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Paul Perez Collection of Masks from Oaxaca, Mexico

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Creator: Perez, Paul
Title: Paul Perez Collection of Masks from Oaxaca, Mexico
Dates: collected 1952-1972
Abstract: Masks from the Oaxacan region of Mexico.
Accession No.: 2016-43
Extent: 178 masks
Language: English
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

In 1952 Paul Perez, a former screenwriter, retired to Oaxaca, Mexico and became a photographer. Over the next two decades he traveled to markets and festivals throughout southern Mexico, especially the Valley of Oaxaca, collecting masks where he could find them. He purchased many masks while others were given to him by his friends. Before retiring a second time and moving to Maine, Perez donated his collection of masks, by way of curator Dudley Varner, who was doing field work in Oaxaca at the time, to the Texas Memorial Museum. The masks arrived at the museum in September 1972.

The Paul Perez Mask Collection was transferred to the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection in 2013.

Scope and Contents Note

The masks in this collection, with many dating back to the 19th century, represent a number of Oaxacan Indian cultures including the Zapotec, Mixec, Huave, Mixe, Chintal, Zoque, and Chinatec.


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Perez, Paul (collector)
Indian masks--Mexico.
Indian masks--Mexico--Oaxaca.

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Accession numbers: 2013-, 2016-43

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Masks from Oaxaca, Mexico

In the inventory below, the collection number for each mask is located to the top left of the image, and the description is below the image.
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Wild boar hair and shell mask with a wooden base. Is of a humanoid male with a movable jaw and teeth on upper lip. Was worn at the Feast of Three Kings.
Wood mask of male with textile beard, round eye holes, wedge mouth hole. Face is frowning or squinting.
Wood mask of a blue faced man with projecting dark red lips and eye holes surrounded by red, projecting nose.
Painted wood mask with reptile skin at forehead (hair), cheeks(sideburns), down nose, upper lip(mustache) and chin(beard). White ridge from lips across cheeks, mouth hole red inside, eye holes surrounded by blue and white rings.
Woman's mask of coconut fiber and tortoise shell. Nose of black wax or tar, eye holes machine drilled.
Painted gourd mask with tiny holes drilled in pupil for eyeholes. Has red eyes and a black triangular nose, also an enormous smiling mouth with 27 teeth.
Painted wood base of red humanoid. Slits for eye holes above white eyes with yellow pupils.
Mask with wood base covered with green paint. Snake circles face and snake head becomes nose. White, red, and yellow stripes on snake. Open mouth (no hole) with 8 large teeth. Horse(?) teeth. 15 p. good cond.
Wooden mask. Humanoid male with jagged carved brows, lined w/ yellow paint, small uneven eye holes and rectangular mouth w/ football-shaped lips. 130 p. good cond.
Mask with wood base painted pink and yellow. Nose twisted to left and mouth tiltes up toward right. Mouth hole drilled between thin arced lips and eye holes below arced eyebrows. 55 p. Very bad cond.
Wooden mask painted black. Bulging white eyes and round eye holes. Red lips and open mouth. Wrinkles incised on brows an cheeks. 100p good cond.
Mask with soft wood base painted black. Hide glued on for a gray mustache and beard. Eyes and nose have thick, white paint. Eye holes set with glass. 25 p. good cond.
Wood mask of enormous carved humanoid face. Uneven features. Tiny eye holes set deep below projecting brows. Lips large and protruding. 69 p. good cond.
Papier mache lion mask painted brown and white. 15 p good cond.
Humanoid male mask. Base of wood covered with gesso. Lacks eye and mouth holes. Nose is long and curving. Black, gray, and white. good cond.
Wooden mask. Eyes are large oval holes and nose is triangular. Lips are thin. 40 p. good cond.
Papier mache spotted cat mask painted brown with black spots. Mask ends with teeth and gums of upper jaw. White "V" on forehead. Eye and nose holes round. good cond.
Wooden mask. Wood base stained red. Eye holes are curved slits. Eyes have round black pupils. Double lips. Nailed on cowhide hair. 40 p. good cond.
Wooden mask of a humanoid with almond eye holes and red mouth. Tiny hole drilled for mouth hole. Cheeks and chin convex. 40 p. good cond.
