The Benson Latin American Collection

Panama Canal Employee Benefits Association Records, 1931-1979

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association
Title: Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association Records
Dates: 1931-1979
Abstract: Administrative and financial records of the Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association.
Accession No.: 1990-24
Extent: 35 linear feet
Language: English
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association (PCEMBN) began in 1931, founded by William C. Sterling and John Everett. The organization, in business until 1979, paid out $1000 to the family of a subscriber upon the subscriber's death. The association paid out a total of three million dollars between its founding and dissolution to the families of 3,017 members. By 1979, the association boasted 2,928 members. However, with declines in membership, and the approaching treaty deadlines with Panama, a meeting was held in September 1979 in order to dissolve the organization. The report of dissolution was sent out to the members in November 1979 by Dwight McKabney, the last President of the PCEMBN.

Scope and Contents Note

Member records, administrative files, correspondence, and financial materials (35 linear feet total) comprise this collection. There are four series. All files pertaining to subscribers or applicants are arranged alphabetically. The first series, Subscriber Records, 1931-1979 includes receipts, correspondence, and membership information on each member of the Association. The second series, Subscriber Records: Deaths, records the information on payments to beneficiaries on the death of members. The third series is Applications/Terminations. This series documents people who had contact with the Association, even if they were not a member. The fourth series is Administrative, and contains financial and office files, as well as secretary's reports and matters pertaining to the Board of Governors.


Access Restrictions

Access is unrestricted, but the collection is stored off-site and is not immediately available in the reading room. Researchers should contact the Benson Rare Books and Manuscripts department at 512-495-4578 to arrange to use the collection.

Use Restrictions

Standard copyright restrictions apply.

Index Terms

The Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association Records are classified under the following Subject Headings:
Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association.
Panama Canal (Panama) Officials and employees.
Mutual benefit associations

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Cite as: Panama Canal Employee Mutual Benefit Association Records, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin.

