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José Gómez Sicre Papers, 1916-1991

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Creator Gómez Sicre, José
Title José Gómez Sicre Papers
Dates: 1916-1991
Abstract The personal and professional papers of Latin American art critic, researcher, and author José Gómez Sicre include written works, correspondence, clippings, speeches, manuscripts, photographs, research notebooks and note cards, and legal and financial documents.
Accession No. 2004-48
Extent 8.75 linear feet
Language English and Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

José Gómez Sicre, known as Pepe by friends and family, was born July 6, 1916 in Matanzas, Cuba to Guillermina Sicre and Clemente Gómez. José Gómez Sicre graduated from the University of Havana in 1941 with degrees in Consular Law and Politics, and later took courses in art history at New York University and Columbia University. Although he was a lawyer by trade, his professional career was spent working promoting Latin American artists and their art for 50 years. Gómez Sicre was a critic, researcher and writer, publishing numerous reports and articles on Latin American artists. Most importantly, Gómez Sicre provided Latin American artists with an introduction to the audience in the United States and the world.

José Gómez Sicre's involvement in the world of art began early. In the 1940's, he was responsible for organizing exhibitions of Cuban art that traveled to various Latin American countries in his position as Director of Exhibits of the Institución Hispanocubana de Cultura (Hispano-Cuban Institution of Culture). In 1944 he served as an advisor to Alfred H. Barr, of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, putting together an exhibition of Cuban paintings that traveled across the United States for the next two years.

Gómez Sicre began his influential work for the Pan-American Union's Visual Arts Unit in 1946 as a Specialist (the Pan-American Union later became the Organization of American States [O.A.S.] in 1948). In 1948, Gómez Sicre was promoted to the position of Chief in the Visual Arts Unit and remained in that post until 1976. Under his leadership, the Visual Arts Unit began to actively collect works of Latin American art beginning in 1957 with financial support of O.A.S., instead of relying solely on donations. The Art Museum of the Americas was established in 1976 by the O.A.S. Permanent Council and Gómez Sicre served as its founder and director. From its modest start of 250 works the collection grew to an impressive 2,000 objects.

José Gómez Sicre published many books, both for O.A.S. and on his own, some which include: Mario Carreño (1943), Cuban Painting Today (1944), Spanish Master Drawings XV to XVIII Centuries (1951), Four Artists of the Americas (O.A.S., 1957), Guide to Public Collections in Latin America (O.A.S., 2 vols., 1956, 1968), Leonardo Nierman (1971), and Jose Luis Cuevas: Self-Portrait with Model (1983). He also wrote and co-directed the scripts of more that twelve films on art in Latin America for the O.A.S. Articles he wrote appeared in publications like Norte, Art News, Art in America, Americas, Art International, Le Connoiseur, Social Education, L'oeil, Boulletin of the Dade, Vision, Lampara, Vandidades, Hombre de Mundo, Miami Replicas.

Aside from his professional activities and research on artists, Gómez Sicre established personal relationships with many artists, inviting them into his home and offering them advice beyond their art. In 1951, JGS married Lucila Ballerin, a native of Venice, in Italy but later divorced in 1955. Guillermina, Gómez Sicre's mother, was a significant presence in his life, living with him in Washington D.C. until she died in 1974.

José Gómez Sicre died on July 22, 1991, at the age of 75.

Scope and Contents Note



WRITTEN WORKS, 1947-1981

Drafts and published works comprise this series (565 items), which is separated into titled and untitled written works as well as clippings from both magazines and newspapers. The titled and untitled sections (525 items) consist mainly of writings about artists. Many contain the original Spanish version, as well as its English translation. Most of the writings are short descriptions of Latin American artists, but some of the works, in particular writings on artist José Luis Cuevas, are much longer and more detailed. Newspaper and magazine clippings (40 items) published between 1946-1981 focus on trends in Latin American art, as well as artist profiles.