Tiny wood mask with modern paint. Cat-like muzzle with 2 projecting tusk-like forms. 2 front teeth painted silver. Negrito. 75 p. good cond.
Wooden mask slightly stained black. Monkey seed eyes. Open mouth w/ 2 teeth. Python skin nailed on all over except cheek area below eyes. 49 p. good cond.
Wire screen mask with fly swatter face; matted fiber eyebrows, mustache, and black stained, projecting, tusk-like beard. 50 p. good cond.
Untreated wood mask of a humanoid male. Flat phlange of nose with little projection. Round eye holes and tiny almond mouth hole. Anteater fur for hair, beard, and sideburns. good cond.
Humanoid wood face with large "Jimmy Durante" nose. Pointed chin, small eyes, low forehead. Groove between nose and cheek gouged out and burned. Calfskin nailed on for mustache and beard. 49 p. good cond.
Card board base with paper feathers - colored with black spray paint. Snake: wire form wrapped in crepe paper and painted. good con.
Wooden mask. Gray, black, and white stucco. "old man" puckered mouth. Wrinkles incised around mouth and on fore-head. Almond-shaped eye holes above eyes. 55 p. good cond.
Light wood base stained black. Orange fibers at mustache and eyebrow attached with flaps of fur nailed down. Eyeholes below projecting ridge of eyebrow; torpeao nose. Large open lips with tongue - unstained wood. Flap for beard. 29 p.
Orangish wood base - humanoid male. Coarse black hair nailed on with a piece of cloth for beard. Mustache applied with tar. Tar across forehead forms eye brows. Blue marbles set into almond eye holes. 9 teeth set in open mouth. 30 p. good cond.
Wood base vertical "Devil Mask. Goatskin fur glued on at chin(beard), lip, brow, and forehead. Thin horns projecting from temple. pig's teeth. good. cond.
Wood base with moveable lower jaw covered with reptile skin. Long-snouted creature. 40 p. good cond.
Wooden mask. Rounded, stubby face with projecting nose and cheeks. Almond eyes below eye holes. Thick lips. 8 cane teeth. 30 p.
Large, heavy wood mask with white/gray stucco. Features of an old man. Mouth and features puckered as if blowing. 150 p. good cond.
Wood mask. Horse form with black surface Open mouth; tiny eye holes; 2 horse-like ears project at top. 100 p. good cond.
Gray wood base. Calf hair for hair, mustache, and beard. Double crossed "T" formed by nose, eyes, eyebrows. Watermelon shaped mouth with 3 teeth indicated. Brows continue out side to "C" ears. 50 p.
Wood mask. Diamond form where eyebrows meet. Brows curve around eyes. "Sideburn" phlange below volutes on cheeks. 3 teeth indicated in mouth. 40 p.
Ceramic mask painted "flesh" with darkend reddish cheeks, nose, and forehead. Slit eye holes above blue eyes. Mouth smiling with gold painted teeth. 40 p.
Coconut mask: small round face, marble eyes, human teeth, and receeding chin. 190 p.
Wooden mask painted red. Round head with large, pointy nose. Facial hair nailed on. Carved wood teeth set into upper and lower lips. Eye holes uneven and squarish. 25 p.
Wooden mask. Humanoid male. Moveable jaw joined with wire. Small nose glued on. Beard of fiber. 8 wood teeth. 30 p.
Black wood base of humanoid with straight forehead. Thin eye holes and thin pointed nose; receeding chin. 81 p. good cond.
Miniature black wood base. Pink and white snoute and eye area. Crescent eye holes with black painted eye lashes. Red crescent nostrils. Mouth open and inside painted red. good cond.
Wood mask. Black humanoid with tiny eye holes and wrinkles incised along cheeks. 40 p.
Black wooden mask. Sheep or ram's horns painted black with gold. Tiny round red eye holes. Brown animal with black spots (frog)on forehead. Hooked nose; eyes with green pupils; open red mouth.
Armadillo shell base. Tiny roundish eye holes; wood nose nailed on; rectangular mouth hole with teeth; tiger fur for hair. 30 p. good cond.
Wood mask stained black. Nose broken off. Coyote fur over brows, at cheeks, chin; squared eyes, open mouth.
Gourd mask. Long-snouted javelina. Black with red, yellow, and white. Holes for eyes and mouth. 75p. ~
Gray wood base. Humanoid with projecting jaw, stub nose, large black nostrils, almond shaped eyes, an orange lips. 40 p.
