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Richard N. Adams Papers

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Creator: Adams, Richard Newbold, 1924-
Title: Richard N. Adams Papers
Dates: 1945-1968
Abstract: The professional papers of anthropology professor Richard N. Adams. The Adams papers are currently stored off-site; contact the Benson Collection to request access.
Accession No.: 1989-39
Extent: Approx. 41 linear feet
Language: English
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Richard N. Adams was a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin. His publications include Energy and Structure: A Theory of Social Power (1975) and Crucifixion by Power: Essays on Guatemalan National Social Structure, 1944-1966 (1966).

Scope and Contents Note

NOTE: Box 1-28 and 31-43 of the Richard N. Adams papers are currently stored off-site; contact the Benson Collection to request access.

The Richard N. Adams Papers are arranged into five series. Series one, Field Materials, contains notes, drafts, and reference materials relating to Adams' field work in Guatemala, Peru, and other Central American countries. Series two, RNA Notebook, consists of typed note cards, grouped by country, that contain research notes. The third series is comprised of completed surveys from the Institute of Latin American Studies, The University of Texas, Guatemala Survey Version "B", roughly grouped by geographic location. Series four, Project Interviews, consists of five binders with notes and interview transcripts on Latin American research projects at other universities. The final series, Oversized Materials, consists of maps, surveys, and posters that were separated from other collection materials due to size.


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Box 1-28 and 31-43 of the Adams papers are currently stored off-site; contact the Benson Collection to request access.

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The Richard N. Adams Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Adams, Richard Newbold, 1924--Archives
Social structure--Guatemala.
Latin America--Social conditions.
Guatemala--Social conditions.
Argentina--Social conditions.
Bolivia--Social conditions.
Central America--Social conditions.

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Accession numbers: 1989-39, 2013-37, 2016-54, 2017-33

Box and Folder Inventory

Field Materials, 1945-1968

1 Guatemala, 1945-1968
Field Notes
Magdalena, Ana. L. Diaz, 1951-1953
Magdalena, various, 1951
Magdalena, Ray Amir, 1951
Magdalena and Santa Maria Cauque, various, 1951
Magdalena, Ray Amir, 1951
Santa Maria Cauque, various, 1951
Santa Maria Cauque, Richard Adams, 1951
Aerial photographs, undated
San Andres Ceballos, Berta Pineda, 1951
Xenacoj, Berta Soberanis, 1951
San Antonio and Magdalena, various, 1951-1952
Magdalena, Richard Adams, 1951
Magdalena geneologies, 1951
Magdalena, Richard Adams, 1951
Magdalena, various, 1951
Magdalena, various, 1951
Magdalena, Schlesinger, 1951-1952
Magdalena, Rosalio Saquic, 1951
Psychological Test Material, N.d.
Assorted notes and research materials, c.1950-1966
Nutrition report, 1951
Flying, 1952
Bibliografía de Carlos Sapper
UT motor vehicle use reports, 1966
Theses and research papers on Guatemala, 1965-1968
Military, N.d.
Migratory Labor, 1966
School attendance, 1965
Land distribution, c.1963
Production agricolo, N.d.
Education, 1964-1965
Buttrey, 1967
Delsing, 1966
Delsing, Comalapa, Chimaltenango, 1966
Opus Dei, 1968
Buchler's comments N.d.
Notes on church chapter, 1967
Power organization evolution, c.1964
ILAS Central American Study proposal to Ford, 1963
Census data, c.1953-1964
Tables, maps, and figures
U.S. investments, 1965
U.S. voluntary agencies in Guatemala, 1965
Educación Media, 1963
Urban-Rural, 1963
General and combined total data on a national level, 1964-1966
Walter Smith thesis outline, 1968
Clippings, c.1965
FAR, The Science of Spying, 1965
Montaña de Jalapa, 1965
2 "Unused Material"
Asociación Nacional de Municipalidades
Industry data, c.1962
"Guatemala Political Change Symposium," c.1955
Central America, General, 1950-1969
Panama census data, 1950
Panama Indian census data, 1950
Panama census data, 1950-1952
El Salvador Wilcox survey, 1952
"The Class Basis of Argentine Political Parties," 1969
Muquiyauyo, Peru, c.1948-1954
"Change in the Andes: The Story of Muquiyauyo" draft, 1954
Mining material
Store survey, c.1949
Muquiyauyo statistics, 1948
Geneologies and kinship
Autobiographies, 1949
First draft Part I
First draft Part II
Fiesta organization notes
Introduction Part III
Indigina Mestizo
3 Survey, Muquiyauyo: La Familia
Various notes, includes religion
Various notes, includes outline
Notes, Jorge Muelle
"Rough Notes Used"
Reading notes, 1948-1949
Sketches and essays, 1950
Miscellaneous notes and survey data
Doc-A-20a series, Doc-G Series, Riego Lands, 1904, 1943
Doc-D Series, Doc-E Series, Doc-F Series
Doc-C Series, Santo Cristo
Punched cards
Notes by topic and page number

