The Benson Latin American Collection

David Adame Papers, 1918-2005, 2013

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Creator: Adame, David, 1918-2013
Title: David Adame Papers
Dates: 1918-2005, 2013
Abstract: The Benson Latin American Collection is the official repository of the League of United Latin American Citizens, including the papers of individuals members. The David Adame papers encompass his long membership in LULAC and his leadership roles in the organization, and his community activities in central Texas.
Accession No.: 2009-12
Extent: 13 linear feet
Language: English and Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

David Adame was born in Houston, Texas on April 11, 1918. Adame attended school until the fifth grade and in May 1937 joined the Civilian Conservation Core in Linden, Texas. Adame fought in the Pacific theatre in World War II. During his time in the United States Army, Adame was trained as a Military Police Officer, and he was additionally trained in Post Exchange Operations.

After being discharged from the military in 1946, Adame attended the Southwestern Business College in Houston, Texas. He majored in Business Administration, and he began working as an insurance salesman in the Houston area upon his graduation in 1952. Adame was ordained as a deacon in the Catholic Church on June 8, 1975, and he served as deacon at Annunciation Catholic Church and St. Joseph's Hospital, both in Houston.

Adame became a member of LULAC in 1948 when he joined Council #60 of LULAC in Houston. Adame served LULAC in a number of offices at the district, state, and national levels including: District Director, State Director, National Business Manager, and National Chaplain. Adame was voted LULAC Man of the Year for 1954-1955 and 1967-1968. Adame served as Chaplain of LULAC #60 six months after joining the council; he also served on the Scholarship Committee for three separate terms. In 1953, Adame declined a third term for District Director of Council #60.

During his time with LULAC, Adame was involved in a number of different national LULAC events. On May 7-9, 1965, Adame presided over the Texas LULAC State Convention that was held in Lubbock, Texas. At this convention, a major topic of discussion was the establishment of the LULAC Jobs for Progress Center in Houston, Texas. Adame, who was at that time the State Director, was instrumental in the creation of multiple LULAC Job Placement Centers throughout the state of Texas, which soon after led to the initiation of the non-profit employment organization, Operation SER (Service, Employment, Redevelopment). Adame then served as State Chairman on the Board of Operation for SER until 1968.

From 1954-2003, Adame was an active member of the Club Recreativo y Cultural Mexico Bello (CMB), a Houston area social club founded in 1924 for Mexican Americans. Adame served as the CMB President from 1954-1956. He later fulfilled other offices at the club, acting as President of La Comision de Sanidad and a member of La Comision de Estatutos in 1996. He compiled a short history of the CMB for the celebration of the club's 50th Anniversary in 1996.

Adame and his wife Deamantina (Tina) Adame had four children together: David, Anthony, Andrea, and Juanita.

David Adame died on August 5, 2013.

Scope and Contents Note

This collection documents the activities of David Adame, who was a member of LULAC from 1948 to 2003. The collection consists of six series: Personal and Biographical; Subject Files; National LULAC; State LULAC; LULAC Sponsored Organizations and Initiatives; and Ephemera. These records are comprised of correspondence, LULAC publications, minutes, membership and dues records, résumés, reports, and organizational documents, clippings, certificates and awards, and photographs of members and events of LULAC.

Personal and Biographical, series one, contains personal records of Adame’s involvement with LULAC, particularly during his candidacies for LULAC Man of the Year; papers documenting his involvement as a deacon in the Catholic Church; and the records of the many recognitions he received throughout his life and career. These documents include his résumés; personal information submitted in relation to LULAC Man of the Year; certificates and awards; loose papers, forms and photographs from his role as a deacon; and personal correspondence.

Series two, Subject Files, is largely composed of papers documenting Adame's pursuits and civic roles outside of his responsibilities with LULAC. In particular, his participation in the events committee of Club Mexico Bello is documented; this material consists mainly of organizational papers and meeting notes. Also contained in this series are materials regarding the death of President Kennedy in the form of photographs, clippings and a written report. This event was tangentially related to Adame's role at LULAC. At the time of JFK's visit to Houston, Adame was executive State Director of LULAC. Adame along with John J. Herrera worked to bring President Kennedy to attend a LULAC reception at the Rice Hotel in Houston; they sent a letter of invitation to the White House. As executive State Director, Adame therefore met and was photographed with JFK the night before the president's assassination. This series is also made up of papers relating to the ABC Protests of 1995—in which stations that were owned and operated by the American Broadcasting Company were picked in most major U.S. cities, because of the network's lack of positive portrayals of Latinos in prime-time programs—as well as Adame’s collection of newspaper clippings.

National LULAC, series three, makes up the majority of Adame’s papers and pertains exclusively to his various roles in the organization, including his role as National Chaplain and national advisor. This series includes correspondence; administrative documents, reports and proposals; membership ledgers and documents; and programs and materials relating to the National LULAC conventions. Issues of LULAC News have been separated and cataloged. They can be be found through the University Libraries Online Catalog.