Letters and memoranda constitute this series, which is arranged by date, organization or person covering the period of 1934-1991. Gómez Sicre maintained numerous contacts with Latin American artists, museums around the world, and art sponsors. Correspondence between Gómez Sicre and the Modern Museum of Art in New York, artists José Luis Cuevas and Mario Carreño, and his publishers constitute the bulk of the business correspondence. This series contains significant documentation of Gómez Sicre's relationship with Alfred H. Barr of MoMA, Mario Carreño, and his publishers. This series documents Gómez Sicre's thirty year correspondence with artist José Luis Cuevas on whom he published a book entitled "José Luis Cuevas: Self-Portrait with Model" in 1983.


This series documents Gómez Sicre's work for the Organization of American States (known as the Pan American Union until 1948) through correspondence, forms, and art inventory lists between 1945-1989. There is material concerning the O.A.S's selection of a new director of the Museum of Modern Art Latin America in the early 1980s including candidate reviews and correspondence between Gómez Sicre and high level officials of O.A.S. This series also includes correspondence and press materials documenting the tribute in honor of Gómez Sicre's achievements and contributions to O.A.S. Other materials illustrate the establishment of a Latin American Film Library.

ARTIST FILES, 1934-1989

Correspondence, clippings and photographs of art, 1934-1989 (2,500 items), make up the artist files series. This series contains two sets of artist files: those Gómez Sicre created during his lifetime and a second set created by the Benson Collection during arrangement from the collected material Gómez Sicre had accumulated. In the files created by Sicre (boxes 8-11) and the files created by the repository (box 12) the files are arranged alphabetically by the artists' last name. Some files are quite thick (57 items in one) and others only contain one item. The majority of the material is in Spanish.


Notebooks and typed and handwriting notes documents artists, art movements and Latin American historical figures, as well as daily notes; there are 403 items, all undated. The bulk of this series is comprised of typed note cards, one per artist (258 items). The notebooks of different sizes contain notes and addresses with phone numbers.


This series contains written works such as manuscripts, clippings, and speeches created by people other than Gómez Sicre, 83 items. The bulk of the material is published reviews and clippings (68 items) of artists and art movements from newspapers and magazines. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings with dates as early as the 1930s.


This series contains 1,174 photographs of art works, most from the Modern Museum of Art in New York City. The photographs do not only document Latin American art but instead display a wide spectrum of artistic movements and time periods.



This correspondence contains letters of a personal, more than professional nature from Gómez Sicre's friends (102 items). Also, included are letters from family who were still living in Cuba. Letters to and from his godson, José Luis Zayas "Guillo" are included. Some of the correspondence and attachments from the subseries of marriage and divorce is in Italian, as well as Spanish. The greeting cards celebrate holidays and his retirements, and are from a variety of people. Lastly, in the threats subseries there are four different instances of an un-identified person sending either an intimidating drawing, and there is an article defaming Gómez Sicre's character.

Notable in the series is President Ronald Reagan's 1982 letter of congratulation on Gómez Sicre achieving United States citizenship.

GENERAL, 1916-1991

This series (23 items) contains various versions of Gómez Sicre's résumé and biographies written by others upon his death. Also included are the transcripts of interviews conducted with Gómez Sicre, the largest and most complete having been conducted by a Ph.D. student. Clippings include: a photocopy of The New York Times on Gómez Sicre's birthday, July 6, 1916, a society article from 1922 about his mother, Guillermina Sicre, and her family. The remaining two clippings are announcements of his mother's death in 1974.


This series contains official documents such as Gómez Sicre's birth certificate, his Italian marriage license, and divorce papers from both Cuba (1959) and Italy (1970). Also included are requests for visas from the United States to visit other Latin American countries on business matters. Gómez Sicre's Selective Service registration card is also in this series.


Receipts for hotels, air travel, and for works of art comprise this series (21 items).


Diplomas for Gómez Sicre's bachiller degree from the Institute in Matanzas, his degrees from the University of Havana, and other later certifications are included. There is one report card from NYU and a syllabus from a course taken while pursuing his degree in consular law.