Large wooden mask. Feline face painted enamel yellow with black circles (spots), slanted eye holes, humanoid nose, large open mouth, gray lips. 120 p. good cond.
Wood base with gray, black, and white stucco. Large carved rings around circular eye holes, small ears, horns on forehead. Long nose, large smiling mouth with 35 cane teeth. 60 p.
Black ceramic mask with pig-like snout and white tusks. Triangular nose. good cond.
Black carved wood. Red paint on lips and lower eye lids. Mouth open with projecting moveable tongue. Silver, green, and red paint used. 100 p. good cond.
Wooden mask. Face surrounded with nailed on squirrel fur. Slanted almond eye holes plugged up with "deer eye" (mucuna) seeds. Pointed snout-like mouth with mouth hole. 40 p.
Low, broad wood base. Armadillo shell "helmet" for hair. 4 seed teeth, tiny eye holes under brow ridge that continues down nose. Cheeks project out like a pyramid.
Wood base with armadiillo fur. Humanoid face with projecting forehead and inverted V eyebrows. Black painted eye lashes, thin lips, pointed chin and nose. 40 p. good cond.
Carved wood painted black. Eye brows continue to make nose. 2 parallel wrinkles on forehead. Slit eye holes and mouth. 50 p. good cond.
Large brown wood base. Humanoid face with uneven eye holes. Wrinkles at corners of eyes and cheeks, pointed triangle nose, horizontal wedge for mouth. 110 p. good cond.
Wood with nailed on iguana skin covering base. "Deer eye" seeds attatched by wire. 40 p. good cond.
Wood base. Pointed projecting chin, large lips, swollen nose with holes, uneven circular eyes. 80 p. good cond.
Wooden mask painted purplish-brown. Humanoid male. Ornamental zig-zag jaw line painted with colored diamonds. 2 tusk-like projections from chin. Black painted hair and eyebrows. Red, green pupil in white eye. good cond.
Wood base. 1/3 of cylinder crudely carved and stained black. Flat features, small squinty eyes, mouth curls down in a snarl. Ears are "C" shaped. 40 p. good cond .
Wood base and armadillo shell. Grinning "V" mouth. Almond eye holes below projecting eye brows. 60 p. good cond.
Wood base. Male. Round drilled eye holes. Black painted eyebrows, mustache, beard. Shark teeth in skin nailed to mouth which in an inverted "U". 50 p.
Rounded wood base, stained black. Thin linear eyelids and lips painted red. Teeth and iris of eye painted pink around round drilled eye holes. Bluish-gray painted eye brows. Spindly vertical nose flares at heart-shaped nostrils with tiny drilled nostril holes. 80 p.
Wood base. Assymmetrical roughly hewn features. Gray, white, and black stucco. Candle set in hole on eyebrow - forehead ridge - wax dripped down cheeks and nose. Projecting nose breaks to the right. Right cheek flat; left comes to a point. Tiny rectangular eye holes. Lips project slightly. good cond.
Wood mask of humanoid male. Skin of face painted flesh. Hair painted black. Lips and cheeks red. Mouth and eye holes are triangular. 145 p. good cond.
Ceramic mask. Yellow skin; slit eye holes. Very commercial. good cond.
Helmet-like mask of a humanoid face. Wood. Projecting forehead; bulbous nose; thick, slightly open lips; small, closely set eyes. 110 p. good cond.
Heavy wood base. Covered with monkey skin. Round drilled eye holes, open mouth hole. 40 p. good cond.
Roughly carved wooden mask. Crudely painted red and blue humanoid. Almond-shape eye and mouth holes. 105 p. good cond.
Wooden mask. Male. Small almond eye holes. Ear relief curve. Large triangular nose. Projecting lips. 20 p. good cond.
Wooden mask. Male. Rounded obleng eye holes Mouth hole. Nailed on colored fur. Mustache attached with wax. Painted glass inset for eyes. Face painted pink. Stucco cracking. 30 p.
Light, yellowish wood. Face surrounded with black horse hair which also makes up beard. Strange facial features.
Wood base almost completely covered by nailed on cowhide. Round drilled eye holes. 5 white (painted) wood teeth set into mouth. Thick nose coming out of forehead; ears are of cowhide. 30 p. good cond.
