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Ledlie Dominick Moore Photographs, c.1907-1973 (bulk c.1907-1913)

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Creator Moore, Ledlie Dominick
Title Ledlie Dominick Moore Photographs
Dates: c.1907-1973 (bulk c.1907-1913)
Abstract Photographs, primarily relating to mines and railroads in Mexico and Cuba.
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OCLC Record No. 651709025
Extent 3.5 linear feet
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Engineer Ledlie Dominick Moore was born in 1882 in Poughkeepsie, New York. After graduating with a degree in mining engineering from Lehigh University in 1907, Moore worked as an instrumentman for John Cooper to survey part of the Mexican Railway line from 1907-1908. He then served as Assistant Engineer with the Juragua Iron Co. (owned by Bethlehem Steel) as the Acting Chief Engineer in Firmeza, Cuba from 1908-1912 and as a Location Engineer for the Cuban Railroad. He also performed private consulting work at various locations throughout the United States and Latin America. In 1913, Moore traveled to Chile as an Exploration Engineer with the Bethlehem Chile Mining Company. He returned to the United States in 1914, where he went on to hold a variety of engineering and design positions in Boston, Massachusetts.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection is arranged into seven series. The first series, Papers, contains manuscript materials relating to Moore?s work with the Bethlehem Mining Company. Series two through five, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Nassau, and Jamaica, and Peru and Chile are comprised of loose prints and photograph albums grouped by country and ordered based on Moore?s employment history. Photographs believed to be taken by Moore unless otherwise specified. Subject matter includes mine and railway sites and surveys, as well architecture, landscapes, seascapes, and people in Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Nassau, Jamaica, Peru, and Chile. Series contain many duplicate images, with the same image often printed using different processes and/or enlarged; most prints are approx. 3.25x5.5 in. The bulk of the photographs date from c.1907-1913. Series six, Negatives, contains sheet negatives, numbered sequentially; some prints in series two through five are also identified by these numbers. The final series, Rolled Prints, contains photographs that were rolled when stored and have been warped.


The collection is arranged into seven series based on format and geographic location: Papers; Mexico; Venezuela; Cuba, Nassau, and Jamaica; Peru and Chile; Negatives; and Rolled Photographs.


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Box and Folder Inventory

Papers, 1908-1913, 1973

box folder
1 1 Correspondence, 1908, 1911
2 Correspondence, 1913
3 "Report on the San Gregorio Anexas Mines District of Mazapil. State of Zacatecas. Mexico. By John Cooper.,? N.d.
4 ?Promesa de Compraventa otorgada por Communidad Aurifera Santa Rita," Dec. 1913
4 ?The ?Chihuahua Choo Choo,?? 1973

Mexico, c.1907-1908, 1937, N.d.

box folder
1 5 Photograph album, prints from negatives #21-143 [with captions]. Mexican railway line survey party in ConcepciĆ³n, Aranzazu, Mazapil, Santa Rosa, Cerro Gordo, Penasquito, Cedros, Tecolotes, and Puerta de los Garroches. With photos of F.C. Henry, H. Eckfeldt, J.B. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, L.D. Moore, A. Moore, c.1907-1908
6 Duplicates and loose prints from album, including cyanotypes and uncoated paper prints, postcards, c.1907-1908
7 Photograph album, prints from negatives #156-275 [with captions]. Includes railroads, architecture, gardens, and street scenes in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Santa Anita, San Angel, Oaxaca, Alameda, Mitla, Puebla, and Cholula, c.1907-1908
8 Duplicates and loose prints from album, including uncoated paper prints, c.1907-1908
9 Photograph album, prints from negatives #276-296 [with captions]. Includes architecture and street scenes in San Luis Potosi, Pachuca, Orizaba, and Vera Cruz. Also views from along the Mexican Railway, c.1907-1908
box folder
2 1 Photograph album [no captions], prints of industry and mine site, N.d.
2 Prints, includes survey parties, landscapes, architecture, 1937, N.d.
3-4 Cyanotype prints, includes survey party near Santa Rosa and unidentified harbor and cityscapes, c.1907-1908
[2 folders]
5 Glass mounted print from negative #127, Santa Rosa, N.d.
6 Enlargements and panoramas, includes survey party, landscapes, N.d.
7 Prints of Mitla by C.B. Waite, N.d.
box folder
8 Curled 3.25x5.5 in. prints, includes survey party, wildlife, landscapes, N.d.

