The Benson Latin American Collection

Domingo Nick Reyes Papers, c.1930-1985

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Creator Reyes, Domingo Nick
Title Domingo Nick Reyes Papers
Dates: c.1930-1985
Abstract Personal and professional papers of Mexican American veteran, writer, and broadcaster Domingo Nick Reyes.
Accession No. 1985-
OCLC Record No. 24322000
Extent 18 linear feet
Language English and Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Domingo Nick Reyes, radio and television broadcaster, social activist, and political and business consultant, was born on September 8, 1928 in Cameron, Texas. At age 17 he enlisted in the Army where he learned radio broadcasting. After leaving the Army in 1949, Reyes continued his career in broadcasting. From 1951-1960 he worked at radio and television stations in North Carolina, Florida, and in Texas, where he was the host of a bandstand show called Teen Time. Reyes worked as Program Director for TG-BOL AM/FM-TV (3) in Guatemala (1960-1961) and was News Writer and Director-Producer for KOAT-TV (7) in New Mexico (1961-1963). Reyes also worked at KXYZ-AM/FM in Houston as News Writer and Announcer (1963-1964).

Reyes served as Special Assistant to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where he conducted studies and prepared reports (1967-1968). As President of A Total Media Systems, Inc. (ATM) (1969-1973), a communications consulting firm, he conducted broadcast content monitoring studies, and conducted the First National Business Development Conference for the Department of Commerce’s Office of Minority Business Enterprise. Reyes produced a variety of mass media products, public relations programs, and audio-visual materials while serving as the Director of Production for United Way of America (1973-1975). While serving as the Acting Director of the Institute for the Study of the Hispanic American in U.S. Life and History, Inc. Reyes researched and wrote a report that provided a scholarly approach for the study of the contributions of Hispanics to the United States (1975-1978).

As President of Domingo Nick Reyes and Associates (1978-1983), Reyes developed the National Hispanic American Leadership Public Opinion Poll and organized the Hispanic American News Service. He also implemented a Washington liaison and representation program for several national associations including the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the Committee for Energy Awareness. Furthermore, Reyes researched and wrote a series of publications called VIVA about the Hispanic experience in the United States.

In 1980, Reyes was appointed as Special Assistant for Minority Affairs in the Secretariat of the Navy. Reyes also worked for the American Institute for Transportation and Business Development as Director of the Training and Development Office (1983-1984). In 1984, Reyes served as President of The Reyes Group, Inc., a multi-discipline consulting firm that conducted seminars and offered training to the private and public sectors in stress management, problem solving and conflict resolution, and minority business development.

Domingo Nick Reyes married Conchita Ibarra Reyes in 1955 and they had five children together. He later married Rosemary Valladolid. He died August 1, 1996 after suffering complications from a brain aneurysm.

Scope and Contents Note

Correspondence, printed material, notes, proposals, speeches, transcripts, financial records, publications, agendas, resumes, curriculum vitae, opinion surveys, photographs, audio-visual materials, plaques, licenses, and oversized materials, 1935 [1979-1983] 1986 (20 linear ft), created and maintained by Domingo Nick Reyes, document his work as a radio and TV personality, consultant and advocate for the Hispanic Community.

The collection is arranged into seven series: Personal and Biographical, Activities and Organizations, Subject Files, Collected Materials, Audiovisual Materials, Photographs, and Oversized Materials.

Series one, Personal and Biographical, consists of Reyes’s correspondence, financial documents, curriculum vitae, resumes, licenses, and notes. Included in this series are personal items of his wife, Conchita Ibarra Reyes, his son, Sebastian Reyes, and his second wife, Rosemary Valladolid.

Series two, Activities and Organizations, contains the bulk of the collection. Information relating to Reyes’ consulting work can be found in two subseries, Domingo Nick Reyes and Associates (DNRA) and The Reyes Group (TRG), which make up the bulk of this series. Types of materials in these subseries include printed materials, correspondence, financial documents, and reports. The rest of the subseries include materials related to the organizations with which he was involved such as A Total Media Systems, Inc. (ATM), The Hispanic Employment Program, The Hispanic Foundation, The Institute for the Study of the Hispanic American in U.S. Life and History, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), The National Hispanic Association for Construction Enterprises, National Hispanic Reporter, The National Mexican American Anti-Defamation Committee, Inc., Teen Time, and The United Way.

Series three, Subject Files, are diverse materials pertaining to subjects such as business management, education, Hispanic community and culture, minorities in the workplace, minority stereotypes, politics, race relations, and women’s rights. Subject files related to specific people include Dr. Charles W. Faulkner, Daniel Parke Gibson, and Thomas Martinez.

Series four, Collected Materials, contains resumes, curriculum vitae, various printed materials, and various documents.

