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Matías Romero Papers, 1837-1899:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator Romero, Matías, 1837-1898
Title Matías Romero Papers (microfilm)
Dates: 1837-1899
Abstract Microfilm of extensive correspondence (3,700 correspondents) and documents of Mexican diplomat Matías Romero.
Call No. FILM 20897
OCLC Record No. 33262483
Extent 74 microfilm reels
Languages Spanish and English
Repository Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Diplomat, public servant, author, politician, railroad company executive, and agricultural researcher. Born 1837 in Oaxaca; died 1898 in New York. While a student in law school, Matías Romero began to correspond with Benito Juárez and to serve the Juarist faction. During the years 1859-1898, he held posts intermittently in the Mexican diplomatic service in Washington, D.C. and in the Mexican Ministry of Treasury. He also served as a colonel in the military (1863), substitute senator for Chiapas (1875), deputy to Congress (1876), and administrator general of the postal system (1880). During the 1870s Romero researched the agricultural resources of several southern Mexican states and attempted to engage in agriculture and business; he also was superintendent of the Compañía Ferrocarril Meridional Mexicana (1881) and published many articles and a few books.

Feb. 24, 1837 Born in Oaxaca de Juárez
Oct. 12, 1857
1859 Publishes “Tabla sinóptica de los tratados y convenciones que han negociado los Estados Unidos de México con las naciones extranjeras”
Dec. 1859 Named Secretary of the Mexican Legation in Washington
Aug. 14, 1860 Appointed ad interim in charge of affairs at the Legation by Ambassador José María Mata
Dec. 22, 1860
May 1862 Under Minister of Relations Manuel Doblado, Romero is designated “en propiedad”
April 29, 1863
Sept. 1863 Goes to Washington, D.C., to serve as Minister of México in the United States
Oct. 1867 Returns to México
Jan. 15, 1868 Named Secretary of Hacienda by President Benito Juárez
May 27, 1868 Receives instructions to go the the U.S.A. to complete treaties he previously initiated. Treaties signed this year pertain to claims of Mexican citizens against the U.S. and viceversa, citizenship, and consular matters.
Aug. 1, 1868 Returns to his work as Secretary of Hacienda
May 15, 1872
Sept. 1875 Returns to México City as substitute senator for Chiapas
Sept. 16 - Nov.20, 1876 Deputy to the Congress of the Union for the fifth district of Oaxaca state
May 1877
1879 Leaves government service for health reasons
Apr. 28 - July 8,1879
May 15, 1882 Becomes ambassador extraordinaire and minister plenipotentiary to U.S.A.
Aug. 12, 1882 Signs preliminary agreement on borders with Guatemala
May - Oct. 1883 In Europe
1884 Resigns position as minister of México in Washington during General Manuel Gonzalez's rule but is reappointed by General Porfirio Díaz
1886 His El Estado de Oaxaca is published
1892 Occupies the office of the Minister of Treasury (Hacienda)
Feb. 23, 1893 Returns to U.S. as ambassador
Dec. 30, 1898 Dies in New York

Scope and Contents Note

Microfilm of items held by the Banco de México (reels 1-72) and the Library of Congress. Reels 1-71 (1837-1899) contain correspondence, newspaper clippings and other printed material, financial documents, drafts of articles, official and legal documents, and lists relating to the public and private affairs and interests of Matías Romero. Among more than 3,700 correspondents are included Benito Juárez, Porfirio Díaz, Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada, and Manuel González; subjects of correspondence range from the diplomatic, economic, military, and political matters of Mexico and the United States to the mundane concerns of Romero, his family, and constituents. The second half of reel 71 and reel 72 (1866-1897) contain newspaper clippings, U.S. government publications, articles and other printed materials, official and legal documents, letters, manuscripts, drafts of articles, reports, and lists relating to a railroad, U.S. annexation interests, free trade zones and other United States-Mexico border issues.

Reel 73 contains the monograph, Refutación de las inculpaciones hechas al c.Matías Romero por el gobierno de Guatemala, published in 1876 by Romero about resistance by Guatemalan and local Mexican officials to his attempts to conduct farming and business near Mexico's border with Guatemala. It contains an extensive appendix of associated documents. Reel 74 (1861-1888) contains 30 of Romero's letters held by the Library of Congress; they relate to events and conditions in Mexico or relay diplomatic courtesies and invitations.

The papers consist primarily of items in Spanish and English.


