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Creator University of Texas. School of Law.
Title University of Texas School of Law History Files
Dates: 1889-1992 and undated
Abstract Consisting mainly of photocopies, the UT School of Law History Files bring together a wide range of documentation on the people, issues and events that shaped the Law School's history, from its founding in 1883 as one of the University's original departments, up to the 1990s.
Size 3 linear ft. (7 boxes).
Repository Special Collections, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin,
727 E. Dean Keeton St., Austin, TX 78705-3224, (512) 471-7263

Contents of the Collection

Consisting mainly of photocopies, the UT School of Law History Files bring together a wide range of documentation on the people, issues and events that shaped the Law School's history, from its founding in 1883 as one of the University's original departments, up to the 1980s. UT law professor Hans W. Baade compiled the files to write a history of the University of Texas School of Law. The first part of this history was published (Hans W. Baade, "The Law at Texas: The Roberts-Gould Era (1883-1893)," Southwestern Historical Quarterly 86 (Oct. 1982), 161-196), but the project was discontinued and the files were donated to the Tarlton Law Library in 1995. The photocopies come mainly from University of Texas records in the University Archives at the Barker Texas History Center, School of Law records and manuscript collections in the Tarlton Law Library, and University of Texas publications. There are also offprints, drafts of literary works, and photocopied articles from the Daily Texan, the Alcalde, and law journals. Citations of the sources for many items are either incomplete or absent. A large part of the collection is the speeches and annual reports of the Law School Deans, and their memoranda and correspondence on a variety of issues, such as funding, the growth of the school and the need for a new law building. Early budget and salary information is also present, as well as UT Board of Regents meeting minutes concerning the Law School and correspondence on controversial issues such as the firing of Law School faculty. Other topics documented include the Sweatt v. Painter case (1946-1949), which ended racial segregation in the University of Texas; the feud between Regent Frank Erwin and Law School Dean Page Keeton over the admission of out-of-state students and Erwin's attempts to fire outspoken law professors; early women law students; Law School traditions; and biographical materials on dozens of Law School faculty & alumni. Another significant part of the collection is from the papers of Leon Green, who had a 70-year intermittent affiliation with the Law School as a student (1907-1911), professor (1915-1918, 1921-1926, and 1947-1977), and close friend of Dean Charles T. McCormick. His correspondence, speeches and publications reveal many of the issues the school faced during these times. Correspondence from ex-students reveal their impressions of some of the early faculty and their memories of their law school years.

Arrangement of the Collection

Materials were originally received in three cartons with a two-page typescript inventory of folder titles broken down into two divisions: Biographical Files and Chronological Files. During processing, a third division, General Files, was added. Some folders were re-titled and shifted to better fit the series, but the finding aid generally preserves the original intellectual arrangement.


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Index Terms

Major Subjects
Discrimination in higher education.
Law schools -- Texas -- Admission.
Painter, Theophilus S. -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Sweatt, Heman M. -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Texas Southern University. School of Law.
University of Texas at Austin. School of Law -- History -- Sources.
Key Personal Names
Erwin, Frank A., 1860-1930.
Green, Leon, 1888-1979.
Keeton, Page.
McCormick, Charles Tilford, 1889-1963.
Townes, John Charles, 1852-1923.

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UT School of Law History Files, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

Collection donated by Professor Hans Baade.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical Files, 1883-1978

