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Ignacio L. Vallarta Papers, 1852-1943

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Creator Vallarta, Ignacio L. (Ignacio Luis), 1830-1893
Title Ignacio L. Vallarta Papers
Dates: 1852-1943
Abstract Personal and professional papers of Mexican jurist and politician Ignacio L. Vallarta. The bulk of the collection is professional correspondence. It also contains printed materials and notes that belonged to Vallarta, and personal papers of his son, attorney Alejandro Vallarta.
Accession No. 2002-29
OCLC Record No. 63680621
Extent 9 linear feet, 1 oversize box
Language Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Mexican attorney, politician, and jurist Ignacio Luis Vallarta was born on August 25, 1830 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He was one of the oldest of many children of Isabel Ogazón and Ignacio Vallarta, a worker in the mines outside of Guadalajara. Ignacio L. Vallarta attended the Seminario Conciliar in Guadalajara and the Instituto de Ciencias del Estado before focusing on the study of political economics and law at the Universidad de Guadalajara. It was there where Vallarta received his law degree in 1854. In April of 1862 Vallarta married Francisca Lyon, a Mexican woman of French parents who had immigrated to Guadalajara. They had seven children: Isabel, Luis, Ignacio, Alejandro, Elena, Julia, and María.

Ignacio L. Vallarta’s political career began in September 1855 when, as a young attorney, he became the private secretary for Jalisco Governor Santos Degollado. During this time he also worked as a professor in Guadalajara, lecturing on the subjects of law, history, and political economics. In addition, Vallarta collaborated on the liberal Jalisco newspaper La Revolución. In 1856 he was elected deputy to the Congreso Constituyente and took an active role in writing the Mexican Constitution of 1857. He participated in the debates about trial by jury and the death penalty, both of which he argued against. Vallarta served as magistrate of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Jalisco before becoming secretary in 1858 for Jalisco Governor Pedro Ogazón, Vallarta’s cousin. During this time Vallarta collaborated on the Boletín de Ejército Federal. In 1861 Ogazón named Vallarta colonel of the Batallón Hidalgo.

Vallarta joined a group of other young Mexicans to resist the French Intervention at its onset, and because of his liberal stand he faced many obstacles in the next few years. Appointed as Mexico’s Secretary of State in 1861, he was briefly part of Benito Juárez’s cabinet but resigned due to conflict with Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada, the President of the Chamber of Deputies. In 1862 he was elected as a federal deputy but was refused the office because it was determined that he had not received the majority vote. Soon after, Vallarta was also denied the elected post of Governor of Jalisco because General José María Arteaga refused to give up the office. Because of this political persecution during the Intervention Vallarta decided in 1864 to flee for over a year. He went first to Mazatlán, then Baja California, and later moved to San Francisco, California. Vallarta returned to his family and home in Guadalajara in 1865 then left for Zacatecas to join Benito Juárez and the juaristas in the 1867 triumph over the French troops and Maximilian.

Vallarta continued to practice law and work as a deputy in the Congreso General until he was again elected governor of Jalisco in June of 1871. During what was considered a strong state administration he founded the School of Agriculture and made primary education mandatory. He also established the state prison system and started the official newspaper of Jalisco, which is still published today. In April of 1875, near the end of his term as Governor, the state legislature awarded Vallarta the title of Distinguished Citizen in honor of his work.

Following his governorship Vallarta was named Secretary of State of the Republic and relocated his family to Mexico City. Soon after, General Porfirio Díaz appointed Vallarta Secretary of Foreign Relations during Díaz’s first presidential administration. Vallarta served in this position until 1878 and left a legacy of strengthening Mexico’s international relations, especially with the United States. As a result of Vallarta’s work in international law, the U.S. formally recognized Diaz’s Mexican government in April 1878.

In1878 Vallarta was elected president of Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice, the office for which he is perhaps most well-known. Vallarta held more power than ever as president of the court because the Constitution gave him executive power in the absence of the nation’s president, which equated the position to the vice-president of the Republic. He presided over the Supreme Court for five years as a strong constitutionalist and became famous for his votos as he worked to interpret strictly the Constitution of 1857. His book Votos de Vallarta recounts the decision-making process during his jurisdiction as he emphasized the points of constitutional rights in the cases brought before him.

Vallarta retired from public life in 1882 upon leaving the Supreme Court of Justice. He continued to practice law privately and worked as a legal consultant in Mexico City for the rest of his years. Ignacio L. Vallarta died in Mexico City on December 31, 1893.

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Scope and Contents Note

The personal and professional papers of attorney, politician, and jurist Ignacio Luis Vallarta. Materials date from 1852 to 1943 and measure 9 linear feet plus 1 oversized box. The collection is arranged into four series: Correspondence, Other Materials, Alejandro Vallarta Papers, and Oversize Materials.

The bulk of the collection (8.5 linear feet) is contained in the first series, Correspondence, which includes professional, political, and private letters written between Vallarta and other political and business figures and associates who were relevant to Vallarta's role in the Mexican government or to his career. These letters and reports range from 1852-1893, with most of the correspondence dated from the 1870s and 1880s during the time when Vallarta was Governor of Jalisco, Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Republic, President of Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice, and later, a privately practicing attorney and legal consultant. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by the name of the correspondent (other than Vallarta).

