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Guide to Texas Supreme Court Papers of Oscar H. Mauzy, 1986-1992

Collection Summary

Creator: Mauzy, Oscar Holcombe, 1926-2000
Title: Texas Supreme Court Papers of Oscar H. Mauzy
Dates: 1986-1992
Abstract: The collection contains case files from Justice Mauzy's tenure on the Texas Supreme Court.
Size: 63 linear feet (108 boxes).
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin,
727 E. Dean Keeton St., Austin, TX 78705-3224, (512) 471-7263

Historical Background

Oscar Holcombe Mauzy was born November 9, 1926 in Houston. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific during World War II. Having entered the University of Texas at Austin under the G.I. Bill, he earned a B.B.A. in 1950 and an LL.B. from the School of Law in 1952. After graduation Mauzy moved to Dallas to practice law. An active member of the Democratic party, he was elected to Texas State Senate in 1966 and represented the 23rd Senatorial District for two decades. In 1986, Mauzy was elected to Texas Supreme Court, serving as Justice from 1987 through 1992. Mauzy died October 10, 2000 in Austin.

Having seen how the G.I. Bill provided an unprecedented opportunity for working class people to get a college education, Mauzy was a lifelong advocate for making higher education available to all. As Senator, he served as Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and strongly influenced the establishment of Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO), which provided educational pre-law programs to minority and low-income students starting in 1968. Mauzy also sponsored the Equal Rights Amendment to the Texas Constitution, passed by the Legislature in 1971 and ratified in 1972. It denied protection to those discriminating against anyone based on race, color, creed, national origin, religion, or gender. As Texas Supreme Court Justice, Mauzy authored the unanimous decision in the landmark Edgewood v. Kirby case, which declared public school financing system unconstitutional and mandated equalization of funding between school districts.

Mauzy and his wife Anne R. Mauzy, BA '48, established the Anne and Oscar Mauzy Regents Professorship for Educational Research and Development in 1989 and the Anne and Oscar Mauzy Endowed Presidential Scholarship for the benefit of Intercollegiate Athletics in 1994. After her husband's death, Anne Mauzy continued to implement their shared vision by establishing the Oscar and Anne Mauzy Endowment for Educational Policy Studies and Research at the University of Texas at Austin.

Contents of the Collection

The collection contains case files from Justice Mauzy's tenure on the Texas Supreme Court. This includes briefs, writs, memoranda, personal notes, opinion drafts, and final opinions.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is divided into causes and dead applications, arranged by docket number.


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Mauzy, Oscar Holcombe, 1926-2000
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Texas. Supreme Court.

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Oscar H. Mauzy Papers can be found at the Univesity of Texas at Arlington.

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Texas Supreme Court Papers of Oscar H. Mauzy, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Materials were donated by Oscar H. Mauzy, February 1998.

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Inventoried by Evelina Stulgaityte.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Causes, 1986-1992

box folder
27 1 C-3768, Texas Oil & Gas Corp. v. Hagen
2 C-4407 and C-5649, Lunsford v. Hon. Morris, February 10, 1988
3 C-4416 and C-4417, Bennett Coulson & Cae, Inc. v. Lake L.B.J. Municipal Utility District
4 C-4562, Freeman v. Salvo
5 C-4583, Cliff v. Huggins
6 C-4696, Hurlbut v. Gulf Atlantic Life Ins. Co.
7 C-4598, Vail v. Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co.
8 C-4658, Cook v. Cameron
9 C-4661, Hill v. Miller, July 16, 1986
10 C-4662, Witty v. American General Capital Distributors, Inc.
11 C-4674, Arnold v. National County Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
12 C-4696, Exxon Corp. v. Quinn
13 C-4721, Central Education Agency of the State of Texas v. Upshur County Commissioners Court
14 C-4737, Railroad Commission of Texas v. Moral Utilities Co., May 6, 1987
15 C-4752, City of El Paso v. El Paso Community College District, July 16, 1986
16 C-4765, Continental Casualty Co. v. Huizar
17 C-4782, In re McLean, February 11, 1987
18 C-4786, Chevron Corp. v. Redmon, December 16, 1987
19 C-4807, Beech Aircraft Corp. v. Jinkins, July 8, 1987
20 C-4809, Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. v. Marshall
21 C-4826, Lopez v. Foremost Paving, Inc., May 14, 1986
22 C-4882, Chitsey v. National Lloyds Ins. Co.
23 C-4986, Herbert v. Herbert, May 25, 1988
box folder
25 1 C-5039, Crawford v. Coleman
2 C-5065, Capitol Brick, Inc. v. Fleming Manufacturing Co., Inc., December 10, 1986
3 C-5097, Nasser v. Security Ins. Co., January 28, 1987
4 C-5160, Johnson v. Cherry
5 C-5183, Jones v. DRG Financial Corp.
6 C-5209, Hopkins v. Spring I.S.D.
7 C-5220, Stafford v. Stafford, February 18, 1987
8 C-5278, Murray v. Devco
9 C-5283 and C-5285, Inwood North Homeowners’ Association, Inc. v. Harris, July 15, 1987
10 C-5290, Houston Health Clubs, Inc. v. First Court of Appeals
11 C-5298, McGalliard v. Kuhlmann, December 3, 1986
12 C-5305, Consumers Water, Inc. v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
13 C-5308, Danzinger v. San Jacinto Savings Association, April 8, 1987
14 C-5321, Vasquez v. Chemical Exchange Industries, Inc.
15 C-5329, Stringer v. Eleventh Court of Appeals
16 C-5340, State v. Project Principle, Inc.
17 C-5349, Branton v. Mendelsohn
18 C-5352, Davidson v. Great National Life Ins. Co.
19 C-5364, Turbodyne Corp. v. Hon. Heard, July 9, 1986
20 C-5372, Ex parte Price, December 2, 1987
21 C-5384, Texas State Employees Union v. Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
22 C-5385, Jones v. Colle
23 C-5390, Fina Supply, Inc. v. Abilene National Bank
24 C-5392, Keen v. Ashot Ashkelon, February 10, 1988
25 C-5412, St. Elizabeth Hospital v. Garrard
26 C-5414, Barnett v. Aetna Life Ins. Co.
27 C-5418, City of Gladewater v. Pike
28 C-5426, Plano Savings & Loan Association v. Slavin, October 29, 1986
29 C-5430, CKB & Associates, Inc. v. Moore McCormack Petroleum, Inc.
30 C-5434, Eanes I.S.D. v. Hon. Logue, July 16, 1986
31 C-5435, L.G.R. v. State
32 C-5446, $56,700 v. State, May 20, 1987
33 C-5458, Larson v. Cactus Utility Co.
34 C-5475, Troutman v. Traeco Building Systems, October 29, 1986
35 C-5483, Camarena v. Texas Employment Commission
36 C-5489, Sun Exploration and Production Co. v. Benton
37 C-5492, Stubbe v. Stubbe, July 1, 1987
38 C-5499, Houston Lighting & Power Co. v. Reynolds
box folder
30 1 C-5508, Melody Home Manufacturing Co. v. Barnes, November 4, 1987
2 C-5523, Cullen Frost Bank v. Dallas Sportswear Co., Inc.
3 C-5526, E. F. Hutton & Co., Inc. v. Youngblood
4 C-5539, Singleton v. Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
5 C-5569, Kimball v. Brothers
6 C-5584, Henderson v. Parker
7 C-5588, State v. Travis
8 C-5616, Snellenberger v. Rodriguez
9 C-5621, Ethyl Corp. v. Daniel Construction Co.
10 C-5632, Goswami v. Metropolitan Savings and Loan Association
11 C-5639, El Chico Corp. v. Poole. Consolidated with C-5798, Joleemo, Inc. v. Evans
12 C-5650, Pollman v. Exxon Corp.
13 C-5662, Tarrant County Hospital District v. Lobdell
14 C-5680, Bell v. Meeks
15 C-5682, Perfect UInion Lodge No. 10 v. Interfirst Bank of San Antonio
16 C-5705, Public Utility Commission of Texas v. Houston Lighting & Power Co.
17 C-5706, Steves Sash & Door Co., Inc. v. Ceco Corp.
18 C-5707, Bodnow Corp. v. City of Hondo
19 C-5724, Salinas v. Fort Worth Cab & Baggage Co., Inc.
20 C-5729, Houston Federation of Teachers v. Houston I.S.D.
21 C-5736, Grier v. Grier, May 6, 1987
22 C-5738, Alvarado v. Bolton
23 C-5747, Hurt v. Smith
24 C-5749, Vrazel v. Skrabanek
25 C-5793, Schneider v. Esperanza Transmission Co.
26 C-5798, Joleemo, Inc. v. Evans
27 C-5803, Lozano v. Vigilant Ins. Co., November 5, 1986
28 C-5817, Durrill v. Ford Motor Co.
29 C-5841, Benavides v. Isles Construction Co.
box folder
21 1 C-5863, Woods v. Mercer, December 7, 1988
2 C-5864, American Teachers Life Ins. Co. v. Brugette
3 C-5875, Zac Smith & Co., Inc. v. Otis Elevator Co., July 8, 1987
4 C-5877, Texas Department of Human Services v. Boyd
5 C-5882, Davis v. Bryan & Bryan, Inc., May 27, 1987
6 C-5894, ITT Diversified Credit Corp. v. First City Capital Corp., October 6, 1987
7 C-5895, Birchfield v. Texarkana Memorial Hospital
8 C-5903, Brenham v. Barrera
9 C-5918, Port Royal Development Corp. v. Braselton Construction Co.
10 C-5920, Pool v. Ford Motor Co.
11 C-5926, Reilly v. Rangers Management, Inc.
12 C-5947, Times Herald Printing Co. v. Jones
13 C-5950, Leeco Gas & Oil Co. v. County of Nueces
14 C-5958, Price v. Price, June 24, 1987
15 C-5959, Standard Fire Ins. Co. v. Morgan
16 C-5976, Wilgus v. Bond, May 27, 1987
17 C-5989, Rosow v. City of San Antonio
18 C-5990, Cantu v. Western Fire and Casualty Ins. Co.
19 C-5991, Allison v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
20 C-5997, Texaco, Inc. v. Texas Employment Commission
21 C-5999, Garza v. Hon. Garcia
22 C-6000, Sun Exploration and Production Co. v. Jackson, October 25, 1989
23 C-6001, Wessely Energy Corp. v. Jennings
24 C-6005, Gray v. Bertrand
25 C-6007, Day & Co., Inc. v. Texland Petroleum, Inc., March 7, 1990
26 C-6008, Scott v. Exxon Corp.
27 C-6010, Garcia v. Hon. Peeples
28 C-6014, Flag-Redfern Oil Co. v. Humble Exploration Co.
29 C-6034, Bergman v. Norris of Houston
30 C-6051, Home Savings Association v. Guerra
31 C-6076, Cropper v. Caterpillar Tractor Co.
32 C-6078, International Proteins Corp. v. Ralston-Purina Co.
33 C-6087, Truly v. Austin
34 C-6095, Duff v. Yelin, May 11, 1988
box folder
23 1 C-6106, Ex parte Strickland
2 C-6121, Gutierrez v. Dallas I.S.D, May 13, 1987
3 C-6124, Vidor Walgreen Pharmacy v. Fisher
4 C-6133, Hanau v. Hanau
5 C-6139, Hon. Dominguez v. Thirteenth Court of Appeals, May 20, 1987
6 C-6140, Proffer v. Hon. Yates
7 C-6141, Wilmoth v. Wilcox
8 C-6147, International Bank v. Morales
9 C-6158, Morgan v. Ceiling Fan Warehouse, Inc.
10 C-6159, Gulf Coast Masonry, Inc. v. Owens-Illinois, Inc.
11 C-6167, Jasper Federal Savings & Loan Association v. Reddell
12 C-6181, Lucas v. U.S.A., September 21, 1988
13 C-6196, Auten v. Employers National Ins. Co.
14 C-6210, Hendricks v. Todora
15 C-6212, Azar Nut Co. v. Caille
16 C-6216, Aranda v. Ins. Co. of North America
17 C-6223, Blevco Energy, Inc. v. Getty Oil Co., December 7, 1988
18 C-6224, Employers Casualty Co. v. Block, February 24, 1988
19 C-6225, Willis v. Maverick, July 6, 1988
20 C-6226, Stephens v. National Mortgage Corp. of America
21 C-6228, Perry Roofing Co. v. Olcott, February 10, 1988
22 C-6238, Rodriguez v. American Home Assurance Co.
23 C-6247, Patrick v. Barrett
24 C-6257, Thomas v. Hon. Whittington
25 C-6263, Mapp v. Maryland Casualty Co., May 13, 1987
26 C-6269, Henson v. Crow
27 C-6276, Crawford & Co., Inc. v. W.D. Smith, Inc.
28 C-6311, Texas Farmers Ins. Co. v. McGuire, February 10, 1988
29 C-6316, McGovern v. Williams
30 C-6317, In re Adjudication of water rights of the Brazos III segment of the Brazos River basin
31 C-6365, Cherokee Water Co. v. Forderhouse
32 C-6376, Boyce Iron Works, Inc. v. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., April 6, 1988
33 C-6389, Leos v. State Employees Workers Compensation Division
34 C-6408, Simon v. York Crane & Rigging Co., Inc.
35 C-6421, Davis v. Grammer
36 C-6437, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston v. Big Train Carpet of El Campo, Inc.
37 C-6451, Hruska v. First State Bank of Deanville
38 C-6350, Koepke v. Koepke, May 27, 1987
39 C-6453, Hobson v. Hon. Moore
box folder
26 1 C-6467, Port Terminal Railroad Association v. Harlow
2 C-6479, Mutter v. Hon. Wood, February 10, 1988
3 C-6522, Cielo Dorado Development v. Certaindeed Corp.
4 C-6524, Tarter v. Metropolitan Savings & Loan Association
5 C-6531, W. O. Bankston Nissan, Inc. v. Walters, July 13, 1988
6 C-6532, Walker v. Comdata Netword, Inc.
7 C-6535, Rose v. Doctors Hospital Facilities, September 6, 1990
8 C-6549, Ex parte Hughes
9 C-6553, Indianola Co. v. Texas Water Commission
10 C-6571, Freeman v. City of Pasadena
11 C-6577, Doctors Hospital Facilities v. Fifth Court of Appeals, May 18, 1988
12 C-6617, Desantis v. Wackenhut Corp., June 6, 1990
13 C-6618, Davidow v. Inwood North Professional Group – Phase I
14 C-6628, Southern County Mutual Ins. Co. v. First Bank & Trust of Groves, Texas
15 C-6649, Amarillo Oil Co. v. Energy-Agri Products, Inc., June 27, 1990
16 C-6641, Eddleman v. First National Bank of Stinett
17 C-6665, Barber v. Peoples Savings & Loan Association
18 C-6671, Bishop Petroleum, Inc. v. Railroad Commission of Texas
19 C-6698, Stewart Title Co. v. First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Beaumont
20 C-6708, Citizens State Bank of Sealy, Texas v. Caney Investments
21 C-6709, Memorial hospital of Galveston County v. Gillis
22 C-6717, Toca v. Wise
23 C-6723, Jones v. Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.
24 C-6733, Kinerd v. Colonial Leasing Co., November 14, 1990
25 C-6750, Dallas County Appraisal District v. Institute for Aerobics Research
26 C-6754, Barnes v. Hon. Whittington, June 1, 1988
27 C-6790, O’Quinn v. State Bar of Texas, December 14, 1988
box folder
9 1 C-6801, Wyatt v. Shaw Plumbing Co., October 26, 1988
2 C-6805, Jones v. Hon. Stayman
3 C-6810, Allee v. Benser
4 C-6817, Summers v. Consolidated Capital Special Trust, February 28, 1990
5 C-6811, Public Utility Commission of Texas v. Hon. Cofer
6 C-6820, Lee v. Key West Towers, Inc., June 21, 1989
7 C-6821, Donwerth v. Preston II Chrusler-Dodge, Inc., September 20, 1989
8 C-6825, Texas Distributors, Inc. v. Texas College and C.M.E. Churches
9 C-6851, Harlow Corp. v. Dorchester Gas Producing Co.
10 C-6853, Ward v. Kold-Serve Corp.
11 C-6855, Martinez v. Tool, Inc.
12 C-6863, Allard v. Frech, May 4, 1988
13 C-6865, Graham National Bank v. Hon. Marshall
14 C-6867, Magcobar North American v. Grasso
15 C-6873, Ex parte Calvillo
16 C-6874, Jackson v. Finance America Credit Corp.
17 C-6876, Point Lookout West, Inc. v. Whorton
18 C-6880, State v. Thomas, February 15, 1989
19 C-6895, In the Interest of S.C.V.
20 C-6957, Public Utility Commission v. AT&T Communications of the Southwest, July 12, 1989
21 C-6968, Sesco Production Co. v. Mustang Production Co.
22 C-6970, Davis v. City of San Antonio
23 C-6971, Ex parte Trice
box folder
28 1 C-6982, Channel 4, KGBT v. Briggs, June 29, 1988
2 C-6989, Moseley v. State Dept. of Highways & Public Transportation, April 13, 1988
3 C-6997, Morehead v. Morehead
4 C-7002, Amelang v. Board of Adjustment of the City of Piney Point Village
5 C-7022, Jordan v. Bacon
6 C-7026, Sealock v. Texas Federal Savings & Loan Association, April 27, 1988
7 C-7054, Ex parte Vetterick
8 C-7056, Lujan v. Houston General Ins. Co.
9 C-7066, State v. Wood Oil Distributing, Inc.
10 C-7067, Paramount Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. v. Muhr. Consolidated with C-7068, Winters Flexline Service Co. v. Muhr
11 C-7071, ex parte Blasingame
12 C-7086, Pledger v. Schoellkopf, December 7, 1988
13 C-7100, Texas Real Estate Commission v. Nagle, March 8, 1989
14 C-7106, State Banking Board v. Allied Bank Marble Falls
15 C-7109, Rogers v. Ricane Enterprises, Inc.
16 C-7115, Jacobs v. Danny Darby Real Estate, Inc.
17 C-7119, Smith Protective Services, Inc. v. Smith
18 C-7121, Lemons v. EMW Manufacturing Co.
19 C-7125, State v. Hon. Preslar, April 27, 1988
20 C-7128, Seiter v. Veytia
21 C-7129, Butler v. Holt Machinery Co.
22 C-7135, Gerardi v. Adolph Coors Co.
23 C-7140, Archibald v. Act III Arabians
24 C-7147, Brown v. Edwards Transfer Co., Inc.
25 C-7148, Kennemore v. Bennett, July 13, 1988
26 C-7159, Brown v. Republic Bank First National Midland
27 C-7192, Warren v. Triland Investment Group, November 22, 1989
28 C-7194, Responsive Terminal Systems, Inc. v. Boy Scouts of America
29 C-7201, Blieden v. Greenspan, June 1, 1988
30 C-7226, Lopez v. Baugh
31 C-7246, Casso v. Brand, May 10, 1989
32 C-7248, Carr v. Brasher, May 10, 1989
33 C-7252, Kuna v. Lifemark Hospitals of Texas, Inc.
34 C-7255, Aviation Office of America, Inc. v. Alexander & Alexander of Texas, Inc.
35 C-7265, Brown v. Galleria Area Ford, Inc., May 18, 1988
36 C-7275, Garza v. Maverick Market, Inc.
37 C-7286, Mitchell v. Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Co., February 21, 1990
38 C-7289, Martinez v. Pierce
box folder
17 1 C-7291, Eckman v. Centennial Savings Bank, February 21, 1990
2 C-7306, Callejo v. Brazos Electric Power Cooperative
3 C-7312, Register v. Ford Motor Credit Co.
4 C-7314, Coates v. Hon. Whittington
5 C-7318, City of Beaumont v. Guillory
6 C-7339, Martin v. Credit Protection Association, Inc., June 6, 1990
7 C-7340, Texas Employment Commission v. Hughes Drilling Fluids
8 C-7342, Hon. Mays v. Fifth Court of Appeals
9 C-7345, Hon. Street v. Second Court of Appeals, July 6, 1998
10 C-7358, Radio Station KSCS v. Jennings
11 C-7360, Randall v. Dallas Power & Light Co., June 15, 1988
12 C-7369, Texas State Board of Dental Examiners v. Sizemore
13 C-7370, Foreca v. GRD Development Co., Inc.
14 C-7376, Bowman v. Lumberton I.S.D., December 31, 1990
15 C-7379, Mount Pleasant I.S.D. v. Lindburg, February 15, 1989
16 C-7383, Continental Casing Corp. v. Samedan Oil Corp.
17 C-7384, Garcia v. Ins. Company of the State of Pennsylvania
18 C-7392, Champion International Corp. v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
19 C-7414, Sherman v. First National Bank
20 C-7422, Qantel Business Systems, Inc. v. Custom Controls Co.
21 C-7426, McKinley v. Stripling, January 11, 1989
22 C-7436, Ware v. Rice Food Markets, Inc.
23 C-7441, Gulf Coast Investment Corp. v. NASA 1 Business Center, July 6, 1988
24 C-7446, Chenault v. Bexar County, December 20, 1989
25 C-7466, Sweetwater Production Credit Association v. O’Briant
26 C-7468, White v. Moore
27 C-7477, Rogers v. Texas Commerce Bank-Reagan
28 C-7480, Stauffer v. Henderson, December 31, 1990
29 C-7481, Jilani v. Jilani, December 14, 1988
30 C-7482, Willard Goolsby, Inc. v. Bright Banc Savings Association
box folder
20 1 C-7507, Sterner v. Marathon Oil Co.
2 C-7514, McKinney v. National Union Fire Ins. Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3 C-7524, State v. Bachynsky
4 C-7526, Wooley v. Lubbock Hometel Associates
5 C-7532, Gee v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
6 C-7534, Cherne Industries, Inc. v. Magallanes, January 25, 1989
7 C-7550, Pollard v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
8 C-7559, Guaranty Federal Savings Bank v. Horseshoe Operating Co. Consolidated with C-7720, Intercontinental Consolidated Companies, Inc. v. University Savings Association, May 9, 1990
9 C-7582, Rio Grande Land & Cattle Co. v. Light
10 C-7583, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Hon. Street, July 13, 1988
11 C-7593, Stracener v. United Services Automobile Association. Consolidated with C-7874, United Services Automobile Association v. Hestilow, September 13, 1989
12 C-7610, Penick v. Penick
13 C-7611, Eye Site, Inc. v. Blackburn, September 19, 1990
14 C-7616, Johnson v. Swain, October 4, 1989
15 C-7616, Check v. Mitchell
16 C-7625, Brannum v. Fry
17 C-7635, Lyles v. Roberts
18 C-7641, Higginbotham v. General Life and Accident Ins. Co., October 10, 1990
19 C-7642, Lofton v. Texas Brine Corp., September 20, 1989
20 C-7650, Ahlschlager v. Remington Arms Co., Inc.
21 C-7655, Bennett Coulson and Cae, Inc. v. Lake LBJ Municipal Utility District, December 13, 1989
22 C-7658, Sullivan v. Sullivan, April 5, 1989
23 C-7663, Marshall v. Vise
24 C-7672, Texas Democratic Executive Committee v. Rains, August 24, 1988
25 C-7687, Central Education Agency v. George West I.S.D., October 4, 1989
26 C-7690, Hon. Hoffman v. Fifth Court of Appeals
27 C-7691, Babcock v. Northwest Memorial Hospital, March 29, 1989
28 C-7698, Loftin v. Ninth Court of Appeals, May 24, 1989
29 C-7720, Intercontinental Consolidated Companies, Inc. v. University Savings Association
30 C-7725, Ex parte Gunther
31 C-7728, Plas-Tex, Inc. v. U.S. Steel Corp.
32 C-7734, Snadon v. Joe T. Garcia’s Enterprises, Inc.
box folder
29 1 C-7744, Moreno v. Sterling Drug, Inc., March 28, 1990
2 C-7774, Axelson, Inc. v. Hon, McIlhany, October 24, 1990
3 C-7781, Rodriguez v. Naylor Industries, Inc.
4 C-7784, Hellman v. Mateo
5 C-7785, Redland Fabricating and Welding, Inc. v. Aramco Services Co., April 5, 1989
6 C-7796, Wilson v. Dunn, October 24, 1990
7 C-7798, Walker v. Blue Water Garden Apartments, September 20, 1989
8 C-7801, NCNB Texas National Bank v. Hon. Coker
9 C-7805, Juliette Fowler Homes, Inc. v. Welch Associates, Inc., June 6, 1990
10 C-7806, Gorman v. Life Ins. Co. of North America, March 27, 1991
11 C-7810, Adams v. Petrade International, Inc.
12 C-7815, Flores v. Fourth Court of Appeals, June 28, 1989
13 C-7821, Packer v. Fifth Court of Appeals
14 C-7829, Simon v. Banctexas Quorum
15 C-7833, First National Bank of Beeville v. Fojtik
16 C-7838, Duncan v. Pogue
17 C-7865, Holloway v. Fifth Court of Appeals, March 1, 1989
18 C-7593, Stracener v. United Services Automobile Association. Consolidated with C-7874, United States Automobile Association v. Hestilow, September 13, 1989
19 C-7880, Wingate v. Hajdik, July 3, 1990
20 C-7889, Aluminum Company of America v. Alm, January 31, 1990
21 C-7911, Houston Chronicle Publishing Co. v. Hon. Mattox, March 22, 1989
22 C-7921, State Democratic Executive Committee v. Hon. Rains, October 12, 1988
23 C-7942, Vinson v. Burgess. Consolidated with C-8101, Commissioners Curt of Ellis County v. Winborne
24 C-7945, Ex parte Adell
25 C-7949, Haney v. Purcell Co., Inc., May 24, 1989
box folder
22 1 C-7955, State Farm County Mutual Ins. Co. of Texas v. Ollis
2 C-7957, Brawner v. Hon. Arrellano
3 C-7969, Burns v. Thomas, March 28, 1990
4 C-7972, Clark v. Trailways, Inc.
5 C-7973, McClendon v. Ingersoll-Rand Co., October 18, 1989
box folder
104 1 C-7973, McClendon v. Ingersoll-Rand Co., May 1, 1991
box folder
22 6 C-7986, Bobbitt v. Weeks
7 C-7994, Eshleman v. Shield
8 C-8024, Ames v. Ames, July 12, 1989
9 C-8033, Beck v. Beck
10 C-8045, Glenn v. Hon. Narsutis
11 C-8048, Timberlake v. Rains
12 C-8050, Southern States Transportation, Inc. v. State, May 24, 1989
13 C-8052, In re DeVitt
14 C-8063, Millhouse v. Wiesenthal, June 7, 1989
15 C-8079, Commercial Life Ins. Co. v. Texas State Board of Ins.
16 C-8081, Martinez v. Second Injury Fund of Texas, May 9, 1990
17 C-8089, Cosgrove v. Grimes
18 C-7942, Vinson v. Burgess
19 C-8103, Migura v. Dukes
20 C-8117, Trevino v. Hon. Murray, October 11, 1989
21 C-8118, Martin v. Martin
22 C-8131, Schlobohm v. Schapiro, February 14, 1990
23 C-8140, Brown-Forman Corp. v. Brune
24 C-8147, Huston v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp., December 31, 1990
box folder
8 1 C-8148, Otis Elevator Co. v. Bedre
2 C-8149, McIlvain v. Jacobs, June 20, 1990
3 C-8160, Dobbins v. Redden, February 28, 1990
4 C-8166, Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Petroleum Personnel, Inc.
5 C-8170, Tice v. City of Pasadena. Consolidated with C-8195, Freeman v. City of Pasadena, March 29, 1989
6 C-8177, Robinson v. Central Texas MHMR Center, November 22, 1989
7 C-8181, Ortega v. First Republicbank Fort Worth, February 28, 1990
8 C-8182, Peek v. Equipment Service Co. Consolidated with Peek v. Neeswig, November 8, 1989
9 C-8191, Philipp Brothers, Inc. v. Oil Country Specialists, January 17, 1990
10 C-8194, Wheeler v. Baum
11 C-8203, Eagle Properties v. Scharbauer, December 19, 1990
12 C-8215, Shook v. Herman
13 C-8226, Splettstosser v. Myer, November 8, 1989
14 C-8250, Roberson v. Robinson, April 19, 1989
15 C-8267, State v. Garza, September 20, 1989
16 C-8272, Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. v. Coleman, June 13, 1990
17 C-8279, Garcia v. Kastner Farms, Inc.
18 C-8280, Montoya v. Tarrant County Hospital District
19 C-8271, Sun Marine Terminals, Inc. v. Artoc Bank & Trust, September 6, 1990
20 C-8284, Boothe v. Hausler
21 C-8287, Ex parte Moljo
22 C-8288, Snoke v. Republic Underwriters Ins. Co., May 3, 1989
23 C-8295, State v. 1985 Pickup Truck, October 11, 1989
24 C-8299, Murray v. San Jacinto Agency, Inc., April 18, 1990
25 C-8305, Daughterty v. Southern Pacific Transportation Company, June 13, 1989
26 C-8350, American National Petroleum Co. v. Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp., October 10, 1990
27 C-8353, Edgewood I.S.D. v, Kirby, October 2, 1989
28 C-8356, Palmer Well Services, Inc. v. Mack Trucks, Inc., July 12, 1989
box folder
16 1 C-8361, Sharp v. Broadway National Bank, February 14, 1990
2 C-8363, Goeke v. Houston Lighting & Power Co., September 12, 1990
3 C-8373, In re Hon. Hampton, May 10, 1989
4 C-8396, Cincinnati Inc. v. Hernandez
5 C-8400, Haddock v. Arnspiger, June 20, 1990
6 C-8426, Peek v. Neeswig
7 C-8430, Rose v. Fifth Court of Appeals
8 C-8448, Nelson v. Neal, February 7, 1990
9 C-8456, Texas Alcogholic Beverage Commission v. Sierra, February 14, 1990
10 C-8461, Rainbo Baking Co. v. Stafford
11 C-8462, Vortt Exploration Co. v. Chevron U.S.A., April 18, 1990
12 C-8467, Williams v. Khalaf, November 28, 1990
13 C-8473, LBL Oil Co. v. International Power Services, Inc., September 20, 1989
14 C-8529, PV International Corp. v. Turner
15 C-8538, Johnson v. Lynaugh, October 17, 1990
16 C-8543, Sadler v. Sadler, May 17, 1989
17 C-8558, Edwards v. Lone Star Gas Co., January 3, 1990
18 C-8571, Sosa v. City of Balch Springs
19 C-8602, Toyota Motor Sales v. Hon. Heard
20 C-8607, Johnson v. City of Fort Worth
21 C-8617, Texas Dept. of Human Services v. E. B., October 10, 1990
22 C-8619, Allstate Ins. Co. v. Newcomer
23 C-8620, C-8621, C-8627, C-8628, C-8629, Ex parte Leal, Garza and Gonzalez
24 C-8642, State Bar of Texas v. Evans
25 C-8660, Criswell v. European Crossroads Shopping Center, June 20, 1990
26 C-8665, Paragon Sales Co. v. New Hamshire Ins. Co.
27 C-8669, Shumway v. Horizon Credit Corp., January 16, 1991
28 C-8672, Talamantez v. Hon. Strauss
29 C-8684, Exxon Company U.S.A. v. Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas, September 20, 1989
30 C-8689, Damon v. Cornett, December 20, 1989
31 C-8711, Payne & Keller v. P.P.G. Industries, Inc., June 20, 1990
32 C-8742, International Union v. Johnson Controls, Inc., March 7, 1990
33 C-8771, Whitson v. Goodbodys, Inc.
34 C-8784, Burkard v. ASCO Co., November 8, 1989
35 C-8786, Williams v. Glash, May 2, 1990
36 C-8805, Black v. Victoria Lloyds Ins. Co., September 12, 1990
37 C-8807, Preferred Heating and Air Conditioning Co. v. Shelby
38 C-8813, Best v. Ryan Auto Group, Inc., March 21, 1990
39 C-8819, Jackson v. S.P. Leasing Corp.
box folder
15 1 C-8823, River Oaks Trust Co. v. Hon. Stovall
2 C-8847, Rogers v. Hon. Clinton, June 13, 1990
3 C-8849, Ramos v. Frito-Lay, Inc., January 31, 1990
4 C-8861, Minnick v. Hon. Coker
5 C-8864, Dorchester Master Limited Partnership v. Hunt, April 25, 1990
6 C-8889, Coalition of Cities for Affordable Utility Rates v. Third Court of Appeals. Consolidated with C-8890, Cities of Bridge City v. Third Court of Appeals, April 25, 1990
7 C-8892, Greenhalgh v. Service Lloyds Ins. Co., April 11, 1990
8 C-8893, Evans v. Illinois Employers Ins. of Wassau, May 30, 1990
9 C-8895, Thompson v. Travelers Indemnity Co. of Rhode Island, May 9, 1990
10 C-8899, Humana Hospital Corp. v. American Medical Systems, Inc., February 28, 1990
11 C-8915, McAllen Methodist Hospital v. Longoria
12 C-8949, Evans v. Pollock, June 13, 1990
13 C-8971, Emerald Oaks Hotel/Conference Center, Inc. v. Hon. Zardanetta, September 13, 1989
14 C-8974, National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania v. Lerma
15 C-8976, Gant v. DeLeon, February 28, 1990
16 C-8994, Martin v. Gulf Ins. Group
17 C-8995, Bockelmann v. Marynick, April 25, 1990
18 C-9003, Vawter v. Garvey, March 7, 1990
19 C-9006, Viles v. Security National Ins. Co., April 18, 1990
20 C-9024, McKinnon v. Hon. Hartman
21 C-9028, INA of Texas v. Briscoe, November 29, 1989
22 C-9031, Acker v. Texas Water Commission, May 2, 1990
23 C-9035, Corporate Properties, Inc. v. Dufrene
24 C-9049, Nolan v. Ramsey, January 31, 1990
25 C-9052, Cherokee Water Co. v. Gregg County Appraisal District, December 31, 1990
26 C-9058, Pope v. Stephenson, April 25, 1990
27 C-9060, Koslow’s v. Mackie, October 10, 1990
28 C-9063, Roberts v. First State Bank of Stratford, Texas
29 C-9064, Rhodes v. Cahill, October 10, 1990
30 C-9071, Marino v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Ins. Co., April 25, 1990
31 C-9097, Gates v. Dow Chemical Co.
32 C-9089, Ramsey v. Hurst-Euless-Bedford I.S.D.
33 C-9099, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. v. Hon. Walker, May 2, 1990
34 C-9104, Lewelling v. Lewelling, September 19, 1990
35 C-9108, Coalition of Cities for Affordable Utility Rates v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
36 C-9132, Flanner v. Logan
37 C-9147, San Jacinto River Authority v. Duke, January 10, 1990
38 C-9155, Association of Texas Professional Educators v. Kirby, February 28, 1990
39 C-9172, Ex parte Mosquedo, November 22, 1989
40 C-9178, Mr. Penguin Tuxedo Rental & Sales, Inc. v. NCR Corp., April 25, 1990
41 C-9185, Don Docksteader Motors v. Patal Enterprises, September 6, 1990
42 C-9186, Cate v. Dover Corp., June 6, 1990
box folder
1 1 C-9115, Joachim v. Hon. CA for 1st Supreme Judicial District, May 30, 1991
2 C-9128, Peat Marwick Main & Co. v. Haas, September 11, 1991
3 C-9175, Vastine v. Bank of Dallas, April 24, 1991
4 C-9202, Beaumont Bank v. Buller, April 3, 1991
5 C-9225, City of Garland v. Barrera, December 31, 1990
6 C-9249, Bexar County Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission v. Davis, December 31, 1990
7 C-9522, Bushell v. Dean, November 21, 1990
8 C-9525, Sharyland Water Supply Corp. v. Hidalgo Cty. Appraisal Dist.
9 C-9256, Simpson v. Canales, April 3, 1991
10 C-9274, Caulley v. Caulley, April 24, 1991
11 C-9294, Transamerican Natural Gas Corp. v. Powell, June 19, 1991
12 C-9317, Alexander Oil Co. v. City of Seguin, November 13, 1991
13 C-9328, Victoria Bank & Trust Co. v. Brady, June 19, 1991
14 C-9395, Crain v. San Jacinto Savings Association
15 C-9682, Anderson v. City of Seven Points, February 20, 1991
16 C-9731, Public Utility Commission of Texas v. Gulf States Utility Co., June 19, 1991
17 C-9832, McCraw v. Maris, February 19, 1992
18 C-9845, Tyra v. City of Houston, December 18, 1991
box folder
18 1 C-9207 , Enserch Corp. v. Parker, June 6, 1990
2 C-9208, Young v. City of Dimmitt, February 21, 1990
3 C-9211, Athari v. Hutcheson, January 16, 1991
4 C-9216, Matthews Construction Co., Inc. v. Rosen, September 12, 1990
5 C-9217, City of Weatherford v. Parker County, July 3, 1990
6 C-9223, McGill v. Johnson, November 28, 1990
7 C-9242, Advertising and Policy Committee of the Avis Rent a Car System v. Avis Rent a Car System, Inc.
8 C-9243, Advertising and Policy Committee of the Avis Rent a Car System v. Avis Rent a Car System, Inc.
9 C-9246, Christiansen v. Prezelski, January 10, 1990
10 C-9250, Emerson v. Tunnell, May 2, 1990
11 C-9254, Shadowbrook Apartments v. Abu-Ahmad, January 31, 1990
12 C-9287, Coalition for Cities for Affordable Utility Rates v. Public Utility Commission of Texas, September 12, 1990
13 C-9289, General Land Office of the State of Texas v. OXY U.S.A., Inc., May 16, 1990
14 C-9302, Union Carbide Corp. v. Hon. Moye, November 21, 1990
15 C-9303, Chase Manhattan Bank v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
16 C-9308, Webb County Appraisal District v. New Laredo Hotel, Inc., July 3, 1990
17 C-9369, Hayden v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co., February 28, 1990
18 C-9384, Ex parte Jordan, April 18, 1990
19 C-9391, Smith v. Williams, February 28, 1990
20 C-9396, Brown v. Meyer, February 7, 1990
21 C-9408, Driskill v. State, April 18, 1990
22 C-9421, Joffrion v. Texas Bank of Tatum
23 C-9422, Baxter v. Ruddle, September 6, 1990
24 C-9431, Stein v. American Residential Management Co., June 20, 1990
25 C-9439, Berry v. Berry, March 28, 1990
26 C-9446, Bloom v. Hon. Butts
27 C-9448, Martinez v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals, January 22, 1990
28 C-9449, Lee v. Braeburn Valley West Civic Association, March 7, 1990
29 C-9464, City of Richardson v. Responsible Dog Owners of Texas, June 27, 1990
30 C-9466, Palacios v. Marmolejo
31 C-9468, Winters v. Houston Chronicle Publishing Co., September 6, 1990
32 C-9470, Biffle v. Morton Rubber Industries, Inc., February 21, 1990
33 C-9476, De Gonzalez v. Mission American Ins. Co., September 6, 1990
34 C-9490, Mapco, Inc. v. Hon. Forrest, March 7, 1990
35 C-9501, Ayers v. Hon. Canales, May 30, 1990
36 C-9504, BHP Petroleum Co., Inc. v. Hon. Millard, November 21, 1990
37 C-9515, Mancorp, Inc. v. Culpepper, December 12, 1990
box folder
19 1 C-9515, Mancorp, Inc. v. Culpepper, December 12, 1990
2 C-9532, Ex parte McLerran
3 C-9537, Bazile v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
4 C-9538, Brady v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals, June 20, 1990
5 C-9548, Reagan v. Vaughn, March 6, 1991
6 C-9551, Correa v. First Court of Appeals. Consolidated with C-9552, Carter v. First Court of Appeals, May 9, 1990
7 C-9555, Greater Houston Transportation Co. v. Phillips, December 19, 1990
8 C-9559, Mayhew v. Caprito, May 30, 1990
9 C-9567, Ex parte Brister, December 19, 1990
10 C-9538, Brady v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals, April 10, 1990
11 C-9579, Masinga v. Hon. Whittington, June 20, 1990
12 C-9584, Joffrion v. Texas Bank of Tatum
13 C-9589, Holmes v. Hon. Harrison, November 21, 1990
14 C-9596, City of Fort Worth v. Williams
15 C-9598, Gill Savings Association v. Chair King, Inc., October 17, 1990
16 C-9621, Grand Prairie I.S.D. v. Vaughn, June 20, 1990
17 C-9627, Carter v. Mapco, Inc., May 9, 1990
18 C-9655, State v. Hon. Andrews
19 C-9670, City of Temple Firemen’s and Policemen’s Civil Service Commission v. Bender, April 25, 1990
20 C-9671, Cassidy v. Northwest Tech Center Associates
21 C-9687, El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1 v. Grijalva, May 30, 1990
22 C-9739, Ex parte Lee
23 C-9776, Ex parte Lindley, June 27, 1990
24 C-9782, Hon. Spears v. Fourth Court of Appeals, October 24, 1990
25 C-9798, Ex parte Holland, June 13, 1990
26 C-9822, State v. Hon. Lowry, February 6, 1991
27 C-9877, Jones v. Strauss, December 5, 1990
28 C-9948, Ex parte Wilson. Consolidated with C-9949, Ex parte Wilson
29 C-9981, Ex parte Pryor, December 19, 1990
30 C-9997, Koral Industries v. Security-Connecticut Life Ins. Co., October 17, 1990
31 D-0002, Worford v. Stamper, November 14, 1990
32 D-0032, Pan American Life Ins. Co. v. Erbauer Construction Co., January 30, 1991
33 D-0044, Responsive Terminal Systems v. Boy Scouts of America
34 D-0046, New York Underwriters Ins. Co. v. Sanchez, December 5, 1990
35 D-0047, Tesoro Petroleum v. Smith, October 17, 1990
36 D-0081, Garvey v. Vawter, September 19, 1990
37 D-0100, Cecil v. Smith, February 27, 1991
38 D-0130, Blackman v. Langford, September 19, 1990
39 D-0163, Ex parte Garcia, September 6, 1990
40 D-0171, Ragsdale v. Progressive Voters League, December 31, 1990
41 D-0215, McConnell v. Hon. May
42 D-0229, Texas Instruments, Inc. v. Hon. Packer, November 14, 1990
43 D-0321, Henderson v. Hon. O’Neill, October 31, 1990
44 D-0363, Ferguson v. Ninth Court of Appeals, March 6, 1991
45 D-0375, Nan Travis Memorial Hospital v. 129th Judicial District
46 D-0425, Ross v. Texas One Partnership, January 23, 1991
47 D-0434, Ticor Title Ins. Co. v. Lacy, January 30, 1991
48 D-0508, Isuani v. Manske-Sheffield Radiology Group, January 23, 1991
49 D-0522, Pecos Development Corp. v. Hydrocarbon Horizons, Inc., February 13, 1991
50 D-0596, Ex parte Boyd
51 D-0754, DeMary v. Sanderson
52 D-0657, Sentry Ins. v. Golden Moss
box folder
2 1 C-9937, Railroad Commission of Texas v. Pend Oreille Oil & Gas Co., June 5, 1991
2 C-9938, T. F. Stone-Liberty Land Associates v. FSLIC
3 C-9953, Texas-New Mexico Power Co. v. Texas Industrial Energy Consumers, April 3, 1991
4 C-9966, Remington Arms Co. v. Caldwell, June 19, 1991
5 C-9979, Caller-Times Publishing Co. v. Triad Communications, Inc., February 26, 1992
6 C-9983, Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. v. McGuire
7 D-0022, Fort Bend County Drainage District v. Sbrusch, September 11, 1991
8 D-0080, Luckel v. White, October 23, 1991
9 D-0091, Harris County District Attorney’s Office v. J. T. S., April 24, 1991
10 D-0092, Crim Truck & Tractor Co. v. Navistar International Transportation Corp., January 22, 1992
11 D-0107, Phillips v. Phillips, December 11, 1991
12 D-0119, City of San Antonio v. Fourth Court of Appeals, September 11, 1991
13 D-0124, DSC Finance Corp. v. Moffitt, September 18, 1991
14 D-0138, Delaney v. The University of Houston, April 29, 1992
box folder
3 1 D-0147, Hooks v. Fourth Court of Appeals, April 24, 1991
2 D-0190, Havner v. E-Z Mart Stores, Inc., February 26, 1992
3 D-0201, Gifford-Hill & Company, Inc. v. Wise County Appraisal District, April 22, 1992
4 D-0206, Brown v. Martin Gas Sales, June 19, 1991
5 D-0220, Perez v. Briercroft Service Corp., May 8, 1991
6 D-0233, MBank El Paso v. Sanchez, July 1, 1992
7 D-0270, Nance v. Resolution Trust Corp.
8 D-0272, Beck v. Beck, May 30, 1991
9 D-0307, Federal Land Bank Association of Tyler v. Sloane, December 4, 1991
10 D-0333, Roark v. Stallworth Oil & Gas, Inc., June 19, 1991
11 D-0347, State v. 37th Judicial District Court of Bexar County
12 D-0353, Williams v. Patton, October 30, 1991
13 D-0355, Balderama v. Western Casualty Life Ins. Co., October 23, 1991
14 D-0370, Tubelite v. Risica & Sons, Inc., December 11, 1991
15 D-0371, Powers v. Palacios
box folder
4 1 D-0477, Weirich v. Weirich, June 24, 1992
2 D-0478, Landmark American Ins. Co. v. Pulse Ambulance Services, Inc., June 19, 1991
3 D-0494, Henry S. Miller Co. v. Bynum
4 D-0503, LeLeaux v. Hamshire-Fannet I.S.D., April 29, 1992
5 D-0526, Shoemake v. Fogel, Ltd., February 26, 1992
6 D-0537, Laster v. First Huntsville Properties Co., December 11, 1991
7 D-0542, Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners v. Eighth Court of Appeals
8 D-0547, Schultz v. Fifth Judicial District Court of Appeals at Dallas, June 12, 1991
9 D-0560, Hughston v. First Financial Development Corp.
10 D-0562, Holt Atherton Indus, Inc. v. Heine, June 17, 1992
11 D-0566, Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp. v. Caldwell
12 D-0569, Southland Life Ins. Co. v. Small, March 27, 1991
13 D-0570, Bryant v. Texas American Bank
14 D-0572, F&A Equipment Leasing v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp., July 1, 1992
15 D-0584, Lear Siegler, Inc. v. Perez, November 20, 1991
16 D-0592, Texas Education Agency v. Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D., May 6, 1992
17 D-0619, State v. Windham, June 10, 1992
18 D-0629, Johnson v. Lynaugh and D-0807, Johnson v. Ozim
19 D-0666, Aduddell v. Parkhill, November 20, 1991
20 D-0678, Hughes v. Higgins, November 20, 1991
21 D-0689, First Baptist Church of San Antonio v. Bexar County Appraisal Review Board, June 10, 1992
box folder
5 1 D-0692, State Department of Highways and Public Transportation v. Dopyera, July 1, 1992
2 D-0695, Psychiatric Institutes of America, Inc. v. O’Neill, December 18, 1991
3 D-0713, Texas Water Commission v. Coalition Advocating a Safe Environment, November 20, 1991
4 D-0714, McLaren c. Beard, June 19, 1991
5 D-0720, Brownsville Navigation District v. Izaguirre, May 6, 1992
6 D-0722, Bank One v. Moody, April 15, 1992
7 D-0743, Texas Workers Compensation Commission v. Garcia
8 D-0747, Texas-New Mexico Power Co. v. Stem
9 D-0749, Ex Parte MacCallum, May 1, 1991
10 D-0758, London Market Cos. v. Hon. Schattman, June 12, 1991
11 D-0770, Feith Systems & Software, Inc. v. Design Information Systems, June 5, 1991
12 D-0791, George A. Fuller Co. of Texas., Inc. v. Carpet Services, Inc., January 29, 1992
13 D-0808, Ramirez v. Hon. Packer, April 3, 1991
14 D-0811, Jupiter Oil Co. v. Snow, October 23, 1991
15 D-0816, Heldenfels Brothers, Inc. v. City of Corpus Christi, June 3, 1992
16 D-0822, Attorney General of Texas v. Lavan, July 1, 1992
17 D-0830, Tovar v. Hon. Specia
18 D-0848, Grand Prairie I.S.D. v. Southern Part Imports, Inc.
19 D-0853, Rhea v. Williams
20 D-0855, Transwestern Pipeline Co. v. Hon. Wood
21 D-0858, Ross Stores, Inc. v. Redken Laboratories, June 12, 1991
22 D-0863, State v. Malone Service Co., April 29, 1992
23 D-0865, Pan American Sales Corp. v. Hon. Rhea
24 D-0866, O’Connor v. Sam Houston Medical Center, Inc., April 24, 1992
25 D-0882, Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. v. Hon. Caldwell
26 D-0898, Welex v. Broom, October 16, 1991
27 D-0937, Pacheco v. Hon. Eschenberg
28 D-0938, Cox v. Thee Evergreen Church, July 1, 1992
29 D-0946, Bandy v. First State Bank, June 10, 1992
30 D-0953, Smith v. Hon. O’Neill, June 19, 1991
31 D-0954, Ex Parte Sproull, September 11, 1991
32 D-0962, Travel Masters, Inc. v. Star Tours, Inc., December 18, 1991
33 D-0972, Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co. v. Hon. Abascal, June 19, 1991
34 D-0980, Hood v. Amarillo National Bank, September 18, 1991
35 D-0986, Amberboy v. Societe de Banque Privee, April 15, 1992
36 D-0987, Head v. Twelfth Court of Appeals, June 19, 1991
37 D-1060, Ex Parte Eastland, June 19, 1991
38 D-1067, Odle v. City of Denison, April 22, 1992
39 D-1069, Dancy v. Hon. Daggett, September 18, 1991
40 D-1086, In Re C.C.G.
box folder
6 1 D-1119, Germania Ins. Co. v. Dicken
2 D-1126, Malaysia British Assurance v. El Paso Reyco, Inc., May 6, 1992
3 D-1170, General Electric Credit Corp. v. Midland Central Appraisal District
4 D-1192, Towers of Texas, Inc. v. J & J Systems, Inc., April 22, 1992
5 D-1193, Valley Baptist Medical Center v. Hon. Bennett, February 12, 1992
6 D-1194, Thordson v. City of Houston, September 18, 1991
7 D-1197, Mapco, Inc. v. Carter, October 23, 1991
8 D-1287, Service Lloyds Ins. Co. v. Harbison, November 6, 1991
9 D-1288, Heggen v. Pemelton, June 24, 1992
10 D-1289, State v. $11,014.00, October 23, 1991
11 D-1320, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Texas v. City of Houston, July 1, 1992
12 D-1328, Casares v. Hon. Marsh
13 D-1366, Exxon Corp. v. Perez, May 27, 1992
14 D-1374, Syntek Finance Corp. v. Hon. Canales
15 D-1421, Ex Parte Briley, October 9, 1991
16 D-1423, Meraz v. Odom
17 D-1425, Camacho v. Samaniego, May 6, 1992
18 D-1452, Crown Life Ins. Co. v. Gonzales, November 6, 1991
19 D-1464, Star-Telegram, Inc. v. Hon. Walker, July 1, 1992
20 D-1469, Carrollton-Farmers Branch I.S.D. v. Edgewood I.S.D.; D-1477, Andrews I.S.D. v. Edgewood I.S.D.; D-1493, McCarthy v. County Education District No. 21; D-1544, Reyes v. Mitchell County Education District; D-1560, Highland Park I.S.D. v. Edgewood I.S.D., January 30, 1992
box folder
7 1 D-1469, Carrollton-Farmers Branch I.S.D. v. Edgewood I.S.D.; D-1477, Andrews I.S.D. v. Edgewood I.S.D.; D-1493, McCarthy v. County Education District No. 21; D-1544, Reyes v. Mitchell County Education District; D-1560, Highland Park I.S.D. v. Edgewood I.S.D., January 30, 1992
2 D-1494, Ex Parte Sipes, December 11, 1991
3 D-1503, Smith v. Southwest Feed Yards, June 24, 1992
4 D-1518, Gulf Coast Investment Corp. v. Brown, December 4, 1991
5 D-1520, Johnson v. City of Houston
6 D-1526, Ramirez v. Hon. Bianchi
7 D-1536, Black v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit, June 17, 1992
8 D-1539, Koepp v. Utica Mutual Ins. Company, July 1, 1992
9 D-1549, Gov. Richards v. Mena, December 11, 1991
10 D-1557, John v. State, February 26, 1992
11 D-1558, Davenport v. Hon. Garcia, June 17, 1992
12 D-1571, Hon. O’Connor v. First Court of Appeals, September 16, 1992
13 D-1578, State v. Commonwealth Charter Co.
14 D-1594, Dallas Central Appraisal District v. Seven Investment Co. Consolidated with D-1737, Dallas Central Appraisal District v. Las Colinas Corp., June 10, 1992
15 D-1597, Cahill v. Lyda February 5, 1992
16 D-1603, Orozco v. Sander, January 22, 1992
17 D-1614, Kellebrew v. Hon. Dietz
18 D-1665, Rowntree v. Hunsucker, May 27, 1992
19 D-1677, Gold Kist, Inc. v. Texas Utilities Electric Co., May 6, 1992
20 D-1680, Green v. Hon. Morales, June 24, 1992
21 D-1701, Klein I.S.D. v. Wilson, April 29, 1992
22 D-1714, Bank One v. Sunbelt Savings, February 5, 1992
23 D-1737, Dallas Central Appraisal District v. Las Colinas Corp.
24 D-1772, Smith v. Lippmann, February 19, 1992

