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Jefferson R. and Lota M. Spell Papers

Descriptive Summary

Creator Spell, Jefferson Rea, 1886-1967, ; Spell, Lota M. (Lota May), 1885-1972
Title Jefferson R. and Lota M. Spell Papers
Dates: 1844-1972
Dates (Bulk): 1920-1970
Abstract Correspondence, research materials, literary manuscripts and notes, family papers, and photographs from the careers and lives of Jefferson R. Spell, Ph.D., professor of Latin American literature at The University of Texas, and his wife, Lota M. Spell, Ph.D., musician and Librarian (1922-27) of the Latin American Collection at The University of Texas.
OCLC Record No. 33332702
Extent 70 linear feet
Languages English and Spanish
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Chronology: Jefferson Rea Spell
9 Nov 1886 born in Pottsboro, Grayson County, Texas
1901-1905 attended Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas
1905-1913 attended UT intermittently; taught Latin at high schools in Bartlett, San Antonio, and Navasota
1910 married Lota Mae Harrigan
1913 received B.A. from UT (classics major)
Jan 1920 appointed instructor in romance languages at UT
1920 received M.A. from UT with thesis, "Spanish teaching in the United States, "
1927 Adjunct Professor at UT (called Assistant Professor from 1936)
1931 received Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania with dissertation,"The life and works of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, "
1939 Associate Professor at UT; received Diploma de Honor from Academia Mexicana for studies in the field of Mexican literature
1942-1946 Institute of Latin American Studies (Executive Committee)
1943-1945 vice-president and acting president of the Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana
1944 Professor at UT
1944-1946 Guest Professor in the Summer School of the National University of Mexico
1960 retired from UT
1962 Professor Emeritus
3 March 1967 died at his home at 2108 Hartford Rd., Austin, Texas
1967 (Texas Chapter) Member of the Year, in memoriam
Chronology: Lota M. Spell
2 Feb 1885 born in Big Spring, Texas (raised in San Antonio)
1898-1901 attended Virginia Institute, Bristol, Virginia (girls' boarding school)
1902-1905 studied music in Austria and Germany (Grand Ducal Conservatory, Karlsruhe)
1905-1910 taught music and performed as a pianist in Mexico City
1910 instructor at Whitis Preparatory School, Austin
8 Sept 1910 married Jefferson Rea Spell
1914 received B.A. from UT
1919 received M.A. from UT
1922-1927 librarian of the Genaro García Collection, University of Texas Library
1923 second woman to receive Ph.D. from UT, with a major in history and a minor in education (also studied at Columbia University and University of Chicago)
1929-1933 associate editor of The Musicale
1929-1939 teacher of music, music history and appreciation at Mulholland School, San Antonio, and the Texas School of Fine Arts, Austin
1933-1947 associate editor of Southwestern Musician
1936 inscription writer for historical monuments, State of Texas
1946-1948 editor of Texas Music News
early 1960s donated her correspondence to the Latin American Collection and sold personal library to UT
3 April 1972 died in Austin

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, research materials, literary manuscripts and notes, family papers, financial documents, printed material, and photographs from the Spells' careers and lives.

Subgroup I consists of materials concerning both Jefferson and Lota Spell. It includes correspondence concerning many literary figures and various of the Spells' activities, notably the International Institute of Ibero-American Literature; card files pertaining to the Spells' research and publications; writings undertaken in collaboration or on shared topics, such as the Mexican diplomat, journalist, playwright, and entrepreneur, Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza; items relating to their activities at the University of Texas; family papers; financial documents; and assorted materials such as notebooks, travel diaries, and clippings. Most photographs are from the series, Family Papers.

Subgroup II is formed of Jefferson Spell's manuscripts and notes for his publications about the life and works of the Mexican novelist, José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi; the life and works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his influence on the literature and thought of Latin America; Eusebio Vela; Spanish-American theater and fiction; numerous articles; and his M.A. and Ph.D theses, on the respective topics of Spanish teaching in the U.S. and José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi.

Subgroup III comprises Lota Spell's papers and contains manuscripts and notes for her publications on early printing in Mexico and the Southwest and early music in North America. Present in the papers are materials from her works on Samuel Bangs, Pedro de Gante, and musical topics, including the memoirs of musician Horace Clark; also represented is her publication, Research materials for the study of Latin America at the University of Texas (1954). Also included in the papers are correspondence, printed material, and teaching materials from Lota Spell's music activities and the associations to which she belonged, including the Texas Music Teachers Association, Austin District Music Teachers' Association, Texas Federation of Music Clubs, and University Interscholastic League. Mary Dunn, a Lubbock music teacher who was active in music education organizations, is prominently represented in these materials. Correspondence and research materails from the Texas Research Bureau are also included among Lota Spell's papers.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Spell, Jefferson Rea, 1886-1967--Archives.
Spell, Lota M. (Lota May), 1885-1972--Archives
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, 1776-1827
Bangs, Samuel, ca. 1794-ca. 1853.
Gorostiza, Manuel Eduardo de, 1789-1851
Gante, Pedro de, 1486-1572.
Vela, Eusebio, 1689-1736.
Clark, Horace.
Dunn, Mary, 1888-1972?
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778--Influence.
Subjects (Organizations)
International Institute of Ibero-American Literature
Texas Research Bureau.
Texas Music Teachers Association
Austin District Music Teachers Association
Texas Federation of Music Clubs
University Interscholastic League (Tex.)
Subjects (Topical)
University of Texas at Austin
Music--North America--History.
Music--Instruction and study
Printing--North America--History.
Spanish American fiction--History and criticism.
Mexican literature--History and criticism.

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Preferred Citation

Jefferson R. and Lota M. Spell Papers, 1844-1972. Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

The Jefferson R. and Lota M. Spell Papers were acquired by the Benson Latin American Collection shortly after Lota Spell's death in 1972.

Processing Information

The processing of the papers was begun by the Mexican Archives Project staff in November 1994 and was completed in March 1995.