box folder
L73 15 Faculty biographies, 1923-1950
NOTE: Alphabetized biographies of UT law professors (@ 40 total).
16 Rosters of professors, 1956-1960
NOTE: List of all full professors at UT from 1883-1956; list of voting members of the Law School faculty, 1960-1961.
17 Bobbitt, Robert Lee (Green File), 1950-1951
NOTE: Reunion announcement for Class of 1915-1916, held July 1950; correspondence from Bobbitt to Dean Keeton and Leon Green regarding financial support from UT Law graduates and the possibility of new law building. "Green File."
18 Butte, George C.--speech on academic freedom, 1917
NOTE: Published speech given on Texas Independence Day,1917, to UT student body of the University of Texas in response to Regents stand against Professor R. E. Cofer and his "political activities". Also includes Regent Will C. Hogg correspondence on Cofer's political activities.
19 Butte, George C.--general, 1922-1928
NOTE: Brief biography of Butte; letter from President Calvin Coolidge accepting Butte's resignation as Attorney General of Porto Rico (sic); several letters to Calvin Coolidge, urging the appointment of Butte to the Federal Court of Appeals.
20 Cofer, Robert E.--Cofer incident, 1920-1921
NOTE: Correspondence, memoranda, printed materials, including documents defining accusations against Professor Cofer, and Cofer's written defense.
21 Cofer, Robert E.--appointment to Law School faculty, 1934
NOTE: Correspondence between President H.Y. Benedict and Prof. George Stumberg regarding Cofer's appointment.
22 Green, Leon--general, 1907, 1971
NOTE: UT biographical data sheet on Green which outlines his whole career, with bibliography(1971); early article by Green, "A Defense of Jefferson Davis" (1907).
23 Green, Leon--as a student, 1913-1915
NOTE: Green's report cards from UT courses and correspondence courses.
24 Green, Leon--professor/scholar, 1917-1978
NOTE: Correspondence & printed materials, including job offers from Northwestern and Yale; annual report/record of schooling and professional career; letter from Ramsey Clark, former student and son of Associate Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark, concerning a semester grade.
box folder
L74 1 Green, Leon--on legal education, 1920-1969
NOTE: Correspondence; printed materials; speeches by Green concerning the values of the college experience; paper questioning the validity of bar admission requirements.
2 Green, Leon--biographical materials, 1920-1979
NOTE: Correspondence & printed materials, including Green speech "Fifty Years of Tort Law Teaching", and comments made at Green's retirement in 1977 and his memorial service, Oct. 23,1979.
3 Green, Leon--"The 1920's Crisis", 1921-1927
NOTE: Includes "Must a Professor First Be a Practicing Lawyer?" by Roscoe Pound. Green correspondence discussing job offers, appointments and new law schools at SMU, Missouri, North Carolina, Harvard, and UT.
4 Green, Leon--on legal education, 1923-1948
NOTE: Contains articles: "Use of Case Books and Texas Law School"; draft typescript with corrections of "Great Teaching of Law"; "The Law Teaching Process"; and "Basic Training for Law School".
5 Green, Leon--comments on UT, 1923-1978
NOTE: Speeches & correspondence, including recommendation by Green on the abilities of Ira P. Hildebrand to serve as Dean.
6 Green, Leon--"His Texas", 1926
NOTE: Correspondence with Professor Edson R. Sunderland of U. of Michigan Law School.
7 Green, Leon--correspondence with colleagues, 1926-1977
NOTE: Professional correspondence with colleagues and friends, including a letter recommending Charles Alan Wright for the Supreme Court to Attorney General John Mitchell.
8 Green, Leon--correspondence with former students, 1926-1978
NOTE: Correspondence from ex-students including Senator Ralph Yarborough and Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens.
9 Green, Leon--on law, 1926-1978
NOTE: Speeches, correspondence & printed materials, including address by Green on the importance of doctors & lawyers in society, Oct. 1936; "From Law To Administration," Jan. 1935; address to the ABA, "Basic Concepts-Persons, Property, Relations," Sept. 1937.
10 Green, Leon--political interests, 1927-1973
NOTE: Includes transcripts from a radio show at Northwestern University where Green participated in roundtable discussions of contemporary problems; letter to Dwight D. Eisenhower regarding his "Little Rock Message of 1958"; letters from U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace.
11 Green, Leon--Roosevelt's "Court-Packing" controversy, 1937
NOTE: Correspondence between James Guleke and Ira Hildebrand discussing character/motives of Leon Green and his support of President Roosevelt and the New Deal; Hilldebrand, Guleke, and Congressman Tom Connally concerning Roosevelt's backing of Green for a federal judgeship.
12 Green, Leon--correspondence with former students, 1947-1959
NOTE: Includes letters from Tom Clark, Henry Stimson, Justice John Paul Stevens and Sen. Ralph Yarborough.
13 Green, Leon--on UT Law School, 1948
NOTE: Correspondence proposing that faculty partake in "lively educational group" to discuss problems of legal education at UT.
box folder
L75 1 Green, Leon--political interests, 1948-1974
NOTE: Correspondence with organizations including Austin City Council; Governor Adlai Stevenson; National Committee to Abolish the Poll Tax; and the Harry S. Truman Administration following the firing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
