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Guide to the Charles T. McCormick Papers, 1911-1964

Collection Summary

Creator: McCormick, Charles Tilford, 1899-1963
Title: Charles T. McCormick Papers
Dates: 1911-1964, bulk 1920-1962
Dates (Bulk): 1920-1962
Abstract: Charles T. McCormick served as dean of the University of Texas School of Law from 1940-1949. The collection documents McCormick's activities as a professor, legal scholar, and dean. Also included are materials relating to McCormick's testimony in Sweatt v. Painter, and his role as administrator of the Texas State University for Negroes Law School.
Identification: 00002
Size: 21.3 linear ft.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin,
727 E. Dean Keeton St., Austin, TX 78705-3224, (512) 471-7263

Historical Background

Charles T. McCormick served as professor of law at The University of Texas (1922-1926, 1940-1963), the University of North Carolina (1926-1931), and Northwestern University (1931-1940). He also served as dean of the law school at the University of North Carolina (1927-1931) and The University of Texas (1940-1949). During his tenure as dean, McCormick led the UT Law School through the difficult war years, won approval for a new building, and is widely credited for his efforts to improve the curriculum, the faculty, and the school's national reputation. He was an authority on evidence, damages, and federal court procedure, and published extensively in those areas.

Contents of the Collection

The School of Law Files (1940-1961) document McCormick's service on numerous law school and university committees, and contain correspondence and other material on his appointment and resignation as dean of the Law School. The Sweatt v. Painter and TSUN Files (1947-1949) relate to McCormick's testimony in Sweatt v. Painter and his role as administrator of the Texas State University for Negroes Law School, and thus help document the history of racial integration at the University of Texas. University of Texas Committee Files (1944-1945) contain minutes and documents of the "Special Committee on the Interrelations of the Administrative Council, the Executive Committee, and the General Faculty", a faculty committee (with McCormick as a member) appointed by UT President Homer Rainey to address issues of faculty governance, tenure and academic freedom. General Correspondence Files (1920-1964) contain exchanges with other scholars and members of the legal profession on a variety of subjects, and shed light on McCormick's views on the law, politics, academia, and legal education. There is considerable discussion of faculty members and faculty politics at the law schools of Yale, The University of Texas, and the University of North Carolina. Publication & Research Files (1925-1963) contain drafts, correspondence, notes, research materials, and financial records for McCormick's casebooks on evidence, damages, and federal courts, and the dozens of law review articles he authored. Speech Files (1940-1959) contain drafts, correspondence, and other material for speeches about the UT Law School and on legal subjects, including several given during World War II about the Law School's contributions to the war effort. His classroom activities are documented in the Teaching files (1925-1963). The Organizations Files (1940-1962) document his work on drafting the Uniform Rules of Evidence for the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, and his activities with the American Association of Law Schools, the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Committee, bar associations, and numerous other groups. The Personal Files (1917-62) include financial records, ephemera, Army service records, wills, and records relating to his philanthropy, church activities, and travels.


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Index Terms

Major Subjects
Discrimination in higher education.
Law schools -- Texas -- Admission.
McCormick, Charles -- Archives.
Painter, Theophilus S. -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Sweatt, Heman M. -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Texas Southern University. School of Law.
University of Texas at Austin. School of Law -- History -- Sources.
Key People
Clark, Grenville, 1882-1967.
Green, Leon, 1888-1979.
McCormick, Charles Tilford, 1889-1963.

Related Material

Robertson, D. W., and R. Meyer. The Correspondence Between Leon Green and Charles McCormick 1927-1962. Littleton, Colorado: Fred B. Rothman & Co., 1988.

Letters from McCormick can also be found in the Leon Green Papers, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Charles T. McCormick Papers, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. Charles T. (Irelene) McCormick, 1977.

Processing Information

Processing information not available.