Box and Folder Inventory

Member records, 1931-1979

1 Anderson, William E.
André, Harvey J.
Andreassi, Bertie M.
Andress, Kyle C., Jr.
Andress, Lais Sue
Angel, Clyde S.
Angelini, William P.
Angermuller, Linnea
Angermuller, R.E.
Angros, Beverly D.
Adams, Nancy B.
Adams, Mollie
Adams, Lawrence Parker
Adams, John F.
Adams, Helen H.
Adams, Donald L.
Acosta, Joanne E.
Acheson, Doris T.
Abell, Richard W.
Abbott, Elmer G.
Abbott, Donald K.
Aanstoos, Margaret A.
Aanstoos, Edward Robinson
Aanesen, Mary E.
Adams, Natalie C.
Adams, Robert H.
Adams, Robert K.
Adams, Robert Westman
Adams, William
Addlesberger, Thomas B.
Adler, Linda Lee H.
Affeltranger, William E.
Aguirre, Leonard
Aguirre, Rosain R.
Aiello, William A.
Albritton, Errett R.
Alderman, John C.
Alderton, Stella R.
Alexander, Allen
Alexander, Hugh R.
Allen, Dorothey H.
Allen, Joyce E.
Allen, Raymond E.
Allen, William B.
Allen, William H.
Allred, Hallie Beavers
Ally, Julian C.
Altenberg, Norman B.
Amador, Frank J., Jr.
Ames, Mary E.
Andersen, Norman K.
Anderson, Arthur William
Anderson, Clarence K.
Anderson, Frank A., Jr.
Anderson, Gary M.
Anderson, Howard G.
Anderson, John William
Anderson, Laursel, C.
Anderson, Norman C.
Anderson, Robert E.
Anderson, Robert Ole
Anderson, Rosemary K.
Anderson, Theo E.
Albin, Edward E.
Ankrom, Paul E.
Appin, Oran L.
Apold, Robert W.
Arlington, Charles H.
Arms, Wallace R.
Armbruster, Edwin D.
Armistead, Edward F.
Armstrong, Emory F.
Armstrong, William M.
Arnold, Dorothy M.
Arnold, Gale A.
Arnold, Robert R.
Aserson, Clemente
Ashby, Phra Alden
Ashton, Marguerite M.
Askew, Camillus T.
Askew, Eugene I.
Askew, Ida Mae
Atchley, Jas E.
Atchley, Laura Ann
Atkinson, Frederick C.
Atkinson, K.R.
Atwell, Florence S.
Aurich, Judith Ann
Aurich, Robert L.
Ausnehmer, Robert F.
Austin, Louis A.
Austin, Osmond Nathaniel
Austin, Rob L.
Arant, John L.
Awan, Abdul K.
Aydelott, Jos L.
Babbitt, Woodford M.
Baer, Kenneth W., Jr.
Bailey, Edward R.
Bailey, Elsa L.
Bailey, Patricia S.
Bailey, Richard C.
Bailey, Rowan H.
Baldwin, William W.
Ballard, Adelaide T.
Baldwin, Jack O.
Ballon, Anna H.
Baltozer, Frances M.
Baltozer, Richard T.
Banks, Andrew H.
Baptiste, Laurent J.
Barabas, Albert F.
Barber, Adrian R.
Barber, Sarah L.
Barca, Lawrence
Barca, Lawrence, Jr.
Barca, Shirley H.
Bares, Ethelyn R.
Barfield, Doris L.
Barfield, Lionel L.
Barkowitz, S.I.
Barlow, Henry L.
Barnard, Paul D.
Barnier, Virginia Crane
Barr, Helen E.
Barr, Peter J.
Barrett, Louise H.
Barrett, Thelma H.
Barrett, William Joseph
Barton, Roy W.
Basmeson, Roland
Bassel, William
Batalden, Nora B.
Baublitz, William H., Jr.
Bona, Joseph C.
Bonner, Theo R.
Bauman, August I.
Bauman, Wilma F.
Baxter, Eliga H.
Beach, David C.
Beck, Alice S.
Beck, Helen C.
Beck, Rex Eugene
Becker, Mary E.
Bedsworth, James K.
Behling, Walter E.
Behre, M. Lucille
Behre, Thomas T.
Beil, Willard A.
Belcher, James
Belden, Charles E.
Bell, Paul M.
Bell, William Richard
Bender, Merritt J.
Bender, Mirt
Beneck, Louis W.
Bennett, Henry A.
Bennett, Marie M.
Bennett, William L.
Benny, Dorothy Hazel
Benny, William L.
Benny, William L., Jr.
Bensen, Ethel J.
Bentz, Paul A.
Benz, Louis A.
Beran, Frank
Berger, Ernest E.
Berger, Querida M.
Berger, Robert
Berkey, Esto R.
Berniard, Stephen A.
Berquist, Warren B.
Berry, Betty A.
Berry, Frank
Bloxom, Ingrid B.
BlueJacket, James Louis
Bohan, Wilhemina
Boland, Donald H.
Bolger, James C.
Bolt, Deane D. J.
Blystone, Arthur L.
Bodily, Harrison S.
Boehning, William J.O.
Bailey, William C.
Bain, Clyde
Bain, Ruth J.
Bain, William James
Baker, James A.
Balbirnie, Gordon V.
Balcer, Ludwig F.
Balcer, Robert James
Baldwin, Floyd H., Jr.
Baldwin, Frank A.
Baldwin, Gladys B.
Burrell, Frank D.
2 Betts, William A., Jr.
Biava, Anne A.
Biava, Vincent
Bickelmann, Robert W.
Bierbaum, Elmer W.
Bignell, Sam E.
Billerman, William H.
Bissell, Stephen A.
Bjork, Lawrence V.
Bouche, Adrien M., Sr.
Bjorneby, Richard J.
Black, George A., Jr.
Black, William
Blades, Robert W.
Blair, Nancy A.
Blake, Mary C.
Bland, George, W.
Blaney, Pauline F.
Blevins, Glenn
Blevins, Willis H.
Bliss, Curtis
Bliss, Gerald D., Jr.
Bertolette, Carmen M.
Bertoncini, Charles. F.
Best, Robert J.
Bettis, Roy M.
Bettker, Margaret C.
Booth, George J.
Booth, Kenneth R.A.
Borsellino, Abel
Boswell, Jerry D.
Boswell, John G.
Boswell, Shirley A.
Bottin, Walter C.
Bowen, Agnes H.
Bowrren, Donald J.
Bowen, Marian D.
Borren, Robert S.
Bowerman, Emil F.
Borrers, Walter M.
Bowman, Joseph T.
Boxwell, Buren
Boyd, King D.
Boyd, Lilias H.
Boyd, Robert F.
Boyd, Roberto
Boyer, Cara L.
Boyer, Robert L.
Boyes, Charles G.
Boyes, Undine Bernice
Braden, Lewis F.
Bradley, Fred W.
Bradley, James Peter
Bradley, Peggy Louise
Bradley, Vincent D.
Brame, Norah P.
Bush, Raymond G.
Butcher, Henry P., Jr.
Butler, Hobart V.
Brown, Allen S.
Brown, Carrie L.
Brown, David Keach
Brown, Earle
Brown, Edward C.
Brown, Emma E.
Brown, Ethel W.
Brown, Frederick S.
Brown, Grace E.
Brown, Graydon W.
Brown, Harper W.
Brown, Harry L.
Brown, Jack P.
Brown, Jim Newton, Jr.
Brown, Kathryne S.
Brown, Lawrence S.
Brown, Maurice S.
Brown, Meredith W.
Brown, Nellie C.
Brown, Robert W.
Brown, Walter Guy
Brown, William B.
Brown, William F.
Brameld, Walter
Bramlett, Paul W.
Brandl, Charles M.
Brandon, Mark Z., Jr.
Brandt, Evlyn William
Branstetter, Everett E.
Brassington, Frank J.
Brayton, Clara
Brayton, Donald R.
Brayton, Gladys W.
Brayton, John K.
Brayton, Rodman Frank
Brehmer, Lola S.
Brehmer, Marion H.
Bressel, Jerzy
Brett, Howard A.
Briant, Rollin
Briceño, Victor M.
Brick, Margaret M.
Broadbent, Dorothy D.
Broda, Michael W.
Brooks, Evelyn R.
Brooks, Harry B.
Brooks, James A.
Brooks, Leland
Brooks, Sherman C.
Brooks, Robert V.
Browder, Edward M., Jr.
Byrd, William R.
Byrne, Robert J.
Byzet, Christine K.
Burns, Marie D.
Butler, William V.
Burchett, Richard L.
Burge, James M.
Burgoon, Jeanne C.
Burns, Roberta D.
Burns, Robert W.
Burr, Roy F.
Butler, James T.
Butler, Lawrence M.
Burgoon, Richard O.
Burke, Dona T.
Burkett, David J.
Burnham, L.B.
Burnisky, Alexander E.
Burns, A. Elizabeth
Burns, Genevieve
Byrd, Austin J., Jr.
Burroughs, Icedore I.
Burton, Eldridge N.
Burton, Jasper W.
Browne, Carl J.
Broyles, Betsy I.
Bruce, Donald E.
Bruce, Henrietta M.
Brulaud, John R., Jr.
Brundage, B.R.
Bryant, James E.
Bryant, Paul C.
Budreau, Marguerite Y.
Bull, Harriet V.
Bullock, Asa C., Jr.
Bullock, Donald B.
Bunker, Chester L.
Bunker, Jesse Y.
Bunker, Lois H.
Buonviri, Eugene L.
Burbridge, Clyde, Jr.
Burch, Frank M.
Cain, Gladys H.
Cain, Harry V.
Cain, Nelson A.
Cain, Nova W.
Cain, Warren
Cain, Edwin B.
Caldwell, Francis B.
Callaway, Lawrence C., Jr.
Callaway, Richard G.
Calvit, Anna E.
Calvit, Robert C.
Cameron, Paul C.
Campbell, Claude E.
Campbell, Howard B.
Campbell, John R.
Campbell, Walter W., Jr.
Canel, Victor G.
Cann, Ernest H.
Cantway, David L.
Cantway, Dorothy B.
Carey, Ellis D., Jr.
Carlin, William Regis, Jr.
Carlson, Harry Albin
Carlson, Harry Anker
Carlson, Herbert H.
Carnathan, Wilson M.
Carpenter, Bertie F.
Carpenter, Edith M.
3 Carpenter, Henry T.
Carpenter, Lewis J.
Carr, Rosemarie J.
Carriker, Frederick R.
Carroll, Archie B., Jr.
Carroll, Charles E.
Carson, Beverly B.
Carter, Robert C.
Carter, Wade V, Jr.
Casanova, Roland C.
Case, Herbert W.
Cassell, Earl
Castel, Alma M.
Castles, Ellen P.
Castles, Francis A.
Catanzaro, John S.
Catron, James O.
Catron, William L.
Cavanaugh, Chalres A., Jr.
Cavanaugh, Frederick R.
Cavanaugh, Shirley A.
Chamberlain, Joseph W.
Chambers, Bernard
Chambers, Catherine A.
Chambers, Clara A.
Chambers, Harold E.
Chambers, William K.
Chaney, Donald R.
Chapman, Carl Henry
Chase, Charles E.
Chase, Constant W., Jr.
Chase, Dorothy P.
Chase, Gilbert F.
Chase, Henry J.
Chassin, Ben
Cheney, Julius
Cheney, Sarah K.
Cherry, Arthur C.
Cherry, E. Morris
Chesley, John W.
Chevalier, George C.
Chisolm, Barney J.
Chisolm, Roger L.
Christensen, Howard J.
Christian, Joe Y.
Christoph, Carolyn B.
Christoph, V.H.
Church, Charles Henry
Churchill, Dorothea T.
Cicchelli, Dante J.
Cicero, Helen M.
Cicero, Joseph J.
Cicero, Joseph L.
Cicero, Marcia Lou
Clark, Alice M.
Clark, George D.
Clark, George G.
Clarke, Jack W.
Clarke, John R.
Clark, Judy L.
Clark, Thomas C., Jr.
Clarke, Vincent J.
Clay, John C.
Claybourn, Elsie K.
Cleckley, Emily S.
Clement, Caleb C.
Clement, James A.
Clement, Ruth E.
Clements, Mary L.
Clemmens, Joseph B., Jr.
Clemons, Eulus C.
Clinchard, Gene E.
Clinchard, William H.
Clontz, Vernon L.
Clothier, R.J.
Clute, William T.
Coakley, Patrick S., Jr.
Coats, John E., Jr.
Cochran, Dwight Edward
Cochran, Marvin E.
Cochran, Loren T.
Coe, Edmund S.
Cofer, William O.
Coffey, Eugene G.
Coffey, John B.
Coffey, Robert L.
Coffin, Carolyn R.
Coffin, Joseph W., Jr.
Cohen, Sarah B.
Colclasure, Walter E.
Cole, James E.
Cole, Mary S.
Cole, Roberta A.
Cole, Walter C.
Coleman, George William
Coleman, Kenneth R.