Dead applications, 1986-1992

box folder
32 1 C-3894, Gavenda v. Strata Energy, Inc.
2 C-4562, Freeman v. Salvo
3 C-4616, Coody v. A.H. Robins Company, Inc.
4 C-4802, Industrial Mechanical, Inc. v. C.S.R. Inc., and U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Life
5 C-5005, Southern Union Gas Co. v. Railroad Comm’n of Texas and the City of El Paso
6 C-5018, SMK Energy Corporation and SMK Exploration Co. v. Westchester Gas Co.
7 C-5321, Vasquez v. Chemical Exchange Industries, Inc.
8 C-5347, Honish v. Merit Drilling Co.
9 C-5361, Saveley v. City of Houston
10 C-5362, Charter Oak Fire Ins. Co. v. Mathis
11 C-5371, White Motor Credit Corp. v. Moore
12 C-5377, Hopkins v. Hopkins
13 C-5383, Enserch Corp. v. Bullock
14 C-5387, Boaz v. Boaz
15 C-5395, Thompson v. Mayes
16 C-5408, Wright v. Wright
17 C-5438, Shaw v. Withrow
18 C-5448, Songer v. Shell
19 C-5450, Allen v. Allen,
20 C-5457, Breeze v. Breeze
21 C-5466, Texas State Teachers Association v. State
22 C-5469, Jim Stephenson Motor Co. v. Amundson
23 C-5470, Allright, Inc. v. Pearson
24 C-5478, Miller v. Carper
25 C-5488, Merilian v. Merilian
26 C-5490, Balaban v. Balaban
27 C-5503, The Schismatic and Purported Casa Linda Presbyterian Church v. Grace Union Presbytery, Inc.
28 C-5504, Howell v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit
29 C-5510, Gonzales County Savings & Loan Association v. Fenimore
30 C-5515, Roberson v. Rollins
31 C-5522, Talamas v. S. & D. Group, Inc.
32 C-5524, Mudgett v. Paxson Machine Co.
33 C-5527, Colson v. Bank of the West
34 C-5528, Edmonson v. Payne
35 C-5543, Gist v. State Commission on Judicial Conduct
36 C-5534, River Oaks Shopper Center v. Pagan
37 C-5544, Sadler v. Duvall
38 C-5545, Gotcher v. Lamar State Bank
39 C-5553, Direlco, Inc. v. Comptroller of Public Accounts
40 C-5554, Alstan Corp. v. Board of Administrators of Chimney Corners Townhouses
41 C-5562, George D. Thomas Builder, Inc. v. Bernal
42 C-5567, Garcia v. Cardenas
43 C-5571, Leisure Services, Inc. v. Texas Catastrophe Property Ins. Association
44 C-5574, Glisson v. General Cinema Corp. of Texas
45 C-5578, Wimmer v. Enserch Exploration, Inc.
46 C-5583, City of Garland, Texas v. B&B Vending Co.
47 C-5592, McDougal v. State
48 C-5595, Eagle Life Ins. Co. v. Dorf
49 C-5599, Jacobsen v. Jacobsen
box folder
33 1 C-5602, Maverick County Water Improvement District No. 1 v. Brown
2 C-5603, Spiller v. Spiller
3 C-5605, Man-Gas Transmission Co. v. Osborne Oil Co.
4 C-5615, Chozick v. Crean
5 C-5620, Morrison v. Morrison
6 C-5625, Sungrowth VI v. State
7 C-5626, Osborne v. B Bell Gas Corp.
8 C-5634. Roberts v. Schooler-Gordon Funeral Directors, Inc.
9 C-5641, Transitional Learning Community of Galveston, Inc. v. Bay Ridge Utility District
10 C-5646, Haire v. Coker
11 C-5655, Gigowski v. Russell
12 C-5661, Metro Ford Truck Sales, Inc. v. Davis
13 C-5665, Heinz v. Champlin Petroleum Co.
14 C-5668, Brashear v. D Cross B, Inc.
15 C-5672, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. v. Blue Bell, Inc.
16 C-5674, Sikes v. State Employees Workers’ Compensation Division
17 C-5677, Jaco v. Russell
18 C-5686, Lucas v. Everman Corp.
19 C-5687, Riley v. Riley
20 C-5689, Powell v. City Ins. Co.
21 C-5702, Brown v. Armstrong
22 C-5709, INA of Texas v. Leonard
23 C-5711, Cluck v. Frost National Bank of San Antonio
24 C-5715, United States of America v. Medi-Rents, Inc.
25 C-5720, Alliance Ins. Co., Inc. v. First Tape, Inc.
26 C-5721, Wheat v. Texas Department of Corrections
27 C-5722, Fashing v. Eighth Court of Appeals
28 C-5727, U.S. Home Corp. v. Irwin
29 C-5731, Moray Corporation v. Griggs
30 C-5734, Martin v. Jack Roach Ford
31 C-5735, McDaniel v. City of Denton
32 C-5743, Levermann v. Cartall
33 C-5745, Benson v. City of San Antonio
34 C-5751, Regan v. Bayly, Martin, & Fay, Inc.
35 C-5753, Beaudion v. Tennant
36 C-5755, Mercer v. Bludworth
37 C-5757, Puckett v. Bank of Santa Fe
38 C-5759, Payne & Keller Co. v. Word
39 C-5760, Ginsberg v. Gaynier
40 C-5762, Richard v. City of Houston
41 C-5763, Tarrant County Hospital District v. Ray
42 C-5764, Burt v. Port Ridglea Property Owners Association, Inc.
43 C-5765, City of Austin v. Mattox
44 C-5770, INA of Texas v. Bartlett
45 C-5773, Texas Employers Insurance Association v. Keenom
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47 C-5781, Freeman v. Greenbriar Homes, Inc.
48 C-5785, Petitt v. Laware
49 C-5786, Alduro Raynes Arabians, Inc. v. Old Reliable Fire Ins. Co.
50 C-5787, General Production Co., Inc. v. Black Coral Investment
51 C-5789, Twin City Fire Ins. Co. v. Gene Murphree Sorp.
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53 C-5796, Beatty v. Roper Corp.
54 C-5797, Oilfield Industrial Lines, Inc. v. West Texas Welders Supply, Inc.
55 C-5803, Lozano v. Vigilant Insurance Co.
box folder
34 1 C-5805, Artha Garza Realtors v. Smith
2 C-5806, Doelling v. Doelling Madnick
3 C-5807, Myers v. Anderson’s Ark, Inc.
4 C-5808, Champion International Corp. v. Continental National Bank
5 C-5812, Gallagher Hastie v. Rodriguez
6 C-5814, Book v. Crown Life Insurance, Inc.
7 C-5816, Turner v. Monsanto Co.
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11 C-5829, United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. v. Bullock
12 C-5830, Flynn Brothers, Inc. v. First Medical Associates
13 C-5832, Athena Condominium Co-Owners Association v. Swesnik
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15 C-5836, Weavers v. Jock
16 C-5837, Wade v. Hurst
17 C-5838, Central National Bank of Woodway-Hewitt v. Dill
18 C-5839, Xarin Real Estate, Inc. v. Gamboa
19 C-5849, Coven v. Heatley
20 C-5843, Ruiz v. Smith
21 C-5844, Smith County v. Harris
22 C-5845, Wilson v. Klein
23 C-5848, Purselley v. Engle
24 C-5851, Huddle v. Huddle
25 C-5852, Troutman v. Interstate Promotional Printing Co.
26 C-5855, Barrett v. Barrett
27 C-5856, Whitten v. The Moving Co.
28 C-5857, Nowlin v. Pringle
29 C-5858, Temptrol Corporation v. Utica Mutual Ins. Co.
30 C-5866, Village Mobile Homes, Inc. v. Porter
31 C-5867, Burnham v. Fireman’s & Policemen’s Civil Service Commission
32 C-5869, Fite v. King
33 C-5873, First State Bank of Corpus Christi v. Shuford Mills, Inc.
34 C-5878, Russell v. First Texas Savings
35 C-5879, Miller v. Miller
36 C-5880, Continental Savings Association v. Gutheinz
37 C-5884, Hoch v. Lake Vista Community Improvement Association
38 C-5886, Beavers v. Phillips
39 C-5887, First National Bank of Beaumont v. Phelan
40 C-5888, Linder v. Linder
box folder
35 1 C-5889, Cunningham v. Cunningham
2 C-5890, Amarillo National Bank v. Nicholson
3 C-5893, Kaemmlein v. Commerce Union Bank
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5 C-5898, Northwestern National Casualty Co. v. Nobles
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8 C-5907, Pate v. Anglin
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12 C-5915, Haynes v. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 716 Pension Trust
13 C-5916, Lieb v. Roman Development Co.
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15 C-5922, Webber v. The M. W. Kellogg Co.
16 C-5923, Moore v. Tiona Truck Lines
17 C-5925, Links v. Thompson
18 C-5934, Herrington v. Norwood
19 C-5931, Jack H. Brown & Co., Inc. v. Northwest Sign Co., Inc.
20 C-5932, United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Green
21 C-5933, Central Texas Hardware, Inc. v. Matthews Callan & Associates
22 C-5937, Hufo Oils v. Railroad Commission of Texas
23 C-5939, Twin City Fire Ins. Co. v. Ischy
24 C-5943, Baxter Construction Co., Inc. v. Hou-Tex Products, Inc.
25 C-5942, Bayless v. Lakewood Bank
26 C-5944, Zenith Exploration Co., Inc. v. Goldrus Drilling Co.
27 C-5945, Luther v. Anton Motors, Inc.
28 C-5946, Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc. v. Enserve, Inc.
29 C-5949, Pemberton v. Bullock
30 C-5952, Heater v. Lower Colorado River Authority
31 C-5954, Smith v. State
32 C-5955, Klorer v. Block
33 C-5956, Gruy v. Atlantic Richfield
34 C-5957, City Towing Associates, Inc. v. Howell
35 C-6002, Grassberger v. Grassberger
36 C-6003, Rider v. Farris
37 C-6004, Hasler v. City of San Antonio
38 C-6006, Insurance Co. of North America v. Pierce
39 C-6009, Ashcom v. Devereux
40 C-6010, Garcia v. Peeples
41 C-6013, Bell v. Bell
42 C-6015, Fernandez v. Fernandez
43 C-6016, Allstate Ins. Co. v. Hope
44 C-6017, Johnson v. Homburg
45 C-6018, Kay v. Sandler
box folder
36 1 C-6019, Langston v. Eagle Publishing Co.
2 C-6021, L.D. Brinkman & Co. v. Moore
3 C-5909, American Physicians Insurance Exchange v. Cardenas
4 C-5961, Gonzales v. Lavios
5 C-5962, Spriggs v. Lester
6 C-5963, Cox v. Anderson
7 C-5965 and C-5966, Klein v. Dimock
8 C-5968, Bayro v. State Farm County Mutual Ins. Co. of Texas
9 C-5970, Glover v. Rousselle Corp.
10 C-5971, Grierson v. SAE Office Associates
11 C-5973, Tinsley v. Great Southern Life Ins. Co.
12 C-5974, Robles v. Firemen’s & Policemen’s Civil Service Commission of the City of Houston
13 C-5978, Thompson v. Hildebrand
14 C-5979, Leo Itz Trust v. Gillespie County
15 C-5980, Kachmar v. Kachmar
16 C-5981, Moore v. Rotello
17 C-5982, Lakeridge Development Corp. v. Houten
18 C-5986, NL Industries/NL Acme Tool Co. v. Holley
19 C-5987, Miller v. Hanover Ins. Co.
20 C-5988, Jones v. Jones
21 C-5994, Coronado Transmission Co. v. Mustang Exploration Co., Inc.
22 C-5996, Central Appraisal Review Board of Johnson County, Texas v. Texas Conference of Seventh Day Adventists
23 C-5997, Taylor v. Texas Department of Human Resources
24 C-5998, Town of Wooded Hills v. City of Burleson
25 C-6022, Kansas City Southern Railway Co. v. Hamric
26 C-6024, In re. Estate of Cecil R. Marriott v. Cook
27 C-6025. Ayala v. Prudential Property and Casualty Ins. Co.
28 C-6026, Jackson v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
29 C-6027, Board of Adjustment of the City of Dallas v. Murmur Corp.
30 C-6028, Beene v. Ray
31 C-6029, Moreau v. City of Dallas
32 C-6030, Industrial Accident Board v. Magana
33 C-6031, Texacally Joint Venture v. King
34 C-6032. Citizens for Better Education v. Goose Creek Consolidated I.S.D.
35 C-6035, Vautrain v. Stites
36 C-6038, National Union Fire Ins. Co. v. Highlands Ins. Co.
37 C-6039, Auld & Mansfield, P.C. v. Willow Creek Office Park
38 C-6040, Simmons v. Davis
39 C-6042, Firestone v. Satellite Joint Venture
40 C-6043, Lake Vista Community Improvement Assoc. v. Donaldson
41 C-6044, Wendt v. Diamond Shamrock Corp.
42 C-6045, Casualty Reciprocal Exchange v. Brooks
43 C-6046, Harding v. Skaggs Co., Inc.
44 C-6048, Baptist Memorial Hospital System v. Smith
45 C-6049, Centaur Ins. Corp. v. Pak-Mor Manufacturing Co.
box folder
37 1 C-6050, Tesoro Petroleum Corp. v. Walker
2 C-6053, Pickens v. Hope
3 C-6054, Brown v. Allied Merchant’s Bank
4 C-6056, Hexamer v. Roberts
5 C-6057, Bob Costilow Realtors, Inc. v. Miller
6 C-6058, Moore v. Cofer
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8 C-6060, Tanner v. Axelrad
9 C-6061, Neal v. Elin
10 C-6062, Jacobini v. Hall
11 C-6064, Darrah v. Hinds
12 C-6065, State v. Enterprise Co.
13 C-6066, Flores v. Terminix, Inc.
14 C-6067, Bolling v. Texas Animal Health Commission
15 C-6068, RepublicBank Austin v. Lockhart Savings & Loan
16 C-6069, Ward v. Seventh Court of Appeals
17 C-6070, Jazwari v. Texas Board of Land Surveying
18 C-6071, Lopez v. Lee C. Moore Co.
19 C-6072, Simmons v. Terry Jones Construction Co.
20 C-6073, Moser v. Norred
21 C-6074, San Patricio County v. Nueces County Hospital District
22 C-6077, Riddle v. Riddle
23 C-6079, Big H Auto Auction v. Garza
24 C-6080, Willow Bend National Bank v. Commonwealth Mortgage Corp.
25 C-6081, City of Greenville v. State
26 C-6082, Flatt v. Arlington Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.
27 C-6083, Rutledge v. Rutledge
28 C-6084, Ellis County v. Manhart
29 C-6085, Wyse v. Department of Public Safety
30 C-6086, Uvalde County Appraisal District v. Kincaid
31 C-6088, Burns v. Delmar West-Lamar Consolidated I.S.D.
32 C-6089, Maroney v. Maroney
33 C-6090, Puett v. McAdoo
34 C-6091, Fullerton v. Holliman
35 C-6091, Wright v. Sandel
36 C-6093, Conder v. Schuble
37 C-6094, State v. Morris
38 C-6096, Smith Protective Services v. Smith
39 C-6146, Coppedge v. Colonial Savings & Loan Association
40 C-6097, Darst v. Darst
41 C-6098, Ealand v. Ealand
42 C-6099, In re Estate of Helen Hodges
43 C-6100, Smith v. Roach
44 C-6101, State v. Taylor
45 C-6102, Corpus v. K-J Oil Co.
46 C-6103, Village of Laguna Vista v. Hope
47 C-6104, Cielo Vista Bank of El Paso v. McCutcheon
48 C-6105, National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania v. Highlands Ins. Co.
49 C-6107, Copeland v. Regional Center
50 C-6109, Whitfield v. Continental Electronics Mfg. Co.
51 C-6112, Phillips v. Apac-Texas, Inc.
52 C-6113, Hamblet v. Coveney
53 C-6108, City of Princeton v. Abbott
54 C-6110, Meyers v. Adams
box folder
38 1 C-6114, Eichelberger v. Houston North Properties
2 C-6115, Baker v. Gardner
3 C-6116, Texas Employers Insurance Association v. Haney
4 C-6117, Woodmen of the World Life Ins. v. Bowman
5 C-6118, In the Interest of N.H.J.
6 C-6119, Oliver v. Richardson
7 C-6120, State v. Apodaca Bail Bonds
8 C-6122, Lambert v. Lively
9 C-6123, Polaris Assurance A/S v. Oliver
10 C-6126, Barnhart v. McQuady
11 C-6125, Medical Protective Co. v. Glanz
12 C-6127, Olivares v. Cauthorn
13 C-6128, Waltman v. Sale
14 C-6129, Boeck v. Interfirst Bank Harlingen
15 C-6130, Inman v. O’Donnell
16 C-6131, In re T.E.E.P.
17 C-6132, Peralta v. Texas Employment Commission
18 C-6134, Hutchings v. Biery
19 C-6136, Peralta v. Bettis
20 C-6137, United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. v. Curtis Steel Co., Inc.
21 C-6138, South Texas Sports, Inc. v. River Road Neighborhood Association
22 C-6142, Sage v. Wong
23 C-6143, Fina Oil & Chemical Co. v. El Paso Natural Gas
24 C-6145, Morgan Building Systems, Inc. v. Huebner
25 C-6148, Biggs v. World Air Conditioning, Inc.
26 C-6149, Noe v. Lopez
27 C-6150, Cortez v. Soloco, Inc.
28 C-6151, Gibson Distributing Co., Inc. v. Ramirez
29 C-6152, Allen v. Mauro
30 C-6153, Washburn v. Associated Indemnity Corp.
31 C-6154, John Frantz Co. v. Wilson
32 C-6155, Kinabrew v. Patton
33 C-6157, Mullane v. Peabody Southwest, Inc.
34 C-6161, Turcote v. Turcote
35 C-6158, Morgan v. Ceiling Fan Warehouse, Inc. Number 3
36 C-6160, Grace v. Red Kap Industries, Inc.
37 C-6162, Getty Oil Corp. v. Duncan
38 C-6163, Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. v. Orgon
39 C-6164, Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. v. Mitchell
40 C-6165, Brown v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa.
41 C-6166, Magers v. Durham
42 C-6168, Taylor v. Burk
43 C-6172, Praeger v. Wilson
44 C-6173, On Trak Data Systems, Inc. v. McKinney Computer Partners
45 C-6174, Riley v. Collie
46 C-6175, Power v. Power
47 C-6176, Norman Lumber Co. v. Pace
48 C-6198, Gonzalez v. Frank M. Hall & Co.
49 C-6177, Ford Motor Co. v. Villarreal
50 C-6178, Kitzman v. First Court of Appeals
51 C-6179, Taylor v. Texas Commerce Bank National Association
52 C-6180, Banes Co., Associated Milk Producers, Inc. v. Jordan Materials, Inc.
53 C-6182, Superior Oil Co. v. First Court of Appeals
54 C-6183, Byler v. Morgan Insurance Agency, Inc.
box folder
39 1 C-6184, Carter v. State
2 C-6185, Glass v. State
3 C-6186, Inpetco, Inc. v. Brennan
4 C-6187, National Development Co. v. James Myers and Associates, Inc.
5 C-6188, Garza v. Kelly
6 C-6189, Thomas v. Kinkeade
7 C-6190, Hoffman v. Houston Court of Appeals
8 C-6192, Holcomb v. Powell
9 C-6193, Trane Thermal Co. v. Trunkline L.N.G. Co.
10 C-6194, 8920 Corp. v. Alief Alamo Bank
11 C-6195, Callewart v. LSR Joint Venture No. 2
12 C-6197, Riojas v. City of San Antonio
13 C-6200, Entex, Inc. v. Teal
14 C-6201, Garza v. Presidio County
15 C-6202, Ex parte Phelps
16 C-6203, Smithwick v. City of Abilene
17 C-6204, Childs Truck & Tractor, Inc. v. Conroe Truck & Tractor, Inc.
18 C-6205, Pennzoil v. Vela
19 C-6206, Grubb v. McCullum
20 C-6207, Coffman v. Spence Energy Co.
21 C-6208, Roland v. Equitable Trust Co.
22 C-6199, Koch v. American Heritage Life Ins. Co.
23 C-6209, Mistletoe Express Service v. Sanchez
24 C-6211, Chaparas v. Stickting Wynnewood Village
25 C-6213, State v. Taylor
26 C-6214, General Leasing Co. v. Kilgore First National Bank
27 C-6215, Oxoco v. Arrowhead Drilling
28 C-6217, Jamail v. Arabian National Shipping, Inc.
29 C-6218, Nicholson v. Memorial Hospital System
30 C-6219, Sauceda v. Valley Beverage, Inc.
31 C-6220, Exxon Corp. v. Roberts
32 C-6222, Multiflex, Inc. v. NL Industries, Inc.
33 C-6223, Blevco Energy, Inc. v. Getty Oil Co.
34 C-6227, Leon’s Fine Foods, Inc. v. Kreck Foods, Inc.
35 C-6229, Hawkins v. Texas Oil & Gas Corp.
36 C-6230, Roming v. Tusa
37 C-6232, Odiorne v. Great Atlantic Life Ins. Co.
38 C-6233, General Resources Management Corp. v. West Texas State Bank
39 C-6234, McClennon v. Young
40 C-6235, Alzo Advertising, Inc. v. Industrial Properties Corp.
41 C-6236, Hukill v. Hukill
42 C-6237, Williams v. Sun Valley Hospital
43 C-6239, Public Utility Commission of Texas v. Brazos Electric Power Coop., Inc.
44 C-6240, Russell v. Campbell
45 C-6241, McGuire v. Marworth, Inc.
46 C-6242, Mayer v. Walker
47 C-6243, Sparkman v. Jones
48 C-6244, Chandler v. Housholder
49 C-6245, McKenzie v. Fisher
50 C-6246, Pressed Steel Tank Co., Inc. v. Meza
box folder
40 1 C-6248, Jewell v. Jewell
2 C-6249, Independent Insulating Glass/Southwest, Inc. v. Street
3 C-6250, Twiford v. Nueces County Appraisal District
4 C-6251, Moore v. Mooring
5 C-6252, Striegler v. Nixon Livestock Commission
6 C-6253, Dolenz v. Jim Edwards Co.
7 C-6254, Lake v. Dawson
8 C-6256, Dowan v. Vickers
9 C-6260, Botello v. Town and Country Mobile Homes, Inc.
10 C-6261, Holmes v. McCarty
11 C-6262, Lewis v. Trinity Universal Ins. Co.
12 C-6264, Eichelberger v. First Court of Appeals
13 C-6265, Shaffer v. U.S. Companies, Inc.
14 C-6266, DeLord v. Breen
15 C-6267, Elfeldt v. Elfeldt
16 C-6268, City of Angleton v. Williams
17 C-6271, Christy v. Andrus
18 C-6272, City of Dallas v. McKasson
19 C-6273, Texas Mexican Railway Co. v. Thirteenth Court of Appeals
20 C-6274, Wells v. Wells
21 C-6275, Beal v. Sherrell
22 C-6277, Bianchi v. Sturgeon
23 C-6279, Consolidated Andy, Inc. v. Cameron Marine, Inc.
24 C-6280, Winston International Electronics, Inc. v. Rio Radio Supply, Inc.
25 C-6281, Landacre v. Armstrong Building Maintenance Co.
26 C-6282, Simpson v. MBank Dallas
27 C-6283, Lowry v. City of Waco
28 C-6285, Torch Energy Corporation v. Ferguson
29 C-6286, Bay Title Company v. Thornton
30 C-6287, Tikal v. Durst
31 C-6288, Matthews v. Matthews
32 C-6284, Tsai v. Wells
33 C-6289, Black v. BLC Insurance Co.
34 C-6290, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. v. W-I-C-A Corp. of America
35 C-6291, Comic v. Wood Brothers Transfer, Inc.
36 C-6292, Inn of the Hills, Ltd. v. Schulgen & Kaiser
37 C-6293, Martin v. Rocha
38 C-6295, Schwartz v. Touchy
39 C-6296, Fountain v. American Motorists Ins. Co.
40 C-6297, Lewis v. Barjenburch
41 C-6298, Paulsel v. Mear
42 C-6299, Edwards & Assoc., Inc. v. Easterwood
43 C-6300, Griffin v. Lees
44 C-6301, Cutbirth v. Central National Bank of Woodway-Hewitt
45 C-6302, Bartlett v. Allis-Chalmers Credit Corp.
46 C-6303, W. Wells Corp. v. Avery Mays Construction Co.
47 C-6304, McAdams v. Burton
48 C-6305, Bennett Interests, Ltd. v. Koomos
box folder
41 1 C-6306, County of Galveston v. Texas Department of Health
2 C-6307, North Texas Municipal Water District v. City of Lucus
3 C-6308, Alsobrook v. Permian Basin Centers for Mental Health & Mental Retardation
4 C-6309, Nowlin Savings Association v. First Court of Appeals
5 C-6310, Morris v. Nowik
6 C-6313, Larry Blackmon & Assoc., Inc. v. Mosley
7 C-6314, Monsanto Co. v. Pryor
8 C-6315, Prairie Producing Co., Inc. v. Schwartz
9 C-6316, McGovern v. Williams
10 C-6318, N. K. Parrish, Inc. Pension Trust v. West Texas Savings Association
11 C-6319, Roberts v. Conaway
12 C-6320, Gulfgate Joint Venture v. Allied Stores of Texas, Inc.
13 C-6321, Ceazer v. Firefighters’ and Policemens’ Civil Service Commission of the City of Houston
14 C-6322, Greater Houston Transp. Co. v. Wilson
15 C-6323, Thomas v. Western Bank-Downtown
16 C-6324, Longoria v. Foremost Ins. Co.
17 C-6325, Carreo v. National Standard Ins. Co.
18 C-6326, James v. Grievance Committee, District Nine, State Bar of Texas
19 C-6330, Rotagravure Committee, Inc. v. Lassiter
20 C-6331, Texas Architectural Aggregate, Inc. v. San Saba County Central Appraisal District
21 C-6332, Wade v. Bryan
22 C-6333, Hill v. Hill
23 C-6334, Holmes v. Hon. Harrison
24 C-6335, Ex parte Glover
25 C-6336, Davis v. Exxon Corp.
26 C-6337, Nickols v. Nickols
27 C-6338, Cousins v. Basaldua
28 C-6339, Reed v. Acme Terminal Warehouse & Storage, Inc.
29 C-6340, Service Lloyds Ins. Co. v. Fernau
30 C-6341, Ve Ri Tas, Inc. v. Hon. Hart
31 C-6342, Al-Bassam v. Hon. Robertson
32 C-6343, Amonett v. Red River Pipeline
C-6344, Verett v. Red River Pipeline
33 C-6345, McCormick v. The Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York
34 C-6346, Howerton v. Banner
35 C-6347, Christopher v. Lindsey
36 C-6348, Masi v. Scheel
37 C-6349, Delhi Gas Pipeline Corp. v. Lamb
38 C-6351, Diamond Hill-Jarvis Civic League v. French
39 C-6352, Wilson v. Highland Construction Co.
40 C-6353, Seyffert v. Briggs
41 C-6354, Pletcher v. Davis
42 C-6355, Vernon Savings & Loan Association v. Hon. Crofts
43 C-6356, Thousand Oaks Racket Club v. Southland Paint Co., Inc.
44 C-6357, Williams v. Miller
45 C-6358, Canales v. Castaneda & Mendoza, Inc.
46 C-6359, Walter Carrington Companies, Inc. v. Lumbermen’s Investment Corp.
47 C-6360, Technocrats North America, Inc. v. Pohani
48 C-6361, Burke v. Central Education Agency
49 C-6362, Hobson v. Rogers
box folder
42 1 C-6363, Twin Cities Fire Ins. Co. v. Grimes
2 C-6364, Schkade v. Green
3 C-6366, Great Global Assurance Co. v. McFarlin
4 C-6367, O’Hair v. Hon. Clark
5 C-6368, Key Communications Corp. v. Smith
6 C-6369, Cabinetree, Inc. v. Schneider
7 C-6370, Nelson v. Remmert
8 C-6371, Englebrecht v. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
9 C-6372, Henke v. Tanglewood Homes Assoc.
10 C-6373, Hughes Drilling Fluids, Inc. v. Eubanks
11 C-6374, Benavides v. Allstate Ins. Co.
12 C-6375, D.B.& B., Inc. v. American Universal Ins. Co.
13 C-6377, Lewis v. Kopke
14 C-6378, Bonewitz v. Bonewitz
15 C-6379, People Against Contaminated Environment v. Texas Air Control Board
16 C-6380, Rossi v. Krueger
17 C-6381, Bagg v. The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
18 C-6382, Connor v. Klevenhagen
19 C-6383, Grando v. Madsen
20 C-6384, Able v. Able
21 C-6385, Creative Manufacturing, Inc. v. UNIK, Inc.
22 C-6386, Whitaker v. Agramatic Corp.
23 C-6387, Watkins v. Blackmon
24 C-6390, Melton v. Ryander
25 C-6391, GTE Sylvania, Inc. v. Trippet
26 C-6392, Bartts v. West Texas Utilities Co.
27 C-6393, Westfall v. Baily & Williams
28 C-6394, Fuston McCarty v. Halliburton Co.
29 C-6395, Moore v. McSpadden
30 C-6396, Martinez v. Hon. Schraub
31 C-6397, Fleming v. Holland
32 C-6398, Intertex, Inc. v. American Mortgage Co.
33 C-6399, KIKK Radio Station v. Gunter
34 C-6400, Texas Department of Public Safety v. Preston
35 C-6401, Frost National Bank of San Antonio v. Johnson
36 C-6402, Matthews v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
37 C-6403, Pizza Investors, Inc. v. Plaza del Sol Ltd.
38 C-6404, Renfrow v. DeBlanc
39 C-6405, Myers v. El Paso Court of Appeals
40 C-6406, Vollmert v. Burgess
41 C-6407, Placid Oil Co. v. Louisiana Gas Intrastate, Inc.
42 C-6409, Carl Kisabeth Co., Inc. v. Malone
43 C-6410, Dallas I.S.D. v. Sewell
44 C-6411, Bankers Commercial Life Ins. Co. v. The Farmers & Merchant National Bank
45 C-6412, Panola Junior College v. Thompson
46 C-6413, Esner v. James
47 C-6416, Benoit v. Polysar Gulf Coast
48 C-6417, Shapter v. Shapter
49 C-6418, McDonough v. Hon. O’Neill
50 C-6419, Talamas v. Bressi International
51 C-6420, Krug v. Hon. Culp
52 C-6422, Roper v. Fisher
53 C-6423, Robinson v. City of San Antonio
54 C-6424, Hunte v. Hinkley
55 C-6425, Nordoff v. Hon. Mullin
56 C-6426, Steffen v. Crawford Enterprises, Inc.
57 C-6427, Cutler v. Amet
58 C-6428, Dickerson v. Brooks
59 C-6429, Estetter v. Murray
box folder
43 1 C-6430, Old Republic Ins. Co. v. Franklin
2 C-6431, Allied Bank West Loop v. C.B.D. & Associates, Inc.
3 C-6433, Alvarez v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit
4 C-6434, Lipsey v. Texas Department of Health
5 C-6435, Northwestern National Ins. Co. v. Garcia
6 C-6436, Reed v. Reed
7 C-6437, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston v. Big Train Carpet of El Campo, Inc.
8 C-6438, Arch Construction, Inc. v. Tyburec
9 C-6439, Tatum v. Mid-Century Ins. Co.
10 C-6441, Oshman v. Hubler
11 C-6442, Hill v. Hovious Associates, Inc.
12 C-6443, Benham v. Benham
13 C-6444, Ray v. Hon. Nobles
14 C-6445, Enriquez v. Television Station KTRK
15 C-6446, Trevino v. Hon. Garcia
16 C-6447, Maass Flange Corp. v. Elliott
17 C-6448, Diez v. Texas Department of Corrections
18 C-6449, Swanner v. First National Bank at Lubbock
19 C-6450, Buffalo Ranch Co. v. Thompson
20 C-6452, Gutierrez v. Morales
21 C-6454, Dixie Metal Co. v. Board of Adjustment of the City of Dallas
22 C-6455, Gutierrez v. Flores
23 C-6456, Reeves v. Johnson Seed Co., Inc.
24 C-6458, McGurie v. Post Oak Lane Townhouse Association, Phase II
25 C-6459, Webb v. Webb
26 C-6460, Johnson v. Ramon
27 C-6461, Cox v. St. Louis & Southwestern Railway Co.
28 C-6462, Johnson v. Browning
29 C-6463, Wingate v. Wingate
30 C-6464, Tellepsen Construction Co. v. Farmer Foundation Co.
31 C-6465, Weinstein v. Prince
32 C-6466, Johnson v. Coca-Cola Co.
33 C-6468, Kaufman & Broad Home Systems v. Wilson
34 C-6469, Byler v. Xiao
35 C-6470, I.N.A. of Texas v. Abney
36 C-6471, Freeman v. Lone Star Ford, Inc.
37 C-6472, Sheffield v. Johnson Seed Co., Inc.
38 C-6473, Texas American Bank v. Haven
39 C-6474, Simmons v. Fowler
40 C-6475, Novotny v. Van Wittner
C-6476, Wood v. Funderburk
41 C-6478, Vanguard Insurance Co. v. Humphrey
42 C-6481, Calver v. 354th Judicial District Court of Rains County
43 C-6482, Mitchell v. First National Bank of Lubbock
44 C-6483, Borders v. KRLB, Inc.
45 C-6484, Ganassi v. Fort Bend County Appraisal District
46 C-6485, Moorhead v. Sixth Court of Appeals
47 C-6487, Markantonis v. Tropoli
48 C-6488, Moore v. Hon. Crofts
49 C-6489, International Service Ins. Co. v. Warren Petroleum Co.
50 C-6490, Jane Petroleum Co. v. Terrell
51 C-6491, Cheatham v. Moore
52 C-6492, Kissinger v. Turner
53 C-6493, United Interests, Inc. v. Brewinton, Inc.
54 C-6494, Atkins v. Griswold
55 C-6495, Marchabeyouglu v. Taylor
56 C-6497, Spring Valley Construction Co. v. Adams
57 C-6498, First Quality Homes of Corpus Christi, Inc. v. Ray’s Mobile Home Service, Inc.
58 C-6499, Interfirst Bank Oak Cliff v. Barnes
box folder
44 1 C-6500, Panhandle Savings & Loan Assn. v. Gaut
2 C-6502, Matlock v. Hon. Garza
3 C-6503, Jordan & Nobles Construction Co. v. Hon. McKellips
4 C-6504, Pfiester v. Kipness
5 C-6505, Robbins v. Robbins
6 C-6506, Amarco Resources v. Fifth Court of Appeals
7 C-6507, Bounds v. Scurlock Oil Co.
8 C-6508, Klingler v. Life Ins. Co. of North America
9 C-6509, Stuart v. Yates
10 C-6510, Beaver Express Service, Inc. v. Railroad Commission of Texas
11 C-6511, Oehler v. Schilleci
12 C-6512, Canada v. Brown
13 C-6513, Pope v. Moore
14 C-6514, Harris County Outdoor Advertising Association v. City of Houston
15 C-6515, Bell v. State
16 C-6516, Trochter-Lancaster v. FDIC
17 C-6517, Purnell v. Cline
18 C-6518, Alief I.S.D. v. Harris County Appraisal District
19 C-6519, Taylor v. Prestwood
20 C-6520, Aguilar v. Hon. Fashing
21 C-6521, Turner v. Lone Star Industries, Inc.
22 C-6523, Weaver v. Westchester Fire Ins. Co.
23 C-6526, Minzer and Cone v. Bacek
24 C-6527, Rosenthal v. Hon. Andrews
25 C-6528, Hill v. Whiteside
26 C-6529, Electronic Recovery Systems, Inc. v. Noble Metal Mining and Refining, Inc.
27 C-6530, Neal v. State Bar of Texas
28 C-6531, Ex Parte Blanchard
29 C-6533, Skillman Jewelry v. Tirey
30 C-6534, Missouri Pacific Railroad Company v. City of Port Isabel
31 C-6536, In the Interest of Rutland
32 C-6537, Cason v. Whitley
33 C-6538, City of Austin v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
34 C-6540, Smith v. Kotzebue Distributing Co.
35 C-6541, Enserch Corp. v. Palmer
36 C-6542, Bullock v. Sage Energy Co.
37 C-6543, Dickerson v. Burlington Northern Railroad
38 C-6544, Breeden v. Hammonds
39 C-6545, Bates v. Eppinger
40 C-6547, Hartgraves v. Hon. Canales
41 C-6550, American Cyanamid Co. v. Frankson
42 C-6551, Callaway v. Villarreal
43 C-6552, City of Victoria v. Harrison
44 C-6554, Pesek v. Cowart
45 C-6555, Alley v. Orkin Exterminating Co.
46 C-6556, Williams v. Short
47 C-6557, Requipco, Inc. v. Amtex Tank and Equipment Co.
48 C-6558, Dent v. City of Dallas
49 C-6559, Tankersley v. Jernigan
50 C-6560, Patrick v. Patrick
51 C-6561, Perrin v. Hon. Marshall
52 C-6562, Henderson v. Tinkle
53 C-6563, In the Interest of R.G., G.G., and A.G.
54 C-6564, State v. Kimsey
55 C-6565, Strief
56 C-6566, Hammett v. Lee
57 C-6567, Newby v. Adams Plumbing, Inc. of Amarillo
58 C-6569, Garza v. State
59 C-6570, Carlise v. Texas Employment Commission
60 C-6572, OMNI Equities, Inc. v. Bily
61 C-6573, Franco v. John Sealy Hospital
62 C-6574, Exxon Corp. v. Apex R.E.& T., Inc.
63 C-6575, Heyer v. Northeast I.S.D.
64 C-6576, Baltzell v. Cuellar
65 C-6578, The Board of Regents of the University of Texas System v. Air Conditioning, Inc.
66 C-6579, Ex parte Barnes
67 C-6580, Cockrell v. Coilpitts
68 C-6581, Zapatero v. Canales
69 C-6582, Skrobarcek v. Rocky Monty Energy Co.
70 C-6583, Manges v. Freer I.S.D.
71 C-6584, Niekerk v. Roberts
box folder
45 1 C-6585, Eichelberger v. First Court of Appeals
2 C-6586. Dickey v. Jansen
3 C-6587, Fullerton v. Holliman
4 C-6588, Texas Oil and Gas Corp. v. Hon. Vounias
5 C-6590, Homsey v. University Gardens Racquet Club
6 C-6591, Kelt v. Sterling Hydrocarbon, Inc.
7 C-6592, Dyer v. Investor’s Life Ins. Co. of North America of the University of Texas System
8 C-6593, State v. Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co.
9 C-6594, Delima v. Heritage Oaks Landowners Association
10 C-6595, Challenger Sales and Supply v. Jules
11 C-6596, Walden v. Paris Savings & Loan Association
12 C-6598, St. Paul Mercury Ins. Co. v. Lowe
13 C-6599, Gerlach v. Hon. McCorkle
14 C-6600, Huckleberry v. State National Bank of El Paso
15 C-6601, Alonzo v. Ashely Gardens Joint Venture
16 C-6602, Oppelt v. Nathan Alterman Electric Co.
17 C-6603, Cowan v. Datsun Lift of San Antonio
18 C-6604, Naranjo v. Serenil
19 C-6605, Friedman v. Houston Sports Association
20 C-6606, Cazares v. Sandoval
21 C-6607, State v. Eckels
22 C-6608, Whitley v. Bruner
23 C-6609, Petrovich v. Vautrain
24 C-6610, Young v. Clark
25 C-6611, Nobles v. Southern Pacific Transportation Co.
26 C-6612, Rodriguez v. Reeves
27 C-6613, First State Bank of Bishop v. Chappell & Handy
28 C-6614, Hylander v. Groendyke Transport
29 C-6615, Frank D. Hall and Co. v. Beach, Inc.
30 C-6616, Johnson v. Kent
31 C-6619, Payne & Keller Co. v. Word
32 C-6620, Harris County v. Deltscheff
33 C-6621, Audish v. Clajon Gas Co.
34 C-6622, Morales v. Conley-Nott-Nichols Machinery Co.
35 C-6623, Blondahl v. Mitchell
36 C-6624, Hendon v. Nueces County Crimestoppers
37 C-6625, Connelly v. Paul
38 C-6626, Skaggs v. Hon. Bennett
39 C-6627, Munoz v. Gulf Oil Co.
40 C-6629, Woods v. Wall