Detailed Description of the Collection

School of Law files, 1940-1961

box folder
I68 1 Curriculum Sub-Committee on Cultural Courses correspondence and memoranda, 1958-1959
box folder
I73 2 Resignation and appointment as Dean Emeritus, correspondence, 1961
box folder
I79 7 U.T. - Institute of Public Affairs executive committee correspondence, 1950-1958
box folder
I80 4 School of Law faculty memoranda and minutes, 1953-1961
5 School of Law Budget Committee, 1949- 1959
6 School of Law budget material (with McCormick's contract), 1957
7 School of Law inter-office memoranda, 1949-1959
box folder
I81 12 Texas Law Review Board of Editors correspondence, 1953-1961
box folder
I82 1 Standing Advisory Committee for Law Science Institute, 1957-1959
2 Library Committee, 1949-1957
3 Summer School Committee, 1954-1958
4 Ad Hoc Committees to Approve Appointments, 1957
5 Committee on School of Social Work, 1957-1958
6 Committee on Publications, 1952-1957
7 University of Texas Press Advisory Board material, 1951-1961
10 Class of 1911 material, 1950-1961
box folder
I86 6 Recommendations correspondence, 1957-1961
box folder
I92 5 School of Law Deanship appointment, general material, 1940, 1947-1948
6 University of Texas School of Law Deanship appointment, felicitation correspondence, 1940-1941
7 University of Texas School of Law Deanship appointment, general material, 1940
8 University of Texas School of Law Deanship appointment, newspaper clippings, 1940
9 University of Texas School of Law Deanship resignation, correspondence, 1949
10 Offers and negotiations for deanships, correspondence, 1946-1948
box folder
I93 7 Law schools scholarship correspondence, 1955
box folder
I97 1 Evidence Institute letter and notes, 1950
9 Ad Hoc Committees on promotion of Wm. R. Bandy & Wm. F. Young, 1950-1952
10 Building Committee, correspondence, 1950
12 Registration Committee, 1949-1950
13 School of Law cornerstone letter, 1952
14 Advisory Committee on Selection of President of the University, correspondence, 1952
15 Committees general material, 1951
20 Law-Science Clinic meeting material, 1958
box folder
I98 14 "What About the Law School?" pamphlet and correspondence, 1944
box folder
I103 8 Evidence Workshop, New York University, correspondence, 1958-1959
9 Evidence Workshop, New York University, memoranda, printed material, and photograph, 1959

Sweatt v. Painter and TSUN files, 1947-1949

box folder
I115 1 Briefs, 1947-1948
2 Notes for retrial, 1947; Correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, etc., 1947-1949
3 Correspondence, brief, and notes re background cases, 1942-1946
4 Correspondence re Prairie View Law School proposal, 1946-1947
5 Trial documents and correspondence, 1946-1949
6 Correspondence re admission to Texas State University for Negroes, 1946-1947
7 Setting up and closing of temporary law school correspondence and general material, 1947-1949
8 Correspondence and booklists re library, 1947-1949
9 Loan fund correspondence, 1948
10 Correspondence re faculty applicants, 1947-1949
11 Course announcements, admissions correspondence, exam schedule, and administrative correspondence, 1947-1948
NOTE: Also present is Dean Charles T. McCormick's submission of a proposed budget and schedule to UT President T.S. Painter, and letters to officials at Samuel Huston College and Prairie View A&M.

University of Texas committee materials, 1944-1945

N68 "Documents for the Use of the Special Committee on the Interrelations of the Administrative Council, the Executive Committee, and the General Faculty", 1944
Committee of Eight Documents (2 volumes), 1944
Special Committee of Eleven, 1944, June 5

