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Libros Latinos Latino Comics Collection, 1995-2012

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Creator Libros Latinos
Title Latino Comics Collection
Dates: 1995-2012
Abstract A collection of Latino comics and graphic novels, 1995-2012, acquired from San Francisco-based bookseller Libros Latinos in 2012. The collection includes comic books, zines, graphic novels, posters, and ephemera.
Accession No. 2012-20
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Extent 2 linear feet
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

San Francisco bookseller Libros Latinos was founded in 1973.

Scope and Contents Note

A collection of Latino comics and graphic novels acquired from bookseller Libros Latinos in 2012. The collection includes comic books, zines, graphic novels, posters, and ephemera. Comic artists include José Cabrera, Jaime Crespo, Rafael Navarro, Javier Hernandez, and Octavio Rodriguez, among others.

Periodic additions to the collection are ongoing.

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The Libros Latinos Latino Comics Collection is organized alphabetically by author.


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The Libros Latinos Latino Comics Collection is classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Libros Latinos (collector)
Cabrera, José
Crespo, Jaime
Hernandez, Javier
Gonzalez, Crystal
Navarro, Rafael
Rodriguez, Octavio
Serrano, Alberto (Tito na Rua)
Comic books, strips, etc.--Mexican American
Hispanic Americans -- Comic books, strips, etc.