41 C-6630, Hon. Spector v. Fourth Court of Appeals
42 C-6632, A. H. Belo Corp. v. Hon. Martin
43 C-6633, David McDavid Pontiac, Inc. v. Nix
44 C-6634, Grand Prairie Hospital Authority v. Dallas County Appraisal District
45 C-6635, West End API, Ltd. v. Rothpletz
46 C-6636, Peralta v. First Federal Savings & Loan
47 C-6637, Butler v. Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc.
48 C-6638, Jinkins v. Del Rio
49 C-6639, Fox Vacuum, Inc. v. Parker
50 C-6640, Ritchie v. City of Fort Worth
51 C-6641, Eddleman v. First National Bank Of Stinnett
52 C-6642, Hearn-Haynes v. Denton
53 C-6643, Rodriguez v. Rubin
54 C-6644, Kodiak 1981 Drilling Partnership v. Delhi Gas Pipeline Corp.
55 C-6645, Plaza DeVille Associates v. Allied Bank of Texas
56 C-6646, Eskew v. Leonard
57 C-6647, Mortgage Bankers Inc. v. Sykes
58 C-6648, Estepp v. Miller
box folder
46 1 C-6650, Texas Monthly, Inc. v. State
2 C-6651, Carrington v. Buchanan
3 C-6652, Alexander Ranch, Inc. v. Central Appraisal District of Erath County
4 C-6653, Parish v. Hardeman
5 C-6654, Wheeler v. Shell Pipe Line Co.
6 C-6655, TD Industries v. Lawrence
7 C-6656, Lumberton Municipal Utility District v. Cat Contracting, Inc.
8 C-6658, Gulf Atlantic Life Ins. Co. v. Price
9 C-6659, Chaffin v. Transamerica Ins. Co.
10 C-6660, Lairsen v. Lairsen
11 C-6661, Parks v. Beall’s Furniture and Appliance Co.
12 C-6662, Bagley v. Barney
13 C-6663, Massingill v. City of Dallas
14 C-6666, Garza v.Perez
15 C-6667, Interfirst Bank Park Cities v. Key Capital Corp.
16 C-6668, Williamson v. M & E Food Mart, Inc.
17 C-6669, Zollar v. Smith
18 C-6672, Hartline v. Fifth Court of Appeals
19 C-6673, Brown v. Brown
20 C-6674, Bowen v. Escobedo
21 C-6675, McAllister v. Austin County State Bank
22 C-6677, Buttes Resources Co. v. Railroad Commission of Texas
23 C-6678, Interfirst Bank Temple v. Haney
24 C-6679, Cradoct v. Employers Casualty Co.
25 C-6680, San Antonio River Authority v. Stanush
26 C-6681, Hammer v. Tiller-Smith Co.
27 C-6682, Texas Department of Public Safety v. Balios
28 C-6683, Seale v. Winn Exploration Co., Inc.
29 C-6684, Donnan v. Atlantic Richfield Co.
30 C-6685, Sea-Land Insurance Co. v. Mata
31 C-6686, Saucedo v. Aranda
32 C-6687, Federal Savings and Loan Ins. Corp. v. Kennedy
33 C-6688, In the Matter of the Estate of John J. Giessel
34 C-6689, Carmouche v. Southern Pacific Transportation Co.
35 C-6690, Hobbs v. Hutson
36 C-6691, Lebowitz v. Cash
37 C-6692, General Association Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists v. Axtel I.S.D.
38 C-6693, Chapa v. Reilly
39 C-6694, New v. Hon. Hall
40 C-6695, Dallas Title Co. v. Froman-James & Associates
41 C-6696, Sam Jackson v. Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
42 C-6697, Claunch v. Anthony
43 C-6699, Scott v. Kelley
44 C-6700, Benton Enterprises, Inc. v. Baker
45 C-6701, American Tobacco Co. v. Hon. Lowry
46 C-6702, Sabine Consolidated, Inc. v. Lovelace
47 C-6703, In the Interest of D.G. and R.G.
48 C-6705, Harlan v. Vetter
49 C-6706, Smith v. Smith
50 C-6707, Bone v. Holland Mortgage and Investment Corp.
51 C-6708, Citizens State Bank v. Caney Investments
52 C-6710, Jackson v. Dowell Schlumberger, Inc.
53 C-6711, Ex Parte Stolmeier
54 C-6712, Union Carbide Corp. v. Williams
55 C-6713, Royal Insurance Co. of America v. Szuma
56 C-6714, Hon. Sullivan v. Detamore
57 C-6715, American Motorists Ins. Co. v. Smith
58 C-6716, Transcontinental Properties Ltd. v. Southwest Mortgage Service Corp.
59 C-6717, De Toca v. Houston Title Co.
60 C-6718, Radelow-Gittens Real Property Management v. Pamex Foods
61 C-6719, Baylor University Medical Center v. Armstrong
62 C-6720, Adams v. H.R. Management Co.
63 C-6721, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Board v. Continental Airlines, Inc.
64 C-6722, Mumme v. University of Texas at El Paso
65 C-6725, Dolenz v. Wilkins
66 C-6726, Hollins v. O’Neill
67 C-6727, Skolaut v. Van Bose
68 C-6728, Lemons v. Exxon Co. U.S.A.
69 C-6729, McConathy v. Ken R. Davey, Inc.
70 C-6730, Moore v. Stripling
71 C-6731, Frank B. Hall & Co., Inc. v. Petro-Search, Inc.
72 C-6732, Sumner v. BancTexas Westheimer
73 C-6735, Crocker v. Synpol, Inc.
box folder
47 1 C-6736, Poe v. Hutchins
2 C-6739, Crawford v. Kelly Field National Bank
3 C-6740, Masso v. Neill
4 C-6741, Hon. Anthony v. First Court of Appeals
5 C-6742, Houston Oil & Minerals v. Enserch Corp.
6 C-6743, Stafford v. Stafford
7 C-6744, Keith v. Leon
8 C-6745, Garza v. Cole
9 C-6746, Datray v. McCain
10 C-6747, Texon Energy Corp. v. Dow Chemical Co.
11 C-6748, Heath v. Herron
12 C-6749, Beach v. First National Bank of Dallas
13 C-6751, Vasquez v. City of Garland
14 C-6752, West v. Skillman Forest Square Joint Venture
15 C-6753, Bloom v. Hon. Stayman
16 C-6755, Farbin v. Hon. Eschenburg
17 C-6756, Ford Motor Co. v. Hon. Villarreal
18 C-6757, State v. Four Thousand One Hundred Forty Six Dollars
19 C-6758, Hensler v. State Bar of Texas
20 C-6759, Robertson v. Hon. Casseb
21 C-6760, Baldwin v. New
22 C-6761, Graham v. Graham
23 C-6762, Uvalde County Appraisal District v. Parker
24 C-6763, Weissgarber, Inc. v. McPherson
25 C-6764, Spoljaric v. Percival Tours, Inc.
26 C-6765, Odiorne v. Skyhawk Aviation
27 C-6766, Beattie v. Texas Empolyer’s Insurance Association
28 C-6767, Stout v. Grand Prarie I.S.D.
29 C-6768, Porter v. McClellan
30 C-6769, Francis v. Beaudry
31 C-6770, Texas Newspapers, Inc. v. Guinn
32 C-6771, Tarrant County Hospital District v. Hon. Hughes
33 C-6772, Mobil Producing Texas & New Mexico Inc. v. Tipperary
34 C-6774, Munn v. Hon. Chambers. Consolidated with C-6775, Phillip Morris, Inc. v. Hon. Chambers
35 C-6776, Federal Savings and Loan Ins. Corp. v. Glen Ridge I Condominiums, Ltd.
36 C-6777, Muss v. Mercedes-Benz of North America, Inc.
37 C-6778, Petro Minerals Technology, Inc. v. Rosenberg
38 C-6779, Davis v. Davis
39 C-6780, Armco, Inc. v. Stanley
40 C-6781, Lehrmann v. Lehrmann
41 C-6782, Railroad Commission of Texas v. Professional Mobile Home Transport, Inc.
42 C-6783, Zlomke v. Woody
43 C-6784, O’Heir v. Hon. Curry
44 C-6785, Pena v. Salinas
45 C-6786, Del-Gene, Inc. v. Westland Industries, Inc.
46 C-6787, Eakin v. Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York
47 C-6788, Smith v. Miller
48 C-6789, Morales v. Rivera
49 C-6791, Ex parte Gentry
50 C-6792, Jackson v. Court of Criminal Appeals
51 C-6793, B. F. Goodrich Co. v. Wales Transportation, Inc.
52 C-6794, Jasso v. Planet Insurance Co.
53 C-6795, State v. Knapp
54 C-6796, Simmons v. Simmons
55 C-6797, A. H. Belo Corp. v. Southern Methodist University
56 C-6798, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative v. Public Utilities Commission
57 C-6799, Capitol Brick, Inc. v. Fleming Manufacturing Co., Inc.
58 C-6800, Kerschke v. Zollar
59 C-6801, Wyatt v. Shaw Plumbing Co.
60 C-6802, Tanner v. Tanner
box folder
48 1 C-6803, Mora v. Garcia
2 C-6804, Eddy v. Granger
3 C-6806, Federal Pacific Electric Co. v. Moore
4 C-6807, Heinrichs v. George
5 C-6808, Penrod Drilling Co. v. Hon. Flores
6 C-6809, Marshall v. Marshall
7 C-6812, Hibbler v. Knight
8 C-6813, Pileco, Inc. v. HCI, Inc.
9 C-6814, Hardcastle v. Houtex Managing General Agency, Inc.
10 C-6815, Ordas v. Texas Employment Commission
11 C-6816, Oddo v. Raborn
12 C-6818, Wright v. Gifford-Hill and Co., Inc.
13 C-6819, State v. One 1983 Chevrolet Blazer
14 C-6822, Dahlen v. Travelers Indemnity Co.
15 C-6823, Living Christ Church, Inc. v. Jones
16 C-6824, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Hon. Andrews
17 C-6826, Crocker Equipment Leasing, Inc. v. Hall
18 C-6827, Hale v. Ballenger
19 C-6829, Spicer v. Casteel
20 C-6830, Lee v. Ring
21 C-6831, Jones v. Herbst
22 C-6832, Hernandez v. Smith
23 C-6833, Linder v. Valero Transmission Co.
24 C-6835, Formby’s KOA v. Hon. Banner
25 C-6836, Carroll v. Carroll
26 C-6837, Finley v. Stilley
27 C-6838, Jacobs v. Smith
28 C-6839, In the interest of B.O.C. v. State
29 C-6840, Larrumbide v. Doctors Health Facilities
30 C-6841, Dallas County Appraisal Review Board v. New
31 C-6842, Partlow v. Ben E. Keith Co.
32 C-6843, Villarreal v. Lopez
33 C-6844, Funk Farms, Inc. v. Montoya
34 C-6845, Arguelles v. Kaplan
35 C-6846, City of Lubbock v. Lubbock Professional Firefighters
36 C-6847, INA of Texas v. Beaumont Court of Appeals
37 C-6848, Rutten v. Cazey
38 C-6849, Mitchell v. Rancho Viejo, Inc.
39 C-6850, Williams v. El Paso Court of Appeals
40 C-6852, Humble Pipeline Constructors, Inc. v. Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
41 C-6854, In the matter of the estate of Dora Diggs
42 C-6856, Segraves v. Weitzel & Chovanec
43 C-6857, Morris v. Adolph Coors Co.
44 C-6858, Finnigan v. Blanco County
45 C-6859, Tudor v. Tudor
46 C-6860, League City Bank & Trust v. Western Fire & Casualty Ins. Co.
47 C-6861, Dow Chemical v. Mo-Sai Institute
48 C-6862, Tiffany Brick, Inc. v. Brown
49 C-6864, Wolf v. Fernandez
50 C-6866, Elliott v. American Motorists Ins. Co.
51 C-6868, Petrose v. First City National Bank of Tyler
52 C-6869, Little v. Dickson
53 C-6870, Jones v. Houston General Ins. Co.
54 C-6871, Honish v. Hon. Caldwell
box folder
49 1 C-6872, Hurt v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
2 C-6873, Ex parte Amaya
3 C-6875, McKinney v. Gouge
4 C-6877, Caver v. Allied Bank North Austin
5 C-6878, Welch v. Baker
6 C-6879, Pustejovsky v. Garcia
7 C-6881, Cantu Trucking & Materials Co., Inc. v. State
8 C-6882, Stephens v. The Lomas & Nettleton Co.
9 C-6883, W. Bell & Co., Inc. v. Hon. Pennington
10 C-6884, Norbanco Austin I. Ltd. v. Hering
11 C-6885, Appraisal District of Williamson County v. Riess
12 C-6886, Right to Life Advocates, Inc. v. Aaron’s Women’s Clinic
13 C-6887, Sprowl v. Britton
14 C-6888, Diaz v. Southwest Wheel, Inc.
15 C-6889, Elliott v. Lewin
16 C-6890, Wagner & Brown II v. Valero Transmission Co.
17 C-6891, Crawford & Co. v. Hon. McKellips
18 C-6892, General Association Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist v. Axtel I.S.D.
19 C-6893, Brueggemeyer and Wolfe, Inc. v. Harry H. Bell & Sons, Inc.
20 C-6894, McCoy Construction Co. v. Nelson Utilities Services
21 C-6896, Dallas Texas National Title Co. v. Ward
22 C-6897, Harmon v. Miller
23 C-6898, County of El Paso v. Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority
24 C-6899, City of Lubbock v. Knox
25 C-6900, Daniels v. Baylor University
26 C-6901, Jackson v. GNLV Corp.
27 C-6902, State v. Pitts
28 C-6904, R. J. Stockman and Pleasant Homes, Inc. v. Allied Bank of Dallas
29 C-6905, Parham v. Rodgers
30 C-6906, McGregor v. Rowell
31 C-6907, City of Friendship Village v. State
32 C-6908, University of Texas at Austin v. Joki
33 C-6909, McGehee v. Hirschi Realtors, Inc.
34 C-6910, Whatley v. Montgomery
35 C-6911, First National Bank of Giddings v. Fajkus
36 C-6912, Austin v. Duval
37 C-6913, Helle v. Hightower
38 C-6914, Oasis Pipeline Co. v. Svrcek
39 C-6915, State v. Alpha Oil & Gas, Inc.
40 C-6916, Stokes v. Weaver
41 C-6917, Beaupre v. Standard Fire Ins. Co.
42 C-6918, Travel Music of San Antonio, Inc. v. United National Bank
43 C-6919, Stutt v. Jackson
44 C-6920, S. S. Smith & Sons Masonry, Inc. v. City of Corpus Christi
45 C-6921, Helmcamp v. Interfirst Bank of Wichita Falls
46 C-6922, Poanessa Development, Inc. v. Basson
47 C-6923, City of Austin v. Hon. Davis
48 C-6924, Lee v. Safemate Life Ins. Co.
49 C-6925, Rose v. Mountain Corp.
50 C-6926, Brown Lex Real Estate Development Corp. v. American National Bank South
51 C-6927, Charter Oak Fire Ins. Co. v. Levine
52 C-6928, Logan v. First Bank of Houston
53 C-6929, Grace v. Amarillo National Bank
54 C-6931, Brannon v. Randmaa
55 C-6932, Glenney v. Hon. Lewis
56 C-6933, Sherrill v. Mehrens
57 C-6934, Mobil Producing Texas and New Mexico, Inc. v. Williamson
58 C-6935, Greer v. Higginbotham & Associates, Inc.
59 C-6936, Wishnow v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
60 C-6937, Gay v. Gay
61 C-6938, Walker v. Hon. Chambers
62 C-6940, Harris v. Burden
63 C-6941, Medina v. Salinas
box folder
50 1 C-6942, Perry v. Texas A & I University
2 C-6943, Hartsough v. Steinberg
3 C-6944, Guleke v. Reser
4 C-6945, Christopherson v. Nguyen
5 C-6946, State v. Ralph Watson Oil Co.
6 C-6947, Isbell v. Williams
7 C-6948, Ferrino v. Ferrino
8 C-6949, I.C.S., Inc. v. Pape Equipment Co.
9 C-6950, Shouse v. Roberts
10 C-6952, McKnight v. Hon. Davis. Consolidated with C-6953, Bracken v. Hon. Davis
11 C-6951, Brighton Homes, Inc. v. McAdams
12 C-6954, Lopez v. Hon. Solito
13 C-6955, Hon. Engelke v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
14 C-6956, Fleming Companies, Inc. v. Bonner
15 C-6958, Clay v. Hon. Martin
16 C-6959, J.K. and Susie L. Wadley Research Institute and Blood Bank v. Hon. Houston
17 C-6960, Home Ins. Co. of Indiana v. Banda
18 C-6961, Barrett v. Quipu Investments
19 C-6962, Tarka v. Allen Campion
20 C-6963, Ward v. Harris County Children’s Protective Services
21 C-6965, Vallejo v. Pioneer Oil Co.
22 C-6966, Community Council of Bee County, Inc. v. South Texas Family Planning & Health Corp.
23 C-6967, Tabassi v. NBC Bank-San Antonio
24 C-6968, Sesco Production Co. v. Atex Pipe and Supply Co.
25 C-6969, Ong v. California Pools, Inc.
26 C-6972, Saldana v. L & H Packing Co.
27 C-6973, Evans v. State Fair of Texas
27A C-6974, American Dynamics Corp. v. Mister, Inc.
28 C-6975, Herd Corp. v. Triple “J” Investments, Inc.
29 C-6976, Rainbo Baking Co. v. Esquivel
30 C-6977, Howerton v. Hon. Hall
31 C-6978, Brentwood Financial Corp. v. Lamprecht
32 C-6979, City of Corpus Christi v. Acme Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
33 C-6980, P.U.C. v. Mattox
34 C-6981, Lucas v. Hon. Elliott
35 C-6983, Love v. Woerndell
36 C-6984, Branz v. San Antonio Commercial Associates
37 C-6985, Williams v. Unites Services Automobile Association
38 C-6986, Head v. Head
39 C-6987, City of Houston v. Mitchell
40 C-6988, Texas Dynamics, Inc. v. Battleship Texas Advisory Board
41 C-6990, Kimmell v. Kimmel
42 C-6991, Dixon v. Delhi Gas Pipeline Corp.
43 C-6992, Gutierrez v. Gulf Coast Builders and Supply Co.
44 C-6993, Dieter v. Baker Service Tools
45 C-6994, Morgan v. Grafa
46 C-6995, Mitsch v. Payne
47 C-6995, Mitsch v. Payne
48 C-6996, Cruz v. Briercroft
49 C-6998, InterFirst Bank Dallas v. Risser
50 C-6999, Reynolds v. McCullough
51 C-7000, McDonald v. State
52 C-7001, Mark Products v. Interfirst Houston
53 C-7003, Anglin Construction Co., Inc. v. Kittyhawk Landing Apts.
54 C-7004, Dalton Tool, Inc. v. M & P Partnership
55 C-7005, Starnes v. Jaehne
56 C-7006, Henderson v. Waelder I.S.D.
57 C-7007, Remax Del Norte v. Fourth Court of Appeals
58 C-7008, Chemical Research & Licensing Co. v. Hon. Heard
59 C-7009, Phillips v. Perkins
60 C-7010, Brown v. Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee
box folder
51 1 C-7011, Thiry v. Thiry
2 C-7012, D&B’s Investment Co. v. Gomez
3 C-7013, Sharp v. H & S Utilities, Inc.
4 C-7014, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Hon. Coats
5 C-7015, Thomas v. Thomas
6 C-7016, Joachim v. Magids
7 C-7017, City of San Antonio v. Texas Department of Health
8 C-7018
9 C-7019, Parker v. Pace
10 C-7020, Travis County Waste Disposal, Inc. v. Doss
11 C-7023, Villarreal v. H. E. Butt Grocery Co.
12 C-7024, Kahn v. Kahn
13 C-7025, Anderson v. Jasper Federal Savings and Loan Association
14 C-7027, Bell v. Sharif-Munir-Davidson Development Corp.
15 C-7028, Huang v. Casbeer
16 C-7029, Child, Inc. v. Texas Employment Commission
17 C-7030, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Ramsey
18 C-7031, Ex parte Rise
19 C-7032, Borg-Warner Acceptance Corp. v. Massey-Fergueson, Inc.
20 C-7033, Travis v. Truckstops Corporate of America
21 C-7034, Van Dyke v. Boswell, O’Toole, Davis & Pickering
22 C-7035, Poole v. Anchor Mortgage Serv.
23 C-7036, Hughes v. Cooper
24 C-7038, Associated Indemnity Corp. v. Brown
25 C-7039, Holloman v. Morgan I.S.D.
26 C-7040, Noyola v. Flores
27 C-7041, Ace Sale Co., Inc. v. Cerveceria Modelo
28 C-7042, Hardin v. Freer
29 C-7043, American President Lines, Ltd. v. Zachry-Dillingham
30 C-7044, Dutschmann v. Dearman
31 C-7045, Barnett v. City of Colleyville
32 C-7046, Spindletop Oil & Gas Co. v. Birdwell
33 C-7047, Gates v. Quality Pontiac - Buick - GMC, Inc.
34 C-7048, DRG Financial Corp. v. Jones
35 Feldman v. Centex Management Group, Inc.
36 C-7050, Macias v. Porter
37 C-7051, Wilkerson v. Norman Frede Chevrolet
38 C-7052, Shenandoah Associates v. Home Savings Association
39 January v. Pease
40 C-7055, Hunt-Stephens v. Ellisor & Tanner
41 C-7057, Roberts v. Hon. Zardenetta
42 C-7058, The Houston Post v. Sanders
43 C-7059, Butterbaugh v. El Paso Court of Appeals
44 C-7060, Flint and Associates v. Intercontinental Pipe and Steel, Inc.
45 C-7061, Gulf Oil Corp. v. Central Transfer & Storage Co.
46 C-7062, Taylor v. Kinney
47 C-7063, Webster v. Johnson
48 C-7064, Evans v. Henry
49 C-7065, Ector County v. Douthit
50 C-7069, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Aiken
51 C-7070, Chandler v. Mastercraft Dental Co. of Texas, Inc.
52 C-7072, Jones v. Strauss
53 C-7073, Greenberg v. Hon. Wilson
54 C-7074, Ward v. TXO Production Corp.
55 C-7075, Eagle Life Ins. Co. v. Hernandez
56 C-7076, Wallace v. O’Toole
57 C-7077, Hadley v. Investors, Inc.
58 C-7078, Nater Investments v. Carpenter and Associates, Inc.
59 C-7080, Jackson v. Hon. Wittington
60 C-7081, Ellis V. Houston General Ins.
box folder
52 1 C-7082, Cravens v. Transport Indemnity Co.
2 C-7083, Perser v. City of Arlington
3 C-7084, Noyola v. Corpus Christi Court of Appeals
4 C-7085, Johnson v. Johnson
5 C-7087, City of Freer v. Driver Pipeline Co., Inc.
6 C-7088, Ex parte Walker
7 C-7089, Hexcel Corp. v. B.F. Goodrich Co.
8 C-7090, Salinas v. Martinez
9 C-7091, Futerfas v. Republic Bank Dallas
10 C-7092, McMillon v. Gulf States Utilities Co.
11 C-7093, In re Cox
12 C-7094, City of Houston v. Mokwa
13 C-7095, Light v. Cruse
14 C-7096, Varner v. State Fidelity Mortgage Co.
15 C-7097, Trevathan v. State
16 C-7098, Kraft v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
17 C-7099, Graziadei v. D. D. R. Machine Co., Inc.
18 C-7101, Post Oak Bank v. Hon. Trevathan
19 C-7102, Long v. Uvalde Savings & Loan Association
20 C-7103, Mercantile Bank and Trust v. Fourth Court of Appeals
21 C-7104, Hon. Schuble v. First Court of Appeals
22 C-7105, Ussery v. Borden, Inc.
23 C-7107, Consolidated Texas Financial v. Shearer
24 C-7108, Storch v. Chamberlain
25 C-7110, Steakley Brothers Chevrolet Company v. Gilbert
26 C-7111, Roden v. Roden
27 C-7112, English v. Rice
28 C-7114, Burdett v. Gifford-Hill & Co., Inc.
29 C-7100, Scott v. Adolphus
30 C-7117, Seventh Street Development v. Hoskins
31 C-7118, Leigh v. Parker
32 C-7120, In the Matter of the Estate of Grace Glover
33 C-7122, Barrow v. Sayles
34 C-7123, State v. Sun Refining & Marketing, Inc.
35 C-7124, Levy v. Slagle
36 C-7126, Rosenberg v. Austin
37 C-7127, Colborn v. Stille
38 C-7130, Texas Employers Insurance Association v. Tobias
39 C-7131, Martinez v. Garcia
40 C-7134, Malone & Hyde, Inc. v. Wise
41 C-7136, Superior Oil Co. v. Pioneer Corp.
42 C-7137, Pinckley v. Gallegos
43 C-7138, First Republic Bank of Houston v. Hon. Hutchinson
44 C-7139, Wright v. Duncan
45 C-7141, Schnicker v. Hon. Murray
46 C-7143, Martin v. Darnell
47 C-7144, Nash v. Carolina Casualty Ins. Co.
48 C-7145, Ratcliff v. National County Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
49 C-7146, Dolenz v. Buckner
50 C-7149, Gallagher v. Blintliff
51 C-7150, Champion v. Wright
52 C-7151, Lott v. Fireman & Policeman’s Pension Fun Board of Trustees of San Antonio
53 C-7152, Conlee v. Evans
54 C-7153, Greenstein, Logan & Co. v. Burgess Marketing, Inc.
55 C-7154, Kennedy v. Radio Shack
56 C-7155, Neale v. Hon. Hutchinson
57 C-7156, Paramount National Life Ins. Co. v. Najera
58 C-7157, Monsanto Oil Co. v. CDC Properties
59 C-7158, General Life and Accident Ins. Co. v. Lightfoot
60 C-7159 and C-7160, Davis v. Rains
box folder
53 1 C-7161, Eltringham v. Cochran
2 C-7162, Cross v. Cross
3 C-7163, Orr v. Weaver
4 C-7164, Stallworth and Stallworth Oil & Gas, Inc. v. Roark
5 C-7165, Sullivan v. Sullivan
6 C-7167, Thao v. Dallas Court of Appeals
7 C-7168, Martin v. Bishop
8 C-7169, Earl v. Melton
9 C-7170, Bryan and Bryan, Inc. v. Davis
10 C-7171, De Hoyas v. City of Beeville
11 C-7172, Reynolds v. Hawes
12 C-7173, Falknor v. Fox
13 C-7175, Spies-Roberts, Inc. v. Opperman
14 C-7176, Houston Oil & Minerals Corp. v. Enserch Corp.
15 C-7177, American Operating Co. v. Railroad Commission and Southwest Minerals, Inc.
16 C-7178, Viking v. Circle K Convenience Stores
17 C-7179l, Blacksher v. General Telephone Co. of the Southwest
18 C-7182, City of Dallas v. Stanglin
19 C-7183, Dallas County Appraisal District v. The Leave Inc.
20 C-7184, Burton v. Texas Employment Commission
21 C-7185, Plains National Bank of Lubbock v. Kerr Construction Co.
22 C-7187, Gulfland Title Co. v. First Court of Appeals
23 C-7188, Resource Savings Ass’n v. Hon. Andrews
24 C-7189, City of Carrolton v. Duncan
25 C-7190, Mitchell v. Hon. Marshall
26 C-7191, State v. Barstow
27 C-7192, Warren v. Triland Investment Group
28 C-7193, Reeves v. Johnston Seed Co., Inc.
29 C-7195, Lambert v. Lambert
30 C-7196, Hernandez v. Nissan Motor Corp.
31 C-7197, Evans v. Sumlin
32 C-7198, Butler v. Ahangarzadeh
33 C-7199, Humana Hospital Corp. v. Fourth Court of Appeals
34 C-7200, Randle v. Hon. Smith
35 C-7202, First RepublicBank Houston v. Reaves
36 C-7203, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. v. Summertree Venture III
37 C-7204, Barnard v. Gooseneck Trailer Mfg. Co.
38 C-7205, Hitchcock I.S.D. v. James
39 C-7206, Pharr v. Benavides I.S.D.
40 C-7207, Van Cleave v. Gierish
41 C-7208, Dooley v. Frost National Bank of San Antonio
42 C-7209, Tostado v. Martinez
43 C-7210, Wright Way Spraying Service v. Butler
44 C-7211, Therwhanger v. The Zoning Board of Adjustment of the City of Lubbock
45 C-7212, Klein I.S.D. v. HL&P
46 C-7213, General Electric Co. v. Kunze
47 C-7214, Blankenship v. Carpenter
48 C-7215, Rangel v. Clerk of Court of Criminal Appeals
49 C-7216, Anzaldua v. Anzaldua
50 C-7217, Fincher v. Medders
51 C-7218, Applegate v. Home Indemnity Co.
box folder
54 1 C-7219, Dobbs v. Kirby Forest Industries, Inc.
2 C-7220, Bustamante v. Barrientos
3 C-7221, Cavalier Corporation v. Store Enterprises, Inc.
4 C-7222, Dayton Hudson Corp. v. Eldridge
5 C-7223, Williams v. City of Tawakoni
6 C-7224, Monaghan v. Hon. Peeples
7 C-7225, Clinard v. Cartwright
8 C-7227, Scott v. Strake
9 C-7228, DeWitt County Taxpayers v. Hon. Mattox
10 C-7229, Michaelis v. Railroad Commission of Texas
11 C-7230, Jones v. Hon. Placke
12 C-7231, H. E. Butt Grocery Co. v. Rosie
13 C-7232, Crump v. Wooley
14 C-7223, Tribute Dress Company Inc. v. Jaden Fabric, Inc.
15 C-7234, Sessions v. Willey
16 C-7235, Faulkner v. Miller
17 C-7236, Tyler v. Tyler
17 C-7237, Devoe v. Seventh Court of Appeals
18 C-7238, Freeland v. Old Queen Isabella Causeway Fishing Pier, Inc.
19 C-7239, Cass v. Stephens
20 C-7240, Peralta v. City of Austin Police Department
21 C-7241, Bass v. Champion International Corporation
22 C-7242, Hundley v. Jensen
23 C-7243, Moon v. Firetone Tire & Rubber Co.
24 C-7244, Dell Development Corp. v. Best Industrial Uniform Supply Co., Inc.
25 C-7245, Dallas Central Appraisal District v. Dallas Court of Appeals
26 C-7247, Bell v. Hon. Hall
27 C-7249, Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Dollars in U. S. Currency v. State
28 C-7250, Meil v. Hon. Kirk
29 C-7251, Shives v. State
30 C-7253, Burts Bros., Inc. v. Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York
31 C-7254, Broadus v. International American Broadcasting Co.
32 C-7256, Ellsworth v. Bishop Jewelry & Loan Co.
33 C-7257, State v. Petro-Chemical Transport, Inc.
34 C-7258, Malone v. Dunn
35 C-7259, King v. Associates Commercial Credit
36 C-7260, Finklea v. Jacksonville Daily Progress
37 C-7261, Alamo Community College Dist. v. City of San Antonio
38 C-7262, Housing Authority of The City of El Paso v. Potomac Leasing Co.
39 C-7263, Winn v. Hon. Rainey
40 C-7264, Kosel v. Kosel
41 C-7266, Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Moores
42 C-7267, Andrews Transport Co. v. May
43 C-7268, Dearinger v. Dearinger
44 C-7369, Southwest Inns, Ltd. v. General Electric Co.
45 C-7270, Payne v. Gannon
46 C-7271, Travel Masters, Inc. v. Star Tours, Inc.
47 C-7272, Wiggins v. Enserch Exploration, Inc.
48 C-7273, Fourtek, Inc. v. Kennedy
49 C-7274, Swofford v. Frontier Fertilizer & Chemical Co., Inc.
50 C-7276, Adkins v. Adkins
51 C-7277, Southern Pacific Transportation Co. v. Fourth Court of Appeals
52 C-7278, Overstreet v. Home Indemnity Co.
53 C-7279, Conkle v. Builders Concrete Products Mfg. Co.
54 C-7280, Harrington v. Trinity River Authority of Texas
box folder
55 1 C-7281, Leveland v. Chisolm
2 C-7282, Johnson v. Jackson
3 C-7283, Muniz v. MCredit Corp.
4 C-7284, Beans v. Entex, Inc.
5 C-7285, Sanders v. Texas Employment Commission
6 C-7287, Hobson & Associates, Inc. v. Hollingshead
7 C-7288, Crain v. Browning
8 C-7290, Louder v. De Leon
9 C-7292, McCurry v. Aetna Casualty & Surety
10 C-7293, American Home Assurance Co. v. Safway Steel Products Co., Inc.
11 C-7294, Hendrick v. Stimpson
12 C-7295, Cedillo v. Ewlin Enterprises, Inc.
13 C-7296, Townlake Joint Venture v. Arnold
14 C-7297 and C-7298, Johnson v. Hon. Hartman
15 C-7299, Perea v. Berbick
16 C-7300, McCoy v. El Paso Court of Appeals
17 C-7301, Moellendorf v. Spaulding
18 C-7302, Saldana v. DeLeon
19 C-7303, Feike v. Tres Development Corp.
20 C-7304, Grozier v. L.B. Sprinkler & Plumbing Repair
21 C-7305, Incepts, Inc. v. Hon. Whittington
22 C-7307, Noble v. Rogers
23 C-7308, Nguyen v. Minh Food Co.
24 C-7309, Bryant v. Leggett
25 C-7310 & C-7311, Harrington v. Hon. Crowley
26 C-7313, Onda Enterprises, Ltd. v. Hon. Pierce
27 C-7315, Paton v. Hon. Crier
28 C-7316, Wales v. Williford
29 C-7317, Carrao v. Nettleton
30 C-7319, Ex parte Burnett
31 C-7320, Price v. City of San Marcos
32 C-7321, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc. v. Texas Water Commission
33 C-7322, Austin Forty, Ltd. v. Carr
34 C-7323, Reynolds v. Charbeneu
35 C-7324, Massachusetts Indemnity and Life Ins. Co. v. Morrison
36 C-7325, Wavell v. Bennett
37 C-7326, Paccar Financial Corp. v. Courtney
38 C-7327, National County Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Valdez
39 C-7328, Stout v. Exxon Corp.
40 C-7329, Menefee v. Upton County Water District
41 C-7330, Dalho Corp. v. Hon. Casseb
42 C-7331, Barlow v. Lane
43 C-7332, Taylor v. E-Systems, Inc.
44 C-7333, Garcia v. Hon. Daggett
45 C-7334, RepublicBank Austin v. Carrington
46 C-7336, Pinguelo v. Servis Equipment Co., Inc.
47 C-7338, Howerton v. Hon. Hall
48 C-7344, Harris v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
49 C-7335, Tribble & Stephens Co. v. Consolidated Services, Inc.
50 C-7337, Green Tree Acceptance, Inc. v. Combs
box folder
56 1 C-7341, Stewart v. City of Austin
2 C-7346, Spellings v. Lawyers Title Insurance Corp.
3 C-7347, Johnson v. Lynaugh
4 C-7348, Padre Industries, Inc. v. Jack S. Leach, Inc.
5 C-7349, Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. v. Moriarty
6 C-7350, State Bank of Omaha v. Means
7 C-7351, Johnson v. Gulfcoast Contracting Services, Inc.
8 C-7352, Crowley v. Jobe
9 C-7353, Bunch v. Watkins
10 C-7354, Don Davis and Daper, Inc. v. City of Hurst
11 C-7355, Randolph v. Terrell
12 C-7356, McAda v. Hon. Gleason
13 C-7357, Lenhard v. Butler
14 C-7359, Beyoud v. North Central Investment Corp.
15 C-7361, Hart v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit
16 C-7362, Nelson Supply Co. v. Wesco Equipment, Inc.
17 C-7363, One 1967 Ford v. State
18 C-7364, Linden Alimak, Inc. v. McDonald
19 C-7367, Morgan Express, Inc. v. Railroad Commission of Texas
20 C-7368, Lynch v. Bank of Dallas
21 C-7371, Knox Oil of Texas, Inc. v. Massey
22 C-7372, Inmates of Eastham Administrative Segregation v. Lynaugh
23 C-7373, Dentex Shoe Corp. v. F. E. Schmitz, Inc.
24 C-7374, Beneficial Standard Life Ins. Co. v. Hon. McClellan
25 C-7375, Mcnaughton v. Block 144 Joint Venture
26 C-7377, Cavalcade Oil Corp. v. Samuel
27 C-7378, Whitehead v. American Industrial Transportation, Inc.
28 C-7380, KMI Continental Offshore Production Co. v. ACF Petroleum Co., Inc.
29 C-7381, Gronberg v. Hon. Rickoff
30 C-7382, Solis v. Guzman
31 C-7385, Banctexas Dallas v. Brown
32 C-7386, Dewey v. Dewey
33 C-7387, Texas Cookie Co. v. Hendricks & Peralta, Inc.
34 C-7388, Swinney v. Tenth Court of Appeals
35 C-7389, Texas American Bank/Richardson v. A. B. Dick Products Co. of Dallas, Inc.
36 C-7390, Kaminski v. Bonanza Steak House
37 C-7391, Castillo v. Victoria Mendoza
38 C-7393, Austin Transportation Study Policy Advisory Comm. v. The Sierra Club
39 C-7394, Coachman Industries, Inc. v. Texas Motor Vehicles Commission
40 C-7395, Jefferson v. Ford
41 C-7396, Neill v. Yett
42 C-7397, Bachynsky v. State
43 C-7398, Friedman v. Griffin
44 C-7399, First National Bank of Temple v. Oliver
45 C-7400, Group Medical and Surgical Service, Inc. v. Leong
46 C-7401, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. v. The Public Utility Commission of Texas
47 C-7402, Thomas v. Third Court of Appeals
48 C-7403, Hon. Brasch v. Thirteenth Court of Appeals
49 C-7404, White v. Lewis
50 C-7045, Glockzin v. Rhea
51 C-7406, Coastal States Trading, Inc. v. Hon. Touchy
52 C-7407, Schmidt and SDM, Inc. v. Hoyt Matise & Co.
53 C-7408, Ex parte Page
54 C-7409, Ratcliff v. Hon. Hecht
box folder
57 1 C-7410, C-7411, and C-7412, Dedra Nicholson v. Hon. Sullivant; Borden v. Hon. Sullivant
2 C-7413, Hartigan v. Exxon Corp.
3 C-7415, Liberty Mobile Homes of Texas, Inc. v. Vickery
4 C-7416, Gulf Regional Educational Television Affiliates v. University of Houston
5 C-7417, Underhill v. Hartford Ins. Group
6 C-7418, Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Battle
7 C-7420, Reagans v. Smith
8 C-7421, American Constructors, Inc. v. Regal Glass, Inc.
9 C-7423, Cain v. Cain
10 C-7424, McCormack v. Hart
11 C-7427, Darr Equipment Co. v. Spray
12 C-7428, Nation Co. v. Brand
13 C-7429, Alamo Savings Association of Texas v. Forward Construction Corp.
14 C-7430, Norman’s Inc. v. Wise
15 C-7432, Eichelberger v. Houston North Properties
16 C7433, Intercontinental National Bank v. Hon. Peeples
17 C-7434, Carter v. Hon. Crowley
18 C-7435, Phelps Dodge Corp. v. Krueger Engineering & Mfg. Co., Inc.
19 C-7437, Branch v. Johnson
20 C-7438, Allen Center Co. No. 2 v. Arnold
21 C-7439, Jennings v. First Court of Appeals
22 C-7440, City of Fort Worth v. Groves
23 C-7441, Gulf Coast Investment Corp. v. Nasa 1 Business Center
24 C-7442, State v. Permian Chemical Co.
25 C-7443, SRS Systems Inc. v. American Baler Co.
26 C-7444, Mardis v. Spradlin
27 C-7445, City of Wichita Falls v. Skyline Developers, Inc.
28 C-7448, Bexar County Welfare v. Mudine
29 C-7449, Mangum v. San Antonio Savings Association
30 C-7450, Bringier v. Bringier
31 C-7451, Wolma v. Steves & Sons, Inc.
32 C-7452, Duval County Ranch Co. v. First State Bank of San Diego
33 C-7453, Manges v. First State Bank of San Diego. Consolidated with C-7454, Cole v. First State Bank of San Diego
34 C-7455, Dominguez v. Garcia
35 C-7456, Sloan v. The Honorable Judge of the 247th Judicial District Court
36 C-7457, Smith v. Huddleston
37 C-7458, Grimes v. Hon. Snyder
38 C-7459, State v. Green
39 C-7460, Adams v. First State Bank of Odessa
40 C-7461, Chesney v. James
41 C-7462, American Home Assurance Co. v. Fagile
42 C-7463, Melenyzer v. Hon. Curry
