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Genaro García Collection

Part 4: Imprints and Images

Descriptive Summary

Creator García, Genaro, 1867-1920
Title Imprints and Images from the Genaro García Collection
Dates: 1737-1912
Abstract Graphic documents aquired by Genaro García (Mexican historian, educator, lawyer, politician, and bibliophile) relating primarily to the history, politics, and culture of Mexico from the 16th-20th centuries.
OCLC No. 29763288
Extent 323 items & 1 linear feet (2018 additions)
Language Spanish, also documents in Latin and French.
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

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[For biographical information on Genaro García, see the Genaro García Papers.]

Scope and Contents Note

Lithographs, certificates, charts, posters, maps, plans, registers, and prints of various scenes and people comprise this collection of Genaro García. The materials are arranged by subject matter. The first series, Buildings, contains lithographs by Pedro Gualdi of famous buildings in Mexico City, as well as scenes of the Palafox seminary and the home of Benito Juárez. Certificates, the second series, is small, and contains certificates in French, Latin, and Spanish. Charts and tables comprise the third series, with examples of charts depicting the demographics, civic, and historical aspects of Mexico. Also included is a table detailing all the known countries of the world in 1829, their rulers, forms of government and religion, and economic status. The fourth series includes commemorative posters of significent events in Mexican history, such as the Revolution of 1815. Landscapes, the fifth series, is relatively small, but depicts five colonial towns in Mexico in the early 19th century. The Maps and Plans series consists of several historical illustrations of towns and cities, as well as a large map of the California region and reproductions of two Aztec codices. Narrative Scenes is a relatively large series, consisting mostly of prints that depict armed conflicts at various sites around Mexico, including the Batalla de Jamaica and scenes of battle from Santa Anna's lifetime. Obelisks, the eighth series, consists of ten prints, either reproductions or initial plans, of memorial obelisks for a variety of notable figures, including Núñez de Haro. The Obituary lists range from 1768 to 1840, and list the deaths of priests and benefactors in Mexico City. The final series, Portraits, is by far the largest; its subseries include sovereigns, priests, Mexican patriots, and saints.


The García imprints and images are arranged alphabetically by category and subject. Materials are housed in oversized boxes or map case drawers (noted in the finding aid as Box=Dr.X) according to the size of the item.


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The García Collection imprints and images are cataloged under the following Subject Headings:
Subjects (Persons)
Guerrero, Vicente
Iturbide, Agustín de
Fernando VII, King of Spain, 1784-1833
Bazaine, Achille François
Santa Anna, Antonio López de
Juárez, Benito
Comonfort, Ignacio
Riva Palacio, Vicente
Margil de Jesús, Antonio
Mexico--Politics and government
Mexico--Church history--Sources
Mexican literature
Indians of Mexico
Mexico City Cathedral
Mexico (City)
Document Types
Graphic documents

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The García Collection images and imprints are a part of the Genaro García Collection. See also the Genaro García Papers.

