided opportunities to all students at the university regardless of sex.

Head coaches who have overseen both the track and cross country teams include Jack Daniels (1974-1978), Phil Delaven (1978-1984), Terry Crawford (1984-1992), Beverly Kearney (1993-2013), and Mario Sategna (2013-present). The head coach is responsible for the overall performance of the team and receives additional support from assistant coaches who train student athletes in specialized events and activities such as sprints, hurdles, relays, field events, distance, and cross country.

Since its founding, the women’s track and field team has won six Indoor Track and Field (1986, 1988, 1990, 1998, 1999, and 2006) and four Outdoor Track and Field (1982, 1986, 1998, 1999, and 2005) NCAA Division I Championships. The women’s cross country team won the 1986 NCAA Women’s Division I Cross Country Championship. Women's sports at Texas began competing in the Southwest Conference in 1982-83. The cross country team has won a total of 4 conferences, while track and field has won 20 indoor and 21 outdoor conferences.

In addition to NCAA champions, the UT women’s track and field team has cultivated a number of Olympic athletes. Past medalists include Juliet Cuthbert (100 meter and 200 meter, 1992; 4 x 100 meter relay, 1996), Carlette Guidry (4 x 100 meter relay, 1992 and 1996), Nikole Mitchell (4 x 100 meter relay, 1996), Merlene Frazer (4 x 100 meter relay, 2000), Nanceen Perry (4 x 100 meter relay, 2000), Sandie Richards (4 x 400 meter relay, 2000 and 2004), Sanya Richards-Ross (4 x 400 meter relay, 2004 and 2008; 400 meter and 4 x 400 meter relay, 2012), Moushami Robinson (4 x 400 meter relay, 2004), Melanie Walker (400 meter hurdles, 2008), Bianca Knight (4 x 100 meter relay, 2012), Morolake Akinosun (4 x 100 meter relay, 2016), Michelle Carter (shot put, 2016), Courtney Okolo (4 x 400 meter relay, 2016), Chrisann Gordon (4 x 400 meter relay, 2016), and Ashley Spencer (400 meter hurdles, 2016).

The UT women’s cross country team has produced several conference champions. Southwest Conference champions include Lori Nelson (1982), Tara Arnold (1983), Annie Schweitzer Bennett (1985 and 1986), and Tina Hall (1989). Marielle Hall (2013) was a Big 12 Conference champion.

Scope and Content

UT Athletics Media Relations Women’s Track and Field Collection: 10 Boxes: 282 Folders, 1974-2011

The collection documents the development of and the publicity surrounding the University of Texas at Austin’s women’s track and field and cross country programs between 1974 and 2011. The UT Athletics Media Relations office gathered this material to provide documentation about the women’s track and field and cross country programs to UT administration, coaches, and student athletes, as well as local and national media outlets. These materials were retained in order to provide information for writers in the Media Relations office, and to fulfill external media requests.

The materials in this collection are arranged into two series: Track and Field and Cross Country. The two sports are separated because their seasons occur at different times—track and field predominantly in the spring, cross country in the fall—and different coaches and student athletes are involved. Both of these series contain season binders, press clippings, and media guides, while the Track and Field series also contains programs, magazines, and other publications.

Season binders contain press releases, meet results, individual athletes’ performance information, and coaching notes. Typically, there is one binder per season. Note that a single document in the 2003 track and field season binder has been redacted due to sensitive information.

Press clippings collected by the Media Relations office, from both print and online news publications, such as The Daily Texan and the Austin American-Statesman, document the accomplishments of individual athletes and coaches on the UT women’s track and field and cross country teams on the local, state, and national level.

Media guides provide summary information on the outcomes of individual seasons and are produced by the Media Relations Office as press kits. They contain information related to team and program history, coaching staff, student athletes, and performance statistics for individual seasons.

As noted above, programs, magazines, and other publications are found within the Track and Field series but not in the Cross Country series. The programs describe different meets and championships the UT women’s track and field team participated in such as the Texas Relays, the Big 12 Championship, the Southwest Conference, and the NCAA Championship. The magazines feature the accomplishments of prominent UT track and field athletes and coaches on a national level. In particular, the magazines highlight the achievements of head coach Beverly Kearney during her tenure leading the UT women’s track and field team. The additional publications consist of notes from the Media Relations office comparing Big 12 track athlete statistics, documentation and questionnaires about athletes from the 2010-2011 season, and the publication Texas Track & Field Records & History.

The UT Athletics Media Relations Office will continue to add to this collection in both paper and digital formats.