Jefferson Rea Spell: Partial Bibliography

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Bridging the Gap: articles on Mexican literature, selected from the works of Jefferson Rea Spell (1971)

Lota M. Spell: Partial Bibliography

History of Musical Education in the U.S. (1919) [M.A. thesis]

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Musical education in North America during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (1923) [Ph.D. dissertation]

"Music and instruments of the Aztecs: the beginnings of musical education in North America" (1925)

The first music books printed in America (1929)

The contribution of the Southwest to American music (1931)

"Samuel Bangs: the first printer in Texas" (reprint 1931)

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Music in Texas, a survey of one aspect of cultural progress (1936)

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Copycats with tunes you know (1957)

Gorostiza and Texas (1957)

Rafael Heliodoro Valle, 1891-1959 (1960)

Pioneer Printer: Samuel Bangs in Mexico and Texas (1963)

edited and wrote introduction for La vida después de la muerte, by José López Portillo (1964)

"The interplay of books and life: J.R. Spell and El Periquillo" (1968)

Box and Folder Inventory

I. Jefferson R. Spell and Lota M. Spell

Series 1: Correspondence and supporting materials, 1922-1972, undated
7 linear ft.
See also oversized box 166.
Includes correspondence from the Spells' personal and professional lives, and attachments such as newspaper clippings, programs, course outlines, printed material, and assorted items. The correspondence is organized variously by correspondent, organization, or subject.
The materials relate to the Spells' teaching and publishing activities and to organizations in which they were active, especially the Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana (1938-1948) and the Modern Language Association (1930-1953) (the Interscholastic League is also represented); to literary figures such as Rafael Heliodoro Valle, Francisco Monterde, and Sturgis E. Leavitt; to personal business affairs, travel, and family members, especially their daughter, Lota Rea Spell Wilkinson; and to scholars, teachers, and students, including Alfonso Reyes, J.H.Hammond, Charles B. Qualia, and Lubbock music teacher, Mary Dunn.
Frequent subjects are specific publications, the acquisition and exchange of written materials and bibliographic information, music and school programs, conferences and meetings, professional job openings, and recommendations for individuals. Also documented is the purchase of the Joaquín García Icazbalceta Collection by the University of Texas. Clippings contain biographical information on the Spells.
box folder
1 1-22 A - Aubrun and B - Books
box folder
2 1-18 Books (continued) - Bushnell and Camp - Chavez Orozco
box folder
3 1-22 Cherry - Cuthbert
23 "C" assorted correspondence
box folder
4 1-2 Donoso, Ricardo
3-11 Dunn, Mary
12-19 "D" assorted correspondence
box folder
5 1-22 E - F
box folder
6 1-19 G - Hammond, J.H.
box folder
7 1-17 Hammond, J.H. (continued) - Humphreys
box folder
8 1-24 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 1938-1948
box folder
9 1-17 Interscholastic League - "K" assorted correspondence
box folder
10 1-16 LaGrone, Gregory - "L" assorted correspondence
box folder
11 1-21 Mailing lists - "M" assorted correspondence
box folder
12 1-22 Modern Language Association, 1930-1953
box folder
13 1-7 Narro - Nyki
8-10 "O" assorted correspondence
11-24 Patten, Frank C. "P" assorted correspondence
box folder
14 1-3 Qualia, Charles B.
4-21 Reyes, Alfonso - "R" assorted correspondence
box folder
15 1-22 Samuel Bangs - "S" assorted correspondence
box folder
16 1-14 Torres - "T" assorted correspondence
15-16 "U" assorted correspondence
17-23 Valle, Rafael Heliodoro - "V" assorted correspondence
box folder
17 1-4 "V" assorted correspondence (continued)
5-17 Wilkinson, C.W. - "W" assorted correspondence
18 "Y" assorted correspondence
19-21 Zavala, Silvio - "Z" assorted correspondence
22-23 Assorted correspondence
Series 2: Writings (Collaborative efforts or shared topics)
3.8 linear ft.
a. Subseries, Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza, 1930-1971 (bulk 1946-1956)
box folder
18 1-13 i. Materials identified by Spells as "Book on Gorostiza," 1932-1949
Perhaps an early version of Spanish Dramatist. Consists of notes, drafts, bibliography, appendices, table of contents, introduction, and illustrations.
box folder
19 1-16 ii. Spanish Dramatist : Mexican Diplomat, Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza, 1949-1951, 1971, and undated
9 inches
Manuscripts of two versions, as well as earlier drafts, notes, and revisions; 1 folder of correspondence from 1971 about publication of the work.
iii. The Life of Gorostiza (two manuscripts), 1951
box folder
20 1-6 Spanish Dramatist
7 Spanish Dramatist correspondence, 1971
8-15 Life of Gorostiza
iv. Comedias inéditas o raras de Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza, 1932-1956 (bulk 1949-1956)
10 inches
Jefferson Spell's handwritten and annotated drafts of Gorostiza plays, edited typescripts, and photostats of Gorostiza plays.
box folder
21 1-18 Comedias inéditas
box folder
22 1-20 Comedias inéditas
box folder
23 1-3 v. Gorostiza and Texas, 1957
Draft and notes, typescript, and materials marked as discards.
4-17 vi. Articles, 1930-1959
5 inches
Drafts, notes, and typescripts include materials relating to "Review of Teatro Selecto,""Indulgencia para todos,""Gorostiza in British Archives,""Theater in Mexico to 1836,""Some little known plays of Gorostiza," and "National Library of Mexico."
vii. Manuscripts of Gorostiza works and documents relating to Gorostiza
5 inches
Manuscripts and photostats of manuscripts by or relating to Gorostiza (primarily his plays, accompanied by some notes, memoranda, and fragments); transcripts of documents in the Archivo General [de la Nación] and the Benson Latin American Collection's Hernández y Dávalos Collection.
viii. Assorted materials
10 inches
Two versions of bibliographies of Gorostiza's works, compiled by the Spells; lists of performance dates of Gorostiza's works; annotated copies of Gorostiza's poems for inclusion in a publication; and materials considered for discard by Spells (18 folders).
box folder
24 1-16 Gorostiza, probable discards
box folder
25 1 Documents, transcript carbons: AGN, Gobernacion
2-3 Documents: Hernandez y Davalos
4 Documents: performance dates
5 Poems for appendix, drafts
6-8 Gorostiza bibliography
9-15 Gorostiza notes and discards
box folder
26 1-30 Gorostiza
27 b. Subseries, Bridging the Gap, 1967-1971
5 inches
Draft of Lota Spell's introduction and preface, original copies of selections edited by Lota Spell, proofs, and scraps of a selection of Jefferson Spell's articles on Mexican literature. Published in 1971 by Editorial Libros de México.
Series 3: Card Files
41.5 ft.
See also oversized box 166.
Measurements are expressed in linear inches or feet, measured from front to back of the card file boxes. Quotation marks indicate titles transcribed exactly as given by the Spells.
28-35 a. Cards and notes relating to El periquillo sarniento
5.3 ft
Materials include word and phrase analyses and comparisons from El periquillo sarniento; "Glossary I,""Glossary II," and "Glossary III," from El periquillo sarniento; and notes by Jefferson Spell from literary periodical articles on contemporary cultural background for El periquillo sarniento.
36-37 b. Assorted notes on Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi
1.67 ft
38 c. Music teaching in the United States
13 inches
Citations to texts and articles on music teaching and music theory. The section, "Music teaching in the U.S. : Bibliography" contains citations to musical works and to a few sales catalogues of eighteenth and nineteenth-century books. A section labeled, "Textbooks" includes citations to: textbooks on music teaching, 1730-1910; assorted music; and works for teaching instrumental and vocal music. Also included among materials relating to music teaching in the United States are brief notes and citations on mid-nineteenth-century teachers and performers of music.
39-49 d. Mexican periodical titles, 1805-1896 (bulk 1840-1890)
9.1 ft. (10.5 card file boxes)
Hand-written slips of paper or cards listing nineteenth-century Mexican periodicals (mostly literary), organized alphabetically by title, with author-title citations to contents of the periodicals. They contain information on date ranges covered by the periodicals and articles carried in them. Folded larger items, removed to a document case because of their size, contain Jefferson Spell's comments about and judgments on individual periodicals.
49-50 e. Periodical titles, 1838-1886 (bulk 1845-1885)
1.2 ft. (1.5 card file boxes)
Typed, annotated author-title citations to four periodicals from Mexico City, Orizaba, Puebla, and possibly Argentina (one of the periodicals is not identified, but may be Revista de Buenos Aires, 1863-1871). Organized alphabetically by periodical title.
