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Edmundo E. Mireles Papers, 1940-1971

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Creator: Mireles, E. E. (Edmundo Eduardo), 1905-1987
Title: Edmundo E. Mireles Papers
Dates: 1940-1971
Abstract: Professional papers of educator E.E. Mireles include publications, photographs, and collected material.
OCLC Record No.: 23036519
Extent: 9 linear inches
Language: English and Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Educator E.E. Mireles initiated teaching of the Spanish language to elementary grades in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the 1940s. Born Edmundo Eduardo Mireles (Nov. 20, 1905) in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico; spent his childhood in Mexico and San Antonio, Texas. Graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 1931, taught in San Antonio and Del Rio before moving to Corpus Christi in 1939. Started Spanish program for grade school children in 1940; also active in setting up programs for adult education and summer programs to teach English to pre-schoolers. Leader in local LULAC chapter and other organizations. Co-authored several Spanish textbooks and teaching guides. Died March 17, 1987.

Scope and Contents Note

Consists of four series: 1. Organizations and activities; 2. Publications; 3. Photographs; and 4. Other Material. Organizations and activities consist of subseries a. Educational programs; b. Community and public service organizations; c. Radio programs; d. Political activities. Reflects educational, community, and political activities of Mireles. Consists of correspondence, reports, curriculum plans, clippings, leaflets, newspapers, teachers' guides, and textbooks. Deals with beginnings of grade-school Spanish instruction in the Corpus Christi Independent School District, summer English programs for Spanish-speaking children, adult education, and Mireles' community and political activities. Includes nine Spanish textbooks co-authored by Mireles, his wife Jovita González Mireles, and school superintendent Roy Fisher, and several teaching guides.


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The Edmundo Mireles Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Mireles, E. E. (Edmundo Eduardo), 1905-1987--Archives.
Corpus Christi Independent School District.
League of United Latin American Citizens.
Adult education--Texas--Corpus Christi.
English language--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Mexican American students.
Head Start programs--Texas--Corpus Christi.
Mexican Americans--Texas.
Spanish language--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Texas.
Mireles, Jovita González, 1904-1983.
Fisher, Roy B.

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The Benson Latin American Collection also holds the Jovita González Mireles Manuscripts and Works collection.

The Edmundo E. and Jovita González Mireles Papers are available at the Southwestern Writers Collection, Alkek Library, Texas State University.