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Box and Folder Inventory

I. Buildings, 1773-1890
(4 folders)

Lithographs and imprints make up this series. Contents are arranged by physical size, with the last two folders in the oversize map drawers. The images are then sorted by subject as much as possible. More than half of the series are Pedro Gualdi lithographs of buildings in Mexico City, including the Catedral de Mejico, the Colegio de Mineria, and the Gran Plaza. There are, in addition, images of the Palafox seminary and the birthplace of Benito Juarez.
box folder
1 1 Untitled, n.d.
Lithograph of a cathedral, plaza, and surrounding area. Letters are inscribed at various points on the drawing. Copy 1 of 2.
1 Untitled, n.d.
Copy 2 of 2, also includes, in pencil on the back of the lithograph, "Guadalupe [illegible]."
1 "Catedral de Morella," 1890.
Date is on the back of the lithograph; work by Arango.
1 "Catedral de Mejico," n.d.
1 "Catedral de Mejico," n.d.
On satin.
1 "Catedral de Megico," n.d.
1 "Catedral de Mejico," n.d.
1 "Interior de la Universidad de Mexico," n.d.
1 "Interior de la Catedral," n.d.
1 "Paseo de la Indepencia,"
[2 copies]
1 "Claustro del Convento de Na.Sa. del Merced," n.d.
1 "Camara de los Diputados," n.d.
[2 copies]
1 "Casa Municipal," n.d.
1 "Casa Municipal," n.d.
2 "Alameda de Mejico," n.d.
2 "Plaza de Santo Domingo y Aduana en Mejico," n.d.
Lettering is backward on the lithograph.
2 "Plaza de Santo Domingo y Aduana," n.d.
Very similar to lithograph of the same name above; however, the lettering is forward, and the lines in general are darker and less detailed.
2 "Vista de la Gran Plaza de Mexico," n.d.
Yellow tint, on satin.
2 "Vista de la Esquina de los Portales y Costado de la Casa Municipal de Mejico: despues de la memorable jornada del 15 al 27 de Julio de 1840," July, 1840.
Depicts the side of a building that has fallen away; railings mangled, wall has fallen down. [2 copies]
2 "Vista del Palacio Nacional de Mejico: despues de la memorable jornada del 15 al 27 Julio de 1840," July, 1840.
Another view of the same building, showing significently more damage than the other lithograph. [3 copies]
2 "Vista del Panorama de Mexico," n.d.
Colored lithograph, signed by Urbano Lopez. Shows the city with a long view towards the surrounding countryside.
2 "La Profesa, No.1: Colecction de vistas tomadas en la revolution, llamad de los Polkos, en Mexico el ano de 1847," 1847.
Hand-colored lithograph. Depicts fighting behind a barricade
2 "Vista de la plaza llamada principal, del pueblo de Santo Geronimo Aculco," 1838.
Contains descriptions under the drawing of surrounding buildings and figures on the cathedral.
2 "Interior de la Catedral de Mejico," n.d.
Hand-colored lithograph.
2 "Album Mexicano: Hotel Iturbide," n.d.
Colored lithograph. Seems to have come out of a larger book of lithographs.
2 "Casa donde nació Juarez:en Guelatao, estado de Oaxaca," n.d.
Lithograph depicting the birthplace of Benito Juarez, with its obelisk to his name.
2 "Teatro Nacional," 1891.
Depicts an official banquet with Porifirio Diaz, President of the Republic.
2 "Casa Municipal de Mejico," n.d.
Street scene.
2 Mejico Pintoresco: Colegia de Mineria," n.d.
Lithograph signed by Urbano Lopez. Street scene, but from a different angle than similar lithographs in folder #4.
2 "Interior del Colegio de Mineria," n.d.
2 "Colegio de Mineria," 1850
box folder
Dr. 53 1 "Mapa de la Biblioteca del Seminario Palafoxiano," n.d.
Lithograph of the library, with letters on doors and objects, and a key under the drawing, describing where each door goes or what certain objects or drawers are for.
1 "Mapa de la Suntuosa Biblioteca del Isigne Seminario Palafoxiano," 1773.
Lithograph of the library, with a key to describe certain objects and doorways (very similar to the above map).
1 "Orizaba y su Primera Exposicion," n.d.
8 images of the exposition, and one advertising block. Of the eight images, 3 are of the Palacio de la Exposicion, and one is of the Cascada de Rincon Grande.
1 "Interior de la Profesa," c.1855.
Colored lithograph depicts a cathedral scene, during Mass.
1 Untitled, n.d.
Image of a coliseum, with a statue of a man on a horse in front. There are people and Mexican flags everywhere. Seems like a holiday scene.
1 Untitled, c. 1740-1780.
An ornate lithograph of an interior, captioned with a paragraph of Latin text, beginning with the title of Maria-Therese, the Empress of Austria-Hungary from 1740-1780.
2 Vista sud-est del Panorama de Mexico," n.d.
Very similar to lithograph signed by Lopez, with some variations.[2 copies]
2 "Capilla del Señor Santa Teresa: despues del horroroso terremoto del dia 7 de Abril de 1845, en Mexico," April 7, 1845.
Hand-colored lithograph.
2 "Vista de la Gran Plaza de Mexico," n.d.
2 "Vista del Panorama de Mejico Tomada desde la Torre de Sant Agustin," n.d.
Looking over the city, towards the National Cathedral, perhaps. [2 copies]
2 "Vista norte oeste del Panorama de Mexico," n.d.
2 "Vista del Panteon de Santa Paola en Mejico," n.d.
2 "Mexico Pintoresco: interior de la Catedral de Mejico," n.d.
Colored lithograph, signed by Urbano Lopez
2 "Vista sud-oeste del Panorama de Mexico," n.d.
[2 copies]