RNA Notebook, 1945-1956

3 Panama, 1945, 1953
4 Panama, 1953
El Salvador, 1951, 1954
Costa Rica, 1953
Nicaragua, 1953
Guatemala, 1954
5 Guatemala, 1954-1956
Honduras, 1955

Institute of Latin American Studies, The University of Texas, Guatemala Survey Version "B," June 1965

6 Quetzaltenango: Quetzaltenango, Huitán, Almolonga, Cantel
Jutiapa: Pasaco
7 Quetzaltenango: Huitán, Almolonga
Alta Verapaz: San Pedro Carcha, Tucurú, Pasmolón
8 Chimaltenango: Yepocapa
Escuintla: Escuintla, El Baúl, Puerto San José, Concepción El Cedro, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, Tiquisate
Jutiapa: San José Acatempa
9 Chimaltenango: Chimaltenango
Jutiapa: Pasaco
Escuintla: Guanagazapa
Quetzaltenango: Quetzaltenango
10 Quetzaltenango: Almolonga, Quetzaltenango, Coatepeque
Chimaltenango: Comalapa, El Tejar, Tecpán, San Martín Jilotepeque
Jutiapa: El Adelanto
11 Chimaltenango: Tecpán, Comalapa, San Martín Jilotepeque, El Tejar
Quetzaltenango: Cantel, Quetzaltenango
Jutiapa: Pasaco
12 Quetzaltenango: San Martín Jilotepeque, Comalapa
Escuintla: Puerto San José, Concepción El Cedro
13 Escuintla: Puerto San José, Brito, La Gomera, Chipilapa, Guanagazapa, Tiquisate
Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa
Chimaltenango: Chimaltenango, Yepocapa
Quetzaltenango: Sibilia, Coatepeque, Comalapa
14 Quetzaltenango: Coatepeque
Jutiapa: San José Acatempa, Santa Catarina Mita
Escuintla: Tiquisate, Escuintla, San Vicente Pacaya, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa
Chimaltenango: El Tejar
15 Escuintla: Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa
Alta Verapaz: Tucurú, Pasmolon, Cobán, San Pedro Carchá
Chimaltenango: Yepocapa
16 Quetzaltenango: Salcajá, Coatepeque
Alta Verapaz: Panzós, Cobán
Jutiapa: Jutiapa, Santa Catarina Mita, Pasaco
Chimaltenango: Yepocapa
17 Jutiapa: Jutiapa, Santa Catarina Mita, San José Acatempa, Suchitara/Suchitán, Jalpatagua, El Adelanto
Chimaltenango: Chimaltenango
Escuintla: Brito
18 Jutiapa: Jutiapa, Pasaco, San José Acatempa, Santa Catarina Mita
Quetzaltenango: El Baul, Coatepeque
Chimaltenango: Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, Chimaltenango
Escuintla: La Gomera, Guanagazapa, Tiquisate, Concepción El Cedro, San Vicente Pacaya
19 Jutiapa: Santa Catarina Mita
Quetzaltenango: Coatepeque
Chimaltenango: Yepocapa, Chimaltenango
Escuintla: Puerto San José, Brito, San Vicente Pacaya, Concepción El Cedro
20 Chimaltenango: Yepocapa
Jutiapa: Jalpatagua, San José Acatempa, El Adelanto, Santa Catarina Mita
Alta Verapaz: Cobán
Quetzaltenango: Salcajá, Coatepeque
21 Jutiapa: El Adelanto
Quetzaltenango: Coatepeque, Salcajá
Alta Verapaz: Cobán, Sebol
22 Chimaltenango: El Tejar
Alta Verapaz: Cobán, Sebol
23 Chimaltenango: El Tejar
Quetzaltenango: Quetzaltenango
24 Alta Verapaz: Tucurú, Pasmolon, Sebol, Santa Cruz Verapaz, San Pedro Carchá, Tucurú, Panzós
Escuintla: Concepción El Cedro, La Gomera
Chimaltenango: Yepocapa
Jutiapa: Pasaco
25 Escuintla: Puerto San José, Concepción El Cedro, La Gomera
Chimaltenango: Yepocapa
Alta Verapaz: Cobán
26 Escuintla: Chipilapa
Quetzaltenango: Quetzaltenango, Huitán, Almolonga, Sibilia, Cantel

Project Interviews, Dec. 1957-June 1958

27 R.N. Adams Master Set no.1-99 [Chile, Bolivia, Peru]
R.N. Adams Master Set no.100-202, 300-362 [Chile, Bolivia, Peru]
R.N. Adams, Projects: Tennessee-Pub. Admin., Chicago-Economics, California-Agriculture [Chile, Bolivia]
28 R.N. Adams, Projects: UNC-Sanitary Engineer, NCSC-Textile Engineer, Harvard-Nutrition, Cornell-Anthropology [Peru]
C.C. Cumberland, Projects: Mexico