About one-third of the letters relate to the internal politics of Jalisco state. There is a significant amount of correspondence (9 inches) with Fermín G. Riestra, who was Vallarta's secretary when he was Governor of Jalisco and who later went on to be Governor himself from 1879-1882. 3 inches of correspondence exists between Vallarta and Felipe Rubalcaba, with the focus of these letters being on the political state of affairs in Jalisco. Likewise, there are several folders (2 inches) of correspondence with Leonides Torres relating to the happenings in the government of Jalisco state, throughout which Torres mentions political articles in periodicals such as La Unión, La Chispa, and El Pais. Roughly another third of the letters pertain to national and international affairs. Over 100 letters exist to or from Pedro Santacilia, Benito Juárez's son-in-law and secretary. Correspondence from Ignacio Mariscal, José María Mata, and José Cuéllar focus on the quest to obtain U.S. recognition of the Porfiro Díaz goverment as well as Texas-Mexico border problems and issues with debt payments. The remaining third of the correspondence relates to Vallarta's private law practice and legal consultation. Other important correspondents within this series (with approximately 1 folder of letters each) include: Porfirio Díaz, Juan E. Hernández y Dávalos, Benito Juárez, Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada, Pedro Ogazón, and Vicente Riva Palacio.

Also contained in this series is the subseries Letterbooks. In these bound books, which are ordered chronologically, are copies of letters Vallarta wrote from 1869-1893.

Series two, Other Materials, consists of various types of materials that belonged to Ignacio L. Vallarta including notes, clippings, account books, financial documents, reports, announcements, declarations, drafts of constitutional acts and articles, and a painting. These documents measure 3 inches and are arranged alphabetically by title or format of material.

The Alejandro Vallarta Papers, the third series, measures 3 inches and contains personal and biographical papers of Ignacio L. Vallarta's son Alejandro, who was also a licensed attorney as well as an accomplished violinist. In the first part of the series exists school-related materials from throughout his education, arranged chronologically. The second part of the Alejandro Vallarta Papers is his biography, "De mi vida," written about his family history to his three children in the later years of his life. In addition to the biographical notes and advice written by Alejandro Vallarta, "De mi vida" contains personal correspondence, photographs, and artifacts from the Vallarta family. These materials date back to 1862 and as late as 1943. "De mi vida" has been disbound, kept in its original order, and is divided into three folders.

Series four is made up of Oversize Materials housed in 1 large box. The first folder in this series contains a protest announcement from the Supreme Court, and in the second folder are printed materials taken from the Bernardo Reyes correspondence in Box 9, Folder 7.

Another collection of Vallarta’s papers, the Archivo Ignacio L. Vallarta, exists at the Banco de México in Mexico City. It was acquired in 1956 from the Vallarta family and consists of 85 boxes with documents dated from 1776-1940. This collection at the Banco de México was organized and described by Vallarta’s son Alejandro. The Supreme Court of Mexico published Alejandro Vallarta’s elaborate “Catálogo del Archivo” in 1990 in La Suprema Corte De Justicia a Principios del Porfirismo (1877-1882).


The collection is arranged into four series: Correspondence, Other Materials, Alejandro Vallarta Papers, and Oversize Materials.


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Jalisco (Mexico). Governor (1871-1875: Vallarta)
Jalisco (Mexico)--Politics and government--Sources
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Other Authors
Camarena, Jesús L.
Carrión, Eufrasio
Díaz, Porfirio, 1830-1915
Gómez, Urbano
Hernández y Dávalos, Juan E., b. 1827
Juárez, Benito, 1806-1872
Lerdo de Tejada, Sebastián, 1823-1889
Ogazón, Pedro, 1824-1890
Pacheco, Ramón
Riestra, Fermín
Riva Palacio, Vicente, 1832-1896
Robles Martínez, Juan
Rubalcaba, Felipe
Silva, Ignacio
Torres, Leonides
Vallarta, Alejandro