Coleman, Olive F.
Coleman, Thad
Coleman, Thomas G.
Collins, Anna T.
Collins, Eva Sargeant
Collins, Jesse D.
Collins, J. Winter D.
Collins, Morris R.
Collins, Roscoe M.
Colward, Margaret R.T.
Colvard, Ruth V.
Camen, Robin L.
Comins, Clare L.
Compton, Edwin J.
Conley, Richard T.
Conley, Roger R.
Conley, Gladys A.
Conklin, Milton W.
Condon, Mary L.
Conklin, Fred R.
Conklin, Joseph, Jr.
Connard, Thomas F.
Connor, Charles J.
Connor, Donald James
Connor, Eleanor A.
Connor, J. Robert
Conover, Max C.
Conover, Richard M.
Considine, Daniel J.
Conway, Thomas F.
Cook, Lynn R.
Cooley, George H.
Coon, Frank W.
Cooper, Albert B.
Cooper, George L.
Cooper, Virginia M.
Cope, Eunice M.
Cope, Joseph T.
Corcó, Jose E.
Corco, Miguel
Corliss, Joan
Corliss, John B., Jr.
Corn, Vivian G.
Corrigan, John P., Jr.
Corrigan, John P., III
Corrigan, Joseph A., Jr.
Corrigan, Joseph S.
Corrigan, Owen J.
Corrigan, Peter Tiernan
Corrigan, Timothy J.
Cotton, Arthur T.
Cotton, Dorothy W.
Cotton, Ernest L.
Cotton, Fred A.
Cotton, George H.
Court, Van A., Jr.
Covington, Robert E.
Cowen, Worden H.
Cox, Bernarr H.
Cox, Richard W.
Coyle, Edward G.
Cozens, William J.
Craig, James E.
Craig, Sam L.
Cramer, Glenn, M.
Crane, Andrew Houston
Crane, Charles W.
Crane, James Bernard
Crawford, Vally
Crawford, Wallace I.
Cree, William J.
Creel, Beverly (Mr.)
Crespo, Rudolph L.
Crisco, George M.
Croft, Leslie W.
Croft, Leslie W., Jr.
Crofut, Gertrude L.
Crogan, Howard G.
Cronan, Mary A.
Cronan, William J.
Crone, John
Crook, Mary M.
Croom, Thomas H.
Cross, Charles K.
Cross, James C.
Cross, Mae Bell
Crouch, Dorothy D.
Crouch, Leonard F.
Crowley, Charles W.
Crowley, Herbert B.
4 Cullen, Austin J.
Cullen, Evelyn E.
Cullen, Jane A.
Cruse, James R.
Cruz, James A.
Cunningham, Frank L.
Cunningham, George W.
Cunningham, Samuel R.
Crum, Ralph S.
Crump, Roscoe R.
Curles, Ralph
Currie, Robert L.
Curry, E.F.
Dade, Charles R.
Daggett, Edgar F.
Dahlhoff, Vernon L.
Daily, John K.
Daisey, Robert C.
Dalton, Agnes B.
Daly, Theodore P.
Damiani, Louis S.
Daniel, Robert C.
Daniels, Robert D.
Darden, Curtis B.
Dargan, Joseph L., Jr.
Date, Donald W.
Davis, Dorothy M.
Davis, Leonard A.
Davis, Lucius D.
Davis, Mahlon D.
Davison, Estle H.
Davison, Norman B.
Day, Frank E.
Deal, Julian C.
Deaton, William Martin
Deavours, Robert C.
Decker, Sarah B.
Dedeaux, Barbara A.
Dedeaux, Louis F.
Dee, Mina H.
Dee, Thomas J.
Degen, Albert W.
DeGrummond, Joan R.
DeGrummond, John R.
Deitz, Jaye Dennis
Delamar, Carl D.
Delamar, Norma H.
Delaney, Charles F.
De la Peña, David L.
De la Peña, Jean E.
De la Peña, Mary E.
De la Peña, Moises
De la Peña, Sarah
DeLapp, Cyril D.
DeLazzer, John
DeLeon, Alwyn
DeLona, Guy P.
DeLong, Julia M.
Demers, Cecile L.
Demers, Norman E.J.
Dennis, Josephine R.
Denrey, Calvin W.
Denton, Fred L.
DeRaps, Amos William
DeRaps, Henry C.
DeRaps, Madeleine M.
Dermody, John D.
Dermody, Mary L.
Derrick, Robert J.
Detore, Charles Edward
Dettner, Marvin F.
Dettor, Vernon B.
Deveau, Burton J.
Devore, Adelia E.
Devore, Porter C.
DeYoung, John C.
DeYoung, M.H.
Diaz, Edith S.
Diaz, Isabel M.
Dibble, Frank H.
Dickerson, Ralph T.
Dietz, Julius F.
Dignam, Elizabeth J.
Dilbeck, Weaver P.
Dillon, Woodrow W.
Dinkgreve, Richard G.
Dinkgreve, Via M.
Dixon, Raymond J.
Dixon, William R.
Dockery, Harry A.
Dockery, Jean G.
Dodd, Anna
Dodd, Elizabeth B.
Dodds, John T.
Dodge, Sophie H.
Dodson, Dean L.
Dodson, Richard H.
Doherty, N.A.
Doig, Desmond S.
Dolan, Edward V.
Dolan, Joseph F.
Dolan, William G.
Doran, Thomas E.
Drew, Charles C.
Donaldson, Arthur
Donaldson, Edith H.
Doran, James R.
Dorgan, William J.
Dorsa, John J.
Downing, Wilmer L.
Downs, Philip A.
Dorson, Peter J.
Doubleday, Arthur
Douglas, Dorothy
Douglas, Robert J.
Douglas, Sydney
Douglas, Vernon C.
Drake, William H.
Drew, John W.
Drezen, Sol R.
Driscoll, Eula B.
Driscoll, Herbert S.
Druja, Walter A.
Dubbs, Charles A.
Dubbs, Mary V.
Dubé, Fred Alfred
Duda, Joe John
Dudak, Helen L.
Duell, Florence L.
Duff, Eldermae A.
Dugan, Ralph, Jr.
Dugas, Ralph J.
Dufree, Frank Kent
Duke, Franklin L.
Dunaway, Maggie B.H.
Dunaway, Victor A.
Duncan, Mabel M.
Duncan, Peter Wade
Dunn, James L.
Dunn, James W.
Dunn, Maurice F.
Dunn, Robert F.
Dunn, Robert F., Jr.
Dunning, William R.
Dunning, William Russell, Jr.
Dunscombe, Ruth S.
Dunsmoor, Forrest G.
Dunsmoor, Gary P.
Duree, Ben W.
DuVall, Robert A.
Dwelle, Robert L.
Dye, Emmett C.
Dyer, Earl A.
Dyer, J.C.
Eaton, Othra E.
Ebdon, Fred A.
Ebdon, Thomas J.
Ebdon, Thomas J., Jr.
Eberenz, David A.
Eberenz, Leo J.
Edds, Mary Helen
Edelman, Soloman R.
Eder, Edward E.
Edmondson, Juan F.
Edmondson, William H.
Edwards, Leon I.
Edwards, Ralph L.
Egger, Richard O.
Egger, Thomas J.
Eggleston, Carmen H.
Egolf, George R.
Egolf, Mary C.
Egolf, Richard H.
Ehreth, Leo J.
Elich, Ruth H.
Elliott, Charles E.
Ellis, Dale S.
Ellis, David W.
Ellis, Berna
Ellis, Henrietta H.
Engelke, Evelyn D.
Engelke, Edward Lewis
Engelke, George N.
Engelke, Herbert Orville
Engelke, Howard S.
Engelke, John H.
Engelke, Robert A.
Englebright, Theodore E.
English, Marion E.
Enjuto, Regina Q.
Ellison, June K.
Endicott, Arthur L.
Epley, Mary R.
Erbe, Richard K.
Erickson, S.H.
Ericson, Donald L.
Erikson, John E.
Ernst, Charles B.
Esler, Lyla Marie
Esslinger, W.H.
Etchberger, Doris
Etchberger, Thomas N., Jr.
Euper, Alton I.
Evans, Charles O.
Evans, Evan G., Jr.
Evans, Orville L.
Everson, John A.
Everson, Louis N.
5 Fagerberg, Egerd R.
Fagerberg, Helen R.
Fair, Charles H., Jr.
Fall, Robert C.
Fall, Wilbur B.
Fallon, Florence K.
Fallon, John J.
Fanning, Wanda G.
Fanucci, Louis John
Farley, Joanne F.
Farmer, Harley J.
Farmer, John W.
Farnsworth, Noel C.
Farrell, Edith L.
Farrell, Webster G.
Farrell, William
Favorite, Ada Louise
Favorite, Benjamin E.
Fearn, Winfield F.
Fearon, Robert F., Jr.
fears, Charles C.
Fears, George Webster
Feilbeck, Kermit H.
Felps, George G.
Felt, Carl F.
Fender, Fronia
Fender, Walter R.
Ferguson, Lester A.
Fernandes, Harold
Ferro, Gilbert K.
Field, Cyrus W.
Fields, Annette F.
Fields, John B., Jr.
Fifer, Clinton W.
Figel, George F.
Filo, Edward Paul
Fink, Louis
Finke, Harry F.
Finkelstein, Morris
Finneman, Theodore M.
Fischer, Howard E.
Fischer, John Lange
Fishbough, Ruth A.
Fisk, Charles A.
Fitzgerald, George T.
Fitzpatrick, E.
Flack, Leo G.
Fleckner, Nathan
Fleisher, Arlene H.
Fleming, William B.
Fletcher, Verna S.
Flores, George O.
Flumach, Robert S.
Flynn, Marilyn L.
Foggia, Mary L.
Foiles, Clarence L.
Foley, Thomas F.
Folger, Gary George
Forbes, Elmer F., Jr.
Ford, Mary Frances
Ford, Randall H.
Foreman, Paul L.
Forgeson, Bernard W.
Forrest, Ernest W.
Forsinan, Eric E.
Forsman, Helen H.
Forsstrom, William W.
Foster, Harry D.
Foster, Marjorie J.
Foster, Mary H.
Foster, Peter W.
Fox, Alfred B.
Foster, J.H.
Fox, Clarence M.
Fox, George H.
Fox, George J.
Fox, Gerald J.
Fox, Helen H.
Frick, Otto C.
Friedman, Paul H.
Friedrich, Edwin J.
Fritts, G.L.
Fritz, Dorothy F.
Fritz, Richard C.
Fruth, Gerald R.
Fryer, Jeanette S.
Fuller, Emerson R.
Fuller, Howard E.
Fuller, Howard M.
Fox, Rhoda L.
Frampton, Stella I.
Frank, Mabel A.
Frank, Walter R.
Franseen, Norman W.
Fraser, Angus L.
Fraser, Harold M.
Fraser, James A.
Frauenheim, Fox H.
Frauenheim, Kerner E.
Frauenheim, Neil R.
Frazer, Edward L.
Freker, Thomas Bernard
French, Beatrice
French, Lewis C.
French, Worden E.
French, Worden E., Jr.
Fuller, Richard W.
Fulton, James L.
Fulton, James L., Jr.
Funk, Mary
Fuqua, Joseph T.
Furey, John F.
Furlong, Ralph E., Jr.
Furr, Edna R.
Furr, Paul R.
Fynan, Francis A.
Fynan, Marian A.
Fynan, Marlin A.
Fusselman, William J.C.
Gabriel, Edmund P.
Gach, Michael F.
Gadbois, Richard M.
Gailey, Grady G.
Gaines, W.H., Jr.
Gale, Nathan B., Jr.
Gale, R. Florence
Gallagher, John J., Jr.
Galloway, Wilhelmina K.
Galuska, Edward A.
Gangle, R.A.
Garber, William C.
Garcia, Jeanne S.
Gardiner, Marjorie H.
Gardiner, Herbert G.
Garlington, Albert C.
Garner, William E.
Garrido, Donald P.
Garrison, Raymond L.
Gately, Francis A., Jr.
Gatz, David L.
Gaudette, William
Gaughenbaugh, John K.
Gaul, Eugene W.
Gearhart, Creed F.
Geddes, Robert T.
Geddes, Robert T., Jr.
Geddie, Lois W.
Gee, Howard G.
Geer, William
Gegg, Anne D.
Gemmell, Fred M.
George, Curtis H.
Gerchow, Frank J., Jr.
Gerhardt, P.
Gersten, William N.
Gewin, Billy G.
Gibson, Drexel W.
Gibson, Thomas F.
Gilberg, Olive M.
Gilber, Dennis A.
Gilbert, John Fred K.
Gilday, Raymond P.
Gil del Real, Joaquin
Gilder, Wayne
Gilead, Rosemary M.
Gill, Wilson P.
Gilman, James G.
Gilmore, Emerson A.
Gilbin, Beryl C.
Girdner, James E.
Givens, Jimmy Ray
Givonetti, Paul Dominick
Glenn, Robert L.
Glover, Warren E.
Godwin, Thelma R.
Gohde, Deborah L.D.
Goldhorn, Elaine H.
Goldhorn, George W.
Goldstrohm, Melvin J.
Gonzales, Jose A.
Goebert, Mabel W.
Goodrich, Eddie B.
Goodwin, Joe H.
Goguen, Albert E.
Gilbert, George H.
Gilbert, Jacqueline C.
Goodwin, William D.