State LULAC, series four, is comprised of documents generated from Adame's tenures as State LULAC Chaplain, State LULAC Director, and District 80 Director. These include documents and programs from the State LULAC Conventions; financial materials and ledgers; membership information; and organizational materials regarding the Texas State Job Fair.

Series five, LULAC Sponsored Organizations and Initiatives, represents the records generated from projects that were implemented with LULAC support. The papers document Adame’s involvement in Junior LULAC; the Little School of 400, later the Headstart Program; Girls' Club; LULAC Scholarships; and Operation SER ('SER' is an acronym for Service, Employment, and Redevelopment, and it also means “to be” in Spanish), an employment organization. Adame served in a leadership capacity in the foundation of the Little School of 400 and Operation SER; therefore, documentation relating to these initiatives comprises the bulk of this series.

Audio Visual, series six, consists of various photographs of Adame and others, including one photo of John J. Herrera and Gus Garcia. It was possibly taken at the 1947 National LULAC Convention's Picnic at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. There are also two cassette tapes, a recording of a LULAC Council 60 meeting and another of Anthony (Tony) Robbins.

Series seven, Ephemera, consists of materials that were are housed separately from Adame’s paper documents including LULAC plaques, campaign buttons, and booklets. These materials were generated through his activities with LULAC and his other civic duties, including his tenure as a Grand Juror.

Oversize Materials, series eight, consists of large format awards certificates and posters, newsclippings, and photographs.

2016 Additions: include biographical information, a shadow box, photographs, posters, and LULAC memorabilia.


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Box 8, Folder 2 through Box 9, Folder 3 are closed to researchers due to privacy and confidentiality. Other material is unrestricted.

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Subjects (Persons)

Adame, David, 1918-2013--Archives
Andow, Paul
Godinez, Hector
Gonzales, Manuel C.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Obledo, Mario
Robles, Belen
Weeks, O. Douglas (Oliver Douglas), 1896-1970
Wilmot, Louis


American G.I. Forum
Club Cultural Recreativo México Bello
Head Start Program (U.S.)
Junior League of United Latin American Citizens
Little School of 400
League of United Latin American Citizens
LULAC National Education Service Centers
Order of Knights of America
Order of Sons of America
SER-Jobs for Progress, Inc.

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Acquisition Information


Accession numbers: 2009-12, 2016-28, 2016-34

Box and Folder Inventory

Personal and Biographical, 1918-2004

Box Folder
1 1 Birth and Education Certificates, 1918-1988
2 Deacon Forms, Correspondence, and Clippings, 1975-1997
3 Grand Jury, 1983
Oversized photographs have been moved to Box 16.
4 Honors and awards certificates, 1953-2004
Oversized plaques have been moved to Box 15.
5-6 LULAC Man of the Year, 1967-1972
7 Resumes and career/military service related, 1939-1987, undated
8 Various, 1970-1975, undated
2016 Additions
9 Biographical information, 1943, 1946, 1950, 2005, 2013, undated
10 Certificate of death, 2013 August 5
11 LULAC National Chaplain name badge and lapel pin, undated
12 Passport and identification cards, 1973, 1990s, undated
Includes a St. Joseph's Hospital Deacon card, passport, and Deputy Constable card for Harris County Constables Department Precinct 6 (1973).

Subject Files, 1963-2003

2 Civic Engagement, 1955-2003
1 Azteca Theatre Project, 1992
2 Boy Scouts, 1965
3 Charge of Discrimination, E.E.O. Commission, undated
4 Club Familias Unidas, 1971
Club Cultural Recreativo Mexico Bello (CMB), 1974-2003
5 Administration, 1996-1998
6 Debutante Ball, 1974-2003
7 Photographs, 1974, undated
8 Model Cities, 1969
Box Folder
3 1 Office of Economic Opportunity, 1964
2 Reports and Inaugurations, 1965-1994, undated
3 TransPlans, 1977
4 Various, 1955-1966, undated
JFK Material, 1963, undated
5 News and Reports, 1963, undated
6 Photographs, clippings, etc. (from binder), 1963, undated
Box Folder
4 1 Photographs, clippings, etc. (from binder), 1963, undated
2 Photographs, 1963, undated
3 Collected Material - clippings, journals, newsletters, written works, 1966-1994

National LULAC, 1952-2000

4 Administration, 1954-1998
4 Correspondence, 1954-1997
5 National Chaplain, 1990-1996
6 LULAC History, 1959-1998
Box Folder
5 1-2 Handbooks, Procedures, Constitution, 1960-1998
3 Legal and financial, 1964-1979
4 Financial, 1967-1970
5 Insurance, 1964-1965, undated
6 Meetings, 1996
Box Folder
6 1-2 Meetings, 1997
3 Membership Reports and Public Events, 1963-1997
4 Reports and Proposals, 1957-1996
Box Folder
7 1 Various, 1994-1997
National Conventions, 1957-2002
2 National Convention Programs and Materials, 1957-1973
3 National Convention Programs and Materials, 1974-1978
4 National Convention Programs and Materials, 1979
Box Folder
8 1 National Convention Programs and Materials, 1995-2002
*2-4 Guest Registration, 1979
*Box 8, Folder 2 through Box 9, Folder 3 are closed to researchers due to privacy and confidentiality.
*5 Guest Registration by State, A-E, 1979
Box Folder
9 *1 Guest Registration by State, F-N, 1979
*2 Guest Registration by State, O-T, 1979
*3 Guest Registration by State, U-Z, 1979
4 Speeches, 1998