The 2017 additions to the José Gómez Sicre Papers include materials ranging from 1945 to 2000 and measures .417 linear feet. The addition to the collection is divided into the same series as the original collection. Additions are to the Professional Papers series and within that the Written Works, Business Correspondence, and Artist Files subseries.


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Gómez Sicre, José--Archives.
Art, Cuban--20th century.
Art, Latin American--20th century.
Art, Latin American--History and criticism--Sources.
Art, Cuban--History and criticism--Sources.
Artist, Latin American.
Artist, Cuban.
Cuban American art.
Cuban American artists.
Organization of American States. Art Museum of the Americas.
Other Authors
Carreño, Mario.
Cuevas, José Luis, 1934-.

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Box and Folder Inventory

Professional Papers

1 Written Works
1 A (various)
2 Acknowledgements
3 Aduanero Rousseau, El
4 Agustín Fernández
5 Agustín Gainza
6 Al Filo de una Mala Noticia: La Muerte de Maria Luisa Bombal
7 Aldo Amador
8 Alejandro Anreus
9 Alejandro Obregón
10 Alfredo Lozano
11 Almanaque
12 Amelia
13 Andres Valerio
14 Arte Dominicano
15 Arte Latinoamericano
16 Arte Precolombino de Costa Rica
17 B (various)
18 Bolivia
19 Brasil
20 Buenos Aires y su Cultura
21 C (various)
22 Camilo Franqui
23 Carta Abierta a los Jovenes del Taller Libre
24 Caso Cuevas, El
25 Colombia y la Cultura
26 Concurso Intercol Desde Adentro
27 Cuevas/ Cuevas Busca lo Cubano...En Miami
28 Cuixart en la Tradicion Catalana/Cuixart and the Catalan Tradition
29 Cundo-Bermudez
30 D-E (various)
31 Daniel Serra Badué
32 Dialogo con Jose Gomez Sicre Sobre Paris, el Arte Frances y Otras Cosas
33 Dorado y la Plastica de Colombia
34 Dos Ferrer Para Una Isla
35 Efraim Oliver
36 Elvira Huergo
37 Emilio Sanchez
38 Enrique Riveron
39 F-J (various)
40 Gladys Triana
41 Graciela Rodo Boulanger
42 Guatemala
43 Guatemala en el Color de Elmar Rojas
44 Guayasamin, Chucho y Otras Plagas
45 Haiti
46 Hokusai
47 Iberoamerica en Madrid
48 Introduction
49 José Ignacio Bermúdez
50 José Mijares
box folder
2 1 L (various)
2 Laura Luna
3 Leonardo Nierman
4 Lia Galletti
5 Lilia Lazo
6 Liliana Fernández
7 Lola Fernandez o la Unidad de un Doble Concepto
8 Luis Buñel, Apasionado Creador Descreido
9 M-N (various)
10 Madonas, Las
11 Manabu Mabe
12 Manuel Rodulfo-Tardo
13 Maria Brito-Avellana
14 María Elena Badias
15 Mario Bencomo
16 Mario Carreño
17 Mario Torroella
18 Miguel Padura
19 Mugre, Lana, Pinturas y Objetos en el Museo de Arte de la OEA
20 Nuestra Posicion Ante la Bienal
21 Nunzio Mainieri
22 O-P (various)
23 Osvaldo Gutierrez
24 Pabellón N.Y.
25 Panama
26 Pedro Damian
27 Picasso
28 Pintura Colonial de Ecuador
29 Pintura en Francia, La (de 1904 a 1906)
30 Presentation - Exhibition of Drawings in Chicago
31 R (various)
32 Rafael Consuegra
33 Rafael Soriano
34 Rafael Vadia
35 Ramon Alejandro