51-52 f. Notes on literary periodical sources, 1805-1913 (bulk 1845-1890)
1.75 ft. (2 card file boxes)
Entries contain information on dates of publication and type of entries; some have a brief list of author-title citations within the volume. Organized alphabetically by periodical title.
53 g. 5 x 7 inch index cards and a few small notebooks
10.5 inches
Concerning (1)writers of Central and South America (extensive coverage of Argentine writers Horacio Quiroga and Manuel Gálvez); (2) Mexican literary periodicals, 1900-1933, with notes and author-title citations. The first group includes summaries of the writers' works plus literary and historical background, chiefly on Argentina
54-61 h. Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles
6.2 ft.
Possibly an index. Contains cross-references to other authors appearing in the file, including North American, European and South American authors.
61 i. "Items placed in Spell Collection Archives"
3.75 inches
Typed slips of paper listing items, although the title, which was given by Lota Spell, says "not listed separately."
62 j. Spell Collection monographs and serials
10.5 inches (1 card file box)
Paper slips divided alphabetically by author and numerically by accession number. Possibly a listing of the books given by the Spells to the General Libraries.
63 k. Student files, 1927-1955
8.5 inches
Hand-written index cards containing names of male and female students from Mexico and Central and South America. A supplemental group of cards, filed in reverse chronological order, lists students from 1941-1955; the cards contain little information about the students other than degrees earned.
64-66 l. "Notes on Texas," circa 1815-1890
2.4 ft.
Includes a section (1 box) entitled, 'History of the Texas Press,' which is organized chiefly by area; coverage includes Austin, Waco, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Galveston, and San Augustine. Another section (18.5 inches) covers schools, newspapers, newspaper editors, general publications, arts, music, theater, editorials, Texas music, wars, and lawyers.
66-67 m. Notes on Mexico, 1830-circa 1910 (bulk 1840-1890)
1 ft.
Includes authors, bishops, cabinet members, "rulers," newspapers, theater, and bibliographies.
67-69 n. Notes on research and teaching, 1850-1930 (bulk 1880-1915)
1.25 ft.
Cover assorted topics and include notes on various individuals (Jean-Jacques Rousseau has 3 inches of material), various literatures (German, English, Spanish American), and the teaching of the Spanish language and literature.
69 o. Literary anthologies and criticism, 1830-1930 (bulk 1860-1915)
4 inches
69-71 p. Notes on poets and poetry, 1850-1930 (bulk 1870-1920)
1.3 ft.
Emphasis on Pablo Heredia, Gabriela Mistral, Amado Nervo, Rubén Darío (4 inches of material), with citations to their minor poems, to criticism of their work, and to commemorative and panegyric poetry.
71 q. Music and theater in Mexico and history of Mexico, 1520-1930 (bulk 1840-1890)
9 inches
72-73 r. "Notes on Samuel Bangs," 1800-1880 (bulk 1820-1850)
1.5 ft.
73-74 s. "Notes on Gorostiza," 1800-1940 (bulk 1815-1870)
13.5 inches
Notes on plays, performances, newspaper coverage, and bibliographical searches.
75 t. "Vela and Sor Juana microfilms"
0.75 inch
u. Assorted materials
i. "Memos and Notes, 1934 to date" includes references to the Spells' activities
ii. Business addresses and statistics
iii. Notes on various authors
76 Card files
Items removed from Boxes 28-75 due to size
Series 4: University of Texas Activities, 1926-1969 (bulk 1932-1953)
3 linear ft.
Correspondence, reports, minutes, printed material, lists, essays, student records, newspaper clippings, and assorted items relating to the Spells' activities at UT. Especially represented are Jefferson's involvement in faculty affairs, the Institute of Latin American Studies, and the Department of Romance Languages, and Lota's involvement with Latin American library materials and the García library. In addition to correspondence, reports, minutes, and assorted materials pertaining to Jefferson Spell's participation in faculty affairs and to various university-wide activities, materials include correspondence relating to the book trade and the Latin American Collection; articles on the García Library; student recommendations; and items pertaining to student matters, the Pan American Study Group, the Research Council, and the journal, Hispanic Studies. Materials relating to the Institute of Latin American Studies illustrate the development of that organization.
box folder
77 1-21 Activities, general, 1927-1950
78 Activities, general, 1951-1969
Institute of Latin American Studies, 1939-1943
79 Institute of Latin American Studies, 1944-1945
Executive Committee, 1943-1960
box folder
80 1-29 Miscellaneous
box folder
81 1-26 Miscellaneous (continued)
box folder
82 J.R. Spell class registers, 1923-1958
Series 5: Family Papers, 1844-1964
2 linear ft.
See also oversized box 166.
Correspondence, photographs, financial documents, business records, clippings, memorabilia, and genealogical information relating to the Dashiell, Harrigan, Mechling, and Spell families; materials about the Hornsby family appear among papers of the other families.
box folder
83 1-21 a. Subseries, Dashiell family, 1844-1936
5 inches
Correspondence among Aurelia Winder Dashiell, Jeremiah Yellott Dashiell, George R. Dashiell, C. L. Dashiell, Lota M. Spell, and Lota Rea Spell Wilkinson; assorted materials; business records of C. L. Dashiell; clippings.
84 b. Subseries, Harrigan family, 1870-1938, undated
8 folders
Correspondence of M.A. Harrigan, W.H. Harrigan, and M. H. Harrigan; genealogical information; W.H. Harrigan's business papers; assorted materials; clippings.
c. Subseries, Mechling family, 1852-1914
7 folders
Correspondence of William T. Mechling and Fanny Elizabeth Dashiell Mechling recaps his career as a Confederate soldier, reveals bits of information on Texas post-war life, and reflects changes in transportation and business, and general political (pre-WWI) misgivings; segments of William's journal mention Indians and troop movements for approximately two weeks in 1852; assorted materials; clippings; Holy Bible, 1855, inscribed to "Mrs. Fannie E. Mechling / From her husband on the 3rd anniversary of their wedding day / Nov. 26th, 1856."
85 Fannie E. Mechling's Bible
86-87 d. Subseries, Spell family, 1904-1967
9 inches
i. Correspondence and assorted materials of Lota Rea Spell Wilkinson, 1910-1959
ii. Correspondence and assorted materials of Jefferson and Lota Spell, 1904-1937
iii. Jefferson Spell's business papers
iv. Materials regarding property sales, 1937-1949
v. Record books
vi. Financial documents, 1929-1967
Ledger of income and expenditures, 1929-1964; University Federal Credit Union, 1936-1967; materials relating to books and periodical purchases, 1938-1958; drafts of Lota M. Spell's will, 1940-1954; Teacher Retirement System of Texas, 1953-1967; Social Security, 1955-1961; ledger marked "Harrigan," 1956-1958; automobile insurance, 1964-1965; list of items in bank box.
e. Subseries, Photographs
88 Dashiell and Mechling families (26 items)
89 Spell, Harrigan and Wilkinson families
90-95 Series 6: Assorted materials, 1903-1972, undated
1.5 linear ft.
See also oversized box 166.
Biographical and bibliographical materials pertaining to the Spells, especially Jefferson; photographs and postcards, mostly of the Spells and trips to Latin America, the Rocky Mountains, and Louisiana; trip diaries and souvenirs, primarily from Latin America; other notebooks (most seem to be from classes; some are from Lota's studies in Europe); assorted notes; items relating to Lota Spell's Ph.D. exam; materials collected in Austin from 1930-1940; literary productions, receipts and ephemera; clippings and newspapers; a few concert programs and announcements from Europe (1903-1905); a list entitled, "Romera-Navarro's collection of books for sale" (Romera-Navarro was an advisor on Jefferson Spell's Ph.D. thesis at the University of Pennsylvania); a paper by Lincoln Bruce Spiess entitled, "Benavides and the state of church music in New Mexico circa 1630"; Lota Spell's Book of Common Prayer, and two music books and the poster, "The language of music."
96-98 Series 7: Publications
0.5 ft.
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, El periquillo sarniento. Mexico: Editorial Stylo, 1942.
Vol. 1. Two copies, one heavily annotated by Jefferson Spell.
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, El periquillo sarniento. Mexico: Editorial Stylo, 1942.
Vol. 2. Annotated.
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, El periquillo sarniento, 2nd ed. Mexico: Editorial Porrúa, 1959.
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, Don Catrín de la fachenda y fragmentos de otras obras. Mexico: Editorial Cultura, 1944.
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, Don Catrín de la fachenda y noches tristes y día alegre. Mexico: Editorial Porrúa, 1959.
Benson, Nettie Lee, La diputación provincial y el federalismo mexicano. Mexico: El Colegio de Mexico, 1955.
Two copies.