43 C-7464, Romo v. Texas Employment Commission
44 C-7465, Harrison v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
45 C-7467, Plantation Place Assoc. v. Greenland Vistas, Inc.
46 C-7469, Banque Arabe Internationale D’Investissement v. Citicorp Real Estate, Inc.
47 C-7470, Barnett v. South Eastland County Hospital District
48 C-7471, Skinner v. Skinner
49 C-7472, Gates Learjet Corp. v. Texas Industries, Inc.
50 C-7473, Vilbig v. Pierce-Lunsford Associates, Inc.
51 C-7474, Jeanes v. Hamby
52 C-7475, Reaves v. Hamil
box folder
58 1 C-7476, American Motorists Ins. Co. v. Sells
2 C-7477, Rios v. Commercial State Bank
3 C-7478, Cargill v. Hon. Cain
4 C-7479, Krueger v. Third Court of Appeals
5 C-7483, Arnoldy v. Voskamp
6 C-7484, Gann v. Miller
7 C-7485, Mercer v. Phillips Natural Gas Co.
8 C-7486, Corman v. Riviana Restuarant Corp.
9 C-7487, Van Dyck v. Adelphi Organization
10 C-7488, Stavena v. Hon. Sklar
11 C-7489, Hon. King v. Hon. Price
12 C-7492, Crisman v. Cooper Industries, Inc.
13 C-7493, Mitchelle v. First City Bank of Dallas
14 C-7494, Davis v. Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
15 C-7497, Henry v. Beaumont Iron & Metal Corp.
16 C-7498, Corpus Christi Peoples Baptist Church, Inc. v. West Oso I.S.D.
17 C-7499, Kersh v. Kersh
18 C-7500, Fidelity & Guaranty Life Ins. Co. v. Hill
19 C-7501, Angelone v. Smith
20 C-7502, San Jacinto Savings Association v. MBank Greenway
21 C-7503, Ball v. Farm & Home Savings Assn.
22 C-7504 and C-7505, First State Bank, Colmesneil v. Ninth Court of Appeals
23 C-7506, Balias v. Balias, Inc.
24 C-7508, Musick v. Railroad Commission of Texas
25 C-7509, Linkous v. Linkous
26 C-7510, Pennington v. Krogers
27 C-7511, Broadus v. Vaughan
28 C-7512, Manley v. State
29 C-7513, Andrade v. Guardsman Life Ins. Co.
30 C-7515, Thrower v. General Life & Accident Ins. Co.
31 C-7516, Russell v. Texas Department of Human Resources
32 C-7517, Calvey v. City of Richland Hills
33 C-7518, In re Marriage of Burrell
34 C-7519, Carlyle Real Estate Limited Partnership-X v. Leibman
35 C-7520, Taylor v. Taylor
36 C-7521, Martinez v. Shelter America Corp.
37 C-7522, Shaw v. Honorable Judge of the 247th District Court
38 C-7525, Lentz v. Braniff
39 C-7527, Meeks v. Hon. Sullivan
40 C-7528, Jimenez v. Potomac Leasing Co.
41 C-7529, Emmet Corp. v. Hartgraves
42 C-7530, Johnson v. United States Leasing Corp.
43 C-7531, Old Republic Ins. Co. v. Diaz
44 C-7533, Duarte v. Hon. Koehler
45 C-7535, Austin Eng’g Co., Inc. v. Southwest National Bank
46 C-7536, Weerasuria v. Holland
47 C-7537, McRoberts v. Fifth Court of Appeals
48 C-7538, Alaco Ladder Co. v. Hon. Street
49 C-7539, O’Heir v. Hon. Schuble
50 C-7540, Black v. Charter Oak Fire Ins. Co.
51 C-7541, Point Lookout West, Inc. v. Whorton
52 C-7542, Hunt-Collin Electric Cooperative, Inc. v. Hunt County Lumber, Inc.
53 C-7543, Peralta v. Travis County Court at Law Number One
box folder
59 1 C-7544, Peralta v. Dyke
2 C-7545, Klecan v. Associates Cash Express, Inc.
3 C-7546, Republicbank Austin v. Hon. Pickett
4 C-7547, May v. Hon. Lawrence
5 C-7548, Waters v. Garrett
6 C-7549, Boyle v. Burk
7 C-7522, General Electric Co. v. Hon. Street
8 C-7553, Sustaita v. Texas Dept. of Human Services
9 C-7554, McBrayer v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.
10 C-7556, Ferguson v. Wilson
11 C-7557, Williams v. Elliott
12 C-7558, Levine v. Stricklin
13 C-7560, Hedrick v. Hedrick
14 C-7561, Johnson v. Nix
15 C-7562, Morehead v. Morehead
16 C-7563, Central Park Properties, Inc. v. Perspective Concepts, Inc.
17 C-7564, Izaguirre v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
18 C-7565, Arvizu Financial Group, Inc. v. Troy
19 C-7566, Sutherland v. Caballero
20 C-7567, Hon. McFall v. Seventh Court of Appeals
21 C-7568, Steward v. Hon. Garza
22 C-7569, Peacock v. Hon. Garza
23 C-7570, Kessler v. Kessler
24 C-7571, Mercantile Bank & Trust v. Cunov
25 C-7572, Sonbuilder’s Carpet, Inc. v. Gemcraft Homes, Inc.
26 C-7573, Cannan v. Green Oaks Apts. Ltd.
27 C-7574, Sunrizon Homes, Inc. v. Fuller
28 C-7575, Naumann v. Windsor Gypsum, Inc.
29 C-7576, Holland v. City of Fort Worth
30 C-7577, Ballin v. Poston Home Care Center Co.
31 C-7578, City of San Antonio v. Fulcher
32 C-7579, City of San Antonio v. Kuykendall
33 C-7580, Schenk v. Evers
34 C-7581, Mic Life Ins. Corp. v. Garza
35 C-7583, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Hon. Street
36 C7584, McDonald v. First Court of Appeals
37 C-7585, Ex Parte Haugen
38 C-7586, Sutton v. State Bar of Texas
39 C-7587, Overseas Multi-Projects and Century Development Corp.
40 C-7588, In re Estate of Lewis v. Lesikar
41 C-7589, Sudderth v. Gunn-Olson-Stordahl Joint Venture
42 C-7590, Society’s of Mary’s Stars, Inc. v. State
43 C-7591, Bullock v. Sasso
44 C-7592, Rainbow Drilling Co., Inc. v. Hartford Fire Ins. Co.
45 C-7594, Hulett v. McMain
46 C-7595, Brooks v. Glendon Investments, Inc.
47 C-7596, Buzzingham v. Lindy Dennis Air Conditioning Co., Inc.
48 C-7597, Uman v. Ringer
49 C-7598, Beta Supply, Inc. v. GEA Power Cooling Systems, Inc.
50 C-7599, Riley v. Howard
box folder
60 1 C-7600, Mother and Unborn Baby Care of North Texas, Inc. v. State
2 C-7601, Smith v. National Advertising Co.
3 C-7602, Roberson v. Texas Employment Commission
4 C-7603, Bogart v. Somer
5 C-7604, Malek v. Miller Brewing Co.
6 C-7605, Inwood West Civic Association v. Hon. Touchy
7 C-7606, Carriger v. Texas Department of Human Resources
8 C-7607, Wahlenmaier v. Wahlenmaier
9 C-7608, St. Louis Southwestern Railway Co. v. Marks
10 C-7609, Vineyard v. Hon. Landry
11 C-7612, Tamayo v. Deutser
12 C-7613, Truco Properties, Inc. v. Charlton
13 C-7614, Glover v. Sanders
14 C-7618, W. Pat Crow Forgings, Inc. v. Casarez
15 C-7619, City of Wichita Falls v. Henke
16 C-7620, Long v. City of Wichita Falls
17 C-7621, Hawes & Helmlinger v. Lacy
18 C-7622, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Oliver
19 C-7623, Certainteed Corp. v. Cielo Dorado Development, Inc.
20 C-7624, Thomson, McKinnon Securities, Inc. v. Hon. Dibrell
21 C-7626, Benser v. Johnson
22 C-7627, K & S Interests, Inc. v. Texas American Bank/Dallas
23 C-7628, Dallas Electric Company, Inc. v. Hon. Daniel
24 C-7629, Eichelberger v. Houston North Properties
25 C-7630, In the Interest of A. L. C. v. Cummins
26 C-7631, Brown v. FinanceAmerica Corp.
27 C-7632, Haber Oil Co., Inc. v. Avanti Services, Inc.
28 C-7633, Friendly Chevrolet Co. v. John Chezik Buick Co.
29 C-7634, Texas Business Sales, Inc. v. Mayes
30 C-7636, Wheeler v. Broadnax
31 C-7637, Payne & Vendig v. Mallou
32 C-7638, Ackerman v. Coastal Industrial Water Authority
33 C-7639, Medical Towers, Ltd. v. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
34 C-7640, Bennett v. First National Bank of Giddings
35 C-7643, Chidiac v. Cramer
36 C-7644, Weaver v. KFC National Management, Inc.
37 C-7645, Bank of East Texas v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
38 C-7646, Erik & Frank Enterprises, Inc. v. Westbelt Development Co., Inc.
39 C-7647, Fugua v. Fugua
40 C-7648, Barclaysamerican/Business Credit, Inc. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
41 C-7649, Bourne v. Nueces County Hospital District
42 C-7651, Morris v. Chitwood
43 C7652, Papageorgiou v. Lindsay
44 C-7653, Hebert v. Hon. Huckabee
45 C-7654, Bacchus Industries, Inc. v. Alexander & Alexander of Texas, Inc.
46 C-7656, Signers of Petition for County Rollback Election v. Roberson
47 C-7657, Star Houston, Inc. v. Jones
48 C-7659, La Mansion Hotels & Resorts v. Hon. Curry
49 C-7660, Lowrance v. Whitfield
50 C-7661, Jefferson v. Jefferson
51 C-7663, Baytown Constr. Co. v. Beaumont
box folder
61 1 C-7664, Armstrong v. Armstrong
2 C-7665, Amarillo Transmissions, Inc. v. Tao
3 C-7666, Schneider v. City of Cuero
4 C-7667, Davis v. Potomac Leasing Co.
5 C-7668, Freeman v. Rank
6 C-7669, Clarklift of Albany, Inc. v. Hon. Cofer
7 C-7670, M & M Construction Co. v. Great American Ins. Co.
8 C-7671, Vasquez v. Fourth Court of Appeals
9 C-7673, McGuffin v. Wilson
10 C-7674, Angelo v. Hon. Humphreys
11 C-7675, Diminico v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
12 C-7676, Lively Exploration Co. v. Valero Transmission Co.
13 C-7677, Garcia v. Allen
14 C-7678, Victor M. Solis Underground Utility Co., Inc. v. City of Laredo
15 C-7679, Elsey v. Sorrell
16 C-7680, Morales v. Alamo Community College District
17 C-7681, Morris Exploration, Inc. v. Guerra
18 C-7682, Essex Ins. Co. v. Meza
19 C-7683, Halter v. Allied Merchants Bank
20 C-7684, Homann
21 C-7685, Davis v. Parrish
22 C-7686, Document missing
23 C-7688, United Services of America, Inc. v. G & G Drill Collar Service Co., Inc.
24 C-7689, Allen v. Allen
25 C-7692, Grammer v. Amos
26 C-7693, Documents missing
27 C-7694, Lanett v. State
28 C-7695, Spring Creek Oaks, Inc. v. Gibralter Sav. Association
29 C-7696, C. G. P., Inc. No. 10 v. Lohie Investment Co.
30 C-7697, Berry v. City of Corpus Christi
31 C-7699, Ramos v. Champin Petroleum Co.
32 C-7700, North Park National Bank v. Allen
33 C-7701, Scott v. Adams
34 C-7702, Barsclaysamerican/Business Credit, Inc. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
35 C-7703, Modern Living, Inc. v. Niederhofer
36 C-7704, Diminico v. Diminico
37 C-7705, Slvaggio v. Houston I.S.D.
38 C-7706, Davidson v. Baum
39 C-7707, McCormick v. Texas Commerce Bank National Association
40 C-7708, Spurs v. State
41 C-7709, Frady v. Dooley
42 C-7710, Ortiz v. Diamond Shamrock
43 C-7711, Documents missing
44 C-7712, Williams v. Moriarty
45 C-7713, Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers, Inc. v. Hon. Villarreal
46 C-7714, Sabine River Authority of Texas v. McNatt
47 C-7715, DeHaven v. Allied Chemical Corp.
48 C-7716, Food Source, Inc. v. Zurich Ins. Co.
49 C-7717, Heritage Group Holding Corp. v. Heritage Life Ins. Co.
50 C-7718, Caver v. Parkinson
box folder
62 1 C-7719, American Prefabricated Structures, Inc. v. Prengler
2 C-7721, Davis v. United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co.
3 C-7724, Satchell v. Walker
4 C-7726, Trevino v. Gonzalez
5 C-7727, Sharp v. Lincoln American Life Ins. Co.
6 C-7729, Criminal District Attorney of Tyler County v. Commissioners’ Court of Tyler County
7 C-7730, Wilson v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
8 C-7731, Walker v. Flournoy Drilling Co.
9 C-7732, Zavala v. Hon. Peeples
10 C-7733, Ex Parte Heider
11 C-7735, Stuckey v. Conveying Techniques, Inc.
12 C-7736, Crumley v. Crumley
13 C-7737, Truck City U.S.A., Inc. v. J & S Motors, Inc.
14 C-7738, Travelers Ins. Co. v. Brown
15 C-7739, Huff v. Huff
16 C-7740, Lakeside Launches, Inc. v. Austin Yacht Club, Inc.
17 C-7741, Whitt v. Illinois Employers Ins. of Wausau
18 C-7742, McCarty v. Citicorp Acceptance Co., Inc.
19 C-7745, Bell v. Meador
20 C-7746, Wyatt v. Johnson
21 C-7747, Documents missing
22 C-7748, Tex Tire, Inc. v. El Dorado Tire Co.
23 C-7749, One 1986 Mazda Pick-up Truck v. State
24 C-7750, Wendel v. Wendel
25 C-7751, Crown Plumbing, Inc. v. Petrozak
26 C-7752, Dozier v. Dozier
27 C-7753, L & J, Inc. v. MBank Waco
28 C-7754, Ludt v. McCollum
29 C-7755, Penn Resources, Inc. v. Pacific Ins. Co.
30 C-7756, Peoplecare Services, Inc. v. Looker
31 C-7757, North Central Investment Corp. v. Bayoud
32 C-7758, Hunt v. Jefferson Savings & Loan Association
33 C-7759, Kennedy v. Fourth Court of Appeals
34 C-7760, Lacey v. Hon. Baker
35 C-7761, Ford v. Hendrix
36 C-7762, National Canada Corp. v. Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
37 C-7763, Baldwin v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.
38 C-7764, Gentry v. Hon. Crier
39 C-7765, Documents missing
40 C-7766, Tallerine v. Hon. Harrison
41 C-7767, Employers Casualty Ins. Co. v. Harris
42 C-7768, Jennings v. First Court of Appeals
43 C-7769, Rowlett v. Colortek, Inc.
44 C-7770, Fuller v. South Texas College of Law
45 C-7771, Cedar Crest No. 10, Inc. v. City of Dallas
46 C-7772, Thomas v. Rhodes & Son Well Service, Inc.
47 C-7773, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Co. v. Brown
48 C-7775, Hagans v. Hon. Morris
49 C-7776, Huerta v. State
50 C-7777, Security State Bank of Pharr v. Valley Wide Electric Supply Co., Inc.
51 C-7778, Horne v. Rounsaville
52 C-7779, Travis County v. Colunga
53 C-7780 and C-7807, Peralta v. Barnes
54 C-7882, R. L. B. v. State
55 C-7783, Roe v. Graf
56 C-7786, Hart v. State
57 C-7787, McCollum v. P/S Investments, Ltd.
58 C-7788, Bruner v. Exxon Co., U.S.A.
59 C-7789, Hoyt v. INA of Texas
60 C-7790, 1415 Round Table Drive Co. v. Kimstock Southwest, Inc.
box folder
63 1 C-7791, McCleskey v. Parks
2 C-7792, Neane v. Petre
3 C-7793, Victoria Air Conditioning, Inc. v. Lebco Constructors, Inc.
4 C-7794, Lumbermans Mutual Casualty Co. v. Ninth Court of Appeals
5 C-7795, Hall v. Hon. Westergren
6 C-7797, Sorens v. Hon. Valikonis
7 C-7799, Graham v. Hutchinson County Appraisal Review Board
8 C-7800, Krafve v. O’Keeffe
9 C-7802, Lovell v. Western National Life Ins. Co.
10 C-7803, Walker v. Children’s Services, Inc.
11 C-7804, Tilotta v. Goodall
12 C-7808, Petrila v. Wyatt
13 C-7809, De La Paz v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
14 C-7811, Hanson v. Leckey
15 C-7812, Hoye v. Shepherds Glen Land Co., Inc.
16 C-7813, State v. Hon. Allen
17 C-7814, Lopez v. City Towing Associates, Inc.
18 C-7816, LJD Properties, Inc. v. City of Greenville
19 C-7817, First State Bank of Corpus Christi v. A. Wolfson’s, Inc.
20 C-7818, Koblizek v. Physicians and Surgeons General Hospital
21 C-7819, Ryno v. Tyra
22 C-7823, Mikus Construction Co. v. Andrews
23 C-7825, Andrle v. Andrle
24 C-7826, Tucker v. Hon. Murray
25 C-7827, Parham v. Dirden
26 C-7828, Pollack Corp. v. J. Electric Co.
27 C-7830, Paris Savings & Loan Assn. v. First Bank of Rowlett
28 C-7831, Mason, Nickels & Warner v. Nickels
29 C-7832, Pedernales Petroleum Corp. v. Amarillo National Bank
29 C-7834, Jackson v. Hon. Wilborn
30 C-7835, Westfall v. Blacklands Production Credit Association
31 C-7836, Hill v. County of El Paso
32 C-7837, State v. Bacon
33 C-7839, George v. Lattner-Novak Mud. Services, Inc.
34 C-7840, Peverley v. Hon. Trevathan
35 C-7841, Chemical Express Carriers, Inc. v. French
36 C-7842, Barker v. Harrison
37 C-7843, Carroll v. Neal
38 C-7844, Soleyranch v. Hon. Ender
39 C-7845, Edwards v. Constructors & Assoc., Inc.
40 C-7847, Holmes v. Hon. Harrison
41 C-7848, Zetune v. Zetune
42 C-7849, Bennigan’s v. Derouen
43 C-7850, Davis v. Harriman Properties, Inc.
44 C-7851, Bagwell v. Hon. Cummings
45 C-7853, Hebisen v. Nassau Development Co.
46 C-7854, Conoco, Inc. v. Hon. Connally
47 C-7855, Peralta v. Barnes
48 C-7856, Soria v. Tramco Enterprises, Inc.
49 C-7858, Wilkerson v. Wilkerson
50 C-7859, Boring v. Hon. Cofer
box folder
64 1 C-7860, Feather v. Hubbard
2 C-7861, Thompson Metal Supplies, Inc. v. Texas Commerce Bank-Arlington
3 C-7862, Evans, Inc. v. McDonald
4 C-7863, Collins v. Collins
5 C-7864, Gulf States Underwriters of Louisiana, Inc. v. Wilson
6 C-7866, Beaumont v. Texas Employment Commission
7 C-7867, Greenspoint Bank v. Ian Martin, Inc.
8 C-7868, First National Bank of Bellville v. Farrington
9 C-7869, Maynard v. Caballero
10 C-7870, Ex parte Schlesinger
11 C-7871, Jones v. Colle
12 C-7872, Bowlin v. Bowlin
13 C-7873, Bower v. Edwards Appraisal District
14 C-7875, Clifford v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
15 C-7876, Swanson Broadcasting, Inc. v. Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
16 C-7877, Air Force Village Foundation, Inc. v. Bullock
17 C-7878, Grose v. Beal
18 C-7879, Lopez v. City of San Antonio
19 C-7881, American Motorists Ins. Co. v. Laska
20 C-7882, Baley v. W/W Interests, Inc.
21 C-7884, Franklin v. Wheeless
22 C-7885, Vastine v. Hon. Hartman
23 C-7886, Porta-Kamp Manufacturing Co., Inc. v. Atlanta Maritime Corp.
24 C-7887, Salinas v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
25 C-7888, Hon. Blanton v. First Court of Appeals
26 C-7890, Bertotti v. Houston Court of Appeals
27 C-7891, MBank Fort Worth v. Hon. Street
28 C-7892, Gentry v. Mitchell Energy Corp.
29 C-7893, Winship v. Garguillo
30 C-7894, Templeton v. Martin
31 C-7895, Beverly Hills Savings v. Seaborg Jackson Partners
32 C-7896, Rea v. City of Dallas
33 C-7897, Westhill Management, Inc. v. Hefner
34 C-7898, Essex Crane Rental Corp. v. Striland Construction Co., Inc.
35 C-7899, Ranger Ins. Co. v. Mendoza
36 C-7900, Smith v. Christley
37 C-7901, Coffman v. Barnes
38 C-7902, Plorin v. Bedrock Foundation and House Leveling Company, Inc.
39 C-7903, Irrigation Construction Co. v. Hon. Krueger
40 C-7904, Eckman v. Centennial Savings Bank
41 C-7905, Freed Properties v. Chester
42 C-7906, In the Interest of Marcus
43 C-7907, Seelig v. Hon. Fry
44 C-7908, State v. Roberts
45 C-7909, Houston Beechcraft, Inc. v. Hon. Trevathan
46 C-7912, Vorwerk v. Texas Department of Public Safety
47 C-7914, Wiggins v. Cameron
48 C-7915, Williams v. Jennings
49 C-7916, Crosby v. Methodist Hospital
50 C-7917, Cook v. Marcus
box folder
65 1 C-7918, Hernandez v. Macias
2 C-7919, Barrett v. Asbury
3 C-7920, Walker v. Park Creek Association, Ltd,
4 C-7922, Von Soden v. Hon. Blanton
5 C-7923, Scotch Corp., Inc. v. W. R. Grace Co.
6 C-7924, Vencill v. Hon. Jones
7 C-7925, Feist v. Hon. Whitaker
8 C-7926, Walker v. Employees Retirement System of Texas
9 C-7927, Cardinal of Dallas Real Estate, Inc. v. Dal-Tex Copy Products, Inc.
10 C-7928, Hutcheson v. Santa Fe Energy Co.
11 C-7929, Intermarkets U.S.A., Inc. v. C-E NATCO
12 C-7930, Drooker v. Cielo Motors
13 C-7931, Proctor v. Nes Nesbit Builder, Inc.
14 C-7932, First National Bank of Burleson v. Lee
15 C-7933, Tesoro Petroleum Corp. v. Coastal Refining & Marketing, Inc.
16 C-7934, Humphrey v. Williams
17 C-7935, Smith v. Smith
18 C-7936, Montrose Partners v. El Paso Central Appraisal District
19 C-7937, Superior Coils, Inc. v. Robert Madden, Inc.
20 C-7938, Pace v. Crudup
21 C-7940, El Paso Jaycees v. City of El Paso
22 C-7941, El Paso Jaycees v. State
23 C-7943, Taylor v. Texas Department of Public Safety
24 C-7944, Strata Energy, Inc. v. Gavenda
25 C-7946, Cantu v. Telles
26 C-7947, Mid-United Contractors, Inc. v. Providence Lloyds Ins. Co.
27 C-7948, Rizkallah v. Deluna
28 C-7950, McCool v. Kleinwachter
29 C-7951, Rodriguez v. Stephenson, Thompson & Dies
30 C-7952, Kiser v. Kiser
31 C-7953, Jones v. Lower Colorado River Authority
32 C-7954, Davis
33 C-7956, Forestpark Enterprises, Inc. v. Culpepper
34 C-7958, Rocha v. Christenson
35 C-7959, First National Bank of Jefferson v. Cornelius
36 C-7961, Houston Pipe Line Co. v. BHP Petroleum (Americas), Inc.
37 C-7962, Benavides v. Benavides
38 C-7963, Regency International Yacht Charters, Inc. v. Seabrook Marine Electronics, Inc.
39 C-7964, Tice v. City of Pasadena
40 C-7965, Wishnow v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
41 C-7966, Hintze v. Fourtreenth Court of Appeals
42 C-7967, Lowry v. Hon. Calhoun
43 C-7968, Commercial Credit & Control Data Corp. v. Wheeler
44 C-7970, Yancey v. Floyd West & Co.
45 C-7971, London v. Merriman
46 C-7975, Dover Plumbing Co., Inc. v. Maxwell
47 C-7976, Mattos v. Miller
48 C-7977, Miller v. Hill
49 C-7978, Austin v. Harris County Bail Bond Board
50 C-7979, Lumpkin v. H & C Communications, Inc.
box folder
66 1 C-7980, Hines v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.
2 C-7981, John v. Fort Bend I.S.D.
3 C-7982, Goodwin v. Barton
4 C-7983, Sentry Savings Association v. Hon. Williams
5 C-7984, Texas American Bank Southwest v. Hon. O’Neill
6 C-7987, State Republican Executive Committee v. Hon. Rains
7 C-7988, Underwood v. Fifth Court of Appeals
8 C-7989, Kelley v. Hon. Lee
9 C-7990, Transmerica Title Ins. Co. v. San Benito Bank & Trust Co.
10 C-7991, Project Lighting, Inc. v. Crosby
11 C-7992, Downs v. Hon. Morris
12 C-7993, Gill Savings Association v. International Supply Co., Inc.
13 C-7995, Spindor v. Stone
14 C-7996, Nix v. Buzbee
15 C-7997, Farm Services, Inc. v. Gonzales
16 C-7999, Young & Young v. City of Houston
17 C-8000, Forguson v. Texas Employment Commission
18 C-8001, Haag v. Jergins
19 C-8002, Snyder v. Coniglio
20 C-8003, Bellows v. Lystads
21 C-8004, Sheehan v. Hon. Martin
22 C-8005, Jones v. Fort Worth State School
23 C-8006, Barron v. Crawford
24 C-8007, Huddleston v. Texas Commerce Bank-Dallas
25 C-8008, Roden v. Hon. Johnson
26 C-8009, Vautrain v. Dutch Garrett, Inc.
27 C-8010, Malone v. Texas Department of Human Services
28 C-8011, Enterprise Products Co. v. Hon. Sanderson
29 C-8012, Beaudoin v. Hon. Brooks
30 C-8013, Texas-New Mexico Power Co. v. Hailey
31 C-8014, Ahn v. Texaco, Inc.
32 C-8015, Dominguez v. Brackey Enterprises, Inc.
33 C-8016, Sorens v. Hon. Stansbury
34 C-8017, Hill v. Fourth Court of Appeals
35 C-8018, Dallas County Hospital District v. Hon. Whittington
36 C-8019, Uvalle v. Agricultural Warehouse, Inc.
37 C-8020, Navarrette v. American National Life Ins. Co.
38 C-8021, Ex Parte Walker
C-8022, Ex parte Walker
C-8023, Ex parte Boaz
39 C-8027, Jones v. La Fargue
40 C-8028, Considine v. Hon. Solito
41 C-8029, Missouri Pacific Ry. Co. v. Hon. John
42 C-8030, Victor v. Fifth Court of Appeals
43 C-8031, Mennella v. Texas Department of Health
44 C-8032, Broussard v. Railroad Commission of Texas
45 C-1989, Hurst v. Barton
46 C-8035, Carpenter v. Carpenter
47 C-8036, Jade Drug Co. v. Villarreal
48 C-8037, Corum Management, Inc. v. Aguayo Enterprises, Inc.
49 C-8038, Abdo v. Ollie Tope & Sons, Inc.
50 C-8039, Stoebner v. Unger
box folder
67 1 C-8040, Oliva v. Mandujano
2 C-8041, Hudspeth v. Hudspeth
3 C-8042, Prufrock Restaurants, Inc. v. Evans
4 C-8043, Burton v. Brimberry
5 C-8044, Just v. Denson
6 C-8046, Sallie v. Antony
7 C-8047, Denman v. Hon. Cornyn
8 C-8048, Timberlake v. Rains
9 C-8049, Western Bank Downtown v. Carline
10 C-8051, Soletti v. Fletcher
11 C-8053, Flores v. Khera
12 C-8054, Gulsby Engineering, Inc. v. Gallagher
13 C-8055, WOMCO, Inc. v. Market Planners Ins. Agency, Inc.
14 C-8056, Doue v. City of Texarkana
15 C-8057, Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. v. Holland America Ins. Co.
16 C-8059, Comanche Oil Co. v. Sunbelt Well Service, Inc.
17 C-8060, Home Indemnity Co. v. Garcini
18 C-8061, Production Associates Inc. v. P. E. Moseley and Associates, Inc.
19 C-8062, Texas Employers’ Insurance Assn. v. Bartee
20 C-8064, Trinity Universal Ins. Co. v. Hon. Towslee
21 C-8065, Rush v. Ward
22 C-8066, Sherwood Ins. Services, Inc. v. Christensen
23 C-8067, Howard v. Haby
24 C-8068, Garza v. Texas Department of Human Services
25 C-8069, Speed v. Eluma International
26 C-8070, Jones v. Rietsch
27 C-8071, Kobdish v. Kobdish
28 C-8073, Automated Information Management v. Hon. Black
29 C-8074, Hon. West v. First Court of Appeals
30 C-8075, Ex parte Ortega
31 C-8076, Peralta v. Heights Medical Center, Inc.
32 C-8077, LaBouff and Hugley
33 C-1989, G.S.G. Royalty Corp. v. Lone Star Gas Co.
34 C-8082, Huddleston v. Hon. Spears
35 C-8083, Non-Commissioned Officers Association of the United States v. Hon. Spears
36 C-8084, Whatley v. City of Dallas
37 C-8085, Bonanza Restaurant v. Uncle Pete’s, Inc.
38 C-8086, Burk v. Grimes
39 C-8087, City of Houston v. Amador
40 C-8092, Holloway v. Butler
41 C-8091, Crossland v. Hon. Dowell
42 C-8093, Stimson v. Little
43 C-8094, Wilford v. Morris
44 C-8095, Lone Star Steel Co. v. Scott
45 C-8096, Gleason v. Beach
46 C-8097, Gleason v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
box folder
68 1 C-8098, Draeger v. Webb
2 C-8099, Manhatten Construction Co. v. Hood Lanco, Inc.
3 C-8100, Pleasant Homes, Inc. v. Allied Bank of Dallas
4 C-8102, Bedell
5 C-8104, Kato v. Thompson
6 C-8105, Mueller v. Black & Decker, U.S., Inc
7 C-8106, Goff v. Hon. Peeples
8 C-8107, Peat Marwick Main & Co. v. Leasure
9 C-8108, White v. Hon. Farrar
10 C-8109, Burke v. Pierce
11 C-8110, Sappington v. Younger Transportation, Inc.
12 C-8111, Weber Aircraft v. Sidwell
13 C-8112, Riojas v. State Department of Highways and Public Transportation
14 C-8113, Vogel v. Fidelity and Casualty Co. of New York
15 C-8114, Rifleman v. Vista Hollow Apartments
16 C-8115, B&B Vending Co. v. MJR Corp.
17 C-8116, Lewis v. Hawkins
18 C-8119, Bonnet v. Wicks
19 C-8120, Satellite Earth Stations East, Inc. v. Davis
20 C-8121, Ex parte Farris
21 C-8122, North Acceptance Corp. v. Crantex, Inc.
22 C-8121, AMSAV Group, Inc. v. Joiner
23 C-8124, Lindmark v. Hon. Miller
24 C-8125, Watson v. American General Fire & Casualty Co.
25 C-8126, Hearn-Haynes v. Texas Board of Law Examiners
26 C-8127, Spears v. Hon. Smith
27 C-8128, Conner v. Klevenhagen
28 C-8129, Davis v. Baylor University Medical Center
29 C-8132, Davidson v. Great National Life Ins. Co.
30 C-8133, McDorman v. State
31 C-8134, City of Tyler v. Preston
32 C-8136, Julien v. Baker
33 C-8137, Downwind Aviation, Inc. v. County of Orange
34 C-8138, Bayhouse, Ltd. v. Jackson’s Landing Owners Association
35 C-8139, Hennessey v. Bell
36 C-8141, Galvin v. Gulf Oil and T.M.M., Inc.
37 C-8142, Spainhouer v. City of Dallas
38 C-8143, Bay, Inc. v. Trifinery
39 C-8144, Ohio Medical Products, Inc. v. Suber
40 C-8145, Jackson v. Republic National Bank
41 C-8146, Gamez v. Hon. Cadena
42 C-8150, Ex parte Gleason
43 C-8151, E. W. Bliss Co. v. Garza
44 C-8152, Lumbermans Mutual Casualty Co. v. Garcia
45 C-8153, Henry & Peters v. Bland
46 C-8154, State v. John B. Barbour Trucking Co., Inc.
47 C-8155, Wells Fargo Bank v. Hon. Wittig
48 C-8156, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Hodgkins
49 C-8157, R. J. Reynold Tobacco Co. v. Rogers
50 C-8158, Ramirez v. Deleza
box folder
69 1 C-8159, Morris v. Morris
2 C-8161, Simkins v. Spillman
3 C-8162, Davis v. Jefferies
4 C-8163, Cathey v. First City Bank of Arkansas Pass
5 C-8164, Henry v. Felici
6 C-8165, Morris v. Texas Employer’s Insurance Association
7 C-8167, Innes v. Cura
8 C-8168, In the Interest of K.D.L.
9 C-8169, Schober v. Eglin
10 C-8171, Wilkins v. Teamsters Local Union No. 1111
11 C-8172, Brooks v. Bent Nail Developers, Inc.
12 C-8173, Maddux v. Brownen
13 C-8174, Assicurazioni Generali v. Milsap
14 C-8175, Ashcraft v. United Supermarkets, Inc.
15 C-8176, Porter v. Wolcott
16 C-8178, Taylor County Appraisal District v. First Union Real Estate Investments
17 C-8179, Bramlet v. Lee
18 C-8180, Byford v. Hon. Narsutis
19 C-8183, Garza v. De Hoyos
20 C-8184, Austin Ranch Enterprises, Inc. v. Wells
21 C-8185, Gleason v. Gleason
22 C-8186, Manzo v. Ford
23 C-8187, Guffey v. Dayton State Bank
24 C-8188, Bruner v. Scott & White Memorial Hospital
25 C-8192, Martinez v. Corpus Christi Area Teachers Credit Union
26 C-8192, Color Coatings Painting & Drywall, Inc. v. Hon. Powell
27 C-8196, Jacobs v. Hon. Montgomery
28 C-8197, O’Heir v. Christenson
29 C-8198, Hernandez v. Corrigan Dispatch Co., Inc.
30 C-8199, Cameron County v. Hinojosa
31 C-8201, Modert v. State
32 C-8202, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Hartford Accident Indemnity Co.
33 C-8204, Sterling Drilling Co. v. Hon. Spector
34 C-8205, Kellyl v. Circle K Corp.
35 C-8206, Odom v. Odom
36 C-8207, Lindley International Trucks v. Arredondo
37 C-8208, Suckle v. Hon. Gordon
38 C-8209, Pulaski Bank & Trust Co. v. Texas American Bank/Fort Worth
39 C-8210, Porter v. Dallas I.S.D.
40 C-8211, Lone Star Gas Co. v. Railroad Commission of Texas
41 C-8212, Resource Drilling, Inc. v. Adams Resources Exploration Corp.
42 C-8213, Avila v. Havana Painting Co., Inc.
43 C-8214, Shearer v. Allied Live Oak Bank
44 C-8216, First State Bank v. Cameron
45 C-8217, Alvarado v. Bolton
46 C-8218, Ariola v. Hon. Forbis
47 C-8219, Ellison v. Ellison
48 C-8220, Volvo White Truck Corp. v. Texas Motor Vehicle Commission
49 C-8221, Kenyon v. Goodwill Industries of El Paso
50 C-8222, Barrientez v. Carrizales
box folder
70 1 C-8223, Goff v. Southmost Savings & Loan Association
2 C-8224, Bergmann v. Villasenor
3 C-8227, Tschatschula v. Darby
4 C-8228, Hernandez v. Hon. McDowell
5 C-8229, Garza v. Northern Ins. Co. of New York
6 C-8230, Waite v. Hon. Chambers
7 C-8231, Orion Investments, Inc. v. Dunaway & Associates, Inc.
8 C-8232, Hudson v. Hon. McCulloch
9 C-8233, Lower Neches Valley Authority v. Park
10 C-8232, Skaff Corp. of America v. Hon. Marshall
11 C-8235, Donovan v. Rankin
12 C-8236, State v. Schless
13 C-8237, Holmes v. United Services Automobile Association
14 C-8238, Nasche v. Byrd
15 C-8239, Baker v. Greggton Joint Venture
16 C-8240, Bond v. Wilgus
17 C-8241, Callaway v. Barber
18 C-8242, Scott v. Silverleaf Development, Inc.
19 C-8243, Knesek v. Witte
20 C-8244, Quarles v. Champion Int’l Corp.
21 C-8245, Holmes v. Hon. Hardy
22 C-8246, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1338
23 C-8247, Danny Darby Real Estate, Inc. v. Jacobs
24 C-8248, Davis v. Datavision, Inc.
25 C-8249, Farrell v. Kleypas
26 C-8251, Kamel v. Kamel
27 C-8252, Price v. Longoria
28 C-8253, Aig Oil Rig of Texas Inc. v. Hon. Haberman
29 C-8254, Taco Villa, Inc. v. Ted Gray, Inc.
30 C-8255, Duncan Wholesale Lumber v. Vickers
31 C-8256, Seibert v. Seibert
32 C-8257, Clark v. Hon. Coker
33 C-8258, Childs v. Hamilton
34 C-8259, Ex parte Finley
35 C-8260, Lambert v. Coachmen Industries of Texas, Inc.
36 C-8261, Higginbotham v. Clues
37 C-8262 and 8264, In re Murphy
38 C-8263, Chapman v. The Texas Bank & Trust Co.
39 C-8265, Wheeler v. Yettie Kersting Memorial Hospital
40 C-8266, Petty v. Third Court of Appeals
41 C-8268, Krchnak v. Fulton
42 C-8269, Hall v. CNA
43 C-8270, McNiel v. Mize
44 C-8273, Gibraltar Savings Association v. Diversified, Inc.
45 C-8274, Killam Oil Co. v. Fourth Court of Appeals
46 C-8275, Huffman v. Hon. Cornyn
47 C-8276, Darby v. Mills
48 C-8277, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Bordwine
49 C-8278, Hendon v. Glover
50 C-8281, In the Interest of S. C. V.
box folder
71 1 C-8283, Staley v. Filler Products
2 C-8286, Collins v. Cantrell
3 C-8289, Woodard v. City of Fort Worth
4 C-8290, Tumlinson v. Security State Bank of Pearsall
5 C-8291, Pascale v. Citizens National Bank
6 C-8292, Santiago v. Watts
7 C-8293, Denny’s Inc. v. Hon. Harris
8 C-8294, Sunrise Properties v. Dairy Queen Investments, Inc.
9 C-8296, Hines v. Jamail
10 C-8297, Alamo Lumber Co. v. Hon. Garcia
11 C-8298, Ibrahim v. Coldwell Banker & Co.
12 C-8300, A.C.B. Trucking, Inc. v. Mercier
13 C-8301, Lynn v. American Motorists Ins. Co.
14 C-8302, Trinity Coalition, Inc. v. Commissioner, Texas Department of Human Services
15 C-8303, Johnson v. Smiley
16 C-8304, Port Enterprises, Inc. v. Knebel
17 C-8306, NCNB National Bank v. Thomas
18 C-8307, City of Stephenville v. James T. Young Paving and Engineering, Inc.
19 C-8308, Jones v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit
20 C-8309, Cole v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
21 C-8310, Mendoza v. Fifth Court of Appeals
22 C-8311, O’Donnell v. Fifth Court of Appeals
23 C-8312, Ex Parte Sherburne
24 C-8313, Lloyds’ U.S. v. Coleman
25 C-8314, Flintkote Co. v. Ortiz
26 C-8315, Clark v. McFerrin
27 C-8316, Mand O/R
28 C-8317, City National Bank v. Fiduciary Mortgage Co. of Texas
29 C-8318, Samuelson v. Samuelson
30 C-8319, Paramore v. Towslee. Consolidated with C-8327, Long v. Towslee
31 C-8320, Stoll v. Rothchild
32 C-8322, Stephenson v. Diamondhead Corp.
33 C-8324, Huelsebusch v. Placke
34 C-8325, Russell v. Homeowners Funding Corp.
35 C-8326, Jaramillo v. Elliott
36 C-8328, Guajardo v. Chavana
37 C-8329, Gruesen v. Southwestern Refining Co.
38 C-8330, Lloyds’ U.S. v. Tenth Court of Appeals
39 C-8331, Warmack v. Walker
40 C-8332, Lara v. Soledad
41 C-8333, American States Life Ins. Co. v. Monroe