36 Ramón Carulla
37 Raquel Forner
38 Raquel Lazaro
39 Roberto Estopiñán
40 Roberto Gonzalez Coyri
41 Rolando Gutierrez
42 Rolando López Dirube
43 S (various)
44 Sarah Bernhardt
45 Silvio Gayton
46 Solemne Inauguracion del Ateneo Americano de Washington
47 Some Aspects of Modern Latin American Art
48 Supisiche
49 T-V (various)
50 Text for Vicus/Texto Vicus
51 Tomas Oliva
52 Tony Lopez
53 Torres Garcia y la America Arcaica
3 Untitled:
1-5 Untitled Works
box folder
4 1-4 Untitled Works
5 Clippings:
Nacional, El - Notas de Arte, 1947-1950, n.d.
General, 1947-1981
Magazine articles, 1946-1981, n.d.
5 Business Correspondence
1 1935-1959
2 1960-1979
3 1980-1983
4 1984-1986
5 1987-1991
6 Undated
7 Published Letters:
Editorial America, 1975-1984
Ediciones Poligrafa S.A., 1981-1983
Moron, Guillermo, 1982
Revista de Occidente S.A., 1975-1976
box folder
6 1 Brooklyn Museum
Carreño, Mario:
2 1954-1959
3 1960-1989
Cuevas, José Luis:
4 1954-1959
5 1960-1969
6 1970-1979
7 1980-1985
8-9 No date
10 Family, 1954-1989
Cuevas, Alberto G.
Cuevas, Maria
Cuevas, Alberto N.
11 Others:
By Correspondent
Unidentified (date order), 1958-1959, n.d.
box folder
7 1 Haiti Art Exhibition
Peters, DeWitt, 1944-1946
Vuiceut, Joseph, 1945
2 Museum of Modern Art
Armstrong, Muriel
Barr, Alfred H.
Catlin, Mimi
Courter, Elodie
Dudley, Dorothy
Johnson-Sweeney, James
Karpel, Bernard
Miller, Margaret
Soby, James T.
Wheeler, Monroe
de Zulueta, Luis
3 Morley, Grace McCann, 1944-1975
4 Letters to translator, N.d.
5 Other Correspondents
Organization of American States (O.A.S.)
6 Correspondence/Tribute to Gómez Sicre
7 Museum of the Americas Director Selection/Brazilian Films/Forms
8 Collection Inventory Lists
8 Artist Files
1 Ahlander, Leslie Judd
2 Aldunate, Carmen
3 Alejandro, Ramon
4 Alfonzo, Carlos
5 Almeida, Gilberto
6 Almendros, Nestor
7 Alvarado, Antonio
8 Amaral, Antonio
9 Amador, Aldo
10 Amor, Ines
11 Andriansens, Juan
12 Angel, Felix
13 Anreus, Alejandro
14 Aquino, Edmundo
15 Aquino, Humberto
16 Armand, Octavio
17 Asencio, John
18 Azaceta, Luis Cruz
19 Badias, Maria Elena
20 Badue, Daniel Serra
21 Balart, Waldo
22 Barrenechea, Ricardo Ulloa
23 Basadre, Jorge
24 Bassan, Messim
25 Beltran, Elio
26 Beltran, Felix
27 Bencomo, Mario
28 Benedit, Luis
29 Bermudez, Jose Ignacio
30 Blinder, Olga
31 Borda, Osvaldo
32 Borla, Hector
33 Briceño, Beatrix
34 Brizzi, Ary
35 Buchholz, Karl
36 Caballero, Gerardo
37 Calderon, Coqui
38 Calderon, Frank
39 Calvo, Lino Novás
40 Calzada, Humberto
41 Camacho, Jorge
42 Cano, Pablo
43 Cantor, Manuel
44 Careaga, Enrique
45 Carnot, Armando
46 Carulla, Ramon
47 Castaño, Jorge Perez
48 Casis, Ana
49 Castillo, Sergio
50 Catlin, Stanton
51 Cecilia, Roman
52 Cela, Camilo José
53 Celis, Perez
54 Cerra, Mirta
55 Chab, Victor
56 Chacon, Luis
57 Chapa, Martha
58 Chong Neto, Manuel
59 Cinalli, Ricardo
60 Claure, Rigoberto Villarroel
61 Clémen, Carlos
62 Colombino, Carlos
63 Consuegra, Hugo
64 Cordova, Ines