Access Note

The Matías Romero microfilm is accessible in the Benson Collection microfilm room at call number FILM 20897. The guide to the first 43 rolls of film, Archivo histórico de Matías Romero: catálogo descriptivo by Monroy Huitrón, Guadalupe, ed. is accessible in the Benson Collection rare books and manuscripts reading room at call number GZ 341.7 R6643BM.

Index Terms

Listed below are names of persons, names of organizations, and topical subjects from the Matías Romero Papers, including entries in the UTNetCAT catalog record describing the collection, plus other entries not included in the catalog record because of space constraints.
Álvarez, Juan, 1790-1867
Barrios, Justo Rufino, 1835-1885
Cutting, A.K.
Degollado, Mariano
Degollado, Santos
Díaz, Felix
Díaz, Porfirio, 1930-1915
Escobar, Sebastián (Soconusco cacique)
Gamboa, José Antonio, 1820?-1870?
Garza, Catarino
González, Manuel, 1830-1893
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885
Jordan de Degollado, Otilia
Juárez, Benito, 1806-1872
Lerdo de Tejada, Sebastian, 1823-1889
Lincoln, Abraham
Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, 1832-1867
Mier y Terán, Luís, 1835-1891
Navarro, Juan N, 1823-1904
Obregón, Ramón
Ocampo, Melchor, 1814-1861
Riva Palacio, Vicente, 1832-1896
Romero, José, 1871-1956 (nephew of Matías)
Romero, José (brother of Matías)
Romero, Matías, 1837-1898
Zarco, Juan
Compañía Ferrocarril Meridional Mexicana
Corlies y Compañía
Ochoa y Carbajal Compañía
Sociedad Agrícola Mexicana
Agricultural resources -- Mexico
Agriculture - Economic aspects -- Mexico
Coffee - Mexico
Debts, external - Mexico
Diplomats - Mexico -- Biography
Extradition - Mexico
Extradition - United States
Indians of North America
Mexican-American Border Region
Mexico - Boundaries -- Guatemala
Mexico - Commerce -- United States
Mexico - Economic conditions -- 19th century
Mexico - Foreign relations -- 1821-1861
Mexico - Foreign relations -- 1861-1867
Mexico - Foreign relations -- 1867-1910
Mexico - History - 19th century
Mexico - History -- European intervention, 1861-1867
Mexico - History -- 1867-1910
Mexico - Politics and government -- 19th century
Postal service - Mexico -- History -- 1867-1910
Railroads - Mexico
Tariff - Mexico
United States - Claims
United States - Commerce -- Mexico
United States - Foreign economic relations -- Mexico
United States - Foreign relations -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Diplomacy
United States - Foreign relations -- 1865-1898
United States - Foreign relations -- Mexico
United States - History -- Civil War, 1861-1865
United States - History -- 1865-1898
United States - Territorial expansion

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Matías Romero Papers, 1837-1899, Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

Microfilm of the Matías Romero Papers was acquired by the Benson Latin American Collection from the Banco de México and the Library of Congress, which hold the original documents.

Processing Information

Prepared by the Mexican Archives Project, September 1994.

Other Finding Aid

Items 1-32,459 (reels 1-43) of the Banco de México holdings are described in the following: Monroy Huitrón, Guadalupe, ed. Archivo histórico de Matías Romero: catálogo descriptivo.
Banco de México,
(2 v.) available at call number GZ 341.7 R6643BM in the Benson Rare Books and Manuscripts reading room.

Biographical Source

Ramírez, Alfonso Francisco. Matías Romero.
México, D.F.:
Secretaría de Educación Pública,

Subgroups and Series

I. Material held by the Banco de México, 1837-1884
[72 reels] FILM 20897

1. Items described in Archivo histórico de Matías Romero, 1837-1884
[43 reels] FILM 20897
Includes correspondence and assorted items, interfiled chronologically.
2. Series, Items not described in Archivo histórico de Matías Romero, 1885-1899 and undated
[29 reels] FILM 20897
Includes correspondence and assorted items, interfiled chronologically, dated 1885-1899 and undated, as well as newspaper clippings, printed material, and assorted items organized by subject, dated 1866-1897.

II. Material held by the Library of Congress, 1861-1888
[2 reels] FILM 20897

1. Refutación de las inculpaciones hechas al C.Matías Romero por el gobierno de Guatemala.
Imp. poliglota de C. Ramiro y Ponce de Léon,
[1 reel] FILM 20897
2. Correspondence, 1861-1888
[1 reel] FILM 20897