42 C-8334, Rice v. Fourth Court of Appeals
43 C-8335, Grandy v. Gehring
44 C-8336, Hagans v. Mid State Commissary
45 C-8337, Trinity National Bank v. Beneficial Standard Life Ins. Co.
46 C-8338, Bodine v. Barecky
47 C-8339, In Re the Estate of Plohberger
48 C-8340, Auff v. Auff
49 C-8341, West v. Curry
50 C-8342, Tolson v. Bullock
box folder
72 1 C-8343, Guzman v. Guajardo
2 C-8344, Sullivan v. Sullivan
3 C-8345, E.T.B. Oil Co., Inc. v. Recknor
4 C-8346, Henry v. Smith
5 C-8347, Goodwin v. Candlelight Hills Civic Association
6 C-8348, Canales v. National Union Fire Ins. Co.
7 C-8351, Wilson v. Woods
8 C-8352, Lee County National Bank v. Nelson
9 C-8353, Edgewood I.S.D. v. Kirby
10 C-8355, Nguyen v. Pham
11 C-8357, Beneficial Standard Life Ins. Co. v. Trinity National Bank
12 C-8358, South Woodland Hillis v. Pitcher
13 C-8359, City of San Antonio v. Vela
14 C-8360, Johnson v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.
15 C-8362, Pearce v. Equitable Life Leasing Corp.
16 C-8364, Southwest Airlines Co. v. King
17 C-8365, Wynne v. Adcock Pipe and Supply
18 C-8366, Barras v. Harmon
19 C-8368, Blocker v. Potomic Leasing Co.
20 C-8369, SABB, Inc. v. Western Gulf Savings & Loans Association
22 C-8370, Faour v. K. F.
23 C-8371, Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.v. La Mansion Hotels
24 C-8372, Green v. Hassell
25 C-8373, Hampton v. Court of Dallas County
26 C-8374, Turner v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
27 C-8375, Garcia v. Pacesetter Corp.
28 C-8376, Killam Oil Co. v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
29 C-8377, Texas Electric Utilities Co. v. Rocha
30 C-8378, Garza v. Garza
31 C-8379, City of Coppell v. General Homes Corp.
32 C-8380, Phillips Natural Gas Co. v. Tenth Court of Appeals
33 C-8381, Unfinished Woodworks, Inc. v. Cambridge Square Joint Venture
34 C-8382, Lee v. Wertz
35 C-8384, I.N.A. v. Downey
36 C-8385, Bruce v. Crier
37 C-8386, Barras v. Intercoastal Warehouse Corp.
38 C-8383, Phillip v. United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co.
39 C-8387, Minns v. Piotrowski
40 C-8388, Martinez v. K-Mart Corp.
41 C-8389, McCaskill v. McCaskill
42 C-8390, LeBlanc v. LeBlanc
43 C-8391, Martinez v. Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co.
44 C-8392, Carrillo v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
45 C-8394, Jack Brown Cleaners, Inc. v. Morgan
46 C-8395, Gertner, Aron & Ledet Investments v. Turboff
47 C-8396, Cincinnati Inc. v. Hernandez
48 C-8398, Sumner & Greener v. Carlson
49 C-8399, International v. City of Beaumont
box folder
73 1 C-8402, PRC Kentron, Inc. v. First City Center Associates, II
2 C-8403, E. Horn Construction, Inc. v. United Pump Supply, Inc.
3 C-8404, Moore v. McDonald
4 C-8406, Oppenheimer Industries, Inc. v. Westbrook
5 C-8407, Texas General Indemnity v. Elledge
6 C-8408, Pecorino v. Raymark Industries, Inc.
7 C-8409, Ex parte Cox
8 C-8410, Jenness v. First Court of Appeals
9 C-8411, Hartig v. McCraw
10 C-8412, Niamatali v. Hon. Whittington
11 C-8413, Howell v. Hon. Jones
12 C-8414, Shiffers v. Ward
13 C-8415, Texas National Bank of Baytown v. Harris County
14 C-8416, Ogletree v. Harper
15 C-8417, Cannon v. Lerer
16 C-8418, Good v. TXO Production Corp.
17 C-8419, Jennings v. Minco Technology Labs, Inc.
18 C-8420, Hope v. Pickens
19 C-8422, Vela v. Vela
20 C-8425, City of Austin v. Third Court of Appeals
21 C-8427, Federal Ins. Co. v. Vela
22 C-8428, Stout v. Tagle
23 C-8429, Rodriguez v. Big Red Bottling Co. of San Antonio, Inc.
24 C-8431, Nelson v. Data Terminal Systems, Inc.
25 C-8433, Yiamouyuannis v. Thompson
26 C-8434, ITT Commercial Finance Corp. v. Hon. Murray
27 C-8435, Johnson v. J. Hiram Moore
28 C-8436, Cox v. Crawford
29 C-8437, Arnett v. City of Dallas
30 C-8438, Fellows v. Re/Max of Garland
31 C-8439, Arlington Equities, Inc. v. Texas Real Estate Commission
32 C-8440, Khraish v. Hamed
33 C-8441, Jordan v. Jordan
34 C-8442, B. P. Newman Investment Co. v. Cameron County Appraisal Review Board
35 C-8443, Delespine v. Hon. Landry
36 C-8444, Bravo v. Agency Rent-A-Car, Inc.
37 C-8445, Eshelman v. Stein
38 C-8446, Stewart Title Guaranty Co. v. Cheatham
39 C-8447, State v. Hon. Pierce
40 C-8449, Bryan v. Jinkins
41 C-8423, Flowers v. Lavaca County Appraisal District. Consolidated with C-8424, Patek v. Lavaca County Appraisal District and C-8450, Patek v. Lavaca County Appraisal District
box folder
74 1 C-8451, Patek v. Lavaca County Appraisal District
2 C-8452, Rhodes v. McCarron
3 C-8453, Skains v. Electrical Circuits, Inc.
4 C-8454, Sanders v. Iselt
5 C-8455, Wilbanks v. Hon. Sandel
6 C-8457, Smith v. Valdez
7 C-8458, Lipscomb County Abstract Co., Inc. v. First American Title Ins. Co.
8 C-8459, Sorens v. Lynaugh
9 C-8460, Wiegand v. Ramsey
10 C-8463, Allison v. Parks
11 C-8464, Texas Department of Corrections v. Winters
12 C-8465, O’Brien v. Capsyn Limited No. 122
13 C-8466, Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association v. Dallas Central Appraisal District
14 C-8468, Van Doren v. State Bar of Texas
15 C-8469, Clark v. Security State Bank
16 C-8470, Spring I.S.D. v. Debarim Investments Corp.
17 C-8472, Kim v. City of Austin
18 C-8474, Brewerton v. Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee for District 2A
19 C-8475, 2618, Inc. v. City of Houston
20 C-8476, Lassiter v. Quast & Glenn
21 C-8477, Hudson v. Killough
22 C-8478, Uhlir v. Golden Triangle Dev. Corp.
23 C-8479, Connell v. Wadsworth Business Center
24 C-8480, Lemond v. Jamail
25 C-8481, Garza v. Allied Deer Park Bank
26 C-8482, State Board of Ins. v. Allied Administrators
27 C-8483, Lute Riley Motors, Inc. v. T. C. Crist, Inc.
28 C-8484, Plaag v. Hon. McCorkle
29 C-8485, Musslewhite v. Hon. Casseb
30 C-8486, Crume & Associates, Inc. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
31 C-8487, Business Credit Leasing, Inc. v. Benger Builders, Inc.
32 C-8489, Shell Oil Co. v. Sutton
33 C-8490, INA of Texas v. Smith
34 C-8491, Cook v. Valley Indus, Inc.
35 C-8492, Thompson v. Thompson
36 C-8493, Clohset v. Joseph Chris Personnel Services, Inc.
37 C-8494, Lingleville I.S.D. v. Valero Transmission Co.
38 C-8495, Johnson v. Li
39 C-8496, Telic Construction, Inc. v. Kahn Air Conditioning & Heating Co.
40 C-8497, Rantec Corp. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
41 C-8498, Jackson v. Hartman
42 C-8499, Soni v. Ninth Court of Appeals
box folder
75 1 C-8500, Scott v. Scott
2 C-8501, Lechuga v. Prima Corp.
3 C-8502, Swofford v. Tri-State Chemicals, Inc.
4 C-8503, Diggles v. Horwitz
5 C-8504, Sovereign Realty 1983-II Ltd. v. Enrique Mata Construction, Inc.
6 C-8505, ABC Pest Control, Inc. v. Rudolph
7 C-8506, Barrientes v. Board of Trustees, Harlandale I.S.D.
8 C-8507, Bruno v. Bohan
9 C-8508, Weissgarber v. Lightfoot
10 C-8509, Gamez v. State Bar of Texas
11 C-8510, Dent v. The Texas Rangers
12 C-8511, Raw Hide Oil and Gas, Inc. v. Maxus Exploration Co.
13 C-8512, Swartz v. Long
14 C-8513, Culpepper v. Hon. Coker
15 C-8514, In re Glenn
16 C-8515, Wolf v. Eiland
17 C-8516, Harris v. Harris
18 C-8517, T-Vestco Litt Vada v. Lucal One Oil Co.
19 C-8518, State v. Nations
20 C-8519, Sealy v. Texas State Board of Pharmacy
21 C-8520, Boyce Iron Works, Inc. v. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
22 C-8521, Grooms v. DRG/Colony North, Ltd.
23 C-8522, McCutchin v. Hon. Wright
24 C-8523, Civil Service Commission of Wichita Falls v. Collier
25 C-8524, Leasco, Inc. v. Scott
26 C-8525, McKnight v. Staples
27 C-8526, Delta Air Lines, Inc. v. Hon. Banner
28 C-8527, Wagner v. Hon. Hazlett
29 C-8528, Mikhail v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
30 C-8530, Wolfson v. Rogers
31 C-8531, Browne v. Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.
32 C-8532, Taylor v. Higgs
33 C-8533, Farmers Market of Odessa, Inc. v. Home Savings Association
34 C-8534, Sutherland v. State Bar of Texas
35 C-8535, Rhode v. Hon. Garza
36 C-8536, Choice v. Hon. Khoury
37 C-8537, Post Oak/Memorial Centre v. Hon. Wood
38 C-8539, Texas Star Home Improvement Co. v. Bel-Tex Construction Co., Inc.
39 C-8540, Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Hon. Engelke
40 C-8541, McGill v. Johnson
41 C-8542, Galveston County v. Woomer
42 C-8544, Executive Condominiums, Inc. v. State
43 C-8545, Tucker v. Hon. Hoffman
44 C-8546, Cuervo Resources, Inc. v. Claydesta National Bank
45 C-8547, Production Credit Association of South Texas v. Hon. Casseb
46 C-8548, Hilton v. Hon. Dellana
47 C-8549, Baker v. Williams
48 C-8550, Gilmore & Tatge Manufacturing Co., Inc. v. Hon. Partida
box folder
76 1 C-8551, Watson v. Central Bosque Water Supply Corp.
2 C-8552, Dooley v. Hon. Salyer
3 C-8553, Allied Bancshares, Inc. v. Stewart
4 C-8555, Adams v. Gemini Drilling & Exploration Co., Inc.
5 C-8556, Garcia v. B. F. Goodrich Co.
6 C-8557, Texas City Refining, Inc. v. Conoco, Inc.
7 C-8559, Mayfield v. Watson
8 C-8560, Dallas County Appraisal District v. Institute of Aerobics Research
9 C-8561, Keeping v. RRTM Restaurant Corp.
10 C-8562, Mills v. Savin Corp.
11 C-8563, Sheldon Pollack Corp. v. Pioneer of Texas, Inc.
12 C-8564, Gleason v. State
13 C-8565, French v. Community Broadcasting of Coastal Bend, Inc.
14 C-8566, Smith v. Hon. Partida
15 C-8567, Huggins v. Cambridge Oil Co.
16 C-8568, Barraco v. Capital Bank
17 C-8569, Metroplex Lighting and Electric v. 2811 Associates
18 C-8570, Amarco Resources Corp. v. Williams
19 C-8572, Oak Bluff Joint Venture v. Connally
20 C-8573, Hon. Canales v. Fifth Court of Appeals
21 C-8574, Gray v. North River Ins. Co. of New Jersey
22 C-8575, Harris v. Harris
23 C-8577, City of Terrell v. McFarland
24 C-8578, Ferguson v. Braun
25 C-8579, McCarthy v. Luby’s Cafeteria, Inc.
26 C-8580, Lindley v. Edwards
27 C-8583, Shelton v. Hon. White
28 C-8584, Becknell v. Becknell
29 C-8585, Harrison v. Baldwin
30 C-8586, Miller v. Vineyard
31 C-8587, Ortiz v. Hon. Lundy
32 C-8588, Vastine v. Gateway National Bank
33 C-8589, Marichal v. Marichal
34 C-8590, Packard Bell Electronics, Inc. v. Hon. Meurer
35 C-8592, Johnson v. Lynaugh
36 C-8594, Home Owners Warranty Corp. v. Hon. Biery
37 C-8595, University Park Police Association v. City of University Park
38 C-8596, Gleason v. Gleason
39 C-8599, Curtis v. Hon. Caton
box folder
77 1 C-8600, Soto v. Hon. Clawson
2 C-8603, Silagi v. Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
3 C-8604, Daylin, Inc. v. Juarez
4 C-8605, Kilgore Junior College District v. Kettle Restaurants, Inc.
5 C-8606, Bivins v. Roberson
6 C-8608, Smith v. United States National Bank of Galveston
7 C-8609, Earl v. Court of Criminal Appeals
8 C-8611, Callon v. Callon
9 C-8612, Gansle v. Strain
10 C-8613, Kistler v. Bereswill
11 C-8614, Wagner v. Hon. Curry
12 C-8615, 183/620 Group Joint Venture v. SPF Joint Venture
13 C-8616, Crawford v. Gaffney
14 C-8618, Farmland Industries, Inc. v. Mid Plains Reeves, Inc.
15 C-8623, Burress Oil Co. v. Hon. Thompson
16 C-8624, Express News Corp. v. Hon. Spears
17 C-8625, Weirich v. Hon. Cornyn
18 C-8626, First State Bank of Morton v. Seventh Court of Appeals
19 C-8630, Goad v. Goad
20 C-8631, Louisiana 7 Arkansas Railway Co. v. Capps
21 C-8632, Eshtary v. Allstate Ins. Co.
22 C-8633, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. v. Wilson
23 C-8634, Cage v. Thomason
24 C-8635, Bard v. Frank B. Hall & Co.
25 C-8636, Ramones v. Bratteng
26 C-8637, Walker v. Plaza National Bank
27 C-8638, Margaret Williams Realtors, Inc. v. Seventh Court of Appeals
28 C-8639, FBS Mortgage Corp. v. Hon. Andrews
29 C-8640, St. Cyr v. St. Cyr
30 C-8641, Bertrand v. Gray
31 C-8643, Blanchard v. Hon. Bedard
32 C-8644, Freeman v. Briarcroft Property Owners, Inc.
33 C-8645, Old American County Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. First Consolidated Bank of Rosebud
34 C-8646, Harco National Ins. Co. v. Villanueva
35 C-8647, Garrison v. Fielding ReIns., Inc.
36 C-8648, Bloom v. Bloom
37 C-8649, Jones v. Hon. Auld
38 C-8650, Aguero v. Hon. Salinas
box folder
78 1 C-8651, Union Carbide Corp. v. Hon. Vaughan
2 C-8652, Davis v. Chuck Wagon Feeding Co.
3 C-8653, Money v. Jones
4 C-8654, Raintree Properties, Inc. v. Mack Trucks, Inc.
5 C-8655, Beaudry v. San Antonio Savings Association
6 C-8656, First National Bank of Bellaire v. Huffman I.S.D.
7 C-8657, Thomas v. Georgia Pacific Corp.
8 C-8658, Visador Co. v. International Commercial Bank of China
9 C-8659, Morton v. Citizens National Bank
10 C-8661, Tate v. Commodore County Mutual Ins. Co.
11 C-8662, Duncanville I.S.D. v. Storey
12 C-8663, Jordan v. Central Mutual Ins. Co.
13 C-8664, Deasy v. Cotton
14 C-8666, Great American Reserve Life Ins. Co. v. Lockhart
15 C-8667, Whitworth v. Gahagan
16 C-8668, Stroh Brewery v. Brady
17 C-8670, Johnson v. Brown
18 C-8671, Huff v. Huff
19 C-8672, Talamantez v. Hon. Strauss
20 C-8673, Seago v. Dowling
21 C-8674, Rose v. Whitson
22 C-8675, Vaughn v. Hamilton
23 C-8676, South Central Financial Group, Inc. v. Witt
24 C-8677, Zantop v. Mbank Market Center
25 C-8678, Ozuna v. Southwest Bio-Clinical Laboratories
26 C-8679, Stephens v. Stewart
27 C-8680, West Texas Peterbilt, Inc. v. Paso Del Norte Oil Co.
28 C-8681, Ford v. Darwin
29 C-8682, Cropper v. Caterpillar Tractor Co.
30 C-8683, Centro Medico Del Valle, Inc. v. Pena
31 C-8684, Exxon Co., U.S.A. v. Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas
32 C-8685, Airport Skateland, Inc. v. Sims
33 C-8686, City of Austin v. Miller
34 C-8687, Fortner v. Fortner
35 C-8688, Sheldon v. Jasper I.S.D.
36 C-8690, Apollo Paint & Body Shop v. Thompson
37 C-8691, Funderburg v. Lone Star Life Ins. Co.
38 C-8692, Wilson v. Snead Site Preparation, Inc.
39 C-8693, Griffin v. Hon. Henderson
40 C-8694, Gibraltar Savings v. Robinowitz
41 C-8695, Leal v. Thirteenth Court of Appeals
42 C-8696, Brenner v. Woodward
43 C-8698, Baker v. Olson
44 C-8699, Act III Arabians v. Archibald
box folder
79 1 C-7800, Peek v. Oshman’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
2 C-8701, Rathmell v. Board of Adjustment of the City of Laredo
3 C-8702, Nichols v. Whitehead
4 C-8703, Cravens, Dargan & Co. v. State Board of Ins.
5 C-8704, Lawrence v. Century 21 Real Estate Corp.
6 C-8705, Bankers Savings and Loan Association v. David Goodbar Interests, Inc.
7 C-8706, Posey v. Monier Resources, Inc.
8 C-8707, Thalmann Oilfield Services, Inc. v. Central Power & Light Co.
9 C-8708, King v. Bauer
10 C-8709, Lucio v. City of Harlingen
11 C-8710, Nazarian v. Thomas
12 C-8712, Kimble v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.
13 C-8713, Hamberlin v. Longview Bank and Trust Co.
14 C-8715, Ruiz v. Terrell
15 C-8716, Felderhoff v. Felderhoff
16 C-8717, Heaton v. Fulton
17 C-8719, Posada v. Dallas County Child Protective Services Unit of the Texas Department of Human Services
18 C-8720, Boy Scouts of America v. Eighth Court of Appeals
19 C-8722, Gibraltar Savings Association v. Kilpatrick
20 C-8723, Lakeside Motel, Inc. v. Owen
21 C-8724, Cherry v. North American Lloyds of Texas
22 C-8725, Tosdale v. Mahler
23 C-8726, Khalaf v. Odiorne
24 C-8727, Buchbaum v. Malik
25 C-8728, Bellamy v. Stephen F. Austin University
26 C-8729, State v. Arnold
27 C-8730, Pate v. McClain
28 C-8731, Beck v. Sears Consumer Financial Corp.
29 C-8732, Keller Industries, Inc. v. Stafford
30 C-8733, Johnson v. Weeks
31 C-8734, Roden v. Howard
32 C-8735, Loggins v. Gilley
33 C-8736, American Medical International, Inc. v. Hon. Casseb
34 C-8738, Hill v. Lynaugh
35 C-8739, Hill v. Hon. Heard
36 C-8740, Southwestern Life Ins. Co. v. Green
37 C-8741, Enstar Petroleum Co. v. Hon. Mancias
38 C-8743, Rains v. Cohen
39 C-8744, Tarrant Appraisal District v. Colonial Country Club
40 C-8745, Texas Employers Ins. Association v. Tucker
41 C-8746, Cubilla Condominium Corp. v. McCrea
42 C-8747, Garza v. Gainan’s Chevrolet City, Inc.
43 C-8748, Strain v. Bauman
44 C-8749, Romero Brothers Shipbuilding Co. v. Commercial Marine & Ins. Specialists, Inc.
45 C-8750, Forgy v. City of San Antonio
box folder
80 1 C-8751, Trunkline Gas Co. v. Huffco Petroleum Corp.
2 C-8752, First National Bank of Jacksonville v. Moore
3 C-8753, Striplin v. Eighth Court of Appeals
4 C-8754, Challenge Transportation, Inc. v. Machinery Distribution, Inc.
5 C-8755, Borden v. Schwartz
6 C-8756, Transamerica Ins. Co. of Texas v. Hernandez
7 C-8757, Thomas v. Thomas
8 C-8758, Cree v. Slaton I.S.D.
9 C-8759, Tascosa National Bank v. Employers Mutual Casualty Co.
10 C-8760, Fisher v. Hon. Price
11 C-8761, Cox v. Hon. Hyatt
12 C-8762, Wylie I.S.D. v. TMC Foundations, Inc.
13 C-8763, Castillo v. Hidalgo County Water District No. 1
14 C-8764, Ross v. City of Dallas
15 C-8765, Ahders v. Toma
16 C-8766, Arrington v. Mattox
17 C-8767, Toth v. Toth
18 C-8768, McLendon v. Pettey
19 C-8769, Wright v. Faggan
20 C-8770, City of Engleside v. Kneuper
21 C-8771, Whitson v. Goodbodys, Inc.
22 C-8772, Artesia Waters, Inc. v. Hon. Humphreys
23 C-8773, First Southwest Lloyds Ins. Co. v. MacDowell
24 C-8774, Limas v. De Delgado
25 C-8775, Bradshaw v. Dillahunty
26 C-8776, Payne v. Sullivan
27 C-8777, Freitag v. Hon. Trevathan
28 C-8778, Mobil Oil Corp. v. Wright
29 C-8779, Heard v. Roades
30 C-8780, Moorer v. Texas Commerce Bank-Campbell Center
31 C-8781, Associated Radio Service Co. v. Aguilar
32 C-8782, Great North American Stationers, Inc. v. Ball
33 C-8783, Braut v. Braut
34 C-8785, Campbell v. Campbell
35 C-8787, Union Carbide Corp. v. Hon. Moye
36 C-8788, Stiner v. Hon. Koons
37 C-8790, Larson v. H. E. Butt Grocery Co.
38 C-8791, In re R.L.H. v. State
39 C-8792, Hartford Casualty Ins. Co. v. Hon. Hunter
40 C-8973, Fischer v. State
41 C-8794, Berryman v. El Paso Development Co.
42 C-8795, National Gypsum Co. v. Kirbyville I.S.D.
43 C-8796, Rose v. Turner
44 C-8798, Pogue v. Duncan
45 C-8799, Creel v. District Attorney and County Sheriff of Medina County
box folder
81 1 C-8880, Texas Vocational Schools, Inc. v. Lee
2 C-8801, Toyota Motor Corp. v. Guentzel
3 C-8802, Lawrence v. Texas Employment Commission
4 C-8803, Garza v. Levin
5 C-8804, Hagan v. McKenna
6 C-8806, Hamilton v. Andersen
7 C-8808, Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. v. Pickens
8 C-8809, Irrigation Association v. First National Bank of Frisco
9 C-8810, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. v. Hon. Walker
10 C-8811, Briones v. Solomon
11 C-8814, Moljo v. Hon. Miller
12 C-8815, Johnson v. Coates
13 C-8816, Grider v. Boston Company, Inc.
14 C-8818, Brewer v. Hon. Onion
15 C-8820, Nicklis v. Ford Motor Co.
16 C-8821, Holmes v. Harrison
17 C-8822, Ilona of Hungary, Inc. v. Ronaszeki
18 C-8824, Bell v. Hon. Douthitt
19 C-8825, Hobbs v. Ford Builders, Inc.
20 C-8826, Horner v. Vandagriff
21 C-8827, Verheul v. Wayne C. Holden Corp.
22 C-8828, Flowers v. Caddell
23 C-8829, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc. v. Packard
24 C-8830, Lauterbach v. Lieber Enterprises, Inc.
25 C-8831, Stakes v. Waits
26 C-8832, City of Hearne v. Hon. Stem
27 C-8833, Zapatero v. Canales
28 C-8834, 18 Rushcreek v. First Court of Appeals
29 C-8835, Pointdexter v. Foster
30 C-8836, In re J. D.
31 C-8837, First Bank of Deer Park v. Deer Park I.S.D.
32 C-8838, Parker v. Carnahan
33 C-8839, State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. v. Peoples National Bank of Lufkin
34 C-8840, Allison v. Century Marketing, Inc.
36 C-8842, Roundtree v. State
37 C-8844, Hon. Montgomery v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
38 C-8845, Texas Commerce Bank Austin v. Griffin
39 C-8846, Galvan v. Texas Department of Human Services
40 C-8848, Novall, Inc. v. State
41 C-8850, State v. Benavides
box folder
82 1 C-8851, Roberson v. Allied Bank West
2 C-8852, Klein v. Sporting Goods, Inc.
3 C-8853, Dallas County Hospital District v. May
4 C-8854, Caulfield v. Caulfield
5 C-8855, City of Rosser v. Baber
6 C-8856, Materials Marketing of Dallas, Inc. v. Hankammer
7 C-8857, Heritage Society of Washington County v. Neumann
8 C-8858, Brown v. Welltech, Inc.
9 C-8859, Plazak v. Fifth Court of Appeals
10 C-8860, John Deere Co. v. May
11 C-8861, Minnick v. Hon. Coker
12 C-8862, Wenzl v. Micro Computer Knowledge, Inc.
13 C-8863, Bennett v. Texas Instruments, Inc.
14 C-8865, Citgo Petroleum Corp. v. Foster Wheel Energy Corp.
15 C-8866, Johnson v. Timber Joint Venture
16 C-8867, Cliff v. Bonner
17 C-8868, Parish v. Coggins
18 C-8869, Stein v. Dallas County Bail Bond Board
19 C-8870, Doyle v. Ninth Court of Appeals
20 C-8871, Sullivan v. Hon. Gibbs
21 C-8872, McDonald v. Hon. Demerson
22 C-8873, Thompson v. Hon. West
23 C-8874, Walsh v. Sabine Bank
24 C-8875, Stephens v. Angelina National Bank
25 C-8876, Tanglewood Homes Association, Inc. v. Henke
26 C-8877, San Marcos Consolidated I.S.D. v. Valero Transmission Co.
27 C-8878, City of Houston v. De Trapani
28 C-8879, Mullen v. Hon. Marshall
29 C-8881, Simpson v. Booker
30 C-8882, Medical Designs, Inc. v. Bledsoe
31 C-8883, White v. MBank Wichita Falls Southwest
32 C-8884, Bado Equipment Co. v. Flour Bluff I.S.D.
33 C-8885, Gonzalez v. Nielsen
34 C-8886, Texas Employers Ins. Association v. Gonzalez
35 C-8887, Hankerson v. Russell
36 C-8888, McCue v. Bedgood
37 C-8891, Denis v. Kickapoo Land Co.
38 C-8897, Carmichael v. Hon. Wallace
39 C-8898, Huffington v. Hon. Trevathan
box folder
83 1 C-8900, L.P.C. Distributing Co., Inc. v. Cadillac Ins. Co.
2 C-8901, Intercon Properties Corp. v. Nelson
3 C-8902 and C-9184, Sitterle Properties v. Texas Savings and Loan Association
4 C-8903, Wilkerson v. Ninth Court of Appeals
5 C-8904, Ridge v. Garcia
6 C-8905, Love v. Bank of America
7 C-8906, Kirby Forest Industries, Inc. v. Kirkland
8 C-8907, Pryor v. State
9 C-8908, McCauley v. Drum Service Co., Inc.
10 C-8909, Currey v. Highlands Ins. Co.
11 C-8911, Payne v. City of Galveston
12 C-8912, Marcee v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
13 C-8913, Coronado Bank v. Aguilar Homes, Inc.
14 C-8914, Mathes v. Texas Employers Ins. Association
15 C-8915, McAllen Methodist Hospital v. Longoria
16 C-8916, McGuffin v. ARCO Oil and Gas Company
17 C-8917, Wallace v. Texas Employers Ins. Association
18 C-8918, Texas Employers Ins. Association v. Ramirez
19 C-8919, Right Away Foods Corp., Inc. v. Terminix, Inc.
20 C-8920, Bloys v. C & W Supply Co.
21 C-8921, Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Co. v. Blakely
22 C-8922, Roach v. Roach
23 C-8923, Wavell v. Barger
24 C-8924, National Bugmobiles, Inc. v. Jobi Properties
25 C-8925, City of Wharton v. Stavena
26 C-8926, Timmons v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
27 C-8927, Doyle v. Ninth Court of Appeals
28 C-8928, Newby v. McCormick
29 C-8929, Crawford v. State
30 C-8930, Federal Sign & Signal Corp. v. Dent
31 C-8931, Borg-Warner Acceptance Corp. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
32 C-8933, Blankenship v. Blankenship
33 C-8934, United States Fire Ins. Co. v. United Service Automobile Association
34 C-8935, Southwestern Bell Media, Inc. v. Embree, Inc.
35 C-8936, NBS Southern, Inc. v. Mail Box, Inc.
36 C-8937, City of Granite Shoals v. Hon. Hammon
37 C-8939, Micro Sciences, Inc. v. Hon. O’Neill
38 C-8941, Perez v. Curry
39 C-8943, Powers v. Palacios
40 C-8944, King v. Hon. Yates
41 C-8945, Moloney v. Creavin
42 C-8946, Foreman v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
43 C-8947, Taylor v. Shelton
44 C-8948, Huddleston v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp.
45 C-8950, Wo v. Halliburton Co.
box folder
84 1 C-8951, Saunders v. Saunders
2 C-8953, State v. Rogers
3 C-8954, Hankins v. Griffith
4 C-8955, Blackman v. Blackman
5 C-8957, Wood v. First National Bank of Wilmington
6 C-8958, Wiley v. Hon. Williams
7 C-8959, Soliman v. Eddins Enterprises, Inc.
8 C-8960, Bayliss v. Cernock
9 C-8961, Baptist Hospital v. Hon. Hahn
10 C-8962, Reliance Ins. Co. v. Capital Bancshares, Inc.
11 C-8963, Elliot v. Lester Goodson Pontiac
12 C-8964, Cross v. Jones
13 C-8965, Lewis v. State
14 C-8966, Rosanky v. Seal-Pac Professional Services, Inc.
15 C-8967, Cloughly v. NBC Bank-Seguin
16 C-8968, MSW Investments v. Texas Turnpike Authority
17 C-8969, Wright v. Brooks
18 C-8970, Baldwin v. Barbon Corp.
19 C-8972, Johnson v. State Bar of Texas
20 C-8975, Hill Country Springs Water of Texas, Inc. v. Krug
21 C-8977, Southern Pacific Transportation Co. v. Pyle
22 C-8978, Deerfield Land Joint Venture v. Southern Union Realty Co.
23 C-8979, Gar-Tex Construction Co. v. Employers Casualty Co.
24 C-8980, Altman v. Mooney Aircraft Corp.
25 C-8982, Gates Rental, Inc. v. White
26 C-8983, Continental Street Co. v. H. A. Lott, Inc. and C-9230, Construction Investments and Consultants, Inc. v. Dresser Industries, Inc.
27 C-8985, Latham v. Richey
28 C-8986, Windfall Investments, Inc. v. Pacific Southwest Savings Bank
29 C-8987, Hercules Engineering and Testing Services, Inc. v. Stanley
30 C-8988, Campbell v. Groves
31 C-8990, Ludewig v. Houston Pipeline Co.
32 C-8991, Meyer v. State Bar of Texas
33 C-8992, Creel v. Hon. Schaefer
34 C-8993, Chambers v. Hon. Dellana
35 C-8996, NCNB Texas National Bank v. Kearns
36 C-8997, Susat v. Johnson
37 C-8998, Jones v. First Savings and Loan Association of Bowie
38 C-8999, Mehra v. Roanoke Agency, Inc.
box folder
85 1 C-9000, Sigler v. Richardson
2 C-9001, Nickerson v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
3 C-9002, Trans-Pacific Stores v. Hon. Wilson
4 C-9004, Morrison v. Maxey
5 C-9005, Alexander v. Green
6 C-9008, Robinson v. State
7 C-9009, Crawford v. Gardner
8 C-9010, Hunter v. United Brands, Inc.
9 C-9011, Comerica Bank-Texas v. First City Bank, East Dallas
10 C-9012, Cole v. Mammel
11 C-9013, Atherton v. Newman
12 C-9015, McVeigh v. Lerner
13 C-9016, Davis v. Nale
14 C-9018, Mittle v. Oldham
15 C-9019, Fulton v. Texas Farm Bureau Ins. Co.
16 C-9020, Palaura Exploration Co. v. Hon. Pesek
17 C-9021, Town of Sunnyvale v. Mayhew
18 C-9022, Wood v. Snyder
19 C-9023, Elbar, Inc. v. Claussen
20 C-9025, Fritz Chemical Co. v. Port Distributing Corp.
21 C-9026, Merritt v. Harris County
22 C-9027, Scott v. Garcia
23 C-9030, National Standard Ins. Co. v. Hermann Hospital
24 C-9032, Counts v. Texas Independent Bank
25 C-9033, Hoppe v. Godeke
26 C-9034, Smith v. Central Freight Lines, Inc.
27 C-9036, Feed Store, Inc. v. Reliable Ins. Co.
28 C-9037, Nickerson v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
29 C-9038, Windham v. Windham
30 C-9039, Becknell v. Becknell
31 C-9040, Jones v. Harrison
32 C-9041, Marion State Bank v. Gerdes
33 C-9042, Mansback v. Director, State Employees Workers’ Compensation Division, State of Texas
34 C-9043, Howell v. Mauzy
35 C-9044, Pioneer Corp. v. Bullock
36 C-9045, Rainbo Baking Co. v. Denny’s, Inc.
37 C-9046, City of Laredo v. South Texas National Bank
38 C-9047, NCNB Texas National Bank v. United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co.
39 C-9048, Rubio v. Trinity River Authority of Texas
40 C-9050, Southern Pacific Transportation Co. v. Hon. Dickerson
box folder
86 1 C-9051, Clark Equipment Co. v. Texas Employers’ Ins. Association
2 C-9053, Jones v. City of Dallas
3 C-9056, Rowhanian v. Thomas C. Cook, Inc.
4 C-9057, Fidelity and Casualty Co. of New York v. Farrar
5 C-9061, Chaput v. Hon. Stevenson
6 C-9062, March v. Victoria Lloyds Ins. Co.
7 C-9065, State Bar of Texas v. Turton
8 C-9066, Three Rivers Gypsum, Inc. v. Texas Commerce Bank-Dallas
9 C-9067, Nelson v. Dallas I.S.D.
10 C-9068, Dallas County Child Welfare Unit v. Estes
11 C-9069, Sameth v. Fields
12 C-9070, Minns v. Houston Health Clubs, Inc.
13 C-9072, Brown v. Robertson
14 C-9073, Wright v. Cardox Corp.
15 C-9074, North Belt 28.019 v. Wildwood Construction Co.
16 C-9075, Blount v. Amoco Production Co.
17 C-9076, Olivares v. Hon. Kelly
18 C-9077, Gamez v. Fourth Court of Appeals
19 C-9078, North Alamo Water Supply Corp. v. Hon. Dibrell
20 C-9079, Fagan v. Johnson
21 C-9080, Tripp Village Joint Venture v. Mbank Lincoln Centre
22 C-9081, Birdo v. Holbrook
23 C-9082, Scharer v. John’s Cars, Inc.
24 C-9083, State v. $1,940
25 C-9084, State v. $4,097
26 C-9085, A&T Consultants, Inc. v. Bullock
27 C-9086, Costello v. State
28 C-9087, Myers v. Kelton I.S.D.
29 C-9088, Herbert v. Herbert
30 C-9089, Ramsey v. Hurst
31 C-9090, Reed v. City of Dallas
32 C-9091, Edmiston v. Interfirst Bank Dallas
33 C-9092, Howell v. Hon. Phillips and C-9142, Howell v. Hecht
34 C-9093, Paramount National Life Ins. Co. v. Williams
35 C-9094, Furr’s, Inc. v. Ferguson
36 C-9095, Minor v. Aland
37 C-9096, Rovner v. Rovner
box folder
87 1 C-9101, Ross v. Texas Catastrophe Property Ins. Association
2 C-9102, Woodcrest Associates, Inc. v. Commonwealth Mortgage Corp.
3 C-9103, Butler v. Shur Sav Foods
4 C-9105, Nance v. Heights Hospital
5 C-9106, Stroud v. Lee
6 C-9107, Culpepper v. Houston Lighting & Power Co.
7 C-9110, Jackson v. Read
8 C-9111, Lopez v. Lopez
9 C-9114, Hanley v. Fifth Court of Appeals
10 C-9116, City of San Benito v. Guerra
11 C-9117, Prasek Investments v. Lee
12 C-9118, Garza v. Luders
13 C-9119, White v. Hargett
14 C-9120, Todes v. DeClue
15 C-9122, Maule v. United States Fire Ins. Co.
16 C-9123, Luker v. Luker
17 C-9124, Kerr Central Appraisal District v. Stacy
18 C-9125, De Los Santos v. Briercroft Service Corp.
19 C-9126, Mercy Hospital of Laredo v. Rios
20 C-9127, Fike v. Stewart
21 C-9129, Read v. Hon. Gregg
22 C-9130, El Paso Hospital District v. State
23 C-9131, Texas Employment Commission v. Southside I.S.D.
24 C-9133, Gunter Hotel of San Antonio v. Buck
25 C-9134, Arkansas Federal Savings Bank v. Bieler and Associates
26 C-9135, Perkins v. Damme
27 C-9136, Minnick v. Hon. Coker
28 C-9137, Brooks v. Bank One
29 C-9139, First Texas Bank v. Gulf Fire Sprinklers, Inc.
30 C-9140, Borum v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
31 C-9141, Alejandro v. Moreno
32 C-9143, Harvey v. Second Court of Appeals
33 C-9144, Ney v. Batot
34 C-9145, Meyer v. Hon. Lowry
35 C-9146, Casiano v. Cortes
36 C-9148, Saenz v. Starry
37 C-9150, Mitropoulos v. Farmers Ins. Group
box folder
88 1 C-9152, Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers International Union v. Hinote
2 C-9153, Zetune v. Jafif-Zetune
3 C-9154, Vandenburg v. Sunbelt Service Corp.
4 C-9156, Frink v. Willy
5 C-9157, Duran v. Bayoud
6 C-9158, Sibert v. Enriquez
7 C-9159, De Angelo v. Hon. Meurer
8 C-9160, Santa Fe Drilling Co. of South America v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
9 C-9161, Dieter v. Baker Service Tools
10 C-9162, Service Lloyds Ins. Co. v. Long
11 C-9163, Ross v. Hon. Hall
12 C-9164, Olney Savings Association v. Wagner
13 C-9165, Sorens v. Murphy
14 C-9166, Cavazos v. Chapman
15 C-9167, Martini v. Tatum
16 C-9168, Lyde v. Grayson County Appraisal District
17 C-9169, Ex parte Blevins
18 C-9170, Kyle v. Hon. O’Donnell
19 C-9171, Harvey Brothers Oil & Gas v. Hon. Placke
20 C-9173, Dallas Central Appraisal District v. Jagee Corp.
21 C-9174, Gonsalves v. Attorney General of Texas on behalf of Gonsalves
22 C-9176, Woodward Pipeline, Inc. v. Reliance Pipeline Co., Inc.
23 C-9177, Keim v. Southwest Savings Association
24 C-9179, McMean v. Amoco Production Co.
25 C-9180, Thomas v. Winnett
26 C-9181, Black v. Dimijian
27 C-9182, Highland Park Residents v. Central Education Agency
28 C-9183, Capitol Warehouse v. Putman & Putman, Inc.
29 C-9187, Jackson v. Bookman
30 C-9188, Kennedy v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
31 C-9189, Durbin v. Hardin
32 C-9190, U. S. Fire Ins. Co. v. Maness
33 C-9191, Hitchcock Properties, Inc. v. Levering
34 C-9192, Mylonas v. Exezidis
35 C-9193, Hardy v. Hon. Hearn
36 C-9194, Sharrar v. Wisser