65 Cotto, Sixto
66 Cruz, Luis Hernandez
67 Cuatrecasas, Gil
68 Cubiles, Miguel
69 Cuenca, Liliam
9 D-K:
1 Da Silva, Alfredo
2 David, Juan
3 Davila, Carlos
4 De Ayala, Hector
5 De Castro, Alberto
6 De Ferrari, Adolfo
7 De La Mata, Ernesto Ruiz
8 De La Torriente, Loló
9 De Sao Paolo, Bienal
10 De Urdinola, Martiza Uribe
11 De Young, Maurice
12 De Zavalia, Alberto
13 Di Prete, Paulo
14 Diago, Roberto
15 Dimmick, Ralph
16 Dondé, Olga
17 Dutary, Alberto
18 Echeverry, Beatriz
19 Espinosa, Guillermo
20 Espinosa, Juan
21 Espinoza, Pedro Pablo
22 Esposito, Nicolas
23 Esquenasi, Roberto
24 Estopiñan, Roberto
25 Falero, Emilio
26 Falla, Victor Batista
27 Fergusson, Erna
28 Fernandez, Carlos
29 Fernandez, Lola
30 Ferraz, Gerardo
31 Ferrer, Rafael
32 Figueroa, Antonieta
33 Florez, Armando
34 Forte, Vicente
35 Franqui, Camilo
36 Freire, Nelly
37 Freitas, Ivan
38 Gardeazábal, Gustavo Alvarez
39 Gatto, Domingo
40 Girona, Julio
41 Giusti, Cathy
42 Gómez, Sita
43 Gomez, Victor
44 Gonzalez, Carmelo
45 Gonzalez, Eladio
46 Gonzalez, Hernan
47 Gonzalez-Robles, Luis
48 Gordienko, Xenia
49 Grassmann, Marcelo
50 Greenwald, Liliana
51 Gronlier, Hortensia
52 Guillén, Myrtle Hartig
53 Gutierrez, Rolando
54 Hernandez Rojo, Julio
55 Herran, Alvaro
56 Hübner, Manuel Eduardo.
57 Hutchinson, Isabella
58 Jacome, Ramiro
59 Jorge, Miguel
60 Junyer, Joan
61 Kaneko, Taro
62 Kingsley, Robert
63 Kotke, Paul
64 Kozel, Ana
65 Kubotta, Arturo
66 Kuchilán, Mario
10 L-O:
1 Labrador Ruiz, Enrigue
2 Lazaro, Raquel
3 Legrand, Mirtha
4 Leger, Fernand
5 Leon, Miguel A. Ponce
6 Liberato, Justo
7 Liberti, Juan Carlos
8 Loeb, Pierre
9 Losada, Jorge and Marion Cordes
10 Lozano, Alfredo
11 Luis, Carlos M.
12 Luna, Laura
13 MacEntyre, Eduardo
14 Machado, Ricardo
15 Mainieri, Nunzio
16 Maldonado, Estuardo
17 Mañach, Jorge
18 Mario, José
19 Mathé, Juan
20 Méndez, Oscar
21 Moll, Eduardo
22 Monasterio, Luis Ortiz
23 Montilla, Manuel
24 Morales, Margarita
25 Moron, Rene
26 Muñoz, Marco
27 Navarro, Héctor
28 Neuman, Giti
29 Nierman, Leonardo
30 Nuñez, Guillermo
31 Orlando, Felipe
32 Osborne-Hill, Thierry
33 Oviedo, Jaime
34 Opazo, Rodolfo
35 Ortúzar, Carlos
36 Orzuj
37 Ovalle, Guillermo
38 Oviedo, Ramon
39 Ozenfant, Amédée
11 P-Z:
1 Padilla, Carlos
2 Páez Villaró, Carlos
3 Palma, Zoila
4 Palmer, Lisa
5 Pan-Llosa, Ricardo
6 Payró, Julio
7 Pedro, Luis Martinez
8 Pendas, Silvia
9 Perazzo, Josefina
10 Perez, Julio Antonio
11 Perls, Kate
12 Pichardo, Alfonso
13 Polesello, Rogelio
14 Ponce, Fidelio
15 Ponce, Juan Bernal
16 Pope, Mrs. John A.
17 Porto, Raul
18 Poveda, Carlos
19 Presno, Lincoln
20 Pucciarelli, Mario
21 Racz, Andre
22 Ramirez, Dora
23 Ravenet
24 Rebaxes, Frank
25 Renart, Emilio
26 Rey, Flora
27 Reyes, Emma
28 Rigaud, Jean Claude
29 Riquelme, William
30 Riverón, Enrique
31 Rivera, Guadalupe
32 Roca Ray, Joaquin
33 Rodriguez, Luis Fernando "El Pollo"
34 Rodriguez, Mariano
35 Roman, Elida
36 Rouault, I.
37 Roux, Guillermo
38 Rudman, Isaac