Oversize Materials

Material available at the Benson.
29 Central America census information, 1950
Completed surveys, arranged by neighborhood
30 Maps, Guatemala: Petén, Departamento de Caligrafía, surface geology and soils; other Central America
Map_Case folder
OV 1 Secretaria de Informacion posters; Topographical and city maps of Guatemala
2 Maps, Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Panama
3 Maps, Guatemala: City plans
4 Maps, Guatemala: City plans
5 Maps, Guatemala: City plans

Accruals to the Archive

Subsequent materials have been donated or found in the Special Collections processing area. These materials are described below. Also note all of the accession numbers have been applied retoractively. Accession number 2013-37 consists of Boxes 31-32, 39. Accession number 2016-54 consists of Boxes 33-38 and accession number 2017-33 consists of Boxes 40-41.
31 Field notes, Guatemala, 1952-1956
Field notes, Honduras, 1955
Field notes, Panama, 1953
Field notes, Nicaragua, 1953
Field notes, El Salvador, 1954
Field notes, 1949
32 Field notes, Peru, 1950
Field notes, Costa Rica, 1952
Field notes, 1953
Field notes, Honduras, 1955
Field notes, Nicaragua, 1963
Field notes, Guatemala, 1964-1968
Field notes, Argentina, 1968-1969
Field notes, Brazil, [1970?]
Newspapers, Nicaragua, 1988
33 Subject files on different Guatemalan government officials, agencies, and programs, 1963-1966
MIT-Venezuela Project, 1963
Field work in Guatemala -"determination of energy flux amount, amount and ways in which societies channel energy," 1960-1961
Questionnaires and field notes from 3 Guatemalan communities: San Miguel Milpas Altas, San José del Golfo and Choleña. In collaboration with the INCAP (Instituto de Nutrición de Centro América y Panamá), 1960-1961
34 Field work in Guatemala-"determination of energy flux amount, amount and ways in which societies channel energy," 1960-1961
Periodic inventories from mostly San Miguel Milpas Atlas; Forms and schedules for observation, 1960-1961
35 Guatemala census data, 1950-1964
Quetzaltenango, 1961-1965
Guatemalan political parties - UNR (Unidad Revolucionaria Democrática)
U.S. military grant aid programs in Central America
Communism, political parties in Guatemala, role of United States, 1965
Regional/area studies on Guatemala by students of Adams - Rural organizations, agrarian politics, labor unions, political parties, voting, 1965
36 Congressional and local elections of Guatemala, 1957-1963
Political parties in Guatemala - Partido Revolucionario, Military government, 1965, undated
Papers by students of Adams' course: "Agrarian Pressures and National Identification in Central America," 1963-1966
Investigation of political parties in Guatemala - written by Adams for UNAM, undated
University Committee of Latin American Policy - protesting military intervention in Dominican Republic by the United States, 1965
37 Indigenous/Indians in Central America (especially Nicaragua), 1986-1990
Peace Corps in Guatemala, Social structure of Guatemala, Ethnic relations in Patzicía, Forestry in Totonicapán, 1990, undated
Medical beliefs and practices in a Guatemalan town, "Receptivity to Communism in rural Guatemala" by Stokes Newbold, 1951-1957
Field work in San Miguel Milpas Atlas, 1960-1961
Agrarian Pressures and National Identification in Central America, 1963-1966
38 Lecture notes by subject and files of class materials taught by Adams
Argentina research file, Post-graduate anthropology program collaboration between University of Texas at Austin and Argentina
Reviews of Crucifixion by power, Copies of published articles by Adams
39 Numbered index cards corresponding to field notebooks. Each card consists of a typed entry from a notebook entry. Organized chronologically and also by subject or group of people.
40 Drawings and poems by Adams
Navy and FBI files
Pre-WWII correspondence and student materials, Post-WWII correspondence
41 High school diploma, 1942
High school yearbooks, 1940-1942
Notebooks, 1951-1965
Photographs and college yearbook 1944-1945, undated
42 Aerial photographs of Peru
Photographs of fishing in Peru, 1975-1976
Photographs São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by the São Paulo Tramway Light & Power Co. Ltd. (Thomas U. Taylor Collection), 1929-1930, 1979-1983
Bolivia project, 1969-1970
Field notes, Argentina and Bolivia, 1960-1970
Field notes, neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1968-1970
43 San Martin (Buenos Aires) maps
Field notes, Argentina, 1967-1970
Social studies in Argentina, 1967-1970
Field notes, Bolivia, 1969
Field notes and newspaper clippings, Argentina, 1967-1970