Gorham, Lisle E.
Gorman, Robert D.
Gorham, Stephen C.
Gorman, Walter L.
Gormerly, Edward J.
Gosnell, Eleanor
Gould, Cecil N.
Goulet, Theresa G.
Gozzi, Ethel
Graham, Alfred J.
Graham, Marion E.
Graham, Susanne N.
Graham, Gladys R.
Graham, Perc F.
Graham, Roger A.
Graham, Roy E.
Graham, Smiley A.
Graham, William R.
Gramlich, Gregor
Grady, William F.
Graff, Marguerite S.
Gramlich, Gregory P., Jr.
6 Gramlich, Larry G.
Granger, Leo E.
Grant, William H., Jr.
Gray, Billie B.
Gray, Raymond A.
Green, Charles L.
Green, Jonathan Jay
Green, Nora F.
Greenberg, Everette E.
Greene, Herbert A., Jr.
Greene, James Wendell
Greene, Leon G.
Greene, Michael F.
Greer, Robert K.
Gregg, Eugene T.
Gregg, Marian S.
Gregory, Susan H.
Gribbons, William A.
Grier, Robert B.
Griffin, Harold W.
Griffith, Martha A.
Griffiths, Stuart M.
Grimison, Thomas W.
Grimm, Donald J.
Grimm, George L.
Gronlund, Roy F.
Gruenberg, Walter E.
Gude, Donna C.
Guest, Stanley J.
Guhlin, James Gordon
Guidry, Huey Joseph
Gunn, Landen
Gunther, Harold L.
Guzzo, Eulalah J.
Guzzo, Joseph V.
Haas, Lena
Hackery, Wilbur J.
Hackett, Burton, J., Jr.
Hadarits, A.D.
Hadarits, William A.
Hagan, James Howard
Hagen, Charles E.
Haggerty, Joseph V.
Hagwood, William M.
Haile, Aldrich S.
Hailey, Earl O.
Hall, George M.
Hale, Hugh Douglas
Hall, John William
Hall, John W.B.
Hall, Julian B.
Hall, Mary M.W.
Hall, William Spence
Hallett, Gloria J.
Halley, Milton J.
Halliday, Beverley C.
Halliday, Thomas B.
Halsall, Edward H.
Halverson, Homer R.
Halvosa, Annie L.
Halvosa, William T., Jr.
Hamlin, Frank A.
Hammock, Olive E.
Hammond, Charles W.
Hamor, Roger E.
Hancock, Harold H.
Hanlon, Lillian G.
Hanna, Robert K.
Hanners, Ralph L.
Hannigan, Dorothy E.
Hannigan, Thomas J., Jr.
Hansen, Ellen M.
Hansen, Hans E., Jr.
Hansen, Elizabeth H.
Harber, Albert W.
Hardie, William D.
Hare, John
Hare, Mary M.
Hargrove, Bertha M.
Hargy, Francis F.
Harlon, June W.
Harman, Theo J.
Harper, Mildred
Harrell, James E.
Harrington, Gladys S.
Harrington, Joseph H.
Harrington, Robert W.
Harris, Asa J.
Harris, Asbury H., Jr.
Harris, Howard R.
Harris, Robert M.
Harris, Ruth B.
Harrison, Harry J.
Harrison, Howard B.
Harrison, Margie E.
Harrold, C.S.
Harrover, Eliza E.
Hart, George L.D.
Hartley, Beauford J.
Hartman, Moses M.
Hartsaw, John E.
Hartz, Henry F.
Harvey, Ralph E.
Hasemann, Estelle Irene
Hasemann, Louis C.
Hassler, Robert
Hatchett, Edward W., Jr.
Hatchett, Julius F.
Hattaway, Solomon J.
Hauser, Alcide R.
Hauser, Dorothy L.
Hauser, Robert Joseph
Hayden, Frank G.
Hayden, Margaret C.
Haydenn, Richard T.
Hayden, Sandra I.
Hayes, Bertha E.
Hayes, Gardner
Hayes, Troy
Hayward, A.J.
Haywood, Clifton Alan
Heady, James E.
Heakins, Roger L.
Heald, Myrtle I.
Heald, Robert C.
Hearn, Jack H.
Hearn, Jarvis M.
Hearn, Roy L.
Hearne, James M.
Heath, Glenn R.
Hebert, L.P., Jr.
Heckman, Robert J.
Hedman, Charles T.
Heermann, Ray F.
Hehn, Robert J.
Heilman, Bessie L.
Heilman, Beth Elaine
Heintz, Lionel L.
Heitzke, Gladys A.
Heitzke, Leonard L.
Heli, Albert M.
Hellums, Kenneth C.
Helmarichs, Otto W.
Helmerichs, Robert J.
Helms, Carlton L.
Henderson, Alfred D.
Hennessey, Daniel J.
Henning, Eva L.
Henter, Emley M.
Henker, Theodore C.
Herman, Helen
Hermany, Albert A.
Hern, John F., Jr.
Hern, Richard A.
Hernandez, Anna H.
Hernandez, Julio
Herndon, Thomas A.
Herr, Charlotte A.
Herring, Bernice A.
Herring, Burnice A.
Herring, George J.
Herring, Margaret M.
Herring, Marion S.
Herrington, Robert C.
Herrington, Thelma C.
Hertgen, Paul F.
Hess, George A.
Hess, Samuel S.
Hewitt, John J.
Hicks, Robert H.
High, Roy T.
Higgins, Victor H.
Hill, Fred B.
Hill, Fred B., Jr.
Hill, Mortimer C.
Hilman, Bernice Gregg
Hill, Robert Sanders
Hilty, Gerald A., Jr.
Hilty, Josephine E.
Hilzinger, Lew Conrad
Hilzinger, Lou E.
Hinkle, B. Edward
Hinojosa, Olga M.
Hinz, Charles J.
Hirlemann, Edward
Hirons, Richard Milton
Hirsch, Walter
Hiskey, Paul M.
Hitchcock, Maxine K.
Hitchcock, William C.
Hixon, Louis H.
Hludzinksi, Stanislas
Hobson, Robert C.
Hobson, William
Hoelzle, William G.
Hoenke, Truman H.
Hoffman, Carl P., Jr.
Hoffman, Elizabeth M.
Hoffman, George J.
Hoffman, James H.
Hoffman, John L, Jr.
Hoffmeyer, Carl W.
Hogan, Iris D.
Hogan, R.C.
Hoiben, Milford S.
Holgerson, Jane E.
Holland, Robert E.
Hollander, Charles S.
Holle, Fred D.
Hollick, Geraldine M.
Hollowell, Cody J.
Hollowell, Freeland R.
Hollowell, Ross H.
Hollowell, William I.
7 Holmberg, Frederick W.
Holmes, Julia J.
Holsinger, Francis E.
Hood, Addie B.
Hood, James F.
Hood, Natalie C.
Hooper, Dorothy B.
Hooper, Judith T.
Hooten, Edna R.
Hope, David A.
Hope, Isaac N.
Hopkins, Exier J.
Hopkins, Reed E., Jr.
Horn, James M.
Horoda, Michael, Jr.
Howard, Harland V., Jr.
Howe, Roger M.
Horter, Milton, Jr.
Horter, Tommie L.
Hounschell, Donald S.
Housley, John Henry
Housley, Marie Genevieve
Hoverter, Earl W.
Hoverter, Eleanor M.
Howe, William R.
Howell, Ava O.
Howell, Clarence D.
Howell, Claude S.
Howell, Della M.
Hoyle, Rita M.
Hoyle, William E.
Hubert, Roderick W., Sr.
Hudgins, George K., Jr.
Hudson, George F.
Hudson, Joyce C.
Huff, Esther K.
Huff, Leonard G., Jr.
Huff, Maenner B.
Huff, Thomas D.
Huff, William B.
Huff, William B., Jr.
Huffman, Kathleen M.
Huger, Cornelia P.
Hughes, Hilton F.
Hughes, John L., Jr.
Hughes, Myrtle P.
Hughes, William E.
Hugon, David
Huldtquist, Betty R.
Huldquist, Rudolph F., Jr.
Huldtquist, Ruth P.
Hultin, Wilma D.
Humble, Sean G.
Hummer, Charles W.
Humphrey, Betty L.
Humphrey, G.B.
Humphrey, LeRoy L.
Humphrey, Theodore J.
Hunsecker, Maria E.
Hunt, James B.
Hunt, John A.
Hunt, Joseph M.
Hunt, Louise R.
Hunt, Patricia D.
Hunt, Rosalie Carr
Hunter, Eugene S.
Hunter, Louise H.
Hunter, Virginia
Hunter, William F.
Hupp, Wayne A.
Hurley, Benjamin J.
Husted, Frances
Husted, Louis C.
Hutchings, Barbara M.
Hurst, Brooks H.
Hurst, Paul Harris
Husum, Edward J., Jr.
Hutchings, Blanchard V.
Hutchings, Mabel L.
Hutchings, P. Byrne
Hutchison, Donald P.
Hutchison, Margaret S.
Hutt, Michael
Hylan, Horace W.
Ingram, Elizabeth Crooks
Ingram, Ronald M.
Inman, Roy V.
Inniss, Charles M.
Irvin, Sam S., Jr.
Irving, Joseph E.
Isaacks, Allan H.
Isaacs, Edward W.
Jablonski, Theodore F.
Jackson, Arnold A.
Jackson, Arnold W.
Jackson, Charles T., Jr.
Jackson, Donald E.
Jahnke, Charles I., Jr.
Jamieson, Margaret Z.
Jamison, Arthur E.
Janssen, Arwin J.
Janssen, Margaret M.
Japs, Anna J.
Janis, Grace Eloise
Jarvis, James H., Jr.
Jarvis, Walter F.
Jeffrey, Albert G.
Jenkins, Daniel L.
Jenkins, Thomas A.
Jenks, Richard H.
Jennison, John E.
Jenrich, Lawrence L.
Jensen, Ralph C.
Jensen, Victor P.
Jensen, William M.
Jesser, John Francis
Jimenez, Gertrude E.
Johannes, Jennie G.
Johns, William W.
Johnson, Agnes P.
Johnson, Arthur C.
Johnson, Carolyn G.
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Ellen Elizabeth
Johnson, George R.
Johnson, Howard R.
Johnson, James P.
Johnson, Leslie C.
Johnson, Robert Lewis
Johnson, Samuel E.
Johnston, Andrew G.
Johnston, Douglas S.
Johnston, Gracelyn H.
Johnston, James R.
Johnston, Matilda M.
Johnston, Walter F.
Jones, Alton E.
Jones, Anne M.
Jones, A. Paul, Jr.
Jones, J. Arthur
Jones, Carl B.
Jones, C. Roland
Jones, Edwin C.
Jones, Frances D.
Jones, Garth B.
Jones, Gilmore A.
Jones, Hayden B.
Jones, James Horace
Jones, John W.
Jones, Juanita O.
Jones, Marcia E.
Jones, Patricia B.
Jones, Robert LaVerne
Jones, Rose G.
Jones, Russel J.
Jones, Russell M.
Jones, Simon B.
Jones, William H.
Jordan, Hubert J.
Jordan, Lucille C.
Jordan, Thomas T.
Joyner, John H.
June, Mary Jacqueline
Justice, Everett W.
Justice, Mildred B.
Kaan, Donald C.
Kain, Joseph E.
Kane, Ruth E.
Kapinos, Adolph
Kariger, Lee
Karpinski, Edna T.
Karpinski, Felix
Karst, Paul F., Jr.
Kasparek, Marv A.
Kat, Lambert W.
Kaufer, Leonard G.
Kaufer, Norine H.
Kaufman, Herbert
Kaufman, Milton
Kaufman, William F.
Kay, William R.
8 Keegan, Lawrence J.
Keegan, Sara S.
Keenan, Maxine M.
Keenan, Virginia Rose
Keepers, William C.
Keigley, Daile D.
Kelleher, Ann M.
Kelleher, Bernard A.
Keller, Donald L.
Keller, Maria L.
Keller, Norbert F.
Keller, William H, Jr.
Keller, William Leslie
Kelley, Caroline A.
Kelley, Charles
Kelley, Maude R.
Kellum, Harry V.
Kelly, Barbara L.
Kelly, Garnette S.
Kelly, Robert D.
Kemper, Marjorie L.
Kenagy, Ivan E.
Kennedy, Roy F.
Kennedy, Dorothy K.
Kennerd, Edward E.
Kennerd, Wilma W.
Kennon, William S.
Kent, Ruby S.
Kessel, George W., Jr.
Kessler, William F.
Key, W.A.
Keyser, Vaughn C.
Kielhofer, Raymond J.
Kilbey, Clarence Wesley
Kilburn, Josephine B.
Kirkland, William E.
Kirkpatrick, Miriam M.
Kirkpatrick, Ralph H.
Kirkby, Eleanor K.
King, Oliver O.
Kinsey, Richard Henry
Kiley, Daniel P.
Kissam, Milo F.
Klasovsky, John M.
Kleefkens, Hermanus A.
Klein, Shirley C.
Klemmer, Lillian H.
Kline, Mildred P.
Kline, Paul E.
Klusener, Alvin C.
Klusmeyer, Nolan E.
Kluver, Wessel A.
Kneece, Boldridge E.
Knight, Ewell