II. Jefferson R. Spell

See also oversized box 167.
99-110 Series 1: José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, circa 1928-1967
5 linear ft.
a. Subseries, El Periquillo Sarniento, circa 1949-1967
3.75 linear ft.
Manuscripts, drafts, introductory material, comparative notes on previous editions, and assorted notes and materials pertaining to various editions of Jefferson Spell's critically annotated publications of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi's El Periquillo Sarniento.
b. Subseries, The Life and Works of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, circa 1931-circa 1964 (bulk circa 1931)
0.5 linear ft.
Manuscripts, notes, revisions, galley proofs, and a 1964 revision of Jefferson Spell's doctoral thesis, published in 1931 by the University of Pennsylvania Press.
c. Subseries, Notes and articles on Lizardi, circa 1928-circa 1964
0.75 linear ft.
Jefferson Spell's notes and articles relating to Lizardi.
d. Subseries, Assorted material relating to Lizardi
2 folders
Manuscript Lizardi documents, photostat copies of Lizardi documents, lists, notes, and one clipping. (See Box 122 after "Articles.")
111-113 Series 2: Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction, 1943-1944
0.75 linear ft.
Manuscripts, galley proofs, proofs, and index and notes of Jefferson Spell's work, published in 1944 by the University of North Carolina Press.
113-114 Series 3: Rousseau in the Spanish World before 1833, 1931-1938
0.75 linear ft.
Notes, draft, and manuscript of Jefferson Spell's work, published in 1938 by UT Press.
115-116 Series 4: Eusebio Vela and the theater in New Spain
7.5 inches
Drafts and notes for articles; notes and documents about Vela; texts of Vela's plays, "Apostolado en las Indias,""Si el amor excede el arte," and "La pérdida de España," hand-written and bearing notes by Jefferson Spell about variant versions; and notes on "Tres comedias."
117-118 Series 5: Spanish teaching in the U.S. (M.A. thesis), 1920
3 inches
119-122 Series 6: Articles, 1925-1964, undated
1.33 linear ft.
Manuscripts, drafts, notes, galley proofs, reprints and printed copies of articles, reviews, and encyclopedia entries by Jefferson Spell. Review articles by others of Jefferson Spell's works. Notes and photostats relating to José Miguel Guridi y Alcocer.

