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Marion Verhaalen Collection on Camargo Guarnieri and Twentieth Century Brazilian Music, 1923-2004

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Creator Verhaalen, Marion
Title Marion Verhaalen Collection on Camargo Guarnieri and Twentieth Century Brazilian Music
Dates: 1923-2004
Abstract Written works, research materials, concert programs, musical compositions, correspondence, and audiovisual material created or accumulated by Marion Verhaalen in her research on 20th-century Brazilian music; bulk on Camargo Guarnieri.
Accession No. 2004-36
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Extent 5 linear feet
Language English and Portuguese
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Dr. Marion Verhaalen, a faculty member of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and member of the School Sisters of St. Francis of Milwaukee, holds a doctorate degree from Teachers College at Columbia University and is an experienced teacher of music. A scholar of Brazilian composers, Verhaalen has traveled widely in Brazil on research and teaching trips. In 1969, Verhaalen spent ten months in Brazil sponsored by a grant from the Organization of American States to conduct research for her dissertation on composers Camargo Guarnieri (1907-1993) and Francisco Mignone (1897-1986). Both Guarnieri and Mignone were distinguished composers, performing their works in Brazil and internationally. Verhaalen interviewed the two extensively, studied their various musical works and influence on Brazilian music, and also collected music from other twentieth-century Brazilian composers on her first and subsequent trips in Brazil.

In 1970, Verhaalen organized a four-day music festival at Alverno College in Milwaukee in honor of Camargo Guarnieri and twentieth-century Brazilian music. The composer attended at Verhaalen’s request. Verhaalen’s dissertation, entitled The Solo Piano Music of Francisco Mignone and Camargo Guarnieri, was published the following year. She has since authored and co-authored a number of books on Brazilian music, including a biography, Camargo Guarnieri: expressões de uma vida (2001) and an analysis of his composition and style, Camargo Guarnieri, Brazilian Composer: A Study of His Life and Works (2005). Verhaalen has also published several articles for musical publications and has composed piano music of her own.

Scope and Contents Note

Written works, research materials, concert programs, musical compositions, correspondence, and audiovisual material created or collected by Marion Verhaalen in her research on 20th-century Brazilian music. Arranged in four subgroups representing Marion Verhaalen, Camargo Guarnieri, Francisco Mignone, and 33 other Brazilian Composers.

The first subgroup, Marion Verhaalen, illuminates her research activities for her doctoral dissertation and her subsequent publications, including collected scholarly articles, audio recordings, and news clippings. Also included are eight articles she authored on the music of Guarnieri. Correspondence and news clippings in English and Portuguese highlight Verhaalen’s role in organizing the Alverno College Festival of Brazilian Music in 1970.

The second subgroup, Camargo Guarnieri, contains published and holograph scores of Guarnieri’s works for orchestra, piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, and voice. Includes correspondence of Guarnieri and Vera Silvia Guarnieri documenting their relationship with Marion Verhaalen. Guarnieri is represented through clippings and interview transcripts detailing his musical activities and personal life. Predominantly in Portuguese.

The bulk of the third subgroup, Francisco Mignone, contains published and holograph works for solo piano. Includes notes and interviews, and printed material analyzing Mignone’s compositions.

In subgroup four, Other Brazilian Composers, each composer is represented by his or her music and in some cases, biographical material and catalog of works.


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Verhaalen, Marion--Archives
Guarnieri, Camargo, 1907-1993--Sources
Mignone, Francisco, 1897-1986--Sources
Composers--Brazil--20th century
Music--Brazil--20th century--History and criticism
Other Authors
Guarnieri, Camargo, 1907-1993
Mignone, Francisco, 1897-1986

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Box and Folder Inventory

Marion Verhaalen, 1941-2004

1 Written Works
1 Published articles, 1973-1988, N.d.
2 Notes and interviews, 1969-1970, N.d.
Collected Research Materials
3 Articles and creative works, 1983, N.d.
4 Clippings, 1969-1988, N.d.
5 Dissertation: Waunana Grammar: a Descriptive Analysis, by Jacob Abram Loewen, 1954
6 Inter-American Music Bulletin, 1960-1971
7 Alverno College Festival of Brazilian Music, 1970-1971
8 Guanabara Festival, 1970, N.d.
Concert Programs
9 1941-1965
10 1966-1969
11 1970-1979
12 1985-2004
2 Audiovisual Materials
Phonograph records (33 1/3 rpm, 7 in.) published in Rio de Janeiro by Campanha de Defesa do Folclore Brasileiro, 1977-1980
1 Folia de reis, Estrela d'Alva do Oriente
2 Baianas/Alagoas, Baianas de Ipioca
3 Banda Cabaçal/Ceará
4 Danças do Marajó, Conjunto Embalo de Soure
5 Boi-de-mamão/Santa Catarina, Sociedade Folclórica Boi-de-mamão de Itacorubi
6 Banda de congos/ES, Espírito Santo
Audiocassettes, various
7 Cherilyn Charfauros-Master's Recital Dec. 2, 1990
8 Documentos da música brasileira - Vol.8, Oscar Borgerth, Paulo Florence, Claudio Santoro, Camargo Guarnieri
9 Brazilian Festival - Conservatory, Wisconson Faculty, Feb. 4, 1990
Also includes printed program in folder 25.
10 Odemar Brigido, music of
11 Guarnieri, Cantata - 50 anos USP, Psalm 23
12 Guarnieri, Ponteios, Books 1, 2, 3, 4
13 Francisco Mignone - Two Piano Music, Pianos: Mignone and wife May 19, 1970
14 Musica Hondureña - Voces Universitarias de Honduras July 16, 1994
15 Tuna Universitaria de Granada
Audiotapes [analog reel-to-reels], various
16 4th Sinfonia - Brasilia, Guarnieri, Milwaukee Nov. 27, 1971
17 Abertura Festiva - Carmargo Guarnieri 1971
18 Brazilian Music
19 Guarnieri
20 Claudio Richerme, Alverno College, Milwaukee, Apr. 11, 1977
Also includes printed program in folder 25.
21 Brazilian Program, Alverno College, Milwaukee, Feb. 1, 1976
Also includes printed program in folder 25.
22 Lais De Sousa Brasil recital
23 Music of Camargo Guarnieri, Lais Recital - Fine Arts, Alverno College, Oct. 18, 1973
Also includes printed program in folder 25.
24 Musicale, Delta Omicron, City of New York Municipal Broadcasting System, Jan. 12th, 1974
Also includes printed program in folder 25.
25 Programs, accompany recordings #9, 20, 21, 23, and 24, 1973-1990
26 Caminhoto, Guto, materials about [printed from floppy disc], N.d.
Materials can also be found on the network drive at Digital Archives\Verhaalen
27 Slides [including program and audiocassette], "Religious Syncretism in Brazil," presentation by Verhaalen, Alverno College, April 1977