Knight, Rex Orman
Kocher, Carol M.
Kocher, Carroll E.
Koenig, Frank
Koetz, Harry B.
Kolenda, John S.
Koontz, G. Leroy
Koperski, Evelyn R.
Koperski, Leon A.
Kopf, Mildred
Kotalik, Anna T.
Kozar, Andrew
Kozar, Dorothy M.
Kozar, John
Kozlowski, John Joseph
Kraemer, Grace W.
Kraemer, Nelson A.
Kramer, Paul W., Jr.
Krapfl, Allen E.
Krause, Charles
Krause, Julia W.
Kresge, Richard E.
Kromer, Irene
Kromer, John W.
Lrout, Charles W.
Krueger, Ernest M.
Krumm, Juyn C.
Kuhrt, Walter H.
Kuller, Benjamin F., Jr.
Kunce, Thomas B.
Kunkel, Edward J.
Kunkel, Paul A.
Kunkel, W.F.
Kutas, Stephen
LaCroix, Dorothy J.
LaCroix, Milton M.
Laing, T.C.
Laino, Paul J.
Lake, George Francis, Sr.
Lakeman, W.H.
Lambert, Clarence Kent
Lambert, Joseph M.
Lambert, Margaret H.
Lambert, Samuel E.
Lambert, Viola B.
Lamberth, John M.
Landrum, Calvin M.
Landrum, Veralea
Landsman, Sidney
Lane, Lea N.
Lanning, John L.
Lanzner, I.R.
Largent, Lester L.
Lauterbach, E.J.
Larrabee, Frank T.
Larrabee, LaVerne D.
Larrison, Lealand A.
Larsen, Walter George
Larson, Raymond N.
LaRue, John F., Jr.
Lasher, D. Elizabeth
Lasher, John P.
Latimer, Charles L, Jr.
Lattier, Victor S., Jr.
Lattin, Roy G.
Lauder, Ruth W.
Lawrence, Gervace C., Jr.
Lawson, Clayton H.
Lawyer, Robert W.
Lavinghouze, Herran A.
Lawson, Margaret M.
Lazarus, Hazel C.
Leavitt, Guy B.
Leber, George A., Jr.
LeBrun, Patricia E.
LeBrun, William E.
Leddy, William J.
Ledgerwood, Helen D.
LeDoux, Betty M.
Lee, Beatrice E.
Lee, Frank A.
Lee, George O.
Lee, Henry H., Jr.
Lee, Robert E.
Leeser, Charles LeRoi
Lefferts, Horace L.
LeGrus, Dora E.
Lehman, Patricia A.
Leiby, Joseph S.
Leisy, Henry T.
Lelaidier, Jules A.
Lenneville, Jack G.
Leonard, David M.
Lerchen, Frank H, Jr.
Lerchen, Martha L.
Lessard Stephen C.
Lesser, Irvin H.
Lessiack, Katherine A.
Lessiack, Robert
Leves, Charles E.
Leves, Frank R.
Leves, Yane
Lewis, William Edward
Leydic, Grace O.
Lichte, Ruth H.
Liebermann, Andrew S.
Liebowitz, Max
Lierman, William J.
Light, William H.
Limerick, James M., Jr.
Lindberg, Grayce M.
Lindquist, John P.
Lindquist, Virginia B.
Lindsay, Walter R.
Linn, Hugh M.
Lis, Anthony S.
Little, Dean E.
Little, Pauline S.
Litton, Eugenia Heald
Lively, Mary Isabella
Lloyd, Raymond H.
Locher, Frank J.
Locher, John A.
Lockwood, Earl W.
Logan, Arthur L, Jr.
Logan, Lulu A.
Lombana, Alfredo
Lombard, E.C.
Lombroia, Vincent R., Jr.
London, Betty B.
Londynsky, Samuel
Long, Daniel H.
9 Long, Genevieve P.
Long, Guy O.
Long, Jasper L.
Long, John A.
Long, Mary M.
Lopez, Joseph R., Jr.
Lopez-Morales, Rafael
Lopp, George W.
Lord, Charles M.
Lord, J. Douglas
Lord, Gloria M.
Lord, Guy R.
Lord, Laura H.
Loring, Lothrop H.
Lotterhos, Penny C.
Love, Jack Bennett
Lovelady, James E.
Lowe, George M.
Lowery, Carolyn M.
Lowery, George E.
Lowry, Robert W.
Lubera, Joseph R.
Lucas, Edward J.
Lucas, Ethel L.
Lucas, Norine R.
Ludwig, Robert H.
Luhr, Chester A.
Luhr, Elizabeth L.
Lukacs, Joseph J.
Luke, Donald M.
Lundgren, Louis R.
Lusk, Charles B.
Lynch, George W.
Lynch, Mary Griffin
Lyttle, Maurene S.
Lyttle, Ward T.
Maale, Sophie M.
MacDonald, Dilwin E.
MacDonell, R.A.
Mack, Joseph A.
Maclean, Donald E.
MacLean, James D.
MacMillan, Paul E.
MacMurray, Elizabeth
MacPherson, Lionel I.
Madden, John J.
Madigan, Rita P.
Madison, John A.
Magary, James E.
Magee, Charles F.
Magee, Susan M.
Maguire, Martha R.
Makibbin, Shirley
Malee, William
Malin, Clarence C.
Malin, Edwin R., Jr.
Mallia, Ellen W.
Mallia, John M.
Mallia, Thomas E.
Mallory, Marion L.
Mallory, William B.
Maloney, Hugh
Malsbury, Charles S.
Manikas, Archie
Manley, Allen F.
Mann, D.E., Jr.
Mannico, Orren J.
Manning, John F.
Manor, Eugene P.
Manthorne, Dorothy L.
Manthorne, Kenneth L.
Maravilla, Joseph R.
Maravilla, Daniel J.
Marczak, Andrew T.
Marczak, Frank P.
Marguard, Warren
Marr, Esther G.
Marshall, Audie R.
Marshall, Betty L.
Marshall, Hattie B.
Martens, Eva A.
Marti, Teddy A.
Martin, George A.
Martin, Lee M.
Martin, Margaret M.
Martin, William Hastings, Jr.
Martinez, Homer G.
Martinez, Rosemary D.
Marugg, Ted J.
Marzano, Gallio J.
Masino, Carol L.
Mason, Helen T.
Matheney, Robert G.
Mathias, Hazel S.
Mathis, James A.
Mathis, Jo Anne S.
Matson, Raymond William
Matters, Dorothy Budd
Matthai, Dorothy R.
Matthai, Henry J.
Matthews, Arthur J., Jr.
Matz, Charles J.
Mauer, Alfred J.
Maurer, Jessica K.
Maxfield, Max G.
May, Cato
May, June H.
May, Rowan C.
May, Victor H., Jr.
Maynard, Bob D.
Mazurkiewicz, Evelyn M.
McAllister, Edith I.
McAllister, Robert W.
McArthur, Charles A.
McBride, Robert E.
McCariney, Daniel B.
McCartney, Ethel M.
McClean, Richard A.
McClure, Walter T.
McConaghy, Benjamin J.
MConaghy, John J.
McConaghy, Mathilda H.
McConaughey, Richard H.
McConnell, Lloyd S.
McCord, Dema M.
McCormack, Cornelius S.
McCoy, Anna M.
McCoy, Robert R.
McCue, William K.
McCoy, Woodrow H.
McCarrick, James R.
McCullough, Maurice L.
McDonald, Emmet J.
McDonald, Jackie L.
McDonald, Mary G.
McDonald, Patrick H.
McDonald, R.L.
McDorrell, William H.
McDougall, John B.
McEacharn, Stanley D.
McElroy, Edward J.
McElroy, Lewis F.
McFarland, Bertha M.
McFarland, Edward Allan
McGann, Theodore P.
McGee, Hugh H.
McGee, Martha J.
McGee, Walton G.
McGee, William Francis
McGehee, Mary Ruth
McGinnis, Edwin M.
McGlade, Charles A.
McGlade, John R.
McGloin, Bess H.B.
McGloin, James F.
McGowin, Ruby Jane
McGowin, William D.
McGowin, William D., Jr.
McGraw, Kenneth
McGraw, Richard Dolphus
McGraw, Thomas Wilson
McGuigan, Kathleen M.
McGuiness, Robert
McGuirk, George
McIlvaine, Edwin C.
McIlvaine, Edwin C., Jr.
McIlvaine, Robert B.
McKabney, Dwight A.
McKeown, Anita M.
McKeown, Denise C.
McKeown, James, Jr.
McLain, Dorothy G.
McLain, John A.
McLaren, Norman
McLaughlin, Frank P., Jr.
McLavy, John R.
McLendon, James B.
McLendon, William A.
McLeod, Alda L.
McLintock, George T.
McLintock, Laura Catherine
McMillan, Nena M.
McNall, Dorothea F.
McNall, Glenn R.
McNaughton, Elizabeth
McNeil, Duayne T.
McNiel, Charles K.
McNerney, Gordon
McQueary, Eleanor G.
McQuien, Emmett E.
10 Mead, Burton F.
Mead, David F.
Meadowcroft, Allan J.
Meagher, Helen
Medinger, Frances G.
Meeker, John W., Jr.
Meisinger, Helen L.
Meissner, Carl Russell
Meissner, Dorothy Agnes
Meissner, Russell C.
Melanson, Katherine E.
Melanson, Rudolph D.
Melanson, T.D.
Melant, Victor C.
Melato, Gerard T.
Melby, Grover O.
Melton, Roger
Menchero, Baldomero A.
Mendenhall, Herbert Wayne
Menges, Melvin L.
Menzel, Kurt Frederick, Jr.
Merchant, Frederick G.
Meriweather, Dale R.
Merrihew, Edgar M.
Merryman, Harold E.
Mertes, John E., Jr.
Merwin, William C.
Messer, R.A.
Metivier, William H., Sr.
Metzler, Harry A., Jr.
Meyer, Harold M.
Meyer, Johann G.
Meyer, Ronald G.
Meyer, Samuel R.
Meyer, Samuel W.
Meyers, Francis J.
Meyers, Maxine C.
Michael, Aubrey Hoover
Michael, Vivian B.
Middleton, Kenneth L.
Migdol, Harry
Millar, William J.
Millard, Melvin F.
Miller, Aaron W.
Miller, Allen K.
Miller, Arthur S.
Miller, Charles R.
Miller, Efroem J.
Miller, Ira F.
Miller, Joan E.
Miller, Kathyleen R.
Miller, Louise
Miller, Robert H.
Miller, Robert Leo
Miller, Robert L.
Miller, Ruth M.
Miller, Sarah M.
Milligan, Walter L.
Million, Harold Jim
Million, Howard D.
Million, Roger J.
Milloy, Gertrude M.
Minor, Helen N.
Mintkenbaugh, L.G.
Mirrop, Jan
Misenheimer, Maude W.
Mitten, Harry W., Jr.
Mockus, Charles A.
Mohl, Fredrick A.
Mohl, Paul W.
Mohns, George W.
Mohr, Betty J.
Mohr, Carl I.
Moist, Linwood R., Sr.
Moller, Gustave A.
Monaco, Pasquale
Monroe, William G.
Monsante, C.A.M.
Montanye, Dorothy W.
Montayne, Elina M.
Montayne, John
Montgomery, Elizabeth S.
Monzon, William J.
Moochler, Earl F.
Moody, Henry C.
Moolchan, Robert N.
Moore, Howard A.
Moore, Kathleen M.
Moore, Lewis B.
Moore, Ralph T.
Moore, Robert F.
Moore, Sidney F.
Morales, John Arthur
Morales, Margaret
Morales, Ralph A.
Moran, Edward George
Morgan, Barbara C.
Morgan, Hugh D.
Morgan, Joseph D.
Morgan, Paul W.
Morin, John H.
Morland, Virginia W.
Morrill, Mildred N.
Morris, Albert C.
Morris, Charles
Morris, Dorothy A.
Morris, Jack F.
Morris, James J.
Morris, James W.
Morris, Kenneth L.
Morris, Margaret H.
Morris, Walter G.
Morrison, Leonard P.
Morrissey, Francis L.
Morrissey, Robert E.
Morrow, Shirley L.
Morton, Bess L.
Morton, John B., Jr.
Morton, Ralph A.
Morton, Walter K.
Moser, Paul
Mowery, Robert L.
Mowry, Bernice B.
Mowry, George A.
Mullane, Luella R.
Muller, William A.
Mullin, Wallace K.
Mullins, Earl E.
Mullins, Earl E, Jr.
Mullins, George W., Jr.
Mulroy, Agnes A.
Munn, George E.
Munson, Ethel H.
Munyan, Leonard
Muro, Wallace D.
Murphy, Diane G.
Murphy, Earl K.
Murphy, E. Katherine
Murphy, Eloise M.
Murphy, Francis Ambrose
Murphy, Glen E.
Murphy, Joseph J.
Murphy, Manuel R.
Murphy, Sylvania
Murray, George R.
Murry, William E.
Murwin, William
Musselman, Harry E.
Musselman, Shirley A.
Myers, Charles Bliss
Myers, Dewitt E.
Nardeau, Grayce L.
Nagler, Simon H.