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Box and Folder Inventory

Correspondence, 1852-1893

1 Alphabetical Correspondence, 1800-1800
1 Acapulco, Juez de Distrito en, 1878
2 Aguilar, Francisco de P., 1878
3 Aguilar, P. Irineo, 1878
4 Aguirre, Manuel, 1874
5 Alatorre, José María, 1872-1873
6 Alatorre, Juan, 1872-1873
7 Albarelli, Agustín, 1877-1878
8 Alcalde, Joaquín M., 1873-1874
9 Alcaráz y Torres, Jesús, 1871-1872
10 Aldana, Francisco, 1874
11 Aldeanueva, Eduardo, 1887-1889
12 Álvarez, Mariano, 1873-1879, N.d.
13 Anaya, Camilo, 1873-1874
14 Antiagarán, Joaquín M., 1874
15 Antillon, Florencio, 1868-1874
16 Aranda, Juan P., 1874
17 Arco, Alfonso, 1871-1873
18 Aréchiga, Jesús, 1883-1889
19 Arteaga, José María, 1873-1874
20 Auza, Miguel, 1872-1881
21 Avilés, Octaviano, 1872
22 Ayon, Saturnino, 1876-1877
23 Ac-Ag [various], 1876-1881
Aceves, Trinidad
Acosta, Juan B.
Aguirre, Ignacio
24 Al [various], 1868-1888
Alatorre, E.
Alcalá, Dionisio
Alfaro, Francisco
Alfaro, José María
Alianas, Juan
Alsua, L.
Álvarez, D.
Álvarez, F.
Álvarez, Gabriel
Álvarez, Jesus
Álvarez, José Justo
Álvarez, Luis
Álvarez de Castillo, Gregorio
25 An-Av [various], 1872-1892
Andrade, Guillermo
Andrade, Manuel
Aranda, Albino
Argarelar, Manuel
Arrieta, Esfiridión
Arroyo, Julio
Arteaga, C.
Artejosa, F.
Ávila, Eleuterio
Ayala y Reyes, Tranquilino José
Azpiroz, Manuel
26 Baeza, José de Jesús 1874-1880
27 Balbín de Unquera, Antonio, 1880-1882
28 Baliamel, Blas, 1873-1875
29 Barragán, Maximino, 1877-1885
30 Barrón, Felix, 1870-1871
31 Baz, Juan J., 1873-1874
32 Benavides, Rafael, 1877-1878
33 Benítez, Justo, 1876-1877
34 Bermejillo, José María, 1877
box folder
2 1 Blanco, Manuel, 1868-1874
2 Bocanegra, Manuel, 1878-1879
3 Bonilla, Juan C., 1878-1880
4 Bonilla, Trinidad, 1873-1887
5 Bracamontes Barragán, José María, 1871
6 Briseño, Jesús, 1874
7 Burdel, Ernesto, 1877-1878
8 Ba-Be [various], 1865-1893
Badillo, Mariano
Banco de Nuevo León
Bancroft, Hubert
Banda, S.
Baranda, J.
Barandiarán, Gregorio de
Barre, Barón de la
Barreda, Gabino
Barrera, J.E. de la
Barrón, J.
Bars, J.
Benítez, Carlos D.
Beyland, Erten
Beyland, J. F.
9 Bl-Bu [various], 1874-1888, N.d.
Blanco, Francisco
Blanco, Miguel
Blanco, Santiago
Bolsero, Luis G.
Borriles, E.
Bravo, Tomás
Breton, [?]
Buelna, Alejandro
Bulnes, Manuel
10 Calderón, José, 1878-1883
11 Calvo, José María, 1865
12 Camarena, Jesús, 1870-1882
13 Camarena, Jesús Leandro, 1852-1877
14 Camarena, Jesús Leandro, 1878-1887, N.d.
15 Camarena, José de Jesús, 1877-1887
16 Camberos, Cilviano, 1874
17 Camillo, Rafael, 1874-1875
18 Campos, Matías, 1872-1880
19 Canales, Servando, 1877
20 Cañedo, Francisco, 1877
21 Caravantes, Jesús, 1877
22 Caravantes, Agustín de B. y, 1879-1883, N.d.
box folder
3 1 Carrión, Eufrasio, 1872-1873
2 Carrión, Eufrasio, 1874
3 Carrión, Eufrasio, 1875-1882, N.d.
4 Castilla, M., 1877-1878
5 Castillón, Luis, 1872-1873
6 Castro, Casimiro, 1877
7 Castro, Prisciliano, 1853-1880
8 Ceballos, José, 1874
9 Charles, Hipólito, 1877-1880, N.d.
10 Chavero, Alfredo, 1873
11 Cirerol, Manuel, 1876-1877
12 Contreras Camareno, Cornelio, 1873-1874
13 Córdova, Antonio, 1878-1879
14 Corona, Ramón, 1871-1887, N.d.
15 Cruz Aedo, M., 1856
16 Cuéllar, José, 1877-1878
17 Cuervo, Florentino, 1871-1877
18 Curiele, Luis, 1877-1878
19 Ca [various], 1872-1891
California Governor
Camarena, Amado
Cambero, Francisco
Campo, Rafael
Cañeda, Anastasio
Cano, Juan G.
Carballo, Ramón
Carrillo, Antonio B.
Carrillo, Benito
Carrillo, Famo
Castañas, Felipe de J.
Castellano, J.
Castillo Velasco, J. M.
Castro, Hilario
Castro, Miguel
20 Ce-Cr [various], 1868-1893
Ceballos Aramberri, E.