2 Green, Leon--on John H. Wigmore, 1958
3 Green, Leon--his family, 1962-1971
NOTE: Letters from Green to his son (1962), and grandson, John (1970, 1971).
4 Green, Leon--storyteller, 1972
NOTE: Letter to Barbara Ruud telling story about buckwheat.
5 Green, Leon--memorial service, 1979
NOTE: Letters from friends/former colleagues on his death; memorial service tributes by Page Keeton and Keith Morrison.
6 Gregory, Thomas Watt, 1916-1917
NOTE: Biographical information on Thomas Watt Gregory, Law Class of 1885 (from the Manuscripts Division, Library of Congress); correspondence between Gregory and W.T. Mather, UT School of Physics, concerning Mather's dismissal from the university as a result of a Regents "Americans Only" policy in response to World War I.
7 Hildebrand, Ira P.--faculty recruitment, 1924-1927
NOTE: Correspondence with prospective professors regarding salary concerns, leaves of absence, etc., revealing Hildebrand's philosophy on teaching.
8 Hildebrand, Ira P.--faculty recruitment, 1934-1937
NOTE: Correspondence concerning potential law professors; need for increase of professor salaries to their pre-depression levels.
9 Hildebrand, Ira P.--general, 1939
NOTE: Speech given by Prof. Bryant Smith at Dean Hildebrand's retirement; Hildebrand's retirement speech; and short biography.
10 Keeton, W. Page--on law and lawyers, undated
NOTE: Keeton speeches: "The Role of the Lawyer in Modern Society" ; "Law and Mankind in a Changing World"; and "The Law School and the University Baptist Church."
11 Keeton, W. Page--bibliography, 1931-1973
12 Keeton, W. Page--reports to alumni, 1950-1961
13 Keeton, W. Page--on legal education, 1951-1961
NOTE: Keeton speeches including one delivered at Freshman Convocation urging students to learn, use, and acquire knowledge rather than memorize facts/figures (1951); notes from panel discussion of case study method (1952).
14 Keeton, W. Page--"The Law School Looks Ahead", 1953
NOTE: Speech by Keeton before the Railroad Attorneys in Houston.
15 Keeton, W. Page--on state law schools, appropriations, endowments & goals of legal education, 1954-1969
NOTE: Speeches, correspondence & memoranda.
16 Keeton, W. Page--reports to alumni, 1963-1974
17 Keeton, W. Page--Erwin vs. Keeton, 1968
NOTE: News clippings from Austin American and Daily Texan following debates between Chairman of the UT Board of Regents, Frank Erwin and Dean of the Law School, W. Page Keeton, over the acceptance of out-of-state students (Erwin against/Keeton for).
18 Keeton, W. Page--"Remembering When: Recollections About the Law School Over a Period of 20 Years, 1949 to 1969", 1968
NOTE: Contains short history of law school, starting from Keeton's time as student in 1931, to summer of 1968, and the improvement of the school during that time. Mentions recent battle with Regent Frank Erwin.
19 Keeton, W. Page--tributes, 1974
NOTE: Articles written about Keeton and his 25 years as Law School Dean.
20 McCormick, Charles T.--general, 1947-1958
NOTE: Correspondence and printed materials highlighting McCormick's later years at the Law School, including faculty lists, letters with former students, employees and colleagues; newspaper clippings from various school publications including the Columbia Law School News (1947), and the Daily Texan (1949).
21 McCormick, Charles T.--tributes by Leon Green, 1949
NOTE: Two papers by Green on McCormick, one on his resigning as dean, the other on his retirement.
22 McCormick, Charles T.--general, 1963
NOTE: Speeches, biographies of McCormick and bibliographies of his published works, one possibly prepared by Leon Green, upon McCormick's death.
23 Potts, Charles Shirley--biography & bibliography, 1921
NOTE: Manuscript biographical sketch on Potts, w/annotated bibliography. "From Leon Green file."
box folder
L76 1 Roberts, Oran Milo, 1932
NOTE: Short biography on Roberts; materials from thesis done on Roberts (1932).
2 Stumberg, George W.--firing by UT Regents, 1942-1944
NOTE: Letters between Dean McCormick and UT president urging favorable consideration of re-hiring Stumberg as Distinguished Professor of Law, after he was fired by the regents.
3 Stumberg, George W.--biography & bibliography, 1964
NOTE: Printed biography & bibliography for scholarship fund brochure.
4 Townes, John C.--his philosophy, 1910-1926
NOTE: Includes Townes obituary; Townes' paper on "Organization and Operation of a Law School"; a "characterization" of Townes by Alfred M. Scott; Townes' paper on "Distinguishing Traits of a Good Lawyer."
5 Townes, John C.--general correspondence, 1913-1923
NOTE: Correspondence with presidents of UT including Annual Reports; requesting relief from his duties as Dean (1913); and one addressed to President Vinson requesting that the Law School stay open despite low enrollment due to the war (Aug. 20, 1918). Also includes correspondence with the Committee on Reorganization of the Law School; and concerning the "Resolution to Place Law School on Two-Term Basis".
6 Townes, John C.--dedication of Townes bust, 1942
NOTE: Program and remarks made by Honorable Joseph Hutcheson, Jr., Dean McCormick, Edgar E. Townes and Enrico Cerracchio (sculptor at the dedication of Judge John C. Townes bust.)
7 von Struve, Henry Clay, 1925-1935, 1979, 1988
NOTE: Includes Department of State Registers; typescript draft of paper on von Struve written by Richard English; printed article on von Struve from "Burnet County History."