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Box and Folder Inventory

1. Organizations and Activities

1 a. Educational programs
1 Corpus Christi Spanish Program
Survey of teachers in the Corpus Christi schools with Spanish training, 1940 August 15
Note on the beginning of Spanish program, 1940 September 16
List of common expressions in Spanish for third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades, 1940
Statistical sheet in Spanish program, with quotes from editorial in La Prensa, metropolitan daily newspaper of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spanish program graded vocabulary for seventh, eighth and ninth grades, 1940
Model lesson for Spanish program
Common expressions through sixth grade, 1950
Comments from educators on Corpus Christi Spanish program, 1939-1941
Outline of workshop for teachers of Spanish, 1944
Report on Spanish program from E. E. Mireles to Dr. Ahrens, Curriculum Director, 1952 May 30
Letter to school superintendent of Spanish program from Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1942 February 24
Philosophy of Spanish program, 1940
List of teachers in the Spanish Institute of the Corpus Christi Spanish program, 1940
Rationale in Spanish program, 1940
Spanish program in the Corpus Christi schools, 1940 September 22
List of school districts instituting Spanish program in the state of Texas, 1941
Copy of legislative bill legalizing the teaching of Spanish in the grades and providing free textbooks
Circular from the University of Texas on summer conference for teachers of Spanish in the elementary grades, 1942 April 15
List of head teachers and Pan American Club sponsors in the Spanish Program, 1942
Roll of Spanish Institute, 1942
Membership of Spanish Institute by schools, 1942
Roll of Spanish Institute, 1943
List of articles by E. E. Mireles for magazines, newspapers, radio and television
Copy of letter to Congressman Richard M. Kleberg from E. E. Mireles concerning trip to Washington, D.C., 1943 September 20
Copy of recommendations by state superintendent for Texas school on the teaching of Spanish in the grade schools
Copy of communication from Hardin-Simmons University of Abilene, Texas, to the teachers of public schools in Abilene on Spanish teaching, 1942
Copy of agenda for Good Neighbor Commission of Texas on Spanish teaching, 1948 September 10
Copy of communication from H.A. Glass, Texas state textbook custodian, on Spanish texts available to Texas schools, 1941
Copy of communication from director of curriculum of State Department of Education of Texas to college and universities of the state, 1942
Descriptive sheet on Spanish Program by E. E. Mireles and copy of goals for Spanish classes, 1941, 1965
Circular letter from Texas A & I University Foreign Language Department on courses for elementary school Spanish, 1942 May 20
Circular: Baylor University courses on teaching elementary Spanish, 1942
Article and report on elementary Spanish teaching in grade schools of the United States by Watson Fenimore, 1949
Number of students in the Spanish Program, 1946
Article on Spanish Program for Texas Outlook for in Spanish translation, 1951 May
College workshop Texas A & I University, 1943 March
List of head teachers in the Spanish Program, 1947
Questionnaire on Spanish Program, 1950
Student enrollment in Spanish classes, 1949 September-1950
List of head teachers and Pan American Club sponsors in Spanish Program, 1950-1951
Copy of directive from E. E. Mireles to Wallace Davis, assistant Director of Elementary Instruction, 1965
Report on demonstration classes by Jim O'Neil representing publishers of Spanish texts, 1965
Statistical data on Latin Americans and Anglo Americans in Corpus Christi schools, 1947-1951
Copy of program for State Board of Education meeting and list of schools, principals and head teachers in Spanish Program, 1950 April 14, 1951
Descriptive sheet in Spanish Program, 1950 September-1951
List of Spanish teachers in the Corpus Christi schools, 1944-1945
Article on Spanish Program, Corpus Christi Caller Times, by Conrad Casler, 1955 March 27
Report on Spanish Department including questionnaire. Descriptive sheet on Spanish Program in Corpus Christi public schools, 1955
Letter, with suggestions for helping Spanish teaching in schools, from E. E. Mireles to Superintendent of Schools, 1952
Description of meeting to discuss problems and topics in Spanish teaching, 1960 February 2
Letter with reference to Spanish Program in Corpus Christi, 1951
Report on Spanish Program, 1942-1943
Descriptive sheet in Spanish Program, 1948-1949
Copy of letter to Spanish teacher in Santa Monica, California, 1956 January 30
Copy of letter to Board of Education Chicago, Illinois, 1956 February 27
Copy of letter to Spanish teacher, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1956 February 27
Copy of letter to Board of Education, Bethpage, New York, 1956 February 27
Copy of letter on "Short Course in Spanish," to Agua Dulce, Texas, 1968 March 19
Copy of memorandum from the Director of Radio and Visual Education of the State Department of Education to all Texas school districts on the use of manual and record albums in Spanish, 1949
2 Students' Papers: Spanish Program
Sample of study by fifth grader and sample papers from sixth graders, 1948, 1954
Notebook by high school student, 1954
Notebook by student of Spanish, 1954
Copy of notebooks by Spanish high school students, 1953
3 Summer English Program
Article describing pre-school English program for non-English speaking children by E. E. Mireles, 1962
Copy of suggested format for guide, 1958 May
Copy of letter to Santa Ana, CA, public schools, describing pre-school English program, 1968 June 3
Report on number of schools and enrollment in pre-school English classes, 1958
Copy of circular sent to parents in the school district announcing pre-school English classes for the summer, 1960
List of common expressions for Summer English Program, (copy 1-3), 1956-1957
Copy of plan for pre-school English workshop for teachers, 1959
Copy of notice to parents of non-English speaking children on pre-school English classes
Copies of enrollment in summer English classes
Copy of letter from teacher requesting pre-school English classes in schools, 1957 January 30
Copy of form to be completed by parents, requesting enrollment of children in pre-school English classes
Copy of report to superintendent and other school officials on pre-school English classes, 1957
Copy of letter on teacher employment for pre-school English classes, 1957 June 3
Copy of form for principals involved in pre-school English classes
Copy of notice on pre-school English classes, 1957
Copy of letter to member of State Board of Education on suggestions for improvement to state program of pre-school English classes, 1963 March 1
List of children enrolled in pre-school English classes at the Crockett School, 1963
List of radio talks on pre-school English program
Report on Project Head Start, 1965
Report on pre-school work conference
Report on Community Action Head Start evaluation, 1967 August 15
4 Adult Basic Education
List of teachers interested in teaching adult education classes, spring 1959
Registration receipts for fees at Austin, Lozano and Southgate Schools
Report on Adult Basic Education program from Adult Basic Education office
Description of Adult Basic Education program (copy 1-2)
Schedule for Adult Basic Education classes, 1970-1971
Copy of form for economic survey of Adult Basic Education students
Copy of agenda for monthly meeting of all Adult Basic Education teachers, 1971 April 23
List of teachers interested in summer workshop for Adult Basic Education teachers, 1971 March 25
List of textbooks available to all Adult Basic Education teachers
Copy of memorandum for registration at beginning of Evening High School Program, 1971
Copy of graduation program for Adult Basic Education students, 1971 May
Copy of quarterly program report to Texas Education Agency for Adult Basic Education, 1970-1971
Schedule for Adult Basic Education classes, 1970
List of textbooks available for Adult Basic Education classes, 1971
Copy of organization plan for the Division of Adult and Continuing Education, prepared by Texas Education Agency and used in Adult Basic Education classes
b. Community and public service organizations
5 Pan American Council
E. E. Mireles presides as president of Council.
Booklet on the organization, constitution, bylaws, committees, motion to charter, and charter of the Pan American Council, 1943 April 12
Program of Pan American Fiesta in commemoration of the discovery of America, 1944 October 12-14
Program for dinner dance for Pan America Day, 1946 April 15
Brochure announcing the celebration of Pan American Day, 1944 April 14
Includes two articles: "Good Neighbor Policy & Discrimination in Southwest," by Sumner Welles, copyright 1944, New York Times; and "Ignorance is No Excuse for Discrimination in Southwest," by Edith Alderman Guedry (copy 1-2).
6 League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
E. E. Mireles was president of LULAC Council #1.
Article entitled "LULACS" with the definition and purpose of the organization
List and content of telegram messages sent by E. E. Mireles to four state congressional members in relation to the support of anti-discrimination bill being presented by Senator Spears, 1945 June
7 Human Relations Commission
Copy of news item on Human Relations Commission activity concerning discrimination charge, 1971 May 21
Copy of news item citing results of discrimination case, Corpus Christi Caller, 1971 June 15
Copy of judgement on school segregation, 1971 July 2
8 Family Service Bureau
E. E. Mireles was president of the Bureau.
Copy of constitution of Family Service Bureau (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Copy of Family Service Bureau case report, 1951 June-July
List of directors of Family Service Bureau, 1954
Letter of approval of budget by United Fund for Family Service Bureau for 1955, 1954 June 24
9 c. Radio programs: Radio Programming (Spanish)
Copy of radio talks by E. E. Mireles on behalf of Mexican American candidates, 1948 July 24
Copy of radio spots in Spanish for the beginning of classes in public schools, 1946
List of topics for weekly radio talks by E. E. Mireles over various stations, 1958
List of participants in radio talks in Spanish with E. E. Mireles
d. Political activities
See material in folder 13.

