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Robert Steinfeldt Photographs, c.1912-1922

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Creator Steinfeldt, Robert
Title Robert Steinfeldt Photographs
Dates: c.1912-1922
Abstract 95 photographs and seven postcards, most relating to railroad construction and banana plantations in Honduras.
Accession No. 1988-19
OCLC Record No. 352928984
Extent 95 photographic prints and 7 postcards
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

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Robert Steinfeldt studied civil engineering at Texas A&M University and was in the Navy during World War I. He worked for United Fruit Co. in Honduras where he built railroads. In the 1920s he left Honduras for Los Angeles, California, where he worked for the city and county.

Scope and Contents Note

Series I, Brazil, contains fourteen undated black-and-white photographs taken by Steinfeldt while in Brazil. The photographs are mounted on pages from a photo album.

Series II, Honduras (1921-1922), contains 77 black-and-white photographs taken by Steinfeldt, relating to railroad construction and banana plantations in Honduras. These photographs are mounted on pages removed from a photo album.

Series III, Mexico, contains four prints of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico in the early 1900s. Also included in this series are seven postcards, five of which are of an unknown location.


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Steinfeldt, Robert--Archives
United Fruit Company--History--Photographs
Banana trade--Honduras--History--Photographs

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Box and Folder Inventory

I. Brazil, n.d.

box folder
1 1 11. Pará, Brazil - Entrance to St. Isabel Cemetery
12. Pará, Brazil - A Pará Parlor
2 22. At Point Pinheiro - 10 miles below Pará, the Coney Island of Pará (No. 48)
23. Largo da Trinidade - The Trinity is one of the [ve?] churches (No. 76)
3 24. Pará, Brazil - Estrada das Jurunas (No. 40)
25. View of another square in Nazareth
26. Another view of Palms
4 27. Peace Monument with Palaces in the background
28. Entrance to Bogue
29. Pará, Brazil - Na Estrada das Jurunas, Suburban adobe houses, photo by P.E. Meyer & Co. (No. 47)
5 32. Suburban scene - see large tree to right, photo by P.E. Meyer & Co.
33. Pará, Largo de Independencia - Barracks on left now used as a drill ground (No. 17)
6 36. Rua Conselheiro João Alfredo - looking west toward Cathedral
37. Cathedral - Very old and with very rich interior (No. 14)