37 C-9195, United States Shoe Corp. v. Goldberg
38 C-9196, Hutton v. Johnson
39 C-9197, Evans v. Maryland Casualty Co.
40 C-9198, Gray v. Lexington Ins. Co.
41 C-9199, Bodisch v. State
box folder
89 1 C-9200, Barrelle v. Miller
2 C-9201, McClellan v. Rylander
3 C-9203, Long v. Escalante
4 C-9204, Goren v. Brown
5 C-9205, Channel Industries Gas Co. v. Railroad Commission of Texas
6 C-9206, Coleman v. Rotana, Inc.
7 C-9209, Clair v. Emcom Corp. of Delaware
8 C-9210, McDonald v. Newmyer
9 C-9212, Drew v. Hon. Clawson
10 C-9213, McGuire v. Post Oak Townhome Owners Association, Phase II
11 C-9214, Rockport Shrimp Coop. v. Jackson
12 C-9215, Moorhead v. Boone
13 C-9218, Smith v. McCullough
14 C-9219, McNally v. McNally
15 C-9220, Jeavons v. McNeel
16 C-9221, Brodsky v. Second Court of Appeals
17 C-9222, Texaco Refining & Marketing, Inc. v. Tran
18 C-9226, Austrian Import Service, Inc. v. Mandrell
19 C-9227, Turner v. Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
20 C-9228, Carney’s Lumber Co. v. C. H. Taylor and Associates
21 C-9229, Foster Cathead Co. v. Martinez
22 C-9230, Construction Investments and Consultants, Inc. v. Dresser Industries, Inc.
23 C-9231, King v. Fordice
24 C-9232, Hilton v. NCNB Texas National Bank
25 C-9233, First American Title Ins. Co. v. Barnard
26 C-9234, Tschoepe v. Lamberti
27 C-9235, United Cab Co., Inc. v. Mason
28 C-9236, Universal Health Service v. Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp.
29 C-9238, Lawhon v. Siddons & Pritchett
30 C-9239, Castillo v. Neely’s TBA Dealer Supply, Inc.
31 C-9240, Blackwell v. J. O. Lochridge General Contractors, Inc.
32 C-9241, Royal Ins. Co. of America v. Chennault
33 C-9244, Karbowski v. Hon. Dunham
34 C-9245, Hughes v. Hines
35 C-9247, Stein v. Alamo Savings Association of Texas
36 C-9248, Rollins v. Fleming Foods of Texas, Inc.
box folder
90 1 C-9251, Sandra D. v. Texas Department of Human Services
2 C-9252, Southern Pacific Transportation Co. v. Hon. Dickerson
3 C-9255, Parks v. Ticor Title Ins. Co.
4 C-9257, MJR Financing, Inc. v. Hon. Coker
5 C-9258, Garcia v. Hon. Pickett
6 C-9260, Don Judd Dodge, Inc. v. Palo Duro Savings & Loan
7 C-9261, Rodgers v. Parham
8 C-9262, River Oaks Bank v. BMW Auto Center, Inc.
9 C-9263, Lloyd’s U.S. Corp. v. Landis
10 C-9264, Brown v. Fairbrother
11 C-9265, Lee Roy Westbrook Construction Co., Inc. v. Texas Forming Systems and Supplies, Inc.
12 C-9266, Cornelison v. Aggregate Haulers, Inc.
13 C-9267, Arcenaux v. Hon. Moore
14 C-9268, Allen v. City of Texas City
15 C-9269, Mills v. Hon. Tyson
16 C-9270, Cronen v. Brawner
17 C-9271, Lizcano v. State
18 C-9272, Crow v. Smith
19 C-9273, Downey v. Downey
20 C-9275, Mutual Savings Life Ins. Co. v. Braukmann Industries, Inc.
21 C-9276, Sorens v. Mapel
22 C-9277, La v. Aetna Life Ins. Co.
23 C-9278, Southwind Aviation, Inc. v. Avendano
24 C-9279, Vasquez v. Carmel Shopping Center Co.
25 C-9280, Cocke v. Saks
26 C-9281, Campbell v. Heritage Plaza
27 C-9282, Del Mar Distributing Co., Inc. v. Johnston
28 C-9283, Wright v. Lewis
29 C-9284, Public Utility Commission of Texas v. General Telephone Co. of the Southwest
30 C-9285, Starnes v. Holloway
31 C-9286, Tio Mario, Inc. v. Matos
32 C-9288, National Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh v. Valero Energy Corp.
33 C-9289, General Land Office of the State of Texas v. Oxy U.S.A., Inc.
34 C-9290, Haynes v. McIntosh
35 C-9291, All Saints Episcopal Hospital v. Bessire
36 C-9292, Allen v. Port Drum Co., Inc.
37 C-9293, Alkek v. Heldenfels Brothers, Inc.
38 C-9295, Tcholakian v. Bartholomew
39 C-9296, Penick v. Penick
40 C-9298, Commercial Escrow Co. v. Rockport Rebel, Inc.
41 C-9299, Levine v. Doan
box folder
91 1 C-9300, Mendez v. International Playtex, Inc.
2 C-9301, Variable Annuity Life Ins. Co. v. Morian
3 C-9304, Myers v. True Oil Co.
4 C-9305, JBK Enterprises v. Hanmore Development Corp.
5 C-9306, Blackburn v. Brazos Valley Util., Inc.
6 C-9307, Cleontes v. City of Laredo
7 C-9309, Garcia Distributing, Inc. v. Fedders Air Conditioning, USA, Inc.
8 C-9311, Olson v. Bayland Publishing, Inc.
9 C-9312, Palmer v. San Antonio Savings Association
10 C-9313, Naranjo v. Southwest I.S.D.
11 C-9314, O’Heir v. Christenson
12 C-9315, Sherard v. Smith
13 C-9316, Vickery v. Vickery
14 C-9318, Winslow v. Acker
15 C-9319, Hamilton v. Robert Marshall Construction, Inc.
16 C-9320, Eames v. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
17 C-9321, Ward v. Farb
18 C-9322, Lewis v. Mundy Construction Co.
19 C-9323, Rushin v. Humphrey
20 C-9325, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Hon. Ater
21 C-9326, Harris v. Hon. Hogan
22 C-9327, City of Houston v. Spillers
23 C-9329, Daniels v. Franklin
24 C-9331, Hardwick v. Austin Gallery of Oriental Rugs
25 C-9332, H. Shor & Co., Inc. v. McCallie
26 C-9333, Pledger v. Schoellkopf
27 C-9334, Henderson v. Tinkle
28 C-9335, Johnson v. Johnson
29 C-9336, Lousiana & Arkansas Railway Co. v. Gary
30 C-9337, American Home Assurance Co. v. Brandt
31 C-9338, Kansas City Southern Railway Co. v. Catanese
32 C-9339, Cableguard, Inc. v. Hon. Spector
33 C-9340, Kansas City Southern Railway Co. v. Carter
34 C-9341, McCaffrey v. Deschaine
35 C-9344, Wagner & Brown, Inc. v. Valero Energy Corp.
36 C-9345, Francis v. Garcia
37 C-9346, Tabor v. Linder
38 C-9347, Kuzbery v. Bent
39 C-9348, Lawrence v. Texas Employment Commission
40 C-9349, Rice v. Gregory
41 C-9350, Smith v. Tucker
box folder
92 1 C-9351, Rainbow Express, Inc. v. Unkenholz
2 C-9352, East v. Warren Petroleum, Inc.
3 C-9353, Carter Wind Systems, Inc. v. Hon. Brotherton
4 C-9354, Hon. Salazar v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
5 C-9355, Sievers v. Sievers
6 C-9356, Marquess v. Hon. O’Neill
7 C-9357, Petty v. Texas Department of Mental Health & Mental Retardation
8 C-9358, Hicks v. First National Bank in Dalhart
9 C-9359, Burch v. Lawrence & Lawrence
10 C-9361, Sims v. Standard Fire Ins. Co.
11 C-9363, Dyer v. Shafer, Gilliland, Davis, McCollum & Ashley, Inc.
12 C-9364, Brucker v. Kimbrough
13 C-9365, One 1986 Ford Truck v. State
14 C-9366, Moore v. Fieseler
15 C-9367, Okere v. Beatty
16 C-9368, Barnhart v. Barnhart Joint Venture
17 C-9370, Parks v. Texas Employment Commission
18 C-9371, Thywissen v. Cron
19 C-9373, Fuller v. Scamardi
20 C-9374, Jackson v. General Dynamics Corp.
21 C-9375, Dallas Law, Inc. v. RCF&H
22 C-9376, Lang v. Resource Savings Association
23 C-9377, Rovner v. Rovner
24 C-9378, Gregg County Appraisal District v. Wildwood Development
25 C-9379, Lindley v. City of Grapevine
26 C-9380, Mosier v. Mosier
27 C-9381, Nolley v. Hon. Lloyd
28 C-9382, Ex parte Andrew
29 C-9383, Pitzer v. Vibra-Whirl & Co., Inc.
30 C-9385, Bain v. City of Plainview
31 C-9386, Manriquez v. Mid-Century Ins. Co. of Texas
32 C-9387, Ontiveros v. Insurance Co. of Pennsylvania
33 C-9388, Montes v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Corp.
34 C-9389, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Black
35 C-9390, Arvizo v. Continental National Bank
36 C-9392, Metot v. Danielson
37 C-9393, Mullen v. First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Brookhaven
38 C-9394, David Gavin Co. v. Gibson
39 C-9397, Texas American Bank/Farmers Branch v. Abrams Centre National Bank
40 C-9398, Texas TX TX Marine Transportation, Inc. v. Manchester Terminal Corp.
41 C-9399, Transamerica Commercial Finance Corp. v. Hon. Black
box folder
93 1 C-9400, Miller v. Hon. Powell
2 C-9401, Hudgins v. Hyatt
3 C-9402, Franklin Federal Bancorp v. Hon. Meurer
4 C-9404, Philp v. Board of Adjustment of the City of San Antonio
5 C-9405, Burch v. Hays
6 C-9406, Ogunbase v. Baylor College of Medicine
7 C-9407, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co. v. Chapman
8 C-9409, Illinois Employers of Wassau v. Barnes
9 C-9410, Hardin v. County of Comanche
10 C-9412, Giberson v. Sorrells
11 C-9413, Ramos v. City of McAllen
12 C-9414, Wernli v. Houston Pipeline Co.
13 C-9415, Vasquez v. Hon. Troche
14 C-9416, Jones v. Papp
15 C-9417, Fikes v. Boehmke
16 C-9418, Markham v. Tarrant County
17 C-9420, Miller v. Hon. Young
18 C-9423, Soliz v. Saenz
19 C-9424, Damson Oil Corp. v. Teltschik
20 C-9425, Clement v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
21 C-9426, Riggs v. Criswell
22 C-9427, Kelley v. Hon. Hicks
23 C-9428, Mallett v. SPS, Inc.
24 C-9429, Dorris v. Texas Commerce Bank-Austin
25 C-9430, Charter National Bank-Houston v. Stevens
26 C-9432, Johnson v. Johnson
27 C-9433, Graham Associates, Inc. v. Stone
28 C-9434, O’Bryant v. City of Camp Wood
29 C-9435, Feagin v. Mr. M. Food Store
30 C-9436, Reed v. Tyson
31 C-9437, Garcia v. Dean
32 C-9440, New Braunfels National Bank v. Odiorne
33 C-9441, Johnson v. Price
34 C-9442, Chiles v. Chiles
35 C-9443, $1,272 v. State
36 C-9444, City of Dallas v. Cox
37 C-9445, Winslow v. Hon. Hammond
38 C-9446, Bloom v. Hon. Butts
39 C-9447, Vincent v. Hon. Martin
40 C-9450, Balke v. Hon. Dibrell
box folder
94 1 C-9453, Johnson v. Hon. McCoy
2 C-9454, Simpson v. Hon. Gallardo
3 C-9455, National Union Fire Ins. Co. v. Hon. Woodlock
4 C-9456, Guajardo v. Cisneros
5 C-9457, Kartalis v. Lakeland Plaza Joint Venture
6 C-9458, Berry v. Berry
7 C-9459, Flippin v. Wilson State Bank
8 C-9460, Dallas Brewery v. Hon. Rose
9 C-9461, City of Dallas v. Industrial Properties Corp.
10 C-9462, Wolf v. Plate and Platter, Inc.
11 C-9463, Ex parte Rea
12 C-9465, Whelan v. Hon. Garrison
13 C-9467, McQuiddy v. Patrick Services, Inc.
14 C-9471, Snoke v. Republic Underwriters Insurance Co.
15 C-9472, Hawkins v. Dickson
16 C-9473, Fierros v. Williams
17 C-9474, Ramirez v. Killam & Hurd
18 C-9475, Pengelly v. 3-J Co.
19 C-9477, Ruiz Real Estate Corp. v. Laredo I.S.D.
20 C-9478, Rocha v. McNeel
21 C-9479, Dans v. Dans
22 C-9480, Flowers v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
23 C-9481, R.I.O. Systems, Inc. v. Union Carbide Corp.
24 C-9482, Rainey v. Godsey
25 25. C-9483, Club Corp. of America v. U.S. Administrators of Texas, Inc.
26 C-9484, H&H Trucking Co., Inc. v. Lewis
27 C-9485, City of Midland v. Mayes
28 C-9486, Perry v. Hon. Specia
29 C-9487, McAda v. Brown
30 C-9488, Stewart v. Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.
31 C-9490, Mapco, Inc. v. Forrest
32 C-9491, SignAd, Inc. v. Billboards Limited! Inc.
33 C-9492, Hanley v. Fifth Court of Appeals
34 C-9493, Barnes v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit of the Texas Department of Human Services
35 C-9494, Mersch v. Zurich Insurance Co.
36 C-9496, Pate v. Blackwell
37 C-9497, Rodriguez v. Hon. Bournias
38 C-9498, International Architectural Glass Co. v. Aztec Rental Center, Inc.
39 C-9499, Farmer v. DeFrancesco
box folder
95 1 C-9500, Rodriguez v. Adolph Coors Co.
2 C-9503, Crossland v. Tarrant County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1
3 C-9505, Martinez v. National Convenience Stores, Inc.
4 C-9508, Durish v. First Court of Appeals
5 C-9509, Hales v. Mortgage and Trust, Inc.
6 C-9510, Newman v. Woodhaven National Bank, Inc.
7 C-9512, McWhorter v. Hon. Andrews
8 C-9514, Homburger v. Ross, Arnn, Hartley, Irion and Wilkes, P.C.
9 C-9516, Fobbs v. Bayoud
10 C-9517, Garza v. Thirteenth Court of Appeals
11 C-9518, Bloom v. Hon. Butts
12 C-9523, Vinson & Elkins v. Hon Lowry
13 C-9524, Vaughan v. Hon. Lewis
14 C-9525, Berry v. Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co.
15 C-9527, Houston Tractor Equipment Relator v. Hon. Cochran
16 C-9528, Hornell v. Sovran Bank
17 C-9529, Paragon Hotel Corp. v. Ramirez
18 C-9530, Macha v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
19 C-9531, Wansbrough v. Lambert
20 C-9532, Ex parte McLerran
21 C-9533, Dow v. Hon. Crum
22 C-9534, Lear Petroleum Corp. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
23 C-9535, Smith v. Holloway
24 C-9536, Batson Construction Co. v. Lumbermen’s Mutual Casualty Co.
25 C-9539, Byers v. State Bar of Texas
26 C-9540, Murray v. Hon. Gonzalez
27 C-9541, Herman F. Heep Trusts Nos. 1 and 2 v. Hon. Lowry
28 C-9542, Elliott v. Elliott
29 C-9543, Hunt v. Harris Equipment Co.
30 C-9544, Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. v. Grinstead
31 C-9545, Sellhorn v. Central Education Agency
32 C-9546, Adesina v. Mani
33 C-9547, Riley v. Meriwether
34 C-9549, Smith v. Dallas County Sheriff’s Department
35 C-9550, Port of Houston Authority v. Hon. West
box folder
96 1 C-9553, Woolridge v. Hon. Evans
2 C-9554, MCR International, Inc. v. Alamo Savings Association of Texas
3 C-9557, Peralta v. H&R Block
4 C-9558, Wirtz v. Erving
5 C-9560, Grisson v. Shelton
6 C-9561, Barron v. Owen
7 C-9562, Burk v. Townbluff Homeowners Association, Inc.
8 C-9563, Newman v. Woodhaven National Bank, Inc.
9 C-9564, North Texas Development Corp. v. Huffman
10 C-9565, Gage v. Tri-County Utilities
11 C-9566, Gage v. Home Owners Funding Corp. of America
12 C-9569, United Services Automobile Association v. Blakemore
13 C-9570, Cisneros v. Hon. Canales
14 C-9571, Works v. Arlington Memorial Hospital
15 C-9572, Cissne v. Robertson
16 C-9573, Sedita v. Musachia
17 C-9574, Trevino v. Brookhill Capital Resources, Inc.
18 C-9575, Pasket v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp.
19 C-9580, GAF Corp. v. Hon. Caldwell
20 C-9581, Chiles v. First Court of Appeals
21 C-9582, Sadler v. Sadler
22 C-9583, Porras v. Bremer
23 C-9584, Cox v. Texas Commerce Bank-Austin
24 C-9585, Brady v. Cox Enterprises, Inc.
25 C-9586, Clayton v. First State Bank of Gainesville
26 C-9587, Edinburg Consolidated I.S.D. v. St. Paul Ins. Co.
27 C-9590, Carroll v. McDonald
28 C-9591, Corman v. Fabrique, Inc.
29 C-9592, Lawrence Investments, Inc. v. Chicago Title Ins. Co.
30 C-9593, Old Republic Ins. Co. v. Wuensche
31 C-9594, American Home Assurance Co. v. Hon. Cooper
32 C-9595, Office of Public Utility Counsel v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
33 C-9597, Timmons v. Bates
34 C-9599, Safety Kleen v. Hon. Moye
box folder
97 1 C-9600, Foster v. Mathy
2 C-9601, Thomas v. Lynaugh
3 C-9602, North America Title Co., Inc. v. Guardian Title Co., Inc.
4 C-9603, State v. Nelson
5 C-9604, Evans v. University Savings & Loan of Boerne
6 C-9605, Hernandez v. Kingsville I.S.D.
7 C-9606, Strickland v. Gilleland
8 C-9607, Isern v. Watson
9 C-9608, Davis v. Nale
10 C-9609, Eckler v. General Council of the Assemblies of God
11 C-9610 and D-0636, Lively Energy and Development Corp. v. Lone Star Gas Co.
12 C-9612, Ex parte Lee
13 C-9614, Anderson v. Opperman
14 C-9615, Americity Federal Savings Bank v. Beard
15 C-9616, Francis v. Hon. O’Neill
16 C-9617, National Union Fire Ins. Co. v. De La Cruz
17 C-9618, Schagar v. National Bank of Commerce of Brownville
18 C-9619, Emery v. K-C Aviation, Inc.
19 C-9620, BSB Investments, Inc. v. Hodge
20 C-9622, Groco Corp. v. White
21 C-9623, Prata v. First American Title Co.
22 C-9624, Mundy v. Shippers, Inc.
23 C-9625, Furnace v. Furnace
24 C-9626, Time Ins. Co. v. Wilkins
25 C-9628, Texas Employers Insurance Association v. Hon. Cooke
26 C-9629, Texas Trust Savings Bank v. Cleveland Bank & Trust
27 C-9630, Dubin v. Carrier Corp.
28 C-9631, Brazosport Bank of Texas v. Hon. Gayle
29 C-9632, Bank of Houston v. Thomas
30 C-9633, C&C Partners v. Sun Exploration & Production Co.
31 C-9634, Universal Stair Manufacturing Co. v. Huneycutt
32 C-9635, Shelby v. Preferred Heating and Air Conditioning Co., Inc.
33 C-9636, Witcher v. Allen
34 C-9637, Caraway v. Caraway
35 C-9638, Butler v. Johnson
36 C-9640, Bullacher v. First Republic Bank
37 C-9641, Baxter v. Santa Fe Energy Co.
38 C-9642, Baytown Construction Co., Inc. v. Buchanan/Soil Mechanics, Inc.
39 C-9644, Lynch v. Hon. Culp
40 C-9645, Brunswick Corp. v. Bush
41 C-9646, Morgan v. Campbell Oil Co.
42 C-9647, Daseke Management Co. of America, Inc. v. Hon. Hartman
43 C-9648, Biederman v. Progressive Pumps & Controls Corp.
44 C-9650, Baeza v. Hon. Mireles and C-9651, Baeza v. Hon. Rivera
box folder
98 1 C-9653, State v. $2,500
2 C-9654, Trevino v. Lightning Laydown, Inc.
3 C-9655, State v. Hon. Andrews
4 C-9659, United States Fire Ins. Co. v. Finney
5 C-9657, In the Matter of the Petition of Greg Foster to Perpetuate His Testimony
6 C-9658, Southwest Center One v. Verkin
7 C-9659, Duncan v. Carney
8 C-9660, Tumlinson v. St. Paul Ins. Co.
9 C-9661, Priddy v. Hutson
10 C-9662, Vega v. Rectorseal Corp.
11 C-9663, Keene Corp. v. Hon. Caldwell
12 C-9664, SpringPark Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Scoville
13 C-9665, City of Grand Prairie v. Harrington
14 C-9666, Kim v. Trammell Crow Co. No. 63A
15 C-9667, McWhorter v. Hon. Bosworth
16 C-9668, Blumenschein v. Hon. Andrews
17 C-9669, Carrington v. Shearer
18 C-9672, Gerlach v. Lalor
19 C-9673, Ector County Commissioners Court v. Central Education Agency
20 C-9674, Sanner v. H.C.T., Inc.
21 C-9676, Guardian Industries, Corp. v. Haught
22 C-9677, Cestro v. Medina
23 C-9678, Star-Telegram, Inc. v. Hon. Schattman
24 C-9679, Dubose v. Nelson-Putnam Propane, Inc.
25 C-9680, Rockhill v. Murray Federal Savings and Loan Association
26 C-9681, Bledsoe v. Shrader
27 C-9683, Turner v. Smith
28 C-9684, Trevino v. Board of Trustees of West Oso I.S.D.
29 C-9685, Johnson v. Lowe
30 C-9686, Williams v. Wendenburg
31 C-9688, $14,205 v. State
32 C-9689, Larson v. City of Wichita Falls
33 C-9690, Transportation Ins. Co. v. Reyes
34 C-9691, Mechinus v. Western Motor Imports, Inc.
35 C-9692, Caldwell National Bank v. O’Neill
36 C-9694, Studer v. Stancil
37 C-9695, Magic Valley Electric Co-op., Inc. v. Alvarado
38 C-9696, Beckel v. Hogan
39 C-9697, De Flores v. Vidal
40 C-9698, Taylor v. Mahoney
41 C-9699, Lee v. J&A Plumbing, Inc.
box folder
106 1 C-9700, Texas Mexican Railway Co. v. Dana Hellen Minerals
2 C-9701, Springer v. Burgess
3 C-9702, Martin v. First Gibralter Bank
4 C-9703, Pierce v. Benefit Trust Life Ins. Co.
5 C-9704, Esquire Homes, Inc. v. Ball
6 C-9705, Alexander v. Alexander
7 C-9706, Montana v. Lynaugh
8 C-9708, Ajax Magnethermic Corp. v. Hon. Moye
9 C-9709, State v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
10 C-9710, ISS International Service System, Inc. v. Haws
11 C-9711, Blanken v. Upjohn Co.
12 C-9712, Weeks v. Harris County Hospital District
13 C-9713, Young v. Jones Lumber Co. and C-9714, Young v. Deer Park Lumber Co.
14 C-9715, Hollingsworth v. Mauro
15 C-9716, Lambda Construction Co. v. Chamberlin Waterproofing and Roofing Systems, Inc.
16 C-9718, Brown & Root, Inc. v. Oliver
17 C-9719, Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corp. v. Barton Springs-Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
18 C-9720, Webster v. Lipsey
19 C-9721, Clarke v. Lehtonen
20 C-9724, Garza v. Garcia
21 C-9725, Allen v. Byers
22 C-9726, Travelers Indemnity Co. of Rhode Island v. Montelongo
23 C-9727, Williams v. Miller
24 C-9728, Penn v. State
25 C-9729, Bacile v. Shore
26 C-9730, Northwest Otolaryngology Associates v. Mobilease, Inc.
27 C-9732, Stracener v. Wasson
28 C-9733, Schlachter v. Prairie Producing Co.
29 C-9734, Celotex Corp. v. Hon. Caldwell
30 C-9735, Texas Employers Insurance Association v. Hon. Engelke
31 C-9736, Greater Southwest Office Park v. Texas Commerce Bank National Association
32 C-9737, Tascosa National Bank of Amarillo v. Borg-Warner Acceptance Corp.
33 C-9738, Whitworth v. Hays
34 C-9740, Holeman v. First Court of Appeals
35 C-9741, Manning v. Hon. Andrews
36 C-9742, City of Houston v. Howard
37 C-9743, Awalt v. Jigna, Inc.
38 C-9744, Green v. Eyes of Texas, Inc.
39 C-9745, Tiffan v. Mea Interests, Inc.
40 C-9746, Jimmy Swaggart Evangelistic Association v. City of Shenandoah
41 C-9747, Larry Klotz Builder, Inc. v. Cozad
42 C-9748, Davidson v. Bee County Junior College District
43 C-9749, Irby v. Hon. Whittington
44 C-9750, Balawajder v. Hon. Brooks
box folder
107 1 C-9751, Protestants v. American Pubs, Inc.
2 C-9752, Candelier v. Ringstaff
3 C-9753, Nolan v. Ramsey
4 C-9754, Musslewhite v. State Bar of Texas
5 C-9755, Malloy v. Blau
6 C-9756, Lugaresi v. Kirby
7 C-9757, Hampton v. Minton
8 C-9758, Jones v. Jones
9 C-9759, Chamberlain v. Chamberlain
10 C-9760, Rent America, Inc. v. Amarillo National Bank
11 C-9761, Inducto-Bend, Inc. v. Hon. McCorkle
12 C-9762, Thomas v. Frazier
13 C-9763, Townsend v. Texas Commerce Bank-New Braunfels
14 C-9764, Norris v. Service Lloyds Ins. Co.
15 C-9765, Miller v. University Savings Association
16 C-9767, Allied Addicks Bank v. Mueller
17 C-9768, Aggregate Plant Products Co. v. Perry
18 C-9769, Barisano v. Concord Corp.
19 C-9770, Sfair v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
20 C-9771, Murphy v. Lynaugh
21 C-9772, Brunner v. Al Attar
22 C-9773, Southern Pacific Transportation Co. v. Hon. King
23 C-9774, City of Houston v. Davis
24 C-9775, American Home Assurance Co. v. Foster
25 C-9777, LaPrade v. LaPrade
26 C-9778, Castillo v. Hon. Marshall
27 C-9779, Bendy v. Freeman
28 C-9780, Home Owners Warranty Corp. v. Hopper
29 C-9781, Posner v. Dallas County Child Welfare Unit of the Texas Department of Human Services
30 C-9783, Skees v. Wittie
31 C-9784, Marmon Motor Financial Corp. v. Graham
32 C-9786, Sales v. Passmore
33 C-9787, Dominguez v. Kelly
34 C-9788, Employers of Texas Lloyds, Inc. v. Williams
35 C-9789, Northern Assurance Co. of America v. Schachar
36 C-9790, Crowbar, Inc. v. Gilliland Venture
37 C-9791, Scaffolding Rental & Erection Services, Inc. v. Hon. Bradford
38 C-9792, State v. Matyastik
39 C-9793, Ramos v. Pena
40 C-9794, Phennel v. Roach
41 C-9795, Walton Pond Joint Venture v. Hiawatha Savings & Loan Association
42 C-9796, Parker v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
43 C-9797, Bergen v. Utica National Ins. Co. of Texas
44 C-9799, City of Houston v. Williams
box folder
108 1 C-9800, Morgan Building Services, Inc. v. U.S. Transport, Inc.
2 C-9801, Toole v. Thomas
3 C-9802, Galveston I.S.D. v. Bell Savings & Loan Association
4 C-9803, Grimm v. Hon. Rainey
5 C-9804, Sullivan v. Hon. Wright
6 C-9805, Kinnington v. Osborn
7 C-9806, Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. v. Coleman
8 C-9807, Rath v. State
9 C-9808, Erlandson v. International Bank of Corpus Christi
10 C-9809, Transwestern Pipeline Co. v. Hon. Wood
11 C-9810, Chevron U.S.A. v. Lara
12 C-9811, Jitkoff v. Pine Village North Corp.
13 C-9812, Keene Corp. v. Hon. Gayle
14 C-9813, Donnaud v. Donnaud
15 C-9814, Gatesville Redi-Mix, Inc. v. Jones
16 C-9815, Botkin v. Consolidated Freight Ways, Inc.
17 C-9816, Abramson v. A.D. Abramson & Adaco Ltd., Inc.
18 C-9817, Alford v. Alford
19 C-9818, Brown Construction Co. v. Citizens Federal Credit Union
20 C-9819, Brooks v. Brooks
21 C-9823, Davis v. Fontaine
22 C-9824, Hamamcy v. Wykoff Heights Hospital
23 C-9825, Georgetown Associates v. Hon. Smith
24 C-9826, Parker v. Parker
25 C-9827, Meeks v. Meeks
26 C-9828, Neece v. Neece
27 C-9829, Orkin Exterminating Co., Inc. v. Williamson
28 C-9830, Nowak v. Hon. Peden
29 C-9831, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. v. Hon. Sanderson
30 C-9833, Cowart v. State
31 C-9834, Canter v. Easley
32 C-9836, City of Texarkana v. Doue
33 C-9837, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. First Court of Appeals
34 C-9838, Merkin v. Hon. Casseb
35 C-9840, Milam v. Milam
36 C-9842, Joseph v. O’Toole
37 C-9843, Warrilow v. Norrell
38 C-9846, Syntek Corp. v. French
39 C-9848, Dearing, Inc. v. Spiller
40 C-9849, Totten v. Diamond Spurs, Inc.
41 C-9850, Perna v. Gatling
box folder
24 1 C-9851, Grebe v. K-Mart Corp.
C-9852, Yang v. Strauss
C-9853, Griffin Systems, Inc. v. Galerstein
C-9854, NCNB Texas National Bank v. Sterling Projects, Inc.
C-9855, Gol v. Krueger
C-9856, Rodarte v. Carrier Corp.
C-9858, Johnson v. Texas Department of Criminal Justice
C-9861, Wichita Recycling v. I.H.R. Corp.
C-9862, North American Mortgage Co. v. Central Bank of Houston
C-9863, Wade v. Director, State Employees Workers’ Compensation Division, State of Texas
C-9864, Osterman v. Hon. Fry
C-9865, Ex parte Grisham
C-9866, Magera v. Magera
C-9867, Mounger v. Bexar Electric Co., Inc.
C-9868, Rodriguez v. Hill
C-9869, Sentry Construction Co., Inc. v. International Supply of San Antonio, Inc.
C-9870, Oxidyne Corp. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
C-9871, General Motors Corp. v. Garcia
C-9872, City of San Antonio v. Schneider
C-9873, Cecil v. Sunbelt Savings
C-9874, Duvall v. Yagos
C-9875, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Hon. Engelke
2 C-9878, Texas Utilities Electric Co. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
C-9879, Tubular Products of Texas v. Brooks
C-9880, Peoples v. Old Republic Ins. Co.
C-9881, Powers v. McDaniel
C-9882, Sallee v. Bank of the West
C-9883, Preston II Chrysler Dodge, Inc. v. Donwerth
C-9884, Jackson v. Hon. Harrison
C-9885, Oxidyne Corp. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
C-9888, Durbec v. Intellicall, Inc.
C-9889, Banks v. Hon. Brown
C-9890, Thomas v. Johnson Controls, Inc.
C-9891, Lastu, Inc. v. Bank of Texas
C-9892, Mabra v. Pecan Crossing Partners
C-9893, Armstrong v. Judge Fite Co.
C-9894, A. Camera Center, Inc. v. Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages, Inc.
C-9895, Gray v. Pilot Life Ins. Co.
C-9896, Ervin Plumbing & Supply, Inc. v. Waterland Enterprises, Inc.
C-9897, Durish v. Hon. Lowry
C-9898, Knight v. Hon. Caldwell
C-9899, Hart v. Hon. Heard
C-9901, Allstate Ins. Co. v. Hon. Marsh
C-9902, Sharif-Munir-Davidson Development Corp. v. Bell
C-9903, Texas Nameplate Co., Inc. v. Commonwealth Lloyds Ins. Co.
C-9904, Light v. Hon. Dulaney
C-9906, Bergen v. Orkin Exterminating Co.
3 C-9907, Frito-Lay, Inc. v. American Alliance Ins. Co.
C-9908, Mayfield v. San Jacinto Savings Association
C-9909, TPS Freight Distributors, Inc. v. Texas Commerce Bank-Dallas
C-9910, Hon. Dean v. Ninth Court of Appeals
C-9911, Bryant v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
C-9912, Mazeika v. Ferbrache
C-9914, Blake v. First National Bank in Port Lavaca
C-9915, Heights of Texas v. Gutierrez
C-9916, Texas Association of School Boards v. Cooley
C-9917, Spradley v. Hutchison
C-9918, Clark v. Hon. Young
C-9919, Roberts v. Houston I.S.D.
C-9920, Carson v. 104th District Court of Taylor County
C-9921, Villarreal v. Harte-Hanks
C-9922, Campise v. NCNB National Bank
C-9923, Southern Surety Co. v. McCollum
C-9924, Hardin v. Texas Employment Commission
C-9925, McFerren v. Harris County
C-9926, Bradbury v. Scott
C-9927, Med Center Bank v. Fleetwood
C-9928, City of Austin v. Two Hundred Forty-Four Joint Venture
C-9932, Lambourn v. Lambourn
C-9929, Conlee v. Evans
C-9930, Krenek v. Texstar North America, Inc.
C-9931, Tucker v. Atlantic Richfield Co.
C-9933, Nelson v. Schanzer
4 C-9934, Gittelman v. First National Bank of Missouri City
C-9935, Gaitan v. St. Paul Ins. Co.
C-9936, Coastal Corp. v. Chehlaoui
C-9939, Ex parte Lewis
C-9940, Horan v. Baxter
C-9941, Pruiett v. Bartlett
C-9942, Gerber v. Denny
C-9943, Gilley v. Hon. Bennett
C-9944, Arcila v. Southwestern Bell Media, Inc.
C-9945, Tri-State Car Co., Inc. v. Eldridge
C-9946, Mooney Aircraft Corp. v. Doyle
C-9947, Smith v. Hon. Garza
C-9951, Rabe v. Guaranty National Ins. Co.
C-9952, State v. P. W.
C-9954, Brodsky v. Culbertson
C-9955, Home Ins. Co. v. Wahlberg, Morales, Wright, Waite & Associates
C-9956, Donaho v. Short
C-9957, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio v. Hon. Dominguez
C-9958, Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. v. Hidalgo, Chambers & Co.
C-9959, Berens v. Sherman Fitzpatrick & Co., Inc.
C-9960, Ayoub v. City of El Paso
C-9961, Briones v. First Victoria National Bank
C-9962, State v. Ellison
C-9963, Presnal v. TLL Energy Corp.
C-9964, Bowden v. Aetna Floyds of Texas Ins. Co.
5 C-9965, Hooper v. City of Coppell
C-9967, Cullum Co., Inc. v. Hon. Packer
C-9968, Aguilar v. Hon. Wittig
C-9969, Jobe v. Hon. Day
C-9970, Pojani v. Hon. Hicks
C-9971, Millwee v. Rea
C-9972, Arrington v. County of Dallas
C-9973, Rocket Ltd. v. Meinrath
C-9974, Johnson v. Keller
C-9975, Vulcan Hart Corp. v. Hon. Spears
C-9976, Reyna v. AYCO Development Corp.
C-9977, Winograd v. Willis
C-9978, Schulle v. Texas Employers’ Ins. Association
C-9980, White v. Rupard
C-9982, ForScan Corp. v. Dresser Industries, Inc.
C-9984, American General Fire & Casualty Co. v. Rodriguez
C-9985, Underwood v. D. H. Shelton & Associates
C-9986, Henry S. Miller Management v. Houston State Associates
C-9987, Deerings West Nursing Home v. Scott
C-9988, Parkeway Racquet and Health Club, Inc. v. Club Corp. of America
C-9990, Reiter v. Reiter
C-9991, First Baptist Church of Haltom City v. Birdville I.S.D.
C-9993, Holland-America Lloyds Ins. Co. v. Canal Indemnity Co.
C-9994, Ramirez v. Volkswagen of America, Inc.
C-9995, Hunt v. HNG Oil Co.
C-9996, Ex parte Thompson
C-9998, Chacon v. Lone Star Gas Co.
box folder
31 1 D-0001, Valero Transmission Co. v. Wagner & Brown II
D-0003, Tyler v. Hon. Judges of Eleventh Court of Appeals and D-0004, Tyler v. Hon. Solis
D-0005, Sunbelt Savings v. Hon. Marshall
D-0006, Jones v. Bage
D-0007, Brown v. Swift-Eckrich, Inc.
D-0008, Wingfield v. Bernos
D-0009, State v. C. E. J.
D-0010, Balawajder v. Jones
D-0011, Fisk v. John Pass Investments
D-0012, Jennings v. Jennings
D-0013, City of Sherman v. Courtney
D-0014, City of Sachse v. Hon. Andrews
D-0015, Balawajder v. Hon. Brooks
D-0016, Weisenbarger v. Gonzales Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital
D-0017, Kingwood Bank v. Texas Commerce Bank
2 D-0018, Galveston County v. Murphy
D-0019, Carruth v. Texas Commerce Bank-Dallas
D-0020, Park Investors, Inc. v. Morse
D-0021, Halton v. Employers Insurance of Wausau
D-0023, Haney v. Texas Real Estate Commission
D-0025, Watson v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
D-0026, Yepez v. Carrera
D-0027, Texas American Title Co. v. Boatright
D-0029, Shell Pipeline Corp. v. Coastal States Trading, Inc.
D-0030, Common Carrier Motor Freight Association, Inc. v. NCH Corp.
D-0031, Magnolia Retirement Services & Consulting Co. v. Farm & Home Savings Association
D-0033, Mason v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp.
D-0035, Whitaker v. Huffaker
D-0036, Stephanou v. Texas Medical Liability Ins. Underwriting Association
D-0037, Law v. Law
D-0038, Nautical Landings Marina, Inc. v. First National Bank in Port Lavaca
3 D-0039, Rancho Guadalupe, Inc. v. Johnson
D-0041, Milstein v. Hon. Miller
D-0042, Thermex Energy Corp. v. Rantec Corp.
D-0048, Texas National Bank of Victoria v. Hon. Lewis
D-0049, Wilson v. Braeuer
D-0050, Garibay v. Khuri
D-0052, Sanchez v. Broussard
D-0053, Ritter v. Delaney
D-0055, Martinez v. Ochs
D-0056, Western Casualty Life Ins. Co. v. Jones
D-0057, Falls City National Bank v. Nichols
D-0058, Pace v. Huddleston
D-0060, Cullen/Frost Bank of Dallas v. Metropolitan National Bank
D-0062, Cook v. Texas Stock & Bond Dealers Association
D-0063, Alvarez v. Mireles
D-0064, Featherlite Corp. v. MBank El Paso National Association
D-0066, McBee Oil Co. v. Drennen
D-0067, Hicks v. Baylor Univ. Medical Center
D-0068, Williams v. State Farm Lloyds, Inc.
4 D-0069, Blackstone v. A.H.L. Properties Number One
D-0070, Chiles v. Hon. Schuble
D-0071, Hoover v. Sims
D-0074, Castillow v. Marshall
D-0078, Marsh v. Travelers Indemnity Co. of Rhode Island
D-0079, Jones v. Specht
D-0083, Attorney General of Texas v. Johnson
D-0084, First American Title Ins. v. Zimmerman
D-0085, Siegler v. Holland
D-0089, Hamilton v. City of Houston
D-0090, Aubin v. Birdwell
D-0095, Diaz v. Hon. Blanton
D-0097, Providence Valley Corp. v. Bruner
D-0098, Tri-M Erectors, Inc. v. Clearwater Constructors