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Box and Folder Inventory

Comics, Zines, and Graphic Novels

1 Itemized list from Libros Latinos, 2012
Acevedo, Mario.Killing the Cobra: Chinatown Trollop, IDW Publishing, 2010
Andersen, Brian. Friend of Dorothy, issues 1-2. Story by Brian Andersen, art by Neftali Centeno, letters/colors by Falencia Woods. CBG Comics, 2010
Andersen, Brian and Celina Hernandez. Reignbow and Dee-Va, issues 1-3. CBG Comics, 2008
Aushenker, Michael. Original Syndicate Press:
Futuresh CK: El Gato, 2002
The Nine Lives of El Gato, Crime Mangler #1, 1995
The Nine Loves of El Gato, Crime Mangler, 2003
Gumby's Gang Starring Pokey, 2010
Barfo, Paul. Missing Fingers Press:
Cancer Lottery, 2012
Sabotage Manual, N.d.
Taqueria of Death, N.d.
Cabrera, José. Crying Macho Man Collection, Up and Over Publishing, and Cartoon Flophouse:
See also: Oversized.
Crying Macho Man, issues 1-4, Cartoon Flophouse, Los Angeles, 2010
The Crying Macho Man Big Joke Book, Up and Over Publishing, 2011
Crying Macho Man presents Macho and the Gang, Up and Over Publishing, 2011
The Premiere Crying Macho Man Collection: Prime Cut, Up and Over Publishing, 2007
The Second Crying Macho Man Collection: You So Loco, Up and Over Publishing, 2008
Crying Macho Man card and sticker, undated
Calderon, Luis.Space Johny Noir, B.A.E. Noir, 2011
Crespo, Jaime. Zine Collection:
Last Slice: The Best of the Last Slice Strips, Corn Tortilla Press, 2011
Slices: Selected Favorites from the Weekly Strip Slice O'Life, La Calaca Press, 2008
Sueño Loco, Corn Tortilla Press, N.d.
Throb, 2012
Tortilla, issues 1-3, La Calaca Press, 2008
Los Four and Friends. Tales from the Barrio, N.d.
Fraction, Matt. 30 Days of Night: Juarez, IDW Publishing, 2009.
Art by Ben Templesmith.
Fox, Justin.Spooks Ville: The Bone Jangles Cases, No. 1, High Tower Comics, 2008
Created and illustrated by John C. Narcomey, Jr.
Gamboa, Gabrielle. Zine Collection:
? and the Mysterians, N.d.
Chris Montez: Teenage Rockstar, undated
Miss Lonely Hearts 1-2, 2011
Garcia, Rudy.Julia Cruz: Evolution Cop, Atomic Icon, Inc., 2003
Gerard, Ruben, and Espinoza, Max.Ally: Battles on the Homefront, Crossbreed Press, 1998
Gomez, S. Anthony.Lozt: In a Dream, N.d.
Gonzalez, Crystal:
In the Dark, issues 1-2, 2010-2012
Trash & Clash mini issue #1, 2012
2 Heath, Jennifer.
El Repelente (Or, the 2012 Antics of Anabela), 2009
Super Colón: Admiral of the Ocean Sea, 1992
Hernandez, Javier:
The Coma, and The Art of The Coma, Los Comex, 2011
Comic Pop!, and The Comic Pop Sketchbook, Los Comex, 2010, 2012
Man-Swamp, Xomix Comix, 2009
Manga Muerto; El Muerto Mishmash; and Weapon Tex-Mex Vs. El Muerto, Los Comex, 2004-2011
3 El Muerto Collector Box, Los Comex, 2012
Jaxon.Jaxon's Illustrated Tales 1: Spanish Texas, FTR Publishing, 2001
The Kids of Widney High: Beyond the Sky's Limit, issue 1, Atomic Base Entertainment, 2009
Lanao, Mario T., Cristian Garcia, and Keith Agcoaili. Reluctant Zero #1, Vagabond Comics, 2011
Leaños, John Jota. Imperial Silence: Una Ópera Muerta, A Dead Opera in Four Animated Acts, Burning Wagon Productions, 2008
[1 DVD]
Lopez, Tony.Alpha Korps No. 1, Diversity Comics, 1996
Lujan, Jim.Liquor Store Logic: The Animated Art of Jim Lujan, N.d.
Mayorga Amaya, Liz. Zine Collection, Spunky Cat Comix:
A Caxcan Guerrilla Takes Over the Awkward Girl, 2011
Inked, 2012
Monstrous Love Stories, N.d.
Outgrowing Plastic Dolls, 2010
The Pigeon Queen, 2011
Virere Ardendo!, 2011
Mendoza, Rodolfo. See Oversized.
Montes de Oca, Ramon.USMZ No. 1, Zombie0311, N.d.
4 Narcomey, John.
Ghostface, Vol. 1, High Tower Comics, 2010
Pulp Fun: A Collection of Storts & Gags From '05-'07, 2011
Navarro, Chris.Chicano Superstar, 1-2, 2004
Navarro, Rafael:
Eye Candy: A Rafael Navarro Sketch Book, 2012
Guns A'Blazin'!, #1, 2013
Written by Mike Wellman
The New Adventures of The Human Fly, #1 2013
By Michael Aushenker
Lucha Noir: the Complete Rafael Navarro in From Parts Unknown, 2006