General correspondence files, 1920-1964

box folder
I68 5 Personal correspondence in hospital and at home, 1963-1964
7 Personal correspondence, 1949
box folder
I71 13 Adamson, Martha, correspondence, 1951
box folder
I76 12 Washington University correspondence, 1954-1955
13 Miscellaneous personal correspondence and cards, 1940-1958
box folder
I80 3 Publications received, correspondence, 1948-1961
NOTE: Includes a few reprints (including Baade, Stayton).
box folder
I86 2 Opening of law offices announcements and correspondence, 1959-1961
box folder
I92 4 Correspondence re offer of position at University of California School of Law, 1949-1950
box folder
I93 5 Fritz, Ed C., correspondence and papers re Stephens v. Dallas Railway and Terminal Company, 1956
NOTE: Attorney for plaintiff asks for amicus brief, advice.
6 Hardwicke, Robert E., correspondence and papers re Allison v. Smith, 1957
NOTE: Attorney for plaintiff asks for advice.
box folder
I94 14 Clark, Grenville, "A Plan for Peace," correspondence and printed material, 1950-1953
SEE ALSO: Book review for Clark's "Plan for Peace" I98/26.
box folder
I97 3 Correspondence re invitations to teach elsewhere, 1954-1956
box folder
I103 7 Laudatory letters and replies, 1959-1962
12 A - correspondence, 1946-1958
box folder
I104 1 B - correspondence, 1946-1961
2 C - correspondence, 1955-1962
3 C - correspondence, 1945-1954
4 D - correspondence, 1948-1962
box folder
I105 1 E - correspondence, 1957-1963
2 E - correspondence, 1945-1957
3 F - correspondence, 1947-1963
4 G - correspondence, 1941-1961
5 H - correspondence, 1942-1962
box folder
I106 1 I - correspondence, 1946-1957
2 J - correspondence, 1948-1961
3 K - correspondence, 1945-1961
4 L - correspondence, 1947-1963
5 M - correspondence, 1946-1962
6 Mc - correspondence, 1935, 1942-1963
7 McCoun Trust correspondence and financial material, 1949
8 N - correspondence, 1943-1962
box folder
I107 1 O - correspondence, 1945, 1958
2 P - correspondence, 1943-1961
3 R - correspondence, 1946-1962
4 S - correspondence, 1945-1951
5 S - correspondence, 1952-1963
6 T - correspondence, 1946-1963
7 U - correspondence, 1951, 1956
8 V - correspondence, 1946-1961
9 W - correspondence, 1930, 1947-1963
10 X, Y, Z - correspondence, 1948-1961
box folder
N59 1 General correspondence, 1920
NOTE: Mostly letters from CTM's mother; some professional correspondence.
2 General correspondence, 1920-1921
NOTE: Family, business, legal, and professional correspondence.
3 General correspondence (1/3), 1923-1926, 1936
NOTE: Includes requests for book reviews, family, professional, academic, and personal correspondence.
4 General correspondence (2/3), 1923-1926
NOTE: Includes requests for book reviews, letters of recommendation, a lease for 707 W. 32nd Street, family, professional, academic, and personal correspondence.
5 General correspondence (3/3), 1923-1926
NOTE: Includes requests for book reviews, letters of recommendation, family, professional, academic, and personal correspondence.
box folder
N62 8 Columbia University, 1947
NOTE: Some teaching materials.
9 Correspondence, A, 1926-1930
10 Correspondence, B, 1926-1930
11 Correspondence, C, 1926-1930
12 Correspondence, D, 1926-1930
box folder
N63 1 Correspondence, E, 1926-1930
2 Correspondence, F, 1926-1930
NOTE: Includes letter from Percy Foreman, president of UT Law School student body, 1926 Nov. 19, inviting CTM to annual Law Banquet.
3 Correspondence, G, 1926-1930
NOTE: Mostly letters from Leon Green with personal news and discussion of law professors & law schools, particularly Yale Law School, U. of North Carolina Law School, and U. of Texas School of Law. Includes letter ca. 1929 where Green describes his successful maneuvers to have Charles Clark chosen as Robert M. Hutchins' replacement as law dean at Yale.
4 Correspondence, H, 1926-1930
5 Correspondence, I-J, 1926-1930
6 Correspondence, K, 1926-1930
7 Correspondence, L, 1926-1930
NOTE: Includes letter from Karl Llewellyn concerning Sacco & Vanzetti case.
8 Correspondence, M, 1926-1930
9 Correspondence, N-O, 1926-1930
10 Correspondence, P-Q, 1926-1930
11 Correspondence, R, 1926-1930
12 Correspondence, S, 1926-1930
box folder
N64 1 Correspondence, T, 1926-1930
2 Correspondence, U-V, 1926-1930
3 Correspondence, W, 1926-1930
4 Harvard Law School, 1946-1948
5 Harvard Law School, 1948
6 Letters from students in service, 1943-1944
7 Letters from students in service, 1945-1946
8 University of Texas, 1924-1926
NOTE: Includes CTM's membership certificate for Phi Delta Phi.
box folder
N65 1 University of Texas correspondence, 1922
2 University of Texas School of Law, 1948

