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Self-Help Graphics & Art, Inc. Collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Self-Help Graphics & Art, Inc.
Title: Self-Help Graphics & Art, Inc. Collection
Dates: 1983-1985
Abstract: Collection of original Mexican American silkscreens produced at Self-Help Graphics & Art, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.
OCLC Record No.: 23168115
Extent: 45 items
Language: English
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Self-Help Graphics & Art was founded in East Los Angeles in the early 1970s. It is a visual arts cultural center serving its community's primarily Chicano/Mexicano population. Self-Help Graphics offers a printmaking atelier to local artists to create silkscreen prints. SHG also organizes youth arts programming, and exhibits prints in its Galeria Otra Vez.

Scope and Contents Note

This art print collection consists of silkscreens created at Self-Help Graphics primarily by Mexican American artists. Descriptive information provided for each print may include the artist's name, title, date of the print, dimensions, and series number. Prints should be requested by their Atelier number, listed below under the heading "Folder."


Prints are arranged as they appear in each Atelier series.


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Standard copyright restrictions apply. Digital images may not be used or reproduced without copyright clearance by the artist and permission of the Benson Latin American Collection.

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Subjects (Organizations)
Self-Help Graphics and Art, Inc.
Mexican American art--California.
Document Types
Screen prints.
Personal Names
Boccalero, Karen, Sister.
Vallejo, Linda.

Related Material

The Benson Collection also holds the Ricardo and Harriet Romo Collection of Mexican American Art Prints, which includes many silkscreens produced at Self-Help Graphics Studio and Art, Inc.

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Box and Folder Inventory

Ateliér I

Map_Case Item
OV A-1-1 Antóne, Don. The Single Word, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [25/60]
A-1-2 Boccallero, Karen. Without, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [60/60]
A-1-3 Cervantez, Yreina D. Untitled, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [10/60]
A-1-4 Costa, Sam. [indiscernible title], 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [6/60]
A-1-5 Flores, Florencio. Untitled, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [34/60]
A-1-6 Norte, Armando. Savagery & Technology, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [29/30]
A-1-7 Ponce, Michael. Familia Ponce, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [52/60]
A-1-8 Segura, Dan. Like Father Like Son, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [59/60]
A-1-9 Sparrow, Peter. Omens, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [1/60]
A-1-10 Zains, Marisa. Phantom Fear, 1983 March

35 x 23 in. [24/60]

Ateliér II

Map_Case Item
OV A-2-1 Boccalero, Karen. In our rememberance is our Resurrection, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [75/77]
A-2-2 Cardenas, Mari. Untitled, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [26/77]
A-2-3 Gamboa, Diane. She's my puppet, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [26/77]
A-2-4 Hamada, Miles. Untitled, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [21/77]
A-2-5 Leal, Steve. Untitled, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [36/77]
A-2-6 Norte, Armando. Untitled, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [21/77]
A-2-7 Perez, Jesus. Arreglo, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [33/78]
A-2-8 Segura, Dan. This Is Pain, fall 1983

34 x 22 in. [76/77]

Ateliér III

Map_Case Item
OV A-3-1 Carrasco, Barbara. Self Portrait, 1984

40 x 28 in. [3/70]
A-3-2 Delgado, Robert. Untitled (two faces), 1984

37 x 26.5 in. [52/70]
A-3-3 Duardo, Richard S. Untitled (Boy George), 1984

39.5 x 27.5 in. [3/80]
A-3-4 Gamboa, Diane. Untitled (woman's face and hand), 1984

40 x 28 in. [8/78]
A-3-5 Oropeza, Eduardo. Untitled (three costumed figures), 1984

34 x 24 in. [48/73]
A-3-6 group poster. Ateliér III, spring 1984

40 x 28 in.

Ateliér IV

Map_Case Item
OV A-4-1 Garcia, Lorraine. Untitled (family photographs), undated

41 x 27.5 in. [50/86]
A-4-2 Herron, Willie. Untitled (two foreground figures; two background figures), undated

26 x 32 in. [58/82]
A-4-3 Maradiaga, Ralph. Lost Childhood, 1984

28 x 35.5 in. [52/88]
A-4-4 Torrez, Eloy. The Pope of Broadway, undated

40.5 x 27.5 in. [69/85]
A-4-5 Vallejo, Linda. Untitled (human bust w/crown or halo), 1984

41.5 x 28 in. [88/88]

Ateliér V

Map_Case Item
OV A-5-1 Cervantez, Yreina D. Camino Largo, 1985

42 x 28.5 in. [8/88]
A-5-2 Guerrero-Cruz, Dolores. Untitled, undated

39½ x 27.5 in. [42/88]
A-5-3 Davis, Alonzo. Art on It, 1985

24 x 35.5 in. [8/88]
A-5-4 Duardo, Richard S. Untitled, undated
41 x 28.75 in. [8/88]
A-5-5 Sparrow, Peter. Untitled, undated

24 x 35.5 in. [8/88]
A-5-6 Valadez, J.M. Untitled, undated

35 x 24.5 in. [8/88]
A-5-7 group posterExperimental Screenprint Ateliér V, spring 1985

42 x 29.5 in.

Ateliér VI

Map_Case Item
OV A-6-1 group poster. Ateliér 6, undated

25 x 19 in.
A-6-2 Guerrero-Cruz, Dolores. Peacemakers, undated

23 x 27.5 in. [38/45]
A-6-3 Debatuc, Alfredo. Comet over City Hall, 1985

25 x 38 in. [32/45]
A-6-4 Oropeza, Eduardo. Untitled (costumed figures), undated

24 x 32.5 in. [32/45]
A-6-5 Perez, Jesus. Untitled (three profiles), 1985

25.5 x 38 in. [35/44]
A-6-6 Rodriguez, Liz. Untitled (versions of women), undated

23.5 x 35.5 in. [32/45]
A-6-7 Thomas, Matthew. Untitled (geometrics), undated

34.5 x 21 in. [32/45]
A-6-8 Torrez, Eloy. Untitled (woman and baby), undated

37.5 x 24 in. [38/45]
A-6-9 Zoell, Bob. Sunflowers for [?], undated

22.5 x 33 in.