Series five, Audiovisual Materials, consists of various formats of video tapes, 16mm films, an 8mm film, audio tapes, cassette and microcassette tapes, and phonograph discs. The bulk of the audio-visual materials are micro-cassette recordings, which consist of 34 tapes (1980-1981), including speeches and interviews from various seminars, banquets, conferences and meetings. Organizations represented in the tapes are Association of Naval Services Officers, IMAGE, National Chicano Coalition for Justice, National Hispanic Housing Commission, and National Economic Development Agency.

Series six, Photgraphs, is made up of family photographs and photographs documenting Hispanics and Hispanic stereotypes on television.

Series seven, Oversized Materials, includes layout proofs, a certificate, a Fernando Valenzuela Corn Flakes box, newspaper clippings, and printed materials. Also included are framed and mounted photographs, a poster, and three plaques. The Subject files, Collected material, Audio-Visual Materials and some of the Photographs are arranged alphabetically.


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The Domingo Nick Reyes Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Reyes, Domingo Nick--Archives
Reyes, Conchita
Atomic Industrial Forum
Domingo Nick Reyes and Assoc.
Edison Electric Institute
Ibero-American Chamber of Commerce (Washington, D.C.)
League of United Latin American Citizens
United States. Navy
United States. Office of Personnel Management. Hispanic Employment Program
Hispanic American women
Hispanic Americans--Biography
Hispanic Americans and mass media
Mexican American business enterprises--Records and correspondence
Mexican Americans--Civil rights
United States--Armed Forces--Hispanic Americans

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Box and Folder Inventory

Personal and Biographical, 1975-1984

box folder
1 1 General, 1975-1983, N.d.
2 Correspondence, 1978-1984, N.d.
3 Financial, 1983-1984
4 Notes, 1980-1983, N.d.
5 Ibarra Reyes, Conchita, 1976-1984, N.d.
6 Reyes, Sebastian, 1980-1984, N.d.
7 Valladolid, Rosemary, 1983-1984, N.d.

Activities and Organizations, 1966-1984

1 Domingo Nick Reyes and Associates (DNRA), 1966-1984
8 General, 1977-1980, N.d.
9-11 Correspondence, 1977-1984, N.d
box folder
2 1 Appointment Book, 1981
2 Appointment Book, 1982
box folder
3 1 Finances, 1978-1984, N.d.
2 Projects and proposals, 1977-1982, N.d.
3 Seminars and conferences, 1976-1982, N.d.
VIVA, 1975-1984, N.d.
4 Publications, 1975-1980, N.d.
5 Correspondence, 1978-1983, N.d.
6 Drafts and notes, 1975-1984, N.d.
7 Clippings, 1974-1978, N.d.
8 Mailing lists, N.d.
VIVA-NASA, 1966-1979
9 Correspondence, 1975-1979
10 Drafts and notes, 1966-1977, N.d.
4 Energy consulting, 1980-1984
box folder
3 1 Correspondence, 1983
2 Proposals and presentations, 1980-1984, N.d.
3 Reports, 1980-1983
4 Various, 1976-1983
4 The Reyes Group, 1984, N.d.
5 Correspondence, 1984, N.d.
6 Caribbean/Central American interests, 1984, N.d.
7 Seminars, 1984, N.d.
box folder
5 1 Stress management, 1984, N.d.
2 Speeches, 1984
3 Various, 1984, N.d.
4 A Total Media Corporation (ATM), 1971-1973, N.d.
5 American Institute for Transportation and Business Development, 1983-1984, N.d.
6 G.I.Forum, 1983
7 Hispanic Employment Program, 1978-1984, N.d.
8 The Hispanic Foundation, 1983-1984, N.d.
9 The Institute for the Study of the Hispanic American in U.S. Life and History, 1980-1984, N.d.
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), 1972-1984, N.d.
10 Conventions, 1983-1984
11 Correspondence, 1982-1984
12 LULAC National Energy Task Force Plan to develop National Hispanic Energy Policy, N.d.
13 Printed Materials, 1978-1984
6 Military, 1978-1984
1 Correspondence, 1978-1984, N.d.
2 Clippings, 1982
3 Hispanic American Participation in the Military, 1979-1982, N.d.
4 Printed Materials, 1983, N.d.
5 Various, 1980-1981, N.d.
6 The National Hispanic Association for Construction Enterprises, 1983
7 National Hispanic Reporter, 1983, N.d.
8 The National Mexican American Anti-Defamation Committee Inc., 1970-1982, N.d.
Radio/Television, 1968-1984, N.d.
9 Correspondence, 1970-1984
10 Final Document, 1981
11 Transcripts, 1975-1979
12 Printed Materials, 1968-1980
13 Various, 1982, N.d.
14 Teen Time, 1957-1978, N.d.
The United Way, 1974-1983, N.d.
15 Correspondence, 1982-1983
16 Marketing Materials, 1974-1983, N.d.
17 Staff Training and Development, 1982, N.d.
box folder
7 1-3 Mailing Lists, 1978-1985, N.d.
4 Various, 1977-1984, N.d.