Wood base encrusted with yellow, orange, beige paint. Humanoid male face covered with wrinkles. Slanted triangular eye holes. Horizontal slit mouth hole. Tiny carved teeth. good cond.
Squared wood base. Humanoid. Fur nailed on in rectangles at brows and mustache. Triangle fur beard. Rectangular nose. Face stained dark orange-red. 200 p. good aond.
Wooden mask--humanoid male. Doll-like pink face. Eyeholes ringed with gold paint. Glass eyes with green pupils. False eyelashes. 80 p. good cond.
Wood base - humanoid male. Shiny black painted beard, mustache, brows. Shark spine on wire for headband.
Wooden mask painted black. Typical "vampire" face with red snout. 2 white feathers for fangs. Tiny eye holes, painted eyes; ears interior painted yellow. 50 p. good cond.
Turtle shell base. Slits cut for eye and mouth holes. Goat skin glued on for eye brows, mustache, beard. Egg-shaped piece of wood glued on for nose. 2 small deer horns glued on. 50 p. good cond.
Wooden mask. Humanoid face covered with white spotted deer skin. 50 p. good cond.
Black painted humanoid face. Projecting pig-like snout with red end and 2 "tusks". Oval eye holes above painted eyes. Naturalistic carving of nose, nose ridge, wrinkles of cheeks. 35 p. good cond.
Black wood base. Armadillo shell "helmet" or hair. Enormous pointed nose jutts out. Tiny eye holes drilled below projecting almond-shaped eyes. Smiling mouth with teeth. 50 p. good cond.
Wood base with leather at forehead, around eyes and down center of nose. Prognathic jaw slit by mouth. Red leather tongue. Rings around eye holes. 50 p. good cond.
Wood base. Small rounded features almost covered with javelina skin; prickly hair.
Dark wood base - humanoid male. Fur nailed on for hair, beard, sideburns, etc. Rectangular eye holes. Tiny square mouth. 15 p. good cond.
Wood base full of worm holes. Fiber hair and sideburns. Close-set round eye holes. Open slab mouth hole. 40 P·
Wood base upon which skin, antlers, and deer nose are nailed. good cond.
Thin convex wood base. Large oval eye holes under brow. Phlange nose. Delicate lips. good cond.
Black wood base. Smiling man. Lips, nostrils, eyes painted red. 3 wood teeth. 60 p. good cond.
Crudely carved tree trunk. White circles around eyes. Fur at top of head. 60 p. good cond.
Wood and armadillo shell. Mouth hole cut out of projecting oval. Slight indentation for eye - whitish with black pupil; eye holes above. 40 p. good cond.
Yellow wood base - humanoid male. Ring of triangles around head. good cond.
Wooden mask--Not in catalogue
Black wood base. Pig snout, red on end, with drilled hole. Two holes drilled on sides- tusks? Human nose. Crudely gouged out eyes with thin white paint around. Red zig-zag on forehead. 20 p. good cond.
Wood base - cylinder with base. Simplified facial features. Rectangular eye and mouth holes. Face covered with feathers. good cond.
White wood base - humanoid male. Dark red at forehead and on chin. good cond.
Humanoid with peccary hair and beard. Separate pieces for mouth and nose tied on. (wood). Peccary hair sewn on. 50 p. good cond.
Flat, slightly curved wood base. Projections for eye brow, nose, eyes, and mouth with strange V form projecting from upper lip. 50 p.
Thin, slightly convex wood base. Area around eyes and at sides of nose carved away to allow nose, eyes, and mouth area to project slightly. Slashes on chin to indicate beard. Slit for mouth. 50 p. good cond.
Humanoid. Very flat features with small pointed, projecting chin. Tiny line of a mouth turns down at corner. Decorative "headband" on forehead. good cond.
Wood cylinder with projecting nose wired on. Deer antlers tied on with twine. Bottle-cap eyes nailed on. Tiny holes drilled at cheek level. Open mouth with fragments of 3 teeth. Leather ears nailed on. 160 p. Good cond.
Wood mask, painted. Man with curling mustache and beard. Good cond.
Carved wood mask stained/painted red. Black painted eyebrows and sideburns. Relief area around mouth painted black - almost suggests a mustache. 80 p. Good cond.
Painted wood mask. Mustached male. good cond.