D-0101, Castilleja v. State
D-0103, First Interstate Bank of Texas v. Turner
D-0105, Cass v. Hon. Jones
D-0106, Cass v. Hon. Jones
D-0109, Spoon v. Hanes
D-0110, Paen Enterprises Co. v. Chan
D-0113, State v. Megason
D-0118, Limon v. Pizza Hut of North America, Inc.
D-0121, Hood v. St. Paul Ins. Co.
D-0126, Amend v. State Commission on Judicial Conduct
D-0127, Ibarra v. Housing Authority of the City of Corpus Christi
D-0131, Schwartz v. Kawaja
D-0132, Flores v. H. E. Butt Stores, Inc.
D-0133, King v. Evans
D-0135, Olsovsky v. Greer
5 D-0137, Holgin v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
D-0139, State Department of Highways and Public Transportation v. Copeland
D-0140, Rollingbrook Investment Co. v. Texas National Bank of Baytown
D-0141, Lechuga v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
D-0142, Torres v. Hooper
D-0143, Garrett v. Henley
D-0145, Splettstosser v. Myer
D-0148, Turney v. 1800 West Loop Tower Associates
D-0149, Auto Top, Inc. v. American Cylinder Co., Inc.
D-0150, Con-Real Support Group, Inc. v. Mason Rich Co., Inc.
D-0151, Carruth v. Bank of Dallas
D-0152, Shepard v. NCNB
D-0154, Lawson-Avila Construction, Inc. v. Stoutamire
D-0155, J&J Equipment, Inc. v. Meyerson Construction Co.
D-0156, Gallivan v. Nordhaus
D-0157, Caserotti v. State Farm Ins. Co.
D-0158, Therrell v. Chandler
D-0159, Lawler v. Dallas Statler-Hilton Joint Venture
D-0160, Hernandez v. Hollowood
D-0161, Dolenz v. Pulse
D-0162, Boring v. Sanborn
D-0164, Kale v. Palmer
D-0167, Harris County Bail Bond Board v. Burns
D-0168, Vescovo v. First State Bank
D-0169, Hernandez v. City of Greenville
D-0170, Mitchell v. Taylor
D-0172, Barstow v. Lower Colorado River Authority
6 D-0173, Emel v. State
D-0175, Minnick v. State Bar of Texas
D-0176, Cowan Boat Transfer, Inc. v. Texas Employment Commission
D-0177, Brooks v. Gilbreath
D-0178, South Texas Cable Television, Inc. v. TCI Cablevision of Texas, Inc.
D-0179, Smith v. Technibilt, Inc.
D-0182, Hill v. City of Houston
D-0185, Hollaway v. Hollaway
D-0186, Hippler v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.
D-0187 and D-0188, National Gypsum Co. v. Hon. Golden
D-0189, Vickery v. Texas Carpet Co., Inc.
D-0191, H&F, Inc. v. Overhead Door Co.
D-0192, Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York v. Frankoff
D-0193, McKeon v. McKeon
D-0194, Gaunt v. Uribe
D-0195, Munn v. Uslife Title Ins. Co. of Dallas
D-0196, Bradley v. Texas Employment Commission
D-0197, Flores v. Arrieta
D-0198, State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. v. Briones
D-0199, Kimmell v. Leoffler
D-0203, Champion International Corp. v. Rice
D-0204, Riddle v. Cotton
7 D-0205, City of Bridge City v. State
D-0208, Action Machine Shop, Inc. v. Mori Seiki Co.
D-0209, McKinney v. Smith
D-0210, McCormick v. McCormick
D-0211, Lake Vista Community Improvement Association v. Donaldson
D-0212, Ferguson v. Sheard
D-0213, Murphy-Humphreys, Inc. v. H.D. Joint Venture
D-0214, A&T Consultants, Inc. v. Bullock
D-0216, Banta v. Durish
D-0218, Keith v. Metrocrest Transport Systems
D-0219, Regency Terrace Nursing Center, Inc. v. Hon. Thompson
D-0222, City of Princeton v. Abbott
D-0223, 1720 Beaumont Street, Inc. v. City of Dallas
D-0224, Valdez v. First National Bank of Beeville
D-0225, Terry v. E-Z Mart Stores, Inc.
D-0226, Tate v. Sartain
D-0227, MJR’s Fare of Dallas, Inc. v. City of Dallas
D-0230, Gardner v. Lawson
D-0232, Mewbourne Oil Co. v. Hon. Blackburn
D-0234, Rovner v. Rovner
D-0236, Guillory v. BancTexas Westheimer
8 D-0237, McCoy v. Texas Employers’ Ins. Association
D-0238, Bond v. Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Inc.
D-0239, M. S. v. All Saints Episcopal Hospital
D-0243, Tiger Charter Corp. v. Mitsubishi Aircraft International, Inc.
D-0244, Fant v. Stephens
D-0245, 4M Linen & Uniform Supply Co., Inc. v. W. P. Ballard & Co., Inc.
D-0246, Terrell State Hospital of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation v. Hon. Ashworth
D-0248, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Sells
D-0250, Lane v. Starr
D-0251, Ex part Evans
D-0253, Fagan v. Martin
D-0255, Arrechea v. Plantowsky
D-0256, H.E.B. Construction v. Casualty Indemnity Exchange
D-0257, McDaniel v. State
D-0259, Turnco, Inc. v. Macina
D-0260, McDonald v. American General Fire and Casualty Co.
D-0265, Velasquez v. Kroger Co.
D-0267, Nacol v. State
D-0269, City of Laredo v. Rodriguez
D-0271, Aguilar v. Autohaus, Inc.
D-0273, Channel Oaks Water System v. Texas Water Commission
D-0274, Harris v. Whitson
9 D-0275, Pecos County Community Action Agency v. Casillas
D-0277, Johnson v. Hon. Pacetti
D-0279, Cardenas v. Bufkin
D-0282, State v. Stone
D-0284, Cobb v. West Texas Microwave Communications Co.
D-0285, Meuth v. Hartgrove
D-0286, Lone Star Greyhound Park, Inc. v. Bay Greyhound Racing Associates Ltd. Partnership
D-0287, Circle “D” Civic Association v. Pack
D-0289, Wavell v. Haynes
D-0290, U.S. Home Corp. v. Park Meadows Civic Association, Inc.
D-0291, Martin v. City of Denton
D-0292, Kelsey-Hayes Co. v. Hon. Hunter
D-0293, Home Federal Savings and Loan Association v. Georgetown Associates
D-0294, Osenbaugh v. Warren
D-0295, Taylor v. Hon. McCorkle
D-0297, OKC Corp. v. UPG, Inc.
D-0298, Long v. City National Bank of Colorado City
D-0299, Hon. Marshall v. Fifth Court of Appeals
D-0300, Brownfield v. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
D-0302, Jarnigan v. First National Bank of Amarillo
D-0303, Wood v. Republic Bankers Life Ins. Co.
D-0304, Cedillo v. Paloff
D-0305, Houston Orthopedic Associates v. Burkhardt
10 D-0306, Mohamed v. Exxon Corp.
D-0308, Samuels v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
D-0309, Baylor Medical Center Grapevine v. Finney
D-0311, Kaminski v. Tope
D-0312, Stabel v. Stabel
D-0313, Thies v. Sussman
D-0314, Saunders v. Lecroy
D-0316, United States Fire Ins. Co. v. Langley
D-0319, Denton Publishing Co. v. Clarke
D-0320, Doles v. Northern Telecom, Inc.
D-0322, Texas State Board of Law Examiners v. Malloy
D-0325, Standard Brand Paint v. Torrez
D-0326, Virgin Vision, Inc. v. Hon. Curry
D-0327, Liedtke v. Hon. Stovall
D-0329, Craft v. Craft
D-0330, Flukinger v. Straughn
D-0331, Mosharaf v. State Farm Life Ins. Co.
D-0332, Carson v. 116th District Court
D-0334, Prappas v. Meyerland Community Improvement Association
D-0335, Hydril Co. v. Carroll Instrument Co., Inc.
11 D-0336, Walters v. Wiggins
D-0337, Yates v. Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co., Inc.
D-0339, Matsushita Electronic Corp. of America v. Barrientos
D-0344, Brion v. Brion
D-0348, Wynn v. Hon. Marshall
D-0349, Bennett v. Hon. Packer
D-0352, AmSav Group, Inc. v. American Savings and Loan Association of Brazoria County
D-0357, Davis v. Baylor Univ. Medical Center
D-0358, Smith v. Smith
D-0359, Musquiz v. City of Eagle Pass
D-0360, Edco Production, Inc. v. Hernandez
D-0361, Leewright v. Hon. Cude
D-0362, San Antonio River Authority v. Kunz Construction Co., Inc.
D-0364, Prudential Ins. Co. of America v. Brown
D-0365, Bailey v. Wooddell
D-0366, Hicke v. Hon. Lowry
D-0368, Carrizales v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
box folder
99 1 D-0372, Adams v. Life and Casualty Ins. Co.
2 D-0374, Enron Oil Trading and Transportation v. Boles
3 D-0377, Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation v. City of Timpson
4 D-0384, Mitchell v. Shepperd Memorial Hospital
5 D-0386, Commonwealth Land Title Ins. Co.
6 D-0387, Boyd v. United Bank
7 D-0388, Elkins v. Warren
8 D-0389, Ramos v. Gilleland
9 D-0391, Transportes Del Norte v. Clark
10 D-0392, HJS Industries v. Tuscarora Corp.
11 D-0393, Allen v. City Lumber Co.
12 D-0395, Crabb v. Fenner
13 D-0397, J.K. and Susie L. Wadley Research Institute and Blood Bank v. Hon. Bosworth
14 D-0398, Montgomery Law Firm v. Walker
15 D-0401, Sheldon L. Pollack Corp. v. Falcon Industries, Inc.
16 D-0402, State v. Davila
17 D-0403, Whitson v. Odiorne
18 D-0405, Banowsky v. Terry
19 D-0407, Mar-Len of Louisiana, Inc. v. Gorman-Rupp Co.
20 D-0408, Buffalo v. Robbins
21 D-0409, Cooper v. Cooper
22 D-0410, Stephens v. Gilpin
23 D-0414, Kolle v. White
24 D-0415, City of Bunker Hill Village v. Quinet
25 D-0417, City National Bank v. Hon. Douglas
26 D-0421, Witt v. Supreme Equipment & Systems Corp.
27 D-0426, Brown v. Hon. Valdez
28 D-0427, Wion v. Hon. Ernst
29 D-0429, Peters v. Gifford-Hill & Co., Inc.
box folder
100 1 D-0430, Ward v. Sinclair
2 D-0431, Oak Hill Joint Venture v. Third Court of Appeals
3 D-0432, Ortiz v. State
4 D-0435, Jones v. Spangler
5 D-0436, Jea Boxing Co., Inc. v. HBA East
6 D-0437, Youngs v. Echols
7 D-0438, Anderson v. State in re Texas Department of Human Resources
8 D-0439, Pentad Joint Venture v. First National Bank of LaGrange
9 D-0440, Risk Managers International, Inc. v. State
10 D-0441, Dungan v. Hilzendager
11 D-0443, Consolidated Capital Properties, IV v. Harris County Appraisal District
12 D-0444, Smith v. Collie
13 D-0447, Walton v. Harnischfeger
14 D-0448, Griego v. Dodson
15 D-0449, Montez v. Bexar County Hospital District
16 D-0451, Montrose Service Center, Inc. v. Ryder Truck Rental, Inc.
17 D-0452, Dewbre v. Cann
18 D-0454, Anthony v. A & P Holding Co., Inc.
19 D-0455, Enloe v. Eagle Radio
20 D-0456, Dyer v. Texas Employment Commission
21 D-0457, Nolan Chevrolet Leasing v. Cooke County Tax Appraisal District
22 D-0458, Tarrant Appraisal District v. May
23 D-0459, Redus v. Redus
24 D-0462, Volunteer Council of Denton State School, Inc. v. Berry
25 D-0464, Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Simon
26 D-0465, INA of Texas v. Briscoe
27 D-0466, Waggoner v. Hon. Caldwell
28 D-0468, White v. Sonic-Jasper, Inc.
29 D-0472, Oak Hollow Development Co., Inc. v. Madeley
30 D-0479, Yow v. Costello
31 D-0480, Delhi Gas Pipeline Corp. v. Henderson
32 D-0482, Caro v. Housing Authority of the City of Austin
33 D-0483, Corman v. Fabrique, Inc.
34 D-0484, Johnson v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
35 D-0485, Hervey v. St. Louis Pipe & Supply, Inc.
36 D-0486, Highlands State Bank v. G & H Investments
37 D-0487, Breitbach v. West
38 D-0491, Wells v. Second Court of Appeals
39 D-0492, Hafdahl v. Long
40 D-0495, Austrian Import Service, Inc. v. A.B.F. Freight Systems, Inc.
41 D-0496, Haney v. Purcell Co., Inc.
42 D-0498, City of Bryan v. Russell
43 D-0499, White v. Independence Bank
box folder
101 1 D-0500, Milne v. Members Mutual Ins.
2 D-0501, Manpower, Inc. v. Texas Employment Commission
3 D-0502, White Budd Van Ness Partnership v. Major-Gladys Drive Joint Venture
4 D-0504, Federal Land Bank Association of Dayton v. Flurry
5 D-0513, Willenbacher v. Mier
6 D-0514, Stuckey v. Lesbrookton, Inc.
7 D-0515, Hahn v. Jacobson
8 D-0517, Barras v. Intercoastal Warehouse Corp.
9 D-0519, Stanford v. Hon. Lance
10 D-0521, Hudson v. Winn
11 D-0523, Nacol v. McNutt
12 D-0525, Connors v. Connors
13 D-0528, Hickey v. Couchman
14 D-0529, Point Isabel I.S.D. v. Hinojosa
15 D-0530, Alonzo v. City of San Antonio
16 D-0531, State v. $144,850
17 D-0534, State v. $50,600
18 D-0535, Hayes v. Hon. Meurer
19 D-0538, Robinson v. Central Texas MHMR Center
20 D-0540, Russell v. Pritchett
21 D-0541, Harris County v. Walsweer
22 D-0543, Woodley v. Bruton
23 D-0545, Pfaff v. Pfaff
24 D-0546, Goldston Corp. v. Champlin Petroleum Co.
25 D-0548, State Department of Highways and Public Transportation v. Thrasher
26 D-0549, Miller v. Hon. Lowry
27 D-0553, HTM Restaurants, Inc. v. Goldman, Sachs & Co.
28 D-0555, Flores v. Hon. Bedard
29 D-0558, Grierson v. S.A.E. Office Associates
30 D-0559, Texas Real Estate Commission v. Palacios
31 D-0561, Fredenburgh v. Texas Employment Commission
32 D-0563, Priesmeyer v. Western Geophysical Co.
33 D-0564, Adams v. Dallas County Child Protective Services Unit of the Texas Department of Human Services
34 D-0565, Kaufman & Broad Home Systems, Inc. v. Nowell
35 D-0567, Zovath v. Sprint Transportation, Inc.
36 D-0568, Rearick & Lenihan, Inc. v. United Fidelity Life Ins. Co.
37 D-0573, Charles & David, Inc. v. Anthony Pools
38 D-0574, McBride v. McBride
39 D-0575, Boyd v. Fuel Distributors, Inc.
box folder
102 1 D-0576, Odiorne v. Rose
2 D-0578, Prihoda v. Marek
3 D-0580, Chester v. Stiles
4 D-0581, Sonic Drive-In of Raymondville, Texas, Inc. v. Hernandez
5 D-0583, Peralta v. Texas Employment Commission
6 D-0585, Heine v. Schendel
7 D-0586, Garcia v. Terry
8 D-0587, Bayoud v. Bayoud
9 D-0588, Strickland v. Navistar Financial Corp.
10 D-0589, Houston Chronicle Publishing Co. v. Houston I.S.D.
11 D-0590, Murphy v. Pen Foods, Inc.
12 D-0593, St. Paul Companies v. Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
13 D-0594, Dow Chemical Co. v. Miller Pipeline Service Corp.
14 D-0595, Buttram v. Roush
15 D-0597, Hunter v. Koisch
16 D-0601, Lakeway Land Co. v. Kizer
17 D-0603, Allen v. Hon. O’Neill
18 D-0604, Americas International Reinsurance Co. v. State
19 D-0606, Texas Employers Ins. Association v. Duree
20 D-0607, City of Lakewood Village v. Graham
21 D-0608, Hill v. Watts
22 D-0609, Vasquez v. Quintana
23 D-0610, Dell Masonry, Inc. v. Weitz Co., Inc.
24 D-0611, Houston Petroleum Co. v. Highlands Ins. Co.
25 D-0614, Lathan v. Home Depot, Inc.
26 D-0615, Dolenz v. American General Fire & Casualty Co.
27 D-0617, Callaway v. Overholt
28 D-0618, Maxey v. DeWitt
29 D-0620, Stafford v. Mobil Producing Texas and New Mexico, Inc.
30 D-0622, Evans v. Peko Oil, U.S.A.
31 D-0623, Coke v. Coke
32 D-0624, Sun Exploration & Production Co. v. Paffett
33 D-0625, Chaparral Service, Inc. v. Lujan
box folder
103 1 D-0627, Travis v. Hon. Whitaker
2 D-0631, Arrow Industries, Inc. v. Hon. Tyson
3 D-0632, Brady v. Hon. Underwood
4 D-0633, Offenhauser v. Prokopuk
5 D-0635, Lear Petroleum v. Paffett
6 D-0637, Houston Building Service, Inc. v. American General Fire and Casualty Co.
7 D-0638, Universal Underwriters Ins. Co. v. Pierce
8 D-0640, Carillo v. Hon. Garcia
9 D-0643, Beacon National Ins. Co. v. Reynolds
10 D-0644, Goff v. Hurt
11 D-0645, Stiles v. Royal Ins. Co. of America
12 D-0646, Von Behren v. Von Behren
13 D-0648, Academy Corp. v. Moore
14 D-0649, Blue Moon v. Bering
15 D-0651, McMurrey v. Adams
16 D-0652, Texas Association of Long Distance Telephone Companies v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
17 D-0653, Ferguson v. Chillicothe I.S.D.
18 D-0654, Jones v. Southern Methodist University
19 D-0656, White v. Texas Instruments, Inc.
20 D-0659, Piatt v. Lansaw
21 D-0660, Smith v. Free
22 D-0661, Hubbard v. Cambridge Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
23 D-0662, Phillips v. Texas Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
24 D-0663, Lavender v. Williams
25 D-0665, Mid South Bottling Co. v. Cigainero
26 D-0667, Linkous v. Linkous
27 D-0670, Ephran v. Hon. Sklar
28 D-0673, Wallace Grain & Pea Co. v. Martinez
29 D-0675, Hon. Henderson v. Hon. Lowry
box folder
104 2 D-0676, Lowe v. Hon. Winfree
3 D-0683, Benavides v. Mireles
4 D-0684, Robinson v. Intercontinental Ins. Co.
5 D-0685, Reynolds v. Musick
6 D-0686, Martin v. First Republic Bank, Fort Worth
7 D-0688, State v. Barrera
8 D-0690, Gold Park Partnership v. Pye, Dobbs, Johnson & Berry
9 D-0691, Lawyer v. Lawyer
10 D-0693, Garcia v. City of Houston
11 D-0694, National Medical Enterprises, Inc. v. Contemporary Health Management, Inc.
12 D-0696, Sur v. R.W. Otts, Inc.
13 D-0697, Cheek v. Humphreys
14 D-0698, Lawrence v. Hon. Gonzalez
15 D-0699, Bryant v. Federal National Mortgage Association
16 D-0700, Andrews v. ABJ Adjustors, Inc.
17 D-0701, Erlandson v. International Bank of Corpus Christi
18 D-0702, Tidemark Exploration, Inc. v. Rees-Jones
19 D-0704, Bosakewich v. First Court of Appeals
20 D-0706, Mills v. C.M.C. Trailers, Inc.
21 D-0707, Pyle v. Maguglin
22 D-0708, Wade v. State Farm Life Ins. Co.
23 D-0709, Dorris v. Texas Commerce Bank-Austin
24 D-0710, Reilly v. Hon. Coker
25 D-0711, Griffin v. Rio Development Corp.
26 D-0712, Rosenthal v. Bachler
27 D-0717, Smith v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp.
28 D-0721, Reviea v. Marine Drilling Co.
29 D-0723, Hanau v. Hon. Betancourt
30 D-0725, Berthelot v. Rhea
31 D-0727, Wyar v. First Court of Appeals
32 D-0729, Chevron Pipe Line Co. v. Sonnier
33 D-0730, Talley v. Leach
34 D-0734, Biffle v. Morton Rubber Industries, Inc.
35 D-0735, Tumminello v. U.S. Home Corp.
36 D-0736, Whetstein v. Travelers Indemnity Co. of Rhode Island
37 D-0738, Dean v. Freedman
38 D-0744, Fox Vacuum, Inc. v. Kimball Midwest
39 D-0745, Brown v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
40 D-0746, Brown v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
41 D-0748, Furr’s, Inc. v. Hon. Hinojosa
42 D-0750, Dean v. McDuffie
box folder
105 1 D-0751, Ephran v. Cheatham
2 D-0754, DeMary v. Hon. Sanderson
3 D-0755, Dolenz v. Perez
4 D-0757, City of San Antonio v. Hancock
5 D-0762, Phoenician Imports, Inc. v. El Universal Compania Periodistica Nacional
6 D-0763, M. Tripp Enterprises, Inc. v. Mercury Metals, Inc.
7 D-0766, Hot Shot Messenger Service, Inc. v. State
8 D-0768, Wells v. HCA Health Services of Texas, Inc.
9 D-0769, Dhanani v. Shah
10 D-0773, Third Party Administrators v. Beaumont Neurological Hospital
11 D-0776, Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission v. Methodist Hospitals of Dallas
12 D-0780, McKinney v. Cooper
13 D-0781, Strahan v. Principal Mutual Life Ins. Co.
14 D-0784, Melbert v. Hon. O’Neill
15 D-0788, Hipp v. J.D. Lowrie Well Service, Inc.
16 D-0789, Maxvill-Glasco Drilling Co., Inc. v. Royal Oil and Gas Corp.
17 D-0792, Perales v. Hon. Westergren
18 D-0794, United States Ins. Group v. Hon. Lloyd
19 D-0796, Service Lloyds Ins. Co. v. Slay
20 D-0799, Burt v. City of Burkburnett
21 D-0800, Tynan v. Hon. Lance
22 D-0804, McDonald v. Hon. Hunter
23 D-0806, Barnes v. C._____
24 D-0827, Lucey v. Southeast Texas Emergency Physicians Associates
25 D-0834, Stix Gas Co., Inc. v. Hon. Westergren
26 D-0842, Rodriguez v. Lewis
27 D-0857, Thomas v. Hon. Mireles
28 D-0861, United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Gaulden
29 D-0875, Barnes v. Hon. Meyers
30 D-0877, Gaubert v. Hon. Hall
31 D-0886, Boyle v. Hon. Day
32 D-0913, McFarland v. First Court of Appeals
33 D-0943, Nagel v. Hon. Hart
34 D-0955, White v. Bailey
box folder
11 1 D-0900, City of Kerrville v. Kerrville HRH, Inc.
D-0902, San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority v. Leija
D-0903, Blackmon v. Hon. Smith
D-0904, Rodriguez v. Hon. Duncan
D-0905, Ex parte Perales
D-0906, Guerra v. Hon. Mireles
D-0907, City of Wichita Falls v. Alvarado
D-0908, First City Bank of Dallas v. Wider
D-0909, O’Connor v. Smith
D-0910, Wells v. Hon. Towery
D-0911, Morris v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
D-0912, Amador-McKay v. McKay
D-0914, Reisman v. Wilkens
D-0915, Affiliated Capital Corp. v. Musemeche
D-0916., Mitchison v. Houston I.S.D.
D-0917, City of Waco v. Hester
D-0918, Dalton v. Security Bank
D-0919, Brown & Ross International Distributors, Inc. v. General Electric Co.
D-0920, Cole v. Joliet
D-0921, Ex parte Moorhead
D-0922, Texas Trust Savings Bank v. Norman
D-0924, MacCallum v. MacCallum
2 D-0925, Keith v. Maher
D-0926, Prentice-Hall v. Orchid Software
D-0928, Wetmore & Co. v. First Court of Appeals
D-0929, Gomez v. Hartford Co. of the Midwest
D-0930, Harvey v. Stanley
D-0931, Baker v. Tarrant County Hospital District
D-0932, Gilleland v. Wilson
D-0933, Jacaruso v. PWD Systems, Inc.
D-0935, Burk v. First City National Bank of San Angelo
D-0936, Vaughan v. Ferguson
D-0939, Shepherd v. Hon. Gregory
D-0940, Johnson v. Butler
D-0941, Harris v. Civil Service Commission of the City of Houston
D-0942, Green Tree Acceptance, Inc. v. Holmes
D-0944, Thomas v. Willingham
D-0947, Thompson v. West
D-0949, Garcia v. Robinson
3 D-0950, Olson v. Central Power & Light Co.
D-0951, Lonze v. Great American Life Ins. Co.
D-0952, Cox v. Hartford Lloyds Ins. Co.
D-0956, Armco, Inc. v. Hon. McCorkle
D-0957, Chislum v. Home Owners Funding Corp.
D-0958, State v. Alexander
D-0959, Mitchell v. J. K. and Susie L. Wadley Research Institute & Blood Bank
D-0960, Univex International, Inc. v. Centre Development Co., Inc.
D-0961, Thor Resources, Inc. v. Charles, Russell, Williams & James
D-0964, Remington Arms Co., Inc. v. Hon. Caldwell
D-0965, Homart Development Co. v. Tuxedo Charley’s, Inc.
D-0966, David Evans Contracting, Inc. v. General Accident Ins. Co. of North America
D-0967, Indart v. Bolin Development Corp.
D-0968, Kautz v. Texhoma Wheat Growers, Inc.
D-0969, Dion v. Ford Motor Co.
D-0973, Granada Corp. v. Hon. West
D-0993, Blount v. Blount
4 D-0970, Owen v. Community Mutual Ins. Co.
D-0971, Stewart-Kuss v. Hon. Moore
D-0974, CSX Oil & Gas Corp. v. Pelto Oil Co.
D-0975, Fame City One v. Gage Sun, Inc.
D-0976, Borg-Warner Acceptance Corp. v. Jesse Vinson Imports, Inc.
D-0977, Noiel v. Bowie County Sheriff’s Office
D-0978, Rejali v. Hon. Schneider
D-0979, Ingersoll-Rand Co. v. Harrington
D-0981, First Mortgage Investment Association v. Hon. Bradford
D-0982, Isuani v. Manske-Sheffield Radiology Group
D-0984, Reyes v. 152nd Judicial District Court of Harris County
D-0985, Sweetwater I.S.D. v. Eleventh Court of Appeals
D-0988, Maxey v. Parsons
D-0989, Schafer v. Conner
5 D-0990, Johnny Williams Ford-Mercury, Inc. v. Advertising Displays, Inc.
D-0991, Harmon v. Jauer
D-0994, Filey v. Ohio Casualty Ins. Co.
D-0995, Rangel v. Builders Square, Inc.
D-0996, Halsell v. Dehoyos
D-0997, Nance v. Timber Plaza
D-0998, Kimsey v. Burgin
D-0999, Bitter v. Chapman Grain, Inc.
D-1000, Reyna v. Texas Employment Commission
D-1002, Miller v. North Texas Production Credit Association
D-1003, Southern Pacific Transportation Co. v. Hernandez
D-1004, McNamara v. Freedom Newspapers, Inc.
D-1005, Oxy Cities Service NGL Inc. v. Amoco Production Co.
D-1007, Circly Y of Yoakum v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
D-1009, Sklan v. Wichita Appraisal District
D-1010, Degnan v. Degnan
D-1012, Continental Casing Corp. v. Cheyenne Services, Inc.
D-1014, Carpenter v. Mid-States Services, Inc.
D-1015, Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Hon. Touchy
D-1016, Amoroso v. Aldine I.S.D.
D-1017, First State Bank of Odessa v. Arsiaga
D-1018, Texas Real Estate Commission v. Stein
D-1019, Eddy v. Oak Cliff Country Club
D-1020, Herbert v. Greenville Associates Joint Venture
D-1022, Trinity Universal Ins. Co. v. Central Texas Trailways, Inc.
D-1023, Treybig v. Second Injury Trust Fund
D-1024, Wood v. Brown
6 D-1025, Chemetron Corp. v. Syngas Co.
D-1026, McDermott, Inc. v. Murphy
D-1027, Temple-Inland Forest Products Corp. v. Moss
D-1028, Ex parte Millican
D-1031, Martinez v. Hon. Banales
D-1032, Sweeten v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
D-1034, Nunn v. Wright
D-1038, Butler v. American Mortgage Co.
D-1046, Perales v. Hon. Westergren
D-1047, Thiel v. Thiel
D-1048, Garcia v. Hon. Guerra
D-1050, Flores v. Ayala
D-1051, Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. v. Fifth Court of Appeals
D-1052, Steigerwald v. Rodeheaver
D-1053, Howard v. Matelski
D-1056, Vaughn v. Vaughn
D-1057, Hamil v. Caver
D-1059, City of Grand Prairie v. Debaun
D-1061, Keene Corp. v. Hon. Marshall
D-1062, Barnes v. Hon. Meyers
D-1063, Ex parte Perales
D-1064, Alexander Metal Fabrication, Inc. v. United States Fire Ins. Co.
D-1065, S. B. C. v. State
D-1066, Bunnell v. Jordan
D-1071, Konchar v. American Podiatric Medical Association, Inc.
D-1072, Lynn v. Hon. Bedard
D-1073, Mabray v. Hon. Millard
D-1074, Exxon Corp. v. Allsup
D-1075, Huang v. St. Paul Lloyds Ins. Co.
D-1076, Johnson v. Houston Post Co.
D-1077, Hager v. Hon. McAdams
7 D-1078, Seville Flexpack Corp. v. Leathers
D-1079, Jonnet Energy Corp. v. Hogue
D-1080, Clements v. Jim Walter Homes, Inc.
D-1081, Ward v. Ward
D-1082, Potter v. Wausau Underwriters Ins. Co.
D-1083, Hoffman v. Hoffman
D-1084, Farmer v. Hon. Brister
D-1086, C. C. G. v. State
D-1087, Benick v. Figure World, Inc.
D-1088, Schaefer v. Coronis
D-1091, Shidaker v. Winsett
D-1092, Heideman v. Oak Cliff Place Homeowners Association
D-1094, Harris County v. Allwaste Tank Cleaning, Inc.
D-1095, Monsanto Co. v. Hon. Trevathan
D-1096, Borchers v. State
D-1098, Sabine Investment Co. of Texas, Inc. v. Forest Hills Improvement Association, Inc.
D-1105, Roberts v. Guaranty Federal Savings Bank
8 D-1008, Enterprise Products v. Energy Plant Constructors
D-1013, City of Fort Worth v. Smith Shopping Center
D-1029, Dillard v. Austin I.S.D.
D-1030, Port Terminal Railroad Association v. Richardson
D-1033, Houston Lighting & Power Co. v. Hon. Morris
D-1035, Waddell v. First Court of Appeals
D-1036, Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Law Offices of Vic Terry
D-1037, Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Law Offices of Frank Branson
D-1039, Scott v. Scott
D-1040, Chumney v. Craig
D-1041, Humphrey v. May
9 D-1042, Liberty County Central Appraisal District v. National Pipe and Tube Co.
D-1043, Mack v. Harris County Children’s Protective Services
D-1044, Landeros v. City of El Paso
D-1045, Humble v. Humble
D-1049, General Manufacturing Co. v. CNA Lloyd’s of Texas
D-1054, A. C. Collins Ford, Inc. v. Ford Motor Co.
D-1055, Davenport v. City of Cleburne
D-1058, Vollmer v. Southwestern Bell Corp.
D-1068, Greene v. Second Court of Appeals
D-1070, Clower v. Ryan
D-1085, H.A. Lott, Inc. v. Standard Roofing Co. of New Orleans
D-1089, Bruni v. Killam Oil Co.
D-1097, Enron Oil & Gas Co. v. Hon. Flores
box folder
12 1 D-1100, Powell v. Hon. Lane
D-1102, City of San Antonio v. Rodriguez
D-1103, Acosta v. Chambers
D-1104, Dillard v. Patel
D-1106, Elena E. Francisco, Inc. v. Texas Employment Commission
D-1107, Aykroyd v. LeComte
D-1108, Hollie v. Ford Motor Credit Co.
D-1109, Northwestern National Casualty Co. v. Hinton
D-1110, Tickner v. Triple A Oil Co.
D-1111, J.T. Construction Co., Inc. v. Foster, Henry, Henry & Thorpe, Inc.
D-1112, Lockman v. Bowles
D-1113, United States Fire Ins. Co. v. Fischer
D-1114, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association v. Casey
D-1115, Automobile Ins. Co. of North America v. Davila
D-1116, Calderon v. Calderon
D-1117, Wilson v. Arthur
D-1118, Hall v. Hall
D-1119, Germania Ins. Co. v. Dicken
D-1120, Robinson v. Chiarello
D-1121, Weakley v. Security State Bank & Trust
D-1122, Calavar Corp. v. Turner
D-1123, Hanau v. Hanau
D-1124, Martinez v. Central Power & Light Co.
D-1125, Biggs v. First National Bank at Lubbock
D-1127, Cohen v. Universal Equipment Co.
D-1128, Velez v. Oxford Finance Co.
D-1130, Sweco, Inc. v. Continental Sulfur & Chemical Co.
D-1131, National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh v. Kraft
D-1132, Gannon v. Baker
D-1133, Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Kennedy
D-1134, King v. Black
D-1135, Komatsu v. United States Fire Ins. Co.
D-1136, Tanksley v. Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
D-1137, Kirk v. Kirk
D-1138, McFerran v. Texas Chiropractic College
D-1139, Price v. Bosworth
D-1140, O’Connor v. Shouse
D-1141, Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. v. Hon. Zardanetta
D-1143, M&M Resources Corp. v. Nueces County Housing Assistance, Inc.
D-1144, Holland v. Holland
D-1146, Zipp v. Bowers
D-1147, Purcell v. Purolator Courier Corp.
D-1148, Miller v. North Texas Production Credit Association
D-1149, Sobak v. D.J. Inspection Services, Inc.
D-1150, National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh v. Clemtex, Inc.
D-1151, City of Port Arthur v. International Association of Firefighters, Local 397
D-1152, Soucy v. Texas Industrial Services, Inc.
D-1153, Lesser v. St. Elizabeth Hospital
D-1154, Youngblood v. Lucas
D-1155, Northbrook Property & Casualty Ins. Co. v. Hon. Bradford
D-1156, Smith v. Barnhart
D-1157, Campeau Homes (Texas), Inc. v. Riley
D-1158, Midland American Bank v. Reinert
D-1159, Romero v. CMA, Inc.
D-1160, Douglass v. Harvey
D-1161, Mixon v. National Union Fire Ins. Co.
D-1162, Weibel v. Martin Industries, Inc.
D-1164, Cage v. Plantowsky
D-1165, Lupo v. Security Pacific Corp.
D-1166, Hausler v. Yeatts
D-1167, Cameron v. U.S. Fire Insurance Co.
D-1168, Maas v. Texas Air Corp.
D-1169, Wilson v. Rice
D-1171, Cox v. Boudreaux Civic Association
D-1172, Ex parte Elliot
D-1173, Nelson v. State
D-1174, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc. v. Tucker
D-1175, Houston Title Co. v. Sumerlin
D-1176, Matthews v. Hon. Hacker
D-1177, Jepson v. Hon. Wilson
D-1178, Richards v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
D-1179, Bass Development Co. v. Hon. Canales
D-1180, Lim v. Botello
D-1181, Dixon v. State
D-1182, Village of Creedmoor v. Frost National Bank
D-1184, Irwin v. J. M. Huber Corp.
D-1185, Owens v. Watson
D-1186, Cole v. Vinsand
D-1187, Haynes v. Trans-State Pavers, Inc.
D-1188, Nash v. Northland Communications Corp.
D-1189, Boy Scouts of America v. Curzon
D-1190, Thomas v. Bob Costilow, Inc.
D-1191, Carpenter v. Town and Country Bank
D-1195, Dyer v. Eckols
D-1196, Kelly v. Triad Contractors, Inc.
D-1198, Buzbee v. NCNB Texas National Bank
D-1199, K. B. v. N. B.
2 D-1200, Charles v. Zamora
D-1201, Bay, Inc. v. H. E. Butt Grocery Co.
D-1203, Peck v. Hon. Hunter
D-1204, Fossati v. Quitta
D-1205, City of Hearne v. Lastor
D-1206, Cronen v. Pierce
D-1207, Myers v. Janeaux
D-1209, Arabian Shield Development Co. v. Hunt
D-1210, Moody v. Hon. Sherrill
D-1211, Tkacik v. Commodore County Mutual Ins. Co.
D-1212, Quality Temporary Service, Inc. v. Gulf Oil Corp.
D-1214, Hunt v. Hon. Welcome
D-1215, Crum v. Almac Plastics, Inc.
D-1216, Rowan Companies, Inc. v. Hon. Gallardo
D-1217, Malakoff v. Malakoff
D-1218, Ross v. City of Houston
D-1219, Chicago Title Ins. Co. v. Coastal Banc Savings Association
D-1220, Gordon v. Robbins Chevrolet Co.
D-1221, See v. Hon. Lance
D-1222, Martinez v. Harris County
D-1223, LeBlanc v. Chevron Pipe Line Co.
D-1224, Long v. Houston Northwest Medical Center
D-1225, Turk v. Robles
D-1226, Riata Cadillac Co. v. Rutherford
D-1227, Smith v. Sigmor Pipeline Co.
D-1228, Omick v. Hoerchler
D-1229, Employers Ins. of Wausau v. Hon. Ater
D-1230, Maykopet v. Bolduc
D-1231, Hibler v. Hibler
D-1232, Arrellano v. Texas Employment Commission
D-1233, Hoffman v. City of Victoria
D-1234, McFarland v. Szakalun
D-1236, Reneau v. Parker
D-1237, City of San Antonio v. Batarla
D-1238, Garay v. County of Bexar
D-1241, Wicke v. Wicke
D-1242, Hirsch v. Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange
D-1243, Petty v. Winn Exploration Co., Inc.
D-1245, Smith v. Texoma Estates, Inc.
D-1246, Hoffman v. Wagner Electric Corp.
D-1247, Bay Area Contractors, Inc. v. Hon. West
D-1248, Corporate Communicators, Inc. v. Methodist Hospitals pf Dallas
D-1249, In the matter of the Estate of Dora Diggs
D-1250, State First National Bank of Texarkana v. Mollenhour
D-1251, Dixie Pest Control, Inc. v. O’Pry Exterminating, Inc.
D-1252, Moore v. Firefighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service Commission of Mesquite
D-1253, Walker v. Sharpe
D-1254, Graham v. Torre
D-1255, Hicks v. Western Funding, Inc.
D-1256, Perez v. Lloyd
D-1257, Brown v. Canada
D-1258, Ford v. Folse
D-1259, Butler v. Butler
D-1260, Service Lloyds Ins. Co. v. Melchor
D-1261, Beyer v. Employees Retirement System of Texas
D-1262, Khan v. Aziz
D-1264, Walter v. Williams
D-1265, Carter v. Philadelphia Life Ins. Co.
D-1266, Cherry v. Altman
D-1267, State Farm County Mutual Ins. Co. v. Moran
D-1268, Penry v. Allsurance Agency, Inc.
D-1269, Tirres v. El Paso Sand Products, Inc.
D-1270, Clear Lake City Water Authority v. Winograd
D-1273, Claycombe & King v. Mogavero
