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Florence S. Ariessohn Collection on the 1994 Mexican Election

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Creator: Ariessohn, Florence S., 1947-
Title: Florence S. Ariessohn Collection on the 1994 Mexican Election
Dates: 1993-1996
Abstract: This collection contains documents, posters, newspapers, memorabilia, and audiovisual materials on the 1994 Mexican general election as gathered by Florence S. Ariessohn, who served as an invited international observer.
Accession No.: 2016-44
Extent: 4.38 linear foot
Language: English and Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Florence S. Ariessohn was born 1947 and raised in Arizona and California. Ariessohn would earn her B.A. in Spanish at the University of California, Berkeley in 1969, and her M.A. in Spanish at the University of Washington in 1989.

Ariessohn began teaching middle and high school Spanish and English in 1970, both in California and Washington state. In 1984, she began teaching Spanish at the university level. She held positions at Tacoma Community College, Pierce College, University of Washington, University of Puget Sound until beginning a position at Pacific Lutheran University in 1999.

In 1994 Ariessohn was accepted to be an international observer of the 1994 Mexican elections as part of an initiative by the Mexican government to guarantee free elections. On election day, Ariessohn would observe polling in the town of Tapachula, near the Mexico-Guatemala border. After, Ariessohn would write about the polling irregularities and voting fraud she personally observed.

Ariessohn lives in Washington with her husband Peter.

Scope and Contents Note

This collection contains documents, posters, newspapers, memorabilia, and audiovisual materials on the 1994 Mexican general election as gathered by Florence S. Ariessohn, who served as an invited international observer. It contains three series: personal materials, election visit materials, and publications and clippings.

Personal materials contains identity documents, email correspondence in preparation for Ariessohn’s trip to Mexico, and UNAM listserv threads on Mexican 1994 current events. Additionally, the series notably contains Ariessohn’s personal notebooks she used to chronicle her trip, providing a more personal account of the trip. Post-trip materials include a presentation outline and slideshow Ariessohn created as well as articles written by and about Ariessohn for the press.

Election visit materials contains materials gathered by Ariessohn as part of her visit in Mexico, including training materials, trip itineraries, informational brochures, and souvenirs. The series is split up into five subseries, items being arranged under the organizations that produced them: Global Exchange, the San Francisco-based nonprofit through which Ariessohn applied for the visit; Alianza Cívica, the Mexican agency that organized the visit of the International Observers; the Instituto Federal Electoral, the Mexican government agency that trained the international observers in election practice; and the political parties of the PAN, PRD, PRD, and the Partido Verde.

Publications and clippings contains magazines, newspapers, reports, and other published materials on Mexican political happenings from 1993 to 1996.


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Subjects (Persons)
Ariessohn, Florence S., 1947--Archives.
Zedillo Ponce de León, Ernesto.
Subjects (Organizations)
Global Exchange (Organization)
Alianza Cívica (Mexico)
Instituto Federal Electoral (Mexico)
Partido Acción Nacional (Mexico)
Partido de la Revolución Democrática (Mexico)
Partido Revolucionario Institucional.
Partido Verde Ecologista de México.
Tapachula (Chiapas, Mexico).

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Accession numbers: 2016-44

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Collection processed by Rodrigo Leal, Special Collections GRA, January 2019.


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Box and Folder Inventory

Personal materials, 1994-1995

Box Folder
1 1 Identity documents, nametags, 1994
2 Email correspondence, 1994
3 Clippings by and of Ariessohn, correspondence with press, 1994
4 UNAM listserv materials, 1994-1995
Ariessohn's trip notes, 1994
5 Ariessohn's trip and election day notebooks, 1994
6 Looseleaf notes, 1994
Ariessohn's post-trip presentation, 1994
7 Presentation outline and map of chiapas, 1994
8 Mexican election 1994 slideshow, 1994

Election visit materials, 1994

1 Global Exchange Trip Materials, 1994
9 Informational brochures, pre-trip correspondence, guides, 1994
10 Itineraries, rosters, restaurant recommendations, maps, invoices, 1994
11 International visitor delegation reports, post-trip correspondence, 1994
Alianza Cívica/MRD, 1994
12 Application, guides, agenda, post election reports, correspondence, 1994
13 Publications, 1994
Box Folder
6 1 Alianza Cívica T-Shirt, 1994
1 Instituto Federal Electoral training materials, 1994
14 IFE training bag, 1994
15 IFE application, training schedule, and resources, 1994
Box Folder
2 1 "El Sistema Electoral Mexicano" training packet, 1994
2 Instituto Federal Electoral informational pamphlets, 1994
3 "Código Federal de Instituciones y Procedimientos Electorales," 1994
4 "Guia Temática para el Visitante Extranjero," 1994
Box Folder
4 1 "Instituto Federal Electoral. Nature, structure and functions", 1994
Box Folder
OV 1 IFE Posters, 1994
2 PAN, PRD, PRI, and Partido Verde campaign materials, 1994
5 PAN materials, 1994
6 PRD materials and Partido Verde pamphlet, 1994
7 PRI booklets, 1994
8 PRI - Ernesto Zedillo bumper stickers and bag, 1994
Box Folder
4 2 "The PRI and Mexican Democracy" VHS, 1994
3 "El PRI y la Democracia Mexicana VHS", 1994
2 Additional collected materials, souvenirs, 1994
9 Miscellaneous political pamphlets, booklets, and training materials, 1994
10 Flyers, business cards, handouts, 1994
11 Maps of Mexico and Chiapas, 1994
Box Folder
4 4 Puras de la Sierra by Los Zapatistas del Norte (de Chiapas) audio cassette, 1994
Box Folder
5 1 Zapatista-inspired handmade dolls, 1994
Box Folder
6 2 Banner from polling place, 1994

Publications and clippings, 1993-1996

Box Folder
2 12 "Chiapas: The Rebellion of the Excluded" by EPICA, 1994
13 Reports and publications by Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 1993-1994
14 Distribución de edades en el Padrón electoral del Dist. 39, 1994
Global Exchange Publications, 1994
15 Flyers, newsletters, 1994
16 "Mexico Elections Reader," 1994
Box Folder
3 1 "Mexico: A Reader on The Uprising in Chiapas," 1994
Magazines, 1994-1996
2 Cultural Survival Quarterly Vol. 18 No. 1, 1994
3 San Francisco Examiner Magazine, 1994 July 17
4 No. 926-929, 976-977, 1994 August-1995 July
5 No. 990, 1001, 1019, 1052, 1995 October-1996 December
6 La Jornada Semanal, 1994 August
News clippings, 1994
7-8 News clippings, 1994
9 Scanned articles and clippings, 1994
Box Folder
6 3 Mexican newspapers, 1994 August
La Jornada
4 No. 3568-3573, 1994 August
5 No. 3575-3577, 3579, 1994 August