III. Lota M. Spell

Series 1: Writings and Notes
123-129 a. Subseries, Notes and articles on historical and musical topics, 1786-1969, undated (bulk1923-1953)
2.75 linear ft.
See also oversized box 167.
Drafts and reprints of articles, book reviews, research notes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, lists of newspapers, and assorted materials related to the history of Mexico, Texas, and the southwestern United States with emphasis on music, publishing, education, literary figures, and collections of Latin American research materials (including that at UT). Also included are school papers of Lota Rea Spell, one with autobiographical information, and maps, diagrams, and other materials relating to "The grant and first survey of the city of San Antonio."
130-135 b. Subseries, Samuel Bangs
1.2 linear ft.
See also oversized box 167 and map case.
Manuscripts, drafts, notes, and proofs of Pioneer Printer : Samuel Bangs in Mexico and Texas. Included are a 1955 manuscript with notes and scraps; carbon copies with revisions, from March 1963; the "copy from which final copy was typed"; the manuscript from which the printing was made (dated October 1963); a 1931 article, "Samuel Bangs : the first printer in Texas"; galley and page proofs; illustrations; and assorted drafts, scraps, and documents. Also present are photostats of documents relating to Bangs and the history of printing in Nuevo León, photocopies of examples of his printing (mostly early Texas newspapers), and assorted items relating to Bangs.
136-139 c. Subseries, Pedro de Gante
1.5 linear ft.
Final, draft and revised manuscripts; edited copy and proofreader's notations; correspondence concerning publication; notes on deGante's ancestry; and photostats of documents pertaining to deGante and sixteenth-century music. The manuscript of the illustrated version contains photographs.
140 d. Subseries, Research materials for the study of Latin America at UT, 1916-1954, undated (bulk 1952-1954)
5 inches
See also oversized box 167.
Manuscripts, drafts, proofs, notes, research materials, correspondence, financial documents, and a newspaper clipping generated in the writing and publication of the monograph, Research materials for the study of Latin America at The University of Texas, which has as its subject the Genaro García and Joaquín García Icazbalceta collections and other research materials in the Latin American collection at UT.
141-143, 145 e. Subseries, Music in Texas, 1915-1951 (bulk 1934-1948)
1.5 linear ft.
Materials relating to the topic of music in Texas include correspondence, music and lyrics of early Texas songs, notes, programs, announcements, clippings, and a few photographs. Correspondents include Oscar J. Fox, Radie Britain, and E. Clyde Whitlock. Represented among the music are patriotic songs from the Republic of Texas, songs commemorating the centennial of Texas independence, cowboy songs, Czech and German songs sung in Texas, Mexican War songs, and Spanish and Mexican folk songs. Also present in the subseries are proofs, invoices, orders, and correspondence relating to the publication of Spell's work, Music in Texas; drafts and notes concerning the article, "Portrait of a decade of Texas music, 1936-1946"; drafts and notes pertaining to an unpublished article about applied music in Texas; and illustrative material, including negatives of title pages (glass plate), unidentified individuals, Stuart Seminary, and the "Ferris Institute, Texas College" as well as photographs of the College of San Nicolás in Morelia, Pedro de Gante, and a 1766 map of territory between the Río Grande and the Bahía de San Bernardo.
143-144, 146 f. Subseries, Music in Mexico and North America
10 inches
Typescripts, drafts, notes, correspondence, and printed material relating to the publications or topics listed below. Illustrative material present in the subseries includes negatives and photographs of organs in Mexico; negatives (two are glass plates) and photographs of Aztec musicians and musical instruments, copied from books; photographs of centrally located buildings in Pátzcuaro and Querétaro; and a negative of a map (taken from a book) showing the carrying of bells and organ to Pátzcuaro, circa 1560.
i. Music of the Aztecs.
Typescripts, drafts, and notes for a proposed book entitled, "Music of the Aztecs described," with quotations from colonial sources on Aztec music. Also includes a draft and notes for an unfinished article about Aztec music and musicians.
ii. "Four centuries of American music and music teaching."
Typescripts, drafts, and notes for Spell's overview of the history of music in Mexico and the present United States, with emphasis on the colonial period; a reworking of parts of Music in Texas and her work on Pedro de Gante.
iii. Music in the Valley of Mexico before 1600.
Notes relating largely to Pedro de Gante and to music in the cathedral of Mexico, partial chapter drafts of Spell's work on Pedro de Gante, and quotes from sources on monastery life and music. Assorted typescript pages from Spell's writings on early music and musicians in colonial Mexico relate to secular music after 1519.
iv. Mexican and Spanish-American music.
Correspondence (1934-1945) about programs, sources from which collections of Mexican/Spanish-American music could be obtained, and solicitations for sponsorship and endorsement; biographical notes on performers and performances; programs of the OAS/Pan-American Union (1937-1944); programs and announcements from musical performances (1937-1945); and publishers' price lists and catalogs.
147-148 g. Subseries, Music education
10 inches
Typescripts, drafts, and notes for Spell's Music education in the U.S.; notes and drafts for Copycats with tunes you know, as well as two copies of the published work; notes, drafts, and typescripts for Music workbook; typescripts of "Teaching music to small children," which consists of the first four chapters from Music workbook accompanied by a cover sheet and foreword; song lyrics, in a folder entitled, "Songs from Mexico and the Spanish missions"; source materials and notes about beginning music education and early childhood curricula; and three pieces of correspondence about music education or Music workbook.
149 h. Subseries, Memoirs of Horace Clark, 1937-1946
5 inches
See also oversized box 167.
Materials pertaining to Professor Clark's writing of his memoirs and their editing and attempted publication by Lota Spell. Includes correspondence (1937-1946), which also contains literary productions by Clark and biographical information on him; a partial draft of the memoirs found among the correspondence; drafts of the memoirs, found labeled "First draft - revisions and notes"; notebooks and programs; and clippings.
150-151 Series 2: Correspondence regarding music activities, 1925-1954 (bulk 1928-1948)
10 inches
Blitz, Julian Paul, 1937-1945
The Contribution of the Southwest to American music, Orders for, 1932-1939 (bulk 1932-1935)
Decca Record Distributing Corporation, 1939-1941
Department of Education, State of Texas, 1935-1937
Department of Education, State of Texas, 1939-1942
Dunn-Snowden correspondence, 1940-1946
Fox-Burchard - Eyes of Texas Uproar, 1935-36. Correspondence, clippings, music.
Leo School of Music, 1928-1930