D-1274, Horizon Oil & Gas Co. v. Transwestern Pipeline Co.
D-1275, Richardson v. Lumacorp, Inc.
D-1276, Texas Department of Human Services v. White
D-1278, Vest v. Gulf Ins. Co.
D-1280, Singleton/Overstreet Leasing, Inc. v. Rogers
D-1281, Crosby v. Waldner
D-1282, Firestone v. Hon. Marshall
D-1283, Zapata v. Houston Women’s Clinic
D-1284, McAllister v. Keel-Flynn
D-1285, Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Co. v. Hon. Dibrell
D-1290, Neason v. Jenkins
D-1291, Creel v. District Attorney for Medina County
D-1292, McDermott, Inc. v. Hon. Salyer
D-1293, Hayes v. E.T.S. Enterprises, Inc.
D-1295 and D-1315, John Hogan Interests, Inc. v. Trapnell
D-1296, DeLay v. Johnson
D-1297, Marino v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Ins. Co.
D-1298, Mueller Engineering Corp. v. United Gas Pipe Line Co.
D-1299, Felchak v. Peardon
3 D-1300, Wynne v. Fischer
D-1301, Moore McCormack Petroleum, Inc. v. CKB Associates, Inc.
D-1302, Moore v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
D-1303, Villarreal v. State Dept. of Highways and Public Transportation
D-1304, Smith Motor Sales, Inc. v. Texas Motor Vehicle Commission
D-1305, $8,353 v. State
D-1306, Opara v. First American Bank
D-1308, Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners v. Ferris
D-1309, Carr v. Texas Dept. of Human Services
D-1311, Texas American Corp. v. Woodbridge Joint Venture
D-1312, Thomas v. Thomas
D-1313, Smith v. Hon. Gonzalez
D-1314, Mariner Corp. v. Mushantaf
D-1316, Commercial Life & Accident Ins. Co. v. Commercial Life Ins. Co.
D-1318, Brindza v. Ninth Court of Appeals
D-1319, Green v. Westgate Apostolic Church
D-1321, Wilson v. Hymer
D-1323, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. v. Hughes
D-1324, Alicea v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
D-1327, Kaufmann v. Hon. Davidson
D-1328, Casares v. Marsh
D-1329, Elder v. Bro
D-1330, Dhillon v. General Accident Ins. Co.
D-1331, Krasniqi v. Krasniqi
D-1334, Cruz v. Goldome Credit Corp.
D-1335, Texstar North America, Inc. v. Ladd Petroleum Corp.
D-1336, Nazworth v. Texas Employers’ Insurance Association
D-1337, Video Science Technology, Inc. v. Birtcher Corp.
D-1338, Nagel Manufacturing & Supply Co. v. Ulloa
D-1340, Waggoner v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co.
D-1341, Burnet County Appraisal District v. J. M. Huber Corp.
D-1342, Bailey v. Texas Employers Insurance Association
D-1343, Layfield v. Layfield
D-1344, Boykin v. General Agents Ins. Co. of America
D-1345, Pelt v. Hon. Wittig
D-1346, Granite Design Center, Inc. v. Lucia, Inc.
D-1347, Lufkin I.S.D. v. Contreras
D-1348, Channelview Bank v. Durish
D-1350, Day v. State Bar of Texas
D-1351, Seal v. Seal
D-1352, Buchorn v. Hunt
D-1353, Mobil Producing Texas and New Mexico, Inc. v. Bass Enterprises Production Co.
D-1354, Vandewater Construction, Inc. v. Steger & Bizzell, Inc.
D-1355, Rucker v. Rucker
D-1356, Barton v. First City Bank of Alice
D-1357, Carter v. Shannon
D-1358, Huizar v. General Electric Co.
D-1360, P&D Properties, Inc. v. Lytle Nursing Home, Inc.
D-1361, Bustamante v. Barrientos
D-1362, Hollingsworth v. King
D-1363, Riley v. Hon. Sullivan
D-1365, J. A. Martin Sales, Inc. v. Day
D-1367, Brown v. State
D-1368, Gilbert v. McAnally
D-1369, Cameron v. Hon. Carter
D-1370, Southmark Investment Group, Inc. v. Hon. Barlow
D-1372, Town of Westlake v. Pate
D-1371, Lane v. Port Terminal Railroad Association
D-1373, Felderhoff v. Knauf
D-1374, Syntek Finance Corp. v. Hon. Canales
D-1375, Webb v. Hon. Stem
D-1376, Fibreboard Corp. v. Pool
D-1378, Villa Capri Partnership v. Evans
D-1379, Jagee Corp. v. Dallas Central Appraisal District
D-1380, Barraza v. State
D-1381, Robinowitz v. Hon. Canales
D-1382, Employers Mutual Casualty Co. v. Walker
D-1383, Attorney General’s Office v. Mitchell
D-1384, Suber v. Ohio Medical Products, Inc.
D-1385, Texas International Gas & Oil Co. v. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co.
D-1387, Sportec International, Inc. v. Hurst-Euless-Bedford I.S.D.
D-1388, Hon. Hacker v. Eleventh Court of Appeals
D-1389, Padilla v. Mixers Southwest, Inc.
D-1390, Weisend v. Hon. McDowell
D-1392, Rep. Heflin v. Legislative Budget Board of the State of Texas
D-1393, NCNB Texas National Bank v. Acacia Office partners-I
D-1394, Shropshire v. Brass-Craft Western Co.
D-1395, City of Garland v. Hooper
D-1396, Young v. Young
D-1397, Vaguera v. Salas
D-1398, City of Houston v. Cavazos
D-1399, Jones Enterprises v. Ramsey
box folder
13 1 D-1400, Mobil Exploration & Producing U.S. Inc. v. McDonald
D-1401, Lindsey & Newsom Claim Services v. National Indemnity Co.
D-1402, Cherry v. Lee
D-1405, Howell v. Hecht
D-1406, Cauble v. Cauble
D-1407, Gibbs v. Yelverton
D-1408, Oates v. Cowgur
D-1409, Mayani v. Jamal
D-1410, LaChance v. Henry
D-1411, Rounsaville v. Second Court of Appeals
D-1412, Hinsley v. Bank One
D-1413, Merritt Tool Co., Inc. v. Techrepco, Inc.
D-1414, Zabak v. Houston Chronicle Publishing Co.
D-1415, Fort Bend I.S.D. v. Schindler
D-1416, Delespine v. Hon. Polumbo
D-1417, Patton v. Zabranek
D-1419, Bililis v. Belavilas
D-1420, J. N. Browning Oil Co. v. Sealy
D-1422, Shell Oil Co. v. Hon. Smith
D-1424, Borunda v. Montgomery Wards & Co., Inc.
D-1426, Wilson v. Albert
D-1427, Taylor v. Fourth Court of Appeals
D-1428, Thomas v. Dubovy-Longo
D-1429, Brodhead v. Hon. Lowry
D-1431, Hughes v. Metromedia Long Distance, Inc.
D-1432, Boyd v. Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners
D-1433, Westheimer Plaza No. 1 v. Guardian Savings & Loan Association
D-1434, Toro v. First City Bank-Westheimer
D-1435, K&N Electric, Inc. v. Ram Products, Inc.
D-1436, McAdams v. Capitol Products Corp.
D-1437, Trinity Park Center II Joint Venture v. Hon. Gant
D-1438, Lipnick v. Hon. Davidson
D-1441, Community Hospital of Brazosport v. First Court of Appeals
D-1442, Swint v. Lamar County
D-1444, Reainthong v. Second Court of Appeals
D-1445, Bland v. Vandivier
D-1446, Redfern v. Eighth Court of Appeals
D-1447, Rough v. Rough
D-1448, Hickman v. Hickman
D-1449, First USA Merchant Services, Inc. v. United Marketing Technology, Inc.
D-1450, International Union of United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers Local 119 v. Johnson Controls, Inc.
D-1453, Carter v. Lankford
D-1454, State v. Weiss
D-1455, Colby v. Cardenas
D-1456, Wilber v. Martinez
D-1457, United Services Automobile Association v. Pennington
D-1458, Rankin v. Home Savings and Loan of Austin
D-1459, Gonzalez v. Brooks County Hospital
D-1460, Schultz v. Texas Employment Commission
D-1461, Vines v. Enerfin Gas, Inc.
D-1462, State v. Morris
D-1463, Owens-Illinois, Inc. v. Webb
D-1465, Carter v. Hon. Ramey
D-1466, Wavell v. Caller-Times Publishing Co.
D-1467, Shuler v. Railroad Savings & Loan Association
D-1468, Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital v. Roberts
D-1470, Varkonyi v. City of El Paso
D-1471, Cluff v. Gerald D. Hines Interests, Inc.
D-1473, Sebesta v. Daniels
D-1474, Mission Petroleum Carriers, Inc. v. Cain
D-1475, City State Bank of Wellington v. Lowe
D-1478, Aslam v. Hon. Montgomery
D-1479, Dickey v. Moore
D-1480, Weitzel Construction, Inc. v. Atlas Engineering, Inc.
D-1481, Eargle v. Dallas Sunchase Co.
D-1482, Carter v. Belt
D-1483, Tomlin v. East Texas Savings & Loan Association
D-1484, City of Irving v. Artesia Fire Equipment, Inc.
D-1485, Barreda v. El Paso I.S.D.
D-1486, Craig v. Hon. White
D-1487, Kubinsky v. Van Zandt Realtors
D-1488, Adams v. Fifth Court of Appeals
D-1491, Horizon Creditcorp v. Hon. O’Neill
D-1492, Brannon v. Brannon
D-1495, Lindsey v. State
D-1496, McGuire v. Post Oak Lane Townhome Owners Association, Phase II
D-1497, Meyer v. Texas Dept. of Human Services
D-1498, Commonwealth Chartered Trust Co. v. State
D-1499, Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. v. Hon. Whitaker
2 D-1500, Remington Arms Co. v. Hon. Martinez
D-1501, Fort Bend Central Appraisal District v. Oyster Creek Associates Joint Venture
D-1502, Employers’ Insurance of Wausau v. Martinez
D-1504, Brenholts v. Morgan
D-1505, Cawthorn v. Brotherhood’s Relief and Compensation Fund
D-1506, Dyson v. Lone Star Gas Co.
D-1508, Amend v. Hon. McMenamy
D-1510, Wallace v. Manjack
D-1511, Villarreal v. Garza
D-1512, Jones v. Chevron USA, Inc.
D-1513, Lancaster v. Hon. Moore
D-1514, O’Connor v. Hon. Smith
D-1515, Birdo v. Ament
D-1516, Texas Workers Compensation Commission v. Garcia
D-1517, Thompson v. Peterson
D-1519, Siewert v. Siewert
D-1521, Criton Corp. v. Highlands Ins. Co.
D-1522, Tri-State Ins. Co. v. Alliance Savings and Loan Association
D-1523, Wofford v. Lynaugh
D-1525, Goins v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
D-1527, Spencer v. Bishop
D-1528, Eichelberger v. Hayton
D-1529, Ace Transportation, Inc. v. Moreno
D-1530, Thomas v. Board of Law Examiners of the Supreme Court of Texas
D-1531, Rutledge v. Hon. Henderson
D-1532, Hanks v. Lake Towne Apartments
D-1533, Smith v. State Farm Lloyds, Inc.
D-1534, Baron v. Baron
D-1535, Utica National Ins. Co. of Texas v. Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York
D-1537, CNA Lloyd’s of Texas Ins. Co. v. Tectonic Realty Investment Co.
D-1538, Bradburry v. City of Carrollton
D-1540, Avala of Texas, Inc. v. Hon. West
D-1541, Lee v. Gutierrez
D-1542, Jones v. Sparks
D-1543, Marks v. Kneblick
D-1545, Baptist Memorial Hospital System v. Smith
D-1546, Gonzalez v. Hon. Mireles
D-1547, Gage, Inc. v. Hon. Miller
D-1548, Thomas v. Caswell Cattle Co.
D-1550, Rodrigues v. Amoco Production Co.
D-1552, In re KDI American Products, Inc.
D-1553, Rose v. Hon. Davis
D-1554, McCloy v. Southwest Cattlemen’s Credit Corp.
D-1555, Wright v. Aus-Tex Towing, Inc.
D-1556, Barabin v. Wagenback
D-1559, Butler v. De la Cruz
D-1561, Sadler v. Duvall
D-1562, Lavender v. Day & Zimmerman, Inc.
D-1563, Williamson County Appraisal District v. Resolution Trust Corp.
D-1564, Preston v. Long
D-1565, Briggs v. Stephens
D-1566, Director, State Employees Workers’ Compensation Division v. DeWitt
D-1567, Texas Gas Exploration Corp. v. Fluor Corp.
D-1568, Gonzales v. General Beverage of Texas, Inc.
D-1569, De la Rosa v. Kaples
D-1570, Rosenfield v. General Motors Corp.
D-1572, Newberry v. Wilmore
D-1573, Mitchell v. Mitchell
D-1575, Bayerische Motoren Werken v. Hon. O’Neill
D-1577, Goodson v. State
D-1578, Commonwealth Chartered Trust Co. v. State
D-1579, Muller v. City of Boerne
D-1580, Panzarella v. Chambers Security Systems of Texas, Inc.
D-1581, Walker v. Hon. Ashworth
D-1582, City of San Antonio v. Gray
D-1583, Tanajara v. Moreno
D-1584, Phillips v. Parrish
D-1585, Walker County v. Harding
D-1586, Millsap v. Abeyta
D-1590, Huddleston v. Wagner
D-1591, Garcia v. Beaver Creek Developers
D-1593, Check v. Southfork Village Partners
D-1595, Ursic v. Federal Deposit Ins. Corp.
D-1596, Lloyd v. Harris County Appraisal District
D-1598, Kahn v. Riviera Corp.
D-1599, Ryan v. Superior Oil Co.
3 D-1600, Brown v. Hoggett
D-1601, Jones v. Baitz
D-1602, Smith v. Smith
D-1604, Parker v. City Council of Big Spring
D-1606, Texas Dept. of Human Services v. Neal
D-1605, Carter v. McClintick
D-1607, Herrera v. Hon. Barlow
D-1608, Gatter v. HSAM, Inc.
D-1609, White v. Wichita Falls Record News
D-1610, Traco, Inc. v. Arrow Glass Co., Inc.
D-1611, Frew v. Springs
D-1612, Gonzales v. Immer Vista Verde, Inc.
D-1613, Lutheran Social Services of Texas, Inc. v. Rodriguez
D-1614, Kellebrew v. Featherlite Building Products, Inc.
D-1615, International Paper Co. v. Hon. Clapp
D-1616, Johnson v. Lyons
D-1617, Fidelity National Bank of Dallas v. Westbrook Construction Co., Inc.
D-1618, Ledesma v. Austin I.S.D.
D-1619, Bendele v. Peerless Equipment Corp.
D-1620, City of Houston v. Wiliams
D-1621, Piper v. Hon. Martin
D-1622, Bryant v. Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp.
D-1623, Wilkinson v. Hanover Ins. Co.
D-1624, Texas Employment Commission v. Mary Lee Foundation
D-1625, Switzer v. Hon. Dellana
D-1626, Brown-Forman Corp. v. Hon. Westergren
D-1627, Stoker v. Furr’s, Inc.
D-1628, Yates v. Cullum Co.
D-1629, Pate v. Home Indemnity Co.
D-1630, Youth With a Mission, Inc. v. Uhl
D-1631, Christian Group, Inc. v. Colorado County Central Appraisal District
D-1632, Medina v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
D-1633, Cross v. Dallas County Flood District No. 1
D-1635, Davidson v. Great National Life Ins. Co.
D-1636, Keene Corp. v. McDowell
D-1638, Wolfson v. Rogers
D-1640, Del Valle v. Checker Auto Parts, Inc.
D-1641, First Gibraltar Bank v. Hon. Keis
D-1642, Pearcy v. Environmental Conservancy of Austin and Central Texas, Inc.
D-1643, Luskey v. Fort Worth Medical Plaza, Inc.
D-1644, Weber v. Goodwin
D-1645, Boren v. Hon. Germany
D-1646, Landry v. First National Bank in George West
D-1647, Bayfront Associates, Ltd. v. City of Corpus Christi
D-1648, Crenshaw v. Hon. Dellana
D-1649, Pyritz v. O’Reilly
D-1650, Creel v. Fourth Court of Appeals
D-1651, Baykian v. White
D-1652, Howell v. Millmann
D-1653, Pomerantz v. Picon Transportation, Inc.
D-1654, Angelina Casualty Co. v. Mayo
D-1655, Hubbard v. Vines
D-1656, Andrews v. Hon. Farrar
D-1657, Welton v. Hon. Canales
D-1658, Oak v. Oak
D-1660, Wofford v. Pelz
D-1661, Hues v. Warren Petroleum Co.
D-1662, Farah v. First City Bank Westheimer
D-1663, Rudd v. Wilson
D-1664, Floyd v. Floyd
D-1666, Armstrong Forest Products v. Redempco, Inc.
D-1667, Plastino v. Horn
D-1669, IDC, Inc. v. County of Nueces
D-1670, American Trading and Production Corp. v. Delgado
D-1671, Locke v. Medical Protective Co.
D-1672, Anderson v. Hodge Boats & Motors, Inc.
D-1673, Capital City Leasing, Inc. v. City-County Solid Waste Control Board
D-1674, Cantu v. Cantu
D-1675, Bierschwale v. Rodriguez
D-1676, Rainbow Motel, Inc. v. Fourteenth Court of Appeals
D-1678, Geo Viking, Inc. v. Tex-Lee Operating Co.
D-1679, USX Corp. v. Salinas
D-1681, Marti v. Seats, Inc.
D-1682, Reyna v. Sanchez
D-1683, Reed v. Peoples Mortgage Co.
D-1684, Fletcher v. Fletcher
D-1685, Gonzalez v. City of Harlingen
D-1686, Pierson v. Noon
D-1687, Williams v. Hon. Packer
D-1688, Watson v. All American Pipeline Co.
D-1690, Paschall v. Peevey
D-1691, O’Conner v. Ogletree Brothers Investments
D-1692, Ramey v. Collagen Corp.
D-1694, Mack Massey Motors, Inc. v. Garnica
D-1696, State v. Hon. Phillips and D-1697, State v. Hon. Schless
D-1698, Holley v. Hon. Wilborn
D-1699, Garza v. Texas Employers’ Ins. Association
box folder
14 1 D-1700, Taylor v. Albertsons, Inc.
D-1702, Zepeda v. Hon. Guerra
D-1703, Commercial Chair Co. v. Dupree
D-1704, O’Conner v. Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas
D-1705, Ex parte Hernandez
D-1706, Utica National Ins. Co. of Texas v. McDonald
D-1707, Westridge Court Joint Venture v. RTC
D-1708, PPG Industries, Inc. v. Canady
D-1709, Naranjo v. Naranjo
D-1710, Gavronovic v. Cotton
D-1711, Blackstone v. Aramco Services Co.
D-1712, Todd v. Katy Ford, Inc.
D-1713, Tomlin v. Texas Commerce Bank-Dallas
D-1715, Allen v. Hon. Wilborn
D-1717, Temple Associates, Inc. v. Acme Brick
D-1718, Roob v. Von Beregshasy
D-1719, Thomas v. Hill
D-1720, Coleman v. Hughes
D-1721, Casillas v. Hon. Morris
D-1722, Higginbotham Bros. & Co. v. Texas Utilities Electric Co.
D-1723, Winborn v. Thomas
D-1724, Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Moore
D-1725, Guetersloh v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
D-1726, McKinney v. Hicks
D-1727, Winkler v. Kirkwood Atrium Office Park
D-1728, Connell v. Payne
D-1729, Knights of Columbus Credit Union v. Stock
D-1730, Gonzalez v. First Court of Appeals
D-1731, Hooper v. Hooper
D-1732, Criswell v. Trinity National Bank
D-1733, Kitchen v. Sawyer
D-1734, Esquivel v. Watson
D-1735, Wittenben v. Hon. Lewis
D-1736, Sabine Utilities, Inc. v. Miller & Miller Auctioneers, Inc.
D-1738, Akro-Tex, Inc. v. PPG Industries
D-1739, Colatex Land Co. v. Boyd
D-1741, Lopez v. City of Arlington
D-1743, Hines v. Darrow-Hildreth Co.
D-1744, Waugh v. City of Dallas
D-1745, Hamilton v. Luce
D-1746, Mandel v. McLendon
D-1747, Cowling v. Hon. Lee
D-1748, Transport Ins. Co. v. Hon. Stover
D-1749, Lela A. v. Texas Education Agency
D-1751, Ins. Co. of North America v. Hon. Millard
D-1752, Sims v. State
D-1753, Burris v. Denman
D-1754, Black v. Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation
D-1755, Steenbergen v. Ford Motor Co.
D-1756, Prudential Health Care Plan, Inc. v. First Court of Appeals
D-1757, Argonaut Southwest Ins. Co. v. Hon. McDonald
D-1758, Valley Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. v. Martinez
D-1759, Taylor v. Gray
D-1760, Cessna Aircraft Co. v. Hon. Leggat
D-1761, Lopez v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
D-1762, Thompson v. Hon. West
D-1763, MacMillan v. Redman Homes, Inc.
D-1765, City of Alamo v. Hon. Uresti
D-1767, Cobb v. Mustang Drilling
D-1768, American Medical Electronics, Inc. v. Korn
D-1770, Hogan v. City of Houston
D-1771, MacArthur v. Green Bay South Community, Inc.
D-1772, Smith v. Lippmann
D-1773, Ham v. Salmon
D-1774, Fought v. Solce
D-1775, City of Garland v. Fifth Court of Appeals
D-1776, Trevino v. Plaza National Bank of Harlingen
D-1777, Carson v. Waldron
D-1778, Redfern v. Hon. McKim
D-1779, Texas Automobile Ins. Service Office v. Korioth
D-1780, Metroplex Hospital of Killeen v. Hon. Carroll
D-1781, Brown v. Eighth Court of Appeals
D-1782, Shaver v. Schuster
D-1783, Busby v. Wilson
D-1784, Red Arrow Heavy Hauling, Inc. v. Jones
D-1785, Hill v. Hill
D-1786, Slentz v. American Airlines, Inc.
D-1787, Garcia v. Crawford & Co.
D-1788, Misleh v. Fischman
D-1789, White v. Univ. of Tulsa
D-1790, Radford v. Jackson
D-1791, Garrett v. City of Houston
D-1792, Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee v. Jansen
D-1793, United Resource Recovery, Inc. v. Texas Water Commission
D-1795, Fincher v. B&D Air Conditioning and Heating Co.
D-1796, Rose v. Baker & Botts
D-1797, Whitten v. National Distillers & Chemical
D-1798, McAllen Copy Data, Inc. v. Matsushita Electric Corp. of America
2 D-1800, Whiteside v. Griffis, Woodward, Colia & Motl
D-1801, Wavell v. Roberts
D-1803, Alamo Title Ins. Co. v. Bexar County Appraisal Review Board
D-1805, Blackbird v. Blackbird
D-1806, Greyhound Financial Corp. v. Garza
D-1807, Lovejoy v. Copeland
D-1808, County of Hidalgo v. Hon. Mancias
D-1809, Nash v. Brazee
D-1810, Cockerell v. Taylor County
D-1811, Jowell v. Seeton
D-1812, Birdo v. Baker
D-1813, Castillo v. De la Fuente
D-1814, Lively v. Flores
D-1815, Yanas v. Arco Products Corp.
D-1816, American Biodynamics, Inc. v. Guest
D-1818, Lynch v. Kamps
D-1819, Ferguson v. Ellis
D-1821, Bennett v. Hon. Salinas
D-1822, Miller v. Andrews
D-1824, Baugher v. Whiteford
D-1826, Reainthong v. Second Court of Appeals
D-1828, Greycas, Inc. v. Hon. Garza
D-1829, Greycas, Inc. v. Hon. Garza
D-1830, Elliot v. State
D-1832, Gutierrez v. Attorney General
D-1833, Garcia v. State
D-1834, D. B. Communications, Inc. v. Ocean Pines Broadcasting, Inc.
D-1835, H.L.S. Energy, Inc. v. Duncan
D-1837, Lester Electrical of Nebraska, Inc. v. Jackson
D-1838, Sprowl v. Payne
D-1839, Eichenour v. Phillips Iron Works, Inc.
D-1841, Eagle Properties, Ltd. v. Texas Commerce Bank
D-1842, Briggs v. Long
D-1843, Faubion v. State Bar of Texas
D-1844, Gaines County Appraisal District v. Hon. Hansard
D-1845, Chrysler First Financial Services Corp. v. Kimbrough, Carson & Woods
D-1846, Serna v. Hon. Ferguson
D-1848, Hunke v. Wilcox
D-1849, BJ-Hughes Machinery v. Madden
D-1850, Morgan v. Hughes
D-1851, Contract Freighters, Inc. v. Janes
D-1852, O’Haver v. City of Lubbock
D-1853, Waco Air Automotive, Inc. v. American Bank of Waco
D-1855, Herrington v. Hon. Spears
D-1856, Daly v. Hon. Davidson
D-1858, Wadsworth Properties v. ITT Employment and Training Systems, Inc.
D-1859, Rogers v. Rogers
D-1860, Interstate Fire Ins. Co. v. First Tape, Inc.
D-1861, Watkins v. Stolaroff
D-1862, Doucette v. Northwestern National Casualty Co.
D-1863, Murillo v. INA of Texas
D-1864, Bradt v. West Publishing Co.
D-1865, Antimony Products of America v. Garrison
D-1868, Mitcham v. Univ. of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
D-1869, Texas State Board of Dental Examiners v. Tuffiash
D-1870, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. v. Hon. Millard
D-1871, Balawajder v. Clover
D-1872, Moore v. Hon. West
D-1873, Enfinger v. Tyra
D-1874, City of Abilene v. Riley
D-1875, Ray v. Lake Proctor Irrigation Authority
D-1876, Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange v. Hon. Mancias
D-1877, Gamblin v. Bryant
D-1878, Baker v. Hon. Tunnell
D-1879, Moore v. MWJ Producing Co.
D-1880, Hamilton v. Southland Corp.
D-1881, Hon. Tunnel v. Twelfth Court of Appeals
D-1882, McBeth v. Prince
D-1883, Clark v. Golding
D-1884, Thomas v. Caskey
D-1886, Hunt v. Hunt
D-1887, Garrison v. Salazar Construction, Inc.
D-1888, Hyundai Motor Co. v. Hon. Garcia
D-1889, Osborne v. Brooks
D-1890, Trevino v. Rogers
D-1891, State v. Burgess
D-1892, Parras v. Thirteenth Court of Appeals
D-1894, Reid v. Hunt Oil Co.
D-1895, B. C. S. v. D. A. E.
D-1896, Fort Worth I.S.D. v. Williams
D-1897, Hippler v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
D-1898, In the Matter of V.C.
D-1899, In the Matter of R.P.
D-1900, In the Matter of D.V.
3 D-1905, Dorner v. Maloney
D-1907, Navistar Financial Corp. v. Sumrall
D-1915, Dolenz v. Hon. Marshall
D-1921, Denton County Electric Coop., Inc. v. Public Utility Commission of Texas
D-1928, Soto v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh
D-1929, Penick v. Penick
D-1930, Johnson v. Walker
D-1932, Collier v. Civil Service Commission of Wichita Falls
D-1933, Lott v. Best
D-1936, Higginbotham v. General Life and Accident Ins. Co.
D-1945, Savoy Apartments v. Haight
D-1946, Leonard v. Lane
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D-1962, Allstate Ins. Co. v. Hon. Garcia
D-1963, Ghidoni v. City of Hill Country Village
D-1965, Moore v. State Bar of Texas
D-1966, Texas Commerce Bank v. Hon. Whittington
D-1974, Stone v. Whitaker
D-1976, Edwards v. State
D-1978, CEDA Corp. v. Burton
D-1981, Lehman v. Holmes
D-1982, Arsht Co. v. First Court of Appeals
D-1984, Lehrer v. Cook, Davis & McFall
D-1986, Ellis County v. Manhart
D-1987, Roy v. Howard-Glendale Funeral Home
D-1996, Clarke v. Hon. Ruffino
4 D-2006, Funds Recovery, Inc. v. Dallas County Appraisal District
D-2007, Wingfield v. Hon. Brown
D-2010, Brodhead v. Dancer
D-2011, C.C.P.C.S. Leasing, Inc. v. Texas Ecologists, Inc.
D-2014, Miller v. Southwestern Bell Corp.
D-2020, Nichols v. Sears, Roebuck and Co.
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D-2034, Winfield v. Renfro
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D-2038, Mireles v. City of Houston
D-2040, Lina v. Texas Dept. of Corrections
D-2043, Howeth Investments, Inc. v. Brown
D-2046, Astec Industries, Inc. v. Suarez
D-2047, Morgan v. Helm
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D-2053, Mandell v. Hamman Oil and Refining Co.
D-2054, Ferrell v. Ferrell
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D-2059, English v. Fifth Court of Appeals
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D-2085, Cobb v. Thurmond
D-2087, Garza v. Olague
D-2091, Thames v. Dennison
D-2098, Ramirez v. State
box folder
10 1 D-2102, Garrett v. General Electric Capital Corp.
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D-2116, Guinn v. Texas Christian Univ.
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D-2129, Mayes v. Texas Employers Indemnity Co.
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D-2132, Brodhead v. Dodgin
D-2134, Timmerman v. Delta Airlines, Inc.
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D-2150, Moncrief v. Harvey
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D-2157, Street v. Cal Fed Mortgage Co.
D-2160, Branch v. Goff
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D-2169, Lawson v. Lawson
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D-2177, Duke v. Oak Forest Civic Club
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D-2181, Escobar v. Hon. Spector
D-2186, Khuri v. Bell
D-2192, Allen v. Darr Equipment Co.
D-2193, Shawell v. Pend Oreille Oil & Gas Co.
2 D-2202, Suburban Homes Realty v. Kazmir
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D-2208, Corley v. Exxon Pipeline Co.
D-2209, Beavers v. Northrop Worldwide Aircraft Services, Inc.
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D-2212, Lewis v. Lewis
D-2215, Meyer v. State Bar of Texas
D-2221, Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital v. Holland
D-2233, Cardiff v. Phillips Natural Gas Co.
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D-2243, Powell v. Powell
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D-2260, Wilson v. Wilson
D-2261, Jones v. American Federal Bank
D-2262, Ramacher v. ARCO Oil & Gas Co.
D-2264, Keene Corp. v. Hon. Lindsay
D-2266, Baytown Construction Co., Inc. v. City of Beaumont
D-2270, Santana v. Santana
D-2273, Ford v. Wied
D-2274, State v. $61,467
D-2277, Bingham v. Lavender
D-2279, Smith v. Texas Commerce Bank-Corpus Christi
D-2283, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. v. Hon. O’Neill
D-2285, Plainsman Trading Co. v. Crews
D-2286, Bullock v. Air Force Village Foundation, Inc.
D-2287, State Dept. of Highways and Public Transportation v. Zachary
D-2288, Dearing, Inc. v. Spiller
D-2291, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Co. v. Wood
D-2294, Rooke v. Jenson
D-2295, Gonzales v. Chapman
D-2298, Marshall v. Toys-“R”-Us-Nytex, Inc.
3 D-2300, Greene v. North River Ins. Co.
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D-2307, Pennington v. Empire of America Realty Credit Corp.
D-2309, Roberts v. W. T. Carter & Bro.
D-2310, Maddox v. Sixth Court of Appeals
D-2312, General Accident Ins. Co. of America v. Thompson & Knight
D-2315, Tamez v. Tamez
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D-2328, Riley v. Lemmon
D-2338, Kartchner v. Skelton
D-2344, State v. In the Matter of R. C.
D-2346, Narvaez v. Burnett
D-2347, Hernandez v. American Appliance Manufacturing Corp.
D-2354, Glass v. Glass
D-2355, J&M Temporaries, Inc. v. Hon. Dietz
D-2358, Walker v. Federal Kemper Life Assurance Co.
D-2359, Chapman v. Wilson
D-2361, Sobel v. MBank Waco
D-2363, J. K. and Susie Wadley Research Institute and Blood Bank v. Hon. Whittington
D-2364, Marks-Brown v. Schneider
D-2366, Johnson v. Hon. White
D-2368, Johnson v. Hon. Elliott
D-2372, Bloom v. Graham
D-2375, General Portland, Inc. v. Hon. Moye
D-2376, CIGNA Corp. v. Hon. Spears
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D-2391, Martin Marietta Corp. v. Hon. Moye
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D-2394, King v. Associated Air Center, Inc.
D-2398, Bond v. Employees Retirement System of Texas
D-2399, Barnett v. Hubbard
4 D-2401, Kelley v. Pirtle
D-2405, Newby v. McCormick
D-2413, Duggar v. Davis
D-2416, Parsley v. Rowley
D-2419, Tarrant Appraisal District v. American Airlines, Inc.
D-2427, Warren v. American National Fire Ins. Co.
D-2433, Ashton v. Brewer
D-2437, Catlett v. Richards
D-2439, State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. Wade
D-2449, Blevins v. Circle Y of Yoakum
D-2450, Scheffey v. CNA Ins. Co.
D-2455, Southwestern Bell Media, Inc. v. Lyles
D-2456, Walker v. Brodhead
D-2458, Roberts v. Lawson
D-2464, State v. Resolution Trust Corp.
D-2465, Lyons v. McKellar
D-2466, Bowles v. Schwartz
D-2477, Holloway v. Butler
D-2483, Shekel Corp. NCNB Texas National Bank
D-2486, Jones v. American Federal Bank
D-2488, Bell v. Safeco Title Ins. Co.
D-2494, Cluett v. Medical Protective Co.
D-2496, State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. v. Long
D-2499, City of Houston v. First City, Texas-Houston
5 D-2502, Livermore v. Seventh Court of Appeals
D-2503, Dolenz v. British American Ins. Co.
D-2504, Albright v. Hammond
D-2505, Albright v. Kemp, Smith, Duncan & Hammond
D-2506, Dingler v. Watson
D-2508, Providence Lloyd’s Ins. Co. v. Smith
D-2510, Boney v. Hon. Kent
D-2513, Crawford v. Deets
D-2517, Engelke v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh
D-2519, El Paso Sharky’s Billiard Parlor v. Amparan
D-2521, Skibell v. Commonwealth Land Title Ins. Co.
D-2523, Reed v. Overseas Motors Corp.
D-2525, Moody v. EMC Services, Inc.
D-2528, Schwager v. Texas Commerce Bank
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D-2535, Clark v. Katz
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D-2547, Bailey. v. Hon. Schattman
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D-2570, Hatridge v. Day & Zimmermann, Inc.
D-2571, Grimes v. Corpus Christi Transmission Co.
D-2573, Lone Star Energy Storage, Inc. v. Texacadian Energy, Inc.
D-2574, Sterk v. Jefferson County
D-2583, Sims v. Hon. Spencer
D-2586, Moore v. Moore
D-2589, State v. Tigner
D-2590, Wiley v. Parker
D-2598, George v. Federal Asset Management Corp.
6 D-2602, Leggett v. Gregory-Edwards, Inc.
D-2604, Coward v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
D-2607, Tolbert v. Dallas Morning News
D-2612, Ex parte Wimberly
D-2614, Ortega-Carter v. American International Adjustment Co.
D-2617, Adams v. First American Title Ins. Co.
D-2621, Mallet v. Fields
D-2624, Nunu v. Del Lago Estates Property Owners Association
D-2630, Kilpatrick v. Camp
D-2631, Gramstorff v. Marathon Oil Co.
D-2632, Moorhead v. Hon. Stephens
D-2633, Hill v. Hon. Ramirez
D-2643, Mewbourne Oil Co. v. Seventh Court of Appeals
D-2646, FMI Contracting Corp. v. Federal Ins. Co.
D-2649, Park v. Troy Dodson Construction Co.
D-2652, Manning v. Mesh
D-2655, Galvan v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
D-2656, Kalicinski v. Kroger Co.
D-2660, Birdo v. Parker
D-2672, Superior Derrick Services, Inc. v. Anderson
D-2674, Winters v. ARM Refining Co., Inc.
D-2677, State v. Hon. Harris
D-2682, White v. White
D-2689, Kelly v. Diocese of Corpus Christi
D-2691, Austin Road Co. v. Houston General Ins. Co.
D-2692, Hennessy Industries, Inc. v. Cantrell
7 D-2700, Simmons v. Compania Financiera Libano
D-2705, City of Keller v. Milliken
D-2707, Scott v. Scruggs
D-2708, Masters v. Hermann Park Manor Nursing Home
D-2711, Swensen’s Ice Cream Co. v. Chapman
D-2712, O’Donnell Farm & Ranch Supply, Inc. v. Goodpasture, Inc.
D-2713, Siegel v. Smith
D-2721, Carney v. Teague Development Co.
D-2722, Martinez v. Resolution Trust Corp.
D-2723, General Motors Corp. v. Bowe
D-2725, Harrington v. Walker
D-2726, Target Mud and Drilling Fluids, Inc. v. Herrera
D-2727, Hipp v. State
D-2728, Anton v. Hon. Cochran
D-2729, Marks v. Marks
D-2741, Wade v. Hurst
D-2754, Brooks v. 1st and 3rd County Courts of Travis County
D-2765, Flintoft v. Cummings
D-2770, Baylor Medical Plaza Services Corp. v. Kidd
D-2772, Schwartz v. Baker Hughes, Inc.
D-2778, Rogers v. Shelton
D-2789, Pipgras v. Hart
8 D-2845, Webb v. In the matter of the Estate of Hart
D-2854, Wright v. Farr
D-2858, Royal Surplus Lines Ins. Co. v. Samaria Baptist Church
D-2873, Ousset & Co. Advertising, Inc. v. Hansen
D-2887, Mathews v. Harris Methodist, Fort Worth
D-2890, Samaniego v. El Paso Towing, Inc.
9 D-2901, Lafon v. United States Fire Ins. Co.
D-2903, Kneisley v. Intertex, Inc.
D-2908, Hoover v. Gregory
D-2909, Coker v. Burghardt
D-2911, Gregory v. Sunbelt Savings
D-2913, Winkles v. Board of Adjustment of the City of Dallas
D-2941, Enterprise Products Co. v. Maranatha Temple, Inc.
D-2952, Hedgecoke Ins. Agency v. Horn
D-2956, Hawkins v. Van Zandt County Appraisal District
D-2965, Johnson v. Ryan
D-2999, Ferguson v. Ferguson
10 D-3018, Johnson v. Andrews
D-3056, Marcom v. White