Publication & research files, 1925-1963, undated

box folder
I68 4 Correspondence with West Publishing Co. regarding collaboration of Alexander Brooks, 1963
box folder
I74 1 Foundation Press statements of royalties, 1938-1949
2 Foundation Press editorial board fee statements, 1943-1961
3 Foundation Press correspondence, 1949-1961
4 Vernon Law Book Company: Texas Law of Evidence publication material, 1932-1952
5 Vernon Law Book Company: General material, 1938 -1962
6 Vernon Law Book Company: Texas Law of Evidence revision material, 1948-1956
7 West Publishing Company: general material, 1947- 1955
box folder
I81 5 Evidence - materials on evidence law in other countries, undated
6 Evidence - articles and cases material, 1957-1958
7 Evidence - books on evidence in library lists, 1941-1950
8 Federal Courts - recent cases material, 1949-1959
11 Federal Courts - topics for research notes, 1945, undated
box folder
I84 10 Materials for proposed articles: Self-incrimination speech manuscript and notes, undated
11 Materials for proposed articles: Notes for article on self-incrimination, undated
12 Materials for proposed articles: Research notes for article on self-incrimination, undated
13 Materials for proposed articles: Possible writing topics for research, 1944-1946, undated
box folder
I85 1 Damages Hornbook revision, West Publishing Company material, 1925-1962
2 Evidence hornbook - 2nd edition, material, 1960-1962
3 Preparation of Lawyers Treatise on Evidence material, 1958-1959
4 Review of Volume 8 of McNaughton's Wigmore, correspondence, 1960-1962
5 Review of Morgan's "Some Problems of Proof under Anglo-American System of Litigation", typescript, c.1956
6 Article with Earnest Langley, correspondence, 1951-1952
7 The Family Library, Inc. correspondence, 1953-1954
9 Evidence and the rule making power, typescript and notes, 1945, undated
10 McCormick bibliography lists, 1945-1964
11 Evidence hornbook - Comments and reviews, correspondence, 1954-1957
12 Comments on McCormick's publications, correspondence, 1949-1960
13 Evidence hornbook - 4th ed., correspondence, 1959-1962
14 Evidence treatise - correspondence about Charles Alan Wright's participation, 1958
box folder
I86 1 Articles and writings solicited, correspondence, 1959-1961
3 Acknowledgement of receipt of publications of others, correspondence, 1954-1962
box folder
I93 2 Federal Courts casebook - correspondence and general material, 1952-1962
4 Texas City disaster claims material, 1955-1956
box folder
I97 16 Tribute to Eddie Morgan, Vanderbilt Law Review, correspondence, 1960-1961
17 Book review of Maguire's Evidence of Guilt, Columbia Law Review, correspondence, 1960
21 "Modernizing the Courts of Texas," Public Affairs Comment, printed material and correspondence, 1957
box folder
I98 1 Article for Iowa Law Review, correspondence, 1956-1957
2 Article for symposium, Northwestern University Law Review, correspondence, 1956
3 Article for Rutgers Law Review, correspondence, 1955-1956
4 Review of Belli's Modern Trials, correspondence and typescript, 1955-1956
6 "Admissibility of Hospital Records," Tulane Law Review, correspondence and typescript, 1952
7 Chapter for Vanderbilt Law Review Symposium, correspondence and notes, 1951-1952
8 "Direct Examination of Medical Experts," Louisiana Law Review, correspondence, 1952
9 "Procedure of Admitting and Excluding Evidence," Texas Law Review, correspondence and note, 1952-1953
10 "Scope and Art of Cross-examination," Illinois Law Review, correspondence and notes, 1952-1954
11 "The Place and Future of the State University Law School," North Carolina Review, general material, 1946-1947
12 Book review of Schweinburg's Law Training in Continental Europe, typescript, ca. 1945
13 "Thomas Jefferson - Lawyer and Lawgiver," typescript article, undated
15 Miscellaneous correspondence and typescripts re articles by McCormick, 1942-1952
16 "Jury Verdicts upon Special Questions in Civil Cases," Special Issue Monograph, typescript, 1941
17 "Leon Green and Legal Education," Illinois Law Review, correspondence, printed material, and typescript, 1948
18 "A. W. Walker, Jr.," Texas Law Review, typescript and notes, undated
19 "Impressions of the Proposed Missouri Evidence Code," Kansas City Law Review, typescript and correspondence, 1948-1949
20 Book review of Moore's Judicial Code: Commentary, correspondence and typescript, 1950
21 Book review of Bunn's Survey of Jurisdiction and Practice of the Courts of the United States, correspondence, 1949
23 Book review of King's Melville Weston Fuller, letter and typescript, 1951
25 Book review on Inbau's Self-Incrimination: What can an Accused Person be Compelled to Do?, correspondence and typescript, 1950-1951
26 Book review - Grenville Clark, "A Plan for Peace," general material, 1950
SEE ALSO: correspondence with Grenville Clark re "A Plan for Peace," I94/14.
27 "Validity of Statutory Presumption of Crime Under the Federal Constitution," Texas Law Review, typescript, undated
28 "The Organization and Personnel of the Courts," typescript articles, undated
29 Post-War Planning for Texas booklet series, general material, 1944
30 John Henry Wigmore memorial article, general material, 1943
box folder
I99 1 Book review of Haynes' The Selection and Tenure of Judges, typescript, ca. 1944
2 Book review of Wigmore's Treatise on the Anglo- American System of Evidence in Trials at Common Law, letter and typescript, 1940
3 Book review of Pillinger's A Study of the Law of Opinion Evidence in Illinois, typescript, ca. 1942
4 "The Turncoat Witness: Previous Statements as Substantive Evidence," Texas Law Review, general material, 1947