39 Ruiz, Gilberto
40 Saenz, Antonio Lopez
41 Salinas, Baroch
42 Sanin, Fanny
43 Sanchez, Emilio
44 Santi, Mario
45 Schick, Rene
46 Sendín, Armando
47 Shinki, Venancio
48 Smith, Antonio Morales
49 Solano, Pablo
50 Solari, Luis
51 Sori, Susana
52 Squirru, Rafael
53 Supisiche, Ricardo
54 Tábara, Enrique
55 Tasende, Jose
56 Toral, Mario
57 Tardo, Manuel
58 Torroella, Mario
59 Triana, Gladys
60 Trujillo, Guillermo
61 Tsuchimoto, Masumi
62 Valdivieso, Raul
63 Valenoa, Eugenia
64 Valeriano
65 Valerio, Andres
66 Vega, Luis
67 Velazquez, Juan Ramon
68 Vergara, José
69 Veríssimo, Érico
70 Vidal, Miguel Angel
71 Villacís, Aníbal
72 Villegas, Armando
73 Vincent, Joseph
74 Vives, Pancho
75 Waugh, Carmen
76 Yaragon, Luis Cardoza
77 Zachrisson, Julio
78 Zegri, Armando
79 Zepeda, Rafael
12 Repository:
1 Adriaensens, Juan
2 Azaceta, Luis Cruz
3 Balart, Waldo
4 Beltran, Elio
5 Bermúdez, José
6 Brito-Avellana, Maria
7 Calzada, Humberto
8 Cano, Pablo Daniel
9 Carulla, Ramon
10 Castaño, Jorge Perez
11 Cubiles, Miguel
12 D'Leon, Omar
13 Dirube, Rolando L.
14 Gainza, Agustin Stwart
15 Gomez, Victor
16 González, Eladio
17 Jimenez, Max
18 Lazaro, Raquel
19 Lockpez, Inverna
20 Lopez, Rolando A. Gutierrez
21 Méndez, Oscar
22 Mijares, Jose Maria
23 Pellon, Gina
24 Ramon Alejandro, Jose
25 Riverón, Enrique
26 Ruiz, Gilberto
27 Salinas, Baruj
28 Serra-Bardué, Daniel
29 Serrano, Guillermo
30 Sori, Susana
31 Torroella, Mario
32 Triana, Gladys
33 Vadia, Rafael
34 Other Artists
13 Research Materials
1 Handwritten notes
2 Typed notecards
3 "Historia de escultura" binder
4-6 Notebooks
7 Small notebooks, address book
box folder
14 1 Notes
Collected Materials
2 Written works
3 Newspaper clippings
4 Scrapbook
5 Oversize magazine clippings
6 Speeches
7 Broadside
17 Audiovisual Materials
Photographs of Artwork:
1 A (various)
2 Adriaensens, Juan
3 African
4 Agnant, Léon
5 American Primitive
6 Angelico, Fra
7 Arp, Jean
8 Azaceta, Luis Cruz
9 B (various)
10 Balart, Waldo
11 Bauer, Rudolf
12 Beltran, Elio
13 Bencomo, Mario
14 Betancourt, Guido
15 Bonnard, Pierre
16 Brancusi, Constantin
17 Braque, Georges
18 Bretones, Gustavo J.
19 Burt
20 C (various)
21 Calzada, Humberto
22 Camacho, Jorge
23 Campigli, Massimo
24 Carra, Carlo
25 Carulla, Ramon
26 Cezanne, Paul
27 Chinese
28 Chirico, Giorgio de
29 Christian Art
30 Corot, Jean Baptiste
31 Courbet, Gustave
32 Cubiles, Miguel
33 D (various)
34 Dali, Salvador
35 Daumier, Honoré
36 David, Jacques Louis
37 Degas, Edgar
38 Delacroix, Eugene
39 Delaunay, Robert
40 Derain, Andre
41 Despiau, Charles
42 Duffy, Raoul
43 Durer, Albrecht
box folder
18 1 E (various)
2 Egypt and the Near East
3 Ensor, Baron James
4 F (various)
5 G (various)
6 Gabo, Naum
7 Gaugin, Paul
8 Gavarni, Paul
9 Giovanni, di Paolo
10 Gogh, Vincent van
11 Gomez, Sita
12 Goya, Francisco
13 Greco, [El]
14 Greek
15 Gris, Juan
16 Gronlier, Hortensia
17 Guardi, Frencesco
18 Gutierrez, F. A
19 H (various)
20 I (various)
21 Indians of Mexico