Round leather face with separate leather piece for pointed nose. White (fiber?) hair, beard, and mustache. Leather painted with red and black (basically brown). 5 strands of glass beads each ending in "jingle" bell on forehead. Good cond.
Brown wood base. Armadillo shell "helmet" or hair - fur "sideburns. Ridges carved along chin to simulate beard - filled with black paint. Large almond eyes - thick shiny white paint - black pupils with eye holes in center. Nose - flat triangle with rounded base. 50 p. Good cond.
Mixe Monkey Mask with deer seed eyes. Eyes strung with wire which holds them into socket. 50 p. Good cond,
Wooden mask. Deer/feline head. Housecat head skin comes down over forehead. Long deerskin tongue comes out of open mouth. Flat ears pushed back against head. 30 P. Good cond.
Humanoid with vertical projecting (feline?) ears. Late 19th century mask of wood from Santo Domingo Chihuitan Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Wood carved and chipped. Holes for eyes and mouth drilled.
Humanoid mask of gourd, wood, and wax. Gourd forms basic facial shape. Black wax nose, with deep nostrils, and projecting lips were added. Tiny slanted slit eyes.
Elongated wood face. Tool marks show - worked by gouging out. Fiber beard, mustache and eyebrows. 18 cane teeth on rim of lips. Wedge cut out for mouth. Crescent eyes - white - below eye holes. 122 p. Good cond.
Wood base covered with waxy dark red paint. "striped" carved hair and beard and mustache painted black. Open mouth, tiny carved teeth. Crescent eye holes above eyes. 125 p. Good cond.
Wood face with reddish-brown stain(?), then darker overlay. Eyes circled by white rings. Eyebrows indicated. Nose-vertical bar with two breathing holes/nostrils. Mouth puckered with circular hole - like whistling. Ears, again with holes, simplified to a "c".
Jaguar/human. Yellowish wood base. Black painted spots. Orange colored humanoid eyes, nose, mouth. 2 holes, surrounded with black, for eyes of mask wearer.
Goat mask. Wood cylindar crudely carved. Rabbit fur attached. Pastel blue nose - separate piece. Pinkish nose and eyes. 160 p. Good cond.
Serpent head - not a mask. Heavy wood. Yellow with black stripes and spots. Red interior of mouth. 2 white wood fangs, Deer seed eye balls. Heavy black brow.
Monkey/humanoid face. Wood base with fur nailed on for beard, mustache, and brow. Two real teeth (fangs). Large open mouth projects. Round eye holes drilled in concave curve of upper forehead gives angry look - horns?
Caricature. Negroid face with bulging, wide nose, thick lips (red), and open "cartoon" eyes. Slits for eyes.
White wood base crudely carved (tool marks). Stained red, with mustache and beard stained black. Carved wrinkees at brow, eyes. Exagerated expression.
Wooden mask--Hinged jaw; green forehead; red eyes/nose; red foil pupils; blk brow Moveabee lower jaw "hinged" with nail. Green forehead and chin. Red eye-nose area. Projecting black brow. Red foil on pupil. Good cond. ·
Woman mask of wood and weasel fur used in "Dance of the Masks". Slit mouth, carved teeth. Band of fur at top of mask. Head of rodent forms nose of mask. 40 p. Good cond.
Smiling black man with bulbous forehead, hooked nose, smiling mouth hole. Circular eye holes surrounded by white ring. 75 p. Good cond. [unlocated]
Mask of calabasas and Tayra fur. 2 holes for eyes, 2 rows of corn glued on with wax for teeth. 5 strands of black hair glued with wax at mustache, cheeks and hairline. 45 p. Good cond.
Humanoid, wood base, black paint. Shell disks at eyes. Blue shell below eye. Projecting chin, large nose. 50 p. Good cond.
Humanoid male, wood base. Covered mostly with white plaster-like paint. Fiber nailed on with leather strip for mustache and beard. Leather strips down sides and across top once held "hair". Uneven eye holes cut above oval pieces of mirror. 50 p. Good cond,
Humanoid male, black wood base. Bearskin makes peaked hat, beard, covers cheeks. Stubby nose. Mouth indicated by horizontal incision filled with red. 75 p, Good cond.
Wood mask. 1/2 cylinder base. Long chin; lips curl down. Stubby phlange of nose with nostrils indicated. Tiny eye holes - almond shape carved around holes, 40 p. Good cond.