Sonambulo in Ghost of a Chance, Ninth Circle Studios, 2002
Sonambulo in Mexican Stand-Off, parts 1 and 3, 2004, 2006
Sonambulo in Sleep of the Just, 2001
Sonambulo Lives!, 2009
Sonambulo's Strange Tales, 2000
Ofloda Mostrro.
A Collection of Comics and Illustrations, 2009-2010
Fear the Boob Tube, 2013
Shortcut, 2012
Oropeza, Anthony. Amigoman: El Vengador Latino/The Latin Avenger, 3 issues:
See also: Oversized.
Hola, Soy Amigoman/Hello, I Am Amigoman, 2009
Amigoman Vs. Frankenstein, 2012
A Previw of Amigoman, The Origin Part Dos, 2012
OV Ortega, Dave:
Abuela y los Dead Mexicans, 2011
Insurrectos, funded by a Fellowship Finalist Award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, 2012
4 Parada, Daniel. Zotz: Serpent and Shield, issue 1, 2011
Portillo, Jaime "Jimmy":
Gabriel: The Bloody Edition, Jimmy Daze Comics, 2008
Hell Paso: The Story of Dallas Stoudenmire, Jimmy Daze Comics, 2010-2011
The Railroad Killer, Jimmy Daze Comics, 2009
Ramirez, Christian, and Robert J. Holmes.Americana Book One: Brotherhood of Misfortune, Winestone Entertainment, 2006
Rivera, Jules. Misfortune High, 2013
Rodriguez, Erik.Hispanic Batman: The Collected Archives Vol. 1, Royal Flush Magazine, 2010
5 Rodriguez, Fernando. Delilia Images:
Adelita/Tales of Aztlan: The Legend of La Llorona, Delilia Images, 2003
Aztec of the City, Vol. 1 No. 2, Vol. 3 No. 2, 1993 (2012)
Rodriguez, Graciela. Not Your Friend Comic Books:
Lunatic Fringe, issue 1, 2010
Includes pin.
Spadra, issue 1, 2010
Includes pin.
Rodriguez, Isis (illustrator), and Alfi Lopez (writer). Niñaji, issue 1 "The Resurrection," issue 2 "Our Urban Heroes," and issue 3, "The Evolution of the Gringo," 2012-2013
Rodriguez, Octavio:
Ciudad, issues 1-2, 2011-2012
The Adventures of Plat & Dave, 2008
'Cano Scribbles 1-5, 2 2007
New Beginnings..., 2009
Rosado, Rafael, and Jorge Aquirre. Giants Beware!: Heroes Come in All Sizes, First Second, 2012
Ross, Steve.Chesty Sanchez Vol. 1-2, and Super Special No. 1, Antarctic Press, 1995-1996, 1999
Serrano, Alberto (aka Tito na Rua):
Street Comics, Vol. 1, 2011
Zé Ninguém e o Cãa Viralata, no. 1-2, 2011
[Postcard and Stickers, 2011]
Shapiro, Marc. Fame: Selena Gomez, Blue Water Comics, 2011
Art by Alex Lopez.
6 Tompkins, Walter A.The Border Eagle: A Trig Trenton Story, 1938
Illustrated by Joe Naef; published by Saalfield Publishing Company.
Trillo, Carlos. Chicanos Vol. 1-2, IDW Publishing, 2006-2007
Art by Eduardo Risso.
Vaqueros Indomitos presenta Frontera Violenta
791. Tres Vidas, 1 Nov 1999
793. Viaje Sin Retorno, 15 Nov 1999
867. Zopilotes de la Frontera, 16 Abr 2001
869. Mujeres Peligrosas, 30 Abr 2001
1206. La Huida, 2010
1213. ¡Esclavitud!, 2010
1485. Billy Tres Dedos, 2010
Wagner, Doug. ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Vol. 1-4 plus Free Comic Book Day issue, 12-Gauge Comics, 2011
Art by Jose Holder.
Williamson, Chris. Ferric Press:
Ferrous Bloom #1, 2012
Pencils by Carlos Gomez; Colors by Martin Hernandez Tena.
Gevaudan Chapter 1: La Bȇte, 2012
Pencils by Emonic Gonzales; Colors by Martin M. Hernandez Tena; Letters by Chemix.
Wishnia, Leah. The Cactus Queen, Part One: La Frontera, 2012
Various.Childhood Heroes, Trickster, 2013
Authors include Octavio Rodriguez, Bobby Rubio, others.


box folder
OV 1 Cabrera, José:
Crying Macho Man Poster Comic Strips, Cartoon Flophouse, 2007
[8 posters]
Official Poster for the Latino Comics Expo, 2012
[1 poster]
Poster set produced for the Latino Comics Expo, 2012
[5 posters]
2 Hernandez, Javier:
1. "Jacob & Joaquin: The Wandering Jew and Catholic Boy"
2. "Contract for Life"
3. "To Be Continued"
4. "Spider-Calaca"
5. "Andromeda X7X"
6. "Baticalaca"
3 Mendoza, Rodolfo. Poster for Eagle Knight Comic, Romer's Comic, 2012
4 Oropeza, Anthony. Amigoman, The Latin Avenger poster collection
[10 poster prints]
Ortega, Dave:
Abuela y los Dead Mexicans, 2011
Insurrectos, funded by a Fellowship Finalist Award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, 2012