22 Indians of South America
23 Indic
24 Ingres, Jean A. D.
25 J (various)
26 Japanese
27 K (various)
28 Kandinsky, Vasily
29 Kaneko, Taro
30 Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig
31 Klee, Paul
32 L (various)
33 Lam, Wilfredo
34 Leger, Fernand
35 Leon, Omar de
36 Lipchitz, Jacques
37 Lockpez, Inverna
box folder
19 1 M (various)
2 Mailol, Aristide
3 Manet, Edouard
4 Manuel, Victor
5 Maritime Art
6 Matta Echaurren, Sebastian Antonio
7 Merida, Carlos
8 Meza, Guillermo
9 Millet, Jean Francois
10 Miro, Joan
11 Modigliani, Amedeo
12 Mondrian, Piet
13 Monet, Claude
14 Munch, Edvard
15 N (various)
16 Nolde, Emil
17 O (various)
18 Orlando, Felipe
19 Orozco, José Clemente
20 P (various)
21 Portinari, Candido
22 Q (various)
23 R (various)
24 Racz, André
25 Raphael
26 Rebay, Hilla
27 Rembrandt
28 Renoir, Pierre Auguste
29 Ribera, Jose de
30 Rivera, Diego
31 Rodin, Auguste
32 Romero, Carlos Orozco
33 Rouault, Georges
34 Rousseau, Henri
35 Rubens, Peter Paul
36 Ruisdael, Jacob van
37 Ryder, Albert Pinkham
38 S (various)
39 Salinas, Baruy
40 Scott, Samuel
41 Seurat, Georges
42 Shahn, Ben
43 Sicre, R.
44 Siqueiros, David Alfaro
45 Sori
box folder
20 1 T (various)
2 Tamayo, Rufino
3 Tintoretto, Jacopo Robutsi
4 Titian
5 Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de
6 U (various)
7 Utrillo, Maurice
8 V (various)
9 Velazquez, Diego
10 Vermeer, Johannes
11 Vincent, Joseph
12 Visconti, Eliseu
13 Vuillard, Edouard
14 W (various)
15 Weyden, Rogier van der
16 X (various)
Y (various)
17 Yrurtia, Rogelio
18 Z (various)
19 Zadkine, Ossip
20 Zurbaran, Francisco
21 Various Paintings
22 Various Sculptures
Other Photographs:
23 Rebajes, Frank
24 Other Artists
25 Art Museums
26 Various
Bürhle Collection (Cabeza de Mujer, Renoir)
José Gómez Sicre
SEE ALSO: Oversized Photographs
box folder
21 1 Transparencies of Artwork:
A. Munder Collection
Adriaensens, Juan
Aldaba en Parma
Ventana en el Campo de Santa Margarita
Alfonzo, Carlos
El Trillo
Azaceta, Luis Cruz
Homo Beef
Split Head
Balart, Waldo
Rectangulos Ultramar, Verde, Amarillo, Magenta
Bermudez, J.
Biltmore National Bank
Constellation Andromeda
Homage to Handel's Water Music
Gemini II
Signals of Spain
Origami À Stravinsky
La Musique À Marie M.
Homage to Ives Klein
Signals of France
Dynamic Inner Forces
Molecular Flight Thrust
Constellation Pegasus
Calzada, Humberto
A World Within #1
A World Within #2
Cano, Pablo
La Sebastiana
Carulla, Ramon
El Paraguas Amarillo
Gonzalez, Eladio
Eternal Flame
La Grande Dame de Chicago
Lopez, Tony
Perkins, Dionisio
The Birds, #2
Sori, Susana
Unidentified Artist(s)
2 Unidentified Transparencies
3 Negatives
4 Film Rolls
Includes five microfilm rolls dealing with the property of Eduardo M. Rodriguez in Cuba.
5 Reel-to-reel audiotape
12 Canciones de García Lorca
22 Collected Art Exhibition Catalogs and Brochures
[1 linear foot]
Numerous uncataloged flyers, brochures, and catalogs for art exhibitions.