Chronological Files, 1891-1987

box folder
L71 1 UT Regents minutes, 1891-1900
2 UT Regents minutes, 1891-1902
3 Law School traditions, images & student life, 1895-1914
NOTE: Printed materials including examination given to senior constitutional law class of 1895-1896; schedule of required classes,1906-1907; C.S. Potts' article reflecting on the early years of the Law School.
4 University Record--items on the Law School, 1899-1912
NOTE: Publication describing policies/general mission of the UT Law School during the early years; "History of the Law Department-- Later the Law School"; Annual Report of the Law School for 1904-1905.
5 Annual reports & correspondence from Law School Dean to UT President, 1906-1912
6 Law School building, 1908-1912
NOTE: Printed materials concerning construction of law building. Includes note attached from Quen Garza questioning the appearance of two dedication ceremonies for the new law building in the documents.
7 Student Life and The War, 1914-1921
NOTE: Alcalde article on "The Peregrinus Raid". Also includes changes in Law School enrollment procedures during the war and adoption of tougher admission standards after the war contained in the Announcements of Courses for Department of Law 1918-1919, 1919-1920, 1920-1921.
8 Women & minorities, 1914-1973
NOTE: Includes "Women Graduates of the School of Law of the University of Texas"; Report of committee appointed to investigate allegations by Texas Observer (Oct. 21, 1960) regarding integration of Negro students at the Law School; memorandum from faculty (1971) proposing a program for special or alternate admission to the Law School; paper (1975?) regarding Chicano Law Students Association and Thurgood Marshall Legal Society.
9 Ferguson fights, 1915-1917
NOTE: Includes UT President Battle's feud with Governor Ferguson over state appropriations and Ferguson's attempts to pressure UT to fire law professors George C. Butte & Robert E. Cofer. Contains Ferguson's letter about Battle; Battle's response to Ferguson's accusations; UT President's Office / Board of Regents correspondence, 1916-1917; termination letters to Butte and Cofer from President Vinson; letter from Dean Townes to Vinson regarding reinstatement of Cofer and Butte; Ex-students' Association document: "Ferguson's War on the University of Texas".
10 Legal education--general, 1919-1937
NOTE: Includes Leon Green speech to Law School faculty, 1925; Ira P. Hildebrand speech to Law School alumni, 1937; "Twenty-Third Biennial Report of the Board of Regents, 1926-1927, 1927-1928; "A Model Oil and Gas Contract, by George C. Butte, 1919."
11 Texas Law Review--founding, 1919-1971
NOTE: Correspondence & printed materials, including letter to Maurice Loeke on plans to establish Texas Law Journal; marketing & promotion of Texas Law Review; John Anthony, author of "History of Texas Law Review: The Missing First Chapter."
12 Grades & grading, 1920-1938
NOTE: Includes rules concerning exam policies; results of exams given to first-year students, 1929-1930; summary of registration, passing, failing grades earned, Summer, 1937.
13 Law School traditions, 1920-1976
NOTE: Correspondence & printed materials on Law School traditions such as the Peregrinus mascot, Sunflower Ceremony, and school cheers/skits performed by UT Law School faculty at early Assault & Flattery revues. "From Green Files."
14 Ex-student comments on UT law professors, 1921
NOTE: Correspondence from one ex-student, who says views are shared by five or six others.
15 Report of the Faculty of the School of Law Made to the President of the Board of Regents, 1921
NOTE: Explains the goals of the Law School, and includes a short history, list of faculty and law school budgets for 1923-1924, 1924-1925, 1926-1927, 1927-1928, 1928-1929. Created in response to a Regents proposal to reorganize the Law School.
16 The case method, 1923
NOTE: Letters to the Alcalde magazine regarding the case method and the "Harvardizing" of the Law School.
17 General faculty correspondence, 1923-1926
NOTE: Includes budget & salary information, 1923-1926; letter to President Splawn regarding dismissal of Professor Potts; letters of resignation by McCormick and Leon Green.
18 Law Library, 1923-1965
NOTE: Memorandum to Dean Townes from Library Committee asking for $10,000 to fill gaps in law library collection (1923); two histories of the Law Library.
19 Order of the Coif, 1926-1945
NOTE: Correspondence regarding UT's petition for an Order of the Coif chapter; copy of the actual petition, including brief history of the school, a summation of the library holdings and brief profiles of the faculty.