II. Certificates, 1788-1800
(1 folder)

Three certificates comprise this series. They are described below.
box folder
1 3 "D. Joachimus Fernandez de Madrid et Canal, Dei et sanctae sedis apostolicae gratia, episcopus tenagriensis, &c.," 18--
All of the text is in Latin, half printed and half handwritten.
3 Certificate from the King of France, March 1, 1815.
Grants Mssr. Prissette (Germain Nicolas), neé at Vellepreux on June 13, 1788, the rank of Avocat, Grenadier, first battalion, 6th Legion. In French.
3 "Nos el virrey Vice-Protector President y Avademia de San Carlos de Nueva-España," 1797?
Half handwritten and half printed.

III. Charts and Tables, 1812-1885
(2 folders)

Calendars, census reports, charts, and tables comprise this series. Included among the several documents are reproductions of Aztec calendars, political tables on countries of the world in 1829, scientific tables for eclipses and sign movements, and a list of the streets and buildings in Mexico City.
box folder
Dr. 53 3 “Representación de los cinco días con que comenzaban las tercera y cuarta trecenas del Tonalámatl y se refiere á la dirección del Poniente ó entierro del sol, que celebraban las diosas de la lujuria, ó sean las cinco Ciuateteo y sus compañeros los Auiteteo. Esta pintura de la colección Aubin Goupil, es ahora propiedad de la Biblioteca Nacional de París. Civilización:Azteca.—Epoca: Precortesiana,” n.d.
Stamped on the back with a Museo de Arquelogia…Departamento de Publicaciones, Estados Unidos Mexico. Written in pencil on the back, “Aubin mss.20.”
3 “Esplicacion”; chart of the planets and the signs, and their implications and meanings.“Imprenta de Luis Abadiano y Valdes,” n.d.
3 “Calendario de Cumplido,” 1846.
Provides dates for “dias en que sale la correspondencia”, “Correos”, eclipses, etc.
3 “Censo de la Poblacion de los Estados Unidos del Norte, el Año de 1820,” 1830.
Printed in 1830 by Mexico. Lists while males and females, male and female slaves, and black males and females.
3 “Cuadro Politico de las Cinco Partes del Mundo en 1829,” n.d.
Europe, Asia, Africa, New World, and Oceania are represented. Gives forms of government, religions of citizens, political divisions, and location of the seat of government.
4 “El Calendario Azteca o la Piedra del Sol con la interpretación de sus figuras,” post-1885.
Stamp of the Museo de Arquelogia on the back.
4 “Monumento del Rey Tízoc al Sol…” n.d.
Stamp of the Museo de Arquelogia on the back.
4 “Cuadro Arquelógico y Etnográfico de la Republica Mexicana. Formada por Leopoldo Batres, inspector y conservador de los monumentos arqueológicos de la Nacion y membro de varias Sociedades Cientificas del pais y extranjeras," 1885.
Pictures and descriptions of famous ruins, and itineraries for visiting them.
4 “Cuadro Ilustrado de Inundacion de Leon,” n.d.
Picture of Manuel Gonzalez, then-governor of Guanajuato. City map, and drawn pictures of the streets, which look to be devastated by artillery. [2 copies]
4 “Plano historico del Sitio Cuautla," 1812
Map of the city, with narrative all around the map. Color.
4 “Sinoptico y Estadistico del Estado Libre y Soberano de Veracruz Llave,” 1880?
Gives geography, political and excutive powers, education stats, statistics on how many foreigners live in the state, agricultural and industrial products, means of communication, exports, and minerals.
4 List of streets, convents, plazas, hospitals, etc. n.d.
Perhaps in Mexico City: a key to a map that it is no longer with.
4 “Calendario Perpetuo, por Manuel Castañeda," 1874.
All writing, with some charts.
4 “El Gran Ferrocarril de Buques, sistema Eads, El Istmo de Tehuantepec,” 1881.
Plans for a canal through the middle of Mexico, includes draftings and text, as well as a picture of a huge sailing ship.
4 “Cuadro Sinoptico de la Produccion Agricola de la Republica Mexicana,” 1878-1879.
Has statistics for all of the states of Mexico.
4 “Cuadro Sinóptico de la Historia Antigua de Mexico, desde los tiempos fabulosos hasta la ocupation de la Catpial por Hernan Cortes," 1859
Runs down the major civilizations: Toltecas, Chichimecas, and Mexicanos, religions, and independent republics.