Ceballos de Márquez
Celada, José E.
Cepeda, V.
Cerruti, Enrique
Chastilla Clarke, J.
Christopherson, W.
Clement, Julio
Collado, Miguel
Contreras, T.
Corcuerca, Manuel L.
Córdova, Ramón
Corona, Ignacio
Correa Delgado, Jesús
Coz y Veras, José Prudencio
Couttolenc, José María
Crespo, R.
Crespo de Rodríguez, José Ricardo
box folder
4 1 Dávalos, Benito, 1873-1878
De Barandiarán, Gregorio [see Barandiarán, Gregorio de]
De Embil, M. [see Embil, M. de]
De Guzmán, Nuño B. [see Guzmán, Nuño B. de]
De la Barre, Barón [see Barre, Barón de la]
De la Barrera, J.E. [see Barrera, J.E. de la]
De la Fuente Ruiz, Francisco [see Fuente Ruiz, Francisco de la]
De la Peña y Ramírez, A. [see Peña y Ramírez, A. de la]
De la Torre, Ignacio [see Torre, Ignacio de la]
De la Vega, Ramón [see Vega, Ramón de la]
De León, Francisco [see León, Francisco de]
2 Delgadillo, Simón, 1874-1877
3 Delgado Rentería, Antonio, 1885-1886
Del Hoyo, Tomás [see Hoyo, Tomás del]
Del Muro, Mateo [see Muro, Mateo del]
De los Ríos, Fernando [see Ríos, Fernando de los]
Del Río, Jesús [see Río, Jesús del]
Del Valle, Francisco [see Valle, Francisco del]
Del Valle, Pedro [see Valle, Pedro del]
De Muruaga, Emilio [see Muruaga, Emilio de]
De Soto, Manuel [see Soto, Manuel de]
De Zamacona, Manuel M. [see Zamacona, Manuel M. de]
4 Díaz, Antonio, 1874
5 Díaz, José María, 1875-1883
6 Díaz, Porfirio, 1873-1888
7 Díaz Gonzalez, Prisciliano, 1880-1884
8 D [various], 1857-1893, N.d.
Dávalos, Belisario
Degollado, Joaquín M.
Delgadillo, Pedro
Delgado, M.
Delhumean, Eduardo
Díaz, I.
Díaz Covarrubias, Francisco
Díaz de Alvarado, F.
Díaz Rugama, Adolfo
Diéguez, Carlos Z.
Dublán, M.
Dueñas, Pascual
9 Echeverría, José M., 1873-1889
10 Escalante, Antonio, 1877, N.d.
11 Escobedo, Mariano, 1870-1878
12 Escovar, Eduardo, 1880
13 Esparza, Francisco, 1874
14 Esparza, Manuel, 1874-1877
15 Esparza, Merced, 1873-1874
16 Esqueda, Miguel, 1870-1880
17 Exposición de Chicago, 1891-1893
18 E [various], 1868-1890
Echagaray, Ignacio
Echeguren, Francisco
Embil, M. de
Enciso, Cenobia
Enciso, Francisco
Escalante, Lázaro
Escalante, M.
Escandón Ortiz, Manuel
Escobar, [?]
Escoto, Joaquín M.
Escudero, Francisco
España, Francisco
Esparza, Antonio
Esparza, Cristóbal, et al
Espronceda, Francisco
19 Flores, Prisciliano 1874-1875
20 Flores Castillón, Antonio, 1880-1882
21 Foster, John W., 1877-1883, N.d.
22 Franco, José María P., 1875
23 F [various], 1868-1886
Fernández, Justino
Fernández, M.
Fernández del Valle, M.
Figueroa, [?]
Flores, Juan M.
Fuente Ruiz, Francisco de la
Fuentes y Muñiz, Jesús
24 Galindo, Tomás, 1875
25 Galván, Francisco M., 1872-1874
26 Galván, Pedro A., 1868-1877
27 Gaona, Ladislao, 1877-1880, N.d.
28 García, Darío, 1872-1874
29 García, Gabriel, 1874
30 García Morales, J., 1868-1878
31 Gayon, Antonio, 1877-1879
box folder
5 1 Gibert, H., 1885
2 Gómez, Eustaquio, 1855-1888, N.d.
3 Gómez, Juan, 1873-1875
4 Gómez, Pedro, 1873-1874
5 Gómez, Secundino, 1873-1874
6 Gómez, Urbano, 1852-1874
7 Gómez, Urbano, 1875-1882, N.d.
8 Gómez Farías, Benito, 1872-1876
9 Gómez Farías, F., 1868
10 Gómez Palacio, Francisco, 1873-1874
11 Gómez Pérez, Cayetano 1873-1875
12 Gómez Vergara, Joaquín, 1877-1878
13 González, Eduardo, 1872
14 González, I., 1874-1875
15 González, José G., 1857-1875
16 González, Julio H., 1874
17 González, Leandro, 1872-1873
18 González, Pedro, 1878
19 González, Ramón, 1874
20 Gorjón, Sixto, 1872-1875
21 Guadarrama, Teófilo, 1874-1875
22 Guerrero, Benigno, 1873-1889
23 Gutiérrez, Loreto, 1872-1873
24 Gutiérrez, Tomás, 1874-1875
25 Guzmán, Juan N., 1871-1874
26 Guzmán, Ramón 1873
27 Ga [various], 1873-1890
Gallardo, Luis L.