5 "The New Code of Evidence of the American Law Institute," Texas Law Review, typescript, 1942
6 "Modernizing the Texas Judicial System," Texas Law Review, reprints, 1943
7 "Some Observations Upon the Opinion Rule and Expert Testimony," Texas Law Review, general material, 1949
8 "Some Problems and Developments in the Admissibility of Confessions," Texas Law Review, general material, 1940-1946
9 "Turncoat Witness...," Texas Law Review, notes and correspondence, 1947
10 "The Place and Future of State University Law School," The North Carolina Review, general material, 1944-1945
11 "Modernizing the Texas Judicial System," Texas Law Review, general material, 1942-1944
12 "Improving the Administration of State Government," outline, undated
13 Book review of Schweinburg's Law Training in Continental Europe, typescript and correspondence, 1946
14 McCormick on the Law of Evidence, West Publishing Company, correspondence and printed material, 1940-1959
box folder
I100 1 Comments on publications correspondence, 1940-1948
2 Damages casebook - correspondence and contract, 1935-1954, 1960
3 Evidence hornbook - 3rd ed., correspondence and related material, 1952-1957
4 Federal Court casebook, supplement, correspondence and notes, 1952
5 Federal Court casebook revision, correspondence and printed material, 1947-1949, 1956
box folder
I101 1 Federal Procedure casebook, correspondence and contract, 1938-1950
2 Teachers' manual for Federal Courts casebook, typescript, undated
3 Random House, Inc., correspondence and notes, 1946-1948
box folder
I102 4 Evidence hornbook - permissions to quote, correspondence, 1954
5 Evidence hornbook revision, correspondence, 1954
box folder
I103 6 Book review of Evidence in Trials of Common Law galley, typescript, and notes, c. 1961
box folder
I131 1 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Self-Incrimination
2 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Illegally Obtained Evidence
3 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Confessions
4 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Offers of Compromise
5 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Safety Measures after an Accident
6 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Character
7 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Custom and Practice
8 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Other Transactions
9 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Insurance Against Liability
10 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Scientific Evidence, General
11 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Scientific Evidence - Blood Tests, General
12 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Scientific Evidence - Blood Tests, Paternity
13 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Scientific Evidence - Blood Tests, Intoxication
14 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Scientific Evidence - Lie Detector
15 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Scientific Evidence - Miscellaneous
box folder
I132 1 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Refreshing recollection
2 Evidence hornbook, notecards - First-Hand Knowledge Qualification
3 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Opinion
4 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Cross Examination
5 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Impeachment
6 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Admission and Exclusion
7 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Competency - Infancy, Insanity, and Spouses
8 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Competency - Interested Parties
9 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Privilege in General
10 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Privilege - Husband and Wife
11 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Privilege - Attorney and Client
12 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Privilege - Physician and Patient
13 Evidence hornbook, notecards - Presumptions
box folder
I133 1 Evidence hornbook, notecards - law review references, Chapters 1-21
box folder
I134 1 Evidence hornbook, notecards - law review references, Chapters 22-37
2 Evidence hornbook, notecards - miscellaneous notecards
box folder
N66 2 Code of Rules of Evidence-ALI, 1940
NOTE: Includes drafts, meeting minutes, correspondence, & notes
3 Code of Rules of Evidence-ALI, comments by John. H. Wigmore, 1939-1941
NOTE: Includes correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, & draft notes.
4 Code of Rules of Evidence - ALI, memoranda, drafts, correspondence, 1940-1941
box folder
N67 1 Court organization 1, 1933-1935
NOTE: Includes correspondence & receipts.
2 Court organization: constitutional proposals, 1934
NOTE: Includes notes, drafts, article, and memorandum.
3 Model Code of Evidence, correspondence & notes (1/8), 1944
4 Model Code of Evidence, "Remarks on the Model Code of Evidence Given before Hidalgo County Bar Meeting" (2/8), 1943
5 Model Code of Evidence, correspondence & drafts (3/8), 1943-1944
6 Model Code of Evidence, committee correspondence (4/8), 1943-1944
7 Model Code of Evidence, Dallas Meeting correspondence (5/8), 1943
8 Model Code of Evidence, Discussion at Houston, Texas Bar Assn. meeting; correspondence, memoranda, drafts (6/8), 1943
9 Model Code of Evidence, Edinburg meeting; correspondence, drafts, & notes (7/8), 1943
10 Model Code of Evidence, committee report; drafts & correspondence (8/8), 1944

