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Rómulo Munguía Papers, 1911-1980

Descriptive Summary

Creator Munguía, Rómulo, 1885-1975
Title Rómulo Munguía Papers
Dates: 1911-1980
Abstract Organized into three primary groups, this collection documents the life and activities of Rómulo Munguía through both published and private papers.
OCLC Record No. 23036590
Extent 8 ft. 6in, 2 cassette tapes, 1400 photographic prints and negatives, 6 posters
Language English and Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Printer, journalist, and civic leader in San Antonio, Texas, full name Rómulo Munguía Torres. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico on January 11, 1885, Munguía began his printing career at age 12. Lived in Mexico City and Puebla, where he was a printer, labor organizer, revolutionary journalist, and educational reformer. Married educator Carolina Malpica in Puebla. Fled to the U.S. in 1926; worked at La Prensa, a San Antonio Spanish-language newspaper, and later in his own business as printer and publisher. Active as leader in many civic and cultural organizations in San Antonio. Appointed honorary consul by Mexico in 1958. Although he was active in the electoral campaigns of Mexican American candidates, Munguia refused to become a United States citizen. He died on March 3, 1975 and is buried in San Antonio.

Scope and Contents Note

This collection consists largely of the writings, publications, and other papers of Rómulo Munguía. Reflects his activities in Mexico as journalist, labor organizer, and revolutionary; his activities in San Antonio as printer, publisher, civic leader, and representative of Mexico. Contains unfinished memoir by Rómulo Munguía, published accounts of his experiences, texts of patriotic speeches and radio talks, correspondence, and records of organizations in which he was involved. Includes photographs of Munguía, his family, activities, and organizations; posters relating to Mexican presidential campaigns; and writings and illustrations by others collected for publication. Also contains copies of newspapers and other periodicals which he published or printed, clippings, ephemera, and memorabilia. Includes oral history interviews, a biography of Rómulo Munguía by his granddaughter Benita Kathleen Munguía, and papers of Carolina Malpica de Munguía, mostly relating to her activities in women's clubs and parent-teacher organizations.


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Index Terms

The Rómulo Munguía Papers are classified under the following Subject Headings in the University of Texas Libraries catalog:
Agrupación de Ciudadanos de México en el Exterior (San Antonio, Tex.)
Alemán, Miguel, 1905-
Associations, institutions, etc.--Texas--San Antonio
Cinco de Mayo, Battle of, 1862--Anniversaries, etc.
Cisneros, Henry
Goliad (Tex.)--History
León Ossorio y Agüero, Adolfo
López Mateos, Adolfo, 1910-1969
Mexican Americans--Texas--San Antonio
Mexico--History--Revolution, 1910-1920--Sources
Munguía, Carolina Malpica de.
Munguía family
Munguía, Rómulo, 1885-1975
Munguía, Ruben
Palomares, Justino N.
Patronato de Cursos de Extension de la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (San Antonio, Tex.)
Puebla (Mexico)--Politics and government
Reyes, Bernardo, 1849-1913
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
University extension--Texas--San Antonio

Other Authors

Munguía, Kathleen
Munguía, Carolina Malpica de
Munguía, Rómulo A.

Separated Material

The following items were separated from the collection and cataloged for inclusion in the Benson Latin American Collection library holdings:

El Demócrata: edición monumental, 1 January 1926 [1 bound volume]Magazín de La Prensa, September 1930 - December 1932 [5 bound volumes]Puebla a través de los siglos, 1962 [1 bound volume].