II. Honduras, 1921-1922

box folder
1 7 1. At Farallones, Honduras, C.A. - A beauty spot, 1921
2. Along the Beach with John Richardson, 1921
3. A fill thru tropical vegetation, 1921
4. Truxillo R.R. on the Carribean Sea, 1921
5. A Carrib Village, Spanish Honduras, 1922
6. A coconut grave or CoCal, Spanish Honduras, 1922
7. Detail of wharf construction, 1921
8 8. Scene on the Caribbean at Farallones, The Point, 1921
9. The Lidgerwood and Engine "C", 1921
10. Plowing off cars for fill, 1921
11. [?] on the mountain side a good swimming pool, Trujillo, S.H., April 16, 1922
12. Roughnecks, Trujillo, S.H., 1921
13. Puerto Castilla, S.H. Building 127, My Home for 6 1/2 months "Mad House," 1921
14. Puerto Castilla, S.H., MrS, Machine ship Commissary Labor camp and beach, n.d.
9 15. My room #20 in House #127 in rear upstairs
16. Smith drinking the water of a green coconut [?] meat is [?] of cool water, n.d.
17. Looking down one of the lanes on Rincon [?], 1921
18. Setting grades for dredge fill-Dredge in background, Puerto Castilla, June 1921
19. Motor car #34, Sparks, Steinfeldt, Motor Boy, Hodges at Piedra Blanco Calling Station, 1921
20. Dredge cutting through main line R.R., no bridge replacement, June 1921
21. Steinfeldt-[?] Williams, "El Commandante," Neal Johnson, Kearnay Sp[?], 1921
22. Farallones, S.H.-Baldwin, Sparks, Johnson, Steinnfeldt, [?], n.d.
10 23. At the Station, Puerta Castilla, Rincon, 1921
24. S.H. The Shoreline, Rincon, 1921
25. Power, Light, and Ice Plant at Puerta Casilla, Power Plant Under Construction, Rincon, n.d.
26. Machine Shop, Rincon, n.d.
27. Puerta Castilla, Dredge Morgan, 1922
28. Engine #8 and MrS Building, Banana Train, Rincon, 1921
29. Puerta Castilla, Part of the Fill, 1922
30. Puerta Castilla, The Club Room in this End, Niess Hall, Rincon, 1921
31. Dredge in Canal, Dredge in Operation, Rincon, n.d.
32. Yacht Victor at anchor, [?] from Tela in it, Dredge at old wharf, n.d.
11 33. Corner of office building Tela RR, 1921
34. "Slim" Powell-Johle(hoghead) at Tela, SS Zapata at wharf, SS Ellis in distance and one other SS. Loading bananas, June 1921
35. Office building, Tela RR, 1921
36. Hospital, Tela RR, 1921
12 37. Hubert, [?], Bob Steinfeldt, Smith, Chatham-Sandfill in Puerta Castilla S.H., June 1921
38. "Honduranian Navy" Tela S.H., 1921
39. Wharf at Tela, S.H., 1921
40. "Manaca Shack," n.d.
41. A few bananas, 1921
42. Steinfeldt and Chatham in "CoCal" Puerta Castilla, S.H., 1921
43. Wreck of Engine #1 at Farallones Spanish Honduras, Pile driver and cars at bottom, May 15, 1921
44. CoCal Rincon S.H.-Chatham is the man, June 15, 1921
45. Wreck of Engine #1 at Farallones Spanish Honduras, Pile driver and cars at bottom, May 15, 1921
46. Wreck of Engine #1 at Farallones Spanish Honduras, Pile driver and cars at bottom, May 15, 1921
47. Wreck of Engine #1 at Farallones Spanish Honduras, Pile driver and cars at bottom, May 15, 1921
48. Wreck of Engine #1 at Farallones Spanish Honduras, Pile driver and cars at bottom, May 15, 1921
49. Along the Farallones and Caribbean Sea, S.H., May 15, 1921
13 50. Trujillo, S.H. Carrib Maskers welcome the New Year with a dance "note the shell chains around the knees," January 1, 1922
51. The Park in Trujillo, S.H., 1921
52. The Park in Trujillo, S.H., 1921
53. Street Scene Truxillo, Looking towards Crystallis Trujillo, S.H., 1922
54. Rear view, Truxillo Church, View across from the "French Man's," 1922
55. Old Spanish Church at Truxillo, Oldest church in Honduras, Built in 1870, 1922
14 56. Truxillo from the sea, Mountains 4000 ft high, 1922
57. Street scene Truxillo, Looking toward Truxillo building and the railroad, 1921
58. "Cuartel" Truxillo, Old Spanish Fort, 1922
59. UNIA, ACL, Parade Truxillo, Negro Improvement Association Parade. Jail to the left, 1921
60. Corocito, car loading with Pickles, 1922
61. Corocito, Backing them out on mules, Muleman, G.P. Hunnicutt, R.H. Steinfeldt, 1922
62. Corocito, G.P.H. and the Pickles, 1922
63. A stem on the mask, 1922
64. Corocito Farm, Tramming bananas, 1922
65. Corocito, The Mainline through bananas, 1922
15 66. Piedra Blanca, Bananas in a Wind, 1921
67. Puerta Castilla, Spanish Honduras, The Hospital, 1922
68. Puerta Castilla, Pickles!! "The first 6000," March 1921
69. San Pedro, Spanish Honduras, San Pedro River Bridge, 1922
70. Farallones, S.H. MC. 82 and Winslow's House, June 1922
71. Corocito Junction, Engine #40 with the train, Harvey Waite and Power [?] (Hoghead), 1922
72. Piedra Blana, 1921
73. G.P. Hunnicutt on Bridge at Farallones, 192?
74. Corocito, Sambo Indians from Nicaragua, February, 1922
75. Corocito, Mabel Woods, Mrs Ordoñez, Harvey Faust, Mrs Pierson, Mrs Riplinger, Mr E.C. Wentworth, Mr N. Riplinger, Mr Marshall, Rit S, January 1, 1922
16 76. Manaca Shack, Rincon, n.d.
77. At Corocito Junction on the T.R.R., n.d.

III. Mexico, 1912, n.d.

box folder
1 Photographs, n.d.
17 6. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, H. Ayuntamiento de 1886-1887, n.d.
7. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey, n.d.
8. Unknown, n.d.
9. Unknown, n.d.
Postcards, 1912, n.d.
18 Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí, n.d.
19 Red Cross, Madero's Camp, photograph by D.W. Hoffman, 1912
20 Unknown, n.d.
1. Market Plaza
2. Telegraph Office
3. M. Guerra Store
4. M. Guerra Store
5. Internacional, Sandoval Fot.