Subject Files, 1958-1985, N.d.

box folder
7 5 Broadcasting and Media, 1977-1982, N.d.
6-8 Business Management, 1977-1984, N.d.
box folder
8 1 Education, 1978-1984, N.d.
2-3 Energy, Science, and Technology, 1979-1984, N.d.
4-5 Faulkner, Dr. Charles W., 1981-1984, N.d.
6 Financial, 1981-1984, N.d.
7 Gibson, Daniel Park, 1978-1979, N.d.
box folder
9 1-3 Hispanic Community and Culture, 1975-1984, N.d.
4 Kleindienst, Richard, 1972, N.d.
5 Marital/Sexual Relationships, 1978-1984, N.d.
6 Martinez, Thomas, 1958-1983, N.d.
7 Medical/Stress, 1974-1985, N.d.
8-9 Military, 1971-1983, N.d.
box folder
10 1-2 Military, 1971-1983, N.d.
3-4 Minorities in the Worksplace, 1971-1984, N.d.
5-6 The Minority Media, 1969-1984, N.d.
7 Minority Stereotypes, 1968-1984, N.d.
box folder
11 1 National Hispanic Heritage Week, 1978-1983, N.d.
2 Photography, 1978-1982, N.d.
3-4 Politics, 1971-1984, N.d.
5 Race/Race Relations, 1966-1980, N.d.
6 Religion/Spirituality, 1976-1984, N.d.
7 Rodriguez, Armando M., 1971, N.d.
8 Sanchez, Phillip V., 1971-1972
box folder
12 1-2 Women's Rights, 1973-1984, N.d.

Collected Materials, 1956-1984, N.d.

box folder
12 3 Resumes/Curriculum Vitae, c. 1969-1984, N.d.
4 Various Printed Materials, 1971-1984, N.d.
5-6 Various, 1956-1983, N.d.
7 Various, 1979-1984, N.d.

Photographs, c. 1950s-1981, N.d.

box folder
13 1 Domingo Nick Reyes Portraits, N.d.
2 Chicano History, 1950s-1960s
3-5 Teen Time, 1950s-1960s
box folder
14 Family and Vacation, 1962-1980, N.d.
box folder
15 Conferences, 1982
Family and Vacation, 1980-1981, N.d.
Military, N.d.
box folder
16 Hispanics on Television, N.d.
Stereotypes, N.d.
box folder
17-23 Various, N.d.
box folder
24 1 Broadcasting and Media, N.d.
2 Carter, Jimmy, N.d.
3 Color Xerox Images, N.d.
4 EEO March for Hispanics, DOD, N.d.
5 Family, 1972-1977, N.d.
6 Gonzalez, Dimon, N.d.
7 Hispanic Community and Culture, N.d.
8 Military, N.d.
9 Politics, N.d.
10 Santos, Richard, N.d.
11 Various Photographs, N.d.
12 Various Proofsheets, N.d.
13 Vistas/Vivas, N.d.
25 Slides, 1958-1979
1 Chicano Art/Artists, 1978-1979, N.d.
2 Farmworker, 1973
3 Movement, Washington D.C., 1976
4 Television Show "Domingo", D.C., N.d.
5 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1958-1970, N.d.

Audiovisual Materials, 1970-1984, N.d.