IV. Commemorative Posters, 1810-1912
(4 folders)

Posters of various sizes and depicting various events make up this series. All of the posters are located in the oversize map cases. Included among these posters are likenesses of Napolean III, Bazaine, Fernando VII, and Vincente Riva Palacio. In addition, there are three family trees: two for Miguel Hidalgo de Costilla and one of the Juarez family. There are also two commemorative posters for the 1815 revolution, with Guerrero, Iturbide, Hidalgo, and Victoria.
box folder
Dr. 53 5 "El Proceso de los Presos Politicos," July 31, 1885.
Pictures of six men, "Escritores presos por Delitos de Imprenta. Todos redactors."
5 “15 de Septiembre de 1810,” n.d.
Colored poster, with drawings of 9 influential people of the Mexican Revolution. Border images include the Mexican eagle (with snake in the beak), breaking chains.
5 “Arbol Genealógico del Ilustre don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla,” May 16, 1910.
Inscription: “Dedicado al Sr. Don Genaro García, Director del Museo Nacional. México, May 16 de 1910. Concepcion Ochoa [illegible] de Castro.”
5 “Arbol Genealógico de la familia Hildago y Costilla 1810-1910: Biografia y Genealogia del Benemérito Cura de Dolores D. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla,” n.d.
The family tree, pictures of places important to the life of Hidalgo y Costilla, and a biography.
5 Juarez family tree, 1912.
Includes a key at the bottom of the tree, naming all the photographs of various family members of Benito Juarez and his wife. Also includes an "authentication" from Juarez' two daughters, testifying to the veracity of the genealogy.
5 “La Guerra de Independencia en Imágenes,” n.d.
Portraits, documents, and places of the Mexican Revolution, on one large sheet. Includes Hidalgo, Guerrera, and Iturbide, among others.
6 “Al sr. Gral. D. José Ma. Yañez, como testimonio de honor y de gratitud, 1856,” 1856.
A print, on thin paper, depicting two swords, and a decorated cabinet in the middle, with another inscription on the cabinet in addition to the one above: “Trabajada en los talleres de D. Andres Baric, y enconmedada su desempeño al Conde de la Cortina.”
6 “Naciones: la guerrera España, y la tranquila y abundante America, unidas por el amor y la fidelidad sostienen el Frono de Fernando Septimo," October 15, 1809.
Intaglio, picture and caption of Fernando VII (above), with some Greek-like muses around him, natives and ships behind.
6 “La Sabiduria, el Tiempo y la Fuerza…la independencia Megicana:un genio singular…,” n.d.
Lithograph, rotunda scene, with combination of Mexican soldiers, Roman gods, and cherubs, plus an eagle bringing down what looks like a picture of the first Mexican president (Guadalupe Victoria), from the sky.
6 “D.O.M. Ferdinando VII hispaniarum et Indiaum regi desideratissimo patri patriae in supremo indiarum consilio sedenti cum senatoribus et causas una cum eis audienti et decenenti di XVIII mensis novembris anno MDCCCXIV…,” 1814.
6 “Proyecto del Monumento de la independencia mexicana presentado a la academia de bellas artes por el capitan de ingenieros D. Lorenzo Hidalgo...23, de Agosto,” 1843.
6 Letter to Bazaine, Marechal of France from Gabon Napheggi [in French], 1864.
The letter is printed to a large extent, very little handwriting.
6 “Recuerdo 'El citado dia nacio la niña Magdalena Sofia hija del Señor Lic. Genaro García y de la Señora Concepcion Aguirre,'” June 7, 1909.
6 “Gran Circo de Chiarini, calle de gante. Escogida y variada Funcion a beneficio del Signor Sebastian y sus hijos Romeo y Josefina, quiense tienen el honor de dedicaria al modesto patriota Ciudadano general Vicente Riva Palacio y a los valientes jefes y oficiales de la division mixta de Toluca,” July 23, 1867.
6 Likeness of Bazaine, Maréchal de France, 1863.
All around his picture, there is type in German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew, among others. Also scenes of battle or foreign parts depicted in the margins.
6 “Napoleone III, Imperatore de Francesi,” n.d.
Dedicated to Bazaine, a drawing of the emperor, in a chariot drawn by 4 horses and guided by an angel.
6 “Negociacion de Santa Ana Catorce," n.d.
Single sheet with 10 photographs of an industrial area and equipment (dynamos, etc.)
6 Single sheet, with photographs of coats of arms pasted onto it, n.d.
Approximately 23 shields.
6 Print of men on horseback, in chainmail, with plumed helmets. “Rex Romanorum Imperator," n.d.