Venezuela, 1909

box folder
2 8 Prints, includes [G]uataca Mines, Orinoco, Dec. 1909

Cuba, Nassau, and Jamaica, c.1908-1910, N.d.

box folder
2 9 Photograph album [with some captions], panorama and 8x10 in. prints of Firmeza mines, Jan. 1909, N.d.
10 Duplicates and loose 8x10 in. prints from album, N.d.
11-12 Duplicates and loose prints from album, various sizes, N.d.
[2 folders]
box folder
3 1 Photograph album [with captions], prints from negatives #409-500 [incomplete]. Includes leisure activities with acquaintances in Firmeza, Firmeza mines, and landscape and street scenes in Siboney, Aquadores, Santiago de Cuba, Nassau, and Guantanamo Bay. With photos of L.D. Moore, Swindells, Escanavarino, Turner, c.1909
2 Duplicates and loose prints from album, includes postcards, c.1909
3 Photograph album [no captions], with prints from negatives #411-416, 454, includes landscapes and street scenes in Santiago de Cuba and Nassau, c.1909
4 Photograph album [with captions], includes street scenes, architecture, and leisure activities in Santiago de Cuba, La Cruz, and Kingston, N.d.
5 Photograph album [no captions], scenes of camp, N.d.
box folder
4 1 Prints, ?Selected Views Cuban,? includes Santa Clara, Siboney Beach, El Cobre mines, Firenza mines, and Morro Castle, N.d.
2 Prints from negatives #1044, 1074-1081, includes railways and Kingston Harbor, July 1909, N.d.
3 Prints, includes mines and landscapes in Cuba and Nassau, c.1909-1910, N.d.
4 Prints, includes mine map, landscapes, villages, around Siboney, Firenza, and Kingston, N.d.
5 Enlargements, mines, maps, landscapes, N.d.
6-7 Matted enlargements, group portraits in clown costumes, N.d.
[2 folders]
box folder
9 Curled 3.25x5.5 in. prints from negatives #945-1034 [incomplete], mostly landscapes around Cuba, Nassau, and Jamaica, N.d.
box folder
10 Rolled 3.25x5.5 in. prints [captioned], includes mines, street scenes, acquiantences in Firenza and Nassau, 1908

Peru and Chile, c.1913, N.d.

box folder
5 1 Photograph album, prints from negatives #1120-1217 [incomplete; with captions]. Includes seascapes and harbor at Cruz Grande and Tofo, 1913, N.d.
2 Duplicates and loose prints from album, N.d.
3 Prints from negatives #1083-1093 [incomplete], includes harbor and street scenes, Chincha Islands, Peru, N.d.
4 Prints from negatives #1100-1227 [incomplete], includes harbor, architecture, Cruz Grande, c.1913
5 Prints from negative #1120 and unidentified, includes mine, harbor, landscapes, Chile, N.d.
6 5x7 in. prints, includes Armada de Chile, roads, Chile, N.d.
7 Enlargements and panoramas, landscapes and seascapes, Chile and Peru, N.d.

Negatives (3.25x5.5 in.)

box folder
6 #1-307 [incomplete], Mexico, unidentified
box folder
7 #400-736, 903-1069 [incomplete], Cuba, Nassau, Jamaica
#1070-1099 [incomplete], Peru, Chile

Rolled Photographs

box folder
8 See description in Mexico series
box folder
9 See description in Cuba, Nassau, and Jamaica series
box folder
10 See description in Cuba, Nassau, and Jamaica series