The Musicale, 1929 - correspondence and articles published
The Musicale - Harper, 1929-1930. Correspondence with A. L. Harper
Priessing, Dorothy McLemore (Mrs. Elwood R.), 1942 and undated. Correspondence only.
"Mrs. Priessing's Ranger mail," 1941-1942
The Southwestern Musicale, 1930-1936 (bulk 1930-1932)
Southwestern Musician, 1937. Correspondence (mostly with Clyde J. Garrett, editor) and literary productions
Southwestern Musician, 1938. Correspondence and literary productions.
Southwestern Musician, September 1948.
State Music Advisory Committee, 1934 and 1940-1941. Letters to Mary Dunn.
Silver Burdett Co., 1937-1952 (bulk 1937-1938)
Texas Association of Music Schools, 1938-1939. Correspondence; minutes and ballots from the November 14, 1938 meeting to form the organization; program from the 29th annual convention held April 1968.
Texas music correspondence, G-L, 1935-1946
Texas music correspondence, M-Y, 1925-1948. Primarily correspondence, with bulk dates of 1935-1936. Two programs are dated 1925 and 1931.
University of Texas, 1940-1941 and 1944. Letters to Mary Dunn from the following faculty members of the UT College of Fine Arts: E. W. Doty (Dean of the College of Fine Arts), Archie N. Jones (Professor of Music Education), Homer Ulrich, and Charlotte Dubois.
"Whitlock correspondence," 1928-1935. Letters to Horace Clark from E. Clyde Whitlock (1928-1931), Lillian Wotipka (1931), Mrs. John Wesley Graham (1931), Mrs. R. S. Clark (1933), Ina Gillespie Grotte (1935), Margaret Bassist (1935). A 1931 letter from Herbert Reed to Mrs. Graham mentions Clark.
One letter of December 29, 1954 to Lota Spell from Ernst C. Krohn.
Series 3: Musical events and associations, 1903-1971
5.3 linear ft.
See also oversized box 168.
152-153 a. Subseries, Music in Austin
8 inches
Correspondence and clippings about the Frank L. Reed Affair, 1924-1925; programs, invitations, and announcements of musical events in Austin (and elsewhere), 1920-1968 and undated; materials relating to the dedication of the UT Music Building (1942) and to the Diapason Club (1930-1944); circular letters, programs, and membership drive materials from the Community Concert Association (1941-1954); assorted correspondence and clippings; and ephemera.
154-155 b. Subseries, Texas Music Teachers Association, 1915-1948 (bulk 1928-1943)
0.5 ft.
Correspondence, conference programs, ephemera, instructional materials, notes, clippings, and the TMTA code of ethics.
155-156 c. Subseries, Austin District Music Teachers Association, 1924-1966
7 inches
Minutes, treasurer's reports, and 1946-1947 membership roster (1 folder); correspondence, 1966 and undated (1 inch); circular letters (1 inch); literary productions and teaching information (1inch); clippings about musical events in Austin and the Reed Affair/University Conservatory of Music (2 folders); lists; ADMTA handbooks/directories, 1927/28-1965/66 (2 folders); programs from musical events (2 inches); ephemera and assorted material (1 folder) includes cards, notes, receipts, announcements, catalog of music, flyer.
157-159 d. Subseries, Texas Federation of Music Clubs, 1928-1949, 1963-1965
11 inches
Correspondence, literary productions, officers' reports and minutes, lists, convention programs, and assorted materials. The first folder contains materials gathered for a history of the Fifth District of the Texas Federation of Music Clubs. Materials from 1931 include a typescript of "The Contribution of the Southwest to American Music." Other literary productions relate the history of music in Texas, the histories of local music clubs, and the history of the Texas Federation of Music Clubs. Many biographical sketches of Texas musicians are to be found in this series, especially in the folders for 1943 and 1944. Items from 1963-1965 consist only of convention programs and a 1965 issue of the Texas Music News featuring Lota Spell on its cover. Dr. Spell was the editor of the Texas Music News in 1946.
159-160 e. Subseries, Interscholastic League, 1927-1943
7 inches
Correspondence, notes, instructions, and associated materials concerning the Music Interscholastic League/University Interscholastic League and the Music Memory Contest. The series also includes a folder of letters (1940-1941) to Mary Dunn (State Chairman of Applied Music), primarily from Roy Bedicheck in his capacity as Director of the University Interscholastic League; a folder of correspondence with the Columbia Phonograph Co.; issues of the Interscholastic Leaguer from 1932-33, 1937, and 1940; literary productions; and a few catalogs, programs, and newsletters. Lota Spell was Director of Music Memory, Interscholastic League Division.
161 f. Subseries, Assorted music items, 1903-1954
5 inches
See also oversized box 165.
i. Music Teachers National Association, 1927-1954, undated (bulk 1927-1932)
3 folders
Conference programs; programs of musical events; newsletters; brochures, clippings; advertisements, and ephemera.
ii. Wednesday Morning Music Club, 1922-1946
2 folders
Correspondence (1926-1931), programs (1922/23-1929/30 and 1945/45), lists, and receipts.
iii. Texas State Teachers Association, 1937-1939
2 folders
Correspondence (1938-1939) concerning the TSTA Music Section and conference materials from the November 1937 TSTA annual convention.
iv. National Guild of Piano Teachers, 1946
1 folder
Forms and pamphlets; one letter.
v. Materials from music history courses, 1930-1937
2 folders
vi. Miss Landrum's Music Skits
vii. Programs from out-of-state events
viii. Music by M. M. Ponce, Laura Apodaca, Pedro P. Traversari, Wills (first name unknown), and Lota M. Harrigan
162-163 g. Subseries, Music teaching materials, 1925-1971 (bulk 1944-1961)
10 inches
Correspondence (including valentines and notes from students as well as circular letters and forms); instructional materials; literary productions; notes and lists; student records; programs; publishers' catalogs, lists, and newsletters; clippings; and assorted material (includes receipts, photographs, programs not found with those identified as featuring Spell's students), literary productions, student notebooks, and music. Programs feature Spell's students as well as those of Lubbock music teacher, Mary Dunn. Instructional materials include Dunn's "Outlines for applied music" and "Primary level outline for teaching piano lessons." Literary productions include writings by Dunn, Spell, and others.
164 Series 4: Texas Research Bureau
5 inches
a. Subseries, Bureau correspondence
i. Sub-subseries, Correspondence and reports, 1861-1865 July, undated
8 folders
Most of the information in these folders comes from the files of the Military Board of Texas. (Folder originally titled, "Texas-Mexico Arms Sales During the 1860s.")
ii. Sub-subseries, Correspondence, 1928-1941, undated
7 folders
General file of assorted Lota Spell correspondence with prospective clients and sources of research information.
b. Subseries, Draft dissertations by Kate Miller Johnson and Mahan Blair Autrey
i. Kate Miller Johnson dissertation, "Pioneer Women Teachers in Texas Before 1860," and notes, 1929
11 folders
ii. Mahan Blair Autrey dissertation, "Texas' First System of Public Schools, 1854-1865", 1932
2 folders
c. Subseries, Assorted materials
1 folder
Oversized Boxes
165 Manuscript music
166 Subgroup I
167 Subgroup II
168 Subgroup III