Nagy, Andrew C.
Nail, William T.
Nall, Hazel F.
Nanke, Thomas
Napolitano, P. Edward
Nasson, Carl
Naughton, F.D.
Neabrey, James M.
Neal, Levi E.
Neale, Walter E.
Neckerman, Leo M.
Neel, Joseph P.
Nehl, George J.
Nehring, Karl T.
Neikirk, Jean H.
Nellis, Dan George
Nellis, Patricia R.
Nellis, Wayne H.
Nelson, Doris T.
Nelson, Edward O.
Nelson, Louis A.
Nessler, Virginia E.
Neubert, Frank A.
Neumann, Henry M.
Neville, Edward Henry, Jr.
Neville, Phebe G.
Newbury, Charles M.
Newhard, Carl R.
Newhard, Jessie E.
Newlon, Dallas C.
Ney, Wilbert L.
11 Nickel, George B.
Nickel, James G.
Nickisher, William J.
Nickisher, William J., Jr.
Nicolaisen, Andreas
Niedzialek, David J.
Niskanen, Esther R.
Nix, Charles L.
Nix, Eselee, W.
Nolan, Donald L.
Noonan, Della J.
Nooney, Robert F.
Norris, Ara S.
Norris, Charles N.
Norris, Constance E.
Norris, Hugh A., Jr.
Norris, Nye C.
Norton, Tommy D.
Norwig, Carl E.
Oakes, Madeline T.
Oakley, Luis
Oates, Robert R.
Oberholtzer, Anita J.
Oberlander, Raymond J.
O'Berry, John M.
O'Connor Robert P., Jr.
O'Donnell, Daniel F.
O'Donnell, James J.
O'Donnell, Paul V.
Oehler, Ralph V.
O'Leary, A.J.
Oliva, Dominic
Oliveira, Antero
Oliver, Victor Oliver
Olsen, John R.
Olsen, Philip C.
O'Neal, Rufus C.
Orr, Bernice M.
Orr, Dorothy
Orr, Elmer B.
Orr, Glenn
Orr, Marguerite M.
Orr, Mary N.
Orr, Robert H.
Orlon, Bernard O.
Orvis, Frances B.
Orvis, Joseph A.
Orvis, Margaret E.
Osborn, Arleen W.
Osborn, Howard W.
Osborne, Alfred E.
Osman, Gerald M.
Ostenas, Richard S.
Oster, Evelyn K.
Oster, Gerald
Ostrem, Nels M.
Ostrin, Norman
Ostrom, Irene A.
O'Sullivan, Cornelius J.
O'Sullivan, Frances Helen
O'Sullivan, Manuelita O.
Ott, Raymond E.
Otten, Grattiee L.
Overstreet, Mary N.
Oxley, Harland
Paine, Howard N.
Palmer, John S.
Palmer, Louise E.
Palmer, Marjorie G.
Palmrose, Edwin N.
Panzer, Robert Chet
Parillo, Frank
Park, William John
Parker, Bobby S.
Parker, David L.
Parker, Donald C.
Parker, Gloria M.
Parker, Kierie B.
Parker, Marvin
Parker, Naomi E.
Parker, Paul L.
Parker, Robert W.
Parkman, George I.
Parks, John Tretethen
Parrish, John F.
Parsons, John F.
Parsons, Winard E.
Partridge, Robert I.
Pate, Albert F.
Pate, Dorothy W.
Patin, Richard J.
Patterson, Harriet R.
Pattison, Frances L.
Paulson, Leigh C.
Paulson, Mary J.
Payne, Ira M.
Payne, Maurice A.
Pearce, Jackson J.
Pearl, Harry E.
Pearl, Virginia C.
Pearre, Charles B.
Pearson, Jack
Pearson, Joseph T.
Pearson, Thomas C.
Peck, Russell L.
Peckne, Marie H.
Pedersen, Hans P.
Pedersen, Norman H.
Pekar, Whanda V.
Pekkola, Larry E.
Pelham, Charles L.
Pennington, James H.
Pennington, Richard L.
Percy, Russell A.
Perry, Bonnie D.
Perry, Bruce George
Person, Ada O.
Peters, Charles Q., Jr.
Peters, Charles Q.
Peters, Virgil Lee
Peters, Ella F.
Petersen, Gloria A.
Petersen, Thomas W.
Peterson, Harold R.
Peterson, Herbert K.
Peterson, Lloyd W.
Peterson, Mary L.
Petruccelli, Vincent J.
Pettersson, Gosta W.
Pettingill, John S.
Pfeiffer, Mary E.
Phillipe, Douglas J.
Phillips, Fred M.
Phillips, George F.
Phillips, James L.
Phillips, Marion
Phillips, Noble A.
Phillips, Vera C.
Phipps, Eva W.
Picado, Miguel B.
Pierce, Alice E.
Pierce, Mildred G.
Pierson, Florence M.
Pierson, Fredo M.
Pierson, Russell E.
Pierson, William E.
Piglowski, Alfonse A.
Pike, Edward O.
Pimento, Thomas J.
Pineo, Charles S.
Pineo, Evelyn B.
Pinkos, Helen R.
Pinto, Dominick T.
Pitman, Ethel M.
Pitman, Warren
Plaisance, Brian A.
Plumer, Helen S.
Plummer, Emma R.
Pluym, Robert V.
Poell, Mary Louise
Polagi, John
Poletti, Louis J.
Pollard, Louis R.
Pomroy, Jimmy H.
Pool, Steward A.
Poole, George D.
Pope, Darwin E.
Pope, John Q.
Porter, Samuel G.
Posey, Carl A.
Post, Doris A.C.
Post, Horace W.
Potochny, Joseph M.
Potter, Richard R.
Powell, B.B.
Powell, Leroy W.
Powell, Mary L.
Powell, Russell Lee
Powell, Vivian M.
Powell, William J.
Powelson, Thomas E.
Prager, Jerome F.
Preslar, Cullen F.
Presson, Marjorie M.
Pretz, Charles E.
Price, Mary E.
Price, Shirley D.
Price, Thomas E.
Priest, Clarence E.
Priest, Kathaleen M.
Pritham, Howard Charles
Proback, Peter S.
Pruitt, Catherine M.
Pugh, Carl P.
Purdy, James M.
Purvis, Claude Wilson
Purvis, Ethel S.
Purvis, John M, Jr.
12 Quigley, John J.
Quinlan, Harry J.
Quinn, Bruce A.
Quinn, Genevieve F.
Quintero, Elizabeth I.
Racino, Harriet Elaine
Rader, Vivian E.
Rager, Charles W.
Rainier, Ernest B.
Rains, William H.
Rambeau, Frederick J.
Ramey, Otis M.
Radel, Ruby E.
Ramey, Teresa D.
Ramirez, Antonio L.
Ramsey, Erwin F.
Rance, George S.P.
Randall, Clifford G.
Randolph, Grace M.
Rankin, Thomas L.
Rankin, Virginia K.
Rapporport, David M.
Rathgeber, Annie R.
Rathgeber, Betty M.
Rathgeber, Edward T.
Rathgeber, Fred G.
Rathgeber, Jack E.
Rawls, Mercedes R.
Rayburn, Cecil H.
Raymond, Frank J.
Raymond, Harry D.
Raymond, Harry D., Jr.
Real, Dennis A.
Reardon, Francis E.
Reardon, Joseph G.
Reardon, Meade C.
Reber, William J.
Reccia, Carmela A.
Rechen, Henry J.L.
Rector, Kenneth E.
Reel, George R.
Reese, Cecil M.
Reeves, Charles T.
Reid, James C.
Reif, Walter F.
Reinheimer, Walter A.
Reinhold, Ernest M., Jr.
Reinhold, Richard Melville
Renshaw, Archie J.
Replinger, Kathleen E.
Reyes, Ramon
Reynolds, Edward S.
Reynolds, Evelyn R.
Reynolds, George M.
Reynolds, Paul Hughston
Rheney, James H.
Rhodes, Helen M.
Rhyne, Beatrice M.
Rhyne, Harvey G.
Richards, Howard C., Jr.
Richardson, Andrew
Richardson, Joe H.
Richardson, Myrna E.
Richardson, Mary M.
Ricker, Beverley (Mr.)
Rider, John Ablen
Ridge, Elbert F.
Ridge, John E., Sr.
Ridge, John E., Jr.
Ridge, Robert L.
Ridge, Vicent DeP.
Rigby, Edwin F.
Rigby, Hua W.
Riley, John G.
Riley, Joseph J.
Rinehart, James L.
Rinker, Joseph N.
Rios, Barbara A.
Rios, Roger J.
Risberg, Patricia M.
Risner, Sadie B.
Ristig, James F.
Riverh, Praxedes P.
Rivet, Rutherford P.
Roades, Edwin L.
Roberto, Gertrude McConaghy
Robertson, Ellen M.
Robertson, Ruben G.
Robertson, Robert E.
Robertson, Thomas C.
Robinson, Albert E.
Robinson, Benjamin
Robinson, Charles S.
Robinson, Fred A.
Robinson, George L.
Robinson, Paul E.
Robinson, Violet S.M.
Robinson, William G.
Robison, Hiram J.
Robison, Walter E.
Roche, Alice H.
Rock, Marhlon R.
Roddy, James Joseph.
Roderick, Charles F.
Rodriguez-Villafane, Angela
Rodriguez-Villagane, Julio
Roebuck, Joseph F.
Rogers, Anna C.
Rogers, Edna A.
Rollins, James Austin
Romeo, Michael A.
Rosado, P. Marjorie V.
Roscoe, Kenneth A.
Roscoe, Richard A.
Roscoe, Sandra Beverly
Rose, David C.
Rose, Harold L.
Rose, LaVerne A.
Rose, Mary F.
Rose, William J.
Ross, James
Roth, George J.
Roth, Thomas F., Jr.
Rothwell, Sarah B.
Rourke, Helen A.
Roux, William H.
Rowe, Meda J.
Rowe, Robert F., Jr.
Rowe, Robert G.
Rowe, William C., Jr.
Rowe, William G.
Rowland, George C.
Rowley, Raymond L.
Rowley, Samuel Harvey
Roy, Alphonse J.
Roy, Robert J.
Rudy, Donald R.
Ruelas, Jesus V.
Rumpf, Donald A.
Runnestrand, Paul M.
Runstrom, George A.
Rush, Norman J.
Russell, Clifford V.
Russell, Jeanette S.
Russell, Frank J.
Russon, William L.
Rutan, John K.
Ryan, David C.
Ryan, Edmond P.
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Lillian F.
Ryden, Roy W., Jr.
Ryer, Mildred R.
Rysan, Frank A.
Saarinen, Clara Z.
Saarinen, Robert Joseph
Salisbury, Mary F.
Saltz, Clark R.
Salvato, Richard J.
Samples, Gladys E.
Samples, Hugh L.
Sampsell, Howard L.
Sanchez, Josephine M.
Sandberg, Adolph E.
Sanden, Clarence
Sander, Harold W.
Sanders, Bruce G., Jr.
Sanders, Bruce G., III
Sanders, Doris H.
Sanders, Irl R., Jr.
Sanders, Jeanne C.
Sanders, John Milton
Sanders, Maxwell S.
Sandoval, Elliott
Sanker, Helen L.
Santee, William P.
Saphir, Eugene O.
13 Sapp, Fred W.
Sartain, Luther B.
Saum, Louise
Saurman, Ira Clarence
Sauter, Harvey W.
Sauvageau, Joffre R.
Sawyer, Martin S.
Sawyer, Virginia W.
Scanlon, Kenneth P.
Schear, Gerard K.
Scheidegg, Richard C.
Schexnailder, C.U.
Schiff, Theodore R.
Schmidt, Douglas C.
Schmidt, Frances W.
Schmidt, John C.
Schmidt, John E.
Schmidt, Mary C.
Schmidt, Sharon L.
Schminkey, Allen B.
Schneider, Raymond M.
Schuler, Paul Mulford
Schultz, Robert U.
Schultz, Warren G.
Schwartz, George
Schwartzman, H. J.
Schwenger, Albert G., Jr.
Scobie, Rita D.
Scoggin, George H.
Scott, Esten J.
Scott, Janice G.
Scott, Nancy Anne
Scott, Thomas H.
Seagrave, Anna M.
Seaman, Harry C.
Seaquist, John W.
Sears, Earl W.
Seavey, Robert E.
Seeley, V.R.
Seeley, Winnifred E.
Sell, Ralph L.
Sellner, Henry E.
Selvey, Barbara H.
Sether, Stewart H.
Setzer, Anna I.
Seymour, George H.
Shacklette, Paul H.
Shannon, Matthew
Shannon, Lydia M.
Sharp, Clyde L.
Sharp, Velta C.
Sharpensteen, Leon N.
Sharpensteen, S.H.
Shaw, Orville T.
Shedlock, Culbert H.
Shay, Robert D.
Shedlock, Culbert H.
Sheldon, Robert C.
Shelly, William L.
Sheridan, Marguerite H.
Shields, Helen J.
Shingler, Heywar A.
Shirley, James R.
Shobe, James W.
Shoemaker, Jeanne
Shore, Charlen M.
Short, Dickie Wayne
Shrader, Earl Cleveland