V. Landscapes, 1821-1857
(1 folder)

This small series of landscape lithographs include vistas of Jalapa, Vera Cruz, and Tampico.
box folder
1 4 "Vista de Jalapa," n.d.
4 “San Agustin de la Cuevas, Cuidad de Tlalpam,” n.d.
4 West and north faces of Popcatepetl, 1857.
4 “Vista de la Ciudad de Veracruz,” 1821.
4 "Tampico de Tamaulipas," n.d.
View from across the river at the city in the distance. Foreground with a lean-to and woodcutters.

VI. Maps and Plans, n.d.
(2 folders)

This series of maps and plans are arranged by size; the second folder contains the oversize materials. These maps include scenes of Vera Cruz, Mexico City, and Campetie, as well as a full map of California and three reproductions of Aztec codices, two of which are lithographic.
box folder
1 5 Photostats, n.d.
[4 items]
5 "Plan of Guadalupe Tepeyuac," n.d.
Map, with legend.
5 “Plan Ignografico de la Capilla que se fabrica en honor de Maria Santissima de Guadalupe,” n.d.
There is a mention of 1779 on the plan, but that may be the date of the church, not the date of the plan itself.
5 “Plano del Edificio de una colonia,” n.d.
5 "La Verra Crus," n.d.
View of the city, and the fort offshore.
5 "Mexico," n.d.
Birds eye view drawing of the city.
5 "Campetie," n.d.
Drawing of a ship in the foreground, a city on the shore behind it.
5 "Códice Ramirez," n.d.
Color lithograph reproduction.
5 "Della California" Coronelli segment map, n.d.
box folder
Dr. 53 7 "Códice Ramirez," n.d.
Oversize. Black and white photographic reproduction.
7 “Esplicacion de la 1a. Vista del Panorama de Mexico,” n.d.
7 "Códice Barando," n.d.
Oversize. Color lithograph reproduction.
7 City map: wax paper tracing. City unknown, n.d.
Oversize. Includes references to placenames of Vallejo, San Fernando, and San Jacinto.