State LULAC, 1964-2005

10 Administration, 1958-1997
1 Correspondence, 1961-1964
2 Correspondence, 1965
3 Correspondence, 1966-1973
4 Directors (State), 1969-1970
5 Financial Materials and Ledgers, 1965-1973
6 Legislation, 1964-1971
7 Meeting Minutes, 1960-1966
Box Folder
11 1 Photographs, 1973
2 Rosters and Memorandums, 1965-1994
State Conventions, 1958-1997
3 1964 State Convention, Beaumont, 1964-1965
4 1965 State Convention, Lubbock, 1965
5 1966 State Convention, El Paso, 1965-1966
6 1973 State Convention, Houton, 1973
7 Programs, 1958-1997
Box Folder
12 1 Convention Notes and Resolutions, 1965-1966, undated
2 District Quarterly Reports, 1957-1972
3 District Conventions and Meetings, 1959-1997
4 District 8 Newsletters, Houston, 1983-1991

LULAC Sponsored Organizations and Initiatives, 1964-1997

Box Folder
12 5 Girls' Club, 1973
6 Junior LULAC, 1964-1967
Box Folder
13 1 The Little School of 400 (Head Start Program), 1960-1976, undated
Operation SER (Service, Employment, Redevelopment), 1968-1995
2 SER and the Office of Economic Opportunity, 1965-1967
3 SER and the Office of Economic Opportunity, 1968-1998
Box Folder
14 1 Houston Job Fairs, 1968-1971
2 Administrative, 1968-1978
3 Annual Reports, 1966-1995
4 ABC Boycott, 1995
5 Scholarships, 1977-1978

Audio Visual, 1944-2000, undated

14 Photographs, 1944-2000, undated
6 From "Deacon" binder, 1963-1997, undated
7 Various, 1944-1973, undated
8 Various, 1975-1998, undated
9 Cassette tapes - Meeting Council 60, Anthony Robbins, undated

Ephemera, 1954-2000, undated

Box Folder
15 1 Bumper stickers, campaign buttons, key chains, and pens, undated
2-9 LULAC Plaques, 1954-2000

Oversized Material 1954-2000, 2002, undated

Box Folder
16 1 Honors certificate, posters, 1998-1999
2 Newsclippings, 1961-1969
3 Newsclippings, 1972-2006
4 Photographs, 1972-1976
2016 Additions
5 Baptism and First Holy Communion certificates, 1923, 1930
6 "CCCCE" photograph, circa 1937
CCCE probably refers to the Civilian Conservation Corps.
7 U.S. Army Company B 1778th Engineer Construction Battalion, 1940s
Photograph by Fort Lewis Sentinel (Fort Lewis, Washington).
8 Resolutions, 2013
Includes 1) Texas House of Representatives Resolution signed by Carol Alvarado, together with letter, and 2) U.S. House of Representatives Resolution.

2016 Additions

17 Files
1 Alvarez, Anthony, 2003 April
Photocopy of letter to Anthony Alvarez from Alfonso Vazquez.
2 Alzheimer's group, 2000s
Photographs of David Adame attending the gatherings for Alzheimer's Group provided by various churches with Interfaith Care Ministries.
3 Ordination and First Mass photographs, 1975
Reverend David Adame, Annunciation Church.
4 Photographs, 1965, 1973, 2001, 2003, undated
5 Publication: Hispanics in Houston and Harris County 1519-1986: A Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1989
Published by the Houston Hispanic Forum. Includes "History of Club Recreativo y Cultural Mexico Bello" by Adame (pages 108-110).
18 Memorabilia and Oversize Material
"Elect Belen LULAC National President" T-Shirt, 1994
Belen Robles was the first female National President of LULAC from 1994-1998. Robles was elected at the 1994 convention held in El Paso, Texas.
LULAC baseball caps, 1998, 2002, undated
Includes: 1998 National Convention, 2002 (73rd) National Convention, and an undated baseball cap with LULAC logo.
19 World War II veteran medals (shadow box), undated
Photograph of Adame wearing uniform (center) surrounded by medals and his dog tag (military tag). Medals include Honorable Service Button WII, World War II Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and Expert Badge & Riffle Bar.
Map_Case Folder
OV 1 Posters, 1999, 2013
First poster: "The Birth of the Hispanic Political Experience" (Adame shaking hands with President Kennedy). Other label, John F. Kennedy and LULAC: Commemorative Reception of the 50th Anniversary. Second poster: "Mes de la Hispanidad" includes images of Tina & David Adame and Louis & Rosy Crespo. "La Autoridad Metropolitana de Transito del Condado de Harris (METRO) saluda a la comunidad hispana. Este año METRO presenta con orgullo a la familia Adame y a la familia Crespo, insignes representantes de las virtudes de la unión familiar y la cultura hispana."