Speech files, 1940-1959, undated

box folder
I85 15 Speeches and letter, 1957-1958
16 Possible subjects for speeches notes, undated
17 Subjects for speeches material, 1941-1948
18 Quotations for speeches material, 1929-1944, undated
box folder
I93 3 Speech material - "Admissibility of the Fruits of Searches and Seizures," Southwestern Legal Foundation (April 29, 1959), 1959
box folder
I97 18 Phi Delta Phi Banquet speeches by W. St. John Garwood and Charles T. McCormick, 1959
19 Speech, "Scientific Evidence in Traffic Cases," Traffic Court Conference, 1959
box folder
I98 5 Law-Science Program, Tulane University (March 3-4, 1952) general material, 1951-1952
NOTE: Talk entitled "Admissibility of Hospital Records as Evidence."
22 "Science in the Courtroom," Dallas Bar Clinic general material, 1949-1950
24 "Science, Experts, and the Courts," Institute on Evidence general material, 1950-1951
box folder
I101 4 Speeches, manuscript and typescript, 1940-1941, undated
5 "Discussion of Uniform Rules of Evidence" speech and related correspondence, 1956
6 Speeches, manuscript and typescript, 1941-1956, undated
7 "Free Trial vs. Free Press" speech and related material, 1954
8 "The Use of Hospital Records as Evidence" speech, 1952
9 Remarks to ex-students of the U.T. Law School and related materials, 1949
10 Marshall, Texas, Ex-Students Association speech and related material, 1949
11 "Keeping the House of Justice in Repair" speech and related material, 1948
box folder
I102 1 "Tom C. Clark" speech and related material (includes photographs), 1945
2 Speeches, typescript and manuscript, 1942-1948, undated
3 Ex-students luncheon speech and notes, 1947