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Restrictions on Use

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Collection Arrangement

Series 1: Track and Field, 1974-2011

Subseries 1: Season Binders, 1976-2010
box folder
1 1-3 Season Binder, 1976
4-7 Season Binder, 1977
8-10 Season Binder, 1978
11-14 Season Binder, 1979
15-18 Season Binder, 1980
19-22 Season Binder, 1981
23-27 Season Binder, 1982
28-33 Season Binder, 1983
34-38 Season Binder, 1984
39-42 Season Binder, 1985
box folder
2 1-6 Season Binder, 1986
7-11 Season Binder, 1987
12-16 Season Binder, 1988
17-22 Season Binder, 1989
23-27 Season Binder, 1990
box folder
3 1-6 Season Binder, 1991
7-11 Season Binder, 1992
12-15 Season Binder, 1993
16-20 Season Binder, 1994
21-24 Season Binder, 1995
box folder
4 1-2 Season Binder, 1995, cont.
3-8 Season Binder, 1996
9-13 Season Binder, 1997
14-20 Season Binder, 1998
21-26 Season Binder, 1999
box folder
5 1-4 Season Binder, 2000
5-7 Season Binder, 2001
8-18 Season Binder, 2003
19-25 Season Binder, 2004
26-28 Season Binder, 2007
box folder
6 1-5 Season Binder, 2008
6 Season Binder, 2009
7 Season Binder, 2010
Subseries 2: Press Clippings, 1974-2010
box folder
6 8 Press Clippings, 1974
9 Press Clippings, 1975
10 Press Clippings, 1976
11 Press Clippings, 1977
12 Press Clippings, 1978
13 Press Clippings, 1979
14 Press Clippings, 1980
15 Press Clippings, 1981
16 Press Clippings, 1982
17 Press Clippings, 1983
18-19 Press Clippings, 1986
20 Press Clippings, 1987
21 Press Clippings, 1988
22 Press Clippings, 1989
23 Press Clippings, 1990
24 Press Clippings, 1991
25 Press Clippings, 1992
box folder
7 1 Press Clippings, 1993
2 Press Clippings, 1994
3 Press Clippings, 1995
4 Press Clippings, 1996
5 Press Clippings, 1997
6-8 Press Clippings, 1998
9-10 Press Clippings, 1999
11-12 Press Clippings, 2000
box folder
8 1 Press Clippings, 2001
2 Press Clippings, 2002
3 Press Clippings, 2003
4-5 Press Clippings, 2004
6 Press Clippings, 2005
7 Press Clippings, 2006
8 Press Clippings, 2010
Subseries 3: Programs, 1980-2011
box folder
8 9 Programs, 1980-1982
10 Programs, 1983-1984
11 Programs, 1985
12 Programs, 1986-1988
13 Programs, 1989
14 Programs, 1990-1991
15 Programs, 1992
16 Programs, 1993
17 Programs, 1994-1995
18 Programs, 1996
19 Programs, 1997
20 Programs, 1998
21 Programs, 1999
22 Programs, 2000
23 Programs, 2001
24-25 Programs, 2002
box folder
9 1-2 Programs, 2003
3 Programs, 2011
Subseries 4: Media Guides 1981-2006
box folder
9 4 Media Guides, 1981-1986
5 Media Guides, 1987-1989
6 Media Guides, 1991-1995
7 Media Guides, 1996
8 Media Guides, 1997-1998
9 Media Guides, 1998-1999
10 Media Guides, 2001-2002
11 Media Guides, 2003
12 Media Guides, 2006
Subseries 5: Magazines 1981-2011
box folder
9 13 Women's Track World, June 1981
14 Track and Field News Magazine, 1983, 1996, 2011
15 Alcalde, May-June 2010
16 NCAA Champion, Winter 2010
Subseries 6: Notes, Athlete Documentation and Additional Publication, 2009-2011
box folder
9 17 Big 12 Comparison Project, circa 2009
18 Athlete Documentation and Questionnaire, 2010-2011
19 "Texas Track & Field Records & History" publication, 2010

Series 2: Cross Country, 1975-2006

Subseries 1: Season Binders, 1975-2006
box folder
9 20 Season Binder, 1975
21 Season Binder, 1976
22 Season Binder, 1977
23 Season Binder, 1978
24 Season Binder, 1979
25 Season Binder, 1980
26 Season Binder, 1981
27 Season Binder, 1982
28 Season Binder, 1983
29 Season Binder, 1984
30 Season Binder, 1985
31 Season Binder, 1986
32 Season Binder, 1987
33 Season Binder, 1988
box folder
10 1 Season Binder, 1989
2 Season Binder, 1990
3 Season Binder, 1991
4 Season Binder, 1992
5 Season Binder, 1993
6 Season Binder, 1994
7 Season Binder, 1995
8 Season Binder, 1996
9 Season Binder, 1997
10-12 Season Binder, 1998
13 Season Binder, 1999
14 Season Binder, 2000
15-18 Season Binder, 2002
19 Season Binder, 2006
Subseries 2: Press Clippings, 1976-2006
box folder
10 20 Press Clippings, 1976
21 Press Clippings, 1977-1978
22 Press Clippings, 1979
23 Press Clippings, 1980
24 Press Clippings, 1981
25 Press Clippings, 1982
26 Press Clippings, 1985
27 Press Clippings, 1986
28 Press Clippings, 1987
29 Press Clippings, 1988
30 Press Clippings, 1989
31 Press Clippings, 1991
32 Press Clippings, 1992
33 Press Clippings, 1993
34 Press Clippings, 1994
35 Press Clippings, 1995
36 Press Clippings, 1997
37 Press Clippings, 2000
38 Press Clippings, 2002
39 Press Clippings, 2006
Subseries 3: Media Guides, 1984-1990
box folder
10 40 Media Guides, 1984-1990