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Zeitlin and Ver Brugge Autograph Collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator Zeitlin & Ver Brugge (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Title Zeitlin and Ver Brugge Autograph Collection
Dates: 1568-1891
OCLC Record No. 32797049
Extent: 3 inches
Language Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The firm Zeitlin & Ver Brugge are booksellers and importers, fine art dealers, and specialists in technical and scientific books.

Scope and Contents

Artificial collection of official documents, title pages of manuscripts, letters, and remnants of documents pertaining to the history of Mexico.

Because the materials were accumulated for the value of their autographs, they have no connections of provenance or subject beyond that of Mexican history.

Contained in the collection are the signatures of 41 viceroys and one oidor of the seventh audiencia (documents dated 1568-1817), six Spanish monarchs (documents dated 1583-1818), 20 Mexican heads of state (documents dated 1823-1891), and several other persons who held various offices (documents dated 1792-1808).

Also present in the collection is the genealogical family tree of Melchor Fernandez de Madrid, who was associated with the Inquisition.


Organized into four series:
  • I. Viceroys, 1568-1817.
  • II. Monarchs, 1583-1818.
  • III. Mexican heads of state, 1823-1891.
  • IV. Other individuals, 1792-1808.
Series I and II are arranged chronologically by reign or term of service; Series III and IV are arranged alphabetically.


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Index Terms

Autographs--New Spain.
Kings and rulers--Spain--Autographs.
Viceroys--New Spain--Autographs.
Fernandez de Madrid, Melchor--Genealogy.
List of Autographs
Acuña, Juan de, Marqués de Casafuerte--Autographs
Ahumada y Villalón, Agustín de, marqués de las Amarillas, d. 1760--Autographs
Alamán, Lucas, 1792-1853--Autographs
Almonte, Juan Nepomunco, 1803-1869--Autographs
Anaya, P. M. (Pedro María), 1795-1854--Autographs
Apodaca, Juan Ruíz de--Autographs
Arangoiti, Francisco de--Autographs
Arista, Mariano, 1802-1855--Autographs
Azanza, Miguel José de, 1746-1826--Autographs
Barragán, Miguel, 1789-1836--Autographs
Berenguer de Marquina, Félix, 1738-1826--Autographs
Branciforte, Miguel de la Grúa y Talamanca, marqués de--Autographs
Bucareli y Ursúa, Antonio María, frey, 1717-1779--Autographs
Bustamante, Anastacio, 1780-1853--Autographs
Canalizo, Valentín, 1794-1850--Autographs
Castro y Figueroa, Pedro de, Duque de La Conquista--Autographs
Cerralvo, Rodrigo Pacheco y Osorio, marqués de--Autographs
Charles III, King of Spain, 1716-1788--Autographs
Charles IV, King of Spain, 1748-1819--Autographs
Comonfort, Ignacio, 1812-1863--Autographs
Corro, José Justo, 1794-1864--Autographs
Croix, Carlos Francisco de Croix, marqués de, 1699-1786--Autographs
Cruillas, Joaquín de Montserrat, marqués de, 1700-1771--Autographs
Cuevas, Luis Gonzaga, 1799-1867--Autographs
Díaz, Porfirio, 1830-1915--Autographs
Diez de Aux de Armendáriz, Lope, marqués de Cadereyta, b. 1575?--Autographs
Doblado, Manuel, 1818-1865--Autographs
Domínguez, Miguel--Autographs
Enríquez , Martín, d. 1583--Autographs
Enríquez de Guzmán, Luis, conde de Alba de Liste--Autographs
Ferdinand VII, King of Spain, 1784-1833--Autographs
Fernández de Córdoba, Diego, marqués de Guadalcázar--Autographs
Fernández de la Cueva, Francisco, duque de Albuquerque--Autographs
Flóres, Manuel Antonio, d. 1799--Autographs
Gálvez, Matías de, 1717-1784--Autographs
Garibay, Pedro, 1727-1815--Autographs
Gómez Pedraza, Manuel, 1789-1851--Autographs
González, Manuel, 1833-1893--Autographs
Guerra, García, Viceroy of Mexico, d. 1612--Autographs
Guerrero, Vicente, 1782-1831--Autographs
Herrera, José Joaquín de, 1792-1854--Autographs
Isabella II, Queen of Spain, 1830-1904--Autographs
Iturbide, Agustín de, 1783-1824--Autographs
Iturbide, Joaquín de--Autographs
Iturrigaray y Aróstegui, José de, 1742-1815--Autographs
Juárez, Benito, 1806-1872--Autographs
Leiva y de la Cerda, Juan, marqués de Leiva--Autographs
Lerdo de Tejada, Sebastián, 1823-1889--Autographs
Lizana y Beaumont, Francisco Javier, 1750-1811--Autographs
Malo de Villavicencio, Pedro--Autographs
Villa Manrique, Alvaro Manrique de Zuñiga, marqués de--Autographs
Márquez, Leonardo, b. 1820--Autographs
Mayorga, Martín de, d. 1783--Autographs
Mendoza y Luna, Juan Manuel de, marqués de Montesclaros, 1571-1628--Autographs
Mexico. Supremo Poder Ejectivo (1823-1824)--Autographs
Michelena, José Mariano de, 1772-1852--Autographs
Mier y Terán, Luis, 1835-1891--Autographs
Miramón, Miguel, 1831-1867--Autographs
Palafox y Mendoza, Juan de, 1600-1659--Autographs
Peña y Peña, Manuel de la, 1789-1850--Autographs
Peralta, Gastón de, marqués de Falces, ca. 1510-1580--Autographs
Philip II, King of Spain, 1527-1598--Autographs
Philip V, King of Spain, 1683-1746--Autographs
Revilla Gigedo, Juan Francisco Güémes y Horcasitas, conde de, 1682?-1766--Autographs
Ribera, Payo de, 1612-1684--Autographs
Santa Anna, Antonio López de, 1794?-1876--Autographs
Salvatierra, García Sarmiento de Sotomayor Enriquez de Luna, conde de, d. 1659--Autographs
Toledo, Antonio Sebastián de, marqués de Mancera, d. 1715--Autographs
Torres y Rueda, Marcos de--Autographs
Velasco, Luis de, marqués de Salina, 1534-1617--Autographs
Velásquez de Léon, Manuel--Autographs
Velázquez de la Cadena, José Manuel--Autographs
Venegas, Francisco Xavier, 1760-1838--Autographs
Victoria, Guadalupe, 1786-1843--Autographs
Zúñiga y Guzmán, Baltasar de, marqués de Valero, 1658-1727--Autographs
Zúñiga y Acevedo, Gaspár de, conde de Monterrey--Autographs

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