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Box and Folder Inventory

Rómulo Munguía Papers

1 Personal and Biographical Materials
1 Autobiographical memo
2 Unfinished MS - Rómulo Munguia's autobiograpphy
3 Legal documents, letters of appointment
4 "Lodge papers", 1925 safe conduct
5 Poem: "Cercana al cielo", 1973
6 Intro. to Salvemos a la Raza
7 Published articles and essays
8 Photostats of "Como me hice constitucionalista"
9 "Añoranzas", 1931
10 Congreso de Unificación de la Raza, 1939
11 Political speech and broadside for Maury Maverick
12 Speeches, writings, notes
13 Songs composed by R. Munguía
14 Photostats of articles by Munguía
15 City resolution and newsclippings
16 Photocopies of newspaper articles
17 Newsclippings
18 Newsclippings and articles
19 Confidential report on Munguía, (1938, 1968-1971)
20 Biographical file letters, stencils
21 Clippings and ephemera, letters
22 letterhead stationery
23 Speeches and patriotic writings, unidentified writings
24 Ephemera, speech intro.
25 Sale of printing press
26 Clippings & ephemera
27 Ephemera from Centennial of Battle of 5 de Mayo, Puebla
28 "16 de Septiembre"
29 Clippings with religious content
box folder
2 1-5 Personal Income Tax and Bills, 1969-1973
6 Mortgage Note Records, 1939-1947[1940]; 1962
box folder
3 1 Conciertos Populares, Puebla: 1916.
a. Ante el fantasma del desarraigo, San Antonio, 1959
b. No fracazara la revoluición
c. Salvemos a la raza, 1960
d. 150 años de cultura mexicana en San Antonio, Texas
2 International correspondence and school certicates
Simbolismo de las rosas
4 Correspondence
Greeting cards and picture postcards
box folder
5 1 Personal correspondence, 1927-1971
2 "Copies 1936-1975"
3 General correspondence, 1938, 1941
4 General correspondence, 1944-1945
5 Cursos de Extensión UNAM, 1937-1961
6 ACME, 1942-1959
7 General correspondence related to ACME, La voz de México, and Cámara de Trabajadores Mexicanos, 1946
8 General correspondence, ACME, La voz de México, 1946
9 La voz de México, 1947
10 General correspondence related to press associations, 1947
11 General correspondence,Casa de México, 1945-1949
12 Correspondence related to Prospect Hill Inquirer, 1950
13 General correspondence, 1950-1953
14 General correspondence, ACME, 1955-1958
15 General correspondence, 1959-1960
16 General correspondence, 1959-1965, 1971-1974
17 Correspondence re: Mexican holiday celebrations, 1961-1962
18 Miscellaneous letters
6 Organizations and Activities
1 Cámara de Comerciantes, 1934 Constitution
2-4 Confederación Nacional de Veteranosde de la Revolución/ La Liga Acción México-Americana, 1942, 1944-1945, 1947; leaflet, 2 speeches, pamphlet
5 Campaña Alemán, 1945
6 Correspondence: ACME (Agrupación de Cuidadanos en el Extranjero) y la Campaña Alemán
7 Deposition before the PRM on Behalf od ACME, Jan 17, 1946
8 Ideario Alemanista published in Mexico, 1945-1946
9 Campaña Miguel Alemán con la Agrupación de Ciudadanos en el Extranjero, 1946
10 ACME, letter of support for Alemán and signatures, 1946
11 Campaña Miguel Alemán, 1946-1947
12 ACME, correspondence related to PRI, 1947-1951
13 ACME, constitution, 1951
14 ACME, correspondence, 1951
15 ACME, membership certificates
16 ACME, Ideario de ACME, 1958
17 ACME forms and memorabilia
18 ACME and Goliad Park, 5 de Mayo
19 Comité López Mateos
box folder
7 1 Biblioteca Mexicana/ Campaña de Alfabetización
2 Campaña de Alfabetización, 1948-1949
3 Materials from La Campaña de Alfabetización
4 Periodistas Unidos de América, congreso en Torreón, 1948-, 10 photographs
5 Prensa Unida de la República, 1960, 1962, 1964-1965, 1967, and 1969
6 Letterhead stationary
7 By-laws of the General Alliance of Mexican Societies and history of Veterans of the Revolution
Programs of the Fiestas Pátrias Mexicanas, 1962-1971
8 Mexican Chamber of Commerce, San Antonio/Brochure of Tomás Acuña
8 El Patronato and UNAM
1 Cursos de Extensión; letter, memo, and story by Manuel Pacheco Moreno, 1942-1943
2 Cursos de Extensión, 1944
3 Cursos de Extensión with the International Cultural Center-1950-1951 (newsclippings, correspondence).
4 Cursos de Extensión; Nov. 1951-Feb. 1952 newsclippings/letter
5 Cursos de Extensión; newsclippings, 1951-1952
6 Cursos de Extensión; principio de la segunda época de los cursos, 1951-1952
7 Cursos de Extensión and El Patronato: correspondence, 1952
8 Cursos de Extensión newsclippings: primero de la segunda época de los cursos, 1952
9 Mexican University Extension Courses (C.E.U.M., Inc.), Chaitu, March 1953
10 El Patronato: Correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, 1953
11 Cursos de Extensión, 1953-1954
12 Cursos de Extensión, 1954
13 Cursos de Extensión; speeches, articles, brochures, newsclippings, invitations, 1954
box folder
9 1 El Patronato de los Cursos de UNAM, 1954-1955
2 El Patronato de los Cursos and Centro Cultural Internacional, 1953-1956
3 El Patronato, correspondence, 1955-1958
3 Notebooks of Newsclippings on Cursos de Extensión, 1954-56
4 Cursos de Extensión, 1955
5 Cursos de Extensión, 1955 (correspondence, financial statements, lists of students.)
6 Cursos de Extensión, 1956
7 Cursos de Extensión, 1956-1957
8 Cursos de Extensión, financial statement 9/21/56-3/13/57
9 Cursos de Extensión, 1958
10 UNAM in Texas (newsclippings).
11 Cursos de Extensión correspondence, 1959
12 Cursos de Extensión-1 issue of Vínculos, 1960
13 Cursos de Extensión, financial records, 1953-1960
14 Cursos de Extensión, correspondence/Financial report
box folder
10 1-3 Cursos de Extensión, 1961
4-9 Cursos de Extensión, 1962-1969
Notebook: "Excursión a México de Patronato y Alamo High School", 1961
10 Class readings for UNAM courses
11 Cursos de Extensión Universitaría, 1944-1964, San Antonio, Texas; historical pamphlet
12 Cursos de Extensión, list of professors
13 Cursos de Extensión, correspondence
14 El Patronato and UNAM, correspondence, no date
box folder
11 Cursos de Extensión, student registration cards
12 Mosaicos
Monthly magazine with illustrations published by Munguía, 1948-1949, 1954 and 1955 issues
13 Visual Materials
225 photographs; galley proofs, layouts, veloxes, cuts (original and duplicates), postcards used for printing
14a-c 195 black-and-white and color photos; 218 photos and snapshots and 774 black-and-white, and color negatives
[2 boxes: 14a-b, and 14c reflecting a prior arrangement]
15 Published and Unpublished Materials
1 Speech on La Bandera Mexicana (no author)
2 Speech given on anniversary of writing of 1917 Mexican constitution
3 Side Glances on Texas History from the University of Texas, 1941 and 1942
4 Speeches/articles/galley proofs/poems/radio scripts (?) "Hora Estrella", 1940-1942, 1944-1945, and undated
5 Original MS of Justino Palomares - Rimas Siniestras
6 Undated articles/short stories/press releases, 1945-48
7 Miscellaneous articles
8 Dibujos y Tepeyac - clippings and graphics
9 Poems and short articles (various authors)
10 Press releases, 1947-1948
11 Press releases, 1948
12 Press releases, 1948
13 "Benito Juárez"
14 "Consulado mexicano"
16 Miscellaneous Organizations
1 Pan Americana Roundtable
2 Regional Federation of Mexican and Latin American Organizations Statutes, 1947
3 Publications by the Order Caballeros de América/Hijos de México, 1940
4 Speech on "Sinarquismo", 1937 by Velasco
5 Union Sinarquista, 1938
Miscellaneous Printed Items
6 Vocabulario, San Antonio, Texas
7 Sheet Music
8 Consular(?)
9 Subject file - Puebla
10 Subject file - Zacapoaxtla, Puebla
"Great My Standoff", an Outline
Postulación conciente
Las cuatro apariciones
Informes de labores, 1946-1947
Informes de labores, 1948-1949
Bingo game: "stork"