20 Law School history--general, 1934-1976
NOTE: Contains draft self-study report/goal setting for UT Law School (1976); rejection letter for a Green book; and a press release marking the Law School's 50th anniversary. "From Green Files."
21 Bar admission requirements, 1935-1939
NOTE: Correspondence between Hildebrand and law professors at Southern Methodist University and Baylor University regarding ABA amended rules for admission to the bar and government standards for lawyers.
22 Law School traditions, 1936-1950
NOTE: Correspondence, drawings, and printed materials about Law School traditions, including the Peregrinus mascot; rivalry with the Engineers; and the Sunflower graduation ceremony. Includes Russell Savage's Real Property textbook where he sketched the Peregrinus.
box folder
L72 1 Selection of Law School Dean, 1939-1940
NOTE: Correspondence, printed material concerning dean selection, including letter of acceptance from Charles McCormick.
2 Legal aid clinic, 1939-1943
NOTE: Correspondence, printed materials regarding establishment of legal aid program at the Law School; includes Alcalde and Daily Texan articles discussing the new facility.
3 Sweatt v. Painter case, 1939-1950, undated
NOTE: Correspondence concerning the Texas Negro Scholarship (1939); to President T. S. Painter urging the admittance of Sweatt. Printed materials "Heman Marion Sweatt: Civil Rights Plaintiff" and "Blacks Challenge the White University".
4 News clippings-Daily Texan, 1940-1981
NOTE: Articles include overcrowding in the law school; the Baake decision (U.S. Supreme Court eliminated minority quotas in higher education institutions); sexism/racism & admittance to UT Law School; Regent Frank Erwin's desire to control faculty salaries at the Law School; and change from the LL.B. to the J.D. degree.
5 Townes Foundation, 1941
NOTE: Proposal for creation of a Law School Foundation to UT president from Dean McCormick.
6 Distinguished Professors of Law, 1941
NOTE: Correspondence between UT President Rainey and Angus G. Wynne over a misunderstanding as to the number of chairs for the Law School in the budget; biographical data relating to Distinguished Professors Stayton, Stumberg and Walker.
7 New law building, 1941
NOTE: Report from special committee of the law faculty on the need for a new law facility.
8 Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity newsletter, 1941 Jan.
9 Texas Law Review--general, 1941-1949
NOTE: Includes memorandum to the law faculty regarding students' poor use of English; "Supplementary Report on the Committee of Law Review Credit."
10 Law School funding & development, 1941-1954
NOTE: Contains speeches, correspondence, memoranda, printed materials including "The University of Texas Law School- Its Present Crisis" by Joseph C. Hutcheson, Jr. over inadequate funding; letter by Dean Keeton to faculty regarding Law School curriculum; letters to/from Keeton regarding location of new law building, 1950-1951.
11 Law School--general, 1941-1978
NOTE: Printed materials, including news clippings from Daily Texan about strife between the Texas Union and the Law School over lack of money for Law Day and law student fees; memoranda on a variety of subjects.
12 World War II and the Law School, 1942-1945
NOTE: Includes "News Sheet" reporting the whereabouts of UT students called to war; survey sent to students requesting enrollment status at UT Law School after war; news clipping from Daily Texan, July 11, 1943, reporting increased population of 'girls' at the law school for summer session; budget discussions between dean and UT president for 1945-1946.
13 Townes Hall, 1943-1951
NOTE: Documentation to prove need for new law building, and proposed floor plans.
14 UT Regents & Homer Rainey controversy, 1944
NOTE: Statement of J.R. Parten of Houston, former member of the Board of Regents, before the State Senate Educational Committee in its investigation of UT. Concerned with academic freedom.
15 Report to UT Regents by President Rainey on state of UT, 1944 July 15
NOTE: Includes "Trends Since World War I," and "The University's Place in the System of Higher Education."
16 Texas State University for Negroes Law Library, 1946, 1949
NOTE: Correspondence between UT Law Librarian Helen Hargrave & Law Librarian Bessie Davis Randall of Texas State University for Negroes; shelf list entitled "A Law Library of 10,000 Volumes."
17 Texas State University for Negroes School of Law, 1947-1949