Additional Information

Personal Names in the List of Subgroups and Series
The lists of personal and corporate names in the Spell Papers do not include every name represented in the Spell Papers, only those mentioned in the List of Subgroups and Series. Likewise, the lists do not provide the location of every appearance of the listed names within the papers, only within the List of Subgroups and Series. The numbers in the right-hand column indicate where in the List of Subgroups and Series the name appears. Roman numerals represent subgroups and Arabic numerals denote series. Appearances of the names of Jefferson and Lota Spell are excluded from this list.

Name Location in Series List
Apodaca, Laura III.3.f
Autrey, Mahan Blair III.4.b
Bangs, Samuel I.3.r; III.1.b
Bassist, Margaret III.2
Bedichek, Roy III.3.e
Benson, Nettie Lee I.7
Blitz, Julian Paul III.2
Britain, Radie III.1.e
Burchard III.2
Clark, Horace III.1.h; III.2
Clark, Mrs. R. S. III.2
Darío, Rubén I.3.p
Doty, E. W. III.2
Dubois, Charlotte III.2
Dunn, Mary I.1; III.2; III.3.e; III.3.g
Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín I.3.b; I.7; II.1
Fox III.2
Fox, Oscar J. III.1.e
Gálvez, Manuel I.3.g
Gante, Pedro de III.1.c; III.1.e; III.1.f
Garrett, Clyde J. III.2.
Gorostiza, Manuel Eduardo de I.2.a; I.3.s
Graham, Mrs. John Wesley III.2
Grotte, Ina Gillespie III.2
Guridi y Alcocer, José Miguel II.6
Hammond, J. H. I.1
Harper, A. L. III.2
Heredia, Pablo I.3.p
Johnson, Kate Miller III.4.b
Jones, Archie N. III.2
Krohn, Ernst C. III.2
Landrum, Miss III.3.f
Leavitt, Sturgis E. I.1
Mistral, Gabriela I.3.p
Monterde, Francisco I.1
Nervo, Amado I.3.p
Ponce, M. M. III.3.f
Priessing, Dorothy McLemore (Mrs. Elwood R.) III.2
Qualia, Charles B. I.1
Quiroga, Horacio I.3.g
Reed, Frank L. III.3.a; III.3.c
Reed, Herbert III.2
Reyes, Alfonso I.1
Romera-Navarro I.6
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques I.3.n; II.3
Spiess, Lincoln Bruce I.6
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz I.3.t
Snowden III.2
Traversari, Pedro P. III.3.f
Ulrich, Homer III.2
Valle, Rafael Heliodoro I.1
Vela, Eusebio I.3.t; II.4
Whitlock, E. Clyde III.1.e; III.2
Wilkinson, Lota Rea Spell I.1; I.5; III.1.a
Wills (first name unknown) III.3.f
Wotipka, Lillian III.2
Corporate Names in the List of Subgroups and Series

Name Location in Series List
Austin District Music Teachers Association III.3.c
Columbia Phonograph Co. III.3.e
Community Concert Association III.3.a
Dashiell family I.5
Decca Record Distributing Corporation III.2
Department of Education, State of Texas III.2
Diapason Club III.3.a
Ferris Institute, Texas College III.1.e
Harrigan family I.5
Hispanic Studies I.4
Hornsby family I.5
Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana/International Institute of Ibero-American Literature I.1
Interscholastic League I.1; III.3.e
Interscholastic Leaguer III.3.e
Leo School of Music III.2
Mechling family I.5
Military Board of Texas III.4.a
Modern Language Association I.1
Music Interscholastic League III.3.e
Music Teachers National Association III.3.f
The Musicale III.2
National Guild of Piano Teachers III.3.f
OAS/Pan American Union III.1.f
Pan American Study Group I.4
Republic of Texas III.1.e
Research Council I.4
San Nicolás, College of (Morelia) III.1.e
Silver Burdett Co. III.2
The Southwestern Musicale III.2
Southwestern Musician III.2
Spell family I.5
State Music Advisory Committee III.2
Stuart Seminary III.1.e
Texas Association of Music Schools III.2
Texas Federation of Music Clubs III.3.d
Texas Music News III.3.d
Texas Music Teachers Association III.3.b
Texas Research Bureau III.4
Texas State Teachers Association III.3.f
University Interscholastic League (Tex.) III.3.e
The University of Texas at Austin I.4; III.2
College of Fine Arts III.2
Department of Romance Languages I.4
García Library/Latin American Collection I.4; III.1.a; III.1.d
Institute of Latin American Studies I.4
Joaquín García Icazbalceta Collection I.1; III.1.d
Music Building III.3.a
University Conservatory of Music III.3.c
Wednesday Morning Music Club III.3.f
Box List
Please refer to the List of Subgroups and Series for complete Subgroup and Series information.