Teaching files, 1925-1963, undated

box folder
I71 6 Northwestern University material, 1951-1952
7 Northwestern University; Evidence seminar class data, 1951-1952
12 Hastings College of Law material, 1957
box folder
I72 1 Current Problems of Evidence Law seminar material, 1961-1962
2 Jurisdiction of Federal Courts seminar material, 1963
3 Federal Courts seminar notes, 1959
box folder
I73 1 University of California at Los Angeles School of Law material, 1956
box folder
I81 1 Seminar on Federal Courts material, 1961
2 Evidence assignment sheets, class rolls, and seating charts, 1958-1960
3 Evidence class material, 1956-1958
4 Contracts class material, 1956-1959
9 Federal Courts class - exam questions and other class material, 1952-1957
10 Books on federal procedure in library lists; teaching materials, 1941-1952
box folder
I83 13 Examinations in Federal Courts classes from other law schools, 1946-1959
14 Federal Courts class examination questions, 1937-1960
15 Evidence class examination questions, 1925-1953
box folder
I84 1 Evidence class examination questions, 1958-1959
2 Evidence class examination questions, 1946-1958
3 Evidence class, possible examination questions, 1947-1955, undated
4 Damages class examination questions, 1952-1955
5 Contracts class - drafting assignments, 1956-1957
6 Evidence class examination questions, 1948-1959
7 Evidence class examination questions, 1958-1960
8 California Bar examination, evidence questions, 1957-1960
9 Evidence examination questions, essay questions from which were selected California's, 1950-1958
box folder
I85 8 Possible matters for consideration in Evidence class material, 1948-1952
box folder
I95 4 Contracts class assignment lists and examinations, 1949-1950
5 Contracts class assignment lists and examinations, 1950-1951
6 Contracts class assignment lists and examinations, 1952-1953
7 Contracts class assignment lists and examinations, 1953-1954
8 Contracts class assignment lists and examinations, 1954-1955
9 Contracts class assignment lists and examinations, 1956
10 Criminal Law class - student term papers and grades, 1944
11 Criminal Law class - general material, 1944
box folder
I96 1 Damages class - notes and examinations, 1955
2 Damages class - general material, 1941-1944
3 Equity class assignment lists and examinations, 1942-1948
4 Evidence class - general material, 1955-1956
5 Evidence class - general material, 1954-1955
6 Evidence class - general material, 1953-1954
7 Evidence class - general material, 1953-1954
8 Evidence class - general material, 1952-1953
9 Evidence class - general material, 1951-1952
10 Evidence class - general material, 1950-1951
11 Evidence class - general material, 1949-1950
12 Evidence class - transcript of class (January 16, 1942) and final examination memorandum, 1941-1942
13 Advanced Studies in Evidence and Problems of Proof Seminar general material, 1950-1951
box folder
I97 2 Class rolls and seating chart, 1947-1949
4 Seminar in Legislation general material, 1947
5 Federal Procedure class - student papers, 1943
6 Texas Constitution Seminar general material, 1948-1949
7 Court Organization class examinations and notes, 1933-1940
8 Damages class examinations and notes, 1929-1946
box folder
N65 3 Harvard class materials, 1948
4 Student papers, Northwestern (1/2), 1933
NOTE: Court Organization II
5 Student papers, Northwestern (2/2), 1933
NOTE: Court Organization II
6 Student papers, Northwestern University, 1933, n.d.
NOTE: Court Organization I & II
box folder
N66 1 Transcript of Evidence classes, 1942

Organization files, 1940-1962, undated

box folder
I68 2 American Association of Law Schools - Special Committee for Selection of Representatives of A.A.L.S. to Meet with British Association, correspondence, 1958-1959
6 "Town and Gown Club: Memories of Past Days," by W. J. Battle, 1952
box folder
I71 8 Uniform Rules of Evidence material, 1951-1952
10 Merrill, Maurice, correspondence on Commercial Code, 1952
11 Uniform Laws Meeting miscellaneous material, 1951
box folder
I72 4 Uniform Rules of Evidence material, 1953
5 National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws material, 1953-1954
6 National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws meeting material, 1953
7 National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws correspondence, 1950-1953
box folder
I73 3 Texas Economy Commission material, 1950-1952
box folder
I76 4 Atlantic Union Committee, 1954-1956
5 English-Speaking Union, 1955
6 First Officers' Training Camp Association, 1950-1960
7 Forty Acres Club, 1960-1961
8 Philosophical Society of Texas, 1948-1961
9 Texas State Historical Association material, 1953-1957
11 Town and Gown Club, 1950-1959
box folder
I80 1 Committee on the Improvement of the Law of Evidence, 1952-1958
2 American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar material, 1950-1961
box folder
I81 13 Commission on Uniform Laws of Evidence material, 1954-1956
box folder
I82 8 American Association of University Professors, Texas Chapter material, 1948-1958
9 Association of American Law Schools material, 1953-1962
box folder
I83 1 Harvard Club of Austin material, 1950-1959
2 Harvard Law School Association material, 1950-1962
3 Harvard Law School Association of Texas material, 1948-1959
4 Italian Association for Study of Civil Procedure material, 1950-1951
5 Order of the Coif material, 1949-1952
6 Social Science Club material, 1948-1949
7 State Bar of Texas material, 1950-1954
8 Texas Association of College Teachers memorandum, 1956
9 Texas State Teachers Association material, 1948-1952
10 Travis County Bar Association material, 1940-1961
11 University Club material, 1947-1960
box folder
I86 4 Harvard Law School Fund material, 1951-1961
box folder
I97 11 Association of American Law Schools - Committee on Legal Education and National Defense, correspondence, 1950-1951
box folder
I102 7 Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Committee meeting (November 30, 1956), 1955-1957
box folder
I103 1 Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Committee meeting (April 23, 1957), 1957
2 Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Committee, general material, 1956-1958
3 Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Committee, advisory reports, "History of Supreme Court," undated
4 Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise Committee meeting (May 24, 1956), 1956
5 Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, Judicial Conference of the United States, correspondence, 1960-1961
11 State Bar of Texas meeting material, 1959