VII. Narrative Scenes, 1811-1860
(3 folders)

Lithographs and prints comprise this series of battle scenes, buildings, and events. Included among the battles are the Battle of Tampico and the defense of Vera Cruz in 1829, a battle in the Gran Plaza in Mexico City, and lithographs of rebels taking over the Palacio Nacional. There are also prints of street scenes and a colonial shipyard.
box folder
1 6 "Planta de el Real Palacio y Plaza Principal de la M. Noble y Leal Ciudad de Mexico: Sacada en día de execución criminal 1780," n.d.
6 “Vista la Portada que Puso el Escmo. Ayuntaminento de Mexico: Papra la entrada el General D. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna,” n.d.
6 “Prision del Senor D. Miguel Idalgo y Costilla, coronel Allende y, demas Caudillos, en el camino de Chihuahua dia 21 de Marzo de 1811,” n.d.
6 "Muerte del Sr. Cura Idalgo y demas Eroes Mejicanos en Chihuhua dia 3 de Julio de 1811," n.d.
6 “Prision del General Morelos en Tesmalaca Domingo 5 de Noviembre de 1815,” n.d.
6 “Defensa de la plaza de Veracruz por el General Santa-Anna contra los Franceses, donde salió herido dia 5 de Deciembre de 1838," n.d.
6 “Batalla de Tampico, dad á los Españoles por el General Santa-Anna, dia 10 de Septiembre de 1829,” n.d.
In caption: “Es copia del cuadro original que se hall en el Salon del Congreso general de Mexico.”
6 “Cuadro historico del General Santa Anna. 2a. parte,” n.d.
Fifteen scenes from the life of Santa Anna, 1828-1856.
6 “Defenza heroica de puebla, del 6 á el 8 de enero de 1845,” n.d.
6 Untitled mounted print, n.d.
Subject is a man on horseback, followed by four men on foot. Handwritten caption [in Spanish].
6 “Glorioso martirio de los 23 S.S. protom. Del Japon perten. Á la Orden Serfa. Y Prov. Apos. De Descalso de Philipinas en 5 de Febrero año 1597,” n.d.
Negative photostat, lists the names of the men killed in the caption.
6 “L’action devant Oajaca,” n.d.
Dedicated to the Marechal of France, Commander in Chief of the Mexican corps [in French].
6 “Las Garantias,” n.d.
Soldiers on horseback on a city street; people around them throwing flowers and waving hats.
7 "Vista de la fortificacion de S. Agustin, por el supremo Gobierno,” n.d.
[2 copies]
7 "Vista de la plaza nacional de Mejico, el dia 15 de julio de 1840,” n.d.
Scene of fighting at the plaza. Some tinting. [2 copies]
7 "Batalla de Guadalupe,” n.d.
Birds eye view of one of the armies.
7 "Batalla de Guadalupe,” n.d.
Army near buildings. [2 copies]
7 "Batalla de Jamaica,”
Lithograph, battle scene near a large house.[2 copies]
7 "Chapultepec, 1847,” n.d.
Battle at the base of a fort waving a Mexican flag.
7 "Encuentro en la Garita de Sn. Lazaro, el dia 20 de Julio de 1840,” n.d.
Lithograph, battle scene with tall stone structures all around the fighting.
7 "Vista de la Calle del Refugio, con las tropas del Gobierno sobre los pronunciados,” n.d.
Hand colored.
7 “Vista interior del palacio nacional de Mejico, ocupado por los federalistas,” n.d.
Scene includes soldiers and supplies, occupying the National Palace.[2 copies]
7 "Pronunciamiento de la Ciudadela de Mejico, el dia 31 de Agosto de 1841.” n.d.
7 "Encuentro en Jamaica,” n.d.
Regiments of soldiers on a road, a few dead bodies, and many cypress trees.
7 "Encuentro en la Garita de Sn. Lazaro,” n.d.
Soldiers in the foreground, loading guns behind a wall, and fighting in the background.
7 "Recuerdos del dia 6 de Diciembre de 1844,” n.d.
Lithograph and printed commentary at the bottom. Several scenes all melded together in this litho, including an angel smiting a conquistador off his throne built on skulls.
7 "Todos los prisioneros de Guerra, Mexicanos, y Extrangeros, en absoluta libertad...'Yo no he nacido para verdugo ni para carcelero," 2 de Abril de 1867, n.d.
Lithograph related to aftermath of la Batalla del 2 de abril, Puebla.
box folder
Dr. 53 8 Egerton lithograph of Aguas Calientes street scene, 1840.
Oversize. Color. Shows a religious procession.
8 "Episodios martimos: Primera en toda empresa natable, la marina española,” n.d.
Lithograph with some hand coloring, of a colonial shipyard.
8 "Batalla de Calpulalpan (22 de diciembre de 1860),” n.d.
Birds eye view of the battle, with a legend of people and divisions involved in the battle. [2 copies]

