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Thomas Wentworth Peirce, Jr.:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Peirce, Thomas Wentworth, d. 1923.
Title: Thomas Wentworth Peirce, Jr. Papers
Dates: 1900-1923
Abstract: Correspondence and documents regarding three mining companies, of which Peirce was a director, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.
OCLC Record No.: 30605864
Extent: 11 inches
Language English
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Thomas Wentworth Peirce, Jr., son of developer of Texas railroads, Thomas Wentworth Peirce, was a member of the board of directors of the Corralitos Company from 1903 until his death in 1923. He also served as a director of the Candelaria Mining Company and the León Mining Company, which were associated with the Corralitos Company. The companies operated mining and ranching interests in the northern part of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

1880 “Corralitos Company's property... in Mexico was acquired by the present owners about the year 1880, from the Mexican owners.” (Houghton, 30 Apr 1919, to the Nat. Assoc. for the Protection of American Rights in Mexico)
1883 Francis Holbrook ingeniero en jefe de las minas de Cía. Corralitos
1895 E.C. Houghton first employed [on ranch]
1900 Edwin D. Morgan first became responsible for ranch
1902 February 18 Compañía Ramos Sociedad Anónima organized in Mexico City; to consolidate title to properties belonging to Corralitos in the Prohibited Zone; entire capital stock of Ramos owned by Corralitos.
1902 February 18 Compañía de San Pedro Sociedad Anónima organized in Mexico City; to consolidate title to properties belonging to Candelaria Mining Company in the Prohibited Zone; entire capital stock of San Pedro owned by Candelaria.
1903 December 4 E.D. Morgan is president of Candelaria; C.I. Reeves is Sec/Treas; Britton Davis is General Manager, El Paso
circa 1904 “About the year 1904 the Corralitos Company undertook extensive improvements...” (Houghton, 30 Apr 1919)
1904 April 12 T. W. Peirce notified of election on 10 Apr as director on boards of both Corralitos (Colorado) and Candelaria; (on 26 he acknowledged this as re-election)
1905 April 11 TWP elected director of Candelaria and Corralitos
1905 April 11 Candelaria officers: Morgan, pres; Reeves, sec; E. [Edmund] DeGoncer, Resident Director, El Paso; N. C. Thompson, Manager, El Paso.
1905 April 11 Corralitos officers: Morgan, pres; Reeves, sec/treas; E. DeGoncer, Resident Director; E.C. Houghton, Manager.
1907 April 9 TWP elected director Corralitos and Candelaria
1908 March 30 León Mining Company organized [in New York]; mentioned on Candelaria letterhead
1908 July Thompson resigned
1908 July 30 TWP director of León Co.
1909 January 11 TWP sent check for $12,000 to León Mining Co. as loan
1909 Febrary 18 Candelaria NJ to purchase Candelaria, Colorado
1909 May 13 TWP purchased stock in León Co.; Reeves said it would be Candelaria stock, but the León Co. could endorse the check.
1911 January 17 resolution to dissolve León Co. to be voted on January 23
1911 February 11 Reeves to Peirce: “We will shortly call in the León Mining shares and issue Candelaria Mining Co. in its place.”
1911 May Walter P. Bliss became president of Corralitos
1911 April 9 TWP elected director Corralitos
1913 April Reeves lost place on board to E. H. Wright? (letter of Apr 11)
1914 June 4 TWP elected director Corralitos
1915 October 10 p.3 refers to Candelaria: drugs left at mines; must have been closed already
1916 June 4 Raynal Bolling president Corralitos
1916 October 27 “Going to lose Bolling; Oct 27 Shearson mentioned.
1917 “In 1917 the Punitive Expedition... was withdrawn, and with [it] all of the American and foreign settlers from the northwestern part of Chihuahua abandoned their properties. This was the case with the Corralitos Company.” (Houghton, 30 Apr 1919)
1917 January 20 Shearson to become president of Company (doesn't say which); Morgan to retire form active management but remain on board of directors
1917 April 10 TWP elected director Corralitos
1917 June 18 Candelaria adjudged insolvent by Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey; Charles I. Reeves appointed Receiver.
1920 May 9 León Co. still alive: “holds the Candelaria stock in its treasury”
1921 Edward Shearson is president of Corralitos
1923 April 10 TWP elected director of Corralitos Company (April 12).
1923 October 30 E. Townsend Irvin is president, The Corralitos Company
1927 La Candelaria Mining Co. se vió obligada suspender sus actividades en la época revolucionaria y hasta ahora no las ha reanudado (Boletín Minero)
1927 May The National Agrarian Commission obtained a writ expropriating Corralitos lands [Corralitos Cattle Company] for ejidos. Ignored writ of injunction and were to take over property on July 31, 1927.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial documents, legal documents, and miscellanea pertaining primarily to the Corralitos Company, the Candelaria Mining Company, and the León Mining Company. The main body of correspondence relates to the general business of the three companies. Principal correspondents are officers of the companies Edwin D. Morgan, Arthur S. Dwight, Charles I. Reeves, Edward Shearson, and Peirce. Letters from E. C. Houghton, manager of the Corralitos ranch, describe ranch business and activites, while those from George A. Laird, manager of Candelaria and León Mining Companies, detail mining operations; both men described events related to the Mexican Revolution and the effects upon their operations. Some items reflect the companies' dealings with the Ferrocarril Noroeste de México. Subseries of correspondence relate to the Corralitos Company Voting Trust and to the activities of Ben P. Converse as agent in Texas for the Thomas Wentworth Peirce Estate. A series concerning the Corralitos Company's contract with E.D. Morgan as general agent contains correspondence and legal documents.