M. Camargo Guarnieri, 1928-2000, N.d.

box folder
3 1 Catalog of Works, 1987, N.d.
2 Guitar, 1951-1986
3 Strings-Cello, 1946-1955
4 Strings-Viola, 1950, N.d.
5 Strings-Violin, 1931-1975
6 Woodwinds and brass, 1987-1991
7 Songs, 1930-1963
8 Solo Piano, 1934-1988, N.d.
9 Solo Piano Estudos, 1949-1988
10 Piano and orchestra, 1961-1970
4 Compositions (oversize)
1 String Ensemble, 1935-1989
2 Orchestra, 1971-1985
3 Choral/Dramatic, 1937-1982
5 Correspondence
1 from Guarnieri, 1950-1982
2 from Guarnieri's wife Vera Silvia, 1971-1976
3 regarding Guarnieri, 1984-1987, N.d.
4 Notes and interviews about, 1969-1990, N.d.
5 Clippings, 1936-1975
6 Clippings, 1976-200, N.d.
7 Printed material, 1928-1997
8 Creative works about, 1965-1969
Includes "The Solo Piano Works of M. Camargo Guarnieri" by David A. Boltz, 1965, and "Guarnieri's Ponteios for Piano" by Watler DeWald, 1969.

Francisco Mignone, 1923-1972, N.d.

box folder
5 9 Compositions, 1923-1970
10 Correspondence [also includes 2 photographs], 1969-1970
11 Notes and interviews about, N.d.
12 Clippings, 1969-1972, N.d.
13 Creative works about, 1963-1990
Includes "An Analysis and Discussion of Mignone's Sonatina #4" by James T. Poulos, 1963, and "A Comprehensive Pedagogical Approach to the Performance of Selected Unpublished Two-Piano Duets by Francisco Mignone" by Cherilyn Louise Charfauros, 1990.

Other Brazilian Composers, 1930-2001

box folder
6 1 Almeida, Carlos, Catalog of works, 1976
Antunes, Jorge, Catalog of works, N.d.
Associaçao do Senhor Jesus, Collected music, N.d.
2 Brígido, Odemar, Correspondence and works, 1999, N.d.
3 Braga, Francisco, Works, N.d.
4 Caminhoto, Guto, Catalog of works, 1995-1998
Corrêa, Sergio Vasconcellos, Works, 1968
5 Cosme, Luiz, Works, 1930-1950, N.d.
6 de Curitiba, Henrique, Works and catalog of works, 1969-1977
Fernández, Lorenzo, Works, 1942-1957
7 Frederico, Denise, Biography, N.d.
Kaplan, Jose Alberto, Catalog of works, N.d.
Kiefer, Bruno, Catalog of works, 1975
Krieger, Edino, Piano Solo manuscript, 1947
8 Lacerda, Osvaldo, Works, 1962-1968
9 Lacerda, Osvaldo, Works, 1969-1973
10 Lima, Souza, Works, 1974
Mahle, Ernst, Works, 1970-1972
Mauricio, José, O Padre-Compositor, Biography by Mauro Gama, 1983
Mendes, Gilberto, Nova música brasileira, 1969
box folder
7 1 Mendes, João, Biography and CD liner notes, 1999, N.d.
Mirandolla, Tarcisio, Works, 1977
Moura, Eli-Eri, Works and Catalog of works, 1998-1999, N.d.
2 Nogueira, A. Theodoro, Works, 1973
de Oliveira, Willy Corrêa, Works, 1973
Orrego-Salas, Juan, List of lecture titles, N.d.
3 Peixe, Guerra, Works and Curriculum vitae, 1943-1979, N.d.
4 Penalva, José, Works and Catalog of works, 1969-1978
5 Pitombeira, Liudinho, Works and Catalogs of works, 2001, N.d.
Priolli, Cynthia, Repertoire, N.d.
6 Soares, Calimerio, Catalog of works, N.d.
da Silva, Adelaide Pereira, Catalog of works, N.d.
Villa-Lobos, Heitor, Works, 1974
box folder
4 4 Other Brazilian Composers (oversize)
Cosme, Luiz, Lambe-Lambe, N.d.
Peixe, Guerra, Works, 1951, N.d.
Santoro, Claudio, Works 1942