Box No. Subgroup/Series Box Contents
1 I / 1 Correspondence, "A" - Books
2 . Correspondence, Books - Chavez Orozco
3 . Correspondence, Cherry - "C" Assorted Correspondence
4 . Correspondence, Donoso, Ricardo - "D" Assorted Correspondence
5 . Correspondence, "E" - "F"
6 . Correspondence, "G" - Hammond, J. H.
7 . Correspondence, Hammond, J. H. - Humphreys
8 . Correspondence, Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana
9 . Correspondence, Interscholastic League - "K" Assorted Correspondence
10 . Correspondence, "L"
11 . Correspondence, "M"
12 . Correspondence, Modern Language Association
13 . Correspondence, "N" - "P"
14 . Correspondence, "Q" - "R"
15 . Correspondence, "S"
16 . Correspondence, "T" - Valle
17 . Correspondence, "V" (cont.) - "Z"
18-26 I / 2 Writings : Gorostiza
27 . Writings : Bridging the Gap
28 I / 3 El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase analyses
29 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, List I
30 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, List II
31 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, List II (cont.) and List III
32 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, List III (cont.) and List IV
33 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, List IV (cont.) and List V
34 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, List V (cont.) and Glossaries I and II
35 . El periquillo sarniento: Word and phrase comparisons, Glossary II (cont.) and Glossary III
36 . Assorted notes on Lizardi, Part 1
37 . Assorted notes on Lizardi, Part 2
38 . Music teaching in the United States
39-48 . Mexican periodical titles
49 . Mexican periodical titles; Periodical titles
50 . Periodical titles
51-52 . Notes on literary periodical sources
53 . 5 x 7 inch cards on (1) writers of Central and South America, (2) Mexican literary periodicals
54 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : "A" - Carreto
55 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Carricarte - Duval
56 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Ebelot - Gutiérrez-Nájera
57 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Gutiérrez-Nájera - Marinello
58 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Marinello - Palma
59 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Palma - Schons
60 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Segura - Valenzuela
61 . Alphabetical author-title citations to periodical articles : Valenzuela - Zuricalday; Items placed in Spell Collection Archives
62 . Spell Collection monographs and serials
63 . Student files
64 . "Notes on Texas" : "History of the Texas Press"
65 . "Notes on Texas" : Schools, etc.
66 . "Notes on Texas" : Schools, etc; "Notes on Mexico"
67 . "Notes on Mexico"; Notes on research and teaching
68 . Notes on research and teaching
69 . Notes on research and teaching; Literary anthologies and criticism; Notes on poets and poetry
70 . Notes on poets and poetry
71 . Notes on poets and poetry; Music and theater in Mexico; History of Mexico
72 . Notes on Samuel Bangs
73 . Notes on Samuel Bangs; Notes on Gorostiza
74 . Notes on Gorostiza
75 . "Vela and Sor Juana microfilms"; "Memos and Notes, 1934 to Date"; Business addresses and statistics; Notes on various authors
76 . Items removed from boxes 28-75 (card file boxes) due to size
77-82 I / 4 University of Texas activities
83 I / 5 Family papers, Dashiell family
84 . Family papers, Harrigan, Mechling, and Spell families
85 . Family papers, Fannie E. Mechling's Bible
86-87 . Family papers, Spell family
88 . Family papers, Photographs
89 . Family papers, Oversized photographs
90-91 I / 6 Assorted materials
92 . Assorted materials : Notebooks, address book, Lota's prayer book
93 . Assorted materials : Music books
94 . Assorted materials : Photographs
95 . Assorted materials : Photographs and postcards
96 . Publications : El periquillo sarniento, part 1
97 . Publications : El periquillo sarniento, part 2
98 . Publications : El periquillo sarniento; Don Catrín de la fachenda y fragmentos de otras obras; Don Catrín de la fachenda y noches tristes y día alegre; La diputación provincial y el federalismo mexicano (Nettie Lee Benson).
99-101 II / 1 Manuscripts of El periquillo sarniento
102 . Manuscript of El periquillo sarniento; Draft of El periquillo sarniento
103-105 . Drafts of El periquillo sarniento
106 . Draft of El periquillo sarniento; Prologue/Introduction to El periquillo sarniento; Comparative notes
107 . El periquillo sarniento: Comparative notes; Notes and assorted materials
108 . The Life and works of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi
109 . The Life and works of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi; Notes and articles on Lizardi
110 . Notes and articles on Lizardi
111-112 II / 2 Contemporary Spanish-American fiction
113 II / 2-3 Contemporary Spanish-American fiction; Rousseau in the Spanish World before 1833
114 II / 3 Rousseau in the Spanish World before 1833
115-116 II / 4 Eusebio Vela and the theater in New Spain
117-118 II / 5 Spanish teaching in the United States
119-121 II / 6 Articles
122 . Articles; Assorted materials regarding Lizardi
123-128 III / 1 Notes and articles on historical and musical topics
129 . Notes and articles on historical and musical topics : Reprints and book reviews
130-134 . Pioneer Printer (Samuel Bangs)
135 . Samuel Bangs : Illustrations and photocopies regarding Bangs and printing
136-138 . Pedro de Gante
139 . Pedro de Gante : Photostats
140 . Research materials for the study of Latin America at UT
141-142 . Music in Texas
143 . Music in Texas; Music in Mexico and North America
144 . Music in Mexico and North America
145 . Music in Texas : Illustrations
146 . Music in Mexico : Illustrations
147-148 . Music education
149 . Memoirs of Horace Clark
150-151 III / 2 Correspondence regarding music activities
152-153 . Music in Austin
154 . Texas Music Teachers Association
155 . Texas Music Teachers Association; Austin District Music Teachers Association
156 . Austin District Music Teachers Association
157-158 . Texas Federation of Music Clubs
159 . Texas Federation of Music Clubs; Interscholastic League
160 . Interscholastic League
161 . Assorted music items
162-163 . Music teaching materials
164 . Texas Research Bureau
165 III / 3 (Oversized) Assorted music items : Manuscript music
166 I (Oversized) Subgroup I, Jefferson and Lota Spell : Correspondence, University of Texas activities, Family papers, Assorted material, card files
167 II-III (Oversized) Subgroup II , Jefferson Spell; Subgroup III, Lota Spell : Writings and notes (Notes and articles on historical and musical topics, Pioneer Printer, Research materials for the study of Latin America at UT, Memoirs of Horace Clark, San Antonio)
168 III (Oversized) Subgroup III, Lota Spell : Music
map case III / 1 (Oversized) Photocopies of material related to Samuel Bangs