Also present in the papers are minutes of the boards of directors of the Corralitos Company and the León Mining Company; financial documents, including treasurer's and operating reports; reports by Morgan to the directors of the Corralitos Company; and a few legal documents, notes, clippings, and maps.


Organized into seven series:
  • I. Correspondence.
  • II. Contract between Corralitos Company and E. D. Morgan.
  • III. Minutes.
  • IV. Reports.
  • V. Financial documents.
  • VI. Legal documents.
  • VII. Miscellanea.
Further divided into subseries and arranged chronologically within folders.

Index Terms

Peirce, Thomas Wentworth, d. 1923--Archives.
Candelaria Mining Company.
Corralitos Company.
Leon Mining Company.
Mexico Northwestern Railway Company.
Chihuahua (Mexico : State)--History--Sources.
Mexico--History--Revolution, 1910-1920--Sources.
Mines and mineral resources--Mexico--20th century--History--Sources.
Ranches--Mexico--20th century--History--Sources.
Bliss, Walter P.
Bolling, Raynal
Converse, Ben P.
Dana, Charles A. (Charles Anderson), 1819-1897.
Davis, Britton, 1860-
De Goncer, Edmund
Dwight, Arthur S.
Houghton, E. C.
Laird, George A.
Morgan, Edwin D. (Edwin Denison), 1854-1933.
Reeves, Charles I.
Shearson, Edward.
Thompson, N. C.
Warner, James Harold
Candelaria Mining Company.
Corralitos Company.
Leon Mining Company.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Thomas Wentworth Peirce, Jr. Papers, 1900-1923, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

The Thomas Wentworth Peirce, Jr. papers were donated to the Benson Latin American Collection in 1988 by John W. Peirce.

Processing Information

The papers were described by the Benson's Mexican Archives Project in May 1994.

Finding aid initially repared by the Mexican Archives Project, January 30, 1995.


I. Correspondence

1. Subseries, General correspondence, 1903-1923
box folder
1 1 General correspondence, 1903
2 General correspondence, 1904
3 General correspondence, 1905
4 General correspondence, 1906
5 General correspondence, 1907
6 General correspondence, 1908
7 General correspondence, 1909
8 General correspondence, 1910
9 General correspondence, 1911 Janary 3-1922 February 19
10 General correspondence, 1911 February 20-March 25
11 General correspondence, 1911 April 12-November 13
12 General correspondence, 1912
13 General correspondence, 1913
14 General correspondence, 1914
15 General correspondence, 1915
16 General correspondence, 1916
17 General correspondence, 1917
[unittitle added: see error report]
box folder
1 18 General correspondence, 1918 February 6-July 31
19 General correspondence, 1918 August 20-November 29
20 General correspondence, 1919 January 27-July 10
21 General correspondence, 1919 September 23-December 22
22 General correspondence, 1920
23 General correspondence, 1921
box folder
2 1 General correspondence, 1922
2 General correspondence, 1923
2. Subseries, "Laird's letters," 1909 January 30-1910 March 5, 1910 December 26-28
Laird correspondence after 1910 is integrated with the subseries, "General correspondence".
box folder
2 3 "Laird's letters," 1909 January-February
4 "Laird's letters," 1909 March
5 "Laird's letters," 1909 April
6 " Laird's letters," 1909 May
7 "Laird's letters," 1909 June
8 "Laird's letters," 1909 June
9 "Laird's letters," 1909 August
10 "Laird's letters," 1909 September-December
11 "Laird's letters," 1910 January
12 "Laird's letters," 1910 February
13 "Laird's letters," March 1910; 1910 October 26; 1910 December 26-28
14 3. Subseries, Voting Trust, Corralitos Co., 1916 January 28-1923 January 13
4. Subseries, Ben P. Converse
box folder
2 15 i. Corralitos stock owned by Zimpleman, 1907-1908
16 ii. Land holdings in Texas, 1914 June 6-1922 October 20
17 iii. Land holdings in Coryell County, Texas, 1918 May 22-1919 April 29

II. Contracts between Corralitos Co. and E. D. Morgan, 1910 June 20-1916 October 7

1. Subseries, Correspondence
2. Subseries, Legal documents
box folder
2 18 Contract between Corralitos Company and E.D. Morgan, 1910 June 20-1911 April 29
19 Contract between Corralitos Company and E.D. Morgan, 1912 August 30-1916 October 7
3. Subseries, Clipping, 1913 July 23

III. Minutes of the board of directors

box folder
2 20 1. Subseries, Corralitos Co., 1909, 1920-1923
21 2. Subseries, León Mining Co., 1909, 1911

IV. Reports

box folder
2 22 1. Subseries, Reports of E. D. Morgan to the president and stockholders of the Corralitos Co., 1910 December 6-1921 March 2
23 2. Subseries, Report on the property of the Candelaria Mining Co., undated

V. Financial documents

box folder
2 24 1. Subseries, Treasurer's reports of receipts and disbursements, Corralitos Co., 1911-1913
25 2. Subseries, Monthly reports of operation, Corralitos Co., 1917 May-1919 December
26 3. Subseries, Analyses of interest, taxes, and rents, 1917 August-December
27 4. Subseries, Corralitos - miscellaneous financial, 1900-1917
28 5. Subseries, Candelaria and León - miscellaneous financial, 1908-1909

VI. Legal documents

box folder
2 29 Legal documents, 1909, 1911

VII. Miscellanea. Notes, clippings, and a sketch map of New Mexico

box folder
2 30 Notes
31 Clippings
32 Sketch map of New Mexico