Personal files, 1917-1962, undated

box folder
I68 3 General financial material and ephemera, 1950-1962
box folder
I73 4 Army service; Veterans' Administration material, 1936-1961
5 Army service; Army discharge material, 1917-1925
6 Financial material, 1930-1954
9 Contributions; Scholarships, University of Texas and Texas Southern University material, 1951-1961
10 Contributions general material, 1958-1961
11 Grace Hall Episcopal Dormitory for Girls material, 1956-1957
SEE ALSO: All Saints' Church, I79/6.
box folder
I75 5 Wills, 1932-1964
6 Joseph and Mary McCormick's wills, 1929, 1940
box folder
I76 10 Recommendation for position with Standard Oil Company material, 1919
14 Biographical material, 1941-1957
box folder
I79 5 All Saints' Church material re Masterson will and Montgomery County lands, 1953-1954
6 All Saints' Church general correspondence and material, 1949-1959
box folder
I83 12 Law practice material, 1956-1957
box folder
I86 5 Subscriptions material, 1942-1962
box folder
I93 1 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1924-1948
box folder
I94 1 Moving of household and office furnishings material, 1940
box folder
I102 6 Miscellaneous notes, lists, and receipts, 1949, 1962, undated
box folder
I103 10 European trip correspondence and general material, 1958
box folder
I107 11 Miscellaneous ephemera, certificate, photograph, and printed material, 1951-1956, undated
box folder
Map Case, Drawer #5 Certificates, 1927, 1932, 1939
NOTE: Illinois law license, Philosophical Society, and North Carolina law license.
box folder
N59 6 Correspondence after death of Mary McCormick (1/2), 1940-1941
box folder
N60 1 Correspondence after death of Mary McCormick (2/2), 1940-1941
2 Correspondence- Carrington, Paul, 1944-1946
3 Family correspondence, 1930-1934
4 General personal materials, 1887-1923
NOTE: Includes insurance policy, Andrew McCormick correspondence & will, Aline Harris and Robert E. Harris deed, law docket publication, McClelland vs. Rose case ruling.
5 Gosling materials, estate materials, 1923-1930
NOTE: McCormick advising Goslings on property, includes a map of Martin County, FL.
6 McCormick, JM estate (1/2), 1925-1937
NOTE: Memoranda, wills, correspondence, inheritance tax appraisal forms, appraisal list.
7 McCormick, JM estate (2/2), 1933-1939
NOTE: Financial records & correspondence.
box folder
N61 1 McCormick, JM estate, books, 1940-1944
NOTE: Includes inventory of JM McCormick's & FM Etheridge's combined law libraries.
2 McCormick, Mary correspondence (1/2), 1933-1940
3 McCormick, Mary correspondence (2/2), 1933-1940
4 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944-1951
NOTE: Correspondence & property sale agreements.
5 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944
NOTE: Hall & San Jacinto property.
6 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944-1946
NOTE: 2100 Jackson property.
7 McCormick, Mary estate, 1945-1950
NOTE: 2106 Jackson property.
8 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944
NOTE: 1800 Jackson property.
9 McCormick, Mary estate, 1943-1944
NOTE: Main & Pryor titles.
10 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944
NOTE: Main & Washington property.
11 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944, 1948
NOTE: Matagorda City land.
12 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944
NOTE: Mortgage indebtedness.
13 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944-1947
NOTE: 302, 304, 306 South Pearl Street properties.
box folder
N62 1 McCormick, Mary estate, 1945-1948
NOTE: Southeast corner of Pearl & Jackson.
2 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944-1945
NOTE: CR Sawyer promissory notes.
3 McCormick, Mary estate, 1944-1947
NOTE: Waco Building.
4 McCormick, Mary estate materials (Harris, Aline), 1939
NOTE: Deeds & correspondence.
5 Personal materials, 1920-1923
NOTE: Includes correspondence, photograph of unidentified man, and program for Chancellors' banquet, 7 May 1923.
6 Settlement of estate-share (Harris, Manson), 1948-1949
7 Wallet materials, 1936-1940
NOTE: Membership cards, driver's license, photograph, calling cards.