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Philip Pasmanick Collection of Nicaraguan Materials

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Pasmanick, Philip
Title: Philip Pasmanick Collection of Nicaraguan Materials
Dates: 1979-1987
Abstract: Collection of materials documenting Nicaraguan literacy, health education, and economic programs during the successful Sandinista revolution and the post-revolution government of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN. Also included are materials documenting U.S.-based solidarity groups and individuals who supported the Sandinistas against the Contras, the U.S. government-backed right-wing millitant group that was active from 1979 to the early 1990s.
Accession No.: 2001-40
Extent: 2 linear feet
Language: English, Spanish, and Miskito
Repository: Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) was founded in 1961 and began its efforts to overthrow the Somoza dictatorship and replace it with a socialist government for the people. The murder of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro in 1978 signaled the beginning of an eventually successful eighteen-month overthrow of the Somoza dictatorship.

From 1979 onwards the FSLN government began to implement nation-wide literacy campaigns, economic programs, agrarian reform, and health and education programs. These programs and initiatives were implemented and successful due to thousands of volunteers.

The Nicaragua solidarity campaign and movements from the United States, Canada, and other countries began to gain speed and influence in 1979. Many pro-Sandinistas from the United States came to Nicaragua in support of the literacy campaigns and the health and economic programs. The U.S. Government and the Ronald Reagan administration supplied, trained and supported the contras, the largest group being the Nicaraguan Democratic Force (FDN), the main opposition to the FSLN. The anti-Contra War campaign and the solidarity campaigns began to coalesce and 1979-1985 would be very pivotal and active years in these various campaigns.

Works Referenced:

Peace, Roger C. A call to conscience : the anti/Contra War campaign. Amherst, Mass. : University of Massachusetts Press, 2012.

Scope and Contents Note

The Philip Pasmanick Collection of Nicaraguan Materials includes booklets, newspapers, essays, pamphlets, flyers, and other literature on literacy movements (alfabetización), health education, economic programs, and liberation movements in Nicaragua. The collection has been organized into four different series: Economic Programs, Helath Education, Liberation Movement Literature, and Literacy Programs.

Economic Programs includes pamphlets and small publications related to socio-economic programs in the first years of the Sandinista government (1979-1985). Topics include agrarian reform, food supply and security, and socio-economic security.

Health Education features newspapers, flyers, pamphlets, manuals, and series of publications. The different programs include Nicaragua's Organization of Disabled Revolutionaries, newspaper series published by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, and different health guides and best practices manuals.

Liberation Movement includes published speeches by members of the Sandinista government, publications by the Ministry of the Interior, pamphlets and signs produced in support of the FSLN and the continued struggle with the Contras. Also included are newspapers, publications, and travelogues from individuals and solidarity groups from the United States and Canada. Materials on solidarity with the the political prisoners in Costa Rica are also included.

Literacy Programs includes Sandinista-produced education workbooks and pamphlets and materials from the Nicaragan Ministry of Education. Some of these workbooks are in Miskito, the language of the Miskito people from the Carribean coast of Nicaragua.

2019 Additions to the collection are arranged according to the original series described above and are arranged chronologically.


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Subjects (Persons)
Pasmanick, Philip (collector)
Subjects (Organizations)
Nicaragua. Ministerio de Salud.
Nicaragua. Ministerio del Interior.
Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional. Departamento de Propaganda y Educación Política.
Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional--Posters.
Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.
Literacy programs--Nicaragua.
Nicaragua--Social conditions--1979-1990.

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Donation, 2001

Accession numbers: 2001-40, 2019-20

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Collection processed by Dylan Joy, March 2017.


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Box and Folder Inventory

Economic Programs, 1980-1985, undated

Box Folder
1 1 Pamphlets and small publications on socio-economic and social achievements and studies, 1980-1983, undated
2 Materials on agrarian reform and socio-economic information, 1981-1985, undated

Health Education, 1980-1987, undated

Box Folder
1 3 Organización de Revolucionarios Deshabilitados / Nicaragua's Organization of Disabled Revolutionaries, 1980-1987, undated
4 Health guides and best practices, 1981-1983
5 "Jornadas populares de salud," Ministerio de Salud, 1981-1983
6 Newspaper coverage and photograph negatives of health programs, 1981-1985
7 Children health guides - Zelaya Sur & Bluefields, 1982
8 "Manual[es]de capacitatión popular," 1984
9 "Health for All by the Year 2000: Implications for the Adult Educator," 1984

Liberation Movement Literature, 1979-1987, undated

Box Folder
1 10 Published speeches by FSLN members, 1979-1985
Box Folder
2 1 Publications by the Ministry of the Interior, 1979-1985
2 Materials on Carlos Fonseca and Tomás Borge, 1979-1983, undated
3 FSLN publications and guides, 1980, undated
4 Pamphlets and small FSLN publications, 1980-1982, undated
5 FSLN signs and propaganda, 1980-1982
6 FSLN signs and propaganda, undated
7 FSLN newspaper printings and coverage, 1983-1987, undated
8 Women and the Revolution, 1983, undated
9 U.S.A. solidarity groups and media coverage of FSLN, 1980-1984, undated
10 U.S.A. solidarity publications, 1982-1984, undated
11 Travelogues and short writings by pro-liberation visitors to Nicaragua, 1984, undated
Box Folder
3 1 Newspaper coverage in U.S.A. papers, 1983-1985
2 U.S.A.-based academic and NGO reports on Nicaragua, 1984, undated
3 Support for political prisoners of Costa Rica, 1983, undated
4 "Comité de Solidaridad con los Presos Políticos de Costa Rica (Sede México)," 1983

Literacy Programs, 1980-1986, undated

Box Folder
3 5 "Segunda Congreso Nacional de la Alfabetización," 1980
6 Sandinista education workshops, 1980
7 Sandinista education workshops, 1980-1986
8 Pamphlets and materials from Nicaragua's Ministry of Education, 1980-1984, undated
9 Newspapers on la Alfabetización, 1980-1985, undated

2019 Additions to Collection, 1981-1986, undated

Box Folder
4 Health Education, 1981, undated
1 "Jornadas populares de salud," Ministerio de Salud, 1981, undated
Liberation Movement Literature, 1981-1986, undated
2 Barricada clippings, 1981-1986, undated
3 Preparación política: 'Primer periodio de instrucción 1981,' 1981
4 "Historia de la iglesia de los pobres en Nicaragua" by el Tayacán, 1983
5 Muñequitos del pueblo: dos años en la lucha ideológica, 1983
6 Newspaper clippings, 1983-1986, undated
7 Cantemos hermanos (Managua, Nicaragua: El Tayacán), 1987
8 "Encuentro con la cultura nicaragüense," undated
9 "Mini-afiches" del Departamento de Propoganda y Educación Política del FSLN, undated
Literacy Programs, 1980-1986, undated
10 Cruzada nacional de alfabetización, Fotografía por Ramón Zamora y Citlali Rovirosa, 1980
11 Ministerio de Educación - programación sostenimiento, 1980, undated
12 "Educación popular" including Nuestra trinchera (Cuaderno de Educación Popular), 1981-1986, undated
13 "Nicaragua es una escuela: Adult education in Nicaragua, 1979-1984" by Philip Pasmanick, undated