Kathleen Munguia Papers

box folder
Interview with Rómulo Munguía, Jr., 1980 (2 cassettes)
These tapes are located in the Miscellaneous Sound Recordings collection
Oral history tapes (2 cassettes), 1975
Notecards (4x5, 3x5)
Research notebook
1 "Critical Bibliography" (2 copies)
2 Final draft of "A Man in Two Countries"
3 Illustrations for Rómulo Munguía biography (3 copies)
box folder
18 1 Notes, drafts, interview questions to Kathleen Munguía's MS
2 Correspondence, class project materials regarding "A Man in Two Countries", 1974-1975
3 Questionaires and letters to Kathleen Munguía from her grandfather
4 Interview questions and bibliographic sources, Kathleen Munguía
5 Printed items for "A Man in Two Countries"
6 MS for "A Man in Two Countries"
7 Preliminary notes on senior history project and Yale Univ. directories
8 Research material. Part 1
9 1st draft "A Man in Two Countries"/ K. Munguía's notes and notes from Rómulo Munguía
10 3rd draft "A Man in Two Countries"
Yale University map
1 notebook

Carolina Malpica de Munguía Papers

box folder
Book: 75th anniversary publications for Instituto Normal de México, 1957
1 Círculo Social Femenino de México, 1938, Círculo Cultural Isabel la Católica, 1939: minutes, correspondence, and lists
2 handwritten books: membership lists
2 San Antonio Council of PTA
3 PTA annual bulletins, 1940-1941
David Crockett School PTA directory
Texas Congress of Parents & Teachers convention and manual
San Antonio Council of PTA Directory
Texas Parent-Teacher magazine (June 1940-August 1941)
4 Personal and biographical material

Oversize Materials

box folder
OV 1- Oversize Materials
Oversized material includes posters, an unidentified photograph, and a large number of newsclippings. Inquire with circulation staff in the Rare Books Reading Room to request this material.