The Benson Latin American Collection

William J. Kelleher Collection, 1591-1853

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Creator: Kelleher, William J.
Title: William J. Kelleher Collection
Dates: 1591-1853
Abstract: Various manuscript and printed documents relating to colonial and nineteenth-century Mexico concerning government, military, and church affairs.
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Extent: 2.5 linear inches
Language: Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

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The Benson Latin American Collection has no biographical information on the collector other than that he was from Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

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The William J Kelleher collection consists of manuscript and printed documents relating to colonial and nineteenth-century Mexico. The material concerns government, military, and church affairs dating from 1591 to 1853—the bulk of which deals with the first half of the nineteenth century.

Letters sent to and received by important nineteenth-century Mexican figures, such as Mariano Arista, Nicolas Bravo, Anastacio Bustamante, Valentín Canalizo, Vicente Guerrero, and Antonio López de Santa Anna form a substantial part of the collection.

Documents pertaining to the government of the colonial and post-independence period include bandos, decretos, and circulares. Other material includes blank stamped paper and a graphic illustration of an impaled head.

Documents about the Catholic Church include records of chaplaincies, lists of properties that belonged to the Inquisition and the Jesuits, and bulls (grants of indulgences).

The Collection is organized in 2 series: (1) Government and Military, (2) Church, and by type of document thereunder.


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The William J. Kelleher Collection is classified under the following Subject Headings:
Mexico--Politics and government
Other Authors
Santa Anna, Antonio López de, 1794?-1876--Letters

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Box and Folder Inventory

Government & Military, 1724-1853

1 Correspondence, 1822-1853:
Valentín Canalizo. Letters received, 1835-1844
1 From various writers, 1835-1844. Arranged alphabetically.
1. Mariano Arista asks for a copy of la proclama de Durán. Mexico, December 11, 1835.
2 leaves.
2. M[iguel] Barragán answers a letter previously sent by Canalizo regarding governmental decisions. Mexico, Secretaría del Presidente de los Estados Mexicanos, December 16, 1835.
2 leaves.
3. Anastacio Bustamante answers Canalizo’s request for funds, describes the difficult financial situation of the government, refers to dealings with France, and demands the detention of [José Antonio] Mejía, [Martín Francisco] Peraza [y Cárdenas], and [José de] Urrea. Mexico, November 15, 1838.
2 leaves.
4. Anastacio Bustamante, then in exile, asks that his son-in-law be given special consideration. La Habana, April 12, 1842.
2 leaves.
5. Nicolás Bravo’s letter of recommendation for Captain José María Carneto who is traveling to Mexico City on military matters. Chichihualco, November 22, 1843.
2 leaves.
6. José María Paz y Puente reports the assassination of Dionisio Arriaga and Nicolás Tolentino; Paz included a drawing of Arriaga’s severed head (the drawing is lacking). Tlapa, December 9, 1843. Paz y Puente includes the judiciary report from the Juzgado de Paz of Huizapula, juez de paz Feliciano José, December 2, 1843. Certified copy, Blas Cantú, Tlapa, December 9, 1843.
4 leaves.
7. Juan L. Velázquez de León provides brief information about many issues during the absence of President Canalizo. Mentioned are Mariano Arista, Antonio Canales, Mexico’s relationship with the United States, and the situation of the army in northern Mexico. Mexico, Ministro de Estado y del Despacho de Guerra y Marina, May 28, 1844.
2 leaves.
2 From Antonio López de Santa Anna, 1843-1844
8. Requests a bodyguard to escort him. Hacienda del Encero, February 29, 1843.
2 leaves.
9. Approves a project for a monument to be built in the Plaza Independencia and strongly recommends that the designer be invited to join the government. Palacio Nacional de Tacubaya, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la República, July 7, 1843.
2 leaves.
10. Returns text of an acordada (decree) to be presented to the ministers. Palacio Nacional de Tacubaya, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la República, July 12, 1843.
2 leaves.
11. Acknowledges death of Canalizo’s wife and offers his condolence. Canalizo was interim president during Santa Anna’s absence. Manga del Clavo, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la República, February 3, 1844.
2 leaves.
12. Asks the president and the ministers to oppose congressional initiatives concerning the distribution of government income and he asks that the congressional rule limiting executive powers be vetoed. Manga del Clavo, February l0, 1844.
2 leaves.
13. His opinions regarding appointments of state governors. “Muy Reservada.” Manga del Clavo, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la República, February 12, 1844.
2 leaves.
14. Strategy to impede the congress from passing a law against Santa Anna’s will; includes complaints against Pedro García Conde. Manga del Clavo, Secretaría Particular de la Presidencia, March 4, 1844.
2 leaves.
15. Regarding relationship with France; probability of future conflict; and need to gain England’s neutrality. “Reservada.” Manga del Clavo, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la República, March 10, 1844.
2 leaves.
16. Recommends Antonio Acevedo as governor of Jalisco over a previous recommendation. Encero, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la República, March 22, 1844.
2 leaves.
17. Asks for a veto of the law passed by congress that allocates funds to the departments (later, states), critiques the lack of political will among the ministers; and proposes to dedicate the scarce national funds mainly to the army’s needs. Encero, Secretaría Particular del Presidente de la Republica, March 29, 1844.
2 leaves.
18. Expresses annoyance at the appointment of General Juan Pablo Anaya to a well-paid military position close to the president. Encero, April 2, 1844.
2 leaves.
Francisco Domínguez, 1822-1827
3 19. Letters of introduction for Lieutenant Francisco Dominguez written by Nicolás Bravo (2 letters) and Vicente Guerrero (2 letters). Mexico, March 20, 1822-December 18, 1827.
6 leaves.
J.[Juan] Suárez y Navarro, 1853
4 20. To the commander-in-chief of the District of Mexico regarding g the arrest of Mariano Rivas Palacios, Francisco Herrera Campos, Francisco Velásquez, and Vicente Zamora. Mexico, Ministro de Estado y del Despacho de Guerra y Marina, September 20, 1853.
2 leaves.
Bandos, decretos, and circulares, 1781-1823:
Tesorería General, 1821
5 21. 15 circulares remitting bandos from the Soberana Junta Provisional Gubernamental del Imperio Mexicano to Ministros de la Tesorería General; with 11 handwritten letters of acknowledgment. Mexico, October 9, 1821-November 24, 1821.
26 leaves.
Others, 1774-1823
Oversize 22. Bando ordering former members of the Society of Jesus to present their current permits. Issued by Viceroy Antonio María Bucarelly y Ursúa. Mexico, May 31, 1774. Includes manuscript transmittal from the viceroy to Eugenio Daza (Mexico, June 1, 1774).
1 oversized leaf and 2 leaves.
Oversize 23. Bando liberalizing the trade of goods from Spain to the Indies issued by Viceroy Juan de Martín de Mayor. Mexico, March 9, 1781.
1 oversized leaf.
6 24. Bando regarding punishment for sedition issued by Viceroy Francisco Javier Venegas Saavedra. Manuscript copy. June 25, 1812.
3 leaves.
(Cf. Diario de México XVI: no. 2460 (June 28, 1812), 720-721.)
Oversize? 25. Decreto prescribing the heading to be used by the Regency in future decrees. Soberana Junta Provisional Gubernativa del Imperio Mexicano. Ramón Gutiérrez del Mazo. Mexico, October 9, 1821.
1 leaf.
Oversize 26. Bando ordering the citizens of the Mexican Empire to submit all arms and munitions to the government. Issued by Junta Provisional Gubernativa del Imperio Mexicano. Signed by Ramón Gutiérrez del Mazo. Mexico, October 10, 1821.
1 oversized leaf.
Oversize 27. Bando providing text and protocol for pledging allegiance to Mexican independence in Mexico City and elsewhere. Issued by Soberana Junta Gubernativa del Imperio Mexicano. Signed by Ramón Gutiérrez del Mazo. Mexico, October 13, 1821.
2 copies. 2 oversized leaves.
Oversize 28. Bando preventing authors from using expressions offensive to the government regarding las tres garantías. Issued by the Regencia del Imperio. Mexico, October 27, 1821.
1 oversized leaf.
7 29. Circular número 13 by the Ministro de Hacienda regarding expropriated properties that belonged to the Inquisition. Printed signature of [Ministro Francisco] Arrillaga. Mexico, August 9, 1823.
2 leaves.
Other Documents, 1724-1815, undated
8 30. Appointment and salary paid to doctor don Juan Joseph de Araujo as agente fiscal of the Real Audiencia. Mexico, July 11, 1724-January 8, 1725.
2 leaves.
9 31. Expediente formado sobre el suplemento hecho a la Real Corona de un millón de pesos para subvenir a las actuales urgencias. (Loan made by Consulado de Mexico because of the war between France and Spain.) July 24, 1794.
33 leaves.
10 32. Cobro de alcabala por el remate del molino nombrado Aldama confiscado al traidor Ignacio Allende, Querétaro, 1817. December 17, 1813-March 1, 1817.
12 leaves.
11 33. 1 pencil sketch of an impaled head. [Cf. the sketch referred to in letter sent to Valentín Canalizo by José María Paz y Puente (Item 6)]. No date.
1 leaf.
12 34. Papel Sellado. Blank sheets, stamped for 1810 and 1811, and revalidated for 1814 and 1815.
14 leaves.