NOTE: Correspondence & printed materials, including an offer to Heman Sweatt to attend the school; raising Helen Hargrave's salary to compensate her for running two libraries; a report to the governor from Dean Charles T. McCormick of the Texas State University for Negroes School of Law; teaching assignments for the "Negro Law School "; contributions to the negro student loan fund; and an audit report prepared on the School of Law of The Texas State University for Negroes, January 31,1949.
18 Green-McCormick correspondence, 1948
NOTE: Letter from McCormick at Harvard to Green at Northwestern discussing mutual friends.
19 Reminiscences of early Law School graduates, 1948-1966
NOTE: Correspondence describes the school, the students and the early law professors, ca. 1882-1907.
20 Property casebook controversy, 1949
NOTE: Memorandum from Prof. E. W. Bailey to the Law School faculty regarding a controversial property casebook allegedly containing "Communist propaganda" used by Prof. Corwin Johnson; "Detailed Summary of the Contents of McDougal and Haber's Real Property Casebook."
box folder
L73 1 Report to the Law School Ex-Students for 1948-1949 / Dean Charles T. McCormick, 1949 July 2
NOTE: "A speech delivered to the University Ex-Students Association at the State Bar Convention in Fort Worth on July 2, 1949."
2 Peregrinus yearbook, 1949-1950
NOTE: Two articles on the student-supported Law School publication and its first editor, Pat Tennant.
3 Student life, 1951-1959
NOTE: Two copies of "The Dicta: The Voice of the Law Students"; and lyrics to "The Common Law of Texas", sung to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas," which was sung by Prof. Corwin Johnson at the 1959 AALS meeting.
4 Texas Law Review, 1954-1961
NOTE: "Growth Plan for the Texas Law Review, May 12, 1961" ( result of a year's study by1960-1961 staff of the Texas Law Review); editorial policy concerning notes, role of law review advisor.
5 Law School admissions, 1955-1974
NOTE: Memorandum from Dean Page Keeton to the law students discussing population increase/toughened admissions requirements; memorandum to Dean Keeton from Admissions Committee on Law School enrollment statistics; Townes Hall Notes article on national law school attendance figures (1974).
6 Law School memorabilia, 1955-1987
NOTE: Brief history of The Dicta, the official publication of the University of Texas Student Bar Association; program from Law Day at Townes Hall (1955); program from the A.W. Walker Room dedication (1987).
7 Minority recruitment & admissions, 1956-1975
NOTE: Includes memorandum by Page Keeton (1956) discussing the admission of students with low grade point averages; "A Program for Alternative Admission to the Law School," (1971); "Interim Report Minority Recruitment Committee" (1974); "Special Admissions Program: Facts and Figures" outlining the matriculation of minority students at the Law School, 1968-1970, 1972-1976.
8 Outside activities of the Law School faculty, 1958-1961
NOTE: Correspondence, memoranda and printed materials including the Board of Regents and Dean Keeton discussing conflict of interest of faculty involvement in lawsuits against UT (1961); Charles Alan Wright correspondence concerning the Judicial Conference of the United States.
9 Chancellors, 1961
NOTE: Constitution and By-laws of the Law School's highest honors organization.
10 Green-McCormick correspondence, 1962
NOTE: Correspondence while each at UT, Harvard U., U. of Chicago, Northwestern U., Washington U., or Columbia U..
11 Law School faculty meeting minutes, 1963-1978
NOTE: Topics include Order of the Coif (1963); Amendment to the Honor Code-Proposals (1964); Admissions Policies (1970-1971); Law School Budget (1970); Anti-Discrimination Policies (1971); Culturally Disadvantaged Student Program (1970).
12 Law professors--community activism, 1965-1968
NOTE: Includes correspondence addressed to State Representative Burke Musgrove in which UT Law School faculty members defend Professor Joel Jay Finer pertaining to his advocacy of the use of psychedelic drugs; letter in the Daily Texan signed by several faculty members opposing U.S. involvement in Vietnam (Feb.1968); article about Dean Page Keeton's comments on sex legislation which appeared in Playboy.
13 Grading standards, 1967-1978
NOTE: Faculty memoranda on grading standards; a report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Grading Standards (1976).
14 Law School facilities, 1977, 1979
NOTE: Daily Texan article by John Sutton (then soon to be Dean of Law School) discussing the need for more funds to offer more competitive courses; article hailing Tarlton Law Library as the 6th largest academic law library; Philip Bobbitt memorandum on caliber of graduates, their power with the legislature.