Thick wood base covered with reptile skin. Long snout below which is a small open mouth. Small eyes recessed below projecting brow. 50 p, Good cond.
Dark wood base. Fur nailed on at hairline, mustache, and beard. "V" mouth, knob of a nose, drilled eyes. Quizical look. 50 p. Good cond.
Wood base. Very Anglo man with glasses and pipe. Pink face, blue eyes, white hair. 30 p. Good cond.
Pink wood base - humanoid male. Red ruffled ribbon nailed on. Slit eye holes. Green glass eyes and eyelashes. Gold painted mustache. Doll-like. 80 p. Good cond.
Tenon-like snake head - wood base. Open mouth with 2 "fangs". Eye carved away to make pupil project. Red triangle on snout. Yellow head. 700p. Good cond.
Wood base completely covered with reptile skin. Humanoid projecting vertical nose. Oval eye and mouth holes - 2 real teeth on upper lip. Spike-like projections of reptile skin run down center of face. Knobs of skin in cluster at forehead. Good cond.
Crudely carved wood base. Crude features. Lips undefined. Nostrils drilled with hollow bit. Projecting eyes into which eye holes are gouged. Good cond.
Thin wood base. Black paint. Flat features-articulation of forms suggests skull. White rings around eyes. White circles on cheeks; white tr1angle on flat nose. Circular eye holes, nostrils, and long slit opening for mouth. Good cond.
Tin can base covered with skin off peccary skull. Oval mouth hole. Peccary nose at chii of mask. vertical eye slits.Good cond.
Humanoid face. Very fibery coconut covered with grainy stucco-like material then painted. Slight wrinkles in brow. Black lips and nostril. Eyes of mask just below eye holes for wearer. 50 p. Good cond.
Light orange wood base - humanoid male. Rectangular slit eye holes. Large nose. Nostril area as wide as chin-mouth area. Lips parted. Good.
Hide nailed on wood base at mustache and eyebrows. Almond eye holes. No nostrils or ears. 3 ridges for mouth--Middle one tongue?
Skunk skin tied on with twine over gourd. Round mouth hole at end of gourd. good cond.
Thick wood base covered with rabbit skin. Round drilled eye holes. Beak-like projections for nose and mouth. 40 p, good cond.
Wooden mask with seed teeth. With off-white paint around eyes. 50 p. Good cond.
Crude wood base stained black. Armadillo shell "helmet" or hair and mustache. 10 seed teeth on lower jaw - white seeds nailed in. 1/2 sphere eyes. "BOW" mouth with single carved tooth on upper lip. 50 p. Good cond.
White stucco-like material covers wood base. Chipped, leaving grayish color. Pursed mouth as if blowing. Sunken eye holes. 150 p. Good cond.
Cardboard mask--House cat skin covers base; cardboard ears; drawn lashes; Skin of house cat head at mouth of mask. Round piece of cardboard. Cardboard ears. Edged tied together below mouth to achieve projec• tion. Eye holes torn out. Drawn lashes. Good cond.
Oval wood base. Blackish red paint worked into surface. Red arcs painted around rectangle mouth hole. . Arched eyebrows over eyes. No ears. 65 p. Good cond.
Papier mache face with cloth ears and back. Yellow cat with brown on skin. Black rings around eyes. Open mouth with white triangular teeth. Good cond.
Humanoid - black wood base. Slanted slits for eye holes. Puffy lids. Slit mouth hole. Good cond.
Face cut out of 1/2 rusted tin cans. Maguey fiber brows and mustache attatched with metal "clips." Copper colored feathers attached all over face. 20p. Good cond.
Tin can base. White hair brows under flap cut away for eye holes(square). Black hair mustache tied on with twine. Almond mouth hole. Bottom of can makes bottom of chin. 20p. Good cond.
Carved wood. Basic facial shape. Nailed on fur for hair, mustache, beard, and long sideburns. Teeth - separate pieces of different kinds of wood carved and inset. Cat nail/claw(?) fangs at corners of mouth. 450 p. Good cond.
Wood base. Seed eyes set into wood below small eye holes. Mouth hole drilled in center of slit mouth at base of snout. Forehead band and ears of cowhide. 40 p. Good cond.