García, Bernardo
García, J. Cornelio
García, José G.
García, Trinidad
García de Quevedo, Luis
García Lagos, Yld.
García Torres, Vicente
García y Córtez, Cecilio Jacobo
Garfías, Luis G.
Garibay, José María J.
28 Go-Gu [various], 1852-1886
Gómez, Enrique
Gómez, N.
Gómez, Tomás
Gómez Alatorre, Vicente
González, [?]
González, Catarino
González, Dionisio
González, Francisco
González, J. Gabriel
González, Manuel
González, Marcelino
González García, Ramon
Graue, T.
Guadarrama, Antonio A.
Guerrero, Florentino
Gutiérrez Hermosillo, José M.
Gutiérrez Otero, Luis
Guzmán, Nuño B. de
box folder
6 1 Haro, Antonio G., 1874-1875
2 Hernández y Dávalos, Juan E., 1873-1877
3 Hijar, J.B., 1881-1883
4 Hinojosa, Pedro, 1873-1889
5 Hoyo, Tomás del, 1885-1886
6 Huarte, Juan Fermín, 1877-1880
7 Huerta, Epifanio, 1877-1878, N.d.
8 H [various], 1872-1893
Habana, Cuba, Cónsul de México en
Hernández, Héctor
Hernández, Juan A.
Hernández, M.
Hinojosa, Fulgencio
Homedo, Francisco
Horcasitas, Rafael
Horton, Lucie R.
Hurtado, Melitón
Hurtado, Víctor
Hyon, Saturnino
9 Ibarrondo, I. de, 1878
10 Iribarren, José María, 1877-1881
11 Irigoyen, L., 1880
12 Jiménez Verdeja, Francisco, 1873
13 Juárez, Benito, 1870-1872
14 J [various], 1868-1875
Jiménez, Próspero
Jiménez, Vicente
Juan Panadero (letter to the editors)
15 K [various], 1868-1885
Ketelsen and Degetau
Kindt, Adolfo
Kunhardt, F.
16 Lavin, Santiago, 1883-1891
17 Lazúrtegui, Fransisco, 1877
18 Liébano, F., 1877
19 Lejarazu, Antonio, 1873-1874
20 Le Maistre, Rodolfo F., 1877
21 León, Francisco de, 1875-1889
22 Lerdo de Tejada, Sebastián, 1872-1874
23 Llano, Juan, 1872-1877
24 Lopetegui, José M., 1878.
25 López, Doroteo, 1877-1888, N.d.
26 López, Jesús, 1873-1874
27 López de Nava, Agustín, 1874-1875
28 López Negrete, Ladislao, 1883-1888
29 López Portillo, Leonardo, 1874-1878
30 Lozano, Agustín, 1878-1880
31 Luna, Ramón, 1873-1874
32 L [various], 1872-1889
Labastida, Pelagio
Labat, Alfonso
Lancaster Jones, A.
Landero y Coz, José
Larrainzar, Federico
Larraza, Luis
Leyna, Francisco
Lira y Ortega, Miguel
Lláven, Magin
Loaeza, F.
Lobo Rodríguez, M.
López, Antonio
López, Félix
López, José de Jesús
López, Juan
López-Portillo y Rojas, José
López Zuloaga, Jesús
Losano, Bitor
box folder
7 1 Magallanes, Juan José, 1872
2 Magaña, Francisco, 1872-1874
3 Mancera, Gabriel, 1874
4 Mariscal, Ignacio, 1876-1885
5 Mariscal, Vicente, 1878-1879
6 Márquez, Rosendo, 1873-1878, N.d.
7 Márquez de León, Manuel, 1874-1879
8 Martínez, José María, 1879-1885
9 Martínez de Arredondo, Francisco, 1879-1885
10 Martínez del Campo, Pablo, 1877-1878
11 Mata, José María, 1877
12 Mayoral, Lorenzo, 1874-1877
13 Mejía, Agustín, 1874
14 Mejía, Ignacio, 1871-1874
15 Mena, Francisco Z., 1877-1878
16 Méndez, Juan N., 1880-1882
17 Mendoza, Eufemio, 1868-1874
18 Merino, Florencio, 1874-1875
19 Meza, José María, 1872-1874
20 Mier y Terán, Luis, 1877-1880
21 Miranda, J. Martín, 1876-1877
22 Montero, Ignacio, 1874-1877
23 Montes, E., 1878-1881
24 Mora, Antonio, 1877-1880
25 Morán, Jesús, 1872-1874, N.d.
26 Morelos, Joaquín, 1874
27 Morfin Chávez, M., 1885-1889, N.d.
28 Muro, Mateo del, 1869-1878
29 Muruaga, Emilio de, 1877
30 Ma-Me [various], 1868-1890
Macedo, Octavio
Madero, E.
Magaña, Mateo
Maldonado, Manuel
Mandau, Lucio
Manzano, José María
Márquez, Rafael
Martínez, Ángel
Martínez, Aurelio
Martínez, Lino
Martínez, Tranquilino
Martínez Negrete, Francisco
Mateos, Juan A.
Matute, Juan. I.
Maynez, Juan
Meader, E.
Medina, Crispín
Melgarejo, Aurelio
Mendoza, Leonardo
Mexía, J. Carlos
31 Mo-Mu [various], 1868-1893
Monroy, Emilio
Montañudo, Manuel
Montenegro, F. G.
Monteverde, Manuel
Montiel y Duarte, Isidro