Shuey, Ralph E.
Shuey, Raymond Ottis
Shuey, Ray Raymond
Siddiqi, Sultan A.
Siegfried, Harry David
Sievers, Robert Carl, Jr.
Sihler, Frederick C.
Sihler, Mary C.
Silva, Mary Alice
Simmons, Johnny M.
Simons, Carl Lindo
Simpson, Richard B.
Simpson, Virginia D.
Sinclair, Merrill E.
Single, Frank W.
Sink, David F.
Skeie, Henri G.
Skeistaitis, Aldona V.
Skinner, Caroline V.
Skinner, Ralph K.
Skrable, Paul L.
Slaughter, William G.
Slaymaker, Charles M., Jr.
Slivinski, Henry L.
Slover, James L.
Slover, James M.
Smead, Howard R.
Smith, Arthur W.
Smith, Charles S.
Smith, Douglas S.
Smith, Elbert V., Jr.
Smith, Elizabeth M.
Smith, Frederic H., Jr.
Smith, Frederick H., Jr.
Smith, Gerald H.
Smith, Gertrude A.
Smith, Gilbert M.
Smith, Helen L.
Smith, Horace L.
Smith, Irene M.
Smith, John Alan
Smith, John P.
Smith, Joseph Francis
Smith, Loisdene T.
Smith, Lyman E.
Smith, Manuel A.
Smith, Mildred Cotton
Smith, Molly D.
Smith, William A.
Smith, Zula Lee
Snedeker, Leo W., Jr.
Snell, James M.
Snyder, Elmer R.
Snyder, Helen M.
Snyder, Joseph A.
Snyder, Paul Allen
Snyder, Robert Lowell
Snyder, Wallace M.
Sogandares, Anastasic
Soha, Joseph M.
Sollas, Gilbert A.
Sommers, Charles
Soper, Eleanor W.
Sorrell, Charles J.
Sosa, Fannie M.
Souder, Herbert T., Jr.
Souder, Herbert T., Sr.
Souder, Samuel L.
Soukup, Charles R.
South, Frank C.
Southerland, F.S.
Sovik, Elizabeth M.
Sparling, Wesley H.
Spaulding, Francis J.
Specht, Mary Ella
Specht, Stanwood O.
Spector, Irving
Spencer, Donald Herbert
Spencer, Frank D.
Spencer, Katherine S.
Spencer, Thomas E.
Spencer, William W.
Sperling, Donald C.
Spilling, Henning J.
Spinney, Edward L.
Spinney, H.F.
Stilson, Joseph H., Jr.
Stilson, Louis A.
Stoakley, Laura M.
Stohrer, Andrew
Stone, John H., Jr.
Stone, Stanford C.
Stopa, John F.
Stopa, Joseph J.
Springall, A.N.
Springall, Francis S.
Staats, William H.
Stabler, Susan K.
Stade, Richard E.
Stahler, Ernest L.
Stanley, Charles F.
Stanford, Fay R.
Stava, L.L.
Starke, Carl H.
Starke, Virginia L.
Steele, Lora
Steinway, M.E.
Stephens, William H., Jr.
Stephenson, Michael N.
Stepp, Charles E.
Sterling, Sarah B.
Stern, Edward Lee
Stern, Robert Glenn
Stevens, Charles F.
Stevens, Dorothy A.
Stevens, James D.
Stevens, John H.
Stevens, Joseph Y.
Stevens, Lloyd E.
14 Stevens, Richard H.
Stevens, Robert A.
Spivey, Mildred J.
Spooner, Ruth H.
Storm, Glenn E.
Storey, Henry C.
Storey, Norman Wright
Stoudner, R. William
Stevenson, Gilbert M.
Stewart, Earl C.
Stewart, Robert N.
Stickler, Margaret L.
Strey, Robert L.
Strickler, Coral Ann
Stringer, Dale S.
Stringer, Robert G.
Stromberg, Russell E.
Stroop, Dorothy
Stroop, Edward Clyde, Jr.
Stroop, Edward C.
Stroop, R.B.H., Jr.
Stubbs, Stanley O.
Styles, John T.
Suddaby, George D.
Suisman, Alice E.
Sullivan, Frank P.
Sullivan, Paula D.
Sullivan, William A.
Summers, Arthur P.
Summers, Dewey
Summers, Robert H.
Summers, Robert W.
Summers, William C.
Sundquist, Otto A.
Sutherland, Mildred O.
Swafford, Delmas A.
Swain, Katherine M.
Swartzell, Florence G.
Swearingen, Richard
Swingle, Merritt D.
Swisher, Charles M.
Syers, Donald L.
Sylvester, George M.
Sylvestre, Ralph A.
Szivos, Julius
Szymborski, John B.
Taberb, H.H.
Talbott, Elzie L.
Taliercio, Katherine F.
Tankersley, James R.
Tarflinger, Laura C.
Tarr, Earl C.
Tartar, Mark T.
Tate, Jesse D.
Tatum, Estelle H.
Tatum, Walter R.
Taylor, Charles H.
Taylor, Robert B.
Teicher, Julius M.
Temple, Sidney
Terrell, Glynn L.
Terry, John Henry
Terwilliger, Albert G.
Teske, Patricia K.
Tettenburn, Daisy M.
Tettenburn, Howard T.
Thatcher, Edwin H.
Thibodeau, George A.
Thomas, Hugh M., Jr.
Thomas, Leslie R.
Thomas, Rose L.
Thomas, Tom R.
Thompson, Gordon H.
Thompson, Harry L.
Thompson, James M.
Thompson, Jerry L.
Thompson, John C.
Thompson, Kenneth A.
Thompson, Morgan H., Jr.
Thompson, Robert L.
Thompson, William E.
Thornton, Charles J.
Thornton, Dallas B.
Thornton, P.L.
Thornton, William G.
Thrist, Wallace E.
Thrift, William R.
Tibbotts, Bernard K.
Tiller, Mary Karen
Tindall, Theodore T.
Tinnin, Lottie C.
Tislow, Rodney L.
Tobey, Wilson E.
Todd, James C., Jr.
Toggmeiler, A.M.
Tomford, Helen M.
Tomford, Richard J.
Tomlin, Lee M.
Torbert, Woodrow G.
Torman, John M.
Torstenson, Clifford V.
Tortenson, Lucile E.B.
Tortorici, Frank
Tortorici, Peter A.
Towery, Claude E.
Towery, Clyde J.
Towery, John W., Jr.
Towery, John W., Sr.
Townsend, H.E.
Townsend, John B.
Townsend, Wesley H.
Townshend, C. Stuart
Trahan, Paul L.
Trail, Stewart R.
Travis, Harold F.
Tribe, Donald Byron
Trim, Preston M, Jr.
Trim, Preston M. III
Trout, Sophie M.
Tufts, Joseph F., Jr.
Tulich, Eugene S.
Tully, George A., Jr.
Tureski, Lois R.
Turman, Frank R., Jr.
Turner, Anne S.
Turner, Earl H.
Turner, Hugh E.
Turner, John M.
Turner, Mildred G.
Turner, Ruth L.
Turner, William J.
Trower, James D., Jr.
True, Clarence H.
Tryner, Henry G.
Tucker, John E.
Twickler, Lawrence B.
Ubben, Jack Dale
Ummuss, Charles M.
Underhill, Rodman, Jr.
Underwood, Betty G.
Underwood, C.R.
Underwood, Walter V.
Unruh, Earl F.
Unruh, Olive L.
Urey, John W.
Urick, Patrice C.
Vache, R.B.
Vail, Thomas R.
Vule, Robert H.
Vamprine, Walter A.
Van, Evelyn S.
Vandergrift, Joseph M.
Van Everg, Dwight M.
Van Hardeveld, Jacob A.
Van Horn, E.C.
Van, Pelt, William E.
Van Siden, William A., Jr.
Van Steinburgh, Roy
Vantine, Wilbur H.
Vass, George L.
Vaucker, Shirley J.
Vaughn, Frank W.
Veib, A.T.
Veno, Irene L.
Vestal, Juliana G.
Vestal, R. Trendon
Vidaurri, Mary Kay
Vieto, George
Vigietti, Fracesco
Vikre, George A.
Viner, Edward J.
Violette, William A.
Vollmert, Eugene C.
Vollmert, Jane Sadler
Voyles, Joan W.
Voyles, Virgil E.
Wabey, Wilbur Fred
Waddell, Beth V.
Wade, Jack B.
Waggoner, Robert E.
Wallace, Stuart
Walling, Howard E.
Walling, Irene S.
Walsh, James M.
Walsh, John E.
Walter, Roy M.
Wanke, Carl A.
Wanke, Gertrude W.
Wanke, Ruby L.
Ward, Earle P.
15 Ward, James P.
Ward, Minor F.
Ward, William H.
Ward, William P.
Warner, Peter A.
Wahl, William M.
Wainio, Annie T.
Wainio, Jean R.
Wainio, Robert A.
Wainio, Violetta J.
Waite, Nancy A.
Waites, Worden R.
Walbridge, Gordon E.
Walbridge, S. Adele
Waldrip, Lucille D.
Waldron, Wilson H.
Walker, Frances P.
Walker, G.A.
Walker, James E.
Walker, Paul R.
Walker, Paul W.
Walker, Robert C.
Wall, Gaddis
Wall, Minnie B.
Wallace, John C.
Wallace, John E., Sr.
Wallace, Robert D.
Wallace, Samuel J.
Warner, Ruth C.
Warnke, Lyle W.
Warren, Joseph B.
Warren, Leon M.
Warwick, Louise S.
Washabaugh, F.P.
Waters, Jack A.
Watson, Burt W.
Watson, John S.
Watson, Joseph M.
Watts, Josephine S.
Watts, S.M.
Waxman, Morris
Weade, Fred M.
Weade, Jayne A.
Weade, Michael J.
Weade, Russell A.
Webb, Adrian W.
Webb, Dorothy L.
Webb, Robert
Webb, Winston A.
Webster, Edward B.
Wedwaldt, William A.
Weeks, W.H.
Weigle, William E., Jr.
Weir, Lorene V.
Weir, Martin J.
Weis, William J., Jr.
Weissinger, Arthur B.
Weitzel, Albert H.
Welch, Gerard J.
Welch, Ollie B.
Weldon, L. Dennis
Wells, Frank H.
Wells, Fred E.
Wells, Marion O.
Welsh, Musa M.
Wensing, Cecelia E.
Wenzlick, Mary B.
Wescott, Clifford L.
Wesley, Roley J.
West, William B.
Westendorff, James
Whaler, Betty J.
Whaler, George R.
Whaler, Virginia K.
Whannel, Ralph F.
Whannel, Winifred G.
Whayne, Harry U., Jr.
Wheaton, John M.
Wheeler, Jeanne M.
Wheeler, Malcolm R.
Wheeler, Ray W.
White, Carol H.
White, Everett
White, H. Loring, Jr.
White, John R.
White, Joseph H.
White, Joseph H., Sr.
White, Marium M.
White, Mattielee A.
White, Prieur
White, Wilbur A., Jr.
White, Wilbur A., Sr.
White, William A.
White, Winthrop S.
Whitehead, Vernon C.
Whitlock, Andrew A.
Whitney, Raymond L.
Whitten, Harold L.
Wichmann, William A.
Widness, Edwin L.
Wiegard, Paul J.
Wieman, Walter A., Jr.
Wigg, William S.
Wiggin, Margaret F.
Wiggins, James T.
Wild, Dorothy K.
Wild, Gelbert S.
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Williams, Grace M. J.
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Williford, James S.
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Wilmer, Harry A.
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Wilson, Dora W.
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Wilson, Leroy B., Jr.
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Wirtz, Edison W.
Wise, Russell T.
Wilde, Charles T.
Wilde, Richard J.
Wilder, A.L.
Wilder, A. T.
Wilder, Matthew J.
Wilkes, Leo M., Sr.
Wilkey, Roy Jay
Wilkinson, James E.
Will, Irene M.
Will, Raymond R.
Will, William H.
Willa, Leon S.
Willa, Ruby L.
Willard, Ralph H.
Willenbrock, Harry F.
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Williams, Anne E.
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16 Wood, Rob K.
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Zaldiver, Ramiro
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Zeimetz, Margaret Butler
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Zisser, Herbert
Zitzmann, Daniel C.