Bull head Wood base painted black bull head with nailed on horns. Open cow mouth with red rubber tongue. White snout with red crescent nostrils. White painted triangle on forehead. Round white eyes.
Wood base - gray/black/white stucco. Thin long face - profile wider than frontal. "toothy" grin. Eye holes high on mask. Long nose with hump. Good cond.
Woven basketry face with red raffia tufts for beard. Good cond.
Crude wood base - painted bright pink. Big triangle nose projects. Slanted slit eyes - white, then black rings. 15 p. Good cond.
Wooden mask. Ridges on chin to indicate beard. Large almond eyes with black pupils. Bulbous nose. Mouth hole. 50 p. good cond.
Wood base. Ram's head. Round drilled eye holes ringed by incised scallops. Curving horns. Long snout with "V" cut away to indicate mouth. 40 p. Good cond.
Black wood base. Long slightly pointed snout with slit for mouth. Ridge of nose projects slightly. Slanted small almond eyes. Ear reduced to "C". 55 p. Good cond.
Armadillo shell base. Black horse hair stuck in holes for mustache and brows. Separate piece of wood (black) attached with wire . Tiny eye holes - red below, white above. 50 p. Good cond.
Convex rectangular wood mask. Separate pieces of differing wood glued on to make chin , nose, brows project. Thin mouth hole curving up into smile. Gullies carved out for wrinkles . "3" on sides, curving out around eyes and mouth, in at nose. Decorative, curving wrinkles. 40 p. Good.
Wood base covered with hard layer of black paint. Large horizontal rectangles for eye holes. 2 large "devil" horns, hooked nose, "V" shaped mouth - openings at corners. Inside red. 6 large (real) teeth. Good cond.
Wood base with Iguana "mask" over eyes and nose, "U" shaped smiling mouth hole. 4 incised lines ramiate out at corners of mouth. Upper lip bulbous and projecting. Round holes drilled for eyes. 40 p. Good cond.
Wood base with gray/white stucco. Spindly horns project from forehead. Cylinders project for eyes. Eye hole carved out. Large triangle nose. Large open mouth with 2 sets of fangs. Projecting geometrical features. 125 p. good cond.
Enormous wood base with reddish brown stain. Squared, open mouth with white painted teeth. Long rectangular nose. White uneven eyes with black pupils. Eye holes between eyes and slight rise of brows. 60 p. Good cond.
Jack-0-Lantern face. U-smile with many tiny teeth. Slightly larger fangs. Black triangular nose. Round red eyes with tiny hole in middle. Black arced brows. Black lines at temple and forehead, Good cond.
Carved wood base. Humanoid. Crescent slits at eye lid for eye holes. Nose - vertical squared slab with horizontal lozenge. Lines going down from nose echoed by lines coming down from side of mouth. Thin lips - double arch, lOO p. Good cond.
Wood base. Flat, squared features. Face painted "flesh" with black mustache, beard, and brow. Red on horns. 25 p. Good cond.
Narrow wood spike painted white. 1/2 of length is "tenon". Vertical projection - nose, lips, chin cut away to show change. Hair or hat rim projects at top. Good cond.
Rectangular humanoid face carved in wood with resin or wax aurface or stucco. 60 p. Good cond.
Black wood base. Large nose - nostrils carved out, painted red. Grinning mouth. Rounded almond eye holes with red rims. Rubber eye in one. 3 parallel wrinkles on forehead. 35 P. Good cond.
Light colored wood base. Humanoid male. Black sideburns, eye brows, curling mustache. Large chin. Eye and mouth holes small. 16 p. Good cond.
Tiny wood base. "Flesh" color. Humanoid male with small black curling mustache, beard, sideburn, scalloped hairline and brows. Doll-like. 35 p. Good cond,
Wood base - humanoid male. Projecting rim at top. Small eye holes. Slightly bowed lips, small mouth hole. Indication of black paint. 32 p, Good cond,
Wood base painted balck. Small humanoid features. Teardrop eyes under eye hole slits. Projecting "snout" with drilled mouth hole. 2 holes at either side of snout. Good cond.
Wooden mask. Naturalistic humanoid face. Thickly encrusted paint - black face. Wrinkles indicated. Circle eye holes surrounded by green, white, and red. Nose especially realistic. 35 p. Good cond.
Coconut - blue dyed fiber hairs stapled on. Painted red mouth and nostrils. Black stroke for eyes.