Montluc, Armando
Montt, Ambrosio
Morales, M.
Morelos, Antonio
Muñoz, Eligio
Muñoz, Genaro
Múzquiz, José M.
32 Narcio, Alejandro, 1877-1879
33 Naredo, Antonio, 1872-1877
34 Navarro, Gabriel, 1874-1881
35 Navarro, Juan N., 1877-1880
36 Núñez, José María de la Paz, 1873-1876
37 Núñez Ortega, A., 1877-1886
38 N [various], 1852-1882
N., N.
Naulleau, T. Ch.
Nava, Fortunato
Navarro, D.N.
Navarrete, José María
box folder
8 1 Ogazón, Pedro, 1856-1873
2 Ogazón, Pedro, 1874-1875, N.d.
3 Ordorica, Victoriano, 1872-1874
4 Ortiz, Ramón, 1872-1874
5 O [various], 1872-1891
Ocaranza[?], Juan A.
Ochoa, Pablo
Ogazón de Reyes, Juana
Orendain, Julio[?]
Orozco, Benito
Ortiz, Isidro
Ortiz y García, Gregorio Buenaventura
6 Pacheco, Carlos, 1882-1890
7 Pacheco, Luis G., 1879-1880
8 Pacheco, Ramón, 1871-1873
9 Pacheco, Ramón, 1874, N.d.
10 Palacio, Ricardo, 1868
11 Palacios, Francisco G., 1882-1885
12 Palomar, José, 1868
13 Palomares, Crispín, 1872-1873
14 Paredes, Epifanio, 1879
15 Paz, Ireneo, 1873-1874
16 Pazos, Enrique, 1879-1887
17 Peña, Santiago, 1871-1882
18 Peña y Ramírez, A. de la, 1873-1874
19 Pérez Verdía, Antonio, 1856-1874
20 Ponce, Leonides, 1873-1874
21 Posado, Domingo, 1874-1885
22 P [various], 1872-1893
Pacheco, C.
Paine, Son, and Pollock
Pedraza, Felipe J.
Pereiva, José María
Pérez Franco, J. M.
Pescador, Rafael
Piña, Manuel
Portillo, F.
Preciado, P.
Puras, Marcelino
box folder
9 1 Quevedo y Zubieta, Salvador, 1881
2 Quintero, Martín, 1872-1879
3 Ramírez, José H., 1875-1883
4 Reinaga, Ildefonso, 1874-1875
5 Requena, Joaquín, 1883-1891, N.d.
6 Reyes, Anastacio, 1873
7 Reyes, Bernardo, 1873-1893, N.d.
See also Box 21, Folder 2 in Oversize Materials.
8 Riestra, Fermín G., 1870
9 Riestra, Fermín G., 1871
10 Riestra, Fermín G., 1875
11 Riestra, Fermín G., 1876-1877
12 Riestra, Fermín G., Jan.-Mar. 1878
13 Riestra, Fermín G., Apr.-Sept. 1878
14 Riestra, Fermín G., Oct.-Dec. 1878
15 Riestra, Fermín G., Jan.-Apr. 1879
16 Riestra, Fermín G., May-Aug. 1879
17 Riestra, Fermín G., Sept.-Dec. 1879
box folder
10 1 Riestra, Fermín G., Jan.-Apr. 1880
2 Riestra, Fermín G., May-Aug. 1880
3 Riestra, Fermín G., Sept.-Dec. 1880
4 Riestra, Fermín G., Jan.-Apr. 1881
5 Riestra, Fermín G., May-Aug. 1881
6 Riestra, Fermín G., Sept.-Dec. 1881
7 Riestra, Fermín G., 1882, N.d.
8 Río, Jesús del, 1879
9 Ríos, Fernando de los, 1877
10 Riva Palacio, Vicente, 1876-1878
11 Rivas, Eduardo, 1879-1880
12 Robles Gil, E., 1868-1871
13 Robles Martínez, Juan, 1868-1880
14 Robles Martínez, Juan, 1871-1884, N.d.
15 Rocha, Sóstenes, 1868-1879
box folder
11 1 Rodríguez Camarena, Carlos, 1872-1877
2 Román, Joaquín, 1873
3 Romero, José, 1875-1878
4 Romero, Matías, 1872-1888
5 Rubalcaba, Felipe, 1869
6 Rubalcaba, Felipe, Jan.-Jun. 1870
7 Rubalcaba, Felipe, Jul.-Dec. 1870
8 Rubalcaba, Felipe, 1871-1872
9 Rubalcaba, Felipe, Jan.-Jun. 1874
10 Rubalcaba, Felipe, Jul.-Dec. 1874
11 Rubalcaba, Felipe, 1875-1878
12 Rubalcaba, Felipe, 1879-1880, N.d.
13 Rubalcaba, Rodrigo, 1879-1880
14 Ruiz Sandoval, Bernardo, 1881-1882
15 Ra-Ri [various], 1856-1890
Rahden, Mauricio
Ramírez, Ricardo
Rámis, Aurelio
Revilla, Manuel Gustavo
Reyes, Pablo
Richardson, D.S.
Rico, Claudio C.
Ríos, E. J. de los
Riva Palacio, Mariano
Rivas, Carlos
Rivera, Agustín
Rivera, Natividad
Rivero Figueroa, José
16 Ro-Ry [various], 1857-1890
Robelo, Cecilio
Robles, H.
Robles, Lucio
Robles Martínez, Luis
Rodríguez, Dionisio
Rodríguez, F. de A.
Rodríguez, Ricardo
Rodríguez, Sóstenes
Rodríguez y Solís, José Policarpo
Rojas, Jesús D.
Román, Juan F.
Romanillos, Francisco
Romero, Enrique Antonio
Romero, Román
Rosales, Andrés
Rosales Gordoa, E.
Rubí, Domingo