Church, 1591-1860

1 Capellanías, 1591-1592, ca.1786-1860
13 35. Recados de la capellanía que fundó el doctor Alonso Hernández Diosdado, de que fue capellán el bachiller Antonio deminjares [de Minjares]. 1591-1592.
19 leaves.
14 36. Razón de las capellanías del señor don José Mármol de Soto o Guerrero. [After 1786.]
2 leaves.
15 37. Autos de la 3a. capellanía que fundó el señor doctor don José Nicolás de Velasco, como albacea del bachiller don Miguel Saénz de Sicilia con 3 [mil] pesos. 1795-1860.
43 leaves.
Bulas, 1816-1821
16 38. Bula de difuntos for Pedro Arriola. 1816 or 1817.
1 leaf.
39. Bula de difuntos for María Franco. 1821. Accompanied by handwritten statement of her death, list of funeral expenses, and receipt for payment of six masses. Mexico, July 22, 1821.
6 leaves.
Estados de Cuenta, 1823
Oversize 40. Estado de las fincas rústicas y urbanas respectivas a las temporalidades de los ex-jesuitas, y órdenes hospitalarias y monacales surprimidas, con expresión de sus valores, gravámenes que reporten, sus pertenencias y renta anual. Contaduría General de Temporalidades. Mexico, May 23, 1823.
1 oversized leaf.
Oversize 41. Estado general que manifiesta todos los bienes y créditos que poseía el extinguido de la Inquisición ... Contaduría de la extinguida Inquisición de México. Mexico, June 13, 1823.
1 oversized leaf.