Deaths, 1932-1979

17 A
18 Ce-Cl
19 Ga-Gl
20 Jo-Jz
21 Me-Mi
22 Ro
23 Tr-Tz

Applications and terminations of membership, 1932-1979

23 Terminations: A-Ki
24 Terminations: Kl-Z
Applications: A-H
25 Applications: I-Z

Administrative, 1930-1980

26 List of applicants, 1932-1938
List of applicants, 1939-1941
Applications rejected, 1939-1949
Applications rejected, 1950-1972
Applications rejected, 1973-1976
Charges on current monthly assessment, 1953-1959
Beneficiaries, 1939-1960
Board of Governors, 1959-1979
Bonding employees of the association, 1940-1980
Checks sold to C.Z. Credit Union, 1958
Bad checks, 1957-1973
Checks deposited, 1961-1965
Complaints, 1958-1960
Correspondence, 1955-1975
1955, 1960-1967
Payment of assessments, 1961-1965
Destruction of records, 1953-1974
Follow-up letters to employees, 1959, 1965
Local rate employees death benefit association reports, 1934, 1957
Sample forms, 1946, 1953-1965
Forms, 1951-1979
Income Tax Returns, 1942-1979
Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Act of 1954, 1954-1958
Other insurance organizations
Requests for handling, accounting, 1935-1959
Notice of meetings, 1940-1972
Property: office space, etc., 1938-1979
Publicity, 1938-1979
School teachers list, 1953-1961
Social security, 1954-1959
Telephones, 1954-1972
Vacations, 1952-1972
Office Personnel, 1949-1974
Mallia, Felix J., 1959-1974
27 Employees, A-Z
Board meetings, drafts and copies, 1965-1969, 1974
Board meetings, drafts and copies, 1964
Board of Governors and meetings of the association,
Reading file, 1961-1978
January-June, 1976
July-December, 1976
January-June, 1977
July-December, 1977
January-Juine, 1978
July-December, 1978
Correspondence leaving office, 1972-1974
IBM file, 1970, 1971
28 IRS audit of operations, 1979
Safety box #256
Records of assessments levied, 1931-1975
Assessments 438-486
Retired employees of the Panama Canal and Panama Railroad Company, 1944
Reports of deceased members, 1956-1972
Death benefits paid, 1931-1954
Request for change of beneficiary (pending), 1973-1974
Requests for Death Certificate, 1941-1959
Life Insurance Statement for Decadent (insured) for Federal Estate Tax Return, 1975-1980
Miscellaneous information
Treasurer's reports, 1975-1979
Auditor's reports, 1968, 1974-1978
29 Receipts and Disbursements, 1930-1980
30 Secretary's Reports, 1932-1979
31 Secretary's Reports (duplicates), 1932-1955
32 Membership register, 1931-1979
33 Payment cards: A-K
34 Payment cards: L-Z
35 Deaths, 1974-1979
Loans receivable, 1964
Write-offs, 1973-1974