Ruelas, Manuel
Ruelas, Miguel
Ruvalcaba, L.
Ryerson, George
17 Salcedo, Serafín, 1884-1889
18 Sánchez, Atilano, 1868-1875
19 Sánchez, Felipe, 1872-1875
box folder
12 1 Santacilia, Pedro, 1870-1881
2 Sariñana, José, 1886-1891, N.d.
3 Sattler, G. H. (Enrique), 1870-1882
4 Sengstack and Co., Ed., 1882-1885
5 Sigala, Trinidad, 1873
6 Silva, Epifanio, 1871-1873
7 Silva, Ignacio, 1872-1873
8 Silva, Ignacio, 1874-1875
9 Silva, Trinidad, 1874
10 Stevens, Simon, 1877
11 Sa-Se [various], 1871-1891, N.d.
Salado, Epifanio
Saldías, Adolfo
Sánchez, Ramón
Sánchez Aldana, Antonio
Sánchez Azcona
Sánchez Facio, M.
Sánchez Mejorada, C.
Sánchez Ochoa, C.
Sarlat, Simón
Segura, Abel
Seijas, R. T.
Serna, Ramón
12 Si-Su [various], 1857-1891
Sierra, Estevan
Silva, Rómulo
Solís, Francisco
Soliz, Protasio
Solórzano, Francisco
Sosa, José Vicente
Soto, Manuel de
Sotomayor, A. M.
Stephenson, Edmundo
Suárez y Jiménez, F.
13 Tolentino, Francisco, 1875-1878, N.d.
14 Torre, Ignacio de la, 1872-1875
15 Torres, Leonides, 1868-1869
16 Torres, Leonides, 1870
17 Torres, Leonides, 1871-1873
18 Torres, Leonides, 1874-1881
box folder
13 1 Tostado, Gerardo, 1873-1875, N.d.
2 Trejo, Francisco, 1878
3 T [various], 1868-1878
Torres, José Ignacio
Treviño, Gerónimo
Treviño, Vicente B.
4 Uriarte, Ramón, 1878-1882
5 Urrea, José, 1875, N.d.
6 U [various], 1871-1889, N.d.
Unión Liberal
Uriarte, Jesús F.
Urzúa, Antonio
7 Vallarta, Salvador, 1875, N.d.
8 Vásquez, Pablo, 1870-1878
9 Vega, Ramón de la, 1873
10 Velasco, Emilio, 1877-1886
11 Vélez, Félix, 1874
12 Villamar, José Dolores, 1873-1880, N.d.
13 V [various], 1857-1886, N.d.
Valero, José
Vallarta, D.
Valle, Francisco del
Valle, Pedro del
Vega, Plácido
Velasco, Armando
Velásquez, Sev.
Venero de Alvarado, Gaspar
Verdugo [Verduzco?], Pomposo
Verea, José M.
Verea, Trinidad
Veseo, Miguel
Vigil, José María
Villaseñor, Ambrosio
Villaseñor, Clemente
14 Watkins, David, 1874
15 Zamacona, Manuel M. de, 1878-1881
16 Zayas y Guarneros, José, 1873
17 Zorrilla, S. O., 1879-1880
18 Z [various], 1855-1879
Zapata, J. N.
Zayas Enríquez, R. de
Zumares, B.
19 Author Illegible, 1868-1890, N.d.
20 Author Unknown, 1852-1885, N.d.
21 Recipient Unknown, 1872-1878, N.d.
15 Letterbooks, 1869-1893
1 Copiador de Cartas I, May 1869 - November 1869
2 Copiador de Cartas II, November 1869 - September 1870
3 Copiador de Cartas III, September 1870 - August 1871
4 Copiador de Cartas IV, December 1875 - April 1882
box folder
16 1 Copiador de Cartas V, April 1882 - July 1883
2 Copiador de Cartas VI, July 1883 - July 1884
3 Copiador de Cartas VII, July 1884 - April 1885
4 Copiador de Cartas VIII, May 1885 - November 1885
box folder
17 1 Copiador de Cartas IX, November 1885 - March 1886
2 Copiador de Cartas X, March 1886 - August 1886
3 Copiador de Cartas XI, August 1886 - February 1887
4 Copiador de Cartas XII, February 1887 - July 1887
box folder
18 1 Copiador de Cartas XIV, December 1887 - June 1888
2 Copiador de Cartas XV, June 1888 - Octobre 1888
3 Copiador de Cartas XVI, November 1888 - March 1889
4 Copiador de Cartas XVII, March 1889 - July 1889
box folder
19 1 Copiador de Cartas XVIII, July 1889 - December 1889
2 Copiador de Cartas XIX, December 1889 - April 1890
3 Copiador de Cartas XX, April 1890 - August 1890
4 Copiador de Cartas XXI, August 1890 - February 1891
5 Copiador de Cartas XXII, February 1891 - June 1891
box folder
20 1 Copiador de Cartas XXIII, July 1891 - January 1892
2 Copiador de Cartas XXIV, January 1892 - July 1892
3 Copiador de Cartas XXV, July 1892 - December 1892
4 Copiador de Cartas XXVI, January 1893 - June 1893
5 Copiador de Cartas XXVII, July 1893 - December 1893