2. Publications

Box Folder
1 10 Articles written by and about E. E. Mireles relating to Spanish Program
"Habla Ud. Ingles?"Time (p.71-72), 1944 February 14
"Buenos Dias, Maestra," excerpt from the U.S. Office of Education Report, Christian Science Monitor, 1953 January 24
E. E. Mireles, "A cultural and Practical Subject--The Teaching of Spanish in Our Public Schools,"The American School Board Journal (p.33-34), 1953 November
11 Newspapers edited by E. E. Mireles
LULAC News V.10, No.20 (Corpus Christi, Texas), 1945 January
Item cataloged and available in the UT Libraries catalog, under call number: E 184 M5 L842 1945 JAN.
Texas Mexican Gazette = La gaceta México texana, 1946 April-June, September-1947 January
Item cataloged and available in the UT Libraries catalog, under call number: NEWSPAPER 1946 APR-JUN, SEP 1947 JAN.

3. Photographs

Box Folder
1 12 Night School Study Center, Mr. Tony Diaz, 8410 Southgate Center, Spring 1959
B/W, 8x10
Summer English Program, "Children from the Southgate School Drinking Milk," 1959
Adult Basic Education Class, 1970
B/W, 8x10
Mrs. Euna Mae Young and her third grade, Savage School; E. E. Mireles in background
B/W, 8x10
Children playing ball on school ground, 1951 March
B/W, 8x10
Pre-school summer English program; children pledging allegiance
B/W, 7.25x9
Pre-school English Program, Austin School, Summer 1959
B/W, 8x10

4. Other Material

Box Folder
1 13 Miscellaneous
Leaflets with "Vote for E. E. Mireles for State Representative," (copy 1-2)
Typed page of six references
Data on Latin American population in the United States, 1946
Letter from Coastal Bend Association for Mental Health to E. E. Mireles, 1971 May 4
14 Instructional and Curriculum Guides
Manual and Classroom Guide for Hablemos Español, Brockette, E. E. Mireles, Wills & Gunstream, 1945
Recorded exercises in Spanish for elementary grades, prepared by the Department of Radio & Visual Education, Texas State Department of Education.
Preschool Instructional Program for Non-English Speaking Children, Texas Education Agency, 1960 April
A Guide for Curriculum Planning (experimental copy), Basic Education for Adults, Texas Education Agency, 1968 September
15 Program and letter, 1944 October, undated
Includes a "Program of Pan American Fiesta" (1944) and a document titled "LULACS" about work done by a local council regarding English language learning and citizenship classes (post 1959 but undated).
2 Textbooks
1-3 Mi Libro Español (libro 1-3) by E.E. Mireles, R.B. Fisher, and Jovita G. Mireles, 1941
Austin, TX: W.S. Benson & Co.
4-9 El Español Elemental (libro 1-6) by E.E. Mireles and Jovita G. Mireles, 1949
Austin, TX: W.S. Benson & Co.