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Antonio W.W. Evans Photograph Album, 1902

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Creator Evans, Antonio W.W.
Title Antonio W.W. Evans Photograph Album
Dates: 1902
Abstract Photograph album titled "Nuestro Viaje á México, Diciembre 1902," donated in honor of Ella K. Daggett Stumpf.
Accession No. 1993-17
OCLC Record No.
Extent 113 photographs
Language English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Ella Ketcham Daggett Stumpf, who owned the photograph album before it was donated to the Benson Latin American Collection, was born on October 11, 1903 in Palestine, Texas. She spent the majority of her life in San Antonio, but attended the University of Texas in Austin for a time. She met her husband Franz W. Stumpf (1889-1984) while undergoing medical treatment for an illness at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Mrs. Stumpf was active in many historical and preservation organizations in San Antonio and throughout the state. She researched and wrote on topics including history, historic buildings, cooking, gardening, and many other subjects. She died on April 15, 1993. The photograph album was a gift of Kris K. McClusky (a cousin of Mrs. Stumpf) on behalf of Mrs. Stumpf, after her death in 1993.

Scope and Contents Note

Antonio W.W. Evans created this photo album in 1902 of his trip to Mexico. It appears that the album was meant as a gift to someone because the last page is a handwritten note from Evans. The photo album is preserved in its original form. The brown leather exterior cover reads, "Nuestro Viaje A México. Diciembre 1902." Hand-written descriptions are written next to the photographs throughout the album and it is formatted like a scrapbook. There are 113 images. The last page has a personal note from Antonio Evans to an unknown individual. It is signed by Evans and his picture is on the last page. [An Antonio Evans appears in a 1900 Census Record in San Antonio, Texas and his occupation is listed as commercial traveler. It lists this Evans as being born in 1864 in Argentina to a mother born in Chile and a father born in New Jersey.]

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The Antonnio W.W. Evans Photograph Album is classified under the following Subject Headings:
Stumpf, Ella K. Daggett (former owner)
Mexico--Description and travel--Photographs

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List of Photographs

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1 1 1. From Texas to Mexico. View of Capitol, Austin.
2. Scene of lake/hill, December 3, 1902.
2 1. "Ojo del Agua," Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.
2. Site of marker "Trópico de Cáncer" south of Catorce, on Mexican National R.R.
3 1. "Ojo del Agua," Bath House built over the Ojo del Agua.
2. Swimming pool, Ojo del Agua.
4 1. Cerro de la Silla, Monterrey.
2. Another view of Mountain.
5 1. Mexico City: Fountains in the Alameda.
2. Mexico City: Neptune Fountain.
6 1. Statue of Aztec, at the entrance of the Paseo.
2. Another view of same figure.
7 1. Entrance to the Paseo.
2. Bronze statue of Charles IV, at the entrance of the Paseo.
8 1. Entrance to the Alameda.
2. "Cabbage" palms in the Alameda.
9 1. Aztec figure. [see 6.2]
2. Stone seats along the Paseo.
10 1. Statue of Cuitláhuac.
2. Stone seat.
3. Another view of Cuatláhuac, on the Paseo de la Reforma.
11 1. Near Chapultepec: fountain on the line of the old Spanish aqueduct.
2. Drive near Chapultepec.
3. Castillo de Chapultepec, at a distance.
12 1. Moctezuma's favorite tree: an ahuehuete.
2. Policeman, in summer suit.
3. Chapultepec: man in car parked beside the huge tree.
13 1. Tree under which Cortés reportedly wept.
2. Uniformed rider on horseback.
3. Man in uniform standing beside small, multi-sided building.
4. Ahuehuetes in Chapultepec Park.
14 1. Maguey plant.
2. Man at maguey plant.
3. On the golf links; snow-covered mountains in the background.
15 1. Near San Angel: a shrine at street corner.
2. Looking troward Mexico City from the top of the Peñon.
3. View toward the lakes.
16 1. Floating Gardens: the Gate of the Viga.
2. Statue now on the Viga. [see also 6.2]
3. Young oarsman in canoe.
4. Floating Gardens: on the Viga.
17 1. Church on the Viga Canal.
2. Statue at entrance of the Viga. [see also 6.2]
3. One of the oldest houses in Mexico City; said to have been Cortez's.
18 1. House of Alvarado.
2. Mexican/Vera Cruz railroad station.
3. Hotel Cortés.
19 1. Hotel Iturbide, Mexico City.
2. Aduana, Mexico City.
20 1. Coyoacán: shrine at street corner.
2. Church of the Inquisition.
3. Station of the Cross, on Mexican/Vera Cruz railroad near Guadalupe.
21 1. Popocatépetl, barely visible in distance.
2. Grove of banana trees.
3. Ixtaccíhuatl ("the white woman").
21 4. Tourist [Mr. Evans?] standing on crossover log, with view of Popo in background.
5. View of Orizaba.
6. Ixtaccíhuatl in background.
22 1. Ixtaccíhuatl near Amecameca.
2. Distant view of Ixtac, from the top of Sacred Mountain.
3. Church on top of Sacra Monte.
23 1. Pyramid at Cholula, near Puebla.
2. Indians going in to Puebla; snowclad peaks in background.
3. Oldest church in the Valley of Mexico at Coyoacán.
24 1. Querétaro: view of Alameda.
2. Pantaleón Pandura.
3. San Luis Potosí: getting water, at public fountain.
4. Jalapa: street and shrine.
25 1. Querétaro: site where Maximilian and two generals (Miramón and Mejía) were shot.
2. Jalapa: street scene.
3. Guadalajara: doorway of church.
4. Querétaro: statue of Columbus in Alameda.
26 1. Orizaba: entrance to a coffee plantation.
2. Coffee picker.
3. Village in the coffee country.
27 1. Jalapa: "cabbage" palms in the plaza.
2. Our cook, Marie.
3-4. Amecameca: gateway/church; Orizaba peak.
28 1. Vera Cruz: ashman (guiding cart) and his street friends.
2. Balcony.
3. Balcony on another building.
4. [River dock,] getting the drinking supply of water.
5. Tlacotalpan: church/royal palms near Tlacotalpan.
29 1. Tlacotalpan, south of Vera Cruz: plaza and orange trees for shad.
2. [Native dwelling] palm roof/mahogany trim.
3. [Native scene] street in town in the "hot country."
30 1. "Indígena" watching grazing animals.
2. Mr. Evans [?] wearing sombrero.
3-5. Scenes of native life.
31 1. Semi-tropical river, near Orizaba.
2. Mr. Evans [?] in native attire.
3. Papaloapan River; scene south of Vera Cruz.
32 1-2, 4. The Tropics
3. A "tropical bedroom" [tent/hammock].
5-6. Along in Forest, posing beside "peculiar tree trunk."
33 1-4. Views of Cocoanut palms.
34 1. Banana grove.
2. Mr. Evans [?] in native dress, wearing a tropical raincoat.
3. Pineapples.
35 1-3. Mr. Evans [?], attired as toreador, and in native poses.
36 1. Belfry, at dusk.
2. Portrait of Antonio W.W. Evans, 1902.