26 Microcassette Tapes, 1979-1984
1 Association of Naval Service Officers, Dallas Deliberations, 1981
2 Association of Naval Service Officers, Dallas Meeting, 1981
3 Association of Naval Service Officers, Hispanic Officers Recruiting Conference, Anapolis, 1980
4 Association of Naval Service Officers, Proceedings at U.S. Naval Academy, 1980
5 Barrera, Elma, Houston Achorwoman, Interview, N.d.
6 California Secretary of State Mario Obledo, Interview, N.d.
7 Carr, Vicki, Interview, N.d.
8 Congressional Black Caucus, Testimony, 1983
9 G.I. Forum Women's Awards Ceremony, Anaheim, 1980
10 Hidalgo, Edward, Speech in Corpus Christi, 1980
11 Hispanics in Media Conference, 1981
12 IMAGE Banquet, Chicago, 1980
13 IMAGE Workshop, Chicago, 1980
14 KDNA Media Round Table, 1979
15 LULAC Meeting, Interview with Mario Obledo and Daniel Valdez, N.d.
16 Mexican American Experience: Dr. Mario Garcia and F. Otrego discuss Israel vs. Mexico Model, 1984
17 National Chicano Coalition for Justice, Conference in Phoenix, 1981
18 National Economic Development Agency, Seminar, 1980
19 National Economic Development Agency, Talk by Antonio Zuñiga, 1980
20 National Hispanic Heritage, 1981
21 Natioanl Hispanic Heritage Week, Talk by Edward Hidalgo, 1980
22-24 National Hispanic Housing Coalition, Miami, N.d.
25 National Hispanic Leadership Opinion Poll, Hank Olguin, 1980
26 Ponce, Father Frank, Banquet, 1980
27 Ponce, Father Frank, Farewell, 1981
28 Ruiz, Rosie, Interview, N.d.
29 San Antonio NHHC, 1980
30 SER Luncheon, Washington D.C., 1980
31 SWVRP Media Panel with Willie Velasquez, 1980
32 U.S. Marine Corp Recruiting Seminar, Milwaukee, 1981
33 USS Corpus Christi Christening Ceremonies, Groton, Connecticut, 1981
34 Various, 1979
27 1" Videotapes, 1981
1 National Conference of Christians and Jews, Rock River Cablevision, N.d.
2 Unlabled, N.d.
3/4" Videotapes, 1979-1982, N.d.
3 EOMI Guest Lecture Series Tape 1, 1982
4 EOMI Guest Lecture Series Tape 2, 1982
5 Reyes Naval Ordinance Station, 1979
6 Reyes, Doming Nick - Training, N.d.
Audiotapes, 1957-1983
7 Aldente, Chris and Cuban Musician Al Martinez, 2nd Part Interview, 1975
8 KXYZ Houston - Features, Newscast, "What is a Chicano?", 1964-1966
9 Mennonite Latino History Spots, 1978
10 Reyes, Maria, Family History and Dolores's Birthday, 1979
11 "Save the Sideburns: Elvis Presley", 1957
Audiocassettes, 1979
12 National Hispanic Heritage Week - "A How To" with Conchita I. Reyes and Domingo Nick Reyes PhD, 1979
13 VIVA: Hispanic American Women on the Move, 1979
28 Audiotapes, 1983, N.d.
box folder
27 1 ATM Systems 2 of 2, N.d.
2 Hispanic Political Action Committee, 1983
28 16 mm Films, N.d.
3 Annapolis: the First Year, United States Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, N.d.
4 Commitment to Excellence, United States Navy, U.S. Naval Academy, N.d.
5 Juanito, A United Way Film, N.d.
6 Ol' Slick, N.d.
box folder
29 1 A Play Half Written: The Energy Adventure, N.d.
2 Where Dreams Come True, NASA, N.d.
Phonograph Records, 1973, N.d.
3 HEP, the High School Equivilency Program, 1973
4 The President's Minority Business Enterprise Recognition Awards Program, First Annual Presentation Ceremony, Presented by the Office of Minority Business Enterprise/U.S. Department of Commerce, N.d.
5 Radio KFDA Amarillo, "Bucket" Nick Reyes Show/Nick Reyes Theme "Blue Smoke", N.d.
Shelf 2" Videotapes, 1970-1973
1 Accent on the Barrio, 1970
2 Chicanos on the Move #4: Chicano Police, 1972
3 Cooking Portions Only, 1973
4 Justicia, 1972
5-8 The NMAADC (National Mexican American Anti-Defamation Committee), 1970-1971
9 Quinn, Anthony, Interview with, also Armando Rodríguez and Ana Gómez, 1970
10 Reyes, Domingo Nick following Anthony Quinn filming in CA and D.C., 1970
11 Valdez, Daniel (La Luz Magazine), Interview with, 1976
12-14 Voices, 1971-1972, N.d.
15 You and Mañana (education, children, college),

Oversize Materials, c.1930-1982

box folder
31 Amarillo High School Yearbook, 1954
Framed Photographs, c.1930-1981, N.d.
With brother Guillermo, early 1930s
As Radio DJ in Amarillo, TX with a goat, 1954
Andy Award, 1973
FBI Academy, 1975
Keynote Address, Naval Academy, 1979
Association of Naval Service Officers, 1981
Domingo, N.d.
Ford, Gerald, N.d.
Framed Certificate, "Mexico Hoy", 1980
Mounted Photographs, 1950s-1977
Nick Reyes Show, 1950s
Two Views of Domingo Nick Reyes's Home, 1967
Mario Obledo Award, accepted by Domingo Nick Reyes, 1977
Executive Producer: Domingo Nick Reyes, N.d.
Family photo, N.d.
Plaques, 1971-1982
Minnesota Jaycee Operation Opportunity Program, 1971
International Media Conference, Pan American University, 1975
Letterkenny Army Depot, 1977
U.S. Navy Recruiting Command, 1982
Return address stamp, N.d.