VIII. Obelisks, 1767-1904
(2 folders)

The plans of obelisks in this series are separated by size. They include both obelisks that were built in memorium, and plans of obelisks that were never built. Subjects include Santa-Anna, Nuñez de Haro, and an obelisk to Mexican Independence.
box folder
1 8 Photostatic copy, n.d.
Royal obelisk; crown at the top and inside the temple at the bottom. Lions on all four corners. N.d.
8 “ General Don Juan Martín Pueyrredón. Monumento erigido á su memoria en Mar del Plata el 27 de Febrero de 1904,” n.d.
8 “Ceotafio que erigió el Cabildo Eclésiastico de México…el dia 21 de Julio de 1812,” n.d.
[2 copies]
8 “Effigies Pyrae in Exequiis Illmi. Ae Rev.D.M.D.F. Antoniii a Sto. Michaele, Episcopi Michoacanensis,” 1804.
8 “Effigies Pyrae, in Exequiis Illmi D.D. Ildephonsi Nuñez de Haro et Peralta Arch-episcopi...," 1800.
8 Untitled obelisk, 1767.
Portrait of a woman on the obelisk, and an inscription in Latin.
8 “Monumento que debe levantarse en Santa-Anna de Tamaulipas…,” n.d.
Commemorating the Battle of Tampico.
box folder
Dr. 53 9 Plan of an obelisk, n.d.
Oversize. Project of José Rincón, “este monumento se mando erijir por la ley de 29 de Abril de 1833, que dio el Congreso general, siendo iniciada en el Sendao en la sesion del dia 2o. del mismo mes, por el Sr. D. Jose Maria Bocanegra, senador por el Estado de Zacatecas.”
9 “Elevacion del Monumento de la Independencia Mexicana,” n.d.

IX. Obituary Lists, 1768-1904
(2 folders)

These obituary lists are separated by size, which also separates them by age. Lists from 1898-1904 are substantially larger than earlier lists. All of the lists include priests and benefactors that died in Mexico City between the years 1768-1904.
box folder
2 1 1768-1897.
box folder
Dr. 53 10 1898-1904.

