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Steven Zahniser Collection on Latin American Agricultural Economy

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Creator: Zahniser, Steven
Title: The Steven Zahniser Collection on Latin American Agricultural Economy
Dates: 1938-1993
Abstract: Papers used by the United States Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of State for the purpose of carrying out research on Latin American commodities markets.
Accession No.: 2006-07
Extent: 10 linear inches
Language: English, Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical and Historical Note

Steven Zahniser is an agricultural economist with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (ERS). He conducted research for the Asia and Western Hemisphere Branch, and the Market and Trade Economics Division. Zahniser completed a Ph.D. in economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

ERS provides economic data, analysis and research in support of USDA national and international policy and decision-making. The ERS organization has its roots in the Bureau of Agricultural Economics (BAE), a federal research organization established in 1922 aimed at helping farmers solve their price and income problems. In 1953, BAE divided into three organizations, including the Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).

When it was established, the FAS worked primarily to develop foreign markets for U.S. agricultural commodities, and employed foreign attachés based at U.S. embassies throughout Latin America. Initially, these attachés were affiliated with the Department of State, but following the passage of H.R. 8033 in 1954, they were transferred to the FAS. The attachés provided information and statistical findings about commodities markets in Latin America. The USDA added the Economic Research Service in 1961. ERS, AMS, FAS and ARS remain active today.

Scope and Contents Note

Correspondence, reports, charts, maps and clippings documenting the agricultural economy of Latin America (1938-1993, n.d.). Materials were collected through research activities conducted by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service, U.S. Department of State, and USDA Economic Research Service.

Series I contains correspondence reports (1964-1984) between the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and Cultural Attachés in six Latin American Countries, documenting coffee and cacao production through statistical and narrative data. Includes one telegram on the "Transmittal of Plant Protection Act of 1975", a bill imposing stricter inspection of plant materials imported in the U.S.

Series II contains correspondence reports (1955-1984) between the U.S. Department of State and American Embassies throughout Latin America. Reports document livestock, cotton, coffee, coconut, sugar, cacao, labor, narcotics, drought, agrarian reform legislation, state assistance programs, and U.S. fruit company operations in Latin America.

Series III contains reports, clippings, maps, and charts (1938-1993, n.d.) documenting the agricultural economy of Latin America. Bulk of reports and clippings deal with the Andean Pact and the Central American Common Market. Charts (1951-1975, n.d.) contain statistical comparisons of commodities production and exports, especially rice, corn, beans and sorghum.


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Box and Folder Inventory

Series I: USDA Foreign Agriculture Service, 1964-1984

box folder
1 1 Correspondence Reports with Cultural Attachés, 1964-1984
Dominican Republic, 1967-1984
Trinidad and Tobago, 1964-1977
Guatemala, 1981
Costa Rica, 1982
Venezuela, 1970

Series II: U.S. Department of State, 1955-1985

1 Correspondence Reports, 1955-1985
2 Dominican Republic and Panama, 1955-1984
Ciudad Trujillo and Santo Domingo
3 Nicaragua, 1969-1984
Costa Rica, 1981-1983
Honduras, 1980-1985
Trinidad and Tobago, 1976-1984
Guatemala, 1973, 1979
Venezuela, 1973-1974,1981
Peru, 1972, 1984
Others, 1969, 1981-1983

Series III: USDA Economic Research Service Collected Research Material, 1938-1993, n.d.

1 ERS Reports (alphabetical order by title), 1947-1993, n.d.
4 A Brief History and Present Condition of the Inter-American Highway, 1955
Andean Integration: Potentials and Limitations, 1972-1973
Andean Subregional Group, 1972
An Economic Program for the Americas, 1953
Biographical Data: Antonio Guzman, n.d.
CACM - Influence on U.S. Agricultrual Exports, 1975
Comments on Agricultural and Land Reform in Latin America, 1961
Credit Reports, 1951, 1980-1981, n.d.
5 Document of the Inter-American Development Bank, 1977, 1993
box folder
2 1 Economic Conditions and Policies in Latin America, 1960
Equivalente del Subsidio al productor en Colombia, Ecuador, Peru y Venezuela, 1992
2 Institute of International Education Advisory Committee on Educational Relations with Latin America, 1962
3 La Industria Lactea En Nicaragua, 1971
Notes on Agricultural Credit Facilities in Latin America, 1951, n.d.
Rotenone, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, 1947
Supplementary Information on U.S. Private Commercial Interests in Latin America, 1965
The Industrial Revolution in Latin America, n.d.
The Inter-American Highway, 1961
ERS Charts (alphabetical order by title), 1951-1975, n.d.
4 Agricultural Statistics on El Salvador, 1967
5 Capacidad Fisica de Almacenamiento de los Organismos de Estabilización de Precios, 1962, 1968-1973
Centroamerica: Disponibilidades de Maiz, 1951-1961
Control de Calidad Y Registros Agropecuarios, Managua, 1973, 1974
Exports of 20 Leading Commodities from 20 Republics of Latin America, n.d.
6 Indice de Precios Al consumidor de la Ciudad de Managua de Todas Las Clases, 1974
Informe Samanal Del Mercado Centroamericano Al Por Mayor de Granos Basicos, 1974
Precios Internacionales de Granos Basicos, 1975
Precios medios al por mayor de Granos Basicos, 1973
Precios Promedios Mensuales de Grano Basicos Consumidor, 1973-1975
Precios Promedios Pagados por el Consumidor En El Mercado de la Republica, 1973
Pyrethrum Production by Principal Producing Countries, n.d.
Handwritten notes, n.d.
7 Clippings, 1941-1988, n.d.
8 Maps, 1938, 1966, n.d.
British Honduras, 1938
Costa Rica, n.d.
Latin American Election Schedule, 1966
Middle America, n.d.
Panama, n.d.
The Carribean, n.d.