Personal and Biographical Papers

15 Correspondence
1 A-M
Avilés, Ramirez, Eduardo
Aviña, Konrado
Barquiro, A.
Benalmádena, Felipe Orlando
Bence, Amelia
Benguria, Carmina
Caro Maya, Gonzalo
Carrillo, Justo
Csákány, Margaret
Delgado, Suarez, Eduardo
Dreyfus, Bernard
Esposito, Nicolas
Hermosa, Orlando, 1972-1982
Judith, Blanca
Kanelba, Sita
Kassner, Lily (Jily?)
2 M-Z
Marizo, Duilio
Mazzini, Alberto
Monet, Wilfredo
Mora, Jose A.
Morales Smith, Antonio
Palacios, William, (1973-1979)
Palma Mendez, Armando
Pascual, Mariel
Ramirez, A.
Reagan, Ronald
Sánchez Valdes, Julio
Solano, Lucy
Stokes, Tom
Van der Gres
Vergara, Jose
Zayas, Jose Luis "Guillo"
3 Family
Gómez, Clemente (Sr.)
Gómez, Clemente
Gómez-Brito, Elisa Alina
Gómez Brito, Maria del Carmen, 1980-1987
4 School, 1943-1944, n.d.
5 Marriage, 1951-1958
6 Divorce, 1955-1960
7 Mother's Death, 1974
8 Greeting Cards
9 Threat Letters
box folder
16 1 General
Résumés, biographies, "Who's Who"
José Gómez Museum (Santiago, Chile)
Guest book for mother's funeral
2 Legal Documents
Birth, Marriage,divorce certificates
3 Financial Documents
Hotel Receipts, Receipts for Mario Carreño works
4 Education
Diplomas, report card, syllabus
5 Invitations, Calling Cards
6 Assorted
Orden Andres Bello medal
OV Oversized Materials
1 Photographs

2017 Additions to Collection

23 Professional Papers
Written Works
1 Spanish drawings XV-XIX centuries, 1950
2 Magazine articles by Sicre, 1945-1948
3 Magazine articles by Sicre, 1965-1971
4 Magazine articles by Sicre, 1972-1986, undated
5 Magazine articles by others, 2000, undated
Business Correspondence
6 Invitations and correspondence, 1967-1987
Artist Files
7 Forner, Raquel
8 Menéndez, Cesar
9 Peñalba, Rodrigo [with note by Omar D'Léon]
10 Quintero, José Antonio
11 Unidentified artist