X. Portraits, 1737-1849
(6 folders)

Lithographs, prints, and color images comprise this series. The series is separated by size, with the last three folders in the oversize section. Represented are sovereigns, religious figures, Mexican patriots, and various other famous figures of Mexican history, such as Altamirano, Iturbide, Riva Palacio, Hidalgo, and Las Casas.
box folder
2 2 Louis IV of France, n.d.
2 Fernando VII of Spain, n.d.
2 Elizabeth of Bourbon, n.d.
2 Elizabeth of England, n.d.
2 "Agustin, 1o. Emperador de Mexico," n.d.
2 Iturbide, n.d.
[2 copies]
2 "El libertador D. Agustin de Iturbide (Emperador de Mexico)," n.d.
2 "Moctheusoma Xocoyotcin, Emperador de Mexico,” n.d.
3 Lithograph of Christopher Columbus statue, n.d.
3 "Ven. Antonio Margil M.O.,” n.d.
3 "Antonio Margil,” n.d.
3 Untitled print, n.d.
A priest, surrounded by Spaniards, natives, animals, with a city in the background.
3 "Mas qiero misericordia que sacrificio,” n.d.
3 Untitled lithograph of a priest, n.d.
Handwriting under the portrait, but illegible.
3 "Copia de la Ssa. Cruz que se vio resplandeciente en el Cielo en la conquista de la Ciud. De Queretaro dia de Santiago año 1531…,” n.d.
[2 copies]
3 "Ioannes Bercman, belga diestemy natus in Societate Iesu ita vixit…,” n.d.
3 Untitled lithograph, n.d.
Priest standing at the doorway of a ruined Aztec building, a woman clasping his legs and a man dead in front of him.
3 "A San Bernardo de Ofida, Capuchino que se celebra a 22 de Agosto en testimonio de gratitud por los beneficios recibidos le Consagra esta Ygnacia Cortina é Ycaza,” n.d.
3 "Ymagenes de los Santos Profesores del Noble Arte de Elaborar oro y plata,” 1849.
3 "Esta sagrada Imagen Fue Inbentada por el P.F.Fransisco…,” n.d.
3 "Carolo IIII, hispaniarum India rumque regi catholico…,” 1789.
Priest being lifted to heaven by angels.
3 “Glorioso martirio de los 23 S.S. protom. Del Japon perten. Á la Orden Serfa. Y Prov. Apos. De Descalso de Philipinas en 5 de Febrero año 1597.” n.d.
Print version of the photostatic copy in the Narrative Scenes series.
3 "Santa Catalina de Sena,” n.d.
3 "El Máximo Doctor San Gerónimo, Defensor de la Fee y Abogado para la buena muerte,” n.d.
3 "Vro. Rto. De Santo Domingo Soriano, que se venera en su Capilla del covto...,” 1737.
3 "Esta sagrada Imagen Fue Inbentada por el P.F.Fransisco…,” n.d.
Another copy in folder 2B.
3 Portrait of Palafox, n.d.
3 Portrait of Palafox, n.d.
Extremely similar to above portrait, but with minor changes in facial features and accessories. [2 copies]
3 Lithograph of R.P. de Ravignan, n.d.
4 Altamirano, n.d.
4 Bustamante, n.d.
4 Comonfort, n.d.
4 Manuel Hidalgo, n.d.
4 Moñino, n.d.
4 Romero de Terreros, n.d.
5 Don Ignacio Cumplido, n.d.
5 Julián Villagrán, n.d.
5 José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, n.d.
5 Vicente Riva Palacio, n.d.
[3 portraits]
5 José Sixto Berdusco, n.d.
box folder
Dr. 53 11 "Praeclarissimae Lacatecarum Civitati….Antonii Margil,” n.d.
Oversize.[2 copies]
11 Large mounted drawing of Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, n.d.
11 "Agustin de Iturbide y sus Ilustres Contemporaneos,” n.d.
Oversize. Central portrait of Iturbide surrounded by other patriots of the 1815 Revolution. In color.
11 Lithograph of Maximilian, by Salazar, n.d.
Oversize. Handwritten under the portrait, "Hernando Maximiliano."
11 "El B. Juan de Ribera,” 1796.
11 "N.S. de los Remedios, Patrona y especial protectora de la Ciudad de Mexico,” 1845.
12 Portrait frame for Don Ignacio Cumplido, n.d.
13 Ignacio Altamirano, n.d.
13 Mariano Arista, n.d.
13 Ignacio Comonfort, n.d.
13 Nicolás de Régules, n.d.
13 José Zalazar Ylárregui, n.d.
13 Francisco A. Arce,
13 Genoveva de Gutiérrez Estrada, n.d.
13 J.M. Gutiérrez de Estrada, n.d.

2018 Additions to Collection

The following materials were found in a box marked García Imprints and Images (unprocessed). The items are smaller in size and miscellaneous in nature. They were able to fit in two boxes named García Imprints and Images Box 3 & 4.
3 Miscellaneous Items
1 Memorial of the International Exhibition at Philadelphia, 1876
2 "Souvenir de Puebla," 1865
3 Lithographs and engravings, principally of sites, 1844-1876, undated
including sites in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cholula, Casas Grandes, Jalapa, Tampico, Veracruz
4 Assorted illustrations, 1787-1871, undated
including illustration by Joseph Benito de Ortuño
5 Assorted notes and notifications, 1761-1906, undated
6 Religious lithographs and engravings, 1774-1810, undated
7 Photographic reproductions of Nuestra Señora de..., 1912, undated
including escudo de armas de Zacatecas
8 Photographic/photostatic reproductions of manuscripts, undated
9 Photographic/photostat reproduction of manuscripts, undated
including documents on Matamoros
10 Assorted illustrations and city plans, 1868-1933, undated
including from Puebla and Querétaro
11 Ethnographic/historical photostats and manuscript photostats, undated
12 Ethnographic/historical photostats, undated
including cuadros etnológicas del Museo Nacional
13 Religious photostats (negative and positive), 1876
14 No. 9, "El C. General Vicente Riva Palacio," 1867
box folder
4 1 Photostats of people, undated
2 Photostats of buildings and landscapes (negative), undated
3 Copy of commemorative stamp related to the Battle of Monte de las Cruces, undated
4 Lithographs and engravings of people, undated
57 items, featuring political, religious, and military figures.