General Files, 1902-1986

box folder
L76 8 Administrative records of collection, 1982-1983, 1986
NOTE: Photocopy charges, requests for payment.
9 General statistical data, 1902-1928
NOTE: Includes Registrar report showing matriculation of UT by department & gender, 1883-1928; basic Law School course information, 1902-1903.
10 Histories of the UT Law School, 1917-1982
NOTE: Includes papers by John C. Townes (1917); Ira P. Hildebrand (1924); Steven Wilson (student, 1964); and Hans W. Baade (1982).
11 Law School history projects, 1920-1992
NOTE: Correspondence, memoranda, and printed materials on UT law school history projects including "Beginnings of the Law Library " by Hans Baade with Rich Leiter; and "Development of Texas Oil and Gas Law Since 1925-- With Some Personal Reminiscences", by A. W. Walker, Jr.
12 The Law School and its Deans, 1960-1988
NOTE: Includes correspondence, memorandum on the need for writing a Law School history; a biographical sketch of Charles T. McCormick by Leon Green; memorandum from Tarlton Law Library announcing exhibit, "A Coming of Age: The U.T. Law School and its Deans" (1988); "History of the Univ. of Texas School of Law, 1883-1940" by Marshall Sherwood, 1960.
13 History of Texas Law Review: The Missing First Chapter / John Robert Anthony et al., 1972, 1974
NOTE: Two typescript drafts and one finished paper. Author was UT School of Law, class of 1921.
14 Law school histories, 1978-1980
NOTE: Includes T. J. Gibson's short history on the UT Law School; an article on Austin College Law School; two substantial bibliographies of law school histories; several copies of law school histories, including Univ. of Minnesota Law School, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia and Arizona State; and correspondence with writers and other parties interested in the production of a UT School of Law history.
15 Law school histories, 1982 ca.
NOTE: Contains a 13-page annotated bibliography "Law School Histories and Commemorative Publications" by Tarlton Law Librarian Daniel Martin; and an article by Alfred S. Konefsky and John Henry Schlegal, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Histories of American Law Schools," in which the authors contend that the bulk of law school histories are nothing more than "tributes to the American Law Professor and the establishment of his preserve..." and remark that more research is required to reveal each school's individual characteristics and the social contexts in which they are embedded.
16 Law at Texas: The Roberts-Gould Era (1883-1893) / Hans W. Baade, 1982
NOTE: Two typescript drafts (both different) of article published in Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 1982.
box folder
L77 1 The History of the University of Texas at Austin Tarlton Law Library, 1883-1965 / Rich Leiter, 1986
2 The Correspondence Between Leon Green and Charles McCormick, 1927-1962 / David W. Robertson & Robin Meyer, eds. (folder 1 of 2), 1986
NOTE: Typescript draft of published work on Green and McCormick, pages 1-200.
3 The Correspondence Between Leon Green and Charles McCormick, 1927-1962 / David W. Robertson & Robin Meyer, eds. (folder 2 of 2), 1986
NOTE: Typescript draft of published work on Green and McCormick, pages 201-352.
4 The Death of Old Man Rice: A True Story of Criminal Justice in America / Martin L. Friedland, 1992
NOTE: Typescript draft of monograph on the trial of early UT Law School alumnus (Class of 1886) Albert T. Patrick, accused murderer of William Marsh Rice (founder of Rice University, Houston). Story includes several other prominent Texans. Hans Baade's article "Law at Texas: The Roberts-Gould Era (1883-1893)" is cited as a source as well. The monograph was published in 1994 and is covered by copyright laws. Item is in Tarlton Law Library, call no. HV 6534 N5 F74 1994.