Other Materials, 1853-1893

box folder
13 22 Apuntes para servir al estudio y despacho de los negocios de la Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, 1887-1893
23 Clippings, 1868-1885, N.d.
24 Financial Documents, 1893, N.d.
25 Libro para las cuentas de I.L. Vallarta, 1868-1871
box folder
14 1 Secretario de Estado: Ministerio de Guerra y Marina; de Relaciones Interiores y Exter.; de Gobernación y de Justicia Negocios Eclesiásticos é Instrucción Publica. Leyes, Decretos y Circulares del Gob. Gral. y Del Estado, 1853-1861
2 St. Ignatius Loyola (painting on vellum, 18th century), N.d.
3 Various, 1864-1882, N.d.
Acuerdos de la "Sociedad para la reforma y codificación del derecho internacional" Conferencia de Milán, 1882
"Conciudadanos: No és por desgracia ésta la primera vez, en que viéndose seriamente amenazado el poder invasor de la Federación... se prepararon los dignísimos hijos de Jalisco para conquistar de nuevo sus libertades... el Sr. Gil Ochoa en su manifiesto á los 'Electores del 7° Distrito'..." N.d.
Dávila, Julia O. V. de, "Protesta. Tratándose de rematar el día 24 del corriente mes en el Juzgado de Distrito... fincas urbanas de mi exclusiva propiedad, á instancia del Señor Don Benito Rezusta como apoderado general de los Señores Errazu... San Luis Potosí," 1887
En la Ciudad de México... comparecieron los Señores Gral. Porfirio Diaz, Antonio Mier y Celis, Francisco M. de Prida, Lic. Manuel Romero Rubio y Dr. Eulogio Gillow... aprovechando el movimiento y facilidades de tráfico que en el porvenir... todos los ferrocarriles... 1881
Escudero, Ignacio M., "Usando esta Jefatura (y Comandancia Militar) de las amplias facultades que le tiene conferidas el Supremo Gobierno de la Nación... la más importante de las necesidades del Distrito, es el sistemar de una vez y en toda su plentitud el órden constitucional... Libertad en la Constitución. Tepic," 1878
"Manifestación. Este Colegio electoral, que en las últimas elecciones invistió con el distinguido nombramiento de Diputado al Congreso general, al Lic. Sr. Genaro Raigosa, partiendo de la errónea creencia, que hoy deplora de que... ya que la ley no nos permite retirar al Sr. Raigosa la credencial de Diputado... Tlaltenango," 1882
Proyecto de la ley orgánica del art. 10 de la Constitución Federal. "Todo hombre tiene el derecho de poseer y portar armas para su seguridad y legítima defensa...," N.d.
Reclamaciones francesas. Comisión mexicana. Borradores de actas., 1864
"Sobre" documents, N.d.
Several pages of typed background information on various subjects and how they relate to Vallarta at the time (i.e. "Sobre los ferrocarriles," "Sobre el armamento de las tropas mexicanas," "Sobre Sóstenes Rocha").

Alejandro Vallarta Papers, 1862-1943

box folder
14 4 Planas, calificaciones y dibujos de Alejandro Vallarta, 1874-1878
5 Planas, calificaciones y dibujos de Alejandro Vallarta, 1879
6 Planas, calificaciones y dibujos de Alejandro Vallarta, 1880-1892
These three folders consist of schoolwork, drawings, awards certificates, and grade reports from the time Alejandro Vallarta spent at the preparatory school Liceo Franco-Mexicano, the Escuela Nacional de Jurisprudencia, and the Conservatorio Nacional de Música.
7-9 De mi vida, 1943 (1862-1943), N.d.
"De mi vida" is a collection of mostly typed biographical notes written by Alejandro Vallarta, son of Ignacio Luis Vallarta, to his three children (Guadalupe, José, and Ignacio) in the early 1940's. Alejandro Vallarta wrote these notes in his later years as a means to give advice, explain family history, recount personal anecdotes, and account for financial values of estates and earnings. Much information exists about his father and the relationships between Ignacio Luis Vallarta and his wife and children. Also included in "De mi vida" are correspondence among family members, photographs, wedding announcements, and evidence of Alejandro's schoolwork (i.e. a thesis, school certificates). Materials in these folders dates as early as 1862 and as late as 1943.

Oversize Materials, 1863-1882

box folder
21 1 Protesta de la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, 1863
2 Reyes, Bernardo, 1882
Folder consists of printed materials separated from the Bernardo Reyes correspondence in Box 9, Folder 7.